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New provost and vice president, Dr. Chioma Ugochukwu, wants to see students flourish BY AISLINN WALSH & EVA SOLER Assistant News Editor & Staff Writer


Dr. Chioma Ugochukwu

On Feb. 1, 2019, Dr. Chioma Ugochukwu began her position as the new Provost and Vice President of Cabrini University. Ugochukwu was enthralled by Cabrini’s commitment to living out its social justice values and its education of the heart. She is committed to not only seeing students succeed academically and socially, but wants to see them experience character and moral development. Ugochukwu grew up in Nigeria into a loving and close-knit family of eight which included her mother, father and five brothers.  As the only girl in her family, Ugochukwu accompanied her five brothers in various adventures, like climbing trees, which resulted in scars that she still has today.

Protest shy: other ways to make your voice heard BY CHRIS GIACOBBE Staff Writer Protesting is probably the most common way to learn about a cause. For most people, protests are usually what turn causes with a big support into causes with huge support. They help visualize the support that is behind a cause as well and strengthen the community as a whole with a common goal. Protests are a great way for a group of people to have their voice heard. But what about the voices of people who don’t feel comfortable going out and shouting and storming the front gates of the White House? The voices of people who are just as enthusiastic as those protesting but just do not feel comfortable being the front lines. As good as protests are and as much help that they provide for society, they aren’t for everybody. Luckily for the people who are a little protest shy, there are plenty of alternatives to having their voices heard. For starters, you could write letters to your local paper and have what you’ve been experiencing brought to the eyes of the public. Similarly, you could  email your elected representatives giving them a piece of your mind, respectfully. It’s always important to remain respectful to elected officials since they’ll be more likely to take your problems seriously by being professional. Also going to public events like school or county board meetings are both very good ways to share your thinking with people closer in your community. This would be a good al-

She noted that the community was everything in her village was changing. Her neighbors were more like extended family members. “Neighbors would stop by without even calling. The kids would play in the streets and have dinner or lunch at friend’s houses,” Ugochukwu said. “It was really fun, I enjoyed it a lot.” After receiving a bachelor’s in dramatic arts and master’s degree in Mass Communications from the University of Nigeria, Ugochukwu worked at three newspapers taking on various roles from a political reporter, editor and columnist. Ugochukwu noted that while it was “eye opening,” it proved to be a challenging environment to work in as a woman. She recalled a time when she was in a group meeting to interview a politician she was asked to leave to grab food when it was her turn to ask the

politician a question. “Living through that made me realize that I had to be strong, made me realize I had to be focused,” Ugochukwu said. “That I had to understand who I was and that I couldn’t let the traditional or whatever anyone was thinking about my role to determine my future.” Afterwards, she moved to England to take courses at Coventry University towards a Master of Philosophy degree in Media, Culture and Communication. Through her brother’s influence, who was living in the U.S. at the time, Ugochukwu decided that she wanted to pursue a doctorate degree in journalism. She felt that the University of Texas-Austin offered the best program and moved to the U.S. to begin the program. CONTINUE READING ON PAGE 2

Walking alongside of the people: my experience in a Guatemalan town BY ANGELINA CAPOZZI Assistant News Editor

ternative to protesting if you’re dealing with a smaller scale problem. A problem where you’d like your voice to be heard but can’t simply start a protest because of something as small as a parking lot being painted the wrong way. “As a writer and teacher, I personally think that while protesting can be effective, that conversation or conversation through art is better and can have a greater impact,” Christina Rosso, engagement for the common good lecturer at Cabrini, said. “There is a chaos to a lot of protests that turns me off from it, I also don’t like being in large crowds. Sitting down faceto-face with someone or in a small group and simply listening to people’s ideas is where, in my opinion, true change can occur. It’s more intimate, and allows for an actual conversation, where each side or each person has a chance to respond. Building houses for the community, or even simply learning more about organizations like Habitat for Humanity, brings awareness to this issue. It creates a conversation that has been, in my opinion, severely lacking.” Another great way to have your voice recognized by your community is by none other than community service itself. Say you feel like homelessness in your area is going unnoticed and not enough people care. CONTINUE READING ONLINE

One group, one goal, one week, with a and kissing my cheek with sad expression chance to make an impact not on just the of wanting to play longer. This small interpeople in Guatemala but on ourselves. action impacted me. I felt so much love for A week in Guatemala taught me more these girls, I didn’t want to let them out of about compassion, love and solidarity my arms. than I’ve learned in my entire life. Going You may ask where were their parents? in to this trip, I was concerned about my In Guatemala parenting is very different. Spanish. I spoke little to no Spanish and CONTINUE READING ON PAGE 6 wanted to connect with the people but knew the difficulties. Connecting with someone does not have to be through words but with intention and emotion. Nancy and Hamemmia, both Mayan children around 5 years old, knew I could not communicate the way I wanted to. Yet simple actions like running around the circular flower beds playing tag showed the girls enough to trust me and that my intentions were pure. We played and laughed at silly things. They ran and tackled me to the ground giggling uncontrollably. Nancy offered me a lick of her huge blue lollipop, and at that moment I realized this 5-year-old who was coming from a developing country, with little in material goods to offer, still wanted to give me everything. I wanted to give both girls the world, but I knew money or candy were not going to make an impact. In the end I’m just one person who went to Guatemala and would be back in the United States in a week. But now I had the experiences to share and a voice that would deANGELINA CAPOZZI/ASSISTANT NEWS EDITOR mand to be listened to. When it was time for me to leave, both girls kept hugging me Nancy & Hamemmia at the women’s center






