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“Build me straight, O worthy Master! Stanch and strong, a goodly vessel, That shall laugh at all disaster, And with wave and whirlwind wrestle!”

The New Colossus

From The Building of the Ship By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

~Indira Melvin

Literary Magzine Longfellow Middle School 2000 Westmoreland Street Falls Church, VA 22043 June 2022


~Sarah Li

Sponsors: Andrea Duggan Diana Gibson Tom Grady Faculty Advisor: Aidan Vigil Principal: Dr. Jim Patrick District: Fairfax County Public Schools Contact: alduggan@fcps.edu dgibson@fcps.edu Cover Art:

Annie W.

Whirlwind is a student magazine published annually.


~Emma K.

Koi Fish


Déjà vu This background This action This structure Hasn’t it happened before? Looking through my memories Looking through situations Such a weird feeling

Peace and Flowers ~Aimee A.

Is this a dream? Is this the past? Or the future?

Koi Fish Know the tradition, make a wish One that adorns blossoms and bliss In water shallow yet deep as the abyss Fish of silver, dyed with color Is it a sin to be this divine in summer? Shimmering water that contains prosperity Heavenly symbols of success and longevity ~Jenna N.

Such an unpleasant feeling Of Déjà vu ~Lucy K.




~Avesta S.


Whirlwind Lonely

Lapis Lazuli Sandi

It was time for lunch, so I went and ate And saw unknown faces, sitting on seats I looked around, finding potential mates But not one person had looked back at me

Lavender blinks it’s lilac laced eyes Basking itself in such purple toned lies Coaxing the cruel, not a flower but a jewel My dearest, lapis lazuli ~Sandi Schneider

Though I didn’t want to be so lonely Nobody wanted to come near and sit While the cafeteria was noisy Only eating sounds came into my head

Friends Fake friends come and go time-to-time Real friends are supposed to stay until the end Imaginary friends stayed behind in childhood Even now, each of them had a place in my heart Nevertheless, they were still there Despite not physically being here now, I miss them Something is making me just not let go ~Dassine A.

I felt then like I was outside, standing On a dark, snowy January night There was a man with a candle walking Past me like I was a weathered streetlight No matter if you’re tall, short, or heavy If you’re a friend of mine, then I’m happy ~Jeffrey Y.

~Sarah N.

Icy Cool Colors 4


~Samhita S.

Storm Brewing d

The Silence is Deafening By Alison K.

It’s a weapon- but it will never touch you It’s calming yet it drives you crazy the differences between quiet and silent the similarities between living and dead They churn your head and make you wonder “What are the truths that lie resting in the brains of those who chose to remain silent?”

To those who refuse to answer questions To those who have creativity filling their headspace but not their words To those who have never been silent a second of their lives It churns your head and makes you wonder “Is silence friend or foe?’

It can look you in the eye and tear you apart Yet when it enters the room it is never threatening And the words of those that are often quiet, are powerful and shaking It churns your head and it leaves you wondering “Why choose silence over speech? Why choose five over one?”

The answer becomes clear in our darkest hour When nobody is there for us When we want nobody there silence stands alone Offering nothing but presence You and silence stand alone, You stand together And you can’t hear a thing


Whirlwind Back Then Back then, times were simpler Little kids ecstatic and full of joy The times when school was not so demanding Or when Covid-19 wasn’t around Back then, we didn’t care what we wore Friends you could see every day The times when we had recess and snack time Or when Covid-19 wasn’t around Back then, we walked in a single file line in halls Foursquare, Hopscotch, and Tag The times grades didn’t matter Or when Covid-19 wasn’t around Back then, when we didn’t wear masks Monkey Bars, Hula Hoops, and Wallball The times when we had more energy Or when Covid-19 wasn’t around ~Rishi B.

Kогда тебе грустно

Development Rivers change course over many lifetimes And eventually all kingdoms fall The inevitability of it all How hauntingly beautiful How breathtakingly scary ~Harper J.

Lily Pads

~Sydney M.


~Siryn G.

Whirlwind My Usual Day


A morning begins with the blaring sound of an alarm clock Brainstorming rapidly…is it a blue or silver day? Cramming all my things into my backpack Dashing to the car and on my way to school Each period flying by like a speeding arrow Fills my mind to the brim with the assignments I must remember Getting home early to greet my dog Homework begins, go to bed, and the cycle repeats ~Alan Wang

School can be fun but sometimes makes me stressed I like science class, we experiment I have to get up early to get dressed Sometimes kids in my class are arrogant I like to sit with all my friends at lunch When I go to class the halls are crowded Spanish is hard so I study a bunch During math “X is 1” someone shouted When I get home, I always do my work I get all As so you could call me shrewd I do my work on time and never shirk Sometimes when kids misbehave, they act rude Over spring break, I will go to the pool Overall, I enjoy going to school ~Jasper W.

Middle School The halls are crowded like a traffic jam The crowd I’m in is moving pretty slow I hear some other distant lockers slam I wave hello to people that I know The bell has always rung five seconds late “What’s up with that?” I hear my friends all say Some are impatient—they can hardly wait To go home at the end of the school day There’s science, civics, English, math, and band I answer questions that my teachers ask At lunchtime, I hang out with my friends and It’s weird to see my classmates without masks I tell myself I have to get straight As But some people don’t care about their grades ~Ruby T. d

The Answer (Inspired by William Carlos Williams)

So much depends upon A yes or no These simple words Shaping a whole world ~Audrey L.

Lucid Land

~Naomi N. 7

Whirlwind d

Transaction Completed By Siryn G.

“Transaction Successful” By Siryn Grinbergs I stare into the window of the tall building. The radiant dimmed light from the windows makes me feel whole, or like someone’s hand is resting on my shoulder, letting me know that it’s okay. A gust of wind slams into the side of my face, stinging unforgivingly. I flex my chilled hands in the moonlight and think. Should I do it? I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and it now seems like a good time. Should I go in? Fully submit? The warmth of the building draws me in. Looking into the front window, I see a massive room, the size of the gym that I signed up for a few months ago and never actually used. Inside that room I can see the blurry figures of hundreds and hundreds of people sitting on comfortable couches and plush chairs. They chat with each other cheerfully. The room looks so lively, which was even more exaggerated with a flickering fireplace at the far end of the room. I yearned for this feeling as a kid, and I carried that yearning with me throughout the years. People of all ages sit happily. Kids, teens, adults, seniors, so many different people. I smile weakly to myself. I want this. I refocus my sight on the window to see my own reflection. Pale face with facial features that have previously been described as “too jagged for the average person to pull off, especially a little kid”, a direct quote from my older brother when I was 6. To this day, I don’t know whether that was a compliment or not. My brown hair is messy as always, as if I had just rolled out of bed. My mirrored image stared at me, it looked nothing like me, yet more like me than I ever have. I don’t feel like me, yet I feel more like me than I ever have. I feel like the me that could’ve been. I fiddle with the collar of my expensive trench coat that Alex had gifted me a few years ago for my 19th birthday. Time has really passed, hasn’t it? 24 years old, and I feel as if I’ve accomplished everything that I wanted to do already. I stuff my hands into my pockets and take a breath in. I’m ready to do this. Or am I? Yes, I am, I know I am. I’ve wanted this for so long, it’s finally my time. It’s what I have to do. I ignore the pounding in my chest as I step towards the door. Pulling on the door slowly, mostly to mentally prepare myself.

