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Natural Therapies A new local business 'True Nature Therapies'

Summer Gardening

Solar Power

Kids in the Garden

A new home off the grid

more ginger spark

Meet a local Dennis Badger

Saxbys Twist

Ginger beers with a twist of new flavours

www.fa c e book.c om/ FLOWCA FE

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True Nature Therapies

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Lauders & LJ Hooker Old Bar

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WOW! What a fantastic response from everyone. It’s so lovely to read and talk to you about the Spring Edition. Beautiful comments on our Locally Me Local Lyn, who had her third (and gorgeous) baby, Blossom. Thank you all very much!

Some great ideas have also spilled over into the Summer Edition... so here it is - so out you go, sit under a shady tree and read the Summer Edition of Locally Me. Happy reading! Don’t forget, support our community and buy local.


Trace x

Due to popular response, circulation has increased 20%!!

watch us grow..

my inspiration

(Taken with camera on a lunch box!)

loc a llyme .com. a u

NEXT Easter Edition coming soon! Have you got an interesting story or Interested in advertising locally? Easter Edition out April 2013. Contact Tracey Stevenson • 02 6557 4103

Locally Me Cover Advertising feature Advertising feature

Walk in to your local store and it's hard not to notice at least one Saxbys soft drink in the fridge. Walk into the supermarket and you will see rows of them! Since 1864 Saxbys Soft Drinks have been making tasty soft drinks in our local area, Taree. George Saxby established Saxbys Soft Drinks in 1864 at the age of 27 in Chatham and now five generations later Saxbys are as strong as ever and making large varieties of flavours.

Traditionally ginger beer was brewed into large wooden casks and bottled in ceramic bottles - all done by hand and shipped via small floats from Chatham, then carried on wheel barrow to local businesses. With the success of Saxbys Ginger Beer comes some extra ginger beer flavours with a twist. Only just released, these new flavours are a companion to the already popular Saxbys Ginger Beer. Ginger Beer with a twist of pineapple, lemon, even cranberry is sure to be a refreshing change for Summer. If you love Saxbys Ginger Beer, you will love the new flavours. Look out for them now.


Saxbys for

your on going support of local business, local industry and local community...

The Flavour of Australia

sa xbys.c om.a u

c i s u m & food

• fantastic food A la Carte, Pizza, Pasta and Mauritian Curries • Fully licensed

• Huge variety of live bands • All functions & events welcome

Se e ya ther e somet im


bookings 6553 3188 2-3/43 Old Bar Rd, Old Bar (keep up to date with bands via facebook)

m art i ne’s cafe & restaur a nt - p hone 6 5 5 3 3 1 8 8

locally meet a Local locally



Most of Dennis Badger’s childhood memories are spent at Old Bar holidaying with his Grandparents at Bagers Beachhouse, a 30 bedroom guest house now known as the Namaste Guest House or Flow Café...

Journey to here...

I was born in Sydney and grew up in the Western Suburbs. My father grew up (along with his sisters and brothers) in Old Bar, when my Grandfather Edward Badger purchased a single storey timber shack in 1922 at the corner of Clerke and David Streets, and added a second floor. It was used as a guest house and is still standing, and still used as a guest house. From the age of six months till about 1964, all the Badger Family used to come together at Christmas time, and we spent our holidays here. There was hardly any houses in Old Bar then, unsealed, dirt roads. It was fantastic. I have fond memories of travelling from Sydney to Taree on steam trains, and the wonderful times we spent here. Totally different from how Old Bar is now..

Why this area?

My star sign is Pisces. I am most contented when I am near water. Never felt like I belonged in the suburbs. After my Grandfather died and The Badger guest house became too much for my Grandmother, I used to come up to Old Bar for my holidays after I got my Driver’s license and a car. I always felt that I belonged here. When the opportunity presented itself to sell up in Sydney and move here I jumped at it.

Favorite place? That’s easy Old Bar Beach.

Favorite food?

Now that’s a hard question. I fancy myself as a connoisseur of fine wine. That doesn’t mean I know a great deal about wine, just the difference between a good and bad drop. But I love all food, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Mauritian, Thai, you name it. It’s hard to resist a BBQ and a good bottle of red around the pool with friends on a Sunday afternoon, a baked lamb dinner, or as my old Dad used to say, “give me a good Aussie steak, eggs and chips any day of the week”.

Favorite Eat-out food? Martine’s Restaurant Old Bar. Fantastic food, excellent wine. We perform at Martine’s regularly because Martine’s has a great atmosphere. Martine and John Mungoven are close friends of ours, and are just wonderful people. All the guys in DE’JA’VU agree with me on this one.

Who inspires you? Anyone with a “can do” positive attitude.

What's happening now? We are looking forward to taking off on a cruise in a month’s time. I am the so called leader of our Band DE’JA’VU. I not only play in the Band, I do all the administrative work, find all the gigs, organise rehearsals etc. The other guys in the Band, Dave Lindley from Oxley Island, and Larry Belton from Taree are incredibly talented and

loc a llyme .com. a u

Above: Dennis today & left with his dad at Saltwater Beach, 1950

positive people. It is fantastic to work with Dave and Larry, and they are my friends and inspiration. We have a devoted following of people who constantly come to see us perform and we have made some wonderful friends. I truly love them all.

Where in 20 years? Probably performing in drum heaven. If not we will probably be Rockin’ whatever Nursing home we are in and growing older disgracefully.

Final say....

