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Volume 2 - 4 February, 2014 Dear Parents & Students  I wish to thank the many parents, students and staff who contributed so posi vely to the “Whole School Survey” conducted at the end of  last year.  In repea ng this survey every three years we are able to monitor and address community views about Loreto.  As with the last survey the overall results are greatly affirming, informa ve and helpful.  In the coming weeks members of the College  Council and the College Leadership team will be working over two weekends, with “Strategic Governance” facilitators, in some essen al  Strategic Planning so this data will be invaluable.  SUMMARY RESULTS         


PARENTS Sa sfac on 

Key Area 

Sa sfac on

Student Engagement 


Learning Environment 


Repor ng






Values & Culture 


Values & Culture 


School Communica on 


Student Transi on 


Resources & Facili es 




Repor ng


Leadership & Direc on 


Leadership & Direc on 




Pastoral Care/Wellbeing 


Resources & Facili es 


Parent Engagement 








Student Engagement 


School Communica on 


Teaching Standards 










Parent Engagement 


Student Transi on 




Learning & Extension 


Average Score 


Average Score 


Overall Sa sfac on 


Overall Sa sfac on 


Year 7 2017 enrolments close this Friday 7 February

Volume 2 - 4 February, 2014

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STAFF Key Area 

Sa sfac on








A result that indicates an excellent sa sfac on ra ng 





Organisa on



A result that reflects a good sa sfac on ra ng 





Staff Engagement 



A result that suggests a review on this issue may be appropriate 




Work/Life Balance 








Team Leadership 



75% of Students responded to the survey 

School Leadership 



56% of Parents responded to the survey  ** 




90% of Staff responded to the survey 









Communica on



Recogni on






** As both parents in each family were invited to respond we can be  confident that this figure represents a pleasing level of par cipa on  from most families because for many families only one parent responded  on behalf of both. 

Average Score 



Overall Sa sfac on 



The  true richness of the survey data however can be found in the thousands of individual feedback comments and sugges ons which I  delighted in reading.  The wordles below have been created to capture the essence of what it is that we all like, love and value most  about Loreto. 

Students like this about Loreto: 79% sa sfac on   









Jus ce   

  Freedom              SINCERITY         Verity          Felicity  


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Volume Volume 31 -2 15 - 4October, February,2013 2014

Staff like this about Loreto: 83% sa sfac on                             

Parents like this about Loreto: 80% sa sfac on                            CONGRATULATIONS  

To the Class of 2013 on their very fine academic results.  







1 – 6 


≥ 89 

≥ 89.1 

1 – 10 


≥ 79 

≥ 78.25 

1 – 15 


≥ 67 

≥ 61.8 


This means that 29% were ranked in the top 11% both in the State and Na onally and similarly 50% were ranked in the top 21% and 22%  respec vely. 

Sincerity       Freedom               JUSTICE           Verity          Felicity   Jus ce     Freedom     SINCERITY           Verity          Felicity 

Page Volume 12 2 - 4 February, 2014

Volume 31 - 15 October,Page 20134

The graph below presents the data from 2007 to 2013. 

                                  It is pleasing each year to see the consistently high percentages (90% ‐ 95%) of Loreto students who receive ter ary placement offers  from QTAC.  We wholeheartedly congratulate the girls and wish them every success for the future.     

  “Big Sisters with their Li le Sisters”  

                                          Yours sincerely                                   Cheryl Hamilton   


Sincerity       Freedom               JUSTICE           Verity          Felicity   Jus ce     Freedom     SINCERTY           Verity          Felicity 

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Volume 2 - 4 February, 2014

VtÄxÇwtÜ Éy XäxÇàá Wednesday 5 February 

Year 10 Laptop Distribution - 3.30 pm - 6.00 pm (Top Floor of Mulwith)

Thursday 6 February 

Inaugural Mass 11.00 am - Mary Ward Centre

Friday 7 February 

Musical Rehearsal - 4.00pm - 7.00 pm

Sunday 9 February 

P & F Welcome BBQ - 4.00 pm

Monday 10 February 

Parent Night at Villanova - Paul Dillion ‘Teenagers Alcohol & Drug Education’ - 6.30 pm - 7.30 pm

Tuesday 11 February 

Parent Sport Support Group Meeting - 7.30pm

Wednesday 12 February 

Year 11 Ancient History Excursion


Year 10, 11 & 12 Drama Performance


Music Support Group Welcome Supper

Thursday 13 February 

French Students arrive

Friday 14 February 

Year 8 Brass Ensemble forms due back


Interhouse Swimming Carnival

Saturday 15 February 

Water Polo - Round 11


Tennis - Round 2


Swim Camp

Term Dates for 2014 Term 1

30 January

3 April

Term 2

22 April

27 June

Term 3

22 July

19 September

Term 4

7 October

28 November

Please Note: 1. Queen’s Birthday will be observed on Monday 9 June and Labour Day on Monday 6 October. 2. Friday 14 November - Public Holiday due to G20 Summit.

