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Cooking Matters Volunteer Application Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Cooking Matters! Please fill out ALL the fields on the application below and give it to Lauren Edwards. You can mail it to our office (731 E. Broad St. 43205), give it to her in person, or scan/email it to We’ll review it and be in touch soon to get you started!

Personal Information Name:


Home Address (required): City/State/Zip: Email address: Home Phone:

Work Phone:

Cell Phone:

If we need to reach you, are you generally more available via: email phone if phone;


work, or


How did you hear about Cooking Matters?

List foreign languages that you speak fluently, if any: Preferences Check type of position applying for (choose all that apply): Culinary Volunteer* Nutrition Volunteer* Course Assistant Journalist/Photographer * If you are applying for a Culinary and/or Nutrition position, please have read the applicable position description then answer the below question. Please list your qualifications for the Nutrition and/or Culinary role (be specific):

Availability We understand that your availability may change, but in general, you’re available to help (choose all that apply): Weekdays Weekends during the day

Evenings Weekends in the evening

Please be advised that certain sites require a background check on all personnel. We will notify you at the time that you sign up for a specific course if that site requires a background check.

Cooking Matters Volunteer Application  

There are many different ways to volunteer with Cooking Matters. Some roles require a particular level of skill, expertise, or certification...

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