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20 14 -20 15 ANNUAL RE P O RT





Dear Alumni, Colleagues and Friends: stewards of health care education. We must create and maintain a scholarship fund that supports the chiropractors of tomorrow, who should not themselves, shoulder the ever-increasing costs of education alone. Scholarship is and remains the cornerstone of Logan’s future and the gift of a quality education is invaluable. I invite you to become part of Logan’s first perpetual campaign, Forever Chiropractic, Forever Logan, to build and sustain the University and the future of chiropractic.

I am once again proud to present to you Logan University’s Annual Report for the fiscal year of 2014-2015. When I arrived three years ago, I committed to each of our stakeholders that Logan would become more transparent. This pledge is one that I do not take lightly, as I believe it is important that our alumni, friends, faculty, staff, students, potential students and community feel confident in the future of Logan University. I invite you to read through this report and visit logan.edu/StateOfLogan to read the audited financial statements. Thanks to the generosity of donors, our history is rich with accomplishment, and now we need to ensure that Logan generates even more achievement in the future. We face great responsibility in training and educating our students to provide quality, affordable and patient-centered care. It is imperative that we maintain our financial well-being to serve as the

Forever Chiropractic, Forever Logan is Logan’s permanent scholarship endowment, which allows your gift to have meaningful impact, year after year. Only income generated from the endowed portion of your gift is used to support scholarships while the principal gift remains in perpetuity. Supporting Logan’s scholarship endowment guarantees your legacy for the life of our University. We’re on an extraordinary path in making a difference in chiropractic. You can help push the boundaries and make a difference in the lives of our students, who will continue the legacy of our graduates in impacting the lives of people around the world. Visit logan.edu/Forever to learn more. We thank you for your support. Dr. Clay McDonald




FISCAL YEAR 2015 FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Logan continues its strong financial position due to disciplined management, thorough governance structure and steady leadership. Our net assets stand at $81.4 million with strong cash and investment balances totaling $41 million. The University continues to invest in physical facilities to support key academic initiatives and infrastructure. The generous support of our donors and commitment of the Logan community have been essential to building our capabilities. We encourage you to read the audited financial statements and related notes online at logan.edu/StateOfLogan for more information regarding the financial position and results of Logan University.

LOGAN UNIVERSITY, INC. STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION August 31, 2015 (With Comparative Totals for 2014) August 31, 2015

ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents Unrestricted Restricted


7,172,310 4,780,914

$ 8,056,684 4,737,464

11,953,224 54,630 1,221,500 5,723,068 398,090 18,203 41,035,410 29,036,139 445,720 7,377 10,083

12,794,148 8,550 1,228,500 5,888,018 381,787 28,581 42,217,365 28,411,970 460,869 11,395 10,083

$ 89,903,444

$ 91,441,266



Accounts receivable, net Contributions receivable, net Student loans receivable Prepaid expenses and other Inventories Property and equipment, net Investments Cash surrender value of life insurance policies Other assets Beneficial interest in Logan University Education Foundation Total assets



Accounts payable Accrued liabilities Deferred revenues U.S. Government grants refundable

336,214 313,292 263,645 7,625,762

304,144 209,846 259,834 7,333,783



Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted

$ 77,052,928 3,313,498 998,105

$ 78,732,455 3,677,699 923,505

Total net assets



$ 89,903,444

$ 91,441,266

Total liabilities




LOGAN UNIVERSITY, INC. STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES August 31, 2015 (With Comparative Totals for 2014) Year Ended August 31, 2015


$ 22,961,158 268,472 336,268 802,249 618,569 (1,656,752) 572,056 (37,803) 663,352 32,787

$ 23,170,363 387,403 287,825 771,033 585,889 506,191 1,948,994 10,249 337,120 31,736



9,950,205 478,639 984,089 2,941,774 6,932,386 2,560,113

8,315,892 849,062 944,657 2,705,039 7,020,055 2,508,866

Total expenses before depreciation and amortization Depreciation and amortization

23,847,206 2,682,278

22,343,571 2,632,687



(1,969,128) 83,333,659

3,060,545 80,273,114

$ 81,364,531

$ 83,333,659


Net tuition and fees Federal grants and contracts Private gifts, grants and contracts Sales and service of educational activities Investment income Net unrealized gain (loss) on investments Net realized gain on investments Gain (loss) on sale of property and equipment Other sources (including life insurance proceeds of $433,309) Sales and services of auxiliary enterprises

EXPENSES Education and general Instruction Research Academic support Student services Institutional support Operation and maintenance of plant

Total expenses








MEMBERS OF THE BENEFACTORS’ CIRCLE The following individual donors have given $1,000 or more to Logan University during the past fiscal year, September 1, 2014 - August 31, 2015.

