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by Mena Spodobalski

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EVA WERSCHKY by Jen Eastwood


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by Debbie McCarthy and Sara Robbins

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by Lauen Dunne


PRIMARY CARE - by Leslie Peek APRN

Photographer Fred Cornelius Cover and Model Eva Werschky Clothes provided by Triggers in South Reno

Kim Surratt

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Rodeo Miss Reno KY

❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

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by Yvette Auger



and Alicia Rooney, APRN


Welcome to our 3rd and most exciting issue yet! We

Photograph by Kiley Howard

want to send out a special thanks to our new sponsors that include the Reno Rodeo, The Bauserman Group, Greg Mason Advertising Arts, Minor O’Hara Advertising, Design on the Edge, Yellow House Furniture, Eldorado Resort and Casino and many more! Most importantly, a big THANK YOU to our dedicated readers. We couldn’t have been this successful without our local community support, and thank you for believing in us! We look forward to providing you with exciting local articles about women in our community that are making a huge impact in the Reno/Tahoe area and as well as the most influential women nationwide. Stay tuned! It’s going to be an exciting rest of 2016! BLISS BABE magazine is a women’s beauty, fitness and lifestyle multi-platform publication, which empowers women to be their best at any level, age, orientation, life stage while assisting women to fulfill their desire and passion giving women the opportunity and tools to live a life full of purpose while becoming physically and mentally fit. Through the use of captivating editorial content, stunning photography, riveting videos, published across various mediums including: social-media, mobile, email, print, website. BlissBabe will serve its readership in the Reno/Tahoe area with the latest fitness and fashion forward trends, technology, health advances, beauty, spiritual growth, personal development, and various other tools and services to help women become their best. Bliss Babe seeks to empower our readership by providing them a voice, Bliss Babe’s intention is to encourage and empower its readers to share their story and experiences, so we can all learn and grow and build a healthy network of women that want to empower and support each other in the Reno/Tahoe area!



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with Jackie Peacock

I am often asked about how and what I eat, almost more than I am asked about my fitness regime. Very simply, I have a mental checklist of healthy food options I enjoy. I choose from my personal list when I’m hungry, in need of energy, or out with friends. I go for multiple sources of protein (which satiate and help repair muscle), and am conscious about my carbohydrate intake, although I do eat carbs for energy everyday. I keep my list of healthy choices readily available and I don’t keep tempters in the house (because when you want them and they aren’t there they are much easier to avoid!). Find foods that you enjoy eating. Healthy choices can be made all year long but starting with a “2-Month-Healthy-Summer-Eating” goal is a great way to kick start those good habits! Here is a list of some of my personal favorite foods. EGGS - low-calorie, low-fat source of digestible protein. ALMONDS - helps keep cholesterol levels within a healthy range. APPLES - rich in a fiber, which can help lower cholesterol levels. ARTICHOKES - rich in antioxidants. ASPARAGUS - good source of folate, vitamins A, C, and K. AVOCADOS - contains nearly 20 vitamins and minerals and may reduce heart-disease risk. BLUEBERRIES - said to help protect vision, lower blood sugar levels and improve memory and cognition. RASPBERRIES - supports heart health and prevents obesity and age-related decline. CARROTS - high in vitamin A, essential for healthy sight. GREEK YOGURT - double the protein, half the sodium and half the carbs as regular yogurt, and an excellent source of calcium. SALMON - high in Omega-3 fatty acid, which promotes heart and brain health, as well as good skin. CHICKEN - dark meat contains a protein that delivers oxygen to muscle cells and satiates more quickly. This also protects against diabetes and high blood pressure. PORK - excellent source of protein, B vitamins and zinc.

Photo by Michael Artemis


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Taking the Scenic Route By Tessa Marie

Now that warm weather is here, it’s time to hit the highways and take in the views on our way from on point to another. Many of you Bliss Babes are hard working women who deserve the vacation coming your way. Until that day arrives, I want to help you spend a small part of your next stretching session (post workout or just unwinding at home) by taking a more “Scenic Route” through your moves. START WITH A SMILE

Your mindset will make all the difference in the effectiveness of your stretching, as will your presence in the present moment. Take in what is immediately around you. Consider what it is like outside right now. Shake out your body a little, then settle and close your eyes and imagine your upcoming vacation! Feel that joy resonate throughout all your cells.


When it comes to flexibility, work with your personal range of motion. If at first you feel disappointed in your lack of range, just remember that it will get better if you accept where you are right now and go from there. Embracing your current self will promote greater healing throughout your body. Also, give yourself more freedom to move with a square or circle of space around you. This will allow your stretches the opportunity to land as they may. Give yourself permission to let wherever you land be okay!


