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sunday, march 7, 2010


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POLICE DEATH SQUAD? ComPol Admits to ‘Rogue Element’ within the Department The murder of 21 year old Teddy Murillo in the early hours of Saturday morning, as the young man was heading home, has resulted in a hailstorm of criticism and anger and hate aimed squarely at the Belize Police Department. The accusation from Murillo’s family is that their brother and son was shot multiple times by a man who is sworn to serve and protect, a Corporal in the Department. Members of the family have said that Murillo was heard calling the officer’s name just before he was shot to death from a vehicle. A media tour by Commissioner of Police Crispin Jeffries has done nothing to allay the fears of citizens, little to restore or inspire public confidence in the Police Department and (Continued on page 35)

a life too short…

. . . r e h et g o T e Com

Sir Barry Mansfield Bowen, a businessman, investor, entrepreneur and friend of the environment was also a man who loved to fly planes and an avid photographer. Mr. Bowen died in a plane crash on Friday in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Sir Barry Bowen started many successful businesses and was always looking for the next potential

investment. At his death, he was the Chairman of the Bowen Group of companies, which included the Coca Cola franchise, bottlers of Coke, Fanta, and Sprite. His other beverage companies included Crystal Water and Crystal Juices and Belize Brewing Company which bottles Belikin beer and stout and Guinness (Continued on page 35)

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an ever WorseninG criMe sitUation

“THIS IS AN INTOLERABLE SITUATION.” Harold Crooks The Crooks Report The prevalence of violent crime and criminal behavior in Belizean cities and towns continue to plague the Barrow administration. The daily reports of shootings, murders and robberies have dominated the evening news and are negatively impacting the lives of all Belizeans. Today streets and communities, especially in parts of Belize City, have become hotspots for violent crime and random shootings. Added to an already volatile situation is the fact that a number of grenades went missing from the British Army Training Unit here in Belize. Already two of the grenades that were detonated have resulted in death and injury. Currently 17 grenades remain in the hands of the criminal segment of the population. In October 2007, in the heat of the UDP election campaign, the UDP candidate for the Caribbean Shores Division and current National Security Minister, Carlos Perdomo stated: "The UDP therefore proposes a three sixty degree multi-prong strategy for restoring the respect for law and order in Belize. This dynamic and creative three sixty degree approach will enable us to focus simultaneously on the various social culprits and problems in order to execute a sustained full court press attack on each issue, from all angles, in a well planned strategic and synchronized manner which with immediate medium and long term courses of implementation will restore the respect for law and order and recuperate our people's confidence in our national system of law and order by initiating a multiple front, simultaneous and energetic engagement of the causes of crime and poverty and existing widespread corruption and on the alarming intensity of criminal activity." For the past two years, this 360 degree approach, which was supposed to be a “sustained full court press…” has not resulted in a turnaround in crime and violence in Belize; instead the opposite effect occurred. Today Belizeans live in fear that they or a member of their family could be next. In June 2008, the Ministry of National Security hired Mr. Harold Crooks, a Jamaican Law enforcement specialist to do a study on the Belize Police Force. Six months later the Minister informed the nation that the report was completed. While the report was only recently tabled, it was comprehensive and offered 167 recommendations. In the report Mr. Crooks stated that the level of criminal activity in Belize had reached to a level where everyone is now convinced that the government and the law enforcement authorities have lost control. This will not “restore the respect for law and order and recuperate our people's confidence in our national system of law and order.” Any nation that cannot guarantee the safety of its citizens has failed in its most basic function. Added to the challenges facing the Ministry of National Security is the issue of the erosion of confidence in the police and the Department as a whole. In his report Mr. Crooks said: “Left unattended police service delivery will cause continued deterioration in public estimation of the police to a tipping point where it will take years to restore public trust. This will also be powerfully influenced by festering police corruption – if creeping corruption is left unchecked.” He went on to say that “there is ample evidence of creeping corruption among members of the Belize Police Department. International studies have shown that left unchallenged this will fester, and given sufficient time become endemic. This must be confronted with urgency.” Considering the fact that the Crooks Report was delivered to Perdomo more than a year ago, and in light of the fact that more Belizeans are openly accusing the Police Department of corruption, it is clear that the Minister and his team did not take the warning issued by Mr. Crooks seriously. The report stated that confronting police corruption has to be integrated with national anti-corruption measures. His sixty-first recommendation was that “an anti-corruption policy, strategy and public awareness programme be designed along with a NATIONAL ANTI CORRUPTION UNIT consisting of specially vetted and selected staff be organized as a matter of urgency.” To date there has been no public announcement that this recommendation has been accepted and for sure there has been no urgency to its implementation. At the last sitting of the House of Representatives, Opposition Leader the Hon. John Briceño asked the Minister of National Security if the recommendations from the Crooks Report were being implemented. The response from the Minister was long on rhetoric but short on substance. Certinaly the question was not answered. When Mr. Briceño tried to push further on this issue of great importance to Belizeans, the Speaker of the House, Emil Arguelles, cut him off, a clear abuse of his power and a violation of the standing orders, which allows for follow up questions. There is a growing frustration among Belizeans over the crime situation and the complete failure of the Minster of National Security and by extension the Barrow Administration to find any lasting solution to this serious problem. Given all that is occurring in Belize and this administration, Mr. Barrow should remember that the next time the UDP face the electorate it will be their turn to account to Belizeans for their record on the fight against corruption, crime, violence and drugs, which remains at the top of the electorate’s agenda.

sunday, march 7, 2010

Hypocrites of the Week

This week our selection panel decided to bestow the dubious honour of outstanding doublespeaking, double dealing, self-serving personalities of the week to three deserving individuals, charlatans of the first order – Drs. John and George Gough and the little incompetent crime minister Carlos Perdomo. While the poor minister has been featured before and, if not kicked out of Cabinet, will be featured again, the ‘good’ doctors have just recently come under scrutiny after a recent event. On February 15th, Dr. John Gough threw all aspects of his sacred Hippocratic Oath to the winds and did great harm to Carlos Zelaya, a minor. Reports are that Gough and another person beat this boy almost beyond recognition, then left him on the street bleeding. He was allegedly rushed to the hospital in serious condition by friends. That was more than two weeks ago, and Dr. John Gough has yet to be arrested by the Police, has yet to go through the procedure of law and order which any other individual would have been forced to endure. After repeated entreaties by the parents of the victim, he was picked up for a short while, but there entered his brother, UDP political aspirant George Gough. Calls were made and John Gough was released. Not only that - the parents of the victim were allegedly intimidated

by a senior police official in an attempt to get them to drop all charges. It is understood that the Police Commissioner has said that the file has been handed over to the Director of Public Prosecutions, who will then decide if any charges should be brought against Gough. While we would love to claim objectivity in this matter, quite frankly this entire case stinks of political interference and political manipulation, and there enters Minister of National Security Carlos Perdomo. The fact is that any other common individual like you and me without UDP protection caught in the same circumstances would have been arrested and charged immediately – no ifs, ands, buts or maybes. It is obvious that on this UDP operated farm, some animals are more equal than others, and some animals can act with impunity and without reprisal. Dr. John Gough swore an oath to do no harm, but harm he did. Dr. George Gough swore the same oath but that apparently didn’t mean anything when it came to protecting his little brother from facing justice. And UDP minister swore an oath to serve all without fear or favour, but that was very obviously a sick joke. There’s a new oath all UDP insiders must take – it’s called the Hypocritic Oath. You’ll hear a lot more about it.

Questions to Ministers 1

Would the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance please say how much is still outstanding to his ex-wife’s law firm? And would the Prime Minister also confirm or deny rumours that his ex-wife will be the next AttorneyGeneral of Belize?


And since the last time we asked he didn’t have a clue, would the Prime Minister be able to say now how he plans to bridge the projected $60million shortfall in the budget?


Would the Minister of Health please say when the National Health Insurance scheme will roll out into Corozal, since that district has been declared the second poorest in the country?


Would the Minister of National Security please say if he is now prepared to resign his portfolio in light of the recent scandals of corruption and incompetence in the Belize Police Department?


Would the Minister of National Security, before he leaves office, also be prepared to give a status update on the investigation into the murder of Chris Galvez, the beating of minor Carlos Zelaya, cane farmer Atanacio Gutierrez and Teddy Murillo?

sunday, march 7, 2010

The Belize Times

If Da Noh Soh…

In remembrance… This columnist takes some time out from throwing out the UDP trash to pay tribute to Sir Barry Bowen, a man whose contributions

to our nation can never be overstated. His achievements will always be remembered. Nuff respect Sir Barry…! Let them eat cake… And now on to the people’s business of disposing of the trash…! Rumour has it that at some function or the other just a week or so ago one of Belize’s royal princesses from the Barrow clan (well, they sure act like they’re royalty) was holding Court and issued a stern proclamation. According to the princess, she and the other royals of her clan won’t sleep until the staff of our humble newspaper (we dratted PUP) is forced down into the depths of depression and poverty and has trouble putting food on the table. Wow…sounds drastic, doesn’t it? I mean, here at the Belize Times we’d love to oblige the princess. We sure wouldn’t want her to lose any beauty sleep – God knows they need as much as they can get. But hell, why be modest, your royal highness? Why stop at impoverishing the staff of this newspaper? Damn, thanks to that royal clan, more than half of the entire country is having trouble putting food on the table. Your highness, haven’t you read the latest poverty assessment report? That’s the reality out here. And as to your proclamation…well, let’s leave it at that before I’m accused of treason and the Queen Lice orders my head lopped off… If Da Noh Soh! Keep ‘em coming… And speaking of frivolous lawsuits, we got another letter by e-mail today. This time it’s on behalf of the good doctor himself, the one who brutally beat up a minor and then left him on the ground bleeding. Yeah, you know who, the man without a heart who says he can heal yours.

Seems he’s pissed off because word of what he did is getting out there. According to the letter, we’re causing him distress and embarrassment. Well, then maybe he shouldn’t have

beaten up a child. He’s worried about distress and embarrassment – imagine what the minor and his family are going through. Embarrassment my @$$, we’d love the good doctor to spend some time behind bars for what he did to that minor. Seems like that won’t happen because he has some political connections, but we can always hope. So if the good doctor wants an apology, he needs to go somewhere else. He won’t get one here. And if he thinks that the threat of another lawsuit will intimidate us, he’s even more stupid and misguided that we think he is… If Da Noh Soh!

From jester to Chancellor When the previous administration tried to get rid of Cadet Henderson, the UDP decided that it must have been political, so they snapped him up in a jiffy. Not only that, but they elevated the fellow to CEO in the

Ministry. But the joke’s on them. That guy just can’t seem to get anything right…seriously. Look at the Kendall Bridge – washed out two years ago and the CEO is still at the stage of talking about proposals for funding. A simple thing like replacing a bridge, and he and his Minister measured it wrong. Now look, they decided to give Castro the bridge and even that they can’t get right. The bridge was too small for Kendall and it is too big for Gardenia where Castro’s land is. So the bright star CEO decided that they needed to widen the creek so that it would fit the bridge…seriously. Ask about the progress on that one? They’re still at it months and months after. And how about the works at mile 7 on the Northern Highway…we can practically see the CEO scratching his head on that one. In fact, it looks like he’s given up. Anybody who can name one spectacular infrastructural and works improvement under this UDP with Cadet as CEO will get a prize… If Da Noh Soh! Silent but deadly… Has anybody seen the rotund minister of the public service lately? Almost seems like he’s gone into

hiding. We can’t tell you where he’s been or where he is, but we can tell you what he’s been doing. For the past month, John has been lobbying desperately for the position of Minister of National Security. John wants to be the man who carries the big stick around the country, or at least he wants to command a couple thousand men in uniform carrying big sticks, if the first don’t work. Everybody knows that the writing’s on the wall for the disgraced Carlos Perdomo. Even he knows it and has been slinking ever so quietly into the background. The only reason he’s been kept around so long is that his family has more than a little pull in the UDP, but with recent events, even that won’t save him. Look for it in the next couple weeks… If Da Noh Soh!


expect the worst from that bunch of UDP despots. Well, it’s happening. Word out of the Barrow Telemedia Limited is that terminations are being handed out left right and center. One junior management technician who has been with the company for close to 16 years was told that suddenly his post has become redundant. Several other longtime employees were told that their contracts won’t be renewed. And trust me, there’re a lot more in the pipeline. We’ll keep you updated on the happenings inside the red infected BTL… If Da Noh Soh!

Flooded Dread… Some residents of Maskall are on the lookout for the man we fondly call Barbie Dread, or even worse at times.

A compromise of sorts… Embattled and bitter Saint Sedi managed to hold onto his position as Minister of Foreign Affairs against some fierce detractors in Cabinet.

Man, those were some heated days in that Cabinet room as just about everyone including the PM’s chief ear-whisperer Lice called for Sedi’s head. Of course we all know why Lice called for Sedi’s head, right? Anyway, as we understandvvcb it, a compromise of sorts has been reached. Sedi has apparently agreed to let go of the AG’s ministry without a murmur on the condition that he hold on to his foreign affairs portfolio. The play has already been set. Remember Sedi’s humble apology to the judiciary for his dutty remarks – all because he didn’t want to leave on a sour note. Remember Sedi in the House just a couple weeks ago claiming that the AG’s portfolio is just too much for him and he can’t handle it? Another set play. Again, look for the announcement within the month…If Da Noh Soh! Told you it would happen… Remember not so long ago I wrote in this very same column that the Board of BTL had requested a list of employees suspected of being

See, it looks like the man built some houses for residents at the bottom of a pond which was dry then. But guess what happened when it started to rain. So there’s a bunch of people not too happy with the dread right at this moment. But what did they expect? This is the same man who used mud from the bottom of a lagoon to construct a causeway and the same man who built tilapia ponds right next to outdoor latrines… If Da Noh Soh! Flippin’ trespasser… Word coming out of the beautiful town of Dangriga is that longtime District Education Officer and popular personality Gwen Nunez Gonzalez has been arbitrarily transferred out of that district. Word is that even the UDP Area Rep in Dangriga is not too happy, since he believes that the flippin’ Minister, who apparently made the request, is trespassing on his turf. That’s bad enough, but people are saying that Nunez’s replacement is a political appointee who is not qualified for the job. That, of course, would be nothing new under this UDP government. We use this opportunity to say kudos to Gwen, whose performance in Dangriga has been stellar. We are confident that she will excel wherever she goes… If Da Noh Soh!


at ~ POST YOUR COMMENTS ~ VOTE ON ARTICLES ~ CHECK OUT A PDF VERSION OF THE PAPER PUP. I believe we also mentioned that everyone concerned should

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sunday, march 7, 2010

Out Spoken Terrified…

From the desk of the party leader

an example for us all

Last week, Belizeans were shocked by the tragic and untimely death of Sir Barry Mansfield Bowen. Everywhere you went, people spoke about the incident and told their own personal stories, or stories of someone they knew who worked for or was in some way connected to Barry Bowen. During these past few days Belizeans got to know even more about Barry Bowen and for the most part, the stories spoke of a man who was among the best, brightest and most daring entrepreneurs in Belize. At the funeral service at St. John’s Cathedral, we found out that Barry had an incredible drive to be first in everything he did. In his eulogy, Mr. John Searle, his long time friend told us that as children, Barry would always fight tooth and nail to win. Second place did not exist for him and when he felt he couldn’t win, he preferred to walk away. This incredible drive to excel, to be first, to be the best, helped him to become probably the most successful entrepreneur in Belize. At twenty, he graduated from university and got married. By the time he was thirty-three, he had bought over all the shares of the family business Bowen and Bowen. After that Barry was ready to conquer bigger mountains. Now the sole owner of the Coca-Cola franchise and Belikin brewery, it would have been easy for Barry to sit on his verandah in San Pedro and enjoy life. But of course, he was just getting warmed up. He bought over Belize Estate, a company with land holdings larger than some countries in the Caribbean. With that land, he went into logging, ranching and farming, utilizing his lands in an environmentally friendly manner. He even helped to establish Program for Belize, a forest reserve of over 260,000 acres of land in the Gallon Jug area. When Sir Barry decided to go into the shrimp business, he knew he had to have the best. He brought in some of the brightest scientists, engineers and planners to set up a shrimp farm second to none. He succeeded, and now Belize Aquaculture is considered one of the best shrimp farms in the world. Their quality and production per pond is among the finest in the region, if not the world. While Sir Barry may be one of those rare Belizean entrepreneurs, there are a few others. Last week Saturday I visited Mr. Jacob Wall, another ambitious Belizean entrepreneur who lives in Shipyard, a Mennonite community in the Orange Walk District. Several years ago, Mr. Wall moved to Little Belize, Corozal where he started a poultry business which very quickly became a very successful enterprise. After several years, he sold his business and moved to Shipyard. In Shipyard, he continued investing in agriculture and grew rice, and turned that into another successful venture. Later when oil was discovered in Belize, Mr. Wall and his partners decided to take on the challenge of building an Oil Refinery in Belize. They believed that with the discovery of crude oil, there was no reason why Belize should not be able to build its own refinery to produce diesel for Belizean consumers. They knew that they could produce cheaper fuel at the pump and save on Belize’s much needed foreign currency. Mr. Jacob Wall is no engineer and has no formal training in petroleum engineering. He has spent most of his life around machines and all that he has learnt has been through trial and error. Nevertheless he decided to take on the challenge of building an Oil Refinery in Belize. After several attempts, one of which resulted in his blowing up his building, Mr. Wall succeeded in building a small, efficient and environmentally friendly oil refinery. Presently his refinery has the capacity to produce around 3,000 gallons of diesel daily and he is ready to produce reliable and cheap diesel for Belizeans. Sir Barry Bowen and Mr. Jacob Wall come from two very different backgrounds. Bowen, a member of a well established Belizean family, Wall a relatively unknown farmer in Shipyard. Though very different in upbringing and lifestyles, there are some interesting similarities. Both men are known for their incredible drive; for not being afraid of taking on risks; for believing in themselves and for knowing that with hard work and determination any challenge can be conquered. The legacy of both gentlemen is one that will impact Belizeans for generations. Those who follow their work ethic and who believe that anything is possible with hard work, determination and who are confident in their abilities will find Belize a great place to invest. We live in a country with incredible opportunities and endless potential. Sir Barry Bowen knew this from an early age; so does Mr. Jacob Wall. The examples set by these two men, their hard work and dedication has helped to make Belize a better place. It is now incumbent on us to continue their legacy.

