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Loquitur - Friday, October 30, 1981

Dollars and cents from Latorre BY ANDREA BERTOLINI

Tired of having empty pockets? BY PAM CLARK Looking for just a few extra dolgame, 1s also gaining popularity. Over the past decade, video and Cabrini recently acquired its lars? Cabrini's Job Squad may be electronic games have made a tre- own "Pac-man" game . According able to solve your problem. This mendous impact on the toy indus- to Marcy Nadel, assistant to the · referral service is open to all resitry. Cabrini College has also been dean of students, the college was dent and commuting students who touched by this craze . able to rent the game through a wish to put in a few hours of work According to information ob- student who worked for the sup- either on a regular or spontaneous tained from the "New York Times," plier . The student, Jim Baukal, is basis doing odd jobs such as yard electronic games and home video responsible work, babysitting, painting, party for "Pac-man's'.' systems account for 10 percent of upkeep. help and various other jobs . all toy sales in the nation. The inLourdes Latorre, senior, serves Nadel added that Cabrini will be dustry's market has been radically as student coordinator for Job getting another video game along expanded , attracting teens and Squad. Having worked in a temwith a new jukebox in the near adults as well as children. porary employment agency in future. Furthermore, a new However, companies relying on New York this past summer, Latgameroom will be open to the stuthe sales of more traditional toys tore has done much to help organdents when the George D. Widener have been facing severe setbacks. ize this program and is constantly People are ignoring these conven- Campus Center is completed. adding new ideas to helo things Meanwhile, "Pac-man's" tional toys and are buying the popularity can be measured by the electronic ones. Electronic games first gained number of people on campus who . popularity in the 1960s, when play it. One avid "Pac-man" player 1s Atari's "Pong," an electronic verBY JEANNE PROKO sion of ping-pong, began appearing junior Gary Wietecha . "It's a Your mother senses what you're challenge to play against and beat in taverns and arcades. thinking. She knows that you're In 1972, "Pong" was adapted so a computer," Wietecha said . "It's hiding something. She explains a lot of fun. It takes a little time to people could play it on their own that all mothers know what their televisions . "Pong" was an instant learn and requires a lot of coor- children are thinking. It's known . hit, _and the toy mar~et was soon dination." as having a mother's sixth sense~ Janet Smith, also a junior, flooded with home video systems Feminine intuition - is it a fact or a thinks the game "breaks up the (such as "Atari" and "lnteliivi~ fallacy? sion") as well as hand-held com- monotony of studying . It's a It is a proven fact that women puterized sports games and ad- challenge . You get addicted to try- can pick up peoples' unspoken ing to beat the little monsters!" vanced learning and strategy messages better than men do . she claimed. games . Shirley Weitz, associate professor Fu ·t ure prospects in the Sophomore Kurt Pollard echoed of psychology at the New School electronic game industry include Smith's sentiments . "It's interestfor Social Research, in New York games capable of greater detail ing to compete against comCity , believes that "it's due to for video screens . Manufacturers puterized goblins ," he said . socialization. As little girls are striving towards developing Pollard added, "It 's like a disease, mature, they're taught to please life-like animation , from racing because you can get so hooked on others and maintain warmth in cars to safari hunts . Voice-acti- it. " personal interactions. That means vated games are also in the works. Freshman Michael Garrison anticipating the needs of the The games are not just popular also enjoys trying to beat the others." in the home . Arcades all over the "goblins." "I usually play it just country feature coin-operated for amusement," Garrison stated. "space wars," such as Atari's "It 's challenging and I love beat"Asteroids" and Bally Manufac- ing a computer . It takes my mind turing Corp's "Space Invaders." off the boredom when there ' s "Pac-man ," an animated chase nothing to do."

flow more smoothly. Lattore acts as the mediator between the clients who call Cabrini looking for help and the students seeking jobs . The number of jobs exceeds the number of students who are able to fill them. The biggest problem lies in fitting the students' schedule to the hours the client requests. Another major difficulty is transportation. Although some clients provide transportation, most do not. However, since the Job Squad advertisement runs in the local newspapers, many jobs are within walking distance . Students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities offered through Job Squad. It has been set up by the financial aid of-

fice as a courtesy to the students . It is not work stqdy nor work grant affiliated. At the present time however, Lattore is training a few work gr ant students to help her in the actual organization and management of the program. The influx of clients needing jobs is so great that more people are needed to complete the paperwork, arrange files and contact the students. Lattore encourages any interested students to contact her through the financial aid office. She said, "Job Squad, is a great , learning experience. Not only does one get to meet people, but they also get to know this area better and make a few extra dollars."

