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(Courtesy of Matt Gould and Griffin Matthews)



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RaiseAChild- Fierce, fabulous, & oh yeah, “honey don’t forget the kids” ens to ein li e a er e fa ulous ay

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By LA Staff

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aise a Child he added LOS ANGELES – RaiseAChild over the past decade al in a out their usi al he a ily ro e t Gould has become the national leader in the recruitment and noted support of LGBTQ+ and all prospective parents interested hat is a do u entary usi al we wrote a out our in building families through fostering and fostering-tofa ilies t s set u to answer the uestion of how does adopt to meet the needs of the approximately 440,000 a la Christian ay an and a white ewish ay an hildren au ht u in the foster are syste that o e fro these le a ies of olo aust and sla ery This year in celebration of its tenth anniversary, the LAhow do we learn how to at the ost asi le el et ased or ani ation is holdin its aise Child alon e ause we really are two di erent ultures One of the organization’s success stories is a that don t ne essarily s ea the sa e lan ua e ow do theatre arts ou le Matt Gould and Griffin Matthews we now for a new lan ua e that we an s ea to one a hus and and hus and tea of writers and o oser another in lyri ists whose ontri utions to usi als and the world e e tin for a o ent Matthews o ered t s also of roadway ha e een a lai ed a out our eneration e re the rst eneration of free n the enera le theatre industry trade ay en ri ht i e the eneration ahead of us they u li ation lay ill ro led this dyna i ou le notin ouldn t et arried so they weren t ettin arried or he two o e fro o osite a rounds Matthews is an they were ettin arried in se ret e were the rst African-American Christian man from Pittsburgh, Gould is eneration that was li e ye you an et arried and you a white ewish eri an an fro ew or City s they an ha e ids ra led with the ulf etween their res e ti e roots they he usi al is a out tryin to ta le the heteronor ati e found o on round durin a tri to Ger any when they e e tations that we la e on oursel es t oes into all too Matthews randfather who had li erated a hau di erent la es of not ust ulture ra ial ulture reli ious to isit the hallowed round for his th irthday Gould ulture ut also eri an ulture had lost an estors to the olo aust uddenly it hit the is hus and said that their theatri al areers and also la s ews ays all would ha e een illed on that land parenting is something that they have found is a very 70 years ago. The branches of their family histories are wor a le art of their daily li es o it ent that Gould intertwined nd so they e an what would e o e he noted on e o in arents too us another e years Family Project, a musical told in vignettes as a song cycle.“ to a tually o throu h with the full trainin and a tually ut when the theatres are dar this theatri al ower e o e a arent ou le are en a ed in what Gould told the lade in a re ent fi ediate on ern thou h to this er e and fa ulous inter iew hat ha ens to ein li e a er e fa ulous parental unit is the approaching all-time important holiday ay ho ust tra els and has do s and a er e life ll of of alloween ou annot i a ine how u h alloween a sudden li in the life y arents li ed thou ht we we e een tal in a out in this house Galileo insisted on were su osed to e s e ial (Courtesy of Matt Gould and Griffin Matthews) being a spider. Nana and Tata sent him a spider costume, he life as a fa ily and as arents has so ewhat altered he s frea in out he s so e ited e as s e eryday is it thin s around the their ho e s ed a out the i a t alloween Matthews said ein foster arents has had on their ho e life Matthews s ed what their lans were eyond tri or treatin Gould wryly re ar ed e re red a oud oin to sur i e Gould hi ed in sayin he la Christian and the white ew ha e een oined y ditor s note f you are interested in e o in a foster arent or wish to ado t a uarter r enian uarter rainian half ussian foster son Galileo and a half aise Child has de elo ed a syste to nd and then su ort eo le who are interested Ca odian half re ains to e seen little oy ollo hose are our two foster sons in e o in foster and foster to ado t arents s a result aise Child out erfor s the ean o iously we are arried we ha e two ids now ut also thin that we national standard by advancing 23% of prospective foster and adoptive parents from reali ed we didn t ha e to a e all the sa e hoi es that our arents ade hat we ould in uiry to erti ation still li e a er e fa ulous life while ha in all of the er e fa ulousness of ein a arent RaiseAChild produces foster and adoption informational programs to support, educate, and being married. That has been a really important discovery – that that life is not about and oti ate ros e ti e arents hese e ents feature a di erse anel of arents who either or he added share their foster and ado tion e erien es and ad i e with new ros e ti e arents is hus and o ered the a round addin how how their fa ily was elded to ether The RaiseAChild Parent Advocate Program is a unique and complimentary service throu h aise Child desi ned to ad an e ros e ti e foster and ado ti e arents with their fa ily uildin here was a i a ai n all o er for G fa ily e ers to e o e foster oals ur ro ra in ludes ersonal entor ser i es a nationwide referral networ and arents a ain ids need eo le to e arents he arty it was a arty o ure ro rietary software ase ana e ent ro ra that ena les aise Child to follow and was at red e al on Melrose fa ed retailer Could it e any ayer osted y support parents throughout the process. From orientation to training and throughout the le Ma a and his hus and nd we went to red e al we re all dressed u and they re hild at hin ro ess our arent d o ates are there to assist with your on erns and assin ha a ne le Ma a is doin a set that was how they ot us to e foster questions. arents Matthews said o learn ore isit aise Child at htt s raisea hild or we uild fa ilies or e ail le Ma a was so funny that ni ht he and his hus and already had a foster son who C G f you are in the reater os n eles area the nu er to all they had ado ted e was a in li ht of so ethin that feels so hea y thin it was is (323) 417-1440. really ood for us to see le do that thin hat was the start of us ettin in ol ed with 02 • OCTOBER 15, 2021 • LOSANGELESBLADE.COM


California rst state re uirin ethni studies redit for hi h s hool di lo a tudents deser e to see the sel es in their studies

C M California on riday e a e the rst state to re uire students to ha e at least one se ester ourse redit in ethni studies that eets s e i ed re uire ents in order to re ei e a hi h s hool di lo a Go ernor Ga in ewso si ned sse ly ill s onsored y sse ly e er ose Medina ( i erside) as art of a suite of ills to in rease student su ort han you to Go ernor ewso for si nin he in lusion of ethni studies in the hi h s hool urri ulu is lon o erdue tudents annot ha e a full understandin of the history of our state and nation without the in lusion of the ontri utions and stru les of ati e eri ans fri an eri ans atinos and sian eri ans Medina said in a state ent want to a nowled e the ountless youn eo le hi h s hool and olle e students tea hers and rofessors who ha e or ani ed de onstrated oy otted lasses and one on hun er stri es to de and a ore e uita le and in lusi e edu ational syste he si nin of today is one ste in the lon stru le for e ual edu ation for all students he added is the latest state e ort to andate ethni studies in hi h s hools e innin in the a ade i year hi h s hools a ross California will o er ethni studies ourses and a e it a raduation re uire ent o en in



