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Neighbours mistake dead body as Halloween Display. Mostafa Mahmoud's body was left in the balcony of a house for over a week, while neighbours though it was just a Halloween Display. The Police was finally called when a girl discovered that it wasn't part of the decoration, it was a real corpse with a gunshot on his head Police from Los Angeles was

little Halloween display because



he didn’t have much money),

2 November a girl called to the

and continued celebrating those

office and told them that she

exciting days.

wasn’t sure if it was a corpse on

The 2nd November, almost every









According to the commissary of


the investigation, the body had

one, whose body continued on

stayed there for 6 days, and

the same place. Alice, a 17 years

nobody had noticed it. The week

old girl, was hanging out with

before Halloween, every single

her friends when she realized

house of the neighbourhood had

that the “fake body” who was on



the balcony looked very real, and

skeleton, dead bodies, tombs

it also reminded her of Mostafa’s

and a huge amount of other

face. She knocked the door, but


nobody answered, so she finally




However, one




decorated. It was quite strange because Lisa Steward, a friend of him, testified that he used to do it every year. The only staff that was in the house was a body on the




neighbours didn’t pay attention to it (they thought it was another




decided to call the police.

The 3rd November, the Police

But there’s still one thing left

determined that the man had


committed suicide. He was 51

Supposedly, he killed himself

years old. The night that he

with a gun, but nobody heard

killed himself he called her best

any shot in the neighborhood,

friend Lisa to tell her how much

which is very strange. Was it

he loved her and he told her how

really a suicide?




much he appreciated everything she had done for him. She

Next Halloween, every person



from the neighborhood is going


to send flowers to his tomb, and

imagine that he was about to do

every person in the zone will

such a terrible act.

probably check their decoration

Apparently, Mostafa didn’t have

next time.







any problem, and his familiars haven’t still found any reason why he would have done that.

Alejandro Parejo

13-year-old Moroccan girl kills herself because of unwanted marriage Soukaina Oufkrir, a 13-year-old girl, committed suicide yesterday night in Rabat, because she had been forced by her parents to marry a 40-year-old man who had raped her, so as not to lose

their honour.

Hassan Frifgrt lived in the same neighbourhood as the girl and her family in the south of Rabat. He had been spying her for several weeks and he took photos of her; finally, one day when the girl was coming back from school alone, he kidnapped her and raped her in spite of her resistance. When her parents knew that, they forced her to marry him, even though she protested with desperation. Eventually, the girl decided to kill herself the night of the wedding. The police say that they are sure that this was what happened, but they have declared that they are not

going to imprison the man because of the laws in Morocco. Some neighbours of the family claimed that they were very angry with the man and the girl’s parents because of their responsibility in Soukaina’s death, who was innocent from everything, but they

said that they felt very sorry for her family. Many organisations for women’s rights are going to complain about the situation of victims of rape and the lack of punishments for this kind of crimes in Morocco.

Celia Aller

On October 14th the Austrian Skydiver was safe and sound after a 128,100 feet jump from a capsule placed on the stratosphere. Felix has

Baumgartner always

were adverse). The capsule


was launched from Roswell

beating world records

(New Mexico) and it reached


an altitude of 39.068 meters.



The free fall lasted for 4

places and putting his

minutes and 19 seconds and

own life on the line. In

he landed without problems





Eastern New


from the Petronas Towers in Kuala

However, after the fall, he told us that

Lumpur and in 2007, from the 91st

there was a moment in which he

floor of the Taipei 101 in Taipei,

thought he couldn’t get the record


because he started twirling around and he was trying to stabilize himself

However, this time, he has gone


further. In 2010, Baumgartner started

During his exploit, the mission was

working with the team Red Bull Stratos to attempt the highest jump ever. During two years working with them, he has jumped from altitudes of 71.581 and 96,640 feet but these ones were only



