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LMDA FMC and partners conduct LakbayAral on Agroforestry

INSIDE THIS ISSUE LMDA FMC and Partners conduct Lakbay-Aral on Agroforestry


Unsa ang Agroforestry? Ni: Forester Omar Barillo


FMC and PPO conduct Project Site Appraisals


Partner NGOs, POs and LGUs attend Multi Stakeholder Meeting and PACAP Project Assessment


A Glimpse on PACAP Projects in Lake Mainit


EFASS at a Glance By: Emmanuel Miraballes


SIUFMULCO on the Go! By: Leonora A. Mila


Surigao and Agusan FOCAS Representatives Join PMST


LMDA and Mainit host Meeting 2007


LGU of 1st PSC

Sustainable Fisheries Management Program for Lake Mainit By: Engr. Kaiser Recabo,


What LMDA Logo stands


Newly Elected Congressmen and LCE in Lake Mainit FOCAS Area By: Gilbert Leopoldo & Jonathan Natonio


Citi zens Speak: PREVENT JANITOR 10 F I SH, S AVE La ke Mainit!

Agroforestry is one of the major project activities under the Lake Mainit Foc al Com m unity Assistance Scheme (FOCAS) Strategy. And with the aim of enhancing the capacity of FOCAS Management Committee in appraising the project proposals with an agroforestry intervention, the lakbayaral on agroforestry was The participants posed their smiles at the Center for Lifelong Education, MOSCAT, Claveria, Misamis Oriental. organized and accomplished.


ourteen participants from the Lake Mainit FOCAS Management Committee (FMC), partner NGOs and POs, and FMC Secretariat from Lake Mainit and Hinatuan Passage clusters participated in the Lakbay-Aral to Claveria, Misamis Oriental and Lantapan, Bukidnon last February 26 to March 1, 2007. The purpose of the study tour is to visit the sites adopting agroforestry as a multiple land use technology; identify and define the technologies adopted in the areas and the processes involved in the development of agro-forestry; articulate views, observations, and appreciation of the Claveria and Lantapan land development practices; and relate participants’ practice, exposure, and familiarity on agroforestry. The travel exposed the participants to areas where agroforestry is mature like that of the International Center for Research in Agro-forestry (ICRAF) and Landcare Foundation of the Philippines, Inc., programs in Misamis Oriental State College of Agriculture Technology (MOSCAT) in Claveria, Misamis Oriental and that of Henry Binahon’s farm in Barangay Songco, Lantapan, Bukidnon.

The participants actively participated in the activities such as the orientation-lecture at ICRAF office; courtesy call at the office of Mayor Paul Douglas S. Calingin of Municipality of Claveria; field exposure on ICRAF farming sites and technology and interview with the farmers who have successfully applied agroforestry farming technology. A wrap up session with the team of Ms. Evy Elago and Ms. Noelyn Dano culminated the participants’ visit at Claveria.

Presentation of Land Care experiences in agroforestry — assisted projects and Lakbay-aral participants in an interview with the Land Care assisted direct field visits to Binahon’s Farm and to beneficiaries in a barangay of Claveria, Misamis Oriental where sustainable farming practices have been applied.

 “Lakbay-Aral” continued on page 2

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Unsa ang Agroforestry? ni Forester Omar C. Barillo Lake Mainit FOCAS Project Coordinator


ng Agroforestry usa ka teknolohiya nga diin ang usa ka mag-uuma magapugas sa mga tanum pang-agricultura sama sa lagutmon kauban sa mga kahoy ug uban pang matang sa tanum nga kapangitaan sulod lamang sa usa ka luna. Kini nga teknolohiya gihimo aron mapuslan pag-ayo ang gamit sa iyang luna ingon man pagpataas sa iyang kita gikan sa nagkalain-laing mga produkto nga iyang maani. Sa maong teknolohiya gipugngan usab ang kanunayong pag-anas sa yuta pinaagi sa pagtanum ug mga “shrubs” subay sa bakilid aron makunhuran ang pagdagayday sa tabunok nga yuta dala sa tubig ulan padulong sa ubos. Kini nga pamaagi sa pagpanguma maoy makatubag sa panginahanglan sa hamubo ug dugayng panahon. Nagkada-iya ang klase sa agroforestry apan ang bugtong tumong lamang niini mao ang pagpreserba sa katabunok sa yuta alang sa maayong pagpanguma ug ang pagpatagamtam sa malahutayong panginabuhian alang sa mga mag-uuma aron usab makalingkawas sa tumang kalisod ug makakunhod sa pagkagusbat sa kinaiyahan. □