(Gra hi

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hool istri t)

in ith the Go ernor s si nature will now e o e law ewso o entin in his si nin essa e to the sse ly noted thni studies ourses ena le students to learn their own stories and those of their lass ates and a nu er of studies ha e shown that these ourses oost student a hie e ent o er the lon run es e ially a on students of olor a re iate that the le islation ro ides a nu er of uardrails to ensure that ourses will e free fro ias or i otry and a ro riate for all students he ill also e resses the e islature s intent that ourses should not in lude ortions of the initial draft urri ulu that had een re e ted y the nstru tional uality Co ission due to on erns related to ias i otry and dis ri ination

eri a is sha ed y our shared history u h of it ainful and et hed with woeful in usti e tudents deser e to see the sel es in their studies and they ust understand our nation s full history if we e e t the to one day uild a ore ust so iety he ill was also ha ioned y California e retary of tate r hirley e er was re iously a e er of the sse ly re resentin the th sse ly istri t r e er also ser ed on the an ie o oard of du ation and as a rofessor of fri an eri an tudies at an ie o tate ni ersity urin her tenure in the sse ly r e er authored enate ill whi h reated a re arations tas for e to study how to redress sla ery in the state t a ti e when so e states are retreatin fro an a urate dis ussion of our history a roud that California ontinues to lead in its tea hin of ethni studies said e er his su e t not only has a ade i ene ts ut also has the a a ity to uild hara ter as students learn how eo le fro their own or di erent a rounds fa e hallen es o er o e the and a e ontri utes to eri an so iety want to than sse ly e er Medina for his ersisten e in o in this this ill forward and Go ernor ewso for his su ort and for a in ethi studies a reality in our s hools his is a reat day for California

si ns ill to ensure olle e di lo as re e t G


their urrent situation to o enly identify as trans ender or non inary C M Go ernor Ga in ewso si ned le islation ednesday to i e rans and non inary students already fa e tre endous hallen es ein deadna ed students at California u li olle es es e ially trans ender and non inary students on olle e do u ents should not e one of the said uality California e islati e the a ility to ha e the na es that re e t their ender identities rinted on their di lo as ire tor a i Martin e are rateful to Go ernor ewso for si nin and sse ly ill will ensure di lo as do not deadna e or all the raduate y the e owerin trans ender and ender non onfor in eo le to na e they were assi ned at irth rather than the na e they ha e their na e and ender a urately re e ted on their olle e use the ill was authored y sse ly e er a id Chiu re ords ith this i tory California ontinues to lead the way ( an ran is o) and o s onsored y uality California and in affir in our trans and ender non onfor in o unity ieutenant Go ernor leni ounala is Many California olle es ha e ta en ste s to i e students the di lo a re resents years of hard wor said o ortunity to desi nate their affir ed na e and ender in a sse ly e er Chiu tudents should e a le to ele rate ariety of areas li e student identi ation ards and s hool e ail their a ade i a hie e ents without fear of ein deadna ed a ounts owe er those o ortunities are not always e tended eadna in a student on a di lo a an ut u arriers to to di lo as and olle es a ross the state ha e astly di erent future e loy ent and out a erson in an unsafe situation ro esses for u datin student re ords after raduation rateful the Go ernor si ned this ill to ensure we are rote tin will re uire u li olle es to ro ide raduatin and liftin u all of our students in California students the o tion to ha e their hosen na e rinted on their rans ender and non inary Californians often fa e olle e di lo a he law will also standardi e the ro ess for dis ri ination iolen e and arriers to e loy ent hese u datin re ords after a student raduates larifyin whi h e istin arriers an e e a er ated y student re ords that do California Go ernor GAVIN NEWSOM ( hoto Credit Go ernor of California) for s of le al identi ation are suffi ient to u date student not re e t their na e and ender re ords n order to u date re ords after raduation a student han you Go ernor ewso for si nin and will need one for of le al identi ation in ludin ut not de onstratin that California alues and affir s its trans li ited to a dri er s li ense state identi ation ard irth erti ate ass ort so ial and ender non onfor in students said ieutenant Go ernor ounala is han s se urity ard or ourt order indi atin a na e or ender han e to sse ly e er Chiu s leadershi California is ta in an i ortant ste towards uilds o of also authored y sse ly e er Chiu and s onsored rote tin and su ortin trans and ender non onfor in students in California s u li y uality California whi h was si ned into law in y Go ernor ewso hi her edu ation institutions y ensurin that e ery student re ei es a di lo a that re uired s hools distri ts to u date the di lo as and trans ri ts of for er students a urately re e ts their hosen na e arti ularly for trans ender and non inary students to re e t their a urate na es and f a erson s na e does not at h the na e on a trans ri t or di lo a that an resent ender ar ers real hallen es when a lyin for raduate s hool or e loy ent o ortunities t an will ta e e e t on anuary also out indi iduals who ay not wish to e outed as trans ender or ay not feel safe in 04 • OCTOBER 15, 2021 • LOSANGELESBLADE.COM

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Newsom vetoes Recovery Incentives Act, the meth & overdose crisis bill SACRAMENTO – California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Friday night that he had vetoed Senator Scott Wiener’s (D-San Francisco) legislation, Senate Bill 110, — which passed with unanimous and bipartisan support in both houses of the California State Legislature — aimed at confronting the growing methamphetamine addiction crisis facing California. In an text message to the Blade after learning of the governor’s veto, Wiener said; “I’m deeply disappointed that the Governor has chosen to veto SB 110. So many people across California are dying from meth overdoses, California Governor GAVIN NEWSOM disproportionately LGBTQ people and people of ( hoto Credit ffi e of the Go ernor) color. And they’re dying right now. Time is of the essence. We know from more than a decade of data and e erien e that ontin en y ana e ent is hi hly e e ti e in hel in eo le sto using meth. Contingency management is a proven tool, and we don’t need pilot programs to tell us that. SB 110 would have made clear that contingency management is legal and would ha e allowed its i le entation a ross the state his eto is a set a in our e ort to onfront this epidemic.” The Recovery Incentives Act aimed to legalize the substance use disorder treatment known

as “contingency management,” and authorize Medi-Cal to cover it. Contingency management has ro en to e the ost e e ti e ethod of treat ent for etha heta ine addi tion and is fre uently used as a treat ent ro ra y the eterans airs d inistration his inter ention ro ra i es those stru lin with su stan e use disorder nan ial rewards if they enter substance use treatment programs, stay in the program, and get and remain sober. This positive reinforcement helps people reduce and even fully stop substance use. “The meth crisis is devastating the LGBTQ+ community, and every day that we fail to act means more lives lost to this urgent, preventable epidemic. We are deeply disappointed by today’s veto, but we are committed to expanding access to this important program. We look forward to wor in with enator iener to do so uality California s e uti e ire tor designate Tony Hoang said. n his eto essa e the o ernor noted This bill would require Medi-Cal substance use disorder services to include contingency ana e ent ser i es as an o tional ene t under the ru Medi Cal or ani ed deli ery system, subject to utilization controls. Given the promise of contingency management as a treatment for stimulant use disorders, the 2021-22 Budget includes funding to support a pilot ontin en y ana e ent Medi Cal ene t fro anuary throu h Mar h The Department of Health Care Services has sought federal approval for this pilot project and will work expeditiously to implement it once it is authorized. The outcomes and lessons learned fro the ilot ro e t should e e aluated efore er anently e tendin the Medi Cal ene t As such, this bill is premature, and I am returning it without my signature. By BRODY LEVESQUE

Gender neutral toy section in retail stores bill signed by Newsom SACRAMENTO – A law that designates display of products like toys and childcare items in gender-neutral ways was signed Saturday by Governor Gavin Newsom. California now e o es the rst state in the nation to re uire i o stores and lar e retailers to set aside areas with “a gender neutral section with a reasonable selection of items regardless of whether they have been traditionally marketed for either girls or for boys.” is o authored y sse ly an an ow who hairs the California e islati e LGBT Caucus, and Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, who chairs the California Legislative Women’s Caucus.

