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ABOUT US The Football Medicine & Performance Association (FMPA) is the independent representative body for medicine and performance practitioners in professional football. Members consist of doctors, physiotherapists, performance analysts, sports scientists, sports therapists and soft tissue therapists as well as allied healthcare practitioners such as dentists, podiatrists, nutritionists and psychologists. The FMPA is a not-for-profit organisation.

Mission Statement: To support the practice of medicine, performance and allied professions associated within (professional) football. Vision Statement: To create an environment where all facets of player care and performance are delivered to the very highest standards.

“FMPA – the voice of practitioners in professional football� www.fmpa.co.uk/opportunities

WORKING TOGETHER‌. The FMPA connects you with the professional game and puts you in front of key decision makers/purchasers within the medicine & performance arena.


…. A WINNING TEAM At the Football Medicine & Performance Association (FMPA) we work with businesses of all sizes whether currently working within professional sport or beginning that journey.

We believe in delivering bespoke solutions for our business partners which will deliver mutual benefits both for you and for our members.

As such, options include: ü Sponsorship of major campaigns and initiatives ü Product licensing opportunities ü Advertising opportunities ü Direct links with key decision makers




DELIVERING BESPOKE BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS The FMPA has a strong track-record of working with leading UK businesses as well as smaller companies seeking to raise their profile and build strong relationships in the professional game.


“Our partnership with the FMPA enables Essity to reach, communicate and deliver education directly to sport medicine professionals, providing learning on a wide range of conditions and indications�. Commercial Channel Manager


Why work with the FMPA? The FMPA is at the forefront of football medicine and performance in professional football The FMPA has unique expertise, knowledge and experience of the football medicine and performance industry The FMPA has the trust and confidence of it’s members

A credible and respected organisation working across all levels of professional football Exposure to key decision makers and purchasers who can influence the use of your products or services within our industry A route to develop business relations with highly qualified medical and performance practitioners working at the heart of the professional game


ADVERTISING PLATFORMS Consistent visibility to FMPA Members & decision makers within football Digital marketing Video/Podcasts Website Industry magazine Leading interactive website Targeted e-news Wall planner Annual Conference The FMPA Awards www.fmpa.co.uk/opportunities


Providing educational and editorial content to sports practitioners

ü Quarterly production ü Circulated throughout football and medicine arena ü Online exposure worldwide ü Latest news and articles

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Providing educational and editorial content to sports practitioners

ü Online per article purchase option ü Your advertisement included ü Your logo listed feature

football medicine & performance


Mr Raj Bhatia BSc(Hons), MBChB,FRCS, FRCS(Tr & Orth), MD Consultant Hand & Orthopaedic Surgeon

football medicine & performance



INTRODUCTION Approximately 25% of all sports-related injuries involve the hand or wrist [1]. These incidents are on the increase, not only due to the increasing physical demands athletes face but also due to the increased activity level noticed amongst the general population [2].

goalkeepers. As poorly treated or undiagnosed injuries can be catastrophic and career ending for them. We will focus on the commonest injuries and discuss our preferred treatment options, to reduce non-playing time and increase functional recovery.

Lower limb injuries predominate in Football players and therefore much of the published literature focuses on the lower limb, with data on the upper limb being sparse. However in goalkeepers hand and wrist injuries are the most common upper limb injuries, and goalkeepers are five times more likely than outfield players to sustain such an injury [3]. Goalkeepers require a high level of hand and wrist function in their role and injuries to these sites leads to a longer nonplaying period than outfield player.

BASIC ANATOMY The wrist is a complex joint that is made up of two carpal rows, the distal ends of the radius and ulna and the bases of the metacarpal bones. Stability is provided by the osseous anatomy and ligaments and these work in concert to provide movement in different planes. The ligaments can be divided into intrinsic and extrinsic. The most important intrinsic iigaments are the Scapholunate and lunotriquetral of which the Scapholunate is the most commonly injured.

