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What is A Decade of LMDA Existence...

Newly Elected Officials in Lake Mainit cluster



9 Surigao del Norte hosts 13th LMDA BOT Meeting

S Photo by Omar Barillo

L/R: The Chairman of the Board, Governor Amante presides over the meeting with Governor Barbers.

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Microsoft Access Database Introduced to Lake Mainit LGUs



Lake Mainit Environment Governance Experience Shared by LMDA Director


Control Terminal Points to be established in Lake Mainit


Lake Mainit FOCAS formed Expanded FMC LMDA organizes Orientation-Workshop on Weblog Administration Green Mindanao Training



urigao del Norte province hosts the 13th Lake Mainit Development Alliance Board of Trustees meeting on February 9, 2010 at Tavern Hotel, Surigao City. Hon. Erlpe John M. Amante, Provincial Governor of Agusan del Norte at the same time the Chairperson of Lake Mainit Development Alliance (LMDA) presides over the meeting. The meeting was actively attended by Hon. Robert Ace S. Barbers, Governor of Surigao del Norte along with Municipal Mayors, namely Hon. Aristotle E. Montante of Kitcharao; Hon. Fidel E. Garcia, Jr of Tubay; Hon. Glicerio M. Monton, Jr. of Jabonga; Hon. Franklin D. Lim of Santiago; Hon. Dominador G. Esma, Jr. of Alegria and Hon. Leicester P. Fetalvero of Sison. The representatives of the Board are also present like Mr. Arturo M. Cruje, PPDO Surigao del Norte; Mr. Rofel C. Cabaltera, PPDO Agusan del Norte; Mr. Emilio S. Pantejo, Provincial Action Officer of Surigao del Norte, Engr. Nivard S. Gonzales, Provincial Action Officer of Agusan del Norte, Mr. Martiniano Yandra, PFO of BFAR Caraga; Ms. Ann Jaquilmac of NEDA Caraga; Mr. Fryan Abkilan of PIA Caraga; Mr. Sanudin Benaning of BFAR Caraga and the LMDA personnel lead by Program Director Engr. Kaiser B. Recabo, Jr. Invited guests of the meeting include Ms. Monina G. Hernandez, PACAP-PPO; Mr. Peddie Baclagon, PACAP Area Manager for Mindanao; Mr. Paul Baang, PhilDHRRA-Mindanao Project Manager with his staff. Mr. Peddie Baclagon presented the general overview of PACAP project accomplishments in the Philippines and Surigao del Norte in particular. Mr. Paul Baang introduced the proposed LMDA database using Microsoft Access 2007. One of the most significant discussions which were agreed by the Board is to come up with the Lake Mainit strategic master plan. The members of the Board are Continue Page 7 “13th BOT Meeting”



First Stakeholders’ Workshop for Partnership for Biodiversity Conservation

8 Integrated Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development for Lake Mainit Master Plan and FS for Flood Control and Drainage Project Lake Mainit Disaster Preparedness Framework Planning conducted

10 Photo by Emil Pantejo

Members of the LMDA Board of Trustees along with the BOT representatives and guests posed after the 13th BOT meeting proper at Tavern Hotel, Surigao City.

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A Decade of LMDA Existence‌ A Brief By: Omar C. Barillo, Project Coordinator - Lake Mainit FOCAS

ake Mainit Development Alliance (LMDA) has existed for almost eleven (11) years pillared by strong partnership between provincial governments of Surigao del Norte and Agusan del Norte coupled with the support of eight (8) municipal LGUs partaking responsibilities to conserve resources of the surrounding ecosystems such as the lake, rivers and other important resources for socio-economic and environmental amelioration benefiting communities within its proximity.


