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School Literary Magazine 2023-2024


“Build me straight, O worthy Master! Stanch and strong, a goodly vessel, That shall laugh at all disaster, And with wave and whirlwind wrestle!”

From The Building of the Ship

Literary Magzine

Longfellow Middle School

2000 Westmoreland Street Falls Church, VA 22043 June 2024

Sponsors: Diana Gibson Tom Grady Andrea Duggan

Faculty Advisor: Aidan Vigil

Principal: Dr. Jim Patrick

District: Fairfax County Public Schools

Contact: alduggan@fcps.edu

Cover Art: Goodly Vessel By Eileen

Whirlwind is a student magazine published annually
~Vivian H. Dozen Jelly Donuts

What Would Be Your Fate?

In the quiet moments of dusk

I find myself pondering

About my future

It stretches out before me

Like an endless road

Full of twists and turns

And dark stops

Will I reach my dreams?

Will I ever have them?

Will I ever love?

And will anyone love me?

The future is mysterious

A blank canvas waiting to be painted

But will it be a masterpiece,

Or simply a mess of colors?

The Innocent Joy

In fields of green, where wildflowers bloom, Children's laughter fills the air with glee. Their hearts, like kites, soar high above the gloom, in boundless realms of joyful reverie.

With skipping ropes and games of hide and seek, they chase the sun as daylight starts to wane. their innocence, a treasure pure and meek, in every giggle, life begins again.

With painted faces, they become their dreams, in make-believe, they conquer every fear. Their world, a canvas painted with moonbeams, Where dragons roar and magic's always near.

Oh, let us cherish childhood's fleeting days, for in the play, the world's true wonder lays.


In the barber’s chair, the boy sits

With nervous anticipation tingling in his veins

The buzz of clippers fills the air

As strands of hair fall to the floor

With each snip, a piece of him is left behind

Shedding an old layer

To make way for a new one

The mirror reflects a different face

A fresh start awaiting beyond the salon door

As the last trim is made,

The boy emerges, feeling lighter and freer,

Ready to face the world again.

~Rithy T.

Chasing Dreams

I am a child with dreams to chase, I hear laughter in every place, I see the sun shining bright, I want to reach for it with all my might. I am curious, eager to learn, I want adventures at every turn, I am small but full of glee, I feel the joy of being me.

I dream of flying high and far, I try to reach each distant star, I hope for kindness to always stay, I am a child with dreams not so far away.

~Ammar J.

2 Whirlwind
3 Whirlwind
~Jacob X. Reverie, Self Portrait Scholastic Art & Writing Gold Key Award 1st Place in the Virginia School Board Association Art Contest
4 Whirlwind
Timeless Fusion Scholastic Art & Writing Silver Key Award ~Jacob X.

The Ballad of the Blue Marble

In the cosmic vastness, a blue marble spins

A cradle of life where the story begins

With oceans that whisper and mountains that soar

A world full of wonders worth fighting for

She dances in space in her gown of blue-green

A sight of such beauty, so serene

Her forests, her rivers, all teem with life

In the quiet of nature, far from strife

Oh, Earth, our haven, our home so dear

Your call to cherish you is loud and clear

We walk your paths, breathe your air,

In your nurturing embrace, free from despair

But scars have we left in our reckless wake

It’s time to heal, for your own sake,

To honor your rivers your skies so vast

To ensure your future, long will it last.

So sing we now a song of hope

For cleaner seas and greener slopes

For Earth, our treasure, in the dark space

May we protect you, our sacred place

~Matteo T-B.


Purification of the soul and body

Feeling peaceful and meditative

Having spirituality and peace

Feeling hungry, having patience

Feeling poor, being grateful

Cooking together and giving to others

This month we pray

We cleanse our bodies from the negative energy

We find happiness and have generosity to others

We show patience and gratitude

We have equality for everyone. We give to the unfortunate.

We share, this is the holy month of Ramadan.

New York City Teapot ~Ann L.
6 Whirlwind
Play ~Emma T.

