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Environmental updates Baldwin library budget Freeport Library budget

SENIOR GRcYSI TAVAREZ used creatine to study the cognitive ability of mice.

by Mark Treske A relatively small crowd assembled last week at the Freeport Memorial Library for the Northwest Civic Association forum on Freeport's school and library budgets, as well as to meet the two candidates for a seat on the Boafd of Education. Deputy Superintendent Kishore Kuncham gave a brief talk on the school budget, which was approved April 5 at $128,509,876 - an increase of 6.26 percent. Large amounts of that increase went to contractually or state-mandated items such as teachers' salaries, employee benefits and special education spending - not to mention •the same huge increases in fuel costs we all have to bear'. Included in the budget is ' monies;for the All-Day Kindergarten that the district wishes to start next year. Approximately $820,000 was trimmed after the initial presentation in Frebruary, some of which was attributed to refinancing of the districts debt and a slight reduction in required payments to the teacher's retirement system. The state budget, approved by the legislature in early April, provided $2.6 million in additional state aid, which

enabled the district to restore its science program, as well as extended'day and Saturday Academy programs (important in this era of testing) and to present a tax levy increase of 2.2 percent - the third lowest such increase in Nassau County. When asked why educational costs were . rising faster than the Consumer Price Index, Mr. Kuncham noted that education is different from the CPI, subject to many mandates and legal requirements. Furthermore, there are caps on state aid that disadvantage Freeport, and New York State spends less on education aid then most other states. "I understand your frustration, but don't take it out on the local budget."

THE FHS ROBOTICS TEAM poses with their B-ballin' robot "The Little Devil." They are: (left, standing) ninth-grader Michael Fernandes; (left, kneeling) llth-grader Ethan Weisman; and (right, kneeling) llth-grader Michael Garcia.

From stem-cell research and -alternate fuel sources, to alternative medicine and possible causes |of autism, students tested the ^boundaries of science during the |Second Annual Freeport High .School Science and Engineering SFair. The candidates speak •5 Teen scientists competed for By longstanding tradition, Dr. Joseph jhalf a million dollars in scholarCattano/as the first to arrive, spoke first. ?'ships, research fellowships and After thanking Ms. Mule for running a civil 'other prizes, provided by more campaign without any ill will, Dr. Cattano /than 30 corporate sponsors. The spoke about his primary concerns: First, ''winners were announced at a speabout the cost of education - school and vil- cial awards ceremony on lage taxes plus reassessment are making it "Thursday, April 27. difficult for many to afford to live here. He suggested that the board consider capping the budget - That the board'present a (continued on page 15)

More than 100 research projects were featured at the fair, covering a wide range of topics. Fresh from the FIRST Robotics Competition in the Hofstra Arena, where they won the Rookie Inspiration Award, the. FHS robotics team demonstrated their "Little Devil" - a basketball playing robot that has proven.its skills on the court. Half a dozen young engineers collaborated to create the Intelrecognized project Alternate Methods of Generating Electricity: Voltaic, Solar and Microbial Fuel Cells.

Environmental updates by Laura Schofer cs u


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The Green Discount Plan Governor George Pataki has announced that the state will offer a discount o'n state thruway tolls to drivers of qualifying hybrid' vehicles. The Green Discount Plan builds on the Clean Pass initiative, a one-year pilot program on Long Island, allows eligible low-emission, energy-efficient hybrid vehicles to use the 40mile Long Island' Expressway High Occupancy Vehicle lanes (H"OV) regardless of the number of occupants in the vehicle. The idea behind-the program is to encourage the use of low-emission, energy-efficient vehicles. Under the Green Pass Discount Plan initiative, hybrid vehicles meeting strict emissions standards and having a highway fuel economy average of at least 45 miles per gallon will qualify for an additional 1.0 percent E-Z Pass discount on thruway tolls beginning on May 1. The vehicle requirements mirror the standards set to qualify for the "Clean Pass" initiative as established by New York State following the enactment of the federal transportation bill,. "Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users." . • To enroll in the" "Green Pass" Discount Plan, E-Z Pass .customers will need to provide proof of vehicle registration. To apply, send a letter and include a copy of the vehicle registration to the E-Z Pass New York Customer Service Center, PO Box 149004, Staten Island, New York 10314-9004.

Clean Air School'Bus Program The Long Island Neighborhood Network, a. nonprofit organization dedicated to reclaiming the suburban and rural character of community life on Long Island through public education and advocacy, is calling for local schools and bus companies to phase out old polluting school buses. Jim Rabner, a canvas director for Long Island Neighborhood Network, said that "kids ride in these old buses and are-inhaling the fumes'. They go into the buses and the levels [of diesel] can be-eight times higher than the outside [air]," he said. "There are many carcinogens-in diesel fuel. On Long Island there is a seven percent asthma rate among children." The rate of asthma among children nationwide is five percent.. However, Mr. Rabner said that "when you look at our population density, this number converts to a 4.0 percent higher rate than the national average." What can residents do about this? . "Contact your state representatives and ask them to .support efforts to fund the Clean Air 'School Bus Program," said Mr. Rabner. The Clean Air School Bus Program offers financial incentives to schools to upgrade and replace old school buses. Although many of the school districts in this area do not own school buses, Mr. Rabner said that "the same funding may be'available'to school bus companies." . Mr, Rabner and clean school'frus advocates say that the buses could be replaced with compressed natural gas buses. Diesel buses'could also be fit(continued on page 8)

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:•;.-• . Friday,May5 • Kid's Cafe, Friday evening supper for local-families in need, 5:15 p.m., ETS Youth Division, 87 Pine Street. • ESOL/GED, 9 a.m\, Hearing Screening, 10 a.m.>Talking About Literature,-12 'p.m., AA, 4 p.m., Girl Scouts, 6 p.m., Afr- Atl. Genealogical Soc. at Freeport," 7 p.m., at the Freeport Memorial Library. • ; -, • • Saturday, May 6 • Book Bug Club.-10 a.m., ETS Youth Division, 429 Atlantic Avenue. • ESOL/GED, 9 a.m., Hearing Screening, 10 a.m., DAR, 12 p..rri., LI Scandinavian Soc., 7 p.m. at the Freeport Memorial Library; Sunday, May 7 • NYS Safe Boating Course, Part n, 1 p.m., Concert: The Gondoliers, 2:30 p.m., at the Freeport Memorial Library. • Freeport Historical Museum, 370 South Main Street, open 2-5 p.m. Monday, May 8 • ESOL/GED, 9 a.m., CR: Parent/Child Workshops, 10 a.m., Retired Teachers, 10:30'a.m., AA, 4 p.m., Purple Cow, 7. p.m., at the Freeport Memorial Library. • Freeport Village Court in session, Judge Cacciatore presiding, 7 p.m., 40 North Ocean Avenue. Court watchers are welcome. • Bingo at Congregation Bnai Israel, 7:45 p.m., 91 Nprth Bayview Avenue. • Freeport Board of Trustees, 7:30 p.m., Village Hall. . . '• TUesday, May 9 . • Archbishop Molloy Council # 1974, Knights of Columbus, Our Holy Redeemer Church basement. 7:30 p.m. ' • ESOL/GED, 9 a.m., Mother's Center, 9:30 a.m., Growing Perennials, 10:30 a.m., Great Books, 1:30 p.m., Art Reception, 2:45 p.m,, CR: Homework Express, 4 p.m., SS Audjabon, 7 p.m., at the Freeport Memorial Library. Wednesday, May 10 • Freeport Village Court in session, Judge Cacciatore presiding, 9 a.m., 40 North Ocean Avenue. Court watchers are welcome. • ESOL/GED, 9 a.m., Current Events In Perspective, l.p.m., AA; 4 p.m., Girl Power, 4th-6th Grade, 4:30 p.m., CR: Homework-Express, 6 p.m., YA: Digital Photography, 6:30 p.m., Camera Club, 7 p.m., at the Freeport Memorial Library. • Enrico Fermi Lodge, OSIA, 7:45 p.m., Fireman's Exempt Hall, 9 N. Long Beach Road. • Freeport Kiwanis Club, 7:30 p^m., Bedell's West Wind. Thursday, May 11 • Freeport Rotary Club, 7 p.m., at the Imperial Diner. • ESOL/GED, 9 a.m., News, Notables and the Nation, 2:30'p.m., CR: Homework Express, 4 p.m., Global Associates, 6:30 p.m., Chess Club, 6:30 p.m., CR: Circle Time, 7 p.m.,at the Freeport Memorial Library. • Freeport Environmental Commission, 8 p.m., Village Hall . • Freeport Village Planning Board,, 7:15 p.m., Village Hall. • Explorer Post 406, Freeport Fire Department Headquarters, 15 Broadway, 7 p.m. . -

Village trustees handle light agenda by Jim Golding Village trustees handled a light agenda at Monday's board meeting, acting on a request from Eager to Serve Inc., to hang a banner on South Main Street and Franklin Square to announce a new location, and also approved re-advertising for bids for fire hydrants and gate valves. Speaking during the public comments segment, Alan Jay discussed his vision' for the Empire Zone in Freeport with the mayor. • Mr. Jay proposed a modification to the zone in the eastern part of the village to restrict competing retail establishments to half-a-mile from existing businesses in the zone and to encourage the development of more manufacturing and wholesale businesses. "The Empire Zone will be very good for Freeport, but it needs adjustment," he ' said. Mayor William F. Glacken .said the state would have to provide financial incentives for businesses to move into art empire zone. He added there is "virtually no vacant land within the boundaries (of the existing zone) as they are drawn" and an interested business would have to purchase existing proper-

ty and make extensive renovations. The mayor added, "I think we're •doing pretty well with the central Business District, but the North Main Street corridor is where the Empire Zone can help." He said there is room for more commercial and retail development there. The major also said the types of businesses Freeport needs to' attract are the high-tech and nano-tech firms that would develop new jobs with higher pay and require a higher education level and training. Tax exemption policy Resident Diana Knaack asked if the village has a low-income, disability exemption for property owners. . The mayor responded that presently Freeport offers senior citizens and veter.ans exemptions, but "we'll look into it." Kenneth Bagatelle raised a few quality-of-life issues, including drivers using cell phones while they're behind the wheel, enforcement of the "pooper scooper" law and traffic regulations prohibiting parking up to the corner of an intersection. ' Police Chief. Michael Woodward responded.that officers enforce any violation they witness.

Denenberg campaign meeting The Merrick-Bellmore Democratic Club will be hosting Congressional Candidate Dave Denenberg's first campaign meeting on Tuesday, May 9, at Temple Beth Am, Kirkwood and Merrick Avenues, Merrick, at 8:15 p.m., following its regularly scheduled monthly meeting at 7:30 p.m.

Anyone interested in being a part of Legislator Dave Denenberg's campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives Third Congressional District is welcome to attend. Refreshments will be served. For information call Claudia Borecky at 972-6988.


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THE MEMORIAL DAY PARADE COMMITTEE (above) has been hard at work preparing for this year's Memorial Day Parade and Service, which will be held on Monday, May 29, at 9:30 a.m., running from the high school to the library, where services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Chairman Steven Nicolino invites all organizations wishing to participate to be represented at the committee's next meeting. Tuesday, May 16, 7:30 p.m. at the Freeport Library conference room.

