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Volume II Issue 6

June 2017

From The Basileus Greetings Sorors, Your prayers and sisterly acts of love and kindness have meant so much to me as I experienced the loss of two Soror Aunts in the past two months. I am deeply appreciative to you for your calls, cards, flowers and kind words which meant so much to me and I will be eternally grateful to each of you for your kindness. We are days away from Leadership 2017, “Launching Mew Dimensions of LEADERSHIP—Refining the 4D Approach” we have been invited to “Come enjoy Las Vegas, while joining fellow Sorors in gaining valuable leadership tools to improve your mastery of essential business, interpersonal and sorority leadership skills.” See below some answers provided by Corporate Office to their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). FAQs (FROM CORPORATE OFFICE)

RISK MAMAGEMENT SUMMIT: Why can’t I select the Risk Management Summit as an activity? There are four (4) valid chapter positions for attending the Risk Management Summit—Chapter Basileus, Chapter Anti-Basileus, Chapter Membership Chair and Chapter Graduate Advisor. If you do not hold one of these positions and your chapter want you to attend in place of the person holding one of these positions, please contact AKA Membership Department so your member profile can be noted and you will then be able to select the Risk Management Summit.

 

AKA CORPORATE OFFICE: The phone number for the AKA Corporate Office is 773-684-1282.

AKA MEMBER SUPPORT: 773-684-1282

GRADUATE ADVISOR CERTIFICATION: How do I register for Graduate Advisor Certification I or II? Registration for these certifications is being handled by AKA Corporate Office directly.

I am happy to report that our chapter is being represented by our elected officers for each of the four (4) valid chapter positions. Service has its rewards!! Thank you for making it possible for each of us to attend. Again, as you attend conferences, you are encouraged to participate in workshops which meet your training and development needs. Well trained, knowledgeable Sorors wo;; help our chapter operate efficiently, effectively and in accordance with Alpha Kappa Alpha’s Policies and procedures. ENJOY YOUR SUMMER SORORS!!

Yours in Service and Sisterhood, Barbara Pearson-McCreary, Basileus Lambda Tau Omega Chapter


In This Issue: Please refer to the Event Calendar on the website for the date, location and time of committee meetings

June 10th:

June Luncheon-Silver Lake Country Club

June 20th:

The Longest Day (Alzheimer's Association)

June 25th:

An AKAlectic Gospel & Jazz Brunch

July 13th-16th:

Leadership 2017-Las Vegas, Nevada

Sept 17th:

AKAKLASSIC—Chi Sox Bar & Grill

Oct. 16th:

Childhood Hunger Awareness

Dec. 9th

December Luncheon


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Newsletter submissions are due to the Basileus on the first Monday of each month. The September newsletter submissions must be in by September 4, 2017.

Next month, featured articles will include: Please send all submissions to: or Be sure to Cc Soror Ruby Roberson at:

Many Hearts Beating as One “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about” 2

Spiritual Oversight Committee

Romans 12:10 Be kindly affectionate to one another with Sisterhood (brotherly) LOVE, in honor giving preference to one another

Summer is a wonderful opportunity to recharge our souls and take a break from the cares of the world. It is a time of summer vacation, trips to the beach, and relaxing around the house. It is also a lovely time to spend exploring, praying and deepening your family’s connections and faith traditions in the home. Here are some great ideas for having a faith filled summer of prayer:

Keep Sorors in Your Prayers Take time to claim your strength; this is a gift from God. Take time to have fun; it is God’s way of teaching you your strengths. Take time to grow yourself; only you can grow you. Take time to trust yourself; God trusts you. Take time to be self-reliant; it is better than being dependent. Take time to share with others; they will bless you and you will bless them. Take time to have hope; you are a child of God. Prayer: Lord, we put ourselves into Your hands, and pray that You will bless us and our families during the wonderful months of summer. May we all help make our home a place of relaxation, joy, love, peace and safety. May we be generous and considerate, not thinking only about ourselves, but helping others enjoy the blessings of summertime. We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen

