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Sunday, May 2, 2010




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First BTL…Now BTL Park! SUNDAY MAY 2, 2010

Issue No. 4691

Following months of controversy on top of scandal centered on the monster in the UDP’s midst, Mayor Zenaida Moya, there had been somewhat of a quiet spell in City Hall in recent weeks. Not that the Council had suddenly begun to perform – far from it – but at least there were no more startling revelations of missing money or further allegations of sticky finger syndrome leveled against the Mayor. But like with most things, the eerie quiet was just an indication of the storm which is now battering the UDP City Council and Zenaida Moya once again. This new controversy surrounds the BTL Park and a multi-million


dollar investment currently being constructed on Newtown Barracks in front of the park. A couple weeks ago reports surfaced that the Belize City Council was considering a proposal to ‘jack’ a large portion of the BTL Park to build a parking lot which would service the facility being built, said to be a Casino/Entertainment Center/ Nightclub. In return, it was indicated, the developers would make good on a manifesto promise of the UDP Citco, namely the creation of a public beach in front of the park. According to UDP City Councilor Dean Samuels this proposal is something which has just surfaced, (Continued on page 35)

Beginning of the UDP End! San Pedro’s Mr. Quitar Red Light Fading Fast…

Chart shows that the UDP have lost the majority in the Villages, which is now shared by the PUP and the Independents

T h r e e we e k s i n t o t h e 2 0 1 0 Village Council Elections and the United Democratic Party’s popularity is fading as they continue to lose ground. In 2008 the United Democratic Party dominated General Elections capturing 25 of the 31 seats and 66 percent of the total votes cast. In 2009 during the City and Town Council Elections, the UDP again won convincingly over the People’s United Party winning 64 of 67 seats. Two years later, and three weeks into the Village Council Elections, the UDP dominance has begun to fade. The weekly press releases out

of the Party’s Headquarters speak of individual victories, tr ying to cover up the fact that in the villages all across the nation the popularity of this Bar row administration is shrinking fast. Already villag es once considered UDP strongholds have made dramatic tur narounds all across the country. In villages like Steadfast, Chan Pine Ridg e, Blackman Eddy, Jalacte, Willows Bank, Hopkins, Independence, San Roman and Jordan, UDP slates have been beaten back by those who have had enough of the victimization, cronyism and mismanagement by (Continued on page 35)

La Isla Bonita is thought to be associated in any way with Belize. part of Belize, but if you were to judge The latest controversy which the by the way land is being ‘stronged’ and Area Representative Manuel Heredia finds redistributed on the island, you'd think himself in erupted just this week when (Continued on page 35) San Pedro is a foreign country not

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Are YOU Better Off Today?




With three Sundays of village council elections now behind us Belizeans are starting to recognize a pattern in the way the political parties are dealing with these elections and a clear contrast is emerging. UDP area representatives are using these elections to show off to their Prime Minister, while the PUP grass roots movement is beginning to take hold, proving that the Party is finally being returned to its base. The Governing UDP has totally abandoned the idea that Village Council Elections should be about building stronger rural communities and instead have been pushing everything into these elections. Whether it is utilizing government vehicles to move voters to the polls or using government resources from the ministry of works to do last minute projects, UDP area representatives have been actively involved in all aspects of the UDP campaign. In some cases, UDP Area Representatives have even been claiming victories for village elections which were clearly won by independent slates. Such is the case that in some villages, candidates who ran as independents and won were quickly approached and asked to pledge allegiance to the UDP or suffer the consequence of 3 years with no support. For the PUP the situation has been different. After successive losses at the polls in 2006, 2008 and in 2009, the Party Leader has been working hard at rebuilding the party from its base; that means returning the Party back to the days when the people in their local communities were given the opportunity to make decisions, to choose local leaders and to claim ownership of their Party. Any success for the PUP to this point is a direct result of the Party’s leadership and the notion that as a Party everyone is welcomed and must participate in the process at all levels. It also shows that supporters of the PUP are once again ready to stand and show their support for John Briceño and the blue machine. “Azul”, as they say in the north, is rising! This is the start of a movement which can be seen and felt in the faces of the many volunteers working in these elections. A new enthusiasm for the Party and its leadership is taking hold and the people’s determination is formidable. Nowhere is this more evident than in the South, where in Stann Creek West most villages have gone blue and those that haven’t are also rejecting the red and instead are electing independent candidates. Many who offer themselves as independents are dissatisfied with their government and with their representatives. It comes as no surprise that the vast majority of these independent slates that have not been traditional ones come from areas where the representative is a UDP. These independent slates, which seem to be emerging at a greater pace than in recent village council elections, are unhappy with their government. Of course they may also be looking at the PUP, waiting and perhaps even hoping that on the whole the party is ready to embrace change and rid themselves of the sins of the past. With another eight weeks of elections remaining, it is clear the pattern will continue where the UDP representatives will continue to do everything possible to make an impression on their leader in the hope that their efforts will sufficiently impress the Prime Minister when it comes time to reshuffle his cabinet. As for John Briceno and the PUP, the work to continue to move his Party forward and to live the Party’s philosophy must also continue. So that through our actions PUP supporters will continue to be energized and the Blue Machine will once again fly proudly over the roof tops in our villages and communities across Belize.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

April 27, 2010 – for immediate release

PUP Northern Caucus Calls for Accurate Media Coverage The Northern Caucus of the People’s United Party expresses its disappointment in Channel 7’s reporting of the results of Village Council elections held this past weekend. In a story at the very end of the newscast of April 26, the news editor/writer engages primarily in politically tainted editorializing compounded with outright inaccuracies. We feel that while this type of reporting will do well to serve the agenda of the ruling party, it is a disservice to Belizeans who expect no less than the truth. n its story, Channel 7 reported on the results of elections in Corozal Southeast, or rather the results which best suited the UDP. The news writer stated – ‘it’s a thrashing for the PUP, which performed especially poorly in Corozal Southeast.’ For the record, the People’s United Party contested four villages in Corozal Southeast – Ranchito, San Joaquin, Calcutta and Carolina. Ranchito and San Joaquin were the two largest villages and both featured resounding PUP victories – in the case of San Joaquin more than 2 to 1. The UDP won the two smaller villages, Calcutta and Carolina. In the news story the writer claims that Calcutta is ‘a village that had been PUP as far back as can be recalled.’ If Channel 7 has cared to clarify their report, they would have learned that the slate which won Calcutta in 2007 ran as independent, and not as PUP. Channel 7 also states that Carolina was a village ‘which the PUP formerly controlled.’ That inaccuracy could easily have been verified by Channel 7. For the purposes of further clarification, the Northern Caucus provides the following information from Orange Walk East. An analysis of the numbers shows a clear PUP victory. After losing San Jose Palmar on Sunday, April 18, 2010 by close to two hundred votes, the UDP was soundly defeated in Santa Martha, losing the Councillors by an average of fifty votes while in Carmelita its Councillors barely squeaked by, winning by an average of only 18 votes. In Chan Pine Ridge, the UDP lost the Chairman by 25 votes, lost two Councillors and retained its majority of four Councillors by only one vote. Tower Hill, the smallest of the villages in Orange Walk East, was uncontested by the PUP. It must be noted that while San Jose Palmar and Chan Pine Ridge are nominally independent, both victorious Chairman have come out declaring their allegiance to the PUP and thanking and crediting the PUP machinery for their victory. The Northern Caucus of the People’s United Party stands ready at all times to provide accurate information should Channel 7 decide to report the facts rather than echo the UDP spin. We ask for nothing more than objective and truthful reporting of the results in Village Council elections. The politicking should be left to the political parties.

- END -


Dean Barrow meets with the Queen of England. He asks her, "Your Majesty, how do you run such an efficient government? Are there any tips you can give to me?" "Well," says the Queen, "the most important thing is to surround yourself with intelligent people." Dean frowns, then asked, "But how do I know the people around me are really intelligent?" The Queen takes a sip of tea. "Oh, that's easy, you just ask them to answer an intelligent riddle." The Queen pushes a button on her intercom. "Please send Tony Blair in here, would you?" Tony Blair walks into the room and says, "Yes, my Queen?" The Queen smiles and says, "Answer me this please, Tony ~ Your mother and father have a child. It is not your brother and it is not your sister . . . Who is it?" Without pausing for a moment, Tony Blair answers, "That would be me." "Yes! Very good," says the Queen. Dean goes back home to ask Patrick Faber, the same question ~ ~ ~ "Patrick answer this for me. Your mother and your father have a child. It's not your brother and it's not your sister. Who is it?" "I'm not sure," says Patrick "Let me get back to you on that one." He goes to his advisors and asks every one, but none can give him an answer. Finally, he meets Cordel Hyde and asks. "Cordel, can you answer this for me? Your mother and father have a child and it's not your brother or your sister. Who is it?" Cordel answers, "That's easy ~ It's me!" Patrick smiles, and says, "Thanks!" Then, he goes back to speak with Dean. "Say, I did some research and I have the answer to that riddle. It is Cordel Hyde!" Dean gets up, stomps over to Patrick, and angrily yells into his face, "No!, you idiot! . . . It's "Tony Blair

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Free Zone free for all… On the news last night we heard a magical story about a container at Customs which was full and then was empty – and nobody, not one jack soul can tell you where the contents got to. There are vague reports about what was in the container, but who can believe

that s@#t? CEO of the Free Zone Raul Rosado’s name and stamp were on the document validating the container and its contents but you can bet your last dollar that there ain’t nobody gonna ask him the hard questions because he was appointed by Gaspar Vega and has strong family ties.. The bottom line is that the man in charge of the Free Zone was appointed by the man who was labeled in the House of Representative as Belize’s biggest ‘contrabandista.’ You put the pieces together…If Da Noh Soh! Oh mein… I just have to believe that the stupid editor of the Guardian went out on a limb and came up with the front page all on his own. There is just no way that decision-makers in the UDP can be so monstrously, grossly, monumentally,


ages 3+ and couldn’t figure it out. And that thing with the bulletproof Land Cruiser which seems like the kind of thing that members of a cartel maybe would use while in Belize…hmmm, maybe Fonso didn’t see the widely circulated document which is making the wild (or not) claim that Mr. Gapi is mixed up in the Mexican cartel…damn boy…If Da Noh Soh! Don’t cry… Imagine my surprise when I heard the effeminate one bawling on WAVE radio this week. I almost ran off the road when I heard him sob hysterically that personal attacks against him and his unfortunate brother were so unfair. I got news for you, smut-monger. It’s not the PUP making the allegations of voter fraud. Those were made by callers on different morning shows. Personally I’m all for keeping family out of this damned political mess. But mi bally, yu cyan’t throw lick and den run fi cova. The Guardian has become known for its malicious personal attacks and while we know that you don’t write any of the stuff in there (we know your problem with words of more than one syllable) you are the editor, after all. Check your back issues (no pun intended, but it’s funny as hell anyway) and you’ll see exactly what I mean. The attacks don’t come any more personal and nasty than from the UDP. If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen, my friend. But hey, with that said and since I can’t stand to see a grown man cry, we’ll do our part and leave the family business alone. Promise…If Da Noh Soh!

considered one of the brighter stars…If Da Noh Soh! Who got the nod? There’s a certain long-haired exSIS current back bench dodo-bird we’ll call dim-witz who’s been begging for a shot like a coke-addict for his next hit. Apparently he’s already been given the nod by the bald vulture and is yakking to

family members that he will be the new head honcho at the transport ministry. That’s not good news for flippin’ or for minister pig, whose sister in transport is already said to be on dim-witz’s hit list. First indications were that king vulture would wait for village council elections to conclude, but the UDP fortunes aren’t exactly glowing and the big cheese might be forced to make a decision sooner than expected…If Da Noh Soh! Back off Minister Pig… It’s kinda obvious that dim-witz has been promised something significant, because he’s suddenly grown back a big pair of cojones which had been missing. Minister Pig was slapped in the face


stock of the entire north, demanding a recount in San Jose Nuevo Palmar because his slate lost by more than 200 votes. He’s funny, isn’t he? Also very

amusing is the fact that the UDP has stated officially that an independent slate won in that village, yet Cardona is also protesting on the grounds that the PUP was influencing voters. Poor fool. Then to add insult to injury Cardona was kicked out of his own elections in Orange Walk this weekend. In Carmelita he was told to get lost because Gapi and the UDP cheerleader Landy were running things…If Da Noh Soh! A glucose test… A group of concerned students from Corozal are considering circling a petition to raise funds to get Minister of Health back in school. This report came in from the grapevine after mi bally Pablo visited a school recently and asked some students what they were working on. They replied that it was a

Scary… Word coming out of the Office of the Prime Minister is that the

exorbitantly idiotic. Then again maybe I’m giving them too much credit. Anyway, to make a long story short the Guardian is bigging up the Customs for two big scores – get this, for the container at Customs and for the bullet-proof Toyota (I’m not sure how Customs can be credited for the bullet-proof Toyota, except that their compound is being used to garage it). Man, Fonso, Customs is right now involved in the biggest mess of recent times, trying to figure out how a container changed from full to empty without any explanation. Everybody else in the rational world is saying, what the hell? including customs officials, and Fonso is bigging them up. That guy is so stupid it hurts. Listen, Gapi, don’t be too hard on the poor guy – he’s not too bright and maybe the memo was too complicated. Maybe he didn’t realize that Customs are investigating the whole thing and people think about Gapi when they hear contraband and Raul Rosado is involved somewhere and Rosado is Gapi’s boy. It seems simple enough but maybe Fonso is still at the Barbie puzzle

flippin’ minister will be looking for new accommodations sooner rather than later. In an interview up north on Sunday, the bald vulture indicated that he was very displeased with his Stann Creek West area representative and punishment for his failure in the village council elections was definitely in order. That’s bad news for the man who seemed to have all the answers but who was soundly rejected. That’s the thing about talking the talk and not walking the walk, old man. You’ve been carrying on the charade for too long and the villagers you neglected and chanced decided to send you a wake-up call, or in this case a get the hell out call. If you don’t know about your imminent walking papers already, you’ll be receiving the official news within the next six weeks. The scary thing is that of the bald vulture’s Cabinet of dodo-birds, flippin’ parrot is

with those big dangling cojones recently when dim-witz took a trip- out to mile 41 and told the Hispanic squatters there that the fat man from Belmopan has no authority to tell them to move off the land and they should stay right where they are. That’s going to become a really nasty situation really fast, with minister pig and minister to be dim-witz squaring off and the squatters and wanna-be squatters of mile 41 caught smack dab in the middle…If Da Noh Soh! Oh Marcel… It feels almost chancey to make fun of Marcel Cardona, kinda like kicking a man (?) when he’s already down then stomping on his head and then running over him with your vehicle and then reversing…ok I’m sure you get the picture. The poor boy (?) did everything but lick the bald vulture’s toes and hand out a lifetime offer of back rubs in the House, right after he heard about the imminent Cabinet reshuffle. Mein, he was panting after the head rooster like a hen in heat. He should have known better. Now the fellow (?) is the laughing

simple glucose test, thinking that as minister of health Pablo would have some knowledge at least. Imagine their surprise and disappointment when our minister of health scratched his head in puzzlement and asked them what that was…jeez! If you’re interested in joining the movement to send Pablo back to school call 0-800-help-a-fool…If Da Noh Soh! Stop play… The Office of the Prime Minister has announced the formation and commissioning of the Prime Minister’s Council of Science Advisors. Apparently their mandate is to lead the way in coming up with a strategy for ‘Belize’s economic advancement through science, technology and innovation.’ Man, stop play. We need a council to stop the hustling in City Hall. We need a council to pick up garbage and clean up the city. We need a council to monitor the cost of basic goods in the stores. We need to get serious in Belize and stop tolerating Mr. Barrow’s distractions. Please Mr. Prime Minister…stop yu fool…If Da Noh Soh!



Supporting the rights of Villagers countrywide


Sunday, May 2, 2010


Sunday, May 2, 2010


UDP Politics as usual

They play we pay… The UDP is utilizing government vehicles in the village council elections. Mr. Barrow makes his one minute photoop appearances in his government ride. All the other UDP ministers do the same. UDP cronies circle the villages in the government rides to add support. Protocol vehicles from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are used to transport UDP thugs like Easy Glen and the Chainsaw man to strategic spots. Government rides from various ministries like lands are used to ferry UDP voters to polling stations. In Carmelita, Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega’s fancy government Montero was used to bring voters right up to the polling station in plain view of all. That was the case over the past two weeks as well in other villages in Orange Walk North. In Burrell Boom and other villages in Belize Rural North, Mr. Castro used his government ride to shuttle voters to polling stations. These elections are not government business, but rather political business, party business. Each and every time government vehicles move, we taxpayers must pay for fuel, for maintenance, for overtime for the drivers and for subsistence allowance. Mr. Barrow has told us that we common Belizeans must brace for the worst of times, but he and his ministers and cronies can blatantly use government vehicles for political work. That is insult to injury, a slap in our faces. But Mr. Barrow and the UDP don’t care.

