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e p a c s E r e m Sum Vol 1.5 June 2017

Spot of the Month


Managing Summer

Vacation Expectations

5 Essentials for the Jet Setter


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Mamazi mamazi.com.ng

LOCATION Hard Rock Cafe


Rain, Rain Go Away...

It may be rainy season and some of you may be heading to the abroads over the summer but for us staying in Lagos let’s work hard and party harder.

Summer in Lagos can be filled with unanticipated challenges. You have the kids at home for two months. You have to prepare for vacations. You have to find indoor entertainment due to the crazy downpours and/or you are stuck working while everyone’s sunning themselves in Zanzibar or Greece.


In this issue we take you on a path of discovery. You may think the only thing to do when it rains is sleep, but we have come up with a must-try list of things to do indoors in Lagos. If you have some time away from work why not try travelling within the country via train, road or air? There is so much to see right here in Nigeria and it is becoming more convenient to do so. However, if you are heading abroad, to ensure you don’t miss Lagos too much while sitting on a sunny beach halfway across the world, you can pick up one of the recommended books by Nigerian authors from our summer reading guide. Enjoy your read and bring on those rainy days! #LostinLagos #LostinLagosMagazine #DiscoverLagos #ExperienceLagos Cheers! Olamide

Olamide Udoma-Ejorh Editor-in-Chief Lost in Lagos Magazine



LOST IN LAGOS Vol 1.5 June 2017 FOUNDER Tannaz Bahnam PUBLISHED BY Knock Knock Lifestyle Solutions, Ltd. PRINTED BY T&D Press LTD, www.tndpressltd.com EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Olamide Udoma-Ejorh EDITOR Mona Zutshi Opubor DESIGN NJ Africa CONTRIBUTORS Mona Zutshi Opubor, Emeka Okocha, Lola Daniyan, Atim Ukoh, Feyi Olunuga, Ade Bakare SALES INQUIRIES info@lostinlagos.com



Summer Escape

A bit about the Product of the Month: Every month I source products from local businesses, shops and designers to tell you what’s new and hot in Lagos. These products can be anything from a tasty meal to a scoop of delicious ice cream, from a piece of furniture to a cute designer wallet. The items picked this month will definitely get you summer ready.

ORLY Breathable Treatment

Vegan friendly nail polish

This is a collection that offers more than just pretty colours. The colours are great but you can use this nail polish range to rest and nourish your nails. The range offers strength-boosting benefits of a nail treatment with Argan Oil, Provitamin B5 and Vitamin C to ensure healing. It is also an all-in-one formula so no need for base coat or top coat. www.nectarbeautyhub.com


Ankara shorts are not a new thing but Grey has created a line of shorts with new and colourful patterns. These are ideal for a chilled day indoors or when the weather permits a relaxing day on the beach. @greyprojects


Not your regular sunglasses

Dap Mod have hit the sunglasses market by storm. Their range isn’t what you would find elsewhere. If you are looking for something a little different, start at their store in Lekki or even better, on their Instagram page. I particularly like the metal framed sunglasses but hey, there is something for everyone. @dapmod

A bit about me: I am a young, 30-something lady who loves Lagos and trying new things. From restaurants and exotic food, to experiencing new places and cities, I love new new! Having new businesses and companies pop up in Lagos on a daily basis makes Lagos exciting and a fantastic place to live, work and play.


Summer Escape featured columnist Mona Zutshi Opubor

Managing Summer Vacation Expectations When I was a child, my inexplicably high expectations were never more evident than on the first day of school. My mom and dad walked me into my new classroom with the perfect outfit, lunchbox, and notebook. I knew things would be wonderful. Then reality hit hard, as it tends to do. I realized I was back in jail for another nine months. My teachers and parents were united in oppressing me when it was clear my true purpose was to spend my life eating potato chips and taking naps. For me, the best day of the school year was the last day in June. The weather was sultry. Teachers had as little interest in teaching as the students had in being taught. By afternoon, we all had our eyes on the clock as it counted down the minutes until we—like Persephone in Greek myth—were sprung from hell. I would race home clutching my report card, overjoyed that for 60 days I was free. By my twenties, I was finished with my schooling and relieved my long nightmare was over. Never again, I thought. Then I had children. Why didn’t anyone warn me that the cycle continues when you become a parent, only now you’re on the other side?


These days I’m the one up before sunrise cajoling kids awake when I am half asleep. I am the one begging them to study and feigning enthusiasm for projects that involve old Ribena cartons, glue and pipe cleaners. I am the one tossing small bodies out the door when they—like their mother before them—beg to stay home. As a mom, I relish the first few days of summer vacation. I stack lunchboxes on top of the refrigerator where they gather dust. I sleep an hour later than normal. Then one day I notice my children staring at me from the sofa and realize with horror that they expect me to take care of them. I once had a friend who couldn’t afford summer camp for her four kids. She started a blog and posted the schedule she’d follow. There would be sports, arts and crafts, language lessons, music practice and field trips to the beach. Her children’s days were structured down to the half hour. After the second day my friend’s website went dark. There were no new photos, no updates, nothing. I wanted to believe they accomplished all they set out to but I saw them at the mall several times that summer, surrounded by Styrofoam cartons. Not only had mommy abandoned her plans, she had outsourced family meals to the food court.

My friend blushed when she saw me there but why? I admired her. Even parents need a break from the school routine.

It’s taken me over forty years but I think I’ve finally learned to manage my expectations.

When I was young, summer holidays meant playing outside and frolicking in the swimming pool down the road. It meant unlimited TV and reading late into the night. Sometimes we went to India to visit relatives. Sometimes we stayed home and my dad took us to the beach. In 1983, my mother enrolled me in summer school. I refuse to forgive her despite the impeccable mothering she executed during all the other moments of my life. My dislike of school runs that deep, you see. What does summer vacation even mean during rainy season? For our family, it means being woken up from sound sleep by vicious storms. It means a respite from heavy traffic because so many people have travelled. It means playdates and visiting with friends who have returned from boarding school. My plan for the summer of 2017 is to have no plan. If I aim to achieve nothing, no one can be disappointed. I’ll be a success if the house is still standing and my children aren’t in full body casts when school begins.