My Midnight In honor of my amazing cat, Midnight

When I first saw him, My face was drowned with happy tears

A big cat, he was, With those tiny little ears

He and his brother; Yin-and-Yang

They always meowed, Through the whole night and day

A fine tune he sang, That’s what I have to say Sadly though,

These are close to his last days, So a poem for him, I made I grew up with him, took him and tiger on a lease to the center

Of my cul-de-sac,

It was a great adventure! When he saw that I was sad, He would help me move on,

So what will I do once he’s gone?

Anger, Frustration, confusion, and sadness, He’d protect me from all that madness!

He snuggled in my bed, my little fatso

He’s one of a kind,

He’s MY cat though.

He’s my little campfire, Helping me uncover new things, Cancer rains down on him, Putting out the flames, Slowly, I will be left alone in the dark night… How ironic,

A black cat, my only light His fat stomach moving supersonic

The color of him; pitch black, Midnight.

I will long mourn his loss, His brother and I,

This is why I won’t hesitate to fight, Anyone who even tries to hurt my midnight!


I’m a cat

So it is true

My fur as soft as a cloud

My tail like a noodle

While you pet me

I feel your feelings

Of hate and love

Of grace and beauty

Your transfering a bit of your energy Into me

You’re the pump

I’m the tire

It’s nice to pet me

You like to feel me

Me and my fur

Because I am a Cat.

-Nola F-S.

Pete the Cat

There once was a cat named Pete

Whose whiskers were long and so neat

He’d chase after toys

And make joyful noise

And always land on his feet!

~Ali R.

7 Whirlwind

The Sky

Infinite expanse stretching wide, Boundless blue, a canvas of dreams. Clouds drift like whispers of cotton, Painting stories in wisps of white, Sunlight dances in golden hues, Filling the sky with warmth and light At dusk, hues of crimson and gold, As the sun bids farewell to the day, Twilight settles, a serene embrace, Stars emerge, twinkling in the night, Guiding wanderers with their gentle glow.

Broken Wind

Wind whispers secrets Of sorrow and betrayal The wind passes on

My Mother

In her warm arms, I feel so safe and sound She is who I owe this life to today She fills me with joy and smiles all around I feel her love and comfort every day

Guiding me through difficult times with care With her gentleness and a loving heart From my first steps as I walked with feet bare To taking on fears and challenging parts

My paths of hopes and dreams begin from you Your gorgeous smile means the whole world to me Sometimes it is hard to show you my view There is much more out there for me to see

I will forever love you so dearly I will cherish you for eternity

9 Whirlwind
~Emily U. Stuck to a Memory


Fish swim around my feet

Interested in something to eat

Swimming fast with no rhythm or beat

Hot summer heat

Energetic like sharks with meat

Swim and repeat

~Joshua Li

10 Whirlwind
Wonders of the Ocean ~Alison S.


‘Twas many years ago I first set sight With waves and winds and blue surrounding me, This wonder of the world I chose to write, For it is the ocean that brings such glee.

The ocean consists of parts together, From producing to providing for all, It was supposed to be here forever, But with situations now, it may fall.

Pollution has quickened its destruction, Of habitats, animals, and landmarks, There may be no time for reconstruction, We may lose the whales and majestic sharks.

I was enraged when I heard about this, Forever lost into the dark abyss.

~Alexander X.

Sonnet to the Deep Blue

Deep down in the ocean, light cannot reach

The deep blue surrounds and overwhelms you

Down in the darkness, submarines can breach

The pressure is so high in the deep blue

The creatures in the depths have lots in store

Distorted and weird these beings appear

A trip down there will never be a bore

You better hope that dangers don’t come near

The mystery and adventure allures

You can’t help but appreciate the sea

Nothing, while you’re down there, can be ensured

The Ocean, what cooler place could there be?

The tranquility thousands of feet down

For the best place, the Ocean takes the crown

~Artorius C.

11 Whirlwind
~Eileen Z. The Catch


The way it was—

Stars filling the sky

Illuminating the world

Keeping the night awake and “fly”

Where you would wish upon a star And yearn for something far

And yet—

Stars invisible in the sky

Buildings illuminating the world

The night is awake—but by a lie

Now we yearn for something far—

The stars that were once Taken for granted

Oh, how we wish upon a star, And yet there are none.

Let’s go where there are no faux lights

But lust the flight Of nature and the stars.