The last thing I want to do is sound like I’m delivering a sermon. This is the way I look at life, just my opinion. You can be anything you want to be. All you have to do is adopt a positive attitude. This applies to all walks of life. Learn from the people who have done it before you. Never be afraid to ask for help or advice. Don’t expect things to be handed to you on a plate. We have all had to work hard to achieve the things we wanted. Celebrate your achievements, learn from your mistakes (we all make them). Apply yourself to be the best you can be. Don’t take no for an answer. Don’t let your ego exceed your talent. Most of all strive to be happy.

shirley ann's

local recipe book

Look out for local produce to include in your recipes - fresh is best!!

Old Bar Cellars recommend local wine Cassegrain Chardonnay

oysters Kilpatrick.... restaurant style

12 local oysters - shelled or shucked

2 Tbs Worcestershire sauce

3 rashers of bacon diced from your local butcher

4 - 6 drops Tabasco sauce optional

Âź Cup Tomato sauce (homemade preferred using MV Tomatoes)

1 shallot

1. Lay oysters on baking tray (use rock salt if you wish - it helps them sit up and not to waste those yummy juices

3. Sprinkle each oyster with a thin layer of bacon and pour a teaspoon (or more) over the top of oysters

2. Mix tomato sauce, Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce together

5. Sprinkle shallots and serve with wedges of lemon

4. Grill until bacon is just crispy

Manning Valley

Tomatoes freshly grown local produce

428 Old Bar Rd, Old Bar

02 6553 6700 loc a llyme .com. a u

Spiced honey &

orange ham

So easy to make from ingredients in your pantry! 4.5 - 5 kg leg of Australian ham - Old Bar Beach Quality Meats ¾ cup orange juice ½ tsp nutmeg

1 cup honey 1 cup orange marmalade ¼ cup whisky 60 cloves to stud ham .

1. Pre-heat oven to 170°C. 2. Using a sharp knife, remove the rind (skin from the ham) carefully to expose the fat. 3. Score the fat into diamonds and stud the ham with cloves. 4. Combine the orange juice, nutmeg, honey, orange marmalade and whiskey into a small saucepan and heat over a low heat until ingredients have dissolved and continue to simmer until liquid is reduced by half.

5. Place ham into a large baking dish and brush with the glaze. 6. Bake ham in oven at 170°C for 1 hour

Old Bar Cellars recommend local wine Cassegrain Chardonnay

7. Serve hot with roast veggies or cold with a fresh Christmas salad Tip: Wrap your ham in a damp linen cloth and place in the fridge. Replace the cloth every few days.

For non drinkers try the new Saxbys Pineapple Twist

no room in the fridge?



orders now taken for chilly chest ice boxes

Black Forest Hams Fresh Turkeys Boned & Rolled Loin Pork Fresh Leg Pork Roasts Boned & Rolled Seasoned Chickens Fresh Whole chicken and all your other Christmas Meats

Shop 4/50 Old Bar Road, Old Bar

100% Australian

Black Forest Smoke House only select the finest Australian pork and the freshest herbs and spices, then use family recipes passed down through four generations to produce consistently succulent, flavoursome leg hams.

as Order early for Christm

loc a llyme .com. a u

50 Lt 75 Lt 100 Lt 125 Lt 150 Lt

$120 $150 $175 $195 $220


Mud Cake

A little different from a traditional Christmas cake, but the kids will love it!

6 x 59g Manning Valley Free Range Eggs

300mls thickened cream (whipped)

2 tablespoons orange juice

½ cup brown sugar

Old Bar Cellars recommend local wine Bago Sparkling Rosé

375g dark chocolate cooking chocolate 1. Melt chocolate in double saucepan 2. Blend sugar and eggs until thick and creamy 3. Add whipped cream and orange juice 4. Fold in chocolate

6. Cook in moderate oven for approximately 1 hour 7. Refrigerate over night 8. Serve with local strawberries, dust with icing sugar or cover with whipped cream

5. Prepare a foil lined round cake tin to be placed in a baking dish of water Have you got a great recipe you just need to share? Email it to and a photo and we will put it in Shirley Ann’s Favorite Recipes - in the next issue!

Free Ran ey

Manning Va ll



Visit Free Range Cam!


Certified premier free range eggs from a pollutant free environment





loc a llyme .com. a u

oin Health & JGood Comethe

Go get healthy Go stay healthy


it's Free!

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Nutrivital Nutra Life Fusion Herbs of Gold Blackmores Totally Natural Products

Sports Balance Aussie Bodies Vital


NEW S MEMBER BAG When it comes to enjoying a happy and fulfilling life, your health, and that of your family is most important. Go Vita understand and can work with you and your family to make the

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6554 8152 govita.c om.a u

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meet a Local NEW business

Meeting Julie from True Nature Therapies was the highlight of my week! Another truly inspirational person who has a wealth of experience in helping people. A lovely person who is passionate about what she does... Julie had worked in community services for a number of years until it was time for a change. Guiding people through hard times was always a passion for Julie and looking for something a little bit different was a challenge. Considering beauty therapy was one option but it wasn’t quite right and after much consideration natural therapy was the niche she was after. Being able to provide a wide range of natural therapies after many years of training has given Julie the opportunity to open her own studio. Treatments such as La Stone Hot Stone Massage, an ancient relaxation therapy using stones from native Indians which are more than 1000 years old. Every month the stones are returned to the earth to be re-energised under a full moon.

