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ABOUT US The Football Medicine & Performance Association (FMPA) is the independent representative body for medicine and performance practitioners in professional football. Members consist of doctors, physiotherapists, performance analysts, sports scientists, sports therapists and soft tissue therapists as well as allied healthcare practitioners such as dentists, podiatrists, nutritionists and psychologists. The FMPA is a not-for-profit organisation.

Mission Statement: To support the practice of medicine, performance and allied professions associated within (professional) football. Vision Statement: To create an environment where all facets of player care and performance are delivered to the very highest standards.

“FMPA – the voice of practitioners in professional football”

WORKING TOGETHER…. The FMPA connects you with the professional game and puts you in front of key decision makers/purchasers within the medicine & performance arena.

…. A WINNING TEAM At the Football Medicine & Performance Association (FMPA) we work with businesses of all sizes whether currently working within professional sport or beginning that journey.

We believe in delivering bespoke solutions for our business partners which will deliver mutual benefits both for you and for our members.

As such, options include: ü Sponsorship of major campaigns and initiatives ü Product licensing opportunities ü Advertising opportunities ü Direct links with key decision makers


DELIVERING BESPOKE BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS The FMPA has a strong track-record of working with leading UK businesses as well as smaller companies seeking to raise their profile and build strong relationships in the professional game.

“Our partnership with the FMPA enables Essity to reach, communicate and deliver education directly to sport medicine professionals, providing learning on a wide range of conditions and indications”. Commercial Channel Manager

Why work with the FMPA? The FMPA is at the forefront of football medicine and performance in professional football The FMPA has unique expertise, knowledge and experience of the football medicine and performance industry The FMPA has the trust and confidence of it’s members

A credible and respected organisation working across all levels of professional football Exposure to key decision makers and purchasers who can influence the use of your products or services within our industry A route to develop business relations with highly qualified medical and performance practitioners working at the heart of the professional game

ADVERTISING PLATFORMS Consistent visibility to FMPA Members & decision makers within football

Digital marketing Video/Podcasts Website Industry magazine Leading interactive website Targeted e-news Wall planner Annual Conference The FMPA Awards


Providing educational and editorial content to sports practitioners

ü Quarterly production ü Circulated throughout football and medicine arena ü Online exposure worldwide ü Latest news and articles

Your Rights package could include: ü Edition sponsorship ü Magazine editorials ü Full page adverts ü Back page exposure ü Double page advert


Providing educational and editorial content to sports practitioners

ü Online per article purchase option ü Your advertisement included ü Your logo listed feature

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FEATURE / DR PATRICK O’HALLORAN Concussion is a common medical problem encountered not just in the athletic population but also in the general public with approximately 1.4 million cases of traumatic brain injury (of which, sport related concussion forms part of the mild end of the spectrum) attending hospital per year in the UK. Although some estimations suggest that concussion occurs in soccer at a rate of one per team, per season, the incidence of head impact events with the potential to cause concussion is higher, occurring about once every other match. Therefore, the ability to diagnose or rule out concussion is something in which medical staff working in soccer must be very skilled. The diagnosis of concussion can, however, cause headaches for both players and medical staff alike. Concussion itself results in symptoms which may be subjective, vague and which could be attributed to other conditions like dehydration, fatigue, migraine etc. In addition, symptoms may take time to develop meaning players may initially not be able to recognize or describe them accurately. For medical staff, they may have

to make a decision in a short period of time, with limited information and while being watched by a global audience. Factors such as language barriers and the risk inherent in both under or over diagnosing are also important. Consequently, there has been a great deal of focus on the search for more objective methods of concussion diagnosis. These concussion “biomarkers” can effectively be anything which may be objectively measured and which can provide sufficient accuracy and reliability in separating concussed and non-concussed people. Chief amongst these has been the search for an objective body fluid biomarker. The major focus of this search so far has been on protein biomarkers, evaluating blood levels of proteins which are known to be expressed by cells in the brain following injury. While some substances have been identified which show promise in an Emergency Department setting in identifying those head injury patients who will have an intracranial bleed on CT scanning, they have been less useful in the diagnosis of concussion, and in

Small non-coding RNAs are very small lengths of RNA which can act within cells or as cell-to-cell signaling molecules. They execute their function by binding to the large sequences of RNA which are going to be made into proteins in a cell and (usually) inhibiting that process so that the protein does not get produced. There are many thousands of different species of small non-coding RNAs and each one can affect multiple different targets. UK Office • • +44 (0) 1483 459659 © 2021 DJO • Individual results may vary. Neither DJO, LLC nor any of its subsidiaries dispense medical advice. The contents of this flier do not constitute medical advice. Rather, patients must consult with their healthcare professionals for information on the courses of treatment, if any, which may be appropriate for them. Deep tissue laser therapy™ is a medical procedure that is administered by a trained healthcare provider.