Long behold

What we once lots

Of hopes, dreams, and memories

Lost to the light Forever

Shooting Star

Star zooming in the night sky

Heading to where no one knows

Oh, how I wish I could see it for eternity

Oh, how I wish I could be that star

The things I would see as I headed to the Earth

I would see the lights of the world if I made it,

Not mentioning if I were to explode.

Going to the Earth from space would be a dream,

Seeing what no one has seen before

‘Til that day is possible, I will just be watching

A star in the sky I wish to be

Resting in space to see the Earth.

Wonders of Space

Among the stars

Bright lights guiding the night

Celestial wonders big and small

Dancing in the cosmic hall

Exploring galaxies we soar

Far from home seeking more

Gravity’s hold a gentle force

Infinite beauty we admire


I am a star

~Isabella B.

I hear nothing, for no sound survives the journey

I see galaxies, just out of reach

I want companionship in this vast expanse

I see planets floating, some abundant with life, some barren

I want to be noticed, for a satellite to be sent to me, to be studied

I am a star

I want regard, consideration, to be pondered

I am alone

I feel unbalanced, too heavy despite my literal form I dream to supernova; perhaps my corpse shall be seen

I try to reach the stars; I realize the irony in this I hope to find my peace

I am a star, forever out of place

~Grace B.

13 Whirlwind
~Isabella B.
14 Whirlwind
~Julianna S.

Creeping Bellflower

Little purple bells

The little fairies ring them Floating in the wind


In geometry we explore, Angles, shapes, and more With protractors in hand We measure, expand The dimensions, the world, and more

~Ray T.

15 Whirlwind Frequency
~Yeonho K.



I am a puzzle

I can hear the whispers of those who try to unlock my secrets

I want to fulfill my purpose of being completed

I see my own potential to challenge and inspire people I want to explore different perspectives

I am a puzzle

I want people to embrace failure as a learning opportunity

I am a puzzle

I feel the joy that people feel after they finish me

I dream of being recognized as a sign of perseverance

I try to contribute in positive ways to challenge minds

I hope to bring families and friends together

I am a puzzle


A bouquet of flowers

Bought for a lover, greeted with a warm welcome.

Placed in a vase, they are a stunning display, Roses galore, velvety petals

Lavender bringing scents of home

Cherry blossoms, clipped from an exotic tree

The flowers are cherished, loved They are admired, looked at But day ends and night begins The sun sets and rises, over and over

The flowers wither, becoming old Roses wilt, Lavender’s scent recedes, And the cherry blossoms begin to fall.

Cherished and loved no longer, They go in the trash, They go into a landfill, And are forgotten to time.

Human Progression

Humanity must take a step away From electronics and appliances

We’re so reliant that we’ve gone astray

So now let us stray from our reliance

Current technology is beyond us

We’re not yet ready to deal with new things

We’ve not solved old problems, yet still discuss AI, VR, and flying cars with wings

We’ve plowed right through advancement and progress, Without looking back to right all wrongs Further down, humanity will regress To a dystopian world without song

We cannot just stop everything right now; But we should do our best to find out how.

~April S.

Handsome the Mouse From “Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger”

The Complexity of Time

17 Whirlwind
~April S.
18 Whirlwind
Fire Caves ~Emily U.

Hive of Hierarchy

Golden rays of sunlight

Black crevices of darkness

Pushing against the roaring wind

A little bee holds the weight of the world

On its shoulders

As I watch on

Transported to a bustling hallway

Filled with dancing colors of yellow, purple, and orange

Wisps of black, brown, and blonde

Stare into portals of brown, blue, and green

No two bees are exactly the same

No two humans are either

Compliments blowing left and right

Followed by radiant smiles, twinkling laughter

But behind that bright façade

Lie dark smirks and malicious snickering

Words as sweet as honey

Reality as painful as stings

Flowy hair, ocean eyes

Burning Out

I am the fire inside

I hear your laughter slowly running dry

I see the world turning gray

I want only to know why

I see the good turning bad

I want to warm you up one last time

I am the fire inside

I want to know if the world has always been this scary

I am the fire inside

I feel that I am fading before your eyes

I dream that you will rekindle my flame

I try to call out for you one last time

I hope that you’ll hear me someday

I am gone.