Desperation… The UDP spin doctors are out in force, churning out releases every week and calling in to the airwaves every day making the most absurd claims to victory. As if that wasn’t enough indication, the desperation of the UDP is plain to see in each and every village every Sunday. That isn’t good political competition or representation – that is UDP desperation plain and simple. The UDP is pulling out all the stops, using government resources to do their party work, using ministry of works equipment to do some last minute and long overdue work in villages where elections will be called; bringing in residents from other areas to vote in villages in which they do not live and yes, paying for votes or promising land where necessary (yes Gapi, we know about that). In Carmelita, Gapi Vega was seen pushing a BDF man to vote. If not for keen observation by villagers who revealed that the man did not live in the village, Gapi would have gotten away with voter fraud. In Burrell Boom, Mr. Castro was caught delivering at least 9 residents of other areas to vote. Again, if not for keen observation by true true villagers, he would have gotten away with it. I have no doubt that the UDP will continue with their modus operandi, especially as results continue to show the UDP losing ground. This desperation and illegality is bad for the nation. But Mr. Barrow and the UDP don’t care. Intimidation… This is not the first village council election in which the UDP has shown desperation and the ability to do anything it takes, unethical or illegal, to get an edge in elections. I believe, though, that it is the first election in which there has been such blatant intimidation by politicians. In countries across the nation, ministers or their appointees have placed themselves inside polling stations to intimidate public officers handling the elections. Never before has there been so much confusion and intimidation of public officers. In one polling station Mr. Castro refused to leave despite being instructed to do so by the clerk handling the election. Mr. Alberto August, the head of the Election and Boundaries Commission is himself a UDP fanatic and political appointee who has made his position known in public and in private. The elections have been hopelessly compromised by political manipulation. In a nation which prides itself on democracy, the absolute sanctity of the election process is a must. Apparently that does not exist anymore. But Mr. Barrow and the UDP don’t care. TEK DAT… It was absolutely heartwarming to see the looks of disbelief on the faces of arrogant UDPs like Mr. Barrow and Mr. Vega who were loudly heckled during elections this past weekend. In Ranchito, Mr. Barrow arrived smiling to be met with a mass of very vocal rejection. Needless to say he didn’t stay there long before heading for the hills. In Carmelita Mr. Vega, as intellectually challenged as he is was bright enough to get the sense when he tried to intimidate the police into allowing unauthorized UDP appointees into the polling area. When the crowd got on his case the poor man stumbled back to his side of the fence in a hurry. Mr. Perdomo in a stupid hat with a silly grin pasted on his face arrived in Ranchito but stayed only long enough to show that he was still alive before running back into hiding. And it’s only going to get worse…much worse. What Mr. Barrow got was just a taste of the people power which is turning against him. The day of reckoning will be here very soon. Have a heart… Mr. Barrow has already demonstrated that he is not superbly endowed when it comes to vision or economic wisdom, but seriously, is it too much to ask that the


leader of the nation have a heart? He has finally told the nation what poor people knew in the streets a long time ago. Things are rough in Belize, really rough. Mr. Barrow does not feel it because he is very rich and he associates with the very rich and lives in the lap of luxury. He never has to go to sleep at night with the cries of hungry children in his ears. He never has to suffer the uncertainty and desperation and frustration of abject poverty. But he must know that there is poverty in Belize, even if he only sees it through the window of his air-conditioned luxury vehicle. And if things are so bad, then it stands to reason that a good leader would actively seek every means of alleviating the hardship of his people. There is no evidence that Mr. Barrow has tried to do so. This morning, like every morning, the minister of state in the Ministry of Works was taking his usual cycling jaunt on the northern highway. I have absolutely no problem with Mr. Castro working out. What I do have a problem with is the fact that behind him every morning is his government vehicle with driver. With all his newfound wealth and holdings after reaching power, I have no doubt that Mr. Castro has access to more than a few private vehicles which he could use for his personal business. I am sure also that he has the money to pay for his own fuel. Why should we have to pay so Mr. Castro and his cycling team can work out? Mr. Barrow, have a heart. With things so bad, every little bit of cutback in government waste and abuse helps and every instance of abuse hurts. On Ambassadors & Nepotism If I were the US Ambassador to Belize and was asked my feelings about the appointment of the Prime Minister’s son, a convicted felon, as the Music Ambassador of Belize just a couple months after he was deported from the US, I would probably say that it is an insult and a slap in the face of the US. If I were any right thinking individual and was asked about the appointment, I would have to question the sanity or agenda of the Prime Minister. Currently our nation is in the grips of a violent crime epidemic and our new Ambassador’s claim to fame is an obvious fascination with guns and drugs and violence as promoted in his lyrics. This new Ambassador who will spearhead the music program in our nation’s schools; this man who Mr. Barrow is forcing down our throats as a role model, is obviously into the degradation of women (bitches and hos as he calls them) and his lyrics very graphically and offensively describe the sex act. But this is our new Music Ambassador…the man who represents our nation and will influence our children. This one will come back to haunt the Prime Minister for sure. Piggy Assaulted… Carlos Perrera of KHMH Inquiry into corruption fame, not so affectionately known as Piggy, ran squealing to the OW Police on Sunday. Piggy claimed that he was abused in Carmelita just before the elections got underway. Reports we get indicate that Piggy was prancing up and down in hysterical fashion, forgot that he was nothing but a punk but pushed one of the PUP supporters out there. The PUP supporter pushed back, Piggy screamed and ran all the way to the Police Station. While the behavior of certain elements of the Orange Walk Police Department has left much to be desired recently, it is noteworthy in this instance that not even the interference of the Deputy Prime Minister prompted the immediate arrest of the PUP supporter. Since witnesses had seen what happened, the officer who handled the case decided quite correctly that it was nothing more than political mischief and dealt with it after the elections were concluded. When the Belize Times spoke to the PUP supporter after the event, he would say only that if he had known that Piggy would run like a girl alleging all sorts of assault, he would have done the deed properly and made it count. We take this opportunity to salute the few members of the OWPD who have maintained their integrity, respect for the rule of law and sense of responsibility to ALL citizens. All the people ask from their Police Officers is to do the right thing. Some of our officers in Orange Walk, though, are apparently told what the right thing is by our Deputy Prime Minister.



Sunday, May 2, 2010


A Refreshing Change

Labour Day Message by the Hon. John Briceño Leader, People’s United Party

Greetings to all Belizeans on this Labour Day 2010! In the midst of the most challenging economic times in our recent history, we must find cause to celebrate the good work of the men and women who toil to help build Belize. We have come a long way as a nation, thanks in large part to the efforts of the People’s United Party which grew out of the labour movement and has kept Belizean workers always at heart. Long gone are the days when Belizeans work longer and harder for less. Today our minimum wage is at $2.25 per hour and while this is higher than many of our neighbours, we must do more to increase the minimum wage, for we all know that in these tough economic times, Belizeans can barely survive on $12 per day. The backbone of our society is the Belizean working family; they build the nation by growing the food we eat and providing the services that keep our country working. They are the cornerstone upon which our development is built. It is the obligation of Government therefore to protect the interests of our working families and always to show a commitment to working families by protecting their rights to jobs that provide fair compensation. For this reason we call on Government to honour their manifesto promise to increase the minimum wage. Of course Labour Day also provides the opportunity for us to give thanks to those who came before us and who strived to improve working conditions and create fair labour laws in Belize. People like the Father of the Nation, the Rt. Hon. George Price and all those former ministers of labour who worked to empower

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the union movement in Belize, or who showed the vision to create a labour policy in that resulted in the development of institutions such as the Belize Social Security and the Cooperative movements. This kind of vision has spurred movements such as the Credit Union Movement, which today continues to be an institution that helps workers and finds ways to support working families. As a result of these efforts we ensure that children are today protected from hard labour and are allowed to go to school; that labourers can work without risking injury; and that Belizeans who must work six days a week must now be given decent wages and time to raise their families. As a result of such reformers we have been able to bring dignity to the workplace and integrity to our society. In the People’s United Party we believe and affirm that workers and their families are the heart and soul of our nation. Yet, we know that for our nation to grow and for our workers to continue their good work, Government must continue to create the enabling environment that will result in development, which in turn will result in the number of jobs steadily increasing. But our workers have a role to play as well; they must put greater emphasis on education and training. Likewise our workers must build stronger partnerships between their unions and management. As a nation we must all be committed to creating first class products and providing quality services which proudly carry the logo “Made in Belize. In the midst of one of the greatest economic challenges of our time, it is our responsibility as workers and as Belizeans to face the challenges of the day with an eye to the future. As we pause today to celebrate the many contributions of the Belizean worker, let us celebrate what we have accomplished for Belize while at the same time rededicating ourselves to the important effort of the building of our Belizean nation. A happy and memorable Labour Day to all Belizeans.

Dear Editor, Thank you for publishing my letter in your next issue of the newspaper. Last Sunday, for the first time, the village of Ranchito witnessed a sudden influx of town and city politicians who came to influence the election of village officials. During all of my lifetime I had never seen so many high party officials, especially from the UDP, come to such an insignificant village. But last Sunday everybody was here in Ranchito starting with the Prime Minister who now felt he needed to honour the North with his presence. Even the high officials of the PUP were present including the Leader of the People’s United Party. All had come with the interest to influence the Village Council elections. However, the Honourable John Briceño really left a lasting impression on the villagers of Ranchito. His very humble nature and his personable character was unmatched by any other politician who dared to come by. He was there in the front line interacting with party supporters, voters, villagers and even members of the other party. I had never seen a politician so close to his people and so approachable. As a young voter it makes me happy to know that we still have politicians that value and enjoy being with the people…who can come to our village and discuss and take interest in our local issues. The Honourable John Briceño is a true son of the soil and can indeed relate to the issues that affect us here in our communities and villages. While various other leaders of the two parties visited Ranchito on Sunday last, it was the Honourable John Briceño who was able to sway the villagers, especially us the young voters. After having campaigned during the week with the re-elected Chairman of the village and having come to the village on Election Day, we believe that the Leader of the Opposition was instrumental in getting the PUP Village Council elected. The people of Ranchito are still commenting that his visit was refreshing and that they anxiously wait for 2013 to see the Hon John Briceño elected Prime Minister of Belize. Kudos Hon John Briceno! Keep it up! Sincerely, Sharlene Daniels

UDP Mocks the Constitution Dear Editor Last week when the PUP Leader Hon. John Briceno was a guest on Love F.M. morning show a well known UDP caller tried to make mischief by suggesting to the Party Leader that he should get rid of politicians like the former Prime Minister. The reason, said the caller was because Mr. Musa had violated the Constitution “in the B.T.L. Case”. Mr. Briceno quite rightly told the caller that he was not aware that any Court had found the former PUP Leader guilty of any constitutional violation. Indeed the fact is that in the B.T.L. case which went to international arbitration, the Court ruled that the Barrow Government was liable to pay the previous owners of B.T.L. - $38 million for breach of contract. This was even before the take over of B.T.L. by the Government for which the Barrow regime will have to pay $300 million to $600 million by way of compensation. It is Prime Minister Barrow who has violated the Constitution of Belize by publicly declaring that his government will not pay any international arbitration award. Barrow has gone further. He has used his Legislative clout in the National Assembly to pass a far-reaching amendment to the Supreme Court of Judicature Act that will allow the Supreme Court of Belize to order an injunction to stop any arbitration proceedings whether in Belize or abroad even in cases where the Government had agreed to settle disputes by international arbitration. This oppressive law provides that anyone who then proceeds with an arbitration can be jailed for a minimum period of five years and fined up to $500,000.00 in the case of a company with daily fines of $100,000.00 to $300,000.00 for every day that “the offence continues”. This draconian law is clearly designed to allow the Barrow Government to avoid its legal obligations and will no doubt put Belize in the failed state category of a pariah in the international community. What is more it makes a mockery of the Belize Constitution which at its core is based on democratic principles and respect for the rule of law including respect for international law and treaty obligations in dealings among nations. Pro Bono Publico

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Third World or Developing Nation?

There has been a long standing debate about whether one should refer to countries in the category of Belize as Third World or Developing Nation. Call me patriotic or na誰ve but I usually correct people, especially foreigners when they would refer to Belize as Third World. I prefer Developing Nation because it projects a country that is moving forward. According to Wikipedia a country that is considered Third World is one that is economically underdeveloped, has a high poverty rate, high birthrates, and economic dependence on the advanced countries and is nonaligned, for the third world belongs neither to the industrialized capitalist world nor to the industrialized Communist bloc. The World Bank considers all low- and middle- income countries as "developing". In its most recent classification, economies are divided using 2008 Gross National Income per capita. In 2008, countries with GNI per capita below US$11,905 were considered developing. Two Fridays ago my patriotism turned into sober reality when I took my son to the Civic Center to watch a few basketball games. Actually it was his first time. However what was to have been a special moment of bonding turned out to be a terrible experience. The Civic Center is a national disgrace, but the truly sad part is that it has been the same way for a long, long time. Nobody can tell me that that piece of rusty metal is anything that we could have or can be proud of. During the games there were three power outages that lasted between 15 and 30 minutes each. That meant that the games had to be suspended because there was no back-up generator. To make matters worse, when the rains started it seemed as though it was an open-air facility. I can only describe the situation inside the Civic Center as a heavy drizzle. Actually we had to move to another section of this national disgrace so as not to be drenched. To compound the situation, our athletes were playing on a basket ball court riddled with termite holes. I find this to be damned disrespectful to our athletes who are trying to do something constructive instead of being menaces to our society like so many in this day and age. If you think what I have explained was bad, then you should just walk into what is supposed to be a restroom and see what you find. The stench is unbearable and not fit for a wild animal to use. At one point I had to take my son home so that he could relieve himself. My recent experience at our national sporting complex coupled with the decline of our

and violence and the collapse of our social systems (education, health, and culture) provides enough evidence for me to state that we are not a Developing Nation at this time but we are smack in the middle of the Third World. I can now truly say that even though I would want to challenge people who call Belize Third World, I cannot do so anymore. The reality is that Belize is in reverse mode and it is very evident that the Prime Minister and his bunch of Dodo Birds are incapable of righting the ship. I have spoken to many Belizeans all across this country economy, the decay of our in- and their responses have been frastructure, the escalating crime the same - we are in trouble as


a nation and there are no signs or hope of getting out of it. The Prime Minister needs to tap into the full gamut of brain power that we have in this country in order for Belize to move forward. The situation is very grave in Belize and there is no time for the Hon. Dean Barrow to be playing petty politics. It is about time he wakes up and smells the coffee or whatever he drinks.

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Godwin B. Sutherland P. Eng.; Q.S. Minister Carlos Perdomo and His CEO Mr. Wiley were guests on Channel 5’s Open Your Eyes morning talk show on April 22, 2010 and informed listeners that major crime fell in the first quarter of 2010 compared to the same period of 2009. The exception was in Belize City where murders increased over this stated period. They also indicated that the cut in the Ministry of National Security (MNS) budget will not reduce the effectiveness of the Belize Police Department (BPD). Effort was made to clarify that the PM’s disclosure as to rogue policemen might not be as wide and deep as first thought. It alarmed me that the PM would be made to get it ‘so wrong’ as explained by the Minister, without this glitch being explained to the Belizean people, this is the MNS for crying out loud. The interview raised issues as to how the Cabinet, the MNS and the BPD are organized to deliver service to the public and to what extent is the concept of community policing utilized in the organization structure of the BPD. I also conclude that it is necessary to disaggregate the statistical data by constituency and in a way that provides for easy use by the community. After having done a literature review I conclude that if the concept of community policing is truly the basis on which policing in Belize is done, then to more fully integrate this concept there is a need to move away from the existing BPD organizational structure and move to a more non-traditional one. Sir Robert Peel’s concept of community policing is one that promotes organizational strategies, which support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques, to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime. Therefore, the organizational structure of the BPD has to be so changed that it reflects this paradigm shift. The main components of such an approach would engender community partnerships, organizational transformation and problem solving. The Belizean people need to regain trust and confidence in the law enforcement of this country and they require the credibility that they can get the job done well. This is indeed an ideal juncture as the next policing plan is coming up and hence my humble suggestion is that the BPD needs to look at decentralizing the Department. It is past time to decentralize the command structure of the BPD. In a similar way that we have devolved

powers to Village Councils, Town Councils and Cities in an effort to empower the populace, so too is there the need to legislate for the creation of autonomous Municipal & City Police Departments as required, using a phased approach. Such a structure would see communities playing a proactive role in the partnership needed to fight crime by devolving responsibility directly to the municipalities. Under this structure the core infrastructure and support services function, such as prosecution, laboratory, training and data collection, among others will remain centralized in providing support services to the various police departments. This would avoid duplication and would allow for attracting and retaining qualified workers in these key support functions. Belize City of necessity ought to be the first to have its very own Belize City Police Department (BCPD), with its own autonomous organization. This would show that the political will to get the murder rate down in the city is being seriously addressed. The remainder of the country could be divided into three independent Regional Police Departments – Northern, Western and Southern regions, until other municipalities become ready for a phased implementation. The supreme police command will continue to reside at the Ministry of National Security and the Cabinet. This approach argues for full implementation of community policing and for deepening transformation of the current municipal structures to include crime fighting in the local government function. I feel that with greater local government involvement in crime prevention and with the establishing of municipal police service using the community policing concept that this would be a more efficient organizational structure from which the root causes of crime can be more efficiently addressed. Under such a structure community leaders would no longer be able to see crime as only police business. Such a plan would introduce incentives for accelerated training and promotion. This would also open up the BPD and provide for the utilization of police officers who may never get to exhibit their true potential and talent as a result of the current organizational structure. It would introduce some levels of positive competition into the business of public policing in Belize and provide for the government to address the concern of outgrown and dilapidated infrastructure facilities. This would allow for the infusing of new

talent in the specific areas of priority and provide the impetus to put more officers on the beat by increasing the intake of police officers significantly. At a time where stimulus is required this could positively impact on getting people to work. This will in part restore the image of the police personnel in the eyes of the public and make them more meaningful partners under the aegis of community policing. As things currently exist now it appears that the job of policing and the necessary partnership links with municipalities and their leadership is nonexistent. This need for greater cooperating is emphasized in the policing plan. I will further make this point by asking, when a murder occurs in the City, is there any pronouncement from members of the Belize City Council as the mayhem in the streets occurs? Is it that the Council views the issue of crime as solely a policing function? I could go further and remind citizens that there are 13 electoral divisions in the Belize District of which 10 are in Belize City. The representatives of these ten divisions collectively can make a difference in the fight against crime by mobilizing their constituents, yet we hear very little public condemnation of the carnage in the City. What are they doing in Cabinet to address this issue? Without this kind of support no wonder the task of the BPD is made worst. This support would be forthcoming if there were a decentralization of the existing BPD to municipality and city police departments. The decentralization to municipal and city Police Department

could reverse this disconnect by the use of the community policing concept to engage these leaders and their constituents too. There is need to find a way to more effectively concretize community in the work of the police and this can best be done by widening the local government function in crime fighting by creating a decentralized BDP and by ensuring that the needed financial and political support are available to this end. My final comment would be that I see great merit in the fashioning of legislature to address the growing private security services; the establishment of a police reserves element that could be utilized by retired officers as required; and the expansion and upgrading of the central medical laboratory so as to provide service to the police department. Also, integration of the Belize Health Information System would add value to the execution of core functions of the police departments by introducing and integrating the information, communication and technological (ICT) needs of the department as required and seek greater involvement from complimentary bodies. These are just some cost saving ways to utilize existing public facility to enhance delivery of service to the people of Belize. As the 2006 - 2010 Policing Plan comes up for review it is good to analyze the merits of the arguments advanced.