Table 1. Member LGU Contributions to LMDA from 1999 to present

Name of LGU

Surigao del Norte Sison

Total Expected Contribution from LGUs

Contribution Contributions

as of December 2009



2010 Contribution

Balance per LGU 150,000.00




















400,000.00 100,000.00

LMDA exhibits exemplary milestones Agusan del 1,800,000.00 1,650,000.00 150,000.00 Norte on environment and socio-economic enhancement. It even exceeds the targets in Kitcharao 550,000.00 350,000.00 200,000.00 some components. For upland development Jabonga 550,000.00 150,000.00 400,000.00 and management agroforestry has attained a Santiago 550,000.00 280,000.00 270,000.00 total of 200 hectares from the 160 hectares Tubay 550,000.00 200,000.00 50,000.00 300,000.00 target. About 91 linear meters riverbank 4,000,000.00 2,630,000.00 50,000.00 1,320,000.00 Subtotal stabilization project was established in the two municipalities of Alegria and Kitcharao. 8,000,000.00 5,485,000.00 132,000.00 2,383,000.00 Grand Total Several trainings sponsored by different NonSource: LMDA Financial Updates as of June 2010 Government Organizations (NGOs) and donors were conducted to enhance the technical and management skills of the Table 2. Expenditure Report from 1999 to June 2010 community more specifically those project recipients to ensure better chances of good Budget Line Items Yearly Expenditure Year 2010 Total Year 1999 to project handling. Other accomplishments Year 2009 were done at the level of LGUs such as municipal tree parks and crafting of the I. ADMINISTRATIVE SUPERVISION Unified Fishery Ordinance for Lake Mainit. 2,798,881.31 102,000.00 2,900,881.31 LMDA has also extended small scale 1 Salaries and Wages 193,000.00 6,000.00 199,000.00 enterprise development projects to Peoples 2 Honorarium 3 Supplies and Materials 409,652.75 2,920.00 412,572.75 Organizations in different municipalities. 4

Meetings, Trainings and

Seminars Most accomplished environmental and enterprise development initiatives where 5 Traveling done in partnership with donor institutions 6 Communication Services like the Philippines Australia Community 7 Repair and Maintenance of Office Equipment Assistance Program (PACAP) who took the Subtotal bulk share through their Focal Community Assistance Scheme (FOCAS) strategy to II. PRODUCTION OF IEC MATERIALS partly address componential concerns of 1 Reproduction of EMP LMDA. PACAP funded community projects in 2 Reproduction of IEC Lake Mainit municipalities reached to a total Materials (flyers) of Php31,310,739.00 both from FOCAS and Subtotal Responsive Assistance Scheme (RAS III. PROGRAMS AND projects. DAR-/FAD-NMCIREMP and the PROJECTS Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine 1 Office Furniture and Fixture Research and Development (PCAMRD) have 2 Limnological Study also contributed for lake resource assess- 3 Agroforestry Project ment with Mindanao State University– 4 Webpage Naawan as contracted partner to conduct 5 AusAID-PACAP Counterpart the lakewide resource assessment.

LMDA has expanded its network with foreign, national and local institutions. The




322,863.71 59,545.00 56,798.60


322,863.71 68,045.00 56,798.60




118,817.00 123,380.00


118,817.00 140,855.00





53,310.00 150,000.00 135,000.00 5,000.00 79,288.00

2,288.00 167,365.00

422,598.00 5,293,085.66

53,310.00 150,000.00 135,000.00 5,000.00 77,000.00

Subtotal 420,310.00 Total 5,125,720.66 Source: LMDA Financial Updates as of June 2010



PMO is now a partner of the Philippines–Australia Community Assistance Program (PACAP) facility, Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), the Depar tm ent of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), National Economic Development Authority ( N E D A) , Bu r e a u of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), the Office of Civil Defense (OCD), Department of an alternate website blog Agriculture (DA), which publishes updates of LMDA operations. Department of Tourism (DOT), Philippine Information Agency (PIA), Provincial and Municipal LGUs, NGOs, Academe and many others. The partnership is clearly emphasized by LMDA. Current donors practice the counterpart scheme where downloaded grant fund accompany a counterpart from the proponent before a project is approved. LGU contributions partly forms the counterpart for incoming and existing projects of LMDA that is extended directly or indirectly to LGUs and or Peoples Organizations (POs) as the program demands.