Immigrants are our future security Considering that over half of the residents of New York City have a first language other than English, it is surprising that the May Day demonstration for immigrants rights did not have more, impact. What many people did notice, however, was the youth of many of the demonstrators. Years from now, when those of us who are working now retire, these young people will be paying for our retirements, just as we are financing the retirements of those who went before us. The better off they are, the better off we will be. America was the land* of opportunity for past generations, and thank God, it continues to be so today. Young people who come from Chinese backgrounds can help us build economic opportunities in that growing market. Young Hispanics will help forge" trade partnerships in Latin America. Their backgrounds could give us the edge. The demonstrations were conducted with dignity and respect. And it is very important in a democracy, however high passions may rise, to treat each other in a way that honors that good that is within each of us. '

. Pass the bottle law Many of trie cans and bottles we throw out can be recycled but not redeemed for cash. Soda cans qualify, but you might have to travel to Maine to redeem some water bottles, while many juice or tea product containers do not have any value at all. An Assembly bill sponsored by Tom DiNapoli would change that. This time, of year, when all the litter suddenly - reappears from under piles of snow and leaves, is an especially good time for it. Our property val. ues are tied to the way our communities look, and right now litter is a major blight. Making, more containers redeemable would surely make more people think twice about tossing their cans and others more likely to pick them up.

KLEMPNER RETIRES: On Wednesday, April 19, Jeanette Klempner, upon her retirement from the 'Freeport Memorial Library, was honored by the library's Board of Trustees with a plaque and , proclamation for her many ye.ars of.dedir cated service to the board and the library.-Ms. Klempner-served on the, board for 15 years, from March 1973 to .May 19.88, during which time she was president of the board for 10 years. During her tenure she oversaw the construction of the adult wing of the library, and fought ceaselessly for library recognition in the community. Ms. Klempner continued her years of distinctive serve to the library as a staff member from June 1988 to .April 2006. From left are Jackie Klempner and Amelia Avellaneda, President of the Freeport Memorial Library Board of Trustees. TEENAGE DRIVERS: Are you a concerned parent or a nervous teen driver? The New York Safety Program will be holding special Defensive Driving classes targeted to teenage drivers at the Freeport Memorial Library on Metrick Road. The instructor will be Michael Raab, .a professor, at Nassau Community "College. • Mr. Raab has taught thousands of people, young and old, the responsibilities of being a safe driver. • Topics include the value of life, distractions and habits, driving in bad weather,.road rage, defensive strategies, alcohol, drugs, fatigue, influence of peers, and the ramifications of behavior, and attitude. • • This course will also provide for a 10% discount on insurance rates, and remove up to 4 points on a driver's record. For information or reservations, call the Freeport Library at 379-327.4 or call the intruder's office at 622-0000 if you are interested in arranging.a class at your school, library, or organization.. CANDIDATES .FORUM: The public is invited to meet the candidates that are running for the Freeport Board of Education on Thursday, May 4, at 7:30 p.m. at New Visions School, Raynor Street, Freeport. There will be a question-andanswer session. The forum is moderated by the • League of Women Voters and sponsored by the Freeport PTA Council. • CANTOR'S CABARET: The American Seminary for Contemporary Judaism will be hold. ing "A Cantor's Cabaret," celebrating Israel

Independence Day and Yom Yerushalayim. The seminary is at the Baldwin Jewish Center, 885 East Seaman Avenue, Baldwin. Tickets are $18 • each. Call the seminary 'office at 223-0375 for •information and reservations. HADASSAH DINNER:..The Baldwin Daliya Chapter of Hadassah will host its annual Author Supper on Wednesday, May 17, at 6:30 p.m. Renowned author Jonathan Rosen will be on hand 'to sign his latest book "Joy Comes in the Morning." Tickets are $30, Books $14 ($18 on evening). For reservations, tickets and books, call 223-1375. ST. CHRISTOPHER'S REGISTRATION: There is still time to register your-child at St. Christopher School! There are openings available in Kindergarten through 6th Grade. Evening registration will take place on Thurs'day, May 18, from'5-7p.m. Tours of the school will be available. Please bring: $65 non-refundable registration fee per child, your child, origina} birth certificate, baptismal certificate, record of immunization, recent school records, child's Social Security number and parish envelope number (if applicable). You do not have to be a member of St. Christopher's Church or Catholic for your child' to benefit from an education at St. . Christopher's School! For questions or more information please contact the Main Office at 223-4404 or visit . our website: http//school.

At the Baldwin Library S^.'J


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Boating safety On Saturdays, May 6 and 13 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. take this two-part- boating safety classroom- course. New York State requires all personal Watercraft (PWC) operators-age 10 and up to take this course to obtain a license. This boating course will provide necessary information for the safe operation-of your boat or watercraft. The Tee is $65 payable to USCG Aux. Flotilla 1307. There are two ways to register. 1. In-person registration at the Library Adult Reference Desk; 2. Contact Michael Cohen at 889-6042. You must attend both classes to obtain your license. The instructor is a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 1307.

History of rock concerts On Wednesday, May 17, at 7 p.m., join Clive Young for the "History of Rock Concerts," a PowerPoint presentation with video performances, behindthe-scenes footage, insights and anecdotes. Special attention is paid to historic shows, including the Beatles' 1965 concert at Shea Stadium, "Woodstock" and, the epic charity event "Live Aid."

History of Baldwin On Tuesday, May 9, at 7 p.m. The Baldwin Historical Society will make a presentation using photos and stories to trace the history of Baldwin from the Meroke Native Americans through the Civil War and to the present day. Baldwin's proximity to the Great South Bay and the many interesting people it attracted will help to make this a fascinating program. It is sponsored by The

Baldwin Auxiliary of South Nassau Communities Hospital. Refreshments will be served.

Comedy show On Sunday, May 21, at 2 p.m. laugh along with Glen Anthony who is a versatile comedian using original wholesome humor. He is also a talented impersonator of Howard- Cosell, Willie Nelson, Jacques Cousteau, Kenny Rogers, Julio Iglesias and many more.

Job Search for Seniors Do you need help putting together a resume? Are your interview skills rusty? On Tuesday, May 23, at 10 a.m., join Employment Specialist Sari. Flesch of the Nassau County Department of Senior Citizen Affairs for a free workr shop that will show you how to prepare a great resume and develop good interview skills. Ms. Flesch will bring helpful handouts and answer your job search questions.

TGIFfdms The Baldwin Public Library will present an Academy Award nominated film at 1 and 7 p.m. on May 19 - "Tru" Truman Capote, while researching his book, "In Cold Blood," an account of the murder of a Kansas family, develops a close relationship with Perry Smith, one of the killers. Rated R. 114 minutes.

Chess Club ' The Chess Club meets every Tuesday evening from 7 to 9 p.m. Bring your chess set and play with other enthusiasts. Free beginner instruction available. Call 223-6228 for more information.

Looking for more than just day care for your child? Need a fun and exciting summer program for your child that is affordable?

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PLAZA MUSICIANS: Thirty-nine Plaza Elementary School students in the Jazz and Select String Ensembles performed at the Brookside Gardens Senior Center recently under the direction of Plaza's Instrumental. Music -Director Christopher Greer: The seniors were delighted by the students' musical talent.

Santino Town Hall May 11 Hempstead Senior Town Councilman Anthony J. Santino will bring Town Hall to Baldwin and South. Hempstead residents when he hosts a Town Hall meeting on Thursday, May 11, at 7:30 p.m. 'The meeting will be held at the South Hempstead Fire House, at May Street and Webber Avenue in South Hempstead. "We at the town are urging residents to give us their one-on-one feedback," said Councilman Santino. "I look forward to a large turnout of Baldwin and South Hempstead neighbors." Representatives from many Town of Hempstead departments will be on hand at the meeting to address concerns and

remedy any problems that Baldwin and South Hempstead residents may have. Councilman Santino continued, "Many improvements in the community are a direct result of residents' input. Among them are road and park renovations, the upgrade of the Baldwin train station and a clean up of commercial areas. Recently, the Town Board launched a revitalization project in downtown Baldwin after a comprehensive study found the western side of Grand Avenue to be 'blighted' and in need of urban renewal. We urge residents to attend the May 11 meeting and provide their insight on this and other important issues."

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Freeport school board honors students scholarship from the American Association of University Women, and 37 filing cabinets from Judge Ira Raab Superintendent Dr. Eric Eversley (father of school board President gave with a salute last wee'k to a sucMichael Raab, who explained that his cessful group of Freeport High School father has retired from practicing law students - the FHS Odessey of the thus the cabinets.) Mind team, which concluded a very In other action items, the board • successful year with a fifth place finish voted to approve the 2006-07 BOCES in the state contest in Binghamton. budget, of $16,303,717 and voted to The members of the team received support Susan Bregtraum of East 'their citations at -last week's school Williston, William P. Stris of Valley board meeting, and in return gave the Stream District 30 and Iris Wolfson of district a product of their labors - a Hicksvill for three vacant seats on the beautiful Egyptian mural, which Dr. board of Nassau Board of Cooperative Eversley promised to tour around the Educational'Services (BOCES). district. In audience comments: In reported on the upcoming 200607 budget vote, Dr. Eversley stated . Dory Seaver expressed concern about contolling expenses and placethat the budget brochure will go out 'ment of out-of-district students and the soon and an information campaign is effect on the district's finances. already in progress. He noted that the Diane Clark inquired about the governor -left the Legislature's state aid recent resignation of Phyllis Davis, intact, enabling the district to present a director of pupil personnel services. budget with a tax levy, increase of only 2.2 percent. Dr. Eversley encouraged . She was informed that a search was already. underway, but that qualified the public to inform itself by attending applicants in this area were harder to the next board meeting, a budget hearfind. ing on May 3 at Atkinson School. Laura Cardoso invited the crowd to Assistant Superintendent Robert attend a candidates forum that will be Harris addressed the upcoming release of the state student report card, which • on Thursday, May 4, at 7:30 p.m. at New Visions School. She also will happen next week. He noted that observed that sometimes questions the elementary' schools are still "in asked during public comment were not good standing," and that the middle always answered in a timely way. school and high school are making President Michael Raab assured her steady improvement, although they are that all such issues were covered by classified as "in need of improvement" the board after meetings and that board and requiring academic progress." members tried to answer, all such The action meeting's consent agenda queries. A discussion ensued among included leave of absence requests, retirements, resignations, terminations, the board as to the best ways to better serve the community with that inforappointments and approval of minutes. mation. The board also accepted gifts: a $250 by Mark Treske

CALL Now! YOUR AD COULD BE HERE! (378-5320) Down 1. Incline. 2. Someone who uses. 3. Hawaiian goose. 4. Added zest to. 5. Delicatessen. 6. Horizontal mine entrance." .7. Mackerel shark. 8. Flow back. 9. Trivial nonsense. 10. Low in spirit. 11.-Native of Serbia.13. Accidently overturn. 14. Use again. 20. Information. 21. Capital of Fiji. 25. Strap for controlling a horse. 26. Acted in violent anger. 27. Self-centered. 28. Batman and _. 40. .Valley. Across 29. Sound judgment. 41. Oval, edible nut. 1. Short trips. 30. Sluggard. 43. Place in. 5. Block up. 31. Short sleep. 45. Adult female hog.' 8. Recedes. 33. Negation of a word. 46. Delay. 12. Toward the sea. 35. Black and gray 48. Down to earth. • ' 13. Aromatic evergreen Eurasian bird. 50. Computer _. tree. 37. Fence opening. 51. Owen _, 17th-century 15. Group of turtles. 39. Desired. Irish Patriot. 16. Bill of fare. 42. Narcotics agent. 52. Canaanite god of 17. Similar. 44. Past tense of tread. death. 18. Smudge. 54. Worthy of high praise. 47. Worshipped objects. 19. Very steep. 49. Yoked in. 61. Boat paddles. 22. _ Stover, writer. 52. Overall feeling. 63. Jewelers magnifying 23. Entity. 53. Hawaiian island. glass. 24. Positive. 55. Pain utterance. 26. Californian evergreen ' 64. Tie up. 56. Unable to speak. 65. Buckeye state. tree. 57. Fencing sword. 66. Fed beyond capacity. 29. Keeps apart. 58. Wild Euopean swine. 67. Gain through merit. 31. Old horse. . 59. Traditional knowledge. 68. Enclosed conduit for 32. Poisonous oxygen. 60. Sea eagle. fluid. 34. Helped. 62. Blockhead. 69. Born. 36. Highly excited. 70. Tedious. . 38. Dark black.