Introduction If you asked a coach 20 years ago what they thought about PA, they probably wouldn’t know what you were talking about, and whilst ironically some coaches still hold that view today, they are thankfully small in number! For the majority, PA is a mainstay of their preparation and execution of their coaching

role, aided by a small army of analysts, and an abundance of technology. Having spent seven years and counting within elite football analysis, I have seen first-hand how the rapid acceleration and development of the industry has largely coincided with increases in technological capacity. In tandem with such developments, the role of the analyst has become more accepted too, with those aforementioned coaches now very much the minority. Having worked in roles ranging from the Foundation Phase in the academy to First Team football, I’ve seen first-hand how analysis is utilised and delivered from the whole spectrum in the elite game, but also how much it has grown within such a short time span. What has had a profound impact on me is how season upon season, the industry seeks to constantly evolve, finding new and improved ways to make workflows more efficient and analytical provision more insightful, never standing still. It’s clear the rate of development in analysis runs largely parallel with technological advancements, the two work hand in hand due to the dependency analysts have on technology (Drust, 2010; Hughes & Franks, 2004). 32


FEATURE / MICHAEL COOPER Our initial foray into performance analysis (PA) at the FMPA discussed the growing importance of the discipline in the modern-day game (see issue 35). In a relatively short period of time, the discipline has grown to become widespread at all levels of the game, and though still largely seen as the new kid on the block, especially when compared to more conventional sciences such as strength and conditioning or nutrition, PA’s importance continues to evolve. Key to that evolution is the innovative use and development of emerging technologies. In this two-part series, Michael Cooper, performance analyst at Derby County, discusses some of those technologies, charting a swift rise for an innovative discipline.

the context of sport. There are several potential reasons for this, for example, contamination from extracranial sources of these proteins during contact sport participation. An alternative class of biomarker is small non-coding RNAs (of which microRNAs are one type). These are a relatively recent area of investigation, having only been discovered in the 1990s, however the number of published studies relating to biofluid microRNA expression has risen exponentially in the last 20 years, demonstrating the tremendous interest in their potential.

INNOVATION IN ANALYSIS: NEVER STANDING STILL However, as with anything in elite sport, there has to be a willingness for the resource to be utilised successfully, and as such an investment into the right people, the right hardware, and the right software. Fortunately for the discipline of analysis, more and more seem to value its importance within the game, with some departments boasting multiple analysts covering all facets of performance, leaving no stone unturned in their search for a marginal gain. Cameras, Capture, and Canopus The hardware and software used by an analyst, in my own experiences within elite football, has changed quite considerably in just the 7 years I’ve been involved in the game, even if the processes and the overall objective of analysis has not. At the beginning of my career, the only piece of equipment which was available to obtain a live feed was a Canopus box, a small firewire device which converted camera feeds into readable formats for Macs. A somewhat temperamental bit of kit, the box effectively did its job at providing a live feed from the camera to the Mac, which for some at that time, was revolutionary, opening the door to instantaneous feedback during the game and at half time. However, it was at times unreliable, with the footage dropping in and out at spontaneous rates during

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FMPA WEBSITE Interactive website used by members and accessed by professionals in football and across the sporting industry

DIGITAL MARKETING Keeping your brand ahead of the curve with FMPA social media management

Over 38,000 social media followers


Brand exposure & networking opportunities with key decision makers

eNEWS Regular eNews, CPD, Jobs, information and updates sent to your target audience

“The FMPA is a valuable and much needed resource for the whole of football and not just the medical and science community. The level of expertise within the membership is second to none” Dave Fevre Former Manchester United & Blackburn Rovers Head of Medicine & Performance