Flashy outfits, dazzling smiles

Stars in the eyes of the belittled ones

Queen bees of the popularity monarchy

Cast hopeless shadows on her subjects in her wake

Not wanting to be left behind

Crippling fears of abandonment

Swallowing one whole

Wanting to rise up

Despite not being “made” to fit

This orchestrated role of a queen

For this hive was catered to some and not others

With sticky barriers of honeycomb in the way

I stare at the little bee and busy hive and I realize

We are all little bees

Living in a hive of hierarchy

Where one must fight to survive


Ocean Goddess

I Am a Mirror

I am a mirror

I hear your silent screams

I see your crystal-like tears

I want to help your troubled mind

I see your looming insecurities

I want to remind you of your beauty

I am a mirror

I want you to love the face which you see

I am a mirror

I feel the flash of your phone and the wrath of your fist

I dream that your issues will be resolved

I try to help you realize the way your eyes glisten

I hope you’ll be able to show me your smile

I am a mirror

Origami Hearts

Beneath cherry trees, whispers softly blend, He folds a paper crane, dreams in each crease-A boy, heart in hand, love he hopes to send. Yet she admires not, he finds no peace.

In crowded halls, where echoes of youth play, Paper cranes soar with wishes, silent pleas. His origami dreams fly, fade away. Her heart sails with paper boats on the sea.

The boy she craves has a secret kept tight, Paper paths entwined, silent twist of fate, Folds boats that drift towards another at night. Cran boy receives boats—love’s a bitter taste.

So paper hearts fold, in school shadows cast Of young loves’ fleeting folly, ne’er to last.

21 Whirlwind
Find an Umbrella ~Vivian H.
22 Whirlwind
Hallucinations ~Stephanie T. ~Nezar B. Racing Rink


Trees are like people, branching out in all directions

Some grow higher, some don’t make it out of the soil

Every classroom is like a small forest, filled with young trees, with many branches to grow

Arguing over who gets the soil

While your tree is small, you must shape to where it goes

Some trees raise small mangoes, some have apples

Some don’t have berries

Trees are independent, they feed off the sky

Some need a little more support than others

The world is a giant forest, packed with trees

Remember about the hard bark that protects you

Trees are strong

Trees grow

Trees are amazing

Mantra for Life

Admit you are wrong

Be there for others, even if they aren’t there for you

Care for those you love and make sure they know

Darkness is a part of life; learn to embrace it

Enjoy the little moments

Go where you want to

Help those who need it, not just those who ask for it

Intensity is part of life; learn how to deal with it

Judgment should be kept at a minimum

Kindness is a part of everyone’s life, let it fuel you

Let go of those who hold you back

Making excuses is not allowed; own up to yourself and others

Never ever give up, no matter the circumstances

Open your mind to new things, especially when you aren’t sure

Pick others up, even when you are down

Respect everyone, not just those you look up to

Strive to go beyond your dreams

Treat yourself the way you treat others, with respect and care

Understand that not everybody thinks the way you do

Voice your opinions even when everyone else is silent

Who you are is who you want to be

You are one in 7 billion, remember that

~Lydia O.

~Desmond F. Sunflower Fields



On the stage, four musicians sit.

Waiting for their queue

They all look at each other.

No words are spoken, but a story unfolds. With the power of the language of music, They create a lovely melody. Carefully listen to each other As they synchronize their sound. Each player with an instrument Adds their own voice to the ensemble. Emotions are conveyed through notes In a harmony of passion.


Melodies sweeter than candy

Underneath the star-filled sky

So joyful, yet so sad Inspiring so many hearts

Captivating all that come


Music, the tunes that stay stuck in my head In the early morning or late at night When I walk to class or get out of bed Lyrics that could settle down any fright

Whether it be some pop, country, or jazz Various melodies describe my mood Play a song and I will know it, whereas Everything else could make me feel confused

Whenever I listen to a new song It is a feeling I cannot describe The best thing about songs is they aren’t long A quick time to relax as well as vibe

Without music, I would feel very blue

Without music, what would I ever do?

A Musical Journey

~Chaemin K.



A bright hot sun heats the city.

