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201 2-2013 A NNUAL REPO RT 3


Welcome to the 2013 Annual Report for Logan University! It is my pleasure to share with you—our alumni, faculty, students and friends—the many stories of progress and innovation taking place on campus and in the broader community as a result of your time, talent and support of Logan. Throughout this report you will read compelling stories of service: our esteemed Logan faculty members who infuse our traditional curriculum with modern innovation, ensuring our graduates will be leaders in 21st century health care; Logan’s relationship with many regional organizations where together we work to improve the well-being of the communities around us; and our students who learn through service. Logan students build practice-ready skills while bringing healing relief to members of the St. Louis community, including veterans, first responders, the uninsured and underinsured, and individuals with significant physical disabilities. These immersive learning opportunities provide Logan students the unrivaled opportunity to adopt the “treat, co-treat and refer” model of care that strengthens chiropractic’s role in the integrated health system. On pages 17-19, you will learn about the University’s robust financial health, which supports our ability to build new programs and grow programs that meet the needs of tomorrow’s health provider. We are debt free, our reserves are growing and enrollment is strong. We believe transparency is essential, so please review the University’s 2012-2013 auditors’ report any time online at Lastly, find out ways we are reaching out to our alumni and friends through online resources and the newly renovated Alumni & Friends House, an on-campus space for alumni and friends to gather, learn and network. We look forward to continued efforts in this area and serving as a lifelong partner for this growing group of individuals. Thank you for your commitment to Logan, our students and our united vision for the future. Dr. Clay McDonald

President 201 2-2013 ANNUAL R EPO RT 5


MEASURING THE IMPACT OF OUR SERVICE... In the pages that follow, we share stories of how we actively live the vision of leading an integrated health care system to improve quality of life through focused, dedicated service to our students, our patients, our alumni and our community.

We serve our students by creating and sustaining a stimulating learning environment based on innovation, academic rigor and immersive opportunities.

We serve our patients through compassionate, evidence-informed care and an integrated health model that best meets the needs of each individual.

We serve our alumni by offering resources and tools to foster collaboration, enhance continuing education and support career pathways.

We serve our community through enriching programs that help advance the awareness of chiropractic and complimentary health sciences as well as provide a positive impact on health, performance and quality of life. 201 2-2013 A NNUAL REPO RT 7


As patient care becomes increasingly more complex, health care professionals must ultimately be trained to face today’s evolving needs and be prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. Logan students are no exception. Within the University’s outpatient clinics, Logan faculty continue to raise the bar for competencies that far exceed their peers.

“We want to get them as close to what they will experience when they leave Logan,” said Dr. Michael Wittmer, chief of staff for Logan’s outpatient clinics. “The experience we provide for our interns is a good bridge between academia and the real world.”

Dr. Allison Harvey, a clinician at Montgomery Health Center, routinely challenges students to re-evaluate and refine their skills, knowledge and ideas. She guides the interns through their clinical experience with the ultimate goal of preparing them to be successful Doctors of Chiropractic.

Recently Logan’s clinicians have implemented a new assessment program where students are held to a higher standard. While students have hourly requirements that must be met, Harvey says the majority of students invest significantly more hours than required to provide necessary patient care.

“Asking a lot of ‘whys’ enables our students to stay sharp and figure out complex cases on their own,” she stated. “Defending and explaining their approach to patient care encourages them to implement their clinical knowledge. I guide critical thinking so they can conquer the complex cases they will see and develop solid clinicalreasoning skills.”

Nevertheless, as much as the Logan clinicians challenge students to be better practitioners, students in turn challenge Logan to provide additional opportunities, as in the case of acupuncture. As a result of a high number of students enrolling in Logan’s weekend postgraduate classes for acupuncture, Logan clinics allow students who are certified in acupuncture to provide an additional service to patients. “Logan’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the dedication and commitment of our clinicians to the success of our students,” said Wittmer. “We are passionate about chiropractic, and we love to teach. I feel fortunate to work with such great clinicians who know that in order to be the best we must continue to evolve.”

With current patient demands and the need to stay competitive, Logan faculty know they must constantly stay ahead of the curve in terms of rigorous teaching methods and modern technology. In Logan’s Assessment Center, students apply their skills and techniques to standardized patients—paid “actors” who also work with medical students from Saint Louis University and Washington University and memorize a script of symptoms and ailments to test students’ communication and diagnostic skills. These standardized patients have been so impressed with Logan students that many have become patients in the clinic and have also referred friends and family. With our rapidly evolving health care system, Logan’s clinics are on the cutting edge of technology with electronic health records, digital X-rays and the most up-to-date equipment. Additionally, students are current with documentation and patient care.

(Above left) Dr. Allison Harvey monitors an intern during adjustment. (Above) Dr. Michael Wittmer meets with students about clinical internships. 201 2-2013 AN NUAL REPO RT 9


Working at her mom’s food pantry in Detroit, Erica Gaitley knew firsthand the rewards of helping others long before she came to Logan University. It’s no surprise that when it came time to select an internship, Erica was drawn to community service opportunities.

Naturally, she gravitated toward CHIPS—a nonprofit organization that provides health care and social services for the underserved and uninsured in the St. Louis region. “I chose CHIPS because it serves a population that I would someday like to treat,” said the Tri-10 student. “I think an opportunity like this, and of our own accord, is rare, and it means a lot to me to be able to perform a service to the community.” Over the past few years, Logan has increasingly developed partnerships with local organizations that serve diverse populations with diverse health needs. Erica Gaitley

It is through these partnerships that Logan has established highly sought-after internships that provide students with a unique clinical education experience wherein they are challenged by patient cases and can connect with a population outside their comfort zone. For Erica, working with CHIPS has been the most rewarding work she’s performed. “Because most of the patients we see are uninsured or don’t have proper insurance due to financial reasons, I find that these patients are most appreciative of everything we do,” she said. As part of her internship, Erica conducts patient exams, documents patient history and administers treatment, under the supervision of a practicing chiropractor. Her patients deal with chronic problems, from diabetes and hypertension to obesity-related back pain.