Should I do this? I shake my head, I need to do this. I have nothing to lose. I step inside the building, and the warm atmosphere I saw from the window changes immensely. This isn’t what I saw from the window, this couldn’t be right. The people I saw through the window were now sitting stiffly in silence on uncomfortable looking chairs, rather than happily talking in the cozy waiting room. I do a double take and spin around. The warmly dimmed lights I saw from the outside had changed, and morphed into cold, painful, loveless lighting. The massive room felt empty and plain. I look back down in front of me. The receptionist at the counter looks half asleep and is slowly eating cheetos while staring at her monitor. She wore a flowery pink dress that didn’t fit her large body very well, her stubby legs fitted into mary-janes that looked 2 sizes too small, and her bright red lipstick looked as if it was dripping off her face. I walk over and she looks up lazily. “How can I help you?”. Her breath smells of artificial cheese and cheap breath mints. “Uhh hi, yes, uh, can I have the one way trip to happiness please?”. She looks down at her monitor, her sloppily applied makeup looks even more gruesome in the dramatic cold lighting. “That’ll cost one life. You sure wanna do this?” I inhale sharply. I was sure just a moment ago, but being questioned again makes me nervous. I swallow. “Yes, yes I am. Thank you.” She stares into my eyes with a dull expression. “M’kay. Your transaction was successful, please take a seat.” This confuses me though, I didn’t do anything, so how can there be a transaction, let alone it be successful? “Um, I’m sorry, there must be a mistake, I didn’t do anything?” She cracks a tired smile, as if she’s been asked this question a million times. “You completed this transaction as soon as you stepped through the door. Now, your number is #274, it’ll be called when it’s your turn. Take a seat. Might as well make yourself comfortable, seeing that you’ll be here for a very very long time.”



~Arai N.

Emma Watson 9



(Fan Art From “5 Nights at Freddies”



~Naomi N.

~Lucy H.

~Naomi N.

Mom 10

~Joyce G.

Whirlwind Confidence By Akira P.

Walls built up bigger than the Great Wall of China Crash and crumble like Ancient Rome Water flowing into the titanic Passengers are thrown into an unstable panic I am confident because I have to be I am confident because I am me Long hair, short hair, mohawks, and bowl cuts, dyed and shaved Acne, leg hair, unibrows, and mustaches The memories have become just distance flashes “Women can have these too” I never learned until too late But now I know I am great because of my ability to compensate myself after destroying my body I unknowing learned to hate The awkward moments to power through Every shoe, every you, every hairdo Late nights filled with reminiscence and regret Forever repeating in my head, like a broken cassette My body looks so foregin, loving it seems wrong But I can learn The words that weren’t audible That impossible obstacle When something wasn’t optional The successes that weren’t probable The problems that were unsolvable Were the times I felt phenomenal Were the times I felt unstoppable Those late nights of silent tears Feeling empty A need to scream with no one to hear The false truth that no one cares A few words could cause a heartbreak Keeping you wide-awake Those few words stay with you as a keepsake Engraved in your mind, your body, your soul Telling you to create another you as a whole Just as I needed to hear a long time ago I will tell you That it wasn’t- that you -weren’t for nothing That what I felt wasn’t for nothing Because I am something


Whirlwind The Poems I Wrote for English Class

Fear of the Blank Page

The poems I wrote For English class Are in a book Titled, “The Poems I Wrote for English Class”

Fear of the blank page A common fear, but not a fear at all It just gets in your head And stops you from starting to write

All of these poems are written by myself With a little help from the dictionary

I know, I have had this And I know how it can feel It can feel awful Depending on your mood

I spent a long time Typing up these poems Hours spent facing a computer screen

The easiest way to get around it, At least, the way I have found, Is just to write your current feelings About anything. It doesn’t matter Just write about something Even this, because that Is how the first version of this poem was written ~Colin S.

I scoured my brain for rhymes I tried not to be distracted as I typed And I finished these poems in the end I hope this fits all the requirements of this project I hope I get a good grade I hope these poems aren’t the only ones I’ll ever write ~Siwen S.


~Nichola H. 12


~Emanuel B.

Distorted Faces

The Beauty of Sports

Split Second Shot

Baseball Bases are loaded All is riding on this last at bat Should I swing? Excitement and anxiety fill my veins Ball is thrown All comes down to this Lightning cracks off my bat Look as the ball flies into space! Jack F.

I handle the ball Time is very limited Game is on the line

~Steven C.


Baseball The crisp smell of dirt Sun gleaming down from the sky It’s baseball season ~Nathan T.


Sports are beautiful The roar of the crowd The crack of the bat The pop of the glove The swish of the net The bounce of the ball The shoes squeaking on the floor The sound of the ball being struck The sound of the ball hitting the crossbar The blow of the whistle The splash of the water The roar of the crowd The beauty of sports ~Emmanuel M.


~Ronan O.

Book Box: Solar System Stars


Little dots up high Shining brightly in the dark In the great night sky ~Olivia N.

Lonely blue planet Orbiting in the black void Calling out for friends ~Olivia N.


Above the Sun

I am good but bad They see me as they like me But I mean no harm ~Chahel P.

My only dream is To one day fly high above The clouds and the sun ~Yanis-Adam M.


My Head

Tick tock goes the clock Time stops for no one at all Time is eternal ~Rakin E.

My head’s a vast space If I think too many things Then it overspills ~Aryan R.



Science Systematic study of the natural world Continuous questioning for truth Intellectual discipline Endless experiments for proof Nothing in the world would work without science Collection of common facts Everything about the truth of the universe ~Sean H.


Spiraling Imagination

~Avesta S.



I will change the world by... WINNER: PTA REFLECTIONS, VA STATE 2021-2022 2022 District Shining Stars Award


~Emil R.


~Anna G.

Time, Fantasy, and Realism


Whirlwind Phones Reading is not a common hobby anymore Social media has taken up our lives Tiktok we find humor in Understand, most teenagers have phones Very practical, phones Watching streaming services is the new cable X-factor? Kids don’t know what that is YouTube is far more entertaining Zoos are not visited much All our lives are in our phones ~Sophie Hinton

It’s a Dream

~Siryn G.