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Page Volume 12 2 - 4 February, 2014

Volume 31 - 15 October,Page 20136

                  Student Drop-Off and Pick up Arrangements during Building Construction   Now that building works are underway there have been a few changes to parking and drop-off arrangements around the College grounds. Parents are asked to observe all parking and no-standing restrictions around the College to ensure maximum safety for all concerned. Please comply with the following arrangements: 

The circular drive at the front of the College is closed to all traffic and will no longer be available for student drop-off or pick up.


There are two designated “Drop Off Zones” – one on Cavendish Road on either side of the circular drive and the other at the back of the College in Lade Street.


In each of these two zones there is a 2 minute standing period between 7.00am and 9.00am and also between 2.00pm and 4.00pm. PARENTS ARE REQUESTED NOT TO EXCEED THESE TIME RESTICTIONS.


When using these zones, it is best to stop as far along the zones as possible to ensure other vehicles can also access them as well.


Please comply with all No Standing restrictions around the College. They are there to ensure safety and any parking in these areas places others at risk.

The College is conscious of the residential neighbours in the area and we strive to be a “good neighbour”. Please respect the rights of the neighbours and do not park in front of driveways or in other manners which may restrict access. Parents should be aware that Queensland Police do patrol the area from time to time and have in the past issued infringement notices and fines for any vehicles that have not complied with parking restrictions. We look forward to your assistance with this.


VtÜxxÜ axãá TSXPO This year the TSXPO will be held on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 July from 10am to 4pm at the RNA Showgrounds. It is a valuable outing for all girls, particularly Year 10, 11 and 12 students. For more information visit

UMAT Year 12 students considering sitting for the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test need to visit the UMAT website at Please note that before registering for the test students are required to carefully read the UMAT2014 Information Booklet, which will ONLY be available online from the UMAT website. UMAT2014 Key Dates: Registrations open

December 2013

Registrations close

Friday 6 June 2014 (5pm)

Late registrations close

Friday 20 June 2014 (5pm)

Applications for Special Testing Conditions

Friday 20 June 2014

UMAT test date

Wednesday 30 July 2014

Results released

Late September 2014

Lattitude Global Volunteering Applications open for 2015 placements Lattitude is seeking volunteers for a wide range of placements in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia/Pacific. If you are interested in a year of volunteering with such groups as Young People Without Borders, visit lattitude for more information. Christine Rynne - Careers Coordinator

Sincerity       Freedom               JUSTICE           Verity          Felicity   Jus ce     Freedom     SINCERTY          Verity          Felicity 

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Volume 2 - 4 February, 2014

TÜà WxÑtÜàÅxÇà Leon Botstein [President, Bard College & Music Director, American Symphony Orchestra], in his discussion of the importance of the Arts stated…’to put ourselves in the imagination of the artist is a very good use of a student’s time….not to be passive…but to do it. The most important thing about Art is the capacity of the human being to make it…It is the cultivation of the ability to organise the world in this very way which will help you in other ways. The hidden secret of the Arts is that they have collateral utility…for example for a student to have the ability to organise, a student who learns to abstract an image in a drawing class…the analytical capacity to manipulate one’s sight and capacity to abstract is highly powerful as a skill in life… the study of Art has a lasting impact on one’s life.’ As the Year Eleven students of 2013 completed their Body of Work which responded to the concept of ‘Identity’ it was evident that their working and thinking has developed in ways that have resulted in works that reflect insight and sensitivity to medium. It is with great expectations that we begin their final year of Art study at Loreto. [] Mrs Leonie McCulkin - Art Coordinator

Jus ce    

  Freedom              SINCERITY          Verity          Felicity  

Volume 2 - 4 February, 2014

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[ÉÇÉâÜ cÉv~xàá If your daughter received an honour pocket last year and she has a new style blazer, these will be collected later in the term to be sent away to have the embroidery done. More instructions will be given later in the term as to the collection dates and costs. Please continue to watch out for instructions in future newsletters. If you have an old style blazer you will need to take the blazer the wearitto (formally y’s uniforms)Cnr Roscoe & Seville Rd Holland Park.

\ÇàxÜtvà axãáI                                                                                                                                                                                                      This week we welcomed the new Interact Committee for 2014 President: Bridget Clark Vice President: Meg Ingram Secretary (Years 10 – 12): Hannah Radvan Secretary (Years 8 & 9): Elizabeth Stephen Year 11 Representative: Georgia Johnson Please read the article VDAY ‘Violence and Valentines’ from Anne Kelly IBVM and former UN Representative. Our focus for Valentine’s Day fund raising will support Sister Anne’s article. Coming Events: Valentine’s Day Strawberry Heart Fund Raiser Valentine’s Day Raffle

Margaret Duncan - Coordinator

c 9 Y axãá P & F Meeting You can play a greater role in your daughter’s education through the P & F. Your first opportunity is tonight (Tuesday 4 February 2014) when we hold the first meeting of the year at 7.30pm. We look forward to seeing you in the Ch@t Room on the upper level of the administration building. Please come to the College reception first.

