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As we set our goal during the start of the year, we wanted the university to see us make a fresh comeback, as if we were the newly formed pearl in an oyster’s shell. With A.Y 2015-2016 ending, we’re proud to say we have succeeded, and we are to conclude with our year-ender magazine, Omega. On its fourth installment, we’ve changed Omega’s concept and brought it to the next level; recreating a new image, a new standard. In line with our pearl anniversary, the main feature is the 30th year of the fight for press freedom in the campus; the negotiations and struggles which led to the birth of LPU- Manila’s official student publication, The LPU Independent Sentinel. Through the years, The Sentinel, no matter how many challenges and changes it underwent, lived as the watchdog which brings news that matters. It has also trained and witnessed the development of many student journalists. Featured here are some of the people behind the years of The Sentinel. Read through the inspiring stories about their Sentinel memories, life after graduation, and the road that led them to where they are now. Just like how pearls mean precious things, or all the best within us, we consider every publication we produced as the gemstones dedicated to our beloved stakeholders. Despite having setbacks laid before us, we’ve kept moving forward. Realizations, revelations, hesitations, expeditions, confrontations, transformations, hallucinations – there’s no end to it! But we’ve survived – it seems you did too. And the next stage is ready. Hang in there guys. You got this.

Rholynda Chryse E. Gonzalo Editor-in-Chief, Omega 2016 Features Editor, The LPU Independent Sentinel 2015-2016

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CAS Retention Policy:

What do students think of it? WORDS ELLAH D. PAMA

Aiming to level up the quality of its programs, the College of Arts and Sciences will implement Retention Policy next academic year, A.Y 2016-2017. The retention policy aims to monitor the performance of the students in their chosen program. In line, students are required to meet the retention grade of 2.00 for board courses like BS Psychology and 2.25 for non-board courses such as AB Legal Studies, AB Mass Communication, AB Journalism, and AB Multimedia Arts. The academic year 2015-2016 serves as the trial period for the retention program. Prior to its implementation, the policy is getting different reactions from the students. For a change Getting a 2.43 GPA in the second semester of A.Y 2014-2015, Owen Valencia, a second year Broadcasting student, was one of the students on the retention list during the trial period of the retention program. The retention list posted in July 2015 was based from the students’ GPA from the second semester of A.Y. 20142015. Students who were included in the list failed to meet the required GPA for their respective programs. Not wanting to see his name again on the list, Owen strived hard to get higher grades. He almost made it to the Dean’s List in the first semester, and is still aiming for it this semester. For Valencia, the retention policy is a big motivation for him to study harder. “Before, I am not into the idea of retention policy because of how it would be for those who aren’t grade conscious. But now, I am okay with it because it helps you to excel,” Owen shared.


Lacking awareness In line with the application of Mass Communication and Journalism programs for the Center of Development (COD) status, the college announced that there will be a retention policy, as it is included in the requirements for the COD application. The announcement was made during the COD orientation for Mass Communication and Journalism students on June 30, 2015. On the same day, an announcement was posted that students who failed to meet the required GPA during the second semester of 2014-2015 were required to enlist in the retention program. According to Sherry Divinagracia, also a second year broadcasting student, she was shocked when she knew about it. She didn’t know that a list would exist that soon, when there was no prior announcement from the department that it would be published, but only on the day itself. Sherry believes that the department lacked in communicating with the students regarding the policy. According to Ms. Renalyn Valdez, Chairperson of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, the retention list was posted only for the college to monitor the number of students who failed to meet the required GPA. For Divinagracia, the department should have talked more with the students, especially on the part of the retention policy wherein the student can only enroll half of the total units of his subjects after failing three of his major subjects. “What about the students who are already trying their best to graduate on time [if they’re not allowed to take the whole units]?” Divinagracia asked. “The school works are already hard enough, add the professors who give low grades. It’s causing too much pressure.” >>


What Made The News this Cyle Oblena, first year Multimedia Arts student, believes that the retention policy will not be easy for average students and that a lot of students might fail to meet the requirements and be forced to enroll in another school. “For an average person like me, I find it hard to meet those kind of grades”, he said. Out of pressure, not of passion For second year Journalism student Lauro Lamagna, the retention policy is a promising way to encourage students to be more responsible with their studies. “However, this approach is not without flaws,” he said. “Grade conscious feel pressured to do better in their studies, rather than being encouraged to improve their academic performance.” Josef Halili, a second year Broadcasting student said “students try hard so as not to get into the retention list. It makes the student be so [grade] conscious, stressing themselves with so much studying that they sometimes forget about their health”. Part of the retention policy is that failing to meet the required GPA will make the student take the retention exam. According to Valdez, failing the examination will not remove the student from his program, but it will be a way for the department to identify what activities

they should offer to improve the program. The retention policy is one of the ways that the College of Arts and Sciences believe can motivate the students to study harder and aim higher on their academic performance, but it could be challenging for the students. The different reactions from the students are silver linings for Valdez. As she mentioned in a separate interview with The Sentinel, she sees the immediate reaction from the students as two positive things. “Number one, you guys are thinking, you guys are speaking your minds. It made us see the kind of student that we want to see in you – assertive, critical. That’s always good. Another is that, now they get to be more conscious of their academic standing [and] performance. At least you know, there is that concern,” Valdez said. The policy had different reactions from students. Some said that it will be a motivation while others said that it will only make the students feel pressured. The retention policy will sure be a challenge for the students but after all, the College of Arts and Sciences only wishes for their students to unleash their potentials, be successful in their chosen fields, and be the best persons they can be.

We sum up the events that made the news this A.Y. 2015-2016.



LPU to offer senior high school in 2016 As required by the Department of Education, all schools in the country should adhere to the K-12 education system starting in 2016. LPU, being one of the first universities to have applied for the Senior High School Program, will start accepting enrollees for Grades 11 and 12 for academic year 2016-2017. With this, there will be no freshmen students in 2016 and no sophomore students in 2017.

LPU wins philippine culinary cup In August 2015, the ‘One LPU’ team made history by bagging nine gold awards in the Philippine Culinary Cup held at the Mall of Asia SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. The team was composed of 45 competitors from LPU Manila, Batangas, and Laguna. They competed against 1,200 participants from hotels and local and international universities. Gold medalist Kris Edison Tan, winner in the World Bread Category, will compete as the country’s representative for the ‘Mondial du Pain’ in France in 2017.



EDSA@30: How the People Power Revolution Transformed the Philippines

TREE+PLY wins in World Bank Youth Summit 2015

Thirty years in history since former President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law, LPU has commemorated one of the most historical events of the country. A forum entitled ‘EDSA@30: How the People Power Revolution Transformed the Philippines’ was held at the JPL Hall of Freedom on September 22, 2015. It was attended by former President Fidel V. Ramos, former DILG Secretary Raffy Alunan III, Dr. Vicky Narciso-Apuan, and AirAsia CEO Marianne Hontiveros.

A group of International Relations students including Adam Pascual, Edward Tan, and Jade Delgado won the World Bank Youth Summit 2015 in Washington D.C. last November 2015, with their proposal to combat climate change. They are the only group of students among the participants. Their proposal is the use of a mobile application entitled TREE+PLY, where players can help solve the problem of climate change just by playing the game. They have competed against 70 countries and won over 350 proposals. Their team was granted a 100 per cent scholarship in the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) Academy which provides them entrepreneurial skills, trainings, and modules to be given by business mentors.

No to CMTA provisions BS Customs Administrations students protested in front of the Bureau of Customs to show their disdain to the passage of the provisions of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act. The provisions seek to simplify customs procedure for forfeiture, disposition, and contraband goods. Though this will give a positive impact on the industry, it can harm the students’ profession and may not be beneficial for the government and importers.

LPU ties with PNP LPU has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Philippine National Police on October 12, 2015 which includes a 30 per cent discount on tuition fees in the Graduate Study Program for uniformed and non-uniformed PNP personnel. The university also offered special subjects and curricula for PNP personnel taking up master’s degree.

Lyceans bag bronze in 5th Philippine Tinta Awards

CON, COE temporarily suspend programs

Fourth year AB Mass Communication Major in Advertising students Julia Aseoche and Rianna Bagarin won bronze awards under the student category of the Tinta Awards. Their entries entitled ‘Longer’ and ‘Wireless’ explain that print media doesn’t need batteries to last a lifetime compared to handheld devices.

The College of Nursing and Engineering clarified their colleges won’t be dissolved after not accepting enrollees for academic year 20152016. CON Dean Leonora Reyes and COE Dean Leonardo Medina Jr. said due to the low demand of the programs, they temporarily stopped accepting enrollees for the year. The

LPU IS ISO 14001: 2004 certified LPU was granted the ISO 14001:2004 or known as the Environmental Management System by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) to its three campuses – Manila, Cavite, and Makati. LPU was the first university to have received this certification which demonstrates ways to effectively improve environmental policies. LPU has also received another award as an institute with 100 per cent of its undergraduate degree programs ac-

College of Nursing composed a last batch of eight graduating students, while the College of Engineering had a total of 120 students. The Computer Engineering course has 30 students, a total of 40 students for the Electronic Communication Engineering course, and 50 students for the Electrical Engineering course. The deans assured they will accept enrollees in the future when the number of enrollees increases.

Pasiklab 2016 The year began with a blast through this concert in January 23. LYCESGO spearheaded the event, which was originally dated December 19. Due to inclement weather, it was moved on the following month. Pasiklab showcased the talents of students through dances and bands. Famous local bands including Imago, Moonstar88, and Sandwich also performed for Pasiklab.

credited by PACUCOA.



Freshmen, a brand new start



Do you still remember the first day of our freshmen year, when we were still clueless about what to do, where to go, or to meet up with in the campus? Yet, despite all those uneasiness, we were optimistic about this new phase in our life. The ups and downs have made our college experience vary with each passing day, but our freshmen this year are not just optimistic and determined, they are also startled and amazed by how the culture, traditions, and rulebooks of the college world differ from the high school life they have just recently bid goodbye.

The Culture The thing that has stunned freshmen students in LPU are the varying cultures in different colleges – from stopping by the ‘cantunan’ and KFC kiosks beside the school, the bizarre and proactive campus political system, to going to beer garden and other hotspot destinations within the city of Manila. The impact both has pros and cons. For example, many freshmen students are surprised by how college students are so exposed and engaged to certain vices such as drinking and smoking. They perceive this as a negative issue, to which students can be easily addicted to such things when they step outside school. However, the culture also has a lighter side, like how many togo places can be found from kiosks and restaurants to eateries within the walls of Intramuros and how LPU managed to have a good and stable campus environment with


standard facilities and classrooms. They are also amused by the activeness of school organizations in the university, which are more energetic, meaningful, and efficient than the orgs they had in their secondary schools.

Rush Hour Shock Manila is also unfamiliar to many of them. Unlike before when they only simply walk or have a short commute to their former high schools, they now have to brace the heavy traffic of the metro each day. With some freshmen coming from far places like Bulacan or Cavite, they find it burdensome to wake up early and rushing for class and being stuck in traffic, and most of all, going home late at night.

The Professors and Studies Unlike the usual academic studies and teachers in high school, freshman students see college at a new edge, both also having negative and positive side. Professors are perceived as stricter, but not all, since there are some professors who are kind at heart and willing to lend a hand to the new students. However, the terror ones are not far, and some freshman students are not spared by these professors (including the ‘minor na feeling major’).

Put a black ink cartridge on a red pen tube because who steals a red pen?

Some also had confusion on how the grading system works, like what a ‘unit’ means and which grade is the highest and the lowest. They also recognize the effectiveness of LPU’s online Pinnacle system, seeing it as a reliable way to see their grades, subjects, professors, upcoming events, and their accounts.

A Fresh Start

Freshman students are shy and timid when it comes to engaging in social circles around the campus, and this is not unusual. Like all of us, having a new beginning and another chance to make things better feels like breathing fresh air, and this has been the attitude that our freshmen have attained during their first year. Most of their seniors call them ‘babies’, since they are yet to venture into the real deal of college, inspired by deadlines, satisfied by almost-failing grades, and having an active night-out with new college friends. But no matter what their experiences will be on next three years at school, there is hope that their determined attitude in seizing the day won’t die out, for they have passed through that challenging first year in college which will always be a memorable experience for every Lycean to cherish.

4 Keep your textbook open with a pen cap. You can also use a chip clip.



If high school was child’s play, then college is definitely a warzone. In this chapter of our life that’s full of reports, exams, and whatnots (insert stress eating and sleepless nights here), you’ll need all the necessary help so you could survive. Here are some of the student hacks and study tips that you won’t learn inside the four corners of the classroom but are guaranteed to make your life simpler.


Find it hard to wake up in the morning because you can’t hear your alarm? Placing your phone inside a glass will greatly amplify your alarm sounds.


During rainy seasons, rub your shoes with candle wax to make it instantly waterproof. If you want your shoes odor free, placing a dry teabag on your smelly shoes (or gym bag) will absorb the unpleasant odor.


Set your class schedule as your phone wallpaper during the first week of your classes so you don’t have to check your bag every time to remember your class and room number.


Use a program “Cold Turkey” to temporarily block distracting sites like Facebook and Twitter on your computer while you are studying.


Playing an instrumental music or classical music while studying eliminates the boredom and is scientifically proven to help you in studying.

12 Leave a trail of gummy bears or any snacks on the book that you are reading as a yummy incentive.

13. Write down all the important formulas at the start of a test.

14 When studying, avoid using easy-to-read fonts like Arial. Research shows that large easy-toread fonts are likely to be skipped over. Use Times New Roman instead. 15 Take sample tests online. Just


google “site:edu [subject] exam” to find exams on the same topic.

8 Take a five-minute break after every 25 minutes of studying.

BONUS: Need help in solving an equation? Go to wolframalpha. com, put the equation there and it will solve the problem for you. You can also use the PhotoMath app. It reads and solves mathematical problems by using the camera of your mobile device in real time.

Taking notes using different colored pens can fire up your visual memory. You can remember the things that you wrote better, plus, it makes the studying more enjoyable and will make your notebook more organized.


Spray an unfamiliar scent while studying and again right before taking an exam. The scent can jog your memory. Eating a weird or different kind of gum works the same, too!

10 Before taking a test, write down all the relevant information you can think of in an index card, as though it’s a piece of paper you’re allowed to bring with you. It is a good writing exercise that’ll help you in remembering things, plus it’s a great review technique before you enter the battlefield.

There you have it! The hacks and tips that will make your life as a student easier and more fun. Studying may be tough but there can always be a way to make it simpler. Good luck, Lyceans!


A True-Blooded



Sitting at the hallways Be careful not to trip yourselves as you walk in the hallways of the school. The floors in the hallway serve as the students’ chillin’ place while waiting for their next class, or at many times, serve as their second room, while rushing to finish the activities they should have done a long time ago.

Spending leisure time at Mabini Hall There is more to being a Lycean than the uniform and IDs we

wear. We ask a number of LPU students about the traditions

back and relax in every corner of the hall or do assignments and projects

and culture that made LPU the home of the Pirates.

with our groupmates. It’s every Lycean’s lair in the campus, indeed.

Have long vacant hours? Mabini Hall is open for you. We can sit

Practicing at Quadrangle KFC Who says eating in KFC is worth more than 50 pesos? Every Lycean on a tight budget has most probably spent their breakfast, lunch, and even dinner at the eateries lined-up near our gymnasium known as the KFC or Kikiam, Fishball, and Calamares. These food stalls are known for serving rice + kikiam/fishball/calamares/hotdog in paper cups for a very cheap price. Some of the Lyceans said that the letter “C” may also stand for “Chinito” since there are some cute guys eating there. How about ‘C’ for ‘convenience’? *winks*

Chillin’ at the Walls One of the perks of being a Lycean is that we are surrounded by the rich historical places that Intramuros has to offer. We usually sit or lie down on the walls with our barkadas during break time or after class.

Got no place to polish your speech or dance number? Quad-

rangle offers the area that you need. It has always been a witness of the hardships of many groups with their performances. The Quadrangle is also a place you can go to if relaxation after the long class is what you seek. The benches in the corners will provide comfort.

Eating shawarma every Foundation Day

Referred to as the ‘Shawarma Convention’, the celebration of our

founding anniversary won’t be complete without the different shawarma stalls lining outside the campus.

Waiting in vain for a photocopy

Either it’s your EAF, ID or class handouts, you’ll never get away

from the line of the famous photocopying machine! Aside from the school bookstore, the photocopying machine is also a blockbuster hit. Students bring their books or notes from their classmates to have its pages repro-

Waiting in the queue at bookstore


You know it’s the first week of classes when you see the seemingly endless line in front of the bookstore; freshmen are huddling at the corridor to buy books or uniforms. So, if you’re planning to pass along the crowd, you have to make sure that you have a long patience with you. Good luck!

Passing through the floods

Have your soft copies printed at TNC or Fulcrum


We are like buzzer beaters when we rush ourselves to have our assignments printed in our most trusted computer shops. Similar to our bookstore, students line up holding their hard drives as if it’s the most important thing in their lives.


The spirit of a Pirata is within us whenever rainy days come. We

fearlessly sail the floods in Intramuros as we make our way to school or on our way home. There are times that staying in the university to let the flood pass is the only option, but at least the university will assure that it is way

So, there’s a wrap of traditions that make us a true blooded Lycean; the traditions that make us better rounded people and surely, the traditions we will miss once we go out and sail towards the real world.

O M E G A | 10

Students Reveal

Their Unforgettable Experiences in LPU Experiences may be sweet, triumphant, heartbreaking, funny, and ridiculous. It may be in any form, but experiences will surely teach us lessons. Experience is a great teacher, so they say. As young as we are, most of our best experiences happened at school – in primary, secondary, or tertiary level. These experiences will surely be carried with us as we set out in the real world.

I wrote a couple of entries for The LPU Independent Sentinel’s literary folio, Imaginaccion XVII: Demons. My goal wasn’t to win, but to grant my beloved father’s wish – to have my work[s] published. My entries were published and it brought indescribable joy – an emotion we almost forgot – to me and my family. My faith, hope, and dreams started to come back. That’s all I can do to make my dad proud as of now, and the LPU.

– Ram Nichol T. Basilonia, 2nd year, BS Accountancy

So far, the most unforgettable “experience I had in my stay here

In my 2 years of stay in LPU, I would say that my most unforgettable experience was when we, our block section IR-156, competed in the Championship round of the Speech Choir Competition of AY 2014-2015. During our performance, we felt nervous as we were the youngest competitors, but we also found a surge of confidence and strength within ourselves as we were united not only in voice but also in heart. - Danielle Clarisse Amante, 2nd year, AB FS - Diplomacy

- Jessica Barrios, 3rd year, AB Mass Communication - Advertising

- Phoebe Cates Eguico, 3rd year, AB Journalism

We really could not simply forget how we worked hard for a goal and the joy that comes with it when we have actually made it happen.

My most unforgettable experience this school year is being part of the LCS Committee and being one of the representatives of our college for Math Club maybe because in my three years of staying here in LPU, it’s my first time to step out of my comfort zone, meet new friends, gain more knowledge and it contributes to who I am [now].

- Kyle Bernadette Talon, 3rd year, BS Information Technology 11 | O M E G A

Life starts when we go out of our comfort zone. It may be challenging at first, but it will all be worth it. The day that we have finally let go of our fears and learn how to cope with the flow is definitely a memorable one.

in LPU was not of winning prizes in any contests nor me getting a medal for being a Dean’s Lister two semesters ago but rather, declaring my feelings of affection (with a gift) towards my college crush while being surrounded by many people in front of his classroom (like it was a proposal thing) for the reason that I just wanted to know his name. That was when I was still in my freshman year, which has been 2 years ago, but remembering it makes me want to bang my head in the table because of embarrassment every time I remember it. Hahaha.