Anonymous Donor

Dr. Ronald Nowman


Dr. Ralph & Sharon Barrale

Dr. Kimberly Paddock-O’Reilly

Chi Rho Sigma

Dr. Nicole & John Bennett

Dr. David Parish

Commerce Bank

Dr. Lori Bents

Dr. Muriel Périllat

Drury Hotels

Dr. Boyd & Theresa Bradshaw

Dr. James Post

Enzyme Formulations, Inc.

Dr. Richard M. Bruns

Dr. William Purser

Essential Formulas, Inc.

Dr. Douglas M. & Jayne Cox

Dr. Carl W. Saubert IV

Mr. Marshall Dahneke

Mrs. Marty Schoor

Food Service Consultants/Specialized Catering

Dr. David Darr

Dr. Brian & Robin Snyder

Foot Levelers, Inc.

Dr. Christophe & Barbara Dean

Ms. Stacey Till

Greenbranch Publishing, LLC

Dr. Vincent DeBono

Dr. Dana L. Underkofler-Mercer

Heuser & Heuser, LLP

Dr. Marshall J. Feldman

Dr. Michael Vianin

Michigan Chiropractic Foundation

Dr. Ronald Grant

Dr. Brian & Ann Walsh

Monsanto Fund

Dr. Allen Hager

Dr. Rodney F. Williams

Motion Palptation Institute

Dr. Paul Henry

Dr. Terry Yochum

NCMIC Group, Inc.

Dr. & Mrs. Charles Heuser

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company

Dr. Debra Hoffman

Performance Health Inc./The Hygenic Corporation

Mr. Gregg Hollabaugh Dr. Sara Horn Dr. & Mrs. Brad Hough Dr. Ray Howell, Jr. Dr. Robert Johnson

RBSK Partners PC Standard Process, Inc. The KEY Company Wright Construction Services, Inc.

Ms. Linda Kenny Ms. Roma Karp Dr. Norman Kettner Mr. Adil Khan Drs. D. Robert M. & Kathleen Kuhn Dr. James Joseph Lehman Dr. Howard F. Loomis, Jr. Dr. & Ms. Marc G. Malon Dr. J. Clay & Terry McDonald Dr. Dean McKinley Ms. Laura L. McLaughlin Dr. Rick A. McMichael Dr. Patrick Montgomery






Dr. James Lehman Dr. Rick McMichael

Dr. Sara Horn

Dr. Nicole Bennett


Dr. Richard M. Bruns

Dr. Richard Reinhardt

Dr. Kelly Brinkman Dr. Jay Elliott

Dr. Christophe Dean



Dr. Ronald Grant

Dr. Alberto Lopez

Dr. Tracy Gualano



Dr. Charles Heuser Dr. Patrick Montgomery

Dr. Paul Henry


Dr. Jennifer Walpert

Dr. Allen Hager Dr. Paul Henry Dr. Debra Hoffman Mr. Gregg E. Hollabaugh Dr. Marc G. Malon Dr. Rick A. McMichael Mr. Gary M. Mohr Dr. Judy Silvestrone

Dr. Douglas Cox Dr. Steven Levy 1980




Dr. Kevin Berger (Estate of) 1997


Dr. Richard Bruns Dr. Debra Hoffman Dr. Norman Kettner Dr. James Post Dr. Alfred Santoro Dr. Michael Wittmer



Dr. Dean McKinley

Dr. Marc G. Malon



Dr. Ray Howell, Jr.

Dr. J. Clay McDonald



Dr. William Purser

Dr. Brian Snyder



Dr. Anastasia Fry 1958

Dr. Lori Bents Dr. Anthony Wolf

Dr. Ronald Nowman



Dr. Jon Buriak

Dr. Robert Johnson



Dr. D. Robert Kuhn

Dr. Howard F. Loomis, Jr.