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The Hottest Show in Belize

It sounded a little bit out of the ordinary when Channel Five announced in January that it would start a 13 week entertainment karaoke competition in Spanish. Out of the ordinary because no one knew what the reaction to such a new idea would be. The first few weeks were not very well attended at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts, but just before it entered round six the entertainment show had grabbed the attention of Belizeans by storm and before long, every corner of this country was hooked on KTVL. The last 3 weeks saw people lining up in Channel 5's compound to secure tickets to be part of the audience. Many were turned away because the Bliss can only hold just over 600 people. But the show was also aired live at 9 pm on Channel 5 and those who were not lucky to get tickets were sure to spend the two hours glued to their television sets to cheer on their favourite contestant. Over the 13 weeks, many of the participants were eliminated and when the event entered week 10 only four finalists were left, based on text messaging votes to Smart, a major sponsor of the event. Those four were Desond Berry from San Ignacio, Oneida Shaw from Belize City, Natalie Arceo from San Pedro and Ismael Chacon from Belmopan. After voting results were revealed at the end of week 12, it was clear that the coveted title was up for grabs only between Chacon and Arceo, though Chacon was leading comfortably by over 500 votes. And fans spent another week and literally thousands of dollars voting for their favourite latin singer to try to bridge the gap and get an edge in the final

week. But when at the end of the last night's show on Tuesday the results were announced, there were clearly bigger gaps in between the contestants voting results. Desmond Berry, for instance, placed fourth with a total of 6,857 votes, while third place finisher, Oneida Shaw, received 8,922 votes - a difference of over 2,000 votes. Natalie Arceo placed second and earned 13,979, that is more than 5,000 more votes than Shaw. Ismael Chacon won the competition with 15,414 votes, another big difference over Arceo's results. This was however the closest race, with a difference of only 1,435 votes. These were all votes cast in only the last two weeks of the show. Chacon migrated from Salvador a few years ago and by profession he is a construction worker and more recently, a karaoke host at La Cabana Club about half a mile from Belmopan on the Hummingbird Highway. Known as “El Buky� for his unique and suave performances of Marco Antonio Solis' music, the soft-spoken Chacon said his dream

of striking a musical career is finally underway. But that is not confined to him alone because KTVL judge, Carlos Perote, has already offered all four an opportunity to work on a Spanish project with him. That aside, the


KTVL has also paved new roads for the four talents, who have all already landed jobs entertaining for different upcoming functions. There were a few high points in the three-hour long event, like when Natalie Arceo and Oneida Shaw performed a duet and when all four finalists took to the stage nearing the end to sing "Asi Fue". Another came when judges, Carlos Perote [on piano]and Sarita Morales [singing] did a joint presentation and Ricky Alcoser did a solo on the mic. All were well received. Chacon took home $10,000 cash and the first place trophy, and Arceo collected $6,000 as her earnings plus the second place trophy. Shaw got $3,000 and Berry received $1,000 plus trophies as well. All contestants also walked away with an array of other prizes such as trips, additional cash and gift certificates.



To All of You………

Carolyn Trench-Sandiford Party Chairman To say I was heartened to be approached by so many who showed me their hand and said, “cut it, the blood will be blue” since the article “True Blue” was published in last week’s edition of the Belize Times can never suffice. The feeling is unquantifiable. It is indescribable. My spirits were raised even more as I lost count of how many of you asked about application forms, both in person and by email, specifically because it specifies what it is that you are committing to when you sign on as a member of the People’s United Party, and in some cases, by how many of you who showed me your membership cards, many tattered with portions unreadable, having stood the test of time, but held closely, because it means something to you. So I say thank you, as you and Belize are why this journey is so meaningful. You are the true blue. However, I must also say to you that to me, you are more than just a member of the People’s United Party. You are the ones who keep the Party alive at all times, not special occasions. Nor do you use every opportunity to destructively criticize the Party. You bring your thoughts, concerns and ideas to the Party Council or to us individually, and in your wisdom, you provide us with the insights and prescriptions of what we must do to regain the trust and confidence of the Belizean people so we can form the government once again. You stay engaged. This tells me that you understand that there is a purpose for the Party, that it must be kept alive at all times, that you are bound by what you have signed on to, because you know that you are not only fighting for an election, but for a standard of living and means to a better way of life, and we rejoice in that, because we know, you are fighting not only for yourself, but for Belize. And it is because of this that I also welcome and must reflect on some of the comments you posted and questions you asked in regard to my article, particularly that asked by many of you, quite bluntly of what guarantees does our Party have in place that our leaders will not stray away from our philosophy in pursuit of their own selfish

interests, and disconnect from our members. My response is simple. You, singularly and collectively are the Party, and no one is bigger than the Party. So be reminded, that while the People’s United Party is a Party in transition, as any change in leadership in a 60 year old institution brings a new style, approach and modus operandi, and as well, new leadership brings new faces, ideas and direction, which at times take a while to becoming accustomed to, leadership of the People’s United Party must at all times be guided by the principles upon which it stand, the vision for which it was formed and the people whom it must serve, and who commit themselves to serve unselfishly. That does not change. Michael Manley, former Prime Minister of Jamaica, once said that there are three groups of people who go into politics. One group sees power as something to be acquired for their own sake and turn out to be authoritarian and politically monopolistic. They are about personal agendas, self enrichment and aggrandizement. Then there are those who view power as something to be used to make marginal adjustments to a society which is basically, in their opinion, sound and reasonable. They are trimmers, because the system works for them, but they are the few. Finally, there are those who seek to acquire power to effect radical change in a society that is fundamentally flawed and in need of transformation. They are about the people, the majority, the voiceless, the marginalized and the oppressed. They are about addressing inequities and creating opportunities. There is no doubt that our founding fathers and mothers are in the third group, and so it ought to be for all our leaders. But there can only be leaders if there are members who remain true to that membership card you received, which calls upon you to abide by the constitution and the philosophy of the Party, to vote for the candidates of the PUP, and to work toward achieving the aims and objects of the PUP. For only if you do so will you have the moral authority to sound the trumpet call to your leaders, and tell us that it is a call to battle, a call to war, for a better tomorrow for all. And if we do not listen, you then have the right to declare a vacancy. For only if we do so, can the revolution continue….and only so will we be able to create a NEW BELIZE, which will bring to all Belizeans a better life and a just share of the national wealth……

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on s g n i t i Wr the WALL

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Sammy says: April 28, 2010 at 3:28 pm PRISON AGAIN!!!! 7.5 million dollars? A high price for incompetence! Mr. Prime Minister open your eyes and do the right thing!

Born Belizean says: April 9, 2010 at 10:28 am WELCOME TO THE UDP WAY OF RUNNING THINGS- VINDICTIVE ,SPITEFULL AND HEARTLESS ! conspiracy theorist says: April 24, 2010 at 12:05 pm Getting permission from a judge doesn’t mean that they will not abuse their powers. They will intercept other people’s phonecalls, especially those of their political opponents, and no one will find out, much less a judge who is sitting and waiting for the Ministry of National Security to approach the court and let them in on what’s happening. Foolishness for real! Man, I am really beginning to think that Belize is a ridiculous country. Our leaders are always implementing plans they identify in other countries. That is called schematization. These politicians don’t seem to have enough brains to come up with a homegrown solution. Can their CEO’s help? They are the ones who are really supposed to know. They lso collect big fat cheques but seem no more intelligent than their political bosses. Sad story. Eventually, the people will implement their own solution; and it won’t look pretty. RedBwai says: April 24, 2010 at 10:26 pm Thats invasion of privacy!……. but i guess none of our phone calls are private now since the government owns and runs BTL. So they can practically do as they wish without going through any procedure having to get approval from a judge and so fort. We live in an era of technology, personal emails are being hacked and made public, phone calls are being listened to,traced and recorded, private photos are being disbursed and made public via the internet……hmmm what’s next? I think the UDP is just using this technology as an excuse to persecute “certain” individuals who they seem to want to keep personal tabs on. It has nothing to do with any form of tracking criminal activities trust me…it’s just one big conspiracy…… John said on Saturday, April 24, 2010, 18:46 What is happening!!!! What next!!! I would like a chance to rehabilitate this deportee!! By the way, shouldn’t he be paying tax on that $5m contract that he got since he is now a resident and an ambassador for Belize??!! We are all paying our taxes and so must he!! Darius said on Friday, April 23, 2010, 17:49 I have nothing personal against Shyne Barrow, but his appointment is a slap in the face of Belizeans; Dean Barrow by his action has made us the laughing stock of the world. I am surprised that the Belizean musicians have not commented and make their displeasure known; but knowing this vindictive and repressive government i guess they are afraid to express their views; shame, shame. Cornelia said on Saturday, April 24, 2010, 15:40 Though Barrow has repeatedly proven inept in many ways, I disagree that he is ignorant of the realities facing the man or woman on the street. I think he’s just too busy living it up and lining his pockets and those of his cronies. Barrow has always wanted to distinguish himself, and this is his modus opperendi, at whatever the cost. The rest of us are just common peons of no value other than our votes.

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This weekend I was so hurt to see how my neighbours were treating their new puppy. The children had put a huge chain on its neck and they had placed the puppy in the boiling sun. It could not reach a shady spot because it was tied down. They did not even give the poor puppy any food or water. It was bawling all day and they weren’t there to hear its cries. When my Daddy got home he went out and moved the puppy into the shade and gave it some water. We couldn’t do anything else because it wasn’t our pet. Mommy asked me to think about what our neighbours’ children had done and what I should do differently if I had a puppy. I realised it takes a lot of work and having a pet is like having a baby or a young child. They rely on us to take care of all their needs because they can’t do it on their own.

Here is what I learnt: Our pets need to be fed twice a day. Young pets like puppies and kittens sometimes more. sun.

If our dog or cat spends a lot of time outdoors, we must make sure shelter is available at all times. Shelter keeps pets protected from wind, rain and the harsh hot

They need to get fresh water every day. If you can you should change their water in the evening and first thing in the

We should bathe our dogs at least once a month and cats once every three months because they basically clean up everyday morning. with their tongues. Make sure to check for ticks and fleas because these may cause them to become seriOur pets need a place to call home: a ously ill. tank if it is a turtle or a fish, a big cage for a bird, a shelter in the yard for a dog and All our pets need attention, love and care. a blanket or cushion for a cat in the house. Plus, it really is fun playing with them!

s i e m s a g n n i y y a S l a Hi! M m i n A Sam. Draw what o t d e e n u o y take care of me.

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Channel 7 news reporter Keith Swift, laid to rest

Veteran news reporter Keith Swift, 30, was laid to rest at the Belmopan Cemetery on Friday, April 23, after funeral services at Saint Ann's Anglican Church in the capital city. The service was filled with a vocal and pictorial life-story of Swift, from the time he started preschool in Belmopan to the time he went away to study to the time of his untimely death on Monday, April 19th at his Lizarraga Avenue home in King's Park. Hundreds filled the pews and chairs in the churchyard to mourn one of Belize's most well-known journalists. The plain wooden casket in which his body lay was open for a while to allow mourners one last look at the face of the reporter they watched every night on Channel 7. His colleagues Indira Craig and Jules Vasquez eulogized him

Edmund Castillo shot dead in his yard

A man who survived an attack a little over a year ago was not so lucky this time when gunmen came looking for him.

Edmund Castillo

Edmund Castillo, 43, a construction worker, was with a friend, Carlton Augustine, who was fixing a bicycle under Castillo's house on Curl Thompson Street when gunshots rang out. Castillo himself had just loaned out his bicycle to another man, Justo Swaso. Swaso was on his way returning the bike when he learned that they had just killed his friend. Castillo had just moved to Curl Thomspson Street from Baracat Street in January of last year. But his first bad sign came the day he moved to the new location because he was shot in the cheek that very day. Castillo survived but Barney Cunningham Jr., 20, was killed. Back then Castillo, shaken by the experience, said he had just finished his house after the one he lived in collapsed. He was moving his stuff in around 9:00pm that night when the barrage of bullets rained on his house. Police have not yet made any inroads into Castillo's death and hence, have not made any arrests.

Keith Swift

with words that spoke of Keith, as in Craig's case, “The man who surpassed all in front of the camera shared so little about himself when the microphone was turned off. Imagine, a purveyor of stories and yet a guarder of his own." Vasquez, for his part, uttered words of comfort in a prayer song

that said "Take these hands, don't make a fist, take this mouth so quick to criticise and give it a kiss, take this soul, stranded in some skin and bones, take this soul and make it sing.” His journalism rival, Marion Ali, a senior reporter at Channel 5 wasn't shy either to speak the truth at the funeral service. In her brief recollection of Swift she remarked, "I got on his nerves, he got on mine. It was just the nature of the competition, but it was never anything personal. I will certainly miss his face out there because there will not be a Keith pushing me again to do my best.” Others opted to share experiences with Swift that sought to lift the spirits of his family and friends. Rhenae Nunez remembered when Swift, in an interview with a carnival reveler, offered to


sing for her during an interview just so she could show him a few of her moves. Jorge Aldana jokingly spoke of a time when Swift, then on a work trip to the Commercial Free Zone, came up with a brilliant idea to smuggle a few alcoholic beverages past authorities. The news of Swift's death shocked those of us in the media because except for an arthritic right knee, he was not known to be ailing. The post mortem revelation that he died from a brain haemorrhage was equally shocking because the young man was such a sharp reporter, always on the ball with his line of questions. Swift is survived by his mother, Greta Mossiah, his father, former House Speaker, Robert C. Swift, and six siblings. He was the youngest. Farewell to a fellow colleague.



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Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

By: Mike Rudon Jr. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." Lord Acton 1887 In our small nation Mr. Barrow yields near absolute power, reined in neither by an enhanced sense of morality nor humility. In his own mind and in the minds of those who have benefitted exponentially from his acquisition of such power, he is a great man. The rest of the quote holds as true today as it did nearly a century and a quarter ago – Mr. Barrow has been absolutely corrupted by the power vested in his hands, and he most certainly is a bad man. In days to come, when the village council elections are called into discussion, the story will not be about the People’s United Party. The story will be the people of Belize who rallied to send a message to Mr. Barrow and his administration – a message that the people are not happy and he is not living up to his covenant with Belizeans. The story will be about the UDP losing ground across the nation, because losing ground they are and lose ground they will – you can take that to the bank. Forget what the UDP spin doctors (including Elections and Boundaries Chairman Alberto August) are churning out. The story will also be about the UDP desperation and frustration as evidenced by the abuse of government resources in operating the elections and in the many cases of voter fraud being revealed. Oh yes, the story will be about voter fraud. There have been very conspicuous occurrences since the opening salvo of village council elections. The first may have been the brazen consumption of alcohol by UDP supporters during the course of elections in Orange Walk. Video footage has been provided which shows the UDP imbibing large bottles of Superior Mexican beer in full view of the Police manning the elections. The footage also shows the Deputy Prime Minister in the company of the supporters drinking the beer. No official memo has been circulated proclaiming that on that day the law banning consumption of alcohol within an election polling area was lifted. Neither has a memo been circulated proclaiming that on that day only it was legal to deal in contraband. The decision by the Police (allegedly acting under orders from DPM Gaspar Vega) following the election to arrest 18 PUP supporters involved in an altercation while neglecting (up to this day) to arrest the UDP supporters involved was another instance. And then there is the abuse of government vehicles by the UDP. The UDP has pulled out government vehicles for every election over the past three weeks. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Protocol vehicles were used to bring thugs from Belize City to Orange Walk for elections in Orange Walk North. Ministers’ and UDP cronies’ government vehicles have been spotted in every village. The Deputy Prime Minister’s vehicle was used to shuttle voters to and from polling stations in Carmelita.

Minister of State Castro’s government vehicle was used to shuttle voters for elections in Belize Rural North. Three government vehicles packed with UDP supporters was in a parade this past weekend to celebrate UDP victory in a small village in Corozal. And that’s only the tip of the UDP abuse iceberg. The reality is this – whenever a government vehicle moves, taxpayers pay for the fuel, the maintenance, the driver’s overtime and the driver’s subsistence allowance. For the past three

weeks, taxpayers have been forced to dig deeper into their packets to pay for the UDP political work. This is not speculation. The UDP are doing it in plain view for everybody to see. And then there is the voter fraud which is no less obvious. In Carmelita, at the last minute the Deputy Prime Minister was seen trying to push in a voter who did not live in and was not registered to vote in the village. In Burrell Boom, no less than nine cases were caught in which Minister Castro was trying to get residents from outside of the village to vote. And there have been more reports coming in from other villages over the past three weeks. Mr. Barrow is aware of all these things – of that there can be no doubt. He knows that contraband beer was being consumed illegally in Orange Walk. He knows that government vehicles are being grossly abused during the elections, and he knows that taxpayers will foot those bills. And Mr. Barrow knows that there have been instances of voter fraud during the elections.

Mr. Barrow has not been at all recalcitrant in his cautioning Belizeans to tighten their belts because we are in for a rocky ride and the worst is yet to come. He has not been at all recalcitrant in hammering Belizeans with more taxes. But Mr. Barrow has been recalcitrant in speaking about the wrongs being perpetrated by his ministers and cronies during elections; wrongs which are costing us both in our pockets and in our dwindling hopes for democratic and fair governance. If Mr. Barrow continues to be silent, then it is fair comment that he condones the actions of his colleagues. There is already fair to middling belief that Mr. Barrow deliberately and frequently holds his breath to avoid that persistent whiff of corruption around him. Just as the results of the village council elections will be a measuring stick of the UDP’s performance thus far, so too will the conduct of the elections be a determination of the degree to which Mr. Barrow has been corrupted by his absolute power.

