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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Belize Times


WHO'S NEXT? More Belizean Businesses to Close SUNDAY AUGUST 1, 2010

There is a worrying trend beginning to emerge in the business sector and this trend is the closing down of businesses which once thrived only a few years ago in what was once a growing economy. Since Dean Barrow announced the recession in April 2009, Belizeans have been surprised almost weekly as businesses once fixtures on thae Belize’s business scene have been quietly closing their doors and pulling down the shutters. Last week the local business universe shifted on its axis when it was reported that two businesses within the Mena Group of Companies, Fresh Catch Belize Limited and The Wood Depot had been forced into receivership by First Caribbean Bank, and that the Belize Bank had appointed accountant Stanley Ermeav as their receiver for Belize Aggregates Limited. Fresh Catch Belize has been exporting thousands of pounds of their product to Guatemala, Mexico and the United States since 2002. It is a multi-million dollar investment that employed 90 Belizeans. It is a pioneer and mainstay in the farm fish business, and other jobs will be lost in the ancillary and support industries such as transportation, and so on. T he bank has already reduced operations, drastically cut back on the work force, and is expected to try and maintain minimal operations while it seeks a buyer. T h e Wo o d D e p o t a n d B e l i z e Aggregates are both victims of the massive slowdown in the construction industry. The simple fact is that construction in Belize has been simply grinding to a halt. Equipment and construction suppliers have been going out of business “hand over fist” the past

Issue No. 4704


two years. They join the likes of Maestre’s windows business, and will probably be joined by Fabro’s Glass Shop. Figures from the Statistical Institute of Belize show that importations into the Corozal Free Zone have fallen by nearly a half over the past two years, and that

a high TCTS (Tons Cane to Tons Sugar) ratio have all but doomed any chance of reaching earlier production targets. Cane farmers will be further outraged when they receive second payments next month that will be a third of the prices they received last year.

reflects the closure of many operations there, and the consequential loss of hundreds of job. The ripple effect of those closures are being felt throughout the local district economy and analyses are concluding that unemployment in our northernmost district, as the sugar crop grinds to a halt, could be as high as 60%. Reports are that this year’s sugar crop will be one of the worst ever. Severe processing problems at the start and the early onset of the rainy season coupled with

The Belize Tourism Board will soon report a huge downturn in overnight arrivals of a promising start that showed signs of recovery. This year’s tourism slow season has all but ground to a halt. There are persistent reports that several large and veteran businesses are also teetering on the edge of receivership or outright foreclosure. The list is said to include to of Belize’s largest retailers and a standout restaurant, marina, tourism center. Even bus lines owned and operated

by politically connected cronies of the Barrow administration and who were brought in to take the place of what were thriving lines are now threatening to throw in the towel. Not even the heretofore fast growing call center services industry has been affected by what will soon be Belize’s deepest and longest recession. Pinnacle became the first of these companies to shut up shop in Belize and that is now going to be joined by a recently opened telemarketing centre, Clear Call Center, who just this week suspended their operations indefinitely in Belize. The business located on Pickstock Street on the second floor of the old DFC building, is an outbound calling center specializing in telemarketing sales to mostly clients in the United States. It is believed that the firm was forced to suspend its operations after unresolved issues with its partners in the United States. The shut down means that 40 more Belizeans are out of a job. The Barrow administration seems neither to have a clue as to what is happening nor what to do about it. Barrow’s famed “stimulus package” was announced well over a year ago, and instead of perking up economic activity is nose-diving. Economists, entrepreneurs and investors meanwhile are all mystified as the Government of Belize continues to pursue an aggressive tax collection policy to go with the recent 25% increase in the General Sales Tax. If only they were as aggressive in trying to attract new investments to Belize one observer opined. If only they were as determined to support local businesses and help them find away to survive what is fast becoming an economic meltdown.

positions in BFJ were encouraged for two reasons: one, that the minister has publicly criticize the management style of the commissioner, and two, had promised to meet with the executive of the organization. But all of that now seems to have come to a crashing halt because the minister has made public attacks on

morning talk shows. Remember that these ladies received death threats purportedly from police. The minister appeared on Love FM’s morning talk show yesterday Wednesday, July 28th and accused the family of the innocent 8 year old gunshot victim, Marquis Mahler, of being involved in illicit drug activities for many many years at that #40 Fabers Road address. He also inferred that it is the family that is responsible for his death. He also went on to suggest that another member of the BFJ and the mother of a notorious gang leader were also suspected of being involved in illicit drug activity in the past. These accusations prompted a family member of young Marquis and a member of the BFJ to call the WUB Morning Vibes the Friday morning. Minister Singh responded with a call to the WUB where the host Sharon Marin and Mose Hyde challenged him, asking him why he was calling the names

of people suspected and or alleged to be involved with illicit drugs particularly in this case, both persons being members of the BFJ. Mose asked Minister Singh if he was willing to name big business people and officials who are suspected of being involved in the trafficking of illicit drugs. This resulted in a public back and forth live on national radio between the show’s hosts and the minister. The minister compromisingly “lapped his tail” and said, “If I offended anybody, I apologize.” With all the incidents involving this police minister so far in such a short space of time, and coming on the heels of that section of Dr. Herbert Gayle’s report where it states that the Belize Police Department is corrupt, have we exchanged “monkey fi black dog?” Or have we gone from “grace to grass to ---“? Or just perhaps the bigger question is, “Since Hon. Doug Singh became Minister of Police is our police department any better?”

Police Minister Accuses Belizean for Justice Members of involvement in Illegal Drug Trade members of the organization on separate

Why does the new Minister of Police keeps putting his foot in his mouth? The recent cabinet alignment was inevitable since the entire population had lost confidence in the dead Minister of Police, Carlos Perdomo. But when the Hon. Doug Singh was named Minister of Police immediately red flags went up since he had no experience in law enforcement or in policing. For the first couple of weeks of his appointment, he appeared to be kind of what the Police Department needed, but his incubation period lasted only two weeks and quickly it seems the roof came crushing down on him. The Belize Police Department that was under continuous attack from the general public was totally devastated when their own minister started personal attacks and harsh criticism of our men and women in uniform. The first public challenge directed to the minister came from the Belizeans for Justice Organization “challenging him to replace Commissioner Crispin Jefferies”. The most vocal players from the organization, the ladies who hold executive

Tell Minister Faber to keep Excelsior High School Open!


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Sunday, August 1, 2010

What has our Health System Come to?

One in Three

A decade into the new Millennium and five years before the deadline on our promise to halve poverty, Belizeans must come to terms with the stark reality that 43 percent of our people are poor with another 16 percent marginally poor. Too many Belizeans therefore are living a life less dignified than what is promised in the Constitution. If this is not sobering enough, there is now scientific proof that the next generation will be just as bad or worse off since one out of every three school-aged Belizean is not in school and living a life of poverty, violence and ignorance. According to the findings, revealed in the summary report on “Male Social Participation and Violence in Urban Belize,” spearheaded by Herbert Gayle, social anthropologist, “There is a big hole in urban Belize.” Indeed the Gayle report revealed what many who are involved in social work in Belize have been saying for years - there is a serious social problem in Belize and decision makers continue to bury their heads in the sand. In the nation’s largest metropolis the situation is reaching the point of desperation and the problem seems to be related of geography. We have always known that in Belize City the divide between those who live on the north side and those on the south side are markedly different. It now seems clear that the divide is far greater than the distance across the Haulover Creek which splits the City in two. Aware of this, the previous PUP administration instituted the South-Side project, identifying millions of dollars to aid in the renewal of the south side. Whatever gains that may have come from the South Side Renewal Programme, today under the UDP those benefits are lost, since youths on the south side of Belize City are poorer, less educated, more prone to domestic violence and one in every three south side youth has been approached to become involved in some form of gang activity. While these conditions have not remained localized, the area that requires the most immediate attention is the South Side of the City. Ironically, every elected member of the Barrow Administration who represents a south side constituency is a member of his Cabinet, namely Boots Martinez, Michael Finnegan, Patrick Faber, Sedi Elrington and the Prime Minister himself. Together these five men control more than a half of all of government spending, yet the relationship between elected officials and those in the most affected communities could not be worse. Based on the findings from this report, political interference and corruption is playing a significant role in making the situation worse, instead of better. In the summary report it states: “It is very clear that some politicians who have symbiotic links with gangs and grassroots criminals enjoy the weaknesses of the system. They use the system to let their illegal bodyguards get away and soon they feel that they are untouchable.” With many of these gangs located on the south side of Belize City, the accusations of political interference are pointing its finger at some of these very same government ministers. Another area of the country where violent behaviour is spreading fast in the young population is in the West of Belize, in the Cayo District. Again all elected representatives in that district are members of the United Democratic Party. In fact the minister of Sports is a representative from Cayo as well as the Minister of Agriculture, and until just recently, so was the minister of Youth. Clearly the problems facing Belizean society today is one that is rooted in poverty, which did not happen overnight. In fact in looking at the summary report, there is plenty of blame to go around and no one can walk away from this feeling exonerated. Still the people elected Dean Barrow and the United Democratic Party to make their lives better. No Belizean should be content with the knowledge that one in every three school-aged Belizean is living the harsh life on the streets instead of being in school. If nothing else, we all expect our government to do all possible to ensure that they too can live the spirit of the Constitution which promises liberty, opportunity and the pursuit of happiness.

Dear Editor, The health issue in this country is in crisis, and it seems, the Government is unable to cope with this problem as it has been unable to do with Crime. Are they going to wait until the health problems reach unmanageable proportions as the Crime has? Today, the Ministry of Health (MOH) boasts about buying one ultrasound here and there and other flimsy equipment to be able to have a photo opportunity for the Minister. In the meantime though the focus on preventative medicine and primary health has been forgotten and people are suffering from dengue, malaria, and other communicable diseases. In addition the chronic diseases are not being managed at the primary level; hence Belizeans continue to suffer unnecessarily because of this. Belizeans going to the public clinics and hospitals today are met with the experience of having to find monies to buy the medication prescribed by the doctors as these public institutions are grossly lacking medications and other vital hospital equipment to treat patients. Many patients just have to turn back and go home with only the prescriptions as they cannot afford to buy the medications prescribed. It is unacceptable that our Government does not understand the value of having a healthy population. Daily we see how government expenditure is done giving priority to less important sectors and health is left on the way side. It is unconscionable that the government can find monies to buy expensive and luxurious vehicles for its Ministers and cronies but it can’t find monies to spray the neighbourhoods to eradicate the mosquitoes that are unbearable these days. We see no concerted effort from the public sector to engage in a campaign to ensure Belizeans know of the symptoms and treatment of malaria and dengue. As someone in the health system mentioned the other day; the MOH is like a boat without a rudder, it lacks vision and direction. When are we going to address our health issues? When it’s too late? When it’s beyond repair as is the issue of Crime? Sincerely, Lionel Jackson

Questions to Ministers


2 3

4 5 6

Will the Prime Minister say whether he will use the opportunity of his visit north to finally go and see the family of Mr. Atanascio Felix Gutirrez? Will he apologize to the family of the late Mr. Gutierrez for his unnecessary death and for not offering compensation for the untimely death of their beloved father, husband and son? Will the Minister of Work please tell us when construction will start on the Kendall Bridge, it’s been 784 days since the bridge was washed away and still there is no bridge. Can the Minister of Natural Resources please say how many land titles have been issued to political operatives like Juliet Thimbrel, Audrey Wallace, Beverley Castillo, and other UDP political insiders for property in Belmopan? Will the Minister of Local Government please say if his Ministry gave approval to the City Council to set up a cemetery outside the City’s boundaries and whether the Village Council in Hattiville was consulted? Will the Minister of Health please inform Belizeans of the number of cases of dengue in Belize, especially the number of people affected in the Cayo and Belize districts? Will the Attorney General please give us a reaction to the news that the American Bar Association are planning to open up an office in Belize? Could it be that the US is becoming concerned about the preservation of the rule of law in Belize?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Belize Times

Kendall crossing flooded again halts traffic

It has been almost two years since there is no Kendall Bridge over the Sittee River on the Southern Highway and motorists have been using a makeshift causeway to get to and from the southernmost part of the country. As a result, whenever there is a heavy downpour of rain the people from the south and those trying to get to the south experience problems serious delays and hardships. Yesterday after a tropical weather system had passed over the country on Monday the causeway at Kendal went under 7 to 8 feet of water from about 5 in the morning. Traffic was forced to a complete standstill for hours. One tour guide who works out in San Pedro and goes home to Punta Gorda regularly to do some work on his farm said the situation has delayed him with his work. He told a reporter: “I work out pan the Island but my home dah PG. We mi know that it mi di rain but we neva mi di expect dis fi be like dis. I mi think se dey have wah solution already but when we reach ya we jus have to wait. We just reach from di James Bus and they tell we they had boat the pass people from this side to the next side soh we decide fi jus continue but when we reach ya the boat deh pull up.

“The officials sey it di go down quick soh we di hope it go down quick because we wan reach home. We have work fi go do down deh. I own a farm down deh and it need some attention. Right now time sweet, time precious. The more time I deh yah the less work get done down deh. A whole day waste an’ now I have to wait til tomorrow to continue.” We also spoke to a family who was heading back home after attending a funeral in Cayo. They said they needed to get back home to open their shop and bar for business. “We have wah shop and wah lee

bar and we need fi get back an open up fi we lee place soh we could mek wah lee living and dis di hampa we rite now. We deh out from Sunday and todeh da Tuesday and we di try reach back home. We deh out yaw wan couple hours di wait and wi still have some moe hoass fi wait. I think di Govament need fi do something about dis. All I want is fu dem to fix di bridge.” Belizeans are wondering when this situation is going to be fixed and if there is anyone in charge. There were no announcements and it is obvious that no one in authority cares enough anymore to at least alert travelers of the bridge’s


closure. Former Area Representative Rodwell Ferguson said: “This situation has been like this for 2 years and Stann Creek District is the breadbasket of this country. The government in place should have placed emphasis to restore back this bridge. As we look today, look how many vehicles are held up here. So many dollars are not going into the economy because of this situation. “I believe the government should have made this a priority to be able to get this bridge back in order as quickly as possible. Now it’s over 2 years … What can be done? “Every time they go to the National Assembly … they will say, oh the money is here for the Kendal Bridge but when will construction begin? That is the question. The tender needs to go out, I don’t know if it has gone out already but we need to get this bridge going. “The major port is the Big Creek Port where the oil passes through so as we speak the oil trucks aren’t coming through. We have the banana and shrimp industries and a major industry which is the tourism industry. So this is really affecting the entire south the breadbasket of this country.” The causeway was re-opened sometime around 4 Tuesday afternoon.

Mangar co-defendant charges dropped

There were some expressions of shock and surprise this mor ning when accused rogue cop master mind, Detective Constable Jer maine Mangar, along with co defendant Ernie Miranda, appeared in Magistrates Cour t No. 1 for the continuation of their case. The Police Prosecutor Sergeant Egbert Castillo requested yet another adjournment due to the fact that the 3rd co-defendant, Jer maine Palacio did not appear

Ernie Miranda

in cour t. This surprising announcement provoked confusion which was replaced by surprise when Chief Magistrate Marg aret Mckenzie infor med the cour t that the conspiracy charges ag ainst Jer maine Palacio had been quietly dropped two weeks ag o on July 16th. Apparently none of the defendants, their attor neys or the media had been made aware of this development.

Magistrate Mckenzie ag reed to the adjour nment and the case is to retur n to cour t on August 26th. The only conclusion that can be drawn from this revelation is that Palacio has copped a deal and will now testify on behalf of the prosecution. Speculation is that his no-show perfor mance today means that he is reluctant to do so.

laundering. That was not the end of Mr. Raymond’s ordeal and humiliation. On the internet shows that in July 2009, the FIU charged Mr. Raymond for

concealing money laundering documents and cheques which were found in the car when Mr. Raymond was arrested in January 2009.

Malicious Marilyn

On the 2nd January, 2007, UDP in a huge amount of seventy thousand handpicked Director of the Financial dollars. When the trial date approached, Intelligence Unit (FIU) Marilyn Willaims, instructed the Police to arrest the FIU withdrew the charge of money Mr. Ernest Raymond, a young Belizean businessman. Raymond was arrested in Ladyville and a car which he was allegedly driving was taken into the Police Station. The car did not belong to Mr. Raymond. In the car trunk was a bag containing documents belonging to the owner and in the glove compartment a firearm belonging to a Police officer. Mr. Raymond was charged for the firearm and ammunition. Under a law which has imprisoned many innocent citizens, he was remanded to prison for three months before getting a trial. His lawyer succeeded in getting bail from the Supreme Court. The gun charge was pursued even though the police officer provided proof of his ownership and license. Mr. Raymond was subjected to imprisonment, the negative publicity to himself and his family and the anxiety of going through a trial for which the penalty was a mandatory imprisonment of two years. Mr. Raymond won his trial and was exonerated. Then the Director of the FIU launched another attack. She instructed that Mr. Raymond be charged for money laundering for the documents in the car. Mr. Raymond was re-arrested, detained and subjected to more bad publicity. The FIU requested the Court not to give Mr. Raymond bail and to keep him in prison. The court disagreed and offered bail


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Sunday, August 1, 2010


VACANT POSITIONS Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority invites applications from suitable qualified and motivated individuals for the following vacant positions:

The Big Tent Approach

Over the past few weeks, I have been getting a number of requests from different local PUP executives inviting me to attend meetings where many have been strengthening their executive committees. It seems that of late a number of our Party’s operatives are working on either the encouraging of greater participation in their present executive or expansion by inviting new members. Both the Cayo South and Belmopan executive committees have taken the decision to invite new members to strengthen themselves, and other executive committeess have already called indicating a desire to do the same. This is very encouraging in light of the recent decision by the Party’s Executive to agree to a calendar of activities, to be adopted at the next National Party Council, which include a number of important events that will take place right up to April 2012. Among these activities is the election of new local executive committees as mandated by the constitution and the election of new standard bearers in December 2010. These activities, of course, will come after the National Convention. The general consensus of the National Executive is that it is better that the elections for local executive committees be held after the constituency elects a new standard bearer, thereby ensuring a group that works well together. Of course there are some who have questioned whether the strengthening of executives by invitation is constitutional. Truth be told, the constitution is silent on this matter, but then again the Constitution in a living document. Also, this has been the conventional practice for a very long time. Under the leadership of the Right Honorable George Price, local executives were encouraged to be more inclusive and many took advantage of the opportunity to strengthen their executives. As such they were able to attract young people, replace members who were inactive or worse, deceased. This was done because everyone understood that the work of the party must go on. For example, in Orange Walk North in 1974 when a new standard bearer was elected, he was allowed to bring in new members in the executive when the then Area Representative lost his bid to represent the PUP in the next general elections. In 1992, in Orange Walk Central, the then Area Representative was having a problem within his local committee. There was a split within the executive and the only way he could have solved the problem was by bringing in new blood. That was when I was invited to join the Orange Central executive as its new chairman. The PUP has a proud history of inclusiveness. In the late 1960s there were two firebrand young lawyers attracting lots of attention with revolutionary ideas. What did Mr. Price do? He invited them under the big Blue tent. Those two young lawyers were Said Musa and Assad Shoman. The same can be said of young Evan X Hyde and Lois Young. There were also others like Ms. Signia Yorke a prominent Belizean educator - all three were invited to join the PUP City Council team in 1977. As Party Leader the Hon. Said Musa likewise invited new dynamic leaders under the tent. Some of these leaders included Jorge Espat, Henry Canton, and both Deputy Leaders Cordel Hyde and Mark Espat. All have made great contributions to the success of the PUP. When I was elected the new leader of the PUP, I spoke about opening up the party once again. I wanted our party supporters to feel that they have a real stake and say in the party. We need the support of ALL of our supporters, both from the left and the right, from the old guard and the new guard. If we are to be successful and turn this 12 percent swing around, then we need everyone; success can only be achieved by opening up the Big Blue Tent once again, welcoming home all members of the PUP.