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Microsoft Access databank designing introduced to Lake Mainit LGUs The Lake Mainit Development Alliance in cooperation with the Philippines-Australia Community Assistance Program (PACAP) through the Philippine Development of Human Resources in Rural Areas (PhilDHRRA) facilitated series of training on databank designing introducing the Basic and Advance Microsoft Access 2007 operations. The first set of Basic Microsoft Access 2007 Operations training was successfully conducted last June 3-4, 2010. Said training was attended by the LMDA personnel headed by LMDA Director Engr. Kaiser B. Recabo, Jr. along with LMDA Deputy Director and Provincial Project Evaluation Officer Emilio S. Pantejo, Omar Barillo, Gilbert Leopoldo and Johny Natad. Twelve (12) LGU participants attended the T hes e ar e from training- work shop. municipalities of Tubay, Santiago, Jabonga, Kitcharao, Alegria, Mainit and Tubod.

Table 1. Member LGU contributions to LMDA from 1999 to present shows the tabulated LGU contribution as manifested in the LMDA records. The indicated amounts were used for the Program Management Office (PMO) operation and project counterpart. The LGU contributions shown in Table 1 are utilized with the budget line items as presented in Table 2 Expenditure Reports from 1999 to June 2010 to keep the office moving while trying to continually access assistance from donor institutions by submitting project proposals in conformity with the LMDA Environmental Management Plan (EMP). Table 2 indicates that the average yearly operating budget of PMO is around Php550,000.00 a year, a meager amount to sustainably managed the very important ecosystem that support the life and future of around 150,000 populace. LMDA is very optimistic in the delivery of its milestones. It has been transparent and efficient in using the entrusted fund of LGUs to maintain confidence and trust for better and sustainable partnership. 

Photo by JSN

Jay Medrano (right) facilitates coaching to participants during the Advance Microsoft Access Training course

Mr. Paul Baang, the Project Manager of PhilDHRRA based in San Francisco, Agusan del Norte lead the training facilitators along with Jay Medrano, Janielou Alamin and Rejean Zulueta. The first day of the training was held at MPO Room, Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte. Due to problem on power connection on the second day, the training continued at the Mayor’s Conference Room of the said municipality with the consent of generous Mayor Aristotle E. Montante. However, with the unexpected brown -out in Kitcharao, the training facilitators and participants transferred to Alegre Diner and Grill, Alegria, Surigao del Norte where the first set of training was culminated. Continue Page 9 “Microsoft Access Databank” 3


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Lake Mainit Environment Governance Experience Shared by LMDA Director The Lake Mainit Development Alliance (LMDA) Program Director, Engr. Kaiser B. Recabo, Jr. is one of the invited presenters during the 3-day Forum on PACAP and the Environment with a theme: “Building Community Resilience, Sustaining Development” held at Dotties Place Hotel on April 15 – 17, 2010. Engr. Recabo speaks about LMDA experience on environment governance and lake protection as an Institution responsible in resources conservation and development for the lake ecosystem. He made mention of the crafting of the Lake Mainit Unified Fishery Ordinance as one of the keys for proper and systematic management of this God given bounty. The first keynote speaker on the 1st day is Commissioner Lucille Sering – Chief of the Climate Change Commission, Office of the Photo by Omar Barillo President with her opening salvo on the worldwide campaign on Engr. Recabo, Jr. present LMDA case study on climate change and discusses the status of the Philippine Government’s environment effort and challenges. Ms. Maria Anna environment governance and lake protection. Orquiza – Senior Programme Officer of the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) in her topic on “Environment and Climate Change Strategy for the Australian Development Assistance”. She made emphasis on the investments and assistance of AusAID in Asia and the Philippines through environment projects dealing directly and indirectly on addressing climate change. The forum has 3 technical sessions with 4 case presentations each. The 3 sessions cover environmental governance, sustainable development and managing for climate variability and disasters. The forum speakers who shared their success stories and experiences before grasping the fruit of their labor are leaders coming from different successful PACAP assisted projects. Strategies, systems and lessons learned were unleashed by these competent individuals. The 3 day forum were participated by approximately 130 participants from the 5 FOCAS Provinces and RAS projects throughout the Philippines to tackle issues that evolved on the global problem on climate change.  Omar C. Barillo

