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Would you like to achieve Australian national accreditation using your existing experience in Classic Eyelash Extensions? We offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the Unit SHBBMUP001 Apply Eyelash Extensions with our partnering Registered Training Provider, Trainwest (RTO 51807). What is RPL? • •

RPL recognises learning regardless of how, when and where it was acquired, provided the learning is relevant to the learning outcomes in the qualification. must ensure that evidence provided is valid, authentic, current and sufficient and that the process is fair, flexible reliable and valid.

If you have previous training or work experience that meets the criteria for the qualification, you can apply for RPL.

What Evidence do I have to Provide? • • • • • •

Copies of evidence of training in the form of Certificate/s or letters or references from Employers Environment Confirmation - photos of your salon environment and a checklist to confirm your environment meets assessment criteria Two (2) Case Study Full Set applications on Live Models, each set consisting of a minimum of 80 eye lash extensions per eye Two (2) Case Study Infill Services on Live Models Two (2) Case Study Removal Services on Live Models A written Knowledge Assessment (25 theory based questions)

LASH INC AUSTRALASIA SPECIAL! RPL normally $349, special price $299 – save $50! Offer valid until 31 December 2017

For more information contact Enchanted SPA on 1300 113 996 or email with the subject ‘RPL Enquiry’

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Welcome to issue 2 of Lash Inc. Australasia

Wow what a busy 12 weeks since last issue! We have been working hard to bring a touch of variety this time and hope you find lots of helpful information, not only on lashing but looking after yourself too! Lash Inc sponsored scientific research commissioned by Enchanted SPA to try and help the Lash community. If anyone has any questions on this report, please feel free to contact Enchanted SPA. There is an article in this issue I actually need to give a warning about, as there are graphic photos which will upset a lot of lash artists. My intention for including this article isn’t to shame the technician. It is simply to ask you to be aware of health and safety while working. We have added Make Up Masters to offer hints and tips for competition work, as Fantasy lashing is a great fun way to express yourself and some of us need guidance with the makeup side as we don’t know the difference between an eyebrow pen and a powder puff! We have a huge competition coming up that will be unlike any competition seen before ever!! Please like the Lash Inc Australasia Facebook page to be involved and not to miss out on updates we promise this will be a great opportunity for you all X Australia and New Zealand have seen lots of great competitions and events for the Lash and Beauty Industry and there are so many more coming up, please contact us if you know of an event that you would like to be featured. We hope you enjoy our new columns and ask you to send your best work in to us for consideration on being published in the next issue: The Brow Bureau Lash Lift Legends Make-up Masters Business SMARTS

Lots of Love Kelly and the Lash Inc AU Team

Letter from The Editor




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Letter from The Editor Lash Vision 2017

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Make up Masters Spotlight on B Indulged

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Lash Inc The Lash Brain Battle - let the games begin!

Vision 2017


Margaret Attrill (Maggie) with her fave, Renee Gurney #myfave

By Margaret Attrill, Luscious Lashes by Margaret

The Arts Centre Melbourne was the impressive location for this year’s Lash Vision Conference. What a place to have 200+ Lash technicians come together, with the industry’s leaders sharing their wisdom with us! Once again, I was so lucky I could attend and also represent Lash Inc Australasia. There were a couple of ladies there who had only been lashing a week and were inspired to attend Lash Vision, and what a perfect start for them! We need to encourage more newbies to attend conferences like this to build and grow their professional mentoring networks #guestcolumnist For those who couldn’t attend, here’s a brief rundown of what Lash Vision 2017 was all about.

4 - Lash inc australasia

Renee Gurney from Lash & Brow Professional talked about how one can push their business to the next level and gave insight on how to maximise profit and client experience. One tip that stuck with me is when you get a bad review call the client, don’t message them!! The personal touch really does go a long way and it makes the client feel like they are special, not just a number. #lashandbrowprofessional Kimberley Haworth, Conference Organiser Extraordinaire, delved into the ‘Lash Burn’, something we all work to avoid. Kimberley suggested things like putting a limit on how much time you spend on business related social media and to outsource where possible, for example employing a cleaner #likeido #lashedbykimberley The queen of social media, Courtney Buhler from Sugarlash Pro gave a really interesting presentation on her true roots (like most of us, she started with pretty much nothing) and how Sugarlash Pro has developed over the last few years. One of the tips I really liked was Courtney’s suggestion of finding and using your local hashtags for social media. It’s not worth your time if you are aiming at people that aren’t local to you #sugarlashpro

Alexandra Hankin from Battle Lashes explained the importance of hand hygiene and equipment sterilisation for infection prevention. Alexandra also let us know that ANZEI is still working hard for the industry behind the scenes, meeting with government agencies and other industry bodies to set the best path forward for the lash industry #goodthingstaketime #neverletyourstandardsdrop #battlelashes Jay Hong took us into the world of Asian eyes and explained the many differences between Western and Asian eye shapes and eyelash growth, structure and direction. Her visual demonstration helped with practical ways for styling to enhance the eye, including which curls and lengths are best suited #jaylashbeauty Loreta Jasilionyte broached the topic of how we can have different levels of resistance to adhesive which is why some people develop allergies while others never show signs. It’s great having the Queens of our trade so accessible and willing to share their knowledge so freely. It was nice to be able to sit and chat with a true master and connect beyond our passion for lashes to our love of felines #catlovers Some were then lucky to take her volume class over the next few days #jealous #flawlesslashes Otto Mitter took a different approach to imparting his knowledge in the lash world and hosted the epic Lash Brain Battle, with Julia Mann as his sidekick adjudicator and two teams of legends battling it out! Team Green was Courtney Buhler, Mandy Jeffery and Kimberly Haworth, who faced off against Team Blue - Loreta Jasilionyte, Renee Gurney and Kelly Storer. Quite a few giggles, chaos and a broken toe ensued, but it definitely brought some energy to the room #elleebana

The scientific merit brought to the conference by Enchanted Spa was the highlight for me. Kelly Storer gave a presentation on their research on cyanoacrylate exposure for lash technicians and it generated many discussions on the effect of adhesive. As a trial participant, the results challenged my own beliefs. Kudos to Enchanted Spa for taking the initiative and funding this trial, they are true pioneers of the Lash industry. #enchantedspa Julia Mann from Lash Tribe very graciously stepped in for Rebecca Le who was originally scheduled to speak, but unfortunately had to withdraw at the last minute. Julia gave an overview on Volume Eyelash Extensions and explained safe application including fan size and spacing. #lashtribe After the closing speech and market place we glammed the night away at the after party with delicious canapés & bubbles. This set the scene for amazing networking and the creation of new friendships. #brentmynewlashsister Looking forward to seeing what Kimberley pulls out of the bag for next year! It will be hard to top as this year held many surprises and was a well hosted conference. I’d like to personally thank all the Lash Vision sponsors and goodie bag donors too – I have to say it was probably the best goodie bag I’ve ever come across! #welldonekimberley #lvgunited2018

Maggie x


Dr Jonathan Baker presented on ‘Understanding your Spine’ and highlighted the importance of looking after ourselves. Jonathan got everyone on their feet and provided some useful stretching tips to prevent that stiff neck and back. #taketimetostretch

The fabulous attendees of Lash Vision 2017

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Make up

By Courtney Hollins, Centre of Attention Makeup Artistry

My name is Courtney Hollins and I am a makeup artist from Mandurah WA. Not your typical beauty makeup artist however. I create some crazy characters that can transform my face into someone unrecognizable. My 5-year-old daughter loves to watch me transform myself with makeup and seems to have inherited my artistic talents. My talent was first discovered at the ripe age of 4 where it was picked up by my kindy teacher. It was the only thing I was ever good at. I got to the age of 25 where I decided to utilise my talent but in a different form - makeup. Since then my creations have become more in depth and have really captured the attention of not only makeup lovers but everyone! It is such a good feeling to inspire and motivate budding artists into reaching their full potential. I have a home-based studio but also travel, specialising in bridal, bodyart and sfx makeup. WE KNOW LASH ARTSISTS HAVE NO TIME TO GLAM THEMSELVES UP FOR XMAS DOS OR NIGHTS OUT SO WE ASKED COURTNEY TO GIVE US A QUICK STEP BY STEP THATS EASY TO DO BUT WILL MAKE US LOOK A MILLION DOLLARS X

Step 1.

The difference between my 2 eyes. shape and colour can be altered.

Step 4. Apply lightest eye shadow shade through the crease

Step 5. Apply medium eye shadow shade to the outer half blending well into first shade

Step 6. Apply darkest eye shadow shade to the outer third

Step 7. Apply concealer to the inner half of the lid and press in a cosmetic glitter of choice.

Step 8. Apply winged liner

Brush brows and cleanse eye area

Step 2.

Step 9. Apply false lashes and mascara

Fill brows with a brow product

Step 3. Conceal eye area and clean up the shape of the brows

6 - Lash inc australasia

Step 10. Use a white eye pencil along the lower waterline. Apply medium Eye shadow shade along lower lash line and highlight the inner corner with shimmer of choice.

B Indulged

Spotlight on By Amanda Coates

I have been lashing now for only 15months. I started my career in the beauty industry as a beauty therapist in a day spa, predominantly performing massage and relaxation facials, but after finding my current clinic I have since moved into specialising in lash extensions. I am currently managing our Brisbane B Indulged clinic. B Indulged owner Jessika Brigginshaw trained me with classic lash extensions when I started with the clinic with a 4-week intensive training program and I am currently looking into doing my Russian volume course and yes, I practice making those fans every chance I get! I am following Julia from Lash Tribe and Frankie Widdows from the UK for tips and tricks. I also love to just look at other lash technicians’ work to see where I can improve my skills and try different styling. Styling lashes is a passion of mine and while at Lash Bash on the Gold Coast this year I took an Advanced Lash Styling course with Kelly Storer from Enchanted SPA. Within our clinic I also offer a range of beauty treatments like brow styling and henna brow tint, waxing and advanced skin treatments such as skin peels and micro-needling.

getting to know other lash artists that I have had the pleasure of learning from over social media. Within 5 years I would love to see myself just solely specialising in lash extensions and possibly looking into entering into a few competitions, as until Lash Bash this year I was unaware there was such a thing!

I don’t think I could ever do anything else with my career now - I love what I do and love to see the makeover of the client and their response to how their lashes look. I definitely think time will improve my skills and my philosophy within this industry is ou never stop learning or you will never get anywhere! The above photo is of Jessika Brigginshaw ( B Indulged owner and my personal trainer, left) and of myself Amanda Coates (right)

My highlight for my year I would have to say was going to Lash Bash and learning new skills from some amazing lash techs within the industry and

Lash inc australasia - 7



By Madi Lever

Editors note –

My Story

My intentions on including this article are not to shame the technician.

I got a set of classic eyelashes on Saturday 22nd July in the morning. On Sunday night 23rd July I went to brush my new eyelash extensions with the little brush and noticed that little clumps of my extension were falling out. I left it until Monday morning to see if anymore had fallen out and then messaged the eyelash technician who did them for me, she then asked if I could come back on Thursday night.

It is to simply ask you to be aware of health and safety while you are working. Madi first contacted me a few months ago to ask for advice if her lashes would grow back after this experience. When she told me what had happened I felt instant sadness for both Madi and the Lash tech. It is awful that Madi has gone through such a terrible ordeal. It is also a terrible experience for the lash tech. We have no idea the level of training the tech received. Hundreds of people take an eyelash extension course every week, the training could be of the highest standard but a small minority of people will go against their educator’s advice and cut corners, not delivering the high standard service that their training taught. Also it is a very sad state of affairs that consumers can pay good money for a training course and believe wholeheartedly that everything they are doing in their procedure is correct because their trainers have told them so and they don’t actually realise they are performing the treatment incorrectly.

On Thursday 27th July I came back for my appointment. When I got there, she mentioned that maybe on the Saturday I could have had oils in my natural lashes and that was the reason the extensions had fallen out. She had agreed to take the full set off and replace them with a whole new set, as if she just refilled them the extensions left on my natural lashes would just fall out like the other ones. She padded my bottom lashes and once closed she poured the remover on my eyes (well that’s what it felt like). I could feel her moving it around with something and she did mention that the majority were coming off.

Unfortunately, not all training schools cover fundamental knowledge during training which is an essential part our education and work practices. Accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Are you prepared and educated on what to do for an accident or emergency?

Once I waited a few minutes she said she was going to rinse and cleanse them with warm water. She then said that each eye had a few extension left and that she wanted to put more remover on them to get the last few off. Which I agreed to as I wanted perfect lashes of course.

If you were not given information on health and safety during your training or would like more advice on the subject then please email reception@ . There are many reputable training schools all over Australia and New Zealand who can help with simple upskill sessions or advice on working safely.

She never put the padding back under my eyes as she removed the first ones after she cleansed. I closed my eyes and she poured the liquid remover on them again, but within a few seconds my eyelids started heat up and were warm. I didn’t think this was right I asked her if it was meant to heat up. She didn’t really say anything, but I heard her gasp in and she just said I’m so sorry Madi and kept repeating it and told me she had glued my eyes together. She had got the bottles mixed up.

Please make sure you know what to do in an emergency situation to protect your clients and yourself.

A few pointers: Manufacturers should also ensure that adhesive and remover packaging are visibly different shapes, colours and labels. You should store your adhesive and remover separately. Do not dispense product straight onto the lash line. When working with remover, dispense on to a crystal stone and work from there. Never leave a client alone under any circumstances, especially when working on the eye area and their eyes are closed. Always have a first aid kit and eye bath in your salon and in easy reach. If there is an emergency and flushing the eye will not be sufficient, call an ambulance immediately. Do not hesitate to get medical assistance.

Ensure you have insurance and council approval.

8 - Lash inc australasia

I knew I had to stay calm and not get angry at her as it would just cause a panic attack, but in my mind, I just thought to myself wow, out of all the people this has happened to me. I felt gutted and just an empty feeling inside me now I didn’t know what to do but just lay there on the bed and try stay calm as much as I could be, hoping it just could be fixed. I know I kept telling her it was okay, but it wasn’t, I was so angry.

She then tried to put more of the remover on my lids to remove the glue but it wasn’t working as the glue was too thick. She then said that she was going to try call her trainer outside and get advice to try get the glue off but when she came back she said that her trainer didn’t answer the phone. She then left me again laying on the bed to make another phone call to whom I don’t know, once she had come back into the room she then said she was going to take me to the hospital

Once I was all registered they took me into the kid’s room where nobody was so people didn’t stare. My mother in law Tracy then arrived and I felt a big relief. We waited and waited it was starting to feel like forever. We tried calling my partner, but he didn’t answer as he was away working nightshift. He was the only person I wanted to talk to by then. The doctors had called me, and I was taken in. I was so very scared at this stage not knowing what or how they were going to help me. The doctor asked the lash tech what she had used, and they stated that it was the same product they use to glue back together wounds. I was horrified because that stuff was super strong. It was new eyelash glue that she was trying.

The doctor made the lash tech try to use the remover again to try open my eyes, but it wasn’t working. The glue just didn’t want to budge at all. They tried other things like acetone wipes but that just burnt my skin. I told the doctor I didn’t want my eyelashes cut at all. They tried everything to open my eyes but then they wanted to try use saline solution as there was a case of a bloke who had his eye closed from super glue and the saline over a few hours had softened the glue and they could open his eye.

and that was when I really started to panic. I didn’t know what to do or think.

The nurses came in and set up the saline using the droppers. The doctors had hope as it started to go clear. It got to about 10pm and we were still trying the saline. By that stage I knew and was told my eye would not be opening up tonight.

Once she told me she was going to get me off the bed and up to take me to the car, I knew I had to call my mother. But I knew she wouldn’t answer so I called my mother in law, as I didn’t know where she was actually going to take me just to be safe. She just thought I was joking around like I had done it to myself but said she would meet me down at the hospital. The eyelash tech got me off the bed and started to help me walk to her car as she didn’t want to call an ambulance or let my mother in law come get me. It was such a weird feeling not being about to see anything but darkness, I was so embarrassed. I was put in the car and we started to drive. It was horrible every bump we hit on the road felt massive not being about to see going around the corners and stopping - I didn’t like it. I just thought to myself what if she just dumps me on the side of the road what if I’ll never be able to see again everything was going through my head by this stage. We got to the hospital and she helped me again walk into the hospital. I was hoping my mother in law was going to be there already, but she wasn’t. I was scared and felt my anxiety levels rise. We got into Rockingham emergency hospital where I was sat down and waiting to see someone to get checked in. I was so paranoid and embarrassed. The lash tech mentioned to be that she needed to call her husband to let him know what was happening and left me by myself. When she was gone I was called up but couldn’t see where I was going. People were telling me to go up but obviously I couldn’t see. I could feel my face go red just wishing it hadn’t had happened and they laughed at me.

Lash inc australasia - 9

The nurse then tried hot water and cotton pads and soaking my eyes with the hot water. It started to soften but only a tiny bit nothing was working at this stage. I just kept asking the nurses to cut my lashes off but they couldn’t. I was then told that I would be getting transferred to Fremantle hospital to the Eye Clinic. The transfer ambulance had arrived. They moved me from the bed and put me in the back and off I went again on the road. Once we got to the Fremantle hospital it was a waiting game as they didn’t know I was coming. No one had notified them. My mum, dad and mother in law met me up at the hospital, waiting for me to go into day surgery to have my eyes opened. I got moved into this dark green horrible room where there was this huge machine in the room. The doctor came in and there was no messing around it was straight into it once moved from the wheelchair to the bed. They brought out these huge needles as my mother in law tried to describe to me what was happening. The doctor started by giving me 8 injections in the upper area of my eyelids and 4 on the bottom to numb the area as my poor eyes were swollen as all hell by this stage and burning sore. I was so nervous I kept breathing so deep and quick I kept having panic attacks. It was bullshit. The doctor then moved the microscope machine closer to my head and used the tiniest (smaller then a 5cent piece) pair of scissors and little pliers. They went through 4 pairs of these because the glue was that hard and thick.

My partner Jordan finally called his mum back and I got to talk to him once. Hearing his voice I just started to burst into tears and cry. I felt so lonely and scared not knowing if I’ll ever be able to see again. I got admitted into the hospital that night. Not being able to see and being in a room that I didn’t know scared the hell out of me. I was uncomfortable, and I wasn’t calm as all I could see was darkness and I was wet from the saline as it dripped down my back and hair. It got to 1am and that was it, no more trying just had to sit up in my hospital bed while the cold saline dripped down my face from my eye and down to my back and hair. I was so cold and wet the towel under my face and cheek had to be change every half hour. There was no sleep. It got to a point where I legit pulled a part of my right eye open. Just so I could see a tiny bit, I couldn’t even see my phone screen as it was all of a blur. Not even an hour worth of sleep it just was a horrible feeling. The morning came and the new nurses came in to see how I was they brought me breakfast and tried to help me out as I couldn’t even go to the toilet by myself. I just felt helpless and worthless by this stage. The doctor came in and checked up on me and then was told the glue had a reaction to the saline and actually had the opposite effect and had crystallised. At this stage I was a mess so angry and upset what a waste of time while I laid there all night freezing cold and wet!

10 - Lash inc australasia

She then started to cut my lashes so close to the skin. I was breaking at this point knowing I wouldn’t have any more eyelashes. All I could keep thinking was that I would just be ugly, and no one would love me anymore. My confidence within myself just start to drop. The more she cut off the more I cried it hurt so much. I could hear and feel every cut and pull she made. I could feel my eye puff and swell. Finally my first eye was opened. It was a sigh of relief I could see! I had one more to go. The pain was just too much but after 2 and half hours we were done and my eyes were opened. 16 needles later, a day and a half in hospital, a ton of pain relief - my eyes were finally open, and I was so bloody emotional and overwhelmed I couldn’t stop crying. The first thing I had to do was look at myself in the mirror and my god did I break down I thought I was so ugly all of my confidence had been taken from me.

Before The first night home was horrible, as were the first couple of weeks. I wouldn’t sleep at night nor during the day as I woke up screaming and crying because I was so scared my eyes weren’t going to open and I would be blind for the rest of my life. I couldn’t shower and still till now I can’t wash my face in the shower because all the soaps burn my eyes.

After I have been advised I cannot wear any contact lenses have nor get eyelash extensions for 2 years. I am unable to wear any eye makeup around my eyes as they swell and go red.

I can’t wear any makeup around my eye as it burns and my eyes turn red and swollen. My eyelashes are always itchy 24/7. My eyes for the first couple of months would always have little blood clots on them which made me so nervous to go out in public because everyone use to stare at the bruising on my face and how red my eyes were. I got so paranoid I would hide in my room so no one could see me.

I have had to change all my skin care range as my skin around my cheeks and eyes are now very sensitive and reacts straight away.