Job Summary:

Al ww

Th rel ing the rel

Responsible for the initial assessment, examination on initial encounter with unscheduled, emergency/urgent and new patients

Resuscitate patient and perform pelvic, neurological, surgical and other examinations

Coordinate patient treatment plans, order laboratory tests and radiographic examinations, such as X-rays and ultrasounds

Refer patients for specialists consultation, (such as internal medicine, general surgery or obstetrics), when necessary

Stabilize and prepare patient for admission to ward, ICU, operating theatre for emergency surgery or to labour and delivery as requested

If by do we soo

Proper documentation and recording of treatment in the BHIS


Liaising with other medical staff as part of a team and non-medical staff in the hospital to ensure quality treatment

Educational and other requirement: Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine/Surgery Current Registration by the Medical Council of Belize Certification in Advance Life Support


GOB Payscale 20 - $30,324 x $1,392 - $56, 772

Experience: One (1) year post-registration experience, with one or more years in a hospital setting

Special Skills: Computer literate Excellent public relations skills Able to function effectively under pressure

Completed applications accompanied by two letters of reference and a police record must be submitted to the Director Human Resources at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital on or before 13th August, 2010.

Th erl em

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stop Play… Shame! How can Patrick and Gapi dance in the streets of Orange Walk when the reality is that there are so many of our young people unable to go to high school? According to Dr. Herbert Gayle, there are about 19,700 young people who are not able to attend a high school in Belize - that is 30 percent. Patrick Faber

offers as a solution to the problem opening up something at the old Venus Terminal. It is now July, we are a month away from school opening and still no work is being done to get the former Venus Terminal ready. Now Patrick is closing down Excelsior High School. Can you believe it, the Minister of Education is closing down a high school on the south side of the City. Why unu balli no stap play? If Da No So... Cardona’s Big Whap Poor Marcel is getting played like a fiddle. Only in Belize and only under the UDP can a man— no, an elected official-- be forced to apologize to one of his own who is clearly going after him by taking away from him what he deserves. After marching in the streets in Orange Walk with his supporters over the fact

that Gapi supposedly whap his education subsidy, Patrick cut a deal with Marcel. But check this, Marcel will play nice this Sunday hoping Patrick will honour his commitment and give him the subvention, and then once the party leaves People’s Stadium, Gapi will be back to his old tricks and together with Patrick will punish Cardona, who will be left with nothing. In the end you know who will be left with nothing? The children of those same people who were marching for Marcel. If Da No So...

The Belize Times

UDP Convention Wisdom This week If Da No So will provide a bit of advice people who will be going to Orange Walk and for the people of Orange Walk. 1. Calling all UDP Convention goers. Tek the $100 you are being offered to attend the convention, you will need it. 2. Port Loyola voters we need to alert you that the going rate for the convention is $100. We hear that in Port they are only giving $25. Make sure you check with your Area Rep before they give you the $25 we hear they are

trying to offer you and not your $100. And because we know your Area Rep doesn’t hang out on your side of the City, check with Miss Bailey at the Secretariat - this is your money. 3. If you are going to convention and you are a part of the UDP rank and file, take extra money because your meal ticket includes one tamalito,(tamales without meat) a half a sandwich and ideal water. If you are a part of the inner circle, however, no worries, you will be invited to the special party at Honey Camp and there you will have your choice of cochinito pibil, rellano, bar-b-que ribs and all you can drink Mexican beer and free zone liquor. 4. If you roll into town and Orange Walkeños are not smiling with you, do not think they are unfriendly, the opposite is true. It is just that Orange Walk is PUP

country and many PUP’s have been victimized by your party and are not in a mood to be nice. 5. Don’t be alarmed if you see a lot of security, remember the Party Leader moves with a heavy

security detail and for Sunday more than 20 specialized security personnel will be there to make sure none of you get close to the Prime Minster. So keep your distance. 6. This would be a good time to go after Gapi for all the hold up on your piece of land. You will not see him again until election time, so all of you who have been waiting and waiting, now is your chance he wants to impress and so he will be there smiling. Of course watch out for security because if Barrow has 20 he will want to have at least 10. If Da No So...


John Saldivar, it will be dancing like it is an Elton John concert. After all, Doug cheated him out of the Chairmanship last time round and Doug was made super minister. John will be happy to see Doug go, but we know that Doug would never give in to the likes of John Saldivar, so expect to see a dark horse emerge as Party Chairman and Doug to have one more laugh at John’s expense. If Da No So... Who is the Government? Who represented the Government of Belize last Monday when the report from Dr. Gayle was released? This report was sponsored by the Ministries of Education, National Security, Youth, Office of the Prime Minister and the Belize Social Security Board, among others. Yet the front row was empty, no one from the Government was in attendance, not a minister, not a CEO, not a Head of Department. In fact so absent was the UDP Administration and leadership that the only person Jim McFadzen could find to interview was Joe

Doug’s Swan Song Minister Doug will be stepping down as Chairman of the UDP,

For some it will be a farewell that is bitter sweet, but for others like

Bradley. Po Joe was so caught off guard that he even took on the church/state partnership, something well above his IQ. Say it ain’t so Joe. If Da No So...


The Belize Times

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"In a country where there is a strong central political authority, people are not allowed to live in morass and dump around them with garbage. Such picture gives the impression that people are on there own."

Quote from 'Male Social Participation and Violence in Urban Belize' by: Herbert Gayle, PhD

Sunday, August 1, 2010

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Barrow too Stubborn, too aze ha’ad On Tuesday, Adele Ramos of the Amandala wrote an article titled “’Off Shore Drilling has Green Light’: Prime Minister Barrow.” In this article Ramos said that the Prime Minister remains unconvinced that government should change its position. What is it with Barrow? Could it be that he is so used to being around people with no good ideas and talents that he has somehow concluded that he is the all-knowing, always correct master? Worse, does he have a plan to protect us in the event that these guys strike oil offshore and it starts to spill into the Caribbean? Barrow told Amandala that he “is still in favour of offshore drilling in a limited way in ‘particular areas.’” We at the Belize Times find this unbelievable, especially in light of the public outcry over this whole issue. All the local experts in the protection of our marine ecosystem tell us that we have a very fragile marine environment and they all tell us that it is one of the wonders of this world. We were almost taken off our World Heritage status by UNESO because of dredging and recent actions which threaten the system and yet the Prime Minister, after watching what is happening as a result of the BP oil leak in the Gulf, remains “unconvinced” that we should hold off ? Obviously the Prime Minister, in his ultimate wisdom, knows more than anyone else. If ever there was a case of absolute power and how it can affect a person, this is it. Get the sense Mr. Barrow - Belizeans do not think offshore drilling is worth the risk. Vega’s Convention When Gapi Vega got the nod from his Chief that he can host the UDP Convention in Orange Walk Town it was a surprise, after all everyone knows that Orange Walk Town has been neglected by the UDP Town Council and Central Government in an effort to embarrass Marcel Cardona, who continues to be a thorn in Vega’s side. You see Vega sees himself as somewhat of a Red King in Orange Walk and he is dying to impress his boss. But what Vega doesn’t want his Party’s leadership to know is that where the UDP is concerned; Marcel is not going to let Vega take control. Of course this is not what is troubling to us - what is troubling to us is that while Orange Walk has been neglected for the past 3 years, the Town Council has now been busy using tax payers resources to fix up People’s Stadium to make it ready for the UDP Convention. While the streets are broken and the drains clogged, while the town is in the worse state of disrepair ever, Town Council employees are being put to work around People’s Stadium. None of this will matter, for as far as Orange Walk politics is concerned, unu UDP gawn! Political victimizing is hurting all of us When a political newspaper writes something that is negative or accusatory of their political opponents, there are always those who will view it with a certain measure


of scepticism. This is understandable, and so on those occasions when an independent source confirms that what we are saying is indeed not an exaggeration then we have to go ahead and use that oft heard cliché, “We told you so.” During his presentation Dr. Herbert Gayle confirmed something that we have been saying here at the Belize Times over and over again; that the callous and vindictive behaviour of the UDP, the victimization of hard working Belizeans and the firing of PUP supporters, particularly single mothers, has negatively affected just about every Belizean family. Dr. Gayle referred to this as political tribalism and considered the level of this behaviour as “alarming.” We told you so. A shortage of information on the effects of Dengue This week the Belize Times set out to determine just how many Belizeans in the Cayo District and in the Belize District are affected or have been infected with dengue fever so far this year. All attempts to get an answer from the Public Health Department was futile, and not because it was the Belize Times trying to get this information, but because the information was just not available. Yet in a release sent out by Government it stated that the places most affected by dengue are the Belize and Cayo Districts. Of course such pronouncements should only be made if backed up by data, which should be readily available. The fact is that there is no proper collection of information on this matter. There is real work being done in the Ministry of Health to deal with this situation and to educate Belizeans about how this disease is affecting our communities, however. Once again the Minister of Health and his team have been caught unprepared and are unable to deal with this situation. This is yet another example of the incompetence of this UDP government and their inability to properly manage the affairs of the nation. How can a government with a super majority become a “fragile central political authority?” “In a country where there is a strong central political authority, people are not allowed to live in a morass and dump around them with garbage. Such pictures give the impression that people are on their own and there is little or no sense of parameters for social and physical action.“ - Taken from the Summary Report of “Male Social Participation and Violence in Urban Belize” by Dr. Herbert Gayle. What Dr. Gayle is telling us is that things in Belize are falling apart; everywhere you look the system is breaking down. From the bridge at Kendall in the south, which went down more than two years ago, to the broken down streets and highways across the country, nothing seems to be working right. In the north our cane farmers are dealing with a crisis in the sugar industry and are on their own. In Belize City the streets are being overrun by criminal activity and murder. Our education system is inadequate, our health system is unable to deal with seasonal health issues like the dengue outbreak, our athletes are punishing when they go abroad to represent our country and on and on. We are messed up and it is clear for all to see.


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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Belize Times

Man's genitals severed, stabbed mutiple times, set on fire

A night of socialising between two co-workers ended in the gruesome murder of one of them when he allegedly made a sexual advance on the other. When police responded to a fire that had been reported in Carolina Village, Corozal, they discovered Philip Hall, 41, with multiple stab wounds, dismembered genitals and a spot where his body had apparently been burnt. The crime scene was a tiny two storey farmhouse and it is believed that it occurred sometime around 8:30 pm on Monday. Hall and his suspected killer, Rafael Mencias, were reportedly drinking together inside the house on the farm where Mencias was the keeper. During the binge it is believed that Hall made a sexual pass

Police nab robbers of Brodies Agrochemicals

Four brazen armed robbers held up Brodies Agrochemicals at Mile 1 1/2 on the Northern Highway around 4 last Friday afternoon. According to the department's supervisor, Silvero Hernandez, the first robber, who made no attempt to disguise his identity, walked in and ordered for everyone to keep quiet. Just then, another robber entered, holding two security guards at gunpoint. Together, the duo helped themselves to money from the cash register and the employees’ belongings before they fled in a gold Geo Prism taxi with license plates D 6046. They reached as far as Mahogany Street in the St. Martin de Porres area where they changed vehicles to a taxi van. Luck, however, was not on their side for much longer, as police on patrol intercepted the van on Mahogany Street. Officers searched the van and the Prism and inside they discovered money strewn all over the floor and the wallets that had been reported stolen, along with the suspected weapon, a 9 mm pistol. When the police started to detain the occupants, the driver of the van told them that he was only there to see someone he knew that was being detained, and was trying to inquire why, when he too became the subject of the police investigation. Today Edward Usher, Godwin Silas, Gerald Jones, and a17 year old minor were charged with keeping an unlicensed firearm and ammunition and handling stolen goods. Usher and the youth also face charges of robbery. All were remanded to the Hattieville Prison until September 9th. Only Godwin Silas appeared with an attorney - Hubert Elrington. Police believe he was the driver of the get-away vehicle.


hours later they observed that the household furniture had also been set ablaze. The suspect Rafael Mencias was apprehended yesterday at the Corozal Town bus station. He reportedly told Police that he was on his way to turn himself in when he was nabbed.


Philip Hall at Mencias, who declined the proposition. Hall, however, was said to be under the influence, did not give up and commented that he would pursue a relationship with Mencias, who took it less than kindly and burst into a rage. Hall suffered more than 10 stab

Rafael Mencias wounds in the attack. According to other coworkers who were on a separate part of the farm, Mencias reportedly asked them to help him put Hall's nude remains into a garbage bag to dispose of it. When police arrived some two








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Two brothers shot in crossfire, student killed!

Two brothers were allegedly caught in crossfire between the occupants of two other vehicles in the wee hours of Saturday morning and it was a 16 year old mechanic who paid with his life. The audacious attack happened around 4 that morning in front of Korea Electronics near the Cinderella Plaza in Belize City. The brothers, Alex, 16, and Alton Murray, were test-driving a black four-door Pontiac on which they had just worked. They were along with two friends, Michael Stevens and Glenford Martinez, when two other vehicles, one of them a Ford F 150 pickup truck, blocked them in on their approach to the stoplight at the Douglas Jones/ Freetown Road junction. The gunman came from the vehicle at the back, a green Astrovan, and fired a barrage of shots, hitting Alex in the back of the head and upper back. He died about 10 hours later at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Alton has been treated and released. The ambush has police at a loss as to what was the motive. Initially they detained two brothers, Charles and Philip McKoy but later released Philip. The family of the two Murray brothers have expressed disbelief and shock over the

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incident since their loved ones have no known ties to street gangs. Alex is a graduate of Tubal Institute in Ladyville and was about to attend ITVET to study the field in which he was already working - automotive mechanics. On Tuesday Charles McKoy, who ironically is also a mechanic who resides at mile 1 1/2 on the Northern Highway, was charged with murder, attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm and aggravated assault on Michael Stevens. McKoy is defended by attorney Arthur Saldivar.

To All Telemedia Employees BTL EmpLoyEEs TrusT WEBsiTE

Associates Degree with concentration in drafting or AutoCAD. Official transcript required with minimum 3.0 GPA

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Belize Times

Jealous man murdered in Cayo

A trade and license inspector for the San Ignacio Town Board, Efrain "Pa-ing" Cruz, 39, was shot dead outside Legends 2000 Night Club in that municipality around 1:30 last Friday morning. The motive of the killing was a jealous dispute the deceased had with the accused, Alfonso Awe, for over a time, over Cruz' common-law wife, Shelley Lopez. Lopez told the media following the shooting that she had always had a problem with Cruz frequenting the clubs. She said he, in turn, had a major gripe with the fact that she and Awe were text buddies. Cruz, she said, was jealous over their (she and Awe's) friendship and had demanded on occasions for it to end. She, however, did not end the friendship and it resulted in Cruz' death. She now has to raise their four children without their father, a feat she says will be difficult since their eldest son is taking his father's death very hard. On the night he was killed Cruz had been singing at a karaoke event at

Efrain Cruz Legends, celebrating along with the owner of the place, Morrison Banner, whose birthday it was. But when Awe showed up a few hours later, Cruz, it appeared, grew upset again and broke a bottle and the two started to argue. It is still not clear how things ended up the way they did because some accounts have Cruz walking away when he was shot nine times. He didn't live to reach the hospital. The killing has come as a shock to

Alfonso Awe residents of San Ignacio. Many people who knew both men say they are not men who are known to be trouble-makers. Other reports, however, describe them has having a long-standing conflict over Lopez and at one point, Cruz, a former martial arts student, had assaulted Awe. The accused, Awe, did not create a hard time for police and he reportedly handed himself, in, gun in hand. He has since been charged with the murder of Efrain Cruz.


The Last Journey Getting Longer

Phillip Willoughby, the Deputy Mayor, and his predecessor Councilor Deon Leslie recently informed Belizeans that unless they have already space at the Lord Ridge Cemetery, it is very likely that if they should die any time soon, there will be no new spaces available at Lord Ridge Cemetery for their burial. Without hesitation the Belize City Council informed Belizeans that we had run out of burial space at Lord Ridge. According to the Council, the only solution to this problem is to now look into building a new cemetery in Hattiville, some 13 miles away from downtown Belize City. Besides the fact that no one seem to have bothered to inform the authorities of Hattiville that a new cemetery would be built in their neighbourhood to house 20,000 new graves for Belize City residents, this City administration waited until only 12 spaces were left to inform Belizeans that the City has run out of space to bury their loved ones. At 78 Miss Almita Cane of a Belize City address stated that she never thought the day would come when she would be planning a funeral in some place other than Lord Ridge. She said, “If I die in a month where will my children bury me? I may end up in a hole in the back yard if they have no place for me at Lord Ridge.” For others like Miss Cane, the news of the situation at Lord Ridge Cemetery raises many questions. How long will it take to make this cemetery ready for Belize City residents to start to utilize? Who is going to fund this important work? Considering the fact that the Council is currently broke, how will they pay for the surveying of the land, the constructions of roads and walkways and all that is needed for the proper layout of a cemetery? How do they plan to recover this cost and who will be the caretakers of this new facility? It seems that no one in the Belize City Council is able to answer any of these questions or to address what is definitely a serious problem for City residents, who if they do not already have a burial space at Lord Ridge Cemetery may have to go to a private cemetery or look to one of the nearby villages to find what should be a final resting place for a loved one. Peter Armstrong, a young auto mechanic said that he was not worried, since he would prefer to be cremated and his ashes let go over the Hawksworth Bridge, but was worried, however, that if a family member should die any time soon they may be forced to cremate rather than bury since they could not afford to pay the cost of burying a family member at the Homeland Cemetery. Many Belizeans are wondering what effect this would have on the cost of dying. In addition to the additional burden of having to travel 13 miles to lay someone to their final rest and the cost involved in moving relatives and friends an additional 12 miles to attend an interment, will the cost of a space or plot in the new cemetery be more? Doris Middleton from Neal’s Pen Road, a nurse who is taking care of an 88 year old aunt is worried that if her aunt passes anytime soon she may not be able to afford her funeral. The sick aunt, a long time Methodist, wants to be buried next to her sister but the only trouble is there is no space next to the sister who passed away just one year ago. “Maybe we and bury her on top of her like they do in Orange Walk where they burry people above ground,” Miss Middleton said. “This whole situation with this new burying ground no mek no sense to me.”


