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How Do We Stop the Abuse of Visitor Parking Spaces? Question: A permanent “no parking” sign has been attached to common property without the approval of the Body Corporate. Do we need to vote to have it removed? A permanent “no parking” sign has been attached to common property by a family which owns 5 of the 11 apartments (without the approval of the Body Corporate). Do we need to vote to get it removed? Or how do we get it removed?

Answer: The sign it has no legal authority to be there. If the sign was not installed on common property with permission of the committee then the committee can take steps to remove it – it has no legal authority to be there. The committee administer the scheme between General Meetings of the owners – so how the common areas are maintained and parking controlled is within their gambit.

Question: Who has the authority to put a No Parking At Any Time sign in a strata complex? Can it be put up by a resident to stop visitor parking. Our strata is currently trying to take us to court over our small dog. We own the apartment and the dog is under 10kgs. There have been complaints from one apartment underneath us. Other neighbours have stated that the dog doesn’t bother them. Do I have any right to keep the dog and not get taken to court?

Answer: An individual have no authority to do such unless the committee have held a meeting to authorise them to do so on their behalf. The committee are generally charged with administering the common areas. An individual have no authority to do such unless the committee have held a meeting to authorise them to do so on their behalf. On many things the O/Corp and committee are interchangeable.

Karina Heinz | Progressive Strata Services manager@prostrata.com.au

Question: Is the body corporate responsible for replacing consumables such as rollers, flyscreens and window seals, as a result of age or does this cost usually fall on the owners corporation? One of the lot owners of our apartment complex raised the question of are windows strata responsibility and who should pay for the cleaning of the exterior glass panel windows? Our apartment complex is registered with the Land Titles Office prior to 1 July 1974. Our Strata Manager is adamant that regardless when the Strata Plan is registered, the Owners Corporation are responsible for the costs of exterior window cleaning to all apartments. Are windows strata responsibility? If not, what would be the best way to address this matter with all Lot Owners in our Strata Complex?

Answer: If the fly screens are original, they will fall on the owners corporation to maintain. The owners corporation is responsible for maintaining window consumable (rollers, sashes, etc) provided the windows do not fall under the remit of the relevant owner under an exclusive-use by-law (it’s pretty rare that they would but not out of the question). If the fly screens are original, they will fall on the owners corporation to maintain.

Andrew Terrell | Bright & Duggan Andrew.Terrell@bright-duggan.com.au

FAQ & Demo of Stratabox With Paul Chevrot Nikki Jovicic | LookUpStrata Nikkij@lookupstrata.com.au

Watch the recent live video demo of the online platform Stratabox. Take a look at how this easy to use tool can benefit your community and the running of your building.

During the Stratabox demo with Paul, he covered some hot topic FAQ's about the platform.


Paul Chevrot | Stratabox paul.chevrot@stratabox.com.au


“our committee is not very active. I’m the

secretary. I do most of the work. Will Stratabox make my life easier or will it just create more work for me?”

“does Stratabox have a good way for a building

to record paint colours used in the building so that owners corporations can access that information easily


I hope it will make it easier. That’s another thing I

want to make clear. Stratabox or any other tool really is

many years later.”

not a silver bullet. Don’t think that because you have


joined Stratabox all of a sudden, all the work is done on

Yes. The file archive is where you can put all that

sort of important documentation. We’ve seen buildings that have digitised a lot of the old stuff they had on paper and put it there. I think, then it all comes to organising archives is a bit of an art that some people don’t get. There’s certainly room to record all of this data. It’s things you can live without, but it would make your life a lot easier if you had it. So, and it’s never any secret or confidential, it can be shared with owners or the committee members.


“most of the people in the building are quite old

and they’re not really that tech savvy. So will they find it a challenge to interact?”


No, I think as a community unit, to know your

population and certain populations will probably adopted more than others. Some people will always want your printout of everything. Any benefits derived from communicating online are a positive. At the absolute minimum, the requirement is to have someone’s email address.

your behalf. To be useful, there is a certain effort to set it up right to explain it and to get it approved, of course. Then also it has to live, so it needs content, it needs interactions. I think slowly, the engagement will increase. But, if you just set it up and add no information in there whatsoever, it’s not going to be very useful. It’s the same with everything.