I had about 2 weeks off work and when I returned to work I couldn’t even do my job properly because I wasn’t allowed out in the workshop. Not only that, just everyday life I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t be outside for more than 5 minutes at a time because the sun would burn my eyes and face. I couldn’t go outside when it was windy because I couldn’t risk getting something in my eyes nor even an infection.

During this spring I have had to take tablets every single day to keep my eyes from swelling and itching.

I was put on 6 different types of eye drops, I had to go get my eyes checked every 2 weeks in Fremantle as my left eye had a minor little cut to it. After several appointments I had to order new prescription glasses to be able to see my computer screen at work, new prescription and sunglasses to be able to drive during the day/night.

I don’t wish anyone to go through this like I have. I believe I have been neglected in every way, as when I asked my mother in law what the bottles looked like she stated one was a white bottle with a white lid and the other was a white bottle with a purple lid. When we were at the hospital my lash tech never stated that - she said they were the same. I feel completely worthless now. I feel like I’m not good enough or feel good enough as my eyes are one of the first things people see when you meet them. I had lots of people laugh at me thinking it was funny my eyes were glued together. This had made me feel disgusting about myself. I still have not received a proper apology from the lash tech.

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The recently renovated glamorous Hyatt Regency, Sydney, was the place to be on Sunday 27th September, where 580 glamorous and excited guests arrived for the annual Australian Beauty Industry Awards (ABIA’s) gala dinner. The evening kicked off with arrival champagne and canapés followed by host and MC for the evening, Mr Will Fennell, introducing the Sting Sirens Quartet as the blinds lifted to reveal a stunning backdrop of Darling Harbour.

This year was the first year that Beauty Salon/Spa of the year was separated into State categories for both 4 Treatment rooms or less and 5 Treatment rooms or more, giving all state entrants the opportunity to win. In a grand finale, the two Australian Salon/Spas of the year were announced, determined by the highest ranking amongst the State winners. Australian Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year - 4 Treatment Rooms or less was won by The Temple Skincare and Australian Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year - 5 Treatment Rooms or more by Keturah Day Spa

“We certainly broke all records this year in terms of number of entrants, the quality was second to none and we needed to en list double the number of judges! “ said Linda Woodhead, owner of mocha publishing and founder of the ABIA’s. “Not only did the number of entries increase this year by going to a fully online submission system, but the number of guests attending the gala catapulted to 580, our biggest ever! I believe the beauty industry should be very proud of the ABIA’s, as am I. It’s great to see the annual growth of the awards and how it is embraced as the benchmark of excellence, being the only National awards The Education Category was once again split into 2 awards for Individual program in the Australian and Organisation and was taken out by Otto MItter and The Australasian Beauty Industry.” Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science respectively.

Winners were announced in 26 categories including 2017 ABIA Hall of Fame recipient – Caroline Nelson, 2017 ABIA Make Up Artist of the Year – Liz Sharp and 2017 Special Recogniition Award going to Face of Man

Recognised through an online voting system and following the announcement of the state Wholesaler of the Year winners in May, the overall Australian Winner was announced on the night as DBC Hair and Beauty Supplies

12 - Lash inc australasia

2017 Australian Beauty Industry Awards


Beauty Therapist of the Year Sponsored by Clinical Skincare Amanda Di Cesare, Le Chic Skin & Beauty

Customer Care Award Sponsored by Silk Oil of Morocco Natural Beauty & Medi Clinic

Salon Manager/Co-ordinator of the Year Sponsored by Spectrum Science Beauty Kylie Rogers, Skin Fitness

Salon Team of the Year Sponsored by inskincosmedics Macquarie Medi Spa Bathurst

Business Director/Owner of the Year Sponsored by Mayerling Karla McDiarmid, Macquarie Medi Spa

Tanning Salon/Service of the Year Sponsored by Naked Tan Beach St Tanning

Cosmetic Tattoist of the Year Sponsored by MBC Cosmetic Tattoo Katy Sullivan

Make up Artist of the Year Sponsored by Laud Magazine Liz Sharp

VIC/TAS/SA Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 5 Treatment Rooms or more Sponsored by DMK itality Laser & Skin Clinic

QLD Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 5 Treatment Rooms or more Sponsored by Belmacil Simply Elegant

WA/NT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 5 Treatment Rooms or more Sponsored by Jax Wax Keturah Day Spa

National Wholesaler of the Year Sponsored by Beauty Biz Magazine DBC Hair and Beauty Supplies Best Salon Design Sponsored by Comfortel Cocoon Spa

Best Marketing Sponsored by Biodroga Keturah Day Spa

Best Salon Training Sponsored by the Brisbane School of Beauty Keturah Day Spa

NSW/ACT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 4 Treatment Rooms or less Sponsored by Dermapenworld The Temple Skincare

VIC/TAS/SA Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 4 Treatment Rooms or less Sponsored by DMK James Vivian Dermal Therapies

QLD Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 4 Treatment Rooms or less Sponsored by Belmacil Natural Beauty & Medi Clinic

Educator of the Year - Individual Sponsored by Sustainable Salons Australia Otto Mitter

Educator of the Year - Organisation Sponsored by Masters Dermal Academy Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science

WA/NT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 4 Treatment Rooms or less Sponsored by Jax Wax Cosmedica Skin Specialists

Special Recognition Award Sponsored by Mocha Publishing Face Of Man

Hall of Fame Sponsored by Refectocil Caroline Nelson

Australian Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 4 Treatment Rooms or less Sponsored by Mocha Publishing The Temple Skincare

Australian Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 5 Treatment Rooms or more Sponsored by Mocha Publishing Keturah Day Spa

NSW/ACT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 5 Treatment Rooms or more Sponsored by Dermapenworld Richmond Skin Fitness

Lash inc australasia - 13

The Importance of

Recognised Education

Michelle Munrowd-Harris & Taleah Hoffman of Trainwest

What is an RTO? Registered training organisations (RTOs) are those training providers registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority, ASQA (or, in some cases, a state regulator) to deliver vocational education and training (VET) services. RTOs are recognised as providers of quality-assured and nationally recognised training and qualifications. There are currently around 5000 RTOs in Australia. A complete list of RTOs is maintained at, the authoritative national register of the VET sector in Australia.

Michelle Munrowd-Harris

Taleah Hoffman

Michelle Munrowd-Harris and Taleah Hoffman from Registered Training Organisation, Trainwest, based in Western Australia, sat down and answered some common questions about RTO’s and accreditation.

What does National accreditation mean? Nationally recognised training is defined as: Any program of training leading to vocational qualifications and credentials that are recognised across Australia. These include: •

industry training package qualifications and units of competency as listed on courses that have been accredited by a VET Regulator.

Only RTOs are able to offer vocational education and training (VET) courses to students and the qualifications range from Certificate I to Graduate Diploma level. All RTOs must meet regulatory standards set out in the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015

Only RTOs can: •

deliver nationally recognised courses and accredited Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) VET qualifications,

apply for Australian, state and territory funding to deliver vocational education and training.

What is the difference between a training package and a unit of competency? A Unit of Competency is one part of a training package. Training packages are developed by Service Skills Organisations (formerly by Industry Skills Councils) to meet the training needs of an industry, or a group of industries. Training packages do not suggest how a learner should be trained, rather, they specify the skills and knowledge required to perform effectively in the workplace. Each training package is made up of three components: Units of competency: define the skills and knowledge to operate effectively and how they need to be applied to perform effectively in a workplace context.

All RTOs, recognised qualifications, units of competency and accredited courses can be found on the Australian directory for VET at Qualifications framework: groups of units of competency ranging from Certificate I to Graduate Diploma level. Assessment guidelines: the industry’s preferred approach to assessment, including the qualifications required by assessors, the design of assessment processes and how assessments should be conducted.

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What is the benefit of national accreditation? A VET accredited course has been assessed by ASQA as compliant with the Standards for VET Accredited Courses 2012 and the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

What is a certified trainer? As part of the Standards, an RTO’s training and assessment may only be delivered by trainers and assessors who have: •

the vocational competencies at least to the level being delivered and assessed

current industry skills directly relevant to the training and assessment being provided, and

current knowledge and skills in vocational training and learning that informs their training and assessment.

Accreditation is formal confirmation that the course: •

is nationally recognised

meets an established industry, enterprise, educational, legislative or community need

provides appropriate competency outcomes and a satisfactory basis for assessment

meets national quality assurance requirements

is aligned appropriately to the AQF where it leads to a qualification.

Each VET accredited course is allocated a national code and is listed on the national register,

It is an offence to imply that non-accredited training is accredited training. Training providers’ promotional material should clearly define which courses are accredited and which are not accredited.

In addition, training and assessment may only be delivered by persons who have: •

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110 or TAE40116), or its successor*, or

a diploma or higher-level qualification in adult education.

Your RTO must also ensure that all trainers and assessors undertake professional development every year in the fields of: •

knowledge and practice of vocational training, and

learning and assessment, including competency-based training and assessment.

Is an accredited unit of competency an accredited course?

If I had training without national accreditation am I still qualified?

Yes. Accreditation means a course may be eligible for:

You will hold vocational competency but no, you are not nationally accredited until you hold a Statement of attainment issued by a RTO.

listing on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS), meaning the course can be marketed and delivered to overseas students

participant/employer financial assistance through various government agencies, or

relief from GST on courses.

Accreditation also means that participants in the course may be eligible:

for Austudy, Abstudy and other entitlements

to achieve an occupational licensing or regulatory outcome.

Can I become nationally accredited? By attending a nationally recognised training program and gaining competency, or successfully demonstrating your competency through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), yes, you would become accredited in that unit of competency.

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Lash Competition NZ Rhozie Edmonds, Organiser My hopes for this year were to share with my fellow colleagues - the same experiences, opportunities and recognition with others that I have experienced with my work during my invaluable overseas adventures. I wanted to do the same here in New Zealand. So this competition was designed to inspire, encourage, applaud and support the lash stylists here in my homeland. Congratulations to our amazing winners and to all entrants on participating. Also, a big thank you to our sponsors for supporting the NZ lash community and our competition.

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Floating Beyond Rest

It’s so important to take time out. We are in demand 24/7 with most of us running businesses from our mobile phones that are attached to us constantly. Things go next level during our busiest period over Xmas, where we break our backs to schedule in each and every client.

We wanted to explore a way to escape from our demanding world and really switch off. Have you heard about float tanks? Ever wondered what a Float session would be like? Would it be a bit like a bath at home with a lid on? Or would it be really relaxing and reduce stress?

Melanie from Beyond Rest Joondalup

walk-in biofeedback device. This relaxation is augmented by the full body absorption of magnesium that elicits the release of muscle tension. The benefits of floating are many; it’s fabulous for relieving stress and anxiety, and can promote mental acuity, productivity and creativity. In addition, on a therapeutic level it is incredible for reducing inflammation in the body and maintaining good health, so any chronic, muscular or joint pain can be soothed by floating.

Is it good for people who can’t turn off?

With a long list of advertised benefits for the body and mind, Editor Kelly Storer interviewed Melanie from Beyond Rest Joondalup to find out. We also invited Lydia Kypros from Bronze Bombshell Beauty to try a float herself and tell us what she thought.

It’s perfect for people who can’t turn off. Many of us have hectic schedules so floating provides the unique experience of being completely cut off from outside distraction and stimuli, allowing the mind to switch from it’s ‘fight or flight’ mode to ‘rest and digest’. It gives a person the opportunity to look inward, to refocus or to simply take some time out for themselves.

What is floating? What are the benefits?

Do you have to have meditated before?

Floating is a therapy that has been around since the 1950s and involves No but what people may find is that it can help introduce them to the laying in essentially an enclosed bathtub with over 500kgs of espom salts experience of mindfulness. in about 1000 litres of water which is brought up to body temperature. Because of the lack of stimuli experienced you lose sense of where the waterline is making you feel like you are floating effortlessly in space. The sensations of the body become more salient, making the flotation tank a

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Is it best to float at night time?

Do you get dehydrated?

It’s best when you feel you would benefit most from it. We have early birds Not noticeably. We do tell people to drink a little water before they float, who use it as a good way to start their day, and others who prefer to use and we also offer water before we show you to your room. floating as a wind down to a restful evening, it’s about personal preference. No matter what time of day you float you will physically receive the same benefits.

Can you get out if you have had enough? How long do you float for?

Of course, however most people stay in for as long as they can, an hour flies by!

Our sessions run for one hour, however if you would like to go deeper into a float we also offer two hour floats.

What do people usually feel like afterwards? What are customer’s concerns the first time they float? We would say some customers come to our centre initially nervous because it is a new experience. We alleviate any nervousness by giving a thorough induction, going over what’s involved in floating and the best way to achieve a relaxed state. From that point we find people absolutely love their float and wish it was longer!

Floating on a cloud! We call it the ‘post-float glow’, when people exit their rooms they are more relaxed, you can tell by their faces and the way they hold themselves. They speak very calmly, and look even a little sleepy with many having dozed off during their floats. It’s a sure-fire indication that their body and mind have synced together to achieve that beautiful ‘rest and digest’ state.

What makes your float business different What fears do people normally have about to others? We are all invested in the wellbeing of our customers because we believe floating? We encounter people who may be claustrophobic or nervous about what happens exactly. This all stems from the experience being so unique, I had the same concerns myself when I floated for the first time. Yet, again, we make sure everyone feels completely comfortable before they float.

Can the light be left on and the door open? You are in full control of the tank so if you want to turn the light on and off in your float, go right ahead. The lid can also be opened if you wish, although we recommend leaving it closed to maintain the optimal temperature of the water.

Can ladies float when they are menstruating? Absolutely, it’s just like if you went swimming at the pool or beach, we would simply request you wear a tampon for your float.

that what we facilitate here is the opportunity for people to reconnect to their true selves through floating. Because when a person reconnects to themselves it allows them to opportunity to raise their consciousness to make better decisions for not only themselves, but for their families, friends and the wider community. And fostering a healthy community is one of our core passions.

Individual Floats cost $79.00 for a 60 minute session and $119 for a 120 minute session. Beyond Rest operates in the following locations: •

Perth 125 Edward Street, Perth 08 9228

Wembley 1/252 Cambridge Street, Wembley 08 9388 6668

Joondalup 1/10 Clarke Crescent, Joondalup 08 9300 9150


What if you need the toilet while floating? It definitely happens! We encourage people to use the toilet beforehand but we also provide a dressing gown to use if you need to duck out quickly to our bathrooms.

$10 off your first float when using the promo code “Lash Inc”

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A luke warm shower is the first order of business. This gets you prepared for the salty soak you are about to have. The tank water is set to skin temperature, which is about 32 degrees. If I’m honest, I’m a hot bath kinda girl and would’ve liked it a tad warmer. I wasn’t uncomfortably cold, but I think I could relax more easily at a higher temperature.

Beyond Rest Joondalup By Lydia Kypros, Bronze Bombshell Beauty

The million-dollar question – do you feel claustrophobic in a float tank? I didn’t. I started out with the lid prized open slightly by a towel, but it was too cold with the air circulating so I soon closed the lid completely. It’s so dark that you can’t see anything and the tank is quite high so it isn’t doesn’t feel tightly enclosed.

I’m not one to switch off. My brain runs at a constant eleventy bazillion miles per hour, and usually this isn’t a bad thing. I love flying by the seat of my pants, constantly being on the go. It allows me to be innovative and constantly move my business forward.

There I was, in the dark and silent tank, completely buoyant, ready to welcome sweet, sweet nothingness.

Occasionally, however, I do fantasize about what it could be like to completely rest my mind and body. What does that feel like? If I switch off for an hour, will the world come to an end? What does a thoughtless brain feel like? What thoughts do you have when you are experiencing nothing?

The thing about sensory deprivation is that when one or more senses are taken away, the others are accelerated. For me, feeling the full magnitude of micro movements as I made the smallest swishes in the water was fascinating. That occupied me for at least 15 minutes. Swishing, bouncing gently from wall to tall, top to bottom.

These were the questions running around my mind when I was invited to my first float. I’ve developed a semi-regular meditation practice, which I often fall asleep in, and I also need to get regular massages as part of my stress management. Both exercises are fantastic and I encourage you to take them up, but I still don’t completely switch off. Would a float session be the ultimate vessel for a calm mind and body? I was about to find out. On the day, I was running late and flying down the highway all the way to Joondalup (whyyy does it have to be so far away???) which I thought would be the perfect test. I was highly strung, stressed out and walking into a wellness centre completely worked up. I was instantly calmed as soon as I walked in and saw the beautiful curved walls and salt lamps gently exuding their warm glow. The centre was surprisingly spacious and wonderfully clean and minimalist. Simon greeted us straight away and introduced the space. I couldn’t help but start to analyse this business as I was shown all the features. How many tanks do they have? What’s a tank worth anyway? They have 3 tanks, at about 30k each I found out. So, it isn’t something I’ll be putting in my garage any time soon. Simon explained the ins and outs of how the tank works. The small amount of water (less than knee depth) is loaded with salt, which makes you float. It’s actually difficult to flip your legs and arms so there’s no chance of drowning if you fall asleep. Your float begins with gentle music and a light in the tank that will turn into silent darkness in about 5 minutes. They don’t change the water between guests – but it is microscopically filtered so there are no nasties joining you for a float party. I was left to strip down to my birthday suit, get my earplugs in and get ready for my float.

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I began to really concentrate and think about thinking of nothing. I guess that went for another 15 minutes. I was waiting for it to ‘happen’. Nothingness. Then I suddenly found myself getting down to business. Thoughts were entering my mind and I would just acknowledge them and let them float away. I can’t remember what those thoughts were, but I knew they weren’t about work, which is a massive achievement for me. Just as I was getting deep into my nothingness, I felt the cool jet of the filter and it was time to wake up. I wish I could’ve been there longer. I rinsed off in a nice hot shower, made sure to rinse my ears thoroughly with the vinegar mix provided and cosied up in my tracksuit to have a relaxing cup of tea and bask in the “glow” as they call it, of the float. I was calm, content and relaxed. Then the best thing happened. The best part of the float. The most unexpected part. I had the best. night. sleep ever. I woke up the following morning feeling rested, refreshed and bounced out of bed to meet the day. I smashed my gym session that morning and was highly productive for the rest of the day. Alas, the next night wasn’t the epic sleep I’d had previously, but I’m sure with regular floats, the benefits will last longer and longer. I can’t stop raving about how much I loved my float. For the $79 I paid, I thought it was excellent value and a great experience. I even bought a client (an exhausted new mum) a voucher to a float center in North Beach as a surprise gift. As for the services themselves, I would’ve loved to see massage featured in their services at Beyond Rest. It would have been the cherry on top for someone like me. Beyond Rest is a franchise and has other locations closer to the city. I loved the purpose-built Joondalup centre, but it’s just too far out in the ‘burbs for me personally to visit regularly. I will definitely be trying out their Wembley location in future.


Hidden Treasure

by Kelly Storer

Kathryn’s obsession with Lash extensions began in 2005 when one of her nail enhancement client’s Debbie asked her if she would she be interested in doing lash extensions but Kathryn had no idea that there was such a service… That was soon to change. She started to research Lash training but it wasn’t until a year later in 2006 that Kathryn found training being offered in Western Australia by Perth Microdermabrasion Academy. Debbie really wanted Kathryn to do her lash extensions and offered to pay for her training in lieu of her nails and lashes. “I found this generous offer very hard to accept as I didn’t want to owe anyone and explained about my fears. She assured me she had faith in my abilities and wanted to see more women have the chance to succeed in business. So I thank Debbie, my client and Settlement agent for being where I am today.”

Kathryn Leeman l Lash Beautique, Geraldton, Western Australia

Kathryn has always been home based, although her primary goal is to be as professional as a high end salon in all aspects of her business. Providing the highest standards in customer service, lash art and salon environment. She has won numerous awards, both locally and internationally, as well as a Business Excellence award in her home town and a Regional finalist in the State. She inspires artists around the world. I get quite mesmerised by Kathryn’s work and I was honoured when she lent us a picture from her Yellow Canola shoot as artwork for the mock up Lash Inc Australasia cover. We needed something to use for advertising until the release of the first issue and straight away my mind went to this shoot of Kathryn’s as it just screams sunshine! “I love competitions for the inspiration and a chance to challenge myself, to step outside my comfort zone. I use this time to experiment with different products, colours, timing and perfecting new techniques. I still find competing daunting and quite overwhelming, but after I’ve had a-go, I am always proud that I challenged myself. I have many thanks to give and am very grateful to my enduring family for their ongoing support. Also to my beautiful lash ladies, lash sisters and friends for helping get to where I am today. X”

FUN FACT: Kathryn had a pet octopus she could hand feed.