Using the Power Plate can stimulate your body’s reflex and makes your body work harder. 20 minutes equals 60 minutes of strenuous exercise. Being a qualified Hypnotherapist, Julie has been able to help smokers battling cigarette addiction and some clients have quit after smoking for more than 50 years. Being in a total state of relaxation is the key to the success of the treatment, by encouraging positive messages to the subconscious. Hypnotherapy can also be used for anxiety, self esteem, pain management, weight loss and also general well-being. It is rare to find someone who absolutely loves their job and whether it's to relieve stress or to kick a habit, Julie has a variety of natural therapies to choose from. T



he Vouc s a tm Chris available

Healthy Body | Healthy Mind | Healthy Life Relaxation Massage, La Stone Hot Stone Massage Combination Relaxation, Ionic Detox Foot Spa Hypnotherapy • Power Plate Shop 2/130 Victoria Street, Taree NSW 2430

6550 0336 • 0432 456 584 loc a llyme .com. a u

6553 7700

L AUD ERS R eal Est ate Attention

First Home Buyers Receive $15,000 first home buyers grant PLUS No Stamp Duty when buying one of the properties below.

52 Old Bar Rd Old Bar

Successafuusel..we care ..bec

Both of the properties below qualify for the $15,000 Grant plus the stamp duty exemption to first home buyers so contact the team at Lauders Real Estate Old Bar and find out if you qualify or to arrange a viewing of either of these or one of the many others today.

House & Land

House & Land Package Get in now and secure this sensational new house & land package before construction begins The package includes: • 4 good sized bedrooms.

• All bedrooms with built • Double garage with remote door in wardrobes (master with walk in). • Driveway, footpaths, clothesline & T.V • Master bedroom with antenna all included. ensuite.

Get in now and choose your own colours. 4


• Stylish kitchen with island bench.

• 2 living areas.


Beachside Living

• Covered outdoor area.


Renovated from the ground up Just one street from the beach is this private duplex. • 3 bedrooms, 2 with built ins. • 2 carports. • Good size garden shed. • Stylish floating timber floors. • Favoured North aspect and a private rear yard.




Move in today and enjoy the coast lifestyle this property presents.

laude r sre a lestate .co m . a u


Solar Energy


Owner builder with off the grid power & find out more on solar grid connect

Nature's Care Nursery

A local and highly productive nursery employing people with disabilities

Kids in the Garden

Great ideas to enjoy with your children in the garden

School Gardening Kids in the garden at

loc a llyme .com. a u

Manning Valley Anglican College

Off the


SLASHING & • 75hp tractor & 6ft slasher • 3.5 ton excavator • 7 ton table top Truck • 5 TON tipper • rock hammer • Earth boring

ll Ca6553 3050

Totally self sufficient... It took owner builders Darren & Tess quite a few years to find their piece of paradise, a beautiful 30 acre property not too far from Forster. This unique property is still under construction, but is well on its way to be one of the houses of the future. Totally off the grid.. Good bye power bills! Next to the house is a garage which hosts the solar panels which generate enough power comfortably for a family of five. During the day the panels charge 12 batteries (weighing 80kgs each) stored in the shed next to the house, the inverter then feeds it back to the house. It is surprising how little room the batteries and inverter need. In Darren’s case, the battery case serves as a useful bench! For around the cost of installing conventional power, the solar was by far the best solution. Mackies Electrics consulted with Darren to determine the best system for him & his family.

0407 078 846 LA KITCHENS & JOINERY Pty Ltd

Owned & Operated


• New Kitchens • Re-Furbs • Laundries • TV Units • Vanities • Small jobs

0411 493 221 loc a llyme .com. a u

a farm Shedd ? Need ! We can design your she Yes get.. to meet your needs & bud

The house has 4 bedrooms plus a study and has all the extras a medium size family needs. Dishwasher, microwave, LCD TVs and ceiling fans as well as high powered LED flood lights. It is truly amazing! Throughout the house are almost 40 LED lights which are extremely bright and can last up to 50,000 hours and use minimal power. Gas stove and hot water as well as a large tank for water cachment.

We specialise in custom built Garages & Sheds, Farm Buildings & Factories

118 Manning River Drive, Taree

6557 7948

With the rising cost of power, Off the Grid Solar Power is going to be the way of the future. Congratulations to Darren, Tess and their family for a truly magnificent house. T

The Clean, efficient way to clear your drains

Water Jetting Specialist Licence No. L10455

P. 6557 4572 M. 0439 735 758 E.

loc a llyme .com. a u

solar Solar GRID connect.. With the rising prices of power, (and just about everything else for that matter) families are finding it harder and harder to afford to pay their power bills. Wouldn’t it be a different world if we had discovered solar power first!

Not only is it a big saving for you and your family, you are using a clean energy. On average a family of 4 can omit more than 10 tonnes of carbon emissions into the atmosphere and by using solar power, you can dramatically reduce it to nothing!

So how does solar power work..?

What’s sort of savings can I expect?

Simply solar panels absorb sunlight and generate DC power, it is then converted to AC standard electricity via a ‘Grid Connect Inverter’.

Depending on your usage, an average family of four can require around 7000 kWh of energy per year. You can reverse this whole amount depending on the system you use. A government scheme called ‘The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme’ or SRES, generates STCs, small scale technology certificates which subsidises the purchase of your solar system. (Also other systems like solar hot water and small scale wind systems.)

There are 2 ways it can be used: 1. Power can be used as it is generated during the day while the sun is shinning or 2. A mett meter can be installed exporting power back to the grid at a rate of 6c - 8c and in some cases, eliminating a power bill.