“The care we’re providing may not seem like much, but no one responds quite like these patients,” she said. “You see results with them that you don’t often see with other patients, whether it’s improvement in their livelihood and work or an increased ability to go about daily activities. In turn, the experience has helped me relate to different patient populations.” Like Erica, Tri-10 student Kristopher Feldmann of Washington, Mo., was also looking for any opportunity to work with patients without access to routine chiropractic care. His internship through the Veteran Affairs’ Medical Center-Jefferson Barracks Division in St. Louis provided just that. At the Division’s Interdisciplinary Pain Clinic, Kristopher works alongside medical doctors, physical therapists and psychiatrists in an integrated health setting for patients who either cannot afford chiropractic care or are not receiving enough care on their own. He finds the experience provides him with an opportunity to educate the veteran patients on what chiropractic is and how it can help. “Many are nervous or sensitive to the touch, so I explain how chiropractic treatment should affect them and how they will feel,” he said. “It helps them understand the benefit of our care and allows me to work on my communication skills with patients. “As a result, we see patients coming back to the clinic on their own. They felt enough of a difference, and to me, that is extremely rewarding.” Kristopher Feldmann

201 2-2013 AN NUAL R EPO RT 11


For nearly 80 years, Logan University alumni have continued to push the boundaries of success through research, innovation, leadership and impact. Just as we were there to provide them with the foundation for their career, Logan continues to serve alumni as they grow and make valuable contributions to the health care industry and society. Their achievements have ranged from integrating chiropractic into the military health care system, to collaborating with health care providers to ensure patient-centered care. Recently, Logan implemented new resources and amenities designed specifically for our alumni. The Alumni & Friends website ( gives alumni access to credible resources to build and grow their practice, relevant news and research, clinical support services, and postgraduate and seminar information. It also offers specific information on earning certifications, license renewals and establishing relationships with state associations. Dr. Ralph Barrale, vice president of chiropractic and alumni relations, says the site is intended to serve as an educational resource as well as a place for alumni to stay engaged and connected to Logan. “We have a responsibility to support our alumni with the best resources and support that enables them to become leaders in their profession,” he said. “We look forward to continuing to grow with our alumni and best meet their needs.” In addition to the virtual home for alumni, Logan has also created a physical space for alumni to visit when they come to campus. The former postgraduate house on the southern edge of the campus has been newly renovated and repurposed to serve as the Alumni & Friends House for both Logan’s postgraduate and development services. Dr. Barrale said the House provides a dedicated space for alumni to gather, learn and network. “The home not only reaffirms Logan’s commitment to our alumni, but let’s our alumni know that their sense of belonging does not end at commencement,” he said. “Our alumni and friends will always have a place to come and reconnect with faculty and colleagues.” December 1994 Logan graduate Dr. Jennifer Walpert said the Alumni House is a great place to nurture relationships between faculty, students and alumni.

(Opposite page) Dr. Ralph Barrale and Kevin Ballentine, director of development at Logan, meet with Logan alumni Dr. Nofa Shibley (center left) and Dr. Jennifer Walpert inside the new Alumni & Friends House. (Above) Logan alumni (seated from left) Drs. Alex Vidan, Sara Vidan, Susan Bushman and Jennifer Walpert share a laugh with Dr. Ralph Filson (standing, left) and Dr. Barrale.

“I think maintaining a strong connection with alumni is a vital component of any university or college for financial stability and future growth,” she said. “With the current leadership, Logan is on the right path with the Alumni House.” The Alumni & Friends House serves as a point of contact for all visiting alumni and friends as well as a gathering place for receptions and special events. Bob Hardcastle, longtime friend of Logan University and CEO and President of Delta Investment Services, as well as 25-year host of “Money Talk” radio, said he looks forward to spending more time at the House as Logan continues to invest in connections with the greater community. “I’ve been associated with Logan for 35 years, and I think what Logan has done is an important step forward in building relationships with local businesses,” he said. “It’s a great way to give something back to the alumni and friends who have supported Logan over the years.” 201 2-2013 ANNUAL R EPORT 13


“Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.” —Marian Wright Edelman At Logan, community service doesn’t start at commencement. It starts at the beginning of a student’s education. For years, we have supported the St. Louis community by partnering with local and non-profit organizations to identify service-focused opportunities where our students can make an impact.

“Logan’s seminars teach us to think about how we move and the importance of proper lifting and balance, as well as the risk of repetitive motions. It’s been wonderful working with Logan because they have tailored the program to fit our needs.”

The results, thus far, have been tremendous.

Schulze said because the most critical on-the-job injuries are slips and falls, it’s important that Kennelwood addresses workplace safety on a regular basis. She said Logan is an integral resource for workplace ergonomics and safety.

In 2013 alone, Logan students participated in more than 150 programs and events, reaching thousands of community members throughout St. Louis and the surrounding counties. From providing complimentary stretching and soft tissue treatment to runners, to offering free postural/spine screenings and body fat analysis in the workplace, Logan students dedicate hundreds of hours each month to making personal connections and promoting health, safety and wellness.

“I always enjoy the speaker’s own insights as well as how interactive Logan’s program is each month,” she said. “They get us up and moving around with practice exercises and leave us thinking about how we as an organization and as individuals can be safer in the workplace.”

“Without Logan’s partnership we would not be able to serve and educate the amount of children and their families that we do on a regular basis,” said Lucretia Payne, supervisor for Cardinals Care, the community foundation of the St. Louis Cardinals. “We are grateful for their involvement with our organization.” For the past three years, Logan has supported Cardinals Care by attending the organization’s annual Health Fair which attracts more than 1,200 children and their parents. There, families learn about valuable health and nutrition resources in their community and the benefits of chiropractic care. “The classroom is a strategy room for the learning of disease, health and well being, but the footwork is to enter the community with our education and set it into practice,” said Tri-10 student Robert Kelly, senior intern in the BIOFREEZE® Human Performance Center. “Giving community lectures and providing treatment at walks and runs not only shows the community our knowledge, but it let’s them know we care.” Across town, Logan students educate Kennelwood Pet Resorts employees each month on the importance of safety on the job. “Our jobs are very physical in nature. We’re on our feet all day working with live animals,” says Sue Schulze, in-home trainer and behavioral counselor at Kennelwood.

(Opposite page) Logan interns Sarah Schumate (far left) and Cory St. Denis (far right) work on balance techniques with staff at Kennelwood Pet Resorts. (Above) A Logan intern speaks to children about chiropractic at the Cardinals Care Health Fair.

