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Volume II Issue 7

From The Basileus Greetings Sorors,

This is such a busy, important and exciting season for our chapter. As we prepare to usher in our new Basileus, our new officers and those Sorors whose term extends through 2018, I can’t help but look back over my administration and reflect on how hard we worked together to accomplish so much. We truly are an award winning chapter; I will elaborate on that in December’s End of the Year Report. My sincere thanks to each of you! You are an awesome group of hardworking, dedicated Sorors and I can truly say that the good times have been numerous. I have been strengthened by the many lessons learned. As we prepare for elections in November and December, I encourage each of you to use your expertise to help our chapter continue to build upon the foundation laid by our Founders 109 years. Don’t hesitate to give strong consideration to seeking a leadership role in our chapter. You are needed! Additionally, be an informed voter, an independent thinker and vote for Sorors who possess characteristics that will make them a good leader.

September 2017

also let their strength and personal character show through in their communication, and empower those around her by defining her goals for her administration and showing how to get there. Members must “catch the vision” and support the leader in being successful. A third characteristic of great leaders-- or perhaps, a group of characteristics—is having courage, tenacity, and patience. Having the courage to stand alone, the tenacity to not succumb to pressure, and the patience to stand for what is right. Sometimes, being a leader requires that you do all three at the same time; that is something you will have to develop, if you want to be a true and successful leader.

The fourth necessary characteristic combines humility and respect. “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” The best leaders are selfless and more concerned with the well being of the members of our Sisterhood than with their personal titles. When you lead with humility, there is no job beneath you. An important Please consider the following as we approach voting in No- aspect of communication is listening and respecting the vember and December. opinions of others, even when their opinion is different than There are some essential characteristics that leaders should yours. possess. One of these characteristics is being flexible. Not Being a successful leader is being responsible. Being able to everything goes as planned. Life happens and sometimes it apologize and accept the blame when something did not go is necessary to change course; whatever change is made; well. But it also means that when accolades are appropriate, they should be spread out among the Sisterhood however, must insure that we nurture our Ivy by making sure our Sisterhood survives as we find new ways to carry out the purpose/mission of our beloved Sisterhood. Another characteristic which is important for leaders to possess is being able to communicate. Some leaders are great orators, but speaking isn’t all that is required of a leader. As we all know, there are those leaders who talk a great game but deliver nothing. Leaders who communicate well are those who not only share their thoughts with Sorors, but

Yours in Sisterhood and Service,

Barbara Pearson-McCreary, Basileus Lambda Tau Omega Chapter


In This Issue: Please refer to the Event Calendar

Oct. 14th Oct. 16th

LTO Meeting 2pm Childhood Hunger Awareness

Oct. 21st

SOC Chat & Chew Siam Thai– Flossmoor 11am-3pm December Luncheon Olympia Field’s Country Club

Dec. 9th


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Newsletter submissions are due to the Basileus on the first Monday of each month. The November newsletter submissions must be in by November 6, 2017. Next month, featured articles will include: Please send all submissions to: or Be sure to Cc Soror Ruby Roberson at:

Many Hearts Beating as One “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about” 2

Spiritual Oversight Committee

Be blessed by BeBe Winans new song….He promised me. Food for your soul

In spite of all the things that you been through my soul still says YES!

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We are living and witnessing troubling times. Are you going through a hard time? Maybe you recently lost your job, or you're dealing with a death in your family. Or maybe you're just not sure anything good in life can happen to you. Whatever you're dealing with, I want you to know that you're not alone and something good can come from the tough spot you're in right now. God promised. The goal of each day is to keep believing and not doubt. God is a promise keeper and we will be victors in the end. Don’t feel victimized and entertain foreboding thoughts….That’s not of God that is “stinking thinking. God’s promises are not new and do not need to be refreshed by human intervention. The word of God says that He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Keep Sorors in Your Prayers There by the grace of God go I…… Soror Camille Willis and Laura Willis Moss: The loss of their Mother Soror Toya Harvey: The loss of her great-aunts Soror Caleatha White : Caring for her mother