Young Electronic generation But some lack veneration The group most unique But can’t take critique Full of speculation ~Joshua Massery d

Addiction Staring down at my phone I’m starting to feel like a drone I’m in my own mind To the rest I am blind But I don’t want to leave this zone ~Cade Santos

Fan Art


from “ENA Temptation Stairway”

~Jacob H. 18

~Naomi N.

Whirlwind My Sim is Catching on to Something

Barbie Has It All

I am a Sim I hear the songs in Simlish I see the green plumb bob floating over my head I want to have free will I see you on the other side of the screen I want Mrs. Crumplebottom to not hit me with her purse I am a Sim I feel fine most of the time I dream of Cowplants and vampires I try to follow directions I hope my Cowplant doesn’t die I am a Sim ~Guillermo Carmona

I am Barbie I hear little voices I see glitter I want another mansion I see pink I want another private jet I am barbie I want another pool I am glamorous I feel fabulous I dream of staying me I try to be kind I hope to forever own it all I am power Charlie K.

Twig the Shadow

Cat Man Sketch

~Siryn G.


~Siryn G.

Whirlwind To the Stars Is Where I’ll Go If on Earth I am to be unwanted, Then to the stars is where I will travel To escape these memories so haunted If I stay my life would soon unravel Though you might think it would be difficult Some people might even think it cunning Maybe I’ll be part of the occult! But I know the view will be quite stunning ‘Cause from the sky I’ll look upon the earth I will look upon it with deep remorse But never enough for what it is worth Because staying here would not be my course Though you might think it is, it is not wrong To the dark night sky is where I belong ~Harper J.

Book Box: Bark Cafe ~Emma K.

The World is Wonderful The world is the perfect place to be The dinosaurs live in harmony Giant sharks roam the sea The world is a wonderful place for me The asteroid is here, disaster’s struck. Everyone here is a sitting duck The dust is up, no word to say The sun is gone, the sky is grey The world is the perfect place to be History happens repeatedly There is now new life to see The world is a wonderful place for me The humans are here and bring new light Their fiery blazes are burning bright Death will come sooner than they think Extinction is on the brink


The world is the perfect place to be Earth is gone entirely I now can say sarcastically The world is a wonderful place for me ~Holden S.

~Nichola H.



~Madelyn C.

Night Sky



~Karen S.

Vicky’s Secret Gardent I Am a Sakura Blossom I am a Sakura blossom I hear the chirps of the birds I see the emperor’s palace I want for humans to be in awe of my beauty I see my future I want to be pollinated I am a Sakura blossom I want to never wither away I am a Sakura Blossom I feel the breeze blow through my branches I dream that I could live forever I try to preserve myself I hope that time will stop I am a Sakura blossom ~Caleb H.

Nature 22

~Madalyn C.

Whirlwind d

Delicacy-Inspired by Buse Spring

A dandelion, Gold and iridescent white Swaying in the wind ~Araya T.

Sweet smell of flowers fills the air Perfect warm weather changes your mood Running through meadows of dandelions too It rains some days, the others the sun shines Nice weather makes everything fine Gorgeous spring will always have a place in my heart ~Maya R.

A New Life They shoot from the earth The small, pale buds open up A new life is born ~Ella P.

~Ella W.

Flowers 23


~Davanee L.

Crested Coua

Peering Saipan White-eye


~Davanee L.

~Juliana S-H.

A Rat’s Thoughts I am a rat I hear sirens howling and rain hitting the ground I see wrappers of expired foods I want to live in a warm place I see dark buildings and trash cans everywhere I want to live in a good place I am a rat I want to be treated normally I am a sad rat I feel hungry I dream of having an infinite supply of cheese I try to enter homes and get food I hope to someday find a permanent home I am a desperate rat ~David D-U.

Book Box: Birdhouse

~Nancy P-G. 24



~Juliana S-H.

Book Box: A Sunny Day

~Aruni V.


~Julia C-E. 25



~Ona S.

Nature I used to not understand the beauty of the land Its vast blue seas, its hidden forests, its rugged mountains The Sun is another one, special and bright, radiant with light stretching out to the depths of the worlds Flowers with capturing colors, beautiful, as if wanting to be looked at The world is inhabited by animals of all kinds, all different in their own ways The luxurious patters of a zebra, wavy and puzzling The desolate islands with beautiful palm trees and pristine water The dry, never-ending deserts, hot and tragic, yet beautiful The tundra, cold and harsh, covered by pure white snow The Northern Lights are a sight to see, as though there are angels dancing around in the sky, showing their elegance The beautiful sunrises of a bright orange and red, and the sunsets of quiet, weeping blue And still, still I used to not understand the beauty of the world Tino G.

Legacy is something that is of most importance. When you’re gone, what are the things you leave behind? Impacts, thoughts, experiences, memories, secrets that die with you… Yet there’s one thing that always stays, one thing that we keep. Our legacy, our legacy will always live on, years from now what would we be remembered as? ~Victoria P. 26

Whirlwind Wander We stand under a tree for shade. We stand next to a fire for warmth. We stand with each other for comfort. But where do we stand when there is nothing we need? Where do we go when we don’t have to? Do we stay in the nest, or spread our wings to find greater purpose? Is a wanderer truly aimless, or is the very ideal of searching their new purpose? Some secrets we will never know. Others we keep to ourselves. Locking them away and calling it love. But is it truly love if you never let them fly free? If you never let them live? Breath? A life with nothing is a life never lived. So spread your wings. Fly. Wander. Live. ~ Elaina H.

Nature Naturally a work of art A true place to pour out your heart Time and habitat of peace and quiet Universe where there’s no scary riots Reality rather than technology Eternal love ~Wen W.

Forests Fading away On and on they go Rivers flow in between Endless beauty Supplying us with air Trees stand tall Symbol of nature ~Artur K.

Home I feel its presence It’s cold, but with warmth Like the feeling of playing in the snow And then sitting by the hearth. It makes me sad, But I feel joy from it too; Like a broken doll Fixed, good as new But in the end, I know that my home Is where I’ll find you. ~Anaya D.


~Emmanuel M. 27

Whirlwind Unlimited Realities Sitting down with a book Entering a new world A way to get away From all the pressure in life Living a new life As a person I am not Or not a person Anything in the unlimited creativity Of someone else’s mind Anything they are thinking Inspiring thoughts Made into a story ~Nya L.

Sky Rock


~Charles de M.

Tell Me… Tell me what your greatest fears are. I bet they look a lot like mine. Tell me what you eat at lunch because I assure you I have had it. All the crying, whining and sighs Just tell me what has broken your heart. Tell me that it’s difficult to not think of death sometimes. Tell me that when you look closely in your mothers eyes, you see all the stars align. Tell me when you get scared, your friend reminds you of the phrase “you are as brave as a lion”. And tell me how she left you. Tell me you have lost everything you had. And it will never reach your grasp. Tell me of all the breakups and all the crap you have gone through to become who you are now. And you are glowing like the sunlight on a bright blue sky. Tell me about love. Tell me about friendship. Tell me all about the stupid pendemic. Tell me that it’s all of the above. Give them all the reasons why you left me on that cold summer day. Tell me that you are struggling. Tell me that you are scared. No, Tell me that you are terrified of life. And please tell me, for god’s sake, that you have, at least once, looked at yourself from someone else’s view. Say that you think of everything in fear. I bet you are not the only one who does. ~Maria A.