Bumpy roads along the way

Crystal clear water on the beaches

Dogs in and out of the streets

Eating all types of food

Finding adventurous places

Getting tanner every day

Hiking to the top of a volcano

In shock as today is my last day

Just to return to the cold back home


A big land made out of ice

Narwhals are your neighbors

The South Pole is your home

Although you are icy and cold as usual

Right now, you are dying

Constantly melting and shrinking

The earth keeps getting warmer

Ice caps collapse and melt around you

Can’t turn back time to bring you back

Antarctica, I am sorry

25 Whirlwind
~Ann L. Transformation
26 Whirlwind
Perceptions ~Chaemin K.

Beast of the Swamp

Through the muddy brown swamp and rare dark trees

Over the vines that hide from the bright sun,

There lives a beast with menacing sharp teeth

That hides like the vines away from the sun

The beast that cowers from fire with fear

Was stricken with pride to conquer that fright

The beast disappeared after many years

Only to be seen back to fight a knight

The prideful beast went back home filled with woe

Anger and shame made the beast go insane

The vengeful beast was now filled with sorrow

The beast hunted the knight but failed in vain

In the end the knight killed the beast with grace

Leaving the beast’s grave under the sun’s rays


Deep in the woods, beneath the moon’s white light, A creature stirs, its amber eyes aglow.

The wolf, in all its great and wondrous might, Stirs much amazement in my heart to grow.

Its coat as silver as the stars above, Its spirit free, it knows no master’s hand. It pierces my heart, filling it with love, That only wild ones can understand.

Though some may fear the wolf and all its kin, To me, they are all noble, pure and true.

With friendship free from society’s sin, Loyalty, as deep as the ocean’s blue.

So let me live among the wolves so free, In their fierce pack, I find my liberty.

~Hudson H.

27 Whirlwind


Buds bust green and bright

Life’s canvas springs to delight

Nature’s joy takes flight

~Ethan H.


Sunset paints the sky

A warm breeze blows through the night

Summer’s joy takes flight

~Ethan H.


Leaves sway in the breeze

Colors paint the world with grace

Autumn magic flows

~Ethan H.


Snowflakes gently fall

A blanket covers the lands

Candy canes for all ~Ethan H.

Summer Camp ~Alec D.

Mother Nature

Feeling warm sun shining on me brightly

The rays of light colliding with the sand

Warm calm weather brings a tingle slightly

The golden sun shimmering on the land

Cold droplets of water sprinkling down

Cooling the sweltering summer heat wave

Feeding the rivers and streams running brown

Walking on dancing puddles feeling brave

Falling so gently powdery snowflakes

Frozen droplets create a wonderland

Large piles of snow make you hit your brakes

Turns everything so white, pearly, and grand

Nature puts humanity together

Everything is great with the right weather

I Am a Tree

I am a tree, standing tall and strong

I hear the whispers of the wind

I see the world evolve around me

I want to move, to be set free

I see the animals move freely, nothing holding them back

I want to talk, to speak my mind

I am a tree

I want to stretch, tall and wide, thin and small

I am a tree

I feel like a caged bird, unable to speak

I dream I can fly, and soar above the clouds

I try to talk to the wind and walk to the animals

I hope I can move, and talk, and walk, and fly one day

I am a tree

~Rihanna S.

My Midnight ~Olesh M.
30 Whirlwind
Perfect Day ~Emma D.


My Perfect Summer

Acai, and amusement parks

Belly flops, brain freezes, bike rides, bonfires, bingeing shows, breakfast for dinner

Cartwheels on the hot pool floor, cotton candy, cornhole, and chalking the driveway

Doritos, diving, drive-in movies, dance parties, and Disneyland

Eating ice cream, early sunrise

Flying kites, Florida, freezing ocean water, fireworks on the 4th of July

Gardening and getting nails done

Hiking, hanging out with friends, hamburgers, and humid, sticky air

Iced tea, ice on my forehead

Jump rope, journaling, jet skis

Kayaking and Kool-Aid

Laughing, living, learning a new language

Mario Kart, movie marathons, and mini golf

Noisy flip flops, next door neighbor hangouts

Ocean waves and octopus

Pulling an all-nighter, painting, pillow fights and Polaroid pictures

Quenching my thirst with cold sweet drinks

Reading under the covers, roller coasters, and relaxing

Starbucks, shopping, sleeping, surfing, snow cones, and sand castles

Traveling, tie-dye shirts, tanning, and thrifting

Unicorns and make believe

Volleyball with friends, vacationing, and visiting grandparents

Water balloon fights, watermelon, waterparks, and watching the sunset. Oh, this would be my perfect summer.