BBQ, Parent Rep Responses Last week we urged you to reply to our invitation to the Welcome BBQ and nominate to become a parent Year level representative this year. Thank you to those of you who have replied so far. However if you have not, please do so ASAP. More details below.

Welcome BBQ The Welcome BBQ begins on Sunday 9 February at 4 pm in the Circular Garden area (TBC) and is expected to finish about 6pm. The whole family is welcome, the food is delicious but remember to bring chairs. However we need to know numbers for catering purposes. If you plan to attend, notify Trish Willing at or complete the tear off slip below and return to the school office by tomorrow (Wednesday 5 February).

Calling for Parent Year Representatives Please consider volunteering as a parent representative for Years 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12. It’s not time consuming but can be very rewarding, as parents who have acted as reps can attest. You will be supported by Catherine Shipton, Community Relations and Development Manager, to organise social events like drinks by the pool, dinner and other activities. If you are interested or have questions, email Meg Norris at or complete the attached form and return to the College as soon as possible. You can hear more details at the first P & F meeting tonight.    Thank you. Garry West - P & F Secretary

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Volume 2 - 4 February, 2014


P & F WELCOME BBQ - RSVP Slip (Return to College Office by Wednesday 5 February) Or email reply to Trish Willing:

I / We will be attending the P & F Welcome BBQ Name:

_________________________________________________________________ (Please print clearly)

No of Adults attending: ____________________ No of Children attending: __________________                    



Parent Year Representative 2014 (Tear off RSVP Slip - return to College office) Or email reply to Meg Norris:

I would be interested in nominating to be a Year Representative in 2014.

Name: _______________________________________

Daughter’s Year Level__________________

Mobile (or best contact number): _________________________________________________________

câuÄ|v fÑxt~|Çz This week sees the first week of Public Speaking meetings. Loreto is involved in a number of competitions – ESU, Rostrum, Lions Voice of Youth, FunMun (UN Youth Queensland), YMCA Youth Parliament. Public Speaking is a wonderful way to improve your communication skills, both written and oral. It also allows you to become immersed in current events and to view the world critically. Our first meeting was held today but there will be another meeting for any newcomers next Tuesday in 204 at lunch. We encourage all to attend. Year 8 girls are most welcome. Congratulations to Sarah King, Maddie Lloyd, Rebecca Marshall and Bridget Pekin who have been nominated and accepted for Lions Youth of the Year! We will hear more of their progress shortly, but we wish them luck with their written applications. Be involved! Rosemary O’Neill - Public Speaking Coordinator