201 2-2013 AN NUAL R EPO RT 15


OUR COMMITMENT TO FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY Fiscal responsibility is not just a phrase intended for a mission or value statement. We believe it should be upheld as a priority in everything we do.

This year, we’ve made efforts to increase transparency and ensure all information related to our financial standing is shared with stakeholders in a clear manner. For that reason, we have made our financial audit for fiscal year 2012-13 available in its entirety on our website at

• Logan is in good standing with outside accrediting and regulatory bodies.

As we maintain our status as one of the top academic institutions for chiropractic and health sciences, we are proud to report that Logan University has shown strong fiscal responsibility and effectiveness.

• Logan has been the recipient of federal grants and endowments for infrastructure, technology and research.

Reflecting on the past year, we have anticipated specific needs and have taken the necessary steps to meet them with appropriate planning and fiscal oversight. This financial soundness has enabled us to add and grow degree programs that complement and enhance our rich tradition in chiropractic, implement new technology that aids in diagnosis and treatment, recruit highly trained faculty and staff members with diverse backgrounds and qualifications, and enhance and maintain our campus grounds and facilities. This all would not have been possible without steady and conservative planning. Here are just a few facts that help demonstrate our prudent fiscal management of university funds: • Logan is debt free—a status that few academic institutions can claim.

• For the past five years, Logan has acted within its projected budget and operated within our means.

• Logan regularly offers scholarly activities (from research opportunities to conferences) that serve students and alumni. • Logan continuously offers professional development, leadership and training opportunities for faculty and staff. It is our promise to remain accountable for any and all financial outcomes and keep on the path of transparency with our financial processes and business practices to ensure Logan’s financial integrity. We pledge to continue to be good stewards of university resources by implementing the best management practices as well as maximizing assets to support student learning of the highest standard. Finally, we look forward to keeping you—our students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and friends—informed of fiscal milestones and achievements that have positioned, and kept, Logan University in solid financial standing.

• Logan has no deferred maintenance.

201 2-2013 AN NUAL REPO RT 17


LOGAN UNIVERSITY, INC. d/b/a LOGAN COLLEGE OF CHIROPRACTIC STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION August 31, 2013 (With Comparative Totals for 2012) August 31, 2013


$ 11,808,812 1,178,510 281,209

$ 13,525,040 1,184,140 229,599

13,268,531 101,359 1,523,258 6,389,410 209,242 21,562 22,805,282 43,446,414 429,381 182,879 10,083

14,938,779 111,842 823,000 7,077,253 118,695 30,843 17,657,318 44,838,745 400,776 138,416 10,083

$ 88,387,401

$ 86,145,750




Logan experienced strong financial results in fiscal year 2013 due to disciplined management, thorough governance structure and steady leadership. Net assets increased $2.54 million to end the year at $78.3 million, while liabilities decreased $304,000 to $10.08 million. Revenues rose 6 percent and expenses increased 4 percent during the fiscal year. A $1.6 million increase in revenues was largely due to increase in tuition income, private gifts and grants, and net realized gain on investments. These revenue increases were aided partly by a moderate increase in enrollment, excellent investment returns and continued strong support from donors. The largest increases in expenses resulted from critical mission costs of instruction. Expenditures for instruction continued to represent the largest category of costs for the University. Salaries and benefits comprised 61 percent of the University’s total expenses. The University continues to invest in its physical facilities to support key academic initiatives and infrastructure. Our change in net assets (net income) was $2.54 million in fiscal year 2013 compared to $1.86 million in fiscal year 2012, an increase of $680,000. We encourage you to read the audited financial statements and related notes online at for more information regarding the financial position and results of Logan University.

Cash and cash equivalents Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted Accounts receivable, net Contributions receivable, net Student loans receivable Prepaid expenses and other Inventories Investments Property and equipment, net Cash surrender value of life insurance policies Other assets Beneficial interest in Logan University Education Foundation Total assets

LIABILITIES Accounts payable Accrued liabilities Deferred revenues U.S. Government grants refundable Total liabilities

– 530,309 331,775 9,216,970

80,411 949,885 321,766 9,030,788



Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted

75,637,632 1,798,510 872,205

73,758,165 1,184,140 820,595

Total net assets



$ 88,387,401

$ 86,145,750



LOGAN UNIVERSITY, INC. d/b/a LOGAN COLLEGE OF CHIROPRACTIC STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES August 31, 2013 (With Comparative Totals for 2012) Year Ended August 31, 2013


$ 22,874,911 662,961 1,429,711 822,370 465,714 397,634 726,664 572 373,649 40,845

$ 22,357,500 414,520 650,245 988,703 415,647 599,696 249,899 18,541 437,070 41,431



8,206,345 1,124,589 982,269 2,540,011 7,251,717 2,549,010

7,851,756 979,486 920,031 2,473,830 7,092,514 2,567,962

Total expenses before depreciation and amortization Depreciation and amortization

22,653,941 2,595,643

21,885,579 2,424,234

Total expenses



2,545,447 75,762,900

1,863,439 73,899,461

$ 78,308,347

$ 75,762,900

REVENUES, GAINS AND OTHER SUPPORT Net tuition and fees Federal grants and contracts Private gifts, grants and contracts Sales and service of educational activities Investment income Net unrealized gain on investments Net realized gain on investments Gain on sale of property and equipment Other sources Sales and services of auxiliary enterprises

EXPENSES Education and general Instruction Research Academic support Student services Institutional support Operation and maintenance of plant


201 2-2013 A NNUAL REPO RT 19

MEET KEVIN BALLENTINE: LOGAN’S NEW DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT Kevin Ballentine has a singular mission: spread the word about chiropractic care and encourage support for Logan University. As somebody who has benefitted from chiropractic care personally, Ballentine said he feels an obligation to build support for the profession and raise money for Logan University. And to do that, he wants to talk to as many Logan friends and alumni as possible. “This is truly a great time to be a part of Logan. When I start talking to people about all of the things that are going on at Logan, they’re always amazed,” he said. “Once our friends and supporters know about all of the new initiatives and projects, they have so many more reasons to support Logan.” Ballentine is a graduate of the University of MissouriSt. Louis, where he earned dual degrees in marketing and management. He is currently a board member for Lutheran Family and Children Services of Missouri, serves as the membership chairman for a local Corvette club and also volunteers with the Mathews-Dickey Boys’ & Girls’ Club of St. Louis.