More info:

Off the Grid or stand alone systems.. This is a system which operates solely on its own (see previous page), using only the sun to generate power. Once again it converts to standard AC storing power into batteries which have a life expectancy of around 15 - 20 years. In some cases the cost of installing solar can be far cheaper than tapping into your electricity supplier. Do your research and find out which system best suits you and your family.

loc a llyme .com. a u

Top 10

energy saving tips 1. Find out how much your appliances cost to run 2. Check manufacturers recommendations on appliance usage 3. Close and seal doors and cover windows 4. Don't over heat or over cool rooms 5. Use energy efficient light bulbs and switch off when not used (use the lowest wattage needed) 6. Wash clothes in cold water & consider a front load washing machine it uses less water, use water saving shower heads 7. Turn appliances off at power point - avoid leaving on standby 8. Switch to solar hot water 9. Consider "Time of Use" metering


one stop nergy shop for all e ducts and efficient pro solutions.....

6552 2377

Lot 3/40C Muldoon Street,Taree

mackie sta re e .co m . a u

Using recycled building materials makes sense - You can save money, save the planet and also get better quality for your budget...

Taree Recycled Building Materials is a locally owned and operated business. We specialise in the supply of quality new & used building or construction materials at heavily discounted, bargain prices. • • • • •

Kitchens Bathrooms Windows Doors Vanity Units

• • • • •

Roofing Iron Flooring Decking Timber Roller Doors

02 6557 8100 0447 117 671

• • • •

Glass sliders Plywood Shelving Display Cabinets

• Steel & Aluminium • Benchtops • Roof Iron


118 Manning River Drive, Taree South NSW 2430 Email: • Liability • Builders Warranty • Business • Personal Accident &/or Sickness • Mobile Property (incl. Tools) • Motor Vehicle • Home & Contents • Strata Titled Property • Commercial Vehicle Fleet • Goods in Transit • Professional Indemnity • Mobile Plant and Equipment

Your Ausure broker is a successful local business owner carefully selected to provide the best insurance services in Australia. We enjoy building long-term working relationships with clients. Our goal is to take the hassle out of your insurance and get you the best cover at the right price. Reegan Jones | Branch Manager Ausure Taree Pty Ltd | Authorised Representative

Phone 6551 8655

NEW e ip Bin Hir

Ausure Insurance Brokers 53 Wynter Street, TAREE NSW 2430 loc a llyme .com. a u

Local NURSERY Nature's Care Nursery Walk into Nature's Care Nursery in spring and you'll be knocked over by the colour of newly blossomed flowers. For more than 25 years, Nature’s Care Nursery has been growing and selling plants for local gardeners as well as selling plants wholesale. Nature's Care Nursery is a division of Valley Industries in Taree, employing people with disabilities. What makes this nursery unique is the passion of the staff to grow and maintain high quality plants. No encouragement is needed! The staff love caring for and propagating plants and seedlings.

the warmer months are their most busy. Most popular are fruit trees, veggie and herb seedlings. As well as plants the nursery supplies all soil types as well as a popular premium organic mix. Look out for the specials as you drive up Whitbread Street and be sure to pop in and pick up some locally grown plants. T

"The nursery has been slowly growing and now there is a high demand for wholesale plants," said Josh Duncan, the manager of the nursery. "So much we can’t keep up!" With 5 staff and 20 employees

loc a llyme .com. a u

kids in the Garden How great it is to see more people putting in small gardens over the past few years and providing fresh healthy nutritious food for the whole family. This increased trend has been very noticeable at Greenpatch.

Gardening can be enjoyed by all ages and that includes the young ones. By starting young they learn where food comes from and have fun watching and growing some easy produce. Here are some great ideas for planting in the next few months.

Bush/dwarf and climbing beans can be planted now and up until mid February direct in well drained good soil. Provide a wire support or small tripod for the climbing beans to climb on. Try planting pumpkins with the beans and train them up the support. It also lends itself well as a place in the garden where kids can hide and play games with the help of the leaf cover providing some shade.

Luffa is a spring/summer vine and needs support to climb also. Fast growing, with large yellow flowers and produces a large gourd fruit that forms in autumn. When it has dried off a durable sponge has formed inside and after peeling off the outside skin the sponge is ready to be used in the bathroom or kitchen.

Over 650 Varieties

gre e npatc hseeds.c om . a u

Gourds grow similar to the Luffa, come in various shapes from 5cm to up to a metre long. Some are bottle shaped and others long and snaky. Great on trellises or just allowed to ramble on the ground. Make ideal craft projects once they have dried off musical instruments, bowls and cups, ornaments. Giant flowering sunflowers can be grown easily and look terrific when in flower. The flowering varieties of Giant Russian & Mammoth sunflowers can grow as large as a dinner plate. It is a fast growing plant that likes a fertile, good drained soil and a sunny spot to grow.

Sprouts can be grown indoors, are fun and yummy to eat. Some easy ones to begin with are alfalfa, mung beans. Soak the seeds overnight in a glass jar with water and cover with fly screen and a rubber band around the top of the jar to hold screen in place. Drain the seeds the next morning. To sprout the seeds: Rinse with cold water and drain twice daily. These are fun and great to watch the new roots and shoots develop on a daily basis. After 4 days of growing the sprouts can be eaten and can take up to 7 days to fully grow. In summer the sprouts can be stored in the refrigerator if they haven’t all been eaten.