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No Meaningful Relief…

While the fear over one’s personal security on account of the government’s failure to control the lawlessness that has taken hold of the nation has been a major concern recently, the people’s immediate concern remains the rising cost of living and the government’s inability to offer any meaningful relief. At the same time, the government itself has driven up prices, heaping more hardships on the people as a result of the 25% increase in the General Sales Tax’s rate that took effect on April 1st. After more than two years in office, it is time for Prime Minister Honorable Dean Barrow and his United Democratic Party government to quit blaming the global financial crisis for the nation’s astronomical cost of living. They must also stop wasting time and take action now to ease the burden on those who are most vulnerable and in need. While they have allocated a portion of this year’s Budget to social assistance to the poor, the monthly stipend approved for those in the program does not amount to much – it does not even cover food for a day. Imagine that! In fact, in the key areas on which Mr. Barrow and the UDP campaigned for the job, things have worsened. Who can forget that they raised the people’s expectations when they promised to lower the cost of living “no matta what” or that they promised to rein in crime or that they promised to create thousands of new jobs or that they promised that they could attract foreign investors. Despite their best intentions, they have failed miserably on all counts. And not surprisingly, they themselves have been responsible for exacerbating the cost of living. From the time Mr. Barrow and the UDP took office, they have imposed tax upon tax that has had a devastating effect on the people and that has sucked the lifeblood out of the economy. Their excuse for the crippling taxes has been that they need the money to bridge the budget deficit or else the government will be unable to function effectively. But the result has been that many persons even of the middle class can barely eke out a living and are spending a disproportionate amount of their incomes on basics such as food and utilities, which leaves little else for all their other responsibilities. It is no surprise then that it is increasingly difficult for many families to make ends meet from paycheck to paycheck just now. Anyone who has gone to the grocery store or local markets recently has returned home well aware that the same amount of money at the start of the year buys much less than it does now. Even zero-rated items seem to be selling at higher prices than they should be. So much for the government’s much ballyhooed consumer protection. Naturally, those persons and their families who were barely scraping by since February 2008 are now under the most pressure and those that were on the brink of poverty are now indigent and hungry. The statistics are right there that the numbers of the poor are inching towards 50% of the nation’s population under Mr. Barrow and the UDP. And to make matters worse, an education is quickly becoming a luxury for too many children. No wonder that many are turning to a life of crime just to put

Cost of Living



something to eat on their tables. Meanwhile, opening bills is not much fun either when the utilities’ prices keep going up and by large amounts. The Public Utilities Commission recently approved a 12 ½% hike in water rates that took effect April 1st. And it would not be a stretch of the imagination to expect that the Belize Electricity Limited will find a way to pass on the 300% increase in business tax imposed on it by the government


that also took effect on April 1st. And electricity bills may become even more burdensome to households, particularly when fuel on which BEL is heavily dependent keeps going up at the pumps. Sadly, the reality of the situation is that the average Belizean’s wages is such that even the basic standard of living cannot be maintained. It is clear that wages have not kept pace with the cost of living and the government, the nation’s largest employer, is operating


like it is a foregone conclusion that it will freeze wages this year. But Mr. Barrow and the UDP have failed to realize that the cost of living is constantly increasing due to stagnant incomes and that it costs significantly more for rent, utilities, groceries, fuel, health care and miscellaneous goods and services since workers received their last pay raise. Indeed times are tough and many have tightened their belts and accepted a continuing decline in their standard of living. But the cost of living has increased beyond reasonable limits and it is clear that the nation does not have a visionary and caring government that has the people’s interests as its primary objective. The people made a mistake when they allowed Mr. Barrow and the UDP to convince them that they could make all the difference. The fact of the matter is that the cost of living under the People’s United Party was never as high as it is now and that they trivialized the nation’s problems.



Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fisherman Remanded to Prison Blease Charged With Attempted Murder Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charge for Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

Leon Blease

BELIZWE CITY, Wed. April 298, 2010 Leon Blease, 25, charged with attempted murder, pled guilty to the lesser charge of use of deadly means of harm on Monday, April 26. A charge of grievous harm, which was also on the indictment, was withdrawn. The trial judge, Justice Herbert Lord, has deferred sentencing until Friday, April 30 to give Blease’s attorney Arthur Saldivar time to prepare a plea for mitigation. Blease decided to change his plea from not guilty to guilty after the victim, Freddy Grant, 35, took the witness stand and testified. Grant was a reluctant witness. Last Friday, after the jury of 5 men and 4 women was empanelled Grant had indicated that he would not testify. Bur Crown Counsel Christelle Wilson through

gentle persuasion managed to get him to change his mind. Grant was shot three times on the night of September 17, 2008. Grant said he left Red House Bar, located in the Conch Shell Bay Area and he was walking towards Vernon Street when he saw Blease on a bicycle on Vernon Street Bridge. Grant testified that Blease rode up to him and when he was about 5 to 6 feet away he stopped, planted his feet on the ground and without getting off the bicycle he took out a pistol from the waist of his pants and shot him in his left cheek. Grant said he tried to knock the pistol away with his hand but Blease drew back and fired another shot which struck him in the left side of his head. Grant turned around and began to run on West Collet Canal Street towards Pound Yard Bridge. He said that while he was running he was shot in his back and he fell to the ground and lost consciousness. He said when he regained consciousness, he heard three women telling him to get up and run. Grant got up and walked to the next side of the canal towards La Cabana Bar, located on East Collet Canal Street. He met the owner of the bar and after he said he was shot he was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was admitted to ward. Blease and Grant are serving time for separate robberies.

Cruz Encalada

BELIZE CITY, Wed. April 28, 2010 Cruz Encalada, 20, a fisherman of #20 Perez Road, Ladyville, who allegedly had sex with a 15 year old female high school student, was charged with unlawful carnal knowledge when he appeared in the #1 Magistrate’s Court on Monday, April 26. Chief Magistrate Margaret McKenzie explained to him that she couldn’t take a plea from him because the offence is indictable. She also explained to him that the Court could

not grant him bail because of the nature of the offences. She remanded him into custody until May 26. The incident occurred at around 2:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 24. The girl, who resides in Ladyville, reported to the Police that she was walking on Perez Road on her way home when Encalada known to her as “Cruzie” called her from his house and offered to lend her his bicycle to go home on. According to the girl, Cruzie told her that for him to get the bicycle she had to jump through a window and open the back door for him. She said she agreed because she wanted o borrow the bicycle and after she jumped through the window and opened the door she told Cruzie she wanted to leave. But Cruzie told her, she said, that he wanted some “bodies” and he refused to let her go. She said Cruzie took her into a room and had sex with her against her will. The girl was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where she was examined by a doctor who certified that she was carnally known.

Gentle Remanded To Prison on Charge of Robbery of Firearm

Mark Gentle

BELIZE CITY, Wed. April 28, 2010 Mark Gentle, 25, who was wanted by the Police in connection with the robbery of a firearm, was taken to Court on Monday, April 26, after Police detained him on Saturday, April 24. Gentle appeared in the #4 Magistrate’s

Court and pled not guilty to robbery. Magistrate Aretha Ford explained to him that the Court could not offer him bail because the offence was committed with a firearm. She remanded him into custody until June 10. The incident occurred at around 12:28 p.m. on Wednesday, March 31. Leon Howard, 25, a security guard of Triple A Security, reported to the Police that he was on Victoria Street near to the entrance of Price Alley when he was approached from behind by a clearcomplexioned who had dreadlocks. Howard said the man put the nozzle of a gun to his back, then searched the right front pocket of his pants and took out a Taurus brand .38 revolver which contained 5 live .38 calibre rounds of ammunition. Howard said the man then rode into Price Alley and disappeared. The revolver, the property of Triple A Security, was valued at $1,500. It has not been recovered.

Sunday, May 2, 2010



US Citizen Charged For Unlicensed Student and ReadyCall Supervisor Firearm and Ammunition Freed Of Robbery Charge they saw throw away a firearm, was

Nathaniel Bowen Jr.

BELIZE CITY, Wed. April 28, 2010 American national Nathaniel Bowen Jr., 19, who the Police alleged


ch a r g e d w i t h ke e p i n g a f i r e a r m a n d a m mu n i t i o n w i t h o u t a g u n license when he appeared in the #5 Magistrate’s Court on Monday, April 26. Bowen pled not guilty to the charges. Magistrate Albert Hoare explained to him that the Cour t could not offer him bail because of the nature of the offences. He remanded Bowen into custody until June 10. T he incident occur r ed at around 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 24. The Police reported that they were on motorcycle patrol on Albert Street wh en th eir a tten tio n wa s drawn to Bowen who was riding a beach cruiser bicycle. According to the Police when Bowen saw them he began to ride fast and so they pursued him. The Police said that when they were on George Street and were about 15 feet away from Bowen they saw him throw an object into a yard. They reported that they apprehended Bowen and took him back to the spot where they saw him throw the object. They said when they retrieved the object it was a black and chrome 9 m m p i s t o l , S m i t h a n d We s s o n brand, with 7 rounds of ammunition in its magazine.

Omar Espat

BELIZE CITY, Wed. April 28, 2010 Two men, Pedro Pena, 27 and Omar Espat, 19, who were charged with robbery when they appeared in the #6 Magistrate’s Court on Monday, April 26, were fortunate when the complainant Kenroy Alexander Cox, 29, asked that the charg e be withdrawn. C ox t o l d M a g i s t r a t e D o r o t hy Flowers who had already offered the defendants bail and adjourned their case, that he did it because he knows the father of one of the defendants and the father told him that his son will soon become a father. As a result, Magistrate Flowers withdrew the charge. The robbery occurred at around 12:30 a.m. on Friday, April 23. Cox, the owner of Paragan

Investment Limited, reported to the Police that he was at Thirsty Thursday, located on Newtown Barracks, when he was befriended by Espat and Pena. He said Espat and Pena offered to take him to Ladyville to meet some girls and he accepted the offer. He said all three of them got into his Jeep Cherokee and he drove off. C ox s a i d w h i l e h e w a s driving on Princess Margaret Drive and was in front of Nazarene High School, Espat who was in the back seat, grabbed him around his neck and began to choke him, while Pena, who was seated beside him, began to punch him. Cox said he began to wrestle with Espat in the back seat and he decided to exit his vehicle when he heard Espat tell Pena to get the knife. Cox opened the door and jumped out of the Cherokee. Pena and Espat then drove away in the vehicle taking with them Cox’s wallet containing $1,000, his cell phone and his CD player. Cox later went back to Thirsty Thursday and he found his Cherokee parked in the parking lot. The discovery of Espat’s cell-phone in the Cherokee led police to him. When the Police went to Espat’s house on Saturday, April 24, they found him with the wallet belonging to Cox with all the money in it.

Bus Conductor Charged With 2 Counts of Unlawful Carnal

Felipe Kotch

BELIZE CITY, Wed. April 28, 2010 Fe l i p e K o t c h , 3 3 , b u s conductor of Benque Viejo Del Car men who allegedly had sex with a 15 year old high school student inside the bus he works on, was charged with 2 counts of unlawful car nal knowledg e when he appeared today in the #3 Magistrate’s Court. Magistrate Kathleen Lewis explained to Kotch that she could not take a plea from him because the offences

are indictable. She also explained to Kotch that the court could not offer him bail because of the nature of the offences. She remanded him into custody until May 31. The girl reported to the Po l i c e t h a t t h e f i r s t i n c i d e n t occurred in March and the second occurred around 8:30 a.m. on April 18. The girl told Police that she was on her way home when she met Kotch at the parking lot on Cemetery Road near to the Pound Yard Bridge. She said Kotch invited her into the bus and he had sex with her. The girl did not say whether Kotch had sex with her in the bus on the first occasion. The girl was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital on April 24. She was examined by a doctor who certified that she was carnally known.

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Castro lets Cubans build their own homes

HAVANA, Cuba (AFP) - Facing intense demand for housing, the communist government of President Raul Castro is granting permits that let Cubans build homes with their own resources, officials said on Tuesday. In communist Cuba, where the state runs the economy, home building until now has been a government affair. Cuba, with 11.2 million people, has a severe housing shortage aggravated by three hurricanes that tore through the island two years ago, damaging half a million homes and causing 10 billion dollars in damage. According to government figures more than half a million homes are needed.

The Cuban government announced in 2006 a goal of building 100,000 new homes a year, a target that eventually was cut in half. Last year Castro authorized Cubans to "build your homes with whatever you can." Cuba's Housing Institute has started granting "self-effort" building permits, the state-run Radio Rebelde said Tuesday. The permits are to build new homes, or expand or repair existing homes, Institute president Roberto Vazquez said. More than 80 percent of Cubans are homeowners, but by law cannot sell their homes. They can however swap them under a government system called the permuta. Some building materials are sold in government run stores at subsidized prices, but most are sold in stores that only accept foreign currency. It was not immediately clear how most Cubans, who make an average of about 20 dollars a month, might obtain supplies with which to build. People who receive money sent back by family living abroad, a small minority, certainly look likely to benefit. Average Cubans often turn to the black market and buy construction materials pilfered from government supplies or construction sites.

The Royal Grenada Police swooped down on the compounds of a seaside restaurant in the Westerhall area of St. David’s on Saturday following the arrest of the owner, Aundel Benoit and another local man in St. Thomas with millions of dollars worth of Cocaine in their possession. Residents in the area spotted units of the Drug Squad, and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) moving in and out of the Mangrove Restaurant & Bar on the weekend. Word had spread throughout the island that two Grenadians were caught last week Tuesday on board a yacht named “Laurel” in the Virgin Islands with 250 kilos of cocaine in their possession. The operation which was conducted by the DEA St. Thomas HIDTA Task Force along with the DEA Caribbean Corridor Strike Force seized 250 kilos of cocaine that has a street value of US $5 million or EC$13.6 million. The vessel was traveling north from Grenada in international waters east of the British Virgin Islands. It was intercepted by the US Coast Guard Cutter, Farallon which escorted the 54-foot sailing vessel to St. Thomas. The drugs were located in a hidden compartment inside the hull of the vessel. The two Grenadians, Aundel Benoit, originally of Hope Vale, St. George’s who operates the Mangrove Restaurant in Westerhall, St. David’s, and Carlyle Williams, a resident of Cherry Hill, St. George’s and associated with Island Rentals are now in police custody in St. Thomas facing prosecution for drug trafficking. Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Head of the local Drug

Squad, Superintendent Rodriquez James said his department was contacted by the DEA to assist with internal investigations as part of the general operation. Supt. James said that the Drug Squad had detained a number of Grenadians and Jamaicans on the island in an effort to help the DEA do some necessary background checks. The last time the DEA conducted a sting operation in Grenada it led to the arrest and imprisonment of La Potrie resident, Diego Peters for the illegal possession of 45 kilos of cocaine. A local newspaper in the Virgin Islands gave the following account on the detention of the vessel: The crews of a Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen MH-65 Dolphin helicopter and a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Dash8 aircraft detected the sailing vessel Laurel Monday, after a tactical response request by the DEA St. Thomas HIDTA Task Force. Vessel Laurel was traveling north from Grenada in international waters east of the British Virgin Islands. The Coast Guard Cutter Reef Shark diverted and intercepted the 54-foot sailing vessel, approximately 17 nautical miles east of British Virgin Islands’ Virgin Gorda. The Coast Guard Cutter Farallon later arrived on scene and escorted the Laurel to Saint Thomas, where a multi-agency boarding of the sailing vessel was conducted by Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection law enforcement personnel. As a result of the inspection, the boarding teams recovered 250 square brick-like packages located in a hidden compartment inside the hull of the vessel. The bricks were field tested and yielded positive as cocaine. On Tuesday Coast Guard law enforcement personnel detained the two Laurel crew members aboard the sailing vessel, where Drug Enforcement Administration agents of the St. Thomas HIDTA Task Force arrested them and took them into custody along with the drug shipment onboard. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in the U.S. Virgin Islands and DOJ components agreed to prosecute the two suspected smugglers of the cocaine shipment estimated to have a street value of approximately $ 5 million dollars. This investigation is being handled by the DEA St. Thomas HIDTA Task Force.

Grenadians held with EC$13.6M Worth of Cocaine in St. Thomas

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Anti-corruption steps key at Haiti fund, says World Bank WASHINGTON, USA (Reuters) -- World Bank officials promised public postings of construction spending and other anti-corruption measures while overseeing a multibillion-dollar rebuilding fund for quake-ravaged Haiti. The newly appointed manager of the Haiti trust fund, Josef Leitmann, said he will apply the highest standards of financial management, as well as worldclass procurement and environmental and social safeguards, while the World Bank acts as fiscal agent for the impoverished country's reconstruction. "We know that good governance is key to making sure that these funds are used effectively," Leitmann said during a briefing on Saturday. "So transparency and accountability and fighting corruption will be very much a part of what we do." International donors last month pledged a total of $9.9 billion, including $5.3 billion in the next two years, to help rebuild Haiti after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake in January that killed as many as 300,000 people and caused massive damage in the Caribbean country. The World Bank director for the Caribbean, Yvonne Tsikata, announced anti-corruption measures -- including some already put in place by the Haitian government -- that are meant to ensure transparency and accountability. "While one cannot obviously control every single aspect of corruption, I can say that we are putting in place systems that will help detect corruption and make sure that there is some recourse, if indeed that's detected," Tsikata said. Tsikata said all the contracts and projects will be published and posted on the Haiti Reconstruction website and existing asset declarations, already required of the president and government ministers, will be extended to officials involved in the reconstruction process. World Bank officials also announced creation of an anti-corruption unit within the Interim Commission for Haiti's Reconstruction, which Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive co-chairs with former US President Bill Clinton. Haiti had made remarkable progress in governance and the fight against

corruption in the past few years, World Bank officials said. The creation of a Haitian anticorruption unit and a supreme audit institution, the passage of a national procurement bill and improvements of the budget process, the publication of monthly execution reports are considered positive steps by Haitian authorities toward fighting corruption, World Bank officials say. "In 2005, 60 percent of budget expenditures occurred without prior approval, in 2009, that number was down to 3 percent," Tsikata said. "These are very real improvements in economic governance in Haiti." The Trust fund is set up and ready to go, Leitmann said, but the World Bank is waiting for contributions to actually come in. The first contract will be signed next week with a donor whose name was not revealed. Announcements about funds contributed will be made within the next two or three weeks, officials say. "We're not wasting time," Leitmann said. "We're going ahead with the design of individual investments and programs so that, when the money is in place, we can immediately move to finance and disburse." "We are in this for the long term. It is going to be a seven-year process of financing the reconstruction, implementing and again using grant resources," Leitmann said. World Bank officials say the Haitian government will chair the governing body of the trust fund and will drive the reconstruction process.

GEORGETOWN, Guyana (GINA) -A purchase order for another shipment of rice Guyana to Venezuela was signed by the governments of Guyana and Venezuela on Thursday. Minister of Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud made this disclosure to media operatives during his press briefing at his office Regent and Vlissengen Roads. The agreement inked in Venezuela by the Guyana Rice Development Board’s General Manager, Jagnarine Singh and Ven-

ezuelan Government officials is aimed at expanding and diversifying local markets while providing more opportunities for farmers. The rice purchase agreement stemmed from a historic trade deal between Venezuela and Guyana for the procurement of rice, and has created a market of 10,000 tonnes of paddy and 40,000 tonnes of white rice to be exported to the Spanish speaking country. The trade agreement which was instigated in October last saw its first shipment of 5000 tonnes of paddy being sent off to the neighboring country in December of last year. The deal is worth $3.7B and provides for US$330 and US$500 per metric tonne for paddy and white rice respectively. Exportation is of great importance to the agriculture sector since it is the Ministry’s approach to diversify markets; hence allowing farmers to benefit from better prices and timely payment. With Government’s continued support, rice production and export have increased significantly. This has resulted from both expansion of the areas cultivated and increases in yield.

Guyana to export more rice to Venezuela

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Elodio Aragon


62.84 acres

Millersw Bight, Orange Walk

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¡El principio del fin del UDP!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


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Rápido desvanecimiento de la luz roja...