The Belize Times

Sunday, August 1, 2010

South Side High School to be closed down by Minister of Education

It is with prayerful thoughts that I venture to write this article. I write with extreme passion because the institution Excelsior High School is so intimate to me. I have invested my heart, my compassion, patriotism, and my blood, sweat and tears to this institution for over a decade. I was a teacher and later chairman of the school board. Am just putting this in prospective so that you can understand why it means so much to me as well as to thousands of families whose love ones successfully attended this institution. I hope that, “the Ministry of Education reconsiders its position to close down Excelsior High School.” Today’s daily prayer referred to Psalm 59 verses 2:4 and it reads; “Deliver me from the workers of iniquity, and save me from bloody men. For, lo, they lie in wait for my soul: the mighty are gathered against me; not for my transgression, nor for my sin, O LORD. They run and prepare themselves without my fault. Awake to help me, and behold.” Space will not permit us, but for one to really appreciate EHS its history has to be told. Excelsior was born from an idea, to provide a second chance for those students who did not accomplish well in Primary School to be given the opportunity to go to a regular high school. The dream of Mr. Lamb in 1975, was supported and nourished by the late John Young who in 1982, brought it to its new location on

Faber’s Road, its current location. This school attracted students from as far as Goergeville and Esperanza Villages in the Cayo District, St. Bite and Hopkins from the South and as far North as Libertad, who otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to attain a high school diploma. In that single concrete structure on Faber’s Road, Excelsior was home to almost 600 students in the early to mid 90’s and was the first school to utilize a shift system having a day and evening session. Hopefully, we can continue the glory stories in the future but the situation on hand is the haste and malicious way in which the bureaucrats at the Ministry of Education want to come and close down the high school. Reports are that the first time the staff was told about

this totally unwelcome decision, was around middle of June. The parents were called to a meeting and told about this move on June 29th, 2010. That is after the school year was ended and students were out on summer vacation. In fact, the parents were promised a subsequent meeting and are still waiting for that meeting today. I believe that I have a legal and a moral obligation to launch this campaign to keep Excelsior open and it is my hope that the thousands of alumni would join in. As a matter of fact, since this news broke a couple weeks ago, Ms. Sophia Green, a graduate of EHS, who holds a MPA and lectures at Cal State, and is running for election to the school board in Fontana California in November, has launched a campaign and fund raising drive to see how they can

help to save Excelsior. Allow me to name some prominent people who had worked at Excelsior during the time I was there. Mrs. Eve Aird, wife of the CEO of the Ministry of Education, Mrs. Dellie Martinez, wife of the Minister of Human Development, Evan Mose Hyde, Adele Ramos, Gorge Espat and Philip Palacio. Several principals of other schools including Ismael Requena “ACC,” Lorna Mckay “Gwen Liz,” Mario Rodriguez “St. Ignatius.” Prominent graduates include high ranking BDF and police officers and we cannot forget that EHS dominated high school sports for more than ten years producing athletes such as Keith Acosta, Darren Bovell, John Trapp, Steven Williams and Kirk Burgess. Hopefully this might play on the conscience of the ministry, Psalm 59 verse 10; “The God of my mercy shall prevent me: God shall let me see my desire upon mine enemies.”


Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Belize Times

Barrow’s Unemployment Crisis

Like most of the statistics being reported by this UDP government, the number of Belizeans who are out of work are grossly understated. According to official reports coming out of the Statistical Institute of Belize, the unemployment rate is hovering around 14 percent. Walk around the country and talk to people and you will find that the employment situation in our country is a very grim. Belize today is mired by one of the worst economic crisis since the last UDP administration was running the government. In fact, the economic crisis today is deeper and more serious than the one that shook the country to its core from 1995 to 1998. Unofficial reports are that there are nearly 25 to 30 thousand Belizeans who are able to work but do not have a job. This would place our unemployment rate at or around 30 percent for nearly a year now. If you talk to those people who are currently unemployed, many will tell you that they have not been working for more than six months even though they are actively seeking employment. Currently, too many people are looking for work and the number of jobs available are just too few. This is a very serious situation, especially for those young people who just graduated and are looking for a job. Imagine

all our lives we have been told that getting an education would help to improve our standard of living. The reality in Belize today is that we have people who are graduating from universities and having to take on positions that are way below their skill level. For people just starting their careers, the damage may be deep and long-lasting, potentially creating a kind of "lost generation." Studies suggest that an extended period of youthful joblessness can significantly depress lifetime income as people get stuck in jobs that are beneath their capabilities, or come to be seen by employers as damaged goods. The continuing job crisis is hitting women and our

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NB: BWS reserves the right to accept any tender or reject all tenders. Belize Water Service Ltd P.O. Box 150, Central American Boulevard, Belize City, Belize Telephone: 222-4757 ext 233 Fax: 222-4263 Email: Website:


young people especially hard— damaging both their future and the Belizean economy. Businesses of all sizes are not hiring because they do not see sufficient demand for their goods and services. This issue has been raised before, and many today are asking: how can the government expect growth and expansion in our economy by raising taxes? What the private sector needs is some relief from the taxes and the cost of doing business in Belize. If the Prime Minister has not figured it out yet, he never will. Government is supposed to create an environment whereby the private sector can use its creativity and money to create wealth and


jobs. The private sector is the driving force behind the growth and development of any country. For some reason however, it does not work like this in Belize. To date, the performance of this UDP government has been dismal to say the least. If the present trends continue as is expected, the unemployment and economic woes that we are experiencing will be with us for some time. What the government does not realize is that the massive employment hole left by this recession will take years to fill. If we added 5,000 jobs, preferably private-sector jobs, for the next two years, the rest of the term for this government—in 2013 there would still be approximately 20,000 able and willing Belizeans out of a job. This means that two years from now, Belize’s unemployment rate will be hovering around 20 percent. This is way too high for a country like Belize that has the potential for better. The time is now for this government to act in the best interest of the Belizean people. If the stopgaps are not put in place, the dangers ahead will be great. You have been forewarned.

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24 Year Old Mechanic Charged With The Murder Of 16 Year Old Mechanic

Charles McKoy

BELIZE CITY, Wed. July 28, 2010 Charles McKoy, 24, an auto mechanic of Mile 1 1’2 Northern

PUP Think Tanking Sessions Every Thursday, Independence Hall at 7:30pm

Highway, was charged in Magistrate C o u r t w i t h m u r d e r, a t t e m p t e d murder, dangerous har m, use of deadly means of har m and two counts of ag gravated assault. Chief Magistrate Margaret M c Ke n z i e e x p l a i n e d t o M c Koy that she will not take a plea from him because the offences are indictable and remanded him to Hattiville Prison. McKoy was charged for the murder of Alexander Murray, 16 an auto mechjanic of Curl Thompson Street. Police investig ation r e ve a l e d t h a t M u r r a y w a s i n a Po n t i a c c a r w i t h h i s b r o t h e r , Alton Murray, 24 and two friends, Glenford Mar tinez and Michael Stevens, when their vehicle was blocked and prevented from m o v i n g b y t wo o t h e r v e h i c l e s while they were in front of Korea Electronics on Freetown Road. According to re por ts, several shots were fired from one of the vehicles one shot hitting Alexander in the back and another in the back of his head. Alexander died around 1:42 p.m. the same d ay a t K a r l H e u s n e r M e m o r i a l Hospital.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fake Cop Charged With Aggravated Assault On Red House Bartender

Aaron Wilson

BELIZE CITY, Wed. July 28, 2010 Aaron Wilson, 20, the man who is charged for pretended to be a police

Four Remanded For Brodies Agro Chemicals Robberies 47 along with a 17 year old minor.

Belize Agricultural Health Authority


nd ined RA

id s p-






Edward Usher

The Belize Agricultural Health Authority announces the sale of (1) 1999 ISUZU Pickup Truck, (1) 2001 ISUZU Trooper, (1) 1999 TOYOTA Pickup truck, (1) 2001 ISUZU pickup Truck, (1) 2000 TOYOTA Pickup Truck. 1. These are all used vehicles with diesel engines that are being retired from the BAHA Fleet. 2. The vehicles are being sold as-is and by SEALED BIDS ONLY. 3. Interested persons can submit their bids to the BAHA Headquarters, Corner Forest Drive & Hummingbird Highway, P.O. Box 169 Belmopan no later than August 13, 2010. 4. Buyers will be required to pay appropriate import duties for vehicles purchased. 5. Vehicles can be viewed at the BAHA Headquarters compound in Belmopan during normal working hours.

officer was back in court on Tuesday, charged this time with aggravated assault with a firearm. Wilson pleaded not guilty to the charge. The incident occurred between 12:30 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. on Friday, June 18th when Jermyn Galvez, 22, a bartender residing at 46 Vernon Street, reported to the police that he left MJ’s Grand located on Newtown Barracks and was walking towards his vehicle when he turned around and saw two police officers holding his brother, Zane Galvez. Jermyn said he ran towards them but before he reached them a man dressed in police uniform asked him why he was running and fired a shot at him that missed. Jer myn came forward with his accusation after he saw Wilson’s photograph in the newspaper and found out that he was not a police officer.

BELIZE CITY, Wed. July 28, 2010 On July 26th, three adults and a minor were charged in connection robberies which occurred on Friday evening July 23 at Brodies Ag ro Chemicals, located at Mile 1 1’2 Northern Highway. All four pled not guilty. Those charged in Magistrate Court included Gerald Jones, 47; Edward Usher, 35 and Godwin Silas,


All four defendants were charged with 6 counts of handling stolen goods, keeping a firearm without a gun license and keeping ammunition without a gun license. Silverio Her nandez, 32, supervisor at Brodies Agro Chemicals, reported to the police that he was in his office when a tall man of dark complexion entered he and another employee to remain still. H e r n a n d e z s a i d a n o t h e r person entered shortly afterwards holding two security guards, Dunstan hall and Roy Bradley, at gunpoint. Hernandez told police that they were ordered to lie down on the floor and after they complied the intruders stole a black cash pan containing $2,165.55 as well as personal items from all of them. The police responded quickly to the report of the robberies and as a result they intercepted a Toyota taxi van on mahogany Street in front of the police sub-station. According to the police, all the stolen items were recovered as well as, a Smith and Wesson brand 9 millimeter pistol with 14 rounds of ammunition.

It’s been days since the Kendall Bridge was washed away. How much longer must we wait for a new bridge, Mr. Prime Minister?


d nd A






Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Belize Times


Belize Agricultural Health Authority

Godoy Fined $705 From Karl Heusner Jr. Remanded To prison For Allegedly Shooting At Police Constable Female Friend BELIZE CITY, Wed. July 28, 2010

The Authority announces Belize R o n a l dAgricultural G o d o y , 4 6 ,Health a r ethe s i d esale n t o fof7(1) M a1999 h o g a nISUZU y S t r e e t Pickup Truck, (1) 2001 pled guilty to the theft of $378 ISUZU Trooper, (1) 1999 TOYOTA Pickup truck, (1) and was fined $705 in the #6 M2001 a g i s t rISUZU a t e ’s C o upickup r t o n MTruck, o n d ay, (1) 2000 TOYOTA Pickup J uTruck. ly 26. Magistrate Dorothy

Flowers gave him until September 1 5 t o p a y. I f h e d e f a u l t s o n payment he will ser ve 6 months. incident occur red on 1. The These are all used vehicles with diesel engines that are Thursday, July 22 when Amanda being fromvisor the BAHA War ren, retired 57, a super residingFleet. in Mahogany Heights, reported to the police that she and her friend, 2. The vehicles are being sold as-is and by SEALED BIDS Ronald Godoy, did some er rands


CHECK OUT OUR 3. NEW Interested persons can submit their bids to the BAHA WEBSITE

Headquarters, Corner Forest Drive & Godoy Hummingbird HighRonald at way, P.O. Box 169 Belmopan noinlater than August 13, 2010. Belmopan then they went to the super market in mahogany Heights ~ POST YOUR COMMENTS a few drinks. 4. VOTE Buyers will be required to to payhave appropriate import duties ~ ON ARTICLES She said she then took forVIEW vehicles purchased. ~ OUR PHOTO Godoy to her house and before she went to bed she secured $375, GALLERY she BAHA had in Headquarters her purse by computting ~ OUT can A PDF 5. CHECK Vehicles be viewed at the it to the back of her bed. She VERSION OF THE PAPER pound in Belmopan during normaltold working policehours. that when she awoke We are the most visited newspaper website in Belize

around 4 a.m. on Friday, July 23, she discovered that her money was g one and so was Godoy.

NOTICE GOVERNMENT OF BELIZE TREASURY BILLS ISSUE NO. 11/2010 Tenders are invited for an issue of Government of Belize Treasury Bills. The amount of the issue will be $18,991,900.00. The Bills will be issued in denominations of $200, $1,000, $10,000, $20,000, $50,000, $100,000, $200,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000, and will be repayable at par 91 days after issue. They will be issued on Wednesday 4th August, 2010 and will be redeemed on Wednesday 3rd November, 2010. Each tender must be for $200 or a multiple of $200 and must specify to five decimal places the amount, which is offered for each one hundred dollars face value of the Bills sought. Application forms are available at the Treasury and at the Central Bank of Belize in Belize City and at the Ministry of Finance in Belmopan; and when completed they must be forwarded in sealed envelopes addressed to:

TREASURY BILL TENDER CENTRAL BANK OF BELIZE P.O. BOX 852 GABOUREL LANE, BELIZE CITY Tenders must reach the Central Bank not later than 12:00 noon on Friday, 30th July, 2010. Successful tenders will be notified by Monday 2nd August, 2010 and will be expected to pay for and pick up Bills allotted them on Wednesday 4th August, 2010. The Government of Belize reserves the right to accept or reject any and/or all tenders in whole or in part.

BELIZE CITY, Wed. July 28, 2010 Karl Heusner Jr., 25, a boat captain of 7 Berkley Street who allegedly fired shots at police constable Reginald Diego, was charged with aggravated assault when he appeared today in the #2 Magistrate’s Court. The incident occurred around 11 a.m. on Monday, July 26. Diego who resides in Libertad, Corozal and is attached to the Motorcycle Unit, reported to the police that he responded to a report of shots being fired on Berkley Street and when he arrived at the scene Heusner and two others fired shots at him.

Karl Heauner Jr.

Glenford Diego, 19, Found Guilty Of Attempted Murder

BELIZE CITY, Wed. July 28, 2010

A jury of 6 men and 3 women deliberated for almost 3 hours yesterday before finding Glenford Diego, 19, guilty of the attempted murder of Mark Sacassa, 33. Sacassa was shot in his thigh and elbow around 5:40 p.m. on November 15, 2007. Sacassa, a taxi driver who resided on Rivero Street Extension, testified that he was walking home with a friend when he saw Diego at the corner of Rivero Street and Rivero Street Extension circling around on a bicycle. Sacassa said that as he walked into his yard he heard an explosion and turned around and saw Diego. Shortly after he said he felt a burning sensation and he fell to the ground. The trial judge Adolph Lucas deferred sentencing until Friday, July 30, in order to give Diego time to prepare a

Glenford Diego

plea for mitigation. Diego was not represented by an attorney. Senior Crown Counsel Yohhanhseh Cave represented the prosecution.


The Belize Times

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Belize Water Services Limited invites applicants to fill the following vacancy at our Belize City Office.

PUBLIC AUCTION SALES: PROPERTIES TENDER INVITATION Position Business Support Specialist Vista del Mar, Belize District; Consejo Road & Santa Elena Commercial Free- Zone, Corozal District; Selena Village, Cayo District FOR THE PROVISION OF Business Support Specialist Requirements and Duties EXTERNAL AUDIT SERVICES BY ORDER of the Mortgagees, Messrs. Heritage Bank Limited, Licensed Auctioneer Kevin A. Castillo will sell the REQUIREMENTS DUTIES TOproperties BELIZE WATER following at the following SERVICES locations dates & times: • • Proven knowledge of computer. Provides software support to internal users and interfaces with exter-

1. At Parcel No. 684 Vista del Mar, Belize District on Monday Belize Water Services Ltd (BWS) invites qualified audit the 2nd August 2010 at 9:00 am: firms to tender for the supply of external audit services for the three financial years from April 1, 2010 through to March 31, 2013.

The detailed tender document can be picked up at BWS Main Office, #7 Central American Boulevard, Belize City during normal working hours, Monday to Friday; or this can be forwarded electronically upon request. REGISTRATION SECTION BLOCK PARCEL The closing date/time for receipt of tenders is684 August 11, Vista del Mar 16 2010aatconcrete 4:00pm. (Being bungalow dwelling house containing 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, living/dining/kitchen [45 ft. X 45 ft.] and lot [513.000 square metres] situate in Vista Del Mar,the Belize District, freeholdany property of Ms. NB: BWS reserves right tothe accept tender Mary Douglas)

or reject all tenders.

2. At the Sub-Division Main access road, Consejo Road, Corozal District on Monday the 2nd August 2010 at 11:30 am: Belize Water Service Ltd P.O. Box 150, Central American Boulevard, Belize City, Belize Telephone: 222-4757 ext 233 Fax: 222-4263 Email: Website:

NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the company named REGISTRATION SECTION BLOCK PARCELS Consejo Road S. E. 1 1299, 1300, 1301, 1302, 1304, 1305, 1349, 1350, 1351, 1352, 1353, 1354, 1355, 1356, 1357, 1358, 1359, 1360, 1361, 1362, 1363, 1364, 1365, 1366, 1378, 1379, 1380, Has been dissolved and struck off the International Busi1381, 1382, 1383, 1384, 1385, 1386, 1387, 1388, 1389, 1390, 1391, 1398, ness 1400, Companies Register with1405, effect from 25th day1413 of & 1399, 1401, 1402, 1403, 1404, 1408, 1409,the 1410, 1411, July, 2010. 1414 (Being vacant lots approximately one acre in size situate on the Consejo IcazainBelize Trust Corporation Road the Corozal District, the freeholdLimited properties of Messrs. Consejo Farms Limited, Surety for Mr. Jimmy Chen.) Registered Agent


NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the company named

“BLUE TREE GROUP INC.” Has been dissolved and struck off the International Business Companies Register with effect from the 24th day of July, 2010. SUCRE & SUCRE (BELIZE) LIMITED

Excellent communication skills

• Comercial Team Player 3.nal software At Parcel No. 443 Santa Zone, Corozal providers to resolve issues, Elena • Results-oriented perform on upgrades, training streamline District Monday theand2nd August •2010 at Honest, 1:30 pm: dedicated and hardwork-

application use. ing • Respond to internal clients • Physically Fit within timeframe dictated by the severity of the problem, document and track case • Must be willing to travel countryhistories, issues, and action steps. wide • Develop program utilities to automate processes. EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE • Research technical processes using sources such as error logs and product • Bachelor Degree in Computer technical documentation and identify Information Systems, Information Technolsolutions to resolve problems or improve ogy or Business Management. efficiency. • 3 years experience with database • Manage, operate, support and and/or information REGISTRATION SECTION BLOCKsoftware, programming PARCEL maintain the infrastructure to support systems (Sybase, MSSQL, MYSQL) LAN/WAN Santa Elenacommunication requirements. 1• 443 3 years experience in supporting • Perform daily system monitoring (Being a two storey concrete commercial building X 115’ for together core business 39’ applications multiple usand backup operations. ers. with lot [2865.83 square yards] situate inside the Santa Elena Com• Design requested reports for • Certifications such as A+, CCNA, the purpose providing personnel with the freehold property of Mr. Welly mercial FreeofZone, Corozal District, and/or MCSE are preferred, but not reinformation customized to their specific quired. Huang & Sons Co. Limited) needs. • Ability to drive standard vehicles • Performs other duties as asand possesses a valid driver’s license signed.

The post carries an attractive 4. In front Police Station, Spanish Lookout, Cayosalary District on Tuesday 3rd aAugust 2010 at and benefits package the including pension scheme and1:30 healthpm: Insurance. If you are interested in progressing with us please send your application letter with your detailed curriculum vitae giving your current position by July 30, 2010 to: Human Resources Manager Belize Water Services Limited, P.O. Box 150, Central American Boulevard, Belize City, Belize E-mail : Note: Only a short list of qualified candidates will be notified.