First Presbyterian Church 178 South Ocean AVenue, Freeport, NY 11520 Eddie J. JiLsino, Pastor - Tel: (516) 379-1114 • Email: Sunday Worship 10:00 a.m. 264OC0305JA

FIRST CHURCH BALDWIN, UNITED METHODIST, 881 Merrick Rd, Baldwin, 2231168, Rev. Elizabeth Perry; Worship Service & Sunday School 10'a.m.; Youth Fellowship Sunday, 6:30.p,m EBENEZER CHURCH OF SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST, 97 Broadway. Michael R. Bernard, Pastor; Saturdays, Church at Study, 9:15 a.m.; Morning Service, 11 a.m.; Youth.Service, 4 p.m. 379-1054 DEAN STREET CHAPEL, 23 West Dean treet. Sundays, Breaking of Bread, 9:15 am.; Adult Bible Class, 10:15 am.; Family Bible Hour, Sunday School (pre-K through seniors), 11:15 a.m.; Wednesdays, Prayer Meeting, 8 p.m SOUTH NASSAU CHRISTIAN CHURCH, 3147 Eastern Parkway, Baldwin, '379-0720, David Dooley, Minister. Sunday School, 9:30 a.m.; Sunday Worship Service, 10:45 am.; Wednesday Adult Bible Study, 8 p.m., Youth Group, 8 p.m.. ST. PETER'S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH, 2332 Grand Avenue, Baldwin, 2231951. The Rev. Edward G. Barnett, Pastor. The. Service of Holy Communion, 10 a.m. ALL SAINTS' EPISCOPAL CHURCH ANGLICAN) - 2375 Harrison Avenue, Baldwin, 223-3731, The Rev. Dr. Charles. G. Ackerson, Ph.D., Rector. Sunday: Holy Eucharist and Sermon, 8 am., Church School and Nursery, 9:45 a.m.,- Sung. Eucharist and Sermon, 10 a.m. Wednesday: Holy Eucharist 10 a.m. THE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF BALDWIN, 717 St. Luke's Place,"Baldwin, . New York 11510, (516) 223-2112 Welcoming and Supporting Individuals and Families to Grow in Faith! Sunday Services at 10 o'clock astor: Rev. Mark F. Greiner <http://www.firstpresbyteri- .> , <>- • IGLESIA CENTRO BIBLICO DE FREEPORT - 50 North Main Street, 546-0473, C. Luis Vargas, Senior Pastor. Sunday services. TABERNACLE OF FAITH, 286 West Merrick *oad, Freeport, Walter Gibson, Pastor. Sunday Services, 8 and 11:30 am. and 8 p.m.; Sunday School, 10 a.m.; Friday night service, 8:30 p.m.; vfonday and Tuesday Bible School, 7:30 p.m. THE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF FREEPORT, South Ocean Avenue and Smith Street. Sunday Worship at 10 am. Rev. Eddie J. fusino. BETHEL A.M.E. CHURCH, 420 North Main Street. Reverend Dr. Harry J. White, II., Senior • 'astor, Sunday Morning Worship Service 9:45 a.m., Holy Communion - Every 1st Sunday., Senior Program - Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 10 a.m.', Radio Program - WTHE 1520 AM - Thursday Morning - 11 a.m. BALDWIN JEWISH CENTER, 885 Seaman Avenue. Daily minyan, Monday and Thursday 6:25 a.m.; Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 6:35 a.m.; Friday services 8 p.m.; Saturday, services 9 am. and 5:50 p:m.; Sunday services,'9 a.m. FREEPORT . UNITED METHODIST HURCH, 46 Pine Street, 378-0659. .The Rev. Steed Davidson. 10:30 am. Worship Service, during church service nursery care and a.toddler jrogram are available along with Pre-K through • ?th grade Sunday School classes. ' CONGREGATION B'NAI ISRAEL, 91 North Sayview Avenue, 623-4200. Conservative, egalitarian congregation. Friday services, 8 'p.m.;- • Saturday services, 9:30 a.m. Weekday minyan bllowed by breakfast, 6:45 a.m. Sunday services, 9 am., followed by breakfast Religious school, pre-K through high school. Adult educa:ion. SOUTH NASSAU UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST CONGREGATION, 228 South Ocean Avenue, 623-1204. A liberal faith community where all people and beliefs are welcome: Sunday services 10:30 am. Childre's religious education, youth groups, childcare? small jroup interactions, social justice work and special events. . ' CHRIST EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH/IGLESIA LUTERANA DE CRISTO, North Grove Street arid Randall

Avenue. Pastor, The Rev. Marianne Tomecek, Sundays - 9:30 am. - Worship Service; 10:45 am. Sunday School and Adult Education; 11 am. Spanish Mass. WORD OF LIFE MINISTRIES, 80 West Merrick Road, Freeport Non-Denominational; Stephen and Roseann Brower, Senior Pastors; Sunday morning Worship 10 am.; Children's Church 10 a.m.; Nursery available. Wednesday Care Groups in the homes; Friday evenings ministries.; Care (Home and Hospital visits). Children's Ministry 7:30 p.m., 18 month residential program for substance abuse. Bible Education Center. 546-3344. FREEPORT CHURCH OF GOD, 580 Babylon Turnpike. Reverend Linette Clark, Pastor. Sundays, Sunday School 9:45 am.; Morning Services 1'1:15 am.; Evening Youth Services 6 p.m.; Sunday Night Service 7 p.m. Tuesdays, Prayer Service 8 p.m. SALVATION ARMY, 66.-Church Street, P.O. Box 725, Sunday: Morning Worship I I a.m.; Afterglow Service 12 p.m.; Home League Ladies Group Thursday 11 am.; Bible-Study Friday 11 am.; Mid-week Service Wednesday, 12 p.m.; Senior Citizen Center, Monday to Friday, 8:OC am. to 4:00 p.m. Family Supper Program on Tuesday 5 p.m. followed by Scouting activities 5:30 to 7 p.m. Call (516) 378-4557 . TRANSFIGURATION EPISCOPAL CHURCH - (ANGLICAN), South Long Beach Avenue and Pine Street. Tuesdays Holy Eucharist 8:45 a.m. Sundays, Holy Eucharist 8 and 10 a.m. Sunday School, noon. CHURCH OF OUR HOLY REDEEMER, 37 South Ocean Avenue. Weekday Masses Monday 7:30 p.m.. (Spanish), 7:30 am. and 12:10 p.m., Thursday, 7:30 p.m. (Spanish); Friday 12:10 p.m. followed by Divine Mercy Chaplet; Saturday Morning Mass in'the Church, 7:30 a.m. Saturday Evening (Sunday Vigil Masses) 5 p.m. and 7 p.m (Spanish); Sunday^ Masses 8:00 a.m., 10 (Family), 11:30 a.m., 1 p.m. (Spanish); Miraculous Medal Novena, Saturday following 7:30 a.m. Mass. Blessed Sacrament Chapel open 24 hours. ST. CHRISTOPHER'S R.C. CHURCH, 11 Gale Avenue, Baldwin. Sunday Masses: Saturday at 5 p.m.; Sunday at 7:30 a.m.; 9:30 a.m. (Folk Group); 11 am. (Choir); 12:30 p.m.; 5 p'.m (Contemporary Music Group). Daily Masses Monday through Friday: 7 and.9 a.m.; Saturday: 9 am. Holiday Masses: Please consult the weekly Bulletin the Sunday before the holyday. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF FREEPORT, Pine Street and South Long Beach Avenue Sunday Worship - 10:45 am.; Sunday School for adults & children, 9:20 am.; Wednesday Bible Study & Prayer, 8 p.m.; 379-8084.





NAZARENE, 301 Atlantic Avenue. Sundays Sunday School for all ages, 10 am.; Morning Worship Service, 11 a.m.; Evening. Praise anc Prayer Service, 6 p.m.; Wednesdays, Evening Bible Study in Spanish and English, 7:30 p.m Second and fourth Fridays, Youth Night in Church gym, 8 p.m. GREATER SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH 129 East Merrick Road. Reverend Mallette; Sundays, Morning Service, 11 a.m.; Evening Service, 9 p.m. Thursdays, Prayer Meeting, 8 p.m.: Sunday School, 9:30 am. SOUTH BALDWIN JEWISH CENTER 2959 Grand Avenue, Baldwin; Rabbi Robert Judd. Conservative. Twice daily minyan Weekdays: Sunday 9:30 a.m.; Monday-Friday 6:50 a.m.; Sunday-Thursday 8.p.m'.; Shabbat: 8 p.m.; Shabbat morning 9:30 a.m.; Sat. afternoon 10 minutes before sundown. Religious school Adult education. Mens Club & Sisterhood. 2238688 ZION CATHEDRAL, COGIC,, 312 Grand Avenue, Freeport. Bishop Frank Otha White Senior Pastor; Dr. Frank Anthone White, CoPsastor. Sunday: 7:30 arid ll:15 - am., Worship Services; 10 a.m., Sunday School. Tuesday:: 121 p.m., Noonday Prayer; 6:30-8:30 p.m. Spiritual Empowerment Service; 6 p.m.. Youth Activities.

PTA supports budget To The Leader On April 10, over 200 representatives from the nine Freeport PTA units met and voted unanimously to support the 2006-2007 "proposed Freeport School Budget. We support this budget as parents, teachers and taxpayers. This budget will allow the district to continue on its path to providing quality education for all,our children. It.will allow the district to continue with their art, math, science, athletic and music programs as well as field trips, and academic and athletic competitions. The school district has seen many successes over the past year. Our Odyssey of the Mind Team, comprised of seven freshman, took fifth place in the New York State competition held at Binghampton University. Our DECA team is off to Texas to represent Freeport in the World Competition. Freeport High School won in the Long Island Challenge, sponsored by-News 12 Long Island. These are just a few of our children's accomplishments. We recognize the importance of providing our children with positive alternatives and believe this budget addresses those needs. Included in this year's budget is fullday kindergarten. It has been proven

that the earlier a child receives intervention the better they do in school. In fact, the district may soon not have a choice - there has been serious conversation about whether the Board of Regents will mandate full-day kindergarten in the near future. We believe it is very likely they will. We know that if the budget isn't passed, our children will not have these after-school programs or the early intervention, and this will be at the expense of their future and indeed the future of our community. We are a community that supports and encourages our children whether they attend private school or public school. We must not lose sight of what this budget is about. It is our future. Freeport PTA strongly encourages everyone to come out on May 16 to support the children of our community, and vote yes for the school budget. Laura Cardoso Freeport PTA Council President

Perennials 'On Tuesday, May 9, at 10:30 p.m., the Freeport Memorial Library will offer a • program on perennials by a representative of the Cornell Cooperative Extension. The discussion will include which perennials give the longest show in the garden, grow best in the shade, or need sun and dry soil.

UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST CONGREGATION A LIBERAL RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY Welcoming All Ages, Beliefs, Races and Orientations 228 South Ocean Avenue, Freeport, NY 516-623-1204 • Rev. Catherine Torpey Sunday Service: 10:30 am • Religious Education - Sunday: 10:30 am • , Childcare Available 184SP1905CF

Connor & Matthews Real Estate "Your Success Is Our Goal"

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Discussion group On Thursdays, at2:30 p.m., May 11 and June 15, Howard J. Shurdut will present a program exploring events shaping our world today.

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Bus trip On Wednesday, June 14, the Freeport Memorial Library sponsors a bus trip to the .American Museum of the Moving Image and the Queens Botanical Garden. The costis $58 per person which includes roundtrip transportation in a luxury coach, admission to museum and gardens, lunch and all taxes and gratuities. At 9 a.m., the bus leaves the recreation center (where you may park your car) and returns at approximately 5:30 p.m. Registration for Freeport residents is at the Circulation Desk starting May 9; nonresidents May 16. .

60 Atlantic Ave • Freeport

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police news oo u


Police reports come from law enforcement agencies. Suspects are presumed innocent unless and until convicted in court.

arrested at Kohl's, Sunrise Highway, Massapequa, and charged with Petit Larceny and Endangering the Welfare of a Child. * + + ' ' .. On April 23, David J. Senetto, 29, of Guy Lombardo Avenue, Freeport, was arrested on Sunrise Highway at Park Boulevard, Massapequa Park, and charged with Driving While Intoxicated, and two violations of the Vehicle and Traffic Law.

A fatal auto accident involving a Freeport driver occurred on Tuesday, April 25, at 5:20 a.m. in Roosevelt. According to detectives, pedestrian Eula Hart, 73, of Roosevelt was cross-T3 ing Nassau Road from west to east at i the intersection of East Centennial _c Avenue when she was struck by a 1995 Lincoln driven by Frederick C. • Baldwin A 1995 Nissan Maxima was stolen W Sanders 41, of Lillian Avenue, Q Freeport. from Grand Avenue on April 20 at 11 < The victim was pronounced dead at p.m. the scene and removed to the medical .First Precinct Problem Orientated examiner's morgue at the 'Nassau Policing Officers arrested the owners County Medical Center. of the following Baldwin Business for The vehicle was impounded for a selling cigarettes, lottery tickets and brake and safety check. No charges alcohol to underage patrons on. April were, filed against the driver of the 21: vehicle. • One Stop, Atlantic Avenue. • Grand Avenue Deli, Grand Avenue. On April 21, Azucena Morataya, 31, •'The Baldwin Beverage Center, of East Milton Street, Freeport, was North Grand Avenue.


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^ 5

- administered through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has already distributed $5 million to 74 school districts around the state'for retrofits, according to the Long Island Neighborhood Network.

our Landscape Computer Imaging



from page 2 ted 'with paniculate exhaust filters that would use an ultra-low sulfur fuel to reduce emissions by 90 percent. Other alternatives include biodiesel, made wholly or partially from vegetable oil or hybrid technology. The Clean Air School Bus Program

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Richard B. Green, formerly of Freeport, died on April 1. . Richard Green was born in Freeport on May 24; 1930. He was the son of Dr. and Mrs. Morris B. Green. Dr. Green was a prominent physician in Freeport from 1923 until the 1960's. Richard Green's mother, Hortense Green, was born in Freeport arid her family settled

there in the later 1800s. Richard Green moved fromFreeport in 1966. Until that time, he was a partner in Green Brothers stationery and printing business on Main Street. He has lived in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida since 1996. He is survived by his wife, Baylee, two children Jon and Jackie, two grandchildren, Lindsay and Brandon and his brother, Murray.

t/i at/new & ^JO/M

Heidi E. Warm Todays piece is not a citation of a publishec expert, but rather a rant... self-serving, long winded, unadulterated rant. Can it left-ove latent Feminism from the last article, "One fo the Girls." This business of dating is tricky. And know I'm not alone in my thinking, as Suzi Orman, investment guru, recently did a feature on. being single and dating. The piece focusec on picking up the bill.. Let me first say'that a good constituency o my single, woman friends would just as readily throw a brick at my head as hear my thoughts on this matter. we go: Traditionally, the man asks the woman out the first time. Therefore it is reasonable to expect'him to pay. Conversely, if the woman asks the man out...something perfectly acceptable today (The Rules excluded), the woman really should expect to pay. Now fast forwarc to months into a relationship. Should the man continue to pay? In the past...there was the essentially forced condition of the woman having little or no money. If the man continues to pay, exclusively; doesn't it suggest that the event is for his pleasure, exclusively. And by extension...does that line of reasoning deem marriage a stay of inden tured servitude? You pay, I stay? Remember the old truth tables in the logic chapter of the math text? If the woman enjoys the event, why shouldn't she contribute in accordance with her financial comfort level? If the man is secure in what he "brings to the table," in a relationship - no pun intended; would offering to contribute to the bill (or god 'orbid, pick it up), would the man feel emasculated? Guys...Please, get back to me. Taken a different way, don't both parties gain form a mutually enjoyable experience? For f it's not mutually enjoyable, it should not theoretically continue into the ongoing state of months, unless it's an altogether different kind of arrangement, wherein the woman is always paid. You know, not only is this residual sentiment from my last piece, also resonates "rom a comedy line I heard somewhere,... 'Isn't the only difference between dating and >rostitution...dinner??? " And so, my thought for you to ponder s...What self-respecting, gainfully employed ndividuaL.male or female...could be paid for all of the time and not feel handicapped in some way?

Richard B. Green

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A look at the Baldwin Public Library budget by Kevin Kamen

President, Board of Trustees Baldwin Public Library The proposed 2006-2007 Baldwin library budget is $3,516,815, an increase of $189,815 or 5.71 percent over the current year budget. The tax levy will be $3,194,815, which is $170,815 (5.65%) higher than the current tax lev.y. The 2006-2007 Budget for Salaries is $1,934,225. This is $132,275 (7.3%) higher than the current budget and represents almost 70% of the overall budget increase. T'he budget includes planned salary increases for staff, as is the Library's standard practice, the appointment of a permanent director, an assistant director, and the' addition of a few parttime staff positions. The 2006-2007 Budget for Benefits is $630,990. This includes the library's contribution, on behalf of our employees, to health insurance, Social Security/Medicare, and New York State Retirement. The proposed budget is $41,790 (7.1 %) higher than the current

Answers to Crossword Puzzle From Page 6

year budget. .These costs are fixed charges based on. staffing and salaries and, thus, are out of the library's control. The budget to maintain the Building and Grounds is $322,550, reflecting an increase of $47,150 (17.1%). This is due to the fact that utility costs have skyrocketed in the past several months and must be budgeted at a higher level. The budget for utilities (fuel, electric and water) is $154,000,. which is an increase of $24,000 or 18:5% over the current year's • budget In addition, the warranties on some of the new building equipment will be expiring, requiring maintenance contracts. The budget is $91,825, which is an increase of $8,425 (10.4%) over the current budget. Repairs and Alterations also are budgeted at a higher level ($32,750, which is more than double the current budget) due to anticipated upgrades to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system in the original 1962 building, which were not part of the expansion project. The Budget for Library Materials (books, .audio-visual items, microform and non-microform periodicals, and

pamphlets) is $308,825. This shows a decrease of $22,075 (6.7%) to continue expansion of the library's collections while moderating some of the other unavoidable increases. The current staff of the Library is comprised of 31 full-time employees (2 of which are custodial) and 59 part-time employees (4 of which are custodial). The Board of -Trustees and the Administration have done everything

in oar power to contain and cut costs wherever possible. Unfortunately, the H outrageously high costs of energy, library materials and employee benefits such as health insurance have had a negative effect on our operating costs. It is our hope that we can con- I tinue to provide the exceptional service that the residents of our community have historically received and sorichly deserve.

HE'S A JET! Freeport High School alum D'Brickashaw Ferguson (shown here in his days as "unofficial leader" of the FHS Class of 2002) was the fourth player chosen in the 2006 NFL draft on Saturday. A high school AllAmerican and Thorp Award winner at FHS, he also played Jn the Jazz and Concert Band and graduated 27th in his class. Mr. Ferguson will be plying his considerable talents for the New York Jets next season.

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THE LEADER Thursday, May 4, 2006 Page 10

LI AC appoints board members The Long Island Arts Council at Freeport is pleased to welcome Diane Lazuta and Miriam Lopez to its Board of Directors. Diane Lazuta, a resident of Westbury, has a B.S. degree from St. John's and an M.B.A. from Hofstra University. She is vice president and regional manager for Citibank,' where she is responsible for over 70 financial centers on Long Island. She is also on the'Board of Directors for the Community Development Corporation of Long Island, Friends of _the Arts, and Long Island Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She is involved with a variety of fundraising activities, which include the March of Dimes and United Cerebral Palsy. In 2003, she received the Long Island Harvest Harry Chapin Award and the 2005 United Cerebral Palsy of Nassau Dignitary Award. Miriam Lopez, a Rockville Centre resident, has a B.S. in Spanish with a minor in education from Adelphi University, and an M.S. in School Counseling from Long Island

University. She is a certified guidance counselor for grades K-12 as well as the owner .'of the Jem Latin Dance Studio in Rockville Centre. She works behind the scenes for the Long Island Hispanic Repertory Theatre and is also involved in fundraising. She served as co-chair of the 5th National Latina Conference for the. Girl Scouts of Nassau County for which she serves as a troop leader and member of the nominating committee for the board. The Long Island Arts Council at Freeport is • a non-profit organization founded in 1974. The Arts Council serves individual artists of all discipline^, a multitude of diverse cultural organizations, and.the general public through networking opportunities, non-profit management seminars,- The Artscene (quarterly newspaper), juried photography show, concerts, and much more. The Arts Council strives to improve the quality of life through the arts. For more information about the Long Island Arts Council at Freeport call 223-2522.

COME SEVEN, COME ELEVEN: Winnings from . the Freeport Exchange Club's Casino Royale goes to another local child guidance organization. From left are President-elect . Jerri Quibel, Mary Lou Jones, executive 'director df the South Shore Guidance Center and club President Bill Isenberg. If you need child guidance help, a call to 868-3030 will get you started.

Last call for Mother of the Year Contest! See page 2!