This article follows on from our previous article discussing hand injuries in goalkeepers [4]. We now turn our attention to acute wrist injuries in players, more specifically

The triangular fibrocartilage disc (TFC) attaches to the base of the ulnar styloid and to the ulnar head of the distal radius. It forms part of the triangular



Outside of elite football, players feel that “nobody cares about them” and there is “a lack of professional support”. They “want to play at the highest level they can” and to do this, they “want to train like a pro”.


At the professional level people care about you and look after you, at the semi-professional level, no one seems to care.”

FSCR (Football Strength Conditioning & Rehabilitation) is a dedicated team of practitioners working within professional football. Our story started when a player who was at a professional academy as an 18-year old dropped down into non-league and wanted to find a way to continue to train like a professional. Our research found limited options except for expensive personal trainers with no elite football experience. This is when we realised that the semi-professional footballer was getting limited or poor support to help them be the best they can be, and FSCR was established to fulfil this need. Football is the world’s game with many players aspiring to reach the highest levels, with the Premier League now being a coveted destination. Unfortunately for the vast majority of those participating in football, they are more likely to be hit by a meteorite than make it as a professional footballer. It is estimated


that less than 0.02% of those players playing within an academy setting will go on to have a full-time career in the game, with the numbers even lower for those outside of the academy set up. As a company our mission is to provide elite Strength, Conditioning and Physiotherapy support to all players’ in a results driven environment that allows every player to train like a pro. Strength & Conditioning (S&C) Our Strength & Conditioning programme aims to cover all the basics of athletic development and injury prevention. We know there are a myriad of physical factors that influence football performance and no single attribute is going to make the difference. However, by providing a well-rounded strength and conditioning programme to these players we hope to help bridge the gap to the physical qualities seen at the professional level. Currently we deliver one strength and conditioning (S&C) session per week and that session is on a Wednesday as most semi-pro clubs will train Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. If they have a mid-week game (Tuesday)



FMPA WEBSITE Interactive website used by members and accessed by professionals in football and across the sporting industry


DIGITAL MARKETING Keeping your brand ahead of the curve with FMPA social media management

Over 34,000 social media followers



Brand exposure & networking opportunities with key decision makers

eNEWS Regular eNews, CPD, Jobs, information and updates sent to your target audience


“The FMPA is a valuable and much needed resource for the whole of football and not just the medical and science community. The level of expertise within the membership is second to none” Dave Fevre Former Manchester United & Blackburn Rovers Head of Medicine & Performance

“The FMPA is a terrific support network for all medical & science disciplines across professional football. As a team we are determined to ensure our voice & representation is heard at the highest levels of the game.” Tony Strudwick Head of Performance Wales Men’s National Team




FMPA Commercial Rights Package LEAD SPONSOR •

Use of the official FMPA LEAD SPONSOR logo on all media and literature for the duration of the contract

Profile listing on the FMPA website for the season which can include video, carousel as well as text and images

Link to YOUR COMPANY website

Permanent Lead Sponsor feature on website homepage

Company advertisement banner rotating on homepage for the season with links to supplier website

Full page advertorial in every edition of the Football Medicine & Performance (both hard copy & online pdf)

Full page advert in every edition of the Football Medicine & Performance (both hard copy & online pdf)

Discounted advertising & sponsorship opportunities

Member & Club engagement at FMPA Conference & Events


FMPA Commercial Rights Package LEAD SPONSOR /2 •

FMPA product licensing opportunity via product appraisal system

FMPA Magazine subscription

Reserved exhibition stand at the FMPA Conference & Awards

Priority invite to FMPA Awards

Priority sponsorship opportunity for FMPA

Invitations to official functions, launches and events where you will be recognised as Lead Sponsor of the FMPA

Announcement with logo and link to website on front page of the FMPA website

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Complimentary exhibition stand at FMA annual Conference including Awards Dinner invitations for 6 guests