Kathryn’s Tips: •

Have faith in your abilities

Don’t give up

Be true to yourself

Surround yourself with people who will support you. Especially when you doubt yourself

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Mandy Jeffery


Beatitude Skin & Body

Location: Shop 4/2281 Sandgate Road, Boondall

Mandy first started her journey into beauty therapy at 17 years of age by completing her Diploma in Health Science with Ella Bache in 1997, where she managed to score ‘Therapist of the Year’ even though she rarely wore make-up and got in a wee bit of trouble for having blue hair one day! She then went on to work in Brisbane’s top salons for two years before a health scare made her look at her life a bit differently and decide to open her own salon that she still co-owns with her mum. They purchased an existing salon at the end of 1999 on the Queen Street Mall in Brisbane and it went from strength to strength, at one stage having 5 other therapists working with them.

Around 2006 Mandy first saw lash extensions on the Real Housewives of the OC and due to her own piddly lashes thought this was something almost every woman would want! After struggling to find training in this new service she finally hired a staff member who had been trained in them and who then trained her. Back then there were only pots of lashes, super slow, thick adhesive and lashes applied with brow tweezers - needless to say she made quite a mess for a very long time!

22 - Lash inc australasia

Mandy has trained with many people and truly believes that every training has taught her something new and a given totally new way of looking at lashes. After her first two initial classic training fails (who shall not be named) she discovered Irina Levchuck of LBDesign in Russia and in 2014 asked her to come to Brisbane to teach Russian Volume and Advanced Brow Classes. This sparked Mandy’s addiction to training and also opened her mind to becoming a trainer, bringing more advanced international trainers to Australia and starting her own lash and brow distribution - Australian Lash and Brow Artists. Other people Mandy has trained with include Frankie Widdows, Astridah Bowler, Trina Dial Horne aka Maven, - who she just took advanced FaceStudies TM with and totally saw lash styling in a brand-new light. Mandy was super excited to also train with Loreta Jasilionyte at the end of October 2017.

Mandy co-organised Australia’s first ever lash specific event - Lash Gala - which hosted some of the world’s best trainers including Hilaree Brand, Courtney Buhler, Eva Zacharias, Agnieszka Kwiatkowski and Petr Lhotsky. Lash Gala was a groundbreaking event for Australia and started the lash conference craze Down Under. Mandy has also presented at Lash Vision 2016, Lash Con 2017 and was a co-organiser for Lash Bash 2017 which featured some of the best Australian and International Trainers.


Q & A: What do you love about the lash industry?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

How quickly it changes - it is growing so quickly and we have so much more information and techniques that we can use now! Amazing!

I am hoping in 5 years to have a bit more me time - fingers crossed! I love what I do and can’t imagine being anywhere else.

What other services do you offer?

What has been your career highlight this year?

As a fully qualified beauty therapist we provide lots of services, but I love facials, corrective skin care, brows, henna brows and cosmetic brow tattoo

Oh, that’s hard to choose - from finally finding my perfect team member, co-organising Lash Bash with Mimmi from Lashia and Julia Mann from Lash Tribe or taking on a Henna trainer in Melbourne - they would definitely be my highlights so far. It is so wonderful to be able to work with like-minded people who totally get your journey. But it’s not over yet, I am about to open a wholesale shopfront store and training space for my other business so that is super exciting.

When did you realise lashes were your passion? Probably when I first saw them being done and had to know all about them!

What did you do before lashing?

What is a fun fact about you? My all time favourite movie is Xanadu :)

Before I was a beauty therapist I worked in high school at Best n Less, where I also got in trouble for my hair!

mmwah xx

Essential supplies and training for professional Lash & Brow artists


OPENING SOON Exciting times ahead!! Our new shopfront and dedicated ALABA Masterclass Training Centre will open in Boondall, QLD in November, 2017. Connect on Facebook for our grand opening! |

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Foods to Boost & Sustain

Energy Levels Throughout the Day

By Jacinta Rokich

I am a qualified Nutritionist and I also have my own home-based eyelash extension business. My job as a Nutritionist is to determine the healthiest diet for each individual, depending on what their needs and current health status requires. I recently completed my volume lash training, and I discovered the way I was eating wasn’t giving me enough energy to stay focused for the duration of my initial sets. I was getting very fatigued and shaky around the 2.5 hour mark, but somehow needed to find the energy to complete volume sets that were going to take around 4 hours! So I did a little bit of research, and adapted my diet to include foods that would give me longer lasting mental focus. This article includes the research that I have done to help boost my energy levels, and a recipe I use often to get beneficial nutrients in my diet.

hit of sugar - thus creating a sugar craving cycle. Which can become very addictive! It is better to consume simple sugars with complex carbs and other macronutrients - protein and fat to slow down the absorption to avoid the sugar craving cycle. Complex carbs are long chains of sugars, commonly referred to as starches and fibres. The most common sources are grains, brown rice, potatoes, vegetables, legumes and oatmeal. These carbs need to be broken down to a simpler form, which decreases the rate of absorption. Your body will absorb the sugars slowly, which allows a more sustainable energy level throughout the day. The nervous system’s primary energy source is carbs, therefore keeping you alert and feeling fuller for longer. Fibrous carbs also come under this category, and food sources include non - starchy vegetables (typically most green vegetables) and are full of beneficial nutrients. Always choose whole foods over processed foods, as processed foods are void of critical nutrient value and will do very little to fuel and energise your body. Start your day with a breakfast that includes complex carbs for lasting energy, combined with a good source of protein and fat. This could be; home-made porridge made with rolled oats and unsweetened almond milk, fresh fruit, raw nuts & seeds or poached eggs with roasted sweet potato, steamed asparagus, avocado & spinach.

The human body was never designed to sit still for long periods of time, It is also important to consume a good balance of macronutrients that is why we become so fatigued after a long drive, sitting at a computer throughout the day. This means eating enough protein, fats & carbs at each or any other activity that requires mental focus rather than physical meal. The recommended ranges of macronutrients are; Carbohydrates 45movement. Our body will go into rest mode, which makes it difficult to 65%, Fat 20-35% and Protein 10-35% (percent of calories each day). It is concentrate. However, there are ways around this other than surviving on best to eat small, balanced meals more frequently, every 3-3.5 hours a day, coffee and chocolate! The first thing, which I think is equally as important with the last meal 4 hours before bedtime to allow for digestion. as diet, is to move! Try your hardest to do some form of physical activity in the morning, especially if you have a back to back day of clients. Try to Other foods that are beneficial for brain energy; move in between clients, even if it’s just short bathroom breaks or getting outside on a lunch break. You will be surprised at the boost of energy it Avocado - contains monounsaturated fats which help to keep blood sugar will give you. levels steady. Also contains Vitamin K and Folate to improve memory and concentration. High in protein, healthy fats and low in sugar. So what type of foods are better to eat to give us enough energy to last a day of back to back clients? Your brain prefers carbohydrates as a source Foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids - the most nutritious and brain of energy, as the primary source of energy in the brain is glucose (which friendly nutrient. Omega-3 fatty acids are highly concentrated in the brain carbs are broken down into). The brain can also run on ketones, when and appear to be important for cognitive (brain memory and performance) there is a depletion of glucose. This is known as ketosis. But for those of and behavioural function. Omega-3 fats are found in both plants and us who aren’t on a low carb diet, it is important to understand what carbs animals, but each contains different forms of omega-3. are, and what the “better” forms are and what foods we can find them in. Simple carbs are also called simple sugars. Sugars are found in a variety of natural food sources including fruit, vegetables and milk, and give food a sweet taste. But they also raise blood glucose levels quickly. The problem with having simple sugars on their own is that they are absorbed very fast, resulting in a quick rush of energy that does not last long. Once this simple sugar is digested, you tend to feel tired, and will crave another

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Animal sources of omega 3 fatty acids c ontain EPA and DHA.

Plants based sources of omega 3 fatty acids contain ALA. It is recommended to include both plant and animal sources in the diet. 2-3 serves of fatty fish per week is recommended to get adequate amounts of EPA & DHA. Animal

About Jacinta

sources include; fatty fish, grass-fed beef & organic eggs. Plant sources include; walnuts, chia seeds, almonds & flax seeds. Black sesame seeds contain a high amount of antioxidants, and contain minerals such as manganese, calcium and magnesium which aid in boosting mood and reducing stress.

Occupation: Nutritional Medicine practitioner (Nutritionist) & Lash technician

Swap coffee for green tea, as the caffeine in green tea is released slower than the caffeine in coffee, resulting in longer lasting energy.

Education: Bachelor of Health Science degree (Nutritional Medicine) Volume lashes trained by Enchanted Spa

Having a good balance of complex carbohydrates and nutrient dense foods in your diet will help to boost your energy levels, mood and concentration throughout the day. Start each day with a healthy, substantial breakfast and ensure you are eating every 3.5 hours. Keep the Chocolate Chia Energy Balls handy for a healthy balanced snack to boost your energy levels between clients.

Age: 29

Seeing a qualified Nutritionist can help you determine which foods are best for YOU and will help to determine whether an underlying health condition may be affecting your energy levels.

Lots of Lash Love, Jacinta x INGREDIENTS: 1 cup medjool dates, pitts removed 1 cup raw almonds 1 cup rolled oats (I used Bob’s Red Mill because they are gluten free) 3 tbs chia seeds 2 tbs raw cacao powder 1 tbs flax seed oil 1 tbs black sesame seeds 1 tsp cinnamon pinch sea salt 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk



CHOCOLATE CHIA ENERGY BITES (VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE) Makes 8 medium sized raw balls I have created this recipe - which I often make and keep in the fridge to snack on in between clients. This recipe contains a healthy amount of omega 3 fatty acids. The dates are simple sugar, which will help to also give an instant boost of energy, as well as the lasting energy from the complex carbs in the rolled oats. If you don’t have flax seed oil, sesame seeds or chia seeds you can still make this recipe - just add a little more almond milk for consistency.

Enjoy! xx

METHOD 1. Add almonds, oats, cacao powder, black sesame seeds, cinnamon, salt, chia seeds to a food processor and blend until it becomes a chunky powdery consistency. 2. Add a few dates at a time and blend, until all dates are blended into the mix. 3. Add in flax seed oil and blend. 4. Add a small splash of almond milk, and blend. Add a bit more if necessary - the mix is ready once it starts binding together and turning into a ball. Remove from food processor and use hands to roll the mixture into small ball shapes. Roll in desiccated coconut/chia seeds/black sesame seeds and place into an air tight container. Refrigerate for up to 4 hours and then serve.

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26 - Lash inc australasia

Brow Bureau

Sponsored by:


by Zoë and Otto Mitter

22 years of importing Belmacil lash and brow tints into Australia from Switzerland has left Ex-Import Niche Products and its team with more than a slight brow obsession. Otto Mitter, producer of the Elleebana lashes and lash lift system, in his role as Managing Director of ExImport Niche Products, has worked closely with the range, developing the Belmacil brand identity for the market and in 2010 re-branded the whole range with new packaging for the world. At beauty college, “provide lash and brow services” is often one of the first units taught and it stands to reason that when you know lashes – you need to know brows. Brow definition can dramatically change the appearance of the eye area, face shape, definition and identity of your client’s features. Arch definition, feathering effects, microblading, ombre brows, bold and even braided brows have been social media hot topics and it doesn’t appear to be dropping off any time soon.

So just how do we perform the perfect brow tint with Belmacil lash and brow tints? The first step is a thorough client consult. Conducting a consult allows you to develop a treatment plan, understand a client’s medical history, medications, background and lifestyle factors or characteristics that may affect the service.

Zoe Mitter, General Manager for Ex-Import Niche Products, says “It is of paramount importance that a patch test is conducted on your client before you chemically treat the eyelashes or eyebrows. Besides a standard requirement of your insurance, some clients will be sensitive to the chemicals used in the products for tinting and it is best to find this out Kayla Zigic – Master trainer for Ex-Import Niche Products, explains why prior to completing the service. You don’t want your client to have an performing brow services for lash clients is so important. “Brow waxing and allergic reaction that could have been avoided if you had conducted a patch tinting, just like lash extensions or lash lifting, are temporary treatments. test. Patch tests should be performed at least every six months. This is This means that many clients will come into your salon regularly for these because clients can develop allergies to products over time – the same as services. Often, during your lash consult, you ask your client to discuss nut or seafood allergies can present at any stage in life. Waiting 24 – 48 what they like and don’t like about their features, they will comment that hours after the patch test before performing the treatment is the industry they feel their features are diminishing or disappearing. Defining their standard. A client’s refusal for a patch test will require them to complete brows during a lash treatment is like framing your masterpiece. It finishes an indemnity form, this is for your workplace insurance to remain valid in a client’s appearance and draws attention to the eye area and can correct the case that the client experiences a reaction.” slight nuances with your client’s face shape or eyes.” After your consultation has taken place, all occupational health and safety She says “Social media posts to promote your lash work often don’t look steps are adhered to and your work finished without perfectly shaped and tinted brows to boot. We often hear space is prepared for the treatment, of lash styling techniques that are mapped in compliments with the arch in you can then begin preparing a client’s brow – but what happens if the brow isn’t arching in the correct your client’s brows for their location? Offering brow services to compliment and perhaps correct what’s tinting treatment by cleansing ailing your lash sets will have your clients loving your attention to detail their brow area thoroughly with and you have been able to turn a client who was coming for in-fills every Belma-Remove non-oily make-up few weeks, into a client who is now paying for two additional services of remover. This Australian-made shaping and tinting their eyebrows”. formulation gently cleanses to remove deep or built up make-up, 1 Cleanse

Zoë Mitter

Adriana Zero

Otto Mitter Lash inc australasia - 27

cleans the skin by removing surface dirt or debris and prepares the hair with fine particles that are mild so they leave no residue on the brow hair.

2 Mixing ratio

Dispensing the correct ratio of tint to product by squeezing the tube from the bottom into the mixing dish, is the first step to your colour customisation of the brow work for your client. Master trainer Adriana Zero from Ex-Import Niche Products knows that correct mixing ratios offer more colour options and in her colour work classes encourages students to use techniques like colour neutralisation and building colour for covering grey brow hairs. “Each client is unique, giving them the same brow colour tint as another customer is like saying one lash map style suits everyone. The Belmacil range offers both warm and cool brown colours, a grey, a red and the dark brown for deepening any of the colours within the range to create your ideal colour. The Belmacil colour chart is a great way to learn the common mixing ratios and to build confidence. I often teach students to use hair swatches to see their colours results and processing times before working on their clients for the first time. It’s important to mix your tint blends well together in the 2-in-1 mixing dish before adding the amount of oxidant required – Belmacil’s standard mixing ratio is half a centimetre of tint to 2 small drops of oxidant. The cost per treatment is less than 10¢ when you stick to these mixing ratios and because the quality and pigment level in Belmacil’s colours are so intense and true there is no need to use the amount of product that other brands require.”

Using an applicator that gives you defining and precise tint application makes your shaping easier or applying Belma Shield Protective Eye balm can be applied around the brow area to avoid staining on the skin. Always ensure that you do not re-dip applicators back into product containers after they have been used on the client. Appropriate quantities of product should be decanted prior to application. 3 Mixing ratio combined

4 Apply to other tail

28 - Lash inc australasia

Otto discusses tinting a client’s brow for the first time, “For first time clients, a building colour method can be used. Ask your client to close their eyes and start the tinting process at the arch of the brow, applying the product outwards to the end of the brow. Allow the tint to process for 20 seconds and remove using a dry make-up remover pad to see how quickly the brow picks up the colour. Usually the end of the brow will need to be made a little darker than the inner end or anchor of the brow, so therefore it is best to start at the arch. Repeat the procedure until you match the end of the brow to the inner brow colour. Once the end of the brow is the same shade as the full part of the brow. Apply the tint all over the brow and leave for another 20-30 seconds. By using gradual colour deposits when tinting the brows, especially on first time clients, will guarantee that the brow will not become too dark too quickly. This method was specially designed to give you a better concept of how a client’s brow responds to the colour and give your client confidence that you are able to achieve the exact colour they are hoping to achieve and the result is desirable.”

Once the final colour is reached, rinse the remaining tint with a make-up remover pad and water. This is to ensure that the remaining tint will not continue to process. Always remember to tint prior to waxing or shaping brows. This reduces the chances of creating a reaction or any sensitivity for the client. Waxing can cause the skin to break. If tint is applied on top of broken or irritated skin, this can cause discomfort and product reactions.

5 Remove from tail

Aftercare advice is the final and most important step of any treatment. Tinting is designed to last up to 6 weeks however the use of exfoliants, AHA’s, retinols and active skin care ranges or treatments such as facials can strip the colour from the brows faster than normal. Using strong make-up removers and cleansers within the first 48 hours may strip the colour from the brow so avoiding this is key. Hot steamy showers, saunas or shampoo can also weaken a brow colour. If a client experiences sensitivity or irritation occurs, applying a clean cold wet compress to the area can calm this however, it is always recommended to seek medical advice if the sensitivity continues.

To purchase Belmacil’s range see the list of our Australian and International distributors on our website

8 After shaping

6 Apply to whole brow

7 Remove tint from brow

Lash inc australasia - 29

Reader Gallery - Brow Bureau

Kelly Innes - Gingerella Rox

Melanie Jane - Browology Boutique

Mandy Jeffery - Beautitude Skin & Body 30 - Lash inc australasia




Elleebana strives for quality, to meet and exceed industry standards. Australia’s leading and trusted lash brand brings you the genuine GBL free lash extensions remover. Contains No Gamma-Butyrolactone (GBL) which is a known illegal substance found in adhesive removers.




Fo r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n :

(07) 5576 6388



Ravin’ About

By Chelsey Briggs Enchanted Spa Trainer

Enchanted SPA was delighted to host Trina Dial Horne, the founder of Maven Artistry in Perth in August, when she came all the way over from Texas to Australia to speak at Lash Bash Gold Coast. Trina started her Australian tour teaching Beginner Volume at Lashia Gold Coast, hosted by the beautiful Mimmi Ebbersten, who made bringing Trina to our lands possible!

Trina headed to Perth to show us some of her innermost lash secrets in her Advanced Volume course. Maven went through lash mapping, fanning and mastering the ‘Maven technique’. From easy pickup and placement methods to secret adhesive techniques, this woman has every angle covered. Mapping went to a whole other level, brushing up on different ways to determine the perfect set of lashes using the whole face, with her flawless measuring system that helps you decide what face shape your client is, where the eyes are positioned on the face and where the brows play a part in picking the correct length and curl for your client.

This woman is truly amazing and an inspiration to the industry, we were so lucky to have such a great talent here in the West. The class sold out so quickly when we first announced, we had to schedule another class the following day which also sold out in record time. Maven’s time in Australia ended with two very satisfied classes full of students, with participants ranging from those newly qualified in volume to Australia’s top educators and salon owners. We are looking forward to hosting Trina again hopefully in the near future!

Lash inc australasia - 31

Spotlight on

Lash’d Doll House

by Sheree Graco

I first discovered eyelash extensions nearly 12 years ago in 2006. I was a year out of beauty school and struggled to find a fulltime job as every salon required at least 2 years’ experience. Determination and drive had me packing up my waxing, tan & tinting kit and going mobile. A couple of months later I was offered to rent a space at a local nail bar. Even though financially this seemed scary at just 19 I couldn’t say no, to have my own business was my dream! The beauty therapist I was replacing pretty much gave me her lash kit and said good luck!

32 - Lash inc australasia

I had to find out more. At the time there were very minimal training options and product wasn’t as advanced as it is today. Lashes came in a pot and you only had J curl to choose from. I signed up to a day course with Lash Vixen. After discovering volume lashes years later, I then did another day course with Locks Lash. The rest is self-taught and perseverance!

I realised lashes were my passion at just 12 years old, now 32 years old. I was a red head who stood out from the crowd and I didn’t like that. I thought I was too different because my lashes and brows were orange, not normal like others. My best friend told me I couldn’t wear black mascara, I had to wear brown - I didnt like that, I was envious! I went to a local beauty salon to get my brows waxed where I was convinced to tint my lashes. I couldn’t believe the results. It was then at that moment I wanted to be a beauty therapist and make people feel good about themselves as I did that day. Little did I know what the future was going to hold for lashes and myself. In 2008 the nail bar closed down. I couldn’t afford to move on at a premises so I got a full time job at a Telstra Call Centre managing client conflict, managing approximately 25 consultants. I took my beauty kit home and I began to offer make up, waxing, tinting and mostly eyelash extensions

In 5 years time, I see myself continuing to strive, and hope to provide more opportunities and exposure for others. I know more than anyone how hard it is to be given a chance but you have to start somewhere! I would like to also provide more training where I can hopefully lift the industry standard and eventually have my own product line.