Control Terminal Points to be established in Lake Mainit


n the meeting conducted last January 19, 2010 by the Sustainable Fishery Management Team composed of LMDA, FMC Secretariat and the Sangguniang Bayan Chairperson on Agriculture along with the Municipal Agriculturists who represents the municipality of Mainit, Alegria, Kitcharao and Jabonga unanimously agreed to include the designation of the control terminal points (CTP) in the Unified Fishery Ordinance. LMDA has been facilitating the unification of fishery ordinance in four Lake Mainit municipalities. Final copies of the said ordinance entitled “A Unified Municipal Fisheries Ordinance providing for the Sustainable Integrated Management, Development and Conservation of the Lake Mainit Municipal Waters and its Fishery & Aquatic Resources, Harmonizing, and Integrating All Ordinances Pertinent hereto, and For Other Purposes” has been furnished to Sangguniang Bayan of Jabonga, Kitcharao, Alegria and Mainit for their adoption. Section 6 of the said ordinance is the “Designated Control Terminal Point” which states that “The municipal government shall coordinate with other local government units within the Lake Mainit to designate and establish a control terminal point between the adjacent municipalities for the management, monitoring and implementation of this ordinance. The control terminal point and the lines will mark the technical description of the municipal waters of Mainit. The said control terminal point and the lines described above shall not be considered

Photo by JSN

LGU of Jabonga and Kitcharao with LMDA during the mapping of CTP at Barangay A. Beltran, Jabonga, Agusan del Norte

political boundary but for purposes integrated management of the Lake.”


Meanwhile, the LGU of Kitcharao and Jabonga last January 22, 2010 conducted a meeting and field verification mapping for CTP. With the presence of LGU representatives and Barangay Captains of Beltran and Bangayan, it was agreed that CTP is designated at north 09°22’39.6” and 4


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Lake Mainit FOCAS formed Expanded Management Committee The Lake Mainit FOCAS Management Committee (FMC) reorganized into expanded FMC during its first meeting conducted last November 6, 2009. In the past four years since 2006, the FMC is composed of nine regular members from two NonGovernment Organization representatives, two People’s Organization representatives, two PLGU representatives, SNCAT representative, PACAP-PPO, and LMDA. Photo by: Gilbert Leopoldo

Expansion of membership is done The Expanded FMC members pose during the 3rd Expanded FMC Regular Meeting held on January as part of the eight months PACAP 8, 2010 at Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte project extension for LMDA which is “Strengthening the Lake Mainit Development Alliance mechanism for ensuring the representation of CSO to the through policy Support and Sustained Collaborative LMDA structure. He said that the expanded FMC Mechanisms”. The municipal action officers from eight organizational structure is considered as the transition municipalities are the additional members of the Lake period for the CSO inclusion thru FMC representation to Mainit FMC. the LMDA TWG by next year after the PACAP project extension which will end by June 2010. Engr. Kaiser B. Recabo, Jr, the LMDA Director and the Chairperson of the said Committee explained that the The committee already conducted eight Expanded FMC expanded FMC is formed not only for the PACAP regular meetings. The schedule of its regular meeting is project extension but it is also a part of the sustainable set every first Friday of the month.  JSN

east 125°33’25.6” which is situated between Barangay Bangayan and Barangay A. Beltran.

Proposed Control Terminal Points (CTP) in Lake Mainit Prepared by: Gilbert Leopoldo

The CTP between Mainit and Alegria was already resolved last year. Alegria and Kitcharao on March 23, 2010 meeting and site validation agreed that CTP is designated based on NAMRIA delineation while the CTP between Mainit and Jabonga was already site validated on March 24, 2010 but is still on the process of resolution. An agreements for boundary conflict resolution were vividly presented and discussed during the on-field survey with the presence of LGU Mainit, Jabonga, representatives from DENR, province and LMDA.  JSN

Photo by Omar Barillo & Gilbert Leopoldo

LMDA, representatives from DENR and province with LGU of Jabonga lead by Mayor Monton and Vice Mayor Moran and LGU of Mainit during the site validation of boundaries last March 24, 2010 at Tumaliwis River between Jabonga and Mainit boundary.