The Loquitur student newspaper and website are integral parts of the educational mission of the Cabrini communication department, namely, to educate students to take their places in the public media. Loquitur Media provides a forum of free expression. All members of the university community may submit work to the editors for possible inclusion. Publication is based on the editorial decision of the student editors.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR The Loquitur accepts letters to the editors. They should be less than 500 words, usually in response to a current issue on Cabrini University’s campus or community area and are printed as space permits. Name, phone number and address should be included with submissions for verification purposes. All letters to the editors must be e-mailed to loquitur@ cabrini.edu



Taking a look into the progress women have made throughout the years Women’s history month is important to society. Women have accomplished an immense amount in the past two centuries. The stereotype that women cannot do what men can do is simply not true; some women can do things better than some men. It is important to celebrate women and all of their accomplishments in life. Over 100 years ago, on March 19, 1911, the first International Women’s Day was celebrated. In 1975, the United Nations adopted the holiday and, since then, has been acting as the primary sponsor of the day by celebrating “acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.” March 8 is recognized as International Women’s Day in most countries, but some combine this day with a Mother’s Day celebration. In some countries this day is meant as a day of protest. In others, it is a way to celebrate the accomplishments of women and promote gender equality. International Women’s day is important because it promotes the idea and desire for future generations to not have to feel that way. The month of March is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of women. It is important to celebrate women and everything that they have accomplished. Women have come so far in history. In the past, generations of women have had to fight for what they have today. Women are still not looked at as equals. For centuries, they have been seen as inferior to men. They are constantly being doubted, misjudged and oppressed, but all throughout history, women have proven that they are way more than men believed them to be. Women around the world, especially women of color, have been fighting for

years to gain things like equal pay, equitable social status and fair treatment as a human being. During this women’s history month, it is important to also highlight how far women have come and how hard they have fought to blaze a trail for future generations. Mothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, friends and grandmothers wake up everyday in a world that has tried to oppress them and they have kept fighting. That is what everyone should remember during women’s history month. Women have accomplished and continue to contribute to the world in multiple aspects.


Now, women have broken through countless stereotypes and have shown time and time again that they can be whatever they want to be. Women are in the senate, House of Representatives, they are governors, mayors and running for president. Without women we would be nowhere.

Women have helped to evolve this world and especially this country, throughout the course of time. Women have equally contributed to help make the United States great. Although there have been some bumps along the way, the courage and strength to stand together and fight for equality has never wavered. Women really can not go back in time and experience any sense of equality. From the first women’s suffrage movement to now, women have made incredible strides in history. It is so important to keep women and girls alike empowered, confident in themselves and remind them that they have power in society. In 2018 and 2019, women have dominated and crushed all of the stereotypes. Women all over the world are winning awards that people never thought they would win before, obtaining titles that people never thought they could obtain before, taking on roles that people never thought they could handle before and making a mark on the world that nobody could have predicted before. This month is dedicated to honor women of all ethnicities, colors and background. Women have broken glass ceilings in business, science, music; almost every ceiling that can be broken. They have a distance to become fully equal in the eyes of all men, but they are closer than they were 10 years ago, 20 years ago and further. More women than ever before have become involved in politics and are making history in so many ways. When has there been a moment where women weren’t put down? There has been constant undertone of disrespecting women for a very long time. Sexism has also been recurring in this current time period. Women are put down for their strength, ability, determination and responsibility. To have a month dedicated to women demonstrates that the world is advancing to equality. However, they are not done.

New provost and vice president, Dr. Chioma Ugochukwu, wants to see students flourish Her years pursuing her doctorate proved to be some of the busiest years of her life. She balanced her time between her two young daughters, her doctorate classes and her job as a teacher’s assistant. In her spare time, she was applying for scholarships and fellowships to help cover the costs as an international student.   Fortunately, culture shock wasn’t something Ugochukwu ever encountered moving to the U.S. as Nigeria had been previously been colonized by England. Much of the education system  and pop culture was heavily influenced by Western civilization. In fact, English is the main language in Nigeria. After receiving her doctorate, she moved on to work in various academic settings from women’s colleges to state schools  and Catholic schools. The driving force behind her actions as an educator is seeing students succeed and grow morally and socially.   The search for the provost was nationwide. Many contenders later, Cabrini chose her.  Ugochukwu has an incredible background that competes with very few. In a press release following the approval of Ugochukwu, Cabrini President Donald Taylor praises Ugochukwu. “Dr. Ugochukwu demonstrates the vital expertise and dedication that is pivotal for integrating Cabrini’s mission with a continued commitment to academic excellence and student success,” Taylor said. Ugochukwu says that all of her work leads her to her impact, that that’s all she wants to do is be impactful. This is what stands out to Cabrini as a mission-driven institution. “There is nothing more rewarding than being at an institution where their mission aligns with yours. [When] you’re in a place where there’s that alignment, you feel as if you can actually do stuff, right? That you can actually impact or at least help to enhance that

mission, that what you do will be impactful,” Ugochukwu said. Throughout Ugochukwu’s career, she has dedicated herself to social justice and advocating for all types of causes. When she read the mission, Ugochukwu said this was the kind of place she’d like to be in. The mission is strong to her, and the examples stuck out. “It was really impressive to me to see that there are people actually doing something, taking steps to make sure that that mission is something that students, staff [and] faculty understands,” Ugochukwu said. When asked about her goals for her new position, she mentioned a lot of “continuing to improve and excel.” There isn’t much that Ugochukwu wants to change, but simply enhance. She says she wants to work with faculty members to advance what they already do for student success and academic excellence. “I’m hoping that I will be able to work with faculty and staff to set that kind [of ] vision where we value and continue to prove excellence,” Ugochukwu said. It’s all about the students to Ugochukwu. She says she wants to help students feel comfortable, valued and listened to. She says there’s nothing more important than seeing that students are actually achieving, thanks to not only what information they learned in classes, but the ethics and morals that were taught through the work. Ugochukwu wants to enhance the atmosphere, making sure there’s connections. It’s not just about the degree to her, it’s about the moral development and who become because of what you learned. “We have to do our best to make sure that our students feel connected, that they feel a sense of family. When students feel socially integrated, they’re able to persist and succeed,” Ugochukwu said. ALLTHINGSBOOKS@GMAIL.COM EVASOLER@GMAIL.COM