ALL THAT piece or parcel of land situate in Selena Area, Cayo District being 50.863 acres held under Minister’s Fiat (Lease) No. 714 of 1998 dated 7th October, 1998, and being more particularly delineated and described as follows:- On the Northeast by 896.983 Metres by Now or Formerly National Notice is hereby that the company named Lands; On the Southeastgiven for 219.617 Metres by Now or Formerly National Lands; On the Southwest for 968.769 Metres by Now or Formerly National Lands; On the Northwest(ANTIGUA) for a total distance of TECHNOLOGY, 233.00 Metres by Now or “OILLAND Formerly National Lands; Containing 50.863 Acres (20.584 Ha.) as shown INC..” on Entry 3983 Reg. 4 at the Office of the Commissioner of Lands and Survey TOGETHER with all building and erections standing and being thereon. Has abeen dissolved and situate struckinoff International Busi(Being vacant parcel of land thethe Selena Area, Cayo District, Companies with of effect from Braun the 22nd day theness leasehold propertyRegister of the property Mr. Aaron surety forof Mr. July, 2010. Ben Braun)



The Belize Bank Limited KEVIN A. CASTILLO Registered AgentTELEPHONE: 224-4473 Email:

NOTICE “Notice is hereby given that the company named

HONEST BEST TECHNOLOGY LIMITED has been dissolved and struck off the International Business Companies Register with effect from the 25th day of July, 2010.” Power Point Management (Belize) Limited Registered Agent

on s g n i t i r W the

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Belize Times



Jonws says: July 28, 2010 at 9:15 am This is some real thing going on in this country mein. I think we all need to wake up before a revolution takes place in this counrty and rid this country of all those infestid, and crimal minded people of authority.All theses youths are aware of the war between the police and themself its only a matter of time when you start seeing the real war starts between the the youhts and the police, i just hope that innocent people don’t get hurt in the process. egbert says: July 28, 2010 at 10:49am As long as the government keeps on ignoring the problems of the POVERTY STRICKEN PEOPLE (MOST OF THE POPULATION) believing the problem is only on the SOUTH SIDE, eventually, the masses of the poverty stricken will rise up and revolt. You don’t have to be rocket scientist to figure it out. The government is way over it’s head regarding a solution. This problem should be NUMBER ONE on their agenda. Government and people in charge must LISTEN to the people they hire to do surveys & studies (that is if the right experts are hired). Listening must be followed up by IMPLEMENTATION. Conflict resolution should be added to the curriculum of all the schools. It appears the masses only resolve conflicts with murder. This is a major problem that is being ignored by all those in charge. The following—- poverty,crime, dealing with the criminals, the Judiciary and education for all —-should be given priority over everything else at this time. Keep on talking with no real action and you will all be doomed. Just a matter of time. rod says: July 24, 2010 at 10:51 am no matter what or who is the chairman for udp this gov. will go down in history as the worst gov belize has ever had period economy down crime out of control ,corruption is rampant tourism at its lowest on and on and on wake up my belizeans march on this useless gov.get rid of this pm who is useless and incompetent before its too late for all of us.All he cares about is his trips to the us not once has he come out to give his condolances to all the families whos sons and daughters are being killed in the streets wow what a leader .

jesse says: July 23, 2010 at 12:30 pm Another sweet deal comming for the criminals with a lawdegree better known as ministers.and some of the crook lawfirm of belize will benefit from this deal..soon the whole country will be sold along with belizeans, Manford says: July 23, 2010 at 2:33 pm Police shoting other police officer, police caught snatching chain, police beating civilians with impunity; and the list goes on and on of a police force totally out of hand. But to have someone going into the police station, and perhaps answering to roll call, if there is any, and been given fire arm, who had not been inducted into the Police Force officially, why hasen’t head roll from the very top down by now? Where is the shame, let a lone responsibility of the high command? This should be no laughing matter. There must be some way that the entire top brass be made to answer serious questions about this disgraceful incident.

Posts are from, Belize Times Press Facebook Account, John Briceño Facebook Account,


The Belize Times

Police probing $11m drug haul

Police are investigating the discovery of a huge quantity of cannabis valued at more than $11 million. Public relations officer Inspector David Welch revealed that the container with the drugs was found at the Bridgetown Port yesterday afternoon, after it was intercepted

in a joint operation involving Customs and the Police Drug Squad. It was searched and 2 768.39 pounds of cannabis, concealed in 45 boxes, was discovered. Welch said the container was removed and is now being held at a police station while investigations are continuing.

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AFP) -- Venezuela said on Tuesday it sees the possibility of restoring ties with Colombia if the new president taking office in Bogota next month adopts a less hostile tone. Venezuela's Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, speaking during a visit to Montevideo, opened the door to improved relations after Colombia's president-elect Juan Manuel Santos, takes over from Alvaro Uribe on August 7. "If the new Colombian government fully rectifies (its position) and adopts a posture of absolute respect for Venezuela's government and out country, we are sure we can build a new path," Maduro said. The comments came after days of an escalating diplomatic row that saw the two South American neighbors break off relations over Bogota's accusations that Venezuela

was harboring leftist guerrillas engaged in a decades-long battle against the Colombian government. Maduro's stop in Uruguay was the third on a diplomatic tour of the region, which has included Brazil and Paraguay. He is due for talks in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia before arriving in Ecuador for a meeting of foreign ministers of the regional body Unasur. Maduro has indicated he would offer a "peace plan," the details of which have not been specified, for what he said was 60 years of conflict in Colombia and which has spilled over to Venezuela. In Bogota, Uribe dismissed the notion of a peace plan from Caracas, saying it could be a ruse to "loosen the grip of the snake" without ensuring security for his country. "We're not going to fall into that trap," he said. "We are asking the international community to follow the same standards we are following: fighting terrorism and not allowing it to take root anywhere." Colombian Foreign Minister Jaime Bermudez said meanwhile in an interview with Ecuadoran television that the new government in Bogota may find it easier to deal with the question but that the current government must live up to its responsibility. "Our political and constitutional responsibility continues until August 7," he said.

Venezuela could restore ties with new Colombian president

Sunday, August 1, 2010

J'can economy 10 times worse than region

JAMAICA is projected to grow 10 times slower than the region in 2010, according to Business Observer analysed data from the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) released last week. The debt-ridden island is expected to grow 0.5 per cent this year whilst the average among Latin America and Caribbean nations is 5.2 per cent according to ECLAC's Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean 2009-2010. The IMF and government signed a US$1.3- billion standby arrangement in February this year in order to provide budgetary support for the Government which had its tax revenues slashed due to a contraction in the bauxite and tourism sectors. (Observer file photo) ECLAC which is one of five regional, commissions of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, stated that Jamaica will be constrained by debt whilst that the region will benefit from increased investment, consumption, lending and exports. "It is expected that growth will be 0.5 per cent in fiscal year 2010/2011," stated ECLAC on Jamaica. "This growth rate projection is based on the country meeting tight fiscal and monetary policies designed to adjust the Jamaican economy within the context of International Monetary Fund (IMF) scrutiny and review. From the first review of the targets under the programme it appears that all the targets were met, including a variety of structural reform." The IMF and Government signed a US$1.3-billion standby arrangement in February this year in order to provide budgetary support for the Government which had its tax revenues slashed due to a contraction in the bauxite and tourism sectors. Whilst Jamaica suffers the growth of the region on average will be in line with the emerging economies of Asia, "one of the most dynamic regions in the world", stated ECLAC. The highest growth rates in 2010 are in South America, led by the biggest economy in the region, Brazil with projections at 7.6 per cent, followed by Uruguay at 7.0 per cent, Paraguay at 7.0 per cent, Argentina at 6.8 per cent and Peru at 6.7 per cent. It stated that other countries in the region will have lower growth rates, such as the Dominican Republic at 6.0 per cent, Panama at 5.0 per cent, Bolivia at 4.5 per cent, Chile at 4.3 per cent and Mexico at 4.1 per cent. Colombia at 3.7 per cent, Ecuador and Honduras at 2.5 per cent, Nicaragua and Guatemala 2.0 per cent. Countries with notable declines in growth include Haiti projected to experience negative 8.5 per cent and Venezuela at negative growth

3.0 per cent. "This growth rate is higher than expected, but economic performance in the region is very diverse. What stands out are the members of Mercosur and countries with greater capacity to implement public policies, as well as those with strong domestic markets spurred by regional activity and their exports to Asia," stated ECLAC Executive Secretary Alicia Bรกrcena during the launching of the report Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean 2009-2010 in Commission headquarters in Santiago, last week. Prospects for the 2011/12 fiscal year will see the growth gap between Jamaica and the rest of the region reduced. Specifically, the island is projected to grow at half the rate of the region at 2.0 per cent compared with 3.9 per cent respectively according to ECLAC. The waning capacity needed to support the economic activity is blamed for the projected deceleration in regional growth in 2011. "At the same time, governments are facing a waning capacity to keep the current counter-cyclical measures in place without sacrificing the achievements in terms of maintaining macroeconomic equilibriums. In light of these considerations, growth estimates for 2011 are 3.9 per cent for the region as a whole," it stated. ECLAC has also appealed to member nation to maintain public policies geared at protecting the most vulnerable "as part of a broader strategy that encompasses not only social areas but also macroeconomic and production policies". ECLAC noted that countries which grew prior to the global economic downturn are the ones which are benefiting from rapid growth today. Jamaica would not be among them, as the island trailed the region in regard to growth, foreign direct investment (FDI), debt reduction and other data over eight years. In fact, in 2009 Jamaica recorded the second highest inflation rate and the sixth lowest estimated growth rate among 33 regional nations in 2009, according to ECLAC's Annual Statistical Yearbook. "The macroeconomic soundness observed in most countries of Latin America and the Caribbean in the years preceding the global crisis made a significant difference. Governments made the most of a period of exceptional international economic and financial boom to straighten their public accounts, reduce and improve the profile of their debts and increase their international reserves," stated ECLAC. "This process allowed them to apply counter-cyclical public policies that contributed to economic recovery starting the second half of 2009."

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Belize Times



The Belize Times



Guaranteed Happiness Last week we ref lected on God’s eter nal promises and the guarantee that God’s word will provide inspiration, assurance and direction in times of stress and crisis. But we have a responsibility too. Salvation is a free gift but we must claim it. God’s never ending love for us makes that is an easy task. If you do not have the peace of Christ’s redemption, here are a few pointers as to how to acce pt that promise. T he Scripture guides us in the basic way to have a personal relationship with our Saviour. STEP 1: We must first see and ag ree that God is the only tr uth and his view on our condition is the only way out. “… Let God be tr ue , but ever y man a liar…” Romans 3:4 First we must know and appreciate from where God is taking us. We must give thanks that he has taken us from the lowly mire into the place of glor y when we walk in obedience to his word. But how far were we from God’s g race? T he Bible says: For all have sinned and come shor t of the glor y of God (2) For the wag es of sin is death but the gift of God is eter nal life through Jesus Christ our Lord (3) Draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto you (4) Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts and let him retur n unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (5) there is none righteous, not one. Ste p 2: Recognize that God has ordained the manner in which to deal with our situation and g et us out: “ …the kingdom of God is at hand: re pent ye and believe the g ospel” Mark 1:15 Our Bible teaches: T here is one mediator between God and man, Christ Jesus (2) Behold I stand at the door and knock; if any man hear my voice and open the door , I will come in and sup with him and he with me (3) But as many as received him to them g ave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name. Ste p 3: Ever y day live for God, as the hymn g oes “in ever y way tr y to please him, at home at school, at play…” We should find joy in living a life that is pleasing and acce ptable to God. Romans 12:1-2 In the Bible God advises: Bring for th therefore fr uits wor thy of re pentance (2) Finally, brethren , whatsoever things are tr ue, …honest, …just,..pure,.. lovely,… of g ood re por t, if there be any vir tue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Philippians 4:8 So then all that would remain is for you to acce pt this happiness in your life and declare to ever yone who doubts: “And if it seem evil unto to you to ser ve the Lord, choose you this day whom you will ser ve; … but as for me and my house, we will ser ve the Lord. Joshua 24:15 Challeng e: Call an old friend and remind him/her that God loves them and has g ood things in store for them if they walk in obedience to his word. Let us also pray for all those who may feel lost and hopeless in Belize at this time.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


By ORdER OF thE MORtgAgEE Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a company duly registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition, 2000, and having its registered office at Cor. Albert and Bishop Streets, Belize City, Belize, hereby gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale as Mortgagee under a Deed of Mortgage made the 4th day of June, 2008, between JANIRA ODALIE BLACK, of the one part, and Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. of the other part, and recorded at the Land Titles Unit in Deeds Book Vol. 19 of 2008 at Folios 1429 – 1458, and the said Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. will at the expiration of two months from the date of the first publication of this notice sell the properties described in the schedule hereto.

The the ISU 200 Bel Tru to fil

TENDER INVITATION All offers to purchase the said properties must be made in writFOR THE PROVISION OF ing and full particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained EXTERNAL AUDIT SERVICES from the said Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. TO BELIZE WATER SERVICES

1. B bein

Belize Water Services Ltd (BWS) invites qualified audit ALL THAT piecefor or parcel of landof being Lot No. 57 (744.367 firms to tender the supply external audit services Square Meters) situate near Mile 12 along the Northern Highfor the three financial years from April 1, 2010 through way, Belize District and shown and delineated on Plan dated to March 31, 2013. 1st day of February, 1998 by Henry D. Flowers, Licensed Land

appli 3. • Hea with way of th


Surveyor and registered at the Lands and Surveys Department

The detailed at tender document can No. be picked up at BWS in Belmopan, Register No. 2 Entry 3964 TOGETHER Main #7 and Central American Belize with allOffice, buildings erections standing Boulevard, and being thereon. City during normal working hours, Monday to Friday; or ALLcan THAT piece or parcel of land being Lot No. 65 (899.268 this be forwarded electronically upon request.

Square Meters) situate near Mile 12 along the Northern Highway, Belize District and shown and delineated on Plan dated The closing date/time for receipt of tenders is August 11, 1st day of February, 1998 by Henry D. Flowers, Licensed Land 2010 at 4:00pm. Surveyor and registered at the Lands and Surveys Department in Belmopan, at Register No. 2, Entry No. 3964 TOGETHER NB: BWS reserves the right to and accept tender with all buildings and erections standing being any thereon.

or reject all tenders.

DATED this 14th day of July, 2010.

Belize Water Service Ltd P.O. Box 150, Central American Boulevard, Belize City, MUSA & BALDERAMOS Belize 91 North Front Street Telephone: 222-4757 ext 233 Fax: 222-4263 Belize City Email: Attorney-at-Law for Website: Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd.

NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the below companies have been dissolved and struck off the International Business Companies Register with effect from the dates indicated: MASTRO FINANCE SERVICES INC. - July 14, 2010 JAR HOLDINGS CORP. - July 14, 2010 DANDY INC. - July 11, 2010 ARIAS, FABREGA & FABREGA (BELIZE) LIMITED Registered Agent



• 2. inter ON nal s


histo • 4. autom • for ing s techn 5. solut effic pou • main LAN • and b • the p infor need • signe

and Tenb you Bill with 2010 The

$20 be r 4th 201

Eac dec face

App of B whe

Ten Fri

Suc and We

The and

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Belize Times

On June 2, 2008 the Kendall Bridge was washed away during Tropical Storm Arthur. It is now August of 2010 and this UDP administration still cannot replace this critical bridge.



The Belize Times

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The celebration of our beloved mother Inez Louise Cadle Mahler

Firstly we would like to thank all our family and friends who have supported us throughout this time of g rief. Special thanks to Dr Godinez who has been our rock and Chrisy whose care and dedication allowed our mother to leave this world with the dignity and respect she rightly deser ved. As one of our mother’s cousins reminded us, this is not a time for tears but instead celebrate and thank the Lord for her 91 years. Inez was born 91 years ag o in Bur rell Boom to Susan and George Cadle and was the youngest of seven children. Inez’s family moved to Belize City when she was four years old. As a child, Inez was educated at Wesley Methodist Primar y School, attended Wesley Church and Sunday school, and was a member of the church choir. As a teenager, Inez also assisted at Sunday School. Later on she met and mar ried Esteban Mahler and that union resulted in five children- Helen, Therese, Steve, Mercedes and Rose. Miss Inez also has 16 g randchildren and 16 g reat g randchildren. Inez devoted her life to bringing up her children, instilling in them the values and morals that would allow them to become g ood members of society. Sadly Esteban passed away five years ag o. Miss Inez was an honest hardworking, and deter mined

individual and it was that deter mination that provided her with the means to “own” her home. When in the early seventies she told Esteban to register for a plot of land Esteban thought she had finally lost it. “Inez “ he said “ to put your name down, you need to have money to build” but as a g ood husband he dutifully did as he was told. (Esteban knew better) so ar med with her little credit union book and proof that she would not be a liability she was off to see Miss Jane. There was no stopping her once she’d made her mind up. Although a devout Methodist, Inez’s children were brought up in her husband’s Catholic religion. Inez made sure they attended and par ticipated in all school and church activities. It was this involvement that resulted in Inez taking in student lodgers. Miss Inez was asked to help and so for a few years she opened her doors to young sixth for mers from out districts. It was this steady source income that allowed her to meet her financial commitments. Never afraid of hard work, Miss Inez would do anything to help suppor t her husband and family and Esteban was rightly ver y proud of her. Once she achieved her g oal Miss Inez tur ned her hand to gardening and her fingers were certainly “g reen” for her yard was a wall of flowers roses being

her specialty. She loved nothing better than talking to her plants. She knew ever y name and ever y species. If anyone showed the slightest interest they would be taken on a guided tour with a histor y lesson thrown in. I personally benefitted. No matter where Inez was she would always stop to admire roses or to buy and where possible to get a cutting – so much so that when she spotted a rose g arden sign on a trip to the airpor t she immediately tur ned to Therese and said “ Ter someone opened a rose g arden- can we stop on the way back?” Of course she couldn’t understand why no one was able to control their laughter long enough to explain to her . Inez was still to be seen up to April this year attending her plants. Miss Inez’s other g reat love was her church and her church family. Later when her children had flown the nest she would attend Trinity Church in King's Park. Her involvement was hands on as she par ticipated in several fundraising activities for the church building. This she found ver y rewarding. Inez looked forward to her ser vice and meeting up with her church sisters. Miss Inez was a tr uly remarkable woman. On her long jour ney through life, she has touched many lives. Hers was an “ open door house” . Anyone who needed somewhere to stay

was always welcome. Miss Inez will be g reatly missed by all her family and her wonderful friends, especially her friend Nelda of more than seventy years who flew in last week to spend a few days with her friend. So as Saint Peter waits by his g ates to welcome her home, it is with a heavy hear t that we bid her farewell ( Miss Inez the g ates are dusted ever yday- no need to r ub your fingers over them). Good night, sleep well, and God bless. We Love You! Her Grandson James wanted me to say the following: My g ran was one of the most impor tant figures in my life, not only did she give bir th to my wonderful mother, but she always had pearls of advice for my sister and I. [ told us what to do!!!!] My g ran, or Tubs as most of us know her by, was loving and caring, with a massive hear t of g old, she was also a touch feisty!!! woe betide if you misbehaved or star t acting up, you would soon feel the wrath or tubs!!!! There are many who did!!!! My g ran like g ramps were both ver y proud g randparents and g reat-g rand parents. I know they will be together in heaven looking down, smiling and proud of the lives they created and nur tured. Well now it’s your tur n g ran, to be at peace, with your loving husband at your side, we miss you and love you both.

