Logan University 2021-2022 Annual Report of Giving

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Dear Alumni, Friends & Supporters:

As I look around Logan’s campus this spring, I see growth. Students are gaining knowledge and skills to become trailblazers, innovators and leaders in evidence-based, integrated health care. Faculty are launching new, in-demand degree programs that will enable graduates to meet the needs of current and future patients. Staff are forging partnerships and collaborations with organizations to increase people’s access to conservative, quality care and advance Logan’s stellar reputation across the globe.

I also see significant progress on the renovation and expansion of the Fuhr Science Center and Administration Building. After introducing the Advancing Education, Transforming Lives campaign in spring 2022, hundreds of generous supporters have contributed to this historic campus improvement project. I’m grateful for everyone who braved the 93-degree heat to celebrate the Fuhr Science Center groundbreaking on May 12. It was a pleasure to mark this milestone with the many donors who made construction possible.

Gifts of all sizes continue to sustain this important endeavor. We deeply appreciate your investment in the state-of-the-art technology and hands-on learning opportunities that are so integral to our students’ success. Please join me in following along with construction site progress at Logan.edu/Campaign.

It is my hope this annual report will offer a snapshot of the inspiring developments I’ve had the privilege of witnessing at Logan from September 2021 to August 2022, including the impact scholarships have had on our students and the individuals who work tirelessly to enhance their education. It also provides the fiscal year financial reports, which show that Logan maintains its strong financial position.

None of this would be possible without your support. Within these pages, we recognize individuals who made a financial gift, referred new students to Logan or offered their time and talents as a preceptor doctor. All of you play an essential role in sustaining our commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Thank you for helping to ensure a bright future for Logan University. We look forward to continuing to build a stronger, safer and healthier world through education, service, health science and chiropractic care.


230-1849 Leesha Andereck Advancement Services and Stewardship Manager Leesha.Andereck@Logan.edu (636) 230-1877 Robert
Officer Robert.Hartweck@Logan.edu (636) 230-1964
Bryan Stone, MA, CFRE Senior Director of Development

Donor Spotlight: Dr. Jan Roberts Changing Lives Through Chiropractic

Jan Roberts, DC (’79) was a professional skier when his life changed course. An accident on a racecourse left him with a painful neck injury. The resulting loss of strength in his left arm was so severe that he could not use his left hand to clip the fingernails on his right. The opioids he was prescribed made him feel lousy and did not remedy his malady, so his doctors recommended exploratory neck surgery to try to discover the source of the problem.

“This was before CAT scans and MRIs,” Dr. Roberts said. “I thought, ‘Exploratory surgery on my neck? These people are crazy!’ So, I decided to see my cousin, Tim Dennis, DC who went on to become the first Department of Veterans Affairs chiropractor at the Togus Regional Office in Augusta, Maine.”

Dr. Dennis took an X-ray and identified what was causing the issue. A chiropractic adjustment enabled Dr. Roberts to stop taking opioids the next day and regain strength in his left arm.

Dr. Roberts began to consider a career as a DC after experiencing chiropractic’s ability to make a positive change in people’s lives. He decided to visit Logan University, where he was hosted by Bob Lynch, DC (’76). During a clinical visit with Dr. Lynch, everyone he encountered encouraged him to become a chiropractor. He attended a class with Logan instructor Roy Hillgartner, DC (’69) the next morning and decided to make providing chiropractic care his mission in life.

Following graduation from Logan, Dr. Roberts opened and continues to operate his practice, HealthQuest Chiropractic, in Farmington, Maine. He blends his knowledge of chiropractic and skiing to help athletes improve their performance. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to treat many of the world’s top alpine skiers, including Olympic gold, silver and bronze medalists, and was appointed the first World Pro Ski Tour chiropractor.

In addition to operating his practice, Dr. Roberts serves on the Clinical Advisory Board of Activator Methods International. He has taught the Activator Method to chiropractic students around the world with Arlan W. Fuhr, DC (’61), founder and chairman of Activator Methods International.

“I’ve always believed the more you give, the more you receive,” said Dr. Roberts. “I think there is a correlation between the success I have enjoyed and the high-quality training I received at Logan. I wanted to make a meaningful contribution to repay Logan for everything it has given me and pay it forward.”

Dr. Roberts recently made a generous donation to the Advancing Education, Transforming Lives campaign, which is supporting the Fuhr Science Center’s new state-of-the-art anatomy

labs, an anatomage center, chiropractic technique labs, radiography center and more. He is excited to help ensure Logan remains at the forefront of evidence-based health care.

“Someone has to be the first chiropractor in space, on the moon or on Mars,” said Dr. Roberts. “I want that person to go through Logan and the Fuhr Science Center. I encourage all alumni to pay it forward by donating to upgrade our school. Chiropractic has helped me and so many other people, and I am proud to invest in Logan’s future. Together we can make Logan stronger through the multiple opportunities there are to invest.”

Dr. Roberts believes helping more students become successful DCs will expand the number of people around the globe who benefit from chiropractic care.

“Trying to change billions of lives through chiropractic is what I’m about,” said Dr. Roberts. “Chiropractic has a much bigger reach than adjusting just one person. Right now, people are being adjusted all over the world with the Activator Method and by Logan graduates. You never know how one adjustment might change a person’s life, set them on a healthy course and benefit the human experience.”


Year At a Glance

People & Purpose

• Logan University welcomed Brian McAulay, DC, PhD as executive vice president of academic affairs.

• The Higher Learning Commission granted Logan’s reaffirmation of accreditation for the next 10 years.

• Logan introduced the President’s Podcast featuring conversations between President Clay McDonald, DC (’82), MBA, JD and special guests. Discussions range from topics affecting the university and community to evolutions in chiropractic, health services and health care.

• After 40 years of dedicated service, Ralph Barrale, DC (’69) retired from his role as vice president of academic affairs and alumni relations. Barb Cronin, who was the director of Logan’s Alumni & Friends House for 24 years, also retired.

Tools & Technology

Partnerships & Programs

• Logan hosted the St. Louis 2022 World Para Powerlifting Parapan American Open Championships. This was the first time an international competition for the sport of Para powerlifting was hosted in the United States.

• The university launched two new degree programs: a Master of Science in Strength & Conditioning and a Master of Science in Integrative Pediatrics.

• Logan formed articulation agreements and other partnerships for student success with Jefferson College, Mineral Area College, Moberly Area Community College, Ivy Tech Community College, Ozarks Technical Community College, St. Charles Community College, and St. Louis Community College.

• The College of Chiropractic and Department of Innovation & New Ventures announced a clinical training pilot program that gives select trimester 8 students full-time clinical placements at Chiro One Wellness Center and MyoCore locations in St. Louis.

• Logan introduced the Partners in Nutrition Education program for its Master of Science in Applied Nutrition & Dietetics preceptors and partners.

• Logan’s Learning Resource Center began offering 3D printing technology, allowing students to request full models of skulls, spines, pelvises and more to accompany their learning of human anatomy.

• Drury Hotels, 360 Quality Care + Transport, Sumner One, and Artisana Organics provided substantial in-kind support to Logan to provide a stellar St. Louis 2022 World Para Powerlifting Parapan American Open Championship (over $33,000 in support). Products included hotel accommodations, transportation, printing and technology and organic protein snacks.

• Logan acquired an Erler Zimmer radiology phantom students can use to practice patient positioning and exposure techniques.

