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The mission of Laguna Road School is to achieve educational excellence, in partnership with parents and community, to prepare all students, through use of knowledge, skills, and behaviors, to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Laguna Road is now Blue Ribbon School!!!

What does  it  means,   The  Blue  Ribbon  Schools  Program  is  a  United   States  government  program  created  in  1981  to  honor   schools  which  have  achieved  high  levels  of   performance  or  significant  improvements  with   emphasis  on  schools  serving  disadvantaged  students.   The  program  centers  on  a  self-­assessment  conducted   by  the  school  followed  by  an  establishment  and   implementation  of  an  improvement  plan.  The  Blue   Ribbon  award  is  considered  the  highest  honor   an  American  school  can  achieve.  


Contents: Page 2: 37$3UHVLGHQW¶V Message Page 5: 3ULQFLSDO¶VMessage   Page 6: Honorary Service Award  Page 7: Roller Skating Gallery Page 8: School Chorus  Page 9-10: 2012-2013 PTA

                         May/June  2012  ~  Page  1  of  10  

Hello  Roadrunners!   ,FDQ¶WEHOLHYHWKDWZHDUHDOUHDG\KHUHLQ0D\«ELUGVDUHVLQJLQJ flowers  are  blooming  and  we  are  already  talking  about  summer  plans!     :RZ«WRVD\WKDWWKLV\HDUZHQWE\IDVWLVDQXQGHUVWDWHPHQW   PTA  has  been  full  of  busy  bees  over  the  last  few  months.    Hopefully  you   have  been  able  to  participate  in  some  of  our  fun  and  exciting  events!     Waaaayyyy  back  in  March,  we  had  our  first  ever  Roller  skating  party!     Ms.  Endicott  and  Ms.  Jeffries  WOWED  the  students  with  their  roller  skating  skills  that   morning  at  school  and  later  that  evening,  129  Laguna  Road  students,  teachers  and   IDPLOLHVZHUHKDYLQJWKHWLPHRIWKHLUOLYHV,I\RXPLVVHGRXW«'21¶7:255<:H have  booked  an  end  of  the  year  roller  skating  party!!    Save  the  date  ±  FRIDAY,  JUNE   15th  from  5:30pm-­7:30pm  at  the  Holiday  Skate  Center  in  Orange.    Tickets  will  be  $7  /   person  and  will  be  sold  at  the  door!    Join  us  for  a  really  fun-­filled  evening!!    More  details   will  go  home  in  June.     Also  in  March,  we  FHOHEUDWHG³'D\RIWKH5HDGHU´³,QFUHGLEOH.LG'D\´DQGRXU³0RWKHU 6RQ´HYHQW'LG\RXUHDGWR\RXUFKLOG¶VFODVV"2UWHOO\RXUFKLOGKRZ³LQFUHGLEOH´WKH\ DUH"'LG\RXMRLQXVIRURXUPRYLHQLJKW":KLOH³'D\RIWKH5HDGHU´ZDVVXSSRUWHG primarily  by  our  wonderful  Student  Council,  many  of  our  PTA  parents  participated  by   reading  to  various  classes.    Our  students  LOVE  to  be  read  to!    Please  enjoy  this  special   activity  at  home  with  your  child!    While  it  is  important  for  your  kids  to  practice  reading   to  you,  when  you  read  to  them,  they  witness  flow,  intonation,  pronunciation  and  they   SLFNXSQHZYRFDEXODU\ZRUGV37$FHOHEUDWHG³,QFUHGLEOH.LG'D\´E\KDQJLQJXS posters  around  school  and  giving  every  studenWD³6WDU6WXGHQW´EUDFHOHWZLWKDQ DWWDFKHGVSHFLDOPHVVDJH$QGRXU³0RWKHU6RQ´PRYLHQLJKWZDVDEODVW2XU0RPV and  sons  had  a  wonderful  picnic  dinner  (provided  by  PTA)  in  the  MPR,  followed  by   popcorn  and  a  movie  ±  ³+RZWR7UDLQ\RXU'UDJRQ´,WZDs  a  lot  of  fun  and  the  boys   had  a  great  time  hanging  out  with  their  Moms  and  friends!    We  are  sooo  lucky  to  have   such  wonderful  kids  at  Laguna  Road!!   $SULOSURYLGHGXVZLWKDPXFKQHHGHG³6SULQJ%UHDN´+RSH\RXKDGDQHQMR\DEOHRQH After  break,  PTA  hit  WKHJURXQGUXQQLQJZLWKSUHSDUDWLRQVWRKHOSZLWK626¶6FKRRO &DUQLYDO:KDWD)81HYHQWWKDWZDV,WZDVDJUHDWHYHQLQJRIIDPLO\IXQ«EHWZHHQDOO RIWKHFODVVURRPERRWKVDQGWKHWHDFKHUV¶DXFWLRQLWHPV0DQ\WKDQNVWR626¶5R\.LP and  Lizette  Kizziar  for  heading  up  the  carnival  effort.    And  of  course,  I  have  to  mention   the  6th  grade  food  extravaganza  (headed  up  by  Cathy  Geringer)  and  the  wonderful   talent  show  put  on  by  Gloria  Renfro.    (Many  thanks  to  Gloria  for  all  of  her  time  and      