Q: A:

“We live in WA. Is Stratabox compatible with WA

legislation?” Because a majority of our clients are in New

South Wales, we are based on the New South Wales legislation. But at the end of the day, I think 95% of all the workings of strata are reasonably similar. A lot of the issues in any state will come from lack of communication, or poor record keeping or poor processes. And I would say this is probably 95% of the use of Stratabox. So far, we haven’t had any real issues with people saying it is not compatible with the legislation in their state.


“I’ve had a look at the website and this looks like

it would be more useful for self managed strata schemes. We have a strata manager. Can we still use Stratabox?"


Q: A:

“is there an app? Or do we have to access a

platform via pc?” At the moment it’s a website, so you can access it

with most browsers. There are plans for an app. The Self managed are usually on the smaller side,

website is completely app compatible and as soon as the

which makes it a little bit easier. But we find that there’s

technology for the new wave of apps that is about to

probably a gap between 10/15 and 50/60 lots where

arrive is finalised, we will definitely have an app.

there is a strata manager but there’s no building manager. And that’s when the committee really has to

To use most of the benefits of Stratabox, all you need is

step up and do a lot of the work. Otherwise, the strata

an email address. Because you can interact with the tool

manager does it all and it becomes quite expensive.

from your email. For people who are not very tech savvy, that don’t want to spend too much time etc, they can still

Once you have boots on the ground with a full time

participate, they can still engage right from the email

building manager, it becomes a lot easier but that’s


usually probably over 50 or 60 lots. So there is really a gap for medium size schemes. I think Stratabox can be

You can access the full Stratabox demonstration and

really, really useful for is those midsize schemes which

transcript here

are already as complex as big ones. They don’t have the


resources. So that’s where Stratabox can be really useful.


Question: Can an EGM be called to reverse the decision of a majority at an AGM? The owners corporation by a majority vote accepted the proposed strata levies at our AGM. A group of dissatisfied owners have asked for an EGM with a motion to reverse the decision. Can an EGM be called to reverse the decision of a majority at an AGM? The owners corporation by a majority vote accepted the proposed strata levies at our AGM. Levies supported by appropriate budgets, explanations and Capital Works Funding Plan. A group of dissatisfied owners (just enough to make the 25% required for an EGM) within a month have asked for an EGM with a motion to reverse the newly agreed levies to those of the previous year. They provide no further explanation or documentation. It seems this is permissible but unsatisfactory. Can a series of AGM and EGMs be called each to reverse the decisions of a prior AGM, EGM?

Answer: Decisions may be reversed and any type of general meeting may revoke a decision of another type of general meeting. Yes, decisions may be reversed and any type of general meeting may revoke a decision of another type of general meeting. Under the strata legislation, a unanimous resolution or special resolution of an owners corporation about a matter cannot be amended or revoked other than by a subsequent resolution of the same kind. The position may change if a decision has been implemented and is incapable of being reversed.

Question: Due to complaints from one neighbour, our strata is trying to take us to court over our small dog. Other neighbours confirm the dog is fine. Do I have any right to keep the dog and not get taken to court? Our strata is currently trying to take us to court over our small dog. We own the apartment and the dog is under 10kgs. There have been complaints from one apartment underneath us. Other neighbours have stated that the dog doesn’t bother them. Do I have any right to keep the dog and not get taken to court?

Leanne Habib | Premium Strata info@premiumstrata.com.au

Answer:Â What you need to do first is check the by-laws applicable to your scheme. What you need to do first is check the by-laws applicable to your scheme. That will determine whether or not you may keep your dog at your apartment. Even the most pet-friendly schemes require you to make application for your dog before you bring it on to the property and it seems you did not seek approval first. Also, even if you live in a pet-friendly scheme that does not mean your dog is allowed to cause a nuisance (by barking). As for stopping the court action, you could remove the dog from the premises (though this step is unlikely to be a desirable one). If the court action proceeds, you should seek advice from a strata lawyer to establish the pet position of your building and advise you as to whether or not the by-law is valid and enforceable.