Jonah Finocchiaro, Logan’s electronic resources and serials assistant, uses a 3D printer. Dr. Brian McAulay The St. Louis 2022 World Para Powerlifting Parapan American Open Championships

2021-2022 Milestones

Awards & Accolades

• Patrick Battaglia, DC (’12), DACBR, Logan’s director of Health Policy and Interdisciplinary Care was included in the 2022 St. Louis Business Journal 40 Under 40 class.

• For the fourth year in a row, Logan was recognized by The Great Colleges to Work For® program. Logan won honors in two categories: Compensation & Benefits and Job Satisfaction & Support.

• MilitarySupportiveColleges.com identified Logan as one of the most military-supportive colleges in the Department of Veterans Affairs Northeast District, which includes 17 states and Washington, D.C.

• Logan professor Mary Unger-Boyd, DC (’97), DICS, CACCP was named the 2021 International Chiropractor of the Year by the International Craniopathic Society and the Sacro Occipital Research Society International.

• Kristina PetroccoNapuli, DC, MS, FICC, FACC, dean for Logan’s College of Chiropractic was elected to a two-year term as Chair of the Council on Chiropractic Education.

Capital Campaign

• Made possible through a $1 million lead donation from Arlan W. Fuhr, DC (’61) and Judi Fuhr, Logan launched the Advancing Education, Transforming Lives campaign, which will fund the renovation and expansion of the Fuhr Science Center as well as updates to the Administration Building.

• Logan broke ground on the renovation and expansion of the Fuhr Science Center in May 2022. Once complete, the nearly 48,000-square-foot facility will house anatomy labs, a simulated imaging center, technique labs, faculty offices, additional student collaboration and study areas, and Anatomage Tables, which are the most advanced 3D-simulation systems used by leading health care institutions throughout the world.

• Tarlton Corporation, the construction manager for the Fuhr Science Center and Administration Building projects, has been documenting construction site progress with videos available at Logan.edu/Campaign.

Dr. Patrick Battaglia Dr. Mary Unger-Boyd Logan broke ground on the renovation and expansion of the Fuhr Science Center in May 2022.

Student Scholarship: Michael Cutchins

Many chiropractors establish scholarship funds to help pass the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout their careers to future generations. Created as an investment in Logan’s Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) students, the 2022 Dr. B.E. Doyle Scholarship was awarded to trimester 6 student Michael Cutchins.

“Earning a degree from a top-tier school like Logan is a major investment,” said Michael. “While I am certain it will pay off, every bit of help along the way is more than appreciated. It means so much that people like Dr. Doyle who came before me thought to establish a scholarship to help those of us just entering the field. In addition to financial support, I used the scholarship funds to attend a seminar.”

While Michael has benefited from chiropractic care most of his life, it was the treatment he received following a car accident when he was 16 that really opened his eyes to the impact it can have. He was prescribed pain medications after the accident, but his injuries persisted. Two years later, he was having a difficult time walking, which led his doctors to recommend surgery.

“Knowing what I know now, the type of surgery my doctors were pushing would have negatively impacted the rest of my life,” said Michael. “Thankfully, family friend Lisa Calhoun, DC (’92) introduced me to the benefits of structural therapy, which ultimately restored my mobility and enabled me to enlist in the United States Navy as a cryptologic technician after I graduated from high school.”

After serving two years in the Navy, Michael earned two associate’s degrees in electrical engineering from Gulf Coast State College in Panama City, Florida, before realizing it was not the right path for him. Having excelled in advanced math and science courses, he thought back to his experience with Dr. Calhoun and began considering chiropractic as a career.

“I clearly remember Dr. Calhoun saying to me, ‘In this profession, it has to come to you,’” Michael said. “I immediately knew what she meant. While I had explored a couple of different paths, my heart kept bringing me back to two things. One was my experience as a chiropractic patient. The other was an opportunity I had to use my military

background to help with disaster relief efforts following Hurricane Michael, a 2018 storm that ravaged the Gulf Coast, which is my home.”

Those two things helped Michael find his passion. He hopes to dedicate his career to providing chiropractic care to those who need it, especially veterans like his father, who has a 100 percent disability rating.

Michael is working toward his goal by pursuing his DC and bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences from Logan. Reflecting on his visits to various schools, he said choosing Logan was easy.

“The campus itself is so beautiful, but what most impressed me were the state-of-the-art facilities, the incredibly high caliber of the staff and the fact that no one was pushy,” Michael said. “I thought it said a lot that they don’t need to do a hard sell here. Logan sells itself.”

After graduation in 2024, Michael is looking forward to returning home to Panama City to practice with Dr. Calhoun while also working to make chiropractic more available and accessible to veterans. He is also eager to spend more time with his wife, Hannah, whose support has enabled him to achieve his dreams. In the meantime, he is evaluating Preceptorship Program locations with the goal of finding one with a military connection.

“If I can treat even just one patient and have a profound impact on at least one other person’s life, I will be fulfilled,” Michael said.

“If I can treat even just one patient and have a profound impact on at least one other person’s life, I will be fulfilled.”

Student Scholarship: Gina Potts

Trimester 8 Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) student Gina Potts was first introduced to chiropractic care while she was in high school.

“One of the chiropractors from my hometown of Bozeman, Montana, came to our school to provide free chiropractic care to athletes,” Gina said. “I suffered a pretty severe concussion in one of my basketball games, and this chiropractor helped get me back to playing again.”

During her visits to the chiropractic office over the next few weeks, Gina became increasingly fascinated with what she saw and experienced. She spoke with her chiropractor about the profession and his background before deciding to shadow him. She quickly realized this was the career she wanted to pursue and started working as a chiropractic assistant in his office.

“I was in awe of the way he helped so many people every day, from athletes like me to children to older people and everyone in between,” said Gina. “People came into the office in pain and left in a completely different mood.”

After graduating high school, Gina attended Montana State University (MSU) to pursue a degree in exercise science while continuing her work as a chiropractic assistant. When it came time for Gina to consider which chiropractic school she wanted to attend, she already had an idea of where to start.

“Several of the chiropractors in my office attended Logan, and they all had such incredible things to say about the university,” Gina said. “I valued their opinions, so I booked a trip to visit.”

Gina fell in love with the campus and felt her values and ideals aligned well with Logan’s approach to education and curriculum. She packed up and drove to Missouri after her graduation from MSU in 2020.

During her time at Logan, Gina has been involved in Logan Student Government, tutors for numerous courses and is now vice president and secretary of the new Logan Sports Chiropractic Club.

“I like giving back to the place that has given me so much,” Gina said. “Because of Logan, I get to pursue a career in a field I am passionate about, and I’m really thankful for that.”

Gina is also grateful for the support of donors who make scholarships possible, including the Dr. Paul Cornelius Endowment Scholarship that she received.

“It’s so humbling and rewarding to earn a scholarship,” Gina said.

“Postgraduate education can be expensive, but it is incredibly worth it. I used my scholarship this trimester to help pay for my Board exams.”

Because of her scholarship, Gina has been able to engage in many opportunities Logan students have to serve, learn and lead.

“The more time students spend focusing on their studies, attending seminars and honing their craft—rather than worrying about finances— the more knowledgeable and experienced they will become. This will create a generation of chiropractors who want to help the profession grow and thrive, which is what we all want.”

Gina, who is preparing to graduate in fall 2023, is in the process of choosing her Preceptorship Program location.

“I feel like the sky is the limit, and I’m really excited for my future and what’s to come,” said Gina. “I am going to make my way back to the Rocky Mountains to work as an associate, and one day I’d like to become a part-time professor at an undergraduate university. I have really enjoyed being a tutor and would love to continue working with students.”