Fun facts about me. I’ve never lost in Singstar Macy Gray ‘I try’, I can stick all my fingers in my belly button and I once had a cat named Bella, the vet told me it was a female until it grew genitals several months later so I changed its name to Fella. It didn’t know the difference!

from my garage outside of hours, taking my first client at 5pm and working until 10pm every night and every Saturday and Sunday. As lashes grew, so did I. I bought my first home in 2012 where I built an amazing home salon, winning St Tropez Salon of the Year, People’s Choice Awards. I quit my full-time call centre job, and the more I became available the busier I got. I put my management skills in to play and hired my first lash technician Samantha Paterick who today is my salon manager at Lash’d Doll House. I had a vision of a Lash & Brow bar, I couldn’t keep up though with the industry. My dreams and plans were unfolding in the big cities. I had no option but to continue to work hard and in 2015 finally opened Lash’d Doll House, with 6 lash stations and the first lash bar to launch in south east Queensland.

We offer lash extensions, waxing, spray tanning and make up for weddings and special occasions. My biggest career highlight this year! That’s easy, in May this year I gave birth to my first baby, Ollie which is a personal highlight I know however this experience has led me to my biggest career highlight. The opportunity to work on my business and not just on the tools. 10 years ago I could never had imagined dropping the tools and having a business run itself and staff that would be so supportive and amazing to do so. There is nothing more comforting than knowing that with the support of Toowoomba city I can be at home with my son and continue to pursue my passion whilst giving others the opportunity to pursue theirs.

Lash inc australasia - 33

Business Smarts

With Carissa Hill

By Carissa Hill


I’m Carissa Hill. I’m a rapid business growth coach from Australia.

I built my own chain of hair & beauty salons during my early twenties that I grew from a home business in my garage into 3 stores within 5 years, that I didn’t work in, all using social media.

Some of the very best lessons I learnt in doing this are: To trust your team members. To let them fail (so they can learn). To lead by example. To work on self development constantly and SHARE what you learn with your team. To learn to let go of control. And of course, my favourite, to have CRYSTAL CLEAR SYSTEMS AND INSTRUCTIONS IN PLACE FOR EVERYTHING.

And now I specialise in helping others to do the same :)

So you’re going to need in order to build a successful business and live the life you want, is a crystal clear vision for how you want things to be.

Over the last few years I have worked with HUNDREDS of hair, beauty and lash businesses (and many other industries too) to help them make more money, get more clients, and just generally grow their businesses as quickly as possible.

You can call it manifesting, or the law of attraction or simply call it FOCUS, but if you don’t have a vision, something you can see in your mind that you want to come to life, and if you don’t want it bad enough, it just simply will not come to life.

In this article I want to share some of my own personal lessons, strategies and stories with you that will hopefully help to inspire and encourage you to dream bigger and make all your goals come true.

The next thing you need when you have a clear vision is to have the willingness to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

So I guess, from the start, I knew what I wanted to achieve, and I wanted it badly enough that I was prepared to do whatever I needed to do to make it happen. I think that’s a really important thing to understand right there, if you are wanting to achieve a really big goal. You have GOT to want it bad enough that you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. It becomes a non-negotiable for you. Nothing and nobody will be able to stop you from making it happen. My first big goal was a profitable business that could run totally without me in it.

And so I made it happen. Obviously, with a LOT of lessons learnt along the way (ie, a lot of things went wrong, but I learned from each of them and improved each time after that).

34 - Lash inc australasia

I have always been someone who just does things to give them a go. I am not afraid of what could go wrong, I don’t focus on that. I focus on what could go RIGHT, and of course, things always work out (even if they don’t) when you have a positive attitude in life. If you’re always focussing on what is wrong, or what could go wrong, you will always see what is wrong. There is so much amazingness in life, you just need to flip your perspective around :) And you never actually know how something is going to work out unless you try it! My number one secret to fast business growth is this…

Understanding people. Business is more of a people game than a numbers game. The more you understand human behaviour, and what people really want and need, on a DEEP level, emotionally… and if you can deliver that, you will WIN at business.

And the 3 key things that I believe everyone should understand about humans is this: 1. We all want to feel important, listened to, and cared about. If you can make your clients, followers, potential new clients, and team members feel important and cared about… well then, they won’t be leaving you any time soon… and they’ll tell everyone else how great you are too. 2. In your marketing, always act and speak and write like a human, like YOU, not like you are pretending to be a business, or hiding behind a logo. People CRAVE human connection, and the more *REAL* you are, the more relatable you are, the more they will “connect” with you. 3. People care more about themselves than they do about you. It’s a slap in the face for some, but it’s true. When you take the focus OFF yourself in your business and place it all about the client, make everything you do about them, for them, show them how it will improve their life… they will flock to you... Now, another one of my FAVE business growth resources, is Facebook.

Ask them what they think!? Tell stories! Go live and interact with your followers, show them what you’re doing! Educate them. Entertain them. Ask them questions about themselves! The more you know about the people who are following you, the more you include them in your business, your branding, your marketing - the more people will “LIKE” you and the more your business will grow. 2) They have no call to action on their posts. This is also why a lot of people’s ads and boosts don’t work on Facebook. People simply won’t do anything unless you tell them what they need to do.

Not so much the technical side of it, but, as I mentioned before, the people side of it. That is what is going to make it work or not... it all comes down to how well you understand people, and what they want.

If you are running a promotion, and you want people to call you to make a booking, you literally need to say “call us on 1234 5678 to make a booking”.

Your success on social has nothing to do with the algorithms.

If you want people to comment, ask them to comment.

If people aren’t liking your posts, it means they don’t like your posts. If you want people to PM you, ask them to PM you. Simple. If you want people to tag a friend, ask them to tag a friend…


Make sense? Just don’t go overboard and ask for them all at once, otherwise people won’t do any of them either. Humans are funny creatures, we like a bit of choice, but not too much, and we like to be guided, but not told what to do…

1) They are focussed all on themselves, talking all about themselves, making every post about their business, their work, and are trying desperately to promote themselves and get bookings but not really having much success.

Use that info your marketing and business strategies and you will do well.

A lot of people will post up pictures of their work (which can be AWESOME) with a bunch of hashtags (usually shared directly from instagram) and they might get a few likes, but hardly any comments or actual bookings.

3) They have no idea who they are talking to, and so they try to talk to everyone and anyone.

And this is why:

Social media is designed to be social. The way to get engagement (likes, comments, shares) is to engage your audience… which means, make it about THEM!

You really do need to know who you want to attract BEFORE you post on social media. Who are you sharing your photos for? Why do they want to see it? What do they get out of it? Why do they want your services? Who are they? What do they want to see on Facebook and why? The more you know about the type of clients you want to attract, the easier it will be for you to grow your business because you can post things that they want to see.

Lash inc australasia - 35

You ideally want people to come across your page and be able to think “yeah, cool, this business speaks to me, I can relate to them, I like what they’re about”.

And, if you use the coupon code “SURPRISE” at the checkout, before the end of this month, you will get a sweeeeeeeet discount…

All you need to do is go to, read Your brand and business needs to have a sense of “realness” and personality. through the page, check out all the member results, and then click the Otherwise it’s just bland and boring and blends in with everything else. monthly sign up button down the bottom of the page.

The easiest way to do this is to honestly just be 100% real and yourself. Literally put YOU and your personality into the business and the brand. Especially if you are a bit weird or inappropriate. Do not try to be professional on social media, it actually has the opposite effect and people will think you are boring AF. Unless you want to attract boring people, in which case, go for gold. Ok, so, those are the things you should NOT be doing on Facebook… So, what SHOULD you do? Here are some tips that will help your marketing on Facebook: •

Make sure all of your colours and fonts and images are very high quality and that everything matches and looks consistent. You want people to be able to see anything that you have posted and recognise it as YOUR business and your branding!

Be real. Have a bit of fun with your posts and your marketing and your branding. Be silly. Did you ever see a serious post go viral? Unlikely. All the things people love the most are either funny, or they have a great story & some emotion attached to it.

Spend money on advertising. Honestly. If you want to grow fast, it’s the fastest way to let people know you exist. Just make sure you know who you are talking to and you know why they want the thing you are selling, and you present it in a way that speaks TO THEM not about yourself.

Don’t go straight for the sale. If / when people enquire with you, take some time to have a chat with them and get to know them before you present the price (unless they are just wanting to book in right away). But people will be much more likely to LIKE you and want to do business with you if they feel like you like them and are interested in them too :)

So, I hope I just gave you some helpful tips, or maybe just a different way of thinking about business and marketing (and people) in general? I also do have a special offer for you if you are reading this too. If you are someone who would like to start using Facebook to get a LOT of new clients and make a lot of money, I want to share with you ALL of my very best, proven-to-work Facebook ads and sales scripts. I have this really cool membership program called “Proven Profits” that is helping soooo many salon owners to bring in tonnes of new clients (and keep them). Every month you get a customisable, proven to work Facebook ad template that you can change to suit your own business. You just follow the instructions, and you will have an influx of new likes, messages, bookings and sales...

36 - Lash inc australasia

(The coupon code only works with the monthly option)! Hope to see you in the Proven Profits club & watch you grow and make a lot of $$$$ !

Love Carissa xo

Pre-made Volume Lashes.

What are they & Who uses them? There is a lot of confusion on social media platforms, and in the Lash World on pre-made fans, they have come along way just like our Industry! So here is some truth on pre-made volume lashes. Our pre-made lashes are assisting lash artists who are only classic trained to offer more volume to their clientele base while waiting for further training. Pre-made fans help bridge the gap between classic and Russian volume. Lash artists that are against the use of pre-made fans are highly skilled Russian experts who have spent a lot of time and money mastering their skills. It is important to understand that pre-made fans are not intended to compete or replace the advanced art that is handmade volume in any way! These pre-made fans are ideal for lash artists to speed up time, as a full set of pre-made volume takes the same time as a set of classic lashes. Even if a client runs late, you can do a mixture of Russian and pre-made (this is what I do).

Fun Facts and myths: "They are so expensive." Not all good quality pre-made fans are expensive, this depends on the supplier, as a salon owner you should be pricing your services accordingly, so you cover the cost of products used as well as your time, bills, tax, etc. These are never charged or stated as Russian, but volume lashes do cost more than classics but less than Russian volume. "They are already glued and will be too heavy." The confusion starts here! Yes, a long time ago lashes were made just so that the product was over glued and had large bases. Now it's all changed. Our Elite Pre-made lashes are high quality bonded by heat, so no adhesive is added in the manufacturing process. Therefore they weigh the same as a handmade Russian fan. You have to retrieve the pre-made fan from the tray using curved or hooked tweezers, so they don't fall apart, similar to Russian fans. "There is no art in it." Yes while you are not hand making, and creating that perfect fan you are still customising each set of lashes to the client while styling for each customer which is as we all know so important.

"They cause damage." Damaged caused to a client's lashes is through over extending and poor isolation. Lash health has always been and will be the most important step in eyelash extensions; many people confuse them with clusters or part lashes, this is not the case at all. You can see the photo below and how thin the base is of the 3D pre-made lash. "Retention is bad and they don't wrap." Yes, this is correct about wrapping, but neither does a Classic yet they still have good retention (read our blog on retention). Pre-made fans are applied just like a Classic set of eyelash extensions either above, below or side of the natural lash, using the correct application, length and lashing to your adhesive requirements will give you optimum retention for your client. Jess x

Elite Lash Supplies. PHONE: 0407 689 709

15% OFF

*Orders over $250 Use CODE: LashInc

Lash inc australasia - 37

Reader Gallery - Lashes Helena Scholz - Helena Lashes

Bille Amatniek Koto Beauty Chelsey Briggs - Creative Beauty by Chels

38 - Lash inc australasia

Amy Princen - Beyond Lashes

Amanda Leunig - AL Beauty Studio

Abby Rogers - Lash Link Kaydie Murphy - Kaydies Lash Artistry

Jodie Grimmer - The Eyelash Emporium

Danielle Ringdahl - Lash Habit

Naomie Martin - Bronze Bombshell Beauty Lash inc australasia - 39

Sandy xx Huang - Lust for Lashes

Eyelash Extensions Perth

Hannah Alexander -

Forever Lashes Mackay

Dora Chang - Dora Lashes Beauty Room

Dora Chang - Dora Lashes Beauty Room

Sharna Kotz - PureSkin Face & Body Clinic 40 - Lash inc australasia

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Georgie Fairless - Looks Cosmetic Artistry

Taylor Grant - Lashes by Taylor

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Reader Gallery- Makeup Masters Makeup By Pruzy - Prue Chamberlain

Courtney Stapledon -

Courtney Jayne Makeup Artistry 42 - Lash inc australasia

Reader Gallery- Lash Lift Legends Chelsee Rae Lash Bar

Heather Ferguson - House of West

Lash inc australasia - 43

Welcome to issue 16 of

Lash Inc. International We have had a busy year so far, with the launch of Lash Inc USA/Canada and Lash Inc Australasia we are growing our community quickly. These regional versions are amazing, giving the full International content plus all the local content for their country. In this quarter’s magazine, you will find articles from new contributors, results of lash contests in London and all the usual content. Look out for your photos in the reader gallery. It has been an amazing year expanding our reach in the lash community, the magazine was also nominated for the LUX awards and I was nominated for Business Woman Scotland Awards for Lash Inc Magazine. We are not sure if we will win either award but being nominated and shortlisted is fantastic. Awards are great for business and if you are interested in awards for your business please read my article in this issue also. If you have anything you wish to contribute for our next issue please get in touch at or submit through our VIP page at Have an amazing festive season and all the best for 2018!

44 - Welcome

Louise and the Lash Inc Team Andi, Sarah & Richard

Letter from The Editor

Lash Inc.

7 Newton Place, Lower Ground, Glasgow, G3 7PR Contact Name: Louise Tierney Contact Email:

/LashInc @LashInc @Lash_Inc Issuu


Lashes - 45

The Perfect

Beauty Treatment

for Winter by Claudia Wright

As well as encouraging us to add another layer to our chosen outfit of the day, the seasonal change into autumn and winter also has a knock-on effect on our daily beauty regimen. With the number of hours of daylight getting shorter and the nights getting longer and colder, the steady decline in temperature can reap havoc on our hair and skin. Whilst the winter weather causes us to give certain areas a little extra TLC, such as investing in a more substantial moisturiser to ward off dry skin, it means we can relax and ‘chill’ out with other aspects of our morning routine. We will start with the most important factor- any beauty treatment that allows you to have an extra 15 minutes in bed is an instant must-have, right? The LVL lash lift straightens the natural eyelash at the root, creating long, lifted lashes that stay put for up to 8 weeks. The dramatic, wide-eye effect is intensified by the tint, which is also included in the treatment. The tint creates the effect of mascara, therefore reducing the time needed to get ready in the morning, so you can just get up and go! Even after a terrible night sleep, you will look like you have had your full 8 hours, and then some. As you may or may not know that twice a year, in spring and autumn, we lose more hair than usual. This applies to the hair on our head as well as our eyelashes. The reason for this is down to the change in climate, hence the name ‘autumn shed’. If you are an avid lash extension wearer, this doesn’t mean that you will have to have a break from your beloved bonds, it simply means that you will need to book your infill appointments a little closer together than usual for one or two of your lash cycles. However, if you want to try something more low maintenance, without compromising on results, and not having to worry about any effects from the autumn shed then this is where LVL really shines! As mentioned above, LVL enhances your natural lashes- no bonds, no adhesive, no extensions, which means no (or very low) maintenance! Leave the salon with instantly long, lifted lashes, and don’t return for 6-8 weeks until it’s time to give your lashes another boost. However, if you want to encourage stronger and healthier lashes, and maintain them, we suggest brushing them daily using a serum. Because we are huge advocates for lash health, we created a lash and brow conditioning serum which is packed full of multi-vitamins and conditioning actives, designed to nourish and promote strong, healthy eyelashes and eyebrows. Of course, you may still notice slightly more lash loss than usual due to the change in climate, but this will last for no longer than two lash cycles, and will have very little effect on your LVLs.

48 - Lashes

Another thing we are more conscious of, especially around this time of year, is spending money on little luxuries. Unquestionably, lash treatments come under the ‘essentials’ bracket when it comes to budgeting for Christmas and New Year, so the longevity of LVL ticks another box when it comes to winter beauty. Prices vary depending on your local salon, but with instantaneous results lasting between 6 and 8 weeks, you will leave the salon looking a million dollars, and carry that straight through into the New Year. A worthy winter investment! Love the sound of the low-maintenance, instant results, short treatment time and longevity of LVL, but worried they still won’t deliver the drama of eyelash extensions? We’ve got you covered. With a choice of small, medium or large shields, you will get the exact look you desire every time. Go for small for a dramatic lift, medium if you are new to LVL, and large if you want a subtle, but noticeable lift. Perfect eyes every time.

LVL Treatment: treatment/lvl-lash-lift/ LVL Training: lvl-lash-lift-training/


Hidden Treasure

by Kelly Storer

Lauren Cobb’s journey started 10 years ago when she completed her Diploma in Beauty Therapy straight after high school. The industry had always been a passion, but it was 6 years ago when Lauren was introduced to the concept of eyelash extensions that a little fire ignited inside of her and she needed to learn more. So she studied her first classic eyelash extension course through Xtreme Lashes in Brisbane - and what a beautiful can of worms it opened! Following her husband around for his career for the last 3 years has given Lauren some amazing career opportunities; working with some amazing ladies in equally amazing salons around Australia & she has taken away great lessons from every experience. This year has been all about learning and growing, in the last 10 months alone Lauren has updated her skills through 2 volume lash courses (Brisbane Lashes & Lash Tribe), a mega volume course (Lash Tribe), business branding and marketing course as well introducing a new skill - Microblading Brows. All this has led to the next chapter: Lauren has opened her own lash & brow business!

50 - Lashes

Lauren and her husband recently relocated to the Gold Coast of Queensland, where she launched ‘Lash & Brow Exclusive’ a modern studio located in Burleigh Heads, dedicated to everything lashes and brows. The last 5 years has culminated in this exciting venture and I can’t wait to see what the next 5 years will bring. Lauren’s goals for the next 2 years are to continue to up-skill in the lash and brow world, grow her business enough to employ some lash stars and maybe one day become an inspiration to the next generation of aspiring lash & brow artists.

Meet the

Lash Ladies

By Leanne Harber

Ultimate Lash was set up in January 2015 with the sole purpose of educating the beauty industry and setting the global standard in lashes and brows. Leanne Harber, director of Ultimate has been in the beauty industry for over 17 years, with the last 2 years spent travelling the globe talking at conferences and teaching the newest methods and latest techniques in Lash and Brow application. Leanne has begun to work closely with the cancer trust and Macmillan to develop methods suitable for cancer patients, a cause close to Leanne Harber’s heart. This technique involved bridging gaps where ladies have no lashes and creating a lash line for them giving them confidence and generally making them feel better about themselves when they are feeling so low. If you have never experienced this then it is hard to realise that lashes and brows make you feel like a woman again.

now go under 2-3 more reconstructed surgeries. All through this, I lashed her every two weeks she never missed an appointment and the reason is Leanne tells us, “I am humbled and extremely privileged to have the how it makes her feel. But because of cancer, her lashes never grew back opportunity to work with such amazing people but moreover, be in a and left her with gaps, so over the years, I developed lots of different ways position to give back. The success I have received through Ultimate has to help her. Bridging has been around for years but I’ve adapted it to suit allowed me to do the things I have always been passionate about. each client and learnt so much through Tony, I do two techniques on her bridging and sandwiching! I have made the technique safe and that’s why I think it needs teaching. So, I’ve developed a workshop to teach fellow techs it as yes it might not be a skill you will use every day but if you know how In these pictures is Tony she was one of my first clients 12 years ago, Tony to do it you will never turn anyone away, and the feeling you get when you has had cancer as a child and several times over the course of her life, can help someone like this is even better. twice since I’ve been lashing her. A very recent one which you can see in the pictures on her mouth, Tony has had half her mouth cut away and will



Another brave and amazing lady I had a chance to meet is Hayley. Hayley is only 34 and had battled cancer twice. She contacted me from Facebook, she saw my work with Tony and ask if I could help as she just finished chemo and had a wedding she was going to want wanted to feel normal as she lost her hair as well, so I asked her to pop in and let me see what I had to work with… which as you can see wasn’t a lot at all!!! She said please can you help me now anyone else would have said no and come back in a few weeks when they have grown more and yes, I should have said this but I didn’t want to, I wanted to help, I could see how much this meant to her. I didn’t have long to do this either, an hour and 45min to be exact! I Learnt a new skill on Hayley that I’ve never tried before and it worked,I was so pleased and happy and she was over the moon, Hayley went to the wedding feeling amazing, I’d done my job! The bridging didn’t last as long with Hayley, but we weren’t expecting it to, but it did nearly 4 days and when it came off her lashes were still ok and as you can see from the pics they have grown back lovey and I lash her every two weeks now. Hayley has become one of my students now and is flying with it both classic and volume, next step bridging and sandwiching. I feel very blessed I can do this and help other that’s why I want all you lot to do the same.