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Volume 2 - 4 February, 2014

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`âá|v axãá Music Support Group Welcome Supper– The parents’ Music Support Group meets once a month to help plan and run social events and fundraising for the Music Department. Involvement with this group is a great way to contribute to the school if your daughter is part of the music program. Come along on Wednesday 12 February to the Welcome Supper in room 702 of the Mary Ward Centre to find out more. Please note that this is a new venue for our meetings, caused by a variety of classroom changes due to our current building works. Improvised Jazz Ensemble – Due to preparations for this week’s Inaugural Mass, the Improvised Jazz Ensemble will begin rehearsals next Tuesday 11 February. Ensemble Rehearsals – All Music Ensembles have begun this week. Could parents and students please be aware that this timetable changes every year. While we try to keep most groups on consistent days, there are a variety of factors that make complete consistency impossible. For example, many conductors are part-time staff who need to juggle commitments at multiple schools; ensemble membership varies from year to year (resulting in different student clashes); and special events such as the Loreto/Villanova Musical result in extra time constraints periodically. A final timetable has been on the Music Noticeboard since the start of the year and a copy is included with this newsletter for your convenience. If you are a keen singer, or even would just like to give it a go , then don’t forget that the Senior Choir (Years 10-12 Tuesday after school) and Junior Choir (Years 8-9 Thursday after school) are not auditioned – anyone is welcome to come along and give it a try. Ensemble Rehearsals and Sports Trainings – It is an unavoidable part of our students’ busy-ness that we have frequent clashes between Ensemble Rehearsals and Sports Trainings. Music and PE work closely together to help students meet their commitments, and frequently negotiate for students to either alternate or split rehearsals/trainings. It is a vital part of this process that students and parents communicate with Mrs Stevens and Mr Langford whenever a clash is to occur so that we can help them negotiate a compromise with their conductor/coach. Music Camp – Anyone who was able to attend Sunday’s finale concert will attest to the success of this year’s Music Camp with its jazz-inspired “Fascinating Rhythm” theme. We started Friday evening with a brilliant improvised concert featuring some of our world class clinicians (John Hoffman, Jacki Cooper and Libor Smoldas) who were accompanied by Loreto staff and past pupils (Matthew Cocking, Christian Gante, Helen Svoboda). And after a hectic weekend of rehearsing the students put on a great concert! Well done to all the 118 Loreto students who attended with enthusiasm and impeccable behaviour. Thanks must go to all the staff (Mrs Anna Nielson, Mrs Margaret Duncan, Ms Amy Stewart) who gave up their weekend, and similarly to the parents (Mrs Monique Gleed, Mrs Jane Larkin, Mrs Jill Moloney) who assisted on the camp. We are already looking forward to the 2015 camp and starting to make plans. Could any parents who would be willing to attend as a parent helper next year please email Karen Carr ( urgently? This is not a definite commitment but we need at least 5-6 parents from each school to run the camp successfully and if we had the names of 10-12 possible volunteers now, we would be able to move forward with our planning much more easily. Crazy for You - This week we begin our full rehearsal schedule with rehearsals on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Changes to Rehearsals (Follies Girls only) - Due to the availability of our choreographer, the rehearsal times for the Follies Girls have been changed. Follies girls are required at the following times: Tuesday 4 February 4-8pm, Friday 7 February 4-8pm, Sunday 9 February 10am-6pm. All future Tuesday and Friday rehearsals for the Follies Girls will be 4-8pm. Additional Rehearsal for all cast and orchestra (Tuesday 18 February) - Please note we have had to add one more rehearsal on Tuesday 18 February 4-7pm (Follies Girls 4-8pm). This additional rehearsal will ensure we are able to fully block both acts by late February. Extended Rehearsal Times - Leads and some cast members will have longer rehearsals on some days depending on which scenes and songs we are rehearsing. We will endeavour to give all students plenty of notice if the rehearsal schedule changes. There are no changes to the rehearsal times for the orchestra. The latest version of the rehearsal will be emailed to students and parents very soon. Set Design - Thanks to the maintenance staff of Villanova College for their hard work building the musical sets last week! The team has put in long hours to build the complex set required for “Crazy For You”. This Sunday we will commence painting set pieces with a small team of volunteers from both Colleges. Parent Helpers Please! - We will be preparing and serving lunch for music staff and students between 12-1:30pm on the following Sundays: 23 February, 2 March, 9 March. A number of musical parents have already expressed interest in helping prepare and serve lunch, so can parents please check their availability and email Jason Lane if you are able to help? We are also seeking assistance backstage with hair and make-up for the dress rehearsal (Sunday 9 March) and evening performances (12-15 March). Parents who have already expressed interest in helping in this area will be contacted shortly, but if there are any other musical parents able to assist please contact Jason Lane at Villanova College. Ben Langford - Coordinator of Music

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Volume 2 - 4 February, 2014

Ensemble Rehearsals 2014

Percussion Ensemble 1

Mr Cocking Monday 7:15 – 8:15am


Clarinet Ensemble 2

Mrs Baldwin Monday 7:15 – 8:15am


Concert Band 2

Mrs Baldwin Monday 3:30 – 5pm


Big Band

Mr Langford Monday 3:30 – 5pm



Mr Langford Monday 3:30 – 5pm

Villa (From Mon 24 March)

Exit Stage Left

Mrs Nielson Tuesday 7:15 – 8:15am


Flute Ensemble 1

Mrs Anderson Tuesday 7:15 – 8:15am


Guitar Ensemble 2

Dr Svoboda Tuesday 7:15 – 8:15am



Mrs Fox Tuesday 12:30 – 1:20pm


Improvised Jazz Ensemble

Mr Langford Tuesday 12.40 – 1.20pm


Senior Choir

Mrs Fox

Tuesday 3:30 – 5pm


String Ensemble

Mrs Reck

Wednesday 7:15 – 8:15am


Flute Ensemble 2

Mrs Anderson Wednesday7:15 – 8:15am


Clarinet Ensemble 1

Mrs Baldwin

Wednesday 7:15 – 8:15am


Guitar Ensemble 1

Dr Svoboda

Thursday 7:15 – 8:15am


Junior Choir

Mrs Fox

Thursday 3:30 – 4:30pm


Concert Band 1

Mr Langford

Thursday 3:30 – 5pm


Percussion Ens 2

Mr Cocking

Friday 7:15 – 8:15am


Brass Ensemble

Ms Clark

Friday 12:45 – 1:15pm



Mr Langford Friday 12:40 – 1:20pm


Big Band

Mr Langford Friday 3:30 – 5pm


Jus ce    

(Until Mon 17 March)

(From Monday 24 March)