Soror Gwen Drake who recently had surgery but is recovering Soror Tamyra Johnson who is in rehab in Country Club Hills Soror Jerry Bridges recovering at home from surgery

The Christian position is to stand on God’s promises because HE is a promise keeper. Never failing, Never leaving us Soror LaVerne Barnes (daughter Leilani recovering alone or abandoned. Don’t look at the world events and feel from surgery) hopeless keep trusting in God, this is where our hope comes from. Remember when you feel like you can’t hold on, plug into Jesus…..The blood of Jesus never loses its power. John 15:5 Soror Tina Hughes Burke Spiritual Oversight

Committee Chairman


$ Financial Fuel $ Wrapping Up 2017 With A Financial Bang!!! End of the year financial closings can be stressful for our officers, committee chairman as well as the financial team. This year, the entire finance team will be completing their respective term, transitioning out of office, and a new team installed. This makes it even more important that the financial records are closed accurately and timely. That being stated…I would like to offer a few suggestions that will lead to a smooth transition. 

Review your line item in the budget. Do not plan an event and/or purchase anything at this point that your budgeted amount cannot support. Every month a budget to actual report is posted in the Financial Information section on the LTO website. If clarification is needed, contact the Tamiouchos (If an immediate response is not provided, be patient. You will receive an answer).

Have you and/or all of your committee members submitted all of your vouchers? Remember: all vouchers MUST be completely filled out including securing the necessary signatures. , If a voucher is submitted with missing signatures, the finance team will not process it and the voucher will be returned to you for correction. Vouchers submitted at the end of chapter meeting may not be processed prior to departure. Arrangements will need to be made for check retrieval. In order to receive reimbursement in a timely manner, it is strongly recommended to follow our best practice procedure; which is to submit completed vouchers with accurate supporting documentation at the Executive Board meeting. A check will be available for pick-up at the general membership meeting.

Confirm with all of your committee members to ensure that reimbursement requests have been submitted all as well as all checks received from the chapter have been cashed. The budget reverts to ZERO at the end of the year. 2017 TPF Assessments: This report is posted in the Financial Information section on the LTO website. If clarification is needed, contact the TPF Financial Secretary (If an immediate response is not provided, be patient. You will receive an answer).

Submitted by Soror Carol Sharp, Anti-TAmiouchos

$oror $arah Lewis-Weaver 2017 Tamiouchos 4

On Thursday, September 14, 2017, Sorors wore pearls and a smile as they attended the Bench Dedication at Richton Square Preschool in Matteson School District 162. Sorors pictured are Barbara McCreary, MD, Basileus, Marilyn Hamb, Anti-Basileus and Alesia Dowell, Target IV-Environmental Ownersship. 5






Clusters I, II & VIII Basilei



Chicagoland Basilei Council enjoying dinner at Cluster Retreat 2017 Left to Right Soror Marcletta Soror Marcia Soror Barbara Soror Bobbie Soror Gloria Soror Bertina (CBC President)

Clusters I, II & VIII Basilei




Morgan Harvey

Thank you so much for all of you who have not only given to the "Think HBCU" campaign but have gone above and beyond. In the beginning of the year we hit the ground running and collectively as a chapter we have given $2,480! However, our goal is $4,620 for a chapter of our size. Now if you are like myself and need reminders because we as woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated are super busy, but please add donating to "Think HBCU" to your to do list at the October, November and December Chapter meeting.