Editor Sir, Greetings from the Southside of Belize City! The purpose of writing this letter is to create awareness on the issues we face on a daily basis as ordinary citizens in Belize City. So, I ask if you would be so kind as to publish this letter in your newspaper because we need to ensure all understand the environment in which we live today in Belize City and more so in the south side. I am an older citizen who has retired from the world of work and hoped to live a peaceful and decent life the rest of my days. But if you watch the evening news and listen to the talk shows you would know that this is no longer possible here in the city. It is unbelievable what is happening. Murders and shootings on a daily basis, home invasions everywhere, hold ups, allegations of police brutality and corruption in the security forces and the list can go on. Every day I ask myself if this is the same Belize where I grew up. And every day I remind myself that indeed it surely is not! I hardly go out as I am terrified of doing so…even if only to buy something at the corner shop. Many times I have to do without basic stuff because I will not risk my life being taken away by some stray bullet in the street or by some bullet meant for a grocer where I will go to buy a pack of bread and half pound of cheese or even by a grenade explosion. Through the kindness of a good friend, I manage to do my weekly shopping in a neighbourhood which we believe is safer. However, we are quickly starting to realize that there is no safe neighbourhood here in Belize City. Recently I have been even more perplexed with all that is said in the media about the allegations that some Policemen are involved in recent murders in the city. With all of this it is becoming really stressful living here in the city as I keep thinking who will assist me if I am assaulted or my home is invaded. I am indeed alarmed for the safety of our neighbourhoods and especially our children and youth. I am appealing to the Government and the relevant authorities to please address this situation. Many people are afraid but don’t voice it, my neighbours are even scared of going to Church now. When will this stop! It is crazy! Sincerely, Daniel Samuels

Corozaleños Poor! Dear Mr. Editor, As a citizen of Belize and a Corozaleño I kindly request that you publish my letter. It was indeed with great pain in my heart that I learnt through the recently published Poverty Assessment Report that the Corozal District is now considered the second poorest district in our nation. When I first heard this I could not believe it! But better than that, there are some people in the Corozal District that fail to understand what has happened to a district that was considered one of the most prosperous for decades. Among these people we have the three UDP Representatives who seem oblivious to this fact and the challenges faced by us Corozaleños on a daily basis. Only two or there years ago, the Corozal District used to boast the lowest unemployment rate in the country. The district was booming and business was being generated. Today all this has come to a halt. Workers by the score at the Free Zone, the Casinos and the Papaya Industry are losing their jobs daily. And when they don’t lose their job outright the employers employ them for fewer hours; thereby reducing their salaries by up to about fifty percent. It’s no wonder that we are now considered the second poorest district in the country. As Corozaleños we believe that this is indicative of the lack of government leadership in the district. We demand that the Government of Belize urgently addresses this poverty issue which can be done by ensuring that employment is generated. Corozaleños are willing and able to work. Since we are now considered the second poorest district, Corozaleños request that the NHI is rolled out to this district without hesitation and with urgency. This is where the Minister of Health, who hails from our beautiful district and won the election on a platform of Reformed Health Care, could be instrumental. In fact, if the NHI is to live its fundamental principles it should be rolled out to all the country. The people of Corozal, like all other Belizeans, are desperately in need of good, effective and efficient health care. We cannot wait for the Horizon in 2030! We need jobs, good health care and education, better roads, and more employment now! Sincerely, Leticia Vasquez



Lucilo E. Alcoser

Mike Rudon



Rachel Arana

Fay Castillo-Mckay


Doreth Bevans

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Oscar Obando

sunday, march 7, 2010

The Belize Times

UDP Politics as usual

Police Executioners? A caller to one of the morning shows today said that he certainly won’t be asking for any rides from any members of the Police Department anymore. He claims that he actually hid when he saw a Police vehicle circling. That’s the reality on Belize’s streets even before the murder of Teddy Murillo this past weekend. The young man was shot from a vehicle while heading home, and reportedly witnesses say that he called the name of a Police Officer just before he was shot. Witnesses also say that another officer in the vehicle told the shooter that since his face had already been seen, he might as well finish the job. So a young boy who was by all accounts upstanding with a bright future was murdered. Truth be told, the Police Commissioner seemed almost nonchalant in his discussion of the matter. There was none of the determination to see justice done, none of the righteous anger at the very real possibility that a Police Officer had cold-bloodedly murdered a young man. The ComPol is asking witnesses to come forward. But does he really expect them to with the track record the Police Department is amassing? What seems missing from the Police Department in this and other cases before is the real will to do the right thing. Police Officers have been implicated in murder and other wrongdoing before, and absolutely nothing has come of it. Where is the report on the death of Chris Galvez, allegedly with the involvement of the Police? Where is the report on the death of a young man who was found ‘hanged’ on the BTIA compound, with alleged Police involvement? Where is the report on the murder of the cane farmer in Orange Walk more than a year ago? It is a serious thing when the community loses confidence in the Police and trust in the Police. But the community is not to be blamed. The Police Department is digging its own grave. Nobody…absolutely nobody believes that a Police Officer did not kill Teddy Murillo. There is no doubt on anybody’s mind. That’s how bad it is. No witness…they say!

It’s been two weeks since cardiologist Dr. John Gough, the brother of UDP political aspirant George Gough and UDP insider Sandra Bedran, savagely beat up a minor on the street near his home. The incident is no secret. The minor, SJC student Carlos Zelaya, was allegedly pistol-whipped and brutally beaten by John Gough and a friend. The father of the minor says that he found out about it from Gough, who claimed that it was a misunderstanding. The minor has allegedly been dating Gough’s teenage daughter for the past two years. Now my problem is this – Gough has not denied beating the minor, though he says it was a misunderstanding. The hospital records will show that the minor had to be hospitalized after the severe beating. The Police have been given the reports and have allegedly questioned those concerned. So why hasn’t Gough been arrested? Why hasn’t he been made to go through the same process as any other Belizean (not UDP affiliated, that is) who has been accused of a similar crime? The Police say that they need a witness to the crime to be brought to them before they can do anything at all. That is just bulls@#t. That is police-speak for – sorry, we’ve received orders from our political masters to leave Dr. John Gough alone because he has strings in the UDP. Apparently the Police don’t do investigations anymore, from what they’re saying. They sit in their offices and wait for those who have been victimized to find witnesses and bring them in. Shades of the keystone kops fi real… Keystone Kops… Our Commissioner of Police has always been a man people love to hate. From as far back as I can remember, Mr. Jeff has been hated by some and feared by others, but by and large respected by all. His brusque no-nonsense manner, with the media most times, gave the impression that he didn’t have time to waste in the spotlight – his job was not in front of the camera but on the streets fighting crime. But that was then. Unfortunately, Mr. Jeff ’s credibility has been struck a deadly blow recently. As the Police have bumbled through gaffe after gaffe, the ComPol’s rep is taking a beating. As corruption threatens to tear the Department apart, the ComPol’s new job seems to be slipping and sliding and bobbing and weaving. He’s still brusque and blunt with the media, but now it seems part of the political game more than anything else. I can certainly be excused for saying that the credibility of the Police Department is at an all time low. I can also be excused for saying that confidence in the Police Department is lower than that. Those things will go on Mr. Jeff ’s resume, though it is less his fault than that of his political masters who have been allowed a free hand with the manipulation of law and order. The Police Department just isn’t the Police Department anymore… maybe they should think about changing the slogan. The Mask Rumours on the street in the past weeks have indicated the presence of police officers circling in police vehicles with masks on. Those rumours have led to


speculation that there is a rogue element of the Police Department – a Special Execution Unit, so to speak. An email has been circling which makes serious allegations of a criminal police unit and hit men within the police. The email makes some other allegations which maybe just weeks ago would have seemed ludicrous and out of this world. But with recent events, those allegations just don’t seem so far-fetched any more. On a morning show, the Commissioner of Police confirmed that a police officer had been pulled in after reports of him wearing a mask on duty. He confirmed that the mask was found and proved those reports credible. If I heard the Police Commissioner right, the very same police officer whose name has been circling as the executioner of young Teddy Murillo is the person who was caught in this mask scenario. Is it just me or do the pieces of this heinous, nasty, frightening puzzle seem to be falling together? This is some scary s#@t. Even more scary is that the Commissioner appeared to want to dismiss the mask-wearing episode as some kind of fetish with nothing absolutely to do with criminal behavior. Do the right thing… On a morning show, the Commissioner of Police did his best to explain the M-16 thing where they paid the man who they caught with the weapon to return it to the authorities. Mose and Sharon appeared as confused and discontented by his explanation as I was. See, the man being touted as the citizen of the year by Police; the man who out of the goodness of his own heart and love of his fellow man bought an M-16 off a ‘crack-head’ so that ‘crack-head’ couldn’t do any harm with it, didn’t take the weapon into Police. As I understand it, he was fingered by the same ‘crack-head’ and tracked down by Police. In my book, seems like he should have been arrested for handling stolen goods at the very least, and for sure possession of a prohibited and unlicensed firearm and ammunition. But no, this bastion of integrity was paid by Police, reimbursed for the money he had allegedly given the ‘crack-head’ for the weapon. To borrow a word from one of my colleague’s seeming endless repertoire, I was left dumbfounded. The Commissioner said he felt that the end justified the means – a dangerous weapon was taken off the street. Hey Commish, could we get the name of this sterling individual because we have an award we’d like to bestow on him as well. But seriously, word is that the person in question has ties to the political bigwigs and the Police were told – hands off and pay the man some money on top. That version of events seems a whole lot more credible to me. Cold Comfort… The Commissioner did admit to a rogue element of police officers within the department. That’s plenty bad enough, but the Commissioner also said that there is precious little they can do about it. Now that admission I’m sure is cold comfort to many and a downright scary thought to most. Hell, I’m writing this and wondering if I should. Imagine, there is a bunch of armed officers with basically a license to kill compounded by rogue tendencies and amplified by the Department’s inability to control them. That’s a damned unsavoury stew. Serious! I’ve got to say I don’t have the same warm, comforting thoughts when the Police Department comes to mind. I guess like that caller to the morning show, I’ll stop taking rides with members of the Police Department – no telling where I may end up. That Chris Galvez thing… The mother of murdered Teddy Murillo called in to the morning show. She claimed that the police officer who it is said murdered her son came on the scene the day after and threatened some people in her yard. She said that he was accompanied by the police officer who was allegedly implicated in the murder of Chris Galvez not so long ago. More pieces of that damned scary puzzle falling into place. So what’s up with the investigation into the Chris Galvez murder? Didn’t an eyewitness come forward? Wasn’t the report concluded and a copy placed on the desk of the Minister of Police Carlos Perdomo? Why is the police officer who was implicated in that murder still on the street? And in the company of the police officer being accused of the murder of Teddy Murillo, no less. There’s something seriously wrong with this picture. With all that said… With all that said, the fact is that there are still many good men and women left in the Police Department. That fact has been obscured by the corruption and incompetence and negligence and cover-ups and political manipulation of a few people in the Department, unfortunately. There are still good men and women who wear their uniforms with pride and serve and protect the citizens of this nation with integrity. But until all the bulls#@t is cleared up, the good works of those individuals will go largely unremarked.


partY paGe

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our purpose

sunday, march 7, 2010


To create a NEW BELIZE through the peaceful, constructive, Belizean revolution which will bring to all Belizeans a better life and a just share of the national wealth.

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sunday, march 7, 2010


The Belize Times


WILD FRONTIER We got no borders That is government’s say… That is the root of all disorders: The games this government play That made us a frontier at best It did not matter if we protest A frontier like the wild wild west Our future now seems so funest Lawlessness has taken our streets Reflections of our leaders’ conceits Gluttonous power gone to their head Foolhardiness from whence chaos bred They have made a land of thieving crocs Allowed their friends and family plunder They have ran this country broke Violence results from their very blunder Shady Government with no transparency Creating confusion with their bestiality Never has there been such discrepancy Like their forked tongues with reality When those in charge behave like bandits Comes temptation to follow by the pundits My friends that was the seeding It is the source of our bleeding Law officers behaving like brigands Reflections of politicians’ shenanigans Soldiers falling asleep and losing firearm Like the ministers, don’t really give a damn Official executioners on payroll, here in town Know when u’re awake, that is the roun Know when u’re sleeping, they’ll come around Could be like a Santa dressed in red gown... And as the leaders and pundits prey Society in a whole has suffered decay Lawlessness is the nature of the game And there is anarchy, with no rule, no shame The masses caught in the middle Suffering from atrocities of the unlawful And the government’s piddle and diddle Our helplessness, a feeling so awful Besieged by lovers of others’ belongings Fraught by those who serve and protect Amidst public corruption and great despect We have felt the government’s pongings Public confidence has eroded This government has imploded The good Mr. Crook is right Our nation has suffered great smite Thus a failed nation we be Baldy and his gang A lawless frontier he made of we His harangue made us prang with a bang


Finding a Role for Everyone…… Carolyn Trench-Sandiford Party Chairman Being the Chairman of the oldest and most successful political party in Belize is not only a challenge, but a work in progress. Being in opposition, with a political apartheid system being practiced by the UDP government, makes the journey and the organizational work of the party much more difficult. In addition, resources are limited, and the Chairman is often under great scrutiny, especially when big shoes must be filled, expectations are high, and much is demanded. However, as is typical with me, I am always confident in that my feet will be comfortable in any size, style or cut; and I always look at the glass as half full, not half empty; a trait instilled in me by my grandmother Nellie UsherStaine. She taught all her grandchildren to look for the opportunity that is always present, and when a wall is placed in front of you, no matter how high and thick it is, and what it is made of, she told us to look for the one grain of sand that is loose, for that is where you start chipping, and one day, the wall will come tumbling down. But before you start chipping, you must have faith in your ability to chip, you must know why you want to get to the other side of the wall, and what you want to do, and how you will do it, once you get there. For if you do not, then all the chipping that you would have done, will be in vain, or simply manual labour. The People’s United Party is comprised of many individuals of varying ages, ethnicity, gender, professional, occupational, academic and grassroots backgrounds from diverse geographic regions, each having individually or collectively an opinion on issues, each having a concern, sometimes subjective, specific to the community they live and represent, and at other times, objective. As Chairman, I have to be able to balance the concern and the issue of each member, whether they are on the National or Constituency Executive Committee or Branch, or in the United Women’s Group, the Belize Youth Movement, the Marshall’s Community Service Corp and the Order of Distinguished Services, or on the National Party Council or Convention. Furthermore, if the Party is to move forward, I also have to work closely with the Party Leader to build consensus amongst them all, as it is said that the real test of a democracy is not only the ability to cater to the will of the majority, but how well the rights of the minority are acknowledged and protected, including people with whose ideas and concepts I may not agree. Indeed, it is this latter notion that strengthens democracy, but is perhaps the most difficult to manage, particularly when you are surrounded by persons possessing a wealth of political experience and proven track records, persons who are your political mentors, and even those who are your elders and whom you hold in high regard, yet displaying personal and individual differences seemingly irreconcilable, between themselves, based on historical relationships. Fortunately, I have never doubted why I became involved in politics or why I have joined the People’s United Party. That is very clear to me. But I also know that for us to fulfill the mandate of our forefathers and mothers, as Chairman, I must be able to bring order to the party, and a sense of purpose and clarity to our political road map. As well, to

ensure that our work is not only about returning the Party to government, but also to crystallize how the Party will handle the challenges that confront the country when in government, while at the same time, crafting and defining a sustainable path for a long term vision for our country, and one that is built on a solid and sustained partnership with the people of Belize, whilst anchored in our philosophy. This broadens my role as a Chairman, to also be the guiding hand in the philosophical repositioning of the party, and be able to translate and implement the party’s aims and objectives into pragmatic policy positions and programmes for implementation when we become the government at all levels. I have therefore had to be proactive, and not reactive. At times, I have had to go below the surface, to ensure we courageously face our issues and concerns, both as a party, and as a government in waiting for our country. My responses have not always been traditional, and truthfully I have not always been able to put on a brave face and a positive spin on the issues, particularly at a time when our membership and the electorate have become cynical and weary of politicians, because they will not be convinced. Neither can I appear to be overly sympathetic or blindly loyal to anyone, as that could compromise the perception of fairness, and the right of every member of the Party of having a voice. At times, I also have had to be a referee, a buffer, and a balancing beam. Last Thursday, as I participated in the PUP Thursday Think Tanking session at Independence Hall, and I listened in awe to the ‘Honourebel’ [that is my name for him] Joe Coye. I learnt so much more about a topic of which I thought I knew almost everything. The personal knowledge and passion for the topic was evidently displayed in his delivery. It was infectious to all present. We learned in a bird’s eye view some of the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of the national budget, and why it was not giving us value for money. This was important, as the national budget is the vehicle to translate the Party’s aims and objects into practical solutions. We all were motivated and inspired as to what we can do as a Party to effect change as a government, starting with how we can transform the budget process, from preparation to execution and monitoring and evaluation, to make it more effective, efficient and service oriented, and for a purpose. In so doing, we established the link between the budget and the purpose of our Party, which is to create a NEW BELIZE to bring to all a better quality of life. The ‘Honourebel Joe Coye’ was certainly in his element, animated, energized and real. As Chairman, it flagged for me an important point- That as a Party, our rebuilding efforts must not focus primarily on loyalty, and tenure, but also on the mastery, the skills, the talents and potential contribution that each of us can give to the party, and thereafter the country. We must create the environment that will enable each of us to find our element...our forte…clearly we must find a role for everyone….for if we do this as a Party…so will it be when we are the government….and only so will our citizens be driven to forge a partnership with us to create the NEW BELIZE….only so will we be the People’s government…and only so the revolution shall continue…..


The Belize Times



What if it happens to us? Like the rest of the world Belizeans watched in horror as the death toll continued to rise in Haiti after the devastating earthquake. For those who were riveted to their television sets watching it all on MSNBC or on CNN the sight was almost too much to bear. In Haiti, 250,000 people lost their lives and damages are estimated to be around US$13 billion. Last weekend it happened again, this time in Chile and once again the initial body count was modest and then started to climb. To date 730 are reported dead in Chile, but that number could rise as Chile continues to dig out from under the rubble. While Chile has asked the United Nations and the US for assistance, their economic situation is such that with some assistance, that nation will soon be back on its feet, while for Haiti, the opposite is true. Earthquakes occur along the fault lines when the plates slide past each other or collide against each other. Earthquakes cause great damage including the collapse of buildings and other man-made structures, broken power lines--which could also result in fire. Earthquakes can also cause landslides and tsunamis.

southern part of the country, can be affected by an earthquake and if this should occur, the damage could be devastating. How prepared would Belize be if an earthquake should strike close enough to create serious damage and loss of life? In the Ministry of National Emergency, plans and contingencies are in place to deal with natural disasters such as hurricanes and flooding; currently NEMO is reviewing and updating its earthquake plans. During the Haiti earthquake it was clear that the lack of heavy equipment and machinery added to their inability to rescue people trapped under the rubble. This resulted in a higher death toll. Comparing the damage to buildings in Haiti with buildings in Chile it was clear that there was less damage to the structures in Chile because of building standards. In Belize homeowners are advised to construct buildings capable of withstanding 100 mile an hour winds; however the issue of earthquakes has not been considered in the construction of structures in Belize. Therefore, an earthquake the magnitude of the one that hit Haiti would cause tremendous damage to infrastructure.

Since Central America serves as an isthmus between North and South America, two continental land masses, disturbances in these two areas have an effect on activities in Central America. In the case of Belize, the Caribbean platform, the one that caused the earthquake in Haiti, runs just south of Toledo. Many Belizeans will recall last May’s earthquake, which toppled a water tank as well as damaged people’s homes in southern Belize. That an earthquake could affect Belize, resulting in serious damage is no longer a matter for speculation. Belize, especially the

Unlike hurricanes, an earthquake comes without warning. It occurs for short periods of time but can result in tremendous loss of life and can cause destruction in the billions. Given the possibility that an earthquake can strike close enough to Belize to cause loss of life and serious destruction of property, government should include emergency management in the event of an earthquake or worse, a tsunami in their plans. First there is a need to identify areas where infrastructure must be built to codes that will, as much as possible, minimize destruction in the event of an earthquake. Emergency planners must prepare information and design plans for evacuation and for moving of supplies and heavy equipment in and out of the disaster area. More important, Belizeans must be educated about what to do in the event of an earthquake. In the past week over 100 tremors were reported in this area. Earthquakes have occurred in El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras. It is foolhardy to think it cannot happen in Belize. When it does, planning and preparation will determine how many lives are spared and how many will be lost.


sunday, march 7, 2010

sunday, march 7, 2010

The Belize Times


Stakeholders Must Unite…!

February 2nd marked the first anniversary of the death of San Victor, Corozal sugar cane farmer Antanacio Gutierrez who was shot down in a hail of bullets on the main access road leading into the Belize Sugar Industries Limited Tower Hill compound. His death was the low point of the violent clashes between cane farmers and the country’s security forces over the core sampler which tested the cane’s sucrose content that later determined the remuneration to cane farmers. Today, it seems that Gutierrez died in vain because the sugar industry’s main stakeholders, the cane farmers and BSI, appear to have learnt nothing from the January/February 2009 strike that caused the temporary shutdown of the industry that resulted in millions of dollars in losses to the North’s economy.