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Featured Lash Artist

Amanda Israelsson

Amanda Israelsson is originally from Sweden and the owner of Lash My Line that is located in Denver, Colorado. Amanda’s Instagram #lashbysweden put her on the lash map about a year ago, where she is generous with lash tips and tricks and she often deliver them with a sense of humor. Lash details is where she thrives the most and has spent extended time studying the science behind lash extensions.

Amanda opened up her own studio this November ‘17 in the beautiful high- What are lashes to you Amanda? rise Beauvallon in Denver. When she’s not in the studio taking clients she’s travelling teaching lashes around in the US. Life seems to be pretty good Lashes to me, is where I go to obsess over my craft and decompress from for this Swede. the world. To create lashes takes all of my attention and that meditates me, it makes me a calmer person. Our profession is the only thing that makes me quiet, I literally can’t talk or think when I lash, or I probably could but I’d make terrible lashes. Lashes makes my mind clean, they cancel my thoughts in a way, do you know what I mean? My brain tends to be pretty spacey at times, it’s English in there, mixed with Swedish, when I’m really tired it’s Swenglish. It’s messy, but when I lash, it’s blank, similar to white noise and I love love love to be in that space. I crave to lash when I am off sometimes, you see I could never stop. My clients were so nervous when I said I was going to start teaching lashes around the US. They said “Oh no, this is terrible news Amanda, you are going to want to stop lashing us clients”. I said, “no honey, I could never, because all I want to do when I teach is to scoot the student over and start lashing their models”, I have a serious addiction. Being able to create something with my hands that I can give to my clients for them to take with them and feel good about, is a priceless feeling for me and they joy my clients get when they look at themselves is what keeps me motivated. One of my clients once said, “Amanda, you make me compliment myself”. How beautiful is that? To me it’s everything.

52 - Lashes

Tell us one of your lash struggles you’ve had I used to compare myself to other lash artists a lot, worst thing I could do to myself. My struggle was that I could not for my life figure out how to get a fan to hold or retain after my Russian Volume Training. Everyone made it seem so incredible simple, I was going crazy looking at other lash artists perfect fans on Instagram. I was up all night researching, in different languages, and I was determined, I was going to figure it out. It wasn’t until I really put in time hands on practicing every night that it started to fall into place and make sense. How much you practice will show your level of skill, simple as that and if I can give you a broad advice regarding classic and volume lashes, it would be - disekt lash extensions into small detail parts and look at each one long and close, understand the whole picture how everything goes together and then start mastering them. To be able to create good lashes you have to have harmony. Ask yourself all the details of your craft. How is my setup? What type of viscosity of adhesive do I work best with? (I mix) What’s your prime humidity and temperature? And so forth. Give yourself that confidence by putting in the hours required to figuring out the details of your craft, it is so worth it. What did you do before? I’ve had fun professions so far. I grew up in Sweden and before moving to Los Angeles 7 years ago I spent my time being a TV host in Stockholm for a few years, that was interesting. In Los Angeles I did events and marketing for LA Times, I was blessed to meet my friend Anna who hired me, I’ll forever be thankful for her. I was new to America and my English wasn’t good so that was huge for me.

Where are you located? I’m located in the beautiful high-rise Beauvallon in Denver, Colorado on 10th and Lincoln Street, in the Golden Triangle. 975 Lincoln Street, Suite 202, Denver, Colorado, 80203 Tell us about your business: Lash My Line is my heart where I get to create my art, it’s an intimate studio where I am the master lash artist. I have been lashing for five years and this year I had a lot of requests to teach so I started my teaching journey, it’s so fun!

Its funny, I used to stress about not knowing what I wanted to do when I grew up, and now when I know I am so very thankful. For me, as an immigrant living by myself in America without family, I can say that lashes makes me feel home and I want to thank everyone who makes this profession what it is.

Amanda Israelsson is a Professional Lash Artist and Lash Trainer, as well as Owner of Lash My Line. @Lashbysweden

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How To Become An

Award Winning


By Louise Tierney Purchasing services and products from award-winning companies always made me feel as if I’d made the right choice. This was simply because, for me, awards gave the company credibility and made me more confident in the company or people I was buying from. Let me ask you a question at this point. If you had a choice of purchasing the same or similar product or service from both an award-winning company and someone else with no awards who would you purchase from? I remember trying to make a decision between 2 insurance providers, eventually choosing one insurance provider over another because they’d won an award in that particular year, unlike the other company. This may not have been the only factor involved in choosing who to buy from, but looking back it was certainly too large a reason to ignore! ‘They have won an industry award they must be good’, I thought. And yet in the early years of running my own business, the thought of entering awards simply hadn’t occurred to me. After all, wasn’t this something only larger companies did?

Thinking back, it didn’t come out the way I had wanted and she did have that certain look on her face, was I asking a question or being cheeky? Sometimes words come out of my mouth without being filtered through my brain, something I get from my mother! Her business wasn’t long established (same as mine); it was in very small premises and she was the main person who worked there with one parttime employee. As far as I could tell her business was nothing particularly special, but maybe I was wrong. You need to be special to win a business award, right?

In reply to my question on how she won the award; she said, “I just went ahead and entered the competition and won.” She was then shortlisted and went on to win the acclaim of others from the salon world. I was so So; If you read Lash Inc regularly or if you are on Facebook or Instagram impressed, I had been putting off progressing with taking on partnerships then you cannot help but see the many lash contests that run all over the but I felt confident in her. I gave this person a license to run training in her world and all the winner’s photos and trophies. Entering awards that show area under our company name and didn’t look at any further applicants. off your skills as a Lash Artist is amazing and I highly recommend you It just seemed to be the right thing to do, as here was someone who had do so. However, this is not an article about Lash Contests this is about attracted the attention of her peers through her dynamism and belief! the often-overlooked business awards which can be equally, if not more, Awards bodies were surprisingly interested in smaller setups, and actually when you think about it, quality over quantity will always be appealing to beneficial to your company promotion and growth. those looking for business excellence. So back to my story, when I started to think about awards I initially thought ‘Surely Awards bodies wouldn’t be interested in me as much smaller companies wouldn’t enter into the equation.’ Or would they? Wouldn’t you have to work and establish yourself for a number of years It brought home to me the need to begin research of awards on the Internet. before others would be impressed enough to give you an award? People I believed my own company had been performing better in every area than have to nominate you, right? my competitors and yes – I wanted to win an award. I had worked very hard in my business and winning an award would be great for business morale and great for the business itself. After all, what better marketing tool could you wish for than an endorsement from a recognised awards Then, one day a business acquaintance asked for my opinion on flyers she company who have put your company under a magnifying lens. had produced for her own business. I was so motivated and excited about the possibility of winning, I just She was a woman with drive and ambition like I had; we were very similar had to take some action. I began to believe it was actually attainable. It in what we wanted from our businesses. Wanting to help as much as I would also make me work harder at my own business to become worthy could I said I would give my opinion. of actually winning.

Research Every Award

My ‘Lightbulb Moment’

We stood in a softly lit hallway at my training academy. She took the flyer from her pocket, unfolded it and handed it to me.

In the next two years 2009, and 2010, my company won 8 awards and were finalists in another 2 awards.

I looked at it carefully and in the top right-hand corner was an impressive large logo stating the company was an award winner. To be totally honest I was completely amazed. “How did you manage to win that”, I said.

From 2011 to 2012 we had added a further 4 awards to our cabinet. The awards ranged from smaller titled events such as ‘Mumpreneur’ Awards to national awards such as The Wow! Awards and Britain’s Best Business Gold Award.

54 - Lashes

Between 2013 and 2017, I added over 30 awards to various businesses I had in this 4 year period and was also a finalist and shortlisted for several more.

So, if you take action to enter the awards, and keep taking action at each stage you will be ahead of most businesses. Also, by taking continuing action, this will dramatically increase your chance of a successful outcome.

There is no doubt in my mind that awards have helped every business I have been part of in my career. I am very lucky I found out about awards early on in my self-employed career.

Remember my own reticence at entering awards in early 2009? Could my business win an award? I’m just not big enough, surely? Why would they be interested in me? I don’t know what they are looking for.

Why Most Companies Don’t Win Awards

I may have thought about what I’d like to achieve in the longer term – but as they say – you can’t win it if you’re not in it!

Here is the most important thing you can do in order to win an award. It may sound obvious but here goes.

Enter The Awards!! Take Action. “In the end, the only people who fail are those who don’t try.” – David Viscott Taking action is the single most important thing you will do to be successful in life, in business and in entering awards. If you ‘sign up’ to do a 10K run you have surpassed 0% chance of success; if you do the training (increasing your chances again) and turn up on the day, the probability of completing the run is looking good.

Many companies dream about winning awards but still don’t take any action to make it happen. That’s why such a small proportion of companies are award winners. It’s a bit like those people who enter hundreds of competitions in the hope of landing a few prizes, except award-winning companies, know more awards are attainable. That’s why these successful companies of all shapes and sizes usually end up winning multiple awards. They just couldn’t wish for better publicity for their business. Let’s be honest. No one is going to knock at your door and hand you an award; you have to enter. The fact is, it doesn’t need to take a long time to draft your application. I allocated half an hour each day to work on one entry and worked on it until it was done. Some applications may take a few hours; some can take a few days, but it’s worth the effort for sure and patience pays off in the long run. The more you enter them the less time it will take, most business award questions are fairly repetitive and you will already have most of the answers to put on your form. Over the next few issues, I am going to be giving you my top tips on business awards. I have a 7-step system which I developed through my research and experience.

The Award-Winning System: A.C.T.S.U.R.E. There are 7 steps to the system. The system is easily remembered as it spells ‘act sure’ each step is vitally important to winning.

Action Criteria Testimonials Story Unique Relationships Enterprise We will cover Action and Criteria in the next issue, if you cannot wait, the first 2 chapters are covered in the VIP section of I hope I have given you an appetite for entering and hope to see your award-winning business featured in Lash Inc soon.

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American brand NovaLash has been training, educating and inspiring lash artists across the world for more than 13 years. In this issue, we talk with NovaLash’s Global Master Trainer, Zachary Falb, about his involvement with the brand and his hopes for the ever-growing eyelash extension industry… Tell us a bit about your role at NovaLash? My key role is to support NovaLash’s long-term goal to create highly educated, skillful lash artists who adhere to high health and safety standards. This, alongside sharing my passion and experience in the industry, is of upmost importance. I love representing a reputable and professional brand while helping to set and maintain the standard across the industry. Day to day I develop and manage training standards while training new and existing lash artists across the UK and Ireland. I am also responsible for maintaining and communicating our training standards globally in each of the markets we are in. This ensures lash artists across the world are receiving high quality, standardized training while consumers receive high quality lash extensions with NovaLash. Visiting each market allows me to understand global challenges that face the lash extension industry, which helps us create unique products that solve problems, improve the industry and raise the quality of lash extension services.

Zachary Falb Wow, this all sounds so glamorous, is it? I love to travel; however, a long-haul night flight to Bangkok isn’t quite as glamorous as is might sound! But, it’s important as Global Master Trainer that I am visible in all NovaLash territories so that lash artists training with NovaLash receive standardized training no matter where they are. What are you most excited about right now? Next month I will have trained 1000 students. This is amazing and is a great personal achievement. I love how many different people and personalities I have come across over the years, there’s never a dull day when it comes to lash work! Additionally, I am a judge at Lash Games this October at Olympia Beauty. I am very excited to lend my skills and experience to this fantastic competition. There is a new category called ‘Mixed Volume’ which incorporates new methods of applying volume lash extensions vs the previous methods. I think it’s important that competitions move forward and accommodate new techniques and ways of applying lash extensions. What can we expect to see from NovaLash in 2018? I can’t give too much away at this time, but what I can say is watch this space! I am working really closely with our CEO, Sophy Merszei, on some new and exciting things. I can exclusively reveal that we will be launching a new training course in 2018, which I am so excited about.

To find out more about NovaLash or to become a certified NovaLash Lash Artist visit www.novalash. com or email

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The Expert: Shining a Light.


The Importance of Proper Lighting for Lash Artists by Leah Lynch Applying lash extensions is an intricate process, and the application is a work of art unto itself. Proper lighting is crucial for applying—as well as isolating—lashes properly. You can spend thousands of dollars on products and education and then fall short in your service due to improper or inadequate lighting. Natural light is the best setting for any intricate work, but since you’re not going to apply lash extensions outdoors, you’ll need to create the best indoor lighting environment possible.

What kind of lighting should I use?

spectrum lighting, pay attention to two things: the Colour Rendering Index (CRI), and the colour temperature. •

CRI measures a light bulb’s ability to reveal various colours. Most full-spectrum bulbs have a CRI rating of between 90 and 100. For comparison purposes, natural sunlight has a CRI measurement of 100.

The colour temperature refers to the colour of the light. Despite the name, it has nothing to do with heat. Look for bulbs with colour temperatures higher than 5,000 on the Kelvin (K) scale. These most accurately mimic natural light.

Without question, the best option is full-spectrum lighting, which most closely mimics natural sunlight (ideally 6,500k). Benefits of full-spectrum “Daylight” lighting will noticeably improve the look and feel of your lash lighting, compared to other types of bulbs, include: Better visual clarity studio, transforming dim and ugly yellowish light to a whiter and brighter for detailed work, improved colour perception, and reduced eyestrain. shade. It makes the environment more appealing to your clients, and it’s Aside from just better vision, full-spectrum lighting is thought to improve great for studios with few windows. mood, productivity, and mental awareness. It’s used for light therapy to treat people with seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Professional lighting may cost more initially, but in many cases, the bulbs last three to four times longer and use far less electricity to power. And Fluorescent bulbs are common in our industry and are the standard for trust me: Your eyes will thank you! aesthetic “loops,” but I assure you this is not the best choice for extended exposure and long-term use. Please be aware that you will also need appropriate lighting replacements for more permanent overhead lighting fixtures as well. Plan to replace Fluorescent bulbs and some LEDs can create a small floodlights, fluorescent tubes, or incandescent bulbs with “daylight” flicker that is not perceived by the human eye. spectrum bulbs as well. The same way you can fatigue your eyes by working Search “fluorescent light slow motion” on on a computer in a dark room, you can badly strain your eyes by working YouTube to see how intense this flicker under a bright light while the rest of your room is dim. really is! Ever notice a phantom grid appear on your client’s face while taking a photo? This is the effect of the f licker. Working under that After reviewing all the most popular products available, I strongly flicker all day every day can cause recommend the Daylight Company’s Slimline LED floor lamp. The light eyestrain, fatigue, and can even output is wonderful. It reaches all the way across your bed with an trigger vertigo symptoms that elongated single light bar to make sure to cast ample light on both eyes could end your career. without shadows, it has a sturdy base, stylish slim design, and has multiple points for adjusting height and angle. You can find it on daylightcompany. “Daylight” bulbs come in a variety com (Lash Inc. readers may use promo code Leah20 for 20% off!). of types, sizes, and wattages, and you can find bulbs that will For more tips on safe practices for you and your client, keep an eye out for fit with your current lighting the new Lash Inc. lash safety program, coming soon. system. However, it’s important to note that there’s no standard Have a question for our expert, Leah Lynch? industry regulation for what full-spectrum Let us know at means. To make sure you’re actually purchasing true full-

Which light is “The Best”?

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Featured Lash Artist - Henrietta Orosz Lashes - 59

Reader Gallery Polina Voiler

60 - Lashes

Silvia Mikova

Helen Sanchez

Radmila Woll

Lashes - 61

Natasha Gallier

Julie Thorsen

62 - Lashes

Brigitta Kovรกcs

Carly Fitch

Monica Kitching

Kristel Kuklase

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Cyanoacrylate Exposure for

Eyelash Extension

Technicians By Kelly Storer

You may have heard through social media that Enchanted SPA commissioned a study on Cyanoacrylate exposure for eyelash extension technicians in September 2017. If you haven’t, here’s a quick background. We were concerned about the conflicting advice we have encountered in the last year or so about what working safely should look like in the eyelash extension industry. At Enchanted SPA, we have always made sure that when we make recommendations, we can back up our advice, but every answer led to more questions! So, we went on a journey to get advice from specialists in their fields.

Commercial Test Site (Enchanted SPA premises) Fern Cant (randomly selected monitor wearer), Natasha Gallier, Nina Middleton, Lydia Kypros, Jamie-Lee West, Chelsey Briggs, Maryke Botha and Jacinta Rokich.

What we did We developed a detailed brief on the eyelash extension industry and the use of Cyanoacrylate adhesives during extension application. We then approached 3M Australia and several exhaust ventilation and air purifier providers for recommendations on what masks to use and what type of ventilation would be appropriate. Their advice? We can help you, but we need to know what the typical Home salon Test Site (Luscious Lashes by Margaret) – Margaret Attrill exposure levels of Cyanoacrylate are for your industry first. Good point, but there were no public studies or research available on OUR industry. The sample monitors worn had a gauge that So, we decided to bite the bullet and commission our own study! We was positioned in the breathing zone of the contacted GCG, a highly reputable Australian specialist whose clients lash technicians and a pump to collect the air include the Federal Government, Defence Force, and blue-chip mining samples that was strapped to their backs. The companies. We spoke with them for months and months about what sampling method was in accordance with OSHA testing we could do and the best way to define testing sites – it was really Method 55. important to us that we answered all the ‘what ifs’ and industry concerns that we possibly could. We used the same parameters for both test sites: Body-worn sampling same adhesive, (Enchanted Crystal Clear), the pump practice of working to the side (no glue rings or wells on the head), dropped a new bead of The kicker is that the best method for testing cyanoacrylate exposure is adhesive every 15 minutes and sampled for 1 hour and 45 minutes using complicated and very expensive. We chose to do two tests, measuring personal sampling monitors whilst lashing. In the case of the commercial exposure for Ethyl Cyanoacrylate: space test site, we had eight lash technicians each working on a model at the same time and every one of them dropped an adhesive bead every • one at a small typical sized home salon (10-12sqm) for the solo 15 minutes (56 beads in total during the sampling time). The technician operators. Our home salon test site was Luscious Lashes by Margaret, wearing the monitor worked in the centre of the group. owned by Margaret Attrill.

The Test Scenarios

Special Thanks

the other in a commercial space with multiple technicians working at the same time to try and lay out a ‘worst case scenario’ for fume build- Before we dive into the results, we just want to take a quick moment up and exposure. Our Commercial Test Site was our own premises at to acknowledge the eyelash extension technicians from the Western Enchanted SPA. Australian lash industry who donated their time and skills for our project. They blindly put their trust in us when we called for volunteers, without We hoped if we tested both ends of the range, this would provide answers knowing exactly what they were getting themselves into! Thank you for that could fit with the vast majority of technicians. your contributions!

Lashes - 65

Home Salon Results Exposure levels were so low the lab test couldn’t even detect it. Cyanoacrylate exposure level recorded: <0.01ppm

Commercial Salon – Paul from GCG observing while 8 lash techs lash models at the same time.

The results There is no current Safe Work Australia Occupational Exposure Standard for Ethyl Cyanoacrylate. Therefore, the internationally recognised standard established by the ACGIH (American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists) using a Threshold Limit value (TLV) was used. This sets an Occupational Exposure Standard for Ethyl Cyanoacrylate at a limit of 0.2ppm (parts per million) on a time-weighted average of 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. Still with us? This is the measure that would normally be used for calculating exposure results. But we know a LOT of eyelash extension technicians don’t do normal! So we asked for two calculations – one at the normal standard, and the other on an adjusted standard of 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, to cover the ‘worst case scenario’ even more.

Officially categorised as “less than 50% of the occupational exposure standard of 0.2ppm” on a Time Weighted Average of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week

Even at an adjusted exposure standard based on 12 hours per day for a 6 day working week, the level would still be less than 50%.