We asked some Lyceans about their most memorable experiences in LPU and we share them to you!

My most unforgettable experience would be passing the Qualifying Examination. As an accountancy student, one of the requirements for you to stay inW the BSA program is to pass 3 validating examinations taken by us, second year [students]. The feeling of passing is both delightful and at the same time you feel sad. Because not all of you pass, out of 106 takers only 48 passed. Some of my close friends did not make it and it makes me feel sad about it. Surely, this one would be my most unforgettable; landing on the 19th spot and all of my hard work pays off. The nights where you spent so many hours reviewing and waking up the next day doing it again and again until the day you knew the result, that’s when the agony inside you leaves you for a while.


The best feeling in the world is to do what you loved the most.

Yung pagluluto ko every sem. Kasi hindi lang dahil ‘yun yung course ko, siyempre dahil na rin naibabahagi ko sa iba yung mga natutunan ko. Nagagawa ko rin hindi lang sa school. At saka the way na nagluluto ako, kahit sobrang pressured sa kitchen at nakakapagod, dama ko pa rin yung saya dahil natatapos ko ng maayos yung ginagawa ko. Tsaka every sem, ibaiba yung ginagawa namin, so mas exciting, hindi lang puro luto, meron ding bake, kaya super nakakainspire magluto.

“ ”

We have a lot of experiences that we wish we shouldn’t have done, those moments when we wish the world will crack open and swallow us alive. But the good part is we learn from it, best part is when we get a dose of laugh from it. Experiences, ways have

after to be

all silver

don’t aland gold.

- Angelika Jane Aguilar, 2nd year, BS IHM major in CAKO

Every experience is always a pot of gold to treasure. Feel every moment. Take the lessons that come with it. And share it to others.

“Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted. And experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer.” – Randy Pausch

O M E G A | 12

Looking Back Before

Sailing Away

LPU story in Numbers WORDS ELLAH D. PAMA


students enrolled in the first semester of A.Y 2015-2016. The number of enrollees dropped by at least 5.73% from last academic year.

13, 257

30 The Tanghalang Batingaw, LPU’s theatrical club, celebrates its 40th year this academic year. Heart beating fast, hands shaking, and sweat dripping, you walk onto an unfamiliar territory. In a room full of strangers of your age, you struggle to find an empty seat and silently wish that the person sitting beside you will be kind enough to strike a conversation and maybe, this person could be your friend, in that very room, in what would be your second home for four years. College – the final stage before the real battlefield, just like what your high school teacher said. Most of us surely wish for days to go fast so that we can leave this warzone, but as we stay and live the college life, we hate to admit to ourselves that somehow, it isn’t that bad. As a freshman here in LPU, you get to experience a lot of firsts. Like the trips to San Juan arena to watch NCAA games. Well, a part of you doesn’t really want to be there, but once you do, you can’t help but cheer at the top of your lungs when our team players start scoring hoops. We begin joining clubs and organizations, even when we don’t really know how it works; because our first year is the time for exploring – from convenient food chains around the school to a lot more. Here comes the second year. By this time, you’ve got your own circle of friends. The thought of shifting to another course has been long forgotten. You get to have more adventures, but also more obligations. You spend most of your time in the library trying to study, but sometimes, you just want a quiet place to take a nap. Sometimes though, you find solace just

13 | O M E G A

by sitting on the floor at Mabini Hall with your friends or at the quadrangle when you have night classes. You breathe in and think to yourself, “I’ve made it this far”, as you start your third year. By this time, it gets tougher. You are already starting to think of companies to work for on your practicum, which is what will make you see a glimpse of what and how the real world works. Now, you’re at your final year. Some of you already finished internship and you are fervently hoping that it would be a plus to aim a job after you graduate. Then, here comes thesis. It surely is the biggest cause of stress of the graduating students but it also makes your college circle bonded. Time flies fast then, and you realize that it’s already your yearbook pictorial. There are too many emotions as you go on with the pictorial. You want to scream ‘STOP!’ to make things slow down and just feel everything thoroughly. You hate to admit that you’ve come to love this school and the people, your friends, blockmates and yes, even some of your professors. You have no idea how fast it goes, because tomorrow is going to be here before you know it. So, enjoy every second of it, because you know only too soon, you’ll be saying, “It seems like only yesterday”. Everything, good or bad, that you’ve experienced here will all be soon pages of a chapter in your life. This is the beginning and the end of a journey to what our lives will ultimately come to. Next year, we won’t be back, but now we’ll be heading off, starting at the bottom of the chain again, to a new adventure.

40 1

LPU is already 64 years since it was founded by former president Jose P. Laurel in July 7, 1952.

bronze model was bagged by Lycean Levita Ronna Ilao in the Taekwondo competition at the South East Asian Games last June 5-6, 2015 in Singapore.


1 gold awards were bagged by the ‘One LPU’ team in the Philippine Culinary Cup held at the Mall of Asia SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. Gold medalist Kris Edison Tan, winner in the World Bread Category, will compete as the country’s representative for the Mondial du Pain in France in 2017.

The official student publication of LPU Manila, the LPU Independent Sentinel, has been bringing news that matters for 30 years.

LPU is the first university to receive the ISO 14001:2004 or the Environmental Management System by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) in its three campuses – Manila, Cavite, and Makati.


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Breaking Employment Myths WORDS KIM OLIVER M. MANISCAN

Graduating this April 2016? Well, it’s time for you to say goodbye on thesis, class recitations, and examinations. You are now about to enter a new dimension of your life: WORK. However, earning your own money and having work with no such things as prelim, midterm, and final examinations can’t be that easy. In order to do so, you have to let go of some employment myths. Omega asked Mr. Roberto Z. Zozobrado, Director of Center for Career Services and Industry Relations, on what the common employment myths are and his comments on these. Myth#1 Companies prefer graduates from top four universities Sure you heard this even before you entered college. It might be true that there are companies which prefer to hire graduates from University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, University of Santo Tomas, and De La Salle University. They think that having employees from these top four universities would give more quality to the company. Sir Bob Says: Yes, it could be true in some companies that they give priority in hiring graduates from the top four universities, maybe because they’re too tired or lazy to look for people who are worth-hiring. Some companies which prefer to hire graduates from Ateneo de Manila, University of Santo Tomas, De La Salle University, and University of the Philippines are those who only want ‘glitz’ for their companies. They think that having employees from the top four universities in the country gives glamour to them and partly affiliated with those universities. However, if you are a better manager and more concerned to your company, you don’t just look at the school where they are from. The Truth: Just because they are from the top four universities doesn’t mean that you are less efficient and intelligent than them. So why worry? While graduating from any of these top four universities is a plus, companies still look for more important mat-

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ters – abilities of an applicant, willingness to work, and willingness not only to help the company grow but to also improve oneself. Myth#2 Grades as basis of employment Most of you are not confident in applying because you do not have high grades. You probably believe that Cum Laudes with the same course will steal your dream job. Sir Bob Says: Grades are just supplement to whatever idea or impression that the companies have had to the applicant. The moment they get to be impressed with the applicant, the next thing they do is to look at the applicant’s grades. What matters more is how applicant establishes rapor with the interviewer plus their grades in English and personality development subjects. The Truth: It’s true that Cum Laudes can have job easily because of their grades. But then again, it’s not the basis of employment for most companies. High grades do not define your skills and capabilities. Myth#3 Companies prefer to hire those with experience There are some who have had working experiences while they were studying. And there are probably some of you who think that these working experiences of them can lessen your chance to get hired. Sir Bob Says: It works in both ways. Some companies which have no training department get people with working experiences so that they already know what to do. While other companies rather hire new graduates and train them according to how they should function. Working experience is not the main factor. Yes, it helps. But it’s always better if you have initiative. The Truth: More companies still prefer to hire fresh graduates like you because they think you can bring new ideas that will help in developing their companies. So if you’ve been hired, show them what you got!

Myth#4 More job opportunities abroad

Thinking of working abroad? The reason behind this is probably the job opportunities in the country. Most of you think that we don’t have enough opportunities here and working abroad will help you to earn money faster. Sir Bob Says: The misconception is a lot of students think that everything that’s foreign is good. Graduates can go to abroad, find a job and earn money but they will be far from their families and loved ones. However, they can still find a job and earn money without leaving the country and getting far from their families and loved ones. You don’t have to go abroad and find success. You can do it right here. The Truth: Your horizon is wide. There are opportunities waiting for you and you’ll be surprised that you don’t even have to go abroad. Good Employee Must- Haves CCSIR Director Zozobrado gives his must-haves for Lyceans to get hired easily. Ability to Communicate – Good communication skills bring good impressions to companies. Your mouth has all the power to impress people. So make sure that you are capable of communicating effectively. Junkyard Dog-Spirit – Always be hungry for new information and have that attitude to learn more things and get things done. Faith – Having strong faith will help you to face challenges and push you to move forward. But also remember that faith without action is nothing. So it’s always good to combine both.

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Philippines Pearl of the Orient Seas


"Philippines, Perlas ng Silanganan.” We have been hearing this line since we started school. It's even mentioned in our national anthem. But what's the meaning behind it?

As an archipelago, our country is surrounded with resources that serve as pride of its citizen since then. Philippines is known to be one of the tropical countries in the world where different summer tourist spots are located. But according to history, in 1751, father Juan J. Delgado who is a Jesuit missionary, called Manila the ‘Pearl of the Orient Seas’ because it has been a way on sea transactions during Asian trade of goods before the Spaniards came in our archipelago. Our ancestors were trading with some Asian countries including China, Japan, Siam, India, Cambodia, Borneo and the Moluccas before Spaniard landed in our country. When the Spaniards came in our land, they closed the ports of Manila to all countries except Mexico and this was the time ‘Galleon Trade’ was born. The ‘Pearl of the Orient Seas’ is used by Jose Rizal on his last poem ‘Mi Ultimo Adios’ or My Last Farewell, before his execution in Luneta (Bagumbayan, back then), one possible reason why everyone never forgets and uses it until now.

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Farewell, my adored Land, region of the sun caressed, Pearl of the Orient Sea, our Eden lost, With gladness I give you my Life, sad and repressed; And were it more brilliant, more fresh and at its best, I would still give it to you for your welfare at most.

But where Filipinos should focus more? Aside from the name, Philippines is also known for its culture and its people. There are Filipino traits and attitudes that foreigners are familiar with. We are known for welcoming visitors warmly and friendly ways of accommodating guests – proofs that show how hospitable Filipinos are. Also, as Filipinos, we have this ‘palabra de honor’; we keep our promises and try our best to fulfill them. As a sign of respect, we use ‘po’ and ‘opo’ in our daily conversation to elders and the ‘mano po’ as well, which is a gesture of respect. These are only a few examples. We have a lot of positive traits recognized worldwide which we should preserve. Cultural activist Carlos P. Celdran, said that “all positive traditions and norms should be preserved and push the advocacy of getting rid the negative ones”. He pointed out that we should also focus on “making Manila a better city and Philippines a better country”. But with these positive traits, Filipinos also have the negative traits to eradicate. One of these traits is the love for gossip. Based on a poll conducted by ‘Pilipino Star Ngayon’, it says that Filipinos are very fond of gossips, talking about other people’s personal lives which they call ‘national past time’. Talking about your neighbor’s life could merely not contribute any good to this country; instead, participate on national issues such as government issues or anything that relates in our society, it could probably make this country a better place. The act of preserving our positive traits and norms could benefit the country and by getting rid of the negative ones could make the Philippines a better country.

As responsible citizens of the Philippines, we should know the norms and traits that must be preserved and never forget the history of our beloved country. Know your history Studying your history will not make you a nerdy type of person but it will make you smarter than the others, and it is merely an act of loving and cherishing your own country. It will help you understand things happening in the present and prepare you for the future. Celdran said that knowing your history will be a great advantage with other countries, especially the powerful ones because you will know what to brag and you know what to be proud about. “I think the basic way for people to learn about the value of being a Filipino is to understand it’s history, if you understand our history and you understand Philippine arts and culture you know the struggles that we’ve been through, you know what we are worth, you know what to be proud about.”

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Recess time. Jonalyn and I were talking about the schools we wanted to enroll in for high school. She told me that she and her family will be moving to a new neighborhood. I assured her that we can still be friends even though we would no longer be classmates in high school. She pulled out a small notebook from her pocket. It was an Archie & Friends autograph. She told me to write on it so she could have a “remembrance” from me. Jonalyn and I became friends back in Grade 2. I was a transferee from a private school. Jonalyn became my tour guide as she oriented me on what public school kids were doing. As a newbie, I wasn’t really aware that the kids were required to sell food from the canteen. Every day, two kids were assigned to get the rasyon ng lugaw from the kitchen and sell it to their classmates. Afterwards, the assigned kids were also obligated to wash the bowls and utensils. I wasn’t really good with handling money during that time because first of all, I was just a grade 2 pupil, an eightyear-old, and still a kid. One time, I was punished to stand in front of the class the whole day for lacking five pesos from my sales. I went home crying because my feet ache and my pride hurt after the punishment our teacher gave me. I was mad because I knew that our teacher was becoming unfair. I locked myself inside the room and threw a pillow. Tiny orange stuff that look like beads spread out on the floor but I just ignored it. 9:00 PM, I heard my brother Joshua slammed the door. “What did you do!?!” Joshua exclaimed. “What?” I thought I was innocent of whatever he was about to blame me. “Because of what you’ve done, they can no longer reproduce.” Joshua explained as he was picking the tiny pieces on the floor. “Why?” “The kisses, dummy! They reproduce when you place them on cotton.” “I’m sorry.” I felt guilty for making the kisses infertile.

“All set!” Jonalyn said after she checked all the stuff we needed for tonight’s ghost hunting. After weapons’ checklist, she started with the head count. “One, two, three, four….” “Okay, here are the rules…” Jonalyn was such a natural born leader. She was good at taking initiative in leading the group. Our ghost hunting was the most memorable moment I had with my grade 3 classmates. We decided to solve the mystery out of the most popular ghost in our school – Mariang Basahan. Rumors said that she was a former student of our school, she was raped and killed inside the abandoned building formerly used by grade

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six pupils. The four of us held hands as we entered the building. We tried to peek inside the first classroom but it was only full of old and damaged armchairs. We walked quietly to the next, but as we were moving towards the next room, we heard loud footsteps. The creature seemed to have more than two feet and it was running. Yes, it was running towards us. All of us ran as fast as we could. As I looked back, I saw a big K9 chasing us. Its red eyes and large claws made me nervous. I didn’t notice a huge rock in front of me so I tripped, bumping my knees on the rock. Joebert, one of my classmates went back to help me. I went home with both knees wounded. F.L.A.M.E.S. Friends, Lovers, Anger, Marriage, Enemies, Sweethearts. I bought a new notebook just to doodle it with flames. Jonalyn and I acted as matchmakers. We tried to foresee our fate as well as the future of others based on their names. Jonalyn knew that I liked Joebert. She had been ‘FLAMES-ing’ our names too many times. Our notebook was sacred. We couldn’t allow anybody to see it because of course it contained lots of our secrets.

Date: March 27, 2006 DEDICATION Dear Jonalyn, Thank you for being a good friend. I will forever cherish our memories together. I’m sorry for being irritable at times. Don’t worry about moving out. We can still be friends when we grow old. You’re my beloved bestfriend. Take care always. J-A-P-A-N (Just always pray at night) “Don’t go near the television.” My mom told me as I was gushing over the F4. “You will go blind,” my mom said. I acted as if I didn’t hear her. “Hey! I told you the radiation will damage your eyes,” my mom exclaimed. “Okay, okay.” I responded sarcastically. “Joshua! I told you to only play Nintendo for thirty minutes. You might go blind.” Joshua irritably put down the gaming console to stop Mom from nagging. “How many times do I have to tell you both that using gadgets can damage your eyes? You kids are too stubborn. You do not listen.” Mom preached as Joshua and I were too busy with our own businesses. 11/13/15 INVITATION Hi Karen! How are you? I missed you already. Have you seen my post on Facebook lately? My daughter Leila will celebrate her 1st birthday next week. I’m sorry for not replying to your messages before. I was just scared that you might get mad at me for breaking my promise to graduate first before having a boyfriend. When I found out that I was pregnant, I planned to tell you first but I decided not to because I knew that you will be disappointed. I’m really sorry. I still trust you. I hope you’ll understand. As I read Jonalyn’s message. I felt sad about her situation. I knew that it was not her plan to get pregnant early. I told mom about Jonalyn’s situation but I think she was not listening. She was busy playing candy crush on her phone. “Mom, what gift should I give to a one year old girl?” I asked her. No response. “Mom?” “Life.” “What?” “I don’t have any lives. I still can’t get out of level 135.”

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Monitor your budget

Have you ever gone home with an empty wallet and thought that you should’ve saved money? Ever felt guilty of buying that costly pizza or went out to treat your friends? We’ve all had those days, where at some point, our pockets and wallets would cry out of emptiness and we regret every time we bought something that’s somehow worthless in the end. So how do we, as college students, save money in order to fatten our piggy banks and get rid of getting buried in debt?

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For me, I take financing very seriously, and every day I always make sure that I will be able to control the way I spend and earn more on what I save. Here are some of the tips and tricks that I can share on how to fix that hole in your pocket, and fill up your wallets. Every piso counts In most occasions, we tend to forget the value of each piso (1 peso) we have in our pockets. We always say ‘bahala na’ and let our coins go to waste. The thing is, any amount of money that we spend, whether big

or small, is still actually enormous when we look on how much they matter over time. For example, if you ignore your student discount at the jeepney fare, you waste two pesos in each journey. If you take two journeys per day and commute around ninety days each semester, you can save at least a total of 360 pesos! That’s enough for six chicken fillet ala king meals. We always have to understand that no matter how small a thing is, if it is earned overtime, it could be significant to drastically improve your finances in the long run.

If you really want to save money, you need to learn these two things: discipline and responsibility. When it comes to purchasing, the best way to learn how to spend is to have a track record. Don’t just throw your receipts away. Put them in your wallet, record it on a notebook, or in a spreadsheet. Yes, it may be a little timeconsuming. But once you know how much you spend per day, you’ll be surprised on what kind of spending attitude you have. If you are a thrifty spender and only spend a portion of your allowance, good! You have to keep it up. HoweWver, if you like spending bonanzas and buy things like there’s no tomorrow, you have to control yourself. But if you can’t, a little treatment might help. Plan your expenses and stick to it “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” If you are not willing to make some sort of strategy to overcome your spending problems, you’re in a world of trouble; and your finances will go down the drain. You need to come up with a blueprint in order to cover how much you should spend each day, and avoid the usual habit of having a spending frenzy. However, once you’ve made

a credible plan to take care of your finances, make sure to stick to it! If your plan will only end up in paper and not being put to action, like always, nothing will happen. Actions speak louder than words, and making the plan work is the key to save your wallet from the abyss of destruction. Leave behind what you plan to save If you really keep on having a passionate addiction for spending a lot of things, another solution I would recommend is to leave behind a portion of your allowance at home so you wouldn’t be able to spend them while they are stuck in your wallet. If you want to save more money, you have to leave a bigger chuck of your allowance at home and store them in your reserve. Make a savings account A smart way to keep control of your finances is to create a bank account. Nowadays, most Filipinos don’t even have a bank account due to certain fears of additional fees and bills. However, having a bank account is not a demonic billing monster, and creating one is as easy as one two three. There are many banks out there that need little amounts for deposit, and very minimum balance requirements. Opening a bank account will help you to control your spending especially if you’ll leave your ATM

card in your house. Invest When you have already saved a lot of money and have continued depositing them in your account or in your piggy bank, do you know that you can make it grow through investing? Unlike depositing money in your account and just storing money there, investing will make your money grow over time and can improve your income in the long-term. Companies like COL Financial offers effective and certified investing solutions to which you can choose any stock or business you choose to invest in and watch your savings grow even further. Out of all the possible solutions in order to truly improve the way you handle your finances, the two key principles – responsibility and discipline – are the two habits that we must all keep in mind every time we open our wallets. Let us remember that there are still many things that money can’t buy, and among them are having a passionate attitude for controlling our wants and needs and keeping our track to take care of our wallets. Yes, you may have to undergo through sacrifices and compromises. But as you watch your money tree grow, your savings flourish, and your wallet filling up with consistency, you can be very sure that having a strong financial foundation is the best way to have a secured future.

