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Toys for Lagos Big Boys

Wearable tech is becoming increasingly popular and sometimes even trendy. Technology changes daily and we have compiled a list from on what to look forward to in 2018.

Google Glass Google Glass is wearable eyegear that displays information in a smartphone-like hands-free format. You can make calls, surf the Internet, and record and share what you see using Google Glass. Google Glass has a small LCD screen in front of your eyes which can be controlled by both voice and touch. $1,400

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is a smartwatch, activity tracker and a lot more. If you love fitness and sports, this watch is for you. It has a continuous heart rate monitor, along with a pedometer, an exercise tracker and a stopwatch and timer. It is water resistant up to 5 ATM which means it can also be worn while swimming. $150

Fin Ring What would you do if you lost the A/C remote and it was too hot? If you had the Fin Ring, all would still be okay. Wearing this ring on your thumb allows you to use gestures to control multiple devices such as smartphones, smart TVs, cars, and home automation devices. $120

Spotnsave Wristband Spotnsave Wristband is a lifesaving gadget. When in trouble, it might be hard to take out your phone and make a call. Instead you can just tap on the button twice. This will send an emergency message and your location coordinates to up to four guardians. $80

BearTek – Bluetooth Gloves When it is impossible to reach your phone when wearing gloves, like when biking or skiing, the BearTek Bluetooth Gloves are exactly what you need. They are a Bluetooth glove that can communicate with your smartphone. The glove has 6 touch points that you can use to answer phone calls and control basic music. $100

LifeBEAM's Vi headphones Vi acts as an evolving personal trainer who lives inside bio-sensing earphones. Each day, Vi tracks you, gets smarter, and coaches you to real results. Vi will help you meet your weight goals, improve your running, cycling and training. Plus, enjoy your favorite music and talk on the phone without ever touching a single button. $249



Vogue, Elle and all the big fashion publications have spoken. These are the fashion trends that they predict will rule 2018.

Good Sport

Sheer Madness

For those who love dressing down, this style is just for you. Continuing from last year, sports-inspired outfits are still reigning. Whether you stick to the whole look from head to toe or choose just a jacket or some quirky trainers, your look will be on trend.

Whatever you are wearing, make it sheer. This is the perfect look for Lagos weather. Keep your clothes light and airy with tulle or net skirts and dresses. Your outfits can also be multi-layered or super simple but just make sure you aren’t naked under it all. Transparent plastic clutches or bags are an extension of this trend and work very well with a 90’s look.

The Micro Purse These have been described as the new fanny packs,

however you can barely fit a bank card in them. They are so tiny, the bag is solely an accessory. Celebrities already started rocking these small bad boys in 2017 and the trend is expected to grow.


Plastic Fantastic

This trend may only work in the rainy season but, hey, why not? From raincoats to boots, plastic is taking over. The look is very futuristic yet 90s. Think of the Matrix but not so monochrome and you have hit this on the nail.

On the Fringe

We went through feathers in 2017 but fringing is now what is important. Fringed outfits are not just for festival goers with flowers in their hair. From dresses to skirts and jackets to tops, they are perfectly on trend. You can’t go wrong.


LIL Mag Jan 2018  

We're starting 2018 on an active note! Spend some time outdoors this month.

LIL Mag Jan 2018  

We're starting 2018 on an active note! Spend some time outdoors this month.