Tres semanas después de las elecciones del consejo de aldea del 2010, la popularidad del Partido Democrático Unido está desvaneciéndose a medida que continúa perdiendo terreno. En el 2008 el Partido Democrático Unido, dominó las elecciones generales en las que capturaron 25 de los 31 escaños y 66 por ciento del total de votos emitidos. En el 2009, durante las elecciones del Ayuntamiento de la ciudad, el UDP volvió a ganar de manera convincente sobre el Partido Unido del Pueblo al ganar 64 de 67 asientos. Dos años más tarde, y en tres semanas de las elecciones del Concejo de aldea, el dominio UDP ha comenzado a desvanecerse. Los comunicados de prensa semanales que salen de la sede del partido hablan de victorias individuales, tratando de encubrir el hecho de que en los pueblos de todo el país la popularidad de esta administración Barrow se está reduciendo rápidamente. Ya pueblos que antes se consideraban bastiones del UDP han hecho cambios radicales dramáticos en todo el país. En pueblos firmes como, Chan Pine Ridge, Blackman Eddy, Jalacte, Willows bank, Hopkins, Independence, San Román y Jordania, partidas UDP han sido rechazadas por aquellos que están hartos de la victimización, el amiguismo y la mala gestión de un gobierno que parece incapaz de resolver los problemas de la comunidad y la nación. 2010 Luego de tres semanas La Grafica muestra que el UDP ha perdido la mayoría de las aldeas, las cuales se comparten entre el PUP y los independiente En ningún otro lugar es esto más evidente que en el Sur, particular-

mente en el Occidente, en Stann Creek donde el UDP desde hace mucho tiempo reclamó como su propiedad pueblos como Placencia. A principios de este mes los pobladores de esa comunidad conmocionaron a la dirección del UDP mediante la elección de un Consejo Independiente. En Hopkins, el UDP perdio ante el PUP. En el oeste, donde está representado todo ese distrito en la Cámara de Representantes por los UDPS, en una de las aldeas más grandes, Esperanza, el UDP perdido ante un consejo de candidatos independientes. Incluso en aquellos pueblos donde el UDP cuenta con victorias como en Trial Farm, un patrón está emergiendo. En Trial Farm, por ejemplo, un bastión del UDP, el vice primer ministro Gaspar Vega, en las Elecciones Generales ganó en Trial Farm por más de 380 votos. El 18 de abril del 2010 el margen de victoria se redujo a 173. Con todo el dinero que el UDP está invirtiendo en estas elec-

ciones, incluido el dinero de los contribuyentes para hacer obras viales y sistemas de agua, está claro que la gente está convencida de que todo esto es parte de los trucos de esta elección. Los millones prometidos a las comunidades rurales e incluidas en el Manifiesto del UDP no se materializaron, de hecho, incluso el dinero que se habia destinó a grandes proyectos en el Norte, como el dinero de la UE para la pavimentación de la carretera de San Esteban a Progreso fue desviado para la actualización de Albert y Regent Street. Los aldeanos de todo el país no han olvidado esto y no respondieron con actos de desobediencia civil, sino a través de la boleta electoral. En el 2007, cuando el PUP estaba en el cargo, y las elecciones de consejo de la aldea se celebraron un año antes de las elecciones generales, el UDP fue capaz de ganar cerca de 50 por ciento de las elecciones en las aldeas del consejo. Al ritmo de las tendencias actuales, el UDP se sitúa muy por debajo de dicha marca cuando muchos pueblos y comunidades que antes se consideraban bastiones del UDP comienzan a alejarse de lo rojo en favor de consejos independientes. Tal fue el caso en Esperanza, Placencia y Caye Caulker. Un área donde el UDP ha visto cambios dramáticos en su popularidad es en los pueblos más grandes, donde 400 o más votantes residen. De los 20 pueblos grandes en los que se han celebrado hasta la fecha las elecciones, las victorias UDP

una vez dominante están reduciéndose. Hasta ahora, el UDP ha ganado 10 de estos pueblos, sobre todo por márgenes escasos, mientras que el PUP y consejos independientes tienen un promedio del 50 por ciento, una clara indicación de que el UDP ya no puede reclamar ningún dominio político en las comunidades rurales. Con mas de 100 aldeas que aún no han acudido a las urnas, los UDPS ya están sintiendo la presión, tanto es así que han estado publicando comunicados de prensa semanales, con resultados no oficiales, incluso antes de que los resultados oficiales se han publicados por el Departamento de Elecciones y Límites, cuyo trabajo consiste en declarar oficialmente quienes fueron elegidos en estas elecciones. Mientras que el PUP sigue centrado en la reconstrucción y el retorno de la Parte a la gente, una promesa hecha por el Jefe del partido el Excmo. John Briceño en el momento de su elección, los ejecutivos de las divisiones con los grupos rurales han participado activamente en las elecciones de las aldeas donde la gente ha pedido ayuda. En las aldeas en las que se les pidió a los ejecutivos locales apoyar a los consejos independientes, el Partido sigue respetando la voluntad de la gente. El Jefe del partido declaró en la radio y la televisión nacional que estas elecciones no deben ser por la política nacional, sino por la calidad de vida de las comunidades y, como tal, el Partido seguirá manteniendo su atención sobre las elecciones en el consejo de la aldea y la gente en esas comunidades.

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Zona Libre para todos... En las noticias de anoche escuchamos un cuento mágico en el que un contenedor en la aduana estaba lleno y luego estaba vacío - y nadie, ni un alma puede decir donde esta el contenido. Hay informes vagos sobre lo que estaba en el contenedor, pero ¿quién puede creer esta m@ # &%a? el nombre y sello de Raúl Rosado el CEO de la zona

libre esta en el documento que valida el contenedor y su contenido, pero puedes apostar tu último dólar que no hay nadie que va a preguntarle las preguntas difíciles, porque fue nombrado por Gaspar Vega por sus fuertes vínculos familiares... La conclusión es que el hombre a cargo de la Zona Libre fue nombrado por el hombre que fue llamado en la Cámara de Representantes como el mayor “contrabandista” de Belice. Usted ponga las piezas juntas... Si no es así...! Ay hombre... Sólo tengo que creer que el estupido editor del Guardian se cayó y se golpeo la cabeza y se le ocurrió la primera página a el solito. Simplemente no hay manera de que los responsables del UDP puedan ser tan monstruosamente, groseramente, monumentalmente y exorbitantemente idiotas. Por otra parte tal vez le estoy dando demasiado


rompecabezas de Barbie edad 3+ y no puede descubrirlo. Y al respecto del Land Cruiser a prueba de balas, parece del tipo de vehiculo que los miembros de un cártel tal vez utilizaría mientras están en Belice... hmmm, tal vez Fonso no vio el documento de amplia difusión que está haciendo la salvaje (o no) acusación de que el Sr. GAPI está mezclado con el cartel mexicano... maldito chico... Si no es así...! No llores... Imaginen mi sorpresa cuando oí al afeminado quejándose en la radio WAVE esta semana. Casi me salgo de la carretera cuando lo oí llorar histéricamente por los ataques personales contra él y su infortunado hermano y proclamaba que eran tan injustos. Tengo noticias para ti, traficante de carbón. No es el PUP quien hace las denuncias de fraude electoral. Estas fueron hechas por personas que llaman a los diferentes programas matutinos. Personalmente estoy a favor de mantener la familia fuera de los líos políticos. Pero mi amiguito, no puedes tirar piedras y luego salir corriendo a esconderte. The Guardian se ha hecho conocido por sus ataques personales maliciosos y aunque sabemos que el no escribe nada allí (sabemos que tiene problema con palabras con más que una sílaba) usted es el editor, después de todo. Revise sus ediciones anteriores (sin juego de palabras, pero es curioso como el infierno de todos modos) y verás lo que quiero decir. Los ataques, no hay otros más personales y desagradables que los hechos por el UDP. Si usted no puede aguantar el calor, sálgase de la cocina, mi amigo. Pero bueno, dicho esto y ya que no puedo soportar ver llorar a un hombre crecido, nosotros haremos nuestra parte y dejaremos el negocio de la familia solo. Promesa... Si no es así...!

Flippin loro es considerado uno de los patadas a un hombre (?) Cuando ya se encuentra en el suelo, pisándole fuerte la más brillantes... Si no es así...! cabeza y luego pasar sobre él tu vehículo y luego retroceder sobre el ... ok estoy ¿Quién consiguió el si? Hay un cierto pelo largo ex SIS seguro de que ya tienes la idea. El pobre pájaro dodo que llamaremos apendejo, muchacho (?), hizo todo, menos lamerle los pies y las manos al buitre calvo y una oferta de por vida para darle masajes en la espalda en la Cámara, justo después de enterarse de el inminente cambio ministerial. Hombre, estaba jadeando detrás de la cabeza del gallo como una gallina en celo. Él debería haber sabido mejor. Ahora el compañero (?) Es el hazmerreír de todo el norte, exigiendo un recuento en San José Nuevo Palmar, porque su partida perdido por más de 200 votos. Es gracioso, ¿no? También es muy divertido el hecho de que el UDP ha declarado oficialmente que una partida independiente gano en esa aldea, que ha estado pidiendo una oportunidad sin embargo, Cardona también está como un adicto a la cocaína para su protestando en la base de que el PUP próximo hit. Al parecer, ya el buitre calvo estaba influyendo en los votantes. Pobre dio el visto bueno y el anda diciéndoles tonto. Luego, para colmo de males a los miembros de su familia que va a Cardona fue expulsado de sus propias ser el mandamás, el nuevo Ministerio elecciones en Orange Walk este fin de de Transporte. Eso no es una buena semana. En Carmelita se le dijo que se noticia para Flippin o para el ministro perdiera debido a que GAPI y la porrista cochino, cuya hermana en transporte del UDP Landy estaban manejando las ya se le ha dicho que esta en la lista de cosas... Si no es así...! los pendejos. Las primeras indicaciones Un examen de glucosa... eran que el buitre rey quería esperar que Un grupo de estudiantes de Corozal se celebraran las elecciones del consejo de aldea, pero la fortuna del UDP no están considerando circular una petición es precisamente muy brillante y el gran queso se vera obligado a tomar una decisión pronto... Si no es así...! Retroceda Ministro cochino... Es un poco obvio que pendejo, le ha prometido algo significativo, porque de repente a vuelto a crecer un par de cojones grandes que había perdiendo. El Ministro cochino le dio una palmada

Espantoso... Palabra que sale de la Oficina del Primer Ministro es que el ministro Flippin va a estar buscando nuevo alojamiento más temprano que tarde. En una entrevista en el norte el domingo, el buitre calvo indicó que estaba muy disgustado con su representante de Stann Creek de la zona crédito. De todos modos, para hacer el cuento corto el Guardian esta halagando a la aduana por dos grandes resultados – aguanta esto, para el contenedor en la Aduana y para el Toyota a prueba de balas (no estoy seguro de cómo se puede acreditar a Aduanas el Toyota a prueba de balas, si su terreno están siendo utilizando solo como garaje). Hombre, Fonso, Aduanas está ahora involucrado en el mayor escándalo de los últimos tiempos, tratando de averiguar cómo un contenedor cambio de Lleno a vacío sin ninguna explicación. Todos los demás en el mundo racional están diciendo, ¿qué demonios? incluidos los funcionarios de aduana, y Fonso los está halagando. Ese tipo es tan estúpido que duele. Escucha, GAPI, no seas demasiado duro con el pobre - no es demasiado brillante y tal vez la circular era demasiado complicada. Tal vez no se dio cuenta de que las Aduanas están investigando el asunto y la gente piensa sobre GAPI cuando oyen lo del contrabando y Raúl Rosado está involucrado en alguna parte y Rosado es el niño de GAPI. Parece bastante sencillo, pero tal vez Fonso se encuentra aún en los tiempos del

a pendejo quien realizó un viaje-a 41 millas y le dijo a los ocupantes ilegales hispanos que el gordo de Belmopan no tiene autoridad para decirles que se muevan de la tierra y deben quedarse donde están. Eso va a ser una situación muy desagradable realmente rápido, con el Ministro cochino y el ministro pendejo y los ocupantes ilegales y los aspirantes a ocupantes de 41 millas quienes están en el medio... Si no es así...!

occidental y el castigo por su fracaso en las elecciones de consejo de aldea estaba definitivamente en orden. Eso es una mala noticia para el hombre que parecía tener todas las respuestas, pero que fue rechazado profundamente. Eso es como predicar y no practicar, viejo. Usted ha sido el maestro de la farsa por mucho tiempo y que los aldeanos abandonados decidieron enviar una llamada de atención, o en este caso una gran llamada. Si no sabes acerca de tu carta de despido inminente, recibirás la noticia oficial en las próximas seis semanas. Lo mas espantoso es que de el gabinete del buitre calvo de aves dodo,

Sunday, May 2, 2010

para recaudar fondos para enviar al Ministro de Salud de regreso a la escuela. Este informe llegó después de que mi amiguito Pablo visitó una escuela recientemente y pregunto a algunos estudiantes lo que estaban trabajando. Ellos respondieron que se trataba de una prueba simple de glucosa, pensando que como ministro de salud Pablo tendría un poco de conocimiento por lo menos. Imagine su sorpresa y decepción cuando nuestro ministro de salud se rascó la cabeza con perplejidad y les preguntó qué era eso... ¡Dios! Si usted está interesado en unirse al movimiento para enviar a Pablo de regreso a la escuela llamen al 0-800-ayuda-a-tonto... Si no es así...!

Deje de jugar... La Oficina del Primer Ministro Oh Marcel... Se siente casi injusto burlarse de ha anunciado la formación y puesta Marcel Cardona, un poco como dar en marcha los Asesores de Ciencia del primer ministro. Al parecer, su mandato es el de dirigir el camino y crear una estrategia de "promoción económica de Belice a través de la ciencia, la tecnología y la innovación." Hombre, dejen de estar jugando. Necesitamos un consejo para detener la robadera en el Ayuntamiento. Necesitamos un consejo para recoger la basura y limpiar la ciudad. Necesitamos un consejo para controlar el costo de los bienes básicos en las tiendas. Tenemos que tomar en serio a Belice y dejar de tolerar distracciones del Sr. Barrow. Por favor, señor primer ministro... déjese de estupideces... Si no es así...!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Inician plan de atención a comunidades contaminadas con plaguicida

Los titulares de Medio Ambiente, Salud, Agricultura y la Asociación Nacional de Acueductos y Alcantarillados (Anda), presentaron hoy el plan de acción a las comunidades que permanecieron expuestas al plaguicida Toxafeno, abandonado hace diez años en las instalaciones de la ex fábrica Agrojell, en San Miguel. Una de las principales acciones a

realizar por parte de Anda es la colocación de burbujas de agua para abastecer de agua a las comunidades de las colonias Carrillo y Brisas I,II y II, a fin de evitar que sigan consumiendo agua de los pozos. Asimismo, iniciará la colocación de 10 cantareras comunitarias en el área conectadas a una tubería desde San Miguel hasta las comunidades en mención. El Ministerio de Salud, por su parte, realizará un censo familiar a través del cual se pueda identificar la existencia de perfiles renales y hepáticos por medio de muestras de sangre y orina. Mientras que el Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería realizará análisis de suelos con el objetivo de determinar si existe toxicidad en los productos.


480 mil empleos se pierden por piratería

El presidente del Comité de Derechos de Propiedad Intelectual de la American Chamber, Kiyoshi Tsuru, aseguró que la piratería provoca la pérdida de más de 480 mil empleos al año, además de que existe relación entre la piratería y

el crimen organizado, por lo que es fundamental crear acciones para combatir ambos ilícitos. Argumentó que el costo que representa para México el incremento de sólo uno por ciento en la tasa delictiva relacionada con el comercio de piratería es de 416 millones de dólares al año, lo cual es un reflejo de las graves consecuencias que tiene la violación a los derechos de propiedad intelectual'. Por ello, se pronunció por la creación de un Padrón Unico de Marcas Registradas que representará una herramienta de información fundamental para que la autoridades aduaneras detecten, aseguren y eviten la entrada al país de productos que violan la propiedad intelectual.

El gobierno de Venezuela continúa teniendo nexos con la guerrilla colombiana de las FARC, afirmó este miércoles el jefe del Comando Sur de Estados Unidos, general Douglas Fraser. "Hay una relación, un nexo, que ha sido documentado, entre el gobierno de Venezuela y las FARC. (...) Tengo entendido que eso continúa", afirmó Fraser en rueda de prensa. El general afirmó que los nexos incluirían "apoyo financiero, posibilitar sus capacidades desde un punto de vista logístico". Pero Fraser dijo no tener información de presencia de elementos de las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC)

en territorio venezolano. Funcionarios estadounidenses han afirmado en el pasado que existen indicios de colaboración entre el gobierno de Hugo Chávez con ese grupo guerrillero marxista.

El presidente de la Cámara de Transporte de Carga de Honduras (CTC), Benjamín Castro advirtió, este miércoles, que paralizarán el comercio terrestre con Nicaragua si siguen las restricciones que ese país mantiene con el rubro. Advirtió que dieron un plazo hasta el próximo viernes para que las autoridades nicaragüenses cambien de opinión y permitan que ellos puedan

operar y levantar mercadería en esa nación. Los transportistas visitaron el Congreso Nacional de Honduras y solicitaron al Poder Legislativo que se ordenen medidas recíprocas con los transportistas nicaragüenses. Castro manifestó que hay consenso entre todos los transportistas afectados para aplicar medidas contra los nicaragüenses.

Congresistas piden a Obama EEUU asegura que Venezuela sigue teniendo nexos con las FARC impugnar la Ley SB1070

Una veintena de legisladores demócratas demandó que el Departamento de Justicia del gobierno se junte inmediatamente con otras organizaciones para combatir la legislación en las cortes por violaciones a la Constitución. Washington. Una veintena de legisladores demócratas pidieron este miércoles al gobierno del presidente Barack Obama impugnar judicialmente la polémica ley antinmigrantes del estado de Arizona. "La petición al presidente Obama es que su Departamento de Justicia inmediatamente se junte con otras organizaciones para combatir esta ley en las cortes (...) por las violaciones de la Constitución y los derechos civiles", afirmó a periodistas el legislador demócrata por Arizona, Raúl Grijalva. El procurador general estadunidense, Eric Holder, informó el martes que el gobierno analizaba la ley de Arizona (suroeste) y no descartaba su "impugnación ante la Justicia". Los críticos de la ley de Arizona, promulgada el viernes y que define como delito la estancia sin papeles y exige a la Policía identificar a los ilegales a partir de "sospechas razon-

ables", afirman que promoverá la discriminación. Grijalva, quien estuvo acompañado por legisladores demócratas, varios de ellos representantes de los sectores hispano, asiático y negro, dijo sentirse "esperanzado" por el anuncio de Holder ya que tiene "confianza en que están en el proceso de preparar esa causa en las cortes". El legislador por Arizona instó a Obama a "empujar este Congreso" para que cierre filas hacia una reforma migratoria. La ley de Arizona "es el resultado del fracaso del gobierno federal en actuar" para impulsar la reforma, secundó la legisladora Nydia Velázquez (Nueva York). Obama se ha comprometido con la reforma migratoria, pero los propios congresistas demócratas admiten que no cuentan con los votos necesarios, y la posibilidad se alejó aún más esta semana cuando tomó distancia el único legislador republicano que negociaba un proyecto de ley en el Senado, Lindsay Graham. Iniciativas similares fueron abortadas en el Congreso en 2006 y 2007.