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other successful farm nursery and tree plantation areas managed by the Land Care assisted people’s organization were some significant activities conducted during the tour at Lantapan, Bukidnon which was made possible with the assistance of Mr. Henry Binahon and Mr. Lendon Arbes’ group. The successful lakbay-aral was assisted by the International Center for Research in Agroforestry and Landcare Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. based in Claveria, Misamis Oriental and Lantapan, Bukidnon. □

The lakbay-aral participants during the field visit to successful tree plantation areas in Lantapan, Bukidnon.

Usa ka matang sa agroforestry diin ang mga lagutmon sama sa kamoteng-kahoy ug mais gitanum ilalum sa mga lubi ug Falcata.

Site Appraisal (from page 3) It is expected that the proposed projects, which will provide stripping machines for the production of abaca products from existing wild abaca; decorticating machines for production of coco coir and dust from coco husk; assorted fruits, cash crops and lacatan banana seedlings for agroforestry; and other enterprise development interventions, will give benefits to the vulnerable sector particularly the target partner People’s Organization and direct beneficiaries especially small farmers and fisherfolks. □

The project appraisal team at Barangay. Budlingin, Alegria, Surigao del Norte.

The Lake Mainit Chronicle is published by Lake Mainit FOCAS Management Committee with assistance from AusAID-PACAP


FMC and PPO conduct Project Site Appraisals


roject site appraisals for the newly Lake Mainit FMC approved project proposals were conducted in four municipalities of Lake Mainit Cluster. The appraisal team headed by Ms. Monina Hernandez, the PACAP Provincial Project Officer conducted the site appraisal in Alegria, Mainit, Kitcharao and Jabonga. FMC members, LGU representatives and partner proponent NGOs also joined in the activity. The site appraisals were made in the following date of site appraisal and barangays and target partner peoples organization: Date of Site Appraisal & Proponents January 16, 2007 Propegemus Foundation, Inc.

January 23, 2007 PASCRESCaraga

May 17, 2007 Kasanyangan Rural Development Foundation, (KRDFI) May 18, 2007 Agri-Aqua Development CoalitionMindanao

Name of Project Proposals People’s Livelihood Efforts in Agro-forestry and Sustainable Environment (PLEASE) Agricultural Productivity Enhancement & Rural Enterprise Development Project

Increasing Competencies of Upland Farmers for Sustainable Livelihood

Abaca Integrated Farming System and Enterprise Development

Proposed Project Areas/ Barangays Camp Eduard, Alegria, Surigao del Norte

Target Partner People’s Organizations Camp Edward Integrated Farmers Association

Budlingin, Alegria, Surigao del Norte

Budlingin Rural Workers Association

Crossing, Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte

Jay Anibongan Irrigators Association Kitcharao Communal Irrigators Inc. Gamuton Farmers Association.

Gamuton, Alegria, Surigao del Norte Binga, Mainit, Surigao Norte Bobonaon, Mainit, Surigao Norte Paco, Mainit, Surigao Norte San Pablo, Jabonga, Agusan Norte Bunga,Jabonga, Agusan Norte

Maraiging Jabonga, Agusan Norte

Upland Farmers Association of Binga Bobonaon Farmers Association Coconut Farmers Association SAFFA San Pablo Farmer and Fisherfolk Association BUNGAT Bag-ong Ugma Alang sa Kalambuan sa Tanan MAFORMACO Maraiging Forest Land Multipurpose Cooperative