Mona Zutshi Opubor is an Indian-American and Nigerian short story author and memoirist Follow her on Instagram @mopals5



Summer Escape written by Tannaz Bahnam

Métisse Take a journey on a culinary adventure through Southeast Asia, where an array of fragrant spices and flavours are brought together to create the exquisite dishes at Métisse. Hidden in a corner of Café Royale lays Métisse, an intimate fine dining restaurant bringing together the best dishes from six different exotic Southeast Asian cuisines. The ambiance of this quaint space is romantic, with stars lighting up the ceiling, a piano playing the perfect music to set the mood, and a mirrored wall glimmering behind the bar. The culinary journey takes you from Thailand, India and Vietnam to Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, capturing the unique cuisines from each country and presenting them with a special Métisse touch. Start your journey in Thailand with the Bangkok Chicken Wings, lightly fried chicken wings marinated with a Thai chili glaze and a homemade chili paste; or venture into the sea with the irresistible Crispy Calamari. A twist on traditional fried calamari, this fresh calamari is marinated in spiced coconut milk, giving it a golden, crispy coat with a hint of sweetness. It’s served with Thai sweet chili, to give it a very subtle kick.


Lounge & Restaurant

The Métisse Samosas are a unique take on Indian samosas. The deconstructed samosas at Métisse are beautifully presented and much lighter than traditional samosas, A pastry shell encases ground chicken cooked in curried tamarind, accompanied with a citrus coriander yogurt. The beauty of the appetizers is that all the dishes are made for sharing.

Nyonya, a Malaysian style of cooking, originates from the unique marriage of Chinese and Malay cultures. This special fusion makes the Nyonya Seared Salmon the perfect dish to embody Métisse. The perfectly seared, melt-in-you-mouth Nyonya Salmon is glazed with a special homemade sweet chili sauce, topped with a dressing of spicy green peas and served with a side of white rice.

The Pan-Asian menu captures the most popular dishes from the region, recreating them with a Métisse twist, such as the Chicken Tikka Salad, the Vietnamese Pho, the Singapore Chili Prawns and the fragrant Red Curry. The Red Curry, with chicken or prawns, is beautifully prepared with a Thai red curry paste, sweet potatoes, green beans and eggplant.

The best way to end any meal is with sweetness. At Métisse even the desserts capture the Pan-Asian fusion. Their Spicy Ginger Cake fuses the spicy ginger essence together with a sweet caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. The combination of the strong ginger and the rich caramel makes for a delightful combination of flavours. The chocolate Molten Lava Cake may not capture the same fusion concept, but it certainly seizes your senses with its rich, gooey chocolate center that pairs perfectly on a spoon with the vanilla ice cream.

Voyage to Indonesia to get a taste of the Crispy Batter Fried Chicken. The chicken is fried with a special Indonesian tempura batter, giving it a light, crisp coating while the chicken remains tender on the inside. A special homemade coriander and palm syrup glaze gives the dish a touch of sweet and sour flavors, which pairs perfectly with white rice. Métisse, meaning mixed origins, is the perfect way to characterize the restaurant’s menu.

Métisse represents a marriage of cultures from a diverse region, a fusion of flavours beautifully prepared and presented to create a fine dining experience in an almost secret space. It’s a hidden treasure. Métisse Lounge & Restaurant 267A, Etim Inyang Crescent, Victoria Island.




Summer Escape

An Interview with Yewande Omotoso Writer and Architect

Have you always wanted to be an author and write fiction? Yes. I grew up amongst stories, writing and writers. I don’t recall, as a child, telling myself I wanted to become a writer. I think I just copied the people around me. Tell us about how you became a celebrated writer, who has been nominated for various awards and both a Norman Mailer Fellow and Etisalat Fellow? I’m thankful for whatever attention and acknowledgement my work receives, particularly the good stuff! It’s a bit of a lottery so I don’t take that for granted. As far as becoming a writer I think the simplest–if somewhat annoying–answer is to say ‘I wrote’. There are obviously a myriad of things this involves but it is the bottom line. In terms of how I got work published that’s a combination of audacity, luck and lots of hard work. Your first novel, Bom Boy, is about a young Nigerian man living in the suburbs of Cape Town who develops strange habits while in search of companionship. And your second novel, The Woman Next Door, is about neighbours–two successful South African women of different races–who experience an incident that softens their hatred towards each other. How did you create these characters and stories? I usually come to stories through character. So I hear a line of dialogue or I see the character in my head and I begin to trace it, or track it, the way an animal might track a scent. And the process of figuring out and writing the novel is that whole experience of tracking this scent. Are they based on people or stories you have encountered in your life? Yes and No. The characters are never specifically one person I’ve met. They are fictional. I invent them. However part of my machinery of invention involves drawing on my own experiences and stories as well as the experiences and stories I have encountered over my life. You advocate for translating books into various different languages. Why is this important? I’m a huge proponent of developing our local languages. The little, for instance, that I know of my father’s language, Yoruba, tells me that these languages hold such wisdom, humour and poetry. It is a shame for us not to both recognise and gain advantage from this.


In terms of translation, I advocate for Africans reading Africa. This for me is about knowledge, power and being intimately related to and engaged with my continent. The fact that you are Nigerian who lives in South Africa writing South African stories is really exciting. I would love to see more of this type of cross cutting thinking and collaboration in all spheres of the creative industry. Is this something you see happening more in literature in Africa? I try not to draw any conclusions about literature in Africa. Africa is vast and my grasp of what is being and has been written, even with the amount of reading I do, seems perpetually narrow. However it’s also key to point out that my stories are the way they are because they are a reflection of my personal experiences which, from birth, have always been multicultural. It’s hard to prescribe what literature ought to embody. I think the best one can do is engage with what is produced on its own terms. Tell us a little bit about your writing process? Do you go into solitude for months and tada a book appears? I earn a living in a number of ways which seldom allows me to disappear and write for months at a time. During specific periods when I’ve had a scholarship or been at a writing residency then yes, it is like going into solitude and I value such opportunities deeply. But I wrote Bom Boy while working a busy full-time corporate job. I wrote The Woman Next Door while working for myself. In both instances what made a difference was my work ethic and discipline. If I had to wake up at 4:00 a.m. to write I would do so. My process is simply to write and keep writing with little or no editing until I think I’m done. And then read back, rewrite and read back and rewrite again and so on. I benefit a lot from having people I can show my early work to who can comment constructively and in service of my development. What’s next for you, a new book, short stories? I’m working on a new book about a family–mother, father and daughter–that falls apart. The parents divorce and the daughter is estranged. At a point in the story the daughter goes missing and the parents band together to try and find her. Lastly, What are you reading at the moment? Just started reading Welcome To Lagos by Chibundu Onuzo.