Moreover, it seems that the industry is worse off than even before his death. There are volatile issues that if left unresolved may cause irreparable damage to the industry. The 2009/2010 crop started on Wednesday, December 16th, the latest it has done so in history. It was a pity really because more than 6,000 cane farmers and their families of the Corozal and Orange Walk Districts are heavily dependent on the cultivation of sugar for their only source of income. Besides it is not as if though they would have made much money this crop. The industry is floundering and even the most optimistic of us would say that it is on the brink of economic death as a result of the loss of its preferential market and the 36 percent cut in the European Union’s sugar price that

will take effect this crop. And to make matters worse, the cane farmers and BSI remain at odds. Aside from delaying the payment of the third bonus payment for the 2008/2009 crop and the historical late start of the 2009/2010 crop, cane farmers believe that BSI does not have their best interests as a priority. And the constant shutdown of the factory earlier this year that resulted in the cane farmers being unable to deliver their cane was viewed with suspicion. And it does not seem that the relationship will improve any time soon particularly because of the cane farmers’ demand for remuneration of the bagasse generated from their delivered cane and used by BSI to generate electricity, given that BSI expects to earn millions of dollars a year from its sale to the national grid. For its part, BSI maintains that the bagasse would be only industrial waste with little value were it not for the company’s more than $125 million investment in the cogeneration facility. Now it seems that the cane farmers are no longer united but have splintered into three separate associations. According to the 2001 Sugar Cane Act, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers’ Association is the only entity that can legally represent or negotiate on the cane farmers’ behalf. But the BSCFA has been wracked recently by accusations of mismanagement of funds that led to the termina-

represent cane farmers, than another association the Corozal Sugar Producers’ Union was formed in Corozal Town by various prominent cane farmers who once backed the UCFA. It seems that the CSPU was formed because the Corozal cane farmers were of the opinion that they were being marginalized by the Orange Walk associations and that they were not reaping the financial benefits from international donors as their Orange Walk counterparts. Perhaps this was the reason that Corozal cane farmers blocked the entrance to the factory this week while Orange Walk cane farmers were delivering their cane. But it seems that the associations and their leaders are only battling over the control of the tens of millions of dollars of Fair Trade funds and the whopping $140 million dollars that will be made available to the cane farmers by the European Union to help them to improve their efficiency and productivity in light of the loss of the preferential market and the 36 percent cut in price. It seems that cane farmers are hedging their bets on those leaders, who they believe may provide them with the most perks out of the millions of dollars. For the good of the industry, all stakeholders must realize that the industry will only stay afloat if all stakeholders start working in tandem. It goes without saying that its demise would be

tion of Chief Executive Officer Carlos Magaña and of political interference. This resulted in the BSCFA’s hegemony being challenged in the Supreme Court of Belize by the United Cane Farmers’ Association that is based in Orange Walk Town. Not long after the Supreme Court ruled that the UCFA could

catastrophic. Sugar is still the biggest foreign exchange earner of all the county’s agricultural commodities, and it is unquestionably the largest employer of labor in the North. Indeed, the industry has played a significant role in our national development and it still has an important contribution to make.

A Public Service Message Courtesy of The Belize times.


The Belize Times

sunday, march 7, 2010

Mariposa'sKid's Corner


Hey, have you noticed that it has been really windy and there are a few people selling kites? Well March 9th is almost here and so is Easter and now is a great time for flying kites. Dadi is going to help me build my kite this weekend. Do you want to try building one? Well, read below and see how you can…

1. Make a cross with the two sticks, with the shorter stick placed horizontally across the longer stick. Make sure that both sides of the cross piece are equal in width. See pictures above. 2. Tie the two sticks together with string in such a way as to make sure that they are at right angles to each other. Do not use threads for your string, use yarn/wool or old shoe laces. Ask your Dad or Mom to help you find strong string. 3. Ask an adult like your Mom or Dad to cut a notch at each end of both sticks. Make it deep enough for the type of string you are using to fit in to. Cut a piece of string long enough to stretch all around the kite frame. Make a loop in the top notch and fasten it by wrapping the string around the stick. Stretch the string through the notch at one end of the cross-piece, and make another loop at the bottom. Stretch the string through the notch at one end of the loop at the bottom. Stretch the string through the notch at the other end of the cross-piece. Finish by wrapping the string a few times around the top of the stick and cutting off what you don't need. This string frame must be taut/tense, but not so tight as to bend the sticks. See pictures above. 4. Lay newspaper or a large piece of cloth and place the stick frame face down on top. Cut around it, leaving about 2-3cm for a margin. Fold these edges over the string frame and tape or glue it down so that the material is tight. 5. Cut a long piece of string and tie one end to the loop at the other end of the string to the loop at the bottom. Tie another small loop in the string just above the intersection of the two cross pieces. This will be the kite's bridle, the string to which the flying line is attached. 6. You can make a tail by cutting two strips of cloth and attaching them to the body of your kite. Remember to decorate your kite!

Colour Me!


Baron Bliss Day

March 9th is almost here! Dadi and Mami are taking me and my brother to Caye Caulker. Sometimes, I think Henry Edward Ernest Victor ‘Baron’ Bliss was amazing but most times when we go on the road I understand how he felt. Do you know that on February 16th he would have been 141 years old? He was an Englishman who in his forties decided that he wanted to take up sailing and fishing. He built a boat called the Sea King II and leaving his wife and life in England set sail for the Caribbean. He spent six years of his life living on his boat and sailing. He ended up in our waters in Belize City harbour in 1926. He spent a month or two near our shores before he became very ill. Knowing he was on his death-bed he asked the Governor at the time to visit him. He made a will then and there leaving most of his wealth to Belize. He neva baan ya an e du dat. Too cool. He even asked to be buried in Belize near the sea and that a lighthouse should be built to remember him by. We also built the Bliss Centre in his memory. He also asked that a big boat race be held in his honour every year. We went two years ago to the regatta, it was fun to watch. This year Dadi decided to do something different but we’ll still think of Baron Bliss when we are on the sea. I am happy I was born in such a beautiful country. Aren’t you? Happy Baron Bliss day!

sunday, march 7, 2010


The Belize Times


years of a PUP Government

b Ended the practice of Judges on contract b More Judges for the Supreme Court b New Magistrate's Court facilities b New Court of Appeal and Law Library b Established NEMO as a formal institution b NEMO legislation

b Modern NEMO headquarters & communication equipment b Retrofitting of hurricane shelters throughout Belize


years of Barrow & the UDP =

Still No Kendall Bridge

Life No Haad Out Ya, Life Haada Out Ya


The Belize Times

sunday, march 7, 2010

The People's United Party

Consulting with Or�n�� W��� T���



sunday, march 7, 2010

The Belize Times


The People's United Party

Consulting with S�� I�na�i� T���




The Belize Times

Sunday, March 7, 2010

COTED petitions for non-tariff Barbados government to negotiate Haitian textile exports to US importation of natural gas from Trinidad chairman sent petitions to

by Ivan Cairo PARAMARIBO, Suriname -- In order to help rebuild Haiti’s economy which was shattered by a strong earthquake on January 12, Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is seeking favorable US trade facilities for this member state, Suriname’s minister of Trade and Industry disclosed. In his capacity as chairman of the Caricom’s Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED), minister Clifford Marica, recently wrote letters to several US Senators seeking support for a trade bill in order to facilitate non-tariff textile exports from Haiti to the United States of America. “Regarding this matter the COTED

several US Senators seeking support for this initiative. Letters were sent to the Senators Clarence Nelson, Ron Wyden and Charles Rangel,” the ministry of Trade and Industry said Tuesday. Meanwhile, COTED is also seeking extension of Spain’s development program to support the Caribbean/Cariforum’s rum industry. This development program expires at the end of June 2010, while only 20 percent of the allocated funds, some euros 14 million have been utilized. According to the trade ministry rum producing countries like Belize, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago have already invested in new equipment to boost the rum industry, but have not received been refunds yet from the Spanish facility. If the program is being terminated these countries would have to pay these debts from their own coffers, Suriname warned.

By Julie Wilson BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (BGIS) -- Negotiations on the proposed importation of natural gas by pipeline from Trinidad are slated to begin at month-end. Following a Cabinet decision on Thursday, February 18, the initiative is in keeping with the government's thrust to transform the Barbados economy to one that was driven by natural gas. Minister of Economic Affairs, Empowerment, Innovation, Trade, Industry and Commerce, Dr. David Estwick, will lead the Barbados negotiation team's effort to hammerout a number of accords, including a Harmonised Inter-Govermental Agreement (IGA), a Host Government Agreement and a clearly defined formula for a tariff reduction to Barbados, when countries such as Guadeloupe, St. Lucia and Dominica utilise the pipeline. In explaining the significance of the natural gas pipeline, Dr. Estwick said: "The importation of natural gas by pipeline is expected to significantly reduce Barbados' annual fuel import bill and generate substantial savings throughout the economy.

"It will provide significant economic and social benefits, including consumer savings and reductions in the country's fuel import bill, while impacting positively on the island's balance of payments." The Minister of Economic Affairs also maintained that in an environment of volatile crude oil prices and the negative impact on the balance of payments, money could be saved through the importation of natural gas.

charged with possession of drugs with intent to supply, after authorities seized 404 pounds of cocaine and 51 pounds of marijuana with a combined wholesale street value of $3 million from their boat. Another challenge, according to ACP Hanna, is that drug traffickers often hide their illegal cargo on remote cays. He said locals in some instances are fueling the problem. "The message must go out loudly from all pulpits that The Bahamas is not for sale and certainly Bahamians should not be in the business of marketing the country," he said. According to the report, Bahamian law enforcement suggests that drug trafficking organizations have utilized air drops and remote airfields to deliver large cocaine shipments to the Turks and Caicos Islands and The Bahamas from Venezuela and Colombia. "Illegal drugs are also smuggled using commercial maritime means. Illegal drugs have been seized from cargo containers transiting the port container facility in Freeport. The Department of Homeland Security's immigration and customs enforcement investigations into alien smuggling operations in The Bahamas often have revealed a connection to drug trafficking as well," the report continued.

The report notes that there are no official estimates of the amount of marijuana under cultivation in The Bahamas. However, it states that the American government and Bahamian officials believe Jamaican nationals are involved in the cultivation of marijuana on The Bahamas' remote islands and cays, despite the fact that only a fraction of the marijuana seizures in 2009 were in plant form. According to the report, most marijuana loads were found concealed aboard smuggling vessels or stashed on sparsely populated islands. OPBAT and the RBPF (Royal Bahamas Police Force) cooperated in identifying, seizing, and destroying nearly 11 metric tons of marijuana during the period from January through October 2009. The report acknowledges the government's efforts to fight against drug trafficking, noting that it has upgraded its interdiction capabilities. Further, the report indicated that the U.S. government has moved forward with plans to rebuild the OPBAT hangar on Great Inagua. The previous hangar was destroyed during Hurricane Ike in 2008. "Pending the successful conclusion of lease negotiations with the [Bahamian government], construction will begin in 2010 with completion planned for 2012. The new hangar will allow the U.S. Coast Guard to base helicopters flying in support of OPBAT on Great Inagua." Assistant Commissioner Hanna said the United States has helped the country tremendously with regards to the fight against drug trafficking. "The Americans have risen to the occasion and given the Royal Bahamas Police Force tremendous support in the fight against crime," he said referring to assistance with training and the procurement of assets.

U.S. report: 5% of drugs come through The Bahamas

By Krystel Rolle ~ Guardian Staff Reporter ~ An estimated five percent of the cocaine that is trafficked into the United States of American comes through The Bahamas, according to the latest edition of a U.S. report which once again names The Bahamas as a major drug transit country. "Cocaine transits The Bahamas via go-fast boats, small commercial freighters, or small aircraft from Jamaica, Hispaniola and Venezuela. (U.S.) Drug Enforcement Agency estimates that this accounts for approximately five percent of the cocaine flow to the U.S.," said the 2010 U.S. International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, released on Monday. "According to [U.S.] law enforcement, sport fishing vessels and pleasure craft then transport cocaine from The Bahamas to Florida, blending into the legitimate vessel traffic that moves daily between these locations," said the report. "Larger go-fast and sport fishing vessels transport marijuana from Jamaica, through The Bahamas and into Florida in the same manner that cocaine is moved." A country's presence in the report is not necessarily an adverse reflection of its government's counter narcotics efforts or level of cooperation with the United States, the report notes. In previous interviews Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest said the primary reason that The Bahamas remains on a list of nations in the report is because of its geographical location. Similarly, Police Assistant Commissioner Hulan Hanna pointed out that The Bahamas has been a transshipment point historically because it is "between the supplier nations and the user nations." "And so unfortunately we have been

saddled with that label historically for many years," Hanna said yesterday. Other Caribbean countries included on the list are Haiti, Jamaica, and Dominican Republic. Among the country's accomplishments: Bahamian authorities seized more than 4,034.4 pounds of cocaine and about 924,250 pounds of marijuana from January to October last year, arrested more than 1,000 people on drug-related charges and seized $4 million in cash, the report said. It further indicated that from January through October 2009, U.S. government and Bahamian law enforcement personnel interdicted seven vessels and disrupted numerous attempts to smuggle illicit drugs through The Bahamas. "The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Operation Bahamas and Turks and Caicos (OPBAT) estimate that there are 12 to 15 major Bahamian drug trafficking organizations operating in The Bahamas," the report said. "Bahamian law enforcement officials also identified shipments of drugs in Haitian sloops and coastal freighters." Last year U.S. and local authorities found illicit drugs on several Haitian sloops in Bahamian waters. Several Haitians have been charged and sentenced or are awaiting trials. Last month five Haitians were

sunday, march 7, 2010

The Belize Times


COURT NEWS Court of Appeal Orders New Trial of DJ Wiz

An appeal by Lewis Leiva, 38, a.k.a “DJ Wiz’, who was convicted of raping an 18 year old American woman and was sentenced to 9 years, was allowed today by the Belize Court of Appeal. The Belize Court of Appeal squashed Leiva’s conviction, set aside his sentence and ordered a retrial. Leiva, the owner/manager of Red Hut Inn, located in Bella Vista on the Northern Highway, allegedly committed the offence a little after midnight on July 13, 2007. The complainant and her sister were guests at the inn and they were on separate bed in room #7 when the incident occurred. Evidence from the trial showed that both sisters were drinking and partying with Leiva and when the complainant retired to bed she was well intoxicated. Leiva, who entered the room, admitted that he had sex with the complainant for about 30 seconds but he claimed that it was with her consent. The complainant’s sister, who was on the other bed, witnessed the sex act between Leiva and her sister. L e iva ’s a t t o r n e y S i m e o n Sampson, succeeded with the appeal on the ground that the trial judge usurped the function of the jury by not

Ryon King

permitting the jury to address the quality of the intoxication; that it was of such a level as would adversely affect the mental stale of the victim to such an extent as to make her wholly insensible. Sampson submitted that as a result of that Leiva was deprived the essentials of a fair trial. Leiva was released on a bail of $5,000. Senior Crown Counsel Cecil Ramirez represented the respondent.

Reluctance by Witnesses Results in Kent Pandy’s Acquittal of Murder

Kent Pandy

BELIZE CITY, Wed. March 3, 2010.

Kent Pandy, 25, charged with the murder of Allen Sutherland, 18, who was fatally stabbed on November 10, 2006, was acquitted of the charge yesterday in the Court of Justice Troadio Gonzalez. The prosecution, represented by Senior Crown Counsel Yohhahseh

Cave, threw in the towel after having called 5 witnesses, four of them formal witnesses. Kirk Lamb, the last witness who testified, said he did not give the Police a caution statement in which it was stated that shortly before the stabbing Pandy rode by him on a bicycle and said he was going to do in Sutherland. The chief witness for the prosecution, however, was Steven Gomez, the only eye witness. Gomez was not subpoenaed to appear in Court because he was reluctant to testify and he could not be located. After the prosecution closed its case, Justice Gonzalez directed the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty. Sutherland, who resided on Arlington Drive, was stabbed on Boots Crescent. The stabbing was preceded by an argument over a video game. Pandy was represented by attorney Ellis Arnold. Pandy was first freed of the charge last year when a nolle prosequi was entered. But he was rearrested and charged.

Rivers Remanded To Prison for Allegedly Shooting Palmer

Ronald Rivers

BELIZE CITY, Wed. March 3, 2010. Ronald Rivers, 25, the person who allegedly shot Michael Usher, 33, a.k.a “Palmer” was charged with attempted murder when he appeared yesterday in

the #1 Magistrate’s Court. Rivers was also charged with dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm. Chief Magistrate Margaret McKenzie explained to Rivers that she could not take a plea from him because the offences are indictable. She also explained to Rivers that the Court could not offer him bail because of the nature of the offences. She remanded Rivers into custody until May 5. The incident occurred at 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 17. Usher, 33, a mason of Fabers Road Extension reported to Police that he was visiting his girlfriend, Brenda Tillett, at her house on Antelope Street Extension, and he was at the back of the yard when his assailant jumped the fence and shot him twice in his back. Usher was admitted to ward at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. He has since been released. Rivers was detained by the Police on Monday, March 1.


The Belize Times

sunday, march 7, 2010

COURT NEWS Gunshot Victim Junior H Remanded on Aggravated Assault Charge

Eric Martinez Jr.

BELIZE CITY, Wed. March 3, 2010.

Eric Martinez Jr. 30, a.k.a “Junior H,’ a construction worker of #19 Rhaburn’s Alley who was shot about 8 hours after he allegedly pointed a pistol at a woman, was charged with aggravated assault yesterday when he hobbled on one crutch into the #5 Magistrate’s Court. Martinez pled not guilty to the charge. Magistrate Albert Hoare explained to

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him that the Court could not offer him bail because of the nature of the offence. He remanded Martinez into custody until March 19. The incident occurred at around 2:30p.m. on Thursday, February 25. Chenique Robinson, 25, a janitor of #24 Hunter’s Lane, reported to the Police that she was standing at the corner of Freetown Road and Kelly Street when Martinez and another man appeared. She said Martinez took out a black pistol, pointed it at her and told her that only Mr. T she can run to. She said she became fearful and she walked away. Martinez was shot in the right side of his buttocks around 11:30 p.m. the same day. Martinez reported that he was riding his bicycle on Castle Street with his 3 year old daughter and when he reached the junction with Lancaster Street several shots were fired at him and one of the bullets struck him in his buttocks. Martinez was admitted to ward at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. He was charged after he was discharged from the hospital on Monday March 1. The bullet is still in his buttocks.

McFadzean Remanded on Charge of Attempted Murder

Luke McFadzean

BELIZE CITY, Wed. March 3, 2010.

Luke McFadzean, 24, resident of Mile 17 on the Western Highway who allegedly “lashed out” a Police Constable with a piece of 2x4 lumber, was charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault when he appeared in the #3 Magistrate’s Court on Monday, March 1. Magistrate Kathaleen Lewis explained to McFadzean that she would not take a plea from him because the offences are indictable.

Prison Officer Busted with Suspected Cannabis

Cleon Jones

BELIZE CITY, Wed. March 3, 2010.