Dr. David Darr Dr. Lynette Hinden




Dr. Peter Feldkamp Dr. Marshall Feldman Dr. Alan Wolchansky Dr. M. Kathleen Kuhn

Dr. Alicia Yochum

Dr. Rodney Williams

Dr. Andrew Isaacs 1969

Dr. Ralph Barrale



Dr. Mary Unger-Boyd 1998

Dr. Dana Underkofler-Mercer 1999

Dr. Brian Walsh 2000

Dr. Rodney Williams 2001

Dr. Marcus DeGeer 2002

Dr. Michael Vianin 2003

Dr. Nicole Bennett 2004

Dr. Aaron Wahl 2008

Dr. Jonathan Dean Dr. Martha Kaeser Dr. Justine DeMaio


Dr. Patrick Battaglia


Dr. Brian Gualano

Mr. Bob Eckman

Dr. Ralph Barrale

Dr. David Heuser

Ms. Rebecca Eckman

Dr. Patrick Battaglia

Ms. Roma Karp

Mr. Brian Ellison

Ms. Judy Benjamin

Mr. Andrew Lodes

Dr. James Gray

Mr. Fred Berghaus

Ms. Marty Schoor

Ms. Christena Hoyal

Dr. Boyd Bradshaw

Dr. Louis Sportelli

Ms. Barbara Kienitz Mr. James Knoll

Dr. Kelly Brinkman Dr. Vincent DeBono Dr. Marcus DeGeer Dr. Jay Elliott Dr. Lynelle Hinden Dr. Brad Hough Ms. Ginger Jackson Dr. Martha Kaeser Ms. Linda Kenny Dr. Norman Kettner

ORGANIZATIONS Chi Rho Sigma Chiro One Wellness Centers, LLC CI Select Commerce Bank Drury Hotels Enzyme Formulations, Inc. Essential Formulas, Inc.

Mr. Adil Khan

Food Service Consultants/Specialized Catering

Dr. D. Robert Kuhn

Foot Levelers, Inc.

Dr. M. Kathleen Kuhn

Greenbranch Publishing, LLC

Dr. J. Clay McDonald

Heuser & Heuser, LLP

Ms. Laura McLaughlin

Michigan Chiropractic Foundation

Dr. Patrick Montgomery

Monsanto Fund

Dr. Kimberly Paddock-O’Reilly

Motion Palptation Institute

Dr. David Parish

NCMIC Group, Inc.

Dr. Muriel Périllat

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company

Dr. Richard Reinhardt Mr. James Sheehan

Performance Health Inc./The Hygenic Corporation

Dr. Brian Snyder

RBSK Partners PC

Ms. Stacey Till

Standard Process, Inc.

Mr. Dean Trower

TBI, Inc.

Dr. Dana Underkofler-Mercer

The KEY Company

Dr. Mary Unger-Boyd

UHY Advisors MO., Inc.

Mr. Bill Wharton

Wright Construction Services, Inc.

Dr. Michael Wittmer

Mr. Kevin Kramer Ms. Pamela Lee Mr. Cliff Miller Mr. Scott Pennell Mr. Juan Carlos Ramirez Ms. Laura Urbaitis Dr. Terrance Waggoner Ms. Deborah Wesch

ADMISSION REFERRALS Student referrals are key to Logan’s continued growth. The following is a list of alumni, friends and students who have provided student referrals and recommendations during the past year. Dr. Nathaniel Abraham Dr. Brent Adams Ms. Lauren Aichs Dr. Joshua Albrecht Mr. Jeffery Alcoser Dr. Bruce Aldrich Mr. Robert Allen Dr. Travis Allgood Dr. Maame Amponsah Dr. John Anderson Ms. Deborah Anderson Dr. Steve Andreano