Cabrini’s newly revived club, The Green Team, focuses on environmental sustainability BY AISLINN WALSH Assistant News Editor Cabrini University’s newly revived student-run organization, the Green Team, seeks to implement positive change to Cabrini’s current environmental practices. The organization had previously been active on campus, but it went into a dormant stage for several years when its seniors graduated. It was not until the Fall 2018 semester when The Green Team began to see signs of awakening. Transfer student Chardonnay White, junior political science major, expressed interest to Dr. Ray Ward, director of the Wolfington Center, about the then-defunct Green Team. At her previous college, she was involved with the environmental sustainability club. White mentioned that they planted trees, held clothing drives to reuse

clothing and visited recycling plants to learn how they operated. “My whole life I’ve been just like interested in the environment,” White said. “And like a believer in climate change and trying to find ways to combat that.” As a transfer student, White wanted to take a semester to get settled before pursuing on-campus endeavors. At the inception of the Spring 2018 semester, White approached Ward to learn more about the Green Team’s efforts. After finding out, that the organization was no longer active and lacked leadership, White took the initiative to lead The Green Team. White sees many practices on campus that are not eco-friendly  and hopes that The Green Team can change that. In addition to improving the amount of

Styrofoam cannot be recycled. The single-use plastic ends up in landfills or litter on the streets.


recycling done on campus, they also have plans to begin a garden and a compost pile on campus. However, the actual location and placement of the garden has yet to be determined due to the construction on campus. Another goal is to move away from styrofoam products and switch to biodegradable products for single use food containers. According to Naturally Savvy,  RecycleBank,  expandable polystyrene foam, commonly known as Styrofoam, cannot be recycled and takes almost 500 years to decompose.  Since it ends up in landfills,  the styrofoam can become litter or infiltrate rivers and oceans. Often animals will eat the styrofoam clogging their airways. White admits that it will be difficult for the school to make the switch since the eco-friendly alternative is more expensive. According to Clean Water Action, the cost per unit for a foam 10 oz cup is $.0020 while the cost for the plastic is $.0023. Even though the difference is marginal cost, it does add up in the long run. Dr. Ray Ward, director of the Wolfington Center, is excited at the prospect of reviving The Green Team. “There’s a lot of teaching about care for the earth in Catholic Social Teaching,” Ward said. “Because of the mission of the school that is something that The Green Team can hold up as the standard that we should hold ourselves to.” Ixchele Ortiz, freshman pre-K to 4thgrade education major,  is optimistic about


Due to the chemicals in the plastic, styrofoam poses a threat to the well-being of humans and animals alike. the future of environmental sustainability at Cabrini. “I’m most excited about the changes we’re going to bring at school,” Ortiz said. “And the ways we encourage other people to do the same thing; help taking care of Mother Nature.” How can students get involved? Do they need experience? No, students do not need any experience or prior knowledge. The Green Team is working to increase awareness of the Cabrini community on recycling, sustainability and greenery. Meetings will be held at 1:15 p.m. on Mondays in the Wolfington Center. Questions? Contact Chardonnay White at cew88@cabrini.edu


Cabrini’s masters program Cav-A-Thon earns national recognition named best online education BY JOSH SANCHEZ Staff Writer Cabrini’s education department is known as one of the best online masters programs according to intelligent.com. Cabrini was just one of two colleges in the southeast Pennsylvania area. Intelligent.com is a website that rates products and services and has compared 350 education programs all over the United States. The website also educates its readers on masters programs and the importance of getting a masters degree for education majors. According to intelligent.com, public school teachers are paid 17 percent less than other college-educated-professionals. Getting your masters will make a big difference in the long run. In Washington, teachers with masters degrees earn about $20,000 more than teachers with bachelor’s degrees. “It was a real honor to have that distinction because if you look at the top 30 people that were nominated, we were the only one that was nominated and to be nominated for an online masters program takes us to a whole other level,” Beverly Bryde, dean of education for Cabrini, said. “I transferred here from East

Stroudsburg and Cabrini’s education program it’s a lot better,” Tyler Cross, senior education major said. “It’s more engaging, you get a lot more of field experience, I also like the classes.” Cabrini’s education program has an engagement, gets the students involved and in the field. Which is why students like Cross are considering the masters program at Cabrini. Education majors know that earning a master’s degree can lead to promotions and increased earning. “The increasing levels of requirements of teachers is hard because teachers now have to go back to school because of technology,” Bailey Ehasz, junior education major, said. “Which is for the better in some ways but in a lot of ways it is deterring.” In order for teachers to obtain a masters at Cabrini, a person first has to decide on what he or she wants to teach. The options are special-ed, PreK-4 and secondary education and administrative education.



BY JOSH SANCHEZ Staff Writer Cabrini University’s Mitch Kline Cav-AThon was nominated 3rd out of  23 nominees in the One-Time Activity/Project Category for community service. The award was presented by the National Association of Division III Athletic Administrators (NADIIIAA). Cav-A-Thon is where Cabrini athletics work together to fundraise money to better the community. Last year, all of the money went to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Cabrini students raised over $19,000 and plan to do even better this year. “I think it is a great honor not only for our athletic department, but for the entire campus,” Jessica Huda, women’s soccer coach and assistant director of Cabrini athletics and recreation, said. “It’s the first ever community award that the department has won and the event was started by student-athletes but there are definitely non-student-athletes that were heavily involved in it last year.”