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Partner NGOs, POs and LGUs attend Multi Stakeholder Meeting and PACAP Project Assessment


he representatives from partner NGOs, POs and LGUs actively participated in the Multi Stakeholder Meeting and PACAP Project Assessment. It aims to provide proper venue to discuss the new Focal Community Assistance Scheme (FOCAS) Strategy, as well as issues and concerns arising from the Lake Mainit area. Different stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries also attended the activity held at Mainit, Surigao del Norte last February 7, 2007, facilitated by the Lake Mainit FOCAS Management Committee (FMC) and Secretariat. Engr. Kaiser B. Recabo, Jr., LMDA Project Director presented the Lake Mainit FOCAS Strategy which consists of the Lake Mainit situation and the 2007 New FOCAS project component & targets. The FOCAS updates, 2006 accomplishments and the 2007 FMC Milestone targets were explained by Mr. Johny Natad, Assistant FOCAS Coordinator. Updates and status of the ongoing FOCAS projects such as the Mainit Community Based Resource Management Initiatives (Mainit-CBRMI), the Sison Upland Resource Enhancement Project (SUREP) and the Enhancing Upland and Low land F a rm i n g S ys t e m s and Strengthening of Local Organizations (EFASS) were also presented by the implementing NGOs represented by Mr. Arnel Basnillo of AID Foundation, Ms. Jay Grace Bonotan of Caraga Consortium for Environmental Protection and

See “Multi Stakeholder” on page 9

The team conducted courtesy calls with the Barangay Officials; facilitated consultations, interviews and focus group discussions with the members and officers of the target partner People’s Organization; and conducted exit conference with partner proponent NGOs. Mr. Omar C. Barillo, the FOCAS Coordinator reported that the proponent NGOs have exerted efforts in consulting and planning with the community about the proposed project. Accordingly, these barangays are in need of projects that would help increase local and household income and provide sustainable enterprises that will develop capacity of the community in managing their own resources and its direct environment. Continue “Site Appraisal” on Page 2

The LGU bright boys. L-R: Mr. Nestor Monteclaro of Santiago; Engr. RonaLd Matela of PPDO-SDN; Mr. Joelito Senturias of Alegria and Engr. Nivard Gonzales of PPDO-ADN on their group workshop during the meeting.

The Lake Mainit Chronicle is published by Lake Mainit FOCAS Management Committee with assistance from AusAID-PACAP


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A Glimpse on PACAP Projects in Lake Mainit


s of June 2007, there are seven ongoing PACAP project in the Lake Mainit FOCAS Cluster, four of which have been implementing Focal Community Assistance Scheme (FOCAS) funded projects in Surigao del Norte areas specifically at the twelve communities in the Municipalities of Mainit, Tubod and Sison. The other two ongoing PACAPFOCAS projects in Kitcharao, Jabonga and Santiago are Responsive Assistance Scheme (RAS) funded projects. Only Surigao del Norte College of Agriculture and Technology (SNCAT) has implemented purely RAS funded project. The PACAP Advisory Committee last June 2007 approved the Sison Upland Resource Enhancement Project II as newly approved FOCAS project for Sison, Surigao del Norte. The Approved Project Title/ Project Areas

Implementing Partners

Cluster has pipelined FOCAS funded projects like the People’s Livelihood Efforts in Agroforestry and Sustainable Environment for Alegria, Surigao del Norte proposed by Propegemus Foundation; Increasing Competencies of Upland Farmers for Sustainable Livelihood for Mainit, Surigao del Norte proposed by Kasangyangan Rural Development Foundation; and other pipeline RAS funded projects for Agusan del Norte side of the Lake Mainit cluster. A total of Php 19,172,015.00 approved PACAP project grants in Lake Mainit of which Php 11,972,852.60 is funded by FOCAS for Surigao del Norte side; Php 6,199,610.00 for the Agusan del Norte side and Php 999,552.40 purely RAS funded for SNCAT.□ Partner People's Organization