STRATA LIVING AND PET BY-LAWS – WHERE DO WE STAND NOW? Adrian Mueller | JS Mueller & Co Lawyers adrianmueller@muellers.com.au The Appeal Panel of NCAT has recently held that by-laws which prohibited the keeping of pets in three large strata schemes in Sydney are valid and not harsh, oppressive and unconscionable.

Subsequently, in 2019, NCAT issued two high profile decisions involving the keeping of pets in two large strata buildings in Darlinghurst. In both of those decisions, NCAT overturned no pets by-laws.

The decisions in The Owners – Strata Plan No 58068 v Cooper [2020] NSWCATAP 96 (“Cooper Case”) and The Owners – Strata Plan 55773 v Roden; Spiers v The Owners – Strata Plan 77953 [2020] NSWCATAP 95 (“Roden Case”) have reversed NCAT’s position regarding the validity of by-laws which prohibit pets in strata schemes and have further implications on other types of by-laws which prohibit certain conduct in strata schemes.

The Roden Case

The Background Pet ownership in strata is a contentious issue, especially in strata schemes where a majority of owners do not support the keeping of pets. The Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (NSW) (“SSMA 2015”) contains a new section 139(1) which prohibits bylaws which are harsh, oppressive and unconscionable. There was no equivalent provision in the former Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 (NSW) (“SSMA 1996”). In 2018, NCAT handed down a decision in Yardy v Owners Corporation Strata Plan 57237 [2018] NSWCATCD 19 in which it held that a by-law which imposed a blanket ban on pets in a strata scheme was invalid because it was harsh, oppressive and unconscionable. In Yardy NCAT said that a prohibition on pets was contrary to contemporary community standards.

The Roden Case involved the Elan, a 40-storey building in Darlinghurst which has over 200 lots. In 2013, the owners corporation of the Elan passed a by-law which imposed a blanket ban on the keeping of pets in the lots or the common property. An owner who was dissatisfied with the pet ban challenged the by-law in NCAT on the basis that the owners corporation did not adequately review the arrangements for the keeping of pets and the no pets by-law was harsh, oppressive and unconscionable.

The Cooper Case The Cooper Case involved the Horizon, a 43-storey building in Darlinghurst. The Horizon had a developer by-law which imposed an outright ban on the ownership of animals in the strata scheme. In 2016, the developer by-law was repealed and was replaced with a similar bylaw on almost identical terms except for allowing assistance animals. In 2019, the owners corporation of the Horizon commenced proceedings in NCAT to enforce the by-law against an owner who moved her dog into the apartment in 2016. The owner responded by challenging the validity of the by-law.


NCAT’s Initial Decisions NCAT held in both cases that the by-laws which imposed blanket pet bans were invalid because they were harsh, oppressive and unconscionable in their operation. NCAT concluded that the no pets bylaws contravened section 139(1) of the SSMA 2015 and should be invalidated under section 150. The first instance decision in Cooper stated that the no pets by-law was harsh, oppressive and conscionable in the specific circumstances of the case because there was uncontradicted evidence that the owner’s dog was suitable for strata living. The owners corporations of the Elan and the Horizon appealed the first instance decisions of NCAT.

NCAT’s Appeal Decisions The Appeal Panel of NCAT held that the no pets by-laws in the Elan and Horizon were valid. The Appeal Panel set out the following general principles in reaching its decision: (a) a by-law which prohibiting the keeping of animals that was valid under the SSMA 1996 did not become invalid upon the passage of the SSMA 2015; (b) a valid by-law under the SSMA 1996 is capable of being declared invalid under section 150 SSMA 2015 on the basis it is harsh, oppressive and unconscionable; (c) a by-law which bans pets is not in itself harsh, oppressive and unconscionable; (d) there is no obligation on an owners corporation defending an application by an owner under section 150 to invalidate a by-law to prove that it has reviewed that by-law or that such a bylaw is objectively justified; (e) the test of whether a by-law is harsh, oppressive and unconscionable is objective; (f) the degree of severity for the standard of “harsh, oppressive and unconscionable” is higher than the standard of “unreasonable”. In other words, the bar to show that a by-law is harsh, oppressive and unconscionable is set very high. The Appeal Panel placed significant weight on the circumstances of the case in deciding whether a bylaw is harsh, oppressive and unconscionable in its operation. In the Cooper Case, the Appeal Panel found Ms Cooper’s awareness of the pet prohibition when she purchased her lot in the Horizon, made it much more difficult for her to demonstrate that the no pets by-law was harsh, oppressive or unconscionable.