Each year, we celebrate the generous and heartfelt support of alumni, faculty, donors and friends at our Symposium. During the Awards & Scholarship Luncheon, scholarship recipients like Michael and Gina have the chance to meet and thank the donors who have made a direct impact on their education and future career. Save the date for the 8th annual Symposium, taking place April 13-16, 2023, on campus and at St. Louis Union Station.


Fiscal Year 2021–2022 Highlights

Logan University continues its strong financial position due to disciplined management, thorough governance structure and steady leadership. Our net assets stand at $103 million, with strong cash and investment balances over $59 million. The university continues to invest in physical facilities to support key academic initiatives and infrastructure.


August 31, 2022 (With Comparative Totals for 2021)

ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents Unrestricted $ 1,904,917 $ 3,280,684 Restricted 634,757 824,979 2,539,674 4,105,663 Accounts receivable, net 201,001 185,320 Contributions receivable, net 1,511,505 1,112,786 Student loans receivable 1,234,081 1,819,095 Prepaid expenses 951,145 668,731 Property and equipment, net 38,235,016 35,374,027 Investments 56,617,795 66,378,535 Interest rate swap 529,872 Cash surrender value of life insurance policies 599,356 568,741 Other assets 8,650 10,790 Beneficial interest in Logan University Education Foundation 10,083 10,083 Total Assets $ 102,438,178 $ 110,233,771 LIABILITIES Accounts payable $ 2,084,693 $ 631,233 Accrued liabilities 929,235 1,558,865 Deferred revenues 789,536 841,256 U.S. Government grants refundable 1,541,321 2,184,349 Total Liabilities 5,344,785 5,215,703 NET ASSETS Unrestricted $ 94,980,655 $ 102,332,071 Restricted 2,112,738 2,685,997 Total Net Assets 97,093,393 105,018,068 Total Liabilities And Net Assets $ 102,438,178 $ 110,233,771 Year Ended August 31, 2022 2021

The generous support of our donors and commitment of the Logan community have been essential to building our capabilities. We encourage you to read the audited financial statements and related notes at Logan.edu/StateOfLogan for more information regarding the financial position and results of Logan University.



August 31, 2022 (With Comparative Totals for 2021)


Year Ended August 31,

Tuition and fees $ 39,431,202 $ 38,391,106 Less institutional aid $ (901,906) $ (887,642) Net tuition and fees $ 38,529,296 $ 37,503,464 Gifts, grants and contracts 503,972 2,239,151 Capital Campaign 945,055 — Sales and service of educational activities 967,284 711,435 Investment income 920,542 780,331 Gain (loss) on sale of property and equipment — (1,656) Other revenue sources 472,059 103,200 Total revenues and support 42,338,208 41,335,925 EXPENSES Educational activities Instruction 10,093,587 9,668,959 Academic support 7,362,101 7,125,234 Student services 5,711,784 4,522,666 Total educational activities 23,167,472 21,316,859 Research 490,604 433,107 Public service 1,418,277 750,901 Student grant expense — 1,278,497 Institutional support 11,973,901 10,048,406 Operation and maintenance of plant 2,813,868 2,673,882 Total operating expenses 39,864,122 36,501,652 Change in net assets before depreciation and amortization and net realized and unrealized gains on investments 2,474,086 4,834,273 Depreciation and amortization (2,999,895) (2,929,864) Net unrealized gain on investments 9,722,975 5,755,637 Net realized gain (loss) on investments 1,794,237 802,927 Change in value of Interest Rate Swap Contract 529,872 — Forgiveness Of Paycheck Protection Program Loan — 3,180,000 CHANGE IN NET ASSETS (7,924,675) 11,642,973 NET ASSETS, Beginning of year 105,018,068 93,375,095 NET ASSETS, End of year $ 97,093,393 $ 105,018,068
2022 2021

to our generous family of donors

Thank you to our many generous donors for your faithful and dedicated support of Logan University. This report of giving honors those who have made a gift in the 2022 fiscal year (September 1, 2021 – August 31, 2022). Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this list. However, if you feel your giving has not been accurately represented, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at Development@Logan.edu. We appreciate all Logan University donors and want to ensure each individual is recognized.

360 Quality Care + Transport

88 Acres

Anonymous (6)

Dr. Hazel Aberdeen (’14)

Activator Methods International, LTD

Dr. David Adams (’71)

Dr. Max Ahlers (’61)

Dr. Zakir Ahmad (’20)

Aligned Modern Health

Allbright Systems Corporation

Dr. Don Altman*

Amazon Smile

Mrs. Leesha Andereck

Dr. Mary Anderson (’82)

Dr. Thomas Anderson (’84)

Adrian Arav

Arch Graphics

Mrs. Julie Armistead

Ms. Laura Arnett

Artisana Organics

Dr. Tyler Awe (’19)

Dr. David Ayres (’76)

Back to Health Chiropractic

Dr. Larry Bain (’68)

Dr. Dan Baird (’80)

Dr. Clay Baker (’09, ’11)

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Baldwin

Dr. Arthur (’62) & Mrs. Karen Barkey

Dr. Ralph (’69) & Mrs. Sharon Barrale

Dr. George Bashton (’86)

Dr. Susan Bates (’07, ’09)

Dr. Sean Batte (’99)

Mr. Ken Baudoux

Mr. Zach Becker

Rachelle Beckman

Dr. James Beebe (’77)

Dr. Madison Bell (’13, ’16)

Mr. Ljuca Belsito

Dr. Richard Belson

Ms. Judy Benjamin

Dr. Nicole (’01, ’03) & Mr. John Bennett

Dr. Lori Bents (’84)

Mr. Bob Berenson

Dr. David Berry, Sr. (’65)

Dr. Timothy Bertelsman (’91)

Dr. Craig Blagoue (’02, ’04)

Bledsoe Chiropractic

Dr. Seth Blocker (’97)

Drs. Ellen (’83) & Steven Blomerth (’82)

Dr. Paul Blomerth (’83)

Mr. Rocky Boiman

Dr. Kathy Boulet* (’89)

Dr. Craig Bowars (’99)

Mr. Jeremy Boyce

Mr. Stephen Boyd

Dr. Donna Boylan (’87)

Dr. Robin Bozark

Ms. Heather Bradle (’19)

Ms. Linda Brauch Kenny

Dr. William Brink (’77)

Ms. Lulu Brinkley

Dr. Kelly Brinkman (’90)

Ms. Dawn Brokaw

Dr. Paul Brooks (’91)

Dr. Robert Brown (’82)

Dr. Gilles Brunelle (’73)

Dr. Richard Bruns (’80)

Dr. Laurie Burke (’82)

Dr. Timothy Butcko (’08)

Mr. Herb Caldwell

Dr. Nicholas Campanella (’89)

Ms. Margaret Capossela

Dr. James Carmichael (’70)

Dr. Joel Carmichael (’85)

Dr. Nadia Carpanzano (’09, ’11)

Dr. J. Carpenter (’83)

Mr. Joe Carr

Mr. Richard Carroll

Ms. Sierra Carter Huhman

Ms. Melanie Cassidy

Dr. Kimberly Cerf (’17, ’18)

Chiro One Wellness Centers, LLC

Chiro Pro

Chiropractic Company

Drs. Kun-Bong Choi (’04) & Yu-Ra Koh (’04)

Christopher Reeve Foundation

Dr. Donald Christy (’79)

Mr. Eric Ciano

Mr. & Mrs. Vinnie Cittadino

Ms. Kimberly Clanahan

Dr. Steven Clarke (’82)

Dr. Carmen Clemenson (’93)

Mr. K. Cobb

Dr. Charles Cochran (’81)

Mr. Jodie Cohen

Ms. Rachel Cohen

Commerce Bancshares Foundation

Commerce Bancshares Inc.