Dr. Alan Wolchansky


Dr. Alicia Yochum

Ms. Debbie Bangert

Dr. Bethany Armstrong-Erickson

Mr. Lonnie Banwart


Dr. Alexander Ashby

Ms. Carolyn Beauchamp

Dr. Brett Baird

Mr. Randall Brown

Ms. Delores Bordeaux

Mr. Scott Baird

Mr. Marshall Dahneke

Ms. Dolores Brooks

Dr. Mark Baker

Dr. Vivian Ebert

Mr. Thomas Byerly

Dr. Justin Baker

Mr. John Gantner

Mr. John Conant

Dr. Ken Baker

Dr. Phillip Anton



Mr. Michael Ball Ms. Angela Ball Dr. Gary Baney Dr. Jaron Banks Dr. Tony Barger Dr. Chris Barnes Dr. Beth Barnett Dr. Rachel Bartlett Dr. Keith Bartley Mr. Mark Bartuseck Ms. Dena Bashiti Dr. Britt Batchelor Mr. Andrew Bates Dr. Ryan Bates Dr. Patrick Battaglia Dr. Ashley Battaglia Ms. Rose Baugher Mr. Jonathan Beakley Dr. Jeffrey Beasley Ms. Louella Beason Dr. Jenny Beck Ms. Carmella Bell Mr. David Belote Dr. Frank Bemis Dr. Valerie Bennett Dr. Sherri Bergsten Dr. Bob Bermant Mr. Derrick Berry Mr. Wesley Berry Mr. Ted Berry Dr. Timothy Bertelsman Dr. Casey Bevis Dr. Michael Beyler Mr. Randy Biggerstaff Dr. Lyndsey Bilka Dr. Anthony Bilott Mr. Russ Birdsall Dr. Lawrence Birnbaum Ms. Crisanne Blackie Ms. Amy Blansit Dr. Richard Bloomer Dr. Jason Bollenbaugh Dr. Anna Bone Dr. Scott Booher Dr. Tommy Boone Ms. Bonnie Borawski 10


Mr. Aaron Borchert Dr. Benjamin Boston Dr. Benjamin Bowman Ms. Melissa Boyd Mr. Benjamin Boyes Dr. Shawn Bradley Dr. John Braithwaite Dr. Troy Branson Mr. Dan Brennan Dr. Meaghan Brent Dr. Trista Bringa Dr. Samuel Brinkley Mr. Fenton Broadhead Mr. Joshua Bronfman Mr. John Brooks Dr. Jared Brosmer Dr. Thomas Brown Dr. Bruce Brown Mr. Houston Brown Ms. Lisa Brumm Dr. Ashley Brunjes Mr. Paul Brunkow Dr. Richard Bruns Ms. Michelle Bryant Ms. Rebecca Budde Mr. Chris Burke Dr. Laurie Burke Ms. Temple Burling Dr. Larry Burrell Ms. Carla Burton Dr. Duane Buschkoetter Mr. Jeff Bushman Mr. Jim Cadwell Dr. Christopher Calandro Dr. Anthony Calandro Mr. John Caliri Ms. Jeanette Callanan Ms. Julie Callaway Dr. Paul Calvillo Mr. Robert Canale Mr. Scott Canfield Ms. Kristen Carlson Dr. Sylvie Carpentier Dr. Michael Cartales Dr. Lauren Carter Dr. Claudia Casella

Dr. Sean Casey Mr. Joshua Castillo Mr. Cliff Castle Mr. Steve Celestial Dr. Richard Charpentier Ms. Jean Chmielewski Dr. Joe Chmielewski Ms. Megan Church Dr. Todd Clanahan Dr. Ross Clark Dr. Ryan Cleland Dr. Kenneth Clenin Dr. Jason Clewis Mr. David Cloud Dr. William Coggins Mr. Robert Cohen Dr. Don Cole Mr. Greg Colegrove Ms. Stephanie Collin Mr. Dempsey Collins Mr. Scott Connell Dr. Alan Conrad Dr. Kevin Cook Mr. Kevin Cooper Mr. Stan Cope Dr. Ron Copper Dr. Shamika Cordis Mr. Patrick Corrigan Mr. Chad Creamer Mr. Steve Crissinger Dr. Jenny Crosby-Wiemann Dr. Nicholas Curry Ms. Caryl Dalton Dr. Darla Dalton Dr. Clinton Daniels Mr. Chris Daugherty Ms. Cassandra Davenport Dr. Matthew Davidson Ms. Amy Davis Mr. Ezequiel De Jesus Mr. Mike Deiu Ms. Dana Delaware Mr. Andy Derks Dr. Brent Detwiler Dr. Devries Dr. Randy Dierenfield