                          May/June  2012  ~  Page  2  of  10  

effort!)   Towards  the  end  of  April,  we  had  our  annual  Honorary  Service  awards  night  /   2SHQ+RXVHHYHQW&RQJUDWXODWLRQVWRDOORIRXUELJDZDUGZLQQHUV :LQQHUV¶QDPHV are  mentioned  below).    Did  you  all  come  to  enjoy  the  food  trucks!    Thanks  to  SOS  and   Melisa  Yeo  for  organizing  them!    We  know  a  lot  of  people  had  to  wait  a  while  to  order  or   wait  for  their  food.    Changes  will  definitely  be  made  for  next  time!    (The  first  time  is   always  a  learning  lesson!)    And  a  BIG  thank  you  to  all  of  our  teachers  for  their  tireless   HOURS  of  work  and  preparation  to  make  their  classrooms  look  amazing.    And  how   DPD]LQJZDV\RXUFKLOG¶VZRUN",ZDVEORZQDZD\E\WKHTXDOLW\DQGFUHDWLYLW\RIDOORI our  children!    We  are  soo  lucky  to  be  here  at  Laguna  Road!!         We  finished  off  April  with  an  OUTSTANDING  parent  education  evening  regarding   ³LQDSSURSULDWHWRXFKLQJ´DEXVH7KHVSHDNHUVZHUHLQIRUPDWLRQDOG\QDPLF educational,  engaging  and  very  realistic.    They  realized  the  barriers  there  are  to   discussing  this  topic  and  they  offered  ways  to  break  them  down.    Did  you  know  that   90%  of  sexual  abuse  can  be  prevented  with  EDUCATION?    Education  of  parents  and   education  of  our  children  ±  WRNQRZZKDW¶VRNYVQRWRNZKDWWRWHOOZKDWWRGRDQG above  all  ±  who  to  tell.    Do  you  know  hRZWREH23(1WROLVWHQWR\RXUNLGV¶TXHVWLRQV and  concerns?    WOW!    I  walked  away  with  a  wealth  of  information  and  resources.    I  only   wish  that  there  were  more  people  to  fill  in  some  of  those  empty  seats.    EDUCATION  is   the  key  to  prevention!!!!!!!!    Hopefully  we  will  be  able  to  schedule  another  event  for   those  of  you  who  missed  out!       Whew!    Here  we  are  in  May.    We  are  starting  our  month  off  with  the  Volunteer  Tea  (put   on  by  our  wonderful  staff!)    Thank  you!!    I  also  have  the  pleasure  of  attending  the   California  Distinguished  School  award  banquet  on  May  4th.    A  BIG  thank  you  to  all  of  you   ZKRSDUWLFLSDWHGLQWKHVFKRRO¶VVLWHYLVLWEDFNLQ0DUFK7KH³&'6YLVLWRUV´KDGDQ amazing  time  at  our  school  and  were  blown  away  by  all  that  the  kids  had  to  show  them.     ,QIDFWWKH³YLVLWRUV´WROGXVWKDWZHDW/DJXQD5RDGDUHJHWWLQJD³:25/'-­CLASS   ('8&$7,21´IRURXUFKLOGUHQ:HDUHWUXO\EOHVVHG   You  have  already  received  the  notice  in  your  Tuesday  folders,  but  this  month  the  kids   will  also  be  taking  their  CSTs  (California  Standardized  Test.)    Please  make  sure  that  your   kids  have  a  great  start  to  the  morning  ±  ZLWKDJRRGEUHDNIDVWDQGDJRRGQLJKW¶VVOHHS the  night  before.    PTA  supports  this  testing  effort  with  fabulous  testing  pencils  ±   (rainbow  ones  this  year!)  ±  and  we  provide  a  very  light,  but  nutritious,  daily  testing   snack  for  the  kids.    Best  of  luck  to  our  fabulous  Roadrunners!!     May  also  brings  a  fabulous  opportunity  to  thank  our  wonderful  teachers  and  staff.    On   May  16th,  we  will  be  hosting  our  annual  ³6WDII$SSUHFLDWLRQ/XQFKHRQ´,I\RXDUH interested  in  helping  out  with  this  fun  event  ±  please  let  me  know.    We  have  a  lot  of  fun   with  our  teachers  and  have  lots  of  yummy  goodies  to  eat!!            