~Valentina C.

~Alexander R.

My Favorite Time of the Year

My fondest memories are of this time

Sprinklers, splashes, and fireplace ashes

Sunsets and warm nights are or so sublime

Morning sunrise and azure wave crashes

Catching lightning bugs while the sun sets

Running around with friends without a care

Having so much freedom and no regrets

Nights without sleepovers are often rare

Vacations to places both new and old

All surrounded by family and friends

The memories you make are as good as gold

So happy and dreams this time never ends

The time I’m talking about is summer

And it is never ever a bummer

~Selah S.

Cheeseburger Teapot


An array of colors ever so bright

Turning dark forests into art displays

Dancing upon the wind in the sunlight

Every butterfly represents a phase

Waltzing through petals so delicately

Graceful properties in meadow’s embrace

Oh, such kindness spread so genuinely

Fluttering and hovering with such grace

Their wings are a canvas painted by sun

A symbol of reliance and rebirth

All kinds, all colors, with nature they’re one

A testament to the power of Earth

Oh, a kaleidoscope in sunlight streams

Butterflies—fly, by any and all means

The Night

The night is full of life

Houses are pitch black, but

Endless creatures lay outside

Nocturnal crickets chirp

Intelligent owls gaze from trees

Grasshoppers fill verdant yards

Houses are pitch black, but

There are fireflies, bestowing light.

Mia’s Line Walk Drawing ~Mia D.C.


As springtime has almost come ‘round

I’m starting to hear of the sound

Of all the birds chirping And of spring usurping

The coldest of snow on the ground


~Meredith L.

Somewhere a fireplace glows

And a winter wind brings the snow

Inside is warm

A baby is born

And again the winter wind blows


White like paper

Soft as light

Falling from the sky

On a winter’s night

Like little specks

In the nighttime sky

Falling all around Like little fireflies

Have no fear

Stay in here

To watch the beautiful Snow.

~Sophie T.

Fish and Junk ~Vivian H.
34 Whirlwind
~ Julia X. Water Spirit

The Beginning

In the beginning, there was chaos, A swirling dance of elements, Formless, yet full of potential, In the void, the seeds of creation stirred.

From the chaos emerged order, Stars ignited, galaxies coalesced, Planets formed, including one, A blue jewel in the void of space

Life began to stir on this small world From single-celled organisms to complex beings, Evolving and adapting to every corner, A song of existence played out.

Through ages, Earth has endured, A witness to cataclysmic events, Yet still, life persisted and thrived, A testament to the resilience of creation.

35 Whirlwind
Sleeping Under a Microscope ~Chaemin K. Under the Microscope ~Katie O. Amino Acid ~Saira N.
36 Whirlwind
~Jessica X. Dreamweaver

Chasing Dreams

I am a child with dreams to chase, I hear laughter in every place, I see the sun shining bright, I want to reach for it with all my might. I am curious, eager to learn, I want adventures at every turn, I am small but full of glee, I feel the joy of being me.

I dream of flying high and far, I try to reach each distant star, I hope for kindness to always stay, I am a child with dreams not so far away.

The Alphabet

A rhythmic parade, a linguistic trance

Boldly begins a journey anew

Curled in whispers caressing the night

Dancing in shadows a story unfolds

Ever present, an elegant dance

Freed by the wind, without a care

Graced by sunlight, the lyrical flow ~William F.


Come on up here

The stage awaits you Its hungry for your tunes

Your patterns

The dance that makes you famous While up on that shining, Glittering stage. So come on up here and Dance.

Tiny Ballerina

A small child watches with inspiration

As dancers glide in graceful leaps and turns Storytelling with every rotation She watches them eagerly as she learns

Pretty leotards and sheer skin-tone tights

Each donned with a pair of pink satin shoes Hair pulled back slick, shining in the stage lights Delicately tied with ribbons in hues

Her eyes are lit, absorbing every move Practicing too, her dedication strong Seeing them dance, she works hard to improve Back in the corner, she dances along

Oh how she dreams to be one of these girls

With ever plie she leaps and she twirls ~Kaitlin B.