LMDA organizes Orientation-Workshop Website blog Administration

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The Lake Mainit Development Alliance successfully organized and conducted orientation-workshop on weblog administration last March 19, 2010 held at Cyber 8 Internet Café, Alegria, Surigao del Norte. The LMDA Director Engr. Kaiser B. Recabo, Jr, welcomed the participants and presented the rationale of the activity. Johny S. Natad led the orientationworkshop along with Omar Barillo, Gilbert Leopoldo and Jonathan Natonio who actively assisted in the hands-on activity. Said workshop is part of “Strengthening the Lake Mainit Development Alliance through Policy Support and Sustained Collaborative Mechanisms” milestone activity which is the establishment of website blogs or weblogs to partner Local Government Units (LGUs). The LMDA has established the weblogs for LGUs with an aim to help them in the local tourism promotion and other significant advocacies. Recently, LMDA created and administered free weblogs from wordpress for 8 LGUs with the following online sites: (Municipality of Sison) (Municipality of Tubod) (Municipality of Mainit) (Municipality of Alegria) (Municipality of Kitcharao) (Municipality of Jabonga) (Municipality of Santiago) (Municipality of Tubay) Highlights of the said activity were the official turn-over of weblogs created by LMDA to eight municipal LGUs administered by LGU Website Administrator and the orientation about the features of Practical activities were made after every lecture/module presentations. Participants are expected to learned and capacitated in using methods on updating and maintaining LGU websites.  JSN

Green Mindanao Initiates Multi Media Training By: Darwin Brian T. Lawas, Ecosystem Based Management Officer - Green Mindanao Association, Inc.


he Green Mindanao Association Inc, with the Foundation for the Philippine Environment (FPE) successfully facilitated community media training at Mainit Kasili Lakeside Resort and Hotel, Mainit, Surigao del Norte on June 25-26, 2010. The two-day training program provide skills enhancement among local communities, Photo by Green Mindanao women’s organization, fisherfolks and Indigenous The participants act as the broadcaster during the 2-day multi media training at Mainit, Surigao del Norte People communities and impart knowledge on basic The event was attended by the twenty-eight news reporting and writing, radio and TV reporting and participants from different people’s organization of four organized community media volunteer team. The training municipalities namely Kitcharao, Jabonga, Mainit and sphere headed by the Green Mindanao Staff in line with Alegria. Community participants expressed the the Lake Mainit Biodiversity Conservation and importance of skills and knowledge acquired during the Sustainable Projects. two day affair.  6


What is

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ordPress is an open source CMS, often used as a blog publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL. It has many features including a plugin architecture and a templating system. Used by over 2% of the 10,000 biggest websites, WordPress is the most popular blog software in use today. It was first released in May 2003 by Matt Mullenweg as a folk of b2/cafelog. As of September 2009, it was being used by 202 million websites worldwide. ( The is absolutely free with image and file storage up to 3 gigabytes. Other hosting sites offering free weblog provides only from 250 megabytes to 1 gigabytes (GB). In wordpress, additional web space for upgraded paid service from 50 to 100 GB are availbale. There are useful features in Wordpress in its powerful widgets especially text and image widgets. Now it has over 90 free templates of which some header can be customized. There is team blog management of wordpress composed of Administrator, Editors, Authors, and Contributors, all have significant roles in the weblog administration. For more info visit wordpress portal at 



BOT Meeting (from Page 1)

PMO assist Woodfields… (from Page 10)

committed to continue providing their annual contributions to LMDA.

may cause the flooding. The last area they visited is the Tubay River toward the sea.

The meeting highlighted with the deliberation of the following agenda: presentation and approval of LMDA Accomplishment Report of 2010, Five year LMDA Strategic Development Plan, LMDA Action Plan, Work & Financial Plan, LGU’s Contribution, FOCAS Milestone and PACAP extension, MOA of Patrol Boat, CTP for Lake Management, Flood Control Master Plan, and Resource Database Designing.  Gilbert P. Leopoldo

All rivers and interesting sites are being marked by GPS including the maximum inundation level of the flooding. Photographs was also taken and a brief history is being recorded. The initial data gather will be consolidated including the survey questionnaire and analyzed. The team will be back soon to present the initial report and possible succeeding activities to solve the flooding in the Lake Mainit .  Kaiser B. Recabo, Jr

  Of the 41 identified species found in the Lake Mainit, at least 14 species (34%) are freshwater fish and the rest (66%) are noted to be marine fish that enter freshwater bodies seasonally, usually to spawn?


Lake Mainit, the bugwan and pijanga have high percentage of gravid or spawning stages during January to April, peaking in February which coincide with the flood period or guob?