Requested from PACAP

Total Counterpart (Proponent/LGU/ Beneficiaries)

SURIGAO DEL NORTE SIDE (FOCAS funded Projects) 1. Mainit Community Based Resource Management Initiative (Mainit CBRMI) Brgy. Tapian, Tagbuyawan and Dayano in Mainit, Surigao del Norte

Associate for Integral Dev’t. Foundation

Tapian Developer's Association (TADEAS); Tagbuyawan Lakeshore Assocaition (TLA); Dayano Farmer's Assocation (DFA)



2. Sison Upland Resource Enhancement Project (SUREP)

Caraga Consortium

Sison Hungos Multipurpose Cooperative (SIHUMCO)



Alterdev Services San Isidro Lihok sa Kalabuan Inc. (S I LK A ); Capay ahan A gra ri an Beneficiaries Organization (CABO); Marga Farmers Irrigators Association



Caraga Consortium





San Roque Multipurpose Cooperative (SAROMCO); Canaway Farmer's & Fisherfolks Association (CAFFA); Cuyago Farmer's & Fishersfolks Association (CUFA); Bangonay Developer's Farmers Association (BANDFA)



San Isidro Upland Farmers Multipurpose Cooperative (SIUFMULCO)









Brgy. Ima, Gacepan and Mayag in Sison, Surigao del Norte 3. Enhancing Upland and Lowland Farming Systems and Strengthening of Local Organizations (EFASS) Brgy. San Isidro, Capayahan, and Marga in Tubod, Surigao del Norte 4. Sison Upland Resource Enhancement Project (SUREP) Phase II

Sison Hungos Multipurpose Cooperative (SIHUMCO)

Brgy San Isidro, Tagbayani and Tinogpahan in Sison, Surigao del Norte Sub-total AGUSAN DEL NORTE SIDE (FOCAS Projects but funded under RAS) 5. Community-Based Enterprise: Effecting Community Development and Economic Empowerment in Four Brgys .in Lake Mainit

Agri-Aqua Dev't. CoalitionMindanao

Brgy. San Roque, and Canaway in Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte and Brgy. Cuyago and Bangonay in Jabonga, Agusan del Norte 6. Enhancing and Protecting an Agroforestry Area SIUFMULCO through Abaca Fiber Production Brgy. San Isidro, Santiago, Agusan del Norte Sub-total 7. Mircro-Propagation Facility Establishment for Economically Important Agriculture and Forest Crops (purely RAS Project) Brgy. Tagbuyawan, Mainit, Surigao del Norte GENERAL TOTAL

Surigao del Norte Mainit-Malimono Tree Farmers College of Association (MAMATFA) Agriculture and Technology

The Lake Mainit Chronicle is published by Lake Mainit FOCAS Management Committee with assistance from AusAID-PACAP


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By: Emmanuel A. Miraballes Project Coordinator-ALTERDEV


couple of periods bring significant development to the beneficiaries of the project implemented in Tubod, Surigao Del Norte dubbed as Enhancing Upland and Lowland Farming Systems and Strengthening Local Organizations (EFASS). The main objective of the project is to generate a significant and sustainable increase in the income of farmer-households in three (3) upland and lowland communities of Barangay Marga, Capayahan and San Isidro of this town and to empower them to significantly address their requirements for food security, shelter, education, and other basic needs. The project aims to facilitate the realization of some key factors that positively affect farmers’ income, particularly on the adoption of c o s t - e f f e c t i v e , “This is much better environment-friendly and now because people’s highly productive sustainable participation in agriculture technologies and diversification of income Governance started in sources through communitythe community based Income Generating Projects and other livelihood development planning process”. activities. The main concerns of EFASS are to strengthen organizational capacities of rural women and men to engage in collective claim-taking and management of undertakings in sustainable agriculture technology development, establishment of stable market outlets and fair trading of their produce, and development of niche market for organic products, particularly for rice and other crops. The participants from the three barangays of Marga, Capayahan and San Isidro actively participated in the development process led by the following Punong Barangays: Eduardo Ellorico Jr,, Nemesio Jamero and Carmelito Arado. People’s Organizations such as SILKA of San Isidro, chaired by Mr. Lito Abao; CABO of Capayahan headed by Mr. Leonilo Jamero; and MAFIA of Marga chaired by Mr. Bernabe Dumadag with the support of Spring Ladies Organization were also present during the activity. One of the project’s objectives is the strengthening of local organizations to participate in the governance process which will ensure the mobilization of LGUs and POs. At present, the three project communities are in the process of packaging community development plans to be incorporated in the Annual Investment Plan/Barangay Development Plan (AIP/BDP) respectively. Barangay Officials suggested that the community plans should be