37 Whirlwind

Long Lost Friend

At last I find my long lost friend

Beautiful and bright

Castin light on lost memories

Dreary I was before I found you

Even on the brightest days

Forever your shadow left me in the dark

Go now and sing your cheery tune

How I’ve missed your melodic beats



In a bustling schoolhouse so bright Students learn from morning ‘til night

With pens and books

With the curious looks

Each lesson a step towards the light ~Rumika O.

I’ve now been forced to hum you again while writing these words

Just the beginning though

Killing your perfect melody halfway through

Listening to only half of the forgotten memories of you

My dear friend, the alphabet song.

~Emma H.

Dreams of Summer

I wish it were summer again

I wish I could put down my pen

The beach is cool

Or maybe the pool

But I’m here stuck in this den

~Gianna T.


So many things to review

Compounds, elements, Newton’s laws too

It has become rather confusing

Even though I find science amusing

Not much homework, just quizzes and tests

Cause me to ask, “Is science the best?”

Eventually I conclude the answer is, “Yes”


Cupcake Teapot ~Elaine Z. ~Swara H. R. Remy the Snowman Teapot Elmo Teapot


Waking up too soon

Expected to act our best

Going home to rest

I Need Sleep

“You need eight hours of rest” Alright, I’ll do my best

But when homework takes years And over sports we shed tears, Middle school’s an insomnia fest!

I Can’t Wait

I can’t wait until I can wake up at 9:00


I have an unhealthy addiction to mine

Plenty of information and entertainment

How could you say no to such an opportunity?

Oh well, I sure wish I did!

No amount of active activities will fix my screen time

Even though I always try

I can’t wait until I hear the birds singing happy songs

I can’t wait until I see trees with green, finally

I can’t wait until I feel the sun giving me a big hug

I can’t wait until I only have ice cream as a snack

I can’t wait until I get to play in the sprinklers

I can’t wait until I get to travel to new places.

I can’t wait until I find why “sleep away camps” have their name

I can’t wait until I see the fireflies on those warm nights

I can’t wait until I hear the cicadas humming everywhere

I can’t wait until I only have shirts and shorts in my closet!

I can’t wait until summer; I don’t know if you could tell

~Leila M.

~Shane M.


Despite what they say

It is not a dead language Because I speak it

~Mia D. C. Honey Teapot Flower Teapot ~Laure dM. Frog Teapot ~Lara J. P.


Breathing every stroke

Reaching for the stars

Every move counts

As I leap off the block

Stopping only when I’m done

Timing is key

Swimming is love

Treasuring every pull

Racing forward with every kick

Over the water I go

Kick, pull, glide is my rhythm

Each time I swim, this is what I want to do

~Sofia F

Powder Day

Beep, beep, beep, there goes the alarm

I look outside and there are snow diamonds drifting down

I run to check my phone

I look outside and my ruler is covered

I sprint downstairs, get dressed, and run outside

I’m first on the chairlift, on my way to the best snow

I tighten my boots and strap on my poles

Ready, set, go I take a turn onto my favorite run

Powder turn after powder turn

I prepare to hit the rock jump

I jump up and spin until I look straight

I land smoothly in the fluffiest powder of snow

~Ryder K. Modern House Scholastic Art & Writing Honorable Mention Award ~Youssef T.

The Race

There it was, the finish line

Huffing and puffing

Everyone else staggered behind me

Running as fast as they could

Am I the fastest human alive?

Couldn’t nobody catch me

Easiest race of my life


The ball sails through the air and hits the rim

So close but the sound is not swish but ping

The faces of teammates are now quite grim

I can’t see my way toward us winning

The buzzer sounds, third quarter is over

Time to regroup and refocus and fight

Got a plan, gonna fake then crossover

Gonna go home with a medal tonight

Pushing hard and in the heat of the game

I know love isn’t always for faces

Sometimes love is having jut the right aim

It’s hitting the shot, now it’s all aces

Fourth quarter is over, the game is done

The greatest love is when you know you’ve won

~Shaheen T.