Cleon Jones, 29, a Prison Officer residing on Zericote Street who allegedly attempted to smuggle 145 grams of cannabis in a radio and tape recorder into prison, was charged with drug trafficking when he appeared today in the #3 Magistrate’s Court. Jones pled not


She also explained to McFadzean that the Court could not offer him bail because of the charge of attempted murder. She remanded McFadzean into custody until March 25. The incident occurred at around 7:20 p.m. on Friday, February 26 at the American New Site Area of Hattieville, located at Mile 17 on the Western Highway. The Police Constable, Acasio Teck, 22, reported to the Police that he was in his yard feeding his dog when he saw McFadzean chasing a man. Teck said McFadzean stopped chasing the man when McFadzean reached in front of his yard. A c c o r d i n g t o Te c k , McFadzean, for no reason at all, picked up a piece of 2x4 lumber and lashed him with it in the left side of his head, fracturing his skull. Teck was admitted to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where the extent of his injury has not yet been determined.

guilty to the charge. Magistrate Kathleen Lewis offered him bail of $5,000 which he met. His case was adjourned until April 12. The incident occurred on Tuesday, March 2. Prison Officer Jose Castillo reported to the Police that he was working at the prison yesterday when Jones reported for duty with a silver radio and tape recorder in his hand. Castillo said when he opened the radio and tape recorder he found 2 transparent plastic bags which contained suspected cannabis. Jones and the tape recorder with the suspected cannabis were handed over to the Police in Hattieville who were called to the scene. The suspected cannabis when weighed amounted to 145 grams. It and the radio and tape recorder were labeled as exhibits.

sunday, march 7, 2010


The Belize Times

Belize Times l o ñ a p s En E


José cruz lucha por justicia


Issue No. 4671

José Cruz ha estado a la vanguardia en la atención de los medios durante los últimos meses cuando hizo pública su lucha con sus riñones deficientes. Mientras que los medios de comunicación han seguido su vida con entusiasmo y la campaña de recaudación de fondos a su cargo, se ha prestado poca atención a su causa ya que su objetivo de recaudación de fondos se cumplió. La semana pasada, el Belice Times se reunió con el Sr. Cruz, para informar sobre su lucha por la justicia y develar la campaña de la asistencia de salud universal este disponible para todos los beliceños, independientemente de su enfermedad. José Cruz no es nuevo en las complejidades del (a menudo confuso) servicio de atención de salud aquí en Belice. Hace diez años, fue diagnosticado como diabético y fue puesto en tratamiento a largo plazo para controlar su condición. Sin embargo, hace casi cuatro años, la salud del Sr. Cruz dio un giro para peor, y sufrio graves episodios de náuseas, picazón y fea hinchazón de sus extremidades, fue inmediatamente hospitalizado por varios días, mientras los médicos llevaron a cabo pruebas para determinar la causa de sus síntomas . A raíz de este intenso período de investigación por parte de los médicos reveló dos noticias inesperadas al señor Cruz: en primer lugar, que varios años antes había sido mal diagnosticado, y que de hecho no era diabético, y en segundo lugar que su condición fue causada por riñones poliquísticos, que es una enfermedad genética generalmente fatal que rara vez escapa a sus descendientes. La bendición en toda esta mala noticia es que el Sr. Cruz no es padre biológico de ningún niño (aunque se hace cargo de muchos hijastros) y por lo tanto su condición genética no ha sido transmitida a las generaciones futuras de Cruzes. Con 14 quistes distribuidos en sus dos riñones, el rápido deterioro del Sr. Cruz fue porque sus riñones son cada vez más incapaces de cumplir su función de filtrar los desechos del torrente sanguíneo. Así, su sangre era efectivamente intoxicada por su propio cuerpo, poco a poco. Un curso intensivo de diálisis comenzó de inmediato, por el cual el señor Cruz era conectado a una máquina dos veces por semana para que sus fluidos corporales pudieran ser equilibrados y manejados mecánicamente. Durante un año, esta solución fue aparentemente exitosa, pero durante una visita a especialistas en Guatemala a principios del 2008, el Sr. Cruz aprendido que sus múltiples quistes estaban rotos, lo que dificulta el proceso de diálisis por causar nuevas y repetidas infecciones de los riñones. Se le recomendo considerar el proceso de la nefrectomía (extirpación de uno o ambos riñones) y poco después se le habrían quitado los dos riñones


en una operación costosa. Ahora más que nunca debe de ser completamente dependiente de diálisis para poder llevar a cabo los procesos naturales de los riñones, y se enfrenta con un costo de casi dos veces por semana de $ 500 por sesión de diálisis, el señor Cruz inició su incansable campaña para que la diálisis se facilitará a todos los que lo necesitan, independientemente de los obstáculos financieros personales. Poco sabía él que su defensa complementa la labor de la Asociación Renal de Belice, que ha estado luchando por los derechos de diálisis para los beliceños desde su creación en 2006. El entonces gobierno PUP se comprometió a patrocinar a 21 pacientes de diálisis, y que delegó la toma de decisiones para la Asociación de riñón. Esta situación ha cambiado bajo la actual administración, y el Ministerio de Salud es ahora responsable de la elección de los beneficiarios de este apoyo, aunque el señor Cruz no sabe cómo la "lista de espera" funciona. El Sr. Cruz ha tenido la suerte de tener algunos amigos generosos que tratan de unirse para recaudar dinero suficiente para pagar sus sesiones semanales, pero explica que el estrés y la lucha siguen siendo abrumadora, a veces. En diciembre, su salud dio otra vuelta para lo peor: tras semanas de síntomas inexplicables a finales de noviembre (incluido una seria baja presión arterial, dolores y achaques severos) los médicos revelaron que la rápida aparición de moretones de su pierna a principios de diciembre era una señal de graves problemas circulatorios. Dos semanas antes de Navidad, los doctores se vieron obligados a amputar los dedos de los pies del señor Cruz (que estaban "muertos" debido a que sólo tenia 5% de la circulación de sangre a los pies), una semana después, los médicos se dieron cuenta de que no había impedido que el problema siguiera propagándose hasta la extremidad, y la pierna izquierda del Sr. Cruz fue amputada el 19 de diciembre de 2009. En enero de este año, perdió dos dedos debido a una situación similar, y se vio obligado a recaudar fondos de 15.000 dólares a toda prisa para pagar los procedimientos necesarios. Sorprendentemente, el Sr. Cruz

The Truth Shall Make You Free

superó sus objetivos de recaudación de fondos y donaciones de buen grado, y el exceso se lo dio a un joven que sufre una enfermedad rara y grave de la piel (a pesar del hecho de que los costos se presentan para el señor Cruz sobre una base semanal sólo para recibir atención integral de salud, y podía fácilmente haber puesto el exceso del efectivo en sus propios gastos). El estado de salud del Sr. Cruz, no es inusual, pero lo que es único es su entusiasmo por la defensa de una mejor atención terciaria de la salud aquí en Belice, a pesar de su propia situación debilitante. El señor Cruz, esta confinado permanentemente a una silla de ruedas, completamente ciego, y lucha por la supervivencia a través de sesiones de diálisis regulares de 3 horas en la ciudad de Belice, el es de ninguna manera una "víctima" de sus circunstancias. Contrariamente cuántas personas podrían reaccionar así ante tales circunstancias devastadoras, el señor Cruz, utiliza su situación para promover la situación de los enfermos renales similares, y para abogar por cambios en la legislación para garantizar que todos los beliceños que la necesitan

tienen acceso a la diálisis. Del sistema de salud de Belice, en general, el señor Cruz cree que hay mucho margen de mejora, y los beliceños necesitan unir fuerzas para hacer campaña para un mejor servicio y atención. Si bien los servicios públicos en general están en necesidad desesperada de una renovación, la pasión del Sr. Cruz se encuentra en la defensa del sistema de la atención de la salud, inspirado por sus propias experiencias personales. El señor Cruz nos deja con un pensamiento: si todos los Belicenos sólo donarán un dólar, o todo lo que pudieran dar, podrían ayudar a sus hermanos necesitados. El asegura a los lectores que, si la donación a una causa individual no es tentador, la Asociación de riñón esta dispuesta a recibir donaciones de cualquier tamaño, e invertirá todos los fondos hacia la creación de una perspectiva más brillante para el riñón y los enfermos renales y del riñón en el futuro. Sólo se puede esperar que las futuras generaciones de los enfermos no tengan que sufrir como el Sr. Cruz ha sufrido, independientemente de lo valiente y encomendable que parece en la superficie.


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Sunday, March 7, 2010

ñ a p s E En

Políticas UDP, como siempre

¿Los Policías verdugos? Una llamada a uno de los programas matutinos de hoy, dijo que ciertamente no va a pedir nunca más jalón a los miembros del Departamento de Policía. Afirmo que en realidad se escondió cuando vio a un vehículo de la policía dando vueltas. Esa es la realidad en las calles de Belice, incluso antes del asesinato de Teddy Murillo este fin de semana pasado. El joven recibió un disparo desde un vehículo cuando se dirigía a casa, y se dice que los testigos afirman que él dijo el nombre de un oficial de policía justo antes de que le dispararan. Los testigos también dicen que otro funcionario en el vehículo, dijo al tirador que ya que le habían visto su rostro que lo mejor seria terminar el trabajo. Así que fue asesinado un joven que fue honrado por todas las cuentas con un futuro brillante. A decir verdad, el Comisionado de Policía parecía casi indiferente en su discusión de la cuestión. No había nada de determinación de que se haga justicia, ninguna de la justa indignación ante la posibilidad muy real de que un oficial de policía había asesinado a sangre fría a un joven. El comisionado está pidiendo a los testigos a presentarse. Pero, ¿realmente esperan que lo hagan con el historial que el Departamento de Policía está amasando? Lo que parece que hace falta en el Departamento de Policía en este y otros casos antes, es la voluntad real de hacer lo correcto. Los agentes de policía han estado implicados en el asesinato y otras irregularidades antes, y han llegado absolutamente a nada. ¿Dónde está el informe sobre la muerte de Chris Gálvez, presuntamente con la participación de la Policía? ¿Dónde está el informe sobre la muerte de un joven que fue encontrado 'colgado' en el complejo de BTIA, con la supuesta participación de la Policía? ¿Dónde está el informe sobre el asesinato del productor de caña en Orange Walk más de hace un año? Es una cosa seria que la comunidad pierde la confidencia y confianza en la Policía. Pero la comunidad no es la culpable. El Departamento de Policía está cavando su propia tumba. Nadie ... absolutamente nadie cree que un oficial de policía no mató a Teddy Murillo. No hay duda en la mente de nadie. Así de malo esta. No hay testigos, dicen ellos! Ya han pasado dos semanas desde que el cardiólogo Dr. John Gough, el hermano del aspirante político UDP George Gough y la privilegiada UDP Sandra Bedran, golpearon salvajemente a un menor en la calle cerca de su casa. El incidente no es ningún secreto. El menor, estudiante de SJC Carlos Gálvez, fue supuestamente golpeado con una pistola y golpeado brutalmente por John Gough y un amigo. El padre del menor dice que él se enteró por Gough, quien afirmó que se trataba de un malentendido. El menor supuestamente ha estado saliendo con la hija adolescente de Gough durante los últimos dos años. Ahora mi problema es el siguiente - Gough no ha negado haber golpeado al menor, aunque él dice que fue un malentendido. Los registros del hospital muestran que el menor tuvo que ser hospitalizado después de la paliza. La policía ha dado los informes y supuestamente han cuestionado a los interesados. ¿Por qué no ha sido Gough arrestado? ¿Por qué no se le ha hecho pasar por el mismo proceso que cualquier otro Beliceno (es decir, no afiliados al UDP) que ha sido acusado de un delito similar? La policía dice que se necesita un testigo del crimen que sea llevado ante ellos antes de que se puedan hacer algo en absoluto. Eso es sólo m@#$%a. Eso es hablar por la policía - lo siento, hemos recibido los pedidos de nuestros dirigentes políticos para dejar al Dr. John Gough solo porque tiene cuerdas con el UDP. Al parecer, la Policía no hace más investigaciones, por lo que están diciendo. Se sientan en sus oficinas y esperar a los que han sido víctimas encuentren testigos y los lleven. Keystone Kops de verdad ...

sicarios en la policía. El correo electrónico hace algunas otras denuncias que tal vez hace apenas unas semanas hubieran parecido ridículas y fuera de este mundo. Pero con los acontecimientos recientes, las denuncias ya no parecen tan descabelladas. En un el show de la mañana, el Comisario de la Policía confirmó que un oficial de policía habían sido retirado después de los informes de que se le encontró a él con una máscara durante su turno. Dicha máscara ha constatado y probado esos informes creíbles. Si escuché bien al comisionado de Policía, el oficial de policía mismo cuyo nombre ha estado dando vueltas como el verdugo del joven Teddy Murillo es la persona que fue sorprendida en este caso con la máscara. ¿Soy yo o las piezas de este atroz, desagradable y aterrador rompecabezas parecen estar cayendo en lugar? Esta m #% @ a da miedo. Aún más aterrador es que el Comisario parecía querer justificar la máscara como un episodio de una especie de fetiche con absolutamente nada que ver con la conducta criminal. Haz lo correcto... En un show de la mañana, el Comisionado de Policía hizo todo lo posible para explicar la situación del M-16, en la cual le pagaron al hombre que cogieron con el arma para devolverla a las autoridades. Mose y Sharon parecía tan confundidos y descontentos por su explicación como yo. Mira, al hombre se le considero como el ciudadano del año por la Policía, el hombre que de la bondad de su corazón y el amor a sus semejantes había comprado un M-16 de un 'crack-head' para que el 'crack –head” no hiciera ningún daño a nadie con ella, no tomó el arma a la Policía. Según tengo entendido, él fue delatado por el mismo “crack-head” y seguido por la policía. En mi libro, parece que debería haber sido detenido por posesión de bienes robados, por lo menos, y para asegurarse, de la posesión de un arma de fuego prohibida y sin licencia y municiones. Pero no, este bastión de la integridad fue pagado por la policía, un reembolso por el dinero que supuestamente había dado el 'crack-head' para el arma. Para pedir prestada una palabra de un repertorio infinito de mi colega, lo aparente, me quedé estupefacto. El Comisionado dijo, que el fin justifica los medios - un arma peligrosa fue retirada de la calle. Hey Commish, ¿se puede obtener el nombre de esta excelente persona, porque tenemos un premio que nos gustaría otorgarle a él también? Pero en serio, la palabra es que la persona en cuestión tiene vínculos con los peces gordos de la política y le dijeron a la policía – Quítenle las manos de encima y páguenle al hombre algo de dinero encima de todo. Esa versión de los hechos parece mucho más creíble para mí. Frente frió... El Comisionado no admitió que existe un elemento fuera de los oficiales de policía en el departamento. Eso es bastante malo, pero el Comisario también dijo que hay muy poco que pueda hacer al respecto. Ahora con esta admisión es un frente frió para muchos y un pensamiento francamente aterrador para la mayoría. Demonios, estoy escribiendo esto y me preguntaba si debería hacerlo. Imagínate, hay un montón de policías armados con licencia para matar básicamente, una tendencia agravada por delincuentes y amplificada por la incapacidad del Departamento para el control de ellos. Eso es un guiso maldito desagradable. ¡En serio! tengo que decir que no tienen el mismo calor, cuando pensamientos reconfortantes del Departamento de Policía vienen a la mente. Supongo que como la persona que llama al programa de la mañana, voy a dejar de pedir jalón a los miembros del Departamento de Policía - no se sabe donde puede uno terminar.

Esa asunto de Chris Gálvez ... Keystone Kops ... La madre del asesinado Teddy Murillo llamó al Nuestro Comisario de la Policía siempre ha sido alguien programa de la mañana. Afirmó que el oficial de policía a quien el pueblo ama odiar. Tan lejos como puedo recordar, que se dice asesinaron a su hijo apareció en la escena el el Sr. Jeff ha sido odiado por algunos y temido por otros, día después y amenazado a algunas personas en su patio. pero en general respetado por todos. Su forma brusca sin Ella dijo que estuvo acompañado por el oficial de policía sentido con los medios de comunicación la mayoría de que presuntamente fue implicado en el asesinato de veces, da la impresión de que no hay tiempo que perder Chris Gálvez no hace mucho tiempo. Más piezas de ese en el centro de atención - su trabajo no estaba delante de puzzle maldito de miedo caen en su lugar. Entonces, ¿qué la cámara, pero en las calles combatiendo el crimen. Pero pasa con la investigación del asesinato de Chris Gálvez? eso era entonces. Lamentablemente, la credibilidad del Sr. ¿No presentaron un testigo? ¿No fue la conclusión del Jeff ha recibido un golpe mortal, desde su afiliación con informe y una copia colocado sobre el escritorio del sus amos políticos. A medida que la policía ha tropezado ministro de Seguridad Carlos Perdomo?¿Por qué el con error tras error, el representante de la COMPOL está oficial de policía que estuvo implicado en el asesinato anda todavía en la calle? Y ni mas recibiendo una paliza. Como la corrupción amenaza con destruir el Departamento, ni menos en compañía del agente de policía acusado de la muerte de Teddy Murillo. un nuevo trabajo de la COMPOL parece ser resbalones, deslizamientos y balanceo en Hay algo seriamente mal con esta imagen. la telaraña. Todavía es brusco y contundente con los medios de comunicación, pero ahora parece parte del juego político más que otra cosa. Ciertamente puede ser excusa Con todo lo dicho... para decir que la credibilidad del Departamento de Policía está en su punto más bajo. Con todo esto dicho, el hecho es que También puede excusarse por decir que la confianza en el Departamento de Policía es todavía hay muchos hombres y mujeres buenos inferior a eso. Esas cosas se pondrán en el currículo del Sr. Jeff, aunque es menos por que quedan en el Departamento de Policía. su culpa que la de sus amos políticos que se les ha permitido tener las manos libres Este hecho ha oscurecido su imagen debido a a la manipulación de la ley y el orden. El Departamento de Policía ya no sólo es el la corrupción, la incompetencia, la negligencia, Departamento de Policía más... tal vez deberían pensar en cambiar el eslogan. el encubrimiento y la manipulación política de algunas personas en el Departamento, La Máscara por desgracia. Todavía hay buenos hombres Los rumores en la calle en las últimas semanas han indicado la presencia de y mujeres que visten el uniforme con orgullo agentes de policía circulando en vehículos de la policía con máscaras. Los rumores han que sirven y protegen a los ciudadanos de esta conducido a la especulación de que hay un elemento fuera del Departamento de Policía nación con integridad. Pero hasta que toda esta m$%#&a se aclare, las buenas obras de - una Unidad Especial de Ejecución, por así decirlo. Un correo electrónico ha estado los individuos pasara en gran medida inadvertida. dando vueltas que hace que las graves denuncias de una unidad de policía criminal y

Sunday, March 7, 2010


The Belize Times

Belize Times ol

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Una situación de la delincuencia cada vez peor

"Esta es una situación intolerable." Harold Crooks El Informe Crooks La prevalencia de la delincuencia violenta y la conducta criminal en las ciudades y pueblos de Belice siguen afectando a la administración de Barrow. Los informes diarios de los tiroteos, asesinatos y robos han dominado las noticias de la noche y afectado negativamente la vida de todos los beliceños. Hoy en día las calles y las comunidades, especialmente en partes de la ciudad de Belice, se han convertido en puntos de acceso para los delitos violentos y los tiroteos. Añadido a una situación ya volátil es el hecho de que un número de granadas han desaparecido de la Unidad de Entrenamiento del Ejército Británico en Belice. Ya dos de las granadas fueron detonadas han resultado en muertes y lesiones. Actualmente, 17 granadas permanecen en manos del sector criminal de la población. En octubre del 2007, en el calor de la campaña electoral del UDP, el candidato del UDP para la División de Caribbean shores quien es el actual ministro de Seguridad Nacional, Carlos Perdomo, declaró: "El UDP propone una estrategia de trescientos sesenta grados, para restaurar el respeto por el derecho y el orden en Belice. Este dinámico y creativo enfoque de trescientos sesenta grados nos permitirá enfocar simultáneamente distintos problemas sociales culpables, con el fin de ejecutar un ataque de presion sostenida en plena cancha en cada asunto, desde todos los ángulos, con una buena planificación estratégica y de manera sincronizada con el que de inmediato, medio y largo plazo de la aplicación, restaurará el respeto a la ley y el orden y recuperara la confianza de nuestro pueblo en nuestro sistema nacional de la ley y el orden mediante el inicio de un frente múltiple, la participación simultánea y enérgica de las causas de la delincuencia y la pobreza y la corrupción generalizada existente y de la intensidad alarmante de la actividad criminal ". Durante los últimos dos años, este enfoque de 360 grados, lo que se suponía que era un " ataque de presion sostenida en plena cancha..." no se ha traducido en un cambio de tendencia de la delincuencia y la violencia en Belice, sino el efecto contrario ocurrió. Los beliceños Hoy viven con el temor de que ellos o un miembro de su familia podrían ser el próximo. En junio de 2008, el Ministerio de Seguridad Nacional contrató al Sr. Harold Crooks, un jamaicano especialista en aplicación de la ley para hacer un estudio sobre la Fuerza de Policía de Belice. Seis meses más tarde, el Ministro informó a la nación que se completó el informe. Aunque el informe fue recientemente presentado, era completo y ofrece 167 recomendaciones. En el informe, el Sr. Crooks indicó que el nivel de actividad delictiva en Belice había llegado al nivel mas alto en todo el mundo, está ahora convencido de que el gobierno y las autoridades policiales han perdido el control. Esto no va a "restaurar el respeto por la ley y el orden y recuperar la confianza de nuestro pueblo en nuestro sistema nacional de la ley y el orden." Cualquier nación que no puede garantizar la seguridad de sus ciudadanos ha fracasado en su función más básica. Añadido a los desafíos que enfrenta el Ministerio de Seguridad Nacional es la cuestión de la erosión de la confianza en la policía y el Departamento en su conjunto. En su informe el Sr. Crooks dijo: "Abandonados a la prestación de servicios de la policía hará continuo deterioro en la opinión pública de la policía a un punto de inflexión en el que se necesitarán años para restablecer la confianza pública. Este será también fuertemente influenciado por la corrupción policial enconados - si la corrupción es progresiva no se controla." Él continuó diciendo que " hay pruebas abundantes de la progresiva corrupción entre los miembros de la Policía de Belice. Los estudios internacionales han demostrado que si no es combatido estos se pudren, y dado el tiempo suficiente esto se convierte en endémica. Esto debe ser enfrentado con urgencia”. Teniendo en cuenta el hecho de que el informe Crooks fue entregado a Perdomo más de hace un año, y teniendo en cuenta el hecho de que más beliceños están abiertamente acusando al Departamento de Policía de la corrupción, es evidente que el Ministro y su equipo no tomaron la advertencia del Sr. Crooks en serio. El informe indica que el frente contra la corrupción de la policía tiene que ser integrado con las medidas nacionales de lucha contra la corrupción. Su sexagésimo primera recomendación fue que "una política de lucha contra la corrupción, estrategia y programa de sensibilización pública se diseñará junto con un unidad nacional anticorrupción, integrada por personal especialmente seleccionados y seleccionadas se organizará como una cuestión de urgencia". Hasta la fecha no ha habido ningún anuncio público de que esta recomendación ha sido aceptada y por supuesto no ha habido ninguna urgencia para su aplicación. En la última sesión de la Cámara de Representantes, el líder de la oposición el Excmo. John Briceño pidió al Ministro de Seguridad Nacional, si las recomendaciones del Informe de Crooks se estaban aplicando. La respuesta del Ministro fue larga y retórica, pero carente de sustancia. Definitivamente la pregunta no fue contestada. Cuando el Sr. Briceño intentó presionar sobre esta cuestión de gran importancia para Belice, el Presidente de la Cámara, Emil Arguelles, le reitero un claro abuso de su poder y una violación del Reglamento, que permite el seguimiento de las preguntas. Hay una creciente frustración entre los beliceños por la situación de la delincuencia y el completo fracaso del Ministro de Seguridad Nacional y, por extensión la administración de Barrow para encontrar una solución duradera a este grave problema. Teniendo en cuenta todo lo que está ocurriendo en Belice y en esta administración, el Sr. Barrow debe recordar que la próxima vez que el UDP se presente ante el electorado será a su turno de dar cuenta a Belice por su historial en la lucha contra la corrupción, la delincuencia, la violencia y las drogas, que se mantiene en la parte superior de la agenda del electorado.