On October 14th he finally did his main jump (It was scheduled for October 9th but the weather conditions


completely controlled by a group of


could do


experts where we could find Joseph Kittinger, the one who had held the record until Baumgartner’s jump. His family was also there because they didn’t want to lose the free fall. His mother told us that she was worried about the risks of that mission and that she started crying when he finally landed. Besides, his sister was also very concerned when he started twirling around but she knew that his Thanks





everything, Baumgartner is going to try

Baumgartner now holds two more

to hold new record and who knows;

world records, he is the first one that

maybe he will be able to break his own record.

has broken the sound barrier and he is the one that has jumped from the highest






Dear Editor, I am writing to express my concern about the disaster that happened the Halloween night in the Madrid Arena, where 5 young girls lost their lives. They were crushed by hundreds of people who tried to leave the party that was being celebrated there. It was supposed to be over 6.000 people in the venue (who should have bought their tickets) but there were almost 18.000 people who entered the place. At first, the director of the Madrid Arena and the Madrid mayoress said that there weren't more people than usual, but videos that were recorded that night showed that it was false information, the capacity of the Arena had been overpassed. Secondly, some pictures and records displayed that the girls who died in a corridor were crushed by a lot of people who ran away from the explosion of a firecracker. But the truth is that it

was an emergency passage, so nobody should be there. The own personal security from the place opened many doors and many accesses which should have been closed. The overcapacity and the non-existent control of the organisation (who had received 3 demands before the party was celebrated) were the responsible of the tragedy. But what surprised me the most was to see that the mayoress continue supporting the company who organised everything even though it is clear that everything was a big disorder. I urge your readers to convene a big strike and a big appointment to protest against the incapacity of the government to punish and to ban the company to organise any other party or festival. If we fight together, we will be able to honour the memory of the girls who lost their lives that tragic night. Alejandro Parejo.

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to “Obama wins elections” published on 8th November. I think that current president is better than Mr.Romney, but I'm worried about the House being in control of Republicans. With the House of Representatives under the control of Republicans, they can paralyze Mr.Obama's reforms. I think it's worrying since the republican's liberalist economies are what got our country and the entire world into this financial crisis. Even though studies show that an universal health care program, for example, is more effective that private clinics, Republicans still want to outlaw Mr.Obama's health care reform because of childish conservatism. I just think that social democracy is an underrated political option in America. I hope that after reading this letter, the readers of the newspaper could starts to consider the Keynesian alternative more seriously. Pablo Mateo Dear Editor, I am writing in order to express my concern regarding to the increase of university fees. The new government has decided to increase the university enrolment, prices of registration for the subjects, and fees for the subjects you have failed as a measure to thwart crisis. This measure will have horrible consequences in education because we are in a crisis, families have no money and the little money they have, it's used to eat or things of first necessity. Currently, the university fees were high and was a thing that not many people could afford; but now that will be impossible, for more and more people

that don't have a job a have to pay also the university fees of their children or also young people that can't get a job to afford their own fees because their families can't pay them. That's a restriction of freedom. If people can't study because of money, they won’t be able to be educated or have possibilities to get a job in the future, so that would be bad in all senses. We will have a country without an educated and prepared generation to be ready to work, and we will have also more poor people. I urge to call your attention and of the young people who want to study a degree to demonstrate against these measures and take part in the fight for their rights. Elena Olivero Dear editor, I refer to a couple of pages that caught my eye in the Guardian's website on Sunday. I was quite impressed by the fact that there is still something different from death, wars and tragedies in the news ( /picture-desk-live-the-best-news-pictures-oftheday and ashion-blog/2013/jan/30/menswear-dogmodel-bodhi).