                          May/June  2012  ~  Page  3  of  10  

PTA is  also  in  the  process  of  filling  positions  for  next  year.    Do  you  want  to  get  involved   and  help  our  kids?    We  have  some  open  positions  and  would  love  your  help!    PTA  is  FULL   RIKHOSHUVVRSOHDVHGRQ¶WIHHOOLNH\RXKDYHWRGRDQ\MREDORQH:HDUHLQQHHGRI ³&RPPLWWHH&KDLUSHUVRQV´±  the  contact  people  that  make  sure  that  things  are  moving   smoothly  for  that  particular  event.    The  open  positions  are  listed  here  in  the   1HZVOHWWHU«SOHDVHORRNWKURXJKWKHPDQGVHHLIDQ\RIWKHPVRXQGLQWULJXLQJWR\RX Feel  free  to  contact  me  if  you  would  like  more  information  about  any  of  them.    WE  NEED   YOUR  HELP!!    Laguna  Road  is  successful  in  part,  because  of  our  INCREDIBLE  parent   support!!    (And  remember  ±  this  is  one  of  the  areas  that  our  California  Distinguished   School  Award  focused  on  ±  parent  involvement!!!!!)   $QGVSHDNLQJDERXWQH[W\HDU«SOHDVHNHHSLQPLQGWKHIROORZLQJGDWH$XJXVW th   appears  to  be  the  start  of  the  2012-­13  school  year.    Please  keep  checking  the  district   ZHEVLWH RURXUVFKRRORIILFH WRVHHLIWKLVGDWHFKDQJHV$OVR«MXVWVR\RXDUH  aware.     The  high  school  district  is  going  to  be  moving  their  school  calendar  backwards  by  2   weeks  ±  starting  in  the  2013-­VFKRRO\HDU7KLVPHDQVWKDWWKHKLJKVFKRRO¶VVWDUW date  will  most  likely  be  around  August  12th  for  that  school  year  and  school  will  end   around  Memorial  Day  (end  of  May).    The  elementary  district  has  not  yet  voted  on  doing   the  same,  HOWEVER,  it  will  most  likely  happen  because  families  want  the  same   schedule  for  their  elementary/high  school  kids.    We  will  keep  you  posted  with  any   further  developments.    One  of  the  reasons  behind  the  changes,  by  the  way,  is  so  that   high  school  testing  /  finals  fall  BEFORE  major  vacations  and  not  the  week  after.    It  is  a   better  schedule  for  the  students  ±  just  keep  that  in  mind  while  you  are  grumbling  about   the  changes!!!  -   7KLQNWKDW¶VLWIRUQRZ«:2:«LW,6DORW,ZDQWWRFORVHE\ZHOFRPLQJP\VXFFHVVRU Helen  Kharrat  has  been  voted  in  as  your  incoming  PTA  President  and  I  am  just  thrilled!     She  will  do  a  great  job  in  continuing  the  positive  growth  in  PTA  and  I  look  forward  to   working  with  her!    Both  Helen  and  I  will  be  attending  the  PTA  Convention  this  month   where  we  hope  to  gather  even  more  great  ideas  to  bring  back  to  Laguna  Road.       6HH\RXDWVFKRRODQGDJDLQ«WKDQNVIRU\RXU*2/'(1FRPPLWPHQWWRour  children  and   RXUVFKRRO:HFHUWDLQO\DUH³*2/'(1+(5(,1285TH  <($5´   Please  contact  me  with  any  questions  /  comments  /  concerns!!   -  Nivie  Jhawar   PTA  President  ±  Laguna  Road  School        