When will a by-law be harsh, oppressive or unconscionable?

The Appeal Panel said that any type of by-law might be invalid because it is harsh, oppressive or unconscionable in the following circumstances: (a) by its terms, the by-law is harsh, oppressive or unconscionable; (b) by the passing of the by-law, an owners corporation may impose an obligation upon or remove an existing right from a lot owner; (c) Upon consideration of the particular facts and circumstances of a lot owner that might arise from time to time, an existing by-law may operate in a manner which is harsh, unconscionable or oppressive.

What does this all mean? The Appeal Panel decisions have confirmed that, in most cases, no pets by-laws are valid and enforceable. The decisions also have broader implications on other types of by-laws which prohibit conduct in a strata scheme. It is now more difficult to argue that by-laws which prohibit certain activities should be invalidated on the basis they are harsh, oppressive and unconscionable.

Question: To install solar panels for an apartment, I believe I need to engage a lawyer to draft a new bylaw and the vote may not be successful anyway. Is there an easier way? I live in a complex of 8 villas and share a common wall with 1 of the villas. I have been told there is a by-law that states the maximum number of solar panels permitted for each property is 3 panels. Everyone has 3 panels for their hot water. I want to install solar with 20 panels for my apartment. I was told I would have to engage a lawyer to draft a new by-law which would be put to the committee. If I couldn’t get 75% in favour then the vote would fail. The money paid to the lawyer for the bylaw would be wasted. Is there an easier way to do this?

Answer: There is no requirement that a lawyer draft a by-law, however, it is recommended. The first thing to note is that a by-law requires a special resolution, which requires that no more than 25% of owners present and entitled to vote, cast a vote against the motion. A slight technicality, but on occasion, this can make a difference. There is no requirement that a lawyer draft a by-law. However, as it is a binding commitment, it is recommended. In this case, your by-law and resolutions will need to cover off on several sections of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015, including s108 (making changes to the common property) and Division 3 (By-laws conferring right or privileges over the common property). As there is an existing by-law, consideration on how to deal with that will also be required. It’s more complicated than it may seem on the service. If you do decide to put a by-law forward to a meeting for consideration and it is not passed, you can seek relief from NCAT, by seeking orders that the by-law be made on the grounds that the refusal was unreasonable. You’ll find details on this in s149 of the SSMA.

Natalie Fitzgerald | More Than Strata natalie@morethanstrata.com.au

Christopher Kerin | Kerin Benson Lawyers enquiries@kerinbensonlawyers.com.au

Question: Our building needs major rectification work costing $2,000,000 due to 20 years of defects which have never been addressed. Can we sue the strata manager of 20 years tenure for failing to not insist the strata committee address the maintenance of the building? Our Strata building with 22 lots has not had waterproofing to the roof of the building since being built forty years ago. We now require major rectification work costing $2,000,000 to be done including the treatment of concrete cancer. Can we sue the strata manager of 20 years tenure for failing to not insist the strata committee address the maintenance of the building? I believe the strata manager has failed in the management of our building. We do not have a Capital Works Fund plan in place and, on inspection of the records, we’ve discovered records of our Strata Plan are missing.

Answer: A better course of action would be to sue the strata committee members. The answer to the question is “it depends� but given the strata manager is required to follow directions from the strata committee such an action would be unlikely to succeed. A better course of action would be to sue the strata committee members over the last 20 years for failing to ensure that the sinking fund was adequately provisioned. In this regard, it should be noted that such actions have been successfully prosecuted in the United States. The maintenance of strata records might be something for which the strata manager could be liable however any solicitor or conveyancer acting for a purchaser could also be liable if he or she failed to suggest an inspection of the strata records (although again any liability here would depend upon the interchange between solicitor / conveyancer and client). However such an action against the strata manager for failing to maintain strata records is unlikely to result in being able to successfully sue for the total loss sought to be recovered (ie $2,000,000). Finally, most strata managers have caps on liability under their strata management agreement which limit the amount for which they can sued for (assuming they can be sued) in relation to the work required to be completed under the management agreement.