I find this fact really important because I've realised that lately there has just been death, political issues, wars, conflicts and lots of sickening news that, in my opinion, are leading people to avoid newspapers and to pay no attention to what is going on in the world. Every time I watch the news I have to change the channel to something less dramatic because it really sinks my morale in a couple of minutes. Keep adding to the news these spots of happiness which make it less depressing to read them. Guillermo Satué-Rodríguez

My group and I interviewed Jose MarĂ­a Chacon. I thought that was very interesting because he's our Maths teacher and we didn't know anything about him. When we finished the interview we learnt plenty of interesting things about him. I was surprised because I was expecting other kind of person. About him, he loves travelling, music, learning, teaching, movies. He thinks that punctuality is a very important quality because if you are punctual you're showing some respect to the other person. He

said that punctuality is a question of education. He loves films and rock music; this is very shocking because nobody thought that he loved rock music. Another important thing about the interview was that he is proud of his career and how he became a Maths teacher. Finally, asked about the future, he said he would continue studying and travelling and he said that the relationship between teachers and students should always be based on mutual respect.

We were glad to interview him since we could know him a little bit more. I think our teacher is a good one and we will never forget him.

CUTS IN EDUCATION by Guillermo SatuĂŠ ancestors and us have been defending for centuries: equality.

I am writing this article with the intention to express my opinion about a topic that concerns us all, and even more to us as students and to you as teachers. I have been for a long time reading, listening, and watching as the public school is declining in favour of the private; while in the public sector teaching is rapidly worsening as social inequality grows, the government seems to be encouraging private sector, segregation by sex, granting public funds to those private schools that favour this kind of segregation. This measure, together with other measures that the government is implementing represent for me an utter disregard of all that our

With this brief article I intend to make an appeal to all students interested in having a better future and to all the vocational teachers who are struggling day by day against a society that clogs the progress, when it is possible to draw money from other sectors. To all of them, my encouragement, there is still hope because together we can change our future. To all the teachers who decide to place exams on strike days, to those who are losing the desire to teach and that are increasingly less interested or to those who bow down to the abuse of the system, my encouragement too, because there are many of us and the numbers are growing. Together we can change the course of events. In conclusion, teachers and students must RESPECT EACH OTHER and be more united than ever to sort out this mess.

By Pablo Mateo

Maybe some teenagers think that we are putting more emphasis on the relationship with our friends than on our family. This is my opinion about the subject. It is my opinion that this is a false premise. It is not that friends are more important than parents. It is that friends are more important than they previously were. When children grow, they start to form relationships with other people. Teachers are another figure of authority, for example. It is in this period of time when they start to make friendship. With these friends, they start to develop their social skills and they start to develop empathy. They start to know that they must treat other people in a pleasant manner if they want to be accepted. In this way, children form social groups. When the children grow up , they become teenagers. For the first time, they start to develop their own opinions. They realise that their parents aren't perfect, and that they can't depend on them all the time. On the other hand, they start to develop their own personality, which is why they place more importance in

friendship than before. Now the teenagers form relationships with people who share their hobbies and opinions. These friends are important for the well-being of a person; for they ensure that the person completes their mental and social development. Of course, this is actually pretty difficult: since teenagers don't have a complete personality, they can have a pretty shallow and at times egotistical view of the world, which can result in teenagers isolating other teenagers because they don't like his or her views, tastes etc. This can be problematic, as social isolation is a big problem for the mental development of a person, and can result in social anxiety, depression and other mental problems for the affected adolescent. In conclusion, I think that the value teenagers put on friendship is a natural stage of their lives, and that parents shouldn't worry too much if their sons start to ignore them.

When people are asked this question I'm sure a huge majority says "yes". One of their arguments may be that we have more things to enjoy than people in the past. However, I must say that I don't think that people are happier now than before. The only difference is that the way in which people enjoy things has changed during generations.