California now e o es the rst state to re uire i o stores and large retailers to set aside areas with a gender neutral section

The new law addresses what LGBTQ+ advocates have been championing to address more open acceptance of diversity and inclusion of gender models outside of the more


rigid ‘traditional’ established societal models that LGBTQ advocacy groups have said are archaic and harmful to healthy development for LGBTQ+ youth. in redi ly rateful to Go Ga in ewso for si nin whi h will rin California law u to s eed with what any retailers ha e already reali ed e need to stop stigmatizing what’s acceptable for certain genders and just let kids be kids. My hope is this bill encourages more businesses across California and the U.S. to avoid reinforcing harmful and outdated stereotypes,” Low said in an emailed statement. “We need to stop stigmatizing what’s acceptable for certain genders and just let kids be kids,” Low added. “My hope is this bill encourages more businesses across California and the U.S. to avoid reinforcing harmful and outdated stereotypes.” The California Retailers Association declined to comment on the bill after its passage last month. Formal opposition has come from a number of conservative groups. State Sen. Melissa Melendez, a Republican from Lake Elsinore, voted against the ill the sso iated ress re orted sayin she would re o end we let arents e parents.” nli e the author a tually ha e hildren e of the to e e a t and an tell you it is very convenient for parents,” she said. “I don’t think parents need the government to step in and tell them how they should shop for their children.” The law, which does not include clothes solely applies to toys and “childcare items,” which include hygiene and tooth products. Retail companies with at least 500 employees are a e ted howe er s all usinesses are e e t n Minnea olis ased ar et Cor oration with stores a ross the nited States, announced it would stop using some gender-based signs in its stores. hile re uires lar e de art ent stores to o ly enalties for not doin so would e li ht tartin in rose utors ould see nes of u to for rst o enses and u to for se ond o enses hose would e i il not ri inal enalties Stores could also end up having to pay for reasonable attorney’s fees and costs. By LA BLADE STAFF


Domestic violence & intimate partner violence awareness month According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence more than 10 million adults experience domestic violence annually By LA B a

WEST HOLLYWOOD – In recognition of Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence Awareness Month during October, the City of West Hollywood will, throughout the month, focus awareness e orts on hi hli htin the impact of domestic violence/ intimate partner violence in the LGBTQ community. The City will, throughout the onth fo us awareness e orts through the lens of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression (SOGIE) and will share information and resources with the community about intimate partner violence. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, in the United States, more than 10 million adults experience domestic violence annually n a era e nearly people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. On a ty i al day do esti iolen e hotlines re ei e ore than alls an a era e of lose to alls e ery inute o esti iolen e is re alent in e ery o unity and a e ts all eo le re ardless of age, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, or nationality. o esti iolen e also referred to as inti ate artner iolen e whi h is a use or a ression that o urs in a ro anti relationshi t o urs in sa e and o osite se relationshi s and a on those who are arried in lon ter and short ter relationshi s o esti violence can take many forms; in addition to physical abuse, it can include sexual abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, intimidation, controlling behaviors, isolating behaviors, and economic abuse. The devastating consequences of domestic violence can cross generations and last a lifetime. About 1 in 4 women and 1 in 10 men have experienced sexual violence, physical iolen e or stal in y an inti ate artner durin their lifeti e According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, domestic violence can occur in LGBTQ relationships at rates equal to or even greater to that of cisgender/ heterosexual relationships. Statistics indicate that: • 44 percent of lesbians, 61 percent of bisexual women and 35 percent of heterosexual women experience rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetimes; • 26 percent of gay men, 37 percent of bisexual men and 29 percent of heterosexual men experience rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetimes; and • The 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey found that more than half (54 percent) of transgender and nonbinary respondents experienced intimate partner violence in their lifetimes.


The following resources are listed on the City’s website at www weho or l t If you or someone you care about has been a victim of domestic violence/intimate partner violence, sexual assault or stalking, there are resources to help: • The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence website at https:// ncadv.org offers comprehensive information about warning signs of domestic violence and abuse. • The National Domestic Violence Hotline website at www.thehotline. org offers immediate help 24/7/365 via the “chat now” button on the website or by calling 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or texting LOVEIS to 22522, and for people who are Deaf/hard of hearing: 1-855-812-1011 (VP) or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY). • Immediate help is also available via the Los Angeles County DV Hotline 24 hours day by contacting 1-800-978-3600. • The Los Angeles LGBT Center offers domestic violence/partner abuse counseling services geared toward the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities by contacting (323) 993-7649. • The Jewish Family Service’s Family Violence Program provides confidential 24-hour crisis lines for victims of abuse by contacting (310) 858-9344 (English/Spanish); (818) 464-2864 (Farsi) and (310) 8589344 (Jewish Orthodox). • Peace Over Violence provides one-on-one intervention in sexual assaults, domestic abuse, youth violence, and child abuse by contacting the 24-hour hotline (310) 392-8381. • Love Is Respect National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline provides 24/7 intimate partner violence help and support to young people between the ages of 13 and 26 by contacting 1-866-331-9474; TTY 1-866331-8453 or text LOVEIS to 22522. he C ni al afety et ro ides te orary ho es for ets of do esti iolen e sur i ors y onta tin President Joe Biden spoke about the need for greater awareness in a proclamation issued by the White House at the beginning of the month: “During National Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month, we honor the tremendous dedication of advocates and service providers, honor the courage and resilience of survivors, and recommit ourselves to standing with them for safety, dignity, and usti e here is still u h wor to do and it will ta e all of us to do it e ust rededicate ourselves to creating a society where domestic violence is not tolerated, where survivors are supported, and where all people have an opportunity to thrive without fear of violence or abuse.“


National Trans Visibility March ste s o in rlando on its way to L.A. he or ani ers of the third annual ele ration o ed the ar h out of ashin ton C for the ery rst ti e By DAWN ENNIS

Mar hers araded throu h rlando la aturday as art of the ational rans isi ility Mar h the rst one to e held outside ashin ton (Photo by Dawn Ennis)


Where ALL GUYS come together Visit www.squirt.org today to join the action


ORLANDO – Hundreds of out transgender people and allies from across Florida and from as far away as Southern California gathered in Orlando Saturday to rally and to ar h de andin usti e e uality and a e tan e Chanting, “Trans Solidarity,” and “Hey Hey, Ho, Ho, Transphobia Has Got To Go!” arti i ants in the rd annual ational rans isi ility Mar h ste ed o for their rst ar h to e held outside ashin ton C his was also the rst in erson arade sin e last year s ar h was held ostly irtually on a ount of the C ande i “There are so many of us who feel excluded from our cities and our communities,” said riel a a e of i erside Calif isi ility and su ort is ru ial de lared a a e in one of the stirrin s ee hes to the crowd at a rally on the shores of Orlando’s Lake Eola, just prior to the march. “We are here today at the ational rans isi ility Mar h e ause we are real and we ha e had enough!” t ust oes to show ase the olle ti e lo e that we as trans eo le ha e for ea h other and that e en in a world that e ludes us and lo s doors on us we ee ar hin and we ee rea in those doors down e ery day a a e later told the os n eles lade he s the oli y dire tor at ru olution a i erside ased non ro t fo used on ra ial usti e and ro idin health ser i es and e er en y housin for G eo le he nland Empire has a lot of work to do,” she said, calling it “not necessarily the most accepting en iron ent his was her rst isit to rlando don t thin e e er seen this any trans eo le in one la e efore a a e said t feels ery eautiful to e in a la e where not s ared and ust feel e ited and ha y and at peace.” lynn who is and fro rlando held a si n de orated in the lue white and in olors of the trans ender a that said so roud to e e e ar hed with his other Mi helle and her ousin o helle who is les ian lynn said he d nown he was a trans oy sin e si th rade ut only re ently a e out to his o f ourse was onfused at rst said Mi helle of rlando ut sin e then ha e edu ated yself and e oined arent rou s and su ort hi fully lorida s an on trans student athletes and si ilar laws in ei ht other states are worriso e for lynn s fa ily his other said t does worry e as a o e ause want to rote t y ids ut also want hi to e who he is thin it s really i ortant as parents to support our children.” Mar h or ani ers say they hose oth this lo ation and the wee end of rlando ride to show unity with the lar er G o unity rlando has a s irit of heart and lo e and we wanted it to e here to ele rate with the said M e e uti e dire tor C and founder Marissa Miller Following the march, members of the transgender community and allies formed a s e ial ontin ent in the annual G ride arade throu h owntown rlando holdin aloft a hu e rans ride a e t year the ar h o es to os n eles a ordin to Co e ut ith ride s o uni ations dire tor ou u er Melody Maia Monet who rst rou ht the idea for o inin the rlando e ents to her oard of dire tors he s een out years and said she s e ited to see how ride has e ol ed in her ado ted ho etown of rlando hat really lo e is that we re ind of o in away fro the inary Monet said hen you wal around this la e not ust the ational rans isi ility Mar h area ut all around a e ola ar where we re ha in Co e ut ith ride you ll see eo le of asi ally e ery stri e under the rain ow you now o thin that is that is a reat thin to see on inary ar hers too art in aturday s ational rans isi ility Mar h in rlando la hoto y awn nnis