Question: At our next EGM we will be voting on whether to take out a Strata Loan to cover remedial works. What procedure is required for acceptance of this Motion? At our next EGM we will be voting on whether to take out a Strata Loan to cover remedial works. What percentage is required for acceptance of this Motion and does everyone have to participate in the loan, despite organising finance themselves.

Answer: A resolution approving the relevant loan has to be passed at a general meeting of the owners corporation.. Section 100 of the Strata Schemes Management Act, 2015 (NSW) is set out below and the power to borrow only requires an ordinary resolution/majority vote..

100 Power to borrow money 1. An owners corporation may borrow money and secure the repayment of money and of any interest in any manner agreed between the owners corporation and the lender, otherwise than by charging the repayment on the common property. 2. An owners corporation must not borrow money, or secure the payment of money and interest, unless a resolution approving the relevant loan has been passed at a general meeting of the owners corporation. Because the borrower is the Owners Corporation and would need to issue levies to cover repayments, it isn’t possible that some owners could opt out as levies are due and payable by all owners part of the scheme. Have a question about Section 100: power to borrow money or something to add to the article? Leave a comment below.

Leanne Habib | Premium Strata info@premiumstrata.com.au

YOUR SOLUTION TO SLUGGISH STRATA INTERNET SPEEDS Paul Fleming | Optical Terminations paul@opticalterminations.com.au Ever wondered why your internet service provider describes internet speeds “up to 50Mbps” or “typical evening speed of 50Mbps”? The sad reality is, the NBN hasn’t delivered the internet speeds we expected but now there’s a cost effective solution for strata buildings. For established and older strata schemes, the NBN hasn’t delivered the sort of speeds many residents were expecting. There are two reasons for this. Either your building’s internet system is running off old-school copper cables that were never designed to handle 21st century technology. Or, the NBN used Coaxial cables rather than fibre into your building. Either way, your building will be experiencing a “bottle neck” that causes slower speeds when usage requirements are at their peak. Of course for established buildings, internet speeds have probably been a long-standing problem for residents. But, in the era of COVID-19, years of frustrating speeds have become a significant headache for everyone. The great news is, there is now a solution that will deliver faster speeds now and well into the future. Importantly, it can be done without the need for unsightly cables running throughout your strata building.

The Solution is a Fibre Optic Upgrade More and more strata managers are deciding to upgrade buildings to an internal Fast Fibre Network. These solutions provide strata schemes with internet speeds of 100MB to 1 Gigabit in every unit, while still providing owners with the freedom to choose their own retail internet provider.

How It Works The NBN typically supplies a mix of fibre and Coaxial HFC cable to your building’s MDF Room. (Your MDF room is typically located in the basement or garage area of your building.) From here, each resident’s internet service is supplied via the original, old-school copper cables that were part of the building’s original design. A cutting edge solution to this problem is the use of the latest 3M Clear Track Fibre Pathway™ through your common areas and into each unit – invisibly! Clear Track is only 3.5mm wide and runs along the wall at the level of the skirting board or cornice. That’s why it is so hard to see. To adhere to walls, the Clear Track system uses a special adhesive that’s designed to work on most finished surfaces. What’s more, the adhesive is designed to keep the Track in place for over 20 years. Imagine super-fast internet speeds, invisibly installed, while providing owners with the freedom to choose their own retail provider. It’s all possible thanks to Optical Terminations. Isn’t it time your strata enjoyed fast internet speeds? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by investigating your options.

Question: Our Strata committee is considering a request to decorate the apartment building entry foyer. Are there any specific fire regulations or restrictions we may need to be aware of before proceeding? I live in a new apartment building with 7 floors and 30 lots in NSW. A suggestion has been forwarded to our building Strata committee to decorate the building entry foyer. Suggestions include wallpaper, hanging pictures, adding furniture items, etc. The foyer has entry doors from 2 fire exit stairwells, bike storage, garage access doors, a fire control panel, a powder room access, along with the Main Street entry door. Are you able to advise any specific regulations or restrictions we may need to be aware of before proceeding with this proposed aesthetic improvement?