Commercial Salon Results Even with eight lash technicians all working at the same time for the entire testing period, all dropping adhesive beads every 15 minutes (56 beads in total), the exposure level was well under the safe limit. Cyanoacrylate exposure level recorded: 0.063 ppm •

Officially categorised as “less than 50% of the occupational exposure standard of 0.2ppm” on a Time Weighted Average of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week

Only 57% of the adjusted exposure standard based on 12 hours per day for 6 days a week

The Lashia Experience On the day we announced our testing, Mimmi Ebbersten from Lashia Australia told us that Lashia had taken part in similar testing in Sweden in December 2016. This testing was done by the Centre for Occupational and Environmental Medicine in Sweden and involved Lashia’s salon and training school, as well as two other salons. As these results weren’t publicly released, we asked Mimmi for permission to share them with the lash community. Happily, for all of us, she said yes! The results were that for Lashia’s salon and school (with portable fume extractors in the room but not in use): “The amount of Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate was below the detection level in all air samples.” And for the other two salons: “The air content levels of Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate were in most cases below the detection level, ie. very low.” The recommendations from this study conducted in Sweden were as follows: Even though very low levels of Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate were found:

Home salon – Maggie lashing wearing ethyl cyanoacrylate sampling monitor (visible just below and left of chin)

66 - Lashes


Respiratory protection with solvents (filter type ABE1) should be used (half mask with goggles, full mask or fan controlled respiratory protection)


To avoid skin exposure and risk of hand eczema disposable gloves made of nitrile rubber should be used.


We know that some people who have experienced symptoms might find the recommendations surprising and it is important to note there are limitations to these findings: •

All sampling results are representative of the work area at the time monitoring was conducted.

Changes in the workplace environment and day to day tasks can greatly alter personal exposure levels.

As such, individual results may not be representative of the true exposure for the occupation/area in question.

Commercial Salon – Fern lashing wearing ethyl cyanoacrylate monitor (back view – orange sampling pump visible)

GCG Recommendations Now the recommendations by GCG might be unexpected for some and even controversial for others. In the specialist Work Health & Safety and occupational hygiene services field in Australia, recommendations for personal protective equipment (PPE) and mechanical controls are only made if a risk evaluation determines the work practices, products used and environment are not sufficient to maintain safe exposure levels. Alternatively, if the levels are approaching the established occupational exposure standard, then first PPE, then mechanical controls are considered. Our results were nowhere near the limit. So here are GCG’s recommendations, based on the occupational exposure results, task observations and risk evaluation: 1.

No masks, gloves, or local exhaust ventilation are necessary.


Non-permeable under eye protection should be used to limit risk of excess adhesive making contact with client’s skin (don’t use paper tape).


Practices utilising a glue ring or placing a glue well on the client’s head should be discontinued to minimise atmospheric and dermal (skin) risk during application (don’t use a glue ring or well on the client’s head).


The client’s eyelashes and eye area should be cleaned at the completion of treatment to remove any residual adhesive from the application process.


Maintain indoor air quality levels in the salon within the recommended IAQ guideline values.

Basically, what we are telling you is, we know the way that we work as a company is safe. We know our Ethyl Cyanoacrylate based adhesive is safe. We know that lash artists like Maggie, working within the same principles of the testing are safe. If you are working in the same way, there is no reason to suggest your exposure levels are likely to be any different to these results. If you use a glue ring or well on the client’s head, if your ventilation is poor, the exposure levels might be different. At the end of the day, PPE or additional mechanical controls are only recommended to reduce risk if the results are at, near or above the safe limit – and these scientific tests prove we are so far below it, there is no risk. Having said that, technicians with asthma or other sensitivities could experience effects even well under the safe exposure limit and may need to consider additional controls if their symptoms are not related to indoor air quality or another trigger that can be addressed through other means. While they are not required based on these exposure results, GCG suggested that if you did choose to wear a mask for vapour protection reasons, a disposable respirator with nuisance level organic vapour filter should be worn. Examples include the 3M 9913V or the Moldex 2400P2. A valved respirator should be used over non-valved, as the valve helps to reduce heat and moisture build-up in the mask particularly in humid environments and can reduce issues with skin irritation around the facial seal area. This project was privately funded by Enchanted SPA and sponsored by Louise Tierney from Lash Inc. Our only motivation was to educate ourselves on appropriate steps to address health and safety using actual data and professional recommendations for OUR industry. We promised we would share the results with the lash industry worldwide because we thought it was important to start a pool of information that is actually relevant to US instead of relying on other industries for answers that might not fit the way we work. We’ve lived up to our promise – what you choose to do with the information is now up to you! We wish you a long, happy, healthy lash career xx

If you would like to use the information contained in this report for commercial purposes, please contact us for permission first. This study was sponsored by Lash Inc Magazine International

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Shelf Life: vacuum-sealed-container/


Getting the most from your glue by Genevieve Hickin

There are numerous ways in which we can prolong the life of our glue to ensure we get the most from our adhesive and to keep it at its optimal working condition for longer.

Some manufacturers advise that keeping your unopened glue in a refrigerator can increase its shelf life from 12 months to about 15 months. It is advised to allow your glue to slowly return to room temperature before opening. Alternatively, some manufacturers state that by keeping your The main component in the majority of lash unopened glue stored at -20°C (typical domestic glues is ethyl-2-Cyanoacrylate. In general freezer temperature) an unlimited shelf life can Cyanoacrylate adhesives have a short shelf life, be attained. When freezing and refrigerating depending on manufacturer; this is usually one your glue it is important to check with each year from production and roughly four weeks manufacturer’s guidelines and if you are freezing from opening. It is advisable not to hold too of refrigerating then the glue must return slowly many glues in stock and to buy only as you need, to room temperature before opening. Do not keeping just one spare. freeze or refrigerate an open glue bottle. Cyanoacrylate rapidly polymerises (sets) in the presence of moisture, so it is imperative that we store our glues correctly. There are many ways in which we can protect adhesives from the moisture in the air:

Return your glue to the airtight bag that it arrived in along with a Silica gel sachet.

Store your glue in an airtight container with Silica gel.

Use a sealed container (either plastic or glass) and fill with dried rice. Place the bottle of glue upright in the container. Rice acts as a dessicant and will absorb any moisture in the air keeping your glue well protected. (Can dry out mobile phones that get wet too!)

What is Silica gel? This is a granular, vitreous, porous form of Silicon dioxide made synthetically from Sodium silicate. Silica gel is most commonly used in everyday life as beads in a small bag. In this form, it is used to control local humidity to avoid spoilage or degradation of goods. Glues Must Always Be Stored Upright. If you are a mobile therapist/technician then be sure to keep your glue in a container that it will not topple over in… It MUST be kept upright!

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When storing your glue, it is important to be aware of your salon environment. Can you control your temperatures and humidity levels? Are there dramatic and frequent changes of temperature in the country that you live in? Have a single place to store your glues to protect them from the environment and to avoid accidental spills. Be sure not to place your glue on a window sill or in direct sunlight.

Achieve more life from your glue whilst working with it. We need to look after our glues, as they are so easily blocked, lids get stuck on, air gets trapped within the bottle, or in some cases the glue polymerises before we’ve had a chance to use it all. Besides storing our glue correctly, we should ensure we keep the nozzles clear and clean from excess glue. Some suppliers will provide you with a needle in the glue sachet in order to unblock glues if needed, however, if you keep you glues clean and well cared for, blockages should very rarely happen. In order to keep our glues clean be sure to wipe the nozzle after each use. Cyanoacrylate reacts exothermically with natural fibres, so it is important not to wipe glues with items such as couch roll or tissues. The best things to use to wipe away any excess glue and to clean the nozzle are either a piece of tin foil or a wax strip. Be sure to wipe the nozzle after every use to keep it clean.

We can avoid trapping air within our glue bottles by: •

When decanting glue hold completely upright to prevent air entering the nozzle.

Avoid over squeezing or ‘burping’ which will suck air down into the bottle.

Never shake your glue with the lid on. Take the lid off and place a small piece of foil over the nozzle then shake. This prevents stuck lids.

If you have an air bubble stuck in your nozzle be sure to gently squeeze the excess glue out until the air bubble has been released.

Always remember when you first use a glue to give it a really good shake for at least 60 seconds (sometimes more is needed with certain glues). Then as you refresh your glue when working be sure to shake the glue again before you decant. Make sure your glue has stopped running and is settled at the base of your bottle and that you have cleaned your nozzle prior to replacing the lid and tightening. As Cyanoacrylate ages, it starts to polymerise and becomes thicker and slower-drying this needs to be kept in mind when you approach the end of the 4 weeks lifespan after opening. Once your glue starts to string or become a thicker consistency it is time to open a fresh glue. Every glue is different, every guideline is different and every manufacturer is different. The best advice is to check with your own individual brand or supplier as to the guidelines that they advise for their specific glue. Over time you will get to know the characteristics of your glue and how best to work with and store it.

Genevieve Hickin is a working lash artist, the owner of Beauty by Genevieve, and the MD/ Organiser of The Lash Social UK Ltd.

MARCH 16-17-18




All About T he Adhesive


by Loreta Jasilionyte Adhesive. This liquid thing that handily bonds your gorgeous extensions to the natural lash. It surely shouldn’t be so complicated, right? So why is it that when you think you got it all going on, something happens and changes the game? You used the same adhesive as before, or even sometimes the same bottle so why is it not working anymore?

shake” it is a strong shake not just tilting the bottle upside down. Remove the cap, hold a lintfree tissue on the nozzle with your index and the bottom with your thumb for a good grip, use your wrist to tilt as you shake vigorously. If it’s the first time you use this bottle or haven’t used it recently, always give a 2 minutes shake (talking about food and drinks earlier, if you shake it hard enough, you might burn enough calories to have a piece of chocolate…just think about it!)

How to resolve this? Humidity is natural, it comes with the climate you live in plus the room you use and the ventilation plus the number of people in the room also it can change during the day and the seasons … Stop it right there! That’s an equation I’ll never be able to resolve, I’m a Lash Artist, not Einstein!!!!

Alright, let’s not panic! There are a few tricks you can use for high humidity: invest in a dehumidifier, have different adhesives at hand, which work with different humidity (use slower adhesive in high humidity, etc.), pick up more If the first drop looks dodgy (pigment separating, adhesive so it doesn’t dry as fast. wrong texture…) there are two things you can do: discard the first drop and try a second drop and assess, or shake harder (more chocolate?) Also as the adhesive rests between drops, the components might separate again. Give it Well, I sooo wish I had a clear answer but it’s another lighter shake before each drop. To keep it in the best condition, you need to look a tricky subject. I’ll cover some of the main after our little adhesive friend. No… I don’t mean explanations that come back regularly which giving it a cushion for sleeping and a bowl of food. personally helped me in the past. There are so What I mean is make sure it is protected from many different adhesives on the market, they Never underestimate what the humidity of your temperature fluctuations and humidity. Keep have different consistency, colour, packaging, room can do to your adhesive and therefore to it upright in a hermetic container (vacuumed ingredients but some things stay the same: how your finished set! We never say it enough, keeping sealed box or in our pouch) with a silica gel bag. to shake them, the affect the humidity has on an eye on your temperature and humidity is vital. Make sure it is not left next to a heater or window. them, the best way to store them. Invest in a small humidity monitor, they cost less Also, don’t keep it in the fridge, the temperature than £10 and will make your life easier and your shock would be too much when you take it out. clients happier, trust me. It is important to check the shelf life of your Of course, like most things (except cheese and If your humidity is too low for the adhesive you adhesive and make sure you discard any old alcohol), adhesive is better when it’s freshly are using, your adhesive will take longer to dry. adhesive that won’t give you good results. made but whether it’s been sitting in storage for Making your appointments longer and wasting Therefore, I don’t recommend that you buy too a few hours or a few months, the components of your time and money. You might want to have a many of the same type of adhesives and keep the adhesive can separate quickly (think about bottle of glue accelerator at hand to adjust the them in store as they might not keep well. a homemade vinaigrette: oil on top, vinegar, drying time. finally mustard at the bottom). It does need a good shake before using. When I say, “a good On another hand, if your humidity is higher than recommended for your adhesive, it will dry The best way to make the most of your adhesive too quickly. Either it will dry before you reach is to get to know it, shake it, adapt, store it the natural lash and you’ll have to start again. properly. Experiment with different adhesives Or it will dry too quickly which means that the and find the one(s) you like and stick to them extension and the natural lash won’t be correctly (haha!). bonded. This can result in the extension falling straight away, or sometimes in the following You can read Loreta’s blogs days. Clients will come back to you and want about the amount of adhesive to refunds or infills, again wasting your time and use and about allergies. money.

Leave Your Adhesive In The Right Place

The Effect of Humidity

Shaking the Adhesive


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Favourite Products by Louise Tierney

Luxury Brand Kits Our favourite kits this quarter are London Lash and Flawless Lashes training kits.

London Lash Pro Kits London Lash Foundation Kit is a bumper kit giving you everything you need to start as a lash artist including all your disposables so you won’t need to go shopping again before your first paying clients. Our favourite products about the kit were the glue which was perfect for beginners and high-quality precision tweezers. Kit cost £159 London Lash Professional is one of the leading companies in the Eyelash Extensions industry and is known for having set a precedence in the standard of training. It has earned an unrivalled reputation over years by organizing and taking part in both national and international competitions. London Lash has seen exponential growth in the last 3 years and offers courses in over 20 cities in Europe.

Flawless Lashes by Loreta Starter Kit was also loved by our product testers. The kit gives you all the essential products for your training and to get you started with your lash business. We had a few favourite products in this kit. Loreta’s lashes, which are super soft and also the tweezer holder, perfect for protecting your most precious tools. Kit cost £170.01 Flawless Lashes by Loreta has been voted ‘Best Eyelash Product Supplier’ for professional Lash Artists in 2014 and 2015 by Lash Inc magazine. Loreta Jasilionyte established her online retail business in 2013. She has rapidly become recognised as one of the leading Master Lash Artists and innovators in the Lash industry, constantly pioneering new products and techniques. The wide range of Flawless Lashes products are of the highest quality to meet Loreta’s exacting standards. Her emphasis is on creating products that will enable her clients to create ‘flawless masterpieces’ and provide the best care to maintain the healthy lashes of their clients.

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Cleansing Products Our favourite products this month are…

EndureLash Cloth

Flirties Eyelash & Brow Cleanser

Made with Organic Bamboo. With or without eyelash extensions, the EndureLash® Organic Eye Makeup Removal Cloths is a safe, hypoallergenic tool to help you safely cleanse the delicate skin around your eyes — using only warm water.

This fabulous makeup remover is ideal to remove any makeup, mascara or other products from the eye area before the application of lash extensions and other eye enhancements. It comes in convenient sachets. Giving you fresh product every day to work with.

You will no longer need makeup remover, cotton rounds or disposable wipes EndureLash® Eye Makeup Removal Cloths provide a, more hygienic way to remove eye makeup. A must for eyelash extension wearers, the perfect retail item.

Clients can use the remover at home for daily makeup routine in order to ensure eye enhancements are cared for and not damaged. This cleaner can also be added to distilled water in a foaming cleanser bottle to create foaming cleanser.

Another perfect retail opportunity therapists to ensure that clients use the appropriate aftercare.

Lashes - 75

Featured Salon:

Glam Glow


Hi Lash Inc. lovers! Let me introduce myself, my name is Marta Wiatr and I’m based in Norfolk where I own a beauty and tanning salon – Glam and Glow Beauty and Tanning Lounge. I have achieved so much since 2014 including Lash competition master 2016, and judging multiple lash contests across the world including Croatia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, France and the U.S.A. I have also appeared as a guest speaker at a variety of events. As a worldwide lash artist, I know many of you are interested in how I got started in the beauty and lash industry, as I often receive this question from my students, so, I thought I’d answer it here by telling you my story. I’ve always been artistic so I decided to have a go at creating nail art which I really enjoyed. I love to learn new things so once I’d built my confidence there I booked myself onto some more training. I chose eyebrow wax tint and shaping and hair and eyelash extensions – they were the newest thing at the time, and I learned to work with 0.25 J and B curl lashes – I didn’t know anything about glue or perfect application. After that I wanted to concentrate on nails and only do lashes from time to time. Who knew I would completely change my mind later on?!

76 - Lashes

something that has been incredibly enjoyable. Now that I have moved on from Starlash and launched my own training and products brand - Glam Lashes - I want to ensure my students have fun, get everything they need, and leave feeling inspired and full of positive energy. I also provide ongoing support and advice because I know it doesn’t end with my training, that’s only the beginning! It’s 2017 now and I’ve really begun to be recognised in the eyelash industry. So far this year I have been invited to many European eyelash conferences and championships as both speaker and judge. It has been extremely exciting and reinforced that my skills and passion have developed so much that I am able to judge others all over the world. It’s been exhausting but very satisfying!

I started to work full time in the beauty industry in January 2014 when I rented my first room. It was very small and on the second floor in an old florist shop. Unfortunately no one knew about me so I decided I had to get out there and make sure I wasn’t invisible. I went outside and hung some leaflets and started talking to people, it worked and after two or three months my client list was full.

My salon/academy is based in Gorleston on Sea which is in Norfolk, and I love to receive both customers and visitors. Things really never stop for me! Recently I’ve become an Elleebana Lash Lift, 3D Sleek Brows and Lash Safety Program trainer and educator, and I have expanded my business which is soon to include my own product range under my brand - Glam Lashes - which I know you will love as much as I do. My training academy - Glam Lashes - currently offers:

Marta’s top tip: Get out there and meet your customers and never underestimate word of mouth. Then in December 2014 I completed 3D Sleek Brow Training and it felt great to add this to my growing repertoire of treatments. After a year I knew it was time to move on to bigger premises, so late in 2015 I found my own salon. It was daunting but very exciting and I knew it was the right decision.

Eyelash Extensions, Training and Mentoring - foundation 1:1 Eyelash Extensions, Russian Volume and Glam Volume

Lash Safety Online Training

3D Sleek Brows Training

• Elleebana Lash Lift Training From that moment on volume lashes became very popular. I booked myself on to my first volume training and have never looked back, I enjoyed it so I’m also organising the Oscars Online Lash Competition which you can much and knew instantly it was my new passion. I practised every spare read about on my website. We have the best top judges from all over the moment, both at work and at home so that I could really develop my skills. world and many amazing and generous sponsors – take a look! The closing date is 1st November 2017 so there is still time to register and enter. Marta’s top tip: Practice makes perfect – it’s true! Since then I’ve continued to build my skills by attending international conferences and training in order to learn even more. I have met some amazing and inspirational people, made lots of new friends and pushed myself to leave my comfort zone; it has definitely been worth it. Marta’s top tip: Do something new, push yourself to move forward. In April 2016 I was asked to become a trainer and educator for Starlash Academy owned by Agnieszka Kwiatkowska. I felt honoured and proud and it didn’t take long before I was able to advertise my training courses. Soon I was regularly sharing my knowledge and passion with my own students,

For enquiries about training, products, or pricing or collaboration, please contact me: @glamlashes_bymarta /glamglowbeautylounge

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Lash Volumes

& Lash Weights by Miranda Tarpey

I often come across many posts on social media from lash stylists, referring to volumes as weights. These are not the same, but two very different measurements. Lash volumes and Lash weights are two separate calculations. When we apply fans, or multiple lashes onto one natural lash (Russian Volume or Mega Volume) we are referring to the volume of a lash. This volume is a space that the lash diameter holds.

78 - Lashes

What are weights? Lash weights is the measure of a weight, you can weigh the lash to find its weight, you may have two identical lash diameters and lengths, i.e. 0.15mm in 12mm length but they may weigh differently, depending on how they were produced during manufacturing stages. As the lash weight can be different from manufacturer to manufacturer, using a weight calculation as a guide is not recommended, one brand lashes may weigh more than another brand, for this reason we do not use weights as a guide when applying lashes. Lashes may differ in weight from brand to brand

What are Volumes? Volumes on the other hand will always remain exact readings, regardless of manufacture, as it’s the space that is covered that we measure, if we take a 0.15mm lash diameter in length 12mm, the volume of this lash will all be the same for any brand, the volume of this lash will be 0.28.

The Volumetric CalculatorÂŽ Client Natural Lash Diameter

Client’s Lash Size

What lashes can you use for Russian Volume?


Lash Size 1

2D using 0.10mm 2D, 3D, 4D using 0.07mm 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D using 0.06mm 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D using 0.05mm


Lash Size 2

2D, 3D using 0.07mm 2D, 3D, 4D using 0.06mm 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D using 0.05mm


Lash Size 3

2D using 0.07mm 2D, 3D using 0.06mm 2D, 3D, 4D using 0.05mm

The complete table is also available on The Volumetric Calculator app

This is how we measure the amount of diameter and how many fans we can place on each natural lash. Russian VOLUME / Mega VOLUME We decide how many fans and which diameter is safe by calculating the volume of a lash thickness and length, we are measuring this in volume and has absolutely nothing to do with a weight. Applying the correct diameter in a fan is crucial to avoid natural lash damage, for example, this table below shows you how to use volumes correctly. Every client has different natural lashes, first measure their natural lash diameter to find what is safe for them to have.