~Siryn G.



Book Box: Between the Covers

~Annika S.

Book Box: Part of Home ~Jooha K.



~Riley S.

Untitled 30


~Emme S.

Coca Cola Vision I see as far as the Earth goes What if there’s more than it shows? Will we be punished by the other side When we show our true light And unite to rewrite our Earth? Will we be seen When we begin our mission To fight as one And end division So our fortune won’t be gone And no one else will have to be in this position or condition But rather take action to accomplish unification. ~Ana I. 31

My Set-up

~Dominika L.



~Kira P.



Freezing temperatures in a plastic box Rice, chicken, and leftovers live here Ice cubes grow like trees in a forest Dinosaur chicken nuggets waiting to be microwaved Greens that no kid will ever want to eat Eggnog that went bad before Christmas ~Ramez K.

I go to the cabinet And pick out a box Dull brown in-color. I find spiky lychees, my favorite fruit. I wash them and seed them Pop one in my mouth Sweet flavors burst through Washing my taste buds and my soul with pleasure. ~ Anaya D.


Ripe The sweet citrus The yummy juicy orange Perfectly ripe ~Saumya M.


Watermelon Crush Summer heat, palm trees Watermelon freeze, and breeze That sweeps through the heat Of that summer night Lightning bugs twinkle bright Like stars shine at night. ~Mary R.

Whirlwind Nature She loves nature Everything about it. Animals, Trees, Fruits and vegetables. Her brain shares the same ripples and folds as a walnut. Her bones resemble celery. Her stomach looks like ginger Her blood is as dark as red wine. Her heart is like a tomato. Her lungs are similar to grapes. And even her eyes look like a sliced piece of carrot. All these things she loves. Yet she hates herself. The way she talks, Speaks, Looks. She can't see what others see her as. ~Leem H. ~Yaein K.

Lemon d

Ice Cream Oh Baskin Robbins, Ben and Jerry’s too Oh Dairy Queen and Haagen-Dazs as well My Cotton Candy rainbow sprinkles true Or plain vanilla with a chocolate shell How sweet and cold with fine consistency My summer tongue belongs only to thee For cookies and cream my insistency Propels the urge to splurge with boundless glee Whipped topping light and airy sort of dream Goes splendidly atop a scoop or cone No cherries please; they just pollute the cream Stay pure—banana splits just make me want to groan Ice cream in winter also do I love When hands get cold, I simply put on gloves ~Mae R.

Cubism 33

~Nichola H.

Whirlwind Floating She never knew about the secret rock grove, a thrill circled the moon, everything lit up, the sky, the earth, suddenly, she started floating up to the moon, slowly leaving the ground. ~ Pranav B.

Mushroom standing in clusters spotted with dots scattered on the forest floor Waiting ~Avery D.


Ona S.

Book Box: Wonderland

~Emily E-L.

~Libby Hall

Visual Journal Cover

~Lila E. 34

Whirlwind d

Caterpillars and Other Fickle Things

By Aashna K. I vow to be devoted, honest, and true I didn’t notice the changes at first, though it was Keep you safe, out of trouble, obvious Play pretend with you forever You’d have tea parties with your friends and forget to You can be the princess, I’ll be your right-hand gal pull out my chair, The captain, and I’m your loyal bird Play with them instead, Together, we’ll sail around the world No more princess pretend with your old girl, No matter what, I’ll stick by your side No more room for your loyal bird Never let you cry, never say goodbye Perhaps I ignored it on purpose… From now until the end, I’m your invisible friend… At least, that’s what we agreed upon. Purpose. It was alright when you were a child We had some good times, didn’t we? Afternoon tea parties with Mr. Bear and Barbie, Ignoring your parents sneaking glances behind the door frame, Witnessing the naivety of their little caterpillar…

What a funny word. All my life you had been mine, So if you’re gone, and I’m irrelevant, Left behind with worn out stuffed toys and crayon stubs and scribbled in coloring books, What would I even begin to do?


Don’t get me wrong… You were a wonderful child. The bestest friend I could have asked for I felt all which you did, each heartbeat my own, In our hidden universe only we know, You were the princess, and I her right-hand gal The captain, and I was your loyal bird, Braving the most tumultuous seas We were supposed to be together forever, From the beginning until our hair turned gray, You said so yourself! See, I always knew you must have loved me, But alas, love...

You were sitting in front of the television, National Geographic Eyes flooded, I ran to your side You turned to me, Cried, and asked, “Will they ever turn into butterflies?” I assured you they would, And we went on with our usual repertoire, But I’ll never forget that day For it was then that I realized, Soon you’d break free and blossom into one yourself I just wish I’d known, You’d be flying away from me.

Love. What a complicated thing. For I feel you must have loved me, Just not enough to stay.

Jellyfish of the forest On the floor They stand Sprouting From trees That have long passed, Giving home To new life ~Avery D.


~Evelyn C.


Whirlwind d

Afternoon Snack By Jiayue Z. Sailing in the midst of the tropical waters of the pacific was a small fishing boat pushing through the china blue surface and rippling the water. The waves moved with the wind and rocked the boat side to side. The afternoon sun, which was at its peak in the sky, reflected off of the pacific creating white streaks that floated on the shifting waves, making it glisten under the sunlight. Some of the sun’s rays even penetrated the deep blue water and stretched down through the surface, giving off light below what human eyes could see. Schools of mackerel fish swarmed together, swimming through the ocean water just below the surface with bubbles surrounding them as they respired and flapped their fins driving them forward. The sun from above created quivering veins of highlights on the group of small fish. Looking ahead of the gathering fish was a round silhouette with what seemed like legs extending from it. As the mysterious shadow moved into the misty sunlight, the head of the shadow began to manifest, and then the two front legs, and finally the rest of the body of the sea turtle. The green sea turtle steadily swam forward as it moved out of the hazy spotlight, leisurely moving its flippers up and down as if it was taking an afternoon stroll around its familiar abode. The salty pacific water also had pieces of seaweed suspended in the water, awaiting for the turtle and small fish. This was a thriving ecosystem that was unknown to the humans. Discreetly dragging behind the school of fish, hidden in the shadows, was one sea creature that many humans would be in awe of if they ever saw one, however, it wasn’t there to put on a show, it was there for its afternoon snack. The small mackerel fish, oblivious of what was going to happen, remained huddled together, traveling ahead under