Nelumbo nucifera locally known as pagusè occurs in wide patches with an estimated total area of 11.26 hectares within the lake. The largest pagusè bed was recorded in Barangay Mayag (5.2 ha) of the municipality of Mainit, followed by Tagbayawan (2.7 ha) in Alegria. Several small patches (less than a hectare) of pagusè are observed in Jabonga and San Roque. Fruits of pagusè are harvested mostly by children and are eaten or sold in bundles at Php 0.50 each? 

Source: Sustainable Fisheries Management Programs for Lake Mainit Phase II-Comprehensive Resource Assessment



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LMDA attended the First Stakeholders' Workshop for Partnership for Biodiversity Conservation: Mainstreaming in Local Agricultural Landscape (BPP) The Global Environmental Facility (GEF) has approved the project preparation grant for the development of the Project Document and CEO Endorsement for the project entitled “Partnership for Biodiversity Conservation: Mainstreaming in local agricultural landscapes (BPP). The executing partners are the DENR, DA, DILG, Fauna and Flora International (FFI), Haribon Foundation, Philconserve, Conservation International-Philippines and Foundation for the Philippine Environment. The project objective is to assist Local Government Units (LGU’s) in critical eco-region of the Philippines to better incorporate the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity resources in their development planning system and economic growth strategies. Lake Mainit is one of the seven target sites for the proposed project in the entire country considering it was identified as one of the critical hotspot.

Participants from the Lake Mainit cluster during the workshop

The first project stakeholders’ workshop was held last January 14-15, 2010 at the Eurotel, North EDSA, Quezon City. It was attended by a multi-sectoral group coming from the different line agencies, civil society organization and LGU’s from different region in the country. Most of the participants were coming from the target areas and the executing partners. The event was opened by Director Lim of PAWB and followed with the workshop objectives, overview and site selection criteria. The highlight activity of the two day gathering is workshop. The workshops focus on the three main component of the project proposal. The three main components are: Component 1 – System capacities at the national level; Component 2 – Institutional capacities for decentralized governance; Component 3 – Mainstreaming in key ecosystems Several workshops had been conducted, starting with situational analysis and project design where the participants level off understanding on the project concept, confirmed the baseline situation and have agreed consensually on the on the project strategy to the drafting of individual site objectives, expected outcomes and outputs. The Lake Mainit group is composed of RTD Mario Eludo of PAWCMZ, DENR; Ms. Soledad Tamayo, PENRO-DENR, Agusan del Norte, Ms. Socorro Alcantara, PEMO, Surigao del Norte; Mr. Armand Pacudan, Mindanao Area Manager, FPE; Mr. Abraham Uy, Green Mindanao; Engr. Kaiser Recabo, Jr. LMDA Program Director and Mr. Roilan Beronilla, LGU, Jabonga, Agusan del Norte. The group discussed the proposed project and come up with a collective program for Lake Mainit. .  Kaiser B. Recabo, Jr

Integrated Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development for Lake Mainit


reen Mindanao Association Incorporated with funding grant from the Foundation for the Philippine Environment in the amount of Php1,017,000.00 (One million seventeen thousand pesos) started a project undertaking entitled "Integrated Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development for Lake Mainit" a five year strategically planned and designed project launched 9 March 2009. This project is composed of five different components consisting of varied activities to be implemented in the wetland ecosystem of Lake Mainit with the full participation of the municipal government units of Alegria, Kitcharao, Mainit and Jabonga along with targeted peoples' organization and marginalized Mamanwa communities living around the lake environment. The undertaking is envisioned to reactivate the cooperation of Caraga Consortium for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development,

the umbrella partnership which carried out a Community Based Resource Management project funded also by the Foundation for the Philippine Environment in the previous years. This current one year project grant shall provide appropriate trainings and organization capacity building to about nine different people’s organization in the territory to enable them to handle environment friendly sustainable enterprises which expectedly should benefit themselves. The collaboration of the legislative councils of Alegria, Kitcharao, Mainit and Jabonga via the facilitation of this engagement shall result into the implementation of a Unified Fishery Ordinance to administer and govern the resources utilization of Lake Mainit. It is envisioned that within the period of one year participatory work in the localities, the different peoples' organization would be competently ready to execute their appropriately designed livelihood endeavors with sourcing of adequate funding support. Subsequent year’s project support by FPE shall depend on evaluation of achievements obtained within  Abraham D. Uy, Project the 2009-2010 period. Coordinator - Green Mindanao, Association, Inc.