First of all, we have to point out that our parents and grandparen ts had fewer material things. Also, some of them may have lived in very difficult times when they could hardly eat as we eat nowadays. As a consequence, they learnt how to live with little things. In fact, I strongly believe that they enjoyed and valued even the most insignificant detail in their

lives. That's the reason why they were used to be happy without things that are essential in our lives right now. Apart from that, if we think about the current world, it's about capitalism, consumerism and having material things. Everyone knows the statement "Money brings happiness". Personally, I partly agree with it, because it is necessary to get several things. For example, many people want the latest products that are released. Also, without money many facilities or opportunities are unreachable. In conclusion, I have to say that nobody is happier, but our parents were happy with fewer things. In fact, if we went back in time, I'm sure that it would be hard to be happy for nowadays young people.

The government has provided the city with a large amount of money to invest it in the development of its leisure facilities for young people. However, this project is thought to be a bad idea by many people, who claim that this sum should have been given to more serious needs. But I disagree with them. As I see it, in the last few years, leisure for young people has been getting worse due to the fact that cinemas, theatres and concerts are much more expensive th an before. In my opinion, this money could be used to create very cheap new centres for leisure in which the young would be able to play different games, sports

and inst ruments. Furthermore, there must be discounts for young people in cinemas, etc. All this might improve their lives in the future. They would save

more money, so they could use it to go abroad or for their studies. Moreover, they would do less botellona, which would be better for their health. To sum up, this initiative seems to be very positive for young people because money will no longer be a problem for them to have fun in an appropriate way.


Bullfighting is part of the Spanish culture and is an ancient tradition, especially, in Andalucía. Millions of people are totally in favour of this type of festival but there are also many who are not. I am not convinced that bullfighting may be considered as a celebration.

Firstly, many people think that bullfighting is an extremely cruel act in which bulls suffer a lot for a while until they die cruelly. In addition, these people see bullfighting as a torture that must be banned.

Secondly, it is true that bullfighting attracts thousands of tourists which improve Andalucía’s economic income. However, a lot of tourists do not like it and they think that bulls get bad publicity.

To conclude I definitely think that I bullfighting is not going to be banned because is one of the most important and popular traditions in Andalucía and the majority of the population enjoy it, but in my opinion it should be banned because of its cruelty with animals.

This film is a drama starring Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon. It was directed by Chris Colombus and first released in 1998. It also counts with the participation of other famous actors such as Ed Harris. This film tells the story of two women, Isabelle and Jackie. Isabel is dating Jackie's ex-husband which includes dealing with the two children that he had with his ex-wife. However, the children and Isabelle don't get along very well. Also, the relationship between both women is horrible. They usually have arguments and disagree about everything. This happens because while Isabelle is absolutely focused on her job as a professional photographer, Jackie is only focused on her children. We will see several moments in which Isabelle tries to improve their relationship. However the story has a radical change when we discover that Jackie is seriously ill. In my opinion the film is really good. It makes you think about several things, such us family, love and emotional pain. Although it's not based on real facts, the events that are shown have possibly happened to real people. Generally it shows a very difficult situation in which all the main

characters are involved. Another thing to point out is the gradual development that all the characters have, which is good to have a better understanding of what's happening. Also, as the film goes on, it gets more moving. I have to remark that the end is awesome. Apart from that, the mythical song "Ain't no mountain high enough" is played, which adds a cool effect in some scenes. I definitely recommend this movie, even to people who usually dislike dramas...maybe this film can change their opinions.

This film is a disaster drama thriller starring Ewan Mcgregor and Naomi Watts. It was directed by Juan Antonio Bayona and written by Sergio G. Sánchez. It was made in 2012, it also counts with the participation of Tom Holland. This film tells the story of a family of five members, the parents and three young brothers. They were in Thailand on Christmas holidays when a tsunami came. They were separated, on the one hand the mother and the oldest son, the mum was really injured and almost she died. And on the other hand the father and the rest of the children. The father started to look for the rest of the family and the situation was really dramatic, people, places, everything had disappeared.. Finally the father found his older child and his dear wife and they were taken to Singapore when she was taken care of by the best doctors. In my opinion the film is really good, because the film makes you thing about a lot of things especially, the family. This film is based on real facts. When the film is near the end¸ it´s impossible not to cry, because it is really moving. I love this film. I would recommend this film especially for people who love drama films, maybe you´re more sensible than you think.