PUBLIC NOTICES NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING .FREEPORT UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT Nassau County, N. Y. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Freeport Union Free School District, Nassau-County. New York, shall conduct its Annual Budget Vote and. Trustees Election on Tuesday, May 16, 2006. The vote will be by voting rjiachines at the designated polling places set .forth below, between the hours of 6:00 A.M. and 9:00 P.M. (local time). TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the following matters will be submitted to the registered voters of • the Freeport School District: (1) Two Propositions: Proposition #1 SCHOOL BUDGET RESOLVED that the Annual School Budget be adopted and the necessary amount be raised by a tax upon the taxable property located in Freeport Union Free School District, Town of Hempstead, Freeport, New York, for the School Year 2006-2007. Proposition #2 FREEPORT MEMORIAL LIBRARY BUDGET ' RESOLVED, that the Freeport Memorial Library Budget be adopted and the necessary amount be raised by a tax upon the taxable property located in Freeport Union Free School District, Town of Hempstead, Freeport, New York, for the Freeport Memorial Library for the • year 2006-2007. (2) The election of one (1) School Trustee of the Board of Education for a full term of three years beginning July 1, 2006 and ending June 30, 2009 'to succeed Sunday F: Coward. . TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the Board of Registration shall be open, in accordance with the Laws of the State of New York, every school day in the Administration Building. 235 North Ocean Avenue, between the hours of 8:30 o'clock a.m. and 3:30 o'clock p.m. (local time) until May 9, 2006, for' the Annual Budget Vote and Election to be held on Jvlay 16.' 2006. In addition the Board of Registration will be open May 2, 2006 and May 4. 2006 from 6:00 o'clock p.m. until 9:00 o'clock p.m. for residents to reg- • ister to vote for the Annual Budget and Trustee election to be held on May 16, 2006. Any person who is not registered with the School District o.r who is not registered in the General Election or who has not voted at any annual or special district meeting or election held within the last four calendar years (20022005) must register in order to vote on May 16, 2006. The voting registers.will be open to inspection. by any qualified voter on weekdays between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. from May 10, 2006 to May 16. 2006, excluding Sunday, May 14. 2006. and between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 12:00 P.M. noon on Saturday, May 13, 2006 at the Office of the District Cleric and at each polling place on election day, Absentee ballots will -be available for the. election of School Board Members and the Budget Vote. Applications for absentee ballots are available in the Office of the District Clerk at • the Public School Administration Building, 235 North Ocean Avenue, in Freeport. To have an absentee ballot mailed to your home, a completed and signed application must be In the District Clerk's Office no later than 5:00 P.M. on Tuesday, May 9, 2006. Application for an absentee ballot may be made in person from 9-00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. on any school day and up until 5:00 P.M. on Monday. May 15, 2006.

The right to vote by absentee ballot will be subject to the approval of the Board of Elections. A listing of all people to whom absentee ballots were issued will be available in the District Clerk's Office until May 15, 2006. except Sunday, May 14, 2006. during regular office hours. Absentee ballots will be accepted in the Office of the Clerk of the school district no later than 5:00 P.M. on May 16, 2006; any ballot received after that time will not be counted. Candidates for the Office of School Board Trustee must be nominated by a petition signed by at least sixty two (62) qualified voters of the District. The petition shall state name and residence of the candidate and shall state the name and residence of each signer. Candidates receiving the greatest number of votes shall be considered elected to their respective offices. Where terms are of different _ length, the candidate receiving the highest ' vote shall be elected to the longest term. However, a nomination may be rejected by the Board of Education if the candidate is ineligible for the office or declares his unwillingness to serve. Petitions shall be filed between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. no later than April 17, 2006 at the Office of the District Clerk. A statement of. the amount of money which will be required for the School Year 2006-2007 will be available to -the taxpayers at any of the School District buildings between 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. not later than May 2, 2006, excepting Saturdays and Sundays or holidays.'and at such annual election. FURTHER RESOLVED that a lottery shall take place on April 18, 2006, at 10:00 a.m. for the purpose of determining candidate placement on the ballot should additional candidates file nominating petitions. TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that a budget hearing will be held on May 3, 2006 at 7:30 P.M. o'clock in the Caroline G. Atkinson School for the purpose of discussing the expenditures of funds and budgeting thereof. TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that a.proposition in writing by petition of least one hundred fifty five (155) signatures of qualified voters of the District is required to place a proposition on the ballot. The petition must be filed in the Office of the District Clerk on or before 5:00 P.M. o'clock (local time) April 17, 2006. Petrtions for propositions wh'rch are required by law to be included in the notice of the annual meeting must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. on or before March. 17. 2006. The Board of Education reserves the right to edit or amend any proposition without changing the intent thereof. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the election shall be held in accordance with the Rules for the Election of School Board Members adopted by.the Board of Education. QUALIFICATIONS FOR VOTING 1. A person shall be a citizen of the United States. 2. Eighteen or more years of age. 3. A resident of the District for a period of thirty days or more preceding the election at which he or she offers to vote. 4. Must be registered to vote. ' ' BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF EDUCATION Michael J. Raab, President Mary R. Bediakd, District Clerk PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the school, election districts within, the school district are as follows: DISTRICT N-l The Atkinson School Voting District is contained

in the area, which is west of North Main Street, south of the northerly School District Boundary Line, and east of Milburn Creek and north of the Long Island Railroad. DISTRICT N-2 The Columbus Avenue School Voting District "is .contained in the area which is north of the Long Island Railroad, east of North Main Street, south of the most northerly District boundary line and west of the Meadowbrook Parkway. DISTRICT S-3 The Bayview Avenue School Voting District is contained in the area which is south of the Long Island Railroad right of way and west of the Eastern boundary line which runs south down South Long Beach Avenue to the southern property lines of the properties on the south side of Smith Street, then west along said property lines to the easterly property lines of the properties fronting on Bayview Avenue, thence proceeding south along said property lines to the easterly property lines on Branch Avenue and then southerly along the eastern boundary lines of said properties fronting on the east side of Branch Avenue to the northern property lines of properties fronting on the north side of Lewis Street, thence easterly along said boundary to Randall Bay. The southern boundary is the Village Line and the western boundary is the Village Line. DISTRICT S-4 The Archer Street School Voting District is contained In the area which begins at the southerly side of the Long Island Railroad right of way •where same intersects with the westerly boundary lines of properties fronting on the west side of Lpng Beach Avenue; thence running easterly along said right of way to the westerly boundary lines or properties fronting on the west side of Henry Street; thence' southeasterly along said boundary lines to the intersection with South Main Street; thence southerly along the west side of South Main Street to the intersection with Mill Road; thence easterly along the south side of Mill Road to the intersection of Mill Road and Freeport Creek1 thence southerly along Freeport Creek to the northerly boundary lines of properties fronting on the north side of East Bedell Street; .thence easterly along said property lines to the Village Line also known as Freeport Creek; thence southerly along said line to the most southerly Village Line; thence westerly along said Village Line to Hudson Bay; thence north and northwesterly along Woodcleft Basin to Sportsman's Channel; thence north along said. Channel and its extension to the center line of Atlantic Avenue; thence westerly along said center line of Atlantic Avenue to the easterly boundary lines of properties fronting on the east side of Bayview Avenue; thence northerly along said boundary lines to the intersection of the southerly boundary lines of properties fronting on the south side of Smith Street; thence easterly along said boundary lines of properties fronting on the west side of Long Beach Avenue; thence northerly along said boundary lines to the point or place of beginning. DISTRICT S-5 The Giblyn School Voting District is contained in the area which begins at a point where the easterly boundary lines of properties fronting on Bayview Avenue intersects the center line "of Atlantic Avenue running thence easterly along said certter line to the western boundary line of properties fronting on the west side of Sportsman's Avenue; thence southerly along

said lines to the Sportsman's Channel; thence southerly along said Channel to the Woodcleft Basin; thence southeasterly along said basin to easterly boundary of Village Line running along Hudson Bay; thence southerly along said boundary line to the southerly boundary of the Village Line also known as Little Swift Creek; thence westerly along said Village Line to a point where same Intersects Randall Bay; thence northerly along said Bay to the intersection of the northerly boundary lines of properties fronting on the north side of Lewis Street; thence westerly along said boundary line to the easterly boundary lines of properties fronting on the east side of Branch Avenue;' thence northerly along said boundary lines to the intersection of the east boundary lines of properties fronting on the east side of Bayview Avenue; thence northerly along said boundary lines to the point or place of beginning. DISTRICT S6 The Cleveland Avenue School Voting District (now based at the Freeport Family Community Center, 17 Buffalo Avenue) is contained in the area which is south of the Long Island Railroad 'right of way, east of the eastern boundary of District S-4, with the eastern and southern boundary being the village boundaries. FL#6164t3/23. 4/6. 20. 27 NOTICE OF FORMATION. OF LIMITED PARTNERSHIP. NAME: BESSIE SEIFFERT'FAMILY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP. Application for Authority was filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 03/08/06. The LP was originally filed with the Secretary of State of Idaho on 09/15/2005. Office location: Nassau County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LP upon whom process against it may served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LP, 420 Wyckford Place, Apex, North Carolina, 27539. FL #630 6x 3/30. 4/6. 13. 20. ?7. 5/14 Notice of Formation of 140 Front Street Realty, LLC, a domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC). Articles of- Organization filed with the Secy of State of NY on October 20. 2005. NY office location: Nassau County. Secy of'State is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. Secy of State shall mail a copy of any process against the LLC served upon him/her to c/o Martin & Molinari, Esqs. LLP, 148 S. Long Beach Avenue, Freeport, NY 11520. Purpose: To Engage in any lawful act or activity. FL #633 Ax 4M 1 3. ?D 77 5 / 4 1 1 NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: KRITI CONSTRUCTION LLC. Articles of Organizgtlon were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 02/07/06. The latest date of dissolution is 12/31/2056. Office location: Nassau County. SSNY has been'designated as agent of the-LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to .'the LLC, 3385 Bay Front Place. Baldwin, New York 11510. Purpose:' For any lawful purpose. FL #637 6x 4/6. 13. 20, 27, 5/4. 11 NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: SILVER SNAIL ASSOCIATES LLC.- Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 02/28/06, with an existence date of 03/31/2006. Office location: Nassau County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, c/o Howard (continued on next page)

