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Volume II Issue 5

May 2017

From the Basileus

Holding seats at any function is unacceptable. Note: Honor reserved seating. Do not remove centerpieces or decorations from events Greetings Sorors, Membership Chairman, Soror Judy, presented the results of the Chapter Survey to the LTO Executive Board and to the Leadership Committee. Thank you for taking the time to read this month’s newsletter. My sincere thanks to each of you who completed the survey. Your voicPlease visit the Event Calendar to keep abreast of LTO’s committee meetings, Programmatic activities, workshops and ICID’s (International es have been heard loudly and clearly. We are moving forward to adCommunity Impact Days). You have a lot of choices for involvement in dressing your concerns; the greatest portion of which involved the need committees. Committee participation allows you to understand chapter for improving our Sisterliness. An AD Hoc Committee, “Nurturing Our operations, shows you the processes involved in chapter operations and Ivy,” is being developed per the request of Leadership Committee Members at the April meeting. The first meeting of the Ad Hoc committee is teaches you the process for introducing change via the By-Laws Combeing planned for Wednesday, May 31, 2017 @ 6:00 pm. mittee. This week-end begins with LTO’s Chapter Retreat which promises to be a very educational and enjoyable event. All leaders and non-leaders should be participating in this retreat. For details see the event calendar and website. On Friday evening we will be at the Irwin Center in Homewood and Saturday we will be at the Flossmoor Country Club. Additionally, you are able to get an idea of what leadership involves. I encourage you to read the Chapter Bylaws and standing rules as well as “So You Want to Run for Office,” and “So Now You’re Elected. It is also important to talk with Sorors currently in the office or have served in the office which you have an interest in pursuing. As we approach the election season, start to prepare now if you have plans of seeking a leadership role. Preparing will also assist you in the selection of our leaders. For those attending the 2017 Leadership Seminar, July 13 – 16th in Las Vegas, NV, please review the workshops available before you arrive in Vegas. The theme is “Launching New Dimensions of Leadership - Refining the 4D Approach. Details are available in the Fall/Winter 2016 IVY Leaf Magazine: There are eight (8) workshops in addition to the six (6) Pre-Conference Certification/Training. As attendees, please remember the “Protocol for Members at Regional & International Events.” Wear appropriate Alpha Kappa Alpha business attire (not business casual unless noted) Wear comfortable shoes to business meetings. Flip flops, house shoes, sneakers are never appropriate unless designed by a physician for medical reasons. Refrain from walking during introductions of dais guests and program participants, meditation or while the Supreme Basileus or Regional Director is giving her address to the delegation. Respect designated seating sections

For those who attended our 2017 Miss Prominent Pearl Cotillion: Pearls of Pride and Promise, you know that it was amazing. The feeling in the air was that of excitement and energy. History was made when two Debutantes tied for the prestigious title of 2017 Ms. Prominent Pearl – Debutante Alexis Michelle Clark and Debutante Ashley Clark. They are daughters of two very proud parents, Mr. & Mrs. Clark. Kudos to Sorors Natasha and Bria along with the Cotillion Committee for your dedication of time, energy and resources to make this year’s Cotillion one of the most enjoyable ever. Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring mothers as well as motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. Happy Mother’s Day to each of you, and may you have peace, joy and happiness as you Love, Honor and Celebrate your mother MOTHER’S DAY A Mother is a treasured gift of love that’s deep and true. You know she’s always standing by to guide and comfort you A mother with unfailing strength can keep you safe from harm And yet you feel the softness of her gentle grace and charm A mother gives encouragement with wisdom and a smile She understands your hopes and dreams and makes them seem worthwhile A mother’s always in your heart wherever you may go… She’s part of everything you do, that’s why you love her so

Yours in Service and Sisterhood, Barbara Pearson-McCreary, Basileus Lambda Tau Omega Chapter 1

In This Issue: Please refer to the Event Calendar on the website for the date, location and time of committee meetings

May 20th:

AKA 1908 Playgrounds Project

June 10th:

June Luncheon-Silver Lake Country Club

June 20th:

The Longest Day (Alzheimer's Association)

June 25th:

An AKAlectic Gospel & Jazz Brunch

July 13th-16th:

Leadership 2017-Las Vegas, Nevada

Sept 17th:


Oct. 16th:

Childhood Hunger Awareness

Upcoming Events Spiritual Oversight Save the Date Financial Fuel Taste of Technology Think HBCU Celebrating Legacies Soror in the News Miss Prominent Pearls AKA Day at the Capitol Farrow’s Army Membership Game Night Relay for Life Chapter Spring Retreat AKAversaries

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Newsletter submissions are due to the Basileus on the first Monday of each month. The June newsletter submissions must be in by June 5, 2017.