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had to put up with this hate for far too long. CHARLOTTE – In a speaking engagement This kind of behavior should be part of at a local church, North Carolina’s our past, not our present. We’re going to Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson called prevail over it, again, and move closer to people filth. n a video shared b full e ualit and di nit . People for the merican a s i ht in Then referring to Robinson’s tirade Watch project, Robinson is heard telling the ac son wrote nd reall can t stand audience that Christians must take control bullies. hat s all this man is. hen ou of public schools because children are stand up to bullies ou catch them b bein abused b bein tau ht filth surprise. he count on people steppin Robinson made the comments in June aside. That’s not going to happen here. at sbur aptist hurch in ea rove but a Please oin me in lettin him now. portion of the speech was posted uesda t. overnor ar obinson ust an ril on the witter profile for i ht in atch. referred to the communit as filth. here s no reason an bod an where in hen he sa s es called it filth. here s merica should be tellin an child about no debate here. This is open discrimination. trans enderism homose ualit an of that orth Carolina e u li an t Go Mar o inson ( reenshot ia ou u e) t is completel unacceptable. ar filth obinson sa s. es called it filth. Robinson should resign. But the fact that nd if ou don t li e it that called it filth he feels comfortable sa in this confident come see me and ll e plain it to ou. that not a sin le elected member of his part will stand up to him as none have he tate enator for orth arolina s th istrict eff ac son who is wh this is about more than ust him. here s no shorta e of enablin oin is also a a or in the arolina ational uard and a candidate for the . . on here enator ac son wrote. enate tweeted By BRODY LEVESQUE o our friends who were the tar ets of this discrimination ou ve

hite ouse says C t Go ernor s re ar s are re u nant

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n a statement released rida b eput hite ouse Press ecretar ndrew ates the iden dministration condemned remar s made last une b orth Carolina’s Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson who called people filth. hese words are repu nant and offensive said Bates, who is a native of North Carolina. “The role of a leader is to bring people to ether and stand up for the di nit and ri hts of ever one not to spread hate and undermine their own office. Robinson made the comments in June at sbur aptist hurch in ea rove but a video clip portion of the speech was posted uesda on the witter b People for the merican a s i ht in atch pro ect. here s no reason an bod an where in merica should be tellin an child about trans enderism homose ualit an of that filth obinson sa s. es called it filth. nd if ou don t li e it that called it filth come see me and ll e plain it to ou. Robinson’s comments drew angered responses including the tate enator for orth arolina s th istrict eff Jackson, who is also a Major in the Carolina National Guard and a candidate for the . . enate who called for the Lieutenant Governor to resign. Jackson also offered his public support of the communit tweetin “To our LGBTQ friends who were the targets of this


discrimination ou ve had to put up with this hate for far too long. This kind of behavior should be part of our past, not our present. We’re going to prevail over it, again, and move closer to full e ualit and di nit . Then referring to Robinson’s tirade Jackson wrote: “And reall can t stand bullies. hat s all this man is. hen ou stand up to bullies ou catch them b surprise. he count on people stepping aside. That’s not going to happen here. Please oin me in lettin him now. orth arolina s emocratic overnor o ooper responded via media statement sa in orth arolina is a welcoming state where we value public education and the diversit of our people. t s abhorrent to hear an one and especiall an elected official use hateful rhetoric that hurts people and our state s reputation. Adam Owens, a reporter and anchor for WRAL-TV 5, an affiliate in alei h orth arolina reported that Robinson was not backing down. “We will not be intimidated. We will not back down. e will not chan e our lan ua e obinson said. he language I used, I am not ashamed of it. I will use it in the future because, again, it is time for parents in this state to ta e a stron stand for their children obinson said. “I am tired of folks on the right being demonized for our speech while folks on the left burn, beat, rob, loot – take over entire cities and et a pass he added. ouse pea er im oore and enate President Pro em Phil Berger, both Republican, haven’t responded to WRAL News’ request for comment. By BRODY LEVESQUE


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Cuban president meets with LGBTQ activists in Havana

HAVANA — Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel on Oct. 8 met with anish a rony M he Cu an o ern ent until for i ly more than a dozen LGBTQ activists. uarantined eo le with in state run sanitaria Tremenda Nota, the Los Angeles Blade’s media partner in Mariela Castro and Díaz-Canel both publicly support marriage rights Cu a re orted the eetin too la e at a ana s ala e of the for sa e se ou les riday s eetin too la e less than a onth Revolution. Francisco Rodríguez Cruz, a gay man living with HIV who after Cu a s usti e Ministry released a draft of a ro osed new fa ily writes under the pen name Paquito el de Cuba, and Malú Cano, ode that would allow ays and les ians to tie the not oordinator of rans u a a trans ender or ani ation that is affiliated oan de la Cru a ay an fro an ntonio de los a os in with the ational Center for e ual du ation (C ) are a on rte isa ro in e who li e strea ed the rst of a series of anti those who participated. o ern ent rotests that too la e a ross Cu a on uly and see it as a oliti al will to ad an e the re o nition of the ri hts of hundreds of others who arti i ated in the de onstrations re ain LGBTIQ+ people, an outstanding debt that the revolution has always in custody. Cu an resident MIGUEL DÍAZ-CANEL had with us,” Cano told Tremenda Nota. y edio an inde endent we site founded y oani n he a (Photo public domain) he Cu an o ern ent tweeted i tures of of the eetin ro inent riti of the Cu an o ern ent earlier this wee re orted odr ue in a lo ost notes C ire tor Mariela Castro the the ountry s attorney eneral is see in an year rison senten e for dau hter of for er resident a l Castro was sittin ne t to a Canel e a Cru y edio also notes Cu an authorities ontinue to hold e a Cru so ewhat or er resident idel Castro who was Mariela Castro s un le in the years after the in o uni ado in a rison east of a ana re olution that rou ht hi to ower sent ay en and others to wor a s nown y the By MICHAEL K. LAVERS