Stretch the parts of your body that are calling to you first. As you begin a pose, notice where your body resists moving with ease. When a spot like this pops up, follow it’s pull. This will allow the fibers of that area to naturally unwind what has been contracted greatly in that area, like a natural untangling of knotted necklaces. To assist this release, rock or wiggle gently from your foundation: your feet, then your legs, hips, and so on. A ripple effect of repositioning will happen all over.


You can trust that each new direction will be supported by your structure. It may look nothing like a “normal” stretch. Or it may lead you toward a different stretch than you thought entirely. Just know this: it’s your body counteracting motions you have made. Allow the limbs, torso, and joints to transition with grace. Sustain a pose that feels incredible, and breathe greatly into it.

When in a stationary moment, see what part of your body is just within reach of your hands. Make contact and take advantage of giving your bones a squeeze. With the firmness of a welcoming handshake, take hold and say hello to the skin, the muscles and tendons below, and the bones underneath it all. The feet and ankles are my favorite to focus on, especially when stretching barefoot. Continue until the end of your session with these things in mind, and you will come out the other side feeling fantastic. Doing this stretching to a song or two will help tremendously. This fearless approach to finding balance in your body will result in a more stable and happy you. Continue taking the unblazed trail in your stretching, and you will find corrections to problems you felt, but had yet to figure out. I look forward to sharing even more with you in the next issue, when you’ll learn to unwind better in the water you are dipping into this summer. Until then, follow @_blissbytm on Twitter and Instagram for inspiration and more!

MUSIC MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Be sure to turn on something that matches your mood. If you are happy, play something like Pharell’s “Happy”. In a pinch for time? Play faster electronic music, like Calvin Harris. And if you’ve got some emotions to let go of, play a song that has power behind it. •

If you are injured, please perform your stretches at a much slower rate and only work what areas are still mobile and cause no pain when moved.

Tessa Marie is the founder of “Bliss by Tessa Marie”, a unique, new approach to finding balance and relaxation. For information on private sessions or classes, email! 7

❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

By Katie Coombs

Self-Care for the Busy Mom If you don’t take some of this time for yourself, you have a strong chance of burning out and becoming anxious and even depressed.


am a busy mother with a blended family of seven children. We have four boys and three girls ranging in age from nearly 20 years old to 9 months old. There are four teenagers in that bunch and then a 12 year old, 10 year old, and 9 month old. Like many moms, I also work and am self-employed as a financial advisor. I have two offices in Carson City and Reno and also coach basketball for a co-ed team and an all girls team. My children are incredibly busy with different activities and my husband and I do all we can to make every one of their games, plays, concerts, and events. The baby is just an extra bundle of fun that joins us in all of our crazy scheduled days. Most would find it impossible to get "down time" if they lived the life I live. However, it is possible and necessary for our mental and physical health as women to have "me-time", despite our busy lives, regardless if we have children or not. First, I strongly suggest finding 30 minutes in the day to get some type of work out in. I can’t believe the difference in my energy level and overall mood when I spend 30 minutes on a treadmill or just take a brisk walk. My children know that is my time. I listen to Rocky music to pump myself up for the day ahead and unless it is an emergency, they know that Mom needs to be left alone while she is working out. When I don’t take that time, I naturally don’t feel well and find myself eating less healthy and seeking out


❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

sugar, which I try to avoid at all costs. It is incredibly important to schedule time with friends and if it makes you feel guilty to do that, then come up with a “friends night” each week, where your children have a friend over and you go out with a friend or group of friends at the same time. They can have fun with their friend and a babysitter, and the whole family approaches it as a healthy break from their daily routine. I do miss my kids when I am away from them, but I also know that I will be a more relaxed and effective parent if I get a chance to go

laugh and play with friends on a regular basis. I also think finding a hobby is key to being a happy and complete mom. My hobby happens to be writing and all of the children know that I need to be uninterrupted while I write. Not only do I get some peace from the everyday grind, I am also doing something that I love. Find the one thing that you love and pursue it every week. Your children can be doing the same thing you are if they enjoy it, but encourage them to do it in a different room so everyone gets some much

First, I strongly suggest finding 30 minutes in the day to get some type of work out in. I can’t believe the difference in my energy level and overall mood when I spend 30 minutes on a treadmill or just take a brisk walk. My children know that is my time.


❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

needed alone time. If you feel like everyone is benefitting from the new hobby, you won’t feel bad taking the time for yourself. I usually sneak away into my home office with a nice cup of coffee and write. I take my time and don’t worry about rushing my way through things. If you find a hobby, treat it with lots of respect and give yourself permission to work on it weekly. I recently read a column about whether or not strong marriages needed a date night to help maintain a happy home. The word that I resisted in the column was needed. Do you need a date to stay happy? Maybe not. Many people love taking their kids with them every time they go out. Instead, I prefer to think of date nights as something I want to do. This takes the pressure of having to schedule a date

night as a way to be happy, and instead makes a night out feel like a mini-vacation from the daily grind. I think we should want these small breaks and when we return, we are even more excited to see our children than when we left. If you don’t take some of this time for yourself, you have a strong chance of burning out and becoming anxious and even depressed. If you can’t take the time to exercise, find a hobby, or fit in a date night, then at least light some candles and enjoy a nice warm bath a few times a week once the house is quiet. You deserve every break you can get from work, or being a mom, or being a wife, because when you return from your small escape, you will find that all of these different hats you wear will fit just a bit better.

DARE TO BE A COWBOY Bliss Babe Profile Interview with Hannah Beth Tems, “Founder of Dare To Be A Cowboy” By Hannah-Beth Tems Interviewed by Leslie McCarrol Photographs by Michelle Tems

BB: How and why did you start Dare To Be A Cowboy? HB: I was inspired to start Dare To Be A Cowboy for a couple of personal experiences. Initially, I had a close friend that was dedicated to the sport of rodeo and determined to compete by the upcoming fall of that year. One month before the season started, she called me and explained that she wouldn’t be able to compete because of financial difficulties. It broke my heart to realize that her dreams were pushed to the side because of a little thing we call money. That experience opened my eyes to many children that go through the same scenario every day. I can’t stand the thought of someone losing sight of what they are passionate about due to a lack of financial or resource needs. I

started Dare To Be A Cowboy for the children that have a dream to become a cowboy or cowgirl, to put the smile back on their faces, and to break down the door that is blocking them from doing what they love. BB: What inspired you? HB: My inspiration for Dare To Be A Cowboy can be broken down into two factors. First, above all of the sports that I have played, rodeo has been the most memorable and personally beneficial. From the family atmosphere to the creation of a strong work ethic and large responsibility, rodeo has undoubtedly created me into the person that I am today. The world needs to know rodeo and the incredible environment that surrounds it. The second factor that inspired me to start Dare To Be A Cowboy is children in general. I have had the opportunity to work with youth for a few years now and find that the majority of my motivation and inspiration come from the children that I work with. Their worry-free attitude and gen-

uine happiness for the life they live is so infectious that I never want to see a child lose sight of that character. Dare To Be A Cowboy is to help the children become exactly who they dream of becoming. They can become part of a lifestyle that ensures responsibility and genuine passion, which cannot be replaced. BB: What is your long term goal of DTBAC? HB: Ever since I have started, I have heard that rodeo is a dying sport. My goal (through Dare To Be A Cowboy) is to revive the sport. I plan on opening up the sport to outside audiences that would never think to be involved. I believe that this is the way that it can grow. There are so many children out in the world who watch movies and TV that dream about being a cowboy or cowgirl. Unfortunately, those children never get to reach those dreams. I believe that if enough people in the rodeo industry open their arms to those that dream about being in their position, then the sport will grow. I want rodeo to be a revived sport with sold out stadiContinued on page 11


❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

DARE TO BE A COWBOY Continued from page 10

ums, and involved and dedicated fans. I know that one way that I can contribute to this is by helping the contestant numbers.

We weren’t made to be anyone else but ourselves, and with that we should strive to be the best version of us that we possibly can. - Hannah-Beth Tems

BB: What is your favorite motto in life? HB: “Be the best YOU that you can possibly be.” This quote hits home. The more that I am growing up and realizing the realities of the world, the more I am finding that people (usually young women) too often compare themselves to others. Whether it is body image, beauty, or talent, there’s always someone that is “better”. This quote puts an end to all of that and opens the perspective that people should be seeing. We weren’t made to be anyone else but ourselves, and with that we should strive to be the best version of us that we possibly can. BB: How involved are you in the Rodeo? HB: I consider the Reno Rodeo to be family. I have been involved with it for the past four years whether it was with the flag team or just general attributes. My parents are both members of the Reno Rodeo and I plan on being one as well in the future. Overall, the Reno Rodeo displays all the features that I love about the sport of rodeo: the family atmosphere, the excitement, the passion. It is one of my favorite events of the year and I am so thankful to call those involved family. BB: How can people find our more about DTACB and what can they do to get involved? HB: For more information about Dare To Be A Cowboy you can go to our website at www.daretobeacowboy. com. On that website we also have a volunteer application that anyone who wants to become involved with Dare To Be A Cowboy can fill out and send to the executive board. BB: What do you love doing most about your YourTube videos and how many videos do you do a week? HB: YouTube videos are a very new adventure in my life but are something that I have become more and more passionate about. I love being creative, talking a lot, and being myself in front of those that follow me. I am really excited about the fact that I can inspire people, make them laugh, and even promote self-value and confidence within these videos. As of now, I put out about two videos a week. I love sharing my adventures with the world and am really excited about where that side of my life is going to go! BB: How do your parents support DTBAC with you? HB: My parents are the reason that Dare To Be A Cowboy


❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

is the organization that it is today. I may have had the idea for it, but they definitely took the reins and guided the organization to be as successful as it is today and is still growing. I could not be more thankful for them with all of their support throughout all of my life adventures. Dare To Be A Cowboy is something that brings us together; it is an organization that we are all passionate about and I am excited that we are all in it together. BB: How did you get sponsored by Grit & Glam? Do you have other sponsors? HB: Glam & Grit and I partnered up through a contest that they were having to find rodeo athletes to sponsor. They are some of the most incredible people that I have ever worked with. Their hats are quality made and painted and are a show stopper wherever you go. I am so thankful for them and to have the privilege to represent such an incredible brand. Additionally, I am partnered with Lost Cowboy Brand, Warpaint Makeup by Fallon Taylor, Discount Tire, Rodeo Wrecks, Destiny Equine, and a few more companies that are in the works for this upcoming rodeo season. I am so thankful for their continued support and feel honored to represent these companies throughout my life’s endeavors.

Wine in the Old West By Michael Christian

When most people think of an Old West saloon, the only thing they think of is whiskey. While it is true that whiskey and beer were more prevalent than wine, wine was available in some places. When the Comstock Load was active in the mid to late 1800s, Virginia City was a boomtown much larger than it is now. At the time, it was considered a sister city to San Francisco and a cosmopolitan place. Saloon excavations from the time have found whiskey, gin, and beer, as would be expected, but quite a bit of wine was also uncovered. Port and champagne were both fairly common and bottles were found that could have contained other specialty wines. A cowboy, drinking whiskey, looks a lot tougher than a cowboy drinking champagne, so I wouldn’t expect portrayals in pop culture of the Old West to change anytime soon.

Fine Vines

Cheese and Wines

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Make a Statement and Turn Flowers Into Art! By KATIE KNAPP, CFD Owner, Bumblebee Blooms Flower Boutique “THE WORLD IS BUT A CANVAS TO THE IMAGINATION.” This line from Henry David Thoreau is fittingly quoted in a testament to the artistry one can achieve with the out-of-the-box designs that great floral designers can do for their customers, if given the chance. In this day and age of fast-paced, high-tech, never “stop and smell the roses” society, customers are so focused on what they see online that they often forget that floral designers are capable of so much more. Why pick something that’s the same as what everyone else orders? Designers absolutely love it when you let them have free reign to do something more fun and creative than having to match a manipulated photo online. When given that freedom, we often find that not only are customers more happy with what is received, but they tend to get a lot more bang for their buck. Impactful statement pieces are sure to impress with that one-of-a-kind, never duplicated gift.

FLOWER TIP: Tulips will continue to grow in length even after they are cut. When placing them in an arrangement, cut them a little shorter than you actually want them. In a day or two they will grow into the arrangement. GEMINI (May 21th-June 21th) FLOWER: Alstroemeria BLOOMING PLANT: Geranium GREEN PLANT: Dracaena


❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

CANCER (June 22st-July 22th) FLOWER: Rose BLOOMING PLANT: Rose GREEN PLANT: Dieffenbachia

Two Habits That Are Killing Your Confidence Are you unwittingly killing your confidence in the way you communicate with others? I notice these two habits are common when I am around women and in earshot of their conversations. Becoming aware of these habits and learning to break them will give your confidence a boost. CRAIG NIELSON serves as a Professional Coach, Speaker and Educator. Helping women who feel insecure with selfdoubt to becoming fully empowered with self-confidence. Owner of My Internal Image coaching practice.