The Cav-A-Thon fundraiser has dancers who have to raise $50 for the event. To be a dancer, you do not have to just dance. A dancer can be anyone who is trying to actively fundraise during the event. “We have a lot of activities going on,” Huda said. “So whether you are standing around playing a game or standing listening to music, the reason behind it is if a dancer stays for the whole event they do that because others can not.” All of the money goes to Philadelphia Children’s Hospitals. Last year Cabrini honored former Cabrini softball coach, Mitch Kline, who lost his battle against cancer on Sept. 15, 2016. He only coached at Cabrini for a few years, however, his impact on the Cabrini community will never be forgotten. Kline teamed up with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team in Training to raise money in memory of his wife Sandee, his mom Dottie and his mother-in-law Miriam. In honor of Kline’s work against cancer, Cabrini named what would be their annual event after Mitch Kline. Currently, Cabrini’s Cav-A-Thon is having a fundraiser online. Their goal is to raise over $10,000 for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The fundraising started in October and it is still going on today. So far, the fundraiser has raised over $3,500. You can help Cav-A-Thon by donations to their website. CONTINUE READING ONLINE




Is student debt worth The Jonas Brothers the opportunities? reunite, release new



BY SYDNEY LYNCH Writing Managing Editor

BY BROOKE FERTIG Assistant Lifestyles Editor

Editor’s Note: The name of the subject in this article has been modified to protect her identity. This is due to the fear of embarrassment that could occur after the article is published. Additionally,she has not released the extent of her debt to her family. All of Sophie’s hard-work has led to this moment. The opportunity to be the first in her family to attend college. She hopes this will give her the opportunity to work somewhere other than at her family’s florist in central Florida. She has packed the things that she anticipates she will need for the first semester and packs up the family SUV for the hour and a half drive to campus. After her mother drops her off on campus, Sophie sits on her bed and takes a moment to dream of the opportunities attending college will give her. It isn’t until four years of hard-work later that Sophie realizes she is thousands of dollars into debt and does not yet have a job using her degree obtained from the University. “I have so much debt that I am fearful to even tell my mother the exact amount,” Sophie said. In America, over $1.5 trillion dollars is owed in student debt. On average a student accumulates approximately $37,172 in student debt. To put this into perspective, that amount is approximately a 20 percent downpayment on a $185,000 home, a brand new Tesla, a swimming pool or the price of a nice wedding. For people like Sophie, it is frustrating when all of the commitment and work seemingly adds up to a disappointment. According to a recent study from Corner Stone University,  Sophie is not alone. Despite these graduate students frustrations, Georgetown University found that college graduates are predicted to earn $1 million more in their lifetime than that of individuals who have a high school degree only. Additionally, Pew Research Center estimates the yearly income gap between those with high school degree and those with bachelor degrees to be approximately $17,500. The true cost of not going to college is never seeing that extra $17,500 per year and estimated extra $1 million per lifetime. Despite the heaping pounds of debt accumulated fresh out of college, it is important to remember the advantages of obtaining a college degree. David Bloomfield is the professor of education leadership at Brooklyn College. He believes that earning a bachelor’s degree is the wisest investment an individual can make.”Completed degree programs from reputable institutions are still the most reliable investment in future income and well-being,” Bloomfield says. Jeffrey Dorfman is a writer for Forbes.com and a professor of economics at The University of Georgia. He believes that in having a degree, your earnings are higher and you have a very low probability of being consistently unemployed. “While the cliché of Ivy League college graduates working at Starbucks making coffee makes a great story, it is actually pretty rare,” Dorfman said. “Stories of underand unemployed college graduates may sell well, but they are mostly myths...file them under the heading of fake news.”

The Jonas Brothers are back. The highly-anticipated reunion of the band was announced on Thursday, Feb. 28 after their break-up six years ago. Rumors began to circulate on Monday, Feb. 18 when The Sun reported that brothers met in London, England to discuss their come back. On Feb. 27, all of the Jonas Brothers social media accounts were reactivated and blacked out, sparking conversations on social media. The next day, Feb. 28, the Jonas Brothers announced that they would be releasing new music on March 1. Cabrini University alumna Elena Conway has been a fan of the Jonas Brothers for 10 years and was surprised by the news of their reunion. “I didn’t believe it at first when I started to hear all the rumors! Then Wednesday, I heard rumors about a new single on Friday, but I didn’t believe that either,” Conway said. “When they started posting on Instagram and Twitter, I was so happy! I waited six years for this, and I thought it would never come.” The Jonas Brothers broke up in October 2013, after a “deep rift” within the band. This rift caused the cancellation of a tour, the halt of the release of the fifth studio album and many questions across the fan base. During their time apart, Nick Jonas

embarked on a solo career releasing two studio albums, “Nick Jonas” and “Last Year Was Complicated.” Joe Jonas, along with Jack Lawson, former live drummer for the Jonas Brothers, created the band DNCE. The band released a self-titled studio album in 2016. Kevin Jonas focused on fatherhood, spending time with his daughters and wife during the break. On March 1, the Jonas Brothers released their first single since the hiatus. Their new single entitled “Sucker” charted number one on iTunes while the music video has over 65 million views on YouTube. “I loved it! I think to really appreciate the song you should also watch the music video too,” sophomore political science and philosophy majors Samar Dahleh said. “The way they incorporated their wives and girlfriend was so beautiful and I’m really happy for them.” In a video posted by the Late Late Show, Nick Jonas comments that this reunion has been in the works for the last seven months. Effie Soldatos, a senior early education major, has been a fan since the band released their first album in 2006.” I can’t wait to hear about their tour plans and see tour dates,” Soldatos said. “I’ve been waiting for this come back since they broke up.”