the light. It was like the calm before the storm. The predator sped ahead, quickly moving its tail side to side, disturbing the water around it and revealing itself from the shadows. The spear-like snout, as well as the white stripes down its blue body and its tall fin located behind its head came into view as it presented itself to the group of fish. All of the fish scattered immediately, abandoning its intimate huddle, causing the tranquil waters to move in a drastic motion. In spite of the swift reaction, the spear-like snout already reached where the center of the school of fish was. The miniature fish swam in a panic, helplessly flapping its fins and moving its tail. Despite the effort, many fish did not escape their death in the hands of the marlin while some narrowly got away. In spite of the size of the meal, the striped marlin was not satisfied. The fishing boat was drifting peacefully on the tropical pacific as the sun shone down at it, no longer at its peak. The serene environment was soon interrupted by a slight movement detected in front of the boat, and the humans, who were aboard the boat, turned their attention ahead of them to see one of the most magnificent views many have ever seen. A striped marlin leaped from the ocean, producing a splash of water as it went up in the sky, obstructing the sun for just a moment. It opened its mouth and then closed it. It fell back into the water producing another splash, but this time it was larger and the water that flew up into the air made it rain for just an instant. The humans stood in shock, checking their cameras to ensure they captured the striking moment. The marlin swam away with what could be made out as a pleased look on its face. It was a successful afternoon snack.

Week at the Beach Crystal clear oceans Tranquil soft sands to lay on Just watch out for sharks ~Kiara C.

Sea The water swishes An old gentle melody Sun glinting brightly ~Tara M.

Ocean waves

Book Box: Sunset

~Jason Y. 36

I walk towards the shore The cool ocean breezes splash The waves welcome me ~Cailin C.



~Leah W.


Life at the Beach

The sun is up, a nice day to get out A walk in the park, a ride to the shops With the family, having fun no doubt Everyone is relaxed, the fighting stops

At the beach, life’s a breeze No thoughts or responsibilities Just the sound of waves crashing, As the foamy water gently brushes my feet You can play in the crystal blue water, Or have a sandcastle contest, Compete in a game of beach volleyball, Or just lay and simply tan But don’t forget to apply sunscreen, Because burning isn’t fun But whatever you do is up to your desire, Because at the beach, life’s a breeze ~Ona S.

Bathing suits and the feeling of hot sand Family dinners every single night Walking to all the locations on land It’s so hot with the sun shining so bright A trip to the beach sounds splendid right now It’s hard to get away from work and school So much time away, I want it, but how? I guess I’ll just have to stay where it’s cool Vacations are the highlight of my year It’s fine, I’ll wait ‘til summer time is here ~Sydney M.



Seal Attack

A man's best friend My best friend The best of friends A dog. ~Henry W.


~David D-U.

There When I get home from school He's there When I get home from practice He's there Whenever i’m down He’s there My one and only My dog ~Henry W. 38

Puppy Next icy fountain A tiny, calm puppy sleeps beyond the panda ~Nubaid K.



~Dominika L.

My Dog Steals my bed, Steals my food, Steals my house, Steals my stuffed animals, Steals my blankets, Steals my tennis balls, Steals my beanbag, Steals my shoes to bite, Steals my money, Steals my mom, Steals my friends, Steals my heart. <3 ~Mia M.

Book Box: Night

~Jacob H.


Whirlwind Love It’s picnics on a blanket in the grass And watching sunsets, staying up all night Give heartfelt toasts at dinner, raise a glass At drive-in movies, hold each other tight It’s waking up to breakfast in their bed I love yous whispered as they fall asleep Bouquets of roses, dozen shades of red Spontaneously driving doorless Jeeps It’s anchoring their ship through stormy seas Slow dancing in the kitchen, candles lit Communicating wordlessly with ease Enjoying every minute, every bit It’s all these things and yet invisible Four letters and a single syllable

~Ayla Z.

~Nour K.

Untitled d

Bees - Inspired by Buse A bee in a hive Lost among its own people Living all alone ~Araya T.

Sleep I love the smell of lavender and sea salt It makes me feel at peace Like i could sit in the sun and sleep for years ~Gia A.

Memory Before you are gone Leave a melody so sweet We can't recall you ~Morgan H.

South Carolina

~Annabelle F. 40



~Lila E.

Someone Important

Cherry Blossoms

I never want to wake up from my sleep The whole day feels like a dream on its own I want this day to go on, I’m too deep These experiences made me more grown

I remember a day, a long time ago. I couldn’t explain myself. Cherry blossoms bloomed, They understand what is beginning, what is brilliance. What a splendid scent, dragging me through the door of time. trapped in the whirl of memories. Surroundings disappear and twist. Perhaps not all of a sudden, I returned to the past of time. In the end, none can hide their beauty. They accept what is end, silently falling. Leaving the joy that awaits. ~Sophia R.

Ever since I met you, I’ve learned so much About how to be a better person Both to myself and to others and such These are things I can keep in the long run You may not see yourself in the same way But everything about you seems to glow You always find a way to make my day You are someone I could never let go I can’t fathom the thought of losing you I hope you feel the same about me too

~Joana A. 41



~Siwen S.

The Forgotten Seas The forgotten seas of blue shine so bright Yet every night the fog sweeps the sea In the sky the moon has its stunning light The water is still like a face of glee A great big old fish swimming through the face Then a younger fish older and bolder Attacks the old timer with a fast pace Red fills the water and it gets colder The younger fish asserts his dominance All the other fish back away with fear The water had turned somewhat ominous They all tried but they could not shed a tear The fish are waiting for the days to end They’ve always followed this horrible trend ~Michael B.

Road 42

~Siwen S.


A Diffident Sky Carefully, sunrise. A dot of red emerges Hesitant, it grows. the flourishing seed the sun. it appears as a tiny dot at first, becoming dazzling. ~Sarah L.

Good Morning

~Jiayue Z. 43


Shadow Shall follow you anywhere Hides when there is no light Always there and waiting for you Darker than the dead of night On the walls and on the floor Wonders when you are not there ~Evan C.

Book Box: Nightmares ~Sydney M.

Night The darkness swallows me No more light to be seen Hiding in the shadows I can’t help but feel Completely at home. ~Sydney W.

Ghost Skater

~Siryn G.

The Paranormal Book Box: Thinking Insided the Box ~Dominika L.


The paranormal A realm no one wants to see Please don’t come for me ~Chloe S.

Whirlwind The Life Cycle of a Candlelight A soft candlelight wavers in the breeze The warm light gently swaying to and fro Wax pooling as the flame flickers with ease Short lived glow so mild yet bright soon must go Not a moment’s pause is taken before A match is struck and placed upon the wick Smoking from the last flame that lives no more Upon charred wick a flame begins to lick

~Siryn G.