Keep your soil moist for all your summer plantings.

Sophia & Neville

- Greenpatch Organic Seeds

Be Green May All Your Thumbs

Greenpatch Organic Seeds Open Mon - Fri 109 Old Bar Road, Glenthorne Seeds are also available from: Gnomes Landscapes, Go Vita Taree, Graeme & Jan Young, Nature's Care Nursery, Taree Produce, Wingham Nursery & Florist. For a free catalogue Phone

(02) 65514240

School Gardening


Manning Valley Anglican College

Kindergarten students from Manning Valley Anglican College have been enjoying getting their hands dirty and loving it! Watching veggies and herbs grow is fascinating for the children, who also have a compost and worm farm which are fed scraps from collections of leftovers placed in buckets around the playground. Some of their plantings include lettuce, bok choy, tomatoes, strawberries and corn as well as some herbs. The children then take some of their fresh veggies home. Some of the plants are starting to seed and will be collected and stored by the children ready for the next season. As well as gardening, the children raised chickens from fertile eggs and cared for them after hatching. It's so lovely to see the children exploring the cycle of gardening as well as raising chickens... Happy gardening kids! T

loc a llyme .com. a u


at Pampoolah

Enjoy reading a book, a swim or lazing by the pool, experience a game of aqua golf or boules, take a leisurely stroll around the gardens, or simply do nothing.. It’s up to you...

Bed & Breakfast


• Full country breakfasts • Morning/Afternoon tea delights


AAA Rated

Relax & Unwind in peace, privacy and style...

• Wonderful landscaped gardens • A child free haven

• Private, beautifully • Wheelchair/disabled appointed spacious suites friendly with super comfortable • Gift Vouchers available beds & own en-suites • Maximum 6 guests • Queen & Twin Suites or • Packages tailored to suit S/C Apartment any occasion • Guest lounge, dining • Inspections welcome areas & BBQ

Catering for You, your family and friends!!


Phone 65 578 578 53 Malcolms Road, Via Taree/Old Bar

Affordable luxury accommodation from for bed & full breakfast for two mid week!

w w w. m e s c a l s . c o m . a u

Put me on the fridge

Weekend of the Month

Market Guide SATURDAY



Weekend 1

Wingham Farmers Markets

Blackhead Bazaar

Town Head Markets

Weekend 2

Gloucester Farmers Markets Johns River Markets

Forster Town Markets Burrell Creek Markets

Town Head Markets

Weekend 3

Taree HUB Forster Farmers Markets

Krambach Hall Markets

Town Head Markets

Weekend 4

Tuncurry Markets

Old Bar Markets

Town Head Markets

Last Weekend

Nabiac Farmers Markets

Pacific Palms Markets Bobin Markets

Town Head Markets

Note: All weather dependant and can change at anytime

loc a llyme .com. a u


Claire Pilgrim

Claire Pilgrim has been an Old Bar local for more than 20 years and is kept extremely busy with her 2 young boys. But when she has time, Claire creates the most beautiful and stunning drawings which can take your breath away. A self taught artist, Claire has practiced art throughout her life and takes inspiration from her surroundings. Pencil sketching is mostly used and most of her intricate artworks are no larger than an A5 in size. Soon Claire will take the next step to display some of her pieces to the public. Watch this space for more details. T

Are you a local artist? Email details to:

Local Markets OLD BAR MARKETS 4th Sunday of the month 7am to 1pm Near Tennis court, Old Bar Rd Taree - THE HUB 3rd Saturday of the month Taree Showground, Muldoon Street NABIAC FARMERS MARKETS Last Saturday of the month 8am - 12noon Nabiac Showground WINGHAM FARMERS MARKETS First Saturday of the month 8am - 12noon Wingham Showground KRAMBACH HALL MARKETS 3rd Sunday of the month 9am to 1pm Krambach School of Arts Hall

gloucester farmers markets 2nd Saturday of the month 8am - 12noon Cnr Denison St & Billabong Ln BLACKHEAD BAZAAR 1st Sunday of the month 8.30 to 1pm Wylie Breckenridge Park Blackhead Beach FORSTER TOWN MARKETS 2nd Sunday of the month 8am to 2pm. Forster Town Park, Head Street FORSTER FARMERS MARKETs 3rd Saturday of the month 8am to 12noon. Forster Visitor Centre Grounds, Little Street

TUNCURRY MARKETS 4th Saturday of the month 7am to 1pm. John Wright Park PACIFIC PALMS MARKETS Last Sunday of the month 9am to 1pm Pacific Palms Community Centre The Lakesway

Bobin Community Markets Last Sunday of the month 10am - 2pm Bobin Hall, Bulga Road burrell creek Markets 2nd Sunday of the month 9am - 1pm Burrell Creek Hall

town head MARKETS Every Monday 8am to 1pm Town Head, Bucketts Way, Taree South johns river MARKETS 2nd Saturday of the month 8am - 2pm Johns River Community Hall & Recreation Reserve

loc a llyme .com. a u

Is Your local market not listed? Email details to:

Prawns Jewies Mud crabs Flathead Bream

boating & Fishing

Yo Ho Ho! Santa’s on his way - not many sleeps now! So I guess it’s time to start bribing the kids “Santa won’t come if you're naughty!” “Santa won’t come if you don’t clean your room!” “Santa won’t come if you don’t eat your veggies!” “Santa won’t come if you don’t help me catch some beach worms!” How’d that last one get there? What’s Santa got to do with beach worms? Well, to tell you the truth - absolutely nothing - but it seems a good way to start the Locally Me Fishing Page. Christmas holidays and kids go “hand in hand” with fishing! I have some great memories of my Dad teaching me how to fish when I was kid - no “flash” new carbon graphite rods or soft plastics in those days, just a cork hand-line and hand caught bait! I remember when I was nine years old my oldest brother gave me a five foot solid fibreglass rod and a small Alvey reel for Christmas - you know, I loved that rod and reel and used it for years and years - I’ve still got it hanging in the shed - fifty years on! I guess I learned to love fishing at a very early age, and I am extremely grateful to those interested people that taught me to love and respect the “art” of fishing something you can do for your own kids. Remember the old saying “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day - give him a fish hook and he eats for life!” Enough of the “Little River Band” and “Reminiscing” - what’s been happening on the local fishing scene!

NSW Fisheries are seeking feedback in regard to recreational restrictions on capture of Jew Fish, they have several options to restrict bag limits and size - at this stage the preferred option is to limit recreational fishers to one fish over 70cm per day - apparently too many fish in that 45 - 70cm in length are being taken and putting significant pressure on breeding stocks, so keep your ears open for any proposed changes - more info on NSW DPI website. Prawns should be running in Saltwater Lagoon. Remember five nights after the full moon is time to have a look for these tasty little morsels - the Manning River Schoolies have had a slow start to the season - hope Santa turns it on for Christmas! School jew and bigger fish are still haunting the beach and the river - a local lad weighed a very good fish at the bait shop he caught in the river - 20.00kgs caught on a 4” Gulp. Mud Crabs, Flathead and bream are the go in the river - the Whiting have been quiet and so have the Blue Swimmers. Got to go! I’ve got to take the dog for a run! On behalf of all at Bohnock Bait & Tackle we wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Don’t Forget The Lifejackets!


Bohnock Bait & Tackle - 6553 7532

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"Get that tinny in the w Bluey a black fater & catch ish!"

Bluey’s Tinn y 12',Ta1lk 3',to1th e 4' & mo

Boat • Box • Farm Car • Tilt • Spares Machinery • Custom 118 Manning River Drive, Taree

6550 0488


“Bluey’s Yard Master”

OX • FARM • BO AT • CAR • TILT • SPARES • MACHINER Y • CUSTOM Perfect for th Huge range of b e backyard ox or tradies trailers includin g ONLY $9 7x4 for the Ramps extra at 96 only $250 backyard or 118 Manning River Dr ive, Taree tradies PH: 6550 048 WILL: 0428 79

7 170 TONY: 04

Will 0428 797 170 • Tony 0427 320 040 • Fresh Seafood • Oysters • Prawns • Bait • Tackle

• Chandlery • “Salt Away” • Lanotec • Hire Boats • Kayaks Hire

• Ice • Cold Drinks • Fishing Licences • Beach Permits

Open 7 Days



27 320 040

6 Channel Close Bohnock. 2430

6553 7532

Christmas Seafood Orders Now Being Taken loc a llyme .com. a u



Newly opened in Old Bar SaiTha iTa b le A nd Te a

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manning point Bowling Club



Mondays 7th, 14th & 21st 2012

December All Fridays Meat raffles 6.30pm Drawn 7pm

All Sundays Ham & Pork Raffles 6pm Drawn 7pm

Saturday 8th Dec

Bingo - 11am

Wednesdays 2nd, 9th & 16th


Thursdays 3rd, 10th & 17th

Thursday & Saturday Nights

Kids Bingo - 11am


All Thursdays

5.30 - 6.30pm

Twilight Bowls Beer & Burger - $12pp 5pm start

Friday Nights Meat Raffles Drawn at 7pm

All Fridays

Thurs 27th Dec

Meat raffles 6.30pm Drawn 7pm

Saturday 5th Family Fun Show 6.30pm

Sat 29th Dec

Saturday 12th

Ken Scott - 7pm

Kingy - 6.30pm

Sun 30th Dec

Saturday 26th

Seafood Raffle 5pm Drawn 6.30pm

Mon 31st Dec

NYE - Kingy - 7pm


Kids Disco - 6pm

Kingy - 6.30pm

Trivia Night 7pm proceeds to Mitchells Island Public School

good beer good chee!

Australia Day Seafood Raffle 5pm Drawn 6pm

Sundays 6th, 13th & 20th Seafood Raffle 5pm Drawn 6pm t. a u


Thurs Nights Twilight Bowls (Mufti) Beer & Burger (Jan) $12pp 5pm

Ph 6553 2646

E. Manning Street, Manning Point NSW 2430

December 2012

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Wingham Christmas Street Carnival