Ms. Ardella Diggs Ms. Tina Dohrman Ms. Delores Donaldson Mr. Josh Dorf Dr. Jake Doster Sgt. Mike Dotson Dr. L. Brent Dover Mr. Mike Doyel Dr. Dennis Doyle Dr. Bradley Drake Dr. Katie Drake Sherer Ms. Carrie Dressler Dr. Andrea Drew Mr. William Drozdick Ms. Kjersti Due Ms. Denise Due-Goodwin Dr. Steve Duensing Dr. Jim Dugan Ms. Lisa Dunaway Dr. Jonathan Dunbar Dr. Amy Dusek Dr. Sidney Dyer Mr. Kyle Ebersole Mr. Oscar Edmon Mr. Bo Ekmark Dr. Gregg Elefterin Dr. Michael Elkins Dr. Bruce Elmore Mr. Nigel Encalada Dr. Errik Enewold Dr. Danielle Engle Mr. Bob Engles Dr. Angela English Dr. John Esarco Dr. Carolyn Essington Dr. Jay Essington Dr. Jane Ewans Dr. Glenn Ezell Dr. Christina Faccin Dr. Thomas Faerber Mr. Jeff Falter Dr. John Farabaugh Dr. Jeffrey Fedorko Dr. Scott Fenwick Dr. Sally Fife Mr. Eric Finch

Dr. Kimberly Findley Dr. Tracey Fink Dr. Michael Fiscella Dr. Alfred Fischer Dr. Jeff Fishel Dr. Sharon Fitelson Dr. Jan Fleischer Ms. Tonia Fleming Mr. Chad Floyd Dr. James Flynn Dr. James Fonner Dr. Karl Forgeron Dr. Carol Fortney Dr. Joseph Fortunato Ms. Theresa Francis Mr. Tony Francis Ms. Jennifer Freeze Dr. Margaret Freihaut Dr. Renay Friedman Mr. Andrew Frisella Ms. Erica Fritsch Mr. Ty Fuerhoff Dr. Dennis Fulmer Mr. Don Funk Mr. Ben Gale Dr. Callie Gant Dr. Michelle Gardner Ms. Jillian Garr Dr. Deanna Garretson Ms. Bonnie Garrison Dr. Melanie Gartside Dr. Jill Gatlin Dr. Jeremy Gatlin Dr. Michael Gerdine Dr. Bryan Gerondale Dr. Matthew Gerrish Mr. Brian Gerry Dr. Nicholas Giebler Dr. Chris Gilkey Dr. Kenneth Gilman Dr. Jared Gladdish Ms. Valerie Goldston Mr. Dave Goodhue Dr. George Goodman Mr. Kennith Goodyear Dr. Matthew Gordon

Mr. Aprim Gorges Mr. Rick Gorzynski Dr. Kristina Grasso Dr. Gerard Graves Mr. Scott Greenwood Mr. Ryan Groeneman Mr. Mats Gunnars Mr. Kyle Gvillo Ms. Trudie Hagee Dr. Louis Hagene Dr. Kimberly Hale Mr. Jeremiah Hall Ms. Jodi Hallsten Mrs. Jennifer Hammond Mr. Chris Hanken Dr. James Hankinson Dr. Tina Harbison Ms. Michelle Harlow Dr. Lewis Harp Dr. Jason Harre Mr. Steve Harrington Ms. Shirley Harris Ms. Rachel Harris Ms. Mary Harvey Ms. Naarah Hauenstein Prof. Michael Hauser Dr. Gary Hauser Dr. Michael Haydel Ms. Shatyna Hearn Mr. Donald Hedrick Mr. Steve Heffelfinger Mr. Chuck Hegel Mr. Nick Henderson Dr. Lauren Hendrix Ms. Whitney Henrique Mr. Martin Herrera Mr. John Hickey Dr. Arnie Hicks Dr. Richard Hilton Dr. John Hilton Dr. Delia Hobbins Dr. Thomas Hobbs Dr. Jeffrey Hock Dr. Debra Hoffman Dr. Jessica Hoffman Mr. Brian Hoffman 2014-2015 ANNUAL REPORT