Young and boisterous is this flame of new Bobbing back and forth, a vessel at sea But soon enough the wind shall snuff it woo Until then the buoyant flame will sail free

During the day My head is empty. Barren, without any ideas. When I tell my head To be empty, however, That’s when it’s flooded. ~Yanis-Adam M.

Trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth, The candlelight aspires to prove its worth ~Marina L.

~Stella T.

Dreamscape 45


Hot and Cold

Bryan M-H.

Pax Americana

A Frosted Leaf

The American empire awakens at last, Land of the brave and the free Building the future straight from our past, King of the sky and the sea

A deep burning hatred, Jealousy swallows her up from the inside Her pure and innocent soul crumbles away From a distance, she sees happiness stripped from her In the form of a girl, flawless and angelic Beautiful inside and out The girl is everything she isn’t And now as she stands alone and cold A broken leaf blowing in the wind She realizes what she’s become The villains from the fairytales, Not evil But just misunderstood and heartbreakingly replaced ~Boya K.

A country of wealth and power, indeed, Yet lots of our people are poor, If there exists a country in need We’ll resort to fighting a war To print more money is the solution For problems at home and abroad Who cares if companies keep causing pollution? They finance elections, thank God Perhaps the future is dark and uncertain And perhaps only time will tell As the politicians hiding behind the curtain Will make life a living hell ~Alan T. 46

Whirlwind Ozymandias Ozymandias The emperor of our sin Hubris incarnate ~Sam C.

Odin Watches the Nine Realms With his ravens and his wolves All father and king ~Iskandar A.

Wonderland Insanity, from nothing Wonderland did take its toll Took away control ~Madeline R.

Visions Her visions falling to the ground, her face changed, she missed the creature, watching it as it walked into the distance. ~Pranav B.

Untitled ~Fouz Alfuraih

Carnival d

Warning to Those in Love By Hanna A. The passion of Orpheus was ever so strong His love could only be expressed through his song With its spring-like melody that resembled his muse Eurydice, his love, whom he shall never lose

And though he found Eurydice, his test was still ahead For Hades had no pity for the living or the dead But Orpheus was persistent, and touched his heart a stone And was gifted a challenge, to return not alone

But misfortune was after the lovers it seems Like a gray cloud in the sky on a day of sunbeams The snake that bit Eurydice was the dawn of their woe For down below she went through an endless tornado

Through the darkness of the cave, the lovers fled Orpheus led Eurydice, but could not turn his head And at last the sun’s light seeped beneath the dark path And likewise, misfortune splashed the lovers with its wrath

And Orpheus cried for his lover so dear But she could not return by the drop of his tear So he followed his yearning and began his quest Till he made it to the underworld with passion in his chest

Till his death, Orpheus sang, his love song of blues With its spring-like melody, that resembled his muse Eurydice, who he hoped to love forevermore Is now but a scar that caused his heart to grow sore 47


Underwater Palace

~Courtenay K.

Treasure Chest

~Will M.

Koi Pond

~Aimee A.

Swish and Flick By Maria A. It was a few years ago when I was going around my house begging my parents to leave me at home, particularly when the family organized trips to art galleries or museums. Yes, I did hate art and I was never the artistic type, but after my gift, and you will learn about that in a second, I never stopped having this burning passion for painting and going to see different people fulfill their astonishing talent. I was never the sort of person that “tried new things”. This specific moment in my life was mesmerizing. The ‘masterpiece’ created by Maria changed everything.. It was my eighth birthday, and I was hoping for a grand prize that would be nippy enough to fit in with the approved crowd.

Don’t get me wrong, but at age eight nobody wants to be stuck being a geek. I came home from school, anticipating to take my time to relax, recharge and get ready for the party, after a long day of doing math, language arts and worst of all art. I naturally started to curl my hair, and wear my new pink unicorn dress that I got at the mall during my birth-week. After the long and exhausting hour we finally made it to the store downtown where you celebrate your birthdays at. I was extremely excited to see my extended family, and some of my closest friends. The party started off with a bang, and I was absolutely delighted to eat all that cake! Finally, we got to the part where I had to open my

Continued p. 49


Whirlwind Continued from p. 48 presents. Naturally, I was tremendously enlivened to open the box and find a new purse or a new set of clothes, but instead I was dumbfounded by the pack of paintbrushes and paint. I stared at my present for a hot second, and finally turned to my lovely parents to thank them for the “great” gift. A few weeks passed by and I was trying to find a way to tell my parents the truth about how I really felt about my gift. I started to tie up my emotions together when I thought about trying out the gift first. It wouldn’t hurt if I tried it at first and then presented my feeling toward the present, right? I was getting ready to set all my art supplies in a neat and organized manner. I had to get every single art tool at their rightful place before I began to do what was supposed to be “fun”. I picked up my paintbrush, and started doing the motions that you are supposed to do when painting. I was swishing and flicking my thin pointy paintbrush, and I was living in the moment. Every single part was enjoyable and I loved everything about the process that takes to complete a painting. After a few treacherous hours of painting I got my final masterpiece. It was a sunset with dolphins jumping around the horizon. It wasn’t the best thing that I have done, but it was the start of my beautiful journey. Approximately 3 years later, I was presented with an amazing yet creative idea of a project for a mathematics competition. I was never amazing at math, but it was worth the time, patience, and all the creativity that went into creating a board game for kids of all ages to enjoy. I started the project by taking my time to analyze and plan what I would like to accomplish. Suddenly a surge of ideas hit me like a cannon blasted from a mile away. In big bold

letters, I wrote down the idea of a Math House. It took me weeks to construct a house out of styrofoam and cardboard. Me and my younger brother took our large paint brushes and started painting the walls of the house with bright and vibrant colors. The final product looked amazing and even unreal, but I could not believe that we tried something very strenuous and still put together a dynamic structure that could possibly be the lucky winner. A month rolled by and it was the day that we finally got the verdict. I was sweating bullets, but what else was new. Ultimately, the principal walked in with a sheet of paper and a stack of certificates. She called out names, but none seemed familiar until I heard mine. I got up with a surprised look on my face and took the nicely printed certificate with the prize I won. I thought for a moment and finally understood that it is staggering what a human being can do with just a little bit of passion and imagination. “Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye” by Dorthy Parker. Take in every aspect of your life and picture it painted with a thin paintbrush on the pitch white canvas. How many times have you really taken a risk to try something new? It is never too late to be adventurous! I have always strived for perfection, until there was nothing left to endeavor. I can still remember the sighs and all the grumbles in art class, but that is now in the past. Sometimes when you aim for something innovative, afterwards you feel overjoyed that you have given it your best shot. Now you own it as a skill and be proud of it, particularly that you can use it in so many disciplines, even math! The only way you learn is by making mistakes, going beyond your capacity and putting in the effort to create with heart.

Spring Elf Crab

Connor B.



~Jeami A.


~Sophia T.