Common Ground Public Relations Inc.

Dr. Katharine Conable (’75)

Dr. Todd Conley (’89)

Dr. Cynthia Conway (’83)

Mr. Kevin Conway

Dr. Douglas (’79) & Mrs. Jayne Cox

Dr. James Cox

Dr. Mark Craft (’84) & Dr. Allise Marter (’82)

Craig H. Neilsen Foundation

Dr. Anthony Crawford (’94)

Dr. Heidi Crocker (’91)

Crossover Symmetry

Dr. Gerald Crumbley, Sr. (’58)

Dr. James Cummings (’61)

Mr. Jason Dalen

Dr. Stephen Dalsing (’74)

Mr. Brian Daly

Benefactor, whose gifts total $1,000+ in the fiscal year


Logan Board of Trustees


Dr. Sally Dawe-Iacono (’87)

Dr. Christophe Dean (’06, ’08)

Dr. Jonathan Dean

Dr. Vincent DeBono

Mrs. Kathleen & Mr. Bob DeBord

Mr. Rick DeCaro

Dr. Marcus DeGeer (‘01)

Dr. N. DeLaney (’74)

Mr. Jan Dellinger

Ms. Mary DeMatteis

Dr. Thomas DeVita

Ms. Lisa Diaz

Ms. Ellen Dickman

Mr. Vincent DiGaetano

Mr. Frankie DiGiovanna

DNA Vibe, LLC.

Dr. Todd Dobson (’02)

Dr. Paul Dodson (’07, ’09)

Dr. Natacha Douglas (’21)

Dr. Dennis Doyle (’80)

Mr. Laree Draper

Drury Hotels Company

Ms. Rachel D’Souza-Siebert

Mr. James Duggan

Mr. Andrew Dunnegan

Mr. Chad Dunnegan

Dr. Paul* (’79) & Mrs. Donna Eberline

Dr. Vivian Ebert (’81)

Dr. Theodore Economou (’60)

Dr. James Edwards (’77)

Ms. Erica Ehrhard

Dr. Jay Elliott (’90)

Ms. Jen Elorreaga

Ms. Tianna Engen

Dr. Erika Evans

Mr. Christopher Fahs

Dr. Peter Feldkamp (’88)

Dr. Marshall (’88) & Mrs. Suzanne Feldman

Fern Valley Chiropractic

Mr. Jerry Ferraiuolo

Mr. Vincent Ferraiuolo

Mr. Frank Ferrara

Ms. Sophia Finder

Dr. Kallie Fischer (’19)

Mrs. Theresa & Mr. Chris Fleck

Dr. James Fleming (’60)

Dr. Terra Fleming (’90)

Food Service Consultants Inc.

Dr. Thomas Forbach (’76)

Dr. David Fox (’81)

Dr. Edward Frattini (’82)

Dr. Peter Frechtling (’81)

Ms. Kelli Freebersyser

Ms. Joy Freedman

Dr. Margaret Freihaut (’79)

Dr. Tana Frisina (’99, ’01)

Mr. John Frost

Frost Supply

Ms. Laura Fucci

Dr. Arlan (’61) & Mrs. Judi Fuhr

Mr. David Funk

Mr. Matthew Garrod

Dr. Ralph Gay (’79)

Dr. Daniel Geary (’87)

Dr. Stephen Geders (’80)

Mr. Eric Geltman

Mrs. Amy Gill* & Mr. Amrit Gill

Dr. Michael Gillespie (’99, ’01)

Carmel Gionta

Dr. Christine Goertz*

Dr. Roy Golsch (’85)

Dr. Jason (’98) & Mrs. Jessica Goodman

Dr. Douglas Gordon

Ms. Lindsay Goudy

Mr. Tucker Grace

Dr. Billy Grant (’85)

Dr. Donald Graziano, Jr. (’65)

Dr. Tom Greenawalt (’54)

Dr. Daniel Greene (’88)

Mr. Brett Grimm

Dr. William Groskopp (’80)

Mr. Bruce Grossberg

Dr. Brian Gualano

Drs. David (’92) & Tracy Gualano (’92)

Mr. Ryan Guccione

Lynn Haarmann

Dr. Allen* & Mrs. Londa Hager

Ms. Linda Haley

Ms. Kerry Hallahan

Ms. Helen Halley

Mr. Robert Hanley

Dr. Joseph Harding (’78)

Dr. Gwendolyn Harmon (’03, ’05)

Mrs. Stephani Harrington

Dr. Stanley Harris (’80)

Mr. Robert Hartweck

Dr. Allison Harvey

Mr. Peter Hawkins

Dr. Michael Hawkinson (’86)

Dr. Glen Heese (’67)

Dr. Amber Henry

Dr. Paul (’93) & Mrs. Patricia Henry

Dr. Robert Hervey (’05, ’06)

Dr. Charles Heuser (’76)

Dr. Sara Heuser Horn (’89)

Dr. Elise Hewitt

Mr. & Mrs. John Hickey

Mrs. Jessica Hilton (’21)

Mrs. Barbara Hobday

Dr. Debra Hoffman (’80)

Mr. Gregg & Mrs. Laura Hollabaugh

Dr. Stephen Holloway (’74)

Mrs. Megan & Mr. Anthony Holte

Mr. Sam Holyan

Dr. Christopher Holze (’00, ’02)

Dr. Lester Holze, Jr. (’73)

Mr. Robert Holzschuh

Dr. Kelly Huber (’96)

Dr. Melissa Hudson (’22)

Dr. Kelley Humphries-Mascoll

Ms. Lydia Huston

Integrity Doctors

Dr. Andrew Isaacs (’68)


Ittner Architects

Dr. Haruo Iwo

Dr. Carmen Jacoby (’93)

Mr. David Jaffarian

Dr. Jade James*

Ms. Christina James

Dr. Michael Jarman (’90)

Mr. Chris Jensen

Mr. Daniel John

Dr. Edward Johnnie (’99)

Dr. Robert Johnson (’62)

Ms. Leandra Johnson

Dr. Aimee Jokerst (’97)

Dr. Steven Jones (’99)

Dr. Bryan (’01, ’03) & Dr. Olivia Joseph (’01, ’03)

Dr. Perry Kamel

Dr. Lincoln Kamell (’90)

Dr. Jennifer Kane (’99, ’01)

Kansas City Toyota Dealers Association

Dr. Gerald Kari (’63)

Ms. Farzana Karim

Dr. Alex Karpowicz (’65)

Mr. Joseph Karszen

Mr. Todd Kartchner

Mr. George Kasimatis

Dr. Arthur Kaufer (’89)

Dr. Joseph Kayser (’61)

Dr. Kerry Keiser (’90)

Mr. Sam Kelly

Dr. Norman Kettner (’80)

Mr. Adil & Mrs. Sadia Khan

Dr. R. Kirchner (’79)

Ms. Tracy Kisgen

Dr. Ronald (’61) & Mrs. Brenda Kludo

Dr. Amy Koch (’02, ’04)

Dr. Jason Koch (’98)

Dr. Mark Korchok (’87)

Dr. Ansis Kozlovskis (’67) & Dr. Barbara SherryKozlovskis

Dr. Robert Krause, III (’85)

Dr. James Kravis (’86)

Ms. Meira Kreuter

Dr. William Krueger (’64)

Mrs. Laura Kuennen

Drs. D. Robert (’86) & Mary Kathleen Kuhn (’88)

