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T (07) 3394 9999 Absentee Line (07) 3394 9964 E W PO Box 1726 Coorparoo DC Qld 4151 ABN 73 602 851 304

Volume 18 - 11 June, 2013 Dear Parents and Students  Igna us offers us a li le tool, a five step prayer pa ern known as the “Examen”, to help us on our way each day.   

“A er business, I go to find myself in God.” (Mary Ward) 

Step 1:  


Step 2:  

     Searching for Light:

I pause to become a uned to all that I have received in my life today …...           the gi  of life itself …... the wonder of each breath …...  I  ask for what I long…… to be the best that I can… making the                                           most of my gi s…... 

Step 3:

   Examina on:  

How have  I  responded  to  God  today?......  Have  I  gathered  God’s  gi s  and  ignored  the         Giver?......  What barriers within me prevent me from being all that I would desire to be? 

Step 4:

      Contri on:  

Is there something in my day that created my anxiety, unease, pain, uncertainty?......    I share these worries with my God. 

Step 5:


I look forward with hope for tomorrow and gra tude for the gi s and              learning of today. 

NON‐STATE SCHOOLS ACCREDITATION BOARD CYCLIC REVIEW The Non‐State  Schools  Accredita on  Board  (the  “Board”)  is  an  independent  statutory  body  established  under  the  Educa on  (Accredita on of Non‐State Schools) Act 2001 (the “Act”) the objects of which are:  a) 

to uphold the standards of educa on at non‐State schools 


to maintain public confidence in the opera on of non‐State schools 


to foster educa onal choices in the State 


to provide the basis for the efficient alloca on of Government funding for non‐State schools. 

The Board’s responsibili es under the Act include:  a) 

assessing applica ons for provisional accredita on of new non‐State schools and deciding whether to provisionally accredit or not 


deciding whether provisionally accredited schools become accredited 


monitoring whether non‐State schools con nue to comply with the requirements for accredita on under the Act, including with  the prescribed accredita on criteria. 

To fulfil its role of monitoring whether the ongoing requirements for accredita on are being met, the Board has established a cyclical  review program.  The  program  involves  each  governing body  of  a  non‐State  school  demonstra ng  on  a  periodic  basis  that  the governing  body  and  the  school are con nuing to meet their responsibili es under the Act.     

Sincerity Jus ce

Freedom Sincerity

JUSTICE Verity Verity Freedom Felicity FELICITY

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Volume 18 - 11 June, 2013

As such, Loreto Coorparoo has just completed its Five Yearly Cyclical Review.  I am pleased to report the following summary finding:  “The Review Panel is sa sfied that all the requirements, as set out in the Non‐State Schools Accredita on Board Cyclical Review Program  Guidelines, as stated in the approved College Review Plan have been met.  The panel’s external validator commended the College for its  diligence in fulfilling these review requirements and giving sustained examples of commitment to high quality educa on, by all measures  within the Review process.”  I wish to thank Mrs Diane Bukowski (Chair of Council), Mrs Susan Milward (Parent Representa ve) and Mr Niall Coburn (Principal of Mary  MacKillop College, Nundah) for giving their  me and exper se to this important process.  RAFFLE WINNER It was with much an cipa on at the Great Gatsby Gala Ball, the winner of the 2014 tui on fees raffle was drawn.  Our congratula ons to  the Cochran family of Coorparoo!  The proceeds collected from the raffle will be directed to our Capital Campaign, Beyond Today.  Our upcoming capital works is the most significant undertaken in our recent history.  More informa on about this exci ng evolu on of  the College will be presented at our Master Plan Informa on Evening, Monday 17 June at 6.30pm.  Please RSVP by Wednesday 12 June  at .   


85 Years' Celebra on Raffle Winners: Kim and Shaun Cochran with daughters Courtney (10) and Rhiannon (8) accept one year's free tui on (2014)             from College Business Manager, Mr Noel Williams.   


To Rebecca Smith (Year 9) on her recent selec on to play in an U14 Queensland Water Polo team travelling to Sydney in July as  part of the East Coast Challenge.  Last season Rebecca was a member of the Loreto U15C.  We wish her every success. 


To the following students on their selec on to par cipate in the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University’s State Honours  Ensemble Program:  Madeline Blanchfied, Georgia Chris e, Ellen Cunningham, Lauren Gleed, Isabella Kirkman, Erin Leask, Fiona  McMahon, Alice Meimaris, Kate Milward, Lucy Nielson, Nicole Pinto, Melissa Roberts and Austen Whitewood. 


To Sr Elisabeth Keane IBVM on the loss of her brother Peter who passed away last weekend.  We pray for his wife Claire and for Sr  Elisabeth and her family at this  me of loss.  May he rest in God’s peace eternally.  Amen. 

                                                                                              Yours sincerely  Cheryl Hamilton Principal  






Volume 18 - 11 June, 2013

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Wednesday 12 June 

Year 11 & 12 Exams


Year 10 Music Recording Studio Excursion (2 Bands)


Round 5 BSGSA - Netball & Soccer


Debating Round 4 - Year 8

Thursday 13 June 

Year 12 QCS Practice

Friday 14 June 

Year 12 QCS Practice

Monday 17 June 

Launch of College Master Plan to Loreto Community

Wednesday 19 June 

Yr 11 & 12 Visual Art Excursion


Loreto Music Festival

Friday 21 June 

Interhouse Athletics Carnival


End of Term 2

Monday 15 July 

Friday 21 June Semester 1 Reports will be given to all students on their return to school after the Interhouse Athletics Carnival. It is not possible to issue Reports earlier as they are still being checked and printed. Reports of students absent that day will be mailed home during the holidays. Information about Parent/Student/Subject Teacher Interviews will be included

Staff Day

Tuesday 16 July

Tuesday 16 July


Term 3 Commences


Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews 10.00 am - 8.00 pm

Please Note that the Parent/Student/Subject Teacher Interview Day has been changed from Thursday 18 July to Tuesday 16 July.