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Newly Elected / Re-elected Officials in Lake Mainit Cluster on May 10, 2010 First Automated National and Local Elections Province of AGUSAN DEL NORTE Congressman AMANTE, Angelica Rosedell M. Governor AMANTE, Erlpe John M. Vice - Governor CORVERA, Enrico R. Sangguniang Panlalawigan (2nd Provincial District) 1 TOMANENG, Joseph E. 2 GAMBE, Aquino W. 3 JAMBOY, Rey G. 4 RESERVA, James T. 5 MARAGAÑAS, Lorito Q. 6 PITOGO, Rodulfo A. 7 RACAZA, Daniel O. In Surigao del Norte


Province of Surigao del Norte Congressman ROMARATE, Guillermo Jr. A. Governor MATUGAS, Sol F. Vice - Governor EGAY, Arturo Carlos Jr. A. Sangguniang Panlalawigan (2nd Provincial District) 1 ROMARATE, Myrna M. 2 LARONG, Fernando T. 3 ALDONZA, Leonilo A. 4 ALAAN, Regina G. 5 BORJA, Victor C.





Esma, Dominador Jr. G

Mondano, Ramon B.

Arcillas, Cristina Hemady R.

Fetalvero, Leicester P.

Vice Mayor Sangguniang Panlungsod 1

Uriarte, Uldarico Jr. S.

Gatpolintan, Rogelio M.

Dumadag, Felisberto F.

Lumpay, Clemente G.

DAGCUTA, Suzeth Z.

MOZAR, Michael L.

BALGOMA, Marilyn A.



OPALIA, Edgar G.

SALINO, Roxie S.

NALITAN, Apolinario G.

CANO, Myrnalin F.



BEHAGAN, Al Rodin C.

ELUDO, John Darwin C.



BACUD, Gerry Z.

RECABO, Cayetano L.

IGNALIG, Charlito A.

CINCO, Gaspar D.


RANAY, Reynaldo B.

URQUIA, Anthony P.

BIONG, Zita N.

AVILA, William E.


UGAY, Reynaldo C.


DUMADAG, Bernabe P.

PARONIA, Wardell P.


ODJINAR, Ernesto Sr. C.

SALINO, Vicente,Jr.

MACULA, Severa Liza L.

ALAS, Cristy L.


EDILO, Rogelio M.

MOSOTE, Arturo M.

LAMBOS, Germilo A.

LARINES, Jo Cyvil S.

In Agusan del Norte






Montante, Jenry E.

Monton, Glicerio Jr M.

Lim, Franklin D.

Tomaneng, Sadeka G.

Vice Mayor

Montante, Aristotle E.

Moran, Danny M.

Lim, Zenaida C.

Garcia, Fidel Jr. E. MONDEJAR, Jary P.

Sangguniang Panlungsod 1

BOCBOC, Ricardo C.

GANOT, Julie B.

EGOS, Gilmar M.


SEVILLA, Alfonso Jr V.


LIM, Benjamin Jr. D.

CALUMBA, Rodrigo A.


REMONTE, Joseph C.

ALINGATO, Mernalyn M.

DEDUMO, Sulpicio T.

GARCIA, Delfin A.



MALDO, Wenifredo S.


DULTRA, Vivien J.


CEBRIAN, Janeth M.

BERMUDEZ, Sebastian Jr M.

PASCUA, Etchel S.


JUNIO, Salvador A.

ONGUE, Carlos O.


GONDE, Victorio I.

RESULTAN, Rogelio, Jr. A.

GALBO, Johnny M. COSINAS, Luis Y.

8 MORADA, Reynaldo M. MORALES, Luzmindo, Jr R. NALCOT, Letecia M. SOURCE:

PARAAN, Anselmo, Jr. B. BELTRAN, Melchor S. MAGPALE, Benedicto G. RAMO, Rafael Jr. A.