Pray for the soul of sisterhood….Nurturing the

There by the grace of God go I……

Sorors Barbara McCreary &Nikki McCreary-Casmay (loss of Soror/Aunt) Soror Cynthia Robison (loss of her Cousin) Soror Stephanie Farrow (pray for healing) Soror Caleatha’s Mother (recovering at home) pray for healing SororsJune & Lynsey Mitchell & Ashley Gardner (loss of Brother-in-law/Uncle) Soror Antoinette Patton (loss of her Aunt) Soror Marva Campbell-Pruitt (Brother healing from surgery) Soror Jackie Young (Brother healing after surgery) Soror Toni Austin-Johnson (loss of her Brother-in-law and the healing of her Niece following a motor vehicle crash)

Soror Tina Hughes Burke Spiritual Oversight

Committee Chairman


Lambda Tau Omega Chapter Retreat “Launching New Dimensions of Leadership” May 12-13, 2017 The Chapter Retreat began on Friday evening at the Marie Irwin

Center in Homewood., Illinois with greetings from the Basileus, Soror Barbara J. Pearson-McCreary. Meditation was given by Soror Anntionette L. Austin-Johnson .The purpose of the Retreat was given by Soror Jeanette W. Rogers, Chairman of the Leadership Development Committee. A special thanks to our Chapter Presenters: Sorors Jan Reed-Rankin and Jerry Bridges, “Following Parliamentary Procedure”, Soror Sonya L. Bowen “Protocol Update”, Soror Stephanie Adams “Navigating Lambda Tau Omega”s Facebook Page”, and Soror ChaVale Conner” Sisterly Relations Activities”. Refreshments were served and closing remarks were given by Soror Jeanette W. Rogers. Saturday morning began at the Flossmoor Country Club with Continental Breakfast at 8:30 a.m. Our first workshop, “Standards Chapter Evaluation: What to Expect” was conducted by Soror Gisele’ M. Casanova, Chairman of the International Standards Committee. She explained step by step what chapters need to do to prepare for an upcoming evaluation. Information needs to be collected monthly, do not wait until the end of the year to collect reports and or needed materials. Our second workshop, conducted by Soror Susie Canady, Member of International Sisterly Relations Committee, “Improving Sisterly Relations Within the Chapter”. Her suggestions included : being more sisterly, being kind, listening to each other, respecting the opinions of others, treating others the way you wish to be treated, avoiding cliques, and getting to know more sorors within your chapter. Soror Marilyn Hamb, Anti-Basileus made the presentations to our Guest Presenters. The evaluation was conducted by Soror Lynda Tarver and the Standards Committee. Results are forthcoming. A total of 77 sorors registered for the Retreat. Closing Remarks were given by Soror Barbara J. Pearson-McCreary, Basileus and Soror Jeanette W. Rogers, Chairman of the Leadership Development Committee. A special thanks to Soror Tirshatha Derricks- Bey, Technology Chairman and Soror Patricia Parrish , our Philacter. They are to be commended for their help throughout the Retreat. We adjourned for Lunch at 12:15 p.m. Jeanette W. Rogers, Chairman, Leadership Development Committee 4

$ Financial Fuel $ We are now mid-year and a lot of communication concerning finances has been shared… Let’s pause and assess your financial IQ: Did You Know…

Budget… A Budget Is:… A budget is an itemized listing of expected revenues and expenditures for the fiscal year. The Budget Be Prepared:… The budget should be prepared prior to the beginning of the chapter fiscal year. Since the fiscal year begins on January 1, it is suggested that the Program and Budget Committees be appointed no later than June, because the program and budget must be presented in October and voted on in November How To Develop A Budget:… A budget consists of two parts: (1) the estimate of revenues to be received during the fiscal year and (2) the estimate of the amounts to be expended during the year. Budget Control:… Money can be spent for budgeted items only if it has been collected and is on hand. Once a chapter has adopted its budget, sorors should not be asked to vote again to authorize expenditures for specific items.