Eeminine intuition : fact or fiction?

Pasquarello returns students, they find that commuting to college "is not much different than commuting to high school." Thus far, the majority of people that have spoken to Pasquarello about academic problems have been commuters . "The response has been weak," Pasquarello said. "Either not all of the students are aware" that the position exists or else "they are all well adjusted." Another possibility, he said , is that many of the new students have encountered problems they have been able to handle thus far . In spite of this, Pasquarello is anxious to speak with students. g:;:_.; Presently his office is located in GREGORYJ.PAS~UARELLO the SGA office in Sacred Heart photo by Liz Kanaras Hall. When the new campus center quarello, was the idea of Dr . is completed, his office may be loJoseph Romano, vice president of cated there. He feels that the new academic affairs . Its main pur- location may increase students' pose is to act as a "liaison between awareness of the position and new students (freshmen and make the office more accessible to · transfers) and faculty" to help the them. students adjust to college life and His office hours are Wednesday have someone to talk to about from 1 :30-4 :30 p.m., and he is also academic problems when the need available to speak with students arises. any other day Monday through Pasquarello said that the Friday. academic problems usually enHe feels that he has an advancountered fit into three different tage in being able to identify with categories : commuting, dormitory the students since he had attended and study problems . the college and been one of the first One main problem for comresidents. Actually, he said, commuters, he said, is that some of ing back to Cabrini "made me feel them feel "alienated." For some ,like I was coming home."

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gestures doesn't increase as people mature. Once a child reaches grade school level, that learned knowledge of nonverbal communication stays with a person for the remainder of their lives, remarks Dr. Hall. It's important to note that lectures and "awareness seminars" are being conducted to improve sensitivity in managers, especially for males. However, by labelling intuition as a feminine trait or gift, you are acting out the stereotyped conditioning that your environment has placed upon you. "This should be de-emphasized," said Dr . Hall.

Attention bingers This is for you BY PAT McDERMOTT



Four years ago Greg Pasquarello was in Cabrini's 1977 graduating class . Now he has returned to Cabrini and filled the position as the New Student Academic Moderator. This position, according to_Pas-

Dr. Mary Louise C. Sicoli, assistant professor in special education and psychology at Cabrini, believes that the label "feminine intuition" is a sexist term. Dr. Judith Hall, associate professor of psychology at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., also finds this label sexist. She stated, "A woman's ability to interpret what others are saying nonverbally depends on careful analysis of the gestures and expressions at play ." Dr. Hall conducted a Profile of Non-Verbal Sensitivity test (PONS ) and the results showed that 80 percent of the time women had a higher level of analyzing exactly what emotion was being expressed. Awareness of nonverbal




What is a binge, and what type of binges do people go on? Webster Dictionary says, a binge is a merr y frolic , a period of over indulgence . A binge can last for a day, a week or months. When I asked a few students as tq what kind of binges they go on , I received such .answers as shopping sprees ; when they get their hands on mom and dads charge cards ; food bingers, as in eating an entire-bag of Snickers bars , or a gallon of ice cream, better yet , beer binges . That's a real merry frolic . Others mighl take to the more serious side of binging. Perhaps , maybe a period of studying , and really hitting the books ; or a fitness binge , keeping in shape , and not eating the bag of snickers . Here's what a few familiar people said , and that their binies were : Maria Carbone - popcorn , cake Tim Feeney - gambling, golfing _Kate Connolly - chocolate Susan Roth • McChicken sandwiches Ray Young - physical exercises Janice Jaglowski - soda Dave Oswinkle - drinking Eileen Houston - pizza Denise Clarke - cleaning As for myself, I'm on an eating binge seven days a week, especially M&M's, while people like Martin Clancy like to stick to the beer part of the binge. Other times I go phone happy, and can't stop dialing. Summertime is when I got through the physical fitness period , and somehow I end up blowing that. l wonder what's ne;,ct!


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Oct. 30, 1981 issue 03 Loquitur  

1981-82 issue 03 Loquitur Cabrini College student newspaper, Radnor, PA 19087 Oct. 30, 1981

Oct. 30, 1981 issue 03 Loquitur  

1981-82 issue 03 Loquitur Cabrini College student newspaper, Radnor, PA 19087 Oct. 30, 1981

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