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Volume 2 - 4 February, 2014

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fâáàt|ÇtuÄx fv{ÉÉÄ f{ÉÑ If you have any secondhand uniforms to sell please register online

fv|xÇvx axãá This year has started on an exciting note as we warmly welcome our new Year 8s into the labs. The girls are currently learning about the safety precautions we take in the laboratory environment as well as the names of all of the strange looking pieces of apparatus they will be using over the next few years. I am sure the girls will see the lab as an amazing and fun place where they can explore how the world around them works. A substantial amount of curriculum reform is occurring within the department in 2014, including modified Chemistry and Physics work programs in Year 12 and the roll out of the Australian Science Curriculum in Year 10. Due to the additional focus on astronomy and astrophysics in the new Year 10 program, the Science Department has recently purchased a new state-of-the-art telescope. It allows us to simply enter the name of the astronomical body we would like to observe into a key -pad and the telescope will automatically point to the object and track it across the sky as the Earth revolves. This allows long duration observations and excellent digital image capture of planets, moons, galaxies and nebulae. On the other end of the size scale, our recently acquired digital microscopes will enhance our students’ ability to observe, photograph and digitally share images of tissue specimens, bacteria, protists and other microscopic items up to a magnification of x1000. We will be carrying out a lot of developmental work and initial implementation of the College’s new overarching learning framework across all classes. We will also be further exploring the potential of our digital laboratory equipment that can now be interfaced with the girls’ laptops to allow them to record, analyse, share and present data in real-time as an experiment unfolds. As well as presenting fantastic modes of learning, these types of innovations will certainly provide extraordinary opportunities for our girls to express themselves in the often forgotten creative aspect of scientific endeavour. The University of Queensland Junior Physics Olympiad (JPhO) is a 5-day hands-on immersive programme for Year 10 students being held on campus from Monday 7 to Friday 11 July (in the school holidays). It encourages students to expand their knowledge of Physics, confront and solve problems and focus on practical learning. As many students in year 10 have not yet formally studied Physics, JPhO assumes only a strong general knowledge of science and mathematics in attendees. JPhO includes lectures, tutorials, tours and interactive workshops and students will gain an insight in tor the work of UQ lecturers and researchers in the School of Mathematics and Physics. The program provides an excellent introduction to senior Physics and is a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded students from all over the state. Any interested students can visit or see me at any time for additional information or application documents. I would like to wish each of our science students (over 500 in total) all the best for 2014 under the guidance of the excellent team here in the Science Department and I look forward to working with you, our parents and families, over what promises to be a fruitful and enjoyable year. Matthew Lourigan - Science Coordinator

fxvÉÇw {tÇw UÉÉ~á   Any books that did not sell in the sale last November should have now been returned to the students. Payment for any books sold in the sale will be credited to your term 2 fees account. If you would like to sell any unsold books you can now advertise these on the sustainable school shop. Please note that the school no longer has any second hand books for sale. If you need to order any text books you will have to do this directly through Symons (phone 55313633) or check out what is available on the sustainable school shop website.

fçÅÉÇá UÉÉ~ á Late/back orders can be picked up from the service area from 7.30- 8.30 Monday, Wednesday & Friday until the end of February . Books will only be distributed during this time. If you need to order any text books or have any queries regarding book orders please contact Symons directly on 55313633.

fã|Å vtÑá? uÉuu|Çá tÇw Ü|uuÉÇá   These are available through the tuckshop . Silicone swim caps (swim team must purchase) $14, Rubber swim caps $5, Bobbins $2 & Ribbons 80c. Senior ribbons are available from the school office for $2.

Jus ce    

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Volume 2 - 4 February, 2014

lxtÜ L @ DE fâu}xvà V{tÇzxá All changes of subjects must be finalised with Mr Elsworthy by 3.00pm, Friday 7 February at the latest. Please collect a Subject Change form from the College office. A letter from parents is essential if any subject changes are to be Pat Elsworthy - Deputy Principal - Curriculum considered. Return both the form and the letter to Mr Elsworthy.

\ÇàxÜÇtà|ÉÇtÄ jÉÅxÇËá YâÇ Wtç eâÇBjtÄ~ This year all students are encouraged to participate in the International Women’s Day Fun Run/Walk. This event is part of the Cross Country training program so all prospective runners must participate. Additionally, the Spirit and Sport Councils encourage all students, but Year 12’s in particular, to enter. The event is on Sunday March 9 and starts at 7am at the Cultural Forecourt, Southbank. You are able to run or walk this event. Be part of the Loreto team by entering as member .Team Name is Loreto Swifts and Team Captain is Therese Begley, so log on to www. and register. You must pay individually to register and any request for fundraising is optional. As a school, Loreto already contribute by raising funds for cancer prevention initiatives through other events. All inquiries : please phone or email Ms Therese Begley – Loreto team Captain, Mrs Meg Stevens – Director of Sport or Mrs Jane Wilkinson – Sport Administrator.