“I’ve been waiting for this come back since they broke up.” - Effie Soldatos







Cabrini student creates new Latino club to empower Latino leaders BY ANGELINA CAPOZZI Assistant News Editor

and professional development opportunities with other Hispanic professionals,” Sinchi said. Her passion for this club all started when her academic adviser Ann Servey introduced her to the


Jen Sinchi founded ALPFA to provide professional and networking opportunities for members “I come from an Ecuadorian immigrant family who came to the United States of America with lots of hopes and dreams for their family and especially for their kids,” Jennifer Sinchi, sophomore, accounting major and leadership and Spanish minor said. “As being the president and founder of the ALPFA Chapter here at Cabrini, I am really happy because it is something that is helping me out and many of our members out especially with being part of a minority group.” ALPFA stands for Association of Latino Professionals for America. This chapter of the national organization started in the Fall of 2018 by Sinchi. She started this club because she saw that Cabrini had a large population of Latinos. There were not many clubs for the Hispanic community so Sinchi thought the club would be the perfect fit. “The purpose of this club is to provide networking

“We want to be able to embrace our culture and motivate them to make connections.” -De La Luz program. They needed 10 members by Fall to continue on with the club. Both Sinchi and Servey sent emails throughout the summer and the club was started. The club currently has 30 members and anyone is allowed to join. Last semester in the Fall of 2018, the club held the first ever Hispanic heritage month event on campus called “Fiesta.” Another event they ran was a New York conference to network. 10 students from Cabrini traveled up to New York and met people that helped them learn and gave them tools for the future. “This club encourages the Latino community to be alive on campus,” Rose De La Luz, secretary for ALPFA, said. ALPFA is about empowerment and knowing you can achieve great heights. In this club you will make friends

but you will also connect with people that will help you with your future job experiences. “Most Latinos feel intimidated and that should not be the case,” De La Luz said. “We want to be able to embrace our culture and motivate them to make


Secretary Rose De La Luz is hopeful that ALPFA will encourage members to leave their mark in the professional world connections. We are bilingual which makes many opportunities for us and we want to make our presence count.” “ALPFA has a saying that is ‘Empowering Latino Leaders.’ This quote stands out so much because it is something the organization does very well on focusing on with the different events/programs that they offer nationally,” Sinchi said. CONTINUE READING ONLINE

If you would like to join ALPFA please contact Jennifer Sinchi at jsinchi15@gmail.com


YouTube’s subscription-based programs seek to alter the entertainment landscape BY AISLINN WALSH Assistant News Editor

video, consumers can pay a flat fee of $11.99 a month to access an extensive selection of on-demand videos, downloadable music With the recent addition of two of and ad-free content all in one place. YouTube’s subscription-based add-ons, While YouTube has offered brilliant YouTube Premium and YouTube TV, YouTube options, the concept has not caught on yet to has the potential of becoming a dominant consumers who seem to be comfortable with force in the media and entertainment their Netflix or Hulu subscription. industry. Nelson Marin, junior graphic design Not only do the programs threaten the major, said that he used to use YouTube longevity of cable TV, but they directly Premium for a television show but stopped compete with Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, and paying for it after the show ended. “I used Hulu. it to watch a show on YouTube but when it YouTube TV enables viewers to live stream stopped,” Marin said. “I stopped paying for NETFLIX/PUBLIC DOMAIN major television networks, like CNN or ABC [Youtube Premium].” from their computer or television. Ixchele Ortiz, freshman education major, YouTube is now competing with Netflix, Spotify, Amazon and Hulu. YouTube Premium allows viewers to noted that she didn’t see a point in paying for download television shows, songs and movies the Youtube Premium as she is getting the for offline use. In addition, the ability to listen to music Previously, if someone wanted to have a live content for free anyway. when the YouTube app is closed or the screen is shut off. television channel like A&E they would need to choose “I don’t see the purpose in paying for YouTube Red,” The ad wall would also be removed allowing subscribers a cable provider, select from numerous pricey package Ortiz said. “When you can you can access YouTube for to watch videos or listen to music without interruption. deals with select channels and sign a two-year contract free.” With both platforms, viewers have access to onto pay a fixed amount of money in exchange for live Maria Merino, junior education major, noted that demand videos to access to a large selection of original television networks. she and her family never pay for YouTube Premium. She TV shows and movies produced exclusively by YouTube. YouTube TV users can pay a flat fee of $40 a month said that they watch the exclusive TV show and then Combined with the rise of these cheaper on-demand to gain access to over 60 live channels of live sports and canceled the free three-month subscription after the entertainment platforms, it is no wonder why cable news. It also includes access to local television stations, show is over. companies are starting to lose their subscribers. like 6abc or CBS 3. It can be split over six users. It can be “My family would use the three months free on Recently, a study conducted by the Leichtman accessed from anywhere to be watched later. Subscribers YouTube [Premium] to watch a show,” Merino said.” And Research Group noted that in 2016, cable companies can cancel anytime and do not have to select from when it was over we would just cancel our account.” in the U.S lost 795,000 subscribers. In 2017, it nearly packages. The cloud DVR feature allows subscribers to doubled to a decline of 1.4 million subscribers. access the content anywhere in the world. Set-up time is The following year, in 2018, 2.8 million people quit practically non-existent. ALLTHINGSBOOKS@GMAIL.COM their subscription to cable companies. Through YouTube Premium, the company has Although the decline of subscribers can be positioned itself as a strong competitor with Netflix, contributed to numerous factors, YouTube is clearly a Spotify, Apple music, Amazon, etc. Rather than threat to cable companies. consumers managing different accounts for music and