Discounting compliments happens when you’re paid a compliment by someone and you respond by discounting it. Let’s say someone compliments you on what you’re wearing and you in turn say something like: “This old thing? It’s really nothing.” Someone you haven’t seen in awhile tells you that you look great and you respond with something like: “Oh, I’m so out of shape. I really need to lose a few pounds.” Perhaps you get praise for a job well done on a project you did at work and you respond with something like: “It was nothing. Anyone could have done it.” The one response to a compliment that really makes me cringe is: “You’re just saying that to be nice.” This is what women have told me when I bring this up during confidence building workshops. “Well, we have to respond like that, otherwise people will think we’re conceited.” Some have even argued with me over this when I attempt to challenge this belief: “That’s the truth. that’s how women think. I know; I am one.” Here’s the deal: When you discount a compliment you’re essentially telling the person who complimented you they’re lying or that they really didn’t mean what they said. The problem with this is you are actually casting judgment upon them as though you know what their true intention was for giving you the compliment. The truth is, you have no idea what the person giving you the compliment is thinking. Who are you to determine what it is they actually meant? To become more confident, don’t discount compliments. Instead, simply say “thank you” with grace and dignity in response to a compliment. After all, do you ever give compliments just to be nice?

Minimizing yourself is where you use the word “just” to describe yourself. Years ago when I was working in management, a team leader was outside my office waiting to speak to me as I was on the phone. When I hung up the phone I stated: “Who’s next?” The team leader entered my office and said, “Oh, it’s just me.” “Just you? You mean my team leader who keeps her team on task and running smoothly, giving me peace of mind knowing that work is getting done efficiently, who always has a smile and is an asset to the organization?” I responded with a grin. Lose the “just” when describing yourself. Another woman once told me about the small group of ladies she gets together with to workout. She said she felt intimidated a bit because the women she trained with were successful doctors and lawyers and she was “just a mom.” Just a mom? Moms rock! I know because I’m married to one, and she’s a rock star. I know how much work, sacrifice, effort and love moms put out for their children and there is nothing trivial about it. I told her: “You’re not just a mom, you’re responsible for raising your children to be happy, healthy, and productive members of society. What more important role in life is there? If I were to ask your children about you would they tell me she’s just a mom?” Of course not. A recruiter I know also told me that these pesky habits can ruin your consideration during a job interview. Employers want confident candidates. Eliminate these habits to boost your confidence. There’s no need to discount a compliment and you are never “just” anything. You are far greater that you think.


❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

Las Vegas Events and Social Calendar By Yvette Auger

Now that the weather is hot in Las Vegas, locals and visitors alike get to enjoy all that Las Vegas has to offer. Nightclubs have opened up their nighttime patios for the season. My favorite places to enjoy the best views of the Las Vegas strip while partying include the patios of Drais Beach Club, Omnia, and Chateau. My locals tip is that we can all enjoy these views, even without a table reservation at these clubs. On the Strip, headliners and stars that can be seen on Comedy Central, perform every night at the L.A. Comedy Club at the Stratosphere Hotel. It’s just $15 for a general admission ticket with the purchase of one well drink or domestic beer (that’s a $44.92 value!). A local’s favorite place that is just outside of the city is Lake Las Vegas, located in Henderson, Nevada. It boasts a scenic lake and lovely restaurants, including both of my favorites, Essence & Herbs and Sonrisa Grill. It is a brilliant place to escape both the heat and the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas for a day or a night. I’m signing off with an invitation for you to my free weekly networking mixers. You’re invited to come check them out with me at our various first-class venues around Las Vegas. Find information at

Photograph by: Roger Bennett


Yvette Auger is a licensed Las Vegas real estate agent along with her husband, Eric. She is also the founder of Cosmopolitan Connections Inc., a free weekly Las Vegas Networking Events entity, which brings together like-minded business professionals and entrepreneurs.

Danell Perlman is owner of and co-owner of Reno Tahoe Limousine

Summer is coming up, and if you don’t have big plans out of town, here is a look at things to do and see in and around our area. ❤ J une means Rodeo Time in Reno! So, if you’re not a Cowgirl by profession, it’s time to dust off your Cowgirl Boots, get out your best Western outfit, and go show your support to all those dedicated Cowboys and Cowgirls! To me, the Rodeo is a very patriotic event: seeing the Cattle Drive come into Reno on their way to the Rodeo grounds is a sight to see! Check out the Reno Rodeo events at ❤T  ake a drive up to Squaw Valley! Either bring your own bicycles or rent them there, pack a picnic, and follow the bike path along the Truckee River all the way to Tahoe City—or even further along the West Shore—and a spot on the shores of majestic Tahoe. Follow up with a quick kayak or SUP excursion on Tahoe (if your time allows it, rentals are readily available). Once back in the valley, take a tram ride to High Camp for breathtaking views and a dip in the pool, then stop in Downtown Truckee for some exploring. Check out Squaw Valley’s website and events at This is your travel expert, Danell Perlman, and I’m super excited to be sharing my passion for the travel and tourism industry with all of you. We will explore, dream, and discover together. In the next issue, I will tell you more about myself and my extensive background in travel. 14

❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

❤Experience Reno is Artown! The program is packed with phenomenal talent, and every night in July is filled with the arts. The best thing of all: most of it is FREE! Connect with Artown on Facebook right now to get updates about the 2016 season: ❤Be a tourist in your own town! Walk, ride your bike, or get out in your car and really explore. Touring our area is how you find the hidden gems, and we have many. For listing of things to do in our area, visit

Until next time, stay curious and keep working on your Travel Bucket List!

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❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

I’ve Competed. What Now?


have many clients tell me when they start their fitness journey that they want to keep their lean bodies. Why wouldn’t you? You’ve been on a tough 12-week program, and unlike many people, you didn’t quit. You have sacrificed many things, like social events, favorite foods and alcohol, so you can focus on the goal at hand. The fact is, you simply cannot keep a show-day body year round. It’s impossible to do that. But what isn’t impossible is to have a lean, healthy, fit body year round. Here are my top tips to keeping sane and being fit, post competition. Don’t binge or gorge post show: Think of something you have been craving and slowly enjoy that meal. ● Do reserve dieting: Slowly add in things you have taken out. Add in fruit or diary, gradually. Increase your caloric intake slowly. This principle will help your body adjust and you can maintain a lean physique without storing tons of fat. ● Enjoy an occasional “cheat meal”: Don’t turn your cravings into an entire day or week-long splurge. ● Continue to work out: You no longer have to do hours of workouts daily, but you can still continue a consistent workout schedule, like three days a week of strength training and five days of 30 minute cardio sessions. Continue building muscle and maintaining a healthy heart and body! ● Keep your mind positive and focused: Say positive things to yourself. Be kind to your psyche! ●

Talk to your coach about anything that is bothering or affecting you. Remember that being fit and healthy is the true reward with any kind of athletic competition.

By MENA SPODOBALSKI | Photographs by Alfyn Photography


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“Retro Fashion For The Modern Woman”

711 S Virginia St Reno, NV

732 So. Virginia St. Reno, NV 89502 775-287-0399

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B E N Z L E Y ’ S

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1527 S Virginia St Reno, NV (775) 800-1960

TRAVELING BEAUTY TIPS for the On-the-Go Bliss Babe By Tina Mokuau - The Makeup Artist

The FIRST earth-eco friendly, sustainable, organic apparel and accessories store Yoga, pilates, active fitness, and casual wear Made in the US and brought to you from around the globe through fair trade.

732 S. Virginia St. 775-287-0399 PROUD RETAILER OF:

Spiritual Gangster Barefoot

It’s the time of year to pack up and go somewhere, whether your road tripping or flying around the world. These tips will help you stay beautiful through it all. WHAT TO BRING Here are a few products that will make life easier and accomplish more than one thing! Multitasking products are the way to go, with less to pack and tote around. I came across a gem of a product that does nine tasks! Burt’s Bees BB Cream with Noni Extract - protects with broad spectrum SPF 15, moisturizes, smooths, visibly firms, illuminates, evens tone, conceals, reduces look of fine lines and wrinkles and perfects skin. Now that is multitasking! It’s a great pick to replace your foundation, facial sunscreen, moisturizer and more! I also fell in love with a little product that removes your eye makeup and barely takes up any room in your bag. Simple - Sensitive Skin Experts - Eye Makeup Remover Pads. It has no harsh chemicals, artificial perfume or dyes. It even removes waterproof mascara!

TIPS FOR THE AIRPLANE ❤ Hydrate! Flying is very dehydrating so drink lots of water and bring lotion. ❤  Go without foundation if possible, especially if it’s a long flight. After all, it’s going to rub off by the time you get there. A beauty balm or just some concealer will get you there looking decent. ❤ Lip balm is your best friend: you don’t want to arrive with dry cracked lips and lip balm is easy to apply without a mirror. ❤ Bring a small (flight approved) dry shampoo with you to revive your hairdo just before landing, especially if someone special is waiting to greet you! ❤  Instead of caking more powder on your face to control shine, use blotting papers. In a pinch, you can use clean toilet seat covers to blot.