Speaking of busy schedules, our own Soror Toya Harvey cleared her work schedule to share with me a praise report! I'm not sure if any of you know that Soror Toya's daughter, Morgan Annette Harvey, also an LTO ASCEND scholar, received a full academic scholarship to Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana! Xavier is one of the 106 Historically Black Colleges and Universities and the only one of the HBCU's that is also a catholic institution. Soror Toya shared with me that her and her family visited HBCU's and PWI's before Morgan ultimately made the decision to make Xavier her college of choice. Soror Toya also conveyed that although she herself graduated from a PWI, Western Illinois University, she understands the benefits and importance of supporting HBCU's! In our interview Soror Toya expressed that the cultural and academic support that Morgan is receiving is paramount to her success. HBCU's have a vested interest in our young people's progress not just in the classroom, but also their success beyond graduation. Morgan is proud of the decision she has made in selecting Xavier University and has also connected with Victoria Farrow, former LTO ASCEND scholar and daughter of Soror Stephanie Farrow. Both young ladies are doing well at Xavier and our flourishing! In closing the "Think HBCU" committee would like to say thank you to all of the LTO members who have already given, and would like to encourage all those who have forgotten, a gentle reminder of the importance to give even if you yourself did not attend an HBCU‌ Your Donation MATTERS and we still have our beautiful stylish "Think HBCU" tumblers for your sipping pleasure. See Soror Jaronda or Soror Alise to make your donations, time is of the essence and we are half way there!

Soror Jaronda Hall, Sub Committee Chairman: Think HBCU 15


January- September 2017 One Million Backpacks And Think HBCU Donations Adams, Christina

Calhoun, Dekesha

Dowell, Alesia

Jackson, Pamela P.

Adams, Stephanie N.

Campbell-Pruitt, Marva

Drake, Gwendolyn E.

Jackson, Shawn M.

Akins, Robin G.

Carlton-Jordan, Lori A.

Duke, Joyce L.

Jameau, Crystal Kimbria Alyice

Alexander-Flaherty, Lora A.

Carter, Audrey R.

Ellison, Maxine

James, Gail

Allen, Cherie

Carter, Ursula

England, Kimberly


Allen-Stokes, Sheila L.

Cartwright, Yolanda

Farrow, Stephanie

Johnson-Spivey, Trina S.

Andrews, Nicole C.

Catshings, Donica S.

Ferguson, Melody

Jones, Jalena

Austin-Johnson, Anntoinette L.

Chadwell, Natalie

Fight, Tonya

Jones, Jessica

Backstrom, Rosalind M.

Chapman, Laura L.

Fowler-Canty, Donna

Jones, Saundra D.

Banks, Sheridan

Cherry, Latosha L.

Gardner, Ashley J.

Kemp, Kwalee

Barnes, Ceola

Clark, Michelle

Grayer, Toni

Lane-Fincher, Felicia G.

Barnes, Laverne M.

Clark, Zenobia

Grinnage, LaJeanne C.

LaPorte, Margaret

Barton, Karla R.

Collins, Renee K.

Guyton, Tammy

Lee, Sandra

Bonner-Evans, Allison C.

Collins, Sandra Tammy

Hall, Jaronda

Leonard-Whorton, Ericka

Bowen, Sonya L.

Conner, ChaVale Quiana

Hall, Jorie

Leslie, Michelle

Bradley-Scott, Joni D.

Conner, Bernice

Hamb, Kristin D.

Lewis-Weaver, Sarah L.

Brewster, Lauren N.

Cox, Damita

Hamb, Marylyn Hudson


Bridges, Jerry Dean

Cruse-Armstead, Sharon P.

Harvey, Toya Tinette

Martin, Pamela Felice

Brooks-Gettings, Sharlean

Daniel, Kimberly Nichole

Haywood, Sheree M.

McCreary, Barbara Jean

Brown, Ethel Thompson

Daniels, Paula M.

Hill, Jasmine

McCreary, Casmay, Nicole R.

Bryant, Diane Holden

Davis, Damika

Hill, Leah

McFarlin, Audrey


Deloney, Bernice

Hood-Escalante, Betty G.

McGhee, Erica

Bullock, Money

Derricks-Bey, Tirshatha

Hoen, Jamie

Mitchell, June Beatrix

Butler, Krista D.

Dieudonne, Darcelle

Hudson-Davis, Vivian D.

Mitchell, Lynsey

Butler-Hayes, Rose M.

Donald, Marydale

Hudson-Lucas, Nicole C.

Moore, Rhonda Michelle

Byrd, Vanessa B.

Douglass, Ellen

Hughes-Burke, Tina R.