Q: What did you do before you came to Logan University? A: I spent a good portion of my career in the pharmaceutical industry and held various roles in sales and business development. I also founded and ran my own mortgage company for three years. But immediately before joining Logan, I was the director of major and planned gifts for the Lutheran High School Association of St. Louis for five years. That was my introduction to fundraising. As a graduate of Lutheran North High School, I cherished the opportunity to help raise money for my former school. Q: How did you get introduced to chiropractic? A: I had a couple of friends who are chiropractors and Logan graduates, but for the longest time, I did not see a chiropractor myself. That was until I developed a back problem that eventually made it hard for me to function and breathe. I saw my primary care doctor and specialists, but none of them could seem to solve the problem. It got to the point where I was having back and breathing problems every day. One of my chiropractor friends, Dr. Charles Quigless (who is also a Logan alum), told me to come by his office so he could have a look. He started treating me with chiropractic care and my problem went away. Since then I’ve been using chiropractic for various injuries and I’ve been spreading the word about the effectiveness of chiropractic care to all of my friends and family. When I heard about the opportunity with Logan University, I thought it was a perfect fit for me. Q: What has surprised you about Logan and the chiropractic profession in your short time here? A: Well, for one, I have known about Logan University for a long time, but had never seen the campus. I


couldn’t believe how big and beautiful it is. When you come here, you’re on a hilltop, surrounded by plush grass, gorgeous trees, flowers, creeks and lakes. It’s such a great setting for students to escape the busy and hectic routine and focus on their studies. As far as the profession, I was surprised that according to recent studies, 74 percent of people think of chiropractors as professionals, but only about eight percent of those people use chiropractic care. I think that gap shows the tremendous opportunity for our students to go out in the community and build successful practices. There is a huge potential number of people who have yet to be exposed to chiropractic care. Q: What are your immediate goals as the new director of development? A: I want to speak to as many Logan alums and friends as possible. Our alumni network of successful professionals around the country is one of Logan’s greatest assets. With our new Alumni & Friends House, we now have a space on campus where alums can drop by any time, hang out in our lounge and grab a coffee, and share with us the trends and new developments in the profession. We want to create an inviting atmosphere and create as many possibilities for our graduates to reconnect with Logan. Somebody who graduated 10 or 15 years ago would be amazed to see all of the changes that have taken place since, and yet they would still recognize some of the familiar faces who have served on the faculty for many years. My goal is to bring these alums back into touch with the Logan family. Logan University has a vision for the future of chiropractic education, and I want to spread the message to our alumni, friends and donors.



201 2-2013 AN NUAL REPO RT 21

MEMBERS OF THE BENEFACTORS’ CIRCLE The following individual donors have given $1,000 or more to Logan University during the past fiscal year, September 1, 2012 – August 31, 2013.

Dr. Ralph & Sharon Barrale

Dr. Robert Johnson

Dr. M. Kelly Miller

Dr. Nicole & John Bennett

Ms. Patricia Cobb Jones

Dr. Harold Morrow

Dr. Lori L. Bents

Dr. Lincoln Kamell

Dr. Ronald Nowman

Drs. Anthony & Anne Bilott

Mrs. Roma Karp

Dr. Muriel Périllat

Dr. Boyd & Mrs. Theresa Bradshaw

Sharon & Wayne Kehrer

Dr. & Mrs. J. Daniel Post

Dr. Richard M. Bruns

Mr. Thomas Keller

Dr. Mark & Cathie Reeve

Dr. Sean P. & Christina Casey

Ms. Linda Kenny

Mr. Steven C. Roberts, JD, LLM

Dr. Douglas M. & Jayne Cox

Dr. Norman Kettner

Dr. Carl W. Saubert IV

Drs. Dennis & Susan Crump-Baker

Mr. Adil Khan

Gretchen N. Schreffler, DC

Dr. Christophe & Barbara Dean

Drs. D. Robert & M. Kathleen Kuhn

Dr. Brian & Robin Snyder

Dr. Marshall J. Feldman

Dr. James Joseph Lehman

Dr. Marie Soracco

Drs. George A. & Elizabeth A. Goodman

Dr. Howard F. Loomis, Jr.

Bob & Helen Stearley

Dr. & Mrs. Marc G. Malon

Dr. Rodger & Chabha Tepe

Dr. Terence McAuliffe

Dr. Dana L. Underkofler-Mercer

Mrs. Theresa McAuliffe

Dr. Mary Unger-Boyd

Dr. Angela Reeves McCall & Mr. Robert C. McCall

Dr. Pamela Wakefield

Dr. & Mrs. Charles Heuser Dr. Roy Hillgartner

Dr. J. Clay & Terry McDonald

Mr. Mark & Sheryl Walters

Dr. Debra Hoffman

Dr. Dean McKinley

Dr. Linda Wheatland Smith

Mr. Gregg Hollabaugh

Laura L. McLaughlin

Dr. Rodney F. Williams

Dr. & Mrs. Brad Hough

Dr. Bradley & Katherine McMath

Dr. Michael Wittmer

Dr. Carmen Hutchcraft

Dr. Rick A. McMichael

Dr. Terry & Mrs. Inge Yochum

Dr. Ronald Grant Dr. Tom Greenawalt Dr. Paul & Patricia Henry


Dr. Brian & Ann Walsh

ORGANIZATIONS CI Select Commerce Bank Drury Hotels Enzyme Formulations, Inc. Food Service Consultants/Specialized Catering



Dr. Nicole Bennett


Dr. Richard M. Bruns


Dr. Rick A. McMichael

Dr. Christophe Dean

Dr. Gretchen N. Schreffler

Dr. Ronald Grant


Dr. Paul L. Henry

Dr. Dean McKinley

Foot Levelers, Inc.