Participants of Community Assessment & Planning (CAP) of Brgy. San Isidro pose after the workshop. CAP will help finalize community plans to be incorporated in the AIP/BDIP.

expedited since AIP/BDIP formulation is fast approaching. “This is much better now because people’s participation in governance started in the community development planning process”, Hon. Eduardo Ellorico Jr. said. The Training on Sustainable Agriculture also contributed to the selection of farmer-beneficiaries who are potential for technology adoption. As of this writing, ninety seven (97) farmers are preparing their farms for technology application. The women’s group are also in the process of formulating proposals and requirements for income generating activities (IGAs) planned for livestock raising (swine fattening) using the Nature Farming Technology Systems. Said system is suitable to their situation and needs. “Maayo ni nga pagpamuhi sa baboy kay dili moreklamo ang imong silingan kay walay baho, dili langawon ug dili pa jud magbanha ang imong baboy, mahimo pa nga organikong abono ang pinuy-anan sa hayop,” Nanay Enrica commented. Communal Nursery establishment is also fast tracked since seedling requirements is one of the immediate needs for farm diversification. Coconut farm intercropping is another identified need of farmers specially in areas dominantly planted with coconuts. This activity will augment income by maximizing idle time and utilizing unused areas under coconut trees by planting cash crops. The community identified vegetables, fruit trees and abaca as market potential crops to be integrated in their respective farms. Coordination and networking activities with Local Government Units, Line Agencies, academic institutions and with the LMDA are also strengthened to rectify issues and concerns in the area. The SNCAT is providing assorted forest tree seedlings for the farmers for their agro-forestry projects. EFFAS activities are expected to contribute FOCAS strategies in protecting the bio-diversity of Lake Mainit. □

The Lake Mainit Chronicle is published by Lake Mainit FOCAS Management Committee with assistance from AusAID-PACAP


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By: Leonora A. Mila Area In-charge


arch 28, 2007 marks a very memorable day for the San Isidro Upland Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative (SIUFMULCO). On this day, PACAP released the One Million Three Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand One Hundred Ninety Six Pesos and 23/100 (Php 1,369,196.23) for the First Tranche (first eight months activities) of our ENHANCING AND PROTECTING AN AGRO FORESTRY AREA THROUGH ABACA FIBER PRODUCTION PROJECT.

April 2

Project Orientation held at CPEU Training Hall, SIUFMULCO, San Isidro, Santiago, ADN

April 7 April 10

PO M&E Meeting Project Launching held in our Brgy. Mini Gym

April 11

Starts the construction of the Abaca Nursery and it finished on April 15

April 24

Purchase one (1) unit of personal computer

April 25

May 3

Abaca seedlings were purchased and raised in the nursery together with the 185 sacks of organic fertilizer Values Formation Seminar

May 6 June 4-22

PO M&E Meeting 15 day OJT at JC ADI, Dona Rosario, Tubay ADN

June 18

PO M&E Meeting

June 27

Field Monitoring with Mr. Omar Barillo and PO M&E Member □

PROJECT LAUNCHING of the Enhancing & Protecting and Agroforestry Area thru Abaca production with Engr. Recabo, Jr. (first from left) along with the LGU and Cooperative representatives held at CPEU Training Center, San Isidro, Santiago, Agusan del Norte last April 10, 2007.