S. Korean court orders Trans Sergeant reinstated in posthumous ruling

C GC G Ch n dan don outh orea e u li of orea ( ) r y ta er eant yun ui su was a tan driver who simply wanted to continue to serve her country in the military. But ta er eant BYUN she also wanted to serve as HUI-SU, press conference her authenti self a year January, 2020. (Screenshot via Yonhap News Agency) old trans fe ale and that is where the problem arose. he was stationed in Gyeon i ro in e north of eoul and in anuary of after she had ade a tri to hailand in for ender reassi n ent sur ery and noti ed her su eriors that she wanted to transfer to the r y fe ale or s the r y su arily dis har ed her for ein rans he too the r y to ourt with the assistan e of the Center for Military u an i hts orea a i i rou who had led a etition alle in yun s for ed ilitary dis har e was a discrimination against transgender people. The National u an i hts Co ission of orea ( C ) in e e er of on luded the r y s de ision in anuary to discharge her as opposed to allowing her to continue to serve in the ilitary as a fe ale soldier had no le al rounds n a hi hly e otional ress onferen e after the r y had announ ed its de ision to dis har e her fro a ti e duty yun ro e down in tears as she des ri ed the de ision to

under o sur ery after su erin fro ender dys horia whi h edi al e erts de ne as distress fro the internal on i t between physical gender and gender identity. will ontinue to ht until the day an re ain to ser e in the army,” she said. “I’ll challenge the decision until the end, to the u re e Court she told re orters The case had brought widespread media attention both in outh orea and o erseas e ause she was the rst nown rans r y a ti e duty soldier to ha e se reassi n ent surgery. onha ews en y had re orted that the r ys dis har e de ision was ased on the fa t that the ta er eant s loss of ale enitalia la ed her in the e el physical disability under the ROK military law and rendered her unable to serve as a result. he a ority of the C o ission disa reed with the r y s ndin s and on luded the dis har e was unlawful e ause there is no le al asis for a lyin hysi al disability ratings to transgender people.” he o ission also found that the r y s ndin of her case as a physical disability was incorrect and contravened hu an ri hts law sin e she underwent the se reassi n ent sur ery not e ause of an a ident ut e ause of her ender identity. his ast wee in a ittersweet o ent the ae eon District Court said that as her Trans gender was already legally recognized, the ROK Army should have used standards applied to wo en to deter ine her tness to ser e

ulin in ta er eant yun ui su s fa our the ourt noted hen ased on standards of wo en there are no ental or hysi al disa ility rounds for dis issal he ourt then ordered the ROK Army to reinstate her. adly there was no ele ratory a nowled e ent e ause on Mar h she too her own life and was dis o ered de eased y e er en y offi ials at her ho e in the ity of Cheon u south of the outh orean a ital ity of eoul “Byun’s death resonated even more with the public e ause the ilitary and this so iety refused to a nowled e the han e ain ow tion ainst e ual Minority is ri ination of orea an u rella asso iation of rou of se ual inority rou s said in a state ent u on learnin the news of her death n a state ent released after the ae eon istri t Court s rulin the Center for Military u an i hts orea said that the ase too far too lon to rea h su h a natural and o on sense result”. elie e this rulin is eanin ful as it is the start of the dis ussion that ould a e the way for all trans enders and se ual inorities in outh orea to ser e in the ilitary li e other iti ens an a ti ist with olidarity for G u an i hts of orea who uses the na e sori to a ai n told Reuters. The ROK Army said in a statement that it respected the court’s decision, but has yet to decide whether to appeal, and it would ondu t a o rehensi e re iew efore de idin a ourse of a tion euters noted

19 people charged over participation in Turkish Pride march acquitted

ur ey ur ish ourt on t a uitted eo le who fa ed har es o er their arti i ation in a ride ar h oli e in n ara the ur ish a ital on May arrested students and one a ade i who arti i ated in a ride ar h at Middle ast e hni al ni ersity he defendants who were har ed with arti i atin in an unlawful asse ly and failin to dis erse des ite ein warned fa ed u to three years in rison e would li e to oint out that fro the ery e innin there should ha e een no trial at all, and now, with this precedent, we will continue to raise the LGBTI+ struggle,” said Özgür Gür, a e er of ni uir a ur ish G ri hts rou in a ress release that G uro e issued G r is one of the a ti ists who was a uitted 12 • OCTOBER 15, 2021 • LOSANGELESBLADE.COM

e than e eryone for their su ort said G r tefan i anowit of nesty nternational in a tweet des ri ed the a uittal as a i tory for usti e he and other ountries in re ent years ha e riti i ed ur ish authorities o er their ra down of G ad o a y e orts in the ountry G uro e in its ress release notes n ara authorities in anned all G a ti ities under a state of e er en y ut they lifted it in e ruary oli e in stan ul in une used tear as and hysi al for e a ainst arti i ants of a ride ar h that lo al authorities had banned. By MICHAEL K. LAVERS


PETER ROSENSTEIN is a longtime LGBTQ rights and Democratic Party activist. He writes regularly for the Blade.

My rst a ation sin e the ande i e an ra elers to uro e feel safer than in

hen this olu n is u lished will e on y rst a ation sin e the ande i e an will ha e ta en y rst i ht sin e Mar h when returned fro a lon wee end in Car el Calif t the ti e there were a few ery few eo le in the air ort wearin a as and we were not yet fully aware of what was to o e er the ne t onths was to eat e ery eal alone and alon with e eryone else start the sear h for toilet a er a er towels ysol s ray and hand saniti er to say nothin a out loo in for as s ow onths later life is e innin to return to nor al for e ha e y ooster shot y u shot and was ready for y rst i ht oarded an er in us i ht to ar elona t was easier than i a ined ulles to u lin to ar elona o re uire ent to ha e a C test thou h did et one efore left ut had to ha e roof of a ination to enter ain n ar elona s ent a reat ou le of days with a friend who shared his eautiful ir n n aturday we et other friends in it es ain ( ashin ton lade see ed ery safe and e eryone was wearin as s indoors and on u li trans ortation unday at noon we ta ied to the ort to oard the Cele rity for our day transatlanti ruise ll assen ers were i en a ra id test at the do efore ein allowed to oard hat was a little ner e ra in as ha e heard of false ositi es whi h would ha e eant ein denied oardin ll went well and we are now on oard and a ens on ed in y eautiful stateroo a headed to nd so e food t is y intention to lo durin the ruise e will a e a nu er of sto s in ludin li ante e ille and the Canary slands efore nally rossin the tlanti and arri in in ort auderdale nu er of friends ha e as ed how ould feel safe fro C on a shi where will e in onta t with otentially eo le don t now he ruise is only half full My res onse is in so e ways a ore on dent of y safety on this shi then when was last in eho oth ea h n the shi e eryone will o e in onta t with has een fully a inated and tested ne ati e efore

ein allowed to oard that in ludes all rew and all assen ers he rew will e wearin as s at all ti es and assen ers are en oura ed to do so e e t when eatin and drin in or in s all rou s of eo le they are tra elin with n eho oth was in onta t with eo le whose a ination status didn t now there were no as andates indoors at any restaurant or ar and ee e os ital the lo al hos ital had an elled all ele ti e sur eries e ause of an in u of C atients o yes a as on dent as an e of y safety on the shi and with the health re autions Cele rity has ta en e also now while the uro eans were slower than eri ans initially to et a inated they ha e now sur assed us t the e innin of e te er ain announ ed er ent of their o ulation had een fully a inated and those nu ers ha e only one u in the ast onth Many friends ha e tra eled to uro e in the ast onth and all said they felt ery safe a ain in so e ases safer hoto y Mi hael a ers) than at ho e hey a ided y any as andates where re uired and ha e all een a inated so e with ooster shots t is y elief that C is here to stay e will e needin annual ooster shots li e we need the u shot ea h year ha e heard they are loo in at a way to o ine oth shots in the future Mer has announ ed a new ill that an ut hos itali ations y er ent and it a ears it is so ethin li e a i u whi h you need to ta e within a ou le of days of feelin sy to s oth the federal o ern ent and state o ern ents are ra in u andates for a inations for all their e loyees and ri ate or orations li e nited irlines isney and others are followin suit os itals and health are fa ilities are doin the sa e and the results are en oura in as instead of fa in losin their o s a ine holdouts are now ettin a inated o eti es it does ta e ore than ersuasion to et eo le to a t e en if doin so is in their own their fa ilies and the o unity s est interest t is ti e to et a to nor al or what any are allin the new nor al My ruise e ins