Dr. Debra Hoffman

Freund & Company Investment Advisors LC

Mr. Gregg Hollabaugh

Gibbs Scholarship Trust Hartke Community Foundation

Dr. Carmen Hutchcraft Dr. Marc G. Malon

Maine Community Foundation Monsanto Company Murphy Company

Dr. Charles Rawlings

Dr. James Joseph Lehman

1973 Dr. Kevin B. Keough 1975 Dr. Katharine Conable 1976


Dr. Charles H. Heuser

Dr. Tom Greenawalt

Dr. Charles Rawlings



Dr. John Chickey

Mr. Steven C. Roberts, JD, LLM

Dr. Jeffrey Rosell





Mr. Robert J. Stearley

Dr. Ronald Nowman

Dr. Steven Schumacher

Dr. Gary Post

Dr. Peter Feldkamp

Dr. Rodney F. Williams



Dr. Michael Haydel

Dr. Marshall Feldman

Dr. Robert Benoit

Dr. Douglas M. Cox

Dr. J. Clay McDonald

Dr. Kathleen Kuhn

Dr. Orrin Davis

Dr. Mark O. Reeve

Dr. Michele Munnich

Dr. Baldomero Nunez, Jr.

Dr. George Richards

Dr. Linda Wheatland-Smith

Dr. Charles Price




Dr. Richard M. Bruns

Dr. Brian J. Snyder

Dr. Sara Horn

Dr. Michael L. Dalton



Dr. Norman Kettner

Dr. Lori L. Bents

Dr. Jay E. Elliott

Dr. Andrew Thompson

Dr. Lincoln Kamell

NCMIC Northstar Management Co., LLC


Dr. Rick A. McMichael Dr. Mark O. Reeve

Lodging Hospitality Management


Dr. Harold Morrow

1962 Dr. Robert G. Johnson

Performance Health Inc.


Scholarship America

Dr. John Pakan

Standard Process Inc.


Dr. Debra Hoffman

The KEY Company

Dr. Susan Crump-Baker

Dr. M. Kelly Miller

Dr. Ansis Kozlovskis

Dr. J. Daniel Post

Dr. Howard F. Loomis, Jr.

Dr. Michael Wittmer



Dr. George A. Goodman

Dr. Anne M. Bilott


Dr. Anthony C. Bilott

Dr. Ralph Barrale

Dr. Marc G. Malon


Dr. Ralph Filson

Dr. Sherry Walker

Dr. Lynelle Hinden

TRi Architects UHY Advisors MO, Inc. Wichita State University Wright Construction Services, Inc.

Dr. Roy Hillgartner

1985 Dr. Marie Soracco 1986 Dr. D. Robert Kuhn Dr. Richard Snider

Dr. Pamela Wakefield 1991 Dr. August LaRuffa Dr. Jerome Tyjeski 1993 Dr. Sean Casey Dr. Paul L. Henry Dr. Carmen Hutchcraft Dr. Bradley McMath

201 2-2013 AN NUAL REPO RT 23


Dr. Brad Hough



Dr. Maxine Stewart

Dr. Joseph W. Howe

Mrs. Ann Carter

Ms. Ginger Jackson

Mr. Frank Casagrande

Amco Rangers – Termite & Pet Solutions

Dr. Aimee Jokerst

Dr. Weiwen Chai

Dr. Martha Ann Kaeser Dr. Jennifer Kane

Mrs. Jessica ChrunGoodman


Ms. Linda Kenny

Dr. Elizabeth A. Goodman

Commerce Bank

Dr. Mary C. Unger-Boyd

Dr. Norman Kettner

Ms. Mary Farrell

Drury Hotels

Mr. Adil Khan

Ms. Janet Getchell

Enzyme Formulations, Inc.

1998 Dr. Jason C. Goodman

Mr. Michael Kraemer

Ms. Judith Halabrin

Dr. Dana L. UnderkoflerMercer

Dr. Kathleen Kuhn

Mr. Robert Hathaway

Food Service Consultants/ Specialized Catering

Dr. D. Robert Kuhn

Ms. Kathleen Hendrickson

Foot Levelers, Inc.

Mr. Christopher LaRose

Dr. Lynelle Hinden

Dr. Angela Reeves McCall

Ms. Mindi Hislop

Freund & Company Investment Advisors LC

Dr. J. Clay McDonald

Ms. Patricia Cobb Jones

Gibbs Scholarship Trust Hartke Community Foundation

1996 Dr. Kelly Huber Dr. Carlos Foster

1999 Dr. Brian P. Walsh Dr. Kandice J. WommackDuke

American Chiropractic Association CI Select



Ms. Laura L. McLaughlin

Mrs. Roma Karp

Dr. Jason Alviene

Mrs. Maureen Alli

Dr. Baldomero Nunez, Jr.

Mrs. Sharon K. Kehrer

Dr. Martha Ann Kaeser

Dr. Ralph Barrale

Dr. James Paine

Mr. Thomas Keller

Dr. Amy Sau

Mrs. Judy Benjamin

Dr. Muriel Périllat

Mr. Archie Lessard, III


Mr. Fred Berghaus

Mr. Bernard Richardson

Ms. Patricia Marcella

Dr. Kostantine Pappas

Mrs. Jean Blue

Mr. Eric Saller

Dr. Terence McAuliffe

Dr. Marie Tholl-Pappas

Dr. Boyd A. Bradshaw

Dr. Carl W. Saubert IV

Mrs. Theresa McAuliffe

Dr. Katharine Conable

Mr. James Sheehan

Ms. Rita Niendick

Maine Community Foundation

Dr. Robert Davidson

Dr. Brian Snyder

Mrs. Aldina Nuhanovic

Monsanto Company

Dr. Marcus DeGeer

Dr. Maxine Stewart

Ms. Judith Plante

Murphy Company


Dr. Jay E. Elliott

Mr. Joseph Stiffler

Mr. Thomas Plante


Dr. Aaron Armetta

Dr. Nicholas Farha

Dr. Rodger Tepe

Mr. R.J. Rice

Dr. Ralph Filson

Mr. Patt Ryan

Dr. Jason C. Goodman

Dr. Dana L. UnderkoflerMercer

Northstar Management Co., LLC


Mrs. Lynda Harris

Dr. Mary C. Unger-Boyd

Ms. Jeanette Wertzberger

Dr. David Heitmann

Dr. Cheryl Hawk

Dr. Pamela Wakefield

Ms. Bernie White

Mr. Steve Held

Mrs. Sheryl Walters

Dr. Roy Hillgartner

Mr. Bill Wharton

Dr. Terry & Mrs. Inge Yochum

2000 Dr. Rodney F. Williams 2001 Dr. Marcus DeGeer Dr. Jennifer Kane 2002 Dr. Jeffery Birkenmeier 2003 Dr. Nicole Bennett

2011 Dr. Kate Padfield

Dr. Tad Diciaula Dr. Mayur Reshamwala

2013 Dr. Michael Reed

Dr. Michael Wittmer

Dr. James Toftness

Holy Cross Lutheran Church Lambda Kappa Chi Sorority Lodging Hospitality Management

Performance Health Inc. Scholarship America Standard Process Inc. The KEY Company TRi Architects UHY Advisors MO, Inc. Wichita State University Wright Construction Services, Inc.