Mrs. Nina & Mr. Dan Kult

Mr. Howard Kurnick

Mr. Ferrell Kyles *

Benefactor, whose gifts total $1,000+ in the fiscal year

Logan Board of Trustees


Lakewood Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Eric Lambert (’98)

Mr. Rich Landsman

Dr. Joseph (‘83) & Mrs. Cindy Lane

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Largo

Mr. Barry & Mrs. Dawn Leistner

Mr. Sol Leistner

Ms. Kathy Leistner

Dr. Alan Levy (’04, ’06)

Dr. Sandra Licata (’98)

Logan College Alumni Association

Mr. David Lotzer

Dr. Sarah Luderer

Dr. Matthew Lynam (’84)

Mr. Michael Lynch

Ms. Victoria Lyons

Mrs. Cheryl Maestas

Dr. Marc (’81) & Mrs. Kathryn Malon

Ms. Vicki Maples

Mrs. Jaimee Maranon

Mr. Tom Marston

Mr. Daniel Martin

Dr. Philip Martinez (’90)

Mr. Alex Marvez

Dr. Melvin Mashner (’92)

Dr. Michael Masucci (’12, ’14)

Dr. Ross Mattox (’07)

Dr. Myrna Mauch (’73)

Dr. Brian McAulay

Dr. Terence & Mrs. Rebecca McAuliffe

Mr. Timothy & Mrs. Deanna McAuliffe

Ms. Theresa McAuliffe

Dr. Kevin McClain (’92)

Dr. Jennifer McCleary (’03, ’05)

Ms. Tara McConkey*

Dr. J. Clay* (’82) & Mrs. Terry McDonald

Dr. Brian McIntyre (’88)

Dr. Brendan McMahon (’87)

Dr. Ryan McMichael (’05, ’07)

Dr. Michael McMurray


Dr. Andrew Metelko (’07, ’09)

Ms. Laurel Miller

Ms. Pamela Miller

Missouri Foundation for Health

Mr. David Mitchell

Mr. Gary & Mrs. Jane Mohr

Moneta Group Inc.

Dr. Patrick (’76, ’15) & Mrs. Marti Montgomery

Ms. Rachel Murphy

NCMIC Insurance Company

Dr. Daniel Nekolite (’11, ’13)

Dr. James Nessing (’82)

Mr. Jonathan Newton

Ms. Nichole Nichols

Dr. Ashley Nickell

Dr. Ronald (’58) & Mrs. Mary Nowman

Dr. Douglas Obermeyer (’99)

Dr. Paul O’Brien, Jr. (’99)

Ms. Karen O’Byrne

Dr. Frank Ostir (’88)

Mr. Charlie Packman

Dr. Kimberly Paddock-O’Reilly

Mr. Kevin Padgett

Ms. Krista Parris

Pat Susco

Mr. Anthony Patti

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company

Dr. Ambrose Perduk, Jr. (’85)

Dr. Alan Perestam (’89)

Performance Health Inc.

Dr. Muriel Perillat & Dr. Carl Saubert, IV

Dr. Bruce Peterson (’86)

Drs. Kristina Petrocco-Napuli & Jason Napuli

Dr. Joseph & Dr. Barbara Pfeifer

Dr. Larry Phipps (’63)

Dr. David Picinich (’88)

Mr. Law Pickett

Dr. Charles (’91) & Mrs. Jane Plante

Dr. David Poe (’96)

Ms. Emily Pollman

Dr. Alan Post (’82)

Mr. Patrick Povilaitis

Mrs. Jill Pratte

Laura Price-Bourisaw

Primo Chalk

Prolific Chiropractic

Mr. Raleigh Ragan

Mr. Jim Ragusa

Dr. Joseph Raley (’96)

Drs. Jose (’07, ’09, ‘14) & Brittany Ramirez (’15, ’18)

Dr. Robert Ramirez (’98)

Dr. Jessica Randazzo (’17)

Rapid Reboot

Mrs. Emily & Mr. Craig Ratliff

Dr. Laura Rauscher

Dr. Charles Rawlings (’76)

RAYUS Radiology

Dr. Deshae Redden

Dr. Michael Reed (’11, ’13, ’14)

Dr. Robert Reeves (’75)

Ms. Dani Reinken

Dr. Abraham Renaud (’15, ’17)

Dr. Cynthia Reynolds (’78) & Dr. Thomas Raymond

Dr. David Richards (’98, ’00)

Dr. William Richards (’59)

Dr. Daryl Ridgeway (’97)

Dr. Jan Roberts (’79)

Mr. Steven Roberts* & Dr. Eva Frazier


Rockville Camera

Summer Baskin Rogan

Roma M. Karp Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Greg Roman

Dr. Jeffrey Rosell (’77)

Ms. Stacia Rosen

Dr. Katherine Royston (’92)

Ms. Jessica Russell

Russellville Chiropractic

Dr. Claudia Sacco (’10, ’12)

Mrs. Dana Salony

Ms. Angela Sammartano

Dr. Ramulu Samudrala

Dr. Maxmillian Sauer (’21)

Dr. Shelley Sawalich

Mr. Roger* & Mrs. Margaret Schlueter

Dr. John Schneider, Jr. (’98)

Mr. David Schneider

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Schopp, III

Mr. Nicholas Schopp

Dr. John Schuld (’76)

Dr. Eugene Schultz (’62)

Dr. David Seidner (’87)

Dr. John Self, Jr. (’97)

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Senft

Mr. Craig Senft

Ms. Carol Setterlund

Mr. Amir Shaheer (’20, ’21)

Dr. Eric Shook (’90)


Dr. Steven Silverman (’79)

Dr. Judy Silvestrone

Ms. Catherine Sippel

Dr. Christopher Sitarski (’07, ’09)

Mr. Garrett Smetana

Dr. R. Smith (’91)

Dr. Roechelle Smith

Dr. Thomas Smith (’89)

Mr. Barron Smith

Mr. Eric Smith

Ms. Kate Smith

Ms. Laurinda Smith

Dr. Brian (’83) & Mrs. Robin Snyder

Mr. Bob Snyders

Spine Stop

Standard Process Inc.

Mr. Devon Stanfill

Mr. John Stechyshyn

Ms. Madison Stein

Mr. Rick* & Mrs. Malette Stevens

Taylor Steward

Mr. Bryan Stone

Dr. John Strazewski

Mr. Patrick Striet

Dr. Kasey Sudkamp

Dr. Charles (’51) & Mrs. Mary Sugg

Dr. Leonard Suiter (’77)


Mrs. Cynthia Sutton

Tarlton Corporation

Mr. Kurt Taveras *

Benefactor, whose gifts total $1,000+ in the fiscal year

Logan Board of Trustees


Mrs. April & Mr. Christopher Taylor


Dr. William Tellin (’75)

Mrs. Sharon Thatcher

The Elman Family Foundation

The ODI Foundation

Dr. Scott Thorpe (’95)

Dr. Xaivier* (’02, ’06) & Mrs. Christian Tipler

Dr. Eburt Titus (’51)

Mrs. Maggie Toigo

Drs. Derek (’04, ’06) & Elizabeth Totty (’07, ’09, ‘10)

Tuck Chiropractic

Dr. Holly Tucker (’09, ’11) & Dr. Jude Miller (’09, ’11)

Mr. Brian Tuite

Mr. Paul Tuite

Ms. Camille Tuite

Ms. Fran Tuite

Mr. Everick Turner

Dr. Dana Underkofler-Mercer (’09)

Dr. Joseph Unger (’79)

Dr. Mary Unger-Boyd (’97)

United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee

Dr. Lee & Mrs. Lisa Van Dusen

Scholarship Donors

Dr. Frank Vaught (’02, ’04)