Transportistas amenazan con parar comercio en CA



Sunday, May 2, 2010


Sunday, May 2, 2010


I will lower the cost of living NO MATTA WHAT… I will not allow corruption in the UDP…

I will govern without fear or favour or ill-will… I will reduce GST to increase spending power… I will reduce tax so fuel stays below $7.00 a gallon…






Sunday, May 2, 2010

I will nationalize the petroleum company… I will build 5000 new homes…

I will stimulate the economy to increase investor confidence… I will create thousands of new jobs… I will build a state of the art forensics and DNA-testing facility…


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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Violence and the Health of a Nation

It’s not just the victims who “get shot.” “We, as a nation, ‘get shot.” Bernard E. Bulwer, MD Director of Medical Services KHMH April 26, 2010. It may not go down well with my mom that last week I took a walk after dark (alone) in my old neighbourhood, down Rivero Street, through Kraal Road, unto Faber’s Road. (For those unfamiliar with this neighbourhood— Kraal Road is synonymous with the current scourge of gun violence; this is the very street I spent countless hours playing draughts [checkers] during high school.) Last week Dr. Alain Gonzalez, one of our bright young doctors at the KHMH, made a timely presentation of the 2009 statistics on gunshot wounds at the KHMH. The numbers go beyond those killed and the incalculable loss of life. The numbers go beyond those maimed, or the physical scars. Last week, a twenty-eight year old Cuban volunteer doctor came all the way up from Big Creek to Belize City to attend the Annual Scientific Congress of the Cuban Medical Brigade— an annual newsworthy event that doesn’t make news headlines. What she sustained, however, was not a positive scientific onslaught by her fellow colleagues. Instead some debased young punk with a knife attacked this beautiful woman … with intentions to rob and kill. She ended up maimed, requiring immediate surgery. Her fellow Cubans rallied to her bedside—they did it all, both the nursing and the surgical care. She now bears these scars for life, and with it, some unpleasant memories of Belize. I apologized on behalf of my nation. If you’re versed in ancient hospitality, it is bad when your own gets hurt. It is worse when you do it to a stranger—worse still when it’s a stranger who volunteers to look after your sick … and a defenseless female at that. (As I don’t consider “him” a man, I entertained unmentionable thoughts about prescribing for “him” a surgical procedure commensurate with this assessment). Face the facts. We have become a violent nation. This violence is not confined to guns and knives, but this broader definition is beyond the scope of this brief article. We don’t need to wait for the definitive research. The cost of crime is not just the incalculable loss of life for the victims and their families … I know. My eldest brother lost his life on his Camalote farm, and worse still, it was at the hands of a convicted murderer who was supposed to be behind bars. The fallout from this tragedy to his family and children continues. Therefore, it’s “not just the victims who ‘get shot.’” We, as a nation, get shot. As one on the frontlines of this fallout, I say to Belize: It’s not just the five-, or ten-, or twenty- or fortythousand dollars of your taxes that goes into emergency medical care, surgical care, nursing care, medications, medical equipment, and hospi-

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talization (for each gunshot victim) at the KHMH—it’s the incalculable loss of life, and the near resignation of us as a people to this seemingly neverending tragedy. Belize had 95 murders in 2009; the KHMH recorded 91 other gunshot victims who showed up alive at the emergency department. (Barbados, with a population similar to Belize, complained about their high murder rate totaling nineteen (19) murders in 2009. Complain, but know this … Sometimes up to two dozen medical staff (and more) gets involved with each gunshot victim. It’s not just the emergency room doctors and nurses … but also the surgeons, critical care doctors, operating theater staff, ICU staff, laboratory and blood bank technicians, ventilator and respiratory therapists attendants, and people who are tasked to deal with this violent fallout. Mul-

tiply this by the number of gunshot victims and other violent acts—and you then begin to understand the burden imposed on your hospital—the KHMH—which receives almost every accident and gunshot victim in this city. Complain, but know this … BECAUSE violent crime and accidents often leave the emergency cupboard bare—and where expensive medications, instead of going to the sick, end up diverted to the victims of violence … which causes you more frustration with your medical services—since victims of violence take priority over your child who is sick, or you with abdominal pain, or your high blood pressure or diabetes that’s out-of-control. For this very reason, you and your children and family may go to the KHMH Emergency Room where you may wait and wait, and get angry and

frustrated. It’s not just that granny can’t go out to exercise in the cool of the evening because she is afraid of being robbed, or shuts out the nice sea breeze because of fear … or that we must spend several thousand dollars on fences, burglar bars, and other security gadgets. Left unexplored are the psychological and business costs of living in a violent city. Deng Xiaoping, one of China’s transformative leaders in recent history, is credited with the saying, “It doesn’t matter if the cat is black or white, once it catches the mouse.” Perhaps, we need a Cuban-style approach to tackle violent crime (this was the essence of a remark by a Cuban volunteer in response to the violent attack on their colleague). When my dad was alive—he spoke (Cont'd on pg. 25)



Sunday, May 2, 2010

Violence and the Health of a Nation

It’s not just the victims who “get shot.” “We, as a nation, ‘get shot.”

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2 , TH

M A 0







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rubbish, rather than treasured, and ending up as buried treasure with unfulfilled potential. I wish part of our priority for our children is to get them (or ask your relatives to send) computers with internet connection (for education, not just music), rather than just fancy clothes and name-brand sneakers. We can complain all we want … Call the talk shows day in, day out … Vote one party in, and then vote one party out. We, as a nation we are in need of strong medicine …perhaps even radical surgery. The challenge is—who will bell the cat? Who is prepared to swallow the pill? Look in the mirror, and then I’ll tell you the answer. Sin cera; Bernard E. Bulwer



all, wittingly or unwittingly, presiding over its slow demise—especially the demise of those who call themselves natives. Many of us are pursuing our little narrow agendas … carving out our own little corners … while collectively we are losing (or have lost) our soul as a nation. The best way to boil a frog is to put him in cold water and then slowly turn up the heat. He ends up dying (comfortably) and without a fight. Belize, the heat is on. Some of us continue to fiddle while Rome burns. Many of us are being anesthetized, trying to find refuge in extraneous pursuits, entertainment, carnivals, foreign television, and stuff that is “easy on the mind”—while many of our sons (and daughters) die almost daily—handsome and strong young men who end up being disposed as


our children are being born, but not “raised.” Listen to the words of 2pac’s “Brenda’s got a baby”—the fallout is devastating. Just look at who bears the brunt of the death statistics or end up in jail. Belize a very special place. It may not float on as much oil as Kuwait, but we have natural stuff that oil money can’t buy. The richness of a nation, however, lies not in its geography, or simply in its economy. True wealth lies in the soul of its people. True wealth is like when the Germans and the Japanese—despite being militarily conquered and physically destroyed barely sixty-years ago—rebuilt themselves as leading nations … rebuilding not just their physical infrastructure, but also the heart and soul of their people. Shame on us as a nation! We are


of this coming scourge of crime. He often said that the problem of our neighbourhood (which was peaceful back then) was a “problem of parenting”—and that if your parents didn’t look after you … then the law would. Although he himself was politically opinionated, he decried the culture of “dependency on politicians.” He was a real man—he raised (not just fathered) twelve kids with his wife, my mother. He abandoned none of them, nor made excuses for why he couldn’t look after them. He didn’t finish primary school. We lacked much—but he built a roof over our heads. He told us we were never born slaves. He taught us the value of hard work, of honesty, and respect for others. He decried idleness, and I learnt early that “the devil finds work for idle hands.” He worked “cabinet” furniture, supplemented his income by building cement blocks the old-fashioned way. He acquired two small farms in “Boston” on the old Northern road where we spent most weekends. When I asked to play sports at Yarborough (now Yabra) field, he called that “pappysho”—and he said the best way to get exercise was for us to go to Boston, do some planting and reaping—and at the end of the day, you won’t just burn energy. You’ll end up with more than exercise … you’ll also end up with food on your table (This was the mindset of my selfemployed father who took seriously the reality of having a home with several mouths to feed). Mr. B. liked to share, but often lamented that some neighours would never once ask to go with him to the farm—yet they were quick to beg for farm produce when he returned from Boston. My mom—who I only recently learned made more money than Dad—ran a successful food business for many years. What I learned from her is incalculable, but that’s for another place, another time (Call me sexist if you want, but the evidence is that “it takes a man to raise a boy”—and raising boys lies at the heart of Belize’s gun problem). We have to find a way to “outlaw” idleness. All able-bodied young men and women should be in school or at work. There is no shortage of work to be done in Belize. We have an “employability” problem, not just one of employment. We have a nation to feed and a nation to build. The Mennonites aren’t known for their educational status, but they are by far, the richest people in Belize. Ignore their example at our peril (I’m referring to the overemphasis on “book” education). We need to halt the spread of Belize City slums—where an entrenched subculture of violence and the stuff that feeds it, have taken root; places full of “mud-ah-waata, London bridges and mosqitto”—places where poor folk end up spending the little money they earn to fill tiny house lots where they can’t plant food or raise chickens— perpetuating an environment and a cycle of deprivation, dependency, and frustration. Worse still, too many of


(Cont'd from pg. 25)






C H C A T , R A A E C H


Food and Drinks on Sale Bring Your Entir Family!


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Real P.U.P. My A$$!

By: Mike Rudon Jr. Just a little over two years ago, right around the time of the P.U.P. leadership convention, I heard the term 100% P.U.P. That was the absolutely first time that I got the inkling that there were different degrees of PUPness, so to speak; that if a certain line wasn’t toed or a certain agenda wasn’t followed, one could be sanctioned to a decrease in PUP-ness – depending on the severity of the infraction. This attempted bit of nonsense didn’t catch on (note the result of the convention) and the rest of us (all of us PUPs) moved on with the rebuilding of the

Party. I started off this way simply because this weekend I was reminded of how stupid it was to try and classify PUPs by degrees. This PUP thing is way bigger than that, and it sure as hell doesn’t belong to one person or one small group of people to do with it what they will. While the bad seed sown at that last leadership convention didn’t take root, the rule of probabilities has held true. Every movement and every cause, no matter how misguided or ridiculous, will probably attract a following. You all know who you are. This weekend I saw PUPs in full force – serving food to those on the front lines, fighting in the hot sun for every single vote from every single villager, tussling with the UDP when it was necessary, standing up in the face of the PM (where he dared to show his face) and generally letting the UDP know what it’s all about. Our warriors stood strong and held the lines even when the UDP brought in their thugs from the city – sunburned and

sweating, our PUPs sent a clear message. I saw this clearly in the villages of Ranchito and in Carmelita on Sunday, but from reports it is clear that the PUP is making a stand in every village we contest across the country. In the south and west of Belize, our warriors like Rodwell, Arthur, Dan, Nelson, Oscar, Mike, Obeah and many others are stepping to the line and sending a clear message to the UDP that enough is enough – Get the hell out! I saw something else too. I saw Party Leader John Briceno with his people manning the front lines, getting up in the faces of the UDP thugs. I saw him talking to villagers, asking for their support, walking voters to the polling stations. I saw him holding children while mothers went to vote, rallying the troops for the last stand as 5:00pm approached; standing with the villagers as they waited for the results of the counting. I saw real leadership – not the leadership of issuing directives from hallowed ground or making 1-minute photo op appearances before retreating to the comfort of airconditioned luxury. I saw a man who isn’t afraid to get down and dirty with his people, a man who would never ask others to do what he is not willing to do. That is leadership. I also saw the reaction to that leadership. In Ranchito the PUP supporters were galvanized and energized, buoyed by the presence of the man in their midst, proud to shout out to the UDP that this was their leader who would be the next Prime Minister of Belize. In San Joaquin, a mass of supporters under the tent chanted his name as he approached to give support to the villagers there. In Carmelita the masses closed ranks around Johnny and fought for every last vote, daring the UDP crowd to step. It was

26 amazing to see. There’s this little group that claims to be the real PUPs within the PUP. I guess the rest of us are quasi-PUP, as a friend of mine calls me jokingly (or maybe not so jokingly). I didn’t see this group of real PUPs anywhere in attendance on Sunday. I daresay some of them were comfortable at home waiting for the results of the election, hoping for some ammunition for their weekly drivel. I didn’t see any of these real PUPs out there fighting in the sun for votes or jostling with the UDP on the front lines. They claim they are the real warriors of the PUP but desert the ongoing battle in favour of a struggle to find new mischief and new taunts to throw at the current leadership of the Party. I have no doubt that these real PUPs will have a lot to write this week, the result of a weekend spent brainstorming on a couch while the rest of us quasi-PUPs were out dealing with the real business of the Party and getting the work done. I salute every PUP warrior from every corner of this nation who has been fighting the good fight not only over the past weeks but for months on end, since the UDP took over. I salute the Party Leader for refusing to be distracted by non-entities and for focusing on the real issues and standing with our people at every turn. To the rest, I got only two things to say - if you all are the real PUPs and the rest of us out here fighting for the Party are the quasi-PUPs, then I’m proud to be a quasi-PUP and this is where I’ll stay. And secondly – you all say that it’s a convention you want. Really? If you’re sure that’s what you want then bring it on. I’m just concerned that after you lose that fight you’ll have a hard time finding something else to cry about.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Notions by: Apathy

“The Taming of the Shrew…”

I have been busy for the last few weeks but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been abreast of the current affairs. So while I rescued some paper this weekend and was lining the bottom of my birdcage I came across a few columns from so called writers and journalists. When is it I wonder, that this cantankerous hag will get the gist that people just don’t care about her beef with the PUP and that it is of no concern to anyone but herself. My advice to anyone in her situation is if you don’t agree with the terms of your termination take it to the Labour Department, take it to court if you must; do something else other that grate on people’s nerves with the same litany day in and day out. I mean maybe in the beginning some were sympathetic to your plight but now you are just plain boring, so boring in fact that you were recently brushed off from a prominent call in show that featured our esteemed Party Leader. By the way, I have been checking the mail to see if you indeed sent back the $67.50 like you said you were going to do. I state it yet again - you were overpaid. I guess you realized this also, ergo your kind offer to send it back. We are still waiting patiently at the Times. The fact of the matter is that your work is not up to par, I would suggest that you and your colleagues try and at least hit spell-check every once in a while so you all can avoid embarrassing yourselves, because we all know that your editor is only another puppet on a string who himself needs directions to the spell check button. As another of these so called writers/columnists claimed last week they indeed will never have a job here at the Times, because we believe that the Times is about the issues of Belizeans and the mission of the Party. We do much more than just fill in space with personal grievances. That’s all you do - no facts just complaints and don’t kid yourselves; it all is personal, very personal, but just remember that it is you that took it there. True to my suspicions and then by your own admission, you are not by definition a PUP. You share none of the Party’s beliefs or even cast your vote for them. Your fate is your own so don’t cry haad times when this in fact is your government. Dean Barrow really must have been laughing his pants off at the irony, at the absurdity of the situation and quite honestly he must have been laughing at your stupidity. Truly you do fit in with his bunch, and we are not sad to see you go the UDP - we have always known you were a wolf in sheep’s clothing. As a true PUP you would believe in the democratic process which elected John Briceno as leader - you would honor and respect if not him then the process and office to which he was elected and the majority that got him elected. As a

true PUP your pledge should have been as stated in the constitution to abide by the constitution” to vote and encourage others to vote for all candidates of the PUP in all elections and not to be a member or supporter of any other political party or organization whose principles, policies are contrary to those of the PUP.” I hereby ask by the above

definition that article 17 of the PUP constitution be invoked and that the process of official expulsion be initiated for Rhenea Nunez. This lady is quite delusional to think that she is of sufficient consequence that the PUP needs to patch up anything with her. My grandmother would recommend an infusion of orange peels to calm her down. Far from being the poster child for single mothers country wide you flatter yourself unduly by trying to compare yourself with the likes of Mrs. Good. Lastly my dear if you seem to be losing family and friends so fast it might have to do more with your obvious lack of charm and wit than anything else. Editor’s Note – Be careful what you wish for. Ms. Nunez has been venting at every occasion about some imagined slight which is solely a fabrication crafted somewhere in the recesses of the uncharted territories of her mind. We have not considered her mediocre writing or tired spiel consequential enough for any official response, and still don’t. But some of our writers feel that the time has come to put close to the UDP voter by her own admission

27 who claims at times to speak on behalf of the PUP. Ms. Nunez does not and will never hold a candle to the many thousands of ‘real’ PUP supporters from across the nation that are even now in the trenches on the Party’s mission. Perhaps the PUP tent is not big enough for everyone, eh Ms. Nunez, and certainly not for somebody who voted UDP and has contributed nothing of significance to the People’s United Party. Be careful that when the final tune is played in your saga, it is not a lonely rendition of ‘All By Myself.’