Dreamscape New Day

The Nights


Oh, the morning light Parading over the night The day’s begun Hello there, sun! A good day is in sight

Candy and movies all night The city was truly a sight The food so sweet The people we meet A story they truly could write ~Serena E.

I’m really not that hard to please You only need one or two keys I love to eat bread But without brie I’d be dead I would not want to live without cheese ~Mae R.

The Wheel


The Flute

The music so loud I can’t hear The sky is oh so clear We’re laughing and screaming As if we were dreaming Oh, for the day I can steer! ~Serena E.

There was a magician named Billy And he was a little bit silly He turned into a cat He turned into a bat Even made his voice go shrilly ~Lucy K.

There’s no instrument so hard as a flute With asthma it’s too hard to toot I thought and I thought Then I went and bought A stringed instrument called a lute. ~Schuyler N.

~Carter L.



~Drew H.

Black and Rainbow The Good Times

Baseball Life

All the good times we never want to end Biking along the woods Camping on a rainy day Drinking lemonade on a hot summer day Enjoying a slice of watermelon Flowers growing in the garden Going out for a walk at night Hoping for another sunny day ~Buse K.

Baseball is a fantastic game It’s a game of perseverance It’s something that many people play It’s something that many people watch It’s about celebration and glory It’s about sorrow and defeat It’s about getting back up when you are at rock bottom It’s about swinging for the fences in your debut It’s about the end of an era in your final game It’s about the thing you love It’s about the thing you play Baseball is truly a fantastic game ~Henry K.


Whirlwind How To Make A Friend

Book Box: Lost Treasures ~Sara R.

Book Box: Gardenscape ~Maggie R.

Book Box: Pink Jungle

~Laura M-D. 52

See them in fifth period Vaguely remember their name Compliment their shirt Say thanks when they like yours Try to think of something to say when the painful silence lasts a second too long Finally begin to talk at the same time “Oh, sorry, you go first” “No, it’s fine, you go” Grin awkwardly Next time you see them in the hall, lift your hand a bit “Hi, *name*” “Hey, *name*” Sit on the cold pavement Eat your lunch together Offer them the last peanut M&M Goof off in class Giggle when the teacher frowns “Hush!” Talk too loudly in the halls Figure out that you like the same things Music, Video Games, Books and more Get their number Smile when they wanna hang out after school Complain about homework Procrastinate on the homework Do your homework together End up sleeping over Cut their hair Reluctantly let them chop yours Cry when their cat gets hit by a car Beam when they remember your birthday Whisper about your crush Make them swear not to tell Promise to be BFFs forever and ever Until the end of time Maybe you’ll have forgotten them in ten years, But maybe they’ll still be having fun Glued to your side Now you know You’ve truly made a friend. ~Cora P.

Whirlwind d

She By Aashna K. She Her smile brought the trees back to life Buttercup hair and rose petal lips, Her voice sent dreams floating through the Willowy hands blowing you a kiss, night She was the quiet after a storm had passed Her laugh rippled, the sound of a hidden spring The forgiveness after a fight Soft, filled with spirits She was the purest form of peace and light… And once you hear it, You’ll know that being in her presence was the Yet she was not made to last. closest you’d get to touching the sun She gave her all into those who ripped her from She seemed to be connected to the earth’s finest her roots, gifts: Showered her with neglect until she didn’t know The rain soothing a baby to sleep, what to do The smell of a soot-stained fireplaceJust as flowers wilt once snow falls, Reminding a traveler of home, And birds fly far until you can’t hear their sweet And most of all, songs, She was made of lilies and roses and sunflowers She couldn’t survive the cold. Of budding tulips embracing a new beginning, She needed warmth And dandelions peeking out during spring She needed love showers She needed to know she wasn’t alone She needed to grow before being torn in two… Her very exhale aligned with the stars, And together they’d sigh, “oh we’re so far apart!” Some people seem to forget, She wasn’t perfect, yet all the same, That the most beautiful flowers need tending to Her blessed nature was a work of art.


(Inspired by William Carlos Williams)

So much depends upon The ancient, magical book Sitting on the shelf Beside the other scrolls ~Christopher T.

Book Box: A Sunny Day ~Aruni V. 53


~Fis S.

Leaf Abstraction

~Indira M.

~Ella Kessel

~Prisha Gupta


~Ariana Arrasco

Breeze Leaves twirl. Branches sway. Who is this, that lives without Sight, sound, smell? The wind. ~Sarah L.


The Butterfly Effect

The Moon

A small change, movement Weaves its way into your life, Changing your future. ~Joyce G.

One star among all A jewel in the vast ocean Shimmering stillness ~Angelina Y. 54

~Lily M.


~Aimee A.

Always Watching Ideas of You Liquid metaphors, sipping on alterations The sea gathered my tears, frozen in isolation Watered down promises, half-hearted declarations Drunk on ideas of you, wasted on my expectations ~Sandi S.


Tired I would say I felt something, spinning the spool of sentiment into my usual sonnet. I would spew a metaphor that could bedazzle my sorrow with eye catching words, making it pretty. But this isn’t pretty. Though it is covered in my blanket of vocabulary, to cover the raw truth that it is, there is still a candor cadence in a poet's ballad.

Startling Eyes Startling eyes, Meet my demise. Staring, creeping, Hideous, reaping. Those are the startling eyes. ~Kaussar F.

And in that truth, in that truth so dire to be worded, I am tired. ~Sandi S.



~Buse A.

Mercurial Slow School


How as the universe created? Where do humans come from? What is the meaning of life? Is there life after death? Are humans alone in the universe? Do we live in a simulation? Why do we dream? Does fate exist? Is humanity headed in the wrong direction? Is there inherent order in nature, or is it all chaos and chance? All of these are deep questions, But I’m just wondering why time slows down during school. ~Cedric T.

Procrastination Pushing back some work. Now turning to a mountain. How can I finish? ~Verity O.

Time Time once was my friend He would wait for me all day But my time is up ~Sariah S.


Whirlwind The Crest Of The Mountain

I Hate Philosophy

The crest of the mountain Rising high above the trees As the wind whistles through Leaves flying high on the breeze

I hate philosophy How am I expected to determine if I’m a good person? I hardly know who I am I’m in no position to judge myself so critically Forget Aristotle and Socrates and their idyllic ideologies!

The moon’s shimmery light As it glistens on the lake The crest of the mountain watches As the sanctuary starts to break

I am free as a songbird My sole responsibility is to soar and look pretty Oh, exile thoughts of purpose, Of higher beings and moral truths! Nothing of value, nothing of substance shall confine me It’s material over matter, darling This life is but a passing melody and by my permission, I WILL sing!