Dr. Eugene (’79) & Mrs. Sandra Ver Meer

Dr. Michael Vianin (’00, ’02)

Victory Health, LLC

Dr. David Vincent (’91) & Dr. Mary Frances


Dr. Ashley Vogt (’07)

Ms. Lynda Wagner

Dr. Aaron Wahl (’02, ’04, ’11)

Dr. Brian Walsh (’99)

Mrs. Sheryl Walters

Dr. Sam Wang*

Dr. Lee Warner (’86)

Ms. Melissa Warren (’21)

Dr. Deborah Webber (’79)

Ms. Dana Wehrli

Ms. Erin Weinberg

Mr. Steven Weiner

Ms. Andrea Weise

Ms. Joan Weston

Mr. Chris White

Mrs. Deborah White

Dr. Jane Wibbenmeyer (’88)

Thank you to the many donors who contributed to Logan University scholarships:

Activator Methods International, Ltd Scholarship

Beatrice B Hagen, DC Scholarship

Brian E. Stanek, DC Memorial Scholarship

Chiro One Wellness Centers’ Scholarship

College of Chiropractic Scholarship

College of Health Sciences Scholarship

Dr. Arthur L. McAuliffe Scholarship

Dr. B. E. Doyle Scholarship

Dr. Cynthia A. Reynolds Scholarship

Dr. Eugene Mikus Scholarship

Dr. Faye Eagles Scholarship

Dr. Gordon Heuser Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Howard S. Grossman Scholarship

Dr. John J. Hobday Scholarship

Heritage Society Donors

Dr. John R. Howell Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Keith A. Berger Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Lori Bents Scholarship

Dr. Muriel M. Perillat Pediatric Scholarship

Dr. Paul Cornelius Scholarship

Dr. Roy J. Hillgartner Scholarship

Dr. William M. Harris Scholarship

Foot Levelers Inc. Scholarship

Forever Chiropractic, Forever Logan Scholarship

General Scholarship

Linda Brauch Kenny Scholarship

Logan College of Chiropractic Alumni

Association Endowed Fund for Faculty Success

Logan College of Chiropractic Alumni

Association Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Thomas Wicks (’87)

Dr. Randall Widmaier

William M. Harris Family Foundation

Dr. Rodney (’00) & Mrs. Nina Williams

Dr. Michael Wittmer (’80)

Mr. John Woike

Ms. Joyce Wolf

Dr. Kurt* & Mrs. Jennifer Wood

Dr. Thomas Wright (’67)

Mr. Alexis Wright

Dr. Yukinobu Yasui

Dr. Terry Yochum

Ms. Traci Yoder

Mrs. Megan Zacheis

Dr. Fred Zuker*

Dr. Joshua Zumstein (’08, ’10)

Benefactor, whose gifts total $1,000+ in the fiscal year

Logan Board of Trustees

Logan University General Scholarship

Lorraine M. Golden, DC Kentuckiana Children’s Center Scholarship

Scharnhorst Scholarship

Sharon A. Vallone DC, FICCP Pediatric Chiropractic Scholarship

Society for the Advancement of Chiropractic Education Practice Resource Scholarship (ACE)

Standard Process Inc. Scholarship

The Dr. Ken Leistner Memorial Scholarship

Tracy Parmentar Memorial Scholarship

Women’s Scholarship

The Heritage Society recognizes and honors alumni and friends who have made a commitment to the future of Logan University through their wills and other planned gifts.

Dr. J. C. Carpenter (‘83)

Dr. Arlan (‘61) & Mrs. Judi Fuhr

Dr. Stephen & Mrs. Carolyn Furjes

Dr. Debra Hoffman (‘80)

Dr. Lincoln Kamell (‘90)

Dr. William Purser (’53)

Dr. Judy Silvestrone


Preceptor Doctors

Logan University is grateful to the following Doctors of Chiropractic who hosted student interns through the Preceptorship Program. Through preceptorships, students gain invaluable experience from doctors in a real-world setting.


