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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Better sewer system oversight sought

AN EARLY MORNING FIRE late last month damaged the kitchen of the Villa D'Aqua on Bellmore Avenue. Bellmore firefighters, under the direction of First Assistant Chief Stephen Marsar, prevented the spread of the fire into the

by Douglas Finlay

Under the weight of a $3.5 billion county debt, the Nassau County Legislature’s Democratic caucus turned up the heat on the Republican majority on Monday over its $722 million borrowing request to repair the county’s Bay Park sewage plant and other repairs needed within the aging county sewage system, saying it would agree to borrow only when more oversight was accomplished in the form of Legislative hearings. But on July 19 County Executive Edward P. Mangano created the Waste Water Treatment Plant Advisory Committee to oversee aspects of bonding the $722 million for the repairs, leading Democratic Minority Leader Kevan Abrahams to remark at a conference on Monday in legislative chambers that the committee was just “Mr. Mangano policing himself, it has no real teeth to it.” Legislator Dave Denenberg voted with Republicans to approve the $722 million after the Legislature had recently bonded $247 million for repairing Bay Park’s adjusters, scrubbers and pumps, and $15 million for repairs to the

restaurant. Units from North Bellmore, Wantagh and Merrick Fire Departments were called to the scene. There were no reports of firefighter injuries. Above, a Bellmore firefighter opens up the roof . BFD photo by Vin Scaduto

Cedar Creek Water Pollution Control Plant in Seaford. The Cedar Creek money includes $14 million for controls on older control units and $499,000 to design digesters there, according to Mike Martino, spokesman for the county Department of Public Works. Mr. Denenberg believes there are enough oversight mechanisms within the Legislature to help move the process forward, said Dan Yngstrom, a spokesman. Mike Florio, spokesman for the Democratic caucus, told this newspaper that a proposed legislative oversight committee would comprise experts in respective fields who could scrutinize a contract put forward by the administration – for pricing, quality, reputation of the contractor – and recommend it to the various committees for further study. “It’s all about checks and balances, but the majority is just not using these tools at the moment,” he said. Legislator Abrahams told those at the press conference that while the Legislature had approved $262 million for repairs, “The Mangano Administration asked for only $16 million in approval from NIFA [Nassau Interim Financial Authority] for repairs.”

“We trust the Mangano Administration wants to get these issues resolved as we do but, as President Reagan once said, ‘Trust...but verify,’ ” remarked Democratic Legislator Robert Troiano. To the six Democratic legislators at the press conference, verification would be more credible through legislative oversight than through executive oversight.

Mangano’s oversight committee Meanwhile, Republicans say the newly formed Wastewater Plant Advisory Committee, established on July 19 to evaluate the status and progress of the repair and rehabilitation of the wastewater treatment plants, will act as bonafide oversight. The 14-member committee includes one member appointed by County Executive Edward Mangano, one member by the Nassau County Legislature’s Presiding Officer and one appointed by the Legislature’s minority. The committee also includes one member for each of the following organizations: Citizens Campaign for the (continued on page 2)

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Environment; Operation SPLASH; Sludge Stoppers; League of Conservation Voters; Point Lookout Civic Association; Vision Long Island and the Nassau Coalition of Civic Associations. Two representative of the Nassau Suffolk Building Trade Council will also sit on the committee. The committee will help to ensure that repairs and rehabilitation of the county’s sewage treatment plants takes place in a timely and efficient manner, said county spokeswoman Katie Grilli-Robles. It will meet bi-monthly with the Commissioner of Public Works and the Office of Legislative Budget. “Environmental groups and editorial boards across Long Island all know that repairs must be fully funded and completed in an expeditious manner. County Executive Mangano calls upon the Democrats to end the political games and fully fund the critical repairs needed to protect homeowners, the environment and our

local waterways,” said Brian Nevin, senior policy advisory for Nassau County. Legislator Wayne Wink told the press that, while he had been in the Legislature during the Democratic Party’s last two years as a majority, “we used to have meetings on finances all the time. Now, there are no meetings at all” in the sewage matter. If anything, he noted that the Democratic majority had been more involved in the political process in resolving issues than in obstruction, countering Mr. Nevin’s assertion. Former Democratic Presiding Officer Judy Jacobs told those assembled that when the Democrats became the majority the county was near junk bond status. “Rehabilitating the sewage plants will be the largest rebuilding expense of plants in the county’s history, so we can’t risk the reimbursement of monies [from FEMA] without complete legislative oversight’” of the sewage issue, she said.

New burglary prevention tips Responding to a rash of burglaries in Bellmore, Merrick and Wantagh recently, in which the perpetrator was apprehended, the Nassau County Police Department is disseminating the following burglary prevention tips, as well as instructing the Seventh Precinct to implement directed patrol assignments to address burglaries in your neighborhood: • Don’t leave windows open for air or unlocked – even if going down the street for a minute – when the house is

unoccupied. • Lock rear gates when not in use, because most burglars will break into your house from the rear, where they are less visible to people on the street. • Prune overgrown shrubbery, which may hide windows and doors. • Do not leave valuables in bureau drawers in the master bedroom; this is the first place where a burglar will look. Valuables are concentrated in this room, and burglars have little time to (continued on page 5)