PARENTS Mrs. Nancy Berardi Ms. Edie Blair Ms. Marla Bloyd Dr. Lou Bryant Mr. Don Buck Mr. John Curtin


Dr. Traci Bell

Dr. Andrew Burns

Dr. Clinton Daniels

Dr. David Ellenbogen

Dr. Geoffrey Bemis

Dr. Larry Burrell

Dr. Travis DeArmon

Dr. Jay Elliott

Student referrals are a key to Logan’s continued growth. The following is a list of alumni, friends and students who have provided referrals during the past year.

Dr. Lori Bents

Dr. Pamela Buss

Dr. James Dedmon

Dr. Tyler Elmore

Dr. Joshua Berger

Dr. Anthony Calandro

Dr. Marcus DeGeer

Dr. Eddie Embry

Dr. Laurie Berger

Dr. Chris Callandro

Dr. Babi Delaney

Dr. Steven Engen

Dr. John Bernzott

Dr. Dustin Carlson

Dr. Bryan Deloney

Dr. Dennis Enix

Dr. Timothy Bertelsman

Dr. Gunnar Carlson

Dr. Brian Dent

Dr. Matthew Enneking

Dr. Barbara Beuckman

Dr. J. Carpenter

Dr. Robert Dent

Dr. Noah Erickson

Dr. Ember Beutel

Dr. Sylvie Carpentier

Dr. Brent Detwiler

Dr. Edward Ernstrom

Dr. Sandra Abrams

Dr. Casey Bevis

Dr. Andrew Carr

Dr. Carl Dice

Dr. Eugene Etheridge

Ms. Sharon DeLonge Ms. Maria Doskal Ms. Carolyn Eckman

Dr. Brent Adams

Dr. Matthew Beyers

Dr. Joel Carson

Dr. Craig Ditzler

Dr. Hunter Evans

Mr. Greg Engler

Dr. Joshua Akin

Dr. Wilfred Beyers

Dr. Christopher Carter

Dr. Dewey Dixon

Dr. Kari Everly

Mr. Jeff Gehron

Dr. Bruce Aldrich

Dr. Anthony Bilott

Dr. Lauren Carter

Dr. Amanda Doering

Dr. Christina Faccin

Mr. Mark Holman

Dr. Abdullah Al-Harbi

Dr. David Binversie

Dr. Robert Carter

Dr. Arthur Donohue

Dr. Rex Farrer

Ms. Deborah Holmes

Dr. Robert Allred

Dr. Seth Black

Dr. Sean Casey

Dr. Kathy Dooley

Dr. Janelle Farris-Hutti

Ms. Sherri Howland

Dr. Jason Alviene

Dr. Kevin Bloyer

Dr. Jorge Castillo

Dr. James Dossett

Dr. Patrick Feder

Mr. John Impellizzeri

Dr. Lauren Ameling

Dr. Anna Bone

Dr. Howard Chapel

Dr. Allan Douglas

Dr. Frederic Feldewerth

Ms. Lillian Jackson

Ms. Maame Amponsah

Dr. David Bone

Dr. Clifford Choi

Dr. Adam Downs

Dr. Laura Fenander

Mr. Bruce Jennings

Dr. Bart Anderson

Dr. Joshua Boshell

Dr. Kevin Christie

Dr. Milton Dowty

Dr. Joshua Ferrell

Dr. Bryce Arndt

Dr. Douglas Bouck

Dr. Dawn Christman

Dr. Dennis Doyle

Dr. Marc Ferrin

Dr. Heather Arnett

Dr. Kyle Bowers

Dr. Donald Christy

Dr. Jennifer Drury

Dr. Randall Fick

Mr. Alexander Ashby

Dr. Donna Boylan

Dr. Jeffrey Citrin

Dr. Scott Dunaway

Dr. Nichole Fink

Dr. Anthony Badalamenti

Dr. Brian Brackney

Dr. Ryan Cleland

Dr. L. Darin Dunnagan

Dr. Tracey Fink

Dr. Dale Baird

Dr. Jon Bradbury

Dr. Kenneth Clenin

Dr. Amy Dusek

Dr. Joseph Fiorino

Dr. Gregory Baldy

Dr. Shawn Bradley

Dr. Eric Cohen

Dr. Sidney Dyer

Dr. Alfred Fischer

Dr. John Ballas

Dr. Jason Brame

Dr. Brandon Combs

Dr. Mark Eavenson

Dr. Stacey Fischer

Ms. Judy Kowalski Mr. Christopher Laird Ms. Teresa Lammons Mr. Earl Nohl Ms. Sherrill Olson Ms. Nancy Page Mr. Bipin Patel