PUBLIC NOTICES Kupferberg, 542 Lincoln Street, Cedarhurst, 'New •cited upon this proceeding as a potential disYork 11516. F'urpose: For any lawful purpose. tributee of said ANTHONY J. PERILLO a/k/a Fl #638 6x 4/6. 13. 20 27. 5/4. 11 ANTHONY PERILLO, deceased, are unknown, NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY and cannot after diligent inquiry, be ascerCOMPANY. NAME: PRONTO ABSTRACT, LLC. tained; and that if said persons or any of them Articles of Organization were filed with the be dead, that the names or parts of names, and place or places of residence, of any and Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on all unknown person, who the respective execu03/28/06. The latest date of dissolution is tors, administrators, heirs at of kin, dis12/31/2106. Office location: Nassau County. tributes, legatees, divisees, husbands or wives, SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC or successors in interest of said deceased perupon whom process against it may be served. son are unknown,- and cannot, after diligent SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, 9 inquiry be ascertained and that personal serSouth Long Beach Road, Rockville Centre. New vice of the supplemental probqte citation canYork 1-1570. Purpose: For any lawful purpose. Fl &S4D 6x 4/iS. 13. 20. ?7. 5/4. 11 not, with due diligence, be made upon them within the State. NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY I DO HEREBY ORDER and direct that the serCOMPANY. NAME:-41 LAWRENCE HOLDINGS, vice .of the said supplemental probate citation LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the upon said persons and any and all unknown Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on persons whose names or parts of whose names, 03/23/06. The latest date of dissolution is 12/31/2026, Office location: Nassau County. and whose place or places of residence are unknown, and cannot after diligent inquiry be SSNY has been designated as agent of the UC • upon whom process against It may be served, ascertained, who are respective executors, SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, ' administrators, heirs at laws next of kin. distrib825 3rd Avenue, 17th Floor, New York, New York ' utes, legatees, devisees, husbands or wives, or 10019. Purpose: For any lawful purpose. successors in interest of said persons, if any be Fl 641 AT 4/6. 13. 20. 27 5/4. 11 dead, and on any other persons interested in SUPREME COURT-COUNTY OF NASSAU the'estate of ANTHONY J. PERILLO a/k/a ANTHONY. PERILLO, late of 9 Archer Street, U.S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION AS TRUSTEE Freeport, New York, in this county be made by FOR THE STRUCTURED ASSET INVESTMENT LOAN • publication thereof in one newspaper to: TRUST, 2005-4, Plaintiff against CHRISTOPHER • WILLIAMS. JAMES WILLIAMS. LINDA WILLIAMS, . Freeport-Baldwin Leader at 1840 Merrick Ave., Merrick, NY 11566 being a newspaper printed MAYRA WILLIAMS, etal Defendant®. Pursuant to a'Judgment of Foreclosure and qnd published in the County of Nassau, once in each of the four successive weeks, which is the Sale entered on March 9. 2006. I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the time I deem reasonable; AND it appearing to my satisfaction by the CCP (Calendar Control Part Courtroom) in the petition and affidavit upon which this, order is Nassau Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court granted, that the«petitioner cannot, with reaDrive, Mineola. N.Y. on the 16th day of May. sonable diligence, ascertain a place or places 2006 at 11:30 a.m. premises Beginning at a' point on the northerly side of where said FRANK PERILLO and JAMES PERILLO, if: living or if any be dead, where their respecPutnam Avenue (also known as Forest Avenue) distant 660.89 feet easte.rly from the corner tive executors, administrators, heirs at law, next formed by the Intersection of the northerly side of kin, distributes, legatees, devisees, husbands or wives, or successors in interest, or other perof Putnam Avenue with the easterly side of . Pennsylvania Avenue; being a plot 179.60 feet sons interested in the estate of ANTHONY J. PERby 88.93 feet by 179.20 feetby 106.31°feet. ILLO a/k/a ANTHONY PERILLO, would probably receive matter transmitted through the Post Said premises known as 178 Putnam Avenue, Freeport, N.Y. 11520. ' . ' • Office. I do hereby dispense with the deposit of Tax account number: SBL# 55-151-216 & 317. any papers directed to them. Approximate amount of lien $366,962.61 plus HON. JOHN B.- RIORDAN interest and costs. Judge of the Surrogate's Court FL #652 4x4/20/27, 5/4. 11 Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY judgment and terms of sale. Index No. 15769/05. Michael Balboni, Esq., COMPANY. NAME: HESTEM ENTERPRISES, LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Referee. Fein Such & Crane, LLP Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on Attorney® for PSIaintiff. . 04/06/06. The latest date of dissolution is 747 Chestnut Ridge Road 12/31/2026. Office-location: Nasssau County. ' SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC Suite 200 upon whom process against it may be served. Chestnut Ridge. N.Y. 10977 PI AM?AMAn-\ on 97 R/A ' ' SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, NOTICE OF SALE. 587 Church Avenue, Woodrnere, New York SUPREME COURT: COUNJ.Y OF NASSAU - FIRST 11598. Purpose: For any lawful purpose. , UNITED MORTGAGE BANKING CORP.," Plaintiff. ' FL #654 6x 4/20. 27. 5/4. 11. 18. 25 -.. AGAINST JEAN MICHAEL MILLIEN, A/K/A JEAN SUPREME COURT-COUNTY OF NASSAU - WELLS MICHEL MILLIEN. ET. AL. Defendants). Pursuant FARGO BANK. N.A., AS TRUSTEE FOR POOLING to a judgment of foreclosure and sale entered AND SERVICING AGREEMENT OPTION ONE" herein and dated December 23, 2005, I, the MORTGAGE LOAN TRUST 2004-1 ASSET-BACKED undersigned Referee will sell at public auction CERTIFICATES, SERIES 2004-1, Plaintiff against at the calendar control part (CGP)Courtroom. NEIL GREENBERG, Defendant®. Pursuant to a 100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola. .County of Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered on NASSAU. State of New York, on May 16, 2006 at November 28. 2005, I. the undersigned Referee 11:30 AM. premises on the southerly side of .will sell at public auction in the Calendar Allers Boulevard, 760.00 feet west of Hanson Control Part (CCP) Courtroom of the Supreme Place, being a plot 40.00 feet by. 'l 00.00 feet Court, 100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola, N.Y. and known as 46 Allers Boulevard, Roosevelt, on the 23rd day of May, 2006 at 11:30 a.m. Town of-Hempstead, State of New York. premises Beginning at a point on the southerly Approximate amount of lien $260,802.37 plus side' of Roosevelt Avenue, distant 275 feet westinterest and costs. Premises will be sold subject erly from the corner formed by the intersection to provisions of filed Judgment Index Number - of the southerly side of Roosevelt Avenue with 05-009083. Dated: April 3, 2006. NANCY BERN- .- the westerly side of Rose Avenue; Running HEIM, Referee. Thence Westerly along the southerly side of ZAVATSKY. MENDELSOHN. GROSS, SAVING '&'' 1 Roosevelt Avenue, 75 feet; Thence Southerly at LEVY, LLP. Attorneys for Plaintiff. P.O. Box.510., 33 . ! . - right angles to Roosevelt Avenue, 136.68 feet; Queens Street. Syosset, New York 11791-0510; ;.',, i Thence Easterly on a line forming an interior FL 648 4T 4/13. 20. 27. 5/4 '.'.- ! '' ' • • ! ! -. angle of 87 degrees. 33 minutes with the preNQTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY: ;• ' ceding course, 75.06 feet, to a point distant COMPANY. NAME: ARGOSY TECHNOLOGIES '•', 133.47 feet southerly! from the southerly side of LLC. Articles, of Organization were filed with.'the' . Roosevelt Avenue, measured along a line Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on - drawn at right angles thereto from the point of .04/04/06. The latest date of dissolution- is 1 Beginning. Thence' Northerly at right angles to 12/07/2099. Office location: Nassau CounfyA. Roosevelt Avenue. 133,47 feet to the southerly SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC: side of Roosevelt Avenue, at the point or place upon whpm process against it may be 'served^. ' of Beginning. Said:premises known as 80 East SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the Lip, Roosevelt Avenue, Hempstead, N.Y. 11575. Tax One Sanford Court, North Wpodmere', New . account number: SBL #: 55-436-138-140. 'York 11581. Purpose: For any lawful purpose. ' Approximate amount of lien $276,073.54 plus FL-#651 6*4/20. 27. 5/4. 11. 18. 25 ' • ' , : . interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject AT A SURROGATE'S COURT, held in arid . to provisions" of filed judgment and terms of for The. County of Nassau, at the s'ale. Index No. 12413/05. Isa Kantor, Esq., Surrogate's Office. County Court House j ' , Referee. Fein Such '.&' Crane, LLP, Attorney(s) for at Mineola. in said County on the 15th Plaintiff, 747 Chestnut Ridge Road, Suite 200, day of March, 2006. Chestnut Ridge, N.Y. 'T.0977. PRESENT:' FL #655 4x 4/20. 27. 5/4. 11 • HON. JOHN B. RIORDAN Notice of formation of Limited Liability Judge of the Surrogate's Court Company. Name: .-Westholme Window In the Matter of the Estate of • . Cleaning LLC. Articles of Organization were Anthony J. Perillo, filed with the Secretary of State of New York (a/k/a Anthony Perillo) , (SSNY) on 2/14/06.! Office location: Nassau ; .; Deceased. County. SSNY has been'designated as agent of ORDER FOR SERVICE OF the LLC upon whom process against it may be • SUPPLEMENTAL CITATION served. SSNY shallmdil a copy of process to the BY PUBLICATION LLC c/o Barry- Levittan , Rosenblatt, Kiman, File No.: 330637 Levittab., Levine & Co. LLP., 1 700 Jericho A probate citation having duly been issued' .Turnpike. New Hyde Park. NY 11040. Purpose: in the above-entitled matter, and the petitioner For any lawful purpose. having produced' proof to my satisfaction that ' FL# 656 6x 4/20. 27, 5/4. 11. 18. 25 " ..." the place or places of-residence of FRANK- PERNOTICE OF SALE ILLO and JAMES PERILLO. one of the persons. SUPREME COURT: COUNTY OF NASSAU -.OLYM-

PUS SERVICING, LP, Plaintiff, AGAINST LENORA BONNER, ET. AL., Defendant®. Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure apd -sale duly dated 3/3/2006, I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the calendar control part (CCP) of the Supreme Court, )00 SupremeCourt Drive, Mineola. New York, on 5/23/2006 at 11:30 AM. premises known as 32 Maryland Avehue, Freeport. NY 1 1520. All that certain plot piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected,- situate, lying and'being in the Incorporated Village of Freeport, County'of Nassau and state of New York, Section. Block and Lot: 54-460-128. Approximate amount of lien $383,273.43 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index #007331 /05. Fred L. Pollack. Referee, : STEVEN J. BAUM, P.C., Attorney for Plaintiff P.O. Box 1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1.291 Dated: 4/11/2006 FL 657 4T 4/20, 27, 5/4, 1 1_ . _ f NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT: COUNTY OF NASSAU - WASH• INGTON MUTUAL BANK F/K/A WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK, FA SUCCESSOR BY MERGER TO WASHINGTON MUTUAL HOME LOANS, INC. SUCCESSOR BY MERGER TO FLEET MORTGAGE CORP.. Plaintiff. AGAINST DOUGLAS L. MAYERS. ET. AL.,. Defendant®. .Pursuant to a judgment of ' foreclosure and sale duly dated 3/13/2006, I, the undersigned Referee, will sell at public auction gt the "calendar control part (CCP) of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court Drive, .Mineola, New York.' on 5/23/2006 at 1 1 :30 AM, premises known as 215 Colonial Avenue, Freeport. NY'l 1575. All that certain plot piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Town of Hempstead. County of Nassau and State of New York. Section. Block and Lot: 55-352-499, 500 & 501 . Approximate amount of lien $157,634.95 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index #17331/05. John T. Reilly. Esq.. Referee, STEVEN J. BAUM, P.C., Attorney for Plaintiff P.O. Box 1291. Buffalo. NY 14240-1291 Dated: 4/12/2006 FL 661 4T 4/20. 27. 5/4. 1 1 _ NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY •COMPANY. NAME: F.A.L., LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 05/22/03. Office location: Nassau County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, c/o Anthony . Fortiqo, 30 Hamilton Avenue. Atlantic Beach. New York 11509. Purpose: For any lawful purpose. FL 662 6T 4/20. 27. 5/4, 1 1, 1 8, 25 _ MAIN STREET DC, LLC Notice of formation of the above Limited Liability Company ("LLC"). Articles of Organization filed with the Secretary of State of NY ("SSNY") on 7/27/2005. Office location. County of Nassau. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of any such process served to: '• The LLC, 3 North Main Street. Freeport. NY 1 1520 Purpose: any lawful act. Unive;sal Financial Alliance LLC The name of the Fo'reign Limited Liability Company is: Universal Financial Alliance LLC Application for Authority filed with the NY Secretary of State ("SSNY") 4/1 //2006 . Jurisdiction: Delaware, and the date of its organization is: 08/05/2004 Office location in New York State: Nassau County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against it may be served, the address to which the SSNY shall mail a copy of . such" process is: The LLC. 28- Woodcleft Avenue, Freeport, NY 11520 ' • Address maintained in its jurisdiction is: 1007 Orange St.. Ste. 1410. Nemours Building, Wilmington, DE 19801 The. authorized officer in its jurisdiction of orgdnizatio/i where a copy of its Certificate of Formation can be obtained is: Delaware Secretary of State; 'Townsend Building, Suite 4, 401 Federal Street, Dover, -DE 19901. The purpose of the company is: any lawful act. FL #668 6x 4/27. 5/4. 11. 18.25.6/1 _ NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT: COUNTY OF NASSAU 'BAYV'IEW FINANCIAL TRADING GROUP, L.P., Plaintiff, AGAINST CATALINA CASTILLO, ET. -AL. Defendant®. Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sale duly dated 2/27/2006, I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the calendar control part (CCP) of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola. New York, on 5/30/2006 at 1:1 :30 AM, premises known as 1 1 Dutchess Street. Freeport, NY 1 1 520. All that certain plot piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements 'thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Incorporated Village of Freeport, Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York, Section. Block and Lot: 55-405-167 and 168. Approximate amount of lien $299,1 15.82 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment

Index #15682/05. Robert J. Carlucci, Esq., Referee, STEVEN J. BAUM, P.C., Attorney for Plaintiff P.O. Box 1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1291 Dated: 4/19/2006 ' . FL 669 4T 4/27. 5/4. 11, 18 • NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT: COUNTY OF NASSAU - NOR- . WEST MORTGAGE, INC., Plaintiff, AGAINST KEITH R. WRIGHT. SR., ET. AL. Defendant®..Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sale'duly dated 10/3/2000,1. the undersigned Referee will sell-at public auction at the North Front Steps of the Nassau County Courthouse, 262 Old Country Rd., Village'of Mineola, New York, on 5/26/2006 at 10:00 AM, premises known as 59 Brooks Avenue, Roosevelt, NY 11575. All that . certain plot piece or parcel of'land, with the buildings arid improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Town of .Hempstedd, County of Nassau and'State of New'York, Section, Block and Lot: 55-314174,175, 207. Approximate amount of lien $175,191.97 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index #027141/99. Henry.J. Cernitz. Esq., Referee, STEVEN J. BAUM. P.C.. Attorney for Plaintiff P.O. Box-1291. Buffalo. NY 14240-1291 Dated: 4/20/2006. FL 670 4T 4/27. 5/4. 11. 18 SOUTH- BRONX ASSOCIATES LLC Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 4/14/06. Office in Nassau Co. SSNY desig. agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to 2280 Grand' Ave.. Ste. 304, Baldwin, NY 11510. which-is also the address of the principal business location. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. Fl &V73 AY K/A 11 1R 95 A/1 B

SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORKCOUNTY OF NASSAU INDYMACBANK. F.S.B., Plaintiff, against VERONICA HARPER, et al. Defendant®. Pursuant to a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered herein and dated February 27th, 2006. I. the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction in the Calendar Control Part (CCP) Courtroom of the Supreme Court. 100 Supreme Court Drive. Mineola, New York 11501, on the 6th day of June. 2006, at 11:30 A.M., premises lying and being in the County of Nassau. Said premises being known as 17-Henry Street, Roosevelt, NY 11575, Section: 55 BlocV K, Lot 58. Approximate amount of lien $209,315.11 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to filed judgment and terms of sale. Index # 05-015185 Anthony F. Altimari. Esq.. Referee Eschea Frenkel, & Weisman. LLP Attorney® for Plaintiff 20 W. Main Street, Bay Shore, New York 11706 File #19023-51200 FL #674 4x5/4. 11. 18. 25 NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT: NASSAU COUNTY MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS. INC.. AS NOMINEE AND MORTGAGEE OF RECORD AND U.S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, AS TRUSTEE, Plaintiff® vs. SIMON LEVY; etal. Defendant® Attorney® for Pldintiff(s): ROSICKI, ROSICKI 8c ASSOCIATES. P.C., 152 Islip Avenue, Suite 18. Islip NY11751 (631)'224-4678 Pursuant to judgment of foreclosure and sale entered herein on or about September 14, 2005, I will sell at Public Auction to the highest bidder in the Calendar Control Part (CCP). Courtroom of the Supreme Court. 100 Supreme Court Drive. Mineola, New York 11501. On June 6, 2006 at 11:30 AM . Premises known as 164 Colonial Avenue. Freeport, New York 11520, All that certain plot, piece or parcel of. land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Incorporated Village of Freeport, Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York, known and designated as and by the Lots Numbered 827 and 828, on a certain map entitled: "Amended Map of Columbia Heights, located at Freeport, Nassau County. N.Y., property of Long Island Realty Company, N.Y.C.. Surveyed October - 1903 by Robert Kurz, C.E., Jamaica. N.Y.." and filed in the Nassau County Clerk's Office on December 3, 1903 as Map 240. Case No. 1841.. •Section: 55 Block: 360 Lot: 827 & 828 As more particularly described in the judgment of foreclosure and sale. Sold subject to all of the terms and conditions ' contained in said judgment and terms of sale. Approximate amount of-judgment $291,385.14. plus interest and costs. INDEX NO. 7507/2005 ' • Ronald Morelli. Esq., "REFEREE FL #675 4x5/4. 11. 18. 25 • .NOTICE OF SALE . SUPREME COURT: COUNTY OF NASSAU - MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS, INC. AS" NOMINEE FOR FREMONT INVESTMENT & LOAN ITS SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS, Plaintiff. AGAINST JEFFREY B. THOMAS. ET. AL, Defendant®. Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sale duly dated 10/5/2005, I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the calendar control part (CCP) of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court Drive. Mineola. New York, on 6/6/2006 at 11:30 AM. premises known as 210 Denton Place, (continued on next page)

-T .IB — irt ^-g Ifi

PUBLIC NOTICES from previous page Roosevelt, NY 11575. All that certain plot piece or parcel of land, with the buildings,and' improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being at Roosevelt, Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York, Section, Block and Lot: 55-499-33. Approximate amount of lien $205.547.67 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index #6205/05. John J. Reilly, Esq., Referee, STEVEN J. BAUM. P.C.. Attorney for Plaintiff P.O. Box 1291. Buffalo, N-Y 14240-1291 Dated: 4/26/2006 Fl A7A/1T.V4 11 Ifi 7.5

NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT: COUNTY OF NASSAU - OPTION ONE MORTGAGE CORPORATION, Plaintiff, AGAINST GARNETT MYERS, ET. AL, Defendants). Pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure and sale duly dated 11/14/2005. I, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the calendar control part (CCP) of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court Drive. Mineola, New York, on 6/6/2006 at 11:30 AM.premises known as 85 Westside Avenue, Freeport. NY 11520. All that certain plo.t piece or parcel of Idnd, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and'being in the Village of Freeport, County of Nassau and State of New York, Section, Block and Lot: 62-137-30. Approximate amount of lien $321,294.08 plus interest and costs. Premises will be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index #007208/05. Ghenyq B. Grant, Esq., Referee, STEVEN J. BAUM, P.C.. Attorney for Plaintiff P.O. Box 1291, Buffalo, NY 14240-1291 Dated: 4/25/2006 FL6774T5/4. 11. 18. 25 NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT: COUNTY OF NASSAU - CHASE HOME FINANCE, LLC SUCCESSOR BY MERGER TO CHASE MANHATTAN MORTGAGE CORPORATION SUCCESSOR BY MERGER TO CHASE MANHATTAN COMPANY-WEST F/K/A MELLON MORTGAGE COMPANY, Plaintiff, AGAINST DOUGLAS CHILDS, ET. AL., Defendants). a judgment of foreclosure and sale duly dated 3/22/2006, t, the undersigned Referee will sell at public auction at the calendar control part (CCP) of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola, New York, on 6/6/2006 at 11:30 AM, premises known as 102 Lexington Avenue, Freeport, NY 11520. All that certain plot piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Incorporated Village of Freeport. Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York. Section,-Block and Lot: 54-79-3. Approximate amount of lien $174.906.42 plus interest and costs. Premises will' • be sold subject to provisions of filed Judgment Index #17725/05. Christopher J. Coschignano. Esq.. Referee, STEVEN J. BAUM. P.C., Attorney for Plaintiff P.O. Box 1291..Buffalo. NY 14240-1291 Dated: 4/27/2006 FL6784T5/4. 11. 18, 25 NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT: NASSAU COUNTY CHASE MANHATTAN MORTGAGE CORPORATION, Plaintiff(s) vs. ANNETTE SHOMARI, et al. Defendant© Attorneyfe) for Piaintiff(s): ROSICKI, ROSICKI & ASSOCIATES, P.C., One Old Country Road, Suite 200, Carle Place NY 11514 516-741 -2585 Pursuant to judgment of foreclosure and sale entered herein on or about January 21, 2005. I will sell at Public Auction to the highest bidder at 262 OLD COUNTRY ROAD, MINEOLA. NEW YORK 11501. ' .


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On June 6. 2006 at 11:30 AM Premises known as 130 Pennsylvania Avenue, Roosevelt. New York 11575 ALL that certain lot. piece or parcel of land. with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being at Roosevelt, Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau and State of New York. Section: 55 Block: 423 Lot; 9 As more particularly described in the judgment of foreclosure and sale. Sold subject to all of the terms and conditions contained in said judgment and terms of sale. Approximate amount of judgment $215,262.20 plus interest and costs. INDEX NO. 9287/04 JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN, Esq., REFEREE . FL #679 4x5/4. 11. 18.25 , NOTICE Of ADOPTION RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of the Incorporated Village of Freeport. by virtue of the authority invested by law. conducted a public hearing .held on the 6th day of March, 2006, for the purpose of hearing citizen input on the allocation of Community Development Block Grant funds for the 32nd Program Year; and, WHEREAS, the Community Development Agency has reviewed each proposal and all relevant public comments from the aforemenD tioned public hearing; and, NOW THEREFORE BE IT. RESOLVED, that based upon the recommendation of Freeport Community Development Agency Director, the 32nd Program Year Community Development Block Grant for the Fiscal Year 2006-2007 be allocated as follows: Activity . Amount Acquisition of Real Property $5.000.00 Commercial Rehabilitation$244,200.00 Rehabilitation Single Family Homes $244,200.00 PFi - Downtown Parking/Infrastructure $5.000.00 PFI - Tree Removal/Planting $30.000.00 PFI - Hi-Hello Childcare - Replace Sidewalk/Apron $3,100.00 PFI - Freeport Bible Center - Refinish/maintain gym floor $1:500.00 PFI - Freeport Historical Society/Exterior/Interior Imp. $2,000.00 Disposition • . $5,000.00 $540,000.00 Public Services . $124,000.00 Girls Scouts ' $8,500.00 OHR Parish Outreach $11,000.00 .INN . $15,000.00 VOF Yoath Outreach. $17,000.00 • Neighborhood Urban Outreach $3:400.00 Coalition Against Domestic Violence $8,000.00 ETS Youth Division • $8,100.00 PRIDE/Youth Outreach $14,00.00 Landmarks Preservation $4,000.00 Catholic Charities Work-Link Center $10,000.00 E.O.C., Inc. • $12,000.00 Penny Foundation ' $4,000.00 Zellstar Security Academy $5,000.00 .Freeport Neighborhood Watch $2,500.00 Nassau Performing Arts $1.500.00 Planning ' $4.000.00 Administration • $160.000.00 Total $828,000.00 FURTHER RESOLVED, that the foregoing shall. be entered in the minutes of the Board of Trustees of the Incorporated Village of Freeport, and published in. the Leader and a printed copy thereof posted conspicuously In at least three (3) public places ii. the Incorporated Village of Freeport. Nassau County, New York. STATE OF NEW YORK, COUNTY OF NASSAU,