*Highlighted Sorors have met the 2017 minimum donation requirements.


January- September 2017 One Million Backpacks And Think HBCU Donations Mooring, Kimberly

Rogers, Sandra Dee

Wicks, Tiffany

Moss, Laura Willis

Ross., Diamond S.

Williams, Angela

Murphy, Geraldine Austin

Ross, Roshaunda

Williams, Crystal

Nelson, Joyce L.

Rush, Judy M.

Williams, Kimberly D.

Nelson, Tanai

Salas, Natasha C.

Williams, Yvonne S.

Nowels-Pierce, Onquanette

Savage, Drella C.

Willis, Camille

O’Neal, Patricia

Scott, Jacqualine F.

Winston, Paris

Osbourne Lincoln, Cassie

Sharp, Carol

Woodley, Cemioan

Pace, Valerie Toi

Smith, Lolita Maria

Wright, Arlethia

Parrish, Patricia

Smith, Victoria P.

Young, Jacquelyn

Patton, Antoinette

Stewart, La’Sheah

Perkins-Butler, Sandra L.

Tarver, Lynda

Phelps, Morgan

Taylor, Trudy Vanessa

Phelps, Veneeta Brewster

Tibbs-Green, Krystall Y.

Pierce, Ivy R.

Tittle, Alice M.

Purdiman, Bria

Toler, Jacqueline D.

Rahim-Dillard, Salwa

Topps, Natasha

Ratliff, Rashea

Townsen, Meesha E.

Raybon, Ashley

Turner, Dana

Reaves. Mary Blumenberg

Varnado, Linda Taylor

Reed, Semaja

Walker, Latonya J. D.

Reed-Rankins, Esceniath Jan

Watson, Casandra B.

Roach, Tanka

Weems, Dana

Roberson, Ruby E.

Wheeler, Tammy

Roberts-Smith, Denise Clark

White, Caletha Henderson

Robinson, Cynthia S.

Whitted, Darice E. *Highlighted Sorors have met the 2017 minimum donation requirements.

Audrey McFarlin Target I Sub Committee Chairman


FALL REVEAL FASHION SHOW 2017 RAISES 62K “ I was honored to attend UChicago/Ingalls Memorial Hospital’s 2017 Fall Reveal Fashion Show, Wednesday September 27 at the Odyssey Country Club, Tinley Park as the guest of retired CPS Deputy Chief Specialized Service Officer Rose Butler-Hayes Ed.D. Also attending was (l to r) Yvonne S. Williams, Marva Campbell-Pruitt, Ruby E. Roberson ED.D., Rose Butler-Hayes Ed.D., Noel Stewart Banks, Stephanie Farrow, Casandra Melton, Esq., Barbara McCreary, MD, and Latrice Eggleston Williams, Ph.D.“

Carolyn Griffin Palmer

Submitted by Carolyn Griffin Palmer of the Chicago Defender


Sorors Barbara, Carol & Lolita

Creating Boxes Taking it all in!

Packing food boxes

ASCEND Scholars, Parents and Sorors Sorors Barbara & Marilyn with Strands of Pearls

Sorors Krista & Marydale

Everyone after filling over 200 boxes of food 20


On July 22, 2017, the Golden Sorors enjoyed the Golden Soror Brunch at the La Banque Hotel in Homewood, Il.


The Golden Soror First Committee with: Golden Sorors Jackie Scott, Barbara McCreary (Basileus) and Sandra Butler. (Also shown, Soror Dana Scott)

On September 14, 2017, Sorors travelled with Golden Soror Ceola Barnes on a six day trip to Washington D.C. and Baltimore Maryland.

Submitted by Soror Jacqueline Toler Golden Soror First, Chairman 23

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HAPPY AKAVERSARY Soror Ellen Douglass

October 18, 1987

Soror Melody Ferguson

October 29, 1989

Soror Roshaunda Ross

October 29, 2000

Soror Chavale Connor

October 30, 2011

Soror Sheree Haywood

October 31, 1984



LTO October 2017 newsletter  
LTO October 2017 newsletter