El Bejuco Estado Fallido

La violencia aumenta, mi gente Esta cosa se calienta, esta ardiente La cosa no está bien el gobierno miente Muertes de a madre, comadre, todo es un desmadre Los soldados se duermen, sus armas pierden Los gendarmes ya no protegen, ahora nos cogen Y Los ladrones, esos nos sobrecogen Y los ministros, esos solo recogen La policía compra armas a ladrones Solo son una partida de poltrones Según se oye quieren formar sus escuadrones Soldados y policías todos son una bola de cabrones En este pueblo se perdió el respeto Todo es un relajo completo Hasta el Primer Ministro es indiscreto El huevón se la pasa de asueto Ahí en la tienda, el chino vende tras el parapeto Anda de peto, lo quiere chingar un sujeto, Llamo a la policía para que lo saquen de los aprietos Le salió más caro porque esos se fueron repletos A cada rato por aquí y allá aparece un muerto Hombres y mujeres y uno que otro tuerto Todo es tan incierto, vivimos en desacierto Todos duermen semi-despiertos, ojo entreabierto Lo que más trastoca, nunca apresan a nadie Si lo hacen al rato lo sueltan, es una comédie Los rojos engreídos el país han jodido Entre tantas movidas se han podrido La mala suerte nos ha tocado Mal nombre se nos ha pegado Somos refugio de criminales gringos A cada rato llegan esos pichingos Reina la anarquía en este otrora bello país Con los azules hasta el UDP estaba feliz Hoy estamos como lombriz Sin mantequita nuestra tortillita de maíz El gobierno nos ha faltado Nuestros servidores nos han maltratado En la autoridad se ha perdido la confianza La corrupción ha sido su única labranza Somos un pueblo dolido El ánimo demolido Un gobierno tullido Un estado fallido



The Belize Times

Belize Times ol

sunday, march 7, 2010

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Si No Es Así…

En memoria... Este columnista se toma un descanso de tirar la basura del UDP para rendir homenaje a Sir Barry Bowen, un hombre

cuyas contribuciones a nuestra nación nunca pueden ser exageradas. Sus logros siempre serán recordados. Mis respetos Sir Barry ...! Que coman pastel... Y ahora a los negocios de la eliminación de la basura de la gente ...! Corre el rumor de que en alguna función o la otra una semana o algo así, una de las princesas de Belice del clan Barrow (bueno, seguro que actúan como si fueran de royaleza) sostenía corte en el Tribunal de Justicia y emitió una proclamación con toda popa. Según la princesa, ella y los demás miembros de la realeza de su clan no dormirán hasta que el personal de nuestro periódico humilde (del maldito PUP) se vea hundido en las profundidades de la depresión y la pobreza y tenga problemas para poner comida sobre la mesa. Wow... suena drástico, ¿no? Quiero decir, aquí en el Belice Times nos encantaría obedecer a la princesa. Claro que no queremos que pierda el sueño de belleza - Dios sabe que necesitan todo lo que puede conseguir. Pero por un demonio, ¿por qué ser modesta, su alteza real? ¿Por qué repararse en el empobrecimiento de los empleados de este periódico? Maldita sea, gracias al clan real, más de la mitad de todo el país está teniendo problemas para poner comida sobre la mesa. Su Alteza, ¿No has leído el último informe de evaluación de la pobreza? Esa es la realidad aquí. Y en cuanto a su anuncio... bueno, dejémoslo en que antes de que me acusen de traición y de las órdenes la Reina pioja de cortarme la cabeza... ¡Si no es asi…! Manténganlas viniendo... Y hablando de demandas frívolas, nos llegó otra carta por e-mail hoy. Esta vez es en nombre del buen doctor mismo, el que golpeo brutalmente a una menor y luego lo dejó en el suelo, sangrando. Sí, usted sabe quien, el hombre sin un

corazón que dice que puede curar el tuyo. Parece que está molesto porque la palabra de lo que hizo salio fuera.

Según la carta, estamos haciéndolo pasar angustia y vergüenza. Bueno, entonces tal vez no debería haber golpeado a un niño. Está preocupado por la angustia y vergüenza - imagínese lo que el menor y su familia están pasando. La vergüenza mi c @ $o, nos encantaría que el buen doctor pasara algún tiempo tras las rejas por lo que hizo a ese menor. Parece que eso no sucederá, porque tiene algunas conexiones políticas, pero siempre se puede esperar. Así que si el buen doctor quiere una disculpa, él tiene que ir a otra parte. No va a conseguir una aquí. Y si él piensa que la amenaza de otra acción legal nos va a intimidar, es aún más estúpido y equivocado de lo que creemos que es... ¡Si no es asi…! De bufón a Canciller Cuando el gobierno anterior trató de deshacerse de Cadette Henderson, el UDP decidió que debía haber sido político, por lo que lo recogió en un santiamén. No sólo eso, sino que lo elevó al tipo a director ejecutivo en el Ministerio. Pero la broma cayo sobre ellos. Ese tipo no parecerse conseguir nada bien... en serio. Mira el puente Kendall

– fue lavado hace dos años y el director general se encuentra todavía en la fase de hablar de propuestas de financiación. Una cosa tan simple como la sustitución de un puente, y él y su Ministro midieron mal. Ahora mira, decidieron darle a Castro el puente, e incluso el no pueden hacerlo bien. El puente era demasiado pequeño para Kendall y es demasiado grande para Gardenia donde la tierra es de Castro. Así, el CEO de la brillante estrella decidió que era necesario ampliar el arroyo para que se ajuste el puente... en serio. ¿Pregunte acerca del progreso de eso? Todavía están en ello meses y meses después. ¿Y las obras en el kilómetro 7 de la carretera norte... que prácticamente se puede ver al director general rascándose la cabeza en eso? De hecho, parece que está abandonado. Cualquiera que pueda nombrar una espectacular infraestructura o alguna obra de mejora del presente UDP con Cadet como consejero delegado recibirá un premio... ¡Si no es asi…!

menos que quiera mandar un par de miles de hombres en uniforme que llevaba palos grandes, si el primero no funciona. Todo el mundo sabe de la escritura en la

pared para el caído en desgracia Carlos Perdomo. Incluso él lo sabe y ha estado siempre escurrido en silencio en el fondo. La única razón que se ha sido mantenido por tanto tiempo es que su familia tiene más de un pequeño hilo en el UDP, pero con los recientes acontecimientos, incluso eso no lo va a salvar. Búscalo en las próximas semanas... ¡Si no es asi…! Una especie de arreglo... Acosado y amargo Santo Sedi ha logrado mantener su posición como Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores en contra de algunos detractores feroces en el Gabinete. Esos fueron días acalorados en el gabinete mientras que

casi todo el mundo incluyendo la oreja del jefe PM-La pioja susurradora pidió la cabeza de SEDI. Por supuesto, todos sabemos por qué la pioja pidió la cabeza de arreglo SEDI, ¿verdad? De todos modos, tal como lo entendemos, una especie de arreglo se ha alcanzado. Sedi aparentemente ha accedido a que saldrá del ministerio del AG, sin un comentario de la condición de que se aferra a su cartera de Asuntos Exteriores. La obra ya ha sido establecida. Recuerde las humildes disculpas de SEDI a la judicatura por sus comentarios - todo porque él no quería salir con una nota amarga. ¿Recuerda que SEDI estuvo en la Casa hace sólo un par de semanas diciendo que la cartera de el AG es demasiado para él y él no lo puede manejar? Otra jugada. Una vez Silenciosa, pero mortal... más, busca el anuncio en un mes... ¡Si no ¿Alguien ha visto al ministro rotundo es asi…! de la administración pública últimamente? Casi parece que se ha ido a esconder. No Te dije que iba a pasar... podemos decir dónde ha estado o dónde Recuerda que no hace mucho tiempo está, pero podemos decirle lo que ha que escribí en esta columna misma que estado haciendo. El mes pasado, John ha la Junta de BTL había solicitado una estado presionando desesperadamente lista de empleados sospechosos de ser para el cargo de Ministro de Seguridad PUP. Creo que también mencione que Nacional. John quiere ser el hombre que todos los interesados deben esperar lo lleve el gran garrote de todo el país, o al peor de ese grupo de déspotas UDP.

Bueno, es que está sucediendo. Rumores provenientes de Telemedia Ltd. de Barrow es que los despidos se entregaron a izquierda y derecha y centro. Un técnico de administración júnior que ha estado con la compañía por cerca de 16 años se le dijo que de repente su puesto

ha quedado obsoleto. Varios otros empleados desde hace mucho tiempo se les dijo que su contrato no será renovado. Y créanme, hay muchos más en la tubería. Nos mantenemos al día sobre los acontecimientos dentro de la BTL infectada de rojo... ¡Si no es asi…! Dread inundado... Algunos residentes de Maskall están en la búsqueda de el hombre al que llaman cariñosamente Barbie Dread, o incluso peor a veces. Véase, parece que el hombre construyó unas casas para los

residentes en el fondo de un estanque que estaba seco entonces. ¿Pero sabe lo que pasó cuando empezó a llover? Así que hay un montón de gente no muy feliz y con el temor correcto en este momento. Pero, ¿qué esperaban? Este es el mismo hombre que utilizó el lodo del fondo de una laguna para la construcción de una calzada, y el mismo hombre que construyó los estanques de tilapia al lado de las letrinas al aire libre... ¡Si no es asi…! Manipulación de Melvin ... Palabra que sale de la hermosa ciudad de Dangriga es que desde hace mucho tiempo, la Oficial de Educación del Distrito y la popular personalidad Gwen Núñez González ha sido trasladada arbitrariamente de ese distrito. Se dice que incluso el Rep del Área UDP en Dangriga no esta muy feliz, ya que considera que el ministro “Flippin “, quien al parecer hizo la solicitud, se metió ilegalmente en su territorio. Eso es bastante malo, pero la gente está diciendo que el sustituto de Núñez es un funcionario político que no está calificado para el trabajo. Eso, por supuesto, no sería nada nuevo bajo este gobierno del UDP. Usamos esta oportunidad para decir felicitaciones a Gwen, cuya actuación en Dangriga ha sido estelar. Estamos seguros de que va a sobresalir donde quiera que vaya ... ¡Si no es asi…!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Belize Times



Elizabeth Pridgeon P C S D i s a n o t - f o r- p r o f i t corporation, run by a group of volunteers, who seek to protect and respect the natural environment along the entire length of the Placencia Peninsula. Established in 2006, PCSD now has a strong following of active members from all three villages of the Peninsula (Placencia, Seine Bight and Maya Beach) alongside an avid group of interested people who follow the organisation’s invaluable work from further afield. A grass-roots environmental group of this nature is a critical force in the sustainable and appropriate development of any tourist area in Belize, and as such it is guaranteeing the livelihoods of future generations of the Peninsula. This week’s Nation Builder is therefore the PCSD as an organisation, and its Board of Directors in particular. PCSD has multiple objectives, all of which it actively ensures it fulfils. The organisation circulates information to local residents (and other interested parties) about environmental and developmental issues of contemporary importance on the Peninsula, ensuring that dubious developmental plans cannot be ‘slipped’ through the approval process without the majority of residents being made aware of the implications. Numerous such occasions could have caused massdestruction of the native habitats without the prompt and proactive involvement of PCSD. Controversial issues, such as Placencia North International Airport, the Robert Trent Jones II Golf Course and P l a c e n c i a M a r i n e h a ve b e e n vociferously contested, a campaign which has been continuously led by PCSD. The organisation sought media support in August of last year when plans were leaked for a casino, hundreds of Canadian time-share apartments and the widespread ‘sale’ and development of just about every inch of the Peninsula that was before then unaccounted for. Bringing to light the dubious nature of the National Environment Advisory Committee (NEAC), the PCSD focused on the excessive development proposals for Big and Little Channel Cayes, 14 miles northeast of Placencia, and demanded that the developers be mandated to complete a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Without the PCSD spearheading this campaign, and acting as spokesperson for many concerned parties, it is probable

the PCSD into the Toledo district, and the Ambergris Caye Citizens for Sustainable Development (ACCSD) has a similar role on the northern cayes. The PCSD realise the crux of the development conundrum to be that, while rapid development may solve unemployment issues of the moment, they will destroy not only employment opportunities, but the very basis of our country in the future. As such, the PCSD works tirelessly to protect the environment for a brighter Belizean future, building a healthy nation for our children’s children. A truly commendable nation builder.

that unsustainable and damaging development would have gone ahead without so much as a backward glance at the destruction it would cause. This is just one example of how PCSD literally fights for the rights of the natural environment. Two key figures in PCSD are co-chairpersons Ms. Mary Toy and Mr. Vincent Lopez. Both have been instrumental in fostering support for PCSD initiatives and in educating and promoting the importance of environmental protection for the entire Peninsula (and beyond). Ms. Mary Toy focuses her efforts predominantly within the Placencia community, while Mr Vincent Lopez works out of his home in Seine Bight. Mr Vincent, affectionately called “Mr V” by all who know him, says he was approached by a couple who encouraged him to join in the early days of the organisation, and he has never looked back: once he knew it represented a group effort to protect the environment, he hurriedly joined and has been an active member ever since. He considers his role, as a member of PCSD, to be a “Watchdog of the Environment”, and he takes this responsibility very seriously. PCSD has recently started to publish a regular newsletter called “Roots and Reef ” which is circulated both in hard copies and on the internet, which promises to secure

PUP Think Tanking Sessions Every Thursday, Independence Hall at 7:30pm

wide readership and to continue the task of educating the masses about environmental concerns on the peninsula. The group has also proved a role model to other environmental groups: the South Coast Citizens for Sustainable Development (SCCSD) was formed to extend such work of


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sunday, march 7, 2010

VOICES Village

from the


Elizabeth Pridgeon Readers who are familiar with this column may remember that many months ago, I intended to do a ‘Voices of the Village’ article from Seine Bight on a trip to the Placencia Peninsula, but changed my mind when I was greeted by a significantly hostile reception by a group of villagers. More recently, I headed to Seine Bight once again, and although this trip proved more fruitful as far as research was concerned, I must admit that many of my scepticisms regarding the village remain. The main essence of my village visits is to hear what concerns villagers have about their settlements, and also to learn about special aspects of village life in order to ‘big up’ the village and therefore encourage readers to visit. Sadly, during my trip to Seine Bight, few locals found anything particularly positive to say about the village, and many used my inquisitiveness to vent anger over issues such as adolescent attitudes, slothful behaviour among younger generations, increasing propensities of failed relationships and singleheaded households, and escalating health problems which can largely be prevented by conscientious life choices. The Garifuna village, for a long time home to just a handful of families, now boasts a population of over 2000 due to recent influxes of immigrants seeking their share of ‘Peninsula Paradise’. However, many of these new arrivals are housed in condominiums and luxury holiday homes which are situated to the north of the village towards Maya Beach, and therefore the majority of village complaints are only felt by those in the most central areas of the settlement. A recurring complaint was the behaviour of school children, which was in turn blamed on inert parenting methods. Absenteeism is reported as being a huge problem, affecting all

age groups of the village, including High School students who commute to Independence every day, Truant school children are accused of misdemeanours throughout the village, including stonethrowing at vehicles and mischievous acts such as destroying signs and public notices. Whereas some villages report problems such as these when high proportions of the adult population are occupied with meaningful employment, Seine Bight cannot use the same excuse. Since farming and fishing have taken a back-seat in the village economy, many parents are not employed at all, and thus should be even more responsible towards sending their children to school, so they are not doomed to a similar fate. Many households have family members who are employed away from home, be it in the police force, the BDF or even those who emigrated to the States, and some village elders believe that it is this external source of funding which is jeopardising the village’s future: some families are so dependent on being sent money, that they do not even try to source their own incomes instead. Rarely has the correlation between “idle minds” and “the devil’s workshop” been so visibly apparent. Inappropriate parenting methods are also blamed for several health problems in the village, particularly epidemic levels of parasites and skin problems among the village youth. Even more preventable are frequent cases of malnutrition, psychological damage caused by abuse, and genetic complaints caused by incestuous relationships. Recently, social services again intervened to remove twins from a neglectful home, and health clinic staff threatens that this year, such behaviour will not be tolerated, and where necessary, further institutional intervention will be requested. Perhaps the underlying cause of

these problems is the high incidence of teenage pregnancies – from as young as 13 years old. These ‘children having

and as a team we pledge to make a difference in our community”. It can only be hoped that this

children’ are unprepared for the duties of parenthood and the responsibilities of adulthood, and as such unnecessary problems arise within households. The village nurse, Nurse Reynolds, has established the Seine Bight Girls’ Club Meeting, which encourages young girls to commit to the group that “I pledge to honour God, my parents and my elders, to love and respect myself and others...

group secures high participation rates, and inspires further groups to form, which may lead the village youth down a different path than that taken by their young parents. With the number of sensible village elders dwindling, and a dearth of suitable younger candidates to take their place, the future success of Seine Bight village is clinging onto very tentative hooks right now.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Belize Times