Summer Drink Escape Up! written by Emeka Okocha An Interview with Founder and CEO Hisham Abu Abdallah Nothing to do in Lagos (NTDIL) @nothingtodoinlagos


The Nigerian Railway Corporation now offers three trains each weekday that make the scheduled two and a half hour journey from Abuja to Kaduna. We asked Emeka Okocha to describe his experience traveling by train through Nigeria. We began our journey with a drive from Lagos to Abuja and boarded the train at the Kubwa station. As soon as we walked into the newly built station, we felt the anticipation in the air as everyone was eager to ride the new train. A one way ticket is N600 and first class is N900. When buying tickets it’s important to clarify if the train you’re riding has seating for everyone. Our train had limited seating, so it was all about who boarded the fastest. Basically, first come first serve. Fifteen minutes before the train’s scheduled arrival time, people began to cue. This caused panic as more people scrambled into line, unsure when the train would actually arrive. 3:30PM. The train arrived on time! Upon first inspection, the brand new grey train with green and yellow stripes was beautiful. As it approached, I could feel the excitement build as this was the first time many of us would be riding a train in Nigeria. Since we were fresh to the boarding procedure we were last in line, but didn’t mind. We were just happy for the experience. After a brief struggle to get on the train there were no available seats, so we sat in the luggage space until people exited at the first stop thirty minutes later. Once seated, you can either gaze out the window, join in the friendly conversation happening around you, or watch TV. Our viewing options were Everybody Hates Chris or Arrow. I chose the conversation and gazing out the window. You truly get a sense of Nigeria’s size and the beauty of her land as you speed through it. After a comfortable three hours we made it to Rigasa, Kaduna! People hopped off with smiles and took selfies with friends, family, strangers, and the train. The train is truly a great way to see the country. Can’t wait to plan our next train ride in Nigeria. We’re thinking about Lagos to Kano. If you’re planning to ride the train, here are a few tips: 1 Bring a sweater or a scarf to keep you warm. The A/C on the train is set to one level: Freezing! 2 Bring water and snacks. They don’t serve food on the shorter trips.

For more images from our train ride check out @NothingToDoGo on Instagram. For those days when you just have to get out of gidi and it feels like there is nothing to do, we suggest you GO!


Summer Escape written by Hans and René

PINE HOPSICLE Brand Bio: Hans and René, founded in 2010 by Tayo Bolodeoku, is a boutique café, bakery and gelateria. A business, borne out of passion which shows through our offerings. Our vision is to become the premier dessert and pastry destination in West Africa. We pride ourselves in being referred to as the “connoisseurs of the sweet life.” We are sticklers for quality and giving our customers an unrivaled experience.


INGREDIENTS 33 centiliter bottle of Beer 1 Lemon ½ Pineapple 5 teaspoons of honey

DIRECTIONS Pour a bottle of Beer into a blender. Squeeze lemon. Don’t forget to strain the seeds. Add lemon juice to the blender Cut half a small pineapple into small chunks and add to the blender. Add the honey and blend ASSEMBLE THE QUICK POPS Pour the final mix into popsicle molds and put in the freezer. As popsicles begin to reach freezing point, insert popsicle sticks into them and let them freeze completely.




Summer Escape written by Atim Ukoh

Personal Bio Atim Ukoh is the Creative Director of Afrolems, an African Food Blog. She trained at the University of Toronto as a Digital Enterprise Management Specialist and received a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School in San Francisco. She has successfully managed the food blog for over 8 years and received recognition from media outlets like CNN, Buzzfeed, Ventures Africa, Punch Newspapers and a host of others. She worked with an international social enterprise that focuses on combating counterfeit drugs globally in Boston and currently consults with them in Nigeria. Branded Bio Afrolems is an African food blog with a specialisation in Nigerian Food. Our main focus is to stylise African food so it can be internationalised. We aim to educate our followers with kitchen tips, cooking know-hows, modifications of recipes from other cultures and interesting recipes from all over Africa. We also like to play with foreign recipes, as well.

PLANTAIN SALAD INGREDIENTS 1 finger of ripe plantain 1 head of lettuce 1 small red bell pepper 1 small green bell pepper 1 small yellow bell pepper 1 small bulb of red onions 2 firm tomatoes 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil 3 medium-sized shrimp 1/2 seasoning cube 1 tablespoon of parmesan cheese 1 tablespoon of sweet chili dressing

DIRECTIONS Chop your plantain into cubes. Fry plantain cubes and set aside. Chop vegetables into a salad bowl and toss together. In a pan, heat up vegetable oil and stir fry shrimp with seasoning cube. Allow to cool. Once cooled, toss plantain and shrimp into the bowl of vegetables. Sprinkle parmesan cheese over the salad. Drizzle the sweet chili dressing on top and serve cool.



Summer Drink Escape Up! written by The Bookwith Club AnSunshine Interview

Recommendations For Summer Reading Hisham Abu Abdallah

There are so many diverse genres of literature that push the boundaries of creative writing and hold us spellbound. As it is with music, film and art, it’s the same with books. They transport us.

Here are recommendations for some summer reading from The Sunshine Book Club based on what we’ve read this year from January to May 2017:

A Conspiracy Of Ravens

Othuke Ominiabohs Ominiabohs has sprung a delightful surprise upon us chock full of explosions, action and suspense. In A Conspiracy Of Ravens, he positions his characters in significant events in Nigeria and dares to paint a canvas of issues and struggles we tiptoe around. Unlike his straightforward debut book Odufa, Ominiabohs switches things around with a thriller that will leave you immersed in its pages


Under The Udala Trees

Chinelo Okparanta Under The Udala Trees is a story of love, heartbreak and a journey to self-realization. In this book, Chinelo Okparanta opens our eyes to the sort of love and relationship we are yet to come to terms with in present day Nigeria. The story which begins during the Nigerian civil war follows the journey of a girl, Ijeoma, who fall in love with another young girl. When her secret comes out, she is forced to hide her true self and become the woman society expects her to be. The only problem is she can hide from society but she can’t hide from herself.