Microsoft Access databank... (from Page 3) Fundamental concepts on how to create tables, forms, and reports and how to create simple database using Microsoft Access 2007 were the major highlights of the said training-workshop. The second set of Basic Microsoft Access 2007 Operations training set on June 16-18, 2010 held at Community Outreach Center, Surigao del Norte College of Agriculture and Technology, Magpayang campus, Mainit, Surigao del Norte. Meanwhile, the Advance Microsoft Access 2007 Operations for Databank Designing and Management training on June 22-25, 2010 was successfully conducted as part of the project services on capacity building for LGUs in Lake Mainit on database designing and management. PhilDHRRA continue facilitate the training with LMDA as the host organization.  JSN

LMDA Deputy Director Emilio S. Pantejo (right) lead the distribution of Certificate of Completion to participants of the training with Paul Baang and Jay Medrano. Photo by Gilbert Leopoldo


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PMO assist Woodfields ground survey for Master Plan and FS for Flood Control and Drainage Project The LMDA- Program Management Office (PMO) assisted the Woodfields Consultant, Inc., a planning and engineering consulting firm commission by the DPWH Project Management Office for Flood Control and SABO Engineering Center for the conduct of Master Plan and Feasibility Study on flooding in one of the 15 river basin in the Philippines in which Lake Mainit is one site. This activity is a welcome development to solve the perennial flooding in the area and is long awaited project for the past 5 years. The team is Photo by Kaiser B. . Recabo, Jr. composed of Mr. Susumu Heishe and Engr. Barry Ocay. They had also provided a survey questionnaire on flood and Divergence of Bangonay and Puyo River to Lake Mainit at sediment damage and present flood control, sabo and Sitio Apa-apa, Banongonay, Jabonga, Agusan del Norte drainage facilities which was distributed to the six LGU’s inlet of Kalinawan in Jabonga. affected by flooding. The team schedule a five day visit last January 22 to 26, 2010 to gather data from different concerned agencies like DPWH Engineering District for both Agusan del Norte and Surigao del Norte, NIA, PAGASA, PPDO of both provinces and selected LGU’s. The PMO had accompanied and guided them in their familiarization and ocular survey in the Lake and its tributaries including ground trotting of the Kalinawan River. The team visited all the tributaries that are passable by vehicle starting on the western side of the lake, from the Mayag River in Mainit and all rivers that passes to the National Highway in Alegria, Kitcharao then going inside the

Lake Mainit Disaster Preparedness Framework Planning conducted


acilitated by the Office of Civil Defense – Caraga Region, the Lake Mainit Disaster Preparedness Framework Planning was successfully held at Mainit Kasili Lakeside Resort and Hotel, Mainit, Surigao del Norte last February 10–11, 2010. Dr. Blanche Gobenchiong, the OCD Regional Director led the said activity with Lorene S. Catedral, Training Specialist I and Program Coordinator for Civil Protection & Preparedness and Ms. Marie Lyn B. Tadle, the Head on Risk & Vulnerability Assessment Unit. This activity is the continuation of Disaster Preparedness Forum conducted last October 23, 2009 participated with the same participants from LMDA, municipal LGUs, NGOs, POs, NEDA-Caraga and academe represented by SNCAT. Group workshops on charting future scenarios portraying the vision of the group about the Lake Mainit in the future and identified the main concerns base on thematic areas on governance, risk reductions, knowledge management, risk reduction and disaster preparedness were the highlights of the said activity. The activity successfully ended in the afternoon of February 11, 2010  JSN

In Jabonga, the team had survey the Bangonay River up to sitio Apaapa, Bangonay, Jabonga where the river split into two rivers, the Puyo and Bangonay. They also visit the confluence of Bangonay River and Kalinawan River at sitio Nangka, Colorado, Jabonga and ground trot the flood plains between Jabonga and Santiago. In Santiago they visit the Aciga River down to its confluence with Kalinawan at Barangay Lapaz, Santiago. The team river cruise from Lapaz to Corro in Jabonga to search for the rapids or any condition that Continue Page 7 “PMO Assist Woodfields”

Official Publication of Lake Mainit Development Alliance Issue No. 6 ● January-June 2010 Program Management Office, Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte




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The Lake Mainit Chronicle (January-June 2010)  

Official Publication of Lake Mainit Development Alliance

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