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Two of a kind

On Thursday Belize Rural South Area Representative Manuel “Junior” Heredia and San Pedro Mayor Elsa “Macu” Paz appeared on the local island airwaves to, according to them, “listen to the concerns of the people.” For them to go on the local media made both elected officials look even more ridiculous. Every single time both tired horses appear on the airwaves to listen to the concerns of the people, nothing gets done. How many times must they go on the local airwaves to get the sense that people are not happy with their performances? The last time Macu was on Reef Radio, the people wanted to know when the cobblestone project from in front of the round-about next to Richie’s Store to Boca Del Rio Bridge will commence. Macu, along with her side-kick Junior Heredia, promised one week leading to the municipal elections that works on that project would start the Monday following the elections. In fact they went so far as to ask people to go sign up for job opportunities at the Mayor’s office. Those people are still waiting and holding on to false hope. It has been well over a year and counting and there are no signs that it will start anytime soon. Both idiots now look like a set of liars to the Sanpedranos. The truth of the matter is that Macu cannot start the project because the San Pedro Town Council still owes Medina’s Construction over a million dollars (million with an M) in outstanding bills. This is no bill left behind by the former PUP Town Council; it is a bill that the UDP created. In fact former PUP Mayor Alberto Nunez left the Town Council with hundreds of thousands of dollars for Elsa to use when she took office. In addition, the past PUP Town Council left million of dollars worth of property as assets which was acquired through the then PUP Central Government specifically for town expansion. This is Macu’s third term as Mayor; can she tell us how much money is in the Town Council’s bank accounts? Can she explain in details how the assets (all the Caribbean Coves properties) left behind by the previous municipalities evaporated without a proper accounting of the sales of land? In fact, after three consecutive terms, the Town Council in San Pedro continuously dodges the call for a complete accounting of all the finances the municipality has collected. The big question to Madam Macu is - when will a complete audit by an independent auditor be conducted to look at the town’s finances? Madam Macu should not be afraid of an independent audit because she and her crowd claimed to be transparent and accountable. One thing for sure is that Elsa is accountable only to herself; well at least that is what her councilors

say of her. Is the Mayor afraid to show how much of the finances are spent on unnecessary overtime to her selected few. Is the Mayor afraid to show how many of her family members have outstanding bills at the council? Is the Mayor afraid to show how much money she spends to fly and travel all over the world (El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and USA) along with her personal stylist Ayuso?

Every time Mayor Macu and her escort Ayuso returns from their lucrative trips abroad they are all ready to fire out pictures to the newspaper making statements that their trips have been fruitful. It might be fruitful for their personal pockets but surely not for the hardworking taxpayers on this island. But Macu is like Junior Heredia - they come across as two of a kind. If both inept elected officials would be listening to the cries of their electorates, they would well know that their appearance on Thursday morning on Reef Radio was another waste of time. All they wanted was to buy media time to salvage their skin from the shame and embarrassment their UDP party is going through. The same concerns the people vented out two years ago are the same they reaffirmed in October of last year, reiterated in December of last year and repeated on Thursday. On all occasions both Junior and Elsa sat to listen to the concern of the islanders promising that they would

Sunday, May 2, 2010 look into the problems. What have Junior and Macu done to solve those concerns? Absolutely nothing! The people want to know when we will see the benefits of Junior’s so called “hard work to improve tourism” and increase tourism arrivals on the island. The people want to know when we will see the Central Park fully completed as was shown in the design. The people want to know when we will see some real and true help for the people of San Mateo that will make their living conditions better. When will the prices of rice, flour, fuel and even taxes go down as was promised by Junior during elections? We are tired of imagining the possibilities and living the sour realities. When Junior? When Macu? When will we feel and see positive changes? Until we see a difference by our Area Represetative and our Mayor, they will both be liars in our eyes. The long and short of it is that Manuel “Junior” Heredia and Mayor Elsa Paz son un par de politicos mentirosos y corruptos .

Sunday, May 2, 2010



Crooked Tree Gov’t School girls repeat as national softball champs

The Crooked Tree Government School girls won their 2nd back to back national softball championship in the national tournament held by the National Sports Council at the home of softball, the Rogers Stadium last Friday. In Game 1, the Belize district champs, the Crooked Tree girls blew away the Corozal district champs, the Corozal Methodist School girls: 150. The winning pitcher Elma Wade shut out the Corozal girls, giving up no runs while Elma, Zhanae Jex, Jasmine Louriano, Zephra Taylor and Tromeisha Tillett each scored 3 runs

and Sherelee Nicholson, Roshanie Tillett and Jessica Gillett came home once as they collected 20 runs off Cynthia Perez’s pitching. The Crooked Tree girls scored 15 runs in the 1st inning and 5 more in the 2nd inning, which was not completed before time ran out. In Game 2, the Cayo district champs the Esperanza School girls also won over Corozal Methodist: 210. Winning pitcher Lashanda Crawford shut out the Corozal girls while the Cayo girls whopped away 21 runs in the 1st inning against Esli Monima’s pitching.

In Game 3, the Stann Creek champs the Independence Primary School girls won over the Toledo district champs, the To l e d o C h r i s t i a n Academy girls: 2-1. Winning pitcher Brea Po p g ave u p o n l y one r un, while her teammates scored 2 runs off the pitching of Florita Coy. In Game 4, the Crooked Tree girls posted their 2nd w i n 5 - 1 o ve r t h e Esperanza girls, collecting 5 hits off Lashanda Crawford’s pitching as Jasmine and Ze phra came home in the 1st inning, Elma and Zhanae came home in the 2nd and Sherelee Nicholson came home in the 3rd . Only Abigail Tillett came home for the Esperanza girls. With no representative from Orange Walk, these first 4 games decided the placement for the semifinals and in Game 5, the Independence Primary girls, led by winning pitcher Brea Pop, qualified to the final when they outlasted the Cayo girls 7-5, as Brea Pop, Tahni, Camryn, Yadera, Oprah and Shanet all came home by walloping Lashanda Crawford’s pitching for 7 runs in the bottom of the 1st inning. The Cayo girls scored 3 runs in the 1st inning and 2 more in

the top of the 2nd, but they failed to tie the score before time ran out In Game 6 of the semifinals, the Crooked Tree girls also qualified to the final as they gave the Toledo Christian girls their ticket home: 6-0. Winning pitcher Elma Wade shut out the Toledo girls while she scored 4 runs, and Jasmine, Zephra, Sherelee and Roshanie scored 3 runs each! Daniela Lightburn and Jessica each scored 2 runs and Tromeisha Tillet scored 1 run. The Crooked Tree girls walloped out 6 runs in the 1st inning off Florita Coy’s pitching .and 17 runs in the 2nd inning, which was not completed. In Game 7 the Cayo girls, led by their winning pitcher Lashanda Crawford, won the consolation game for 3rd place: 14-1 over the Toledo girls. In Game 8, the Crooked Tree girls won the championship final 8-0 over the Stann Creek champs, the Independence girls. Jasmine Louriano and Zephra Taylor came home in the 1st inning when Tromeisha Tillett hit a home run in the park and MVP pitcher Elma Wade struck out 4 batters to shut out the Independence girls. Brea Pop gave up no runs in the 2nd inning, but the Independence girls failed to score and Elma Wade, Ja s m i n e , Z e p h r a a n d D a n i e l l a Lightburn came home in the 3rd inning. Zhanae Jex scored the 8th run in the 4th inning for the 8-0 win. Elma Wade of Crooked Tree won the MVP award and Sports Ministry CEO Miss Gentle presented the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies.



Sunday, May 2, 2010

Burrell Boom Methodist School boys win national softball champs

The Bur rell Boom Methodist School boys were the national softball champions in the national tournament held by the National Sports Council at the home of softball, the Rogers Stadium last Friday. In Game 1, the Stann Creek district champs the Independence Primary School boys won 11-0 over the Toledo district champs, the Aguacate RC School boys. Winning pitcher Gregory Almendarez shut out the Toledo boys while his teammates walloped out 11 runs off the pitching of Fabian Tush.

In Game 2, the Cayo district champs the St. Jude RC boys outlasted the Corozal district champs, the Our Lady of Guadalupe School boys: 5-4. Winning pitcher Kyle Thomas gave up 4 hits while his teammates whopped out 5 runs off the pitching of Cavir Gongora In Game 3, the Independence boys advanced into the semifinals as the No.1 team from their group when they won 7-4 over the Orange Walk district champs, the Louisiana Government School. Winning pitcher Gregory Almendarez gave up 4 hits while the Independence

boys whopped Elias Crawford’s pitching for 7 runs. In Game 4, the Belize district champs the Burrell Boom Methodist boys gave the Corozal boys their marching orders, eliminating them with a 7-2 win. The MVP pitcher was Isanny Pook gave up only 2 hits while the Boom boys whopped away Cavir Gongora’s pitching for 7 runs. In Game 5, the Sugar City boys posted their 1st win 7-0 over the Toledo boys. Winning pitcher Elias Crawford shut out the Toledo hitters while the Orange Walk boys whopped away Fabian Tush’s pitching for 7 runs. In Game 6, the Burrell Boom boys advanced into the semifinals as the No.1 team from their group by an 8-7 win over the Camalote boys. Winning pitcher Isanny Pook helped his teammates hold down the Cayo boys after they had established an 8-2 lead, walloping Kyle Thomas’ pitching for 8 runs. The Cayo boys came close but failed to tie the score. In Game 7, the Semi-finals, the Camalote boys moved on to the final by an 11-5 win over the Independence boys, who scored 5 runs off Kyle Thomas’ pitching. For their part the Cayo boys

collected 11 hits off the pitching of Gregory Almendarez. In Game 8, the Burrell Boom boys moved on to the finals by a 10-0 win over the Sugar City boys; MVP pitcher Isanny Pook shut out the Orange Walk boys while his teammates walloped out 10 runs off Elias Crawford’s pitching. In Game 9, pitcher Greg or y Almendarez shut out the Orange Walk boys as he led the Independence boys to a 7-0 win over Louisiana Government School, while Elias Crawford gave up 7 hits. In Game 10, the championship final, the Burrell Boom boys won 14-0 over the Camalote boys. The Boom boys led 5-0 when Garett Gabourel, Matthew Haylock, Malcolm Baptist, Dominique Alvarez and Jeffery Seguro came home in the 1st inning. MVP pitcher Issany Pook struck out five batters to shut out the Camalote boys, while Gabourel, Haylock, Baptist, Alvarez Issany Pook, Rushane Flowers and Devon Flowers came home in the 2nd inning, while Ray Nicholson rounded the bases twice in the inning. Isanny Pook of Burrell Boom Methodist won the MVP award, while Sports ministry CEO Miss Gentle presented the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies.

Mysfits scare Maria Chang in double OT before Eagles win 69-65 in Digicell women’s basketball

The Mysfits looked to post their 1st win and took the Maria Chang Eagles to double overtime before the Eagles went on to win 69-65 in the Digicell “Balling for Life” women’s basketball competition at the Belize City Center on Sunday afternoon. The Eagles’ Irish import Jennifer Maher led with 9pts in the 1st half, while Kylie Rivers and Tiffarah Swift each scored for a 23-19 lead at the half time break.

M y s f i t s ’ G l e n d a To r r e s counterattacked, top-scoring the g ame with 29pts while she also grabbed 12 rebounds as she helped the recovery in the 2nd half. With Candice Neal scoring 16 points and snagging another 6 rebounds, 5pts from Joleen Williams and a bucket apiece from Daendra Coote, Kenya Brown and Salambu Munnings, the Mysfits led 45-44 in money time at the end of the 2nd half.

Kenya Brown was playing big D in the paint with 7 rebounds, and only the Eagles were staring defeat in the face when Jennifer Maher hit 3 free throws to tie the ball game at 48-48 at the buzzer signaling the end of regulation. In the 1st overtime period, Jennifer Maher dropped in 2 buckets and a free throw to finish the attack with 25pts and Bianca McFadzean, Erlette Reynolds and Anna Thurton each tossed in a bucket to lead 59-57, but

the Mysfits would not go quietly and Denise Streete tied the ball game at 59-59, to take the ball game into a 2nd O.T. period. Now Denise Streete, Glenda Torres and Veronica Arzu drained in a bucket each and it took 3 buckets from Bianca McFadzean at the charity stripe to secure the win; she finished with 8pts while Kylie Rivers added one bucket to finish with 16 pts.

Sunday, May 2, 2010



Paradise Freedom Fighters bomb Corozal Shanaiah 11-0 in BPFL football

The Paradise Freedom Fighters ran over cellar dwellers Shanaiah Corozal 11-1 when the Caribbean Motors Cup football competition held under the auspices of the Belize Premier Football League continued at the Calcutta field on Sunday. Ralph Flores scored PG’s 1st goal in the 11th minute of play, but the Corozal fans took heart when Henry Sandoval delivered the equalizer in the 19th minute. Their delight was short-lived as Ralph Flores scored the winning goal in the 20th minute and Edney Nunez added a 3rd goal in the 33rd minute as

the PG boys led 3-1 at the half time break. Ralph Flores completed his hat trick in the 46th minute and Andres Makin made it 5-1 with a 5th goal in the 63rd minute. His brother Devon Makin joined the party in the 70th minute to make it 7-1 then Andres added his 2nd goal to lead 7-1 in the 72nd minute. Ralph Flores scored his 4th goal in the 82nd minute to make the score 8-1 and Delroy Flores scored PG’s 9th goal in the 84th minute. Devon Makin added a 10th goal in the 88th minute and completed his hat trick with an 11th goal in the 90th minute of play.

The Belize Defense Force ran rings around their arch rivals FC Belize in a 3-0 blast at the M.C.C. grounds on Sunday. The BDF took the attack to the FC Belize half of the field from the getgo, as David Trapp launched a cannonball shot that the F.C. goalie Elden Linares managed to stop. Kareem Haylock bounced a shot towards goal that had Linares momentarily confused before he cleared it at the last second. Haylock tried again with attacks from the left flank with this grass-burner shot but the F.C. defenders Allie Thurton, Ian Gaynair and Byron Usher frustrated Haylock’s intentions. The BDF won a free kick in the 25th minute and David Trapp’s execution found Haylock who centered to Gilbert “Hoof ” Swaso and his header into the back of the net gave the B.D.F. a 1-zip lead. Jerome Archer led the F.C. Belize counterattack with a shot that gave Woodrow West some problems before he came up with the save as the BDF led 1-0 at the half time break. The B.D.F. won a 2nd free kick in the 2nd half and this time David Trapp’s cross into the goal area passed Linares to Erwin “Bird” Flores who headed it into the net to makes it a 2-nil B.D.F. lead in the 50th minute The BDF now smelled blood and Khalil Velasquez joined the party with a long range bomb that forced Linares

to come up with a tough save over the crossbar. The B.D.F. tried again and Linares had to dive to stop Evan Mariano’s shot. F.C. Belize had their share of goal opportunities but they were squandered in the wind; Jerome Archer might have done better to share the ball with Jerome James, because his shot from an acute angle went past the goal opening. The BDF kept on the pressure as Tyrone Pandy served a floater into the goal area that beat Linares, but Kareem Haylock failed to get the ball between the sticks. Linares would forestall Dennis Serano’s attempt to finish a play set by Trapp and Paul Nunez applied for a pilot’s license with his shot on goal. The pressure of Evan Mariano’s attack won the BDF a penalty when he got taken down inside the 18-yd box by Albert Thurton, and referee Gerald Henry ruled penalty and sent off Thurton. Lisbey Castillo’s conversion found the near corner to give the B.D.F. a 3-0 big win. BRC Blaze burned the San Pedro Sea Dogs 1-0 at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium on Saturday night with Randy Ramirez scoring the wining goal in the 26th minute. Hankook Verdes also denied Georgetown Ibayani 1-0 at the Norman Broaster Stadium on Sunday on a strike by Amin August in the 53rd minute.

Tigersharks crunch Berger Boys 98-91 in Digicell senior basketball

T he San Pedro Tig er Sharks posted their 2nd win by clobbering the winless Habet Berger Boys 9891 in the Digicell “Balling for Life” senior basketball competition at the Belize City Center on Friday night, while the Belmopan Bandits had a blast as they posted their 4th win 12275 against Black Dynamite on Sunday, and the undefeated Creative Graphic

Impressions enjoyed their 2nd win 86-65 over Ebony Lake who suffered their 2nd loss in Sunday’s Game 4. Gene Myvett shot a game high of 30pts as he led the Tiger Sharks’ attack; American import Ivan Jackson tossed in another 22pts, while new kid on the block Damion Staples was good for 18pts more. The Tiger Sharks led the whole way 31-14 in the

1st quarter and they were up 48-38 at the half time break. Berger’s Keith Pollard scored 25 pts and Greg “Chippy” Rudon added 19pts, but they could not whittle down the Tiger Sharks’ 72-60 lead at the end of the 3rd quarter. Berger’s Lennox Cayetano added 15pts, Dalton Dominguez contributed 13pts and Elworth Itza tossed in 12pts, but to no avail. The Tiger Sharks’ Brandon Rogers’ scored 10pts, Ian Carcamo added 9pts and Lester Cadle was good for 8pts in the 98-91 win. Black Dynamite failed to explode; they simply fizzled in frustration as the Bandits gamboled to a 122-75 win. Kirk “Chengo” Burgess drained in a long trey as he shot a game high of 33 pts and Aubrey Lopez drained in a long trey as he scored 27 pts to give the Bandits a 27-18 lead in the 1st quarter. Orlando Bowen led Black Dynamite with 20 pts and Charles Thompson added 12 pts but the Bandits were up 38-43 at the half. The Bandits’ Mark Wagner drained in 3 long treys to add 15 pts and Christian Rodriguez added 12 pts as they led 69-57 at the end of the 3rd quarter. In money time, the Bandits out-

gunned Black Dynamite 53 to 18pts in as Jay Chavarria and David Laing each added 9pts and Evan Salazar was good for 6pts on the put-back. Lloyd Leslie scored 9pts for Black Dynamite, whose captain Carlisle Bar row scored 8pts and Dwight Bowen and Kevin Domingo each added 6pts. The Creative Graphics’ star Andre Almendarez shot a game high of 19 pts and Ebony Lake’s Jack Harris drained in a trey as he replied with 18 pts, but CGI was still up 21-16 at the end of the 1st quarter. Creative Graphics’ David Rowland added 15 pts and veteran Mark Bainton proved he still has some of that semi-pro mojo as he served up 11pts to lead 42-28 at the half time break. Brandon Whyte added 14pts for Ebony Lake and Brian Luna drained in 4 treys to add 12pts, but Lismor Kirkwood’s 10pts helped CGI lead by the end of the 3rd quarter. Kelvin Gillett drained in a trey as he added 5 pts, Winston Augustine added 9pts and Harris Patten scored 2 jump shots for 4pts. Ebony Lake played on till the buzzer, with Wes Mackenzie scoring 11pts and Nigel Burgess added 7pts.