Lashes - 79

Photos by Johnny Phayakoun, JPHayas Photography

Results from The

Lash Crown

Championship By Alice Shieh

Hawaii’s first ever Lash Crown Championship took place on September 17th in Waikiki. In a venue overlooking the Pacific Ocean at The Modern Resort, over 40 contestants from around the world competed across three separate categories: classic, Russian volume, and fantasy (with fantasy competitors interpreting the theme “hula girl”). The competition was conceived by Honolulu-based, awardwinning lash artist and entrepreneur Olivia Trask-Lopez, whose dreams of bringing lash competitions to Hawaii was realized with Lash Crown Championship.

Winners placed first, second, and third across each category:

Each competitor brought a model with one eye already lashed and completed, leaving the remaining eye for the day of the competition. At approximately 11AM, the contestants for classic lashes launched the start of the day, followed by the Russian volume competition. The competition ended with an afternoon fashion walk by the fantasy lash models, who showcased the hula girl theme through various interpretations that ranged from a quirky, cartoon-inspired hula girl to a formidable volcano goddess. The event wrapped with an award ceremony set against an ocean backdrop and golden Hawaiian sunset.

Emotions and tears flowed freely at the award ceremony as the winners for each category were announced. Excitement ran high as some of the winners were shocked by their wins, but none more so than Russian volume champion, Lauren Alvarez, who was stunned by her win. She recalled a nightmarish start to her competition career when she left her entire lash kit behind at her hotel the morning of the contest. “I ran back to the hotel to get it and almost missed the orientation,” she confessed to the judges after the award ceremony, also adding, “I was so nervous my hands were literally shaking” during the competition. Perhaps only the shy and

80 - Lashes

Sarah Matthews (1st), Yuko Miyazaki (2nd), Svetlana Myrontes (3rd) in the Fantasy Lash Category. Lauren Alvarez (1st), Claudia Rodriguez (2nd), Mari Ishikawa (3rd) in the Russian Volume Category. Melanie Temple (1st), Shizuka Ichinohe and Monica Vipond (2nd place tie), Asami Kida (3rd) in the Classic Lash Category.

humble Alvarez was shocked by her victory, though, as judges recalled her work as truly standout. A grateful Sarah Matthews also shed tears when her first place fantasy lash win was announced. Her winning interpretation of the island-inspired theme at the first Hawaiian competition was only made sweeter by the fact Matthews herself is a local girl—she lives and works in Oahu. “It is such an honor to be awarded first place in the Fantasy division of Hawaii’s first ever lash competition, the Lash Crown Championships,” she said, “Through the tireless efforts of the staff and my fellow participants, we were able to put Hawaii on the map as a beauty capital with rich cultural diversity. As an artist, this competition gave me the opportunity to share an idea Jayne emphasized in a poignant speech as she addressed the importance that I had been cultivating for years. The theme ‘hula girl’ allowed me to of client-focused customer service. showcase the beauty of the islands through the medium of lash art.” The inspiration behind Lash Crown Championship was as Hawaiian as The judging panel comprised of lash masters from all across the United the creator herself. Olivia Trask-Lopez, the woman behind Lash Crown States. Christine Petrun of Southern California’s Eyeland Lash, Hawaii’s Championship, envisioned a gathering of lash artists united in the spirit of very own award winning lash artist and organizer of the event Olivia camaraderie and love for the industry. “Maybe it’s because I’m Hawaiian Trask-Lopez, Natalie Zhuravlova of Florida’s Lova Lash and Lova Lash and I truly believe in the alohaspirit,” she confessed, “but I really wanted Bar, Erin Taylor of Utah’s Borboleta Beauty, and Alice Shieh of Seattle’s Lash Crown Championship to be less about competition and more about Bluebell Skin Care and Lashes flew in from their respective corners of celebration.” A former competitor herself, she won the Rising Star Award the country to Honolulu to attend the competition. This coterie of judges, at the first Lash Wars and enjoyed the experience enough to want to bring led by head judge Hilaree Brand, focused on assessing precision, good competitions to Honolulu. Trask-Lopez now owns Beauty Art Aesthetics technique, sanitation, and aesthetic quality. When asked about the quality and Hapa Beauty Bar, is a lash trainer herself, and is considered one of of work put forth by the contestants, Brand—a veteran contestant herself— Hawaii’s premier lash artists. And if her goal was to create a celebratory praised the competitors, stating that “every contestant showed courage, event, it seemed that she was successful. “Lash Crown Championship team talent and dedication to their craft. You could tell that these were the gems put their souls into the organization and during the whole event there was of the lash world. They are the ones that are making this industry better. an absolute atmosphere of kindness and warmth that there was not even They were brave enough to have multiple judges telling them what was and room left for competitive feelings!” declared judge Natalie Zhuravlova. wasn’t great about their work and I guarantee that they will be better lash artist because they prepared themselves for competition. I love seeing this Echoing her appreciation for the camaraderie, judge Alice Shieh (who vulnerable side of our industry.” lent a helping hand during the planning of Lash Crown Championship) revealed that the organizers “relied considerably on Hilaree Brand for her The one-day extravaganza included talks from experts and luminaries competition and judging expertise, and this is what I love about the lash from the lash industry. All owners of their own thriving lash businesses, industry—it’s comprised of women like her who are incredibly generous Hilaree Brand of My Brand Lashes, Courtney Buhler of Sugarlash Pro and to their peers and to the next generation. Professional women can be Lashpro Academy, Kim Jayne of Borboleta Beauty, and Mai Le of Mai Lash notorious for figuratively cannibalizing their young, and this was not the and Brow delivered speeches on a picturesque terrace overlooking the case here. The path to bringing Lash Crown into reality with Olivia wasn’t beaches of Waikiki, while contestants competed in adjacent rooms. always the smoothest road, but it was worth traveling to give a platform to this amazing new talent. Seeing those tears at the awards ceremony made These venerable guest speakers covered topics from technical and all the late nights worth it!” educational advice to marketing and branding tips. Veteran lash trainer Brand imparted her wisdom about the virtues of competition training and So what’s in store for Lash Crown Championship? Trask-Lopez admits that, why competitions can be a fast path to improving technique and quality while the journey to the first Lash Crown might have had its challenges, it of work. (This sentiment was echoed by judge Petrun, who noted, “’s was ultimately rewarding as she learned many things from the experience instrumental to the growth of the lash industry. Competing will challenge and was eager to put them into practice. “We will be back, and it’ll be bigger you but will inspire you to be the best.”) Brand also shared the story behind and better,” she said enthusiastically and encouraged all attendees of the her first competition loss and the lessons gained from that experience. 2017 event to share their feedback with the competition. “We want to know When CEO and lash trainer Buhler took to the stage, she emphasized the your thoughts so we can incorporate them into next year’s competition!” importance of clear branding vision and the necessity of good education, And for all aspiring competitors who are unsure about joining, Russian the latter of which was the impetus of her launching Sugarlash Pro’s online volume champion Alvarez had this advice: “I entered my very first lash Lashpro Academy. Mai Le, who took a break from judging to speak, focused competition with my nerves and excitement on complete overload, but as on technical prowess and the virtues of good technique and precision, but a lash artist I wanted to grow, learn, and really challenge myself...Even still made a case for passion as she urged artists to, “follow your dream. though it was very nerve wracking, the overall experience was great and Love what you do. Be your best!” Love for the industry was echoed by Kim totally worth it! I encourage other lash artists to put themselves out of Jayne, who shared personal stories of her humble beginnings in the lash their comfort zone and take a chance, you may surprise yourself!” industry and the power of customer service. “You are not the celebrity,”

Lashes - 81

Confessions of a

Lash Addict

(or, 10 things I wish I knew before becoming a lash artist.) by Ksenia Karnejenko Hi, my name is Ksenia and I have an addiction to lashes. Unfortunately, no treatment can cure this urge to learn more about them. Classic, Volume or Hybrid, Lash lifts, Myscara, Lash Botox, Lash-to-lash, Yumi Lashes, Perfect Line and yet there is so much more to learn and try. Not only does this obsession not go away, it is now spreading onto brows. Who knew that some simple advice taken from a beauty forum at the age of twelve would affect my life and the life of my family so much and that it would make me invest all my time, money and resources into persuing a career that back then I did not even know existed. I was always fascinated with eyes, so many shapes, colours, emotions – they are truly the windows to a soul and since a very young age, I have realized their importance on a face. When I was twelve I started becoming more and more interested in beauty and as I was researching for DIYs, secrets, and remedies I came across a message on a beauty forum that putting castor oil on your lashes every night can help them grow stronger, longer and darker. Since that moment my life was never the same as I have realized that eyes are framed by lashes and that they play a huge role in how defined and deep eyes can look. As a lash technician, I find it fascinating, as it took me a while to find that moment when I have discovered the importance of eyelashes and something clicked. Officially I have been a proud member of a lash community since July 2012, which means that I have been lashing for 5 years now. It is not long but I did accumulate some experience that can be beneficial especially for those who are new to the industry. At the very beginning, it was mostly all about fun, I completed my course and started doing clients here and there, I was never after big money and I enjoyed it so much that I almost felt like it was. I should be the one who should pay my clients for letting me do their lashes. For me, it was my first real job and I heard so many stories about people hating their jobs and waiting to go home or waiting for holidays that I felt like I was living a dream. I was arranging my own schedule, I could fit in clients with studying at college, I was doing what I love and earn some pocket money along the way. Little by little I started getting absorbed by lashes, I researched forums for advice to improve my work and tried to find better materials available on the market. I have never treated my hobby as something serious and I had not even realized that I had my own business until a couple of years ago. At this point, I decided that lashes are so amazing that everyone should have them, so my prices were very low, my clients did not respect my work and probably did not see me as a professional, to complete the picture I had also just turned 18 and I looked my age. Nowadays there is a lot more information and support available online through Facebook groups, beauty forums and etc. but maybe there are still young lashionistas who need to hear it (read it) from someone who

82 - Lashes

has been there and knows how not to do it. Here are my 10 things that I did not expect when I started doing eyelash extensions:

6. Planning is important. Plan your work and goals, but do not forget about planning your rest.

1. Innocent hobby can quickly grow into serious business

I have to be honest, I am still mastering that part. Since school, we all are taught how to work hard but nobody teaches us to relax and the worst part is that most people feel guilty and unproductive while resting. This causes us to overwork which leads to mistakes, you are not working as efficiently as you could and you are losing your drive and passion. This accumulative tension and stress that can eventually explode in your face and cause you to break down. And we go onto 7.

My 1st important lesson was that innocent hobby can quickly grow into a serious business. Even though you may just have a little fun with lashes at least occasionally put your business hat on and evaluate the money you are spending on materials, your working hours and rent. Do not drop your prices too low as it will not do any good to you or the industry. That leads me to my second point.

7. Lashes can take over your life. 2. Value your work Eyelash extensions require a certain set of skills, not everyone can do them and especially not everyone can do them well, so please value and respect your work! If you do, your clients will feel that and soon they will too. Now think about the process, how much concentration and time do you need to complete one set of lashes. Each set is bespoke and carefully chosen according to client needs and expectations, which takes us to rule number 3.

To avoid stress building up, it is good to occasionally remind yourself that lashes are only a part of your life. You have a family, your body, your home and other goals and wishes that also need your attention. I am still on a journey of finding that balance, but from experience, I can say that it is important to set some ground rules for yourself, like no replying to clients messages on your days off or holidays because if you allow it lashes will overtake your life and you will work 24/7 365 days per year. 8. You will never feel like you know it all.

3. Eyelash Extensions are not for everyone, it is a luxury treatment. Now when we have discussed the process and how much is going into it I hate to break your fairy-tale but lashes are not for everyone. It took me a long time to realize that eyelash extensions are a luxury item and not everyone can have them. It is like a Gucci bag or Chanel Dress, it cannot be cheap and the truth is that not everyone needs it. There are clients who want to get lashes on to show the world or their friends/enemies that they can afford it, they are after the status that luxury items or in our case lashes are giving them. They do not care about the artist or about quality they are people who buy fake Louis Vuitton bag just to show off and the same attitude they have towards your work. As soon as you start respecting your work and yourself, you start selling you lashes as a luxury you will find that clients who value quality, who care about who will do their lashes and most importantly, who care about you will start to knock on your door more often. Those are clients who buy and who can afford branded items, not because of the label but because of the quality and feel. They know how much goes behind the price tag of a good eyelash set and they really enjoy their appointments and lashes like a good cup of coffee. 4. Appearance matters. Appearance matters and I definitely know that from experience. Your makeup, clothes, your beauty room design, all of those can help you to make an impression. People gather information about the world they are living in through eyes, ears, smell, touch, and taste. The fact that you can control at least 4 of those is fantastic, it means that you can control the impression you are making on your current or potential client and more importantly you can send a correct message. Since we are talking about lashes as a luxury treatment it is important to treat yourself as a luxury and that takes us to the fifth point.

Just take a second and accept a fact that this feeling will never go away and it is partially good because it will push you to improve further always. I have visited numerous training classes from specialists and lash gurus worldwide, conferences and I have even won competitions but I can definitely say that some days I feel like I know nothing, some days I feel like I am failing badly and that everyone is ahead of me. What is important to remember is that your only true competitor is yourself, your only goal to be today a better lash artist, person, mum than you were yesterday and try even harder tomorrow. 9. People may struggle to understand what you do and some will not take you seriously. I have had an experience where people or clients did not take my job and what I do seriously, they have told me that what I do is not really important and not that hard either. I truly believe that lash artistry is an amazing combination of art and science with a pinch of magic. I believe in my mission and I know that it is important. I make women feel confident like they can conquer the world. I can make their best features stand out and hide their flaws. I see a set of Eyelash Extensions as a piece of art, like a sculpture or a painting. To beat that rudeness all you have to do is to find out why you are doing eyelashes, what makes you love it so much, and when you know your true mission everything else just vanishes. 10. Anything is achievable!

That is probably the most important point that you need to remember. Anything is achievable and I am a living example of it. I never thought it was possible to move to another country nor study in a different language, but I did it. I then thought that I would never be able to learn to do amazing lashes because I did not have any good local courses available at the time 5. Make yourself comfortable and your clients will feel comfortable too. and since then I have travelled to almost 10 different countries to meet gurus from around the globe. I thought that people who competed in lash It is not a secret that what we see in others it is often a reflection of competitions were superheroes and I would never be able to be one of them, ourselves, so it is important to make yourself comfortable. Your business, but in 2016/2017 I have competed in 4 competitions and won. As I have your rules. It took me quite a while to realize that if I do not start to control stated earlier anything is achievable all you need is a little courage and a my lash business and clients it will eventually control me. The scariest lot of action. thing is that it can wear you down and eventually kill your passion, this takes me to rule 6.

You can do it, I believe in you. Lashes - 83



W W W . L A S H F X . C O M P R O F E S S I O N A L S U P P L I E S | E D U C AT I O N



Results from

Lash Battle


The UK’s biggest eyelash extensions competition came to London once again this July, welcoming 127 participants from 20 countries all over the world!

London Lash prides themselves on creating work which flatters the client, and looks after the health of their natural lashes, something that is upheld by the judging criteria of eyelash competitions. A very common question in the Lash Battle has been organised by London lead up to Lash Battle is ‘should I compete?’ and Lash Professional since 2015, the competition the answer is always ‘of course!’ competitions are has continued to grow both in terms of the nerve-wracking, but the feedback participants number of participants, but in also in prestige, can get back from some of the industry’s most and the volume of gifts and prizes received by impressive professionals is priceless! Attending contestants. Prizes this year were given by some an eyelash extensions competition can be a of the best names in the lash industry, including career changer, taking an individual from ‘Lash Lash Battle Gold sponsors Glamcor, Noble Artist’ to ‘Award Winning Lash Artist’, and even Lashes, Lash Company Copenhagen, and Velvet further! Lashes. Huge congratulations go to every single London Lash prides themselves on creating contestant – we know how hard it is to even work which flatters the client, and looks after think about competing, let alone show up and the health of their natural lashes, something produce some of the most technically and that is upheld by the judging criteria of eyelash aesthetically brilliant lashes we have seen! Extra competitions. A very common question in the Special congratulations go to our Lash Artist lead up to Lash Battle is ‘should I compete?’ and of the year Marina Litvinova, who took home the answer is always ‘of course!’ competitions are two first place trophies, a number of judges’ nerve-wracking, but the feedback participants favourites, and so many gift bags she couldn’t get can get back from some of the industry’s most them on the plane! It is an understatement to say impressive professionals is priceless! Attending that Marina’s work impressed everyone who saw an eyelash extensions competition can be a it – one judge commented that it was the ‘best career changer, taking an individual from ‘Lash used of layering’ they had ever seen! Well done Artist’ to ‘Award Winning Lash Artist’, and even to Marina, who we are excited to see more work further! from in the future! In addition to 5 indoor nominations, which produced some really fantastic work, an online nomination was held once again for those who were unable to come to London, or simply for those who wanted to showcase the extent of their creative flare! This year’s theme was ‘A Fairytale’, and produced some visually stunning work!

86 - Lashes

For a full list of Lash Battle winners, go to www. and click on the ‘competition’ link.

WINNERS OF LASH BATTLE 2017 FAIRYTALE LOOK There were some incredible looks created for our photo fantasy competition this year, making choosing a winner very difficult!

Kerstin Kaluza with 538.5 points Kerstin’s beautiful work is now featured on the cover of Lash Inc. magazine! Lashes - 87


Sonja Bogesch with 532 Points

Kim Grison with 528 Points

88 - Lashes

Jolita Shishmanova

Klaudia Demiewicz

with 496 Points

with 479.5 Points



1st place

Karolina Vilmane

91.5 points

1st place

Monika Grzelak

94.5 points

2nd place

Sara Lopez

87 points

2nd place

Natasha Gallier

90 points

3rd place

Kecia Davidsen

85 points

3rd place

Julie Rasmussen

86.5 points



1st place

Sofie Brinch-Møller Kirkegaard

102 points

1st place

Oanh Vu Kaalohøj

104 points

2nd place

Lianna Jellema

96.5 points

Joint 2nd place

Ernesta Zuberniene Gabriella Begyura

103.5 points

3rd place

Karolina Vilmane

93.5 points

3rd place

Claire Edbrooke

101 points



1st place

Marina Litvinova

109.5 points

1st place

Akemi Osuga

109 points

2nd place

Sada Cole

105.5 points

2nd place

Cecilia Pethlén

107.5 points

3rd place

Agata Vinckevic

103.5 points

3rd place

Jana Adamcova

106.5 points



1st place

Marina Litvinova

112 points

1st place

Jana Adamcova

103.5 points

2nd place

Agata Vinckevic

98.5 points

2nd place

Claire Edbrooke

101.5 points

3rd place

Gergana Stefanova

97.5 points

3rd place

Cecilia Pethlén

96 points



1st place

Beata Lisowska

78 points

1st place

Natasha Gallier

76.5 points

2nd place

Lianna Jellema

73 points

2nd place

Julie Rasmussen

73.5 points

3rd place

Monika Sahin

67 points

3rd place

Oi Yan Ng

66 points

Lashes - 89

Lash Inc provide assessment and accreditation of lash artist training courses. The accreditation will show potential students your materials are of a set standard and that your qualifications have been verified. Students are looking for peace of mind and accreditation can help with this.

Training Accreditation Benefits 1.

Potential students know that your qualifications have been verified and your training courses and materials are of a set standard. Valid for 12 months.


Accreditation logo issued for you to use on stationery and website.


Accreditation certificate issued to display on your premises.


Up to 6 courses accredited for a single fee (£150 or $250 USD) (Additional courses £25 per course)


CPD points and certificates can be allocated to your students.


Free listing in Lash Inc training directory (print and online versions), saving you £200 per year.


Free digital subscription to Lash Inc.


Accreditation recognised by various insurance providers worldwide.


Free listing on Accredited training provider section of website.

10. Discounts on insurance (Currently UK & Ireland only).

er t s i g Re for n o i t a t edi r c c A y! toda

11. Invitation to sign up for Lash Inc Ambassador program, your students will receive a 1 year subscription to Lash Inc plus you as a school can gain extra rewards.

