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Luis Soldevilla w w w. l u c h o s o l d e v i l l a . c o m

Untitled or ” Nature rolling down on cracked concrete” Luis Soldevilla.

2010. Single channel video. Stereo Sound

Walking along the Seine during the fall of 2009, I noticed that on the ground a kind of cotton - foam was rolling downhill. After observing I realized that this strange matter were the spores that trees give off during this time of year to continue their life cycle. This foam was so light that the weakest wind transform it ​​ into a soft and gentle avalanche. These spores - cotton, in contrast to the cracked pavement looked more alive than the life they actually carried, and the concrete become more inert and crude. Selected video for: “The minute and the city : A response - 2010” International one minute video festival. Art Museum of Sao Paulo (MASP) - Brazil. “One Minute” International Film and Video Festival 2010. Aarau – Switzerland. technique : duration : year and place : video : audio : synopsis :

Single channel video. Stereo sound. Digital video 1 minute. Paris 2009 - Amsterdam 2010 Luis Soldevilla Audio editing Luis Soldevilla. Orignal sounds and sounds extracted from “The free sound project” Experimental one minute video. Ideas of the lightness of nature against the heaviness of the concrete (which becomes a representation of the city) are involved.

Untitled video  

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