Dr. Lindsay Banks

Dr. Craig Bretz

Dr. Lana Cook

Mr. Mike Patterson

Dr. Nicholas Barnes

Dr. Matthew Bretz

Dr. Michael Coons

Ms. Carol Payne

Dr. Jonathon Bartlett

Dr. Lawrence Bridges

Dr. Shamika Cordis

Ms. Kathy Reinhardt

Dr. Rachel Bartlett

Dr. Samuel Brinkley

Dr. Douglas Cox

Ms. Gloria Robinson

Dr. Ryan Bates

Dr. Erika Brock

Dr. Tonya Cox-Crabtree

Ms. Annette Schoneman

Dr. Breanna Batey

Dr. Davis Brockenshire

Dr. Richard Cranwell

Mr. Curtis Schum

Dr. Kari Batson-Collart

Dr. Steven Brodar

Dr. Wesley Creech

Ms. Carol Storm

Dr. Kevin Baum

Dr. Bruce Brown

Dr. Melani Crocker

Mr. Craig Taylor

Dr. Scott Bautch

Dr. Robert Brown

Dr. Candace Croft

Dr. Kristin Beamon

Dr. Steven Brown

Dr. Breck Beasley

Dr. Richard Bruns

Dr. Jenny CrosbyWiemann

Dr. Jeffrey Beasley

Dr. Roy Bryant

Dr. Susan Crump-Baker

Dr. Jeffrey Becker

Dr. Wendell Bryant

Dr. Eric Curley

Dr. Andrew Bedell

Dr. Amanda Bundich

Dr. Daniel Dail

Dr. Jeffrey Belcher

Dr. Laurie Burke

Dr. Dorothy Dalton

Dr. Michael Whalen Mr. Glen Wieringa Ms. Marti Williams Mr. Tom Young

201 2-2013 AN NUAL REPO RT 25

Dr. Brandon Fitch

Dr. Curt Hankins

Dr. William Humphrey

Dr. Kyle Lehman

Dr. Kim Fite

Dr. James Hankinson

Dr. Christine Hurley

Dr. Christopher Lofquist

Dr. Sharon Fitelson

Dr. Dana Hanson

Dr. Carmen Hutchcraft

Dr. Nadia Lowers-Esmail

Dr. James Fonner

Dr. Charbel Harb

Dr. John Hutchison

Dr. Kenneth Lowey

Dr. Richard Foveaux

Dr. Kelli Harris

Dr. Gregory Hutti

Dr. Ryan Lucas

Dr. Bradley Franklin

Dr. Eric Hart

Dr. Mark Hutti

Dr. Paul Lumpkin

Dr. Daniel Freesmeier

Dr. Lisa Hart

Dr. Michael Ielapi

Dr. John MacDonald

Dr. Donald Freesmeier

Dr. Ross Hartings

Dr. Dennis James

Dr. Michael Maggio

Dr. Margaret Freihaut

Dr. Nicholas Hasenfratz

Dr. Ronald Jassy

Dr. Carl Makarewicz

Dr. Matthew Frenzel

Dr. Daniel Haun

Dr. Darrin Jessop

Dr. Marc Malon

Dr. Renay Friedman

Dr. Gary Hauser

Dr. Bradford Jines

Dr. Glenn Manceaux

Dr. Tana Frisina

Dr. Matthew Hayden

Dr. Amanda Jones

Dr. Steven Mangas

Dr. Clinton Frye

Dr. Joshua Hayes

Dr. Daniel Jones

Dr. Michael Manley

Dr. Oakland Gaerke

Dr. David Hedman

Dr. Trent Jones

Dr. J. Martin

Dr. Emily Gampper

Dr. Steven Heiland

Dr. Lucinda Jordan

Dr. Jeffrey Martin

Dr. Melanie Gartside

Dr. William Hemmer

Dr. John Kain

Dr. Joseph Martin

Dr. Clay Gasparovich

Dr. Edward Hengel

Dr. Jennifer Kane

Dr. Rodger Massa

Dr. Rene Gassner

Dr. Gregory Hengel

Dr. Jeffrey Kelly

Dr. Jeffrey Mathews

Dr. Nicholas Gatto

Dr. Christine Henley

Dr. Travis Kemp

Dr. Meleah Mauldin

Dr. Michael Gerdine

Dr. Robert Henley

Dr. Felicity Keough

Dr. Charles Maurer

Dr. Lawrence Gerstein

Dr. Bryan Henslin

Dr. Robert Kessinger

Dr. Brandon Maxwell

Dr. Roy Moore

Dr. Joanne Noel

Dr. Mitchell Gibson

Dr. Gretchen Herman

Dr. Maqbulur Khan

Dr. Lynette Mayfield

Dr. Amy Mullins

Dr. Adrian Nohr

Dr. Akihito Gido

Dr. Michael Hersh

Dr. Charles King

Dr. Samuel Mayfield

Dr. Kris Mulvey

Dr. Bernard Nonte

Dr. Nicholas Giebler

Dr. Brian Hester

Dr. Brenda Kingen

Dr. Kevin McClain

Dr. Cynthia Munson

Dr. Steven Obert

Dr. Norman Gloekler

Dr. Mark Hewitt

Dr. Curt Kippenberger

Dr. Jennifer McCleary

Dr. Christina Murphy

Dr. Darren Obrey

Dr. Eugene Goldberg

Dr. Sarah Hickey

Dr. Wayne Kirk

Dr. Kimberly McCorkle

Dr. Darrell Murphy

Dr. Kurt Ochsner

Dr. Christopher Gomez

Dr. Arnie Hicks

Dr. Adam Klotzek

Dr. Brian McGaughran

Dr. Michael Murphy

Dr. Peggy O’Connor

Dr. Jason Goodman

Dr. Jacob Hicks

Dr. Justin Knapic

Ms. Micah McIntosh

Dr. Benjamin Myerowitz

Dr. Daniel O’Leary

Dr. John Goodwin

Dr. Jeff Hijazi

Dr. Greg Komeshak

Dr. Jeffrey McIntyre

Dr. Brent Myers

Mr. Richard Olree

Dr. Lance Govreau

Dr. Chad Hillgartner

Dr. Mark Korchok

Dr. Bradley McMath

Dr. Robert Nash

Dr. Leif Olson

Dr. Kristina Grasso

Dr. Thomas Hobbs

Dr. John Kovar

Dr. Ryan McMichael

Dr. Nadim Nasrallah

Dr. Todd Overdorf

Dr. Thomas Green

Dr. Debra Hoffman

Dr. Thomas Kreusch

Dr. Kirk McVay

Dr. Christopher Neally

Dr. Bridget Owens

Dr. Timothy Green

Dr. Jessica Hoffman

Dr. D. Robert Kuhn

Dr. Gail Meese

Dr. Brice Neff

Dr. Terry Pace

Dr. Joann Grein

Dr. Rodney Holzmacher

Dr. Mark Lacich

Dr. Douglas Mercier

Dr. Gregory Neff

Dr. Kate Padfield

Dr. James Grilliot

Dr. Andrew Hosenfeld

Dr. Lois Ladd

