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President’s Message

John Lorenz, Wells Hughes, Dan Meisel, Steve Hayes, Gary Pearce


Marc Broussard & Steve Hayes Jeff DeVine, Steve Hayes, Charles De L’arbre, Bridget Foreman, Amy MacLeod, Tim Casey

Marc Broussard

As the new President of the Lobero Theatre Foundation Board of Directors, I am happy to welcome you to our 2019-20 Season. It is an honor to be elected to this position, and I want to begin by thanking Amy MacLeod, who has served as president for the past three years and whose leadership has moved the Lobero strategically forward. I worked closely with Amy as Vice President during her tenure, and am grateful that her dedication and that of the entire Lobero Board has put the organization in a strong position for the future. Several years ago, the Board made a commitment to reduce major capital campaigns by working to address capital fundraising on an annual basis. This year we are making the most of that promise. While some projects, like repairing the roof or replacing the flooring in the spaces behind our stage are less visible, others are more prominent. We hope that our new concession stands and LED lighting system will make your theater-going experience more enjoyable while fulfilling our mission to improve and maintain this venue for the community’s long-term use. For more on these critical projects, see page 49.

We are also working to ensure that the theater is accessible for our local performing arts community, and providing great programming for our audiences. We are working with promoters both local and from around the country to bring more comedy, music, film and dance to the Lobero. Our Board is deeply engaged in expanding our programmatic strategies, and eager to ensure that the best performances are happening here on this stage. As I begin my Presidency, I am energized by the Board and Staff ’s commitment to this theater. It is a great team and I look forward to working with them as we continually strive to improve this community treasure. I hope you will join us often this season.


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