“The FMPA is a terrific support network for all medical & science disciplines across professional football. As a team we are determined to ensure our voice & representation is heard at the highest levels of the game.” Tony Strudwick Head of Performance Wales Men’s National Team


FMPA Commercial Rights Package


Official mark – Business Partner

Announcement with logo and link to company website, posted on FMPA home page in news section

Company advertisement banner rotating on home page with links to company website for 2022/2023 season

Up to 2-month Partner Feature listing (home page)

Company logo presence on rotating ‘Partner Logos’ home page for 2022/2023 season

Enhanced company profile, logo and web link - Business Partner section 250 words

Direct email to membership announcing Business Partner link

Announcement via E-News

Presence on News/Education emails

Company logo listed on e-job listings 2022/23 season

Company logo listed on e-news 2022/23 season

Full page colour ad x 4 editions

Full page editorial x 2 editions

Announcement in magazine news section

‘Football Medicine & Performance’ magazine subscription


FMPA Commercial Rights Package


Reserved exhibition stand at FMPA annual conference & priority invite to attend awards dinner

Guaranteed presence on annual wall planner (11x4cm advertisement)

Discounted advertising and sponsorship options

FMPA product licensing opportunities via ‘Product Appraisal System’

Commercial Partnership Certificate

Regular social media engagement

Use of FMPA Business Partner logo on your website and stationery

Member & club engagement through FMPA conference and events



FMPA Commercial Rights Package

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Official mark – Business Club

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Announcement of partnership on news page on FMPA website

Use of FMPA Business Club logo on your website and stationery

Listing on the FMPA website for the season (Listings are detailed by level of partnership) Listings can include up to 125 words plus logo + link to supplier website 1 full-page advert in 4 editions of Football Medicine & Performance publication

Digital marketing management Business Club Member official certificate FMPA product licensing via product appraisal system Guaranteed presence on FMPA wall planner (6x7cm advertisement) Announcement of partnership in the news section of our quarterly magazine Announcement of partnership via e-news Priority invite to attend the FMPA Annual Conference and Awards Dinner Priority invite to sponsor FMPA awards Company logo presence on rotating banner on FMPA website Logo presence on news and education emails FMPA magazine subscription Discounted advertising and sponsorship options

FMPA Commercial Rights Package


Official mark - FMPA Supplier Announcement with logo and link to company website, posted on FMPA home page in news section

Company profile, logo and web link - Supplier section 75 words

Announcement via E-News

‘Football Medicine & Performance’ magazine subscription

Opportunity to attend FMPA annual conference & awards dinner

Discounted advertising and sponsorship options

Regular social media engagement

Member & club engagement through FMPA conference and events

Full page advertisement in 2 editions of Football Medicine & Performance publication

Member & Club engagement

FMPA Commercial Rights Package ADDITIONAL OPTIONS • • • • • •

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‘Football Medicine & Performance’ Magazine full season or edition sponsorship Double page advertorial in ‘Football Medicine & Performance’ magazine Product information direct email to members Company logo listed on e-job listings 2019/20 season Advertisement on 2022/23 Season Wall planner Ad size: 6x7 cm or 7x3 cm FMPA webpage sponsorship: • FMPA Register • Recruitment • Education • Careers FMPA Conference Sponsor Company logo on all emails Lead Sponsor POA

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TOGETHER A WINNING TEAM To talk through partnership opportunities with the FMPA contact the FMPA Commercial Team 0333 4567897



Chief Executive Officer

Eamonn Salmon


Lindsay Butler


Martin Price

Non-executive Director

Maggie McNerney

Non-executive Director

Dr Edmund Morris

Dr Imtiaz Ahmad, Head of Medical, Queens Park Rangers FC Ewan Greenhill, Head of Performance, Yeovil Town Ladies FC Geoff Scott, Head of Physiotherapy, Tottenham Hotspur FC Scot McAllister, Lead Physiotherapist, Loan & Emerging Talent, Manchester City FC Alan Rankin, Physiotherapist, Scottish FA Victoria McIntyre, Academy Physiotherapist, Arsenal FC Tony Strudwick, Head of Athletic Development, Wales Men's National Team Dr Stephen Feldman, Club Doctor, Huddersfield Town FC Dave Fevre, Consultant Physiotherapist Professor Graham N. Smith, Chairman of The Society of Sports Therapists Chris Barnes, Consultant Sports Scientist

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