A. Igoni Barrett Igoni Barrett births a humorous tale of a young Nigerian man who wakes up one morning to find he’s no longer a black but rather a Caucasian man. With his new skin colour, Furo Wariboko finds he has to navigate through the world as a different person. Despite his new condition, the only thing that hasn’t changed is his voice. The new Furo finds that life as a white man in Lagos does have its advantages. With these advantages, Furo’s personality evolves into a new, more selfish being.

A Platter of Gold

Olasupo Shasore How much do you really know about Nigeria? Contrary to what you think, there’s so much that’s been left unsaid. Olasupo Shasore schools us on the history of Nigeria in his book, A Platter of Gold. Shasore reveals the events of the past that have affected the activities of present-day Nigeria. This book is a must read for every Nigerian.

Guardian of the Fall

Umari Ayim Guardian of the Fall is a beautiful blend of African myth and fantasy colliding with the modern world. Erom is to embrace an appointment she doesn't want as the mouthpiece of the Guardian. Ken's life has already been decided for him by his father. The two cross paths, embrace their purpose and go to war to save a sanctuary and their love for each other. Umari Ayim awakens our five senses in the pages of his book; his words make you see, smell, hear, taste and touch the elements he describes. He paints a beautiful image of nature encompassed by mystery and takes us an extraordinary adventure through the forests of Cross River.

info@thatreofsunshine.com @TheSunshineBookClub


Summer Escape written by Banke

Bungalow Restaurant Ikeja

It was not my first time going to Bungalow Restaurant in Ikeja but it was my first time sitting down to eat and I was excited. The restaurant was exactly as I remembered: The perfect man’s den with several TV’s on the wall showing football matches. It was scorching outside so I really appreciated the contrast of walking into a cool room. Once we settled in, we were handed bulky ipad menus to order from and I found them overwhelming! There was so much to choose from. Between the Mexican, Japanese, Nigerian and Continental dishes, I didn’t know where to begin. In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, I chose a Mexican main but my friend and I agreed to try an expensive sushi starter. The Maki came out rather fast. I was impressed but before we could dig in the waitress sashayed back with an enormous Pollo Ranch Taco Salad Bowl. It looked and smelled so good that I couldn’t concentrate on the sushi anymore. I’m not one for mixing sweet with savoury but the mango in the Ura Maki was delicious. It was juicy but not overpowering and complimented the crab and cucumber, especially when dipped in soy sauce. Osé mango season! The chilli powder sprinkled on the top of the Salmon Crazy Spicy Maki Roll gave a nice Nigerian kick to the Asian dish. I savoured the sushi. I did not expect to enjoy it so much. Once it was finished, I started mentally preparing for my foray into the huge taco bowl. This salad should come with a warning on the menu. The portion could happily feed two with some leftovers. lostinlagosmagazine

The taco bowl was filled with chicken strips, beans, cheddar cheese, crisp shredded lettuce, sweetcorn and a dollop of fresh but bland guacamole on top with ranch dressing on the side. The chicken was nicely seasoned but dry. I found myself awkwardly trying to fit massive chunks of lettuce into my mouth. Halfway through my meal, my cocktail came and it looked good. You can’t really go wrong with a Mojito especially when they didn’t have the kiwi syrup for the Kiwi Caipiroska I initially ordered. This was a heavy duty cocktail! Halfway through the glass, I was already feeling the effects of the rum. Seeing as it was so strong, I had to sip slowly. The mint, unfortunately, wasn’t crushed enough which made it feel like I was sucking chunks of efo leaves through a continuously clogged straw.

Their dessert menu was not the most diverse and the strawberry waffle that I wanted was not available. I had to go with a Chocolate Crepe. The crepe was a bit dry and I wasn’t a fan of the processed chocolate sauce drizzle on top. It was saved by the generous serving of Nutella in the centre which added some much-needed moistness. I was stuffed at this point. To recap, I was pleasantly surprised by the sushi and the taco salad bowl was decent. I wouldn’t say go to Bungalow for the dessert selection but the rest of the food was fresh and comforting. This is a good spot to go for a big lunch if you’re nearby. And if you are not so close, they deliver. 9 Adekunle Fajuyi Way, Ikeja T: +234 8090000257



Summer Escape columnist Banke Makinde Lost In Lagos

Indoor Antics Summer’s Here! But with it comes a dash of the heavy Lagos rain. No need to go stir crazy though. Here are some fun indoor activities to keep you going and get you through the season. In no particular order.

Book Clubs


Sunshine Book Club Try The Sunshine Book Club for book enthusiasts, writers and creatives alike. This is a platform for you to experience reading as a form of art, network and discuss works by African authors. You can even turn up to their monthly meetings every last Saturday of the month if you haven’t read the book. Quintessence, Ikoyi info@thatreofsunshine.com @thesunshinebookclub

1 3

Cooking Class Studio One K with Chef Eros Fancy learning from the pros? Try a hands on cooking class in the exclusive Studio One Kitchen with Chef Eros. Discover the secrets of his traditional and international cuisines with unique twists in every treat. Go individually or in a group or even as a team building event. @cheferos

Wine Tasting

Luxeria Daytime Wine Bar Enjoy a glass of wine alone or a bottle with friends because Luxeria has made daytime drinking a lot easier. With their Daytime Wine bar and their great selection of wines, you have a warm atmosphere for business meetings, a hangout or just a time out during or after work hours. 16 Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island t: 08088480039

4 lostinlagosmagazine



Shaunz Bar & Lounge If you’d like a good old singalong with your friends, family, colleagues or even if you just fancy a break from the singing in the shower, head down to Shaunz Bar for a fun night with the microphone. Choose from a vast selection of songs and get the party started. 27 Sanusi Fafunwa Street, Victoria Island t: 07089253344 @shaunz_karaoke


Open Mic Night

Bogobiri House Thursday nights are like no other at Bogobiri House. Experience the live and raw talent at the open mic night. From music to poetry and spoken word, in this fun and vibrant afrocentric setting, you’ll be sure to leave inspired and possibly even pitch in. 9, Maitama Sule Street, Off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi t: 07068176454





Federal Palace Casino If you are feeling a bit lucky why don’t you head down to the Casino at Federal Palace? Pull up a chair to your favourite game at their numerous games tables or try your luck at the slots. 8-6 Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island t: 012779000