Next month, featured articles will include: A tribute to LTO “Honey Do’s” and significant males. Please send all submissions to: or Be sure to Cc Soror Ruby Roberson at:

Many Hearts Beating as One “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about” 2

Spiritual Oversight Committee

haven’t prayed about, wait three days before you take action, activate your prayer and submit to God’s will for your life.

Action Item: Pray for Sorors! Pray for Sorors who are hurting and going through some Align Your Heart with God's Will unimaginable circumstances. Pray for Sorors who want their lives to be better and free from those things that may be holding them back. Even though you may not know eveFor God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do ry Soror, God knows their situation. what pleases him. Philippians 2:13

Most of us don’t like the idea of being confined, but more often than not the confinement is fashioned by our own hands when we don’t listen to “thus saith the Lord”. It takes intentional energy to hear the word of God. What is God saying to you today? We may not like it now…but if we wait, God will be clear in His divine explanation of where He is trying to take us. The word of God screams…Just wait and see where we are going! If we would only wait; I say wait on the Lord and He will strengthen thee. God waits for us patiently for “our unwillingness state” to pass, but we must trust that God has our best interest in mind. Wait I say Wait! I’ve found the same true in my own life. There are times when I feel God confining me and shutting doors I wish were open. I pray. I plead. I cry, “Please, God.” But with no avail. Usually I’m too busy complaining to hear His reassuring voice. I have something good in mind for you, Daughter. Trust Me. It’s not that God isn’t answering my prayers... it’s just that He has something better in mind for me. Something wonderful I can’t even imagine. I can either struggle with Him, question His motives, and plead for my own desires, or I can pray, trust His Will, and listen to His heart. “Prayer is not an argument with God to persuade him to move things our way,” writes Leonard Ravenhill, “but an exercise by which we are enabled by his Spirit to move ourselves his way.” Do you want to be able to trust God’s way? Pray for wisdom. Pray for the desire and power to follow His will and not fight for your own. You’ll never know what God has waiting for you right down the road.

Keep Sorors in Your Prayers

There by the grace of God go I……

Soror Stephanie Farrow Soror Joyce Duke

Soror Carol Sharp Soror Shawn Jackson ’s father and Soror Donica Catchings’ grandfather (the passing of) Soror Toni Grayer (the loss of her aunt Althea Gant Soror Caletha White (mother recovering from surgery)

Proverbs 4:7King James Version (KJV) 7

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

Faith step: Next time you have a desire to do something that you

Soror Tina Hughes Burke Spiritual Oversight Committee Chairman


Saundra Jones Jazz Event Chairman

Cynthia Robinson Jazz Event Co-Chairman


$ Financial Fuel $ HELP US (BLOOM) PROVIDE GREAT SERVICE TO YOU Collecting, recording, and receipting money is no easy task when it all comes in at the last minute. Therefore, Sorors please pay early and pay often. When you wait to pay, you do not receive the best seat at the venue. So why wait? Help the financial team bloom. When writing checks, please use the memo line. When you tell us the information we might forget, but when you use the memo line we bloom, thus providing a greater service to you. Furthermore, when you use the memo line, less conversation takes place in the back and we can all hear and see the Soror speaking in the front of the room. This is a win-win situation. We are all blooming now.

We are emerging from the cave at a rapid rate as we learn and use modern technology for finances such as Quickbooks, Quickbooks Online, Paypal, and Eventbrite. When using technology to pay for events, make sure your guest mentions your name so that you may receive the credit. Also, please make sure to pay enough to cover the PayPal fees. Watch us bloom!

Sorors, please make sure that you read the monthly financial fund raising summary that is posted online. Send an email within the month if your total is incorrect and not three (3) months later. It is easier for the finance team to make a correction while it is fresh. Awww the smell of fresh blooming pink tea roses.