This film is a French documentary about life in

films, but, since I saw this one, I can't wait to

Earth's five oceans. It is not the first documentary

discover something more about our world. Even

film of Disney nature because they made "Earth" and

though there are cruel scenes, people know that

"The Crimson Wing" before "Oceans".

animals eat other ones. In other words, if you can't see a shark eating a sea lion, you shouldn't see

The film starts at a beach, where some boys discuss


about what the ocean is. Then the camera starts moving through different places around all over the

But if you can stand with this kind of things, I think

world, showing us different scenes of sharks hunting

that you ought to see "Oceans" because it may make

sea lions, beautiful coral reefs, and dolphins jumping

you want to discover more about the world. It's not


just me who is saying this; also the critics have said that it is a really good documentary film.

The first time I saw it, it made me feel very little in such a big world. I wasn't used to seeing this kind of

How I met your mother is a comedy created by Craig Thomas, Carter Bays and directed by Pamela Fryman. The series is set in Manhattan, and it follows the social and romantic life of Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel) and his wife Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan) who became pregnant during the season 7 , Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulderts), and Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris who won the award for the best male comedy actor). The series has been nominated for seven Emmy Awards, winning six. I started to see this series 3 years ago because my best friend recommended it to me, and I expected that it was going to be a great series.

In this series the main character is Ted Mosby who tells, in the year 2030, to his son and daughter the events that made him meet his wife. Ted was always looking for the perfect girl, "The One", his friends Marshall and Lily served as an inspiration for Ted to find his true love. Barney is the funniest character, he uses his wealth to seduce women for sex. He falls in love with Robin and becomes engaged. The series is quite similar to the well-known series "Friends". The series shows that although many people will be in your life as a boyfriend or girlfriend, friends will always be with you to support you and give you advice. It is a series for all audiences. I really recommend it, for people who want to laugh and have a good time.

by Marta Pérez Stay Alive is a thriller and horror film directed by William Brent Bell, who cowrote it with Matthew Peterman. The film stars are Jon Foster as Hurch MacNail, and Frankie Muniz as Swink Sylvania. The film takes place in the present in a town of the USA. The plot is about a group of friends that are looking for the answers to the mysterious death of their old friend. It is connected with an online video game based on the story of an ancient noblewoman known as the Blood Countess. Stay Alive has such disappointing special effects, they are so unreal. Although, the action scenes include karate techniques. Finally, the plot of the film and its main characters are astonishing. I would recommend the film to anyone who likes thriller and horror films and enjoys suspense.

by Juan José Román This film is a documentary which was awarded an Oscar. Starring Al Gore, the former United States Vice President, directed by Davis Guggenheim, and produced by Lawrence Bender was first released in 2006. An Inconvenient Truth tells us about Al Gore’s research and what he has discovered, showing us incredible pictures and interesting statistics that had never been seen before. In this documentary, Al Gore talks about different topics but specially the most important one is the Global Warming and its consequences. In view of the present situation, he has explained how Global Warming might affect us in the future and what life on the planet might be like. It is true that this film shows us a disturbing truth or ''An inconvenient truth'' as the title says, but it has a different purpose: to make us aware of the current situation of our planet and to make us react before it is too late. In conclusion, I admire this film and I recommend it to everyone because it is a good way to become aware of the present situation of our planet, apart from being a well done job which includes incredible pictures of the Earth

The purpose of this report is to make people from my high school aware of how important it is not to waste paper and I would like to transmit the possible measures that may solve this problem. Every day, I could see what students did with the paper and I have written down what I consider relevant.

Undoubtedly, each person working or studying here has to cooperate. Facts that make clear how paper is wasted:   

Most parents go to shopping centres and start to buy lots of notebooks. Many photocopies are given to each student every day. Paper in toilets is used for everything but personal hygiene.