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Actions belie intent? Mr. Abrahams pointed out that in 2009 $400 million had been earmarked for sewage plant repairs, but those repairs were never done once the Mangano Administration came in. Mr. Abrahams maintains the damage incurred to Bay Park during superstorm Sandy would have been less severe had the administration acted with the money that had been funded at the time. Legislator Joe Scannell, whose community of Baldwin was inundated with raw sewage after Bay Park’s pumps broke, said residents of the town are “disappointed by the lack of action that has taken place” by the administration in guaranteeing the pumps don’t break again. Legislator Delia DeRiggi-Whitton, whose district includes the West Shore Road to Bayville decimated by Sandy, told Bellmore Life that monies had been set aside to rebuild the road months before superstorm Sandy hit. “That money was never used when it could have helped repair the road before Sandy hit, completely destroy-

ing it,” she said. At one point in the conference the Democratic caucus noted the Mangano Administration’s longtime focus on privatizing the sewage plants – which NIFA has rejected. When asked whether their oversight concerns – and concerns on the administration’s lack of action on repairs when funds were available – were more about borrowing $722 million to privatize the county sewage system, Mr. Wink denied that was a major concern.

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When it comesMember to items Facilities, the NIFA did agree to $6 million in new Bartholomew Funeral provides spending forHome the Democratic caucus for member item grants. Legislator Dave the best in the Bellmore area. Denenberg received $60,000 for Bellmore School District fields, $20,000 for the Bellmore Fire District’s thermal image cameras, and $25,000 for the Bellmore Memorial Library and its HVAC system. – with additional reporting by Laura Schofer

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Bellmore Life Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Page 2

Better sewer system oversight sought

Page 3 Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Bellmore Life

SPLASH: Mitigate flooding in your home

WORKERS BUILD FLOODGATE in Cockermouth, a town in Cumbria, the northwestern region of England, the Rivers Derwent and Cocker both broke their banks after a record rainfall of 12.3 inches in just 24 hours in 2009. Their solution was to build a gate that is deployed when floodwaters rise. For informaphoto courtesy of U.K. Flood barriers tion you can contact Chew Magna, south of Bristol, England, What’s the next step? suffered extensive and continuous damLast month’s event at SPLASH headage from the eight floods the town has quarters on the Nautical Mile was the suffered over the last 40 years. To comfirst opportunity to introduce local conplicate matters, the village is a designated tractors to ideas and products that may conservation area – homes are landhelp mitigate flooding. marked and the exteriors cannot be drasMr. Weltner said SPLASH will work tically altered. with contractors and architects to help The Bath and North East Somerset them learn about the different flood mitiCouncil decided to apply for grant money gation techniques. “We will help them to help identify properties at risk, and incorporate what they have done with came up with a plan to protect those these new products and ideas,” he said. homes. It used a variety of measures, Furthermore, SPLASH will recomincluding door and low-level window mend contractors who have developed barriers, nonreturn valves for sewage and expertise in flood mitigation techniques utility pipes, the installation of sumps and and products to homeowners. Interested pumps, and airbrick replacements. The homeowners may contact SPLASH at first phase secured 33 houses; the second phase secured an additional 39 homes. “People are going to need to do a vari“Some of this stuff, we can do. It’s ety of things to keep the water out,” said cheap, like a sewage backflow device. Mr. Weltner. “We can’t stop a tsunami but Just think what this would have meant to we can stop tidewater. It’s a better than people here,” said Mr. Weltner. ‘elevate or evacuate.’”

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“We can’t build an ark, so we need to find a viable solution,” said Rob Weltner, executive director of SPLASH, at a meeting held at the SPLASH headquarters in Freeport still in the midst of renovation after being hit by superstorm Sandy. Mr. Weltner told an assembled audience of contractors, homeowners and municipal employees that “we have to keep an open mind and look at all kinds of solutions to fix this [flooding] problem.” At the meeting was Frank Kelly, CEO of Global Defence Systems and its subsidiary UK Flood Barriers, invited by SPLASH to make a presentation about his company’s flood mitigation products. He told the audience that one way to combat the changing weather patterns is to use the force of nature – in this case rising flood waters – to trigger passive systems, including backflow devices and flood walls, which are deployed when the water level rises, and to keep the flood water away from homes. This design concept was pioneered by the Dutch, who know “a little something about mitigating flood waters. They design flood barriers for a one-in-10,000 year event,” said Mr. Kelly. He recommends a combination of protective measures to combat flood events and could include door and low-level window barriers, nonreturn valves for sewage and utility pumps, the installation of sumps and pumps, and airbrick replacements. But each house, each situation, is unique, said Mr. Kelly, who has been to Freeport on three occasions since December to evaluate the damage the

recent storms have caused to homes and businesses in Freeport. “We have been desperately searching for answers,” said Mr. Weltner in a telephone interview. “I have contacts with environmental groups around the world and they are way ahead of us. They said, ‘Take a look at what we are doing in the UK [United Kingdom]. We’ve adapted, so can you.’ So we took a look.” For example, in Cockermouth, a town in Cumbria, the northwestern region of England, the Rivers Derwent and Cocker both broke their banks after a record rainfall of 12.3 inches in just 24 hours in 2009. Water levels rose eight feet, two inches and the river flow reached 20 knots, resulting in over 200 million English pounds (over $300 million) worth of damage to homes, possessions and businesses in the area. This flood was considered to be a one-in450-year occurrence. Cockermouth’s economy depends in part on tourism. There is the Cockermouth Castle and the town was the home of William Wordsworth, the English poet. The Allerdale Borough Council knew it needed to address the flooding situation and chose to install a self-closing barrier (over 115 liner meters) along the River Cocker to rise in a flood event and offer protection to the town. Otherwise, the barrier is not seen and does not mar the landscape. “Our situation here [on Long Island] is different, but we can learn from what others have done. Some of it is common sense,” said Mr. Weltner. For example, homes in the village of


by Laura Schofer

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Bellmore Life Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Page 4