Dr. Shane Kraft


Dr. Beau Beard


Dr. Michael Jarman

Dr. Michael Miller

Dr. Spencer Neal

Dr. Mary Power

Dr. Richard Riley

Dr. Jordan Travis

Dr. Joshua Witter


Dr. Eric Garst

Dr. Jeanette Kramer

Dr. Craig Scharf


Dr. Beau Daniels

Dr. Brad Hubbard

Dr. Edward Stanislawski


Dr. Jacqueline Berens

Dr. Shawn Caldwell

Dr. Seth Chamberlain

Dr. Jon Denning

Dr. Jeanette Kelder

Dr. Kimberly Kesner

Dr. Noel Kite

Dr. Joseph McMahon

Dr. Krista Schuck

Dr. David Solecki


Dr. Jessica Tagliarini


Dr. Douglas Briggs

Dr. Stacey Cohen


Dr. William Barnes

Dr. Nikki Bechtol

Dr. Gena Bofshever

Dr. Kevin Christie

Dr. John Davis

Dr. Frank Farkas

Dr. Theresa Hartley

Dr. Brandon Hollenberg

Dr. Cynthia Hornback

Dr. Kevin Reiseck

Dr. Thomas Rhee

Dr. Pedro Rosado

Dr. Jason Stern

Dr. Michael Stratton

Dr. Jesse Suess

Dr. Larissa Tenzycki

Dr. Scott Weiland


Dr. Melissa Arnold

Dr. Bob Bacon


Dr. Akishi Oshita


Dr. Nick Chicoine

Dr. Mike Labounty

Dr. Aaron Rickelman


Dr. Kimball Arritt

Dr. Glen Randall


Dr. Bill Beyers

Dr. Matthew Beyers

Dr. Kevin Borntreger

Dr. Brandon Bruening

Dr. Shanie Cahill

Dr. James Claussen

Dr. Brian Damhoff

Dr. Benjamin Fergus

Dr. Jeffery Fishel

Dr. Alex Guebert

Dr. Justin Hamel

Dr. Michael Harbison

Dr. Kimberly Kalaher

Dr. Jared Kennedy

Dr. Amanda Krueger

Dr. Emily Kruse

Dr. Kristopher McClusky

Dr. Gail Meese

Dr. Erika Mennerick

Dr. Andrew Morningstar

Dr. Cody Needham

Dr. Corey Osborne

Dr. Caitlin Painchaud

Dr. Alex Park

Dr. Brian Penwell

Dr. Charles Portwood

Dr. Francis Puzon

Dr. Robert Rice

Dr. Loren Richie

Dr. Scott Ritchie

Dr. Chris Robinson

Dr. Kelly Stanfield

Dr. Stephanie Cluver

Dr. Bric Steward

Dr. Gareth Trichardt

Dr. Scott Underwood

Dr. Sean Walker

Dr. Sam Wang

Dr. Brooklyn Washington

Dr. Stuart Yoss


Dr. Dwayne Ackerman

Dr. Michael Butterfield

Dr. Sandee Clark

Dr. Stanton Couch

Dr. Oakland Gaerke

Dr. Chris Gilkey

Dr. Mark Heal

Dr. Kara Horn

Dr. Matt Horn

Dr. Michael Jobe

Dr. Eric Mitz

Dr. Justin Mohr

Dr. Doug Patterson

Dr. Bradley Ralston

Dr. Jon Reibly

Dr. Leanne Schlueter

Dr. Rebecca Schulke

Dr. Richard Snider

Dr. Scott Sovar

Dr. Chris Stock

Dr. Kevin Storm

Dr. Chase Waggoner

Dr. Brian Watters

Dr. Tanner Wedding

Dr. Nickolas Wilson


Dr. Richard Foveaux

Dr. Matt Lane

Dr. Merle Nickell


Dr. Massimo Bianco

Dr. Rodney Brown

Dr. Xavier Counts

Dr. William Eriksen

Dr. Brian Hendrix

Dr. Jason Luking

Dr. Marina McCay

Dr. Nathaniel Ritchie

Dr. Grant Watkins


Dr. Grant Watkins


Dr. Jeffery Kalkstein

Dr. Warren Kalkstein


Dr. AJ Armbruster

Dr. Chelsie Arnold

Dr. Keith Brennan

Dr. RJ Burr

Dr. Kurt Cooper

Dr. Kimberly Groulx

Dr. Ali Hoffman

Dr. Mitchel Israel

Dr. Eric Maillette

Dr. Blake Spooner

Dr. Missy Holas

Dr. Eric Maillette


Dr. Dustin Carlson


Dr. Devon Ackroyd

Dr. Brad Agan

Dr. Chelsey Aitken-Wren

Dr. Steven Baca

Dr. Robert Rice and the ChiroPro team

Dr. Kirk Barron

Dr. Patrick Battaglia

Dr. Patrick Battaglia

Dr. David Beavers

Dr. David Beavers

Dr. Jason Biondo

Dr. Richard Blalock

Dr. Jason Brame

Dr. Ryan Brinker

Dr. Joshua Browning

Dr. Trenton Civello

Dr. Bart Coleman

Dr. Elizabeth Crumbaugh

Dr. Selam Deutschmann

Dr. Chad Dole

Dr. Brennan Donahue

Dr. Catherine Dowd

Dr. Ed Ernstrum

Dr. Patricia Estrada

Dr. Erika Evans

Dr. Edgar Everett

Dr. Patrick Feder

Dr. Nichole Fink-Trower

Dr. Cypress Garrett

Dr. Michael Gerdine

Dr. JT Goins

Dr. Josh Greenwell

Dr. Justin Gregory

Dr. Joh Groerich

Dr. Scott Grogan

Dr. Jason Hamed

Dr. Kris Hammond

Dr. James Hankinson

Dr. Allison Harvey

Dr. Dan Haun

Dr. Connie Hayes

Dr. Benjamin Hendrix

Dr. Lauren Hendrix

Dr. Ryan Hewkin

Dr. Megan Hinzman

Dr. Meagan Hinzman

Dr. Danielle Hoeckele

Dr. Joseph Hollingsworth

Dr. Derrijk Hollon

Dr. Aaron Holman

Dr. Weston Holzinger

Dr. Kelsie Rasor Huddleston

Dr. Scott Huff

Dr. Paul Hyland

Dr. Brandon Jackson

Dr. Edward Johnnie

Dr. Brandon Johns

Dr. Devin Johnson

Dr. Michael Jula

Dr. Kelly Kadolph

Dr. Curt Kippenberger

Dr. Amy Koch

Dr. Bryce Koelling

Dr. Jeffrey Lawlor

Dr. Kelsie Lewis

Dr. Rachel Loeb

Dr. Ross Mattox

Dr. Lynette Mayfield

Dr. Anthony Miller

Dr. John Moore

Dr. Michael Murphy

Dr. Jason Napuli

Dr. Matt Nicholson

Dr. Jeffrey O’Guin

Dr. Rand Olson

Dr. Amanda Owens

Dr. Brad Peerbolte

Dr. Elizabeth Perez

Dr. Jerod Posey

Dr. Taylor Premer

Dr. Andrew Rackovan

Dr. Emmett Reary

Dr. Leslie Reece

Dr. James Rhodes

Dr. James Rhodes

Dr. Caroline Ricker

Dr. Daniel Roach

Dr. Joseph Sas

Dr. Hunter Schaff

Dr. Kyle Schmitz

Dr. Stephen Schoenherr

Dr. Cheryl McClain Shae

Dr. Joshua Sharp

Dr. Cheryl McClain Shea

Dr. Reed Shultze

Dr. Timothy Sullivan

Dr. Xaivier Tipler

Dr. Ashley Vogt

Dr. Hilary Wendell

Dr. Justin White

Dr. David Winarski

Dr. Kelli Winarski

Dr. Brett Winchester

Dr. Garrett Winkler

Dr. Christina Woodle


Dr. Allison Bernardi


Dr. Darcey Walraven Ladner

Dr. Daniel Zagst


Dr. Allen Hager


Dr. Daryl Wills


Dr. Nick Stryniak


Dr. Corey Cohen

Dr. Jessica Durso

Dr. Kevin Savatgy

Dr. Maria Velasquez


Dr. Jerome Antonino


Dr. Ryan Berlin

Dr. Katherine Bruce

Dr. Linzie Crute

Dr. Ryan Haely

Dr. David Heuser

Dr. Tyler Kelly

Dr. Tim Keyes

Dr. Jeff Koepfler

Dr. Charles Lee

Dr. Sunni Lomnicki

Dr. Tyler Lomnicki

Dr. Kurt Olding

Dr. Nicholas Rolhfs

Dr. Jason Schone

Dr. Amy Townley

Dr. Richard Yost

Dr. Maximillian Zart

Dr. David Zipkot


Dr. Travis DeArmon

Dr. Casey Flickenger


Dr. Elio Lafrate

Dr. Mario Micovsky

Dr. Sean Smith

Dr. Adam Williamson

Dr. Lorraine Collodel


Dr. Michael Herb


Dr. Patrick Borja

Dr. Warren Carr

Dr. Andrew DeSaro

Dr. Jared Heinz

Dr. Jilynn Hess

Dr. Matt Irwin

Dr. Darren Lugiano

Dr. Scott McGillivray

Dr. Craig Phillips

Dr. Lynn Strazzo


Dr. Chris Garner

Dr. Clay Gasparovich

Dr. Brad Gorski

Dr. Nina Kennedy

Dr. Tim Losby

Dr. Michael Nelson

Dr. Thomas Stetson

Dr. Katie Ulam


Dr. Bridgit Gilmore


Dr. Neil Barber

Dr. Kurt Lanigan


Dr. Jessica Allen

Dr. Nicole Barton

Dr. Casey Bevis

Dr. Jayson Cannon

Dr. Bradford Cole

Dr. Jason Cook

Dr. Dena Granger

Dr. Mark Hawkins

Dr. Craig Hennie

Dr. Elizabeth Hicks

Dr. Jacob Hicks

Dr. Charles Hogan

Dr. Jason Hulme

Dr. Anthony Linza

Dr. Brittney McGetrick

Dr. Matt Melton

Dr. Jude Miller

Dr. Ben Rasnick

Dr. Devin Reissing

Dr. Christopher Ruppel

Dr. Chad Rush

Dr. Andrew Spehar

Dr. James V. Taylor

Dr. Blair Zenker

Dr. Andrew Burd

Dr. Richard Hathcock

Dr. Ben Johnson


Dr. Demetrius Anderson

Dr. Eve Aragon

Dr. Chris Babb

Dr. Michael Carr

Dr. Amanda Glass

Dr. Kenyon Godwin

Dr. Jacqueline Hernandez

Dr. Angelo Marinakis

Dr. Katherine Melot

Dr. Danny VanNoy

Dr. Tenesha Wards

Dr. Landon Webster


Dr. Jeff Brown

Dr. Morgan Carlson

Dr. Michael Earley

Dr. Stephen Jones

Dr. Monte Layton

Dr. Robert McKnight

Dr. James Parker

Dr. Brian Tolman

Dr. Justin Traveller


Dr. Donald Bresnahan

Dr. Jeffrey Lowes


Dr. Adam Phaneuf


Dr. Jesse Easley

Dr. Nicholas Kampfer

Dr. Heather King

Dr. Jason Noble

Dr. Zach Papendieck

Dr. Whitney Rudesil

Dr. Sarah Smasal

Dr. Todd Stephens

Dr. Joseph Sas (left) and Lauren Manning at Gateway Chiropractic Danielle Bakko (left) and Dr. Alanna McNelly at The Joint Chiropractic

Admission Referrals

Student referrals are key to Logan’s continued growth, and we are deeply grateful to all alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends who have referred students in the past year to Logan in both the College of Chiropractic and College of Health Sciences. Additional referrals can be made via Admissions@Logan.edu. Thank you for your trust as we educate the health care leaders of tomorrow.