Walking alongside of the people: my experience in a Guatemalan town

Having a sibling with special needs BY MELISSA CASEY Staff Writer


You may ask, “where were their parents?” In Guatemala parenting is very different. Older siblings take care of the younger ones. Both girls’ parents were inside the women’s center, which was built in 2011 by Father Greg Schaffer, the pastor of the church there. The mothers were working on weaving and cookJERRY ZUREK ing dishes to sell to make Cabrini students during their time in Guatemala money for their families. I was not a tourist and I did as him he would always the people. If you do not want to be seen as one. respond “muy bien” when- this you will understand This trip was to immerse ever we finished some- what everyone on the myself into the culture and thing. We learned words trip does. Most do not understand by listening in Kaqchikel, the regional want to leave the counto the people about their Mayan language, and try they are from. Their lives. To walk with them laughed while trying to country just needs help. and not in front or behind. pronounce them. At the People say it’s not our I worked on a wooden end of one day the grand- job to help these people house during my trip. mother who would live in because they are not I saw the progress of the the new home grabbed “us.” Who is this “us” we house, which started with Cabrini alumna Brittany speak about? American nothing and ended with a Smith’s hands and thanked people? The second two-room wooden home us all for our work. It was word is so imperative. with windows, a door a special moment of feel- We are all people? I and a roof. The man who ing accepted and appreci- think America would would live in the home ated. The United States is learn that by helping worked with the group to a wonderful place to live these people in the end also build the house. The but it does not have every- it would benefit themother man, Rene, was from thing and I challenge any- selves. the mission. He taught us one to travel to a develhow to do each step and oping country, immerse ANGELINAMCAPPOZI@ even though we were yourself in the culture GMAIL.COM nowhere near as good and walk along side of


Having a sister is like having a built-in best friend but with more arguing and fighting. At first, my sister, Mary, was not very happy hearing she was getting a younger sibling since we were born in the same month but five years apart. She didn’t want to admit it, but my parents told me how excited she was to meet me when I was born. Understanding MID Growing up, I did not understand how different she was from kids her age until my parents told me when I was seven years old that Mary was diagnosed with mild intellectual disability (MID). Mild intellectual disability is an impairment of cognitive skills, adaptive, life skills and social skills. With the disability, Mary has a low IQ with no retention and a reading level of a second grader. At first, I did not understand what MID was and how it affected Mary, but over time I learned what her disability was and how it affected her. It doesn’t stop people from asking

questions about what her disability is, how can she be special needs and look normal or how can she not know what simple words mean. Being in high school at the same time Even though Mary and I are five years apart, she was a super senior. A super senior is when a student stays in school for more than four years. My parents wanted Mary to stay in school until she was 21 so she can receive more education in reading, writing and math. It was nice being in high school at the same time as my sister because it gave us time to see each other since we were both involved in sports, clubs and work. Eye-opening realization Throughout the years, I have lost many friends since they thought it was cool to make fun of people with the same disability as my sister or any other kids with different disabilities. I have gotten into arguments in school and out of school with people who bullied my sister and thought it was okay to do. I will never

forget the day Mary came up to me in school and told me a girl, who was one of my best friends at the time, made a rude comment in front of a group of girls she was trying to impress. This girl who knew why Mary was still in high school had the nerve to say to her, “Mary why are you still here? Like are you that stupid you’re in high school until you’re 21.” Seeing Mary upset and crying after a girl, who was one of my best friends and Mary grew close to, make that comment infuriated me. It still does to this day because that is no way to speak to someone ever. Later that day when I had a class with the girl, I confronted her about the comment she made. Obviously, she tried to deny that she said what she said to Mary and thought I would believe her over my own sister.

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Having me time; why alone time is crucial BY MORGAN FAZZINI Staff Writer

All humans seek for connections with one another. It is natural and an enjoyable part of life. We can tell deep secrets to one another, stories, jokes or even just be present with one another and feel that bond. It is an even deeper bond with your own blood relatives, but either way, it is something humans naturally search for. Being in nature is another way to spend alone time. There is another connection, though, that is just as important. It is the connection you are able to have with yourself and by yourself. No one else can obtain it which is what makes it even more unique. The times you have by yourself help build who you are as a person. It makes you capable of building stronger relationships with peers because you have that inner connection first. It is similar to loving yourself before you can love someone else. Music is one of my escapes from reality so I can have time to myself. It is important to get away from reality sometimes. It started for me my freshman year of high school. The more time I spent with myself, the happier I seemed to be around others. I found this in music; it was my escape from people. I could discover myself in the lyrics of what an artist said. Sure, it can be argued I was not completely alone because of the connection I had with the artist. On the contrary, no one else experienced that connection with me. I was with myself, so the lyrics hit harder and were felt deeper. It was a somewhat hidden connection that I could share with myself first, then bring that joy to others. This

time spent with just me and the music is just as important as when I am alone with a book. I have a connection with the writer, but a connection no one else can experience with me. For example, my favorite book is “Into the Wild” by John Krakauer. He writes about a boy, Chris McCandless, who left his family to be alone in the wilderness. The connection he had with his parents was not positive, so he knew he would be happier on his own. He had that connection, just him and the wilderness, that no one else could feel or fully understand. It was this link that made him special, so special he has multiple books and articles written on him. Another example is the connections I strengthen with myself when I write. I am sure other writers experience a similar feeling, but truly only I can share this with myself first. I didn’t discover this until my senior year of high school, which was another year I would spend a lot of time by myself. I wanted to know who I was before I came to college MAGPIXEL so I could stick to that. I didn’t want to be someone I Being in nature is a great way to spend your alone time wasn’t. I knew being a little weird would help me thrive in college. I took that weirdness and embraced it when I was by myself. I became more comfortable with it, so I let others one is perfect. see that side. The more we accept these flaws we have and embrace The more I find out about myself by listening to music, them when we are alone, the more confident we can be reading or writing, the more I feel I know myself. This around others. No one can make fun of you for something leads to a greater self-love and confidence, which is the you act confidently about! root to part of my happiness. There are many insecure people that I see that put their insecurities in the wrong things. My insecurities were put into listening to music or reading. MPF54@CABRINI.EDU They would be put into writing how I feel almost daily. The more I acknowledged them when I was by myself, the more I came to accept them. Everyone has their flaws, no