BELLMORE LIFE USPS (049-500) 1840 Merrick Avenue, Merrick, N.Y. 11566 Telephone 378-5320 FAX 378-0287 e-mail: AN INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER ESTABLISHED 1964 AS A COMMUNITY SERVICE Published Weekly on Wednesday by L & M Publications FAITH AND JOHANNES LAURSEN, FORMER PUBLISHERS L & M Publications Subscriptions Dept. Classifieds Dept. Display Ads Editorial Dept.

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Linda Laursen Toscano x 19 Supervisor: Nicolas Toscano Douglas Finlay Jill Bromberg x 16 Laura Schofer Production Manager: Marilyn Loheide Graphic Artists: Judy Ammerman, Pat McKay, x 22 Circulation: Kathleen Murphy x 25

Periodicals postage paid at Bellmore, N.Y. Price 75 cents a copy, $20 a year, $36 for two years, $49 for three years; (Outside Nassau County $40 per year). Postmaster: Send address change to: 1840 Merrick Avenue, Merrick, N.Y. 11566 Composition responsibility: Not liable beyond cost of space occupied by error. All art work, layout and editorial content are the sole property of Bellmore Life and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without permission of L & M Publications. All editorial submissions are subject to editing. Not responsible for return of materials submitted for publication. Materials submitted may be used in print and online editions.

The community newspaper - the glue that helps hold a community together, and the spur that helps keep it moving forward

Like a family “When one starts a newspaper, it’s almost like a child – one never stops caring about what happens to it.” So wrote Grace Anton, wife of Merrick Life founder Karl Anton, in congratulating my parents, Johannes and the late Faith Laursen, on their 30th year of ownership of the paper back in 1988. And so as we prepare to hand over ownership of our not-so-young newspaper “children,” The Freeport-Baldwin Leader, 1935, Merrick Life, 1938, The Wantagh-Seaford Citizen, 1953, and Bellmore Life, 1964, to Richner Communications we trust that each will continue to be “the glue that helps hold a community together and the spur that helps keep it moving forward.” The Richner family also has its roots steeped in printer's ink. Like my father, Cliff Richner is a former president of the New York Press Association, the professional organization that has kept community journalism alive in New York State. NYPA provides continuing education for journalists, advice on the economic aspects of running a newspaper and group buys for advertisers for the wide variety of newspapers serving all kinds of communities and cultures all over the state. Like many other newspapers we couldn’t have done it without them. Cliff and Stuart Richner run Herald Community Newspapers, a second-generation ownership and the second largest employer of print journalists on Long Island. They are also out front in online journalism with responsible news reporting. My mother used to say, “Being a subscription paid newspaper means that our community papers are invited into the home, and are often kept around the house for days. “Whether they subscribe by mail or pick up the paper at local newsstands, many residents consider us part of their family...and we consider them part of ours.” Including our online audience, we reach over 30,000 readers on an average week. We want to thank all of our staff, our family of subscribers, as well as our advertisers and community activists, for 55 years of newspaper ownership by the Laursen family. Together, we helped make a difference, raising railroad tracks, founding needed social services and cultural organizations, preserving land for future generations, building better business districts, informing voters and chronicling the very fabric of our lives. It’s been an honor to know you. L.T.

THIS EAGLE HAS LANDED: Thomas Lober to of Boy Scout Troop 2830 recently completed his Eagle Scout ser vice project in Stillwell Woods Preser ve – sponsored by Richard and Lisa Schar y of Nor th Bellmore, board members of the L.I. Greenbelt Trail Conference. Thomas restored and rerouted a four-mile hiking trail overgrown and impassable since Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy tore through the woods. Thomas’ project was was approved by Norma Gonsalves, Presiding Officer of the Nassau County Legislature. From left are Scout Thomas Lober to, Austin Conde and Rober t Watson.

bellmore bits MEMBER ITEMS: NIFA agreed to $6 million in new spending for the Democratic caucus for member items. Legislator Dave Denenberg received $60,000 for Bellmore School District fields, $20,000 for the Bellmore Fire District’s thermal image cameras, and $25,000 for the Bellmore Memorial Library and its HVAC system. uuu SHABBAT UNDER THE STARS: All are invited to a New Year barbecue and Friday evening service at the Bellmore Jewish Center to meet Rabbi Dahlia Bernstein on Friday, August 23, at 6 p.m. The event is open to the community, $18 per family. RSVP to the temple office at 781-3072. uuu VENDORS SOUGHT: The Bellmore Ladies Auxiliary of Bellmore Knights of Columbus 2333 Bellmore Avenue seeks vendors for its fair on October 27. Call 785-9407 by October 19 to reserve a space. uuu BLOOD DRIVE: Assemblyman Dave McDonough (R,C,I-Merrick) will host a blood drive in support of Long Island Blood Services on Thursday, August 8, from 1:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the American Legion Post 1749, 1298 Newbridge Road, North Bellmore. Long Island Blood Services will also provide two tickets to an upcoming New York Mets game to donors. To be a donor you must bring valid photo or signature identification, weigh at least 110 pounds, be age 16-75 (16-year-olds must have parental permission), eat well and be hydrated prior to your appointment, and not have gotten