Kaiser B. Recabo, Jr. Chairman • Ronald John R. Matela • Imelda P. Plaza • Jerry B. Acero • Glenda S. Alawiran-Plaza • Emmanuel A. Miraballes • • Felix P. Maglaque • Nivard S. Gonzales • Alberto M. Garrido • Members EDITORIAL STAFF

Omar C. Barillo Jonathan M. Natonio

Johny S. Natad Gilbert P. Leopoldo


Leonora A. Mila • Emmanuel A. Miraballes The Lake Mainit Chronicle welcomes any suggestions, commentaries and development updates and information especially those which concern advocacy, protection and preservation of Lake Mainit ecosystem and its watershed to the Lake Mainit Development Alliance, Project Management Office, Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte c/o FMC Secretariat. You may also send them to our official e-mail address at lakem or at The Editorial staff reserve the right to edit any submitted articles for clarity and space.

Announcement! We would like to invite all partners from LGUs, POs, NGOs, Academe, Business and Government Line Agencies to submit articles for July-December issue. Deadline of submission shall be on December 14, 2007. □

The Central Abaca Nursery of the project at Brgy. San Isidro, Santiago, Agusan del Norte. Woman at the right Ms. Leonora Mila, Area In-charge inspects the abaca nursery along with the SIUFMULCO members. The nursery used the abaca waste product or residue for sprouting abaca seedlings. The Lake Mainit Chronicle is published by Lake Mainit FOCAS Management Committee with assistance from AusAID-PACAP


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Surigao and Agusan FOCAS Representatives Join PMST Surigao del Norte and Agusan del Sur FOCAS clusters. The said training aims to clarify theories, challenges and trends in community development; define the phases of project management and the processes involved; relate and articulate their own experiences in program/ project management. They also shared among themselves insights and lessons learned; clarified issues on planning, PMST Participants from Surigao del Norte and Agusan del Sur FOCAS Areas leading, organizing and pose after the four-day training at Balanghai Hotel & Convention Center. controlling (PLOC) functions. They also identified he Philippines—Australia Community strategies/techniques in marketing PACAP Assistance Program (PACAP) through and acquired techniques on effective project its Provincial Project Officers (PPO) proposal writing and packaging as well. sponsored and facilitated the four-day Project Management Skills Training (PMST) last Ms. Imelda Caluen and Ms. Teresa January 30 to February 2, 2007 at Balanghai Hotel Serrano from the Development Academy of & Convention Center, Butuan City. Among those the Philippines facilitated the training with who attended were the Focal Community Ms. Monina Hernandez, PPO of Surigao del Assistance Scheme (FOCAS) Management Norte and Mr. Jojo Fajardo, PPO of Agusan del C omm i t t ee ( FMC ) S e cre t a r ia ts; FMC Sur as part of the training management team Representatives and Provincial Stakeholder and as co-facilitators. □ Committee (PSC) representatives coming from


LMDA and the LGU of Mainit host 1st PSC Meeting 2007


ith the aim of encouraging the involvement of the Provincial Stakeholder Committee (PSC) members, the PSC meetings were held at the three FOCAS clusters. Previous PSC meetings were conducted at Surigao City, Siargao Island and Bacuag, Surigao del Norte. The 1st PSC Meeting in 2007 was successfully held last January 29, 2007 at Mainit, Surigao del Norte. The LMDA with the LGU of Mainit served as the host team for the meeting. Deliberation and approval of the four Focal Community Assistance Scheme (FOCAS) proposals was the main agenda of the meeting. Below is the list of presented proposals:

1. Coastal Resource Management Project for Melgar Bay in Municipality of Dinagat; 2. C o m m u n i t y - B a s e d C o a s t a l R e s o u r c e Management with Health & Livelihood Development Project in Municipality of San