Wednesday 17 July 

Round 6 - BSGSA Netball & Soccer


Debating - Preliminary Finals

Term 3 classes will commence on Wednesday 17 July

Friday 19 July 

Music Tour to Rockhampton


Year 11 English Excursion

Saturday 20 July 

Music Tour to Rockhampton

Sunday 21 July 

Music Tour to Rockhampton

Monday 22 July 

Music Tour to Rockhampton


Year 11 Physics Excursion


Year 9 BP Excursion


Year 10 Deportment Classes begin






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Volume 18 - 11 June, 2013

TÜà WxÑtÜàÅxÇà axãá Year 9’s paintings are a response to landscape in a style inspired by the Fauvist Painters. The students explored the Botanical Gardens and views of the Brisbane River and recorded their experiences of sight, sound, smell and touch through drawing and photography. Bold raw colour with heightened contrast and loose painterly brush strokes were used to create mood. Some of Leonie McCulkin - Art Coordinator their artwork is presented below.






Volume 18 - 11 June, 2013

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VtÜxxÜá axãá Year 10 Subject Selection Evening at the University of Queensland To assist students in their subject choices for Years 11 and 12, UQ is offering for the first time a Year 10 Subject Selection Evening. The evening will focus on Health Sciences, Engineering, ICT and Science. Date: 17 and 23 July 2013. More details are available on the UQ website:   

Design College, Australia - Open Day Saturday 15 June 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm DCA offers both post school programs and VET programs for school students, giving students a wide variety of options. With subject selections coming up and Year 12 students looking at their options for 2014, the DCA Open day is a great opportunity for students to go and check out the Campus and get a feel for how DCS programs work. The Open Day is being held at 200 Barry Parade, Fortitude Valley from 1 pm - 4 pm. Students and lecturers who are actually teaching and studying with DCA will be available for questions and answers. Photography and letterpress demonstrations are available throughout the day. Visit: Chris Rynne - Careers Coordinator

June Dally-Watkins Personal Development Programme June Dally-Watkins Brisbane would like to offer Loreto College Students $150 off when booking the Personal Development Program in the June/July or September school holidays. This course is designed for young ladies aged 13 - 18 years. You will receive a JDW School of Deportment - Personal Development Diploma at the conclusion of the course. 2013 course dates and times are 24 - 28 June, 1 - 5 July, 23 - 27 September, 9 - 13 December and 16 - 20 December 9.30am - 3.00pm. For Registration details email: Chris Cuskelly - Industry Placement Coordinator

`âá|v axãá Loreto Music Festival All students who have requested accompaniment by the official Festival Accompanist, please find the rehearsal schedule attached to this newsletter. If for some reason you cannot make your timeslot, or your name has been left off the list, please see Mr Langford or Mrs Carr in the Music Office urgently.

Catholic Colleges Music Festival – IMPORTANT DATE CLAIMER All parents of students in Loreto Ensembles please take careful note of the QCMF performance schedule published in this newsletter. Virtually all Loreto ensembles will be performing at this festival at some stage between Thursday 15 August and Sunday 18 August and attendance is expected.

Congratulations To all the Loreto students who have been selected to participate in the State Honours Ensemble Program for 2013. This well respected event brings together some of the finest young musicians in Queensland secondary schools. Positions are awarded based on nominations by school music teachers, with preference given to advanced students and those in older year levels. In addition to the thirteen students who have been accepted, we also have several girls on the reserve list. SHEP participants are Madeline Blanchfield, Georgia Christie, Ellen Cunningham, Lauren Gleed, Isabella Kirkman, Erin Leask, Fiona McMahon, Alice Meimaris, Kate Milward, Lucy Nielson, Nicole Pinto, Melissa Roberts, Austen Whitewood.

Instrument Security Could parents please ensure that their daughters instrument cases are named? This is particularly important with Guitars as most students have identical cases which causes frequent confusion. The easiest method is to use a plastic key/luggage tag attached to the zipper pull or an exterior strap on the case.

Music Tour Payment Parents of students who are attending the Music Tour in July are reminded that the balance payment of $700 was actually due last week. Please either phone Lesley Bongaarts win the College Office (3394 9903) with credit card details or send a cheque to the school urgently.

Recording Studio Over the past week all students in the Year 10 Music Classes have professionally recorded their original Pop/Rock compositions at Ghostgum Studios. It has been a fantastic experience for the girls and a real look inside the music industry! Thanks to Mrs Nielson and Ms Cohen for their work in helping the girls prepare and also accompanying the excursion groups.

Music Support Group All interested parents are invited to attend the Music Support Group meeting tomorrow night Wednesday 11 June, 7:30 pm in the Ben Langford - Director of Music Gonzaga Barry Building.

c 9 Y axãá Entertainment Books Last year’s Entertainment Book has now expired! We have a very limited number of the 2013/2014 Entertainment Books. To secure a copy of this year’s book, order on The new book is packed with hundreds of up to 50% off and 2-for-1.