Hitbox Gaming Lounge For all you gamers out there, step into the Hitbox Gaming Lounge and meet your fellow gamers. From board games to snooker tables and a huge selection of console games, single player and multi-player across different networks and platforms, you are bound to find your game! Leisure Mall, Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere t: 08054845144

7 Movie Night

Film Sundays Catch a screening of mostly independent films with interesting, controversial and enlightening topics and engaging plots with which the Nigerian audience can relate. These screenings usually spark conversations and discussions about different societal issues that ‘mainstream movies’ are inclined to steer clear of. Stranger Lagos, 3, Hakeem Dickson, Lekki Phase 1 @filmsundays

8 10

Paint Party


Paint the Night Africa



Feeling a bit creative? Unleash your inner Picasso at a Paint the Night paint party. Spend a couple of hours creating a masterpiece while sipping on some cocktails and socialising with cool people in a popular restaurant. They provide the supplies. You bring the fun vibes! @ptnafrica t: 08181377439

Terra Kulture Theatre From musicals to drama and dance performances, the Terra Kulture Theatre has it all. They host several performances and stage productions as well as put on a few of their own and you are bound to catch a show every Sunday throughout the year. Plot 1376, Tiamiyu Savage, off Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island t: 012700588


Summer Escape written by Le Connaisseur

It’s Wine o’Clock



Lagos is on the rise with exciting trends and a sophisticated luxury lifestyle. If you care about wine and want to drink better and more confidently, the best thing you can do is cultivate a close relationship with a good wine shop. Need help making your wine selection? Book an appointment with our in-house connoisseur to make the right selection for your palette. Our team will assist you in choosing the right product for whatever the occasion. Whether you are a sophisticated oenophile, a casual connoisseur or an absolute novice who enjoys wine, our goal is to make your shopping experience comfortable and efficient. Located in the heart of Lekki Phase 1, Le Connaisseur offers a selected range of world-renowned premium wines and spirits from different terroirs across the globe. France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Chile, Argentina, and The United States are a few of the countries whose wines we offer. As a small boutique concept store, we have the opportunity to be very selective with what we choose to put on our shelves. With a composed and rich selection of champagne, wines and spirits from around the world, we now expose Lagos to the finest selection categorized by region and grape varietal.

If you have a special request, Le Connaisseur will be able to bring in air freights to satisfy your special request. At Le Connaisseur, we provide a unique, inviting and exciting shopping environment for clients. Le Connaisseur has much more to offer besides being your one-stop shop for premium wines and spirits. We host Wine Advocacy/Tastings, Prestigious Collaborations bringing out harmonious synergy and Networking events that encourage like-minded private events. We at Le Connaisseur are committed to giving our customers the ultimate experience through our wine tastings and private bookings. Le Connaisseur hosts wine sommeliers from various vineyards across the world to hold wine tastings and impart knowledge and know-how to our customers. It is important for us that our clients know what they are drinking in order to thoroughly enjoy their experience.

Stop in and experience it for yourself!

Le Connaisseur Lekki Centro Mall, Plot 69A, Block 15 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1 t +234 7069613877


Summer Escape

5 Essentials for the Jet Setter

For all those heading out of Lagos and unsure of what to pack we asked Ozzy, Eku and Denola to tell us about the essential items we can find in their suitcases.

Ozzy is an actor, red carpet host, event anchor and a TV presenter. Travel is something he doesn’t take for granted. Whether he is heading to Calabar or Thailand, the journey starts from the moment his tickets are booked. Swiss army knife because you never know when you need to open a bottle of 1 My wine, saw through wood for a romantic fire, or get yourself out of a sticky situation.


My expandable messenger bag because it can hold a house but still qualifies as a carry-on bag. I don't like waiting by the luggage carousel for checked bags so this bag is practically perfect in every way.


My leather passport holder is permanently in the inner breast pocket of my jacket for easy identification. I loathe that awkward search that holds up the line at customs while the whole jet-lagged world glares at you angrily.


A Universal adapter and converter because I like to plug and play. Immediately.

My camera because these epic 5 moments aren't gonna capture themselves.



Eku Edewor is an actress and popular TV personality, Raised between London and Lagos, Eku is no stranger to hopping on and off of planes for work and leisure. Experiencing new cuisines and cultures is a privilege Eku always looks forward to. you're like me and get cold on 1 Ifflights, it's always nice to pack a

warm hoodie, cashmere blanket or large scarf that isn't bulky and is easy to pop in your hand luggage.

3 4

Buy perfumes in travel size for your handbag.

Minty Chewing Gum. Even though I brush my teeth on long-haul flights, I'm always paranoid about bad breath when I go through immigration. Gum makes me feel minty fresh.


A travel wallet with different compartments for my passport, ticket, documents, currencies, etc., helps me keep everything in order. I have a black Smythson one. I also throw the free pen they give you on flights in it so whenever I can't find a pen, there's one hidden in there for immigration.


A Phone charger because lots of planes have USB charging points. Phones also double as a mirror, plus having a fully charged phone when you land is a bonus. Some flights also have Wi-Fi.

Denola Adepetun (aka Denola Grey) is a media presenter, style blogger, writer and fashion consultant. Denola is a homebody but when he can, he travels out of Lagos to visit friends and experience new parts of the world. Here are some things he strongly advises you take with you, as you flood timelines and fuel jealousy with your fabulous escapades.


Never underestimate the power of a good leather duffel bag. While some of you may be partial to a messenger bag or backpack, the fashionista knows that a good duffel is the perfect transitional accessory. You can use it during your trip, for day-trips or even to the beach. Most importantly, duffels are the perfect complement to a good airport strut.

a high res camera! Capture your 1 Take moments in HD and you won't be sorry. skin care products. This is a little tricky. 3 Your Just because you're going on vacation doesn't mean your skin gets a break, too. Unfamiliar climates or weather conditions could have adverse effects on your skin so you want to make sure you take products that your skin is accustomed to. Add or subtract from the list of products depending on the climate.

sure you pack at least two bathing suits and your 4 Make pool gear. You never know if you will be in a situation that calls for a swim or hot-tubbing. You always want to be prepared. Make sure your poolside flip flops are chic, as well.

good fortune out there but you never know when you 5 ofmight need to attend a fancy dinner party on a whim or

Always pack a suit or a LBD. This is putting the possibility wear a suit or dress for an occasion on short notice. As there's nothing more unflattering than an ill-fitting suit or dress, it's best to take yours from home and avoid having to splurge on a new outfit at your destination. Pack matching shoes, as well!