FMPA sponsored by your company logo on FMPA flagship image used to promote the FMPA at the annual conference and via publications and media outlets

Potential for discussion and consideration for further sponsorship opportunities as they arise


FMPA Commercial Rights Package BUSINESS CLUB

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Listing on the FMPA website for the season (Listings are detailed by level of partnership) Listings can include up to 125 words plus logo + link to supplier website 1 full-page advert in 4 editions of Football Medicine & Performance (both hard copy and online) Announcement of partnership on news page on FMPA website Digital marketing management Business Club Member official certificate FMPA product licensing via product appraisal system Guaranteed presence on FMPA wall planner Announcement of partnership in the news section of our quarterly magazine Announcement of partnership via e-news Priority invite to attend the FMPA Annual Conference and Awards Dinner Priority invite to sponsor FMPA awards Company logo presence on rotating banner on FMPA website Logo presence on news and education emails FMPA magazine subscription Discounted advertising and sponsorship options Use of FMPA Business Club logo on your website and stationery


FMPA Commercial Rights Package BUSINESS SUPPLIER •

Official mark - FMPA Supplier

Announcement with logo and link to company website, posted on FMPA home page in news section

Company profile, logo and web link - Supplier section 75 words

Announcement via E-News

‘Football Medicine & Performance’ magazine subscription

Opportunity to attend FMPA annual conference & awards dinner

Discounted advertising and sponsorship options

Regular social media engagement

Member & club engagement through FMPA conference and events

Full page advertisement in 2 editions of Football Medicine & Performance

Member & Club engagement


FMPA Commercial Rights Package ADDITIONAL OPTIONS •

‘Football Medicine & Performance’ Magazine Full season or edition sponsorship hard copy & online

Double page advertorial in ‘Football Medicine & Performance’ magazine

Product information direct email to members

Company logo listed on e-job listings 2019/20 season

Advertisement on 2021/22 Season Wall planner

FMPA webpage sponsorship: • FMPA Register • Recruitment • Education • Careers

FMPA Conference Sponsor

Company logo on all emails

Lead Sponsor POA

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2021/2022 SEASON Together a winning team To talk through partnership opportunities with the FMPA contact the FMPA Commercial Team: 0333 4567897 commercial@fmpa.co.uk


COMPANY PROFILE BOARD Chief Executive Officer Director Director Non-executive Director Non-executive Director

Eamonn Salmon Lindsay Butler Martin Price Maggie McNerney Dr Edmund Morris

ADVISORY BOARD Dr Imtiaz Ahmad, Head of Medical, Queens Park Rangers FC Ewan Greenhill, Head of Performance, Yeovil Town Ladies FC Geoff Scott, Head of Physiotherapy, Tottenham Hotspur FC Scot McAllister, Lead Physiotherapist, Loan & Emerging Talent, Manchester City FC Alan Rankin, Physiotherapist, Scottish FA Victoria McIntyre, Academy Physiotherapist, Arsenal FC Tony Strudwick, Head of Athletic Development, Wales Men's National Team Dr Stephen Feldman, Club Doctor, Huddersfield Town FC Dave Fevre, Consultant Physiotherapist Professor Graham N. Smith, Chairman of The Society of Sports Therapists Chris Barnes, Consultant Sports Scientist Dr Bryan English, Club Doctor, Middlesbrough FC

League Medical Ltd T/AS Football Medicine & Performance Association, 6A Cromwell Terrace, Gisburn Road, Barrowford , Lancashire, BB9 8PT T: 0333 4567897 E: commercial@fmpa.co.uk

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FMPA Commercial Business Partnership Opportunities  

Find out more about opportunities for the 2020-2021 season working the Football Medicine & Performance Association.

FMPA Commercial Business Partnership Opportunities  

Find out more about opportunities for the 2020-2021 season working the Football Medicine & Performance Association.

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