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is 50-year-old African-American gay man who resides in Columbia, SC. McEwen’s blog, Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters, and writings have been mentioned by Americablog.com, Goodasyou.org, People for the American Way, Raw Story, The Advocate, Media Matters for America, Crooksandliars.com, Thinkprogress.org, Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish, Melissa Harris-Perry, The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, Newsweek, The Daily Beast, The Washington Blade, and Foxnews.com. He is the 2007 recipient of the Harriet Daniels Hancock Volunteer of the Year Award and the 2010 recipient of the Order of the Pink Palmetto from the SC Pride Movement as well as the 2009 recipient of the Audre Lorde/James Baldwin Civil Rights Activist Award from SC Black Pride. In addition, he is a three-time nominee of the Ed Madden Media Advocacy Award from SC Pride.

Dave Chappelle can kiss my black gay ass f you would ust shut u for a se ond you would hear how ra is eo le of olor in a way it doesn t a e t you

There is no other way to say this. Dave Chappelle is an ignorant son of a bitch whose embrace of stereotypes about LGBTQ people do more to hurt both the LGBTQ and black o unity than any words or a tions of the anti G ri ht irst a little a round Co edian a e Cha elle s new et i s e ial he Closer is his last for the service as he concludes a multi-project deal spanning several years and while he tries to ass it o as an e a ination of ra is and G issues it o es a ross ore as a hy o riti al usti ation of a areer s ent a in ulnera le eo le feel li e shit o a o his nu erous o edy s e ials Cha elle led ed not to a e o es a out the G o unity any lon er o ered to ne otiate ter s for ra er a a y and announ ed he is a trans ender e lusionary radi al fe inist ( ) efore laun hin into a dero atory diatribe about transgender women’s genitals.” That’s not all. Chappelle proceeded to attack all LGBTQ people: Throughout the special, he repeatedly circles back to pitting racism against anti-LGBTQ animus. After pointing out that DaBaby had killed another man and still continued to perform and escaped punishment, but got “cancelled” after making incredibly derogatory comments about gay people, Chappelle made the comparison direct. “Do you see where I’m going with this?” he quipped. “In our country, you can shoot and kill a n****r, but you etter not hurt a ay erson s feelin s Then he proceeded with more junk: Gender is a fa t he ontinued ery hu an ein in this roo e ery hu an ein on arth had to ass throu h the le s of a wo an to e on arth hat is a fa t ow a not saying that to say trans women aren’t women, I am just saying that those pussies that they got… you know what I mean? I’m not saying it’s not pussy, but it’s Beyond Pussy or Impossible Pussy. It tastes like pussy, but that’s not quite what it is, is it? That’s not blood, that s eet ui e n the end he ro lai s that he s done a in o es a out G M people,” saying “it is over.” “I am not telling another joke about you,” he said, “until we are oth sure that we are lau hin to ether ll as fro your o unity with all hu ility will you lease sto un hin down on my community?” I could say a lot of things about this man’s ignorance, but I want to focus on one thing because it infuriated me the most. This comment: ll as fro your o unity with all hu ility will you lease sto un hin down on my community?” That is the epitome of all of the bullshit LGBTQ people of color have had to deal with fro la heterose ual eo le the entitle ent entality That’s the belief that whenever there is talk about issues of the black community, problems of the black community, or the survival of the black community, it’s all about la heterose uals God for id you oint to out that heterose uality is not rere uisite of ein la o atter how any ti es it is ro en to so e heterose ual la eo le that G s of olor e ist that we ha e fa ilies and hildren and should e a nowled e as full e ers of the la o unity they will lin to their fantasies of to i la as ulinity and o erse ed la fe ininity with as u h assion as a de ented ru

does a e t G

voter still holding on to the lie that he was cheated out of victory in the 2020 election. And there is no room in these fantasies for LGBTQ people of color. or hony ideas of la ness to sur i e in the inds of so e la heterose uals eo le li e e ha e to e entally la ed in a o where we are ulled out when they want someone to make fun of or even worse, assure themselves of how “tolerant” they are because they have chosen not to knock us upside the head or scream passages of the Bible at us whi h they the sel es do not adhere to The latter is even more insulting. That’s when they give us false assurances that they ha e no ro le with our lifestyle or our se ual referen es hey want us to elie e that ut the way they say it always a es e feel li e do shit on the sidewal hen it o es to G s of olor and the la o unity so e la heterose uals want to ha e the rst iddle and last word in the on ersation G s of olor are supposed to be silent. We are supposed allow ourselves to be dictated to and psychologically disse ted to ful ll so eone s ullshit ideas of what the la eo le are su osed to e The implication is that no real black person is LGBTQ so we don’t matter. f you la heterose uals ha e no ro le with us then a nowled e us to with this nonsense a out G and la eo le ein di erent hether you li e it or not our identities intersect in our daily lives and especially in our history. Does anyone think that it was only heterose ual la eo le who went throu h sla ery se re ation lyn hin s rapes, and all of the uglies which come with historic systemic racism in America? Where the hell do you thin we were when this stu was ha enin n an island so ewhere n outer s a e o you thin we don t feel the an s of ra is now e do ut it is diffi ult for us to oi e how it es e ially a e ts us e ause so e of you heterose ual la fol s are dominating the conversation and won’t let us get a word in edgewise. If you would just shut up for a second and let us talk, you would hear how racism does a e t G eo le of olor in a way it doesn t a e t you Personally, I am both black and gay. And as such, my life matters, my issues matters, my rage matters, and my need for justice matters. Not as either a black person or a gay erson ut as to ether inse ara le o one has the ri ht to a e e hoose y identity. astly let e o a to Mr Cha elle e ause ha en t for otten a out hi would su est Mr Cha elle that efore you start on another one of your stu id routines a out G eo le ta e your ony ass to the li rary or etter yet oo le so e na es ayard ustin Moni a o erts ar ara ordan essie ith Ma ainey n ela a is a es aldwin udre orde ou did not et to the la e where you an a e illions on sta e tal in shit solely on the a s of la heterose uals nd you need to know that. Lastly, when you are done with that, go the bank and count your millions. Then google the number of black trans men and women who have been murdered this year and the last ead ea h of their na es Co are their li es to yours That way, you will truly understand when someone is punching down. ********************* The preceding commentary was previously published at McEwen’s blog, Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters, and is republished by permission. LOSANGELESBLADE.COM • OCTOBER 15, 2021 • 17