a tattoo within 12 months (unless applied in New Jersey). For information call the assemblyman’s office at 409-2070. uuu DAYAN LILAH GROUP: The Bellmore-Merrick Dayan Lilah Group of Hadassah has announced it will hold its annual Mah Jongg, Games and Martinis Night on Wednesday, August 14, at 7 p.m. at the Bellmore fire station, 230 Pettit Avenue, across from LIRR station. The cost of $33 per person/members or $37 per person/nonmembers includes martinis, snacks, Italian dinner and desserts! Instruction will be provided to those who don’t know how to play mah jongg. RSVP by Tuesday, August 6, to or email with any questions. Sorry, no walk-ins! Proceeds from this event will go towards Hadassah’s breast cancer research. uuu ICE HOCKEY CLUB FUNDRAISER: The BellmoreMerrick Bulldogs Hockey Club will host a day at Bethpage Ballpark, home of the Long Island Ducks, on Sunday, August 25. For $35 per adult (includes children 11 and up) and $30 per child (ages 4-10 [children under 4 no charge]) come and enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet and the game. It will begin at 3:30 p.m. in the Hebrew National picnic area. The pre-game buffet lasts for 90 minutes prior to the game. Make checks payable to Bellmore-Merrick Bulldogs Hockey Club, Inc. and mail to Michele Lynott, 1791 Thomas Street, Merrick 11566 no later than August 15. Any questions can be directed to Lenore

photo courtesy of Richard Schary

Baccarella at 300-9500 or Michele Lynott at 384-7221. uuu BBQ FUNDRAISER: The Bellmore Knights of Columbus will hold a country-themed barbecue on Sunday, August 11, from 1-6 p.m. in support of families who have been harmed by the Oklahoma tornadoes. Cost is $30 for adults and $10 for kids. There will be food, drinks, a pig roast, games, prizes and more. For information call 785-9407. uuu KENNEDY REUNION: The Bellmore-Merrick JFK Alumni Group will hold a multi-year reunion on Saturday, September 21, from 7-11 p.m. at Mulcahy’s of Wantagh, 3232 Railroad Avenue, Wantagh, and invites all graduates, teachers, coaches and staff to attend. Special section for 1973, 1983, 1993 and 2003 class reunions. The class year with the greatest turnout will have a plaque placed in the high school and scholarship presented. Alumni musicians, bands and live music from The Kamelot Alumni Band, The Friends to the Ends Alumni Band, Suzanne Levy, Rick Gigi, Larry Schwartz, Scott Sander, Elliot Negrin, Brian Hand and David Kane from the Class of 1980 will be there; Dana Ritacco (stage name Dana Rayne) from Class of ‘97 and JFK Alumni Choir will be there. Free buffet from 7:30-9:30 p.m. Cost is $35 through August 31, and $40 after September 1. Purchase tickets and print out your receipt for admission to this event at istration. © © ©

Page 5 Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Bellmore Life

Founded in 1964: A history of Bellmore Life Bellmore Life was founded in 1964 by Johannes Laursen. Local community leaders and merchants had asked for their own newspaper after Merrick Life had begun publishing special pages devoted to Bellmore. During those first years, he also served as head of the Chamber of Commerce and help coordinated a shopping survey that led to revitalization of the downtown and the addition of more parking spaces. Editor Trudi Cowan, an illustrator for the New York Times whose husband was design editor there was also active in the chamber and the North Bellmore Library, and served as the first president of the historical society. Together with Faith Laursen, then editor of Merrick Life, she helped lead a successful campaign to raise the Long Island Rail Road tracks. She inspired the Western Days August sales in downtown Bellmore that were a precursor to the highly successful Bellmore Fair. In 1994, Bellmore Life published a profile of the Bellmores, with photos of various local places. At present, the annual median household income is $73,000. Bellmore Life and Merrick Life publish an annual Back To School section with award-winning coverage of the BellmoreMerrick Central High School District. Students from the three high schools serve as interns and participate in the Senior Experience program in both the editorial and graphics arts departments. The newspapers also serve as a training site for New York Press Association college interns and for the Nassau County Board of Cooperative Education students, including student with disabilities. We have bound volumes on hand dating back to 1964, and microfilm and fiche issues are available at the local libraries.

PRESENT DAY STAFF: From left are Hillary Pasternak, Mattie Schalofsky, Paul Roberts, Doug Finlay, Jill Bromberg, Olimpia Santaniello, Marilyn Loheide, Judy Ammerman, Jay Chase, Linda Toscano, Mark Treske, Paul Laursen, Laura Schofer, Elaine Spiro, Colin Hekimian and Pat McKay. Inset photos are: Joyce MacMonigle (recently deceased). Elaine photo by Rhonda Glickman Groder, Ann Johnson, Kay Murphy and Stacey Simmons. Sales manager Jill Bromberg, a member of the board of the Chamber of Commerce of the Bellmores, has been instrumental in reviving the Bellmore Friday night car show. Assistant Editor Douglas Finlay and Laura Schofer have won several awards – including a national award – for inves-

tigative journalism, while Mr. Finlay also secured several exclusive stories. Editor Paul Laursen has won a national award for photography, and under his leadership the newspaper has won awards for excellence in editorial columns, historical and anniversary issues, special themed sections, com-

munity service and coverage of the environment, education and sports. Linda Toscano, named New York State Woman of Distinction in 2002, has served on the boards of the New York Press Association and Long Island Breast Cancer Action Coalition.