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LESS IS MORE! Start hiding those heavily printed and bulky outfits and bring back the simplicity.

Minimalist style made a big blow not just in the mainstream fashion industry but also in a normal person’s life.

Back to Basic

The elegance and simplicity it suggest through putting up different unelaborated, plain yet very unique clothes became a trendy option for fashionista teens worldwide and even in the Philippines. According to celebrity fashion stylist Robert Paul Borja II, this fashion trend is about embracing the concept of having ‘less’ but making sure that everything you wear fits your aesthetic taste and lifestyle. “It’s all about simplicity, but stylish,” he emphasized. What is minimalist fashion? Minimalist fashion is a comeback trend wherein people get engaged in simple, well-crafted pieces of clothing rather than colorful, printed pieces. Minimalistic fashion often opts for basic colors like black, white, and gray. According to an article by Bulletmedia about minimalism fashion, “Minimalism eliminates non-essentials, seeking a refinement of form dictated by function. Often involving technological innovation, the results may be simple but the execution is not”. Redefining a new fashion era


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One of the major fire-starters of this trend is the world-famous clothing brand Calvin Klein. Throughout the years, they have curated different clothing lines which are very plain and simple. The brand often uses one color for a head-to-toe outfit and accessorizes their models less. Now that minimalist fashion is slowly coming out of its shell, brands are releasing clothing designs that show minimalism. Plain black coats, sleek pants, and plain crafted tops are vastly flooding racks.

In this look, Allyssa is wearing a “no-print” sando-dress and sneakers for a simple and comfy day get-up. O M E G A | 24

Minimalist fashion often suggest three main colors — black, w h i t e , a n d g r a y. Allyssa is wearing a classic collared white polo and it can be paired to any boldcolored shorts.

For typical office looks, Jeff is wearing pieces that is comfy and yet structured. Polo shirt and colored socks for accents.

In this look, Jeff is wearing monochromatic head to toe pieces for clean outfit look.

for men.. Prints can also be a part of the minimalist style. Pair it with plain-colored coat for balance.

For formal gatherings, Allyssa is wearing a long black dress with a high slit. Dresses like this need accents like bold-colored accessories.

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‘Kilay Gaming'



“That kilay is on fleek!” Nowadays, most women are obsessed on making their eyebrows look perfect with a pencil, brush, or anything to make that eyebrow be on a perfect arch. But that does not only work that way. Perfecting an eyebrow should always complement with the shape of your face.


Perfect those eyebrows by following these tips.



Women with heart-shaped face should have a low arch and curved brow. Also, add more volume to add more length to the forehead and balance the point chin.

For women with oval-shaped face, a soft-angled eyebrow shape will enhance their look. LONG A long face should have a flat eyebrow shape for a horizontal line to make the face appear shorter.

27 | O M E G A

An eyebrow shape with a high arch is ideal for women with round-shaped face. Also, be reminded that having gently curving eyebrows will cause the face to look rounder. SQUARE A curved eyebrow shape with more angle on the end are preferred for square-faced women to create balance. The stronger the jawline, the more defined the peak.

DIAMOND For diamond-shaped faces, preferably a curved eyebrow shape will soften the angled-face and reduce the widest part of the face or the temples.

DO-IT yourself H A I R S T Y L E S


You can mess anything in a man but never his hair – because hey, that’s their crowning glory! Changing hairstyles from time to time can make a man feel and look a lot better. But sometimes, there is just a number of haircut a man can have – or that’s what they think. We help you choose which hairstyle would be your next target and never again feel a bad hair day. O M E G A | 28


Simple short This simple short style keeps the hair a little longer on top, and both sides and back, short. It’s perfect for those who want a no-muss-no-fuss hairstyle, with the freedom to play with the look from time to time. A little hair gel and tussle of the hair will create a spiked or bedhead look in a few minutes.

Brushed-up/ Full Volume Brushed-up This hairstyle is a bit longer, but keeps the hair on the sides and in the back shorter than what’s on top. It is classic that can be adapted to even shorter hair. Quick and easy to style with some pomade or gel, this look goes with any style for any occasion.


GRECCO MAGBUHOS, BASKETBALL PLAYER Casual hairstyle is classic

Similar to the slicked back look, this can be achieved with a little hair gel or styling cream, and a quick brush through. Keep the hair shorter on the sides and the top longer, for an easy to maintain look.

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The side part is a sexy trend that works well for all men. But for men with long enough hair to sweep it over, it is the perfect look. Ideal for the man in a hurry who doesn’t want to put a lot of time and effort into making his hair look great – this look can be achieved in a few minutes. Simply part the hair on the side of your head, and sweep it over to one side. Use either a right or left part – whatever works best for your natural part.


The Caesar haircut is a popular buzz cut, but for good reason. The short length of the style makes it easy to maintain, and incredibly simple to spike. With a dab of cream or styling gel, the spiked look can be achieved in a matter of seconds, and will stay in place all day, with little to no maintenance required.


This side part pompadour will definitely make a comeback. Pompadours have commonly been seen throughout fashion history because they can be done with hair of various lengths – keeping it either long or short on top. Keep the style in place with pomade.


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Staying Fit and Right WORDS ANGELA GRACE T. MATULAC Beach season is just around the corner so let’s get those beach bodies ready! Here are five easy steps to stay fit and right.

Exercise Avoid vices Sweat. Sweat. Sweat. One of the most effective ways to stay fit is to exercise! It may be tiring but come on, hard work pays off. Easy exercises you can do everyday: • • •

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking short distances. 30-minute cardio exercises can burn as much as 500 calories.

Eat right I know, I know, French fries, burgers, and chocolate sundaes are deadly good and irresistible, but a little sacrifice won’t hurt you, it would even do you good. Try preventing yourself from eating these once in a while. Did you know? Eating celery can lessen your cravings. Three to five cups of authentic green tea a day could help you lose weight. Putting a slice or two of lemon in your daily water bottle or pitcher could clean your body. Lemon has a lot of antioxidants that help in your metabolism. Lessen late night pig outs and fast food Everyone is definitely guilty of the famous, “cheat days.’ This is when you eat anything you like but is simply bad for you for one day. Remember those midnight drive-thrus and deliveries? Avoid such habit and try these alternatives instead. Wanting to munch on something? Try eating random fruits as a healthy alternative instead of French fries and chips. Sleep early! You wouldn’t need to walk to your kitchen and look for food anymore. If cheat days couldn’t be avoided because of persuasive cousins and broken-hearted friends, try minimizing the intake instead.

Prevention is better than cure, we all know that. Vices endanger health much more than any other disease can. So if I were you, I’d start decreasing alcohol intake and avoid lighting up those cancer sticks. I know it wouldn’t be that easy but try establishing a goal and you’ll realize that there are a lot more things to accomplish than doing vices. Here’s a somewhat ‘hugot line’ I thought of while I’m at the verge of quitting my vices: “Stop and move on, but do it gradually. You can’t force to stop yourself from looking for something you’ve been used to.” Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water and complete 7-8 hours of sleep Drinking 8 glasses of water could rejuvenate your skin, promote weight loss, and flush out body toxins, while complete sleep can give you energy, boost your immune system, and it is a natural headache remedy. What more can you ask for? Besides, water does not cost a thing!

Staying fit and right does not only mean that you look sexy and pleasing to the eyes of others. It is so much more than that. Staying fit and right is when your body is healthy and free from any kind of illnesses. It will not just keep you healthy but will also give you confidence to show that beach-body in this season we all love!

O M E G A | 32

H ea lth:

Make it a lifestyle and

do it for yourself

months later. He used to do his routines six days per week consuming 2-6 hours of the day exercising. Instead of smoking and drinking beer, Lawrence said that during his stressful days, he consider exercising as his outlet of bad vibes. He works out until he got tired and realized that his stress is gone.

WORDS MARIE JOJINA S. SERRANO PHOTOS JOHN CHRISTIAN R. ALVARIÑO LAWRENCE DE GUZMAN Can’t wear your dream size clothes because of a chubby-bouncy body? This could be the best time to think of some routines that will make your body slimmer. Nothing is impossible in getting what you want when determination and perseverance come along with your package. This is what Robert Lawrence De Guzman proved to himself and to the people around him. Lawrence is a 4th year AB Multimedia Arts student in LPU-Manila who was known of his friends and classmates as a flabby guy. Lawrence is the kind of a typical lazy guy who can sit all day in front of a television and barely move his body, and can survive a day without doing any physical activity. But these changed when Lawrence realized that it’s time to change his lifestyle. Aside from thinking that his body doesn’t suit any clothes that he wears, he thought that his body condition might cause different diseases in the future, which made him decide to lose weight. From 294.7 pounds, who would have thought that Lawrence was able to reach 198 pounds in just more than a year? However, before reaching the goal, Lawrence experienced depressions and the most frustrat-

33 | O M E G A

ing was the withdrawal stage. “Two months akong nadepress kasi ‘yun nga, ‘di ko alam kung paano mag-start.” Withdrawal stage and workout routine Trying to lose weight does not only need a series of exercises but also the power of diet. “Madami akong tinry kasi si mommy, nutritionist din siya so nagpatulong din ako. Sa una mahirap kasi walang kanin.” Rice is a high caloric food and a big contributor in one’s body fats. Lawrence took 6 months before he finally remove it on his menu. At first, his mother is not in favor of his diet and so with his workout. His mother thought that he might envy the guys who already have the ‘perfect’ form and abuse his body that may cause some serious health problems. Also, Lawrence’s mother thought, his body might not carry the sudden changes on his food intake. Though his mother does not support him at first, Lawrence was determined to give his self a chance to change his every day life. Lawrence started his workout and diet in December 2014 and saw a bit changes four

“Do it for yourself” Lawrence said that he wanted to lose weight not for anybody else but for himself. He said “you don’t change just for a show, you change for the betterment of yourself”. He also added that when you get old, your body will be the first to take care of itself, so you better be prepared for it. “Kasi pagtanda mo, yung katawan mo din mag-aalaga sayo.” Losing weight is not

just about looking great and feeling good, it’s about preparing yourself for the time when your body weakens as you get old.



Simple tips to lose weight • • • • • are

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar”, this phrase is actually a fact that everybody should know. Breakfast is the first meal of the day that gives energy for the body after eight hours or more of sleep. It fuels the muscles that are necessary for the physical activity of the whole day. Lunch is to add energy source for the afternoon activities. Make sure that lunch is a medium-sized meal, smaller than breakfast but bigger than dinner. If you eat a heavy meal for dinner, it may occur weight gain as the body uses only small portion of the energy from the food and the rest will be stored as fats. In addition on a diet plan, a 30-minute to one hour workout everyday could actually help you lose weight and have a healthy body. Exercise helps the body to normalize the glucose, insulin, and leptin levels of the body in take which some of the important factors that enhance overall health and prevent the body from a chronic disease. Also, the body will release body toxins from the unnecessary food intake. O M E G A | 34


We all have that one song to which we can relate our life with.

leave, I’ll no longer be afraid. Though there are still times I doubt myself, my Editor-in-Chief would always tell me, “Lahat kami dito naniniwala sa’yo, pero ang sarili mo di mo kayang paniwalaan. Sarili pa naman ang mahirap kalaban”. I have come to realize the meaning of these lyrics when I compared myself to the past and present. To summarize, I can say that I started from the bottom and now I’m here. NICOLE MANANO 4th Year/ABJ

THE SONG: In This Song by Charice Pempengco THE LYRICS: “I don’t depend on friends ‘Cause they come and go My belief in myself, is gonna carry me through And that’s why I’m learning..” THE STORY: Actually, before I reached college, I depend on my friends every time. I was a victim of bullying, I was a nobody and can’t stand up for myself. I always doubt my abilities even with my friends’ support. I’m in dire need of my friends and I fear they’ll leave me. Now that I’m in college, everything changed. I have this burly and bully gay classmate whom I have answered back calmly a dozen times. With this, he stopped and gained respect from him. Most of all, I became independent and my closest friends now depend on me. If ever they’ll

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THE SONG: Crush crush crush By Paramore THE LYRICS: “Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone Just the one-two of us, who’s counting on That never happens I guess I’m dreaming again Let’s be more than this”

THE STORY: It was back in 2012, when I was a junior high school student, I developed feelings for someone in my class. She was cute, and quite smart, especially when it comes to mathematics. But the dilemma was, I was too shy to talk to her and she was too sheepish to entertain a conversation. Despite those odds, I managed to greet her, and have a couple of small talks from time to time. I planned to confess what I feel for her during our junior senior prom, hoping we could be something more. Fortunately, she was my first dance, and that’s when I told her the truth about my admiration to her. As I confess, she listened, but she told me she did not feel the same way towards me. It was heartbreaking when I heard her response, but honestly I would not have it any other way, as it taught me a very valuable lesson: That sometimes, when it comes to your crush, you’re bound to get crushed. FRANCIS FELIX FALGUI 2nd Year/ABJ

THE SONG: Confession Song by GOT7

THE STORY: Halik by Kamikazee




(English translation of lyrics) “You may not feel the same way as I do, I may never see you again, that’s what I’m afraid of Don’t have the courage to tell you With this song let me open my heart to you

“Kumupas na lambing sa’yong mga mata, nagtataka kung bakit yakap mo di na nadarama, may mali ba akong nagawa tila nag-iba ang mga kilos mo at salita. Bakit kaya parang hindi kana masaya”

I love you, baby I, I love you (for a very long time) I love you, baby I, I love you (I do)” THE STORY: When I saw its music video, I felt really jealous towards the students who confessed their feelings to their love ones and succeeded because they all have the courage to do so. I can’t help but imagine myself doing the same thing towards the guy I like ever since the first semester of my second year here in LPU. Too bad I’m just a mere classmate to him and I don’t think he’ll notice someone like me. After I understood its lyrics, it really struck me because it’s true that I’m afraid of not seeing him ever again (after graduation) and not being able to confess my feelings to him. With the help of this song, I’m planning to confess my feelings to him before we graduate. In that way, at least he will know that I like him whether he likes me too or not. I hope I’ll succeed too! KRISTINE FAYE ANAJAO 3rd Year/AB MMA

THE SONG: You’re Beautiful by James Blunt

THE STORY: Sabi nila ang magmahal ay ganito: loving means putting your heart into their hand and you are giving them the access to do anything in your heart. Pakiramdam ko ganun nga, kasi nung nakilala ko siya at naging theme song ko sa kanya itong ‘Halik’, naisip ko na, “Oo nga, kapag gusto mo o mahal ang isang tao otomatiko yun, binibigyan mo na sila ng karapatang saktan ka”. Dahil ang pagmamahal katambal niyan ay sakit, kaya nung natapos ang maikling kwento ko na kaugnay ng sa kanya, naisip ko na siguro nga hindi na siya masaya kaya tapos na; kasi minsan hindi natin pwedeng pilitin ang isang taong manatili pa lalo na kung hindi na siya masaya. Kaya sa pagkakataong sinabi niya kung pwedeng huminto kami at lumaya siya, pinalaya ko siya kasi alam ko sa ibang tao o ang ibang tao maaaring mapasaya siya na hindi ko nagawa nung mga panahong akin siya. JONAMEL BAQUIRAN 3rd Year/ABJ

“I saw your face in a crowded place. And I don’t know what to do. ‘Cause I’ll never be with you.” THE STORY: (Although this is a song for a girl, I am really dedicating this for a guy.) I, as a self-proclaimed poet, only confirm being truly in love when I start writing poems about the person that catches my heart. And for the first time since I learned to love in a romantic way, only one guy made me feel like I don’t need to write poems anymore. Because he is poetry himself. If I would describe the night I met him, which was in a debut celebration last April, it felt so genuine and magical. It was because more than just looking at me like the most beautiful painting anyone could ever see in a museum full of hand-colored artworks, he made me feel like it. But what we had was something so extraordinary yet heart-rending. I loved him like a poet loves all words, lifeless or dull, because she can put them to life. But even though he wanted to love me like an artist loves every single hue, every single brush stroke, every single part of me, he just couldn’t. Because before me, someone came first. So I understood him when he walked away. So I understood myself when I built walls to block all the boys who tried to replace him. Because I knew I would always look for him in every guy that tries to offer his love but can’t compare to his. ANNA TAGLE 2nd Year/ABJ

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THE SONG: Help! by Beatles

THE SONG: Without You by AJ Rafael

THE SONG: The Only Exception by Paramore

THE SONG: Fly by Avril Lavigne

THE SONG: Lush Life by Zara Larsson








“When I was younger, so much younger than today I never needed anybody’s help in any way But now these days are gone, I’m not so self-assured Now I find I’ve changed my mind and opened up the doors”

“Wake up, feel the air that I’m breathing. I can’t explain this feeling that I’m feeling. I won’t go another day without you.”

“And up until now I have sworn to myself That I’m content with loneliness. Because none of it was ever worth the risk. Well you are the only exception.”

“We were all meant to fly, spread your wings across the universe, it’s your time to, it’s your time to shine.”

“I live my day as if it was the last, live my day as if there was no past. Doin it all night, all summer, doin it the way I wanna. Yeah I’m a dance my heart out til the dawn, but I won’t be done when morning comes doin it all night all summer, doin it the way I wanna..”

“Matagal-tagal din nawalan ng gana Pinagmamasdan ang dumadaan Lagi na lang matigas ang loob Sabik na may maramdaman.