                         May/June  2012  ~  Page  4  of  10  

Congratulations to  the  following  Honorary   Service  Award  winners!!!!!   The  PTA  Honorary  Service  Award  (HSA)  Program  recognizes  the  service  and             dedication  of  both  individuals  and  organizations  and  celebrates  the  spirit  of   volunteerism.    

™ Marlene Chaw (Roadrunner Award) ™ Cathy Geringer (Honorary Service) ™ Nivie Jhawar (Honorary Service) ™ Catherine Brewer (Honorary Service and Teacher of the Year!)

We  are  soooooo  proud  of  you!!    Thanks  for  your   dedication  to  Laguna  Road  and  our  Roadrunners!!  

Good News  for  Laguna  Road  School!!   We  recently  received  word  from  State  Superintendent  of  Public   Instruction  Tom  Torlakson  that  we  were  named  one  of  the  2012   California  Distinguished  Schools.  We  were  recognized  for  innovative   education  programs  that  encourage  student  to  learn  and  help  close  the   DFKLHYHPHQWJDS,W¶VVXFKDQKRQRUIRUXV7KLVDZDUGGHPRQVWUDWes  the   incredible  commitment  of  our  students,  staff,  and  parents  to  provide  a   world-­class  education.   To  be  invited  to  apply  for  Distinguished  School  honors,  schools  must  meet  a  variety  of  eligibility   criteria  including  federal  and  state  accountability  measures  based  on  Elementary  and  Secondary   Education  Act  and  the  Academic  Performance  Index  requirements.  The  application  process   consists  of  a  written  application,  which  included  description  of  our  Science  and  Parent   Involvement  signature  practice,  and  a  county-­led  site  validation  process,  which  validated  the   implementation  of  those  signature  practice.   Congratulations  to  ALL.  AND  GO  ROADRUNNERS!!!  Beep  Beep!   Harold  Sullivan,  Principal  

                         May/June  2012  ~  Page  5  of  10  

May/June 2012  ~  Page  6  of  10  

Roller Skating  Event  Gallery:

FRIDAY,  JUNE  15th  from  5:30pm-­7:30pm  at  the  Holiday  Skate   Center  in  Orange.    Tickets  will  be  $7  /  person  and  will  be  sold  at  the  door!    Join  us  for  a   really  fun-­filled  evening!!    More  details  will  go  home  in  June.    

                         May/June  2012  ~  Page  7  of  10  

School Chorus (3x Gold Award Winner) Annual Concert & Graduation When: Tuesday, June 12 at 7:00 pm in the MPR For inquiry, please contact Dr. Ning @ or 714-262-8895.

School Chorus  Experience   by  Lauren  Fu     I  started  choir  as  a  fourth  grader.    Being  in  choir,  although   it  had  many  challenges,  has  taught  me  to  be  more   patient.    Learning  to  sing  is  more  than  just  events-­but   learning  why  music  is  important.  Choir  was  not  what  I   expected.  It  was  actually  a  lot  of  work.  I  learned  that   teamwork  takes  a  lot  of  cooperation.    Being  one  voice  in  a   group  means  you  have  to  do  your  best  for  everyone  else.   This  is  an  important  lesson  to  learn,  because  everything  in   life  involves  teamwork.  I  really  enjoyed  performing  at   various  school  events,  the  Holiday  Concert  in  December   2011,  and  the  Southern  California  Choral  Music  Festival  in   March  2012.  Other  highlights  include  Knott's  Berry  Farm   and  end  of  year  swim  party  at  Mrs.  Renfro's.  I  may  not   sing  in  a  choir  the  rest  of  my  life,  but  my  experience  in   choir  has  helped  me  discover  what  kind  of  music  I  enjoy.    