Dr. Anthony Miller

Dr. Kim Neibert

Dr. Thomas Palic

Dr. Stan Gross

Dr. Cole Hosenfeld

Dr. Tomasita Lahue

Dr. Guy Miller

Dr. Sarah Nelson

Dr. Shavonda Pannell

Dr. Chevi Guthrie

Dr. Dwayne Hoskins

Dr. Lester Lamoureux

Dr. Ryan Miller

Dr. Eric Nepute

Dr. Ram Parikh

Dr. William Gutierrez

Dr. Travis Howard

Dr. Joseph Lane

Dr. Frank Mistretta

Dr. Martha Nessler

Dr. James Parish

Dr. David Hackbarth

Dr. Janet Howie

Dr. Mary Beth Larsen

Dr. Eric Mitz

Dr. Derek Ng

Dr. Jeffery Patt

Dr. David Hadden

Dr. Jeffery Huck

Dr. David Lauer

Dr. Anthony Monnin

Dr. Todd Nieder

Dr. Dorothy Pernell

Dr. Louis Hagene

Dr. C. Huff

Dr. Shawn Lavigne

Dr. Robert Monokian

Dr. John Nobbe

Dr. Rance Peters

Dr. Whitney Hamed

Dr. Sharon Hulbert

Dr. Ginger Lay

Dr. Patrick Montgomery

Dr. Mark Nobbe

Dr. William Pezzello


Dr. Jeremy Phillips

Dr. Dennis Robinson

Dr. Chad Sharkey

Dr. Robert Tury

Dr. Thomas Pinard

Dr. Thomas Rohrick

Dr. Michael Sharkey

Dr. William Tweeton

Dr. Daniel Piper

Dr. Scott Romesburg

Dr. Michael Shaw

Dr. Stephen Uhl

Dr. Denise Plaisance

Dr. Joshua Ross

Dr. Michael Shimmel

Dr. David Poe

Dr. Daniel Rovin

Dr. Eric Shook

Dr. Dana UnderkoflerMercer

Dr. Jerod Posey

Dr. David Rozeboom

Dr. Jamie Showers

Dr. Ryan Van Matre

Dr. Charles Price

Dr. Dawn Runge

Dr. David Smith

Dr. Thomas Vanidestine

Dr. Gregory Pursley

Dr. R.J. Runge

Dr. Jason Smith

Dr. Paul Venturini

Dr. Charles Quigless

Dr. Jack Ruopp

Dr. John Smith

Dr. Alexander Vidan

Dr. Joel Rahn

Dr. Jameson Russell

Dr. Brian Snyder

Dr. Jason Villalobos

Dr. John Rains

Dr. Gabriella Sabatino

Dr. Randy Snyder

Dr. Joseph Vitale

Dr. Paul Ralston

Dr. Stephen Saleeby

Dr. Nicholas Southworth

Dr. Mark Wade

Dr. James Rasp

Dr. Eddy Sanson

Dr. Danielle Spath

Dr. Terrance Waggoner

Dr. Lenita Reasor

Dr. Joseph Sas

Dr. Eric Speh

Dr. Aaron Wahl

Dr. Paul Reed

Dr. Jeffrey Schacter

Dr. W. Spurlock

Dr. Alexander Warner

Dr. Bryan Regiec

Dr. Jeffrey Schatz

Dr. Dana Stamper

Dr. Larry Weeks

Dr. Christopher Reid

Dr. John Schiermeyer

Dr. Kathryn Stanek

Dr. Paul West

Dr. Craig Revermann

Dr. John Schmitt

Dr. Rodney Stanfield

Dr. Matthew Wheeler

Dr. Cynthia Reynolds

Dr. Mark Schmitz

Dr. Jacob Stegmaier

Dr. David White

Dr. Jacqueline Richards

Dr. Stephen Schoenherr

Dr. Quentin Stenzel

Dr. Krysti Wick

Dr. Daryl Ridgeway

Dr. Mark Schopp

Dr. Bric Steward

Dr. John Wild

Dr. Amber RiebelingStenzel

Dr. Charles Schuster

Dr. Maxine Stewart

Dr. Bradley Wilken

Dr. David Sciortino

Dr. Ramie Stiles

Dr. Jason Williams

Dr. Oliver Risoldi

Dr. Suzanne Seekins

Dr. Lori Stock

Dr. Kate Williams

Dr. James Robart

Dr. Joel Sellmeyer

Dr. Rebecca Sturmer

Dr. Rodney Williams

Dr. Kevin Roberts

Dr. Lindsay Senalik

Dr. Terry Surtin

Dr. Gail Williams-Cloud

Dr. Ricky Roberts

Dr. Elizabeth Shammah

Dr. Shad Sutton

Dr. Brett Winchester

Dr. Kourtne ShanahanPowell

Dr. Camellia Svuba

Dr. Kevin Winkle

Dr. Teodoro Tang

Dr. Rodney Witt

Dr. Troy Tater

Dr. James Woda

Dr. Angelo Terrigno Dr. David Thayer

Dr. Kandice WommackDuke

Dr. Trevor Thomas

Dr. Derek Woolsey

Dr. Gauthama Thompson

Dr. Matthew Worth

Dr. Michael Thompson

Dr. Douglas Wright

Dr. Brian Tinius

Dr. Felix Yesquen

Dr. Xaivier Tipler

Dr. Richard Yost

Dr. Byron Tomlins

Dr. Ronald Yow

Dr. Derek Totty

Dr. Stephen Zins

Dr. Dana Robertson Dr. Dawn Robinson

Dr. James Toy Dr. Brooks Travis



J. Clay McDonald, DC, MBA, JD President

Steven C. Roberts, JD, LLM Chair of the Board

Ralph Barrale, DC Vice President, Chiropractic and Alumni Relations

Debra L. Hoffman, DC Vice Chair of Board Nicole Bennett, DC Richard M. Bruns, DC

Boyd Bradshaw, EdD Vice President, Enrollment Management

Christophe Dean, DC Ronald Grant, DC Paul Henry, DC

Brad Hough, PhD Chief Information Officer

Gregg E. Hollabaugh

Adil Khan, MBA, CPA, CSBO Chief Financial Officer

Rick A. McMichael, DC

Marc G. Malon, DC Gary M. Mohr Mark O. Reeve, DC

Laura McLaughlin, Esq. General Counsel and Vice President, Strategic Performance

Rodney F. Williams, DC

Carl W. Saubert, IV, PhD Vice President, Academic Affairs Michael Wittmer, DC Chief of Staff

Dr. Joseph Truttmann 201 2-2013 ANNUAL R EPO RT 27

1851 Schoettler Road Chesterfield, MO 63017

Logan University 2012-13 Annual Report  
Logan University 2012-13 Annual Report