* Extra Bonus: Free VIP Membership to website: Read current Lash Inc, back issues, e-books, exclusive discounts and video content. No risk application, if we can not accredit you for any reason your application fee will be returned promptly. 90 - Lashes


Business - 91

On Your Mark,

Get Set,


By Katie Gross Life is short. Your lashes shouldn’t be! Not surprisingly, the lash industry has grown leaps and bounds year after year. It is so exciting to be a part of such a lifechanging business and to see both the inner and outer beauty emerge with each customer.

not give customers what they want; give them what they cannot live without. Many times when customers complain about the price, it isn’t As a managing cosmetologist since 2003, with a degree in small business because they are not willing to pay for it, it is because the experience didn’t management up my sleeve, I have owned three businesses. When I lost a warrant it. Did you know 85 percent of consumers say they would pay 5-25 business and the seven years’ worth of clientele because of a move out of percent more to ensure a superior service? Give them the experience they state, I spent four years building it back up again. I thought I lost my mind. didn’t even know they were looking for. I thought I lost my faith. I thought I lost my way. But guess what? It was the best journey ever! Well, I didn’t think that at the time. Looking back, it was a trying time of loss, remorse, stress, research, and faith building. I learned many important lessons about business, personal growth, and Understanding the psychology of human interaction is the foundation of development. I am blessed to have been afforded these opportunities your business. Greet each customer with a handshake at every visit. Be the because it strengthened my belief in myself when nothing else did. It first one to smile; let your positive attitude shine through your bright grin. inspired me to be more, to do more, and to give more. It encouraged me Say “thank you” before your customer does. Be likable, welcoming, open to reach for things I had been too convinced would never happen for me. I and friendly, which signals self-confidence, sincerity, and trust. Say your have learned many lessons, great and horrific, along the way, and I’d like guest’s name a minimum of two times during her time with you. It has to share some inspiration and education with you. been psychologically proven that the sweetest sound a person can hear is the sound of her own name. Mention your name two times as well during her first visit with you so she will be more comfortable and can easily remember your name when referring your services to a friend. Take cues It was in 2010 when I had first heard about eyelash extensions. By 2014 from your customers. If they are quietly spoken, you should lower your I decided I had to find a way to add this to my list of services as it was tone and speed to match theirs. Get the other person talking, then find out growing faster than my hair clientele. I couldn’t afford the expense of what matters to her and synchronize yourself accordingly. the course at the time, so I decided to get creative with my thinking and my approach. I created a shortened business plan to show the potential income eyelash extensions could bring in for my (then) salon owner. I proposed that if she would pay for my course, I would partner with her and share the profit for a certain amount of dollars in services, and, pun intended, she didn’t even bat an eye! It actually made the owner like me Watch your local competition, but do not get too caught up with what more as it built trust between us. She saw my dedication, something her they are doing. If you look too closely at the competition, you will start other employees had not demonstrated in years. Don’t be afraid of hearing to establish their work (mediocre or not) as the benchmark. You are then no, because what if it’s a yes? Fear makes us afraid of doing something that more likely to imitate it than if you start with a blank page or a fresh idea. might be beneficial for us, benefits that could change the entire course of our lives. Look at me now!

Lesson #3: Eyes Are Windows To The Soul!

Lesson #1: Get Your Ask In Gear!

Lesson #4: Keep Your Eye on The Competition!

“Rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.” – Bo Bennett

Lesson #2: Don’t Lash Out! Offer top of the line customer service, always. People don’t expect you to be perfect, but how you handle imperfection better be. Every interaction is a branding opportunity to articulate your genuine hospitality. It is more expensive to bring in a new customer than to keep an existing one, so do your best to “wow” each customer during each visit. In any economy, especially a down economy, customer loyalty is your strongest asset. Do

92 - Business

If everyone is zigging, I suggest you find a way to zag. Ask yourself these questions: What type of service do you offer? How are you different from the competition? Why can’t a customer live without you? What don’t you offer? If your prices are higher than others, consider adding services or experiences to compensate for your higher prices, but keep it simple and cost-effective. Offer a hand and arm massage with essential oils or a specialized lip treatment with each lash appointment. Focusing in on amazing, above and beyond customer service is sometimes all it takes. Set yourself up with a step-by-step goal list on how you can stand out. Remember that you are the competition; you set the standard! “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” – Zig Ziglar

Lesson #5: Eyeing Improvement! Make a list of challenges in your business. Do you need more clientele to hit your monthly numbers? Maybe lash retention is an issue. Are you experiencing rapid growth and the need for expansion to a larger facility? Problems are wake up calls for creativity. List all the potential ways to solve the problem and focus on the top three on the list. Finally, narrow it down to just one so now if your plan A does not work, you still have a plan B & C. People make mistakes when they believe there is only one solution to any problem.

and grow from there. Each platform is unique in its delivery system, and each focuses on different age ranges and interests. Let’s look a bit more closely at the two most popular social media platforms: Instagram and Facebook. Instagram users spend an average of 21 minutes daily on the platform, while Facebook users average 40 minutes. The majority of users on Instagram are between the ages of 1829, while Facebook users typically boast a slightly older crowd. (Source: Social Sprout, Media Examiner, Forbes)

“Positive thinking is how you think about a problem. Enthusiasm is how you feel about a problem. The two together determine what you do about a problem.” – Norman Vincent Peale

How does your business look on such platforms? Do you update your pages often to keep them relevant? Not every post needs to be focused on selling; in fact, I would caution anyone from doing so. The focus is to build a relationship with your audience and potential customers. Think of it this way: Back in the day, customers used to have a close relationship with the owners of the stores they would frequent, like their local grocer. The customer would walk into the grocery store to be greeted by either the owner or manager. A conversation would be exchanged, which would Invest in quality lighting and apps to help with this. Tweaking things like help to build rapport. It may even persuade you to continue to shop there, the skin softness and/or blemishes make the eye focus on what is most even when a brand new competitor opened his doors just down the road. A important in the photo: the eyelashes. A picture of a woman with a full set customer would be turned off if the grocer said, “Hey Ma’am! Did you see of luscious lashes allows your potential customer to think, “That can be this new product we have? Did you see this sale over here? If you buy three me, too!” Become a master at making short videos as well because this is of these shiny things, you can be entered into a drawing for an even bigger where social media is headed. Be sure to have quality sound, lighting, and shiny thing! Tell a friend!” Haven’t we fallen victim ourselves to posting video to show the quality of your work and your message. The Boomerang these types of things to our social media? We have almost forgotten about App is a helpful tool to post a short action video of a blinking lash customer. the power of a true relationship.

Lesson #6: A Picture (Or Short Video) Is Worth A Thousand Words!

A platform like Facebook wants real longevity in relationships. Post about things that make you happy, that bring you joy, that inspires others, that If needed, invest in a course to help you to better understand different teach, empower and encourage them. Sprinkle in a bit of your magic dust platforms. Social media is an effective and easy way to communicate (i.e.: your sales promotions, new services, etc.) only about 20 percent of the with both your existing and potential customers. Be sure to have an time. It will make your sales pitch seem a lot more genuine and appealing. account with these social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Make people want to visit your business page, not avoid it. Pinterest, and Snapchat. Do not overwhelm yourself; master one or two

Lesson #7: Get Hip With Social Media!

Lesson #8: Press On! Do not ever forget why you are where you are. It may be exactly where you would like to be, it may not be. If you haven’t noticed, I am a huge advocate of making lists. This may be one of the most important of all. Defining exactly what you want to do will jumpstart your journey toward working smarter. Cheers!

Join my community of personal growth, development, and shenanigans in the beauty industry at:

Business - 93

Lash Masters Volume 4

Bringing together some of the best lash artists in the beauty industry. Learn how these experts got started in the industry, their story and the insights they have for you.

Available from Amazon

The following training academies and individuals are accredited by Lash Inc. Their training courses and qualifications meet all requirements for approval by our organisation.

Accreditation Lash Inc Accredited Directory

United Kingdom & Ireland Accredited Training Providers.

England Love My Lashes Sue Winter 7 Bremen Grove, Shenley Brook End, Milton Keynes, MK5 7FJ

Flirties Unit 2, Tarlair Business Park Tarlair Way, Macduff, AB44 1RU +44 845 022 22 33

East Anglian Beauty Training

Hello Gorgeous (Kent)

Gina G Beauty Ltd

Institute of Eyelash Excellence 25 Hillview Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 8EY

96 - Business

Lash By Francesca LASHacademy Training & Products

VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd 26 Rutland Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 4HY +44 7554 925 551

Immaculate Beauty Academy 8 Tamworth Parade, Elms Park, Essex, RM12 5AS

Inga Misiute Dartford, Kent, DA1 5LF +44 7988 374 564

Lashworld Silviya Mikova 122 London Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex +44 7886 836 448

Love Beauty Training 995 Wycombe Lane, Wooburn Green Buckinghamshire

Scotland: Caledonian Therapy Academy 7 Newton Place, Glasgow, G3 7PR +44 1423 329 251

Flirties Unit 2, Tarlair Business Park, Tarlair Way, Macduff, AB44 1RU +44 845 022 22 33

Ireland: Monika Wojtysiak DeviLash Lash Extensions Atelier & Training Centre, 16/1 8 William Street, Galway, Ireland

Glamour Lashes Ireland +353 872 974 781

Donata Jucyte Ritzy Eyes Unit 45, Coolmine Industrial Estate, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, Ireland +353 831 040 220

United States of America Accredited Training Providers. Jessica Mogauro The Beauty Pro Loft, 130 Centre St. Howe Barn #103, Danvers, MA 01923 +1 (781) 813–8131

Benita Lash Studio

Take Care Beauty Tanya Jones +1 (415) 420-1939

Canada Accredited Training Providers. Sugarlash Academy of Lash Artistry

18321 W. Lake Houston Pkwy, Suite 305, Courtney Buhler +1 587 982 5274 Humble, TX 77346

Amy Young Love Those Lashes LLC +1 (513) 280–6550

Lucy Argent LA Lash Academy 137 Bay Street #8, Santa Monica, CA 90405 +1 (424) 200–8278

San Diego Eyelash Extensions 12935 Pomerado Road, Suite C, Poway, CA 92064 +1 (619) 438–5770

LASHLAB Academy by PINKLAB & Co. 545 Fifth Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10017 +1 (212) 686–0992

MaiLash Academy

Lash Line Academy & Supplies Inc Jessi Love

Boutique Lash Company

South Africa Accredited Training Providers. Lesley–ann Altree Luscious Lashes International 6 Hutchinson Ave, Table View, 7441, South Africa +27 21 557 5279

Vogue Lashes by Adelle Sutton 9 Harvey Street, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 6001 +27 41 583 2530

Worldwide & Online Accredited Training Providers. Deluxe Lashes International

Aleksandra Maniuse 2115 39 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, +370 6 092 2922 T6L 4G1 +1 780 266 3875 www.deluxe–

Australia & New Zealand Accredited Training Providers. Sugarlash Academy of Lash Artistry

Lash Master Academy Online

Institute of Eyelash Excellence – Online

Melena Langford


Lessons in Lashes – Online

Canberra, ACT, AUSTRALIA +61 2 4761 59717

Mai Lee 1526 N Scottsdale Rd. Tempe, AZ 85281, Komao USA Kerrie Ann Ditz +1 480 404 0092 Enchanted S.P.A

PO Box 1483, Joondalup DC, WA 6919 0450 4247 39 / 1300 113 996

Star Lash Academy Jancarza 89, 31–618 Kraków, Poland

Silart Lash & Brow Academy

Business - 97

Training D irectory UK

LASHacademy Training & Products The LASHacademy supply products that are of the highest quality and most affordable to professional lash technicians. We ship worldwide. Training Dates: Ongoing

Frankie Widdows +44 7714 638405 Master lash artist Frankie Widdows is head trainer at the Institute of Eyelash Excellence. She provides outstanding training from foundation level through to advanced lash techniques and Russian volume eyelash extensions. She also provides continued online support and tutorials as well as 24/7 access to her for the rest of your lash career. Training Dates: Ongoing

Michelle Ryan +44 7825 924 920 Michelle Ryan is an experienced and passionate lash technician who has a wealth of knowledge that she loves to share with her students. As a trainer for Flirties, she constantly strives to improve the standard of eyelash extensions across the board. Being a busy therapist herself gives Michelle the ability to support students not just with training but to also offer help and advice in other areas of setting up and running a business.

98 - Business

Sarah Humphreyson

East Anglian Beauty Training

15 Drake Mill Business Park, Plymouth PL6 7PS +44 1752 771 112 eyelashqueenplymouth

Maureen Blackman Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 +44 7717 257 756 eastanglianbeautytraining

Accredited training in purpose built facility from classic to mega volume, also providing courses in waxing, threading and more.

Professional, bespoke accredited lash & brow training for beginners, and technicians wanting to expand on their skills. Not affiliated to any particular brand.

Best Lashes&Brows (Best L&B Ltd)


Renata Fodor-Csuti +44 7555 481 857 bestlashesandbrowsworldwide/ Best Lashes&BrowsÂŽ is a company offering a large variety products for professional eyelash extension and eyebrow building. We are not only promoting and selling professionally recognised high quality specialist products, but we also offer professional courses and trainings to beginners and experts in the industry.


Ms Diva Training Cork & Dublin 0870 991 991

Annya Studio Anna Slufirski Tallagh, Dublin 24, Ireland

Donata Jucyte Ritzy Eyes Unit 45, Coolmine Industrial Estate, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, Ireland 0831040220

Cindy Nicholls Room 21, West Cornwall Enterprise Centre, Cardrew Ind. Est, Redruth, TR15 1SS Australia +44 7875 436 054 Enchanted SPA 1/7 Wise Sreet Joondalup Western Australia I entered some lash art competitions 6027 in 2016 and won 3rd in London Lash Battle and 2nd in a Christmas lash art competition. I have just become a lash +61 1300 113 996 trainer for the Cornwall area, under Quality Products and Academy Leanne Harber’s Ultimate brand of beautiful products at reasonable prices. Lash Sublime Academy

Jodie Burwood Level 1 34 King st Perth 6000 +61 402 856 343

Ex-Import Niche

Beverly Hills Lashes

Estilo Lash

5/92 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220 +61 7 5576 6388 +61 7 5520 2292 (Fax)

+1 (310) 500-0551 bevhillslashes

Kim Helgesen-Fuentes Mackenzie BC +1 (250) 615-1232 estilolashmobileeyelashextensions

Intensive hands-on certification trainings in the Keratin Lash Lift and Eyelash Extensions- helping you build a strong foundation, leading to success in the eyelash industry.

Providing training in eyelash extensions, microblading, threading and lash lifts.

USA Sinful Lashes Luxury Products and Quality Training. +1 (818) 970–7151 Luxury products at competitive prices. Featuring our Red Ruby Volume Adhesive. Quality, in-depth training located in Los Angeles. We also travel the US bringing our Classic and Volume training to you.

LASHLAB Academy by PINKLAB & Co. 545 Fifth Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10017

MaiLash & Brows Mai Le Scottsdale, AZ +1 (480) 404-0092

San Diego Eyelash Extensions Olga Villarreal 12935 Pomerado Road, Poway CA 92064 +1 (619) 438-5770 I’m Olga Villarreal, award-winning Master Lash Artist, eyelash extension trainer, aesthetician, and owner of San Diego Eyelash Extensions. My mission is to help every woman I serve to feel confident, radiant, and empowered.

SkinCare Fundamentals


Stephanie Frey 200 Parker Avenue, Rodeo, CA 94572 +1 (888) 388-7546

Premium Products and Quality Training

Exceptional certified EE workshops plus the highest quality eyelash extension products available in the market. SCFLash Store has it all and at great prices.

Denmark MYLASHCOMPANY Beringsvej 7, 7500 Holstebro, Denmark (0045) 5070 2543 Brands: MYLASH and MYTWEEZER. High quality product with a unique patented formula. Worldwide fast shipping. High level lash courses. We teach Classic, Volume and our unique course Lash Medic. This course is the first in the world, which focus are on clients with a medical condition. The course will be taught by a licensed nurse with over 8 years’ experience in lashes and 5 years working with oncology patients.

+1 (403) 999–4455 Canada’s Premium Quality Products shipped World Wide

Luxe Lash Academy Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) +1 (778) 808–5572 Classic and Volume Certification, Advanced Volume Techniques, Re– Certification & Refresher Courses

List in our training directory for just £50 GBP per quarter ($80 USD) Email to be included in our next issue Business - 99

Supplier Directory USA & Canada

SkynLash Academy NJ USA +1 (732) 618–2096

Lash Affair by J.Paris

The Lashe, Inc.

+1 (800) 608-2420

6321 N Avondale Ave., Suite 206, Chicago, IL 60631 +1 (773) 202-9399

We sell Luxury Lash Extension Products & Global Certifications. We ship and train globally as well

Sinful Lashes - Luxury Products and Quality Training +1 (818) 970–7151

The Lashe has been developing premium application products for eyelash extension stylists since 2007. From our exclusive adhesive, to Lashe extensions, to The Lashe Technique.

Luxury products at competitive prices. Featuring our Red Ruby Volume Training Courses, Continuing Adhesive. Quality, in–depth training Education at it’s Finest, Skype Training located in Los Angeles. We also travel Available, Basic Lashes to Advanced the US bringing our Classic and Volume Volume, Lashcoat & Lashbrow Training, training to you. SkynLash Shop for the Finest Lash Flirties PremierLash – designer lashes™ BeautyTrix Supplies

United Kingdom & Ireland

Novalash +1 (866) 430–1261

RevitaLash® Cosmetics

Angel Eyelashes Eyelash Supplier to Professionals

Boutique Lash Company +1 (780) 266–3875

Hot Lashes +1 (403) 999–4455 Canada’s Premium Quality Products shipped World Wide

Sugar Lash Eyelash extension & training provider

Sweet Lash 377 Marshall Way N #1, Layton, UT 84041

100 - Business +44 845 022 2233 +1 877 366 5274 (Toll Free US & Lash Perfect Canada) +1 801 463 4868 (Local & International) +44 208 500 9028 Ultimate Lash And Brow Inc. Viengsamay Kettavong Professional and accredited training 619 800 4429 available from expert trainers at competitive prices throughout the UK. Internationally renowned and available worldwide through over 30 ULB® The Ultimate Lash and Brow Destination! We specialize in the art of eyelash and eyebrow enhancement products!

SkinCare Fundamentals 200 Parker Avenue, Rodeo, CA 94572 888-388-7546 Exceptional certified EE workshops plus the highest quality eyelash extension products available in the market. SCFLash Store has it all – and at great prices.

overseas distributors.

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Golden Eyelashes Ltd. +44 7522 168 750 golden– We supply high quality eyelash extension and accessories.

Lash Heaven - Luxury Lash Supplies Official distributor of VOGUE LASHES By Adele Sutton and Chrissanthie

LASHacademy Training & Products Products - The LASHacademy supply products that are of the highest quality and most affordable to professional lash technicians. We ship worldwide.

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Best Lashes&Brows® is a company offering a large variety products for professional eyelash extension and eyebrow building. We are not only promoting and selling professionally recognised high quality specialist products, but we also offer professional courses and trainings to beginners and experts in the industry.

EBC Limited 26 Prilep Str, Varna 9000 Bulgaria +359 5260 4073 European Beauty Concept (EBC Limited) is a lead manufacturer of high quality professional eyelash extensions and Permanent Makeup supplies

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Professional LashBlack 3 Week Semi, Permanent Mascara: Made in England & EU Certified, Eyelash Extension Medical Grade Glues made in England – Ultra Diamond Pro: fast drying – Senses for Sensitive eyes: low vapour odour, perfect for trainers and beginners , Individual Mink Eyelashes 100% Real Siberian Handmade Lashes

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Lightwork Aesthetics Kristy James +1 (207) 592-4787 Kristy has been an Advanced Novalash Maine artist since her certification in 2013, applying hundreds of full sets on women of all ages.

United Kingdom Lash Lust Jenna Nye 66 York Road, Weybridge, Surrey +44 1932 950 950 Friendly Lash studio in the heart of Weybridge. Experienced Lash Master/Trainer, 3 Lash Techs and a Lash Artist plus HD brows.

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Lash Inc Australasia

ISSUE 2 > 2017

Issue 2-2017

Would you like to achieve Australian national accreditation using your existing experience in Classic Eyelash Extensions? We offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the Unit SHBBMUP001 Apply Eyelash Extensions with our partnering Registered Training Provider, Trainwest (RTO 51807). What is RPL? • •

RPL recognises learning regardless of how, when and where it was acquired, provided the learning is relevant to the learning outcomes in the qualification. must ensure that evidence provided is valid, authentic, current and sufficient and that the process is fair, flexible reliable and valid.

If you have previous training or work experience that meets the criteria for the qualification, you can apply for RPL.

What Evidence do I have to Provide? • • • • • •

Copies of evidence of training in the form of Certificate/s or letters or references from Employers Environment Confirmation - photos of your salon environment and a checklist to confirm your environment meets assessment criteria Two (2) Case Study Full Set applications on Live Models, each set consisting of a minimum of 80 eye lash extensions per eye Two (2) Case Study Infill Services on Live Models Two (2) Case Study Removal Services on Live Models A written Knowledge Assessment (25 theory based questions)

LASH INC AUSTRALASIA SPECIAL! RPL normally $349, special price $299 – save $50! Offer valid until 31 December 2017

For more information contact Enchanted SPA on 1300 113 996 or email with the subject ‘RPL Enquiry’

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