THE STORY: Just as how the song goes, before I went to college, pride is what ruled my personality. I tend to go solo doing stuff such as school works, and keep my problems all to myself. As the years pass, I slowly realized how difficult it is being a lone wolf with no one to actually open up my problems with. So as a fresh start, I began to interact closely with my mates when I was in 3rd-4th year high school and maintained this new positive approach in college. I still tend to go solo though, but I have now learned to share my thoughts with someone whenever life itself gets too insane. It’s a part of growing up as a human, after all. JAMES BERNARD HERRERA 4th Year/ABJ

THE STORY: It took her years to realize. It took her four years to prepare her decision. It took him years to convince her that he’ll stay. It took him four years of waiting. And all it took was a single day to erase everything. On the fourth year, she was supposed to tell him that she’s ready for the relationship. She decided that she would answer him after his graduation day. She thought that it would be her graduation gift. Days before his graduation, he told her that he and his friends are having a pre-graduation party. Two days before his graduation, she received a phone call from his sister. Two days before his graduation, he died; leaving her with her answer as dead as he was. LAUREN IAN MARIE MAGTIRA 4th Year/ABJ

THE STORY: When I broke up with my Thai girlfriend and my eyes burst its banks due to the pain that electrified the everything that I once hoped, I never wanted to celebrate Valentine’s day again, not with chocolate marshmallows, corny little roses or ridiculous poems written in glitter ink, for it was the day she accepted me but also, it was the day our love had officially ceased to exist. The stars did not shine that night, and no song was sung under the moonlight. Until, I stepped towards the fountain, and wished to Rizal’s silver coin and stumbled upon a simple but beautiful girl, with sharp brown eyes, sparkling black hair, and a face, oh that face, as if touched by Beauty herself that was warm and joyful. She was like my ex all over, though first I stepped with caution, I fell, and surrendered to the ocean of calm. In time, I found that she was different. She wasn’t user-friendly. It was genuine and I felt it. Though she doesn’t know it yet, she will. And I hope, with all of hope wished upon coins and stars, she will, indeed, be the only exception. JOHN POLIQUIT 2nd Year/ABJ

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THE STORY: I think this song best suits my life as a dreamer. I know for sure that we all have goals and dreams we are working hard for. But I think that there is a right time when I will be able to achieve my own. Eventually, all my goals and dreams will come true, and I don’t rush things now because I know I will get there. That’s when I can spread my wings and fly, just like what the lyrics say. AYSHEA PERUCHO 4th Year/ ABJ

THE STORY: Friends know me as that “happy-go-lucky and carefree” kid. It’s as if I have no problems at all. Well, if you’re going to ask me, I do have problems. I just tend to deal with it as soon as possible then put it all on the back of my mind. I cannot spend precious time and energy on things that don’t matter. I don’t dwell too much on things that can affect my plans. I’d do things that I want with or without limitations. I take all the things that makes me happy and cherish them for life. I’d rather get dirty on the mountain tops than sleep on a king size bed. And of course, I put all things bright and beautiful on top of everything. Which means, in whatever situation, I’d always be that optimistic psycho you’ll be friends with. ANGELA MATULAC 4th Year/ ABJ

Di ka man bago sa paningin Palihim kang nasa yakap ko’t lambing Sa bawat pagtago Di mapipigilan ang bigkas ng damdamin. Walang sagot sa tanong Kung bakit ka mahalaga Walang papantay sa’yo. Walang sagot sa tanong Kung bakit ka mahalaga Walang papantay sa’yo.” THE STORY: . My life is an open-book for everyone. My friends know almost everything that has happened to me and even my personal life. To cut the story short, it’s been a long time since I felt ‘something’ for a girl. I really thought it will never happen again, but then, someone came and turned my life into a new phase. She’s just amazing. She might not believe this, but she’s a very wonderful person and I want her to feel that every time. Our story right now may not be ideal, but one thing I know is, being with her is like seeing my future right before my eyes. ZYREN DUAZO 4th Year/ ABJ

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From inspirational, to love story, and to death, books do contain a hidden motive - to inspire. Let’s now hit the bookshelves with some inspiring and encouraging books of all time that you should definitely get a grip on. DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth What is it about: Set in a dystopian era, the world is divided into five factions: Amity, Candor, Abnegation, Erudite, and Dauntless which dictate the actions and lives of the people living on it. Tris Prior, a Divergent or someone who obtains two or more factions capabilities, sets out on a mission to solve her society’s conflict that involves the existence of Divergents. Why you need to read the book: In a society ruled by norms, sometimes people are hindered to let themselves shine and their thoughts left to rot on their minds. Be brave, show your divergence amidst the norms, and show your true identity. Quote we love: “Becoming fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible. It’s learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it.” The FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN by Mitch Albom

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THE LITTLE PRINCE by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry What is it about: The story of The Little Prince is about the adventure of a kid who met strange people in each of his adventure. When the prince arrived on earth, he met the fox and teaches him about trust and friendship. Why you need to read the book: We live in a planet full of wonderful things and many people to love. We cannot truly understand such things unless we have the courage to experience it, allot time, and exert effort to grasp the meaning of life. Quote we love: “Then you shall judge yourself. That is the most difficult thing of all. It is much more difficult to judge oneself than to judge others. If you succeed in judging yourself rightly, then you are indeed a man of true wisdom.” THE MESSENGER by Markus Zusak

What is it about: Eddie may have been a Veteran survivor in the World War II but death finally reached him on his 83rd birthday when he saved a young girl from being hit by a falling ride cart. As he travels heaven, he meets five people who explain the meaning of his life and Eddie learned that even maintenance work in the amusement park already saved many lives throughout the years. Why you need to read the book: The book shows that in every journey, we’ll meet a person that will show us that there’s always a purpose for whatever we do. May it be sacrifices, forgiveness, love, anger, death, and acceptance – every page is filled with a connection of lessons just like how our actions affect one another. Quote we love: “That’s what heaven is – you get to make sense of your yesterdays.”

What is it about: Ed is trying to live his daily life by being a cab driver. One day, he receives a message from an unknown benefactor that makes him do things to help the people around him and eventually help himself and realize his own worth. Why you need to read the book: This is for those people who think that they’re too ordinary, that they wouldn’t even get a double look, or be the cream of the crowd. Through one’s deeds, a person will recognize his abilities and improve for the better. Quote we love: “If a guy like you can stand up and do what you did, then maybe everyone can. Maybe everyone can live beyond what they’re capable of. ”



What is it about: ‘Warning: This is not your ordinary Bo Sanchez book.’ This line was written at the back of the book for this does not contain the usual humor that the author has for it bravely reveals his past instead. The book contains his first-hand experiences regarding different issues such as addiction, failures, forgiveness, love, and a lot more. Why you need to read the book: The second part of this book contains an actual manual – twelve actions to create a new life. Remembering and sharing the past is difficult but it is surely a way to create your successful future. The book has it all: enslave yourself from the past, receive inner healing, and start real living. Quote we love: “Sooner or later, you’ll have to find a way to write with your blood in order to get healed. By that, I mean opening your lives to someone who will still love and accept you no matter what.”

What is it about: Rubin realized that time is passing and she is not focusing enough in the things that really matter and so on that year, she decided to make the happiness project – twelve chapters, twelve months of happiness. Why you need to read the book: This book tells how important it is to be happy and have the time to share that happiness to the people we love. It also teaches us that sometimes, we need to sacrifice our own happiness for the sake of the other people’s happiness. Quote we love: “One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy. One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself.”

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LET IT SNOW by John Green, Lauren Myracle, and Maureen Johnson What is it about: Three interconnected holiday romances which made use of the same characters, setting, and theme: love. All bothered by a snow storm, six people found love in the most unlikely places. Why you need to read the book: Believe it or not, you’re taking a risk by not taking a risk. It takes trials, change, and chances to fall in love once again and find that person who truly compliments you. Quote we love: “Silly girl, it’s not what the universe gives us that matters. It’s what we give the universe.”

THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE by Rick Warren What is it about: The Purpose Driven Life is a 40-day spiritual journey that will help you know your purpose here on earth. Known as an “anti-self-help book”, this book explains how personal fulfillment can only be found when you know God’s purpose for you. Why you need to read the book: It has six divisions by which the purposes of a man’s life are explained. It also contains verses to remember and questions for reflection that will make you realize your purpose here on earth. Quote we love: “Nothing shapes your life more than the commitments you choose to make.” 

BEFORE I FALL by Lauren Oliver What is it about: Samantha Kingston is living the teenager life that she wants and every day should just be an ordinary day for her leisure but on February 12, it turned out to be her last. Waking up from a car crash, Sam realizes that she gets seven chances – seven days to revive her last day on earth to make things right as she undergoes the five stages of death. Why you need to read the book: What if you just have one last day to make things right, what will you do? The book shows how a single urge to do the right things on a single day can change your life. As the saying goes, live life to the fullest and see the meaning of life, the next five minutes of your life are full of unexpected happenings. Quote we love: “Maybe you can afford to wait. Maybe for you there’s a tomorrow. Maybe for you there’s one thousand tomorrows, or three thousand, or ten, so much time you can bathe in it, roll around it, let it slide like coins through your fingers. So much time you can waste it. But for some of us there’s only today. And the truth is, you never really know.” WONDER by R.J. Palacio, Raquel Jaramillo What is it about: August was born with a Treacher Collins syndrome or having cranio-facial abnormality. Being bullied in school, he finds friends who fought for him, struggled to know who the real ones are, and in the end, treasure those who truly accepted him. Why you need to read the book: In this book, it doesn’t matter how you look. Acceptance allows you to know who your real friends are. Quote we love: “It’s not enough to be friendly. You have to be a friend.” 

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Stove Top Pizza

Pizza is probably one of the few things that hold a special place in pretty much everyone’s hungry tummies. But then again, what’s not to love about these divinely delicious triangles? It is the epitome of a perfect snack. It combines a crispy crust that’s drenched in savory sauce and toppings concealed underneath a mountain of melty, gooey mozzarella cheese. So as this academic year comes to an end, what better way to celebrate with friends and family than a scrumptious homemade pizza? Make your pizza more personal by creating your very own pan-cooked pizza.


What you’ll need: Equipments: Flat pan Stove Measuring cup Measuring spoons Ingredients:

Instructions: In a flat pan, add 1/2 cup of self-rising flour, 1/2 cup plain all-purpose flour, then add 2/3 cup of lukewarm water. Add a pinch of salt (1/4 teaspoon of salt), a teaspoon of honey (a regular white or brown sugar may do), and a tablespoon of dry yeast. Mix these together and spread until you form the perfect dough. Fill in your favorite pizza toppings like tomato sauce, chopped tomatoes, and onion; arrange your main toppings like pepperoni, bacon, and olives then sprinkle over mozzarella cheese. Cook these for five minutes with the pan closed. After five minutes, slightly open the cover and cook for another 10 minutes. Transfer the pizza in a plate and finish by slicing according to your preference. You can now enjoy your simple, personalized yet

delicious and mouth-watering pizza. As the saying goes, people disappoint, but pizza is eternal. Enjoy!

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½ self-rising flour ½ cup plain flour 2/3 cup warm water ¼ teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon honey 1 teaspoon dry yeast 1 ½ tablespoon olive oil Your favorite tomato sauce Your favorite toppings

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Mornings are made even when the sun has set in this newly popularized breakfast for dinner café where breakfast meals are served at night! One of the newest food crazes located along the street of Piy Margal, Sampaloc, Manila, Brinner (or Breakfast for Dinner) is a café that serves breakfast eleven hours a day, from Monday to Saturday. Brinner’s CreateYour-Own and All-Day Breakfast meals, sumptuous sandwiches and waffles, and stunning desserts will prove its rightful place in your personal menu. It’s definitely worth your money even if you’re on a tight budget. Deciding for your AllDay Breakfast meal viand will be hard because Brinner has tasteworthy pork, chicken, and fish cooking on their kitchen stoves. So maybe it’s time to shift away from your common tapsilog and try one of their best-selling Pork Tapa, served with two fried eggs and pickled cucumbers.

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You don’t usually find red velvet waffles in any ordinary restaurant, but in Brinner, for only P110.00, you’ll get four waffles drizzled with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Wake up your senses with the smell of their Classic French Toast, dipped in a milkegg-cinnamon powder mixture, also your two slices of bread is served with fried scrambled egg and sausages. Their Grilled Nutella with Marshmallow sandwich is also a must-try! It’s the perfect combination for s’mores lovers out there. Food is not the only thing that is great about Brinner. Even the minimalist ambiance of the café and the accommodating service of their staff makes it so much worth the price. Food cravings are for you to satisfy. From noon to late night, Brinner has its delicious meals fried for you. Who says you can’t have breakfast for dinner?

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Olivier is in Senior Nursery at Lincolnshire Internationale School. Having a mother’s instinct, Joy thinks that her son would likely become a cook someday. “Maybe Olivier would like to be a cook someday. I mean, I see some potential,” she shared. Aside from her love and passion for baking sweets for every child and adult to enjoy, Olivier is Joy’s driving inspiration in creating her extra special treats. “Olivier makes me happy, and when you’re happy, you tend to do things right,” Joy said.

Take a tour at

Little Jose Olivier’s Kitchen In LPU Sentinel’s second issue, we introduced a quaint online artisanal pastry shop named Little Jose Olivier’s Kitchen. Here in Omega, we will be discovering more of who are the people behind this shop known for giving its customers a slice of heaven. Little Jose has been running for over three years and it has never failed anyone. This sweet joint was even featured in the longest running travel magazine in the Philippines, the AsianTraveler Magazine where the shop was named the “artisanal city food”. A sprinkle of Joy Margarita Luisita Grazielli Acosta or Joy, as everyone calls her, is

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the owner/curator/cook of Little Jose Olivier’s Kitchen. This hardworking patissier is a single mom who enjoys baking and considers herself as a “nokid-hungry advocate”. She shared that baking is not easy and you got to have passion to do it right. “There’s no tantiya - tantiyahan in baking. You have to get it right. Bawal ang labis, bawal ang kulang.” Joy has studied in numerous culinary schools which made her welleducated in cooking. But she shared that a baker should still be open to new things like “listening and watching other people cook or bake”. For her, doing these things will make her learn more about baking and cooking. Asked on what are her cur-

Arts and Sweets Besides Joy doing all the work in the kitchen, she mentioned someone who has helped her in so many ways especially in painting her famous hand-painted cakes. Christian Aaron Bondoc, a 23-year old fine arts student from Tarlac State University has been painting cakes for Joy for almost a year. “Paint-

ing cakes for LJK is not work, it’s more of a hobby. I do paintings and arts since I was a kid,” he said. Bondoc said that inspiration is everywhere, what you need to look for is the mood to do art. “Even if I’m running out of time, I would still choose to do my works when I’m in mood,” he shared. His experience in LJK helped him explore more of his talents. LJK even made his dreams possible by just letting him do what he does best. Bondoc shared, “Doing such work [painting for LJK] doesn’t just explore my creativity, but it brings out the best of me”.

Baking is never easy and can be stressful, as a baker’s saying goes, “Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it”. But of course, never forget that stressed is desserts spelled backwards.


rent inspirations, she simply said, “Olivier and of course, God”. Besides being a full-time mom and patissier, Joy shared that she never forgets to attend church. Joy has devoted her life to the Lord and thinks that it is already enough to live a fulfilled life. Joy, as her nickname suggests, wants every kid and also every adult to enjoy her treats that’s why she makes them with love and passion. Who is Jose Olivier? Jose Olivier is the only son of Joy. Olivier is a jolly 4 year-old who has been helping Joy in creating her sweet treats. He is always the first to taste anything his mom cooks or bakes.

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As a mountaineer, I’ve been to different mountains near Manila and I still crave to hike for more. I’ve been addicted to hiking since I started. I somewhat tend to join my hiking group at least twice a month and even have spontaneous day hike trips. Of all the mountains I’ve been to, Mount Batolusong is by far my favorite. Not forgetting about my Mother Mountain and all-time training ground at the Maragondon range in Cavite, Mt. Batolusong left a mark in my head and heart I know I can never erase. Located at the east of Manila, Mt. Batolusong stands at 780 meters above sea level. In mountain classifications, it is considered a minor climb which means that this mountain is good for beginners. It has a difficulty of 3/9, and a trail class of 1-3 which means its trail isn’t as complicated as to others.

49 | O M E G A

The mountain is just one of the many hiking spots in Tanay, since the town is part of the southern tail end of the Sierra Madre, the longest mountain range in the Philippines. Made up of almost grassland slopes, the trail to the summit is simple. Assaults are unavoidable but you just have to get through them to see the picturesque view. Cold breeze and an earthy feeling are just some of the things you can expect in climbing the mountain. If you get to the summit before the dusk, you’re definitely lucky to have the best view to experience sunset. Just like any other mountain, registration and guides are required for safety purposes in climbing Mt. Batolusong. Also, all mountain dwellers should follow an itinerary to avoid wasting time and energy.

Kay-Ibon Falls Side Trip

For those who desire a dip on some fresh water after a tiring climb, on your descent from Mt. Batolusong, one famous waterfall can be a detour before you get to the drop-off, it is the Kay-Ibon Falls. It may not be as astonishing as to other famous waterfalls but still, it’s just as refreshing and as relaxing. Trees will shade your chosen spot for cooking lunch or sleeping. Boulders are present in the middle of the falls’ basin. I even remember eating my lunch and drinking with some friends on top of those boulders. Water rapids are not as strong but it still gives you that free water massage.


Mountains usually have a lot of water source. You’ll definitely not have any water shortage on your way to the summit. Ask for your guides to tell you where the water sources are. But of course, you should still be equipped with water at all times.

Cellphone signal is not available.

It is cold in the summit especially at night, do not forget to bring jackets.

Make sure not to leave any trash. Let’s preserve the beauty of the environment.

If you’re lucky enough, you might see the sea of clouds, make sure to wake up before the sun rises to see the majestic sea of clouds.

Contemplate in the summit, I suggest an ‘alone time’. The summit and view could really help.

Alcohol and smoking is allowed but please be responsible.

You can enjoy all you want, but always remember, ‘LEAVE NO TRACE’.

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Take me back to Bolinao Jay Quilanita 4th year / A406-B / AB-Multimedia Arts What makes Bolinao a perfect place to travel to? The answer is because it is Bolinao. A municipality located in the near end part of the province of Pangasinan, the travel time to Bolinao is approximately 6 hours from Manila. Even though the travel will take some time, the wait will be worth it when you see what lies within Bolinao once you step foot on it. It is a perfect place. Everything is well preserved; from their warmly welcoming people, the sound weather, their tasty foods, their agricultural resources, up to the impeccable sceneries. Even though they lack the technological advancements like what we have, you will not actually mind at all because what you see is enough to feed your hunger for excitement. In this part of Pangasinan, you will see the infamous Cape Bolinao Lighthouse standing atop of the Punta Piedra Point. This ten decade construction is one of the few left standing lighthouses in the country so it is a must for a traveler to see this lighthouse in person. Another must visit is the Patar Island. It is surely an astonishing one for it has refined sands, clean surrounding and most especially, pure sea water. Bolinao is no doubt a place of relaxation and getaway. The places were kept simple. You will hardly see any grand hotels and high-rise buildings.

They made sure to give only genuine experience to their guests. Anyone who visited the place will surely have their truest experience of what it is like to live in a place where complexity and complications are not entertained. It is a place full of preservation. They surely know how to value what was given to them. That is one aspect you will love in Bolinao. The fact that we are now in the 21st century, you can still see bits of the past. Another aspect is that Bolinao will make you forget everything. It will only give you the feeling of appreciation – appreciation of how beautiful our country is and how blessed we are to have this kind of beauty. A place like Bolinao should be visited not only because it is a place ideal for traveling but also because we deserve to be reminded that all these advancements we have are just addition to our concept of living. But once you visit Bolinao, it will make you realize that having a simple and authentic way of living is all we need. It will leave you wondering what if we were able to retain this kind of life. `There’s a whole lot more to be explored in Bolinao. I, myself would love to see this place again just so I can see what more interesting things it has to offer. So in your travel list, do not forget to include this fine place. It is better to see it for yourself – see what makes Bolinao positively different from other destinations and how this place can make you wanting to come back for more.


When God thought of creating a place for humans to enjoy, unwind, and escape into from a busy city life, He created Bolinao. It is situated at the Northwestern tip of Pangasinan and the Lingayen Gulf with a panoramic view of the West Philippine Sea. So as the academic year ends and summer comes close, there’s no better place to loosen up than in the White Sand beach of Patar Island, Bolinao. On the next pages are stories from students who shared with us the best things and experience this paradise has offered them.