UâÄÄxà|ÇBaÉà|vxá Triple P - Positive Parenting Program - Would you like your family to live a healthier lifestyle? Researchers at the University of Queensland are currently offering a FREE Triple P parenting program to children 3 - 10 years in exchange for participation in research. Across three seminars you will learn strategies for… 

Managing both general and lifestyle specific child problem behaviours


Helping your child eat a healthy balance of nutritious foods


Motivating your child to be more active


Limiting screen time

The program is run at St Lucia and Ipswich, with free childcare available for families. Website: email: Phone: Jessica Bartlett on 0424 321 086

The Loreto College Coorparoo Community Business Directory is now open!

COMMUNITY Business Directory

Current parents, past parents, past pupils and  friends of the College, who all share an ongoing  commitment to suppor ng us and our ini a ves  are invited to submit your pla num, gold or  standard online business lis ng.   Complete booking form by visi ng > Community > Business  Directory or email  

For further details please contact Catherine Shipton, Community Rela ons and Development Manager or phone 07 3394 9957 

Jus ce    

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Page Volume 12 2 - 4 February, 2014

Volume 31 - 15 October, Page 2013 14

fÑÉÜàá WxÑtÜàÅxÇà LORETO TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014 All tennis players who trialled at the end of 2013, and all new Year 8, 9, 10 ,11 and 12 students who would like to trial must compete in the Loreto Tennis Championships. Trophies will be awarded in each Age group. This event will be conducted at Brisbane Girls Grammar School Tennis Courts, 70 Gregory Terrace, SPRING HILL. The dates and times are: Saturday 8 February 7.30am to 11.00am – Year 8 12.00pm to 4.00pm – Year 9 Sunday 9 February 7.30am to 11.00am – Year 10 12.00pm to 4.00pm – Year 11 and 12 All players need to sign up via the Sports Notice board by Wednesday 5 February. A DRAW WILL BE PUT TOGETHER ONCE ALL GIRLS HAVE SIGNED ON. Trophies will be awarded for winners in each category, as well as awards for runners up. All players go into the draw to win a “Lucky Player Prize”. We hope to see lots of Loreto Tennis players there. All students will need to wear their PE uniform, hat, water bottle, sunscreen, sports shoes and a racquet. Please provide a healthy morning/afternoon tea to share as this is normally a practice for all our home games. Training for all teams begins 11 February. A meeting will be held on Monday to finalise the training times and teams. The Saturday fixtures run from 22 February to 17 May 2013. The tennis skirts are now available from the uniform shop. All players will need to purchase the skirt prior to the competition starting. Please see Mrs Stevens should you have any queries. Meg Stevens - Tennis Coordinator

INTERHOUSE SWIMMING CARNIVAL – FRIDAY 14 February The Inter house Swimming Carnival will be held at Chandler on Friday, 14 February. Girls must wear sports uniform to school and can change into house colours on arrival at school. Girls will need to change back into sports uniform before going home. Closed in shoes must also be worn. All students will travel by bus to and from Chandler and should arrive at school no later than 8.25am. All buses will return to Loreto for a usual 3.20pm finish to the day. This is the first big Inter house Carnival of the year and all students are expected to attend, compete and contribute to the house spirit on the day. This is a compulsory school day. Any student who cannot swim in events due to medical reasons should see Mrs Stevens in the Sports office prior to the carnival day to be allocated a job at the carnival. All competitors are to swim in one-piece togs, preferably Loreto togs. Each girl is encouraged to bring her own lunch and a drink as there will only be limited access to the canteen. Girls are not permitted to leave the pool area during the carnival. NO GIRLS MAY GO HOME INDEPENDANTLY FROM THE CARNIVAL UNLESS A PARENT IS ACTUALLY AT THE CARNIVAL AT 2.00PM. A LETTER REQUESTING PERMISSION SHOULD BE FORWARDED TO MS CARTY, DEPUTY PRINCIPAL – PASTORAL CARE BY THURSDAY 13 FEBRUARY. Walkman/Discmans/IPods and magazines are not to be taken to the Carnival. Please note that no paper streamers are allowed. No zinc cream or face/body paint is permitted. Good luck to all houses and we look forward to an exciting and enjoyable carnival day. SWIM SQUAD TRAINING Started this week for girls who have been in the past Loreto Swim squad and also for new Year 8 students who are experienced swimmers. The squad will be selected at the Swim Carnival on the 14 February 2014. SWIM FOR FITNESS AND STROKE DEVELOPMENT The swim for fitness training starts this Friday morning at Loreto pool from 6.45am to 8.00am. Commencing on Monday 10 February, the swim for Fitness will be held on Wednesday 6.45am to 8.00am and Friday 6.45am to 8.00am. It is recommended that all water polo players try to attend one session for fitness.