New burglary prevention tips offered look around the home. • Take close up pictures of your jewelry. Videotape the interior of the house and keep a copy at another location. • Write down the make, model and serial number of your property. Mark

other valuables with an identifying number to help us in tracking down your stolen items. • Have interior lights and a radio/television on timers, which go on and off at varying times of the day. • Do not have packages left on the front step all day: if you cannot stay

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easily kicked in. • Replace the strike plate screws with longer steel screws that go through the doorjamb and into the door frame. • Use deadbolts with at least a oneinch throw, thereby making the mechanism more difficult to pry or kick open. • Ensure that sliding doors have metal pins or a metal bar installed to prevent them from being pried open. - Install outside motion detection lights at the corners of your home and high enough so that the intruder can’t unscrew the bulb. • If buying a safe make sure it is of good quality. Many safes that people buy are fire safes, which are easily broken into. Bolt down the safe so a burglar can’t carry it away.

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home arrange for a delivery time or have a neighbor take in the package. • Have a neighbor watch your house if you’ll be away. • Don’t publicize your absence from the house on the Internet or on voicemail. • Consider installing an alarm and post alarm signs around the perimeter of your residence. • Eliminate the outside mailbox by inserting a mail slot in the front door or the garage door. This not only helps prevent burglaries but also hinders identity theft. • Have outside doors of solid core wood or metal clad; steel doors and frames are the most secure while hollow core doors with wood frames are



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Bellmore Life Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Page 6

Bellmore Chamber welcomes new members Las Bahias Restaurant At 2819 Jerusalem Avenue, North Bellmore, Las Bahias Restaurant offers delicious Latin American cuisine to the Bellmore area. They offer

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LAS BAHIAS: From left are Lisa Berger, Bob Podolski, Dan Yngstrom, TOH Clerk Mark Bonilla, Owner Jose Reyes, Chamber Vice-President William Wilgus, Nassau County Legislator Dave Denenberg, Councilman Gar y Hudes and Mar tha Verdi.

CS Cheesecakes and Bakery The Stavilas family has been in the bakery business for over 20 years. Their cheesecake shop was a successful startup in California before they made the decision to move back to New York. Annmarie took a job at another bakery while saving and building up a clientele in order to secure a store front. After months of searching,

they’re happy to call 1507 Bellmore Avenue home. Through hard work, their dream finally came true. Each and every cake (including the crust) is made by hand, one order at a time, using all fresh ingredients. Don’t forget, there are many other baked items besides cheesecakes!

CS CHEESCAKES: In photo, from left, are Bob Podolski, Nassau County Legislator Dave Denenberg, County Presiding Of ficer Norma Gonsalves, Councilwoman Angie Cullin, Vice-President William Wilgus, Chamber President Debby Izzo, owners Annmarie and Charlie Stivala, Town Clerk Mark Bonilla, Jim Moniodes, Mar tha Verdi and Lisa Berger.

GENESIS CREATIONS: In photo are Lisa Berger, Martha Verdi, Bill Wilgus, Councilwoman Angie Cullin, Dan McCabe, Anthony McCabe, Town Clerk Mark Bonilla, Nassau County Legislator Dave Denenberg, Sean McCabe, Barry Hurwitz and Yessie Saheed.

Banner Transmission Banner Transmission (across from the Long Island Rail Road’s Train Tressle station) just celebrated its 50th anniversary. The business opened in 1963 on Jerusalem Avenue in North Merrick before relocating to Bellmore in 1970, where its been at home ever since. Banner has nine employees, six of

whom have been with the company for at least 25 years. The bookkeeper, Florence, has been a member of the Banner family since day one in 1963. The hours are Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m.-noon. Stop in or call 221-9459 for information.

BANNER TRANSMISSION: Pictured from left are Marc Menzies, Rob Cummings, Bob Podolski, Chamber President Debby Izzo, Councilwoman Angie Cullin, Clif f Hettinger, Nassau County Legislator Dave Denenberg, Town of Hempstead, Clerk Mark Bonilla, Mar tha Verdi, Lisa Berger and Chamber Vice-President Bill Wilgus.

Page 7 Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Bellmore Life

Former Mepham teacher: 50 years as a lifeguard Senator Charles J. Fuschillo Jr. (RMerrick) and Assemblyman David McDonough (R-North Merrick) recently congratulated Jones Beach lifeguard Captain Ed Peters for 50 years of service as a Jones Beach lifeguard. Mr. Peters became a Jones Beach lifeguard in 1963 and is the supervisor of Field 6, where he oversees a crew of 46 lifeguards. He holds the rank of captain, which is the highest lifeguard position. In addition to being a lifeguard, Captain Peters was a math teacher at Mepham High School and retired from teaching in 1997.