Chris Chatham | Linkfire Chris.Chatham@linkfire.com.au

Answer: Points to consider are the “Paths of Travel to Exits” regulations from BCA D16. Points to consider are the “Paths of Travel to Exits” regulations from BCA D16. Paths of Travel to Exits are to provide an unobstructed pathway for occupants travelling to an Exit. To provide a passage to an exit that is of a width and height as specified by the Building Code of Australia. To ensure that Paths of Travel to Exits are operational and effective, they must not be obstructed or altered in any way. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that Paths of Travel to Exits are maintained in and efficient condition and kept functional at all times. So what does this mean. It is allowable to have pictures, plants and minimal furniture in the foyer area, it must not impede on the travel paths to exits. Consideration must also be given to access to the Fire Indication Panel as this is a Critical Measure within the building, this must not be obstructed in any way. Consideration must also be given to Wheelchair access.

Ask Us Anything Watch the recent live video where Rod answers NSW strata questions live from our audience.

Rod Smith | The Strata Collective rsmith@thestratacollective.com.au

Question: In a small strata scheme one owner has taken it upon himself to repair the roof. How can I inform him of the dangers to both himself and the owners corporation plus the possible impact on common property while still remaining a 'nice neighbour' in our small community. We live in a small townhouse complex of 5 units where each owner has a footprint on the ground and a roof above. Recently, one of our owners was up on the roof. Apparently, he, and one of the other owners had experienced some leaks. He had been to Bunnings and was repairing the roof himself. The building is 3 levels high. When I tried to explain that I'm uncomfortable with unlicensed people doing repairs, he dismissed me and said he wasn't repairing my unit's roof, and it would save us all money. I was accused of being over bureaucratic and that because he was being careful, there was no risk of an accident. I tried to explain to him that it isn't his roof to mend, and that he is not insured for any accident or the owners corporation for poor workmanship. I'm the chair, and because there are only 5 owners it makes it difficult for me because I also need to maintain good relationships with my neighbours, who already dismiss strata regulations as 'nit-picking'. What is the Law on this? and any suggestions on how best to handle it?

Answer: Just say 'look I want to talk about this, I really am concerned...' Do you have a strata manager? Because comments are spot on but in a small block of 5, I don't think it should be you that is firing the bullets. I think it should be the strata manager who's having the awkward but necessary conversation with the well-intentioned person who's climbing up a roof. You need someone who is experienced with working on roofs. People think their strata lot is their home, however, common property is the responsibility of all owners. What I strongly suggest is to ensure a licenced, insured trade who is experienced with working on roofs to fix your roof. Even if it costs a few hundred dollars, because the risk is absolutely massive should there be an accident. If you don't have a strata manager, I wouldn't confront the person alone. I would perhaps do that with the rest of the committee and just say 'look I want to talk about this, I really am concerned...' and handle it that way so as it's not just you vs him.

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Higgins Coatings Pty Ltd Whatever it takes P: 1300 HIGGINS W: https://www.higgins.com.au/ E: info@higgins.com.au

QUS Pty Ltd – Strata Insurance Insurance distributed via insurance brokers P: 1300 814 011 W: https://www.qus.com.au/ E: qus@qus.com.au

S.A.Butler Painters Pty Ltd Residential, Strata, Commercial, Industrial P: 02 9890 2061 W: https://www.sabutlerpainters.com.au/ E: info@sabutlerpainters.com.au

Inspections (Building/Pool)/Surveyors Quality Building Management keeping your buildings legally compliant and safe. P: 13 0088 0466 W: https://www.qbmstrata.com.au/ E: qbm@qbm.com.au Independent Inspections Sinking Fund Forecast, Insurance Valuations, OHS P: 1300 857 149 W: https://www.iigi.com.au/ E: admin@iigi.com.au