                         May/June  2012  ~  Page  8  of  10  

Welcome &  Congratulations  to  our   2012-­13  PTA  Executive  Board!       President -‐ Helen Kharrat Past President Advisor (PPA)-‐ Nivie Jhawar 1st VP-­ Membership Co-­Chair-‐ Becky Kenrick 1st VP-­ Membership Co-­Chair ² Victoria Muffie 2nd Vice Pres -­Ways & Means -‐ Vacant 3rd VP-­ Outreach Co-­Chair -‐ Helen Kang 3rd VP-­ Outreach Co-­Chair -‐ Vacant Recording Secretary -‐ Susan Levinson Treasurer -‐ Nicole Yi Financial Secretary ² Vincent Alvarado Auditor -‐ Purvi Patel Historian ² Bridget Doyle-‐Olsen Parlimentarian ² Shirley Ramirez

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LEADERS NEEDED!!   Our  children  have  enjoyed  many  fun  and  exciting  events  so  far  this  year;;  including  Walk  to  School  Day,  Book   Fair,  Father/Daughter  Dance,  Skate  Night,  and  Mother/Son  Movie  Night.  Each  event  would  not  be  possible   without  teams  of  volunteers.       We  are  thinking  ahead  to  next  year,  and  our  school  needs  committee  leaders  to  plan  and  manage  school-­wide   events  during  the  2012-­2013  school  year.  Many  of  these  events  are  single  day  programs  and  may  not  require   large  time  commitments.  Additionally,  two  or  more  people  can  run  the  same  committee  -­  so  much  easier  when   you  lead  with  a  friend!     We  sent  out  recently  a  sign-­up  flyer  for  open  committee  chair  positions.  We  received  0  responses!  These   events  will  not  take  place  for  our  children  without  volunteers  to  manage  them.       If  you  are  interested  in  leading  any  of  the  following  committees  or  have  any  questions  about  the  committees,   please  contact  Victoria  Muffie  at       *  FATHER/DAUGHTER  EVENT  ()HE 3ODQDQGPDQDJHVFKRRO¶V)DWKHU'DXJKWHUHYHQLQJHYHQW     *  HONORARY  SERVICE  AWARDS:  Coordinate  nominations  and  selection  of  Roadrunner  and  Honorary  Service   Awards.  Manage  ordering  of  awards  and  coordinate  award  ceremonies.  Roadrunner  Awards  are  presented  in   January.  Honorary  Service  Awards  are  presented  in  April.       ,1&5(',%/(.,''$< 0DUFK 3ODQDQGPDQDJHVFKRRO¶V,QFUHGLEOH.LG'D\HYHQW     *  MATH  OLYMPIAD:  Manage  a  team  of  volunteers  to  teach  interested  4th  ±  6th-­graders  who  meet  Tuesday  &   Thursday  mornings  (from  October-­March)  for  challenging  math  instruction  and  problem-­solving  activities.       027+(5621(9(17 0DUFK 3ODQDQGPDQDJHVFKRRO¶V0RWKHU6RQHYHQLQJHYHQW     *  PROGRAM  &  ASSEMBLIES:  Work  with  school  staff  and  PTA  to  plan  and  manage  school  assemblies   throughout  the  year.       *  WEBSITE:  Oversee  design  and  maintenance  of  PTA  website  throughout  the  year.   Thank  you  for  taking  a  leadership  role  at  Laguna  Road!  You  are  setting  a  wonderful  example  and   making  a  difference  for  our  children.  

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Laguna Road PTA Newsletter  
Laguna Road PTA Newsletter  

May June 2012 LRS PTA Newsletter