Jose Cruz’s Fight for Justice

Elizabeth Pridgeon Jose Cruz has been at the forefront of media attention over recent months as he made public his struggle with failing kidneys. While the media has eagerly followed his life-dependent fundraising campaign, little attention has been given to his cause since his fundraising target was met. Last week, the Belize Times met up with Mr Cruz to report on his unravelling fight for justice and campaign for universal healthcare to be available to all Belizeans, whatever their illness. Jose Cruz is not new to the intricacies of the (often confusing) health care service here in Belize. Ten years ago, he was diagnosed as a diabetic and was put on long-term treatment to control his condition. However, nearly four years ago, Mr Cruz’s health took a turn for the worse, and suffering serious bouts of nausea, itchiness and unsightly swelling of his limbs, he was immediately hospitalised for several days while doctors conducted tests to determine the cause of his symptoms. It was following this intense period of investigation that doctors revealed two pieces of unexpected news to Mr Cruz: firstly, that several years prior he had been wrongly diagnosed, and was in fact not a diabetic, and secondly that his condition was caused by polycystic kidneys, which is an often fatal genetic disease rarely escaped by offspring. The blessing in all this bad news was that Mr Cruz has never biologically fathered children (although he cares for many step-children) and therefore his genetic condition has not been handed down to future generations of Cruzes. With 14 cysts spread across his two kidneys, Mr Cruz’s rapid deterioration was because his kidneys were increasingly hindered from fulfilling their function of filtering waste products from the blood stream. Thus his blood was effectively poisoning his own body, little by little. An intensive course of dialysis began immediately, whereby Mr Cruz was attached to a machine twice a week so that his bodily fluids could be balanced and managed mechanically. For a year this solution was seemingly successful, but during a visit to Guatemalan specialists in early 2008, Mr Cruz learnt that his multiple cysts were bursting, hindering the dialysis process by causing repeated re-infection of the kidneys. He was recommended to consider the process of nephrectomy (the removal of one or both kidneys) and soon afterwards he had both kidneys removed in one costly operation. Now more than ever being entirely dependent on dialysis to conduct the natural processes of the kidneys, and being faced with a twice weekly cost of almost $500 per session for dialysis, Mr Cruz began his tireless campaign for dialysis to be made available to all those who need it, regardless of personal financial impediments. Little did he know that his advocacy complemented the work of the Kidney Association of Belize, which has been fighting for dialysis rights for Belizeans since its inception in 2006. The then PUP government committed to sponsoring 21 patients for dialysis, and they delegated the decision making process to the Kidney Association. This situation has changed under the current administration, and the Ministry of Health is now responsible for choosing the recipients of this sup-

port, although Mr Cruz is uncertain as to how the ‘waiting list’ works. Mr Cruz has been lucky enough to have some generous friends who try to club together to raise enough money to pay for his weekly sessions, but he explains that the stress and struggle is still overwhelming at times. In December, his health took another turn for the worst: following weeks of unexplainable symptoms in late November (including seriously low blood pressure and severe aches and pains) doctors revealed that rapid bruising of his leg in early December was a sign of grave circulatory problems. Two weeks before Christmas, Mr Cruz was forced to amputate his toes (which were ‘dead’ due to just 5% blood circulation to his feet); a week later doctors realised that they hadn’t prevented the problem spreading further up the limb, and Mr Cruz’s left leg was amputated on 19th December 2009. In January of this year, he lost two fingers to a similar fate, and was forced to hurriedly fundraise $15,000 in order to pay for the necessary procedures. Remarkably, Mr Cruz actually exceeded his fundraising targets, and willingly donated the excess to a young Belizean suffering a rare and acute skin disease (despite the fact that costs arise for Mr Cruz on a weekly basis merely to receive comprehensive health care, and he could easily have pumped the excess cash into his own expenses). Mr Cruz’s health condition is by no means unusual, but what is unique is his enthusiasm for advocating for better tertiary health care here in Belize, despite his own debilitating situation. Mr Cruz, confined permanently to a wheel chair, completely blind, and fighting for survival through regular 3-hour dialysis sessions in Belize City, is in no way a ‘victim’ of his circumstances. Contrary to how many may react to such devastating circumstances, Mr Cruz uses his situation to promote the situation of similar kidney sufferers, and to advocate for changes in legislation to ensure that all Belizeans who need it have access to dialysis. Of the Belizean health care system in general, Mr Cruz believes there



is much room for improvement, and Belizeans need to join forces in order to campaign for better service and


care. Whilst public services in general are in desperate need of a make-over, Mr Cruz’s passion lies with advocacy of the health care system, inspired by his own personal experiences. Mr Cruz leaves us with one thought: if every Belizean would just donate a dollar, or as much as they could afford, they would help their brethren in need. He assures readers that, if donating to an individual cause isn’t tempting, the Kidney Association will willing receive donations of any size, and will invest all its funds towards creating a brighter outlook for kidney and renal sufferers in the future. It can only be hoped that future generations of sufferers will never have to suffer as Mr Cruz has, regardless of how brave and commendable he appears on the surface.


J. A. Rebel


The Belize Times

Wake up and Smell the Coffee! For months now I have been hearing the islanders of San Pedro and Caye Caulker asking about the whereabouts of their area representative Manuel “Junior” Heredia. Some are even asking whether Junior attends House of Representatives meetings or not. The truth of the matter is that he does attend house meetings, but the sad thing is that he never talks and defends the interests of Belize Rural South, even when the PM and his colleagues make decisions which hurt the constituency. The “son of the soil” as he calls himself has other interests – like being very good to himself, his family and his close friends, if you know what I mean. Junior is also the minister with the most frequent flyer miles, almost on par with the Prime Minister and his Minister of Foreign Affairs. And something else Junior does very well is continuously pat himself on the back for his little baby steps and insignificant accomplishments in the area of tourism – that is where I draw the line. I want to point out and educate Junior Heredia that it was under the People’s United Party (PUP) that a robust, vibrant and self sustainable tourism industry was created. During the 10 years of PUP government, tourism arrivals ballooned from 130,000 in 1998 to over $1million (with an M) in 2008. The increases in both overnight and cruise tourism generated and increased tourism revenue from $100 to $600 million. It was under a PUP government that the cruise industry was developed in Belize, paving the way for a Fort Street Tourism Village. Overnight tourism increased after the then PUP government successively managed to increase flights to Belize with the introduction of Delta, American, US Airways and Continental airlines. With the increase in air traffic, it brought along an expansion to the international airport runway to accommodate long-haul flights from different parts of the region. With an increase in tourism arrival, it created an environment that enabled the expansion of the hotel industry all over Belize but most importantly in San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker and the Placencia Peninsula. While the tourism industry was growing, it demanded that government invest in training personnel in the tourism industry. That paved the way for the training of thousands of Belizean in different tourism disciplines including tour guides, beverage and food handlers, waitressing, front desk and the list can go on. In fact the then government went even further in

introducing the concept of tourism into the primary and secondary school curriculum. It was under a PUP government that Tourism related courses were added to the University of Belize programs. This created the opportunity for hundreds of new jobs. But the government did not stop there; it went further and continued to invest in the tourism industr y. Through the revenue generated from the tourism industry, various archaeological sites such as Xunantunich, Altun Ha, Lamanai, Cerro Maya and many others were improved and enhanced. T he government saw the importance of establishing the first ever Museum in Belize, enhancing the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts and building houses of culture in the different districts. It was a visionary PUP government that promoted Belizean artists such as Andy Palacio, thus promoting Belize’s rich and diverse culture. And as visitors began to discover Belize and its richness, it was evident that our infrastructure such as the ports of entry, our parks, our islands, towns and cities needed to be improved. Hence government wasted no time in finding and allocating funds to INVEST in building better ports of entry facilities, enhancing the attractions in our municipalities, building the new Southern Highway, paving roads and building bridges and even cobblestone streets in San Pedro Town. Yes, Junior and Elsa, it was the PUP government that found the monies to hand over to Elsa and a UDP Town Council to enhance San Pedro Town. The long and short of things is that it was a PUP government that propelled the tourism industry. The figures will show that under the UDP tourism was a virtual non-entity, while under the PUP it became one of our biggest revenue earners. So when Junior gets up and says that it is only under Junior Heredia that things happen in tourism, I am forced to ask in which country he is living. It is time for Junior to wake up and smell the coffee. Where is Junior Hereida’s list of accomplishments in two years? What has he done besides travelling all over the world? Where is his interest for San Pedro and Caye Caulker? Instead of continuing to build a vibrant tourism industry, Junior is only making things worse for the industry. Get real, Junior Heredia and stop making a fool of yourself! San Pedranos are looking for you and so are the residents of Caye Caulker. Put up or shut up Junior!

sunday, march 7, 2010


The Belize Times

sunday, march 7, 2010


On the heels of national clamor for a decrease in interest rates, at the February 19, 2010 sitting of the House of Representatives, Prime Minster Barrow introduced and read several Bills with serious implications on the banking sector. He prefaced his introduction by indicating that it is Government’s first step at attempting to address the current impasse on how lending rates are being determined by the banking sector under the current recession. He indicated that if these sets of measures do not produce the impetus for the banks to reduce interest rates then his government is prepared to take other measures to ascertain this necessary decrease in interest rate. This writer will provide a cursory review of the proposed legislative changes and the implications of such changes. Four bills were introduced to amend the following Acts: • The International Banking Act, Chapter 267. • The Treasury Bill Act, Chapter 83. • The Central Bank Act, Chapter 262. • The Banking and Financial Institutions Act, Chapter 263. The proposed changes that were introduced by way of the four Bills include, inter alia, some of the following: i. The definition of resident would be so amended to allow developers and companies with Commercial Free Zone (CFZ) and Export Processing Zone (EPZ) status to be able to access off-shore banks in Belize. Therefore, this would allow these businesses to be able to source US dollars from off-shore banks. ii. Government would be able to increase its issues of Treasury Bills from the current limit of $100M to $200M. Treasury Bills are short-term debt instruments issued by the government and repayable within a year or less. They are sold at a discount whereby interest is due at maturity. Current interest rate is fixed at 3.25% iii. Government would be able to increase its issues of Treasury Notes from the current limit of $75M to $225M. Treasury Notes are debt instruments with a fixed interest rate payable every 6 months. Currently maturity period can be between 1 year and 5 years. The proposed changes would extend TNotes for a maximum term of 10 years. Current T-Notes with 2 year maturity pays an interest rate of 7%. 1 year TNotes currently issued pays an interest rate of 6%. iv. Central Bank would be restricted in how much advances could be made to GOB, that level would reduce from 20% or $50M to 8.5% of GOB revenues. v. Central Bank would be allowed to hold up to 10 times its paid-up capital and general reserves in GOB issued TBills or T-Notes. This level was previously limited to 7%. vi. Central Bank would have the authority to prescribe the minimum amount of GOB securities that banks must hold as part of their liquid asset requirements. vii. Central Bank would determine the minimum aggregate holdings of approved liquid assets that banks must hold; and banks having any shortfall in liquid asset holdings would be liable in paying the equivalent of 10% of the shortfall. Liquid assets are assets that

could be easily converted to cash/money, such as government T-Bills and short term T-Notes. The implications of the aforementioned changes are that they speak directly to GOB setting the framework for the financing of their 2010/11 budget and a very tardy attempt to spur the economy out of the recession. It can be anticipated that government would attempt to embark on some expansionary fiscal policy that would reflect an increase in government spending. Government dilemma however, is that such increase spending can only be financed by GOB assuming substantially more debt. Total debt to GDP ratio can be projected to increase to well above 75% for this financial year. Having the capacity to raise capital by way of assuming short to medium term loans (T-Bills and T-Notes) would allow for deficit spending to take place. As in 2009/10 budget, the $60M financing gap that existed was never realized, as it was premised substantially upon the receipt of windfall taxes from oil revenues, increased taxes and bridge financing form Taiwan. The folly of relying on such a

windfall tax so exposed the weakness in Government advisors ability to make the right call for Belize that it lays suspect their every action as we move forward. So it is not unreasonable to query and probe GOB to indicate precisely what are the projects it will be financing from its increase deficit spending. The move touted can only be seen as beneficial, if GOB will engage in meaningful expenditures that would spur the economy on to a path of recovery. With Central Bank having the ability to increase its holdings of government securities alongside being able to prescribe those limits for commercial banks, it can be anticipated that such a move would result in an increase in the money supply. As could be noted, any increase in money supply would result in a contingent increase in total demand within the economy and these policy changes are so required when the economy is experiencing a recession. The net result of these actions should result in an increase in reserves. This ought to translate in more monies being made available for lending, with the objective of driving down inter-

est rates. The success of such results being positive will be to the extent that the Central Bank uses these policy options and the Government undertakes prudent financial management whilst further burdening the people of Belize with increase levels of public debt. From the preliminary analysis of the implications of the proposed changes, it would be mindful to take keen note of what can be expected when the budget presentation is made. The Central Bank is task to execute Governments’ monetary policy and this first step is commendable in moving in the right direction, nevertheless, the desired results ought to be such that investment confidence is increased and businesses are able to undertake the required level of investment within their respective enterprises. The double edge sword that GOB is wielding is the possibility of realizing some ebbing of the recession at the expense of tax payers having to finance GOB’s debt burden, through possible increased taxes. Gwyneth Sydney Nah comments welcome at

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Belize Times


Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Belize Times

Hope for the Nation

As the well known proverb states “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” This is the reason why I find it so fitting in comparison that the Guardian newspaper a couple weeks ago stated the quotation of Henry Louis Mencken who once said “It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place.” The reason I repeated this quotation is because this same character Henry L. Mencken idealized Nazi German culture with racial and anti-Semitic views about the Jews and blacks in the 19th century. Therefore the editor was “right on the money” comparing Barrow to Mencken. Prime Minister Dean Barrow has not show any sense of direction or vision for our country, Belize. Indeed it seems to be just a matter of time before he will be running us into the reefing and tearing the guts out of life as we know it. My reasons for stating this are as simple as can be. Barrow is not giving us anything to believe in, to identify

with or work towards. His leadership is lacking, and he needs to be more concrete with issues affecting our nation like crime, poverty, unemployment and health. He can no longer continue to try to convince the people of today’s society with his eloquent speeches and false statements, as rather sooner than later the people will rebel against these false prophesies.

Without proper planning and consultation, he shows himself to be a poor leader whose decisions are ill thought out and completely lacking in vision. This critically-ill decision making has resulted and will continue to result in major damage to the people and to the nation. This administration must not forget that all power is bestowed by the people. The people are the ones that de-

cide what we want, not the government. We are demanding and expecting the present government to perform for the best interest of the people and not just a chosen few. This brings me to state that I was privileged to attend the last two public meetings and consultations of the People’s United Party held in Orange Walk and San Ignacio. The atmosphere was electric and there were sure signs of hope for a change and hope for the nation. I was impressed with the questions that were asked and the answers which showed that clear, rational and intensive thought had been given to leading us out of this morass of recession and depression under the UDP. The leader of the People’s United Party has the passion and the wisdom and the commitment to lead this nation. The people felt a sign of hope and comfort. Indeed the presenters were full of vision and positive plans to lead this nation on the right track back to Belmopan for the betterment of Belize. There is hope for Belize.

were limited only to news reporting, I could live with that but then, the “Brian Jennings Wannabe” appeared the Friday of that same week, this time, anchoring the news broadcast. All I could conclude is that Jackie’s departure has caused Jules and Net to become a pair of very desperate men. Everybody knows that Indira does not understand 99% of the hypholluted garbage her News Director places on the teleprompter for her to read but surely, Jules could’ve asked her to anchor the Friday news broadcasts. And what ever happened to Deidra Isaacs? Poor Jackie, she must be feel so insulted and disrespected to know that she’s been replaced by the recycled, washed up Jim. And, perhaps, Jim may want to consider using a neck brace for his next anchoring because unless my eyes were deceiving me, that brother’s head was shaking more than Haiti. You see, Jim McFadzean is part of a group of sore losers that include among others Faith Babb-Stuart and Rev. Rudolph Anthony. Babb-Stuart currently works as the Manager of the Constituency Office for the UDP Collet Area Representative. Anthony is the General Manager of Government Primary Schools at the Ministry of Education. Ask the residents of Collet and the government primary school teachers and principals and they’ll tell you that both these individuals are always ‘’M.I.A’’. McFadzean, Babb-Stuart and Anthony are your “typical” UDPs. When their Party lost the General Elections to the PUP in 1998, they wasted no time

in boarding a jet plane to the US. It’s anybody’s guess what these three rolling stones did during their time in the Land of Opportunity. February 7, 2008 saw their Party return to government; and, in similar fashion, they wasted no time in boarding a jet plane back to their homeland, Belize. No high rises and bright lights could keep them from returning to the ‘’good life’’ under the UDP. And so it is each and every time the UDP becomes the Government of Be-

lize. It’s a time of “mass exodus’’ back to Belize of incompetents and losers – RETURN of the JEDIS! And therein lies a fundamental difference between UDPs and PUPs. When in Opposition, the UDPs flee their homeland en masse. When in Opposition, the PUPs stay put and ‘’weather the storm’’. And by Dean Oliver’s own admission, one hell of a storm it’ll be in the months and years ahead but we PUPs aren’t going anywhere.


Friday, February 12, 2009 marked the last and final TV news anchoring that Jackie Woods would deliver to Belizean viewers. More symbolically, though, it marked the end of an illustrious career of one of Belize’s most acclaimed radio and TV journalists. Indeed, the short tributes aired at the end of both Channel 7 and Channel 5’s February 12, 2009 news broadcast provided but only a ‘’snapshot’’ of Jackie’s extensive journalistic work in Belize. Throughout her career, Jackie earned the respect and admiration of her peers both locally and regionally, the latter of which is evidenced by the various journalism awards bestowed upon her by regional broadcasting institutions. Among her peers in Belize, Jackie set herself apart with her ability to provide stories that were well researched and comprehensive. No one could deny that Jackie had a passion for what she did. Lest anyone does, though, he need only refer to one of Jackie’s recent stories in which she challenged the Governor of the Central Bank to bring pressure to bear on the commercial banks regarding their unconscionably high interest rates. The departure of Jackie Woods from Belizean media no doubt leaves a void especially when one considers the growing number of amateur journalists in Belize today. Thus, it was with much eagerness and anticipation that I waited to see who would replace Jackie at Channel 7. Lo and behold and much to my amusement, there he was on the TV screen, during the news broadcast for Tuesday, February 16, 2009 - the recycled and washed up journalist, Jim McFadzean. At first glance, I actually thought that it was a news reel Jules had dug up from his archives but no, it was LIVE. Now, for a man who has long proclaimed to be a “veteran” journalist, McFadzean, or Jim as he prefers to be called, subjected himself to much laughter and ridicule when his return to the big screen was marked by his reporting of a mere ‘’fender bender’’ between two Belize City transit buses. There he was notebook in hand. I swear if I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought that Jim was the traffic warden issuing tickets to the two bus drivers. Now, if Jim’s replacement of Jackie


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sunday, march 7, 2010

Belize #1 Sports Page

Anglican Cathedral College girls lead CSSSA softball 5-0

The undefeated Anglican Cathedral College girls posted their 5th win to lead the Central Secondary Schools Sports Association (CSSSA) softball competition 5-0 when it continued at the Rogers Stadium on Monday. The Anglican Cathedral College girls won 8-1 over the E.P. Yorke girls when Ashley Lucas struck out 9 batters to almost shut out the E.P.Yorke girls allowing only Sherie Gillet to score. Lucas scored in the first inning, V. Cadle scored in the second and six more runs poured in during the 4th inning when Leesa Willams, Ashley, Marquisha Velasquez, Denika Flowers and Azania Foster all came home. The A.C.C. girls posted their 4th win 17-0 over the St. Catherine Academy girls last Thursday. Pitcher Ashley Lucas scored 4 r uns and struck out 4 batters without giving up any runs to shut out the SCA girls. Marquisha Velasquez scored

three r uns, Leesa Williams and Agnes Lucas each scored 2 runs, while Vanessa Rose, Denika Flowers, Minette Whylie, Azania Foster and Ashley Cutkelvin all came home once. These wins followed a 23-1 win over Wesley, a 16-1 win over the Pallotti High School girls and a 10-5 win over the Nazarene High School girls. The undefeated Ladyville Technical High School girls posted their 4th win 10-6 over the Gwen Lizarraga High School girls on Monday. Pitcher Arneek Baptist led that attack, scoring 2 runs while she struck out 5 batters. The Ladyville girls scored 4 runs in the 1st inning to one run scored by Gwen Liz and extended their lead to 8-2 when 4 more runs came in the 2nd inning, while Gwen Liz only got one more run. Gwen Liz’s pitcher Shanice Pollard struck out 4 batters and gave

up only one run in the third and one in the fourth as her teammates tried to get back into the game, but they trailed 5-10 in the fourth and the Ladyville girls went on to win 10-6, when Gwen Liz could score only one more run in the top of the 5th inning. This win followed a 20-2 win over the Wesley College girls, 16-1 over SCA and 19-4 over Pallotti High school. The Pallotti girls outlasted the Nazarene High School girls 9-7 on Tuesday. Pitcher Sasha Brown shut out the Nazarene hitters for the first 2 innings, while Pallotti scored 5 runs when Charnelle Enriquez, Gorlee Marin, Sasha Brown, Reba Bailey and Georgia Young scored in the 1st. Nazarene’s Camree Lewis came home in the 3rd inning, but Pallotti led 7-1 when Janelli Pelayo and Reba Bailey came home in the bottom of the 3rd inning. Georgia Humes, Amber Wade, and Carlene Meighan came home for Nazarene High in the 4th inning, but Metisha Rowland and Sasha Brown extended Pallotti’s lead to 9-5 with 2 more runs. Only Williams and Wade scored for Nazarene High in the top of the 5th and the Pallotti girls went on to win 9-7. The Wesley College girls had also enjoyed a 22-5 win over the Nazarene High School girls on Saturday with almost the entire diamond scoring 8 runs in the 2nd inning. The entire Wesley diamond scored in the 4th

inning, with Kristy Savery, Carissa Clarke, Ianney Pelayo and Jasmine Trapp coming home twice. T he application of the mercy rule ended the game. Edward P. Yorke High School edged by the Pallotti High School girls 13-12 on Saturday. The lead see-sawed back and forth but E.P. Yorke went on to win 13-12 when Sherrie Gillett and Tiffara Welch came home in the bottom of the 5th inning. The SCA girls had enjoyed their second win 13-12 over the E.P. Yorke girls last Tuesday. Gwen Lizar rag a High School also posted its 2nd win 18-9 over the Nazarene High School girls last Wednesday. Sheryn Nunez, Jameka Hilton and Audreana Meighan scored 3 runs each despite Nazarene’s pitcher Amber Wade striking out 3 batters.