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Volume 18 - 11 June, 2013

fv|xÇvx axãá Term Two is quickly drawing to a close. It has been a very eventful time in the Science Department with our students covering an amazingly broad range of topics under the fantastic tutelage of our teaching and laboratory staff. We had a very successful field trip to North Stradbroke Island with the Year 11 Biology girls – the weather was great and some very useful quantitative data was collected. Some exciting experimental work was done in the labs. The Year 11 Chemistry cohort carried out detailed analysis of water samples from around Brisbane to determine if the water types were suitable for their intended use, such as for drinking or swimming in. Some very surprising results were obtained! The Year 12 Physics class finalised some highly interesting and innovative extended experimental investigations. The topic was completely up to the girls, so a great variety of work was done. Model bridges were built and structurally load tested, electric motors were constructed and analysed for power output and torque, induction transformers were tested for efficiency and the resistive and thermodynamic properties of different electric conductors were investigated. Some of the class’s creations are presented here.

The Year 8 Junior Science classes had their first taste (figuratively speaking!) of chemistry, our Year 9s learned about tectonic theory and earthquakes while our Year 10s delved into how molecular and ionic compounds react chemically. The Year 12 Biology cohort have covered the complex realm of biochemistry, cell biology and human physiology. Our tenacious Year 12 Chemistry girls have just wrapped up what is undoubtedly the most challenging area of the course – dynamic chemical equilibrium. I commend them on the determined way they have negotiated this topic under the astute guidance of their teachers.

The Science Experience Is a three or four day hands on science activities program conducted by UQ, Griffith and QUT in late 2013/early 2014. It is open to students who are currently in Year 9 and 10. The program is designed to help students to make decisions about senior secondary and tertiary studies if they have an interest in the sciences. It is also a great opportunity to gain an insight into Uni life and meet like-minded students from all over Australia. If your daughter is interested, she can visit the website at: or see me at the College.

Year 11 Physics Dreamworld Excursion As part of the senior Physics Program, students in Year 11 will be visiting the Dreamworld theme park at Coomera on Monday 22nd July (early next term) to conduct experiments and apply what they have been studying in Kinematics, Dynamics and Mechanics to the features of the theme park. The data yielded from this outing and the concepts learned will contribute towards an extended response task for assessment. The cost for this excursion is covered within the fee structure of the school and so the only money that the students will need is for lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea, plus any spending money you deem appropriate. Details are as follows: 

After morning homeroom, students are to go immediately to the bus stop at the front of the College for a roll check


9.00 am students board bus and depart for Dreamworld.


2.15 pm students board bus and depart Dreamworld to return to Loreto in time for the normal end of the school day.

The students should: 

Wear neat, comfortable and appropriate clothing - especially sensible enclosed footwear, sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen


Bring a folder, paper, calculator, ruler and writing implements






Volume 18 - 11 June, 2013

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Bring a convenient backpack or other means for transporting their equipment


Bring a large water bottle

This is an important part of the senior physics course and as with any other school event, exemplary standards of behaviour and cooperation are expected at all times. If you require further information please contact me at the College on 3394 9999 or via . On Monday 22 July (excursion day) I can be contacted on the number 0400 577 669. Matthew Lourigan - Science Coordinator

hÇ|yÉÜÅ f{ÉÑ                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Please note that due to the Athletics Carnival the uniform shop will not be open on Friday 21st June.  

lxtÜ DE YÉÜÅtÄ                                                                                                                                                                                             When:

Saturday, 13th July, 2013


Grand Ballroom, Hilton Hotel, Elizabeth Street, City


7.00 pm -11.30 pm

A few reminders about the upcoming Formal. The pre-formal function for parents is from 7.00 pm until 8.00 pm in the foyer area of the Grand Ballroom on Level 5 of the Hilton. Parking is available at the Wintergarden complex at a flat weekend rate of $10. Access to this carpark is via Elizabeth Street. Professional photographers will be on-site from 6.30pm if parents wish to avail themselves of this service. The girls have been fully briefed about expectations of behaviour for themselves and partners on the evening. We ask that parents support us by escorting their daughters and partners to the venue at 7.00pm and then picking them up at 11.30pm. No one will be allowed to leave the venue before this time. We again remind you that the girls do not need additional forms of transport to get them to and from the venue. As you are aware, the College does not support the girls attending ‘post parties’. If this was to occur, we urge you to ensure planned and careful supervision as the safety of the girls is paramount. Please discuss this with your daughters. We look forward to sharing this special occasion with you. The countdown is definitely on. Annie Diamond - Year 12 Coordinator

lxtÜ DE ctÜxÇà W|ÇÇxÜ


The countdown is on! Once the girls immerse themselves in the glitz and glamour that is the Year 12 Formal, the parents will have the opportunity to indulge in some fun of their own. All Year 12 parents are invited to attend the popular Parent Dinner on Saturday 13 July, 8.15pm at Tattersall’s Club, $60pp. The night will follow the Formal pre-dinner drinks at the Hilton. The evening promises to deliver a glamorous night of celebration with fine food and fabulous company. Dinner will include a two course alternate drop menu, tea and coffee (cash bar only). The question on everyone’s lips… What will you be wearing? Ladies’ dress requirements are smart/business attire and the men are to wear a minimum of a long sleeved shirt, buttoned at the cuff and tucked into tailored pants, accompanied with enclosed shoes (sorry guys, no denim!). Discounted parking vouchers will also be available on request throughout the night. Bookings can be made online at and need to be made by Thursday 20 June 2013. Please contact Lisa Roberts to coordinate tables of 10 or to advise of your preferred seating Lisa Roberts 0402 682 978 Cathie Dennis 0402 093 619 Libby Oliver 0418 986 102 Let the fun begin! Lisa, Cathie & Libby - Year 12 Parent Representatives

lxtÜ DC `Éà{xÜBWtâz{àxÜ [|z{ gxt All Year 10 Parents are invited to attend a Mother and Daughter High Tea on Sunday 25 August at Vintaged, Hilton from 2.00 pm - 4.30 pm. The cost is $28 per person. Please be aware that numbers are limited to 110 guests so don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to share an afternoon with your daughter and other Mums in delightful surroundings. Please see flyer attached to this newsletter for more details. Katrina, Kim & Kylie Year 10 Parent Representatives