Franciso, Surigao del Norte

3. People’s Livelihood Efforts in Agro-forestry and Sustainable Environment (PLEASE) in Municipality of Alegria, Surigao del Norte 4. Agricultural Productivity Enhancement & Rural Enterprise Development in Municipalities of Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte and Alegria, Surigao del Norte. After serious deliberation of the presented project proposals, the PSC favorably approved the four project proposals subject to the enhancement and submission of additional requirements before its presentation to PACAP Advisory Committee (PAC). Major preparations for the February 21 to 23,2007 PACAP National Forum especially for the booth and product presentation were also discussed on the meeting. □

The Lake Mainit Chronicle is published by Lake Mainit FOCAS Management Committee with assistance from AusAID-PACAP


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he Sustai nabl e Fi sher ies Management Program for Lake Mainit will start on July 2007. The project is a collaboration of PCAMRD-DOST, DAR/IFAD-NMCIREMP, BFAR-13, SNCAT, LMDA and LGUs in the Lake Mainit area. This project will be implemented by the Research team of Mindanao State University at Naawan led by Dr. Asuncion B. De Guzman. The fisherfolks in the area will also be involved in the projects and will be capacitated in the management of the lake. Other concerned agencies will also be involved in the project but their participation is on an on-call basis. The Sustainable Fisheries Management program is the result of the capability building for effective Coastal Resource Management Training for Lake Mainit sponsored by the Philippine Australia Human Resources Development Facility (PAHRDF). This will compliment the on-going Focal Community Assistance Scheme (FOCAS) project of the Philippine Australia Community Assistance Program (PACAP) in the Lake Mainit cluster. The project has the following long-term goals: A. To establish a comprehensive fisheries management program to sustain its fishery resources, B. Promote equitable access and utilization of lake resources, and C Improve quality of life of lakeshore communities through enhanced economic well-being The scope of Sustainable Fisheries Management Program for Lake Mainit covers a period of three years and to be implemented in

three components or phases, namely: Component 1-Resource and Social Assessment (Year 1) Phase I – Rapid Resource Appraisal (3 months) Phase II – Comprehensive Fisheries and Stock Assessment Component

2-Habitat Protection, Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Governance (Year 2)

Component 3-Development of Sustainable FM Framework For LM (Year 3) The opening activity started last June 26 ,2007 with the entry protocol for the Mayors in the coastal town of Lake Mainit area. The project site is the municipality of Mainit, Alegria in Surigao del Norte and the municipality of Kitcharao, Jabonga, Santiago and Tubay all of Agusan del Norte. The training of Local Research Partners (LRP) from identified municipality was conducted on July 19-20, 2007 at the training center of Surigao del Norte College of Agriculture and Technology (SNCAT) at Magpayang, Mainit, Surigao del Note. This will capacitate the local partners in fisheries and stock assessment. The participants were the personnel of the Municipal Agriculture Office. It is part of the transfer of technology from the research team of MSUNaawan to the local DA personnel. The data gathering from the local government unit under the Natural Resource Data Base (NRDB) is on-going and the fish stock assessment of the project will start on August 1, 2007. □


id you know that the Lake Mainit Development Alliance (LMDA) logo stands for unity amidst diversity of the people within Lake Mainit in their desire to reach their common goals? The clear blue waves rushing on a pristine lake surrounded by the lush green mountainsides. The green portion of the upper part of the ensemble symbolizes the still ecologically-balanced environment in the mountains that hug the lake while the blue portion on the lower end depicts the abundant aquatic ecosystem that inhabit this enchanting lake. The white band that is in between the green and blue portions stand for the continued intervention and dedication of the eight (8) municipalities of Agusan del Norte & Surigao del Norte as they pursue their efforts to protect and preserve the lake and its immediate surroundings. The intertwining of the green and white symbolizes two hands joined together, a manifestation of the cooperation between the different local townsfolk and the LMDA as they sail together and embark on a journey towards achieving a sound environment. Just like nature, the logo follows the principle of harmony wherein one element cannot stand without the other and the free-flow of cooperation is essential to maintain the integrity and beauty of Caraga’s pride … Lake Mainit ! □

What LMDA Logo stands for?