BCC wins Inter-office softball champs

The Belize City Council softballers won the 2009-2010 Interoffice softball championship in a best of 3 game series over the Ministry of Education /First Caribbean Investment Bank at the home of softball at the Rogers Stadium over the weekend In Game 1, B.C.C. won 25-17 on Friday night. BCC led with 4 runs in the 1st inning, but the MoE/FCIB tied the score at 4-4 when Joe Domingo homered in the 1st inning. B.C.C. scored 2 runs in the 2nd inning, but MoE/FCIB led 10-6 after scoring 6 runs in the 2nd inning. The B.C.C. squad tried to tie the score with 3 runs in the 3rd while MoE/FCIB

scored no more runs, but they trailed 9-10 at the end of the third. B.C.C. pitcher Brian Audinett tied the game with a homer in the 4th, but MoE/FCIB led again with 3 more runs in the 4th. The B.C.C. squad jumped ahead 1713 with 7 runs, but MoE/FCIB was not far behind, trailing 16-17. B.C.C. scored 4 runs in the 6th inning and another 4 in the 7th, while only MoE’s Earl Noralez homered in the 6th for the final score: BCC winning 25-17. In Game 2, MoE/FCIB came right back in your face to tie the series at 1-1 with a 15-8 win on Saturday. Earl Noralez

hit another home run to give MoE a 2-1 lead in the 1st inning. MoE scored 1 run in the 2nd, while B.C.C. scored 1 run in the 3rd, then MoE scored 4 runs in the 4th. BCC’s Darmine Myles homered in the 4th and B.C.C. scored 5 runs to tie the game at 7-7. B.C.C. scored only 1 run off Yvonne Davis’ pitching in the 6th inning, while MoE walloped Enid Dakers’ pitches for a 15-8 lead, with Earl Noralez hitting another homer. In Game 3, B.C.C. secured the championship with a 16-4 win. They scored 11 runs off the pitching of MoE’s Marco Villanueva in the 1st inning, as Reynaldo Duran, Godsden Ferguson, Glenford Flowers, Darmine Myles, Elbert Neal and Enid Dakers came home. The bases were loaded with Kenya Jones, Daedra Jones and Reynaldo Duran on base, when MoE switched pitchers and

Muschae Macdonald took the mound. G o d s d e n Fe r g u s o n w h o p p e d Macdonald’s pitch out of the park in a grand slam to clean the bases and score 4 more runs. Glenford Flowers also hit an out of the park homer off Macdonald’s pitching to lead 11-0 at the end of the first inning. Tony Iretia, Yvonne Davis and Lorne Solis scored for MoE in the 2nd inning, but Ferguson scored again in the 3rd inning as B.C.C. increased their lead to 16-3 when Dakers, Kenya Jones, Duran and Ferguson came home on a comedy of errors in the 4th inning. Earl Noralez scored MoE’s last run with an out of the park homer in the 5th, when the mercy rule was applied. Greg Moguel presented the championship and 2nd place trophies to the winners and the team trophies to the managers of each team.

sunday, march 7, 2010

The Belize Times


Belize #1 Sports Page

Anglican Cathedral College boys swat SJC 12-9 in CSSSA softball The Anglican Cathedral College boys posted a 12-9 win over the boys of St John’s College when the Central Secondary Schools Sports Association (CSSSA) softball competition continued at the home of softball at the Rogers Stadium on Saturday. ACC pitcher Alex Acosta gave up only one run in the 1st inning, while ACC’s Alain Alexis, Acosta, Jonathan Silva, Giovanni Williams and Cason Oliver came home in the first inning. SJC’s Ashley Rocke scored SJC’s 2nd run in the 2nd inning, while SJC pitcher Myric Marin allowed no runs in the 2nd inning. The A.C.C. boys got 6 runs off Marin’s pitching when Alexis, Acosta, Olivera, Akeem Gamboa, Mario Hernandez and Rene Flowers came home in the 3rd inning. SJC’s Craig and Martinez came home in the 3rd inning, but SJC trailed

5-11 in the 3rd. SJC’s Escalera and Turcios scored in the 4th inning and Marin and Rasheed Pollard came home in the 5th but Jonathan Silva scored one more run in the 4th for A.C.C.’s 12-9 win. The SJC boys did better when pitcher Myric Marin led them to an 8-7 win over the Gwen Lizarraga High School boys last Wednesday. Marin struck out one batter and allowed no runs while the S.J.C. boys took a 1-0 lead in the first inning. Marin struck out another batter in the 2nd inning, but the Gwen Liz boys scored four runs as Crawford, Moody, Allen and Mitchell came home in the 2nd inning to lead 4-1. The SJC boys toughed it out scoring two runs in the 3rd inning, but Gwen Liz’s Shaquille Moody and Akeem Trapp also came home in the 3rd inning to lead 6-3. The SJC boys tied the score at 6-6 in the 4th inning, but again the Gwen Liz boys led 7-6 until finally the SJC boys scored two more runs in the 5th inning for the 8-7 win. The Wesley College boys got the easy bye to a 7-0 win when the Ladyville Technical High School failed to take the field for their scheduled game last Friday. The Wesley College boys had won 5-4 over SJC as Myric Marin struck out seven batters on Saturday, February 20. Wesley’s Jermaine Madrill had also struck out 7 batters. The Gwen Lizarraga High School got the easy bye to a 7-0 win over the Tubal Institute boys, who led 2-1, when it was discovered that Tubal had

introduced a player who was not on the roster. The Ladyville Technical High School boys came back from a 5-1 deficit to win 8-7 over the A.C.C. boys that Saturday. A.C.C.’s pitcher Cason Olivera had allowed only one

run, while the A.C.C. boys had scored five runs off Ladyville’s starting pitcher Dennis Haylock. Ladyville’s Coach Smith replaced Haylock with Patrick Swasey on the mound, who scored three runs to tie the score at 7-7 and Jamar Broaster scored the winning run.

St Martin’s girls win 2 in primary schools softball The Calvary Temple girls and boys both enjoyed victories when the Belize City primary schools softball competition continued at the home of softball at the Rogers Stadium on Monday. Pitcher Ashley Bailey led the girls of St. John Primary to a 15-6 victory last Friday, over the girls of Central Christian School, whose Leanne Davis was credited with the loss.

The Central Christian School girls had done better in their first outing the week before as their winning pitcher Leanne Davis led them to a 10-4 victory over the girls of Muslim Community School, whose pitcher Sharifa Waller was credited with the loss. Pitcher Gilda Moguel also led the girls of St. Martin De Porres School to a 25-4 victory over the girls of Muslim

Community School last Wednesday, collecting 25 hits off the pitching of Shanifa Waller. The week before the St. Martin De Porres girls had posted their first win 9-5 over the girls of Holy Redeemer School, led by pitcher Tyra Moreira. The Holy Redeemer School girls had done better in the opening game of the competition as pitcher Tyra Moriera led them to a 16-2 victory

over the girls of St. John’s Primary School, whose pitcher Ashley Bailey was credited with the loss. The girls of St. John Vianney School, led by pitcher Trina Robinson also enjoyed a 13-8 victory over the former Belize City champions, the Salvation Army School girls, whose pitcher Akeshia Lucas was credited with the loss.

Central Christian boys win in primary schools softball T h e C e n t r a l C h r i s t i a n b oy s enjoyed their first victory of the Belize City primary schools softball competition at the Rogers Stadium last Friday. Pitcher Miguel Delgado led the boys of Central Christian School to an 8-4 victory over the boys of St. John’s Anglican Primary School, led

by pitcher Shawn Phillips. Winning pitcher Randy Franklyn had led the boys of St. John Vianney RC School to a 12-5 victory over the boys of Wesley Upper School, led by pitcher Shareif Thompson last Thursday. The boys of St. John Vianney School had also won the opening

game of the competition, 17-1 over the boys of defeated Trinity Methodist School, led by pitcher Alex Brooks. The boys of Trinity Methodist School, led by pitcher Edwin Hernandez had also enjoyed a 12-3 victor y over the boys of Calvar y Temple School, led by pitcher Randy Gutierrez, last Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Devaun Zuniga led the boys of Queen Square Anglican School to a 12-3 victory over the boys of Trinity Methodist School, led by pitcher Mateo Gutierrez. Devaun Zuniga had also led Queen Square to an 8-5 victory over the boys of Wesley Upper School, led by pitcher Fredrick Williams.


The Belize Times

sunday, march 7, 2010

Belize #1 Sports Page

BDF bomb FC Belize 2-1 to lead BPFL football The Belize Defense Force lead the Caribbean Motors Cup football competition organized by the Belize Premier Football League BPFL after they bombed FC Belize 2-1 in Week 3 at the M.C.C. g rounds on Sunday. February 28. Clifton West and Ervin “Bird” Flores led the BDF offensive with the help of Evan Mariano and Kareem Haylock on the wings and midfi elders Gilbert Swazo and David Trapp. Erwin Flores scored BDF’s 1st goal in the 43rd second of play on a free kick which FC Belize’s Chris Gilharry deflected to beat goalkeeper Elroy Rowley. Delroy “Thinman” Flowers and Gilharry led FC Belize’s counterattack with the help of midfielders Roberto Bernardez, Jerome “Jaro” James, Ernest Wiltshire and Shawn Gill, but they were fr ustrated by the BDF defenders Jerome Serano, Tyrone Pandy, Michael Martinez and Khalil Velasquez who helped goalkeeper Derol Roches hold on to their 1-0 lead up to the half time break. Erwin Flores scored BDF’s 2nd goal in the 58th minute beating the FC Belize defense of Albert Thurton and Jason Cadle to head the ball past goalkeeper Rowley for a 2-0 lead. Harrison Tasher replaced Ernest Wiltshire at midfi eld,

while BDF’s Orlando “Lichy” Jimenez and Lisbey Castillo relieved Erwin Flores and David Trapp. Jerome James got some in for FC Belize with a shot from a corner kick that rebounded off the right upright and into the net behind Roches. It was FC Belize’s only consolation g oal as the BDF defense locked up shop to secure the 2-1 win. Defending sub-champs H a n ko o k Ve r d e s r e m a i n ranked second with seven points as they posted their s ec o n d v i cto r y, 2 - 1 ove r Georgetown Ibayani at the

Michael Ashcroft Stadium last Saturday night. Daniel Jimenez scored in the first half, but the BPFL’s top goleador Alex Peters equalized for Ibayani some 12 minutes before inter mission. Jimenez delivered the winning goal for Verdes some 19 minutes into the second half. T he San Pedro Sea Dogs battled to a scoreless draw with BRC Blaze out on the island at the Ambergris Stadium, while the Paradise Freedom Fighters posted a 1-0 victory over the hapless Shanaiah Corozal at the Toledo Union fi eld when Byron Ferrel scored the winning goal some 23 minutes into the first half.

sunday, march 7, 2010

The Belize Times

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Women Weep

Be it the work of the Devil, that upon the maiden launch of the Women’s month calendar which took its centerfold spread in all the major newspapers, the most puerile and malicious display of vindictiveness posed for the evening news. Degrading, yes, but there has to be more we can do to penetrate the nakedly balls-less betrayal in these complicated psychological games of “last lick”. Tag! And Tiffara Young was “it”, objectified and alone. It is an unsettling tale of terrorism and helplessness. What shook me as Ms. Young, with commendable selflessness, exposed the story of her traumatizing exploitation was the seeming impotence of the Women’s Department. I hope what she said was not true about the involvement of that Department. Thinly veiled by the cover of dark glasses, Tiffara undraped her story, hoping to summon the full force of its prohibitive value, as she broke the silence of her suffering by telling us that “In December we get into a fight and they charged him[“Nigel” who is her ex-common-law] for aggravated assault. He asked me constantly to drop the aggravated assault charge and the maintenance charge against him but I refused to. So on Monday the court case came up and I went to court, he didn’t show up, they went through with it; they fined him $500 by April 15th or six months in prison. He found out that I didn’t drop the charges and he went on the internet and posted me on the internet naked.” She went on to relay that she sought refuge in the Women’s Department, which cast her aside by basically telling her that there was no room in the inn for her “real life issues”. Allegedly someone there cavalierly and dismissively pointed her to the embattled Police Department and stepped out of the way to continue with the more important decorations of Women’s Month. Cho! What????? Now, the Women’s Movement has been on a roll with ceremonial flings. I mean in less than a week we have had a lot of noise in the marketplace of muliebrity. When we check our change, however, something is wrong. Really, now, in under five days we have had what we must now condemn as simply glitter: the launch of the Women’s Month Calendar, US Embassy Woman of the year competition, and National Institute of Culture and History hosting a series of activities including modeling, plays and art. But after this glitz and glamour, where is the substance of the struggle for women like Tiffara? What does it profit the Women’s Department to gain the whole world of pomp and circumstance and lose the souls of the struggle of women in Belize? What about Tiffara and the hundreds of young women being tortured in the same way? This is a woman whose self-esteem has been brutally assaulted and her privacy publicly raped. Strong words, you might say, but what is the difference between the emotional and psychological penetration to the hymen of her public dignity and a physical sexual assault? The motivations and the effect of both are exactly the same. This is a power play and an instrument of control that we have not prepared against. So again where is the women’s movement in all of this? Maybe, at the feast of false images. My disclaimer is that there is an imperative to be terminally fair to the efforts of the Women Department over the years and we know you can’t believe everything that you see on the news. But this duty of fairness is no immunity for them to hide behind and drop the ball; not when they

had so long to get ready. Thinking back, this issue of the non-consensual posting of nude pictures of young Belizean girls officially was “spammed” as far back as 2008. I can recall the resolved and brave young woman who actually went on the morning talk show circuit and sued a computer repair company that had stolen some risqué shots of her taken by her boyfriend and posted them on the internet. Nothing was reported further as to the outcome of her campaign and public stance against this sort of exploitation, but this is Belize and we tend to be a “fuss bruk” society when it comes to far reaching issues. Clandestine websites and Google blog spots are still popular laughing stops for scorned ex’s and malicious females. These sites are no secret, as the “belizeanbabes” and aptly named “Koncas” dot coms, are the staple in public servant offices and after-school gossip rinks. The only resistance has been from a series of females who quietly collared the legal sys-

tems of both Belize and the mighty United States to get some relief. One young woman went so far as threatening the administrative host of the blog site for infringement of her privacy rights and the publishing of her image, to which she has sole ownership, without her consent. So if that happened way back in 2008, what identifiable attempt has the Women’s Department made since then for women like Tiffara, apart from printing banners for two years worth of Women’s Months? The mandate of the women’s department is to further women’s issue in Belize but has there been even lobbying for legislation to deal with this growing cyber environment of cowardly sex offenders? The only way to neuter the proliferation of this plague is by using laws. Just back in November of last year the Women’s Department put on free legal advice clinics with an impressive lineup of socially conscious lawyers. You mean no one at the Women’s Department could have picked up a phone and called at least one of those attorneys to loudly take something to court that actually matters for once? How about getting pro-active and having workshops on a legal and policy based solution. That is their job over there after all not a favor to Tiffara. It cannot be sufficient that all the way to the back of the file 13 law of the Magistrate Court, under the section that deals with “Indecency and Obscenity”,

31 that there is a slap on the wrist criminal offence of “circulation of or traffic in obscene objects”. Look here, under that “sheckreh” piece of law, it says that someone who “for public distribution, or public exhibition, makes or produces …blah blah blah…or in any manner whatever puts into circulation any obscene…print, picture, poster, photograph, cinematograph film or other obscene object” will face the terrible onerous fine of a whopping, get this, two hundred and fifty dollars or a six month stint in Hattieville. Wow. This is not enough. For women to enjoy the inalienable rights and freedoms of society there has to be more than that “chin chi” straw of legislation. To undress the mischief makers and criminals who crucify these young women. It is going to take more than just sporadic thrusts at the one, one problems that pop up. We need to get at the root. Like the stigma of AIDS and Crime, internet pornography is going nowhere any time soon in Belize. That is for sure. But we have a duty to the young and vulnerable to ensure that we don’t leave them improperly equipped against these kinds of predators in a forum where we have no weapons to fight for them. Ultimately, we are all on the side of the Women’s Department because something has got to give. Tiffara’s story is a wakeup call that the insurgent splinter cells of abuse and exploitation are still active against women and we must take away their weapons of mass destruction.


The Belize Times

sunday, march 7, 2010

Eulogy of Rev. Eugene Edison Card

Rev. Eugene Edison Card was born on December 9, 1941. He was the 5th son born to Mr. Wilfred Card and Florence Card nee Burns. Daddy attended St. Mary’s Primary School around 1947. Coming out of school he went straight to work in his father’s cabinet-making shop on North Front Street. He also worked at Maestre’s and as an apprentice with Mr. Adolpho Reyes in his cabinet shop in Belize City. Our dad was also an instructor at the Center for Employment Training (CET) under the tutelage of Mr. Allan Deeks. He taught many young people in the cabinet trade and gave them counseling in the Lord and advice on life. He did cabinet furniture and upholstery work for many prominent business houses such as The Radisson Fort George Hotel, Bellevue Hotel and businessmen such as Mr. Karl Petzold and Sir Edney

Cain. Some of his excellent pieces are also showcased at Buckingham’s Palace in England. To enhance his knowledge

in upholstering, he took various correspondence courses. He was such an accomplished cabinet maker that dad could create anything out of wood. Restoring old furniture was a cinch for him. When he was seventeen years old, the Lord called on him to preach the gospel, and on his commission the Lord told him to take a wife. While fellowship at Bethel Assembly of God Church he met a lovely Christian young lady named Edith Hamilton. They both grew in the Lord and in love. And after eleven months they were married at the young ages of eighteen on November 27, 1960. Their marital union which spanned

almost half a century was truly a match sanctioned by God. This union produced fourteen children – one of which, Ruth, a daughter died as an infant. During the 1961 Hattie Hurricane, dad was a police officer who saw many tragedies and did his duty as a true officer. Dad was a man who was concerned and cared about how you lived. He gave tirelessly of himself and his substance to all who needed and even to those who had, because he said you could never have too much. Daddy was a very loving father to us, but also an extremely strict disciplinarian and was never afraid to let us know he felt about any subject. Over the years dad travelled in all six districts. He located in Stann Creek Valley for many months preaching the Word of God and was invited to preach the Word at many churches locally and abroad. When we would go to visit him in our adult years, one would notice that it was not just a normal ‘hi and bye’ visit; daddy would always make sure to drop in an inspirational message from the Word of the Lord. He never ceased to spread the Word; the Word was his life. Additionally, daddy was invited to go and live in the United States but God had other plans for him here at home. He called on him to establish a church which he then registered under the name of ‘Belize Restored Word Tabernacle’. He ministered and testified to thousands around his workbench making beautiful wood work pieces and led numerous souls to Christ. He was an accomplished musician and even made his own guitars. Dad loved us and taught us moral and spiritual principles and values which we still abide by and teach our own children. He was also a mean chef in the kitchen along with our mother who provided many meals for our family and also shared with members of his congregation. Dad was ill for a short time, but with our mother by his side he was still up and about until the Lord decided to take him home early Tuesday. Dad went to meet his Lord after fifty years in his service. His teachings of the word of God were inspired by the message brought by our Lord’s 20th century prophet William Marion Branham. He leaves to mourn his beloved wife of forty-nine years, our mom, Mrs. Edith Evelyn Card, five sons – Andrew, Steven, Timothy, Douglas and Eugene Card Jr.. Eight daughters: Judith, Anna, Suzy, Sandra, Angela, Sharon, Janet and Audrey; Five sonsin-law, four daughters-in-law. Fortythree grandchildren – four of which he raised, and several great-grandchildren. His sisters Ms. Rosita Card of Belize City and Mrs. Linda White of New York, USA. Brothers: Hubert, Gerald and Wilfred Jr. of the USA; Lionel and Eric of Belize City; Church members, and many more relatives and friends too numerous to mention. Rest well Dad for we know you are secured in God’s kingdom and one day we’ll see you again. We all love you very much and we know you are happy where you are now. As 2nd Corinthians 5:8 says “We are confident, yes, and willing rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord.” Amen

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Belize Times



No one can deny that with each passing day, the country of Belize is falling deeper and deeper into the proverbial abyss. The police no longer got your back, they will shoot you in your back. But who might these young officers be emulating? Their seniors, perhaps? Two weeks ago, a minor of all citizens, was beaten to a pulp by a prominent doctor and his neighbor who continue to roam the streets of Belize free from prosecution. Where is the DPP when we need her? Where is the Depart-

ment of Child Services when our children are being savagely beaten by the wayside? Where is the Commissioner of Police when a member of his top brass was summoned out of his bed, showed up in short pants at the police station, and then proceeded to threaten the young victim with absurd charges of trespass or theft? Who does this squeaky idiot think he is fooling? For one, you can’t charge someone for trespass if that individual was invited onto your premises and two,

steal what, you dumb@$$? By all appearances, it even seems that this very same member of the Police top brass has personally been doing the bidding for the doctor and is quite unabashed by his role in this gross miscarriage of justice. As a matter of fact, Mr. Squeaky went so far out on a limb for the doc that he even said that charges won’t be brought until he gets an eyewitness report. Say what? Since bloody when? Essentially Belize, what this numbskull is telling you is that the next time someone

is beating the life out of you or your child you better call an eyewitness to rush over to the scene because if you don’t, you can forget it. To make matters worse (as if that is even possible) there IS an eyewitness account of this brutal beating, but police boy red just couldn’t bring himself to make that known to the public. I really and truly hope that after all that Mr. Squeaky has done to divert the course of justice for this minor, he will be handsomely rewarded with a royal kick in the a$$.