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Volume 2 - 4 February, 2014

LORETO WATERPOLO Training is at Loreto Pool and times are as follows: U13 & U14 - Monday at 3.30pm to 5.00pm U15 - Tuesday at 3.30pm to 5.00pm U16 & U18 - Thursday at 3.30pm at Loreto Pool. Each team is playing at the Somerville House swimming pool. Players MUST be at the venue 30 minutes prior to the game. Draw for Week 10 - 9 February TIME






Loreto Warriors C v All Hallows




Loreto Warriors C v Mt St Michaels




Loreto Warriors C v Brigidine




Loreto Warriors C v Warriors





All teams must wear the current Loreto swimming togs, Loreto swim cap and a mouth guard. Please check your nails are cut before the game. Meg Stevens - Director of Sport

Waterpolo Results Under 13’s The team played a superb game and were ahead and in control the whole time. The girls were excellent in defence and attack taking Mt St Michael’s by 8 goals. If the girls keep playing like this a grand final win is imminent. Coach: Oliver Chambers Under 14’s The team had a rough first game back, loosing to Brisbane Girls Grammar 14 - 3. However the girls played exceptionally well coming back from a long break as shown in their improvement in defence. Coach: Caitlin Chambers Under 15’s After a shaky first half going down by 4 the 15’s finally pulled themselves together to claw themselves back in a nail biter. After playing a different style of defence they have never played or attempted, they left St Peter’s stunned in the water. Unfortunately, they still went down by one goal. It took the last play of the game to decide this. Coach: Oliver Chambers Under 16’s - Bye Under 18’s An outstanding effort to the U18’s winning by a huge margin against Bridgine. Superb work girls - a great way to start the second half of the season. Coach: James Duffy

Parent Support Group Meeting A reminder for interested parents you are invited to attend the first Parent Support Group meeting for 2014. This will be held on Tuesday 11 February at 7.30pm in Room 604. We look forward to welcoming last year’s parents and new parents to the school in 2014.

TOUCH FOOTBALL 2014 Loreto is participating in the Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Football Association competition at White’s Hill on a trial basis in 2014. This means that students will not play in the Wednesday afternoon competition. Instead, they will play in the second season at White’s Hill with fixtures commencing on Thursday August 7 and finishing November 6 for U18 and November 27 for both U14 and U16. Trials for these teams will occur in the middle of Term 2 and all details will be published closer to the date. We look forward to playing locally and providing the opportunity for family members to spectate. All inquiries are to be directed to Ms Therese Begley, Touch Football Coordinator . Therese Begley - Coordinator

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Volume 4 23, 2014 2011 2 - 4August February,


Music Camp




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Loreto College Coorparoo is an independent Catholic secondary school for girls offering an education which liberates, empowers and motivates students in the Mary Ward tradition of excellence in education.

Year 7 2017 - Closing Soon Loreto College is currently accepting enrolment applications for Year 7 2017 (students in Year 4 2014).

Applications close on 7 February 2014. Offers will be made during Term 1, 2014. Applications received after 7 February 2014 will be placed on a waiting list.

Year 7 2018 - Now Open Enrolment applications for Year 7 2018 (students in Year 3 2014) are now open and will close on 6 February 2015. Loreto College only conducts interviews for students already accepted into the College and these will be held when students are in Year 6. Enquiries for enrolment applications can be made by contacting the Manager of Enrolments on P: 3394 9999 or E: 415 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo P: 07 3394 9999 E: W:

TEENAGERS, ALCOHOL and DRUGS What your kids really want and need to know about alcohol and drugs Presented by PAUL DILLON

An Information Session for Parents Monday 10 February 6.30pm - 7.30pm Hanrahan Theatre Villanova College 24 Sixth Ave, Coorparoo There is a great deal of anxiety and misinformation about drugs and their use. This short, sharp, one hour presentation by one of Australia’s most respected researchers in this field will give accurate, up-to-date information on what we know about young people, alcohol and drugs in Australia. It aims to empower parents with some basic information about current trends in alcohol and other drugs by examining the questions young people really want and need answers to. Attending this information session will assist you to have useful conversations with your teenager and to respond to queries that may be raised.