Happy Globetrotting! 27

Summer Escape written by Ade Bakare Couture Designer Ade Bakare Couture London

SHOPPING IN LAGOS Lagos is not only a place in which to live, it is also fast becoming a shopping mecca. I divide my time between two countries where I have business interests. Home is in Belsize Park, a leafy suburb of London. I also maintain an apartment on the island in Lagos. Most of my clothes and accessories are bought in London, but in Lagos I have a few favourite places I shop for unique items. I frequent Regalo African Luxury for scented candles and leather gifts. The quality is very good and all the products are sourced from across Africa. Most of the leather goods are from South Africa. They also have beautiful paper cards and envelopes I use for thank you notes to our esteemed clients. I bought a buffalo skin bag from Regalo which caused a flight attendant on Delta Airlines to say, “You won’t like our food carrying a bag like that.” Ha! Ha!! Ha!!! I love reading, so for books it’s Jazzhole. It’s a fun place to be. They always have functions i.e., films, book readings, etc. If you’re fortunate enough to meet the proprietress, Tundun Tejuosho, ask her for the carrot cake. It’s delicious. She will also make you a nice pot of tea or coffee if you prefer. Then ask her to tell you about the royal visit from Morocco while you eat your cake. I promise, you will be in stitches.


Now for the brave and adventurous, there is Lekki Market, a flea market near the Jakande Estate off the Lekki/Epe Expressway. It’s a little kept secret and an awful place to get to. But once there it’s like entering Aladdin’s cave to find a treasure trove. It’s an absolute must if you like carvings, beads, old vintage fabrics or modern paintings. The heat can be unbearable so take a bottle of water and a hand fan, if possible. The last on my list is Temple Muse. It’s almost like a private members club but it’s open to the public. I call it the mini-Selfridges of Lagos. The interior is all white Deco and gorgeous. They have an assortment of designer clothes and even a Champagne bar. The draw for me, however, are their plain booklets with exquisite front covers, ideal for writing notes. My favourite is the Indian-like Buddha faces. At Easter and Christmas, the chocolate selection is simply dazzling. The tin buckets they come in are ideal as keepsakes.

Regalo African Luxury, Shop 5, Centro Lekki Mall, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1 T: +2348092897858 Jazzhole, 168 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, T: +2347060648580 Lekki Market, Oba Elegushi St., Off Lekki-Epe Expressway Between 4th and 5th Roundabout Temple Muse, 21 Amodu Tijani Close, Victoria Island, T: +2347087264853


Summer Escape

written by Feyi Olunuga Startup Enthusiast & Managing Director, Lunuga Limited @AfricanEntrepreneur


This is for those who want to start, run and grow a successful business. In as much as there are textbooks and theories on Business Administration, realities and practical experiences differ. In Lagos, there are small scale businesses that are supposed to be on larger scales by now but due to challenges, inexperience, lack of information, poor decisions, repeating the same mistakes and so on, the businesses fail or become stagnant. How do you make it in the big city? Start here. Determine What Needs Your Product Will Fulfill. Understanding the needs your product will meet, the problems it will solve, the gaps or loop-holes it will fill in this community is the foundation of your product development and marketing strategy. The best way to go about this is to take a broad view of the market you want to operate in and then focus on a specific target audience. For example, if you want to start a business that sells indigenous gelato flavours like Agbalumo or Zobo, the market it will operate in is the one for ice cream. Don't make the mistake of taking too narrow a view when establishing this. Yes, it is Agbalumo gelato but this is a product differentiation. You will compete with standard ice cream providers as well as specialty ice cream providers. The question is: Is there a need in this market for your product? You need to survey the field and then establish if what you are offering has a unique selling point that will meet a market need. Note that your market need doesn't need to be one that is established and already being catered for. For instance in 2007, Sweet Sensation started offering local Nigerian meals. This wasn't a need that was catered for by a vast majority of quick service restaurants (QSR) in Nigeria, but today the top 5 QSR in Nigeria now offer local Nigerian meal options.

Analyse the features of your product or service. It is absolutely essential to look critically at the features of your product or service and the problem it will solve. This will help you determine who will benefit from a solution. This will also set parameters for evaluation of product performance. This will guide future innovation and bring focus to your product development. If you are struggling to identify the problems your product or service will solve, analyse the benefits of your product. For example, a printing company offers high quality design business cards. The benefit of high quality business cards is a professional image for the customer’s company and employees. The benefits of a professional image are endless: it will attract customers and instill confidence in employees. The ability to attract customers will ultimately lead to more money for the business. From this analysis, you can make a list of who will benefit from the solution your product or service offers. These are the people you should target. While it is still too general, it is a good foundation for what comes next. Research the customers who are likely to buy your product. Naturally you want to target a large customer base because you expect this to translate to high sales. The fact is, a more targeted approach at a specific group will be more effective for converting potential customers to buyers.

So the starting point for your research is to look at the existing consumer base for the solutions and benefits you have highlighted: What are their buying habits? What characteristics do they have in common? Who will have the most to lose by not finding a solution for the problems your products solve? You also need to consider the following: gender, income level, age, marital status, family size, occupation, and educational level. For business customers consider: location, size of the company, annual revenue, number of employees, number of outlets, sector of the economy and number of years in business. Start with desk research also known as secondary research. This involves using already existing research. There are a lot of platforms out there that you can consult for information on your industry, the market, comparable products and so on. If you don’t have enough information, you can move on to primary research. This can be created to provide information specific to your product. There are many methods: interviews, surveys, questionnaires and focus groups. Some of the methods such as surveys and questionnaires can be used online to reach a wider group outside your network. You can also use social media; for example, you can post your survey in a group on one of the popular social media platforms. This is the first in a series of articles on starting your business in Lagos, so check upcoming issues of Lost in Lagos Magazine to read more.