When the Crime Control Council announced its “Comprehensive National Plan” at a press conference on the 1st of October 2008 it declared the guiding motto to be “Crime is a Community Problem and Requires a Community Solution”. One of the intended objectives expressed in the Plan is “Promotion of ongoing programmes to build a culture of knowledge and of respect for the law including input

from relevant agencies such as the Bar Association”. At the press conference on the 1st of October 2008, the Council’s Chairman stated: “On respect for law and order the Community can start from now – staying until the traffic red light turns green, respecting pedestrians at pedestrian crossings, not carrying the little babies in your hand whilst riding bicycles” Therefore when we received the

news of the death of three year old Gabriella Osorio in the accident at Corozal Town on Tuesday March 2nd 2010, the above words proved tragically prophetic [and there could be more to come]. Reports are that the mother of the little girl had the child on the bar of the bicycle, when it made contact with the Venus bus, causing the accident which killed the child. For those who wish to avoid or miss the point they may

say that accidents can and will happen anyway. But the point is that that precious child may have been alive today if she had not been on the bar of the bike. Carrying the three year child on the bar of the bike is against the law. The Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act makes it a criminal offence to carry anyone on a bicycle except a child under 10 years and on a seat or carrier attached in front of the handle bars or over the rear wheel of the bike. It is a prevalent practice to carry babies [sometimes months old] in one hand whilst holding the handle bar with the other. You can also see people driving vehicles with babies sitting on their laps, which is reckless driving. These practices are unsafe, unlawful and are symbolic of the level of indiscipline in the society. We are aghast at crime, even hysterical. The fact is though, that ultimately, the greatest reservoir of power to fight crime lies in and with the community and [though there are many other factors] it must start from a culture of respect for law, order and authority by the community. Lives of crime often start with pranks, then minor crimes, then misdemeanours, then felonies, and then the ultimate – where a boy or man will gun down another in cold blood with no remorse. The Crime Control Council appeals to the community to begin this change, to respect the laws and to encourage others [and particularly our youth] to do so. The Ministry of National Security, in communication with the CCC, and the Commissioner of Police agree that the Police will play a constructive role in processing the culture change. If we work with firm resolve as a community we can turn back crime and [which is the real object] promote better living conditions for all. Dated Wednesday the 4th of March 2010


UB on the Move

Graduation Gown Design Contest Winners 1st Prize: $1,000.00 + Plaque 2ndPrize: $ 300.00 + Plaque 3rd Prize: $ 200.00 + Plaque

Lloyda Sherie Fairweather Maureen Navarette Hugo Mendoza

Winning entries will be displayed at UB’s central campus during the March 17th Scholarship Fair. The final design will be made for display at the June 2010 graduation, with a view to full use by the 2011 June graduation. Congratulations to the winners and a big kudos to all who entered. Winners will also receive prizes at the fair.

$4298.08 BZE donated to the Belize Red Cross Belmopan Branch

Ayodele Bulwer, Jan. 2010 graduate modeling current gown being replaced.

Come listen to presentations & view interactive displays from Social Security, Ministry of Education, Scotia Bank, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cuban, Mexican , Venezuelan and Taiwanese Embassies , Belize Defense Force, University of Belize and its international partners and much more……. UB – putting your education first!

L-R: UB’s Business & Ethics lecturer Sarita Garcia who mobilized Ethics students in doing collections, Chairperson of the Belmopan Branch of the Belize Red Cross Glennis Johnson, UB’s Student Coordinator Sharon Palacio, and UB’s English and Literature lecturer Elma Arzu, who is also the VP of the UB Alumni Association and who opened the fund at the Jan. 16, 2010 historic graduation.

UB Recruitment 2010 Is On!

The University of Belize– a national public institution committed to excellence in higher education , research and service for national development! Whether it’s a bachelor’s in History, an associates in Sustainable Agriculture, or any of UB’s 50 program choices, over 400 UB personnel welcome you, as UB continues to offer exciting and relevant courses. Apply today! UB– Education Empowers A Nation! Deadline for submission of application for the August 2010 semester is March 26th 2010. Visit




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sunday, march 7, 2010

m s i t o Nep nep-o-tism [nep-uh-tiz-uhm] -noun

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Upon winning a landslide election in 2008, Prime Minister Dean Barrow has been perceived as practicing nepotism by Making his Ex-Wife Lois Young Barrow the Attorney of the Government, gave his son Anwar Barrow and his Ex-Wife Lois Barrow special seats on the board of directors in the recently nationalized Belize Telecommunications Limited, and gave his daughter Deanne Barrow a position of attorney representing the government in a number of cases. All this was done within the short 2 year period that he has been Prime Minister of Belize

Favoritism granted to relatives or close friends, without regard to their merit. Nepotism usually takes the form of employing relatives or appointing them to high office. Definition found in: The American HeritageŽ New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition Copyright Š 2005 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

Lois Young Barrow

Anwar Barrow

Deanne Barrow

Denys Barrow

Former Wife Social Security Board Chairman BTL Corporate Secretary UN Ambassador Designate Defacto Solicitor General Order of Distinction

Daughter Admitted to the Bar without LLC (Legal Education Certificate)

Son Belize Telemedia Limited Board of Director Eyes and ears of his father Tech (Text) Savy Loanshark with a license

Brother Appeals Court


Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Belize Times


(Continued from page 1) certainly nothing to convince Murillo’s family members and other Belizeans that their beliefs and fears are groundless. Jeffries’ rounds in the media, rather, seem a patently political ploy to make him the face of the Police in the midst of this crisis, while shielding the man who is the chief policymaker and the man at whom the buck must stop, Minister of National Security Carlos Perdomo. Perdomo’s last media tour was less than successful and his appearance did nothing to obtain public confidence. So this week, while Commissioner Jeffries was taking the heat for the accusations threatening to tear the department apart, Minister Perdomo was taking advantage of a photo opportunity to hand out motorcycles and tools. But Belizeans are not in the mood for the political games being played in the Police Department, not when residents are being shot down in the streets and the criminals allegedly doing the shooting are those who should be providing protection. Young Teddy Murillo is the third victim of a fatal shooting recently in which Police Officers have been directly implicated. In late December, Chris Galvez was shot to death on the Western Highway,

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stout. He was also in the automotive business and was the owner of Belize Estate and Produce Company, the Ford dealership in Belize. One of his more recent ventures was Belize Aquaculture Limited, which is the largest and most efficient shrimp farm in Belize. This company also provides electricity to Belize Electricity Limited. The Gallon Jug agro company produces cotton, lumber, coffee, hot sauces and jellies. Also on this facility is the eco adventure hotel known as Cahn Chich. Sir Barry came to wide attention in Belize for his entrepreneurial spirit. He never stopped investing in Belize and for those who knew him; he was never shy about sharing his ideas with those he thought would listen. Starting out as a partner with his brother and sister, Mr. Bowen built his reputation in business by buying their shares in the bottling works company in 1978. After fully taking over the company, he expanded its growth and was soon diversifying into other investments in Belize. As his company grew, so did his reputation and soon he was Belize’s biggest businessman. Along with this reputation came many who sought his advice and financial assistance, including politicians. In San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, he joined with the Town Council and financed the construction of a bridge that connected northern Ambergris with the rest of the island. Sir Barry Mansfield Bowen, Knight Commander of St Michael and St. George, was born on 19th September 1945, in Belize City. He attended St. Catherine’s Elementary School and later completed his formal education at Cornel University in Ithaca, New York. Barry Bowen was never afraid of challenging the system; his last fight involved a law suit against the Government of Belize over the Sixth Amendment Act. Together with other land owners he challenged the decision by government to remove access to the courts on the matter of land and mineral rights. Bowen believed that government was trampling on his constitutional rights and succeeded in making his case in court. In his always plainspoken manner he said, “Let’s take an issue with this one simple point; can or


and his family and an eyewitness claimed that it was a policeman who pulled the trigger. On February 13th, a Jamaican, O’Neil Jones was shot by Police in Ladyville. Witnesses say that he had no weapon and was shot in the back as he tried to leave the scene. Rather than pacifying Belizeans, statements in the media by the Commissioner of Police have added credibility to persistent reports that there is a rogue element within the Police Department. Jeffries himself confirmed this in an appearance on Krem’s WUB morning show on Wednesday, and worse than that admitted that there is very little they can do about it. Even the hosts of the show appeared incredulous when Jeffries made his frank admission. Jeffries went further to state that he hopes to include psychiatric testing in the police recruiting process, as he insinuated mental instability within the ‘rogue element’ which leads to the behavior for which the Department is now under serious scrutiny. The Commissioner, on that same morning show, also confirmed a street report circulating that there are policemen on active duty in Police vehicles wearing ski-masks. Not only that, but he revealed that the Corporal being fingered in the murder of Murillo had been found with

a ski-mask just a week ago and had to be pulled in. While the logical speculation, as pointed out by the hosts of the show, is that policemen in masks demonstrates a criminal intent, the Commissioner attempted to brush it off as some kind of strange fetish or fantasy. Before the Commissioner left the show, a call came in from the mother of Teddy Murillo, who related that the same officer they are accusing for his murder was in front of her home issuing threats the day after the killing. At the time, said Murillo’s mother, the Corporal was in the company of another policeman. That policeman is the same man who was accused of the murder of Chris Galvez in late December. The Commissioner, while admitting that it is a problem that the Corporal accused of Murillo’s murder lives right in front of Murillo’s home, said that there is little they can do because the officer has rights too. Calls to various morning shows all this week have focused on the very real possibility that there is a rogue element within the Police Department acting as a death squad. In his interviews, though, the Commissioner could give no assurance that this was not so. The Police Department has been the source of much controversy in recent times, fueled by allegations of political manipulation, cover-ups, corruption

and incompetence. The Minister of National Security has been a non-entity despite his pre-election proclamations of ridding the country of the criminal element. There have been repeated calls for his removal, and the Belize Times has been reliably informed that faced with overwhelming public pressure there will be an announcement of changes at the head of the ministry within the next month. That will be none too soon for Belizeans faced with crime out of control. Teddy Murillo, the latest murder victim, was a deacon of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. In protest against his senseless murder, the Belize Union of Seventh Day Adventist Churches has issued a release announcing that all 25 schools under its management will be closed on Friday, March 5. The release states that “As a Church, driven by Jesus’ command to go into the world and teach, preach and baptize, we endeavour to call people to repentance and in so doing we create safer environments for our citizens. Yet the ongoing murders (some from the very same persons who ought to be protecting us) have instilled fear and chaos in citizens and visitors alike…we take this opportunity to call on the government to ensure that justice is served and that proactive measures be instituted to restore law and order in our nation.”

should someone change the basic right, the basic choice of the individual?” Sir Barry Bowen also made his contribution to public service and was appointed Senator in 1998. He served in this position for 7 years. Although appointed a Senator by the Government, he was never afraid to challenge the government’s position on the issues. He also contributed significantly to the social sector, playing an important role in the development of amateur sports in Belize. In education he built schools in San Pedro and in Gallon Jug and his soft drink company is the sole sponsor of

Belize’s annual Spelling Bee. B a r r y B owe n l ove d t o t a ke photographs; especially of buildings and construction sites. Wherever he travelled he took his camera, always capturing the architecture, colour and flavour of the area. He was also a person who loved grass and green space. Any property where a Bowen Company is located can be easily identified by its manicured lawns and wide open green space. His buildings were always well maintained and he insisted that they be kept spotlessly clean. Sir Barry was married to Dixie

Summerscales; he is also survived by two daughters Shelly and Courtenay, four sons, Kevin, Michael, Dustin and Zander, a brother Bruce, and ten grandchildren. John Searle his friend from youth said that his long time friend Barry Bowen “will always be remembered in Belize and abroad as an icon in our time, a man of the people and for the people.” For all his accomplishments Sir Barry Bowen was a man who loved life and enjoyed it to the fullest. His son Michael said he will always remember his dad saying: “life’s too short, you gotta have fun.”


The Belize Times

Sunday, March 7, 2010

sunday, march 7, 2010

The Belize Times

Notions by: Apathy

Now Open for Business……

Yes, it’s me again. I’m back for how long who knows, but at the behest of my favorite Editor-in-Chief. I started out this week’s column with thoughts to impart to our Prime Minister Hon. Dean O. Borrow wishes of a belated happy birthday. My attention was quickly diverted to the many, many more pressing matters at hand. But I still hope he had a good one amid family and friends with free flowing toasts of Moet to his health, happiness and prosperity. Actually, I have it on good grounds that it went exactly like that. It was once said to me that marriage is just another business deal. That statement has never been truer than it is in Belizean society today. Like any business deal the object is to come out on the winning end that is, are you getting more out of it than you put in? For different people what they put on the table as their bargaining chips is different. For example your genetic pool may not include specimens known for physical attributes that are attractive but your leverage might be in that it contains ingredients for superior intellect. On the other hand if it does not include either then a good alternative is to have cash. Prospective mates seem very forgiving of stupidity and unattractiveness in the presence of lots of cash. So once you put forth your best cards and hide all the unfavorable ones the trick is to make sure that you get what you want for what you have to offer. Other things to consider are your prospective mates’ potential or what he/she will be able to offer in the future. Family connections, business partners, long term investments that have not yet come to full fruition but that have the potential to be very lucrative in the future and so forth. It is a very daunting task that of picking the perfect mate because of the many variables that the whole scheme has. As humans we also have to factor in that when emotions become involved it is all too easy to make mistakes. We often fall into the trap of thinking things will get better or that the person will change. Since this is a business undertaking…well there is a grace period but if things don’t get better in a hurry or they are getting worse the best thing to do is cut your losses and move on to better prospects. In the past, at least, in Belize it was traditionally thought women were the ones out to make the better matches. Well if that was true it’s not

so anymore. Belizean men seem to have gotten into the trend now. As I look around now it is easy to see men who have climbed socially, politically and even in the business community through no real effort of their own but through strategically made family ties and marriages. You may not have

noticed but if you take a close look around you will be able to spot these specimens. How can you spot them …easy, I mean some of these people had never even been heard from before a couple years ago, but they bided their time came back from the States just in time and are now self proclaimed authorities on subjects such as say perhaps tortilla making, or even cane farming? A few have realized that the matches that they had made, well, really weren’t up to par so the next best thing, you may ask? Well, trade in a young offspring to a well placed and powerfully connected family and voila here you are one of the most influential CEOs of the North. I mean talk about family ties; these guys sure are milking it. I mean never mind education, experience and all that crap this is the way to go. Then there are a few that are just born lucky. Why, you say. Well imagine for instance that your father had the foresight to marry the sister of who would become one of the most infamous men in the history of our country. Wow, you may very well have to thank your father for the possibility of going for instance from a simple shopkeeper in your home

insert37 A village to maybe commissioner of lands? Would it not be such a happy occasion if your cousin, whose father also had that same vision, maybe started as a bank teller but maybe ended up as say registrar of lands? Indeed this would be a real coup, if in addition the head of this ministry was perhaps uncle to them both? What are the chances? Men have really elevated the marriage mart to a science. Never before have we seen all these machinations come to such obvious fruition. This is scheming at its finest. It goes without saying that this is really one of the lowest points in society. When people can earn a position, a job by family affiliation alone instead of qualifications or experience there is a word for that it’s called nepotism. An ugly word I agree but it is one we are all familiar with, it is something that as a country we have often times been plagued by but never in such a blatant manner. It screams disrespect and frankly, ‘an I don’t care if anyone knows’ attitude. I wager that the present government doesn’t care because they aren’t betting on staying on another term. But that’s just my hunch.

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The Belize Times

sunday, march 7, 2010

Leader Emeritus Supports Cayo

On Sunday 28th February, United Party. Mr. Price, who was the Leader Emeritus visited with ill for a few days but was feeling senior supporters of the People’s better, was able also to make an

appearance at the Cayo North preparation meeting for Village Council Elections. There was a





1st – Bze $1,000.00 2nd – Bze $600.00 3rd – Bze $300.00

Winners will be announced May 15, 2010

Full contact information of each entrant must be provided as they submit their entries to: * Anti-Trafficking in Persons Public Awareness Committee c/o NCFC P.O. Box 2361 62 Cleghorn St.

Belize City, Belize

large outpouring of supporters who expressed their disgust with the government and in particular the useless area representative Salvador Fernandez. They are anxious to send a message to the UDP so they were happy to hear that the elections will start in early April so they can send their message to Belmopan. Mr. Price was appalled to see that the UDP government has been doing little to improve the lives of the people of Cayo (San Ignacio/ Santa Elena). Prior to attending the meeting in Bullet Tree with the Cayo North PUP supporters Mr. Price met with senior supporters of the PUP in Cayo at a luncheon held in his honor by local businessman/ investor Luke Espat. Present at this gathering was Deputy Leader Dan Silva, Chairman Cayo North Nelson Tillet, Chairman Cayo Central Steve Valencia, Chairman Cayo East Orlando Habet and President of the PUP Women’s Group Gina Tillet, Sam Waight, Hector Silva and scores of senior supporters who were overjoyed to see the Leader Emeritus. There was a constant flow of supporters who took photographs with the past leader of the PUP. The mood among the supporters was one of militancy and disgust for the treatment they along with other residents have been receiving from the UDP hatefilled government.

PUP Think Tanking Sessions Every Thursday, Independence Hall at 7:30pm

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Belize Times

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The Belize Times

Sunday, March 7, 2010

sunday, march 7, 2010

The Belize Times

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The Belize Times

Sunday, March 7, 2010

They Are Listening to YOU!

sunday, march 7, 2010

The Belize Times

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The Belize Times

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Belize Times 100307  

Belize Times Newspaper for March 7, 2010

Belize Times 100307  

Belize Times Newspaper for March 7, 2010