Twenty Pearls Foundation… When purchasing on behalf Twenty Pearls Foundation, use the tax exempt letter Checks are to be made payable to Twenty Pearls Foundation, Inc. for all fundraising contributions.

$oror $arah Lewis-Weaver 2017 Tamiouchos Resource Used: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated Financial Fundamentals-Guide to Chapter Financial Procedures, Revised November 2016


Saundra Jones Jazz Event Chairman

Cynthia Robinson Jazz Event Co-Chairman

Stephanie Adams AKA KLASSIC Chairman 6

#NewYearNewYouThinkHBCU It’s no surprise that President of The United States has his gun always loaded towards his next target. And last week was no exception, now aiming guns towards HBCU Funding. After 25-years of the Government funding a federal program geared towards constructions project for HBCU campuses, Trump believes that it is time to cut off the program deeming this program “unconstitutional.” He believes the money is allocated on the basis of race, ethnicity, and gender. While many HBCU students, alum, parents, and supporters believe this to be a false statement with no substance, there are many individuals who aren’t aware of issues we as HBCUs face and how many of them could be resolved with the program as such to fund us. While Trump has realized the error in his comments and has corrected himself. This moment in time can serve as a learning lesson to expound on an issue to be discussed again in the near future. Here are 10 reasons why HBCU funding is necessary in order to keep the heart of HBCUs, the rich history of it alive and thriving: The Ball Is In The Government’s Court HBCUs Provide Opportunities For Low-Income Students HBCUs Create Global Leaders The Battle of HBCU Infrastructure HBCUs Athletic Prowess Jaronda Hall Sub Committee Chairman Think HBCU


Lambda Tau Omega Chapter & Theta Rho Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Presents

JUNE 21, 2017

12 HOURS OF SERVICE 7:08AM 7:08am - 19:08pm 19:08PM Social Media Blast

Follow the Lambda Tau Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Pages where we will be posting Facts and Tips throughout the day

18:08pm - 19:08pm Zumba Class Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Walk Join the members of Lambda Tau Omega and Theta Rho Omega Chapters as we Zumba and walk to raise awareness for Alzheimer's Disease at: Community Park 175th & Maple Avenue Country Club Hills, Illinois

19:08pm Memorial Balloon Release At the conclusion of the walk, there will be a balloon release in honor of those who have lost their lives to Alzheimer's Disease

Visit Lambda Tau Omega Chapter

Visit Theta Rho Omega Chapter 8



My Love… My Legacy… It was a warm and sunny day on Sunday, April 9, 2017 on the highest of seven hills in the state of Florida, city of Tallahassee that my one and only begotten daughter became a member of our illustrious sisterhood, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated (AKA). It was on this day that Victoria Symone’ Lewis achieved one of her many life’s goals. Victoria has had a long affiliation with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. While in mom’s womb she attended several chapter meetings, a cluster retreat, and a regional conference. Service and giving back is no stranger to Victoria. She was a member of Lambda Tau Omega’s inaugural mentoring group, Strands of Pearls’. As well as being a member of the ASCEND mentoring group. Victoria completed her LTO mentoring participation by graduating from the Precious Pearls mentoring group as she completed her high school education to begin her college education at Florida A&M University (FAMU).

Victoria has been raised to honor God first, respect her elders, as well as treat others as she would like to be treated. She recognizes that her character, moral and ethical values are what she will be judged by. It is with great pleasure that I introduce my double legacy (both of us were initiated into the Beta Alpha chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. located at FAMU), Victoria Symone’ Lewis. Sisterly, $oror $arah L. Lewis-Weaver Silver Star AKA Life Member


“Two Sister's Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage and my 95 year old Grandfather was there to walk them both down the aisle again. God is Good!

“ Soror Nikki McCreary-Casmay



Congratulations Soror Sandra Lee (Cook) June 24, 2017

“Yesterday, I married my best friend� 14


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“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about�


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