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Bolinao Experience Danica del Valle 3rd year / A305 / AB-Journalism The nipa huts, white sand and the vast of sea that looks like it’s connected with the majestic sky because of its bluish color. Last March, me and my blockmates went to Bolinao, Pangasinan for our photography class. Even though the sun was scorching with the long ride, we finally managed to arrive there. I’m kind of aloof person. I’m not really a talkative person and I also got awkward and nervous around people whom I’m not really close with. I’m not really close to anyone in my section other than my own set of friends. Thanks to that trip because it really helped me to bond with my other blockmates. I finally got the chance to come out at my own comfort zone and talk to them. Our block is kind of apart with each other and going to  Bolinao  was the best decision ever! At that moment we treated each other like a family. We talked, we laughed and we sang a lot. I’m glad I had the chance to go there.  Even after years go by, this memory will be etched in my heart and I could always laugh at our moments back then.




I left my heart in Bolinao Rica Honey Grace I. Lopez 4th year / Irregular / AB-Journalism Leaving tons of midterm work and praying to the god of the sea to wash away all the worries even the stress of the metro city. Ready , all packed and good to go. The six-hour trip from Manila to Bolinao gives you glimpse of beauty ,and a sneak peak of what the long wait on the bus is all about. So, it begins. Bolinao, Pangasinan greeted us with people’s endearing smiles and free slices of water¯melon in food eatery. Pangasinan may not be as famous as Cebu , Surigao and Palawan but it has a charm that makes it deserving of your list of exploration. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll hear bird chirping, the sound of waves, touch of sea breeze,

and the tasteful smell of breakfast. A detour, carefree with shades on  and starting to feel the sand in my feet. Welcome to Patar Beach where nipa hut cottages, cream-colored sand, introspections, post card worthy photos and island hopping awaits. An hour later a banca away from the Patar, Polipol Island is calling the whole squad to explore. On top of mountain-like coral rock formation. Enjoying the sound of ocean echoing in my mind, breathing in, breathing out. An overview of Pangasinan sea.  I just can’t believe I only paid 100 pesos for this kind of experience. Not only we explore, we also witnessed the sunset touching the entire sky with its glory. Bolinao Fever Carla Shane Atim 2nd year / A205 / AB-Journalism I’ve been there with my blockmates and our seniors last January 15-17, 2016. We travelled almost 6 hours, but upon reaching our resort, all of our tiredness and drowsiness were gone away because of the beauty of the beach at the back of our houses. It feels so amazing. We were able to cook our own food, and slept together in one roof. On the second day in Bolinao, we were given a chance to see the lighthouse and took a photo of it and we went straight to Patar White beach resort. The powdery white sand of the beach mesmerized me, not only me but all of us. Though its sand may not be as pure white and refined as that of Boracay’s, its clear aquamarine waters and unspoiled surroundings were as inviting as any of the top beaches in the country. The beach is clean, the rock formations are amazingly beautiful, to the point that I fell in love with the place. Thou we were not able to stay there for a long time, at least we experienced the beauty of Bolinao. For travelers who constantly avoid the crowded and over-developed beaches, the Patar beach of Bolinao is the best fit.

Bolinao is truly a little treasure for everyone to enjoy, and it only proves that there is a gem to discover in every island of our beautiful country.


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Windows 10:

New Generation of Microsoft OS WORDS LIWLIWA B. TACLIBON

One of the leading names in the graphical operating industry keeps on improving and still gives its users the best of quality. Last July, Microsoft introduced its new generation of Microsoft Windows Operating System – the Windows 10. The new OS is free to upgrade with those who have legit versions of Windows 7 and 8 for the first year after its launch date. Shortly after, users have to pay for it as it offers a lot of new features and apps to explore. Windows 10 will also run on tablets and smartphones. Universal apps will run not only on personal computers (PCs) but also on Windows devices and Xbox. What’s New? The Start menu features a combination of Windows 7 and 8. You can always switch to full screen start menu like windows 8 or keep it like windows 7 within twists of tiles. You can customize the tiles by resizing, rearranging, and create groups of tiles. As for virtual desktops, by clicking the Task View on the Taskbar, you’ll see a bird’s eye view of all the apps you have opened. You can customize new desktops and drag one of those apps and it will be moved to its own independent workspace. Cortana is Windows’ Siri. The concept of this artificial intelligence (AI) came from Microsoft’s Xbox game, Halo. She will help you find things on your devices, manage your calendar, and chat with you. She can also regularly show information like weather and can even operate applications. Microsoft Edge is the replacement for Internet Explorer. Unlike IE, Edge will support JavaScript-based extensions, allowing third parties to customize views of Web pages and add new functionality.

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Pros and Cons Automatic Updates Up-to-date security, Windows is still the most popular OS in the world, and that makes it a main target for development of viruses and malicious attacks. Updates will be automatically installed and there won’t be a choice to disable it. But not all updates go successfully, as there will be huge stability problems and might even cause the full-on blue screen of death. Unified OS Windows 10 will be the last version of Microsoft’s OS. Development can be now easy for developers, only having to deal with Windows 10. This will also be great news for end-users, too because it means there’s a greater cross-compatibility, with Microsoft’s mobile and Xbox platform unifying with Windows 10 community. You will also be able to stream Xbox One games to your computer. But this will limit your choices in terms of features or future aesthetic changes you approve...because everyone will exactly have the same thing. To Update or Not to Update? Microsoft has done everything to bring back the familiar Windows feel with some of Windows 8 features. And if you know how to use Windows XP back in the day you’ll be able to find your way around Windows 10. The overall UI (user interface) and style is all the more likeable, as well. Probably for now you won’t want to upgrade, but sooner all new devices that use Windows OS will be having the Windows 10 version and it’s free! Microsoft plans to update it regularly for years to come, so Windows 10 will only get better and better.

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Remember what you were taught about the Solar System when you were in Elementary? You must have recalled that there were nine planets, namely Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. However, in 2006, Pluto was removed from the list due to its inability to hit specific standards. Discovered in 1930 as a planet, Pluto has been demoted to a ‘dwarf planet’ in August 2006. This is because it did not meet the International Astronomical Union’s (IAU) three criteria to define a fullsized planet. It meant only the rocky worlds of the inner Solar System and the gas giants of the outer system will be considered planets. The ‘inner’ Solar System is

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the region of space that is smaller than the radius of Jupiter’s orbit around the Sun. Included in this is the asteroid belt, and other terrestrial planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. The ‘gas giants’ are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. So instead of having nine planets, we only have eight. Despite being demoted, at first, Pluto was even thought to be larger than Mercury. After having discovered that Pluto’s mass was only roughly one twentyfifth of Mercury’s, the debate was cleared. Pluto is the first object to be discovered in the Kuiper belt. The Kuiper belt is a ring of bodies beyond Neptune. It has a radius of 1,185 km and is discovered by Clyde Tombaugh. It also has gravity

but only measures 0.658 m/s2. Pluto is the only formerly considered planet that has an elliptical, inclined, and eccentric, instead of spherical, orbit around the Sun. Pluto, according to the criteria of the IAU, orbits around the Sun. It also has sufficient mass to assume hydrostatic equilibrium (a nearly round or spherical shape). Only, it has been said that it “has not cleared its neighboring region of other objects”. In this case, it didn’t meet the definition of being a planet; again, causing it to be considered a dwarf planet. Although Pluto had Charon, Nix, Hydra, Kerberos, and Styx, orbiting around it, like the moon that orbits around the Earth, its size is still not enough after reevaluation.

When bodies Quaoar, Sedna, and Eris were discovered, they all had to be considered as planets, and their comparison to Pluto declared its loss in the debate on whether Pluto should have its ‘planet state’ reclaimed. On January 19, 2006, spacecraft New Horizons was launched to make the first reconnaissance of the considered dwarf planet, Pluto. It swung past Jupiter in 2007, and arrived at Pluto on July 14, 2015. In the images shown by the New Horizons Spacecraft, it revealed that the bright heartshaped region of Pluto includes areas that differ in color characteristics. Even within Pluto’s northern polar cap, in the upper part of the image, various shades of yellow-

orange indicate subtle compositional differences. Charon, Pluto’s largest moon, was viewed using the same exaggerated color. The red on the dark northern polar cap of Charon is attributed to hydrocarbon materials including a class of chemical compounds called tholins. The mottled colors at lower latitudes point to the diversity of terrains on Charon. Scientists have seen that Pluto appears to have few impact craters that has led us to think that the surface of Pluto is young – less than 100 million years old. Also, Pluto’s 11,000-foot-tall mountains are evidence of an icy bedrock and water ice. The good part is, the New Horizons  measurement of Pluto’s

radius – which is larger than expected, and now known to be the ninth-largest body orbiting the sun – invalidated those suspicions.

Pluto’s current standing whether it is considered as a planet again after its rediscovery is still being debated by scientists and astronomers, probably redefining the way the IAU defines planets.

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Astronauts are allowed to take two pounds worth of momentos on their space missions/travels. From wedding rings, to recordings, and small toys – they may be small in size but they sure have big enough meanings. It is said that items sent into space reflect accomplishments on Earth. Here are some of the weirdest things sent into space.

1. Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber prop The original lightsaber of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars was sent through the shuttle Discovery’s STS-120 mission in October 2007. The astronaut crew took the force with them, in honor of the movie franchise’s 30th anniversary. 2. Black and white diagram of human sex organs

4. Lots of dead space monkeys, many called Albert Throughout different space missions, space monkeys have been sent into space to determine environments in space and in other planets that would be suitable for human life, but some of them have surely passed away due to inhabitable environments. 5. A saxophone

7. A corned beef sandwich The one who brought this with him in space must have expected that he would miss the taste of this food, but unfortunately, it disintegrated upon reaching a specific area in space.

14. Sound recording of Morse code

James Doohan of Star Trek’s ashes have been brought to outer space. A company named Celestis, provides memorial spaceflights and they confirmed that some of Doohan’s remains were among 320 sets included. His ashes were on the SpaceX rocket that launched a private spacecraft into the orbit.

This was included in the Voyager Gold Record, aside from greetings in different languages that scientists think extraterrestrial beings may understand, morse code was also thought to be one of the languages they might understand.

12. Sound recording of ‘a tame dog’

The sample of the Salmonella virus became more toxic or poisonous in outer space.

8. Sea urchin sperm A sea urchin sperm? Seriously? 9. Lots and lots of vomit bags

Included in the Voyager Golden Record, most probably intended to indicate our reproduction, alongside with a diagram of conception.

Someone must have been really attached to his saxophone for him to bring it into space. If you played that in space, would that sound the same?

Astronauts must have expected that they would experience nausea the way they do in airplanes.

3. Buzz Lightyear toy

6. 25,800 text messages

10. Pizza from Pizza hut

A lot of space-related toys have been brought into space in different space missions and journeys.

These text messages were from Australians in a 2009 project called ‘Hello From Earth’.

Pizza hut paid almost 750,000 pounds to be the first pizza chain to deliver into outer space.

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11. Ashes of Star Trek’s James Doohan

This is one of the recordings sent into space, but have you ever thought of what a tame dog would even sound like? 13. Hour long recording of Ann Druyan’s brainwaves Ann Druyan was to marry Carl Sagan, a writer and astronomer. Ann Druyan wondered what would her brainwaves, as a meditator be interpreted by extraterrestrial beings. This was also included in the Voyager Gold Record.

15. Sample of Salmonella

16. Copy of playboy magazine An astronaut needed his source of entertainment in outer space! Wouldn’t occupy all two pounds now, would it?

18. Water bears’ These are microscopic creatures that can endure and live even in extreme environments. 19. X-ray of hand Some diagrams of human body structures, including this x-ray of the hand, were in the Voyager golden record. 20. Remains of Clyde Tombaugh The person who discovered Pluto, Clyde Tombaugh, also had his ashes sent into space. What is it with ashes of remarkable people being sent into space?

17. Ashes of Gene Roddenberry Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, also had his ashes shot into space in 1997.

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Movies from the mid ‘90s such as ‘Back to the Future’ opened the door for imaginative people to turn futuristic ideas from those movies into reality. In the era we live in, technology revolution can be felt globally. Innovations in different fields especially in the entertainment and transportation industries left nations dumbfounded from all the discoveries and inventions by geniuses all over the world. Oculus Rift Oculus Rift, or simply called Rift was published by the independent company Oculus VR as a mere concept via Kickstarter, an Americanbased crowdfunding company which helped raise $2.5 million for its development. Development kits (DK), or demo products as we call it, have been released since the year 2012, paving way to the product’s official release on the 1st quarter of 2016, priced at an estimate of $400. This is a device worn like a pair of goggles that gives the wearer a first-person virtual reality immersion. It was designed to be used on various

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ways such as an architectural designing tool or a media player but today, it was funded for the purpose of gaming. It features two screen lenses that has an amazing 1080x1200 resolution for each eyepiece. It also has gyroscopic sensors in its visor which translates head motion into in-game movements. Rift features its very own social network, where players can interact with other ‘Rifters’ and add them as your gaming buddies. Pretty much like your common social networking websites but exclusively for owners of this gizmo. There have been a few games released alongside each DK, which showcases the brilliant specs of Rift. Some of these games were My Neighbor Totoro, Parrot Rollercoaster, and a whole plethora of games mostly created by indie gamemakers. EVE: Valkyrie is also worth mentioning because of its extremely magnificent gameplay because of its graphics and storyline comparable to the

It features a whopping 1920x1080 full HD display with a 100-degree field of vision. It also runs at 120Hz refresh rate, which underrates Oculus and Valve VRs that runs at 60 and 90Hz respectively. With these facts, gamers worldwide just cannot sit tight until the day these consoles hit the market. Hoverboard Another futuristic concept that was brought to reality was the hoverboard, which was originally an idea from the movie Back to the Future 2. Global netizens raved at a video released by tech company HUVr on their YouTube channel that features a hoverboard and Tony Hawk together. Seeing the great Mr. Hawk made everyone believe it is true but eventually confirmed that it was just a prank. The ‘hoverhype’ died down eventually until Greg Henderson, released the world’s very first real hoverboard under the company name HENDO. It is currently under development and supported by Kickstarter, the same company that funded OculusVR, but is also available for purchase for $10,000. Yes, $10,000! Now, the question is, is it worth your

ten grand? One HENDO hoverboard is actually bigger than what you expect it to look like. It is a piece of bulky machinery that has support blocks on both ends. It features four discshaped engines which produces special magnetic fields which pushes itself against the ground, generating a successful hover effect. But wait, don’t magnets react only to other magnets? Apparently, HENDO admitted that their hoverboard can only be ridden on smooth metal surfaces for now, at least. Some of the bad side of this tech is it is extremely noisy when activated and it can only run for seven full minutes on one full charge. Even though HENDO boards lack a lot of things to truly be usable outdoors, including the budgetfriendly factors, The Verge, an onlinereview entertainment ‘tech-site’, sees it as a “promising” invention for the near future. Aside from HENDO, a worldfamous car company has developed their very own version of a working hoverboard. Lexus SLIDE, from carmaker Lexus in partnership with Evico engineering of Germany, packs a

powerful and more elegant design compared to HENDO’s. SLIDE looks like a hovering snowboard when operated and it runs due to the multitude of magnets and superconductors combining altogether, repelling gravitational pull. It is also fuelled by liquid nitrogen, the one that emits the smoke from the board’s sides, which stops the board’s function once it runs out. Unlike HENDO, Lexus won’t be selling any to the market, nor even give a figure of how much will it cost. What matters to them is that they have crafted a real hoverboard that can be ridden at a great speed. Technology today has really left us in awe. Who would have thought that gadgets from the early futuristic movies will now exist and will be available in the market? While it is fun to think that life has now become extra fun because of these new inventions, shouldn’t we be scared thinking on where all these would lead us?

famous game franchise Final Fantasy. Oculus has formed a partnership with the computer megacorp Microsoft, which makes Rift primarily compatible with Windows 10 and the Xbox One gaming platform. There are many videos available on YouTube since 2012 featuring now famous YouTubers sharing their gameplays with the Oculus Rift DKs using Xbox controllers. Despite the seemingly bright future for the Oculus Rift, competition is high in today’s VR gaming industry. Valve has released its SteamVR developer kits, and is available for regular consumers by the end of 2015. It is now the frontrunner of the VR industry, leading against OculusVR mainly because of the great number of Steam ‘loyalists’. It features similar specs to the Rift, but engineered to aid users who suffer from motion sickness and head strain while using similar devices. Another big competitor is Sony’s Project Morpheous, officially named now as PlayStationVR, which is to be released during the first half of 2016.

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Flu Could One Day be Wiped Out Without the WORDS ROZ G. LOPEZ Need for Vaccine SHANTAL PHOTOS GOOGLE IMAGES

For years, or even decades, our medicine practice in treating flu is through vaccination. Vaccine was the most effective treatment not until researchers discovered a way to trigger a preventative response to a flu infection without any help from the virus. Scientists found that ramping up the defenses of the body against the virus before it even enters the body is the key to achieving treatment without vaccination. A protein called IFITM3 could possibly help in treating flu. Previous research has shown that it is the only identified protein containing a frequent genetic mutation linked to severe flu infections. IFITM3 is usually produced in large quantities that enable the entrapment of the virus within the body before it makes new copies of itself. Ohio State University scientists have discovered that the process could be done even by simply relying on drugs or medications permanently. The elderly and pregnant

63 | O M E G A

women will greatly benefit from this as this will prevent them from ever catching the disease, since they are the most vulnerable hosts for this type of virus. Since the flu virus constantly mutates, study senior author and assistant professor of microbial infection and immunity at Ohio State Doctor Jacob Yount said, “The flu vaccine needs to change every year”. “What we’re doing is targeting a more fundamental process that is not specific to any particular strain of the virus,” Doctor Yount added. As ‘lab rats’ are most commonly used for experimentation due for humans, the scientists have found that both their cells and those of humans suggested that manipulating a natural process will not only cure and reduce the severity of flu, but also prevent any infection altogether. Altering the role of one protein is said to do the trick to stop the virus in its tracks, as it was shown in the examination of both cells. Due to this, Dr. Yount’s team begun using experi-

mental drugs to test their flu prevention strategy in mice. According to Dr. Yount, any possibility for human use of their experiments is still many years away, whilst developing a vaccine-independent method to prevent flu infections as their long-term goal. “If we were to have an outbreak of some pandemic influenza virus similar to what we experienced in 2009, I could envision using this technique to help people who are particularly vulnerable to infection.” If ever the experiment would be successful, Dr. Yount pointed out that it would work best if used before an infection, because the strategy prevents cells from becoming infected in the first place. Scientists who have been conducting experiments and research about the vaccine-free flu treatment has finally found a way in which the release of the IFITM3 protein will occur even before being infected, which will, with a very high possibility, completely eliminate the virus or any human infections in the future.

The Tree of Plenty


Have you ever heard about the story of the Tree of 40 Fruits? Just the thought of it amuses you already. What more if it is real? Like real, real?

