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From just one visit you’ll learn that they march to their own drum and occasionally showcase their personality through quirky printed tee shirts.


Q: How and why did Coffee and Convos get started? Alyssa Mopia: Coffee & Convos combines my growing love for specialty coffee and passion for connecting with others. It all started because I would find so many great artists, photographers, entrepreneurs, doers, and dreamers over Instagram and I instantly wanted to meet them and hear more of their story. When I would reach out and they would agree to meet, it would be over coffee. It didn’t become an idea to create this platform until much later when I realized how much people’s stories inspired me and I thought why not create something that takes this a step further and instead of keeping these stories to myself, find a way to share it with others to inspire them as well. Q: How does the gathering of people over coffee support the art of conversation? AM: I believe the best conversations happen over coffee, or any beverage for that matter. But there is something incredibly satisfying having that familiarity of your favorite coffee drink crafted especially for you in your hand while enjoying someone else’s company. It easily creates an intimate setting to have these conversations with people, especially because they tend to reveal more a vulnerable side to their story that isn’t necessarily shared through Instagram photos or social media that we would normally see.

Q: Can you share some positivity/connections that have come about because of these gatherings? AM: The website officially launched in June and we had a launch party at Heartwork Coffee Bar with some amazing coffee, delicious pies from Pop Pie Co. and the good people we had featured on Coffee & Convos. Some of those people include Kelsey Christine who created beautiful watercolor pieces, KyLynn Richey who did lettering over coffee photos, and Aaron Wolf who had a live performance. It was such a fun event and it was great seeing everyone come by and connect over coffee and conversations. It was awesome seeing how people would recognize one another through the Coffee & Convos we featured. One interaction that stood out the most to me was when Julie, a photographer I’ve admired for quite some time was wondering if my friend Xavier, another photographer, would be there since I had featured him in Coffee & Convos in the past. So taking that interaction that initially started through social media and introducing them to each other in person at the event and having them talk as if they’ve been friends for so long was by far one of the best moments I’ve seen because of Coffee & Convos. Connecting with these great artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs for Coffee & Convos has allowed me to not only share their story, but also cultivate some amazing friendships from them. @coffeeandconvos 52 | LOCALE MAGAZINE


cold brew iced coffee

DARK HORSE COFFEE ROASTERS The folks at Dark Horse Coffee Roasters love their regular customers and it’s very likely they refer to them as their binding thread. If you’re anywhere near Golden Hill, Normal Heights or North Park, you or yourself and a group of friends have got to stop by for some beans that are ran through a Diedrich IR-12. In North Park you’ve got this fantastic space with large wooden tables and an open, windowless view of the bustle on the street outside. The other two locations are just as fascinating and it’s quite clear that their Cold Brew Iced Coffee dominates the sales. Their straightforward menu sure doesn’t need frilly ingredients for the drinks to fly off the roaster. From just one visit you’ll learn that they march to their own drum and occasionally showcase their personality through quirky printed tee shirts.

PHOTOSHOOT LOCATION: NORMAL HEIGHTS 3260 Adams Ave San Diego, CA 92116 619.344.6962 NORTH PARK 3794 30th St San Diego, CA 92104 619.955.7447 GOLDEN HILL 811 25th St San Diego, CA 92102 619.344.0500

Alyssa Mopia - Photo by Leslie Colon

Q: How exactly do the gatherings work and how often do you meet? AM: I have these gatherings one on one with individuals at a local coffee shop. I generally reach out to people a few weeks in advance and plan accordingly. Usually on my days off, I can meet 2 to 3 people a day. And sometimes I find myself

meeting with people before work as well. It can happen as often as having Coffee & Convos every day one week, then other times I will only have a few the next week. It’s just so neat that these incredible and talented individuals are willing to take time from their schedule to meet and chat about their story over coffee, and that’s not only what motivates me but makes each interaction unique and a lot of fun!

San Diego December 2016  

Home/Away Edition

San Diego December 2016  

Home/Away Edition