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Feeling thirsty? Perhaps it’s the weekend and you’re looking for a place to go with your friends, or you’re scouting

x your new mid-week happy hour. Take a look at some of our favorite places in San Diego to wet our whistle. HOPE 46 CLASSIC AMERICAN CUISINE • NORTH PARK • Must Have Item: The Smoking Red Rose Best: Place to celebrate the red, white and blue x HOPE 46 is located in North Park’s classic Lafayette Hotel and is serving up some truly American classics. Their goal at HOPE 46 is to take their guests back in time to the era of smooth jazz and all around glamour. Its décor is all about that old school feel with reclaimed wooden tables, antique glass windowpanes and all different kinds of unique lighting fixtures. They describe their food as being three parts new Americana, two parts nostalgia and one part foodie with a dash of Old Hollywood glamour – a clear recipe for success!

STARLITE • MISSION HILLS • Must Have Item: Whiskey—dealer’s choice Best: Place to unwind x Starlite, located off India Street, has brought the finest in late night to San Diego for the past seven years. Having seen the growth and the maturity of the San Diego market, the owners set out to change the late night scene making cocktails the specialty. On any given night, the horseshoe-shaped bar is filled with copper mugs containing one of the house specialties. The lounge has concocted a masterpiece, the Starlite Mule, which brings the patrons back.

THE AIR CONDITIONED LOUNGE • UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS • Must Have Item: Moscow Mule Best: Place to have a ladies’ night out x This is a great place to come for happy hour during the week and take advantage of quality beers at an affordable rate. Or, you can sip on Moscow Mules and catch up with your girlfriends. Order an Uber and stay out late.

MONKEY PAW PUB AND BREWERY • EAST VILLAGE • Must Have Item: Live Wire Caramel Milk Coffee Stout Best: Place to impress your friends with your appreciation for a tasty brew x Take a visit to their website while you’re on your way to Monkey Paw. See what beers they have on tap ahead of time, because there is a long list of really good beers to choose from. That decision takes time...

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| MARCH 2015


San Diego March 2015  

Eat/Drink Edition

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