Dr. John Holland Mr. Peter Hollenbeck Dr. Casey Holliday Mr. James Holloway Mr. Stephen Holt Dr. Debra Hopp Dr. Cynthia Hornback Ms. Tina Horvath Dr. Marc Hubbard Mr. Kevin Huber Ms. Brandi Hudson Dr. Jason Huffman Dr. Matt Huneycutt Dr. Timothy Hutti Mr. Brandt Iden Dr. Quinn James Mr. Michael Jensen Dr. Kyle Jepsen Dr. Darrin Jessop Mr. Joe John Mr. Neville John Mr. Douglas Johnson Mr. Daniel Johnson Dr. Benjamin Johnson Dr. Trent Jones Dr. Patrick Jones Dr. Faye Jones Dr. Amanda Jones Dr. Jerald Jones Ms. Karen Jordan Ms. Darla Jorn Dr. Darci Jurgens Dr. Kimberly Kalaher Mr. McCoy Kanistanaux Dr. Patrick Keiran Dr. David Kellenberger Dr. Valarie Keller Dr. Jeffrey Kelly Dr. Travis Kemp Dr. Kathleen Kempton Ms. Becky Kerr Dr. Robert Kessinger Dr. Cameron Khavarimanesh Ms. Jean Kiernan Dr. Kathleen Kilway Mr. Steven Kimpel 12


Ms. Mandy King Dr. Brenda Kingen Dr. Curt Kippenberger Dr. Joseph Kirk Dr. Wayne Kirk Dr. Brian Klepzig Mr. Justin Klomp Dr. Ryan Knoll Dr. Jeremy Knous Ms. Linda Koenen Mr. James Koeppe Dr. Gregory Komeshak Mr. Don Koops Ms. Amber Kovacek Dr. John Krawchison Ms. Carissa Kregenow Mr. Fred Kreig Dr. Reed Kress Dr. Janice LaBrie Dr. Mark Lacich Dr. Lois Ladd Ms. Amanda Laidlaw Dr. Chad Lambert Dr. Cory LaPoint Mr. Charles Larenas Mr. Chet Larkins Dr. Jennifer Larson Mrs. Judy Larson Ms. Sarah Lasmen Dr. David Lauer Mr. Mike Lawson Ms. Melissa Layson Ms. Sarah Lee Ms. Paula Lee Ms. Kallie Leonard Ms. Angela Leonard Dr. David Leu Ms. Mary Lincoln Dr. Brittany Lindsay Dr. Mark Livingston Dr. Rachel Loeb Dr. Christopher Lofquist Dr. Zackery Long Dr. David Long Dr. Craig Longworth Mr. Michael Lowell

Mr. Howard Lowery Dr. David Lushinsky Dr. William Luster Mr. William Maecker Ms. Jaqueline Mair Dr. Steven Mangas Dr. Ronald Marable Dr. Michael Martinez Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor Dr. Jill Matthews Dr. Charles Maurer Mr. Skip Maurio Dr. Rich May Mr. Brent Mayer Dr. Charles Mayfield Dr. Samuel Mayfield Ms. Kim Mazeroll Ms. Lori McAllister Dr. David McCarty Ms. Mary McDaniel Dr. Shalona McFarland Dr. Davis McGuirt Ms. Maureen McHale Dr. James McKenzie Dr. Bradley McMath Dr. Gail Meese Ms. Sarah Mehring Mr. Bill Meier Dr. Brian Mendoza Ms. Debra Meuler Ms. Carole Meyer Dr. Mark Meyerhoff Dr. Tjode Mickelson-DeSalme Dr. Jennifer Millen Dr. Michael Miller Dr. Bryna Miller Mr. Bradley Miller Dr. Anthony Miller Dr. Therese Miller Mr. Aaron Milligan Ms. Kim Mitchell Dr. Eric Mitz Dr. Evan Mladenoff Dr. Sara Molnar Dr. Patrick Montgomery Dr. David Moody

Dr. William Moredock Mr. Travis Morgan Ms. Stephanie Morris Dr. Jeremiah Mosher Mr. Duane Muck Dr. David Mullin Dr. Amy Mullins Dr. Misty Murin Dr. Darrell Murphy Dr. Michael Murphy Ms. Glenna Muse Mr. Paul Musegades Mr. Bryan Muth Dr. Laney Nelson Dr. J. Dirk Nelson Ms. Leonetta Nelson Dr. Tyler Nelson Dr. Sarah Nelson Dr. John Newcom Dr. R. Newcomb Dr. Derek Ng Dr. Matthew Nicholson Dr. Bernard Nonte Dr. Kathleen Norris Dr. Juan Nunez Dr. Steven Obert Dr. Christopher O’Connor Ms. Mary Ann Ogle Mr. David Olson Ms. Catherine Olson Ms. Christie Orlosky Dr. Cory Osborne Dr. Stephan Osmani Dr. Javan Oston Dr. Adam Overcast Mr. Ben Overman Mr. Greg Owens Dr. Kate Padfield Dr. Greg Page Dr. Shavonda Pannell Dr. Richard Parmenter Mr. Jerry Parris Ms. Marcy Patterson Dr. Jessica Pell Mr. Kevin Penix Dr. Henry Perez