Eco House Scholastic Art & Writing Honorable Mention Award
42 Whirlwind
~Eileen Z. Peace at Last Rho Psi Honorable Mention Award


My Sweet Plum Tree

Oh, my plums ripe and sweet

So juicy in each bite

A treat for all who we meet

They are such a delight

But one day there came a thief

From far across the land

He then sought to find relief

By stealing from our hand

He then climbed the tree by night

With stealthy steps he crept

His eyes shone in the moonlight bright

As into the branches he leapt

But alas the tree did quake

And let out a mighty groan

Its branches began to shake

And soon they were overthrown

The thief cried out in fear and dread

As plums rained down like tears

The garden mourned its fruits now dead

It echoed through the years

~Leo D.

Digital World

Tired eyes glued

To the bright screens of their phones

A hoard of zombies in the trains

Staring into the screens

A world enveloped in technology

Not a blade of grass to be seen

Covered by the enormous

Sea of architecture

Machines and robots

AI and computers

Replace our beloved Earth

That was once green

~Ella X.

Used Dog

Why don’t I receive any treats or belly rubs?

Is it only because I have

Gray hairs that peek from my muzzle?

A sagging face and small eyes?

A torn ear and tail, some patches of fur

Missing here and there?

I watch as they see me, and pass over me

Every single two-legged creature

Barely looking at me, or even bothering to open

My cell, a cell I won’t be in for much longer

Because I hear them chatter at the end of each day

His time’s almost up, we’ve tried our best

To find a home for him, and yet

No one wants and old-dog, a battered dog

A used dog

~Rehka S.

As Always

As always when we say goodbye

Smile when our hearts are so dry

We both know the day

When we go different ways

Turn away before we can cry

~Ian K.

Worry Too Much

Social media has ruined us all

I spend countless hours on a platform

I sit around and watch my confidence fall

People’s words poking at me like a thorn

Everything coming from AI these days

Worried soon it will take over the world

Are the texts I am getting real or fake?

All my thoughts and ideas spun and whirled

I look around and everyone’s the same

All the talking soon starts to sound fuzzy

And every face starts to fall out of frame

I realize my eyes are feeling puffy

Starting to feel cool streaks fall down my face

I need to give myself some more head space

~Fiona S.

Cat and Chat Cafe and Music Store ~Jenna Y. Magical Heart Emporium ~Bhuvi A. Hire Studio ~Jenna Y.
45 Whirlwind
Clear Skies ~Gloria L. Your Dreams ~Trevor E. Innovative Architecture ~Camila G.D.

Longfellow Clay Championship


A Wild Wacky and Whipped Wonderland

1st Place Longfellow Clay Championship

~Mannat G.

~Saira N.

~Sarah P.

~Emily U.

A Trip To The 80's

Under The Sea ... 2nd Place Longfellow Clay Championship

46 Whirlwind
~Aidan J. ~Ava P. ~Mal S. ~Sam S. ~Ellie T. ~Kaitlin O.

... and Above

~Abby L.

~Ava W.

~Claire C.

~Claire B.

47 Whirlwind
~Tyra N. ~Dahlia P. ~Catalina R. Sweets By the Sea 3rd Place (Tied) Longfellow Clay Championship Santa's Jolly Jug ~Lilyrose V. M. ~Isabella B.

Longfellow Clay Championship 2023-24

The Split Point 3rd Place (Tied) Longfellow Clay Championship

B. ~Vivian H. ~Ali R. ~JennaY.

Welcome To New York

River Library

~Vivian H. ~Annie C. ~Bea D. ~Mckennah S. ~Abigail R. B. ~Elliot

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Love and Life of Longfellow

O, what a beautiful school I go to Where the people are wonderful and kind And the halls are clean and not filled with dew Where every single class helps grow my mind

This beautiful place is called Longfellow Named after the man who wrote “Paul Revere…” Where every teacher always says hello Whose orchestras I always stop to hear

Longfellow is the school I dearly love That’s shaped me to the person I’ve become As I prepare for high school and above

I’ll never forget this school I came from

I’ll always love Longfellow to the end Even if soon, life will begin to bend

~Tarek E.


Lots of fun to be

Amazing things to do

Noticeable by everyone wherever

Caring for anything and everyone

Energetic at all times

Respectful in every situation

~Caleb G.

Longfellow Middle School Literary Magzine

June 2024 Whirlwind
~Jenna Y. Lancer

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