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Moen Stars, Team 313, Mirab & Scorpions win in BVA volleyball The defending female champions Moen Stars, as well as First Caribbean Investment Bank, Mirab and Scorpions and Jaguars all enjoyed wins when the Belize City volleyball competition, held under the auspices of the Belize Volleyball Association, continued at Belize City Center on Saturday, July 24. The Moen Stars remain undefeated as they triumphed over the newcomers to the senior female competition, Summit Dolphins, in three consecutive sets. Precelia and Emma Hoare and Marion Bull led the Stars’ attacks. They were ably supported by Vivianne Avila, Jennifer Perez and Rebecca Rath, who received, scooped up returns and served with effect to take the first set 25-20. The Melissa Vanzie, Vanessa Lynch and Shamera Usher-led Dolphins’ offensive, (with the help of the Sabal sisters Aretha, Jacky and Clara, and Crisel Castillo who received and set the ball for Vanzie and Lynch’s spike attacks), challenged the Stars’ dominance in the second set, but Marika Zuniga and Sherlene Johnson reinforced the Stars’ attacks to prevail 25-21 in the second set. The Stars swept all opposition aside in the third set

25-11. Te a m 3 1 3 , t h e d e f e n d i n g champions of the Mixed Division, exacted payback from the First Caribbean Diamonds, who had handed them their only loss in this year’s competition. Allan Sharp, David Vasquez and Nolan Michael led the attacks ,hammering spikes on plays set by Babsy Cadle, Tanesha Encalada, while Jasmine Anderson served with effect to win the first set 25-23. The FCIB diamonds were not about to go belly up so easily, though, and Victor Hernandez, Wallace Tillett, Mario Aguilar and Albert Humes led the counterattacks hammering home kills on balls set by Irene Hernandez and Crisel Castillo as they were determined to win the second set. They indeed came close, reaching matchpoint 24-20, but they could not put it away. Paul Perriot and Patrick Bennett reinforced the 313 offensive to take the set to several extra points before they prevailed 30-28. BNE Jaguars have demonstrated overwhelming energ y on their attacks and rubber-like resilience in their defense this season, but Mirab’s wily veteran crew of Gillian Smith, Albert Humes, Lawrence Bennett and Paul Perriot hung in

there to prevail in a grueling match that went to five sets. Shane Gentle, Patrick Bennett, Jaleel Mariano and Jaleel Lino got up the vertical to hammer home kills on balls set by Kegan Ack and Albert Bradley to take the lead and the first set 25-20. But the veterans Smith and Humes were reinforced by Er nest “Power” Broaster, Eros Dawson, and the Thomson brothers, Kevin and Francis, to take the second set 25-18. K ar ym Coleman and Onaji Sandiford then countered with the Jaguars attacks clawing their way back into the lead by taking the third set 25-23. Mirab, however, though were without the services of veteran Arthur Butler, demonstrated the net savvy to take the next two sets 25-18 and 15-7. In the nightcap, the defending champions Scorpions quelled any rumor of rebellion from the Rebels in three consecutive sets. Germain Audinett, Shane Armstrong and Jamal Galvez led the attacks hammering kills while Oscar and Raul Arnold, and David Vasquez received and set the ball to win the first set 25-21. Rebels’ Joseph Enriquez, Tariq Campbell, Kleon Coleman and Elton Anderson got in their spikes on balls set by Martin

Gongora and Khalid Encalada as they mounted a real challenge in the second set, but the Scorpions still won 25-22, and then stung the Rebels in the third set: 25-19. Earlier in the day, the U-19 girls competition began with the Simon Quan Stars dominating the Baby Jaguars in two sets. Kyrstie and Krystal Bevans and Emma Hoare led the attacks on plays set by Vivanni Avila Jennifer Perez and Kaitlyn Woods to win 25-15 and 25-10. SCA CODICADER team was more of a challenge and the SQ Stars had to go to extra points to win the first set: 28-26. SCA’s Emily Evans, Kristal Jones and Tichelle Solis rallied and got in their points on plays set by Lila Estephan, Rebecca Rath and the Sabal sisters, Jacky and Clara, to win the second set 25-16, before the Stars took the third set 15-7. The SCA girls had no trouble with the Baby Jaguars as they took the first set 25-7, but the Jaguars’ Tisha Solis, Aretha Sabal and Antoinette Alvarez rallied in an effort to win at least one set, and with the help of Gorlee Marin, Mari Novelo and Ena Encalada, they won some points before the SCA girls prevailed 25-17.


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BTTA holds 2nd RF&G national table tennis ranking tournment

Zhi Cheng, Daniel Habet and Luigi Heredia emerged as winners in the A, B, and C Divisions respectively when the Belize Table Tennis Association held its 2010 RF&G national ranking tournament at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium over the weekend T h e t wo d a y s o f i n t e n s e competition concluded on Sunday, July 25, 2010 with winners in

all four categories. In the A – Division, Zhi Chen of Dangriga placed 1st, Ernesto “Brother” Rivero of Belize City took 2nd, Tux Vasquez of Belize City was 3rd and Francisco Ming of Dangriga ranked 4th. Daniel Habet of San Ignacio won the B – Division, with Hector Lopez of Belize City placing 2nd, Peter Wong of Belize City taking 3rd and Amir Vasquez of Belize

City finishing 4th. Luigi Heredia of Belize City won the C – Division, with Fareed Ahmad of Belize City taking 2nd, Michael Sanchez of Belize City 3rd and Harold Young - Belize City 4th. Steve Flowers won the 15 and Under Cadet Division with Harim Ochaeta taking 2nd, Victor Quan 3rd, and Rahim Pitzold 4th. Gian Lisbey won the consolation

round in the 15 and Under Cadet Division with Zaheer Sukhnandan took 2nd . A representative from RF&G Insurance was on hand to present medals to all winners. More information and photos is available on the web site http:// Registration is already open for the next tournament coming up on August 15, 2010.

Nizhee Corozal & City Boys lead 2010 Belize Bank Superleague playoffs

Nizhee Corozal and City Boys are leading the Belize Bank Super League football playoffs after Nizhee stunned the No. 1 seeded Placencia Assassins 2-1 at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium last Saturday night in Independence, and City Boys stopped the No. 2 seed Hattieville United at the M.C.C. Garden on Sunday afternoon. Ashley Torres delighted the Placencia fans when he drew first blood for the home squad in the 16th minute and the Assassins

looked ready to assassinate the Nizhee’s hopes leading 1-0 up to the half. Corozal’s Sergio Villanueva took a hand in things in the 2nd half when he blasted in the equalizer in the 48th minute. The Placencia boys counterattacked furiously in a vain attempt to regain the lead, but the Placencia defense fell down big time in the final minutes of the ball game when they allowed Villanueva space to blast in the winning goal in the 87th minute for the 2-1 win.

On Sunday Haitian impor t Dienmercy Pierre surprised Hattieville when he blasted in the wining goal in the 14th minute to give the City boys’ a 1-0 lead. City Boys’ Raymond “Killa” Gentle and Dalton Cayetano smelled blood and pressed for more goals, with the help of wingers Tyrone M u s ch a m p a n d Ja s o n Yo u n g and midfielders Pierre and Jack D aw s o n , p u s h i n g H a t t i e v i l l e defenders Ralph Spain and John Smith back on their heels. H a t t i e v i l l e ’s L e o n “ L e m ”

Jones and Floyd counterattacked furiously with the help of midfielders Jarret Davis, Albert Arnold and Paul Smith at midfield, but they could not get a play going as the City Boys’ defenders Mark Grant, Tyrone Linares and Shawn Thurton locked up shop and gave no quarter to secure their 1-0 win. The City Boys hit the road to visit Nizhee at the Ricalde Stadum, while Hattieville United will host the Placencia Assassins at the MCC garden when the playoffs continue on Sunday, August 1.


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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Survivors U-15 & Tropical FC U-19 win in BDFA football

The Survivors under-15 and the U-19 Tropical FC of San Pedro both posted big wins in the Belize District Football Association’s summer football competition at the M.C.C. Garden on Saturday, July 24. In Game 2, the Survivors U-15 squad drilled Alberts FC U-15 3-1 in the first game with Khambrell Blease scoring the 1st goal for the Survivors early in the first half and then adding another shortly after for a 2-0 lead. Kadeem Anderson blasted in a 3rd goal to give Survivors a 3-0 lead at the half. Alber ts FC’s Tariq scored a consolation goal but he choked on other scoring opportunities when he had the chance to equalize the ball game. Although Survivors’ defenders goofed in conceding a penalty, their goalie Keiron Willoughby stopped the try to hold on to the 3-1 big W. In Game 2, Tropical FC U-19 of San Pedro blew out the BWEL Flames 6-3 in a score-fest. Tropical drew first

blood when defender Steven Arnold’s forward pass to their top goleador Jesse Guerrero allowed him to run the legs off the Flames defense for an open look at goal. Flames’ goalie Armand Luna came out to forestall the attack but was out-manouevered when Guerrero’s cross to Travis Eiley for the finish was on the money. Raheem Staine and Joseph Pandy led the Flames’ counterattack, with the help of midfielders Misael Canul, Marshall Nunez, David Ramos and Nathaniel Sedacey, but they got no sympathy from the Island’s defense anchored by Franklin Orellano, Steven Arnold, Joshua Esquivel and Elvis Castellanos. Canul blasted off a bullet of a shot that might have equalized the score but Tropical’s goalie Samir Itzab coolly collected the ball. Tropical’s George Barrera made a solo drive on goal to drill a 2nd goal past Luna before Jael Ottley put the Flames on the scoreboard to trail 1-2

at the half time break. In the 2nd half, Barrera scored a 3rd goal in the 48th minute, but Flames’ Kadeem Courtney cut the lead back down with a 2nd goal in the 57th minute. Courtney then delivered the equalizer in the 60th minute. It was whole new ball game with the score tied at 3-3 until Samuel Figueroa scored Tropical’s 4th and what would prove to be the winning goal. Jesse Guerrero made it 5-3 with a 5th goal in the 70th minute and Steven Arnold added a 6th goal in the 78th minute for the 6-3 win. Earlier in Game 1, SCA girls salvaged a 1-1 draw after being down 1-0 to the Ladyville Rural Strikers. Faith Maheia and Mertell Bailey led the Ladyville attacks, with the help of midfielders Janine Henry, Kristen Fuentes, Kayla Sabal and Daniella Palacio but were held at bay by the SCA defense anchored by Ashley Pelayo with the help of Tyra Moreira, Symone Foreman and Samarie

Samos. Something had to give, and Faith Maheia found the space to blast the ball past SCA goalie Ashley White to take a 1-0 lead into the half time break Shaheda Young, Chelsea Wagner and Gilda Estrada led the SCA counterattacks, with the help of midfielders Christiane Rodriguez, Courtney Duran and Shantell Castillo, but they could not get though the tenacious Ladyville defense of Janicka Ferguson, Angela Usher, Iris Moh and Tanisha Ogaldez, who were reinforced by fresh legs when Dania Casey, L. Gomez, and L. Hyde entered the ball game. They could not stop SCA’s Christiane Rodriguez bullet of a shot which equalized the score before the long whistle The competition continues with Survivors hosting Hattieville United in the U-15 game, while Brown Bombers will take on Tropical FC in the U-19 game at the MCC grounds on Saturday, July 31.

Atlantic Bank, Ports & Alamilla’s/Cellular Plus win in Interoffice basketball The Atlantic Bank, Port of Belize and Alamilla’s/Cellular Plus each posted wins in the 2010 Interoffice basketball competition at the Belize City Center on Monday. In Game 1, Atlantic Bank got the easy bye to a 20-0 win over Belize Healthcare Partners Ltd/ Central Cablevision when their opponents were a no show. In Game 2 Port of Belize also posted a 20-0 win over the K.H.M.H. squad who had to forfeit their game for want of sufficient players. In Game 3, Alamilla's/Cellular Plus pumped B.W.S.L. 58-46 with Michael Plunkett leading the attack with 18 pts and 6 rebounds, while Marlon Middleton added 14 pts, grabbed 5 rebounds, and snatched 2 steals while he handed out 6 assists. Veteran Charles Armstrong led BWSL with 12 pts and 6 rebounds and a steal, and Lawrence “Teach” Young added 11 pts, snagged 3 rebounds and

handed out 4 assists. On Sunday morning in Game 1, Tuff ‘e Nuff took Belize Healthcare/Central Cable to school for a 73-40 lesson. Tuff ‘e Nuff ’s Ashton Edwards top-scored with 17 pts, grabbing 2 rebounds and a steal while dishing out 2 assists and Eugene Jex added 15 pts, snatched 5 rebounds and blocked a shot. Keith Neal led Healthcare with12 pts, 8 rebounds and an assist, while David Moody tossed in 6 pts and grabbed 5 rebounds and a steal while handing out 3 assists. In Game 2, Police “bangled” Bowen & Bowen 68-47. Kenard Clarke topped the scoring with 20 pts and 5 rebounds, while snatching a steal and handing out an assist. Maurice Martinez added 11 pts and grabbed 4 rebounds and 2 steals and also dished out an assist. Bowen’s David Cruz led his crew with 22 pts, 12 rebounds and a steal, and Jason Jones added 7 pts and grabbed a rebound In Game 3, Guardian/Housing cut

off B.E.L. 68-55, with Bernard Felix leading with 15 pts and 5 rebounds, while handing out 3 assists and stealing the ball 5 times. Calbert Carcamo added 17 pts and grabbed 7 rebounds and a steal. Both

Brandon Cadle (15 pts, 11 rebounds and a steal) and Hershell Armstrong (13 pts, 13 rebounds and 2 assists) were magnificent in the losing effort for the power company.

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Orange Walk Running Rebels & Belize Bank Bulldogs to meet in Digicell Junior basketball finals The Belize Bank Junior Bulldogs will challenge the Orange Walk Running Rebels in the Digicell “Balling for Life’ basketball junior championship finals set to start Wednesday night, July 28, and to continue Friday, July 30, after both squads posted big wins in the semifinals at the Belize City Center last Sunday. It was double your scorer, double your pleasure for the Running Rebels who left tire marks all over the Truckers in a 82-41 blast in the first semifinal. Rebels Omar and Jamal Tesecum each scored 12 pts and both captured 8 rebounds to give the Rebels a 26-13 lead in the 1st quarter. T he Rebels almost double their lead at halftime 53-28 with team captain Randy Usher, Roger Reneau and Michael Martinez each scoring 10pts. Truckers’ Kadeem Tam scored 12 pts and Steven Smith added 10pts. The Rebels extended their lead

70-38 by the end of the 3rd quarter as Marcel Richards added 9 pts, and Jarrel Velasquez added 8 pts, while Truckers Steven Wade scored 8pts and their star Oliver Solis was held to only 7pts. The Rebels then outscored the Truckers 12 -3 down the stretch. The Belize Bulldogs chomped down on Hold On Smart 63-56 to also enter the finals. Kashief Thomas drained in 2 long treys to lead the Bulldogs with 24pts, while Elvis Olivera led Hold On Smart with 13pts. Belize Bank led 15-16 in the 1st quarter, but Jamaal Kelly’s 12pts and Marshall Nunez’s 10pts turned things around as Hold On Smart seized a 32-23 lead at the half time break. Samrt’s Lyndon Arnold added 8 points, Kendice Williams chipped in 6 points and Hughson Tillett drained in a long trey to add 5 points, as the Smart boys continued took a 46-40 lead into the 4rd

quarter. But the Bulldogs outscored Smart 23-10 in money time, as Luis Barcelona added 12 pts, Matthew Young scored 11pts on yeoman’s

work off the offensive glass. Sherwin Garcia also added 8 pts, Alejandro Baptist chipped in with 6pts. Raheem Flowers added one bucket for the 63-56 win.

Belmopan Bandits & UB Jaguars to meet in Digicell Senior basketball finals The Belmopan Bandits will take on the University of Belize Jaguars in the Digicell “Balling for Life’ basketball senior championship finals set to start Wednesday night July 28 and Friday Juy 30, after both squads posted big wins in the semifinals at the Belize City Center on Sunday. On Friday night, July 23 the UB Jaguars dispatched the Belize Bank Senior Bulldogs 86-69. UB led from the get go (17-7 after the 1st quarter). Winston Pratt top-scoring 23pts and Stephen “Muerte” Williams hit 4 long treys as the Jaguars continued to lead 3432 at the half. But the Bulldogs’ Darwin “Puppy” Leslie, who scored 20pts and grabbed 5 rebounds, Rupert Brown who hit 2 long treys as he added 16 pts and grabbed 8 rebounds, Marcel Orosco who drained in 3 treys and Lennox Bowman who followed suit with a trey to add 7 pts, rallied to give the Bulldogs a 54-51 lead at the end of

the 3rd quarter. UB’s Leroy Louriano, who tossed in 14pts and had 3 steals, dependable Farron Louriano who added 9pts and grabbed 5 rebounds, veteran Daren Bovell, who added 7 pts and grabbed 9 rebounds, led a fourth quarter comeback for the 86-69 win. (Jarret Jones added 4pts, while Daniel Nolberto and Kirk “Shabba” Smith scored 3pts each). On Sunday Belmopan Bandits plundered the San Pedro Tigersharks 78-72. Ivan Jackson drained in 5 treys in a game that saw him lead his Islanders with 24 pts, and grab 6 rebounds, while Lester Cadle drained in 3 treys to add 13 pts and 5 rebounds. San Pedro led 16-11 after one quarter. T he Bandits’ Dorian Jones who scored 21 pts and grabbed 8 rebounds, let the bandits comeback in the second as they were up 38-34 at the half. The score remained close throughout the game with the Sharks leading by a single digit 52-51 at

the end of the 3rd, and eventually prevailing at the end 78-72 Bandits’ Mark Wagner scored 14pts, and Isani Enriquez and Kirk “Chengo” Burgess each added 13 pts. Burgess also grabbed 15 rebounds. For the Tigersharks Stretch Marcellus scored in 11 pts and grabbed 12 rebounds, Gene Myvett

added 9 pts and g rabbed 11 rebounds, Damion Staples scored 8 pts and grabbed 7 rebounds, and Doug Penland drained in 7pts. For the Bandits’ Christian Rodriguez and David Laing finished with 6 pts each while Evan Salazar chipped in one bucket and grabbed 9 rebounds for the win.

Belize Softball Federation holding Open Tryouts The Belize Softball Federation will be holding “Open Tryouts” on Saturday, July 31, 2010, at three venues across the city commencing at 10:00 am. T h e ve nu e s a r e f o r L a ke

Independence and Pickstock the field behind the District Education Centre (adjacent to the Charles Bartlett Hyde building), for Albert and Port Loyola the Yabra Field, and for Collect, Queen’s Square and Mesopotamia,

Rogers Stadium. The tryouts are in connection with the up-coming Junior Tournament scheduled to commence on Monday, August 16, 2010, at Rogers Stadium. The Federation extends an

invitation to all young people (male and female) from ages 13-19 to the tryout. Please bring along Birth Certificate, Passport or Social Security card for verification purposes.