Dr. Elizabeth Perez Mr. Radames Perez Mr. Lynn Perkes Ms. Maleah Perkins Dr. Dorothy Pernell Dr. Michael Perusich Dr. Patrick Pfaffle Mr. Robert Phillips Dr. Charles Phillips Ms. Megan Phillips Dr. David Picinich Ms. Nicole Piersiak Dr. Steven Pierzchala Dr. Scott Pike Dr. Thomas Pinard Dr. Daniel Piper Ms. Rachel Pitcher Dr. Jonathan Polcyn Dr. R. Pomajzl Dr. Marcel Popa Dr. Eileen Powers-Pate Mr. James Price Dr. Wade Price Dr. Adrian Price Dr. Michael Pridham Mr. David Prusse Mr. Randy Puchalski Dr. Charles Quigless Ms. Jill Quinn Mr. Thomas Quinn Dr. Rabia Rafiq Dr. Richard Ragain Dr. Paul Ralston Dr. Jose Ramirez Bayron Ms. Saadia Raza Dr. Lenita Reasor Dr. Lolita Reasor Burton Ms. Sue Recker Dr. Todd Redfearn Mr. Carman Redford Dr. Paul Reed Dr. Christopher Reid Ms. Josie Retterer Dr. Paul Rhodes Mr. Paul Ricther Dr. Daryl Ridgeway

Dr. Rhonda Ridinger Dr. Bryan Riecker Dr. Steven Riggleman Dr. Oliver Risoldi Dr. Matthew Roberts Ms. Shelly Robertson Dr. Dennis Robinson Dr. Jeff Roderick Dr. Jeffrey Roller Dr. Robert Romano Mr. Sam Rosa Mr. Jay Rosenbaum Dr. Joshua Ross Dr. Daniel Rovin Mr. Tony Rowan Dr. Vernon Rowe Mr. Kenneth Rozell Dr. Charles Rubright Mr. Mario Ruiz Dr. Jameson Russell Dr. Jeffrey Rutherford Mr. George Saltzberg Dr. David Sammons Ms. Angela Sandhu Mr. Roberto Santiago Ms. Joan Sasse Dr. Rick Schelter Dr. Patrick Scherwey Dr. Karl Schippel Dr. Karl Schipple Dr. Joshua Schmerge Dr. Henning Schneider Dr. Mark Schneider Dr. Matthew Schooley Dr. Jennifer Schrage Dr. Jolena Schubach Dr. Matthew Schulz Dr. Charles Schuster Dr. William Schuver Mr. Craig Scott Mr. Mike Scott Dr. Douglas Scott Ms. Leslie Seck Dr. Jake Sehnert Ms. Marsha Seidl Dr. Joshua Seiler 2014-2015 ANNUAL REPORT


Mr. David Seitz Ms. Rachel Sellmeyer Dr. Brett Serviss Mr. Rex Sharp Mr. Calvin Shaw Ms. Martinee Shelby Dr. Sky Shelby Dr. Jason Sherrod Ms. Allison Siebecker Mr. Roy Simmermaker Dr. Rebecca Simmons Prof. Peter Simson Dr. Steven Sitko Ms. Angie Skarphol Dr. James Smart Dr. Dean Smith Mr. Steven Smith Dr. Jason Smith Dr. Derek Smith Mr. George Smith Dr. Cliff Smith Dr. Brian Snyder Dr. David Solecki Ms. Jessica Sorenson Dr. Nicholas Southworth Dr. Eric Speh Dr. Lawrence Speir Mr. Ken Spiceland Dr. W. Spurlock Dr. Cory St. Denis Mr. John Stafford Mr. Dan Stamaris Dr. Chris Steacy Ms. Judy Steiner Mr. Neil Stevens Dr. Christopher Stevenson Dr. Sarah Stewart Mr. Michael Stewart Dr. Scott Stiffey Dr. Lori Stock Ms. Cindy Strigel Mr. Steve Strohmeyer Mr. Steve Strunk Ms. Jennifer Strutz Ms. Vicki Stuck Dr. Rebecca Sturmer 14