L.A.’s most iconic theater legacy & its most intriguing future t stands not only roud in its ontri ution to the artisti ast ut as a ea on to the a ni en e that theater is yet to e o e By Rob Watson

together they began brainstorming on a fashion layout HOLLYWOOD – If one follows the paths of legends of for a lient he hoto layout did not wor out ut the Hollywood, breathing in the air of the greats from the olla oration sure did hey e a e inse ara le to this yths and truths of o ie industry lore it is diffi ult not day he has een y life lon artner in usiness in arri in at the orner of ollywood and ine t is here lo e in assion and in art Gil ert told e that the histori ulse see s to e anate eneath the nita is the dau hter of i ardo Montal n a i i ardo e a e Gil ert s true father ure ears It is also here that feet away, and part of that pulse, is later as i ardo was ste in away fro the theater s one of the oldest theaters in os n eles t is one that leadershi the rtisti ire tor Mar arita Martine stands not only roud in its ontri ution to the artisti Cannon rou ht Gil ert on to re resent hi he ast ut as a ea on to the a ni en e that theater is felt the oard needed to ha e the Montal n fa ily yet to e o e hat theater is he Montal n in ol ed he Montal n is the ost re ent and li ely fore er e is now the theater s C permanent name to a theater that has evolved and Mar arita also rou ht on another entle an who fou ht for its la e in the theatri al history oo s t was would soon e o e her su essor to run o erations ori inally en isioned in drawin s done in i ardo rti aretto i ardo had een na ed after s the rain hild of the fa ous il es rothers its i ardo Montal n My o na ed all of us after the e innin s were notorious he il es a ily was the i est atino ele rities of the day t was a s iritual fore ost theater fa ily in the nited tates at the ti e is et that a e to this theater to arry on his le a y he rothers were the rand ne hews of the in oln Courtesy of The Montalbán Theater, Hollywood, California i ardo says assassin ohn il es ooth who e er ed fro a lay on Gil ert has een a aster ind of inno ation isual resentation and te hni ue he sta e one fateful ni ht to shoot the resident theater has een re odeled fro otto to roofto in a reati e and e i le s a e he he rothers fou ht with ara ount on the lo ation of their new theater and while they or hestra le el of the audien e has een uilt out so that it is le el to the sta e i in the won that attle they were to lose a later one when one of the rothers was ri inali ed for o ortunity for oth Co id re ulated distan in or a ant arde theatri al resentations ra eteerin and oney launderin to the tune of illion dollars i ardo who o ed a to os n eles after he and his hus and raised four sons has n any ase theater lands a e of os n eles was fore er a e ted y the resen e of the wor ed to rin in di erse and reati e rodu tions to li e u to the le a y and ision that il es rothers ine treet heater i ardo Montal n esta lished esides atino and la theatri al trou es the theater has ears later it would e o e the untin ton artford then the a es oolittle C een in ol ed in arious harities fro to foster are ou ht it then to use as a theatri al anne while its theater de art ent on the estwood Gil ert s ision is hu e and a lot of what we are now ein a le to rin into the theater a us was re tooled urin that ti es an the theater saw any in redi le re and ost is e ause he is willin to ta e a han e i ardo said e has the dedi ation to i ardo s roadway rodu tions re resented for os n eles audien es ision that it is reali ed heater in will oun e a fro the ande i shutdown here Meanwhile another le a y was ein for ed in ollywood youn de onair atin a tor is a lot of ood theater in hat will ne er o away it is why eo le are here in was a in his way throu h the ran s of ollywood at MGM studios and on roadway is he urrent rodu tion oofto rea s is on the Montal n s roofto oasis he roofto na e was i ardo Montal n hrou h roles as the fantasy i in Mr our e of antasy enue is out tted with a ar on ession stand and it hen ro idin an o en air o ie sland the wrathful han of tart re fa e and the u er lassy s o es erson for the ele ant theater o lete with a lar e ro e tion s reen state of the art ro e tor noise an elin Chrysler for any years i ardo not only ro e stereoty es of atino en ut e a e e er head hones and fresh o orn enshrined as a uni ue i on hi self oofto rea s in ludes wi edly s ary and horri ally s oo y l s fro the ast e was di nity and ra e the ideal ision of a entle an ehind the s enes he was ore years t started riday to er with the eri an satiri al slasher rea of a rene ade and a ultural hero e fou ht ollywood s li h de i tions of Me i ans e dire ted y es Cra en ther fan fa orites this onth he hinin riday the th he was told atinos in o ies were to e olorful hara ters e fou ht a and was la or ist t o us o us eetle ui e and an s a yrinth here will e a dou le feature listed e retreated to roadway where he starred on sta e with ena orne and down the resented on to er st with he i ht are efore Christ as followed y he o y street fro a y a is r hey ea h rou ht inter ra ial relationshi s to the sta e in the orror i ture how he ro ra in ludes li e intera tions with any of the o ies stars arious rodu tions all hallen in the status uo and sensi ilities of the day and di nitaries a earin on oo and in erson n Montal n would found the or ani ation osotros whi h today has e o e the here will e wee end ro ra s non sto throu hout the holiday season s the oldest atino arts ad o a y or ani ation e held a lifelon ision to i e atino artists a ath ande i restri tions ontinue to fall away the Montal n heater is lo ed and loaded towards su ess and authenti re resentati e areers in l theater and tele ision e ha e a nu er of rodu tions that are ust waitin for us to say o i ardo rti riends with the then Chan ellor of C i ardo was i en the o ortunity to ta e o er aretto ro ises the for er il es rothers untin ton artford oolittle theater and he went for it n i ardo Montal n won the G ifeti e hie e ent ward n his s ee h he i ardo Montal n died in oday he would e teased a out a out his na e is son in law Gil ert sat in the audien e with his dau hter is le a y is as ali e as e er arried on y two en who ea h in his own way e odies the nita and i ardo re ar ed would li e to than y wonderful dau hter nita to who Montal n herita e he rst of these en is Gil ert ith who a e to i ardo throu h a a e a lorious na e nita Montal n ut she ot arried nd now she is nita ollywood es ue ty e lo e story ith Gil ert had een a hild a tor and seen on su h shows as ennis the Mena e tin ear not i ardo our lorious na e li es ear not to the artists of olor see in to was not his thin howe er e en thou h he hun out on the o ie lot with the li es of ay a hie e reatness our le a y will o on fore er as er anent to ollywood as the fa ous orth illy Mu y on oward and others e found hi self ena ored with the a i si n in the hills than s to a an na ed i ardo and a an na ed ith of isual arts instead s a youn an he u ed into arious i a e ro e ts loo in nd the theater fore er na ed he Montal n for o ortunities to reate e was doin a shoot with a lo ely odel na ed nita and 18 • LOSANGELESBLADE.COM • OCTOBER 15, 2021


A new soul has entered the media conversation on Fox By Rob Watson

SANTA CRUZ – There are the Views, and the Talks, the Reals and even the Friends…couches and tables across various channels that give voice to a variety of people who have traditionally felt marginalized by “old boy” media. ell o e o er here is a new ore soulful on ersation oin on as of riday to er th at a i i e o oul will e featurin he ouse the world’s newest night time talk show. o what with a one hour la G show es o oul is o s rst ad ertisin su orted o er the to ( ) networ t is a widely syndi ated free streaming platform focused on the African American/ la o unity ele ratin la ulture on ersation and entertain ent t is a strea in di ital tele ision networ o erated y o ele ision tations that laun hed on anuary ou an et it on your hone s a store i hone ndroid le ire or on the we at fo soul t or those urious how o has a ed an all la enter rise and what that eans e e uti e a es u ose is uoted as sayin o owns and funds o oul ut there are la inds a in the de isions fro to to otto re ardin o oul and our ulture and a inspired by this fact on a daily basis.” hi h rin s us a to he ouse aron ohnson e y reated the on e t for he ouse oti ated y the la of role odels he had rowin u as a ender non onfor in


en iron ent en isioned this latfor ein a sour e of inspiration, learning, and healing for all who yearn for soul freedo This is the show that will provide a supportive comfortable platform for serious discussions surrounding issues fa in eo le of olor G an el ulture and of ourse se he all ueer host anel nown as he a in ludes o unity sy holo ist and life oa h ntonio eMons clinical psychologist and trauma specialist, Cheryl Rich, international eauty e ert and hairstylist Chris Curse and rodu er reator and online ersonality aron ohnson e y or those with foodie assion the four are oined y resident heterose ual ulinary e ert Chef ean reelon to ser e u a ourse eal for ea h dinner en oyed on air he ele en e isode series will in lude s e ial uests su h as trans ender G Media ward no inee and arner e ords soul sin er hea ia ond Milan Christopher, famed celebrity choreographer from RuPaul’s Drag Race and Disney’s Aladdin, Jamal Sims, and the rst o enly ay su erstar red osser for erly known as Darren Young. o to i is o li its and e eryone s oi e is heard (Courtesy of Fox Soul Television) at the ta le in he ouse here are ta les here are on ersations he ouse will rin ore soul ore heart and more passion than any before… all with a delicious dinner to boot. oy in a onser ati e