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Volume 18 - 11 June, 2013

fÑÉÜàá WxÑtÜàÅxÇà axãá BSGSA Sport Soccer This Week’s Draw - Round 5 Open A and Open C teams play at home Junior A and Junior C teams both play away at All Hallows at Carmichael Park, 175 Boundary Street, Tingalpa. Open A team versus All Hallows and Open C team versus Our Lady’s at Annerley Soccer Club, 98 Victoria Terrace, Annerley. If students are being picked up from Tingalpa, students must provide a signed note to Mr Jones, no later than the morning of the fixture. The away teams will return home @ 5:30pm depending on the traffic. The home games will finish at 5:00pm and students need to be picked up at the venue. Students are reminded to bring their uniform, shin pads, mouth guards and water bottles. Good luck! Mr Chris Jones - Coordinator

Soccer Results - Round 5 Mt St Michael's vs Loreto Open A 1 - 2 Our loss in Round 3 required us to rethink our strategies and to find a new formation against another strong opposition. Starting with our Captain Madi Andrews as centre mid and Emma Ball as centre forward was the first step, followed by the swap of Shannon O'Connor with Amerisa Xynias as centre defender. Amerisa did a very good job covering the very strong St Michael's striker. After fifteen minutes Carla Caputo as striker and Caitlin Orr as midfielder became more involved in the game which created numerous great scoring opportunities. Sam Papas, our goal keeper, did some outstanding saves and was player of the match. It was thanks to her excellent goal keeper abilities that we won the game. We started the second half with a nil - nil tie however, after five minutes Carla scored from a very short distance, followed shortly afterwards by the second goal, scored by Martia George. Stephanie Bellos had a few chances to increase our lead but luck eluded her in front of the goal. Talented Taili Beausang was outstanding in defence and gave the St Michael's best player, their left wing, no chance to get even close to score. A free kick, bouncing back from the goal post to the feet of one the opposition's attackers allowed them to score four minutes before the end of the game but we held out to celebrate a well-deserved victory. Congratulations to the whole team for an excellent performance. Richard Hamernik - Coach Brigidine vs Loreto 0 - 0 The Junior C girls for the first time didn't concede a goal which shows they are improving defensively. The Junior C soccer girls all gave 100% effort and were unlucky not to score a goal with the chances they created. Well done! Luke Duncan - Coach

Hockey This Week’s Draw - Round 5 All games today have been cancelled due to wet weather.

Hockey Results - Round 4 Open A – Had a Bye OPEN B A complacent Loreto B team took the field against Brigidine for the second time in the competition. The team expected the opposition to roll over as was the case in the previous game. Wild shots on goal and fumble feet cost Loreto at least four to five goals in the first half, where the team only managed to lead at half time one goal to nil. The second half saw a return to basic form with the team running away with the ball and scoring a further seven unanswered goals for an 8 - Nil victory. Well done! Ian Honour - Coach Congratulations to the Open B (all Year 8 team) on their third successive win for the season. They are showing they are unstoppable with convincing wins 9 – 0, 4 –1 and 8 – 0. Good luck next week against Mt St Michael’s B. Alan Lane-Richardson - Hockey Coordinator







Volume 17 - 4 June, 2013

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Netball IMPORTANT REMINDER: There will be netball training next week but there are no BSGSA games. All training will commence on Tuesday 16 July and games on the first week in Term 3 on 17 July. Please Note: There will be no training for Year 10 B and C teams on Friday morning 21 June due to the Athletics Carnival.