Strata Insurance Solutions Quote online, access up to 7 insurers P: 1300 554 165 W: https://www.stratainsurancesolutions.com.au/ E: info@stratainsurancesolutions.com.au Whitbread Insurance Brokers Empower Your Vision P: 1300 424 627 W: https://www.whitbread.com.au/ E: info@whitbread.com.au CHU Underwriting Agencies Pty Ltd Specialist Strata Insurance Underwriting Agency P: 1800 022 444 W: https://www.chu.com.au/ E: info_nsw@chu.com.au

Lifts / Elevators

QIA Group Fire services, Inspections & Strata Reports P: 1300 309 201 W: https://www.qiagroup.com.au/ E: info@qiagroup.com.au

Innovative Lift Consulting Pty Ltd Trusted Vertical Transportation Consultants P: 0417784245 W: https://www.ilcpl.com.au/ E: bfulcher@ilcpl.com.au

Seymour Consultants Body Corporate Report Specialists P: 07 5573 4011 W: https://www.seymourconsultants.com.au/ E: info@seymourconsultants.com.au

Strata Reports EYEON Property Inspections Buy and Sell with More Confidence P: 1300 798 274 W: https://www.eyeon.com.au/ E: info@eyeon.com.au

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Strata Managers Network Pacific Strata Management Supporting our strata communities P: 03 9816 4722


E: info@networkpacific.com.au

Strata Vault Securely share documents with third parties P: 1300 0 VAULT (82858) W: http://www.stratavaults.com/ E: julie@thestratavault.com

Norwest Strata Management Efficient & Effective Strata Management Solutions P: 02 9086 9123 W: https://www.norweststrata.com.au/ E: mail@norweststrata.com.au

Stratabox Building Confidence P: 1300 651 506 W: https://stratabox.com.au/ E: contact@stratabox.com.au

Premium Strata Diamond-Class strata management agency P: 02 9281 6440 W: https://www.premiumstrata.com.au/ E: info@premiumstrata.com.au

StrataMax Streamlining strata P: 1800 656368 W: http://www.stratamax.com/ E: info@stratamax.com

Sky Living Strata Providing a superior customer experience P: 02 9299 1100 W: https://www.skylivingstrata.com.au/ E: enquiries@skylivingstrata.com.au

MYBOS A cloud based building management system P: 1300 912 386 W: http://www.mybos.com.au/ E: sam@mybos.com.au


Strata Consultants Body Corporate Services Broker P: 1300 917 848 W: https://www.strataconsultants.com.au/ E: david@strataconsultants.com.au The Strata Collective A next generation strata manager. People matter. P: 02 9879 3547 W: https://www.thestratacollective.com.au/ E: rsmith@thestratacollective.com.au

Waterproofing Danrae Group Remedial Waterproofing & Building Specialists P: 1800 326 723 W: https://www.danraegroup.com.au/ E: enquiries@danrae.com.au Superseal Protective Coatings (SPC) Waterproofing & Epoxy Specialists P: (02) 9774 1004 W: https://www.spcau.com/ E: info@spcau.com

Strata Information & Education LookUpStrata Australia’s Strata Title Information Site. W: http://www.lookupstrata.com.au/ E: administration@lookupstrata.com.au Your Strata Property Strata Property membership P: 02 8262 6100 W: https://www.yourstrataproperty.com.au/ E: amanda@yourstrataproperty.com.au

Valuations PP&E Valuations Pty Ltd Experts in Strata Building Insurance Valuations P: 03 9642 4791 W: http://www.ppevaluations.com.au/ E: info@ppevaluations.com.au

Sustainablity / Energy

Glaziers & Window Locks

Energy On Pty Ltd Providing utility network solutions P: 1300 323 263 W: https://www.energyon.com.au/ E: EnergyServices@EnergyOn.com.au

Express Glass Emergency Building Glass Repairs P: 1300 666 234 W: https://www.expressglass.com.au/ E: enquiries@expressglass.com.au

The Green Guys Group Australia’s Expert Energy Efficiency Partner P: 1300 511 875 W: http://greenguys.com.au/ E: sean@greenguys.com.au

The Window Guy Window Hardware Maintenance P: 1300 663 664 W: https://www.thewindowguy.com.au/ E: info@thewindowguy.com.au

Attention NSW Strata Service Professionals Are you interested in being listed in the directory for NSW? Contact Administration@LookUpStrata.com.au to find out more today!

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