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JONES BEACH LIFEGUARD’S 50 YEARS: State Senator Fuschillo, sixth left, and Assemblyman McDonough, center, congratulate Jones Beach lifeguard Captain Ed Peters, fifth left, on his 50 years of ser vice as a Jones Beach lifeguard. They are joined by Jones Beach Park Director Sue Giuliani, left, members of the Jones Beach Lifeguard Corps including Tammy McLoughlin of Merrick, seventh from left, and Mr. Peters’ family.

Hurricane preparedness With hurricane season underway, Assemblyman Dave McDonough (R,C,I-Merrick) will co-host a hurricane and emergency preparedness program with state Senator Charles Fuschillo Jr. on Tuesday, August 13, at 7 p.m. at Town of HempsteadMerrick Road Park, 2550 Clubhouse Road in Merrick. The program will include preparedness information and instructions from members of the Nassau County Office of Emergency Services and other government officials. For information call Mr. McDonough’s office at 409-2070 or Mr. Fuschillo’s office at 882-0630.

Breast cancer screening New York State Senator Charles J. Fuschillo Jr. (R-Merrick), in conjunction with NuHealth/Nassau Health Care Corporation, will sponsor a breast cancer screening program on Thursday, August 15, from 8:45 a.m.-noon at the Merrick Library, 2279 Merrick Avenue, Merrick. Appointments are necessary and will be scheduled on a first-come, firstserved basis. Onsite nurses and technicians will provide a mammography, a clinical breast examination and instructions for self examination. Patients and their physicians will be notified of the exam results. NuHealth’s guidelines for the program are as follows: • The program is open to Nassau County women. • Women who are covered by insurance, Medicaid or Medicare will have their carrier billed and must bring their information card to the screening, along with a prescription from their physician. NuHealth policy requires patients to be responsible for any co-pays charged by their carrier. • Women ages 50 and older without health insurance will be eligible to be

Bond issue gets play at board meet enrolled in a grant program which covers the costs of the screening at no out of pocket cost to the patient. For information call Senator Fuschillo’s office at 882-0630 to make an appointment.

Blood drive Nassau County Legislator Dave Denenberg (D-Merrick) and Village of Freeport Mayor Robert Kennedy will hold a blood drive at Freeport Recreation Center, 130 Easat Merrick Road, Freeport, on Wednesday, August 7, from 4:30-8:30 p.m. to secure much-needed blood supplies for local hospitals. Donating blood saves lives. All donors will be entered into a raffle for two Super Bowl XLVIII tickets and receive a red super community blood drive wristband and T-shirt for their donation. To give blood, you must have a valid ID, weigh at least 110 pounds, be between 16-76 years old and have no new tattoos in the last 12 months. Sixteen-year-old donors require parental consent. For information call Legislator Denenberg’s office at 571-6219 or email

Vacation Bible School Merrick United Methodist Church of Merrick will offer Vacation Bible School on August 13-25 and August 20-22 Tuesday-Thursday from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at the church, at 1425 Merrick Avenue (exit 24 off the Southern State Parkway). Day camp program is for children grades K-6. To register call 378-9222. The cost is $20 for one child, $30 for two children and $40 for three children from the same family. Send registration to 1425 Merrick Avenue, Merrick 11566.

Dead man found at Mill Pond identified Nassau police have indentified a man found slumped dead over a log at approximately 4:06 p.m. on Sunday at Mill Pond Park as Marvin Antonio Fuentes Serrano, age 27, of Roosevelt. He died as a result of several stab wounds. The deceased man was brought to the Nassau County medical examiner’s office for a complete

autopsy. Seventh Precinct police officers responded to a 911 call from a man who was on the bike path. He left the crime scene to call the authorities because he did not have a cellphone on hand. The investigation is ongoing.

A sigh of relief

The Town Board approved replacing tanks of existing gas pumps with a canopy. In addition, the snackbar in the building was retained, no authorized 24-hour operation, and hours will be from 5 a.m.-11:30 p.m. We are so grateful to Legislator David Denenberg and his staff, as well as all local businesses who helped obtain signatures on our petitions. Also, we thank both the North Merrick and North Bellmore Civic Associations for inviting Mr. O’Brien, Citgo’s attorney, and Anthony Bocella, the Town Board’s attorney. And, finally, local residents who contributed their input. Currently, this station is an eyesore to the community. With the new renovation hopefully the owner, Joseph Maccia Jr. will make curb enhancements.


To Bellmore Life: The residents of North Bellmore and North Merrick thank [town Supervisor] Kate Murray, [Councilman] Angie Cullin and the Hempstead Town Board in their ruling of the Citgo gas station on Bellmore Avenue and Jerusalem Road, North Bellmore. The original proposeal changed the location of the gas pumps, which present a danger to pedestrians and traffic. In addition, a 24-hour foodmart with a driveway and parking in the rear of the building was exceedingly close to residential property. The residents rejected the cars’ headlights facing into our homes, the potential for noise at all hours of the night, and a created hangout in the rear of the building, adjacent to residential properties.