Mr. Bob Swift Mr. Bart Tatum Ms. Lisa Taylor Dr. Ashley Taylor Mr. Jon Taylor Dr. Michael Tenneson Dr. Raymond Tesner Dr. Rickard Thomas Mr. Josh Thompson Mr. Robert Thorne Dr. Thomas Thurman Mr. Donnie Tickle Dr. Dennis Tieman Dr. Kenneth Tiller Dr. Lotta Timberlake Dr. Greg Tomalin Dr. Jason Toman Mr. Lance Toone Mr. Dwight Townsend Dr. Robert Trager Dr. Brooks Travis Ms. Sheila Trevino Dr. Kyle True Dr. Joseph Truttmann Mr. Mark Tulley Dr. Jeremy Turner Dr. Ross Tyler Dr. Dana Underkofler-Mercer Dr. Michael Ungerank Dr. Michael Unnerstall Mr. William Valerio Ms. Vibeke Vallheim Dr. Jared Van Anne Ms. Sallie Vance Mr. Gary VanderLind Dr. Wendy Varish Dr. David Varney Dr. Paul Venturini Dr. Michael Vero Ms. Kristi Vick Ms. Megan Voigtmann Ms. Stachia Vorhees Mr. David Wade Dr. Terrance Waggoner Mr. Ron Walker Dr. Jameson Walker

Dr. Troy Walker Dr. Blake Walker Ms. Kim Wallace Ms. Kristen Weidner Dr. Eddie Weller Ms. Joyce Wells Mr. Aaron Wells Dr. Michael Wenig Dr. Sara Whedon Dr. Gregory White Dr. Scott White Mr. Steve White Dr. David White Dr. Samuel Wilkey Ms. Melinda Wilkins Ross Mr. David Williams Mr. Gary Williams Dr. Malcolm Williams Dr. Rodney Williams Dr. Jeffrey Williams Dr. Gail Williams-Cloud Dr. Brett Winchester Dr. Rodney Witt Dr. Scott Wittmer Dr. Anthony Wolf Mr. Frank Wolfe Dr. Donald Womack Ms. Alison Woods Ms. Barbara Woods Mr. Dwight Wray Mr. Mathew Wright Dr. Douglas Wright Mr. Paul Wright Ms. Roxie Wright Ms. Lowanda Wright Ms. Deborah Wrigley Dr. Roger Yaremko Ms. Shantella Yow Dr. Jamie Zajac Mr. Zachary Zeigler Mr. Matt Zeitz Mr. Murray Zenar Dr. Lawrence Zettler Ms. Lauren Zion Dr. Ryan Zullo Dr. Michael Zwiener

LOGAN UNIVERSITY Current as of January 1, 2016

PRESIDENT’S CABINET Clay McDonald, DC, MBA, JD President

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Debra Hoffman, DC Chair of the Board

Ralph Barrale, DC Vice President of Chiropractic and Alumni Relations Boyd A. Bradshaw, EdD Vice President of Enrollment Management

Paul Henry, DC Vice Chair of the Board Nicole Bennett, DC Richard M. Bruns, DC Christophe Dean, DC

Brad Hough, PhD Chief Information Officer

Ronald Grant, DC Allen Hager, DC Gregg E. Hollabaugh

Adil Khan, MBA, CPA, CSBO Chief Financial Officer

Marc G. Malon, DC Rick A. McMichael, DC Gary M. Mohr, MS

Laura McLaughlin, Esq. General Counsel and Vice President, Strategic Performance Kimberly Paddock-O’Reilly, DHEd, MSW Vice President of Academic Affairs Muriel Périllat, DC, MS Dean of Clinics

Judy M. Silvestrone, DC, MS Rodney F. Williams, DC Steven Roberts, JD, LLM Trustee Emeritus Roger L. Schlueter Advisory Member



Profile for Logan University

Logan University 2014-15 Annual Report  

Logan University 2014-15 Annual Report