Rebekah Aldridge

William Alexander

Leesha Andereck

Jake Anderson

Aaron Andrews

Noah Ansert

Toni Armstrong

Heidi Arnold-Burr

Tai Austin

Nii Ayi

Alexia Baader

Abby Badger

Dylan Bailey

Shane Bates

Kevin Baum

Scott Beck

Randal Berning

Chris Bigelow

Scott Bird

Ed Black

Kristen Blake

Ian Boone

Kyle Bowers

Jeremy Boyce

Kellianne Boyer

Katrina Bradley

Kenneth Brassie

Ryan Brinker

Amanda Buehrle

Christina Bukaty

Dayna Bundy

Cal Busby

Anderw Butzke

Joe Carr

Michael Castrichini

Emillie Castrichini

Carla Centeno Castro

Kim Cerf

Kimberly Chitwood

Trenton Civello

Matthew Cline

Kaylen Conley

Johnothan Cooksey

Kaylee Cooper

Tonya Crabtree Cox

Ben Cullison

Daniel Dail

Ryan Dailey

Sarah Dale

Chohnice Daniels

Samantha Davenport

Samantha Davies

Theresa DeLorenzo

Adrian Den Boer

Molly Diehl

David Dishazi

Madison Donahue

Ryan Doss

Ryan Eckman

Nate Elmore

Patricia Estrada

Justin Evans

Jedidiah Farley

Maggie Farmer

Stephanie Farnsworth

Deborah Feairheller

Jeffery Fedorko

Ralph Filson

Sophia Finder

Tara Finkstein

Sharon Fitelson

Hunter Fredrick

Haley Frerichs

Amy Fridley

Richard Fritschle

Brandon Galbraith

Saketh Reddy Gali

Lauren Garrison

Rob Gattman

Bryan Gatzky

Caleb Gerber

Amanda Gifford

Garrett Goodlett

Jason Goodman

Catherine Gordon

Thomas Green

Stormy Green

Robert Griesse

Emily Guilfouy

Ethan Harbert

Allison Harvey

Brooke Hawkins

William Heidary

Anne Heisserer

Matthew Hemmerle

Daryl Hightower

Nicholas Hill

Wilmer Hoisington

George House

Amanda Howell-Winters

Seth Hudson

Lauren Hunt

Mitch Israel

Ryan Jackson

Jeffery James

Burin Janchai

Kayla Jenkins

Sarah Johnson

Shawn Johnston

Aimee Jokerst

Sheena Jones

Sean Jones

Warren Kalkstein

John Karanja

Brittany Kasprack

Tim Keyes

Katie Klein

Roger Konicke III

Laura Kuennen

Amanda Kurtz

Ferrell Kyles

Callie Lance

Nick Lappen

Ben Le

Eddy Lee

Nicholas Liford

Kalleigh Linthicum

Jack Loy

Michael Lynch

Mallory Makeever

Glenn Manceaux

Mike Marinus

Caroline Marra

Kalyn Martin

Samantha Mayberry-


Kyle McBride

Ryan McCain

Nicole McCauley

Brandon McClelland

Dan McClure

Kris McClusky

Dennis McGuire

Ian McIntosh

Eric McMahon

Kurt Mechelke

Nicholas Meloche

Dana Mercer

Nathan Merhaut

Lynn Metcalf

Rick Miller

Tia Molinarro

Dale Montgomery

Aaferti-Elra Morgan

Joann Moulton

Mark Munchel

Tina Murphy

Rodney Nelson

Megan Neuhart

Matt Nicholson

Rianna Nicodemus

Michael Nowell

Nathan Oliveira

Kurt Oschner

Nick Payne

Tia Person

Tiara Person

Jessica Phibbs

Larry Phipps

Jill Pratte

Darsej Rae

Paul Ralph

Megan Recillas

Michael Renk

Craig Revermann

Renee Rheinecker-Anderson

Ty Riecker

Daniel Roach

Jan Roberts

Gigi Robey

Adam Rogers

Eduvian Rosado

Christian Rosevear

Parker Rowton

Jonathan Saigh

John Sands

Timothy Sargeant

Jacqueline Sargeant

Robert Schrepel

Anna Schuenememan

Charlie Schuster

Matthew Schwieterman

Martin Semadegbe

Kyle Shunkwiler

Nathan Siebenaller

Rebecca Skiljan

Rebecca Slayton

Richard Snider

Rick Snider

Dayne Sommer

Denton Spiers

Gene Spilker

Crystal Stegman

Mark Stoebe

Kevin Storm

Krislyn Thacker

Andrea Thayer

David Thayer

Deepa Thomas

Christe Thomas

Robert Thomson Sr.

Tom Thurman

Devon Toone

Eddie Urbaez

Bryan Vandervort

Frank Vaught

Alex Vidan

Geoff Walburn

Grant Watkins

Tanner Wedding

Sam Wegert

Matthew Weirsma

Jason Westemeir

Sara Wheadon

Curtis Wildes

Randy Wilkie

Stephen Wilks

Rodney Williams

Douglas Wright

Lauren Wright

Terry Yochum


Board of Trustees and President’s Cabinet


Donald S. Altman, DDS, DHSc, EdD Chair of the Board

Fred Zuker, PhD, MEd Vice Chair of the Board


Kathy A. Boulet, DC (’89), Dipl.Ac (ABCA), FICC

Paul D. Eberline, DC (’79)

Amy Gill

Christine Goertz, DC, PhD

Allen Hager, DC

Jade Dominique James, MD, MPH

Tara C. McConkey, CFA

Clay McDonald, DC (’82), MBA, JD

Roger L. Schlueter

Rick L. Stevens, FACHE

Xaivier Tipler, DC (’06)

Sam Wang, DC

Kurt W. Wood, DC


Steven C. Marini, DC


Steven C. Roberts, JD, LLM


Natacha Douglas, MBA, DHPE (’21) Vice President of Enrollment Management

Theresa Fleck, MA, CFRE, CAE Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Adil Khan, MBA, CPA, CSBO Chief Financial Officer; Vice President of Administrative Services

Brian McAulay, DC, PhD Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs

Clay McDonald, DC (’82), MBA, JD President

Nichole Nichols, MA, PHR Vice President of Human Resources

Steven Roberts Roger L. Schlueter Rick L. Stevens Dr. Xaivier Tipler Dr. Sam Wang Dr. Kurt Wood Dr. Fred Zuker Nichole Nichols Dr. Donald S. Altman Dr. Kathy A. Boulet Dr. Christine Goertz Amy Gill Theresa Fleck Dr. Paul D. Eberline Dr. Natacha Douglas Tara C. McConkey Dr. Clay McDonald Dr. Steven C. Marini Adil Khan Dr. Allen Hager Dr. Jade Dominique James Dr. Brian McAulay

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