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by: Senator Lisa Shoman INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND On Monday, July 14, 2008, the Supreme Court of Judicature (Amendment) Bill was presented to the House of Representatives. The Bill was intended to amend section 112 of the Supreme Court of Judicature Act, Chapter 91 of the Laws of Belize by inserting a new section 112(2A) “ to provide for expeditious and effective collection of revenue and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto”. The Amendment Bill was introduced to the House of Representatives by Prime Minister, Dean Barrow who stated: “This Bill has to do, let me say it plainly, with the ongoing struggle of the Government to collect the Business Tax from Telemedia. On the last occasion, when the Magistrate ordered Telemedia to pay, Telemedia filed an appeal and took the view that the filing of the Appeal suspended the Magistrate’s order for them to pay. Now, Mr. Speaker, we don’t agree with the legal position taken by Telemedia, and in-fact, there is a challenge to that position right now winding its way through the Court. But, we want to make assurance doubly sure, and so we are amending that provision of the Supreme Court of Judicature Act on which Telemedia relies, as conferring the authority, as conferring the right to a suspension of the order for the income tax to be paid.” The Bill was introduced in the House without consulting or informing the Bar Association or any relevant Business NGOs and was passed through THREE READINGS in that same day. On the 18th of July, the law was moved though the Senate just as rapidly. The Amendment Act, 2008 came into force on the 24th day of July, 2008. It took a total of 10 days from introduction to coming into force of the Amendment of the Supreme Court of Judicature Act. WHAT DID THE AMENDMENT DO?? The Amendment inserted into the Supreme Court of Judicature Act removes the almost automatic stay of execution of any decision by an inferior court (Magistrate’s Court) pending an appeal of that decision, where the matter involves payment of a sum of money being a tax, duty, rate or charge arising under the Income and Business Tax Act, the General Sales Tax Act, the Land Tax Act, the Stamp Duties Act, the Towns Property Tax Act, the Trade Licensing Act, or any other enactment, rule or regulation imposing a tax, duty, rate or charge” Previous to this change to the Supreme Court of Judicature Act, only when four kinds of cases were before the Magistrate’s court was permission

needed for a stay of execution : for a person to obtain his liberty under certain gun or drugs charges, or in respect of Customs and Agriculture fines when the amount exceeded $20,000.00 What the new section means is that if you wish to appeal any decision of a Magistrate’s Court ordering you to pay taxes or duties, or charges under ANY law or rule or regulation in Belize, you MUST pay the full amount of such a tax, duty or charge (including any penalty or interest) thereon BEFORE “... any such appeal or review is entertained or determined by the Court” LEGAL CHALLENGE – CLAIM NO. 480 OF 2010 A lawsuit was been filed by Wendy Castillo in the Supreme Court of Belize claiming that the law will offend against article 2 of the Constitution because it is inconsistent with Article 6(1) and (7) of the Constitution since it will restrict access to the court for an appeal of any order in respect of any tax, duty, rate or charge to such an extent that very right will become virtually meaningless. Section 6(1) guarantees the Citizen equal protection before the law and (7) enshrines the right to a fair hearing. The Claimant is a businesswoman, taxpayer, and land owner who is bound to pay taxes, duty, rates or charges arising under the Income and Business Tax Act, General Sales Tax Act, the Land Tax Act, the Stamp Duties Act, the Towns Property Tax Act, and the Trade License Act, or indeed, under any enactment, rule or regulation imposing a tax, duty, rate or charge. She would be subject to an order of an inferior court in Belize ordering the payment of a sum of money by way of tax, duty, rate or charge arising under the Income and Business Tax Act, the General Sales Tax Act, the Land Tax Act, the Stamp Duties Act, the Towns Property Tax Act, the Trade Licensing Act, or any other enactment, rule or regulation imposing a tax duty, rate or charge, In claim 480 of 2010, Wendy Castillo claimed that her right to protection of the law is abrogated by and derogated from by the Supreme Court of Judicature (Amendment) Act, 2008 (hereinafter referred to as the Amendment Act, 2008). Specifically, she sought a declaration in respect of the disproportionate restriction on her right to access of Court relating to appeals of tax orders of an inferior court. That is to say, the abrogation of her constitutional right enshrined under section 6(7) of the Constitution, of the right of access to court Prior to the passage of the Amendment Act, 2008 there were no statutory restrictions on a person’s right of appeal to the Supreme Court from an inferior court in respect of orders by that inferior court for payment of sums of money by way of a tax, duty, rate or charge arising under the Income and Business Tax Act, the General Sales Tax Act, the Land Tax Act, the Stamp Duties Act, the Towns Property Tax Act, the Trade Licensing Act, or any other enactment, rule or regulation imposing a tax duty, rate or charge. The Amendment Act 2008 in this way now restricts a person’s access to court in respect of appeals from an inferior court to the Supreme Court relating to any such tax order. According to Castillo’s case, the new Amendment Act will mean that no person individual or corporate will be able to go to Supreme Court to challenge any tax, duty, rate or charge (however unreasonable) imposed on that person in an appeal from an inferior court without first paying the FULL amount of that tax, duty, rate or charge. The case makes the point that the Amendment does not


provide for any way in which any citizen, charge may be. real or corporate can challenge a tax withThe issue could have been addressed out having first paid it in full ( even if the differently. An exemption could have citizen gives security or obtains a bond), been made for the appeal of tax matters even if the amount claimed is completely under $20,000.00 to have an automatic unreasonable or baseless and the citizen stay. The law could have been written to does not have the funds to pay. kick in only for amounts exceeding one A citizen, real or corporate, with less million, or half a million, or any other means would automatically suffer dis- reasonable amount and could have left crimination under this law and would be some form discretion in the Supreme afforded neither a fair hearing nor equal Court. protection as one of greater means. An appellant seeking to appeal a Even should the citizen find the cash tax levy or assessment could have been to pay up front, and pays up to appeal, granted the opportunity to proffer or the money is not returned until ALL AP- tender into court PRIOR TO APPEAL PEALS by either party are at an end – some form of security or an undertaking and then- will only, if the appeal or re- rather than being forced to pay cash on view results in nil or less tax, duty, rate or the spot. charge, get back the excess money paid It could even have been limited to Inwith interest ”at such rate of interest as come and Business Tax and GST and not may be determined by the Court to be extended to every law in Belize dealing fair and reasonable” with no compensa- with “rates, charges, taxes or penalties”. tion for lost opportunities or lost purInstead, the law is akin to cutting the chasing power. foot to fit a shoe, and not the other way The Amendment Act, 2008 pro- around. scribes an absolute bar on the suspension The imposition of such a condition of execution of a judgment of an infe- precedent on the taxpayer appellant is an rior court in respect of tax orders under unreasonable and arbitrary disproporthe Income and Business Tax Act, the tionate restriction on his/her right of acGeneral Sales Tax Act, the Land Tax Act cess to a court. This is especially so when or the Towns Property Tax Act, which is it is realized that this disproportionate being appealed; or indeed the appeal of restriction applies only to appellants of any order made where the inferior court tax or other rate, duty and charge orders Belize WaterofServices Ltd (BWS) qualified auditdisorders the payment a sum of money from aninvites inferior court. The absolute by firms way of duty, rate or charge arising unproportionate restriction placed on the to tender for the supply of external audit services der the Stamp Duties Act, the Trade Li- Claimant and an appellant tax/rate payer for the three financial years April 1, Amendment 2010 through censing Act, or any other enactment, rule from or chargee by the Act, 2008 or regulation imposing a tax, duty, rate or cannot be countenanced as striking a balto March 31, 2013. charge ance in the interest of the fair administraThe amendment imposed an absolute tion of justice or being in the interest that operational bar to a suspension of execu- can tax should be paid. up The at Amendment The detailed tender document be picked BWS Act, tion of an inferior court tax order, or any 2008 so severely impinges on and impairs Main #7 Central Boulevard, Belize under other orderOffice, of an inferior court for American the the Claimant’s right guaranteed payment a sum normal of money working by way of hours, section Monday 6(71) to thetoextent that the City ofduring Friday; or right tax, duty, rate or charge arising under any becomes theoretical and illusory this canrulebeorforwarded electronically enactment, regulation imposing a The upon means request. employed to achieve the tax, duty, rate or charge. objective or aim is, it is submitted, most The new section 2 (a) scrupulously unjust, capricious and wholly disproporThe closing date/time for receipt of tenders is August 11, avoids any mention of such factors such tionate. There must be a balance between, as :2010 at 4:00pm. on the one hand, the interest of the state (1) the amount of charges, rates in collecting taxes, rates duties and chargduties fees or tax assessed or levied on es; and on the other hand, the citizen’s theNB: taxpayer or ratepayer or chargee un-right constitutionally guaranteed right of acBWS reserves the to accept any tender der the relevant tax or other law; cess to the courts as well as the interest or all to tenders. reject (2) the ability pay such an as- of the applicant in vindicating his case sessment or levy; the prospects of suc- through the courts. cess of any appeal; and There is no such balance in the (3) what security and in what Amendment Act, 2008. The restriction in amount is to be entered inBelize by the AppelAmendment Water the Service Ltd Act, 2008 is so disprolant; portionate that it operates so arbitrary or P.O.anBox 150,court Central Boulevard, Belize City, which inferior or theAmerican Su- unreasonably that it compels the conclupreme Court would consider in detersion that the provisions constitute in subBelize mining whether to stay the execution of stance and effect a different and forbidTelephone: 222-4757 ext 233 Fax: 222-4263 a decision under section 112(2) of the den power than that which is permissible Email: SCJR prior to the Amendment Act, 2008. under the Constitution. Accordingly, the All such accommodation or Amendment Act, 2008 contravenes not Website: ation is scrupulously avoided, no matter only section 6(7) of the Constitution, but how unreasonable or baseless the assess- section 6(1) thereof which guarantees a ment or levy of such a tax, rate, duty or right to equal protection under the law.



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by Don’t get me wrong, but I am not happy that Dr. Herbert Gayle exposed the Dean Barrow administration as bogus. He didn’t say anything in that regard that we didn’t know all this time but like they say, some time it is as plain as the nose on your face. I am not surprised that no one from the administration showed up Tuesday morning to hear the results of the months of research, and I figured Doug Singh showed up Tuesday night for the same reason he showed up at the grand opening of the Princess Casino and Hotel. And if you can’t figure that one out, I promise I’ll elucidate but in another essay at another time. Ask yourself (and answer) this: what would Belize’s crime statistics look like if you removed all the reports of violence and crime that occur in that area bounded by Queen Square, Mesopotamia, Port Loyola and Collet from the national statistics? Would you disagree with me that Belize would once again look like a “peaceful haven”? When you read the following excerpts from Dr. Gayle and his research team’s MALE SOCIAL PARTICIPATION AND VIOLENCE IN URBAN BELIZE in Belize, please bear in mind that Dean Barrow has been the area representative for Queen Square since 1984 and this is his third term variously as Minister of National Security, Attorney General, Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister. He is also a Senior Counsel and one of Belize’s most accomplished attorneys. He is also very rich, a multi-millionaire by his own admission. Please bear in mind that Michael Finnegan (1993), Boots Martinez (2003) and Patrick Faber (2003) are all the area representatives for Mesopotamia, Port Loyola and Collet respectively, and all are powerful Cabinet ministers. That area is the epicenter from which more than 60% of all the violence and crime that is committed in Belize emanates. Fragile Central Political Authority The central political authority of a country is the frame of control for a country. It is comprised of all the core groups responsible for organizing and controlling the actions of people to ensure that a society is stable and functioning. It is the compliance machine of a country and is therefore very critical. Weak central political authorities contribute to high levels of social violence. Institutions that function as part of the central political authority fall into four categories: political and administrative power, policing, judiciary, and social or civil society. In this study we assessed some of the core institutions of the central political authority under the first three categories in terms of their design or structure, capacity and position of readiness to achieve their objectives. Political and Administrative Power and Efficacy • In order to effect development a government needs a set of policies

designed with its skill set and capital resources in mind. A process moves from plan to implementation to evaluation to amendment to sustainability. This process is very fragmented in Belize. Government personnel complained that Belizeans are good at planning and starting but not as good at implementing and “terrible at evaluating so they can amend and drive for sustaining good ones and weeding out bad ones.” One of the weaknesses of small states is that they lack critical skills set in human resource. • The major crisis seems to rest in the absence of sector linkages and resources. If countries have large development plans they can achieve these objectives by either shaping ministries around these goals; creating statuary bodies or administrative committees that draw on various ministries to meet the development targets; or doing both. • Budgeting is always a crisis for small poor countries. Often what is done is that the decision is made to increase allocation to one or two different critical

ministries. However, few ministries can achieve major goals without success in the related ones. • The mistreatment of the Ministry of Youth has been a major complaint from government personnel from both political parties. The tradition in Belize is to treat it as an attachment of some other ministry, some of which have been unrelated to youth issues • The most vulnerable youth in urban Belize have two agencies upon which they can depend. One is the YFF (Youth for the Future) and the other is the (CYDP) Conscious Youth Development Programme. These two agencies have conflicting political roots. Both are very focused and are doing tremendous work with vulnerable youth, especially of Southside. These two units as picked up by the study, end up duplicating and not maximizing the country’s scarce resources. Any unit that is combined must get the full support aligned with the better funded unit or both sides will have regrets. • B e l i z e a n s, e s p e c i a l l y s p o r t reporters and sports enthusiasts are usually embarrassed by two sets of images. The first is that of the shockingly lacking sport equipment that is prepared for the nation’s youth. Most football fields look like cow pastures. Sport infrastructure is so bad that the country cannot even accept gifts from international groups, since the acceptance of such gifts require space and infrastructure before the court or field is laid. The second embarrassment is the response to the question: where do the greatest Belizean

Sunday, August 1, 2010 raw talents come from? Belizean talented youth from extreme poverty often go and represent their country, stay at five-star hotels where they grab all the chicken they can pack in their plates to the shock of their competitors from other countries, who take a balance meal of meat and vegetables. After returning home they depressingly disappear into a night of poverty from which they had emerged. • In a country where there is a strong central political authority people are not be allowed to live in a morass and dump around them with garbage. Such pictures give the impression that people are on their own and there is little or no sense of parameters for social and physical action. Upon discussing the problem with Belizeans it became clear that there is a tradition of unplanned development. Political corruption and Interference – It is very clear that some politicians who have symbiotic links with gangs and grassroots criminals enjoy the weaknesses of the system. They use the system to let their illegal bodyguards get away and soon they feel that they are untouchable. “People have become so brazen now that they stay right in the court with the recorder running and threaten people. They know the system can be beaten.” Politicians need to allow the courts to run without interfering. “On occasions as soon as one of their ‘people’ is caught they begin calling the magistrate. This could be murderer or rapist. How can the judiciary of a country function in this manner?”


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Exposed: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Young

On July 14, 2010, the private citizen action group who bravely and fearlessly wear the badge - as well as the target of being Belizeans for Justice (BFJ), were forced to postpone the press conference they had planned. BFJ is made up of fed up citizens who are convinced that they must put down their foot. The majority of its members are grieving single mothers, whose sons have been victims of street violence. Founder, Yolanda Shakron, explained to Channel 7, that the primary purpose of the Press Conference was to battle the issue of crime, violence and justice and particularly, as Belize Services Limited she put Water it specifically, to de- invites applicants to fill the the following our Belize City Office. mand removalvacancy of topat cop, and fight. And as usual in BeChrispin Jefferies. Position Business Support Specialist Ms. Shakron, not known to lize the women are the ones that pull any punches, was very clear stand up before the men.” Support the Specialist That is and whatDuties Young said in that Business the problems feistyRequirements conference in and admirable group were fac- the REQUIREMENTS front the face DUTIES of singleknowledge mothers who were ing, even be coming • the Proven of computer. • may Provides software supportfrom to there to call communication for Commissioner • Excellent skills under Policewith Departinternalthis usersvery and interfaces exter• Team Playerand badge. head ment that providers Jefferies has at his Jefferies nal software to resolve issues, • But Results-oriented then a few minutes latperform upgrades, Itraining streamline command:”… can’tandpinpoint • Honest, dedicated and hardworkapplication use. er behind their backs listen to but I think it’s from within the ing • Respond to internal clients again: Fit“…And in their police department because I Young • Physically within timeframe dictated by the severity believe that they know that we view, they feel that he should be of the problem, document and track case • Must It be willing to travel countrydoesn’t mean that were going to have this press removed. histories, issues, and action steps. wide government must go and rethe conference andprogram they knew • Develop utilitiesthat, to you know, we were going to be move the commissioner because automate processes. EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE asking for the technical removalprocesses of Mr. • Research us- it is a very difficult situation.” ing sources such as error logs and product This is a full about turn Jeffries.” • Bachelor Degree in Computer technical documentation and identify from the Systems, position of theTechnolcitizen What stung us at Belize Information Information solutions to resolve problems or improve seconds earlier. In fact, Times was an undercover UDP group ogy or Business Management. efficiency. Young to criticize their character who pitched on the • 3seemed years experience with database • Manage, operate, support and software, programming and/oras information position on removal possibly meeting of the sincere group. maintain the infrastructure to support systems (Sybase, MSSQL, MYSQL) being “intelligent” or “soImagine that in the actual press not LAN/WAN communication requirements. •ber”. He 3 years experience in supporting even dismissive of conference defiantly on core businesswas • Perform daily systemheld monitoring applications for multiple usand backup operations. and lumped the mothers in July 19, 2010 Michael Young it, ers. • the media: “Government stood upDesign andrequested spokereports as iffor he with • Certifications such as A+, CCNA, the purpose of providing personnel with needs to make its intelligent agreed with the group. As re- and/or MCSE are preferred, but not re- asinformation customized to their specific quired. of what is needed in ported by Channel 5, he held sessment needs. • Ability to drive standard vehicles this situation. It can’t just bend himself out as being “in soli• Performs other duties as asand possesses a valid driver’s license to even the media calling for darity with the group”. In fact, signed. The post carries an attractive salary someone’s head.” he said: “Efforts like this must We atand Belize rewound beandsupported” and "I agree benefits package including a pension scheme healthTimes Insurance. If the tape several times. So with you. we have this country, you are interested in progressing with us please send your application letterfor emphasis andposition to avoid wewith areyour at detailed war, wecurriculum either got togiving vitae your current by any Julydoubt 30, Young gave his personal view be2010 cowards or we will stand up to: Human Resources Manager

Send your Belize Water Services Limited, Visit Us Online at: P.O. Box 150, Central American Boulevard, Belize City, Belize letters to the editor to: E-mail : Note: Only a short list of qualified candidates will be notified.

NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the company named

“OILLAND (ANTIGUA) TECHNOLOGY, INC..” Has been dissolved and struck off the International Business Companies Register with effect from the 22nd day of July, 2010. The Belize Bank Limited Registered Agent


contrary to that of Belizeans for Justice and his previous support for that group seconds earlier: “… And I can say from my part that I have obser ved Crispin Jefferies and he is intelligent, he is a career police officer and he is deter mined in the fight against crime.” All this after he, just moments and a few feet earlier, seemed to play along in their meeting. Confused? Don’t be. This is the same big shirt attorney for the UDP whose law fir m fought for the Government not to pay a single mother who the UDP had fired for unconstitutional political reasons.


Remember the single mother, Sharole Saldivar, single mother fired by the UDP when she was at home being attended to for an illness? And this is the same UDP who acted as attorney for the United Democratic Party, when not yet expelled Zenaida Moya-Flowers accused “them” of bringing criminal charges against her while she was in the hospital giving birth to a child. This is the way the UDP talk, this is a perfect example of the two mouthed way they operate. This is a downright shame and we at Belize Times will be nice and not use any words to describe Young’s confusing statements and actions. The single mothers will read this and realize. We are not sleeping and no matter how much words, Barrow, Singh or Young use. The UDP will always be frauds and hypocrites.


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July 28, 2010

LOST OR DESTROYED DEBENTURE/SHARE CERTIFICATE Notice is hereby given of the loss of the following Debenture and Share Certificates: NAME


Larry Addington Caye Chapel Ventures, Ltd.