So there you have it: a few pointers on having a beautiful and stress-free trip! Safe travels, beauties! Please follow me on Facebook and feel free to ask me any beauty related questions. 18

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you know that our western heritage is disappearing? Local family law attorney Kim Surratt from Winnemucca, who now practices in Reno and has been involved with the Reno Rodeo since 1996, is doing something about it. While most people associate the rodeo with massive bucking bulls, brawny cowboys, and tall, statuesque barrel racers, it’s not an adults-only sport. Many of the most successful rodeo personalities got their start as children, competing in events at Peewee and Junior rodeos. A variety of events exist for the smallest rodeo enthusiasts; they offer fun, education, excitement and prizes. Kim’s passion is reaching the kids who don’t have a clue about Western heritage. She wants kids to put their technology down and get outside and get dirty. Kim, along with many other volunteers, helped to create the first Kid’s Day giving kids, who have never touched a horse or been to the rodeo grounds, the opportunity to experience a piece of our Western

heritage. Parking, admission and all other costs are waived for the day, and kids have complete access. There are stations set up, including mutton busting and junior roping. Mutton busting is a hilarious sport where brave little cowboys and cowgirls climb on a sheep and wrap his or her hands in the sheep’s wool. The chute containing the sheep is opened and off they go! The sheep runs full-tilt across the arena with the competitor hanging on for dear life. The rider who stays on for the longest amount of time wins the event. Junior roping is Kim’s passion, where kids compete at roping a fake cow. There are training opportunities for the kids before the actual event, and Kim says that it’s amazing to see a kid, who has never touched a rope before, realize they can throw and rope. On the day of the event, they bring in some of the professional cowboys and ropers to sign autographs and judge the competition. Bob Feist is the emcee, and he runs it with the same commentary and style as a professional

roping competition. The kids are treated like professionals, and winners are awarded major prizes. Reno has been losing kid’s events, especially Western events, and Kim wants to turn that trend around. Her goal is to continue to grow interest enough to support the development of junior roping clinics to keep kids involved year-round. What if a kid is interested in learning roping beyond Kid’s Day at the rodeo, but their family can’t afford it? 19-year-old Nevada Native, Hannah Beth Tems, started her nonprofit Dare To Be A Cowboy when she was 17. Hannah Beth is young and hip, and knows that in order to keep the heritage alive, it has to become hip again. Be sure to read our article about Hannah Beth in this issue. If you’re interested in learning more about The Reno Rodeo and Kid’s Day, visit their website at Now, get your boots and hats on and get down and dirty!

By Kim Surratt Interviewed by Debbie McCarthy and Meg Steinitz | Photograph by Anne-Marie Fenner Western Heritage


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armony Rose searched emotions: she didn’t want to feel crazy carry the shame and blame that came

she shares her story of living year after is an alcoholic. With excerpts from her how all she ever wanted was to be loved n her heart to, but she had no idea how

h recovering alcoholics and with other

It shows how forgiveness own emotional prison and how loving have to mean losing yourself. evada with her husband of U.S. $20.99

Harmony Rose

t changed their lives forever. She tells the not only help her understand and heal,

Learning to speak your dog’s language can make for an even stronger bond with your canine friend. Many challenges in raising a dog are often the result of miscommunication, not necessarily willfulness or stubbornness on your dog’s part (although, that can play a part in some situations). Here are a few tips to help you better communicate with your dog:

Find Online At: Communicate Calm-Confidence Amazon When interacting with your dog, be aware of Barnes andand Noble your movements the energy you are proGoogle jecting, because dogs communicate through energy and body language. Therefore, it is In Stores At: imperative that you always try to project Buy Nevada First calm-assertive, balanced energy, as well as Sundance Book Store an upright, but relaxed posture. This helps Grass Roots and confidence. communicate strength

Be Attentive One of the most fundamental forms of communication is your attention. If you are working on training with your dog, and heading out for a walk, focus on your dog in the same manner you are asking him to focus on you. Be present in the moment and be ready to note or reward good responses from your dog, and guide him or her into a better choice. Make Your Words Count The average dog knows well over 100 words! However, no matter how smart your dog is in regards to understanding word commands or phrases, his or her first language will always be your body language. It is often effective to use a verbal command along with a physical hand signal to reinforce the communication

process. Keep in mind: words are not as important as your demeanor and energy. Have Fun! An effective part of strengthening your communication with your dog is to be consistent with your body language and confidence when embarking on everyday, fun activities like walking, hiking, and playing ball. Most importantly, enjoy your relationship and bond with your dog, and have fun!

Ryan Coulter is the Day Camp Supervisor and Trainer at K9 Games Reno. Having trained and handled dogs for several years, Ryan enjoys working with dogs with challenging behavioral issues. When he is not working with his canine clients at K9 Games, he is usually hiking with his own dog named Chester, a Yellow-Lab that he adopted from the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe, or donating his time at a local dog rescue. He is also a photographer, specializing in Aviation, and hopes to someday earn his pilot license and donate his time and skills to Pilot N Paws. For more information, please visit or call 775.624.6286.