by Colin Hekimian At last month’s Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District meeting, a bond referendum to renovate science rooms, bathrooms, parking lots and athletic fields was introduced. The time line indicates that the Board of Education would adopt the SEQRA resolution in September/October. District architect Roger Smith addressed the board and said that the referendum could be put to vote by November/December. Mr. Smith also addressed the continuing requests for synthetic turf fields. Asked by board trustee Dr. Matthew Kuschner when the earliest time that the district could install artificial turf fields, Mr. Smith said that assuming the time line is adhered to – and if the bond issue passed a public vote, the turf fields could be installed by September 2014. Mr. Smith’s firm BBS Architects landscape architects and engineers’ baseline cost estimation for synthetic turf fields would be $1.1 million per school – without lights. Asked about synthetic turf fields, Mr. Smith said, “If we could stay on this timeline, and if we can approve bonds, turf fields would have to be attached to building projects.” Districts are increasingly proposing bonds to fund repairs since they are not included in the state’s 2% property tax cap. Repair work on the bathrooms for the five schools would take place over three years during the summers. They also plan to include state of the art lab rooms. Superintendent John DeTomasso said, “Hopefully, we can renovate these buildings to last for the next 45 years. Our

goals are for an educationally sound foundation, optimal efficiency, permanence and fiscal responsibility. These buildings are our most valuable assets. I am so pleased to announce that this is the direction we are going to move in.” Yearly budget allocations have been the source of funding for all capital construction projects. Said Mr. Smith, “We can do it.” He said that an environmental consultant would issue a report in September about the possible environmental impacts of the proposal, which would then have to pass a state Department of Environmental Conservation review. In other business, the Board of Education approved an agreement with Syntax to provide public relations services in connection with the proposed bond issue. The board authorized its president to sign an agreement with the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County, Inc. (ucpn) for space at the Brookside School for use as a temporary evacuation site under an emergency management plan, when such school property is not required for school purposes, terminating on June 30, 2014. Also, the Board of Education has accepted a donation of $13,440.42 from the Mepham Sports Boosters for the purchase of a new Pirate mascot costume valued at $886.18; weights for the weight room valued at $9,854.24; a sign for the weight room valued at $600; and a new batting cage valued at approximately $2,100.

The best

When it comes to Facilities, the Bartholomew Funeral Home provides the best in the Bellmore area.

Since we’re family owned & operated, we have the flexibility to meet your individual needs. You will be served by people who are members of this community, where theColin best Hekimian does notis cost more, a NYPA intern in fact itworking may cost less. at Bellmore Life. the summer

The best When it comes to Faciliti es, the Bartholomew FunFeUra NERAL HOME lService HomSince e p1914 rovides Family to to Family Family Service Since 1914 the bestFamily in the Bellmore are a. Todd W. Althenn, licensed funeral director & pre-need specialist 302 S. Bedford Avenue, Bellmore, N.Y. 11710 Tel: 516-785-0225 • Fax: 516-785-5406

– Danielle Sopchak

Colleen Millosky

Since Since we’rewe’re famfamily ily owowned operated, ned && op eratedwe , whave e hathe ve the flexibiflexibility lity to mtoeemeet You will t yoyour ur inindividual dividualneeds. needs. You will be se ed bybypepeople berv served are members ople wwho ho are membersofofyour this comm community, where best service is affordable. unity, whe re ththee be st does not cost more, in faTcto ditd m Way . Aco l t hst e nle n ,ss. licensed funeral director & pre-need specialist 302 S. Be dford Aven ue , Be llm ore, N. Y. 11710 Tel: 516-785-0225 • Fax: 516-785-5406


Bellmore Life Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Page 8


Yoga Fridays

Bellmore Novel Nights Book Club “Once We Were Brothers” by Ronald Balsom is the book under discussion on Thursday, August 8, at 7:30 p.m. Moderator Dee Abrams welcomes the community to attend.

Memoir writing workshop

On Tuesday, August 13, at 10:30 a.m., columnist Florence Gatto and poet Beverly E. Kotch of the Long Island Writers Guild will show you how to get started writing your stories, memories and musings. The program is free and the community is welcome to attend.

Teen games Games on the big screen, nockhockey, arts and crafts, ping pong. Teens and Tweens are invited to the library every Tuesday, 4:30-6:30 p.m.

Protecting our daughters You should know that certain types of HPV can cause cervical cancer, genital warts and other diseases. HPV affects both males and females. Learn the facts at the library on Wednesday, August 14, at 7 p.m. Dr. Lauren Bashian of LI Women’s Health Care in Bellmore urges parents of children ages 9-26 to attend.

Knitting and Crochet Club Bring your own yarn and needles, and we will help you with your project. Beginners and experienced needle workers welcome on Thursday, August 15, at 7 p.m.

Free Mets tickets The Long Island Blood Center says that whole blood is desperately needed during these busy summer months. Please consider donating blood and giving the gift of life at the library on Tuesday, August 20, from 2-8 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome, or make an appointment by calling the Help desk, 785-2990.

Nassau poets

On Tuesday, August 27, at 7 p.m., Joan Cusack Handler will read some of her poetry and talk about her recent book, “Confessions of Joan the Tall.” There will be an open mic, so join the group and enjoy an evening of poetry at the library.

Join for a relaxation and meditation every Friday at 12:30 p.m. for the rest of August.

of storyline, and give tips and tools needed to get to that next level. All materials provided. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the pros.

tion to the SRC Finale Party. There will be games, pizza, raffles and prizes. End your summer with a bang.

Circus yoga

Summer Reading Club Finale

School supplies donations

Learn circus skills such as juggling, devil sticks and balance through fun yoga skills on Thursday, August 8. Children ages 4-7, at 3 p.m. and children ages 7-12, at 4 p.m.