DC Comics announces new Superman is part of the LGBTQ+ community By LA BLADE STAFF

he C Multi erse announ ed that its latest o erin M will de ut in comic shops and retailers on November 9, but in a nod to National Co in ut ay C Co i s noted that the life of on ent the u er an of arth and son of Clar ent and ois ane ta es a old new direction. Just like his father efore hi on ent has fallen for a reporter. After initially striking (Courtesy of DC Comics – Warner Brothers) up a friendship with reporter Jay Nakamura, he and Jon become romantically involved in the pages of M fro writer o aylor ( G ) and artist ohn i s(

) ollowin a s ene where u er an entally and physically burns out from trying to save everyone that he an ay is there to are for the Man of teel e always said e eryone needs heroes and e eryone deser es to see the sel es in their heroes and ery rateful C and arner ros share this idea said writer Tom Taylor. “Superman’s symbol has always stood for hope, for truth and for justice. Today, that symbol represents something more. Today, more people can see themselves in the most powerful superhero in comics. in redi ly honored to e wor in eside o on the M series showin on ent ta lin his o le odern life while also sa in the world from its greatest threats, villains and menaces,” said artist John Timms. “We couldn’t be prouder to tell this important story from o aylor and ohn i s said C Chief Creati e ffi er and u lisher i ee e tal a lot a out the ower of the C Multi erse in our storytellin and this is another in redi le e a le e an ha e on ent e lorin his identity in the o i s as well as on ent learnin the se rets of his fa ily on on u er an ois hey oe ist in their own worlds and ti es and our fans et to enjoy both simultaneously.”


M features a ain o er with en ils and in s y i s olors y Ga e ltae ( C G ) and letterin y a e har e ( G ) ariant o ers were reated y ra is Moore ( G G) a ra on illain ( M ) and nhyu ee ( G ) Faster than fate. As powerful as hope. Able to lift us all. or all his reat ower on ent an t sa e e eryone ut that won t sto hi fro tryin ow u h an arth s new u er an do efore this Man of teel u les nd when he does who swoo s in to sa e u er an M are a aila le now at participating digital retailers and comic book shops. M and will e a aila le on Tuesday, October 19 and Tuesday, November 9, res e ti ely ans of Clar ent an ontinue to follow his ad entures in G in C C MC a aila le in o i oo stores on uesday to er ollow C on witter nsta ra and i o for infor ation a out M and sure not to iss C an o e on to er for o i oo news ans an also dis uss M in the C Co unity

ore a e ore

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9/30/21 6:33 PM


Las Vegas Raiders head coach resigns after homophobic emails surface By BRODY LEVESQUE

LAS VEGAS – The head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, Jon Gruden resigned his post Monday after an article in the New York Times reported that he frequently used misogynistic and homophobic language directed at Commissioner Roger Goodell and others in the National Football League, (NFL). The emails were discovered in a workplace misconduct investigation into the Washington Football Team the Times reported, but ended up costing Gruden his job when they also showed Gruden denounced the drafting of a gay player and the tolerance of players protesting during the playing of the national anthem among other issues. In a statement released by the team late Monday, Gruden said; “I have resigned as Head Coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. I love the Raiders and do not want to be a distraction. han you to all the layers oa hes sta and fans of aider ation sorry ne er meant to hurt anyone.” The sequence of events started last Friday when the Wall Street Journal reported that Gruden used a racist term to describe NFL union chief DeMaurice Smith in a 2011 email to the ashin ton tea s for er e e uti e ru e llen According to the Associated Press, Gruden apologized for his “insensitive remarks” a out ith sayin they were ade out of frustration o er the lo out ut the latest emails sent from between 2011-18 when Gruden was an analyst for ESPN show his use of derogatory language went well beyond that. lea ue sour e on r ed the a ura y of the e ails to the sso iated ress and said they were sent to the Raiders last week. The person spoke on condition of anonymity e ause the lea ue hasn t ade the e ails u li The New York Times and the Associated Press both noted that Gruden used a gay slur to insult Goodell and said he was lueless and anti foot all e also said Goodell shouldn t

have pressured the Rams to draft “queers,” a reference to Michael Sam, who was the rst o enly ay layer drafted by an NFL team. Gruden s a ru t resi nation was announced live on the Colts/Ravens “Monday Night Football” broadcast when the ran ulti le G inclusive advertisements, including one featuring an NFL logo wrapped in the (Courtesy of ESPN) colors of the Trans Flag and Rainbow la Gay City ews ditor Matt ra y reported. aiders owner Mar a is issued a state ent whi h only said that he a e ted Gruden s resi nation n a se arate state ent the aiders announ ed that s e ial tea s and assistant head oa h i h isa ia will ser e as nteri ead Coa h of the as e as aiders e e ti e i ediately Coa h isa ia will eet with the edia at the re ularly s heduled edia a aila ility on ednesday the tea said ordin to and the sso iated ress isa ia has een a s e ial tea s oordinator in the for seasons with the aiders Char ers allas and a a ay e has no head oa hin e erien e ut his ele ation will allow other assistants in the aiders or ani ation su h as defensi e oordinator Gus radley to stay in their urrent roles.

Tom Daley: Ban countries with death penalty for LGBTQ+ from Olympics By BRODY LEVESQUE

British Olympic Gold Medalist and champion diver TOM DALEY (Screenshot via Attitude Magazine YouTube)


LONDON – In his speech accepting the 2021 ttitude Ma a ine oundation s ir in tlanti ttitude ort ward year old ritish Olympic Gold Medalist and champion diver Tom Daley took aim at 10 countries that have death enalties for eo le who are G Daley told the audience at the Virgin tlanti ttitude wards held at he oundhouse Theatre in Central London Thursday evening that the Olympic Games should ban those nations. “These past Olympic Games there were ore out G athletes than at any of the previous Olympics combined, which is a great ste forward aley said et there are still countries that punish being gay with death that were still allowed to compete at the Olympic Games.” e e tin on the fa t that the o yo ly i s had for the rst ti e e er ore G athletes o etin aley said t s all well and ood s ea in a out those thin s ut thin it s really

important to try and create change rather than just highlighting and shining a light on those things.” The Olympian champion diver went on to tell those in the audience at the Jaguar Motorcars co-sponsored event he was going to make it his ission to e e t han e “I want to make it my mission before the Paris Olympics in 2024 to make it so that the countries that criminalize and make it punishable by death for G eo le are not allowed to o ete at the Olympic Games,” Daley said. He then pointed out that those same countries shouldn t e a le to host ly i a es either then he called out the upcoming World Cup in atar he orld Cu o in u in atar has e tre e rules a ainst G eo le and wo en and I think it should not be allowed for a sporting event to host in a country that criminalizes against basic human rights,” he said.

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