Director Toni L. Austin-Johnson, Twenty Pearls Financial Secretary, $arah Lewis-Weaver, Tamiouchos/Treasurer 5


#NewYearNewYouThinkHBCU Historically black colleges and universities, or HBCUs, are quitting smoking to prevent “young adults from starting tobacco use.” New policies aim to ease health burden among young blacks. “Of the 102 federally recognized HBCUs in the country, less than half have smoke-free and/or tobacco-free campus policies. Of the 1,108 community colleges in the U.S., only 360 have 100 percent smoke-free policies in place,” the Director of Media Relations for Truth Initiative Sarah Shank told HBCU Buzz in an email. Truth Initiative, the nonprofit organization behind the truth youth smoking prevention campaign, is working to put an end to this type of profiling. “Where you live, who you love, your race, your mental health and financial status play an important role in how hard tobacco companies come after you,” Shank said. “For decades, African Americans, low-income neighborhoods, LGBTQ communities and those with mental illness have been disproportionally targeted with advertising and promotional efforts. African Americans in particular, have long been targeted with intense advertising and promotional efforts by the industry. For example, in major cities like Washington D.C., there are up to ten times more tobacco advertisements in African American neighborhoods than in other neighborhoods.” The organization launched their tobacco-free college program in 2015 as well as awarded funding to 135 colleges. According to the organization, to date, 50 colleges have gone smoke- or tobacco-free (40 community colleges and 10 HBCU’s). CVS is also joining us in helping more than 100 schools go tobacco free in the next 2 years. Howard University student Julia Osagie is helping to take a stand,

joining the organization to change the status quo. Osagie is spearheading an effort at Howard to help the school go tobacco-free. She and other students are working on the issue. “There is a disproportionate health burden of tobacco-related morbidity and mortality among African Americans,” Shank said. “Each year, approximately 47,000 African Americans die from smoking-related disease. Research has also shown a clear pattern of targeted marketing in socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods.” “People living below the poverty level in the U.S. are nearly twice as likely to smoke, compared to those at or above the poverty level.”

Soror Jaronda Hall, Sub Committee Chairman: Think HBCU


CELEBRATING LEGACIES Our document, “Nurturing Our Ivy: A Soror to Soror Guide,” designated the month of May for emphasizing Celebrating Legacies. The document further states, “Honor is defined as giving respect to someone you admire. Our legacy Sorors have shown how much they honor their legacies, and who they are by following in their footsteps and becoming members of Alpha Kappa Alpha. They have demonstrated their love for Alpha Kappa Alpha and for one another, sharing two common bonds of love. The month of May will be a time to celebrate legacies and honor their contribution to our sisterhood.” We proudly present some of the Legacies of Lambda Tau Omega Chapter!!


Soror Marilyn and her sister Soror Audrey Gamma Chi,1977 Lambda Tau Omega,1996

Soror Marilyn & daughter Soror Kristin Gamma Chi, 1977 LTO, 2011

Soror Barbara and daughter Soror Nicole Beta Alpha, 1964 Alpha Pi ,1995

Soror Donica & mother Soror Shawn LTO, 2011 Delta Beta, 1978

Soror Trina and her sister Soror Denise Xi Eta Omega 2000 Xi Eta Omega 1993

Soror Veneeta & daughter Soror Theta, 1984 Morgan LTO, 2015

Soror Lolita & daughter Soror Bria Gamma, 1980 Gamma, 2013 8


Soror Dana & mother Soror Jackie Epsilon Rho, 1981 Gamma, 1956 Soror Jaronda and daughter Soror Jorie LTO, 1991

Epsilon Rho, 2016

Soror Laura and her sister Soror Camille Gamma 1979 Gamma 1977

Soror Leah and daughter Soror Jasmine Gamma, 1985 LTO, 2015

Soror Marydale & sister Soror Jackie LTO, 2006 LTO, 1983

Soror Mary Lambda Alpha Omega,1991 & daughter Soror Pam Lambda Alpha Omega, 1989



Soror Betty & Soror Willa & sister & Soror Joyce Iota Sigma, 1977 Gamma Omega, 1992 Beta Gamma Omega, 1994

Soror Saundra (center) Tau Gamma Omega, 1998 & daughters Soror Monique (left) Delta Omicron, 1991 Soror Belicia (right) Delta Omicron, 1992

From left to right: Soror Kim Mu Omicron Omega, 2005 (Soror June’s daughterin-love) Soror June Theta Upsilon, 1979 Soror Ashley LTO, 2011 (Soror June’s daughter) Soror January Eta Iota Omega, 1999 (Soror June’s mother) Soror Lynsey LTO, 2012 (Soror June’s daughter)

Soror Jan Gamma, 1969 & daughters Soror Sabrina (center) Gamma Chi Soror Muriel (right) LTO, 1996

Soror Natalie & mother Soror Maxine Gamma Rho, 1985 Gamma Rho, 1960 Soror Ellen & mother Soror Evelyn LTO, 1987 Gamma, 1944



Granddaughter & Grandmother Soror Sarah & daughter Soror Victoria Beta Alpha,1989 Beta Alpha, 2017