Wingham Central Park

Thurs 13th

Wingham Community Christmas Carols in the Park

Wingham Central Park

Sat 15th

A Dogs Breakfast

Harrington Beach State

Sat 15th 7.30am - 9am

Old Bar Lions Community Carols

Old Bar Rushby Casino

Sat 15th 5pm - 8pm

Black Head

Sat 15th 7.30am - 9am

Sunday Sounds

Taree Old Bar Surf Club

Sun 16th 3 - 8pm

Hallidays Point Carols

Wylie Breckenridge Park Black Head

Sat 22nd 6.30 - 8.30pm

Blackhead Whylie Breckenride Park

Mon 31st

Taree - Queen Elizabeth Park - Foreshore

Mon 31st

Harrington Festival featuring John Gollan Fireworks


1st Jan 2013 9pm

Head2Head Ocean Classic

Black Head Beach

Sun 6th

Sunday Sounds

Taree Old Bar Surf Club

Sun 6th & 20th 3 - 8pm

Summer Festival Triathlon

Crowdy Head Surf Life Saving Club

Sat 26th - 27th


Sat 26th Jan 2013

Taree Old Bar Surf Club

Sun 10th & 24th 3 - 8pm

Tinonee Public School

Sat 16th March

Queen Elizabeth Park Taree

29th - 31st March

Hallidays Point Lions Fair

New years eve fireworks

January 2013

Saltwater Freshwater Festival

Adam Nixon PHONE: 6556 1205

February 2013 Sunday Sounds

March 2013 Tinonee Public School Easter Show/Trash and Treasure Taree Aquatic Powerboat Easter Spectacular

Note: These dates are subject to change at anytime.

Come and relax to music by the sea at Y FREE ENTR Taree Old Bar w Great Vie Surf Life Saving Club:


• Taree Old Bar Surf Life Saving Club supports responsible service of alcohol

Dec 16th - Featuring Jay Davis Jan 2013 - 6th & 20th Feb 2013 - 10th & 24th Enjoy • Fully licensed bar (from 3pm) • Live music (from 4pm) • Hot food, fresh seafood & cheese platters available • Families welcome

loc a llyme .com. a u

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$71.50 68x 28mm

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Building quality homes and renovations

Marriage Celebrant

Plumber & Drainer The Clean, efficient way to clear your drains

Sandra Osborne Wallabi Point

Experienced & local

Water Jetting Specialist P. 6557 4572 M. 0439 735 758

6553 7715 0422 502 113

E. Licence No. L10455



MOTOR REPAIRS PHONE: 6552 I38I for Pick up & drop off service available Old Bar & Wallabi Point

6552 1381


• 75hp tractor & 6ft slasher


• 3.5 ton excavator

6553 3050 • 0407 078 846 Nursery

Chris Wheeler

m 0448 506 944 p 02 6553 2900 1455 Manning Point Road Mitchells Island NSW 2430

Brighton Oysters

or w yw rie Worm Juice castings p r o d u c e

• Tubs of worms FOOD to start your worm farm from $6 • Plants & herbs

Quality bulk garden blends, mulches & manures, huge range of trees, shrubs, seedlings, fruit trees & more

6552 8848

70 Whitbread St, Taree



Nature’s Care Nursery


The Manning Valley


for your garden


ph 6553 5843

Steiner inspired

Wednesdays 9.30am - 12.00noon (except school holidays)

Old Steiner School, Wynter Street, Taree.

Lyn Heher 6550 7382


loc a llyme .com. a u

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Local Business Reference Cafés / Restaurants Flow Cafe

6557 4224

Manning Point Bowling Club

6553 2646

Martine’s Café & Restaurant

6553 3188

Sai Thai Table & Tea

6553 6660

Gardening Greenpatch Organic Seeds

6551 4240

Nature’s Care Nursery

6552 8848

Wyworrie Produce

6553 5848

Local Food & Produce Old Bar Beach Quality Meats

6553 7578

Manning Valley Free Range Eggs

6551 3455

Go Vita - Taree

6551 2614

Manning Valley Tomatoes

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Brighton Oysters

6554 8152

Bohnock Bait & Tackle

- Manning Mall Taree - Forster Lawdy Spit Roast Hire

0448 506 944 6553 7532

0434 646 111

Real Estate Lauders Real Estate

6553 7700

LJ Hooker Old Bar

6553 7133

General Business Saxbys Soft Drinks

Sunne Printing Services

6552 1388


6552 2377

6550 0336

Darks Motor Repairs

6552 1381

6553 3050

Ausure Insurance Brokers

6551 8655

Tony Beeton - Builder

0402 140 887

True Nature Therapies Slashing & Excavation Services Saori Curiousweaver Studio The Shed Company Menn-In Trailers Lawdys Jumping Castle Hire

0401 236 742

LA Kitchens

0411 493 221

6557 7948

All Clear Drainage & Maintenance Plumbing

6557 4572

6550 0488

Bohnock Bait & Tackle (Boat Hire)

6553 7532

Sandra Osborne - Marriage Celebrant

6553 7715

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Pines Riverside Apartments

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122 Pampoolah Road 122 Pampoolah RoadMOTIVATED TO SELL! OWNERS EXTREMELY Let's get straight to the point, the owners OWNERS EXTREMELY MOTIVATED TO SELL! have get to have this to home or owners before Let's straight the sold point,onthe auction. Tucked approx. have to have thisaway homeonsold on or before 10 hectares (26 acres) in the popular auction. Tucked away on approx. Pampoolah 10 hectares area. (26 acres) in the popular * Three bedrooms Pampoolah area. plus study Fully fenced intoplus 6 paddocks ** Three bedrooms study

4 4

2 2

Auction Auction

19 January 2013 At 10.00am 19 January 2013


At 10.00am On Site

Venue Inspect

On Site By appointment

Inspect Contact

By appointment Adam Stevenson 0409 967 Adam607 Stevenson


1 1

0409 607 967

Town fenced water plus dam ** Fully intodeep 6 paddocks ** Infrastructure dogdam or bird breeders Town water plusfordeep

** Perfect for horses toor run a few head of cattle Infrastructure for or dog bird breeders Steel cattle yards and race ** Perfect for horses or toloading run a few head of cattle

Singlecattle garage andand workshop ** Steel yards loadingarea race Farm equipment also be area on offer on the day. * Single garage andwill workshop

LJ Hooker Old Bar Beach LJ Hooker Old Bar Beach 6553 7133

* Farm equipment alsofor be on offer the day. Please call thewill office a list of on items.