This Week’s Draw: All games today have been cancelled due to wet weather. Netball Results 5 June OPEN A - Were defeated by Lourdes Hill 26 - 16 We have had some tough competition for our first three rounds of the season; which will stand us in good stead for the second half of the season. I am pleased to report that the girls had a great game on Wednesday, despite going down to a strong opposition. Our centre court work was strong and delivered plenty of possession to the circle. Lourdes Hill’s defenders were a talented combination who made it very difficult for our shooters to finish off. Sam Firrell did a particularly good job of contesting for the ball. Melissa Roberts took some impressive defensive rebounds. As a team, the girls played with a determination that saw us build in momentum to win the last quarter. Coach - Mrs Meg Logan OPEN B - Defeated Mary McKillop College and by showing their dominance on court, the girls dictated the entire game playing with structure and patience. The entire defensive effort of the team really put the pressure on their opponents who couldn't keep up, allowing Loreto to work the ball down into the shooters. Special mention to Chiara and Abbey for their accuracy and confidence in the circle. Great work girls! Coach - Larissa Hughes OPEN C - Defeated Mt St Michaels with a 23 – 11 win. All the girls played well. Keep up the good work. Coach - Karen Holaham OPEN D - The girls played a great game against San Sisto and as a result came away with a winning score of 35 – 10. Both of our shooters, Hannah Dalton and Rebecca Gray, were very accurate and worked well together. Jacqueline West played well in defence. Awesome work girls, very proud of you all. Coach - Brittany Holaham INTERMEDIATE A - Were in much better form this week and had a 23 -18 win against Mt Alvernia. Determination and a desire to improve on last week’s game certainly paid off. Hopefully this will carry through to the rest of their games, with more wins. Coach - Magdaleine Ryan INTERMEDIATE B - The girls notched their first victory of the season, defeating San Sisto College 39 – 9. Defence was superb at each end of the court and our shooters proved too strong in the attacking circle, making every opportunity count. Special mention to Megan Laycock and Sarah O'Shea for doing an excellent job as a replacement shooter and circle defender. Coach - Bridget O’Connor INTERMEDIATE C - With two players missing, the girls tried their best to break Lourdes Hill’s very accurate shooting and play down the court. Unfortunately it was our first loss of the season, and the team was defeated 32 - 9. The game was instrumental in highlighting some weaknesses, which now known, are easily able to be improved upon by the end of season. A special mention should be extended to the consistent efforts Tiana showed in the game. Hopefully the next one is a win. Coach - Ashleigh O’Connor INTERMEDIATE D – Defeated Our Lady’s very comfortably against this week, winning 60 - 5. The girls are continuing to improve and are becoming extremely successful players. All girls played very well in their respective positions, with a couple of girls having to play a new position due to injuries. I am very impressed with their determination and teamwork! I am looking forward to seeing what else they can achieve for the remainder of the 2013 season. Coach - Emma Macleod INTERMEDIATE E - Defeated Lourdes Hill 21 - 16. After a slow start to the game the girls pulled together in the last quarter for a convincing win. It was pleasing to see the improvement from last week with strong drives and re-offers from all players. Well done girls and good luck for next week! Coach - Briony Logan INTERMEDIATE F (1) - Defeated Lourdes Hill 26 -19. A good effort by all girls with some outstanding defensive play from Jamie and Isabella. Well done! Coach - Kate Mullens INTERMEDIATE F (2) - The girls worked hard again this week, defeating Mt Alvernia. The attacking players worked hard to keep a nice flow down the court throughout most of the game. Farren Buckley was an excellent example, who was not only always there for the attackers but also came up with many intercepts in defence. Overall fabulous work girls, keep it up! Coach - Hannah Fowler JUNIOR A - While the girls were beaten by some exceptionally talented netballers in the Brigidine side, the team showed great determination, maintaining their composure and playing very well in some tough circumstances. Special thanks to Emily Lowe for stepping up and doing a great job umpiring for our team. Coach - Lyn Dixon






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Volume 18 - 11 June, 2013

JUNIOR B - The accomplishment of winning and the excitement and celebrations that followed last week’s game allowed the girls to go into Round 3 with confidence and determination. This was evident right from the start, with an 8 - 2 lead at the end of the first quarter. The girls stayed strong and united as a team and despite a slow third quarter, they were able to stay composed and finish the game off well. I was pleased with the effort of every girl this week with special mention going to Gabby Miotti and Brooke Fletcher whose attack play encompassed the skills developed in training. Overall a fantastic game by the girls with demonstrations of improvement throughout the court. Coach - Clare Gill JUNIOR C – Had a difficult match this week, and were defeated by Lourdes Hill. Terrific work in the shooting circle by Kate Pertnikovs, Despina Grespos and Maggie Healy, and brilliant defence by Georgia Hocking. Coach - Stephanie Esprester JUNIOR D – Had a great success and defeated St Rita’s by a whopping 21 - 2. All girls displayed great improvement from the beginning of the season, showing outstanding defence all the way down the court, as well as excellent feeds into the circle to the shooters. Outstanding efforts were made by Rachael and Victoria who were both superstars playing down both ends of the court. Another special mention to Caitlin for showing versatility and making an excellent defence player. Keep it up girls. Coaches - Sarah Pettiford and Jacqui Gold

Athletics Training for Athletics began this week. There will be a training session at QE11 directly after school for all disciplines on Tuesday 18 June. A bus will take the girls to the QE11 stadium and return to Loreto College at 5.30pm. Training times at Loreto are as follows: Middle Distance Thursday 13 & 20 June 6.45am - 8.00am & 3.30pm - 4.45pm & Monday 17 June 3.30pm - 4.45pm Sprints Monday 17 June & Thursday 13 & 20 June 3.30pm - 4.45pm Throws Thursday 13 & 20 June 6.45 am - 8.00am Long Jump Friday 14 June 6.45am - 8.00am Hurdles Friday 14 June Lunchtime. Triple Jump Tuesday 18 June 6.45am - 8.00am There will be a Holiday Training program for Athletics at the end of Term 2.