Do you have to physically go to the Dixon Center to stay fit? Sports Source: Sixers’ final stretch BY JAMES KELLY Sports Editor

The Philadelphia 76ers are in the midst of locking down the third seed in the Eastern conference. The Sixers recently picked up a huge win against the Indiana Pacers to place them in the third seed for the time being. That game also helped the Sixers clinch the tiebreaker over the Pacers if the two teams finish the regular season with the same record. Clinching the third seed for the Sixers is very important because of the Boston Celtics recent struggles. If the Sixers do not get the third seed, a 4-5 matchup against the Celtics awaits. The Celtics have owned for the Sixers as of late in the last four to five seasons. As it stands now, a third seed berth would entail a first round matchup with either the Brooklyn Nets or the Detroit Pistons. There is a huge drop off between the Pistons or Nets and the Celtics. The Sixers must play well down the stretch of this season to make sure they do not slip to the fourth seed and face an incredibly streaky Boston team in the first round. The Sixers are a team that have the potential to make the NBA Finals, but that could get cut short if they play poorly in the last month of the season. Joel Embiid recently missed eight games with knee soreness, but now that he is back there is no excuse for poor play. The Sixers are the only team in the NBA where every starter averages at least 17 points per game. This is one of the most talented starting fives in the league, but their depth could be a concern come playoff time. This postseason’s outcome could potentially determine the future of Brett Brown’s coaching tenure in Philadelphia. If the Sixers fall short of the Eastern Conference finals, it is a real possibility that the Sixers could be searching for a new coach in the offseason. This postseason all starts with how the regular season ends.



BY BROOKE FERTIG Assistant Lifestyles Editor

Does a fullThe Dixon Center time college The Dixon Center is known student on-campus for its expansion to include the athletics and have to recreation pavilion. attend their It is known to host a variety of classes and events for students on-campus ranging from all angles of the gym to stay fitness spectrum. Often times, these are available to students at fit? no cost if they are currently going to classes full-time. The Nerney Field House is used for a variety of activities that includes college sports teams and clubs.

Tiffany Williams is a business major from Grand Canyon University in Arizona. Pool located in the Dixon Center She became a healthand-fitness coach for workout from her apartment to Beachbody On Demand a few avoid her college gym. Wellner years prior. Williams believes she was able to get into claims she lost 50lbs amazing shape from the comfort from eating healthier of her own apartment.” and working out As someone who had severe each day, all from the gym anxiety, there was no way I comfort of her dorm.” would ever stay consistent with a You can actually fitness routine,” Wellner said. “I do a lot of exercises was terrified of my college gym!” at home without a gym,” Williams said. “Beachbody gave me a ‘Netflix’ of fun, high intensity, and very effective workouts that In utilizing a college gym, I could do from the such as The Dixon Center, you are comfort of my room or allowing yourself to better your home any day at any body while enjoying the company time.” of others. There are additional Abby Wellner benefits to working out with other is a marketing people, rather than on your own. major at Robert • Increase in social skills: Morris University Often times in developing in Pittsburgh, an exercise routine, Pennsylvania. Wellner individuals develop MICHELLE GUERIN/VISUAL MANAGING EDITOR purchased dumbbells friendships. Friendships Cabrini student working out at Dixon and resistance bands to and connections are vital

Benefits of working out with others


for mental health. Increase in confidence levels: Group fitness and scheduled classes help to provide beginners and novice fitness enthusiasts the information they need to properly perform various exercises. Advancement in willpower: It has been studied and proven that individuals who workout together often times workout more than if they were alone. From competitions, to simply enjoying each other’s company, there typically is a longer workout involved.


How energy drink advertisements may have bamboozled us BY TROI PATRICK Assistant Perspectives Editor

One of the biggest advertised myths is that sports drinks hydrate you more than water. Gatorade, Powerade and Bodyarmor are all popular sports drinks. Most of these drinks are advertised by professional athletes. Even though people like Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade have endorsed sports drinks, are they as great as they seem?

How unhealthy can it be? Many studies say that the sugar that is in most sports drinks can be unhealthy for you. If consumed improperly it can have the reverse effect of what it is advertised to do. In a campaign that included some of the most well known athletes such as Serena Williams, Gatorade uses phrases about how they hydrate and fuel. The commercial says “Gatorade studies the best

athletes to create the most advanced range of sports fuel.” Because most sports drinks contain copious amounts of sugar, it can become very unhealthy for someone. The component that energizes a body for a workout is a proper amount of carbohydrates. Drinks that contain less than six percent of carbohydrates won’t give you an energy boost. “It’s like a cookie in a bottle,” sophomore business management major Justin Henry said. “It’s unhealthy for you. It has too much sugar.” He says that sports drinks do not give him any sort of energy boost and prefers just water to drink during baseball games.