6553 7133

Please call the office for a list of items.



3 3

It's hard to get your tonguethe around, but ayou willone certainly appreciate but you will certainly value this home offers.appreciate the

Price Contact

3 3

$420,000 $420,000 Adam Stevenson 0409 607 967 Adam Stevenson

At 1.00pm 19 January 2013

TWO HOMES, VIEW! and the Here's one forONE theAMAZING savvy investor


At 1.00pm Club Old Bar

Venue Inspect

Club Old Bar By appointment

current owner hassavvy given investor clear instructions Here's one for the and the to sell onowner or before auction day. You don't current has given clear instructions Contact want this! auction day. You don't Inspect to selltoonmiss or before * Amazing ocean Contact want to miss this!views from both homes access approx. * Beach Amazing ocean views 15m fromfrom both doorstep homes Three bedroom two storey * Beach access approx. 15m townhouse from doorstep * Two Threebedroom bedroomtwo twostorey storeytownhouse townhouse Solidbedroom rental history * Two two storey townhouse Can be on sold individually * Solid rental history * Ideal or holiday property Can beinvestment on sold individually

* Corner block Ample parking * Ample Severalparking comfortable bedrooms * Several comfortable bedroomsoffice/kids room living areas including * Several areas including office/kids roomchange Possibleliving holiday accommodation or lifestyle * Possible holiday accommodation One of the most affordable homesor onlifestyle market change

By appointment Adam Stevenson 0409 609 967 Adam Stevenson 0409 609 967

LJ Hooker Old Bar Beach * Ideal investment or holiday property We will be asking for all genuine offers leading LJ Hooker Old Bar Beach up to the auction day so get in quick! We will be asking for all genuine offers leading 6553 7133



* Approximately 4.5ha

* Ocean Corner views block from upstairs balcony

with ocean views

19 January 2013


LJ Hooker Old6553 Bar Beach 7133

0409 607 967

2 2


LJ Hooker Old Bar Beach


2 2


The South arm of the Manning River is right at the gate of this River spectacular The South armback of the Manning hasgate beenofdesigned to take isproperty right at which the back this spectacular advantage of the panoramic tree framed property which has been designed to take water views.ofYou ski, sail,tree swim, fish advantage the can panoramic framed or simply watch water views. Youthe canever ski,changing sail, swim,scenery. fish * Tidy fourwatch bedroom home or simply the ever changing scenery. ** Second self contained flat Tidy four bedroom home ** Huge barn storageflat Second selfand contained Beautiful drive way ** Huge barntree andlined storage Private wharf ** Beautiful treewith linedpontoon drive way ** Approximately 4.5ha Private wharf with pontoon

value this home offers. * Ocean views from upstairs balcony

* One the most withof ocean viewsaffordable homes on market

45 Pacific Parade

5 5

up to the auction day so get in quick!

1 1

Price THE It's aBEST hardBUY oneBYtoTHE getBEACH! your tongue around,


6553 7133

All information contained herein is gathered from sources we consider to be reliable. However we cannot guarantee or give any warranty about the information provided and interested parties must solely rely on their own enquiries. All information contained herein is gathered from sources we consider to be reliable. However we cannot guarantee or give any warranty about the information provided and interested parties must solely rely on their own enquiries.

ljhooke r.c om . a u

6553 7133

4 4

1 1






Paul Saundercock 0422 844 762 Paul Saundercock


6 6

0422 844 762

LJ Hooker Old Bar Beach LJ Hooker Old Bar Beach 6553 7133 6553 7133

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Doyou youhave have an an investment investment property? Do property? Isitit working working for for you? you?property? Do youIshave an investment ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS ASK THESE IsYOURSELF itWhen working forQUESTIONS you? was your last rental increase?

Whenproperty was yourinspections last rentalcarried increase? Are regular out? ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS Are regular property inspections carried Is the tenant paying water useage? out? When was your last rental useage? increase? the tenant paying IsIs maintenance carriedwater out promptly? Are Is regular propertycarried inspections carried out? out promptly? Domaintenance we have a tax depreciation schedule? Is the tenant paying water useage? Do Can we have a taxour depreciation we view statements schedule? online? Is maintenance carried out promptly? Can we view our statements online? If you don’t have the answers to these questions it may be time to come and talk to the professional teamDo at we LJ Hooker Old Bar Beach and letschedule? us help your property work for have a tax depreciation If you don’t have the answers to these questions YOU! it may be time to come and talk to the professional team at Can LJ Hooker Old Bar and letonline? us help your property work for we view ourBeach statements YOU! If you don’t have the answers to these questions it may be time to come and talk to the professional team at LJ Hooker Old Bar Beach and let us help your property work for YOU!

1/47 Old Bar Road, OLD BAR NSW 2430

1/47 Old Bar Road, OLD BAR NSW 2430 1/47 Old Bar Road, OLD BAR NSW 2430

Ph: 6553 7133

Ph: 6553 7133 Ph: 6553 7133


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Locally Me Summer Issue 2 - 2012  
Locally Me Summer Issue 2 - 2012  

Local magazine for Old Bar, Manning Point, Taree and the Mis North Coast. Full of gardening, helpful things for home and local profiles.