Pre-carnival Field Events in Shot Put and Long Jump The Shot Put and Long Jump events will be held at school prior to the carnival. We do not have enough time or space for these events on the day. Students competing must be in correct PE uniform including cap and shoes. We encourage all girls to participate and earn points for their house. The dates are as follows: Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12

– -– – –

Wednesday 19 June Period 6 & 7 Tuesday 18 June Period 3 & 4 Tuesday 18 June Period 5 & 6 Friday 14 June Period 5 & 6 Thursday 20 June Period 1 & 2

Meg Stevens - Director of Sport

Athletics Carnival A reminder that students will be attending the Interhouse Carnival on Friday 21 June at the University of Queensland track. This is the last Interhouse sporting event for the year. All students are expected to attend to support their house and participate in events. Magazines, I pods and the like are NOT permitted. Students are to wear correct school sports uniform to and from school, including normal sports runners and cap and can change into house colours once they arrive at school. Students will travel to and from the carnival by bus and will receive their reports when they return to school in the afternoon. If any student is not able to be here on Friday, 21 June, her report will be posted home. Students who are unable to participate for medical reasons are to see Ms Carty with a note prior to the carnival date and will be issued with a job on the day. There will be limited canteen facilities but it is strongly advised that each student brings her own lunch. Students should ensure they have a Loreto Sports hat, sunscreen and water bottle. Students are asked to ensure that they also come prepared for potentially overcast and windy weather conditions with warm clothes (Loreto Jumper), spare shoes, socks and shirt, rain jacket and/or umbrella. Helen Carty, Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care






Volume 18 - 11 June, 2013

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gâv~á{ÉÑ eÉáàxÜ

_|uÜtÜç eÉáàxÜ Library Roster Volunteers

Tuckshop Volunteers Monday 17 June ‐ Friday 21 June

Monday 17 June ‐ Friday 21 June

Monday 17 June: Kerrie Bull, Louise Roberts, Gigi Sagner,  Kathy Kwan      Tuesday 18 June: Paula Freedman, Judith Beganovic, Dana  Rooney, Lore a Scaini‐Clarke Wednesday 19 June: Millie Coorey, Maureen Robb, Fiona  Greenwood, Helen Usher            Thursday 20 June: Brenda Sco , Angela Papanotoniou, Toni  Toohey, Geraldine O’Brien                      Friday 21 June: Athle cs Carnival

Monday 17 June: Katrina Leech, Sharyn Luton, Kerri Fletcher, Teena  McGuire Tuesday 18 June:                                                                                Kim Cochran, Loredana Rooney, Naomi Jansen                                Wednesday 19 June: Karen Meimaris, Barb Laycock, Julie Bland Thursday 20 June: Jane Haswell, Margaret Yee, Catherine Crocker, Mary  Special of the Day ‐ $3.80 McMahon Friday 21 June: Monday 17 June: Ham, Cheese & Pineapple Pizza Athle cs Carnival Tuesday 18 June:           Minestrone Soup and Garlic Bread                                                                                                                     

Wednesday 19 June: Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps                                                                                                                                                                            Thursday 20 June: Bu er Chicken and Rice                                                                                                                                                   Friday 21 June:               Athle cs Carnival                                                                         

aÉà|vxá B UâÄÄxà|Çá Have Your Say as part of the Working Parents Research Project Researchers from the University of Queensland are looking for working parents to take part in a survey looking at the effects of working life on Queensland children and families. We are particularly interested in Fly-in/Fly-out (FIFO) and Drive-in/Drive-out (DIDO) workers but value and encourage input from all kinds of working parents. The survey will only take around 30-45 minutes to complete. Your involvement will help the field to learn more about the effects of different work circumstances and settings on children and families. Your participation will also assist in developing ways to properly support working parents in the future. Are you a working parent? Do you have a child aged between 2 and 12 years? Are you willing to provide 30-45 minutes of your time? For further information and to take part in the survey, please visit: All participating parents will be eligible to enter a draw to win 1 of 10 $100 Coles/Myer gift cards!

Fascinate - Young Writers’ Competition Mount Gravatt PCYC in association with the Garden City Library and Year 11 students from Macgregor State High School present the “Fascinate” Young writers competition Awards ceremony for the 8th year running. “Fascinate” Young Writers Festival is a FREE opportunity for all young people aged 8 - 18 to use their creativity to produce a piece of original writing in the categories: poetry or short story. The Award ceremony celebrates the young peoples’ work, various entries are read during the ceremony and all young people receive a certificate of participation and a printed copy of the booklet produced. All entries are due on 8 July and need to be emailed electronically to Young people who entered the competition compete in three age groups 1) Junior 8 -11 years of age; 2) Upper primary/Lower Secondary 12 – 14 years of age and 3) Seniors 15 -18. Prizes will be awarded to the best story in each category and will be announced. These will be presented at an Awards ceremony which is being held at the Garden City Library on August 22 at 6.00pm. For more information about “Fascinate” 2013 contact Jeanette McGhee at the Mount Gravatt PCYC call 07 3420 4655 or email,






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Volume 18 - 11 June, 2013

St Catherine’s School Fete We wish to invite all past St Catherine’s students and families to celebrate the school’s 40th anniversary at their annual Fete, on Sunday 16 June, at 388 Newnham Road Wishart. For more details see website

“Brissie to the Bay” Bike Ride - Fundraising for MS Australia On Sunday 23 June I will be riding 50 km in the 2013 “Brissie to the Bay” bike ride to support people living with Multiple Sclerosis. I am lucky enough to be able to take part in this ride, however many people with MS cannot even walk, let alone enjoy riding a bike. I have committed to raise $2500 to make my personal contribution to fight MS. Please help support my fundraising efforts by sponsoring my ride. Simply click on the link below to view my fundraising page and make a donation: Thank you to those who have already purchase raffle tickets, with funds all going to this worthy cause. Your support is greatly appreciated. Georgia Klinakis – Year 11 student