Sunday, May 2, 2010

Berlan arrests Kolbe Strikers 188-106 in Smart Harrison Parks cricket competition Berlan swatted the Kolbe Strikers 188 to 106 runs when the Smart Harrison Parks Cricket competition continued in Bermudian Landing on Saturday. The Man of the Match was Gavin Quiros who scored 40 runs for Berlan, while Kevin Flowers and David Dawson took 4 wickets each. Terence Sutherland scored 49 runs and Jermaine Smith took 5 wickets for Kolbe Strikers. In other matches around the league, Surprise won over Bright Star by a score of 290 runs to 41 runs. Under 19 cricket star Herbert Banner, who was the Man of the Match, scored 72 runs for Surprise, while Edward Bull took 5 wickets. For Brave Union, Morgan Baptist

scored 12 runs and Ryan and Walter Jones took 3 wickets each. Unfinished Business defeated Bright Star in a match played at Biscayne. The score was 103 runs (with 4 wickets to spare) to 93 runs. The Man of the Match was Marlon Rhaburn of Unfinished Business who scored 38 runs, while Leroy Bradley bowled 4 wickets. Lencho Morales top scored with 23 runs and Samuel Sooknandan bowled 3 wickets for Bright Star. Brilliant won over RG One Love by a score of 9 runs (with 8 wickets to spare) to 8 runs. Austin Gillett Sr. scored 6 runs for Brilliant and Brandon Lewis took 4 wickets. Wicked Eleven won by the score of 141 runs to 115 runs

over Western Eagles. The Man of the Match was Sheldon Robinson who scored 28 runs for Wicked Eleven, while Walter Flowers took 4 wickets. Norman Pook scored 25 runs and took 4 wickets for Western Eagles. Sunrise won over Saillows by the score of 87 runs (with 3 wickets to spare) to 84 runs. Lionel Robinson scored 26 runs and won the Man of the Match award for Sunrise, while Martin Joseph took 4 wickets. Brian Casasola scored 32 runs and Lloyd Casasola bowled 3 wickets for Saillows. Easy Does It won over Reggae Boys by the score of 106 runs to 53 runs. The Man of the Match was Denvo Banner who bowled

4 wickets and scored 18 runs for Easy Does It. David Moody scored 13 runs and Elvis Moody took 4 wickets for Reggae Boys. The competition continues on Saturday, May1, when Kolbe Strikers will take on Brave Union in Burrell Boom; RG One Love visits Surprise in Bermudian Landing, Berlan challenges Bright Star in Sandhill, Brilliant will take care of Unfinished Business in Biscayne; Sunrise will try to outshine Easy Does It in Lemonal; the Reggae Boys will seek to hit their batting rhythm against Western Eagles in Rancho Dolores; and Saillows will take on Excellence in Double Head Cabbage. Wicked Eleven of Flowers Bank rests.

City Boys United drill Nizhee Corozal 3-1 in Belize Bank Superleague Football

The City Boys United spanked Corozal Nizhee 3-1 when the Belize Bank Super League football continued at the MCC grounds on Saturday night. The City Boys United jumped to a 1-0 lead when Jason Young scored the first goal in the 5th minute of play, but Nizhee Corozal soon tied the score at 1-1 with a strike by Russell Cassanova in the 8th minute, and neither side could gain an advantage as the game remained a 1-1 draw at the half time break.

Raymond “Killa” Gentle delivered the game winner in the 58th minute and Dalton Cayetano put the game on ice with a 3rd goal in the 75th minute. The Placencia Assassins also enjoyed a 3-1 win over San Felipe Barcelona, when they visited the San Felipe field on Sunday. Oscar Acevedo had given San Felipe a 1-0 lead in the 19th minute, but the Assassins soon equalized 1-0 when San Felipe defender Jose Cawich blundered into scoring on his own goal in the 22nd minute. Zerrick

Torres scored the game winner in the 41st minute to lead 2-1 at the half, and Ashley Torres iced the victory with a 3rd goal in the 71st minute. Belize United F.C. also enjoyed a 2-1 win when they visited Cayo South United at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium n Sunday. Kevin Rowland scored for Belize United in the 59th, but Oliver Wilshire equalized for Cayo South in the 68th minute. Rowland delivered the game winner for Belize United in the 81st minute. M e a n w h i l e H a t t i e v i l l e F. C.

struggled to a scoreless draw with Santa Elena Synergy F.C. in Santa Elena. The competition continues with Belize United F.C taking on City Boys United at the M.C.C. Grounds Saturday night, while on Sunday, Santa Elena Synergy F.C. will host Cayo South United at the Santa Elena Football Field, the Placencia Assassins will await Hattieville F.C. at the Placencia Football Field and San Felipe Barcelona w i l l entertain Nizhee Corozal at the People’s Stadium

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Políticas UDP, como siempre


Ellos juegan, nosotros pagamos ... El UDP ha utilizado vehículos del gobierno en las elecciones del consejo de aldea. El Sr. Barrow hizo su debut en una sesión de fotos por un minuto en su vehiculo del gobierno. Todos los demás ministros UDP hicieron lo mismo. Los compinches UDP manejan alrededor de los pueblos en los vehículos del gobierno para dar más apoyo. Vehículos de Protocolo del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores se utilizan para transportar matones UDPs como Easy Glen y el hombre de la motosierra, a lugares estratégicos. Vehículos del Gobierno de diversos ministerios, como de tierras se utilizan para transportar a los votantes UDPs a los puestos electorales. En Carmelita, el vehiculo de gobierno del Viceprimer Ministro Gaspar Vega, un lujoso montero fue utilizado para transportar a los electores hasta las mesas de votación a la vista de todos. Ese fue el caso durante las últimas dos semanas, como también en otros pueblos del Norte en Orange Walk. En Burrell Boom y otras aldeas en Belice Rural del Norte, el Sr. Castro utilizó su vehiculo gubernamental para transportar a los votantes a los puestos electorales. Estas elecciones no son asunto de gobierno, sino más bien asunto de política, asuntos del partido. Todos y cada vez que vehículos del gobierno son utilizados, los contribuyentes deben pagar por el combustible, mantenimiento, las horas extraordinarias para los pilotos y sus viáticos. El Sr. Barrow nos ha dicho a los beliceños comunes que debemos prepararnos para el peor de los tiempos, pero él, sus ministros y compinches descaradamente pueden utilizar vehículos oficiales para el trabajo político. Eso es un insulto a la injuria, una bofetada en la cara. Pero al señor Barrow y al UDP eso no les importa.

Intimidación... Esta no es la elección de consejo de aldea en la que por primera vez el UDP ha puesto de manifiesto la desesperación y la capacidad de hacer cualquier cosa que se necesita, no ética o ilegal, para obtener una ventaja en las elecciones. Creo, sin embargo, que es la primera elección en la que se ha sido tan evidente la intimidación por los políticos. En los pueblos de todo el país, los ministros o sus representantes se han colocado dentro de los puestos electorales para intimidar a los funcionarios públicos en el manejo de las elecciones. Nunca antes ha habido tanta confusión e intimidación hacia funcionarios públicos. En un puesto electoral Castro se negó a abandonarlo a pesar de que se le ordeno así por el encargado de las elecciones. El sr. Alberto August, el jefe de la Comisión de Límites de la elección y es él mismo un fanático UDP y funcionario político que ha hecho conocer su posición en público y en privado. Las elecciones han sido irremediablemente comprometidas por la manipulación política. En una nación que se enorgullece de la democracia, la inviolabilidad absoluta del proceso electoral es un deber. Al parecer que ya no existe. Pero al señor Barrow y al UDP no le importa.

La desesperación... Los Spin Doctors del UDP están en vigor, escupiendo comunicados cada semana y llaman a la radio todos los días y hacen las reclamaciones más absurdas de la victoria. Como si eso no fuera suficiente indicación, la desesperación del UDP es fácil de ver en todos y cada pueblo todos los domingos. Eso no es buena competencia o representación política - que es la desesperación UDP simple y llanamente. El UDP está sacando todas las paradas, utilizando los recursos del gobierno para hacer su trabajo por cuenta ajena, mediante el equipo del ministerio de trabajo para hacer algo de último momento y el trabajo desde hace mucho tiempo en los pueblos donde las elecciones se recibe la llamada, trayendo a los residentes de otras zonas para votar en las aldeas en los que no viven y sí, pagando por votos o prometiendo tierra (sí GAPI, sabemos de eso). En Carmelita, GAPI Vega fue visto empujando a un BDF a votar. Si no fuera por la observación aguda de los aldeanos que reveló que el hombre no vivía en el pueblo, GAPI se habría salido con un fraude electoral. En Burrell Boom, el Sr. Castro fue

Aguanta eso... Es absolutamente conmovedor ver las miradas de incredulidad en los rostros de los UDPS arrogantes del señor Barrow y el Sr. Vega, que fueron interrumpidos a voz alta durante las elecciones de este pasado fin de semana. En Ranchito, el Sr. Barrow llegó sonriente, pero fueron recibidos por una masa de rechazo muy vocal. Cabe decir que no se quedó allí mucho tiempo antes de dirigirse a las colinas. En Carmelita, Vega como intelectualmente incapacitado fue lo suficientemente brillante como para obtener el sentido cuando trató de intimidar a la policía para que se permita a no designados UDPs en el área de votación. Cuando la multitud se opuso, el pobre hombre se tambaleó hacia atrás en una cerca en el apuro. El Sr. Perdomo con su sombrero estúpido y con su sonrisa tonta con la cara pegada llegó a Ranchito donde se quedó sólo el tiempo suficiente para demostrar que estaba vivo antes de volver a la clandestinidad. Y sólo va a ponerse peor... mucho peor. Lo que el Sr. Barrow obtuvo fue sólo una muestra del poder del pueblo que se está volviendo contra él. El día del juicio final estará aquí muy pronto.

o d n a l b a H


Un Cambio Refrescante Señor Editor, Reciba usted un saludo de la bella aldea de San Joaquín donde el domingo pasado se celebraron elecciones para elegir a un nuevo concilio aldeano. San Joaquín como usted sabrá es una de las aldeas más grandes e influyentes en el distrito de Corozal. Es por eso que todos los políticos vinieron a nuestra aldea para presenciar e influenciar las pasadas elecciones. Todos los oficiales mayores del UDP se atrevieron a venir a San Joaquín el domingo pasado. Empezando con el Primer Ministro junto a los Ministros de Salud, Ministro de Desarrollo Rural y Ministro de Seguridad Nacional, todos estos señores se dignaron en aparecer por aquí. San Joaquín nunca había sido tan importante para esta gente hasta que se trato de política y de tratar de ganarle al PUP. Pues me es grato reportarle que con todo los que se dejaron venir y con todo lo que trajeron no fue posible cambiarle la mente al pueblo de San Joaquín. El pueblo de San Joaquín no se deja engañar y salió y voto por el PUP porque es el partido que siempre los ha hecho gente. EL PUP siempre ha estado presente con este pueblo y es el partido que históricamente ha ayudado a las comunidades en el área rural. El pueblo de San Joaquín tiene mucho que agradecerle al PUP y nunca dejará de reconocer que fue bajo este partido que el norte floreció y desarrollo. También por medio de esta quisiera agradecerle su presencia al Líder del Partido PUP, el Honorable Johnny Briceño, quien estuvo con nosotros el domingo pasado. Qué diferencia cuando vino este señor, que persona tan agradable y tan humilde. Este sí que se ve es un verdadero líder que sabe motivar y generar interés con su presencia. Fue muy agradable ver como la gente recibió con gran aplauso y gritos al líder del PUP en San Joaquín. La gente estaba muy contenta de recibirlo y apreció mucho su presencia en el pueblo. El pueblo de San Joaquín le pide al Honorable John Briceño que siga trabajando para asegurar la victoria del PUP en el 2013. Con un líder como él, la gente del área rural como la urbana estará bien representada. ¡Adelante Líder del Partido PUP! Rosella Magana.

capturado cuando envió al menos 9 de los residentes de otras áreas para votar. De nuevo, si no hubiera sido por la observación aguda por parte de ciertos aldeanos, se habría salido con la suya. No tengo ninguna duda de que el UDP continuará con este modo de funcionamiento, especialmente porque los resultados siguen mostrando que el UDP esta perdiendo terreno. Esta desesperación y la ilegalidad son malas para la nación. Pero al señor Barrow y al UDP no les importa.



Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010


First BTL…Now BTL Park!


reports of a deal being brokered between Zenaida and interests in the development to secure parking. The column also spoke of a commitment to finance a private beach in exchange for the go-ahead on the parking lot in the BTL Park. The beach had been one of Zenaida Moya’s commitments in their UDP Manifesto. Back then, almost five months ago nobody followed up on the story, but there it was, in black and white, the proposed exchange which Mayor Moya and Councilor Samuels are claiming has just suddenly emerged. Councilor Samuels’ appearance in the media to ‘explain’ their side of

the story has done little to convince Belizeans that it was not an under the table deal brokered a long time ago, and much to hurt any remaining credibility possessed by the Mayor and her Council. Samuels went so far as to attempt to justify keeping the deal a secret from the rest of the Council and Belizeans, claiming that The Belize Times strongly believes that this is just another attempt by the Belize City Mayor to fool the Belizean people. We have no doubt that this proposal to ‘jack’ the BTL Park was on the table a long time ago. It is quite frankly beyond our capacity to believe that the developers of the casino and those who have interests in it made such

an investment and just now, when the building is nearing the three-quarter mark, realized that they had forgotten to make any provision for parking. And this proposal speculated to have been negotiated with the Mayor a long time ago has drawn the attention of her enemies in Cabinet. In a very strong release after Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting, Central Government stated that they are prepared to acquire the Park to ensure that it remains for the benefit of the Belizean people. Sounds g ood, but with this UDP administration, who knows? Belizeans should keep their eyes on this deal which is most certainly not off the table, despite what the Government would have us believe.

(Continued from page 1) a government that seems incapable of solving the problems of the community and nation. No more is this apparent than in the South, particularly in Stann Creek West where the UDP have long claimed ownership of villages like Placencia. Earlier this month villagers in that community shocked the leadership of the UDP by electing an Independent Council. In Hopkins, the UDP lost to the PUP. In the West, where that entire district is represented in the House of Representatives by UDPs, in one of the largest villages, Esperanza, the UDP slate lost to an Independent slate of candidates. Even in those villages where the UDP boasts victories like in Trial Farm, a pattern is emerging. In the Village of Trial Farm for example, a stronghold of UDP Deputy Leader Gaspar Vega, in the General Elections Vega won in Trial Farm by more than

380 votes. On April 18, 2010 that margin of victory was reduced to 173. With all the money that the UDP is investing in these elections, including taxpayers’ money to do road works and water systems, it is clear that the people are convinced that this is all a part of their election gimmicks. The millions promised to rural community and included in the UDP Manifesto did not materialize, in fact even the money that was earmarked for major projects in the North, like the EU money for the paving of the road from San Estavan to Progresso was diverted for the upgrade of Albert and Regent Streets. The villagers across the country have not forgotten this and are responding not with acts of civil disobedience, but through the ballot. In 2007 when the PUP was in office, and the village council elections were held one year before the General Elections, the UDP was able to win close to 50 percent of the

village council elections. At the rate of the current trends, the UDP will fall far short of that mark as many villages and communities that were once considered UDP strongholds begin to move away from the red in favour of independent slates. Such was the case in Esperanza, Placencia and in Caye Caulker. One area where the UDP have been seeing dramatic changes in their popularity is in the larger villages, where 400 or more voters reside. Of the 20 large villages that have so far held elections, the once dominant UDP victories are reducing. So far the UDP have won 10 of these villages, mostly by narrow margins, while the PUP and Independent slates are averaging 50 percent, a clear indication that the UDP can no longer claim any political dominance in the rural communities. With more than 100 villages yet to go to the polls, the UDPs are already feeling the pressure, so much so that they have been putting out weekly press releases with unofficial

results, even before the official results are put out by the Election and Boundaries Department, whose job it is to officially declare who were elected in these elections. While the PUP remains focused on rebuilding and retur ning the Party to the people, a promise made by the Party Leader the Hon. John Briceño at the time of his election, the executives in those divisions with rural constituencies have been actively involved in those village elections where the people have asked for support. In those villagers where the local executive was asked to support independent slates, the Party continues to respect the will of the people. T he Par ty Leader stated on national radio and television that these elections should not be about national politics but about the quality of life in the communities and as such the Party will continue to keep the focus on the village council elections on the people in those communities.

(Continued from page 1) angry residents showed up at Reef Radio with copies of their receipts showing that they have paid towards ownership of their land. But those receipts appear to be worthless because the residents found out that their applications to purchase the land have been cancelled or put on hold. Most of the land where the receipts were made out are in the Colonia San Diego area, about two miles out of town on the northern end. It is mostly swampland but some people have already constructed temporary dwellings in their desperate bid for shelter. Some of their potential neighbours, however, are still waiting, only to be let down when representatives of the Lands Department informed them that their applications had been cancelled despite the payments they've made. And they suspect that while their Area Representative, Manuel Heredia, has attached his signature supporting their purchases, he is also the only one who would have any real influence on whether they are granted approval for the purchases. So while many of them did get his support on paper, they feel he went behind their backs and advised the Ministry of Natural Resources to disapprove. There is no proof of this because while the people have copies of their receipts, none has a letter stating that their land has been cancelled. That information has only been given to them verbally when they enquired in Belize City and Belmopan. The man in the hot seat Manuel Heredia made an appearance on Reef Radio at which point he stated that he was there to address the concerns of the people on the island. That was probably a little difficult, though, since he instructed

the technical staff not to take any calls because he was in a hurry. And later that morning Heredia would admit to a television reporter that his government was cancelling approvals for land distributed to PUP supporters, calling them greedy. Said Heredia to the reporter... "Yes, it is mostly the PUPs that were greedying up everything over here...if they paid for ten pieces, my job is to look into the interests of the other people on the island, you know. We have a lot of young people over here that need land and I said it before, I say it now and I will repeat every time, that it is my job to secure a piece of land for as many young people as we have and we have to acquire it or whatever we have to do, will we do so." But the persons whose documents have been cancelled do not fit the description of greedly PUP landholders blithely given by Manuel Heredia. In fact, for these poor San Pedranos nothing could be further from the truth. One of the persons who asked for anonymity because he was afraid that he would be further victimized has said that he paid in full for his title but has not received his certificate and much to his amazement, when he made checks at the Belmopan Lands office, he discovered that while he had receipts to show for his payments, they had none. In fact, the man said neither the computer system nor the manual one at the Lands Department showed that he had made any payments. To put it candidly, the man said his file at the department was empty. He has since asked the Lands Office to investigate what transpired with his land and more importantly, his payments. The Belize Times will have more on this late breaking story in our next issue.

(Continued from page 1) so much so that it was news to a majority of the other councilors. In fact, the Belize Times has been reliably informed that only Mayor Zenaida and Councilor Samuels were in on the proposal. We believe that is so, but there is still a glaring discrepancy with the timing of the proposal. A check of our archives reveals that in the December 10th issue of the Belize Times, we actually broke the story about the exchange of a parking lot for a public beach. In that snippet published in the very popular column If Da Noh Soh, the columnist wrote that he had received

Beginning of the UDP End!

San Pedro’s Mr. Quitar



Sunday, May 2, 2010

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