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VILLAGE OF FREEPORT. ss: I, CAROLYN THOMAS. .Clerk of the Village of Freeport, Nassali County. New York, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of said Block Grant funds duly adopted and enacted by the Board of Trustees of the said Village at a meeting of the -said Board of Trustees, after a public hear. ing duly called and held in the Conference. ' Room of the Municipal Building of the Village of Freeport, New York, on the 6th day of March. 2006 at 8:00 O'clock in the' evening, and of the whole thereof, as entered upon the minutes of the proceedings of the said Board kept by me as Village Clerk. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Corporate Seal of said Village-IMS 25th day of April, 2006. Carolyn Thomas, Village Clerk Dated: April 27, 2006 FL680 IT 5/4 . NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT: NASSAU COUNTY. L&L ASSOCIATES HOLDING CORP., Pitt. vs. HARRY GASKIN, et al, Defts. Index #05-010826. Pursuant to judgment of'foreclosure arid sale dated'Mar. 9. 2006, I will sell at public auction oh Tuesday, June 6, 2006 at 11:30 a.m. in the Calendar Control Part (CCP) Courtroom of the Supreme Court, 100 Supreme Court Dr... Mineola, NY, p;em. k/a Dist. 8, Section 55, Block 496, Lot 116. Sold subject to terms-and conditions of filed judgment dnd terms of sale. THELMA NEIRA, Referee. LEVY & LEVY. Aftys. For Ptlf.. 12 Tulip Dr., Great Neck, NY. #66216 . FL6.S1 4T5/4, 11, 18, 25 Notice is hereby given that an Order granted by the Supreme Court, Nassau County, on the 17th day of April 2006 bearing the index number 6236/06, a copy of which may be examined at the Office of the Nassau County Clerk located at 240 Old Country Road. Mineola, New York, grants me the right to assume the name of Aaron-David Augustine. Miller. My present address Is 2 Brooks Ave.. Freeport. New York; The date of my birth is February 17, 1982; the place of birth Is Nassau County, NY; the present name is Aaron-David Augustine Blanding. „ FL682 IT 5/4 PLANNING BOARD PUBLIC HEARING May .11. 2006 NOTICE IS HEREBY given that a public hearing will be. held before the Planning Board on Thursday, May 11, .2006 at 8:00 P.M., in theincorporated Village of Freeport. Main Conference Room, 46 North Ocean Avenue,. .Freeport, New; York, on the applications of cases as they appear on the calendar. 604 South Ocean Avenue - NDA New Building. Construction Corp. -' (Adjourned from 2/16/06). Application for Subdivision: "304 So. Ocean Homes", to erect three -(3) single-family detached houses. Sec. 062, Block 119, Lot 001. Residence AA District. A copy of the application is available 'for viewing at the Office of the Village Clerk during the " hours of 8:30 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. for the purpose of inspection by Interested persons. - • INTERESTED PROPERTY OWNERS and other persons should appear at the above time and place to have questions answered and to . voice opinions. BY ORDER OF THE PLANNING BOARD Carolyn Thomas, Village Clerk FL683 IT 5/4 NOTICE OF NON-DISCRIMINATORY POLICY It is the policy of Meadowbrook Care Center Inc.. located at 320 West Merrick Road, Freeport, New York 11520, not to discriminate because of Race, Creed. Religion. Co.lor. National Origin, Sex, Gender, Handicap, Disability, Blindness.'Source of Sponsorship, Source of Payment. Marital Status,'Age, Sexual


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Preference, Genetic Predisposition; or Carrier Status in employment or in the admission, retention and care of residents and patients. All persons and organizations that have occasion to refer prospective.residents or patients to Meadowbrook Care Center Inc., are advised I to do so without regard to the person's Race. 0. es Creed, Religion, Color, National Origin, Sex, Gender, Handicap. Disability. Blindness, Source of- Sponsorship. Source of Payment, Marital Status, Age, Sexual Preference. Genetic Predisposition, or Carrier Status. •FL684 IT 5/4 SHARPS DISPOSAL SERVICE Meadowbrook Care Center, a skilled nursing facility, located at 320 West Merrick Road. Freeport, New York 11520, offers a community service for the collection and disposal of homegenerated sharps (syringes, needles and lancets). To ensure safety, all sharps must be. placed in OSHA approved containers with tight fitting screw tops which are shatter proof, leak . proof and puncture resistant (OSHA approved containers can be purchased at medical supply stores.) Community residents can bring properly contained sharps to Meadowbrook Care Center on designated days and times. Call Meadowbrook Care Center Inc. at (516) 37-7-8200 for days and times. FL685 IT 5/4 SITE PLAN REVIEW BOARD MEETING MAY 11, 2006 NOTICE IS HEREBY given that a Public Hearing will be held before the Site Plan Review Board on Thursday, May 11, 2006, at 8:30 P.M., in the Incorporated Village of Freeport, Main Conference Room, 46 North Ocean Avenue, Freeport, New York, on the applications of cases as they appear on the calendar. INTERESTED PROPERTY OWNERS and other persons should appear at the above time and place to have questions answered and to voice opinions. 1,. SP-2091 - 54 Bedell Street - Miguel Suriel. Application for fire damage restoration and raise roof. Section 62, Block 54, Lot 302. Business ' B. 2. SP-2092 - 2 Front Street (aka 1 Woodcleft Avenue) - Staten Island Yacht Sales. Application to install prefab 14' x 31' shed. Section 62, Block 177, Lots 3 & 540. Marine Commerce. .3. SP-2093 - 9 West Merrick Road - Xing Guop Wang. Application to replace glass on front of building of 2nd floor. Section 62, Block 53, Lot 357..Business B. 4. SP-2094 .- 342 Guy Lombardo Avenue - Andy Costigliola. Application for facade renovation, interior alterations and a 58 sq. ft. side addition. Section 62, Block 168, Lot 79. Business B. 5. SP-2095-111- Woodcleft Avenue - DIMillo's Boat Sales. Application to construct 300' of 4' high black vinyl chain link fence and (3) 4' of 4: high open black vinyl gates. Section 62, Block 177. Lots 532. 536 & 538. Marine Commerce. BY ORDER OF-THE PLANNING BOARD Carolyn Thomas. Village Clerk FL #686 5/4 NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: 176 N. MAIN LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary .of State of New York (SSNY) on 03/14/06. The latest date of dissolution is 12/31/2099. Office location: Nassau County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, 70 N. Long Beach Avenue, Freeport, New York 11520. Purpose: For any lawful purpose. FL #687 6x5/4. 11. 18:25,6/1,8





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Freeport library levy to rise 6.3% Describing himself as the "appement of the roof and new air conditizer" in a night of information, tioning units in the west building at Freeport Memorial Library, director an approximate cost of $600,000. David Opatow presented the library- Mr. Opatow explained that future budget at the NWCA meeting. While expenditures on this improvement acknowledging that certain things, will be made using special purpose are beyond his control (such as high fund money, thus enabling the disfuel costs and healthcare), he still felt trict to meet the expense without the budget was reasonable and bonding. deserving of public support. Fuel and utilities are a troublesome The library is proposing an expenmatter for the library as they are for diture increase of $330,083, or 6.86 everyone: $100,000 has been budgetpercent, for the 2006-2007 year. ed for . '06-'07, . an increase of That amount is made up mostly of $40,000. Smaller increases are seen increases in sajaries ($70,819 or in such areas'as professional fees 2.5%), health insurance premiums ($20,000), books ($20,000) and com($76,078, or 11.3%). Mr. Opatow pensated absences (15,000). told The Leader that the library staff On the revenue side, the portion of is in the last year of a three-year con- . the expenditures to .be covered by tract and negotiations will be initial- • taxation is slated to rise $294,383, or ed shortly on a new contract. 6.3%. An increase in interest revenue In capital improvements, $75,000 of $34,700 is also budgeted. is budgeted for the required replace-MT

NWCA candidates forum issue, Ms. Mule stated the statistics for from page 1 the last two years: 413 investigated, 80 figure for spending to administration, removed; this year, 390 investigated, 60 thus contolling tax increases. Mr. Cattano removed. She observed that many legal expressed concern about the behavior of hoops have to be jumped through before many students in the high school. a student can be removed. "Violence, acting out, and bullying...are • What to do about pension obligaunacceptable," he' said. He called for tions? more and better trained security, and for a Both agreed that pension contribuchange in the culture that would provide . tions are regulated by the state and that no tolerance for such behaviour. • Ms. Mule spoke about her 16 years of . Albany is the place to go to seek relief. ' • School uniforms? residence in Freeport (she has two chilDr. Cattano favored unifdrms or standren in the Freeport schools, and all of her dardized dress, but cautioned that forwork as president of the PTA council. She mal uniforms might not work, with bemoaned what she described as "chaos much- resistance coming from parents. andf.instabilit'y". ia some of the. behavior, He described the currenrdress code as exhibited recently at board meetings. "It "non-existant." Ms. Mule's reaction is'clear a change is needed on-the board," ""was,1'"'As a parent,''I'lovfe'it:" But'she she'stated. also stressed that New York State does • Speaking about her role in starting the not allow them except on a voluntary First Day Freeport celebration, which basis (as was done in Uniondale). grew out of coffee klatsches held in the • If money is not the answer, what is? community, she told the crowd that the Questioning the current "standards" board must set an example of civility for and testing movement, Ms. Mule wonthe school community that will trickle dered whether there was too much testdown and create an atmosphere of trust ing, but acknowledged that "it has to be and lead to better results.' done" and that the district should continue what it is doing now in this area. Questions for the candidates Acknowledging that money alone • Why should you be elected? doesn't guarantee success, and calling Dr. Cattano observed that with diffiNo Child Left Behind "a knee-jerk reaccult issues to be dealt with, that the tion," Dr. Cattano called for creating "a .board needs .a person with experience, a climate that demands success," and that person who would be "a strong, indeeducation must be a priority with both' pendent figure." He also said he has' had parents and. the community. time to reflect on how to do better in • How have you advocated for kids? three years off the board. Ms. Mule Ms. Mule spoke about her work with referred to he training as a social workthe PTA for child health and welfare, as er and he experience with the PTA counwell as her work with the First Day cil, with church groups and with her Freeport event. Dr. Cattano talked about own children in'the schools. "PTA made his career as a psychiatrist in a practice me a child advocate," she said. with young adults, and mentioned that • Should metal detectors be in the he was also a football coach. schools? • How would" you control budget Ms. Mule, while recognizing the need expenditures? for better security, doesn't know if metal Ms. Mule described herself as well detectors are the answer - it would give versed on budget matters. The board the feel of a "New York City school." Dr. must examine the budget closely for posCattano didn't want permanent metal sible economies, and lobby Albany for detectors, noting that kids can evade relief in matters, it doesn't control. Dr. them, but noting that it is a sad commenCattano stated that, the board must cafetary that the question must be asked. fully consider what it can do with limited • What can be done about students resources. who don't live in the district? Particularly refering to healthcare Dr. Cattano called for increased surexpenditures, he noted, "We must be able veillance within the law, but noted that to say no." Budgetary restraint starts at there are legal issues involved and that the top, and Dr. Cattano felt that a bad the district is still obliged to educate example was set when generous raises non-resident students unless it can proVe were given to administrators in advance non-residency. Putting numbers to the of negotiations with staff.




o. P


-a in

Freeport Rotary Carnival / ,~x

Carnival Rides • Food • Games

th th

th th


May 5 , 6 & 7

Friday • Saturday • Sunday At The

Freeport Train Station

This Carnival Is Coordinated by

The Freeport Rotary Club Q_ <

Carnival Rides by RicthofIcr Shows, Inc