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Sunday ďŹ g mojito @shirolagos

Looking back at our top images of April 2017 Follow us on Instagram @lostinlagos12


Life without food is no life at all @bistro_7_lagos

7 6 5 4 Spotted @ekohotels @gidifest

Wouldn’t you just love to have all of this right now @wheatbakerlagos

Mouth-watering shrimp pasta @talindosteakhouse


Let the weekend begin @zenbah


2 1

Saturdays are for open market shopping, everything is so fresh, tomatoes

Driving in Lagos is so nice when there is no traďŹƒc

The perfect Sunday is when Monday is a holiday



Summer Escape

Compelling images highlighting Lagos

About the Photographer Marc C. has been taking photos in Lagos for over eight years as an enthusiastic hobbyist. His approach to photography is to master the technical aspects. Understanding the mechanical strengths and weaknesses of how both camera body and lens function is a consideration of every photo he takes. The photo "Lagos Channel Sunset" went under post-processing in Photoshop to further enhance the image.

Instagram: @marc.ng Cameras: Fujifilm X-T1, X-Pro1


Summer Escape


this month‌

To list your event, email info@lostinlagos.com

To list deals and perks happening in Lagos send an email to info@lostinlagos.com


Summer Escape



Summer Escape

written by Travelstart Nigeria

10Visa-Free Destinations To Go This Summer Sometimes planning your dream vacation can be discouraging because Nigerians seems to need a visa to go anywhere! The United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom, and the United States are all great places but even if you want to get a visa, the long, rigorous and expensive procedure can be extremely discouraging.

Travelstart Nigeria, Africa’s biggest online travel agency, is here to open up your mind to other possibilities. Did you know that there are about 45 countries (and counting) in the world where Nigerians can visit without getting a visa prior to departure? So why not skip paying the expensive visa fees and book cheap flights this summer to these 10 magical destinations on www.travelstart.com.ng:

1. Mauritius

4. Madagascar

7. Kenya

Perfectly located in the southwestern part of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius will surpass all your fantasies of a tropical island getaway. The swaying palms, crystal clear water, soft white sandy beaches and towering mountains offer the ideal destination for solo travellers and families.

Only a few places on earth offer an intense kaleidoscope of nature where you can see sandstone canyons, limestone karsts, mountains, and hills cascading with terraced rice paddies. Want to go hiking, diving, mountain biking, kitesurfing or rock climbing? Then this is the place for you! Not the outdoors type, well, there are plenty of natural pools and beaches.

Tourism Visa Status: Nigerians can enter for 14 days without a visa

2. Seychelles

Tourism Visa Status: Nigerians can enter for 90 days without a visa The 115 granite and coral islands can be found on the east coast of Africa in the western Indian Ocean. Explore the island’s two UNESCO World Heritage sites, the legendary Vallée de Mai nature park and the fabled Aldabra Atoll, the world’s largest raised coral atoll. Whether you are visiting as a couple for relaxation or adventure seeking with the family, Seychelles offers a world of choice.

3. Maldives

Tourism Visa Status: Nigerians can enter for 90 days without a visa The Maldives is a stunning archipelago scattered across the azure water of the Indian ocean. Located on the Asian continent, it has stylish, luxurious resorts that are affordable. There are a lot of water activities and delicious food. It’s a perfect retreat for beach lovers, divers, honeymooners and families.

Tourism Visa Status: Nigerians can enter for 90 days without a visa

5. Uganda

Tourism Visa Status: Nigerians can apply for e-visa prior or get a visa on arrival for 90 days Located on the eastern part of the African continent, Uganda is a landlocked country also known as the pearl of Africa. Richly endowed with beautiful vegetation and scenery, Uganda remains one of the safest destinations in Africa. Explore nature's gems in different national parks and end with the ultimate mountain gorilla trekking exploration at Bwindi Impenetrable forest.

6. Gambia

Tourism Visa Status: Nigerians can enter without a visa Gambia is regarded as West Africa’s best-kept secret. Surrounded by golden beaches backed by swaying palms and sprinkled with scenic lagoons, you will find an abundance of wildlife, vibrant history and culture.

Tourism Visa Status: Nigerians can get an e-visa prior to departure to avoid long queues Famous for its safaris, Kenya continues to enthral and delight its visitors with fabulous wildlife and beautiful scenery. From the plains of Masai Mara to the Amboseli, the country will never cease to amaze you. This is a perfect destination for those seeking an animal adventure.

8. Zanzibar

Tourism Visa Status: Nigerians can get visa on arrival for 90 days Zanzibar is a Tanzanian archipelago located off the coast of east Africa, blessed with palm-fringed beaches, timeless fishing villages and lush spice plantations. Stone Town, a famous UNESCO world heritage site, is an ideal destination to breathe in the country’s rich history while roaming through the fascinating maze of narrow alleys.

9. Sri Lanka

Tourism Visa Status: Nigerians can enter for 30 days by applying online for Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) Sri Lanka features stunning beaches, misty mountains, landscapes and wildlife. Sri Lanka offers a refreshingly upbeat atmosphere with magical sightseeing and awe-inspiring scenery. Visit the Tooth of Lord Buddha, a UNESCO World Heritage site or embark to Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka’s tea growing centre to learn the art of tea making.

10. Rwanda

Tourism Visa Status: Nigerians can get visa on arrival for 30 days Situated on the East African continent, Rwanda possesses an abundance of wildlife, mountains, beautiful lakes and extraordinary landscapes. Rwanda is one of the few places in the world where you and your family can see gorillas at one of Africa’s oldest national parks, Volcanoes National Park

So what are you waiting for?

Book your cheap flight to one of these destinations on www.travelstart.com.ng. In fact, take N15,000 OFF your next vacation ON US! During checkout on the payment page enter voucher code “TSLIL15000” at the bottom of the page. Start packing for your next vacation today! Book on www.travelstart.com.ng! Note: Before flying, please check regularly the visa requirements on your destination country’s website as visa rules change frequently. Travelstart does not offer visa processing assistance.



Summer Escape







So Fresh

Nine Zero Degrees

Ethnique Restaurant & Bar

Pear & Peony Cafe

So Fresh is Nigeria’s number one premium healthy food restaurant. We believe foodshould be as fresh and close to nature as possible, hence we create and retail fresh, tasty, organic, hygienic and healthy food alternatives; Salads, Wheat Wraps, Smoothies, Parfait, Juices and more

Nine Zero Degrees is a 90's themed lounge, bar and grill located in the heart of Victoria Island.

Ethnique is a restaurant and bar that specialises in local and international dishes

If you are looking for a funky casual restaurant with a unique and feel-good as well as family atmosphere involving high quality food, then Pear & Peony Cafe is the place to be. Their successful formula is mixing food and fun in a lively hip ambiance!