Soror Ambra & Grandmother Soror Jeanette Nu Theta, 2014 Beta Zeta, 1967

Soror Ethel & daughter Soror Stephanie Beta, 1960 LTO, 1997

Legacy Members not pictured: Soror Sheridan and daughters Soror Camille & Soror Kim Soror Ceola and daughter Soror Quin

Soror Salwa & daughter Soror Aisha Beta, 1994 Zeta Iota, 2016

Soror Ursula & mother Soror Ethel Eta Xi, 1986 Beta Pi, 1961

Soror Antoinette & daughter


On Tuesday evening May 9, 2017, Soror Marva Campbell-Pruitt was sworn in as the new Village Clerk of Sauk Village, Illinois. Soror Marva was sworn in by The Honorable Judge Adrienne D. Davis, also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.


History Making Event!!!

“A Tie for the Crown�

Alexis Clark left & Ashley Clark right Katherine Willis 1st runner-up center

Miss Prominent Pearls Alexis & Ashley Clark with their parents Frank and Michelle Clark with TPF President, Barbara Pearson-McCreary, MD

Miss Prominent Pearl 2017 Committee

Debutantes & Escorts

Choreographers Jason & Ceshia Wilder Wilder Than Imagination, Inc. 13

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Report on 2017 AKA Day at the Illinois State Capitol

Act. The members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. joined our members in a joint reception on Tuesday evening and in the House Gallery on WednesThe Lambda Tau Omega (LTO) chapter participated in the AKA Day at the day afternoon where Resolutions recognizing the presence and efforts of Capitol in Springfield, IL on Wednesday, May 11, 2017. Six members regboth organizations were offered into the official record. International istered (President Barbara Pearson McCreary, Vice-President Marilyn officers and local Connection Chairmen joined the CR Director in the galHamb, International Committee Member Sonya Bowen, IL State Conneclery. In the interim, other members continued the dialogue on Take tion Member Jeanette W. Rogers, Acting LTO Chair, Drella C. Savage and A.C.T.I.O.N. and “Be the Voice.” Natasha Salas). This year’s total registration was 152 (142 attended) the highest to-date. All members then took a group picture outside the Capitol and visited pre-selected legislators. We concluded the day with lunch in the State Members received greetings from officers and CR Director Kathy Walker House Inn Ballroom and summary of the day. Steele challenging us demand a budget be passed with equal distribution of funds to all communities. Legislative Panel: Sen. Pat McGuire spoke on It proved to be a wonderful, sunny and effective day! A lot of voices were the negative impact felt by college students who have not received finan- heard, but now we must follow up to see that Action is taken. The legislacial assistance (MAP Grants). Sen. Mattie Hunter spoke on the imtors received “Pink Slips” from us, but now Action must be taken. SIGN portance of organ donation where 120,000 US citizens need transplants. UP FOR THE LTO CONNECTION COMMITTEE NOW. State Rep. Elgie Sims stated 7000 inmates sit in County jail unable to post Daily Call the Governor at 312-814-2121 to demand a BUDGET bond of $1,000 or less for nonviolent crimes, most due to mental health NOW. or drug related issues. Go to to follow bills and watch proceedings. We visited legislators requesting votes for bills of importance to our SoSign up for Electronic information from your elected officials. rority and communities: Talk to, visit, Contact local officials from both parties to tell our story, needs.  SB 1/HB 2802 Replaces the State’s current deficient school funding system.  HB 484 Changes the State’s reimbursement level for special education students.  SB 868 Secretary of State can offer D.L. & ID applicants opportunity to be included in First Person Consent Donor Registry.  SB 31/HB 3099 Creates IL Trust Act. Outlines rules and limits of law enforcement when it comes to victims/interactions with Federal immigration officials. Connection Chairman  HB 426 Creates Immigration Safe Zones Act. Protection and assisGET CONNECTED. Contact Drella C. Savage: or tance to immigrants. 312-498-2427.  SB 58 Law enforcement involved in officer-related shootings take 

drug, alcohol tests. SB 552/HB 3717 Abolishes monetary bail for criminal defendants, except for situations arising under the Uniform Criminal Extraditio-









May 1 (1988)

Soror Laura Chapman

May 2 (1993)

Soror Darcelle Dieudonne

May 4 (2008)

Soror Cassie Osbourne Lincoln

May 4 (2008)

Soror Pamela Martin

May 6 (1989)

Soror Tammy Wheeler

May 6 (1989)

Soror Anntionette Austin-Johnson

May 22 (1971)

Soror Ethel Brown

May 28 (1960)

Soror Marilyn Hamb

May 28 (1977

Soror Bernice Connor

May (1951)











LTO May 2017 newsletter