Does your child suffer asthma or eczema? Every day, thousands of Australian children suffer the effects of asthma and eczema and families struggle with illness management and children’s behavioural and emotional adjustment. Positive Parenting for Healthy Living is an adaptation of the successful Triple P- Positive Parenting Program offering practical ideas and support for parents of children suffering asthma or eczema. This innovative group program is designed to help parents manage their child’s illness, assist children in coping with their illness and emotions, and prevent and manage difficult child behaviour. Over the next few months and for a limited time only, parents of 3 - 10 year old children suffering asthma or eczema are able to access Positive Parenting for Healthy Living Triple P as part of a University of Queensland research project. Parents will be able to attend the program free of charge, and will be asked to complete 3 sets of assessment measures (questionnaire, symptom diary, and family observation) over a 6 month period, as part of the study. Contact Amy Mitchell on (07) 3365 7305 or email, or visit

Antipodeans Abroad - GapBreak Student & Parent Information Night A reminder that Antipodeans Abroad are hosting a Gapbreak Information Night on Tuesday 18 June. Students and parents will find information about travelling and volunteering on a GapBreak after Year 12. Details are as follows: Venue: The Bleeding Heart Café, 66 Ann Street, Brisbane Time: 6.30pm - 7.30pm For free registration go to: or contact Ryan Tease e:

Worldwide Marriage Encounter Attention A weekend away for married couples in peaceful, picturesque surroundings – away from the distractions of everyday living. Take time out of your busy schedule, to invest in your most precious asset . . . your Marriage! This is a unique opportunity to recharge your relationship batteries, refocus on each other and fall in love all over again! Weekend date: 6th – 8th September 2013 Venue: Santa Teresa, Ormiston QLD For bookings/details contact: Tamara and Scott Menteith, ph (07) 4634 3559,

Attention Year 8 and Year 10 Parents Brisbane City Council, Queensland Health and Queensland University of Technology researchers are conducting an online survey in conjunction with the school-based vaccination program in 2013. While all vaccines on the National Schedule have an excellent safety profile and reactions following immunisation are reported by health professionals to Queensland Health to ensure ongoing safety, relatively few reports come from parents and young people. This survey hopes to gain parents’ perspectives on reactions experienced by students after being vaccinated and also hopes to identify any differences between reactions experienced by boys and those by girls. This will enable Queensland Health to tailor the information given to parents prior to the school-based vaccination clinics. If you would like to participate in the survey, or would like further information, please go to the following web address: If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Damian Gray, Public Health Nurse, Metro North Public Health Unit on (07) 3142 1800.






Volume 18 - 11 June, 2013

Page 13 Rehearsal Schedule: Tuesday 18 June







10:00  10:10  10:20  10:30  10:40  10:50  11:00  11:10  11:20  11:30  11:40  11:50  12:00     12:10  12:20     12:25  12:30  12:35  12:40  12:50  12:55  1:05  1:10  1:20  1:35 

Ella  Mia  Isabella  Sophie  Break  Mary  Lily  Rinae  Chloe  Break  Madeleine  Isabella  Isabella  Madeleine  Break  Sophie  Aimee  Olivia  Lydia  Daniella 

Smyth  Knudsen  Cehajic  Ware     Savva  Devine  Ganiatsos  Schmidt     Dinnen  Kirkman  Kirkman  Dinnen     Capell  Conwell  Wintour  Weir  Pham 

8  8  9  9     10  10  10  11     12  12  12  12     8  8  8  8  9 

Blue  White  Green  Gold     Green  Blue  Gold  Green     Green  Green  Green  Green     White  White  Blue  Red  Gold 

Vocals  Vocals  Vocals  Vocals     Vocals  Vocals  Vocals  Vocals     Vocals  Vocals  Vocals  Vocals     Flute  Flute  Clarinet  Clarinet  Violin 

April Break  Charlo e  Sophia  Violet  Fiona  Hannah 

Lopez-Vaquero    Coorey  Clarke  Chan  McMahon  Radvan 

9    8  10  9  12  11 

White    Gold  Gold  Gold  Red  Green 

Baritone Sax    Alto Sax  Violin  Saxophone  Violin  Flute 

QCFM Schedule Loreto Music Festival Program Ensemble


Arrival Time

Performance Time


Sec on

Guitar Ensemble Two  Junior Choir  Guitar Ensemble One 

Thursday 15 Aug  Thursday 15 Aug  Thursday 15 Aug 

4:22 PM  5:27 PM  7:01 PM 

5:00 PM  6:00 PM  7:39 PM 

Augus ne Centre  St James Church  Augus ne Centre 

GE1B CH1B(1)  GE1A 

Flute Ensemble Two 

Friday 16 Aug 

12:29 PM 

1:07 AM 



Saturday 17 Aug  Saturday 17 Aug  Saturday 17 Aug  Saturday 17 Aug  Saturday 17 Aug  Saturday 17 Aug  Saturday 17 Aug 

9:35 AM  10:14 AM  11:19 AM 

10:13 AM  10:52 AM  12:00 PM 


12:21 PM  2:05 PM 

12:54 PM  2:46 PM 

Veritas Veritas  Augus ne Centre  St James Church  Augus ne Centre 

CH1A(1) PE1A (1) 

3:13 PM  5:55 PM 

3:55 PM  6:36 PM 

Goold Hall  Augus ne Centre 

CB1C(1) JB1A 

Sunday 18 Aug  Sunday 18 Aug  Sunday 18 Aug  Sunday 18 Aug  Sunday 18 Aug  Sunday 18 Aug 

10:05 AM  11:25 AM  12:35 PM 

10:50 AM  12:05 PM  1:20 PM 

Villanova Quad  Augus ne Centre 


1:43 PM  2:33 PM  6:12 PM 

2:16 PM  3:13 PM  6:54 PM 

Flute Ensemble One  Clarinet Ensemble  Percussion Ensemble Two  Senior Choir  Percussion Ensemble One  Concert Band Two  Jazz Ensemble  Exit Stage Le   String Ensemble  Sorelle  Chorale  Symphony Orchestra  Concert Band One 