When the thunderclouds roar in And the tranquility shatters Enveloped in stormy chaos As the storm clouds start to batter Every inch of all the peace that’s there Has now been taken away And the crest of the mountain will just watch As the storm clouds start to fray

Do not attempt to chide me, chase meCan’t you see? I am mute to pleas of humility I’m sorry, But it’s self-preservation My mind’s abyss allows for no contemplation I do as it tells me, ten seconds at a time If I didn’t, I fear I’d lose my mind, For rabbit holes don’t always lead to Wonderland Some questions don’t get answered as planned, So i’d rather ignore it than dare to dream

And the chaos becomes unity And peace has now returned The storm clouds now have gone away Now the tranquility is reaffirmed The crest of the mountain rises high now once again No longer enveloped by storm clouds as it was then And everything is right again, but now they all have learned That chaos is as chaos does And they had gotten burned ~Madeline R.

I hate philosophy The ‘meaning of life,’ Oh, it terrifies me so, It shakes through my core and into my bones, I’m losing control, For I still don’t know. ~Aashna K.

Book Box ~Lyla S.


Whirlwind d

Courage Dark night in the woods Mist covers reality He overcomes fear ~Aaron L.

Remember I will find new ways To always remember you Nothing will stop me ~Mia M.

~Declan B.

Sandpiper Waves

All Together

~Davanee L.

~Davanee L. 58

Whirlwind Hazel Eyes

Reality Falling from the sky, Plummeting, Descending, Cascading, Gravitating, Dropping, Sinking, Plunging, Diving, Toppling, Tottering, SLIPPING From the sky. Slipping away from the galaxy, The planets, The milky way, The moon, The stars, The clouds, The birds, Everything fades away as I start Slipping into reality. ~Mia M.

The windows to the soul. The keys to some hearts. Your eyes are deep pools of hazel, blazing through the dark. Your eyes look on with wisdom, gained from some hard years, from when you painted your face with a smile, so thick it could hide tears. That mask was invincible, you made it sturdy and well. So while we were oblivious, you put yourself through hell. Now a few years later, you are here, joyful and free your eyes shining bright and hazel, but this time you are happy. ~Ella W.

Living Pumpkin Patch


~Virginia I.

~Rhys C. 59


Book Box: A Journey ~Virginia I.

Clay Flowers

~Aimee A.

Book Box: Dream Cafe

~Angela W.




A Fool’s Game

Friendship is the feeling of comforting hands. It is the realization that no matter what, People have your back. They’re supporting your back.

Three Six Twenty Twenty-two A calm and quiet morning In the town of Mclean A teenager in his room Locking in for his matchup Against a team from Jersey Win and go to the final Lose and we go home My team warmed up to perfection I played an excellent game And yet the teams were tied Penalty kicks were certain I stepped up first to be a leader And yet I looked like a fool walking away Two inches from a goal A broken heart is the only casualty But it felt like my whole body gave out on me In a weird way, thigs in life are almost like death You never know when it’ll arrive ~Kanta M.

Friendship is the sound of mutual tears. It is empathy and compassion, The act of understanding. It is waking up and knowing that If you cry, someone will hear you. And they will listen. Friendship is the roaring of laughter. Not aimed at someone, But aimed to share with everyone. Not mean-spirited, but light-hearted, Booming with genuine mirth. Friendship is the act of telling the truth. It is built on a sturdy foundation of trust, Of care, of love. Friendship is unforgettable. ~Sarah L.


The Zone Time starts to slow down. I can only hear my heart I am in the zone. ~Yanis-Adam M.

Book Box: Me

~Charles de M.



Elon Musk

~Benjamin Z.

Harry Potter

~Cho Y.

Jim Carry

~Ariston K.

Aiming High I am ambition I hear strong goals floating in people’s minds I see the effects of hard work I want for the world to strive for success I see determination burning in the eyes of many I want aspiration to build everywhere I am ambition

Ray Lewis

~William R.s

Chess I moved my queen into the center, “Checkmate,” I told her. She fell back on her bed, everything was controlled, staring at the ceiling, she realized that she was defeated, slowly, she began sinking into the bed, disappearing in defeat. ~ Pranav B.

I want people to aim as high as the stars I am ambition I feel the proud emotions of success I dream of effort put in day by day I try to encourage and motivate I hope for a world of intentions I am ambition ~Elise A.


Time Each day brings a challenge each night brings a dream each hour brings a purpose each second brings a change ~Annika R.


Queen Elizabeth II

~Zoe R.

Success Noise, anger, walking. Time is money, as they say. ‘Giving up’ is not a thing, its an excuse. You must keep trying or you will be known as a failure. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. ~Iman C.

Whirlwind d

The Pressure to be Inspired By Aashna K. What are you supposed to do when the universe offers you a coincidence?

And now that it’s here I’m giving up? Everything must begin now, now, now! Quickly, lest it’s gone, And I’m waiting years for it to strike again

Do you cry? Do you laugh? Do you ignore it and move on? Or do you accept it? Tuck it away in a box and shove it under your bed, Until it’s late at night, You start contemplating your life, So you pull it out to remind yourself that it’s not so dull after all…

This is what everyone wants, isn’t it? It’s every great artist’s spark An ironic, hilarious, saddening, maddening joke of a day I’m tempted to gaslight myself into thinking it wasn’t that great, Perhaps to take the pressure away Why else do you think I’m writing it all down? Frantically archiving every detail, Every subconscious thought and movement, Every pixel of the paintingI can’t afford to lose this.

But what if you lost it? The sky could have split apart, Diamonds crashing from the clouds What if you were so wrapped up in the storm inside, That you didn’t notice it right before your eyes? So you let it fade away, Forgotten at the bottom of a scrap pile, Leaving you alone with plastic rhinestones?

Is it like a burning star? God given, once in a lifetime, But taken back before it’s given a chance to shine? To be admired, and be caressed Are these little gifts so fragile that they’re gone before my next breath? A shallow whisper in the wind… All that’s left, Of the moment that could have been

I feel as though I’m wasting a miracle. That with this I should become a fountain for inspiration, This event is art and I’m stupid enough to not make use of it! Are you kidding me? I prayed for this for months Waited diligently for my time to come,


~Holly D.

Tree House of Dreams

~Yadiro M.


Whirlwind Anger My fire burns bright Brighter than you can see But fire isn't just red The hottest part is blue The hurt, the pain, the betrayal My fire burns bright But what's a fire Without melancholy? ~Harper J.

Peace 64


Self-Portrait ~Sarah L. 65

~Emanuel B.



~Owen R.

Beauty The wind whistled around, Waiting for me to look up, Into the beauty of nature The forest of grass rustled, Waiting for me to look up, Into the beauty of the sky

The Serpent’s Moving Castle

The huge blob of water rippled, Waiting for me to look up, Into the snow of clouds The balloons in my hand whispered, Telling me to look up, Into the beauty of the world. ~Hanna U.

~Delylah E.


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Candy Bear ~Raghav Kuruba


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~Chloe Singer

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~Angela Wang

~Avesta Salaam



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