In 2008, art professor Sam Van Aken developed the Tree of 40 Fruits. Aken acquired 3 acres of orchard from the New York Agricultural Experiment Station while locating specimens to create a multi-colored blossom tree for an art project. He grafted the buds of some 250 trees that were grown in that orchard onto a stock tree. Surprisingly, the tree grew 40 different varieties of stone fruits like peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots, cherries, and almonds, which are all edible. The fruits are ripened between the months of July through October. During spring, the tree blooms in different shades of pink, white, and red. It is said that it takes at least 5 years to develop such plant. Aken is a contemporary artist and an art professor in Syracuse University in New York. In an interview with Epicurious, he stated that the inspiration of the unique tree was the process of ‘transubstantiation’ or the conversion of the Eucharistic elements into the body and blood of Christ. He had wondered how he can change the substance of a certain object but the appearance will stay the same and thus, he created the tree of 40 fruits by chip grafting. Aken deliberately grafted 40 fruits with the reason that forty is a symbolic number that can be found throughout the Western culture and religion. Forty represents a number beyond counting. This tree was considered as the ‘Frankenstein-esque’ tree. The differ-

ent trees and plants’ similarities, however, enabled the tree of 40 fruits to bud, bloom, and fruit in perfect unison. Not only does the tree of 40 fruits is pleasing to the eye, it is also a good source of food especially for the locals. Its fruits can be sold or exported to other countries since the tree can produce varieties of fruits. The plant’s uniqueness may also attract tourists and students who are interested in biodiversity. When interviewed by the National Geographic, Aken said the idea of a tree bearing varieties of fruit came from his fascination of the grafting process. He also mentioned that as a child, he was fond of Dr. Seuss and Frankenstein, obviously making a resemblance to how he made the tree possible. “I was really interested with the idea of a hoax in terms of, hoax transforms reality. Part of the idea for the Tree of 40 fruit was to plant them in locations that people would sort of... stumble upon.” As of last year, Aken had produced 16 trees. Some are grown in Massachusetts, New York, Arkansas, and California. He is planning to produce more of this tree throughout the United Sates. “Unlike any other artworks that I have made, these things continuously evolved. I think one of the reasons why I have been able to keep it going for so long is that every year, it’s something new,” Aken emphasized.

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Hints on How the Brain "Sees" Dreams Emerge WORDS JAMES PATRICK V. DE JESUS Have you ever wondered how we are aware about our dreams, and how we see them? When we sleep, there are phenomenons wherein we are able to see different images or visualizations which we call DREAMS. Dreams are the imaginary creations of our mind and series of images that occur while we are sleeping. But have you ever wondered how these images occur? Wonder no more because a recent study has found an explanation for that. Even if we are sleeping, some organs of our body do not stop from functioning. Some of these are the ones we consider as the involuntary muscles such as the heart, the lungs, and the brain. We are just on a resting state but there are parts that are still voluntarily moving and some of those are our nerve cells. Nerve cells or neurons don’t just transmit messages to our brain; they also let us see the natural world even when we are asleep. A report from scientists Thomas Andrillon, Yuval Nir, Chiara Cirelli, Giulio Tononi, and Itzhak Fried in Nature Communications, an open-access science journal published online found out that the spooky eyes movements while we are asleep are behaviors that are connected to our nerve cells. Meanwhile, these tiny cells help us to see our dreams which can be associated to REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep. REM is a pace in which it is characterized with random movement of the eyes during the stage wherein a sleeper

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sees dreams vividly. According to Laura Sanders of the Science website, the study was conducted through people who had electrodes implanted into their brains, and these electrodes ‘eavesdropped’ on individual nerve cells in the Medial Temporal Lobe (MTL). MTL is a brain area known for being essential for declarative and long-term memory such as facts and events. Eye movements while awake and in the stage of REM sleep showed similar behavior on the nerve cells in MTL, in which the researchers found a hint that these may help a person who is sleeping to “see” dreams. There has been experimental research done with participants regarding this discovery. The participants were asked to sleep, having electrodes implanted deep into their brains as a treatment for epilepsy. The researchers found out that as people moved their eyes while they are asleep, single neurons in the MTL showed distinct behaviour, which is similar when we are awake. These neurons become sluggish just before REM and only springing into action after they moved their eyes. Regarding the research, the researchers haven’t been able to ask their participants about the quality of their dreams. In this case, they can’t conclude how neurons’ behaviour might relate to dream imagery.

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The Cramming:

Making Your Overnight Productive



for instances that your group needs the

liest thing on earth and at the same

where you only have an overnight to

help of social media, be much disci-

time tempting: the bed. If possible,

finish a job, don’t panic, breathe, and

plined in knowing your limitations and

work in the living room and not in the

follow these tips:

keep in mind that you have a deadline

bedroom. Because no matter how

to beat…time management is always

1. Make a draft ahead of time – Research your topic before the over-

much you avoid it, once your body

the key here.

lingers on the soft mattress, you can’t

night. Having ideas about what you

5. No movie marathon – Re-

are doing will help you to do the job

ally, spend an hour or two in watch-

9. Bring a clown – Bring a clown

faster and easier. It will not leave your

ing movies when you’re supposed

who always throws jokes to bring back

group vacant or do not know what the

to be doing important tasks? I know

the momentum of his sleepy group-

next step is. The members will not be

watching movies is one of the most

mates. Always remember that when-

tempted to do unimportant stuff that

popular bonding activities for a group

ever there is a grouping, import a fun-

will slow the work down.

of friends whenever there is an over-

ny member where his role is to assure

night, but for situations when you have

2. Follow a timeline – Make a de-

that there will be no dead air during

a scarcity in time, movie marathon is

the overnight period.

tailed flow of what to do for every hour

just a no-no.




so there will be no time that will be

Bring a bucket – Bring a

help but have a good sleep.

10. Set an alarm – Set an alarm

wasted. Everyone in the group must


have discipline in following the time-

bucket, a bucket of coffee! Buy a lot of

pending on the length and difficulty of

line to be able to meet the deadline

coffee and prepare to be drunk; drunk

the task. Through this, you can monitor

in the end of the day. (Remember, the

in a sense that you are awake for the

the passing of time and try to equal it

goal is to meet or beat the deadline.)

rest of the night. And get ready to al-

on the progress of your work.

for at least one to two hours apart de-

most drain your brain for the conclu-

3. Know your role – It is impor-

sion of paper works. Remember that

tant that each member knows his role

it is a must to be almost drained, not

on their team so everyone will work

fully drained because you still have a


intensively to absorb large volume of

The concept of cramming

and finish a part of the entire project. It

reporting the following morning.

the deadline, do you have what

information in short amount of time

can either bring you to heaven or drag

is also a way to make a balanced prog-

it takes to meet it or beat it?

and produce a product that most of

you to hell depending on how it will

ress that is essential to have a strong






The superman within each

the time, either a big blast or a messed

be handled. Even I have a personal ex-

outcome with almost no loop holes at

7. Do not turn on the air conditioner – The best way to sleep is

student awakens when you are eager

up! Whether you are a happy-go-lucky

perience on finding myself in jeopardy


with soft pillow inside a cold room.

to maximize the next few minutes af-

or studious type of student, there is no

after our group did not exert enough

ter wasting hours for leisure and fun.

way that you did not – for once – ex-

time and effort for a project that led

Here, there is no other choice but to

perience making projects, finalizing re-

me down to a term grade of 73.6! You

4. Avoid different forms of distraction – Logging out social

get a job done so there is a feeling

ports, or reviewing notes for examina-

can only imagine how difficult it was to

media accounts and staying away from

that all ideas are coming out. This is

tions with only a few minutes left in the

be on that situation and even more dif-

other unrelated activities will lead you

a behavior where an individual works

clock. Oh, call it ‘cramming’.

ficult to go out of it.

to focus on doing your work. However,

67 | O M E G A

Do not open the air condition so you won’t get sleepy and be able to continue your work.

8. Stay away from bed (as much as possible) – It is the love-

Cramming is a call of nature for every student that will test their self-discipline, perseverance, and patience on getting a job done. These tips can possibly help on improving the way of working in a sense that cramming will be lessen. However, this does not mean that you must practice such because no matter how you look at it, cramming is never a good idea. It is always best to get a job done as early as possible for you to avoid stress and have more hours of sleep. Because hey, who doesn’t want sleep?

O M E G A | 68


Life is boring without a little dosage of stupidity. Moments that you have enjoyed are usually remembered when gone as memories, yet some of those are the few things in your life that you wanted to be forgotten. Moments of embarrassment are usually thrown at the back of our minds, only to be forgotten. However, these are still a bit of fulfillment when you shared awesome but ridiculous things with the people you are most comfortable with. Wherever your feet brings you, take a look back on your own “been there, done that” stories. P e r i o d i ca l exa m d ays Remember the time when the definition of hell week is periodical exam? Periodical exam is nothing compared to what the real hell week really means. You know to yourself it is important, but the new episode of your favorite tv show is your top priority. You pretend to read studiously so your mom gets satisfied and lets you watch without any idea that you are about to have a failing grade on the report card. T h e t r i c ks yo u p u ll t o p l ay o u t s i d e It is all about the game and fun during childhood. Playing larong pinoy, which is not so famous nowadays, was all that was in your mind. When everything is ready, your mom just tells you to sleep in the afternoon before she lets you play with your friends. You wanted to play with other children but the only thing to do is either sleep first

69 | O M E G A

or just watch through the window. Those times when you pretend to sleep, closing your eyes for about an hour then run quickly to go out but your mom is just old enough and can’t be fooled by a seven-year old child. T h e m a g i c o f t ea c h ers a n d FLA M ES To y’all “Love at first sight” fanatics, remember the time highschool was all about FLAMES, crushes, who’s hot and who’s not?. High school is all about optimism. It is when you think anything is possible and will last forever. It is when first hug, first dance, first kiss, first date feel so magical with your first love. You were so blinded with someone and you tell yourself that he looks like a Hollywood star even when the rest of the gang can’t see it. You started borrowing slum books just to know his crush or used “FLAMES” on both of your names. T h e sa c r i fi c es w e d o fo r lo v e All things are well, it even come up to the point that you cut classes, do not eat so much because you are worried of being fat, buy expensive items like those colored square Bench towels using the allowance provided by your parents, you even took responsibility of his paper works, doing anything you can just to make him feel loved by a martyr like you. A martyr who is literally head over heels in love with him in the morning but he still chose to kiss someone else in the evening. You just got screwed in the end of the day and felt so stupid for being in love with someone who is not even human. But the more stupid fact is you still cried for that break-up.

T h e wo r ry-f r e e l i f e Instead of being in a relationship, some belong in row 4 or 5 who is an epitome of teachers’ nightmare. These teenagers have fun without realizing that the authority always wins. Suddenly, the squad find themselves on series of contests. Those who used to laugh during pageants is now the contestant who got cheered by his or her friends with crazy banners. The other one was forced to memorize and act convincingly during a story telling contest. While the rest felt embarrassed dancing with cultural attire saying that is what squad goals is really about. No matter what the reason is why you were heartbroken, either a break-up or teachers’ power, this is one of those times when friends became your family with cold beer helping you to forget everything. T h e s i s a n d ov e r n i g h t Time flies so fast! You are now in college. College is the most unique chapter in your life. There are new friends to make in a very different environment. It is not that easy as you think where you will be tested physically, psychologically, and socially. A lot of emotions are going around. This is what real hell week is about. When you need to go home late because of school works but still punished for that since your parents don’t believe in you. There is no fault in your part at all but got annoyed so you started to be a pretty little rebel next time you have an overnight with a friend. The overnight when you look so busy on phone call with your parents but the reality is you are busy on winning beer pong. You lived life to the fullest that night without thinking about the thesis that was due the next day. The ambitious move of drinking liquors while making thesis, because at some point you think it’ll help you when really, it just made you fall asleep; believing that you can nail both things at the very same time with the group.

In the end, being serious in life is not bad in a way that it will prevent you to be on unstable situation. But being stupid is sometimes legendary. Yes, it is sometimes legendary for you to have memories to be remembered years from. Trust me, one day, when you think of it, you will just catch yourself smiling and saying, “Man, that was wild”.

O M E G A | 70


It is quite impressive how once-famous personalities managed to endure the tight competition in the business then be pulled out from the peak of their popularity in an instant. They are outshined by other talents or swept off the trends that imposed the standards of the entertainment industry. Some are gone but still remembered while the others are left to be forgotten. These are the people who rose to the top only to be thrown in the pits where their short-lived popularity is now a history.

Ingenious Moniker Tanya Markova is a unique Filipino rock band who got their name from Filipina actress Tanya Garcia and “Markova” who is a gay character played by Dolphy for the biographical dramatic film entitled, “Markova: Comfort Gay”. Their music brought a fresh breeze of concept due to its humorous and eerie songs that are diversionary, new and at the same time entertaining to one’s ears. However, their self-titled album was not followed therefore hindering their brimming fame until 2015 last year. Timing, the band responds, was one of the reasons why their debut was not followed with another album. In May 2015, they announced through their official Twitter account that they will be releasing their second album around the month of December. This is what their fans had been anticipating after the group made it to the MYX top charts on 2010 with their songs Disney and Picture Picture. Even with their five-year break from the mainstream music industry, they have been singing on venues out-

71 | O M E G A

side the Metro and performing in huge gigs. The band is notable with their make-up and costumes in their music videos and their melodies have become a stand out from the known premises of metal and pop rock.

Actor turned Painter Hero Angeles bloomed as one of the hottest young stars in 2004 during his time as an actor for ABS-CBN. Ten years gone from the business, Hero Angeles appears on ASAP’s 20th anniversary celebration as a sign of friendship after ending his contract in 2005 due to conflicts that arose between the two sides. Before going out on the big screen, his life after Star Circle Quest was fruitful with screen partner Sandara Park as they starred in Can This Be Love which grossed over 100 million pesos nationwide as it hit the box office on summer of 2005. That same year, Hero Angeles ended his contract with ABS-CBN and moved in to GMA Network as he was consequently finishing his college degree. After graduating from University of the Philippines-Diliman with a Fine Arts degree, he pursued his passion for painting and is known for his remarkable coffee artwork which he uses to make masterpieces. He names his works as “Kopinta” which he posts on his online art gallery called Artcetero. With his refined looks and a well-maintained figure, Hero Angeles proves to be a prolific artist even after leaving the screens and becoming a distant memory others hope to see again.

Grown–up Child Star Before Ryzza Mae Dizon rose to fame after her Little Miss Philippines stint in 2012, Jillian Ward was one of GMA Network’s promising child actresses. The child star was known for her roles in dramatic telenovelas like Trudis Liit and for her strong, familial bond with the circle of Eat Bulaga personalities that instantly turned her into the network’s sweetheart. Jillian Ward’s image was completely illuminated by the arrival of Ryzza Mae Dizon who despite not coming from a stellar background, overcame all fear with her petite humor and social connection with the audiences. Today, she remains relevant as a fashion-forward tween and an aspiring singer under the management of GMA Network.

Singer-Songwriter Himig Handog P-pop Love Songs provided us a roster of excellent songwriters who swooned the hearts of the listeners and in 2013, she did just that. Marion Aunor sang her original song entitled If You Ever Change Your Mind that earned her the third spot and

aired on the radio for months. The song was arguably the most memorable in the competition with the theme “Mga Awit at Kwento ng Pusong Pilipino” and Aunor delivered a relatable and heart wrenching song for the brokenhearted youth. Unfortunately, Marion Aunor’s voice did not pierce through the country’s traditional recognition of balladeers all of whom are prevalent in number. Her music continues to allure the industry but so far, the audience is not yet ready to give up on the power-belter scene. Even so, the multi-talented singer continues to compose songs with a diverse array of genres from pop to jazz and other musical fusions.

Volleybelle Archenemies Dela Salle University and Ateneo de Manila University had reached the volleyball scene and have been the two pillars that added the sport as a Filipino favorite after Ateneo’s victory over the Green Archers, a history maker after several years of championship battles. Only a few acknowledges however, who the underdogs were amidst the brewing storm that was conjured by the Lady Eagles.

Jennelyn Reyes was on the spotlight along with her team on UAAP Season 75, a year before Ateneo crushed the three-peat record of DLSU. The libero of National University’s Lady Bulldogs was the smallest among her team of towers. On UAAP 75, she received two awards, namely the Best Receiver and Best Digger. These, along with their uprising to fourth place, marked the name of the NU Bulldogs as a powerhouse of tall sportsmen in 2013 up until today and Reyes’ legacy continues to the veteran league. She is the best defensive strategist even after her UAAP days. Her team’s legendary tale struggle to the final four remains in the hearts of the fans who, even with the popularity of other teams, never forgot.

Even with how they come and go in our screens, these artists stay as sweet memories left untouched by those who replaced them. These are stars who twinkle at night but fade by day, only that we can still feel their radiance igniting our emotions even when we can no longer see them as bright as the stars above.

O M E G A | 72


Hey Lyceans! Looking forward to work into prestigious and well-known companies after graduation? Well, On-the-Job Training (OJT) is your chance to show what you’ve got. OJT provides a first-hand experience on what the real world is, how it feels like, and what it takes to be fit on it. It also aims for you to learn a lot about your chosen field and develop the inner skills you already have. Furthermore, the performance during the internship has an important role in helping you secure a job after college. So, it will be great to catch the superiors’ attention since the very first day of the training. The following are the OJT tips that will help you get a job soon enough. Before List down. Make a list of the companies where you want to have your OJT. Having a specific target will surely motivate and help you save time and money in applying for internship. Put together an impressive resume. Where else can employers have an access to know if you are fit for the job? No other than your resume! Present yourself through a resume that includes your involvement to extracurricular activities and volunteer works. Employers mostly look for students with the capacity to lead and have the value of volunteerism. It is also important that you include your special skills that are relevant to your desired position. Showing all these positive and impressive qualities is what will make the employers be interested with you and eventually want you for the job. Proofread. I know you don’t want your impressive resume to have typographical errors and so

73 | O M E G A

do your employers. Even though you are the most qualified student for the position, having your document be filled with typographical errors, doesn’t excuse you to lose that dream position. Nobody wants a careless person who pays no attention to small details, especially the employers. So if you want to appear as someone who is skillful and mindful, take some time to proof-read all the documents you are to submit and you’re sure to see those in the approved pile. Apply early. Submitting your resume early will help you in having a greater chance to be chosen as an intern. This means punctuality is one of the qualities that companies look for an intern or new employee. Research. Part of your application stage is to get to know the company you’re applying for. It is important that you search for its history and achievements so you can have in mind the kind of company that you could possibly be working with and be part of their achievements. Know. Identify the duties and responsibilities of an intern. Knowing your role on a company will help you to maximize and get the job done well. During Be friendly and respectful. Being amicable and humble will give the people you are working with a good impression about you. It helps you build friendship and makes you feel good about yourself. In addition, people you meet during your OJT may be your connection to the corporate world, so never forget to treat them with respect. Learn. There is a big chance that you will be accepted by a company without any idea of

what really happens on the field. Remember the important details through the hands-on experience for you to already know what to do when you become professional. Bring. There may be a time that no intern work is assigned to you. Have any book to read or gadget (e.g. phone, tablet) in your bag so you will not get bored. However, if these distract you too much from your OJT, it is best for you to put it on silent mode or turn it off. Act professionally. Applying for internship is like looking for the actual job. If you show good qualities as an intern now, then you may also show the same things as an employee soon. So, act like a professional. Avoid tardiness and mind your attendance. If your trainer notices your efforts in attending punctually and completing your internship, you may be offered a full-time position from their company. After Submit. When you are done with your OJT, pass all the requirements needed to your practicum adviser as early as you can. It will help you to have a higher grade in your practicum subject. Use. Apply all the lessons you’ve learned during your OJT in school or in your future work. Your adviser and your trainer will definitely be proud that you have acquired all the lessons the practicum aims to teach. We all want to see the fruit of our hard works by achieving our dream job after graduating. Secure a good internship and use that opportunity to make a good impression, leave a mark, and achieve that dream career!