What commercials don’t tell you Most scientific research points more toward health issues caused by energy drinks than increased physical performance. A doctor

by the name of Dr. Chazal says that energy drinks can increase heart rate and blood pressure. Even some of the Gatorade prime series energy drinks that claim to have zero calories or low sugar have high amounts of sodium in them. “I drink them once in a while when I’m at certain meets. When I’m getting really thirsty and I don’t feel like having water,” sophomore education major Amanda Lynn said. “The only sports drink I really drink is Gatorade.” Another sports drink “myth” is that they can replace electrolytes lost from exercising or vigorous physical activity. Because most energy drinks have such a low content of minerals and


electrolytes, they are unlikely to replace anything you’ve lost during a workout. “When I was younger I used to [drink them] a lot,” sophomore business management major, Krista Michenfelder said. “My dentist told me that a lot of it was going to cause cavities so I stopped.” Studies show that the best way to hydrate is by simply drinking water.





Student-athletes learn to deal with pressure in all parts of life BY GRIFFIN HAYS Assistant Sports Editor

Pressure is something that every college student has to deal with. Between classes, homework, papers, finals and all that other fun stuff, it’s just a part of life. Then there are studentathletes. Trying to balance

school and a sport can be overwhelming, but that doesn’t stop thousands of college athletes. They go through it every year, because it means another year playing the sport they love. Pressure is nothing new to student-athletes. They deal with it constantly, on and off the field. Before they even get to their

season, they have to get good grades to make sure they are actually eligible to play come gametime. School comes first, that is why they are studentathletes. As a college student athlete, it’s all about having a balance,” Kate Lannon, sophomore elementary and special


Lateral bench press machine located in the Dixon Center

education major and forward on the women’s basketball team, said. “I’ve learned to organize and write out everything with due dates... Prioritizing my homework and studies is a huge help.” Pressure is also an intrinsic part of sports, especially ingame. Voshon Mack, a freshman basketball player at Cabrini, is no stranger to pressure packed moments on the court. On Nov. 2018, Mack hit a game-winning, buzzer-beating shot against Rosemont University, lifting the Cavaliers over the Ravens 85-84. “The game winner happened so fast I didn’t really have time to think,” Mack, a forward and a business management major, said. “When I caught the ball my first instinct was to finish the play.” There are other pressures in sports that people often don’t think about. Darian Caputo, a softball player at Cabrini, is the only senior on the team out of 14 players, giving her a unique role on the team.” It’s frustrating at times, because I don’t have that person going through last year things as well,” Caputo, an infielder and a psychology major, said. “My teammates have done an excellent job in making me

feeling part of their group no matter what class/age.” There are other pressures still that athletes have to deal with. Coaching changes can be hard on any college team, but given certain circumstances, it can be devastating. In 2015, ahead of Caputo’s sophomore season, Cabrini’s softball coach Mitch Kline stepped away from the team, as he was battling cancer at the time and couldn’t continue coaching. He would lose that battle, passing away in September of 2016. “[Kline] essentially sold Cabrini to me, even though it meant switching states when I had no intention of coming off of Long Island,” Caputo said of her former head coach. “He was just someone who made you want to smile and have a good time. I was excited to see where our season would’ve lead if things could’ve been different.” Pressure comes with being a student-athlete, both on and off the field. They know how to take it in stride and use it as motivation to perform well in everything they do.


From Husky to Cavalier; Billy Warren is here BY MELANIE HART Staff Writer

Growing up with three sisters and both of his parents, Billy Warren attended Neshaminy for his first 11 years of schooling. Before his senior year, Warren’s parents moved and he then attended his rival school Pennsbury High School. While attending Pennsbury, he realized it was a better fit for him school wise as well as basketball wise. Overall, it was a better team and that is where his development is a part of the reason why he was able to get a scholarship and attend college. “Being tall always helps but also at a young age I just watched basketball and loved the sport. The first time I started playing I realized that it’s just what I wanted to do and it is what I want to continue to do,” Warren said. Warren chose to attend Bloomsburg University and play basketball there. After one year, he started looking to transfer to another college. This is where Cabrini University comes into play.” One of the main reasons why I came here was because I heard they had a good communications program and it’s a good school overall,” Warren said. “As well as the coaches that have been recruiting me since my freshmen year and they never really gave

up on me. They always saw potential in me so I thought it would be a good fit.” Cabrini basketball coach, Tim McDonald, has been following Warren play while he was in high school both at Pennsbury and in his AAU season.” I thought he played very hard and had good size and length,” McDonald said. While McDonald was recruiting him, he noticed that Warren was a very good kid who loves the game of basketball and wants to continue to get better.” When I heard he was leaving Bloomsburg, I thought it was a no-brainer to try and add him to our program and I am happy that we have,” McDonald said. Not only has Warren made an impact on the coaches, he has also impacted some of the players on the team. One of his friends, Tyler Timson, was very happy to have Warren join Cabrini’s team. “Billy, he’s a cool guy. He brings a lot of energy to the team with practice and game. He is also a competitor, he wants to compete everyday. Coach Mac did a great job having him come here,” Timson said. Timson started the season with an injury so he has yet to play this season as of now.” “He’s been helping me through my rehab process so he’s just a great team guy, keeping my head out when


Billy Warren on putting work in academically and athletically times are low and just a great guy overall,” Timson said.” He plays and practices with great effort and I have no doubt he will continue to improve. Billy

along with a few other guys give us a very good young core of players to continue to build our team around for future success,” McDonald said.


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March 14, 2019 issue 09 Loquitur  

2018-19 issue 09 Loquitur Cabrini University student newspaper, Radnor, PA 19087 March 14, 2019

March 14, 2019 issue 09 Loquitur  

2018-19 issue 09 Loquitur Cabrini University student newspaper, Radnor, PA 19087 March 14, 2019

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