0035/0036/0037/0038/0039 008



Perseverance Lodge #2147 Carol Vernon Harris

1171 2028

It is proposed to cancel the above Debenture/Share Certificates and to issue replacement certificates for same after the expiration of twenty-one (21) days from the appearance of this notice. Any of the above mentioned certificates is therefore required to be returned to: Securities Officer Finance Department Belize Electricity Limited 2 ½ Miles Northern Highway Belize City, Belize



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Belize now a Disgrace in the Protected Areas Management Field

These days as you watch the news about the management of the protected areas system in Belize, one feels embarrassed that just a few years ago Belize used to be touted as a leader in this field. Just how much incompetence and conflict of interest can one system handle? Recently in the news you saw where a protected area was designated for a corridor reserve for Belize’s Jaguars and who should seem to be in opposition to the process but the Manager of the Association of Protected Areas (APAMO)? It would seem that there are some major issues afoot because APAMO should have been hailing this government for finally designating at least one protected area. But it seems that it is the process that they had a serious issue over. The truth of the matter is that a National Protected Areas Policy and System Plan was developed over a 22 month process and finalized in 2005 to the tune of just over a million Belize dollars to guide the development and management of a protected areas system plan. This was done with wide consultation, inclusive of both major political parties. Under this plan, a National Protected Areas Commission (NPAC) was commissioned by the then Minister to guide the implementation and mainstreaming of the protected areas policy and system plan. This Commission included all the

putting in place a new structure for Dr. Young to head up. The incompetence referred to earlier lies in the fact that since this new Minister of Natural Resources and his CEO have taken over, they clearly have no interest or perhaps the capacity to ensure that the National Protected Areas Commission be brought back up to full function. And, this is not withstanding the fact that the

key protected areas management agencies and key umbrella agencies in the public, NGO, and private sectors. However, it would now appear that this government has chosen to disband the Commission and it seems that no one, at least none of the agencies that were on the Commission, know where this whole protected areas management matter is going. The agencies have been told that the government has not been able to identify a coordinator which has created a delay in reactivating the NPAC. Well now, rumor has it that Dr. Collin Young from Galen University is being hired as the Coordinator for this whole protected areas issue. Notice, it was not mentioned that he is being hired as the Coordinator for the Commission. This is because the government seems to be

National Protected Areas System Plan delineates all the possible structures that could be put in place for the governance of protected areas in Belize. This plan also contains all the tools that should be used to guide, de-reserve, and reserve protected areas. So, in effect the powersthat-be have the manual to manage the protected areas system, but it raises the question as to whether either the government and/or NGOs have bothered to read or internalize any of the documents and studies that make up this

manual. It is obvious that on the government’s part, that they are spending time and valuable resources reinventing the wheel on the structure that should govern the protected areas system, and on the NGO’s side, they have not held the government accountable by referring to the relevant sections of the National Protected Areas Policy and System Plan. How will this structure be assembled if no one has bothered to read the manual? So just where is the conflict of interest? Well as many of you know, Dr. Collin Young is the boyfriend of Ms. Sharon Ramclam formerly Perrera, the Executive Director of PACT. But that in itself is not the conflict of interest. It is rumored that PACT will be paying his salary to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. The NGOs should be having a fit by now, or maybe they don’t know as yet, as they have been fighting with PACT for a long time to cover salaries for protected areas staff as part of the projects that PACT funds. But the NGOs should know about this since the Belize Audubon Society, the Community Baboon Sanctuary, APAMO and BACONGO are represented on the PACT Board. “Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive.” What a disgrace! From world leader Belize now seems to be regressing to … What a disgrace!!!

merce commence and the harmony between the fisherman, scraper and the customer occur amidst the gaggle of the day’s news, the weather and the competition for attention as scrapers compete for the job of cleaning the fish, an activity separated from the actual purchase price. In the midst of all the activity and commerce there is always that important conversation about the importance of fresh fish which these men will tell you typically contains good amounts of proteins and fats, and which helps the memory and keeps our immune systems and eyesight in peak condition, since it is a good source of vitamins A and D. Fish has always been the preferred food of most Belizeans, especially those

who strive for a healthier lifestyle. White fish in particular is more easily digested than meat therefore it is ideal for people with digestive problems. Unlike meat, the fat in fish consists mostly of oils containing unsaturated fatty acids and these essential fatty acids in oily fish are of tremendous benefit to good health. While in some parts of the country tilapia, a fresh water fish is becoming more popular, saltwater fish, which can be divided into two types, pelagic fish (which swim near the surface) and demersal fish (which swim near the bottom), are still the more popular on the Belizean dinner plate. Fish which swim closer to the surface like barracuda and those from the deeper levels like the grouper are the first to go when they appear for sale. Together with the red snapper and other tasty fish like rock fish and snook, they are all beneficial to the Belizean diet. Each week Arnold and Edmond “The Body” bring in around 300 to 350 pounds of fish and as motorists drive by Marine Parade on the way home from work, they stop to make their purchase and to join in the conversation, which is always interrupted with laughter, another part of our Belizean healthy lifestyle.

Catch of the Day

their favourite fishing spot. After casting nets to find bait in the shallow flats, the men set out in hopes of a good catch. By 3:00 p.m. the two brothers can be seen coasting into harbour and headed for their usual spot just where Marine Parade meets Princess Margaret Drive, where they off load their catch. Their arrival

In these hard economic times, the one reassurance that Belizeans have that they can still afford a healthy meal is that there is still enough fish in our waters and that fresh fish is still available to Belizeans who can afford to pay between $3 and $5 per pound. In the predawn hours on weekday mornings, two brothers, Arnold Flowers and Edmund “The Body” Reynolds pull up anchor and set out on their 18 feet skiff “Turbo,” heading south east for

invites a flurry of activity as the local scrapers gather around, equipped with the sharpest knives, cutting boards, scaling tools and other fish cleaning equipment. As quickly as they arrive active com-

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DOMINGO 1 de AGOSTO , 2010

The Belize Times

Issue No. 4704



The Truth Shall Make You Free

Crisis de desempleo debido a Barrow

Como la mayoría de las estadísticas que se informa atravez del presente gobierno del UDP, el número de Beliceños que no tienen trabajo esta groseramente subestimada. De acuerdo con informes oficiales que salen del Instituto de Estadística de Belice, la tasa de desempleo es de alrededor de 14 por ciento. Paseo por el país y hablo con la gente y usted encontrará que la situación del empleo en nuestro país es muy sombrío. Belice hoy está sumido en una de las peores crisis económicas desde que la última administración UDP ejecutaba en el poder. De hecho, la crisis económica actual es más profunda y más grave que la que sacudió al país desde 1995 hasta 1998. Informes no oficiales son que hay cerca de 25 hasta 30 mil Beliceños que son capaces de trabajar pero no tienen un trabajo. Esto colocaría nuestra tasa de desempleo en o alrededor del 30 por ciento durante casi un año. Si usted habla con las personas que están actualmente desempleados, muchos le dirán que ellos no han estado trabajando durante más de seis meses a pesar de que están buscando activamente empleo. En la actualidad, muchas personas están buscando trabajo y el

número de puestos de trabajo disponibles son demasiado pocos. Esta es una situación muy grave, especialmente para los jóvenes que se acaban de graduar y buscan un empleo. Imaginate, toda nuestra vida se nos ha dicho que obtener una educación ayudaría a mejorar nuestro nivel de vida. La realidad en Belice hoy es que tenemos personas que se gradúan de las universidades y tener que asumir las posiciones que están muy por debajo de su nivel de habilidad. Para personas que recién comienzan sus carreras, el daño puede

ser profundo y de larga duración, lo que podría crear una especie de "generación perdida". Los estudios sugieren que un período prolongado de desempleo juvenil puede deprimir significativamente los ingresos de por vida como personas que quedan atascadas en empleos que están por debajo de sus capacidades, o llegar a ser vistos por los empleadores como bienes dañados. La crisis del empleo permanente está golpeando mujeres y a nuestros jóvenes-con especial dureza perjudiciales tanto para su futuro y la economía de Belice. Las empresas de todo tamaño no están contratando porque no ven una demanda suficiente de sus bienes y servicios. Esta cuestión se ha planteado antes, y hoy muchos están preguntando: ¿cómo puede el gobierno esperar que el crecimiento y la expansión de nuestra economía al aumentar los impuestos? Lo que el sector privado necesita es algo de alivio de los impuestos y el costo de hacer negocios en Belice. Si el Primer Ministro no lo ha descubierto, sin embargo, nunca lo hará. El Gobierno debe crear un entorno en el que el sector privado puede usar su creatividad y dinero para crear riqueza y empleo. El sector privado

es la fuerza impulsora detrás del crecimiento y el desarrollo de cualquier país. Por alguna razón, sin embargo, no funciona así en Belice. Hasta la fecha, el rendimiento de este gobierno del UDP ha sido desalentador para decir lo menos. Si la tendencia actual se mantiene como se espera, el desempleo y los problemas económicos que estamos viviendo estarán con nosotros durante algún tiempo. Lo que el gobierno no se da cuenta es que el agujero de empleo masivo ha dejado la recesión llevará años para llenar. Si añadimos 5.000 puestos de trabajo, preferentemente empleos del sector privado, para los próximos dos años, el resto del período para este gobierno-en 2013 habra aproximadamente 20.000 Beliceños capaces sin un puesto de trabajo. Esto significa que dentro de dos años, la tasa de desempleo de Belice se cierne en torno al 20 por ciento. Esto es demasiado elevado para un país como Belice que tiene el potencial para mejorar. Ahora es el momento que este Gobierno actue en el mejor interés del pueblo de Belice. Si el paliativo no se ponen en marcha, los peligros por delante serán grandes. Usted ha sido advertido.

si un miembro de la familia muera en el corto plazo pueden ser obligados a incinerarlo en lugar de enterrarlo, ya que jamas podrian pagar el costo de enterrar a un familiar en el Homeland Cemetery. Muchos Beliceños se preguntan qué efecto tendría sobre el costo de morir. Además de la carga adicional de tener que viajar 13 millas para llevar a alguien a su descanso final y el costo involucrado en el movimiento de familiares y amigos para asistir 12 kilómetros a un entierro, será mas costoso el espacio de una parcela en el nuevo cementerio ? Doris Middleton de Neal's Pen

Road, una enfermera que está cuidando de una tía de 88 años de edad está preocupada de que si muriese su tía en el corto plazo puede no ser capaz de pagar su funeral. La tía enferma, mucho tiempo Metodista, quiere ser enterrada junto a su hermana, pero el único problema es que no hay espacio situado junto a la hermana que falleció hace apenas un año. -Tal vez enterrarla en la parte superior de ella como lo hacen en Orange Walk, donde la gente entierra sobre la tierra ", dijo la señorita Middleton. "Toda esta situación con este nuevo cementerio no tiene sentido para mí."

El último viaje cada vez más largo.....

Phillip Willoughby, el Alcalde Diputado y su predecesor el Consejero Deon Leslie recientemente informaron a los los Beliceños a menos que ya tengan su espacio apartado en el cementerio Lord Ridge, es muy probable que si llegaran a morir pronto, no habrá nuevos espacios disponibles en el cementerio para su entierro. Sin vacilación, el Concilio de la Ciudad de Belice informo que se habían quedado sin espacio en el cementerio Lord Ridge. Según el Consejo, la única solución a este problema es buscar una solucion para construir un nuevo cementerio en Hattiville, a unos 13 kilómetros de distancia desde el centro de la ciudad de Belice. Además el hecho de que nadie parece haberse tomado la molestia de informar a las autoridades de Hattiville que un nuevo cementerio se construirá en su barrio para ubicar a 20.000 nuevas tumbas para los residentes de la Ciudad de Belice, esta administración de la Ciudad esperó hasta que sólo quedaran 12 plazas para informar a los Beliceños que la ciudad se ha quedado sin espacio para enterrar a sus seres queridos. A sus 78 primaveras Miss Almita Cane de una dirección en la Ciudad de Belice declaró que nunca pensó que

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llegaría el día cuando ella tendria que planificar su funeral en otro lugar que no fuera Lord Ridge. Ella dijo: "Si me muero en un mes donde mis hijos me entierren? Yo podría terminar en un hoyo en el patio trasero si no tienen lugar para mí en el Lord Ridge. " Para otros como la Señorita Cane, la noticia de la situación Lord Ridge plantea muchos interrogantes. ¿Cuánto tiempo se tardara en estar listo este cementerio para los residents de Belice? ¿Quién va a financiar este importante trabajo? Teniendo en cuenta el hecho de que el Consejo está en quiebra, ¿cómo van a pagar por la topografía del terreno, las construcciones de carreteras y caminos y todo lo que se necesita para el diseño adecuado de un cementerio? ¿Cómo piensan hacer para recuperar este costo y quienes serán los encargados de esta nueva instalación? Parece que nadie en el Consejo de la Ciudad de Belice es capaz de responder a cualquiera de estas preguntas o para hacer frente a lo que es definitivamente un grave problema para los residentes de la ciudad, si aún no dispone de un espacio en el cementerio Lord Ridge tendra que ir a un cementerio privado o buscar a uno de los pueblos cercanos para encontrar lo que debería ser un lugar de descanso final para un ser querido. Peter Armstrong, un joven mecánico de automóviles dijo que no estaba preocupado, ya que él prefiere ser incinerado y sus cenizas dejadas ir por el puente Hawksworth, pero estaba preocupado, sin embargo, que



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El cruce de Kendall inundado nuevamente, el tráfico se detiene

Uno de cada tres

Una década en el nuevo milenio y cinco años antes de la fecha límite con nuestra promesa de reducir a la mitad la pobreza, los Beliceños deben llegar a un acuerdo con la cruda realidad de que el 43 por ciento de nuestra gente es pobre, con otro 16 por ciento marginalmente pobres. Demasiados Beliceños están viviendo una vida menos digna que lo que se promete en la Constitución. Si esto no es lo suficientemente preocupante, ahora hay pruebas científicas de que la próxima generación será tan malo o peor ya que uno de cada tres de Belice en edad escolar no asistira a la escuela y vivira una vida de pobreza, violencia y ignorancia. De acuerdo con los hallazgos, revelados en el informe de síntesis sobre el tema "Hombre de Participación Social y Violencia Urbana en Belice", dirigida por Herbert Gayle, antropólogo social, "Hay un gran agujero en el Belice urbano." De hecho, el informe Gayle reveló lo que muchos que han estádo involucrados en el trabajo social en Belice han estado diciendo durante años - hay un grave problema social en Belice y los tomadores de decisiones siguen sumiendo a la cabeza en la arena. En la metrópoli más grande del país la situación está llegando al punto de la desesperación y el problema parece estar relacionada con la geografía. Siempre hemos sabido que en la ciudad de Belice la brecha entre los que viven en el lado norte y los del lado sur son notablemente diferentes. Ahora parece claro que la brecha es mucho mayor que la distancia a través del arroyo Haulover que divide la ciudad en dos. Consciente de ello, la anterior administración PUP instituyó el proyecto de cooperación South-Side, identificación de millones de dólares para ayudar en la renovación de la parte sur. Sea cual sea las ganancias que pueden provenir del programa South Side de Renovación, hoy bajo el UDP esos beneficios se pierden, ya que los jóvenes en el lado sur de la ciudad de Belice son más pobres, menos educados, más propensos a la violencia en el hogar y uno de cada tres jóvenes del lado sur se ha acercado a participar en algún tipo de actividad de pandillas. Mientras estas condiciones no se han localizado, el área que requiere la atención más inmediata es el lado sur de la ciudad. Irónicamente, cada miembro electo de la Administración de Barrow, que representa un distrito electoral lado sur es un miembro de su gabinete, a saber, Boots Martínez, Michael Finnegan, Patrick Faber, Sedi Elrington y el propio Primer Ministro. En conjunto, estos cinco hombres controlan más de la mitad de todos los gastos del gobierno, pero la relación entre los funcionarios electos y los de las comunidades más afectadas no podría ser peor. Basándose en las conclusiones de este informe, la interferencia política y la corrupción juega un papel importante en la toma de la situación, en lugar de mejorar. En el informe de síntesis se afirma: "Es muy claro que a algunos políticos que tienen vínculos simbióticos con las pandillas y delincuentes disfrutan de las debilidades del sistema. Ellos usan el sistema para que sus guardaespaldas ilegales escapen y pronto se sienten que son intocables ". Con muchas de estas bandas localizadas en el lado sur de la ciudad de Belice, las acusaciones de interferencia política están apuntando con el dedo a algunos de estos Ministros del Gobierno mismo. Otra área del país donde el comportamiento violento se está extendiendo rápidamente en la población joven está en el oeste de Belice, en el Distrito de Cayo. Una vez más todos los representantes electos en ese distrito son miembros del UDP. De hecho, el Ministro de Deportes es un representante de Cayo, así como el Ministro de Agricultura, y hasta hace poco, por lo que fue el Ministro de la Juventud. Es evidente que los problemas que enfrenta la sociedad de Belice hoy es uno que tiene sus raíces en la pobreza, lo que no ocurrió de la noche a la manana. De hecho al ver el informe de síntesis, hay un montón de culpas que repartir y nadie puede escapar de este sentimiento exonerado. Sin embargo el pueblo eligió a Dean Barrow y UDP a mejorar sus vidas. Ningun Beliceno debe contentarse con el conocimiento que uno de cada tres de jovenes de Belice en edad escolar están viviendo la vida dura en las calles en lugar de estar en la escuela. Si nada más, todos esperamos que nuestro gobierno haga todo lo posible para que ellos también puedan vivir el espíritu de la Constitución, que promete libertad, oportunidad y la búsqueda de la felicidad.