O M E G A | 74


a tale of


decades The Sentinel's 30th Year Special

It probably is a problem when you have a friend who has it all – designer shoes, branded clothes, expensive bags – and you have to buy him/her a gift for a special occasion. Suddenly buying a gift for that friend becomes a tiring search and you end up having the same result over and over again. If that’s so, why not give that friend something memorable, something that holds a special story? If you’re having a hard time thinking of a gift for someone who has it all, here’s a list to assist you. This list may not be as fancy as the things he/she has, but this is surely worth to be treasured. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

The novel that made you both in love with reading…plus made you two a little bit closer. The food that you introduced to him which he doesn’t like first but eventually became his favorite. The perfume that only reminds you of him. The folk dance costume that made him embarrassed. The guitar which he used only to play the squad’s favorite acoustic songs. The deck of cards that made your group awake for the entire night. The pair of shoes he lent when your feet got swollen from wearing high heels while he walks barefooted. His favorite shirt of yours that he borrowed and spent the rest of the year in his closet. The candies you both ate in order to survive a boring class with your bipolar professor. The examination that you do not know how on Earth you have passed. The favorite 10-peso worth of coffee that led you to stand tall during thesis nights. The blanket you used to cover her on the night she had a flu. The umbrella you shared during rainy season. The bottle that wrapped your graduation. The photograph of the gang that surely makes her cry.

Those little things from the past that you shared together will definitely not end there but will last forever. Sure there are a lot more things than the ones included in the list. Whether you can make a hundred more lists, always remember that the value of the gift is not measured on how big the amount is but the true feelings you shed in it. Gifts are always extra special when they come from the heart. No matter how small or big it is, as long as it reflects how you truly appreciate the person; that would definitely be the best gift a person could ever receive.

75 | O M E G A

O M E G A | 76

30 years ago... Lyceum of the Philippines, then still a college, witnessed the making of its very own watchdog after a series of unfortunate events. Lyceans had to go through several failed attempts to have a medium of expression that will give them the right to seek, receive, and impart information and to represent their own opinions. On February 26, 1985, then president of the Lyceum Central Student Government (LYCESGO) Ferdinand Gaite and other student leaders brought the issue to the attention of the administration; addressing then school president Sotero H. Laurel about unbinding The Lyceum from its trisectoral nature to an independent student publication. Unfortunately, Laurel was steadfast in keeping The Lyceum as it is because of its sentimental value to the school. At that time, The Lyceum was the only magazinepublication circulated to the administration, faculty, and students of the university. But the fight for freedom of expression didn’t end there. Gaite and the other student leaders proposed the idea of having another publication that would represent the students to which Laurel agreed in the condition that both mediums will have a 50-50 sharing of the publication funds. Though uncertain at first, Gaite and company agreed... believing that it’s a good start. The Task Force Independent Paper (TFIP) was created as its proposed charter (a 12-page draft consisting of 14 Articles) was unanimously approved.

Gaite’s term came to an end after the 1985 LYCESGO elections coincided with a plebiscite asking the students if they would agree in having an independent student paper. A total of 6,721 voted ‘yes’ and only 316 voted ‘no’, while 573 abstained. Hence, the establishment of the paper took a big leap with the plebiscite’s legal effect. But everything backfired when the administration made its own version of the charter that was different from what the TFIP constructed; wherein, all ways go against the independence of the paper. LYCESGO and TFIP led 6 days of protests. November 24-29, 1985 were days of barricaded gates and suspended classes. Both sides continued negotiations until December 9, where the administration finally gave in. One year after the 6-day protest, LYCESGO President Marivic Banico created an ad hoc committee and arranged the editorial board examination for the pioneer batch on April 1986. The results came out two weeks later having Eduardo Marfori as the first Editor-in-Chief. Marfori, along with his staff, and other members of the TFIP voted on the official name of the paper; baptizing it as “The Lyceum Independent Sentinel”. Sentinel, which name means guard, became the fourth estate of Lyceum. It become the warden of truth and the watchdog of real campus press freedom of Lyceans in the Manila campus. (from the The Sentinel’s First Newsletter Issue: The Making of A Watchdog)

A salute to the first commander

of the watchdog.


First Editor-in-Chief of The LPU Independent Sentinel

77 | O M E G A

O M E G A | 78


Representing the 1st and

2nd years of The Sentinel WORDS RHOLYNDA CHRYSE E. GONZALO


“Troubles may come my way, but I won’t be fazed. I think that’s one of the lessons I learned from The Sentinel.”

“The Sentinel, kumbaga, withstood the test of time.”

Hearing his voice is enough to tell how far he’s gone in the broadcast industry; and to think he was part of the pioneer batch. Alan Allanigue finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism back in 1988 and is currently the Station Manager of Philippine Broadcasting Service’s flagship station, DZRB Radyo ng Bayan. Allanigue was the first Associate Editor of The Lyceum Independent Sentinel, and eventually became the second Editor-in-Chief after topping the editorial examination the following year. “We were a small staff then in terms of numbers,” he said, remembering the old times. “Yung early days ng Sentinel aside from providing news, it also tried to be a medium of expression ng talent ng ibang mga estudyante, we even put in articles from ordinary students who wish to have their works published.” Allanigue added that he finds his days in the Sentinel fun, tiring, and fulfilling. “Syempre, may feeling of fulfilment every time lalabas yung issue niyo. Ina-anticipate ng staff, ina-antic-

79 | O M E G A

Writing For A Living

ipate din ng mga estudyante. Andyan yung mga positive comments, meron ding negative comments, ganoon naman talaga eh. But I find it very fulfilling,” he said. “Yung bonding din ng staff na nakikita mo lalo kapag time ng presswork. Those small things are memorable para sa akin,” he added. The radio announcer shared the training he had in the Sentinel helped him a lot in his career. “I became very strict to myself and the Sentinel staff when it comes to being accurate to the contents of the newspaper; pati sa tamang paraan ng pagkakasulat at grammar. Iyon ang mga nakaapekto sa akin hanggang sa ngayong napapadpad ako sa radyo at ngayong ako ay nagtuturo.” Allanigue is very happy to see the Sentinel, which was born from struggles and has gone a long way; pointing out how the newsletter has produced more publications aside from the newsletter such as the literary folio and magazines. He also expects that The Sentinel will continue for many years to come. “Tatlong dekada na, hang-

gang ngayon ay buhay na buhay pa at patuloy na yumayabong, ika nga. Kahit na unti-unting nagbabago ang panahon, The Sentinel, kumbaga, withstood the test of time,” he expressed. To the current and future Sentinel staff, Allanigue advised them to be dedicated in their chosen crafts. “Ang success ay nagsisimula sa pagtitiyaga. Kung meron kang isang craft na nagustuhan at plano mong gawing career iyon, kinakailangan nandoon ang iyong dedication. It will all start from there,” he shared. Allanigue also said that if you are dedicated in your chosen field, you will give it your best shot. “Broadcasting and journalism are best learned by actually doing it,” he added. Allanigue believes that The Sentinel is a very good training ground for journalists, “Later on, I would like to believe na lahat ng nanggaling sa Lyceum Independent Sentinel can look back with pride at sasabihing, ‘Ay, dahil sa Sentinel, marami akong natutunan, nakatulong ng malaki ‘yan kung saan ako naroroon ngayon”.

Despite being an accountancy student, young Marlon Mente enjoyed sitting in journalism classes to improve his writing skills. Mente’s passion for writing led him to The Lyceum Independent Sentinel, who became a literary editor and eventually, the third Editor-inChief of the publication. “Nobody encouraged me to join [The Sentinel]. I just enjoyed taking exams back then, and I was testing if I can penetrate in the writing world, then I passed. This pursued me to continue writing because I wouldn’t have passed if I don’t have the ability,” he said. Being a literary editor for two years, Mente had a knack for scriptwriting. While in The Sentinel, he wrote his first major full-length play entitled, ‘Habang May Nawawalang Lalaki sa Dilim ng Gabi’. This has ignited his love for writing plays. Mente enjoyed his three-year stay in The Sentinel; made friends with journalism and mass communication students and being identified as one of them. At the same time, he was also the artistic director of Teatro Liceo, a theatre organization in LPU now known as Tanghalang Batingaw. Amidst the happiness Mente had experienced in the publication, the Sentinel also had its dark days. Mente and his colleagues were part of those who struggled to have an independent student publication back in 1985. They rallied for a month before The Lyceum Independent Sentinel, came to life. “We closed the school for

a month and students often have no classes because there is so much militant force in Lyceum during our time,” he remembered. Mente discussed publishing news about the dangers in the university won’t give it a good image and probably won’t be approved by the administration. He said The Sentinel is a publication of the students and they can write anything they want to, regardless of humor or vulgarity. “As long as the editor wanted to print it, it will be printed,” he said. As a man of the arts, Mente also struggled to improve his craft in literary writing. Actually, after taking up his master’s degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Accounting in LPU, Mente’s first job was not related to his course. Having a background in The Sentinel, Mente said finding a job was not difficult. “I was hired by the National Task Research Center Department of Finance as a researcher. At the same time, I’m having a part-time job as a professor in Lyceum, San Beda, Mapua, PLM [Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila], and AMA Computer University,” he explained. He taught economics, management marketing, taxation, literature, and humanities. Mente, who is now 50, and working as an administrative staff under Commissioner Arthur Lim in the Commission on Elections (COMELEC), still continues to write and direct plays in Teatro Intramuros. He founded this non-profit community way back in 1987 which aims to enhance Filipino appreciation for culture and history

through theatre arts. His membership in The Sentinel has contributed enough in his personality and writing skills. “Sentinel helped me enough. I learned discipline, script writing, and language appreciation. I should have taken journalism or major in literature. I don’t know why I ended up in accountancy. But I already started it, and accountancy is the practical side of life,” Mente said with a smile. He related chaotic Sentinel to his life but despite that, he still accepted it. Sentinel has shaped his personality to what he is now. “Troubles may come my way, but I won’t be fazed. I think that’s one of the lessons I learned from The Sentinel,” he said. Mente also learned to tame down on his activist side during his stay in The Sentinel. “I learned how to fight, how to stop and fix the problem in a way that nobody gets hurt, but at least the message will be conveyed. I brought the lesson that I learned in the Sentinel, to ask nicely to everybody. I learned to compromise. Sometimes in this world you have to meet halfway,” he expressed. Mente would like to see Sentinel maintain its well-written articles and independence ten years from now. He believes in the skills of Lyceum students and to those who pass the Sentinel exam. Lastly, he told the current and future Sentinel staff to continue writing and keep reading. “How dare you write without reading?” Mente told The Sentinel.

O M E G A | 80

From Rookie Campus Reporter to Professional Broadcast Journalist WORDS LAUREN IAN MARIE G. MAGTIRA

“Nakatulong yung Sentinel kasi you’re coming in na hindi ka baso na walang laman na totally bagitong-bagito, walang kaexpe-experience.”

Even though Reginald Espiritu only worked in The Sentinel for one academic year as a reporter, it didn’t hinder him from being a channel of pro-student ideologies. How He Started A graduating Mass Communications student back in 1988-1989, Espiritu took the path of being a writer. Upon entering the student publication, Espiritu was already contributing to the Ang Bata Magazine under Communication Foundation for Asia. Espiritu also got fascinated with columns – how people write their opinions. “Kapag nakakabasa ako ng mga magagandang analysis ng lipunan, social commentaries, parang nacha-challenge ako. Kaya ko bang gawin ‘to?” Then he decided that it’s time to challenge himself by joining The Sentinel. Experience in Sentinel Describing his stay in Sentinel with one word, he regarded it as ‘stormy’ with him stating, “Nakakatakot yung term namin noon”. Filled with suspense, it was a time when the university was battling with tuition fee increase rallies. There was a point when students would boycott their classes and protested at the LPU Quadrangle. One time, Marlon Mente, the Editor-in-Chief at that time, was standing on a higher ground talking to students through a megaphone. On one side stood the university security guards while on the other stood

81 | O M E G A

the Sentinel staff with Espiritu holding Mente’s arm. It was a tug-of-war. In regards to newspaper management, Espiritu admitted that their system wasn’t much organized. However, he saw how the staff is welldriven. “Kahit na hindi mo ako bigyan ng instructions, alam ko yung gagawin ko. May kusang-palo, may initiative,” he said. Espiritu was proud of his batch despite everything he experienced mentioning that those helped him know others not only as students but also their well-being. How it Helped Him in the Professional Field Before securing his career, he recalled how he was welcomed in the professional world after graduating. It was a bigger challenge this time since not only do Lyceans are the ones trying to land a job in a publication. There were also days when he had limited money to buy food and it was a struggle to travel from his home to various company locations. Eventually, he started as a researcher for ABS-CBN’s Magandang Gabi, Bayan. He also became a reporter for Lider and Today. He then became a newswriter for RMN-DZXL before joining DZRH in 1999 where he is currently one of the station’s managing editors. How Sentinel Influenced Him In the course of his Sentinel work, he proved to himself that a career in media is what he truly wanted and the experience helped him in entering the professional world. “Nakatu-

long yung Sentinel kasi you’re coming in na hindi ka baso na walang laman na totally bagitong-bagito, walang kaexpe-experience.” If there’s one thing that he truly values from his Sentinel experience, it’s the work ethic. He shared, “Parang sa trabaho. Pagpasok ka na hindi mo naman alam ang mangyayari. Alam mong tungkol sa balita yung gagawin mo pero ano ang circumstance, ano ang sitwasyon, hindi mo alam yun”. It is also about the initiative in correcting yourself, teaching yourself, and educating yourself. In writing, one of his realizations is how to help the readers understand a story and letting them know that this is a service to the audience. He said that the stories should speak with students and that is when the readers will engage with the story. “Ang bottomline, dapat maintindihan yung sinasabi mo. Kung hindi natin nagagawa, ano pang saysay ng mga dyaryo natin, magazine, broadcast?” Espiritu is pleased that The Sentinel is on its 30th year, stating that it is good that the publication is still communicating with the Lyceans. In its staying power, there is still a chance to fight for what is worth telling. Despite the difficulty and challenges of handling a student publication, Espiritu believed, “Ang media outlet na ganyan, dyaryo, importante yan. May malaking responsibilidad yan. Hindi man sa bayan, at least sa bayan ng Lyceum, sa community ng Lyceum. So ang gawin ng mga nagpapatakbo niyan, gawin ang dapat gawin. Ibalita ang dapat ibalita. Magalit ang magagalit. Tamaan ang matamaan”.


“Anu’t ano pa man, hindi ko malilimutan ang Lyceum. Mahal natin yan. Kasi diyan ko nakilala yung pambansang sitwasyon. Mamumulat ka diyan.”

Success for him is more than just receiving awards. Success for him is about achieving what your heart desires. A current news desk editor of GMA News and Public Affairs, Nathaniel Santos shared that it is the injustice in social issues that made him decide to take public administration at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP). Santos does not consider himself successful for he has not yet attained all of his desires in life. “Yung success, relative siya. I find it [na] hindi pa [ako] ganun ka-successful. Kasi unanguna, hindi ko pa na-aattain yung gusto ko. Marami pa akong gustong gawin. Gusto ko pang maging abogado.” Although it may seem late, Santos said that his taking up of public administration is his initial step to help in solving social issues in the country. After all, it is never too late to become who we might have been and who we wanted to be. As the Editor-in-Chief During the 90s, LPU was faced with issues like faculty strike, students boycotting their classes, and two weeks of non-operation in the campus. Seeing these issues as problems that need to be addressed, Santos took the examination for The Sentinel and became the Editor-in-Chief for A.Y. 1991-1992. He saw this as an opportunity to help raise these issues and be given appropriate solutions. “Kasi yun nga, nakita mo yung mga issues...I was hoping na kako in my own little way, makatulong tayo sa kaunting pagbabago in terms of services. So ano yung paraan na yun? Wala naman akong kakayahang tumakbo kasi hindi naman ako ganun ka-popular. So ang gagawin mo lang ay yung sa school paper,” Santos shared. Everyone in the editorial board during his term was new to the publication. Neither one of them was part of the previous batch. But this does not hinder them from delivering stories that are relevant to the campus during their time. They even managed to release newsletter issues every month. “Ang maganda, napagkaisahan ng editorial board that time na talagang we’ll come up with an issue and face the consequences. Yung solid na undertaking namin na magkaisa kasi nga, tayo ‘to eh, walang sasalo sa atin.

Walang maninindigan sa atin. Tayu-tayo na ito,” Santos said. Santos also shared some of the struggles he faced when he took the highest position in The Sentinel – censorship and students disagreeing with their stand. But basing it in the real situation, Santos said it is inevitable to receive criticisms from readers. What a newspaper organization can do is to treat these as opportunities to grow and improve. He shared, “You cannot please them all. Iexpect niyo na ‘yan. Walang ipi-please ang isang dyaryo kahit na sino pa ang umupo diyan. Ano yan pagbibigyan mo lahat? Hindi naman pwede yun…Wag kang sumunod sa kapritso ng iilan. When you say iilan, iilan lang talaga. Maiingay na iilan. At ‘pag nag-ingay kala mo buong mundo nakakarinig. So ganun siya, yun ang kakaharapin mo lagi”. Life After Sentinel Some say that having an experience in a school publication is already an edge when you enter the real world. And Santos proved that it is indeed an advantage. Though he did not finish his journalism degree in LPU, Santos had the chance to work in various newspaper organizations from 1992 to 2000. While working for print, he decided to enter the broadcast industry in 1995 and started working in GMA-DZBB in 1998 as radio writer, announcer, and field reporter. Although he was already working in one of the biggest radio broadcast organizations, he still managed to write for print as it was his passion. “During that time kasi nung nasa ‘double B’ ako, DZBB, nag-cocontribute ako ng mga stories sa Manila Chronicle, The Standard. Raket lang. Kasi ‘pag nagsulat ka, hahanap-hanapin mo.” Santos also worked for TV in 2000 until he became the News Desk Editor of GMA News and Public Affairs. On Not Finishing His Degree One of the most challenging events that happened in Santos’ life was when he was expelled and was not given the chance to finish his degree in LPU – which reason he chose not to mention.

This, however, did not stop him from achieving his goals in life. He enrolled for an off-campus business administration program in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) and currently taking his master’s degree in public administration in PUP. Despite being expelled from LPU, Santos did not hold anything against the university but rather see his experience from it as life lessons. “Anu’t ano pa man, hindi ko malilimutan ang Lyceum. Mahal natin yan. Kasi diyan ko nakilala yung pambansang sitwasyon. Mamumulat ka diyan,” he shared. “Mahalin mo ang Lyceum kasi kung hindi ka nagtuntong diyan, hindi ka magkakaroon ng bahagyang dunong.” Acquired Lessons Santos knows that different individuals mean different ways of thinking. And he sees this as a lesson he would treasure for life. “Nakita mo na kahit sa anong aspeto ng buhay mo, makikita mo, hindi lahat ay susunod sa’yo. May sarili silang mundo and that is part ng organization. Ang challenge na lang doon ay kung paano mo makukuha ang simpatya at cooperation nila sa pamamagitan ng mga desisyon na ilalabas mo,” Santos said. Lessons for the Current and Future Editorial Board As the former Editor-in-Chief, he might have experienced every challenge and became successful in surpassing each of it. Taking his experiences both in The Sentinel and in his work, he wants the current and future editorial board to be firmed in whatever issues or stories they have collectively decided to put out in every newsletter issue. Also, he shared that the editorial board should hear and write the issues present during their term and don’t wait until time will pass them by. “Manindigan ka dahil ito yung panawagan during your time. Kasi yung time mo, iba-iba ang isyu. Pagka hindi ka nanindigan at hindi mo pinosisyunan yung sa tingin mo’y tama, darating yung panahon, wala ka na dito, pagsisisihan mo kasi hindi na maibabalik yun,” Santos expressed.