Zumba Thursdays

Come and dance on Thursdays, August 8, 15, 22 and 29, at 12:30 p.m. It’s time to get moving.

Book Buddies

Join us on Mondays at 3 p.m. in August and become a Book Buddy and read aloud to children ages 4-8. The program encourages beginning readers to continue reading during the summer and is a great opportunity for older readers to share their love of books.

Join on Tuesday, August 20, at 4 p.m. to celebrate the finale of the Summer Reading Club. If you submitted at least one book review this summer you will get an exclusive invita-


PIZZA & A MOVIE Bellmore Movies 222 Pettit Ave. Sponsored by:

Info Call - 783-7200

Beach Bag Book Club Favorite teen author Jen Calonita (“Secrets of My Hollywood Life” series), invites you and your friends to join our super fun Beach Bag Book Club. On Wednesday, August 14, at 6:30 p.m. the club will discuss “Send Me A Sign” by Tiffany Schmidt with Ms. Calonita and Ms. Schmidt. The club will meet at the Merrick Avenue Library.

Video game design

On Thursday, August 8, at 8 p.m. get an introduction to the basics of video game creation. Learn how to design a video game and write a program. Construct rooms and doorways, add a player, objects, textures, colors, lighting and more. Compile the finished program and learn how to make changes and correct errors.

Magna workshop Join Anime artists Kelly Gordon and Jen Scrimenti on Saturdays, August 10 and 17, at 1 p.m. for this hands-on extreme drawing workshop. They will look at your drawings, give feedback, help you polish your ideas

Donations of backpacks, notebooks, pencils, pens and other classroom necessities will be gratefully accepted at the library.


8/9/13 - 8/15/13

(Not the Bellmore Playhouse)


2770 Sunrise Hwy Bellmore (near King Kullen)


Find Your Name In The Classified Ads Once a month a name will appear in the classifieds. If you find your name just call

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TIX INFO 516 -783 -3199

378-5320 Call must be received during month of publication. Employees of L&M Publications are not eligible. Non-subscribers may e-mail entry to 236SP2605SI


Current Events Club

On Wednesday, August 28, at 2:30 p.m., join for the library’s lively monthly news discussion moderated by local historian Jack Bilello. The community is welcome to attend.


Find a peaceful and inspiring way to cope with life’s challenges. Join Robin Segermeister on Wednesday, August 28, at 7 p.m. for a group meditation. The program is free and open to the public.

North Bellmore Book Club

On Monday, August 19, at 1:30 p.m. come discuss “Sacrifice Fly” by Tim O’Mara, who will be at the meeting. All are welcome.

John Scalesi From Bellmore, Former WWF Timekeeper Was Back At His Own Seat And Was The Honorary Timekeeper For The June 4 WWE Return To The Coliseum. They Also Unveiled His WWF Doll and Hopefully One Day He Will Be In The Wrestling Hall of Fame As One of Many Timekeepers In The Org!

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Meditation growth

Page 9 Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Bellmore Life


Bellmore Life Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Page 10

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Home Improvement

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Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano announced a North Bellmore student as a winner of the 2013 “Reach For The Stars” Teen Talent Contest, which took place at Eisenhower Park’s Lakeside Theatre last month. The winners are Kristen Murphy of North Bellmore, who earned First Place for singing “Popular”; Christina Cinnamo from Franklin Square, Second Place, for singing “The Lady is a Tramp”; and Alexa Ford from Lynbrook, who took Third Place for singing “No Reason at All.” Twenty-one Nassau County teenagers were chosen as finalists from an audition pool of 63 contestants. A prestigious panel of judges, including professionals in the music and entertainment industry, had the daunting job of choosing the winners from a very talented group of young vocalists.

SINGING STAR: From left are Oyster Bay Town Councilman Joe Muscarella; Second- Place winner, Christina Cinnamo; First-Place winner Kristen Murphy; County Executive Edward P. Mangano; and Third-Place winner Alexa Ford.

Disco night at Eisenhower park coming Friday Ladies of Disco featuring Sugar Hill Gang, Maxine Nightingale, and Alisha and Lime will take place at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, August 9, at Eisenhower Park’s Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre in East Meadow. The concert will be honoring The Red Hats. Admission is free. Much of the programming at the Lakeside Theatre is made possible

through the Nassau County Hotel/Motel Proceeds Grant, which are proceeds from taxes on hotel and motel rooms in Nassau County. Since 2006, Nassau County has received more than $10 million dollars from the Hotel/Motel Proceeds Grant, which also has assisted in historic building restoration and other cultural enhancements.

The Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre is near parking fields 6 and 6A in Eisenhower Park. Lakeside Theatre is a venue with no formal seating. Concertgoers are urged to bring folding chairs or blankets. Special accommodations are available for disabled patrons, including reserved parking, easily accessible restrooms and a conven-

ient reserved location on the hill. Assistive hearing devices are also available upon request for the hearing impaired. For information, contact the Parks Public Information Office at 572-0200 or visit the Nassau County Parks, Recreation and Museums website at

Page 11 Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Bellmore Life

North Bellmore student reaches first place in ‘Star’ talent competition

Each Office Independently Owned And Operated.”


Bellmore 9749AU113JB

Bellmore Life Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Page 12


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