92 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi / 71 Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos t: 0802 1815000 @sofreshng www.sofreshng.com

Jamski We specialize in a variety of Jamaican foods including the very popular Patties, Jerk Chicken, Oxtail and Curry Goat, to name a few. Jamski serves 100% authentic Jamaican food, 100% of the time. 8A, Ologun Agbaje Street, Victoria Island, Lagos t: 0809 4580930 @jamski_nigeria www.jamski.co

701 Sanusi Fafunwa Street, Victoria Island Lagos t: 0909 8630708 / 0909 8630710 @ninezerodegrees www.ninezerodegrees.com

Quintessence A very popular African arts and gift shop and more with a lovely little café, Quintessence was opened over 30 years ago, and it's still going strong. Everything in the shop celebrates Africa, from the clothes and jewelry to the books, furnishings and art. You won't leave empty handed. They also have a café that is a great place to go and enjoy some of your new books, with a nice cup of Chai Latte. Plot 13, Block 44, Parkview Estate Entrance, Off Gerrard Road, Ikoyi, Lagos t: 080 33275401 www.quintessenceltd.com


THe Nail Boutique

The first health, fitness and beauty studio in Nigeria providing EMS German system workout, fat freezing technology, 3D scanning and much more.

Specialist manicures and pedicures in a relaxing environment.

Plot 239 Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos t: 0817 7303030 @efitness_nigeria

Trouvai Lingerie A premium D+ Lingerie and nightwear brand catering to the full bust and fuller figure woman. Offering stylish pieces in D-G cups and sizes 8-20. Stop by for a professional bra fitting and enjoy shopping in a comfortable, relaxed environment. Block 69A, Plot 15 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1 t: 0705 6842599 @trouvailingerie www.trouvailingerie.com

Dap Mod Dap Mod is a Nigerian fashion-forward brand born in the city of Lagos. Our goal is to bring fun and unique sunglasses to your doorstep. 19A Fola Osibo Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos t: 0809 4164050 @dapmod dapmodwear@yahoo.com

Paint The Night Africa Paint the Night (PTNAfrica) is excited to bring social painting to Lagos, Nigeria. Whether it’s a Girls Night Out, Birthday Celebration or Date Night, we promise you will leave with an awesome experience and a masterpiece, by yours truly. t: 0818 1377439 / 0816 0656051 @ptnafrica ptnafrica@gmail.com

Walex Hub. 5 Wole Ariyo Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos t: 0818 0003526 / 0805 0580800 @thenailboutiqueng thenailboutique.ng

BathKandy BathKandy is an environmentally friendly, skin loving, beauty preserving, artisan bath and body company. Their food-inspired, bath and body products are beautifully handcrafted with natural ingredients sourced within Africa and beyond. They are made to look and smell like desserts, incorporating gourmet food and drink items for a lusciously indulgent bath-time experience. Their products don’t just look like delicious desserts, they also smell yummy and target specific skin problems. 36a Wole Ariyo Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, Lagos t: 0902 8968114 / 081 88164130 @bathkandy www.bathkandy.com

Terra Kulture Terra Kulture Arts and Studios Limited is an educational and recreational organization set up to promote the richness and diversity of Nigerian languages, arts and culture. The Centre is comprised of the Nigerian language and craft school, reading and documentation centre, food lounge, the Terra art gallery and the Terra Arena, a multipurpose theatre.

4, Bank road, Nakenohs Boulevard, Ikoyi t: 0906 9178241 / 0817 1591035 @ethniquerestaurant

b natural Medspa This oasis is a unique place of peace and serenity in a city filled with chaos. They have a beautiful location on both the mainland and island, dedicated to making sure you walk out without a worry in the world. They have all types of spa treatments, including laser hair removal, and other laser treatments. They are the first place in Lagos with a Moroccan Hammam. They also have a nail centre and hair salon, so take your time and enjoy this little paradise. 14 Abagbon close, off Ologun Agbaje Street, Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island, Lagos victoria-island@bnaturalmedspa.com 11 Oduduwa Way, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos lagos@bnaturalmedspa.com t: 0815 0488772 / 0815 0498772 @bnaturalspa bnaturalmedspa.com

Marte Egele Offering a range of handmade leather handbags, small leather accessories and silk twill scarves. MARTÉ EGELE is based on a whimsical personality, a genuine attitude and a way for the designer to express how she senses the world around her. She applies her love for the Art Deco era to all her products with a touch of modern clean street. What matters are the beautiful materials used, clean manufacturing and the right proportions. It’s all in the detailing, no matter how simple it is. Online Store t: 0909 4821848 @marteegele contactus@marteegele.com www.marteegele.com

Art Splash Studio Art Splash Studio is a virtual art studio offering a social art experience through our "Paint Nite" painting classes hosted at different venues. Paint, eat, and sip on cocktails while you create. No experience necessary! Our instructors will guide you through painting your very own work of art. So bring your friends and let's have an art party! Each week you get the opportunity to paint one of our original paintings from our library. t: 0909 9449754 info@artsplashstudio.com www.artsplashstudio.com @artsplashstudio

Block 74, Plot 22A, Emma Abimbola Cole, down Fola Osibo, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos t: 0905 9621002 @pearpeonycafe

Breathe Studio At Breathe Studio, their services are geared towards all age groups from children to older adults and for all levels of physical fitness. Whether you are an extreme fitness buff or looking to start an exercise program, there is something that will meet your fitness needs at Breathe Studios.Their classes are currently held at Lekki, Visit their website for their schedule. 33 Grace Anjous Drive, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, Lagos t: 0803 6737525 www.breathestudios.com

Auroe Scents Auroe Scents and Diffusers Brings Scent to your Spaces with our range of Room-Spray, Diffuser, Scented Candles & Clay, Drawer Liners, Skincare. 14A Ikoyi Crescent, Ikoyi, Lagos t: 0908 5692758 / 0802 2885350 @auroediffusers www.auroescents.com

Shaunz Bar & Lounge Do you love music? Do you love to sing? Take a break from your shower sessions and come karaoke at Shaunz. 27 Sanusi Fafunwa Street, Victoria Island, Lagos t: 0708 9253344 / 0803 8077536 @shaunz_karaoke www.shaunzbar.com

To list your businesses email info@lostinlagos.com

Plot 1376, Tiamiyu Savage, off Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island info@terrakulture.com t: 01 2700588 @terrakulture


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