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When opportunity knocks on your door WORDS AYSHEA B. PERUCHO

Sentinel’s pride overseas WORDS JARREN HILL S. REPEDRO

“My experience with the student publication has given me, more than anything else, the foundation and confidence to pursue a career in corporate communications.” “I-grab mo yung opportunity kung meron. Pero ano rin, i-pursue mo yung what makes you happy in a way.” Although he didn’t make it to enter Philippine Military Academy – which was his first choice, he is now happy and contented working as the program anchor of Good Morning Inquirer, central desk radio representative of Inquirer Group of Companies, and supervisor of the Radyo Inquirer’s website. Denevin Macaranas has surely proven himself in the field of journalism. He was then a 3rd year college student when he started working as a reporter at DZXL Radio Mindanao Network, and Tribune newspaper. Later on during his practicum, he worked for RMN radio station where he was absorbed as a production assistant. Macaranas graduated in 1996 with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism which was really his second choice. He wanted to enter Philippine Military Academy only that his father did not allow him. In 2008, he left RMN and worked as the executive producer of Imbestigador for DZBB and later on transferred to the news department of DZBB where he also became the news director. Perhaps it wasn’t the work for him. In 2009, Macaranas received a call from the former station manager and news director of The Phil-

83 | O M E G A

ippine Daily Inquirer, telling him that they will open their own radio station. Macaranas accepted the offer and on its first airing on September 9, 2010, he was one of the people behind its success. Macaranas is a man who grabs every opportunity life has to offer but he also believes that we must pursue the things that make us happy. “I-grab mo yung opportunity kung meron. Pero ano rin, i-pursue mo yung what makes you happy in a way,” he advised. And just like the others, Macaranas is also experiencing struggles at work. He mentioned that media in our country is stressful. Aside from that, he also misses other special things. “Portion of life mo dun [as a journalist] is vocation. Maraming sacrifices,” he said. As a former staff of The LPU Independent Sentinel, Macaranas experienced to take part in rallies and be pressured because of the Sentinel issues. There was even a time when they experienced facing a libel case but it was dismissed. According to him, Sentinel is a good training ground. “Ang dami naming na-experience kasi nung time namin,” he shared. “Lyceum is known especially for the journalists they produced. Sa batch namin marami ring

napunta sa print. May bentahe. Hindi naman nagkakalat sa field yung mga graduate ng Lyceum,” he added. Macaranas advised the current and future Sentinel staffs to read a lot, observe work ethics, and stick with their morals. “Yung sarili ninyo. Yung morality. Sabi ko nga napakacorrupt ng media. Stick with your morals. ‘Wag kayong palalamon sa sistema.” He also mentioned that as long as the organization sticks to its name, ‘The LPU Independent Sentinel’, it will survive. Macaranas has come a long way in his career. When asked what else he would want to do in the future, he said, “Pagtanda ko bibitawan ko yung news, magdi-DJ ako”. His program would be ‘Music of My Favorite People’. He said his program would play old songs then he would invite two to three resource persons. “Paguusapan lang namin yung life niya before. Yun lang. Radyo pa rin e. Yun na yung libangan ko pagtanda. Radyo pa rin. Iba kasi,” he said. Maybe his dream to become a soldier did not come true, but the choices he made brought him to where he is today, and that is what matters most.

As a young aspirant, former Sentinel Editor-in-Chief Darex Guanzon managed to land a job in a Public Relations firm in Dubai at the age of 23. But before his success, Guanzon was Sentinel’s Managing Editor 2 in 1998 which he described as “a fun and learning opportunity”. The following year, he became the publication’s Editor-in-Chief. Guanzon shared that being the Editor-in-Chief, he has to be involved with student issues while keeping a balance to keep the Sentinel a non-partisan organization. “As Editor-in-Chief, it compelled me to become more involved with student issues while maintaining our non-partisan stance. Finding that balance was a constant challenge especially if you are part of other organizations that are serious about student empowerment,” Guanzon said. After graduating from LPU, Guanzon had a difficult time in landing a job in the Philippines. He

joined two companies in the country but didn’t manage to stay long. At the age of 23, he tried his luck and went to Saudi Arabia where he worked for a PR Management firm, then he moved to Saudi Arabia in 2004 where he is currently based. Guanzon said that he has been fortunate to land on a job that allows him to use his experiences in The Sentinel. “My experience with the student publication has given me, more than anything else, the foundation and confidence to pursue a career in corporate communications,” Guanzon shared. But the road to where he is now was not easy, as Guanzon narrated, “Finding a job is challenging enough as it is, but finding the job that you envision to have is a lot more difficult. Having spent the major part of my professional life abroad, I have to contend with the lack of opportunities in Saudi Arabia given to Asian expats to climb up

the corporate ladder”. As a former member of the Sentinel, Guanzon said his experiences helped him to deal very carefully with facts. “As a communication practitioner whose dealing with internal communications for Saudi Arabia’s largest and leading mining company, factual information is key to engaging staff. When you are part of the student publication, I think that’s the first thing you learn. Checking and double checking the veracity of your information or credibility of your sources. It serves me well up to this day,” Guanzon shared. As a communication specialist, Guanzon said that his experience in The Sentinel taught him the value of credibility. As he described, “When you lose it, it is irreversible”. Guanzon envisions The Sentinel as a publication that grows with time, without losing its identity and staying true to its purpose to bring news that matters.

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A Different Course of Success

Of Choice and Chance



“Don’t let things that are happening in the present distract you from what you want to achieve. If you really want to achieve something, tuloy-tuloy ka lang.”

“Be more aware and appreciative of your role as people who inform the students and raise the students’ awareness about important stuff.” Now a Foreign Service Officer, Class IV and the Principal Assistant to the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs for Policy at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Jonelle John “JJ” S. Domingo is a pride of The Sentinel, an inspiration to his fellow international relations students and an epitome of excellence in the LPU community. Success was never an easy catch. He came across challenges and stepping stones that lead to his feat. Finishing his degree was a struggle for him. He stopped studying in college for two years for various personal reasons. After he graduated, he took preparations for the Foreign Service Officer (FSO) Examination. But because he graduated a little late, he was not able to make it to the deadline of the submission of requirements for the said examination. Thus, he was not able to apply for the examination in 2012. He then decided to work as a teacher at Otsuma Women’s School Tama in Japan for two years. The FSO Examination was a hardship for him. He described this examination as different because it took more than a year and consisted five parts that went on a step-by-step process, wherein one must first pass a certain part in order to proceed to the next. Moreover, when the results will be announced is not known. “So what happened was I was kept hanging, I was in a limbo,” Domingo said. He pursued his career path despite all the risks. It came to a point when his boss asked him to choose between taking the FSO Examination

85 | O M E G A

and keeping his job. And he chose to take the said examination even the chance of passing is not really high. His previous membership in the student publication was not the basis for how he acquired his current work because it did not really require experience in campus journalism. However, The Sentinel contributed essentially on how he does his job, which entails lots of writings, reports, and analysis. The Sentinel helped him in writing journalistic instincts such that analysis is important when there are developments in the news. He became a member of The Sentinel for two years. He joined The Sentinel when he was in first year and was the Managing Editor 2. At 17 years old, he was the youngest managing editor in the history of Sentinel. He was promoted to Managing Editor 1 during his second year. One challenge he faced in The Sentinel was managing people who are senior to him since the rest of the editors are all in fourth year. He was able to apply this experience to his present job because many of the staff in the DFA have been working in the department 10 years before he was born. He got to deal with people of strong personalities. He mentioned that he himself and their Editor-inChief during his stay in The Sentinel have both strong personalities, which caused certain disagreements between the two of them. Yet, he learned that “no matter how strongly you feel about your opinion, no matter how strongly you try to convince the EIC of your opin-

ion, at the end of the day, it is the EIC who decides”. He reminded that one should support the decision of the Editor-in-Chief, especially in front of the staffers. He related this lesson to his present job in a way that one has to defend the decision of the boss or the president as if one believes it, even if one does not. He wanted the current and the future staffers of The Sentinel to be more curious and to have a journalistic instinct. He expressed that a good staffer of The Sentinel reports on the controversial issues that really matter to the students and usually goes indepth. “Be more aware and appreciative of your role as people who inform the students and raise the students’ awareness about important stuff,” Domingo said. He pointed out the quality and relevance of the articles. He suggested that in order to maintain the timeliness of the articles, The Sentinel should create an online news site where news can be published in real time and where the editorial staff can simulate the journalism world. He emphasized professionalism in meeting the deadlines. “I’d like to see Sentinel evolve in accordance with the needs of the times. Like, I’d like to see the Sentinel becoming a real campus watchdog, a real avenue where people can really know what’s happening in Lyceum. I want to see Sentinel becoming more bold and becoming the place where all Lyceans go to. Like, it’s a must for Lyceans to visit the Sentinel website to know what’s happening in the campus,” Domingo said.

After completing Religious Education, Beryl Faith CapaqueReyes was a self-supporting student and decided to complement her writing background by taking up AB Journalism and joining The LPU Independent Sentinel. Capaque entered Sentinel when she was in second year. She wanted to practice her writing skills and for her, Sentinel is the only avenue for her to write. Beryl shared that her first experience in Sentinel as a Literary Editor was challenging. “Challenging, kasi hindi naman ako writer, a literary kind of writer.” She really wanted to be a feature writer but she was entrusted to become the literary editor. Mr. Gil Santos even assigned her as the Business Manager for the following year where he believes that she would really function and would help the organization. “Pero all in all, I learned a lot. Mga deadlines [na] kailangan mo i-meet, paano ka kumuha ng magandang angle ng story,” she added. During her stay as a Sentinel staff, Capaque shared that everyone back then was very dedicated and professional in their works. There are times that their meetings would be intense and sincere but at the same

time, brought the best in everybody. “Everybody was squeezing out their creative juices; you just want to come up with worth sharing and worth writing na stories.” She added, “Though it’s like a normal conversation kaso mataas ang boses”. Aside from writing for The Sentinel, Capaque also divided her time for rehearsals in LPU Chorale, as she was also a member of it. Life after Graduation After completing her degree, Capaque started as an English tutor for Koreans in 2008. Months after being an English tutor, she started working for GMA Network. She started as a program researcher for various public affairs shows. She was also moved five years later to GMA worldwide and worked as an Acquisitions Coordinator. Finally, Capaque was transferred last August to Program Management and is currently an Acquisition Specialist in the same network. Capaque also mentioned her balance between work and her personal life. “Take what I can take lang, hindi ko kailangan masyado magpayaman. I’m not getting any younger so I have to invest and I need time for

myself kaya naghanap ako [ng] job at napunta ako sa acquisition.” She described that the market was very competitive back then. But Capaque mentioned that her experiences in Sentinel helped her to succeed and be more critical. “You have to think outside the box. You ask yourself questions. You’re always inquisitive. Don’t just accept kung ano ang ino-offer sa’yo, kung ano ang nababasa mo, isipin mo kung ano ang logical,” Capaque said. Capaque was put to test when she was working but she told us that work is work; everything should be professional in interacting with the people inside the workplace. On the field, she explained that everything she learned was from experience and not just in school. “Walang time na ituturo sa’yo, sabak ka agad. You do it. Bahala ka. You learn from it. If you make mistakes, you’re accountable for your mistakes.” But all of her endeavour paid off and still in the process of accomplishing her dreams. “Don’t let things that are happening in the present distract you from what you want to achieve. If you really want to achieve something, tuloy-tuloy ka lang.”

O M E G A | 86

Getting Down

to the Business of Life


“Whenever I applied for communicationsrelated jobs, I always include my 3-year experience in Sentinel in my CV and I guess it’s an edge for me to get the position.”

From being a broadcasting student, her experience in The Sentinel helped her to end up in the shores of journalism. Former Sentinel staff Kris Crismundo is now a business reporter for the stateowned Philippines News Agency. Crismundo joined the Sentinel on the belief that “it will be an asset for me after graduation because of the experiences and knowledge I earned from seminars given to Sentinel”. At first, she had a difficult time looking for a job. “After graduation, it was hard for me to find a job I really want which is to be in the broadcast industry due to limited vacancies and lack of industry experience,” Crismundo said. But her belief in joining The Sentinel paid off. “Whenever I applied for communications-related jobs, I al-

87 | O M E G A

ways include my three year experience in Sentinel in my CV and I guess it’s an edge for me to get the position,” Crismundo shared. Being new to the working force, Crismundo also faced what most fresh graduates experience: working on a field that is not in line with your course. “My first formal job is English Instructor at STI Balagtas. That job is not in line with my Broadcasting Degree. While teaching, I got an offer from DZAR Sunshine Radio as News Correspondent, so I took the opportunity. Now, I’m a Business Reporter of state-owned Philippines News Agency, particularly covering trade and industry,” Crismundo shared. Ending up in the field of journalism, Crismundo had a hard time understanding her beat but her background in journalism, which she

learned from working in The Sentinel, helped her in adjusting to her position. Aside from having a background in journalism, Crismundo narrated that her experience in The Sentinel taught her to “find news that really matters and always meet the deadline”. As a business reporter, Crismundo hopes that The Sentinel would not only focus on issues inside LPU but also on economic stories which can directly affect the students. “Aside from issues and events inside LPU, I hope that Sentinel will highlight national and economic issues and analyze, or at least explain, the impacts of these issues in a way that students can realize that they have the responsibility to know these issues and for them to be encouraged to read newspaper,” Crismundo ended.

A Writer’s Passion


“Do your best in everything that you do and you’ll do great in the real world.” “Sentinel has been the best four years of my life.” These words came from Mark Kenneth Cabusay, a man who has a real passion for writing and bringing the truth out to the people. Joining The LPU Independent Sentinel as a freshman in his college years, he faced many challenges together with the publication but worked so hard with his fellow staffers to give Sentinel a glorious reputation to the students. Started as a reporter in his first year, he then got promoted as the Assistant Features Editor and Business Manager in his sophomore and junior year, respectively. During his senior year, he was promoted as the Managing Editor 1 and he said that it was the best year for him because they were able to ratify the Sentinel Charter, raise the Sentinel honorarium, and train more freshmen to keep the “family” growing.

It was also the same year that they were able to release the very first issue of the year-ender magazine, Omega which was managed by then Features Editor Anna Peralta. After graduating, Mark worked as a fraud analyst of Citibank, but later resigned after he began to “miss the exciting life of a journalist”. Currently, he is a freelance writer for online sites, where he was one of the first interns that the company has taken during his college days, and Cabusay works for these two online sites while planning to take a master’s degree in writing as well as looking out for a full-time work in a news publication. As a previous Sentinel staff, he said “Sentinel has changed my life…it prepares you for the real life”, as it prepped him up and trained him for the hurdles that he has faced so far. “You wouldn’t believe how many re-

jections I had out there,” he added. He stressed that despite so many things trying to go against you and your principles as a writer, “always work for the truth, always work accurately regardless of the individuals stopping you”. It is because, according to him, there is no substitute for the truth and the people should know it so they will not just settle for just an “okay”. In the years to come, he sees great hope for the publication as he stated that The Sentinel has the ability to rival other publications such as The Lasallian, Varsitarian, and Guidon, for the members of the publication has great talent and potential to make things possible. “Enjoy your stay in LPU, take all opportunities and do great always, and do not settle for mediocrity, always go for being great. Do your best in everything that you do and you’ll do great in the real world,” Cabusay ended.

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Living for God’s Glory WORDS TRIXIANA D. GILE

“When you’re in the corporate industry, it’s very important for you to meet your deadlines. It’s part of professionalism.” “If you don’t live for God, then you live for whom?” These words enlightened me as I went out of the building after an interview. This statement is his gentle answer to my question, “Do you consider your job as a calling?” His name is Geomer Delarmente, 22 years old, and currently working as a marketing officer in OMF Literature, a Christian organization that publishes Christian books and distributes different translations of the Holy Bible. During his stay in LPU, he mentioned that he was branded with different nicknames by his professors. He was known as Geo for some, and Goem for others. But uniquely, his thesis adviser, Dr. Robert Soriano called him ‘Enteng’ for no reason. “Si Dr. Soriano, may sariling brand ‘yan sa’kin, Enteng tawag niya sa’kin. Wala namang [reason] behind that name, gusto niya lang akong tawaging Enteng siguro,” Delarmente narrated. Joining Sentinel Delarmente started to join The Sentinel when he was a freshman. His experience as a sports writer back in high school urged him to join the student publication in college. “May excitement [ako] na ‘pag dumating ako ng college, gusto kong makasali sa school press,” Delarmente said. He even narrated how he pursued to take an exam for The Sentinel. Delarmente shared he had a long quiz in Philippine History during the day of the exam. “E, long quiz ng Philippine History, nagpaalam kami.” The incident also became his most unforgettable moment in LPU as he told how he accidently turned off the light while his professor, Dr. Javier was lecturing. “Napatay ko yung ilaw habang nagka-klase siya. So dahil may katabaan ako, first year ako, bagongbago, tumakbo ako. Hindi ako nagpakita sa kanya. So ang perception niya sa’kin noon, nabastos ko siya. Pero ako, hindi ko naman ‘yon sinasadya.”

89 | O M E G A

Meeting the deadlines

Planning ahead If there’s one thing that people can learn from Delarmente, it is about planning ahead. He said that he found it easy to look for a job after graduation because he already planned his life. “Parang even before I graduated, I know what I want. I know where I am going. And hindi siya naging mahirap kasi most of the people’s struggle after graduation is ‘Where do I go? What do I want?’” “Ako kasi, I planned ahead of time so I move according to plan. Yun ang ginagawa ko,” Delarmente said. Delarmente already got a job two weeks after graduation. He worked as a project assistant in Cebuana Lhuiller Foundation then he transferred to Hyundai Asia Resources Foundation as a project specialist. And currently, he is working as a marketing officer in OMF Literature. Learning from Sentinel Though he found himself in the public relations industry, he revealed that he is still planning to write but not for the mean time. “Ang na-improve sa’kin, not really yung writing because I don’t write



But he admitted his fault and apologized to Dr. Javier or Sir Toto.

Delarmente started as a reporter and eventually became an assistant news editor during the administration of Katrina Manapat. As a reporter, he described himself as stubborn. “Yung position ko sa Sentinel before, I started as a reporter. Matigas na ulo na reporter. Kapag binigyan ako ng beat, mahirap ako hagilapin.” He also admitted his failure in following deadlines. “Lagi akong late, lagi akong may alibi. But it is something na when I look back, nagturo sa’kin ng lesson.” “When you’re in the corporate industry, it’s very important for you to meet your deadlines. It’s part of professionalism,” Delarmente shared.


for OMF Lit naman. Well, I plan to write but not now. Siguro yung confidence, that is something na kailangan ng bawat millennials. Yung totoong confidence a, hindi ‘yung confidence na feeling mo kaya mo pero hindi talaga.” Delarmented added, “Yung confidence na kaya mong panindigan yung gusto mong gawin. Kaya mong ipaglaban yung gusto mong mangyari”. He said that Sentinel was a good experience, especially the challenge of trying to get all the sides of the story. A matter of perspective Working in OMF Lit does not guarantee an easy life for Delarmente. “I have to give up a lot of things. I have to give up my master’s degree. We’re a non-profit organization. Here, we run to sustain the business.” “Our sales determine our reach. Those are the souls that we are able to reach. Ang commitment namin in every book that we publish, we glorify God,” Delarmente shared. According to him, their job is not just about giving some reading materials, but their job is about spreading the good news that there is hope. “Kasi, maraming nagsasabi na ‘bakit ka diyan nagtatrabaho, diba galing ka ng Hyundai? Maganda na doon. Magiging professor ka na sana’. Even my parents tell me those things but [it] is a matter of perspective, I think.” When asked whether he thinks that his job is a calling, he said that maybe it is. “I mean my existence is a calling, if you are living with your purpose.” Delarmente shared, “I don’t believe in the middle, walang taong nasa gitna: Pula o Puti? Itim o Puti? Yun lang. Yes or No. If you don’t live for God then you live for whom?”



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Omega Magazine 2016  
Omega Magazine 2016