Violence and Valentines What an incongruous combination – harmful practices and love tokens; violent assaults and flowers! Yet this is the world we live in, a world where more than one billion women and girls (a third of the female population) are repeatedly raped or beaten, while others are feted in the name of an obscure Christian saint. A new movement, called One Billion Rising, has claimed St Valentine’s Day as VDay, calling on people to express their outrage at the prevalence of gender-based violence. Across the globe people have been urged to raise their voices in protest at abuses such as human trafficking; forced labour; early marriage; female genital mutilation/cutting; honor killing and all other forms of physical, emotional and sexual assault on women and girls. Gender-based violence has now reached pandemic proportions, leaving no country unscathed. A report by the [12] UN Office of Drugs and Crime estimates that victims of trafficking and forced labour come from at least 136 different nations; and that women and girls account for 75-80% of the victims of this $32 billion industry. For centuries the social norms of impunity and silence have protected offenders and normalized violent behaviour in our midst. In many countries, even those that have signed UN treaties to protect the rights of [13] children and uphold the dignity of women, domestic violence is still not considered a crime. In Somalia a woman who was raped by security forces has been convicted of making false claims and ‘insulting the state’, as has the journalist who interviewed her. The problem seems intractable. Yet there are signs that global consciousness might be beginning to change, just as it did in relation to women’s political suffrage and slavery. Publicity surrounding the near-fatal attack on Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan, together with coverage of brutal gang rapes in India and South Africa [14] (which averages 154 rape cases a day, twice more than India), has drawn attention to this issue in powerful ways. It is encouraging to note that many of the recent demonstrations against violence have been led by young people. Over 200,000 young people demonstrated in Rangoon against child slavery; Nepalese youth hit the streets to condemn violence against women; marches against child labour and rape have been held across Asia and the subcontinent; and even more remarkably, young women in Bangladesh have created ‘child-marriage free zones’, refusing to accept the practice themselves and pledging protection for all girls in the area. This new self-conscious assertion of basic human rights suggests a growing sense of agency and empowerment among youth. Could it be that girls, who have been victims of the world’s inaction and indifference for so long, have decided that change will only happen if they make it happen themselves? At this time of the year, the UN holds two major commissions: one on social development and the other on the status of women (CSW). The theme for the first commission is empowering people living in poverty, while the theme for the second is eliminating violence against women and girls. Enabling young people to find their voices as advocates and activists is critical to achieving both these goals. Loreto is holding a workshop on effective advocacy practices to prevent human trafficking during the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) and sponsoring an indigenous Canadian activist, Diane Redsky, to speak at this event. More on that next time I write.

Recommendations 1.

Find out more about One Billion Rising;


Join the online campaigns of UNiTE to End Violence against Women


Follow preparations for the 57 Commission on the Status of Women

th 4.

Check out the website of the Working Group on Girls for useful examples of advocacy by girls on behalf of girls.

Anne Kelly ibvm/loreto UN Representative


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Closes 5pm Friday 13 June Drawn Saturday 14 June at the P&F gala ball Tickets can be purchased at reception or complete the form below and send to Loreto College Coorparoo Development Office PO Box 1726 Coorparoo DC QLD 4151 All proceeds directed to the Loreto College Capital Campaign Enquiries to Catherine Shipton Community Relations and Development Manager 07 3394 9957 or

I would like Mr



Mrs Miss Dr ___________

Name _____________________________

 Visa  Mastercard  Cash  Cheque* *Please make payable to Loreto College Coorparoo

Amount: $ Name on card:

Address ___________________________



Card Number:

State __________ Postcode __________

_ _ _ _ | _ _ _ _ | _ _ _ _ | _ _ _ _

Phone _____________________________

Expiry _ _ | _ _

Email ______________________________

Signature ______________________________

*TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. The College Fee Raffle is organised by Loreto College Coorparoo and all proceeds will be directed to stage one of the Capital Campaign. 2. The cost of each ticket is $20, or 3 tickets for $50. No more than 850 tickets will be sold. Multiple tickets may be purchased. The tickets are available upon completion of the ticket form, or sold in person. Payment must be made at the time of purchase. 3. Ticket sales are open to current parents, enrolled parents and friends of Loreto College. Membership of any Loreto College Coorparoo Association or association bodies, whether executive, or as a committee member, or otherwise, will not preclude participation in this raffle. 4. 1st prize is for one year’s College tuition fees, being for 2015 only, for a student accepted or enrolled at Loreto College Coorparoo. The prize does not include other supplementary activity such as Building Fund donation, P&F Association donation,

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

CCV No. _ _ _

excursions, camps, or any other items which may be included on the winner’s College account. If the winner so chooses, 1st prize may be donated to the College for our use as a Scholarship or Bursary. 2nd and 3rd prizes are each one $150 voucher from Weareco uniforms. Any correspondence about the vouchers use and expiry date will be between the winners of the vouchers and Weareco. The prizes will be drawn on Saturday 14 June 2014 at the P&F gala ball. The winner will be notified by telephone or email and their name and image will be published in the Loreto College Coorparoo newsletter. Any disputes or disagreements arising from the holding of the College Fee Raffle will ultimately be determined by the School Council. Once Council has made its determination, no other correspondence will be entered into. Prizes are not transferable to another year, another family or for cash.

Loreto College Newsletter 4 February 2014  

Loreto College Newsletter 4 February 2014

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