Villanova Quad  St James Church  Augus ne Centre  Augus ne Centre 


VE1A(2) FO1A  CB1A(2) 


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Volume 18 - 11 June, 2013

Loreto College Coorparoo Contact: Lesley Bongaarts Phone: 33949999  Fax:     Email:  Name:_____________________________________________Phone:____________________Mobile:______________________  Address:________________________________________________________________________State:______Postcode:_______  I would like to order____ x Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Surrounds @ $65 each (including GST)               $_______  I would like to order____ x Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales @ $55 each (including GST)      $_______   I will collect the Book  



ORDER NOW SECURELY ONLINE: True h ps:// Payment type:  c   CASH    c  VISA    c  MASTERCARD    Credit Card number: __ __ __ __ /__ __ __ __ /__ __ __ __ /__ __ __ __     Expiry date: ___ ___ /___ ___ CVV*: ______ *CVV is the last 3 digits on back   

      of your credit card) 

Cardholder’s name:_______________________________________ Signature:________________________________________  Thank you for suppor ng Loreto College Coorparoo 20% from each Book sold contributes to school Fundraising.






Please join us for the

Year 12 Parent Dinner Saturday 13 July at 8.15pm Following photos & pre-dinner drinks at the Hilton

Tattersall’s Club Tattersall’s Arcade 215 Queen St, Brisbane Price - $60pp / cash bar RSVP 20 June To book please go to:

or click on the link above

Lisa Roberts - M: 0402 682 978 E:

Personal Style Workshop for Girls in Year 10 to be held at Loreto College Dates and Times for 2013

COST: $120 all-inclusive

Monday afternoons July 22nd and 29th August 5th and 12th

3.30pm to 6.00pm

Diploma presented to each student. Notes given for each class. All make-up and products used in class are supplied.

The Course Content has been designed to build self confidence and make girls realise that they can be successful in every walk of life. DEPORTMENT: Correct method shown for sitting, standing, walking and stairs. Each girl is individually assessed and then advised how carry her body with style and grace. MAKE-UP: An individual make-up will be done in class and each girl will be shown how to apply products for her particular features.

SKIN CARE: A skin care procedure is done in class for each student, using products to suit the individual skin type.

HAIR CARE: Knowledge of hair care, products, equipment and styling techniques all taught. NAIL CARE: Manicure done in class plus hand and feet care. TABLE MANNERS: Guidelines to follow on all occasions for both social and business life. TOP TO TOE GROOMING: Girls are taught to improve their overall appearance and appreciate that the way they project themselves to others does matter.

JOB INTERVIEWING: What to wear, manners, what to take, questions you will be asked etc.  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ BOOKING FORM: Please return this to the Loreto Office in an envelope marked “Personal Style” with full payment

by Friday 14th June. Cheques payable to Elizabeth Wilson. Netbank payments: Account Name: Wilson Westpac BSB 037146 A/c 992339. Please put your daughter’s name and Loreto on transaction description. Print receipt and attach to this form or fax to 55431157 or email receipt and details to

Please print clearly

NAME of STUDENT ................................................................................................................. ADDRESS ........................................................................................................................................... Phone ............................

Mobile...........................................Year Level .......................

Email (for booking confirmation) ………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Name and Signature of Parent or Guardian …………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Year 10 Mother & Daughter High Tea Sunday 25th August

Venue: Time:

Vintaged, Hilton Brisbane 2.00pm-4.30pm


$28.00 per person


Champagne /glass of juice or iced tea on arrival Ribbon Sandwiches, scones, petit fours, juice, tea and coffee


Monday 19th August Note: Numbers limited to 110 guests


Payment only by Credit card through trybooking .com using the following link By using this link it will go straight to the “buying a ticket page� for this event.

Dietary Requirements:

Please email Katrina on for any specific dietary requirements.

We look forward to you joining us. If you have any queries, our contact Details are: Kim Devine 0402744303 Katrina Capelli 0403356822 Kylie Crone 0433377563

The Australian Childhood Vision Impairment Register The Australian Childhood Vision Impairment Register is hosted by the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children and is the first national register of children in Australia with vision impairment. The Register has been collecting data since 2009, and this data is providing important information about the types of eye disease and vision disorders children have and the support they need. The data is also used by service providers and researchers. Data is stored securely and no child can be identified in any way when the data is released. How can families register their child? Families are invited to register their child (aged 0-18 years) if they have vision impairment in both eyes which has been diagnosed by an eye specialist or ophthalmologist. Registration can be done by contacting Register staff on (02) 9872 0303, or by visiting the VI Family Network website at: This website also contains low vision resources and events that families might find helpful.

The VI Family Network This is the website which supports the Australian Childhood Vision Impairment Register. Families can use the website to complete online registration. The website also provides information on eyes and vision; family support; education and related issues; braille and low vision aids; technology supporting vision impairment; newsletters from Australian low vision agencies and support groups, useful websites; and news and events that might interest families across Australia. Australia. The website also hosts a parent forum where families can meet and chat with one another, share their stories and get advice. As the Australian Childhood Vision Impairment Register grows the understanding of Australian childhood vision impairment becomes more accurate, accurate, and hopefully gives these children and their families a voice.

Sue Silveira Research Fellow, Renwick Centre Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (02) 9872 0248

11 june 2013  

Loreto College Newsletter 11 June 2013

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