The Lake Mainit Chronicle is published by Lake Mainit FOCAS Management Committee with assistance from AusAID-PACAP

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Newly Elected Congressmen and Local Chief Executives in Lake Mainit FOCAS Area By: Gilbert P. Leopoldo and Jonathan M. Natonio LMDA Administrative Staff


fter the divisive May 14, 2007 National and Local Elections, newly elected District Congressmen and Local Chief Executives of the two provinces and eight municipalities covering Lake Mainit cluster will officially took its office on July 2007.

this activity will institutionalize and strengthen the development of LMDA as a coordinating agency and as a strategic institution which aims for the protection and preservation of Lake Mainit and for improvement of the people’s quality of living.

Local Chief Executives are members of the LMDA Board of Trustees (BOT). LMDA Project Management Office will facilitate a BOT meeting soon to reorganize the BOT Officers. We hope that

The LMDA staff, the FOCAS Management Committee and the Secretariat extend their warmest congratulations to the newly elected District Congressmen, Provincial Governors and Municipal Mayors. □

PROVINCE Surigao del Norte Agusan del Norte Surigao del Norte Agusan del Norte MUNICIPALITY Surigao del Norte Sison Tubod Mainit Alegria Agusan del Norte Tubay Santiago Jabonga Kitcharao







Multi Stakeholder (from page 3) Sustainable Development, and Ms. Lilagri Mae Sonajo of Alterdev Services Foundation, Inc. Mr. Omar Barillo, FOCAS Coordinator facilitated the workshop on project ass essm ent. A sim ple assessment tool was used and presented to identify the facilitating and hindering factors as well the strategies to solve the hindering factors on the concerned areas from the project proposal preparation, project preimplementation, project implementation and project monitoring and evaluation. The workshop were made by the three groups: NGOs, POs and LGUs who presented and discussed the output in the plenary. □

Group Workshop: Standing at right is FOCAS Coordinator Omar Barillo explaining the parameters of the workshop to the partner People’s Organizations representatives for their group workshop.

The Lake Mainit Chronicle is published by Lake Mainit FOCAS Management Committee with assistance from AusAID-PACAP

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Citizens Speak: PREVENT JANITOR FISH, SAVE Lake Mainit! Open letter to the Officials and Leaders of the Municipalities surrounding Lake Mainit The Mayors, Vice Mayors and Sanguniang Bayan Members of the Municipalities of Mainit, Alegria, Kitcharao, Santiago, Tubay, and Jabonga: Dear Sirs and Madams, We, the citizens of Lake Mainit, have seen the devastating effect of the Janitor Fish to the Rivers of Marikina and Agusan Marsh, thanks to the excellent documentation of GMA7's i-Witness. We can still prevent this from happening to our beloved Lake Mainit, if we act together as one true community, as soon as possible. We therefore appeal to your leadership to act on this potential devastation and mobilize resources and communities to create a comprehensive community response. The online community of Mainitnons and Surigaonons, through the Pidjanga Blog ( ), has identified the following possible solutions for your consideration: 1. Comprehensive Multi-Municipality Information and Education Campaign Through the help of the Lake Mainit Development Alliance (LMDA), the municipalities of Mainit, Alegria, Kitcharao, Santiago, Tubay, and Jabonga will have a comprehensive community information and education campaign to raise awareness about the reality of the Janitor Fish, how it can potentially destruct the ecosystem of Lake Maint, and how the communities can prevent this. 2. Creation of Municipal Ordinances - to support the above Information and Education Campaign, and identify sanctions to those who will be caught putting janitor fish in the lake or in the rivers surrounding the lake. 3. Organization of Community Citizens Watch Groups - to conduct regular surveillance activities around the lake and its tributaries. 4. Joint Surigao and Agusan Provincial Surveillance - to conduct province-wide inspections of Pet Fish Stores and disallow the sale of Janitor Fish.

We trust in you. Citizens of Lake Mainit Posted at:

The Lake Mainit Chronicle is published by Lake Mainit FOCAS Management Committee with assistance from AusAID-PACAP

The Lake Mainit Chronicle (January-June 2007)  

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