Han pasado casi dos años ya que no hay puente sobre el río Sittee debido a que el Puente Kendall fue destr uido por las aguas crecientes del Sittee por la Car retera Sur y los automovilistas han estado usando una calzada improvisada para ir y venir de la par te más meridional del país. Como resultado, cada vez que hay un fuer te aguacero de lluvias la g ente del sur y los que tratan de lleg ar experimentan problemas de retrasos y dificultades. Ayer después de que un sistema tropical paso por el país la calzada en Kendal lleg o de 7 a 8 pies de agua alrededor de 5 de la mañana. El tráfico se vio oblig ado a un parón durante horas. Un guía turístico que trabaja en San Pedro y va a su casa de Punta Gorda con regularidad para hacer algún trabajo en su g ranja dijo que la situación le ha retrasado en su trabajo. Le dijo a un re por tero: "Trabajo en la isla, pero mi casa se encuentra en PG. Sabiamos que lloveria pero no de esta manera! Pense que ya habian resuelto este problema y ahora solo nos queda esperar. Acabamos de lleg ar de los James autobús y nos infor man que un bote nos lleva al otro lado. Los oficiales dicen que las aguas bajaran rapido, esperemos que asi sea porque teng o una g ranja que teng o que atender, el tiempo es oro para mi, el tiempo que paso aqui esperando no se trabaja en mi g ranja. He perdido todo un dia y ahora teng o que esperar hasta para manana” Tambien platicamos con una familia que se encontraba de reg reso lueg o de atender un funeral en Cayo. Nos dijeron que les ur jia reg resar a casa para reabrir su neg ocio que constituye de un bar y una tienda. “ Todo lo que queremos es que el Gobier no ar regle el Puente, estamos desde Doming o fuera de la casa y hoy es Mar tes. Vivimos de nuestro neg ocio y esta situacion nos afecta g randemente. Hace dos horas que nos encontramos esperando y todavia tenemos mas horas de espera”. Los Beliceños se preguntan cuándo esta situación se ar reglara y si hay alguien a carg o. No hubo anuncios y es obvio que nadie con autoridad se preocupa lo suficiente por lo menos para alertar a los viajeros del cier re del puente. El ex Re presentante de Zona Rodwell Ferguson dijo: "Esta situación ha estado así durante 2 años y el distrito de Stann C r e e k e s e l g r a n e r o d e e s t e p a í s. E l g o b i e r n o e n s u l u g a r debería haber hecho hincapié en restaurar de nuevo el puente. Al mirar hoy, mira cómo muchos vehículos estan varados. Así que muchos dólares se pierden y afectan la economía debido a esta situación. Creemos que este Gobier no tuvo que haber hecho prioridad esta situacion. Son mas de dos anios….. Que se podra hacer?..... “ Cada vez que recur rimos a la Asamblea Nacional…. Nos dicen, tenemos ya el dinero para empezar a reconstruir el Puente, pero hasta cuando iniciaran? Esa es la inter rog ante! Esto es urg ente, no puede esperar mas! "El puer to principal es el puer to de Big Creek, donde el Petroleo pasa a través pero los camiones de petróleo no están lleg ando. Tenemos el banano y las industrias de camaron y una g ran industria que es la in dustr ia del tur ismo. A sí que esto realmente afecta a todo el sur el g ranero de este país ". La calzada fue abier ta de nuevo en algún momento en tor no de las 4 por la tarde del Mar tes pasado.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Monday, 13 May 2010 Contact: Mike Rudon Immediate Release que marcharon con Marcel. Si no cuidado con la seguridad porque si Dejen de Jugar! Quien For es el Gobier no? ¡Qué vergüenza! ¿Cómo puede es asi... ¿Quién representó al Gobierno Barrow tiene 20 él querrá tener al Patrick y GAPI bailar en las calles de de Belice el lunes pasado en que el menos 10. UDP Convention Wisdom Orange Walk, cuando la realidad es informe del Dr. Gayle fue lanzado? Esta semana IF DA NOH SO que hay muchos de nuestros jóvenes Este informe fue patrocinado por Canto de cisne de Doug....... que ni siquiera pueden asistir a una le proveera unos bien merecidos El Ministro Doug dejara el los Ministerios de Educación, escuela secundaria? Según el Dr. consejos a las personas que iran a cargo de Presidente del UDP, para Seguridad Nacional, Juventud, Herbert Gayle, hay cerca de 19.700 Orange Walk y a los residents de algunosThe del Primer y el será una despedida es oficina increasing levels ofque violence, the hideous nature Ministro of some of Orange Walk. tablero de la Seguridad Social agridulce, pero para otros como these crimes, including grenade explosions, decapitation, murders in de 1. Llamando a todos los que Belice, of entre otros. Con todo la Juan Saldívar, como estar instances I have never attended the Annual General Meeting of the Holy broad daylightserá and the increasing involvement by police atenderan a la convencion. Acepten primera estaba vacía, nadie del Redeemer Credit Union, so last month when Miss Jane invited me officers in serious criminal activities cannotfila continue. 100 dolares que se lesofofrecera gobierno estaba allí, ni un Ministro, to attend, I readily accepted, evenlos though I am a member the La The constant cry by parents and relatives of victims openly para asistir a la the convencion. CEO, o jefe del departamento. Inmaculada Credit Union. The meeting was lively, crowd in Lo an alleging that their loved ones haveDebeen victims of extra-judicial nesecitaran! hecho tan ausente era la upbeat mood, overall it was a good experience. murders by police officers as well as the obvious lack of respect for 2. Aincluding los votantes de Port During the meeting shareholders, children—Miss people’s lives has brought us to a point where Belizeans not only necesitamos que Jane informed me that since the Loyola children were also advertirles shareholders, fear the criminals, but also the police who are supposed to serve el precio actual to de the la convención the children were welcomed - listened closely report. es It and protect citizens. de $that 100.HRCU Hemoshad oído decir que of en was an impressive report, indicating total assets The emotional as well as the financial cost of this level of Port Loyola les querran dar nada $348.3 million; total loans of $218 million of which $77,768,477.99 masmillion $ 25. in Asegúrese de consultar jóvenes no pueden una $77 violence continues to rise adding more burden to our citizens who were que loaned out lastasistir year. aThis loans were made up escuela secundaria Belice - que to education and from medical to must pay for all aspects of crime from enforcement to incarceration. of loans rangingenfrom housing es business. el 30 por ciento. Likewise, the situation is offering no real solutions to a problem Patrick Faber ofrece down como of the Belizean economy, HRCU Despite the slowing which represents a consequential hurdle to economic recovery and solución al problema la apertura de reported impressive profits, netting $25 million. the restoration of business confidence. algo enThe la antigua Terminal en un concierto de cannot Elton protect its citizens from threats it best part of this isVenus. that like HRCU, there are other impressive bailando When a Government Ahora es julio, estamos a un mes John. Después de todo, Doug credit unions around the country. Of late, La Inmaculada Credit has failed in its basic mandate. le delUnion inicio (LICU) de las has clases y todavía de la presidencia la administración del UDP y la been making great strides in modernizing and ha despojado Belize is fast headed towards a failed state and the Prime Minister noexpanding se está trabajando en terminar its facilities. This weekend LICU will hold their AGM última vez y fue nombrado super dirección que la única persona and his Cabinet mustlado be heldJohn accountable. PUP therefore calls la in Terminal para que este que Jim The McFadzen pudo encontrar Ministro. Por otro Orange Venus Walk Town. on the government to act immediately by replacing the Minister of listo alAtiniciar las clases.. the AGM, they willAhora report total assets of $25,408,065, a loan Saldiver estará feliz de ver a Doug para entrevistar fue a Joe Bradley. National Securityque and to make changesJoein the Command attan con $11,823,015 su representante antes out de irse, Patrick clausurara Excelsior High El Pobre se encontraba pero sabemos Doug nuncadrastic portfolio of $20,699,0404, of which was loaned the Police Department, as well as work out a comprehensive plan la laceptar $ 25 School.¿Puedes el Ministro last year. Thiscreerlo, $11,823,015 was loaned to los 4,280 of que theirescuchamos members. cederá a la talla de John Saldívar, aturdido que incluso adquirió situation. que están ofrecer y no portoloimmediately de Yet Educación escuela times, sociedad de la iglesia/del estado, que esperanreverse ver unthis caballo despitecerrando the harduna economic andtratando with alldethe problems los $ 100. Y porque sabemos que secundaria en el lado sur de la algo bastante mas alto que su índice negro emerger como presidente del Government must act now and do so decisively. in the sugar industry, La Inmaculada Credit Union will report a su áRepresentante del Area no pasa ciudad. ¿Porque no dejan de jugar partido y Doug reirse una vez mas a de inteligencia. Dí si no es cierto healthy profit and will recommend a dividend on savings. en su ladosmall de lafinancial ciudad, las expensas de John. Si no es asi..... Joe.... Si no es asi....... de una Credit vez por Unions todas? SiinnoBelize es asi ...are tiempo no longer these consulte con with la señorita Bailey en institutions. All of them started off very small a few members; la Secretaría este es su dinero! El “ golpe” a Cardona....... today the credit union movement has a membership of more than 3. Si usted llega al pueblo Al pobreor Marcel lo tienen 111,000, one in every threedeBelizeans. de Requena Orange Walk y nota que the los juguete.InSólo en Belice y sólo Toledo in 2000, Mr.bajo Oscar and Mr. Fuentes, pueblerinos no son muy amigables el then UDP president puede un ofhombre, no, un the Toledo branch of the Belize Teacher’s Union queToledo digamos, lo que Credit sucede Union. es que funcionario electo verse obligado encouraged the –teachers to start the Teachers Orange Walk es terreno PUP a pedir disculpas a uno de los suyos They started with 87 members and $7887.50 in capital. By 2009y de nuestros quethey claramente tienetointenciones de muchos had grown 5,300 members and capital of over soportadores $8.4 million quitarleOver lo que de han sido themerece. years, Después these institutions havevictimizados grown not por onlylosinUDP. size 4. No se alarme si ve marchar por las calles en Orange but also in the services they offer. Today credit unions offer money mucha seguridad, recuerde los transfers, provide ATM services, offer fixed deposits, insurance for

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its members and even assist in the preparation of legal documents, not to mention the size of loans that credit unions can offer to its members. In 1986, after my brother and I had just graduated from university, we attempted to get a loan from the banks to start a business. We were rejected because we had no credit history and no one to guarantee our loan. Since we were both members of La Inmaculada Credit Union from boyhood, we managed to get a loan to start off our first business. Like ours, there are thousands of stories where the credit unions movimientos del Lider delhundred Partido have helped its members with loans ranging from a few lo estan tratando com mucho detalle dollars to thousands of dollars. And despite these huge numbers of fuertes medidas de seguridad, Walk, consmall sus loans, seguidores por el y rates mostly the delinquency or non-payments of loans hecho de que supuestamente Gapi para el domingo más de 20 agentes of most credit unions are low. de seguridad le quitoFor el example, subsidio de educación, the latest report form the especializados Central Bank estarán stated allí para asegurarse de que Patrick siendo el hombrecito that the delinquency rate at the banks range from a low 4.8 ninguno percent de ustedes se acerque Primer calculador al as que22.6 todos conocemos, to as high percent. At the Belize Small Farmers andalBusiness Ministro. manténgan su se Bank, puso detheir acuerdo con Marcel.rate Perois as delinquency high asAsí 60 que percent, while the distancia. miren esto, Marcel jugara limpio delinquency rate at HRCU is 3.7 percent and at LICU it is 2.65 5. Este sería un buen momento este domingo con la esperanza que percent. tras GAPI todos los Patrick Many honremay su ask, compromiso y para why have the creditir unions been para so successful? hanthe estado luchando su darle subvención, y luegothe unamembers vez que are Thela answer is simple; owners of the por credit pedazo de tierra por largo rato. queunion. dejenThey el Estadio del Pueblo, elect their board of directors and have a close look at nothan lo volveran GAPI de nuevo hacienda sus Recuerden whatestará is happening. Their interest rates are que lower the banksa verunions hasta para viejos junto time con Patrick whiletrucos at they same the credit offerlasa elecciones. wide range Así of que to todos que han estado castigará Cardona, quethey como services.a With all this, manage keepustedes their operating costs esperando y esperando, ahora siempre se their quedara sin go nada. low and profits back Al to the shareholders. es tu oportunidad – Gapi quiere final usted sabe quien ufrira las In good times or bad, it is clear that Credit Unions in Belize paraaseso estara allí consequencias estupideces? will continuedetosus grow both in sizeimpresionar and strengthy and they do they sonriendo. Por supuesto, Loswill hijos de esastomismas continue offer a personas wider range of services, rendering it thetenga real peoples’ banks.

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El terco de Barrow El pasado Martes, Adele Ramos escribio lo siguiente en un articulo titulado “ Adelante con la perforacion mar adentro” Primer Ministro Barrow. En este articulo Ramos nos dice que el Primer Ministro no se encuentra convencido que el Gobierno debiera cambiar de parecer. Que le sucede a Barrow? Sera que esta tan acostumbrado a lidiar con personas insensatas y sin talento alguno que ha concluido que el es el sabelo todo? Lo que es peor, me pregunto si tendra algun plan maestro en caso que esto chicos logren obtener petroleo mar adentro y se derrame en el Caribe........ Barrow le informo al Amandala que el todavia se encuentra en favour de perforar mar adentro en areas “ particulares”. Nosotros aqui en el Belize Times nos encontramos bastante consternados especialmente cuando estamos al tanto que el publico en general encuentra este tema bastante controversial. Los expertos locales en pro de la proteccion de nuestro ecosistema nos informan que contamos con un ambiente marino muy fragil y que sin duda alguna es una de las maravillas del mundo. Casi fuimos despojados de nuestro status “ World Heritage” por UNESO ( por sus siglas en ingles) por acciones recientes que amenazan con destruir nuestro sistema, y aun asi el Primer Ministro, despues de mirar lo que acontece por el derrame de petroleo en el Golfo todavia tiene el descaro de decir que no se encuentra convencido?! Es obvio que el Primer Ministro, ha perdido todo sentido de sabiduria, si se ha visto alguna vez abuso de poder, este es el perfecto ejemplo! Mire Sr Barrow!... Nosotros los Belicenos no creemos que perforar mar adentro valga la pena el riesgo! Convencion de Vega Cuando el “Jefe” de Gapi Vega le informo que podia llevar a cabo la convencion UDP en Orange Walk realmente fue una sorpresa, despues de todo, es sabido que Orange Walk es uno de los pueblos mas descuidados desde que el UDP entro en poder. Consideramos que es un esfuerzo para “ chiviar” al Sr. Cardona porque es un hecho que sigue siendo una espina clavada en la costilla del Sr. Gapi. Porque vea usted, Vega se sigue sintiendo Rey en Orange Walk y se muere por impresionar a su “jefecito”. Lo que Vega no quiere que su Jefe sepa es que cuando se trata del UDP; Marcel no permitira que Vega tome control. Claro que esto no nos preocupa en lo absoluto, lo que si nos preocupa es que mientras que Orange Walk ha estado en el olvido por los pasados tres anos , el Concilio Aldeano ha estado ocupado ultilizado dinero de los contribuyentes para arreglar el Estadio del Pueblo para la convencion UDP. Mientras que las calles se encuentran en un estado deplorable y los drenajes atascados, los trabajadores del concilio se encuentran laborando en los alrededores del Estadio del Pueblo. De todas maneras deberian ahorrarse el esfuerzo porque saben que? en lo que concierne a la Politica en Orange Walk, El UDP nunca mas! Victimizacion politica nos hiere a todos! Cuando un periódico político escribe algo que es negativo o acusatorio de sus opositores políticos, hay siempre los que lo verán con cierta medida de escepticismo. Esto es comprensible, y así sucesivamente esas ocasiones cuando una fuente independiente confirma que lo que estamos diociendo es un hecho y no una exageración entonces tenemos que continuar y utilizar ese cliché que tantas veces escuchamos “ Te lo dije”! Durante su presentación el Dr. Herbert Gayle confirmó algo que hemos estado diciendo aquí en el Belize Times una y otra vez; que el comportamiento calloso y vindicativo del UDP, la persecución de trabajadores Beliceños y el despido de sopportadores PUP, particularmente madres solteras, ha afectado negativamente cada familia beliceña. El Dr. Gayle refirió a esto como tribalismo político y consideraba el nivel de este comportamiento como alarmante! Se los Dijimos........ La escasez de informacion sober los ecfectos del dengue Esta semana el Times Belice se propuso determinar hasta qué punto muchos Beliceños en el Distrito de Cayo y en el Distrito de Belice están afectados o han sido infectados con la fiebre del dengue en lo que va del año. Todos los intentos de obtener una respuesta del Departamento de Salud Pública fue inútil, y no

porque fuera el Belize Times tratando de obtener esta información, sino porque la información no estaba disponible. Sin embargo, en un comunicado enviado por el Gobierno indicó que los lugares más afectados por el dengue son los distritos de Belice y Cayo. Por supuesto este tipo de declaraciones debe hacerse sólo si están respaldadas por los datos, que debería estar fácilmente disponible. El hecho es que no hay una adecuada recolección de información sobre este asunto. Hay verdadero trabajo que se realiza en el Ministerio de Salud para hacer frente a esta situación y para educar a los Beliceños acerca de cómo esta enfermedad está afectando a nuestras comunidades, sin embargo. Una vez el Ministro de Salud y su equipo han sido cogidos desprevenidos y son incapaces de hacer frente a esta situación. Este es otro ejemplo de la incompetencia de este gobierno del UDP y su incapacidad para gestionar adecuadamente los asuntos de la nación. ¿Cómo puede un gobierno con una mayoría absoluta convertirse en una "frágil autoridad política central?" "En un país donde existe una fuerte autoridad política central, la gente no se les permite vivir en un pantano y volcar basura a sus alrededores. Estas imágenes dan la impresión de que la gente está por su cuenta y hay poco o ningún sentido de parámetros para la acción social y física. "- Tomado del Informe Resumen de" Hombre de Participación Social y Violencia Urbana en Belice "por el Dr. Herbert Gayle. Lo que el Dr. Gayle nos está diciendo es que las cosas en Belice se caen a pedazos; dondequiera que se mire el sistema se está desmoronando. Desde el puente de Kendall en el sur, que cayó hace más de dos años, a las calles y carreteras desglosados en todo el país, nada parece estar funcionando bien. En el norte nuestros agricultores de caña tratan con una crisis en la industria azucarera y viven por su cuenta. En la ciudad de Belice las calles están siendo invadidas por la actividad delictiva y asesinato. Nuestro sistema educativo es insuficiente, nuestro sistema de salud no puede hacer frente a problemas de salud de temporada como el brote de dengue, nuestros atletas se están castigando cuando van al extranjero a representar a nuestro país y así sucesivamente. Nuestra nacion esta en mal estado y es evidente para todo el mundo.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

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Births David Alexander Jr to David Alexander Sr. and Jonelle Beaton nee Pollard Hannah Anastatia to Steven Anthony and Dana Dian Perriott nee Wallace Jennifer Shenaida to Pedro Sarah Sandra Tec nee Pop

Marriages John Maxwell Wright to Ann Aline Jacobsen both of Florida, USA Andrew Phillip Gilharry to Angie Veronica Bodden Dilbert both of Hattieville, Belize District John Bryon Bowman to Adela Milian both of Stann Creek Abram Dyck of Orange Walk Town to Nancy Martens of Spanish Lookout, Cayo Cody Joseph Gautsche to Megan Lane Siegrist both of Tennessee, USA Sebastian Sanchez Reyes of Mexico to Patricia Anne Mary Taylor of West Virginia, USA Martin Gergorio of Lucky Strike, Belize to Shamira Sanchez of Flowers Bank, Belize Carlos Barrios to Yesenia Narvaez both of Corozal Town Homero Andre Novelo to Michelle Hall both of Corozal Town Nurvin Alexander Quewell to Rohelia Chiquin both of Santa Familia, Cayo Ortino Noel Ramclam to Jeanie Trish Linarez both of Independence, Stann Creek Antonio Leonilo Pott to Yolanda Casanova both of Chunox, Corozal Ismael Casimiro Sanker to Mayola Maria Young both of San Jose, orange Walk Robert Ramclam to Margaret Rose Boden both of Belize City Igor Kogan to Elina Komin both of Amsterdam, The Netherlands Adam Jones to Ashley Eary both of Kentucky, USA Christopher Francis Cariddi to Sylvia Louise Duran both of San Ignacio, Cayo Falian Modesto Cal to Cristina Cohuaj Tacaj, both of San Ignacio, Cayo Steve Eoton Gonzalez to Marlene Rosalie Myers both of Burrell Boom, Belize Abner Orlando Valladares to Diana August, both of San Ignacio, Cayo Aaron Alger Shepherd to Earleth Tishawny Reneau both of Belize City Werner Urs Kolliker to Ana Marie Logan both of San Ignacio, Cayo Francisco de Jesus Ramos to Amalia Rubiceli Montejo both of San Ignacio, Cayo Onesimo Kevin Coh to Sarita Janira Tzib both of San Antonio, Cayo Emil Rodolfo Pinelo of San Ignacio, Cayo to Kimberlyn Eugenny Aldana of Santa Elena, Cayo Jose Roberto Rodriguez to Norma Ivette Bonilla both of Valley of Peace, Cayo Wilfred Anthony Rhaburn of San Pedro, Ambergris Town to Kimesha Denise Lamb of Belize City

Deaths Jannette Macaria Ogaldez, 60 Marie Louise Elfreda Tillett, 67 Jean Elizabeth Williams, 64 Mario Cayetano, 62 Leocadio Barcelona, 68 Matea Parra Mota, 91 Transito Burgos, 101 Beverly Garbutt, 45

FOR SALE YOUNG RAMS (Sheep) : 34 months Dorpa Breed (5/8) Light Brown; 33 months Dorpa Breed (5/8) White; 20 months Dorpa Breed (5/8) White/ Brown; 27 months Dorpa Breed (5/8) White/Brown; 23 months Dorpa Breed (5/8) White; 23 months Dorpa Breed (5/8) White. Interested persons can call 223-0555 during normal working hours.

LIQUOR LICENSE NOTICE Notice is hereby given that Jose Nelson is applying for a Publican Special Liquor License to be operated at “Vherry’s Lounge”, #1223 Blue Marlin Boulevard, Belize City under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980.

Prayer To The Holy Spirit O Holy spirit, you who are the fountainhead of all knowledge, who illuminate the pathway which enables me to reach my goal. You who share your divine gift permitting me to forgive and forget past insults and injustices, and who are always at my side within reaching distance. I desire in this short supplication to thank you for all that you have done for me, and to assure you once more that I never want to be separated from you under any circumstances, no matter what the incentive. I want to be with you, I along with my loved ones, cradled in your unending love. Thank you for your never failing kindness towards me and those I call my own. (Prayer to be offered for three consecutive days; faith in the Holy Spirit will cause him to respond to your request no matter how difficult the problem might be.) Publish prayer as soon as request has been granted.


Devotion to Saint Jude May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised, adored, loved, preserved & glorified throughout the world now and forever. The Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. St. Jude worker of miracles, pray for us, St. Jude, helper of the Hopeless, pray for us. Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ for the help of your servant St. Jude in listening to my prayers. Say this prayer nine times for nine days. By the end of the eighth, your prayer will be answered. It has never been known to fail. Publication must be promised. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus and St. Jude for prayers answered.


IN MEMORIAM n loving memory of Devoted Father


Sunrise: 6th Feb., 1926 Sunset: 3rd August, 2009 You can only have one Father. Patient, Kind and True. No other friend in all the world. Will be the same to you. When other friends forsake you To father you will return. For all his loving kindness He ask nothing in return. As we look upon his picture Sweet memories we recall, Of a face so full of sunshine And a smile for one and all. Sweet Jesus, take this message, To our dear father, up above, Tell him how we miss him And give him all our love. Sadly missed by wife, children, grandchildren, family and



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Sunday, August 1, 2010

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Belize Times 100801  

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