Luckily, nowadays we count on technological help for almost everything, so we can take advantage of it.   

On one side, photocopies could be eliminated and in its place, teachers would upload them to a web. We could also use recycled paper and try to use both faces of it. Moreover, paper in the toilets should be revised every day, little by little.

Although most of the times people do not pay attention to these things, if strict rules were carried out, maybe the problem would be solved sooner than we think.

Sedentary lifestyle by Ainhoa Quiñones The aim of this report is to make people conscious of how dangerous sedentary life can be for their health and what disadvantages it leads. What we call to have a sedentary life As we can see in our day after day, there are so many people who decide to spend the time in front of a screen (like computer or TV), eating or sleeping, without doing any exercise. This problem is given mainly in the most developed countries, giving place to problems of health such as obesity. Consequences that sedentary lifestyle brings · Accumulation of fat in the body and increase of weight · Bone weakening that can develop diseases as the osteoporosis · Immediate weariness after any activity that needs physical effort · Appearance of cholesterol in the blood, etc Statistics and some important information According to a study done by the company 'Salusline', in Spain 40 % of the population has this problem, being the women the most sedentary. According to the 'Survey of Deaths: Causes of Deaths’ of the INE, 60 % of the deaths in Spain are result of diseases of the circulatory system, followed by diseases of the digestive and respiratory system How we can avoid sedentary lifestyle Everything we need not to have a sedentary life and to be healthy is principally to do exercise. Also we can improve our health eating fruit and vegetables and avoiding fats to have a better mobility of our body. We must also avoid spending a lot of time in front of the screens or sitting. Recommendations According to the facts mentioned above, it is very advisable to do exercise, to go out to walk, to dance or to swim. . Also it is necessary to try to avoid too much time sitting down or lying on the sofa ood circulation-

The purpose if this report is to examine the advantages and disadvantages of being an only child. Also examine the problems that this kind of children may have.

- They have received more attention from their parents - Only children also tend to be high achievers because their parents do not have to divide their time. - They have received also more protection from their family. - They are not jealous of other siblings.

- They can be spoilt because they receive more attention from their family. - They cannot share their life with a brother or sister, somebody they can trust. - They can be self-centred because their relatives concentrate all their attention to this only child.

To sum up, the education of only children should be the same that the education of a person who has brothers or sisters, it only depends on the education that they have received from their parents, because a person who has siblings also can be self-centred and on the other hand an only child can be educated very well.

looked surprised at first, but then I realized that he considered me his mother.

only I had listened to my friend’s advice… But I didn’t. Finally I entered the house of that old and bearded man who made us feel so scared. After all, not everything that happened to me when I entered was wrong. At first I thought of running away, but I was already inside. That old man was snoring, sitting in his rocking chair with a bottle of wine in his left hand. He was in front of the smokestack. Unintentionally I woke him up, and he shouted at me. Then he told me that he had done it because he was afraid at the thought of someone stealing his little dragon egg. Now I have it, and it seems that it is trying to open, to get out for meet his new mother. My name’s Saray García, I am 17 years old and I have a dragon egg. It seems so amazing, is not that so? Within two days of the visit to that old man, with whom I get on very well now, the egg was opened, and a flaming green dragon with small wings came out. He

Gradually he grew into a great dragon, with a remarkable ability to fly and a great strength, until weighing more than five tons and measuring more than 25 meters, although it seemed impossible after being born so small from that egg. It seemed fit to be called Toddler. He was the nicest dragon in the world, with a large size and very elegant when trying to fly. Luckily we lived in the countryside and he had plenty of space in the sky to do it. However, when I moved to the city my life radically changed. I had to return the dragon to the old and bearded man. Finally I wasn’t so angry and sad because I can go to see Toddler every week, and he seems very happy with the old man. After all, that old man looked after Toddler longer than I do.

We are reporters  

This is a magazine written by students fom 2 bachillerato at IES llanes high school

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