Training your dog can be a real Bitch... But at K9 Games Reno we got ya covered!

TheSpecializing Original Canine Athletic Club In The Following

- Dog Training - Dog Day Camp - Dog Day Care - Dog Behavioral Training - Dog Obedience Training - Dog Private Lessons/ Client Education(by appointment)

- Dog Dock Diving - Dog Treadmill - Dog Classes or Courses - Dog Enhance Pack Leader - Dog Agility - Dog Weight Pulling - Dog Home Training Calls/Visits

Any Dog! Any Breed! Any Problem!

- Dog Exercise - Dog Obstacle Course - Dog Socialization - Dog Parkour - Dog/Pack Relationships - Dog Weight and Health Management Plans

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The First Earth-Eco Friendly, Sustainable, Organic Apparel and Accessories Store. (Yoga, Pilates, Active, Fitness, Casual wear) Made in the US and brought to you from around the Globe through fair trade

732 So. Virginia St. Reno, NV 89502 775-287-0399

P R O U D R E TA I L E R O F :



Spiritual Gangster PEACE LOVE & YOGA


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Pairing Chocolate & Wine: The Basics Story and photo by Dorinda Vance


ine and chocolate: does a better partnership exist on this planet? While both are decadent luxuries individually, when you team them up, get ready for some seriously powerful pallet play! Come visit us at Dorinda’s Chocolates if you want to experience perfectly paired wine and chocolates, or if you are feeling adventurous, try your own hand at pairing with these tips and tricks. To start, make sure to match lighter bodied wines with lighter bodied chocolates. Be sure to understand that “lighter” chocolate does not necessarily refer to the color of the piece, but rather the flavor profile the chocolate delivers. While oftentimes a lighter color is indicative of a lighter flavor profile, be aware that this is not always the case. Next, check to make sure that your wines will be slightly sweeter than the chocolates you will be pairing them with. Both wines and chocolates naturally carry intense flavor profiles. Keeping your wine slightly sweeter than your chocolate will keep these two innately dominant palate pleasers from clashing on your tongue. Try and keep this sweetness balanced as you progress through your tasting. Additionally, when choosing the wine for your pairing, take notice of the flavor undertones in your wine and try and match them to your chocolate, which may be nutty, fruity, carry hints of burnt toffee or contain similarly unique and exciting aspects. Once you have a few wines selected for your pairing, you need to select the order in which you will enjoy them. 21

❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

Make sure to start your tasting with lighter bodied chocolates and wines, then progress to the darker and more robust pairs. If you begin immediately with the richness and full-bodied flavors found in dark wines and chocolates, you will miss out on the more subtle notes your lighter pairings have to offer. It is important not to put your taste buds into overdrive right away. With these tips and tricks from Dorinda’s, you’re ready to take a shot at creating your own pairing. Just make sure to remember the most important rule: invite your friends! After all, the only thing sweeter than chocolate and wine is friendship.

Dorinda’s Chocolates offers wine by the glass and by the flight. Enjoy these fine wines individually or pair them with some of our award winning pieces! Glasses, flights and pairings are available any day of the week during store hours from 10 am-7 pm ALSO, every Friday night from 5-7 pm, experience wine and chocolate pairing events.


Miss Reno Rodeo

EVA WERSCHKY By Jen Eastwood ou wouldn’t know it today, but Eva Werschky used to be painfully shy. Now, the 21-year-old reigning Miss Reno Rodeo is poised, self-assured, friendly and outgoing. She credits 4-H for shaping who she is today and for giving her the confidence to even think about entering the Miss Reno Rodeo pageant. “I used to be unbelievably shy,” Werschky explained. “The leaders of 4-H gave me the confidence that I needed to let my true personality shine through and become the confident young lady that I am today.” Werschky also credits 4-H for rounding out her Western lifestyle experience. She was involved in 4-H Horse (High Sierra Riders), 4-H Lamb (Leg of Lamb), and 4-H Dog (Biggest Little Dog Club). She always had horses growing up, but being part of these clubs made her bond with horses and livestock that much stronger. More than animal husbandry, Werschky says 4-H taught her numerous skills: leadership, public speaking, management, record keeping, and responsibility. “I had to learn how to run a committee as well as be a productive member of a committee. I learned how to take on responsibilities as well as to delegate responsibilities to other members. It taught me how to be prepared and meet deadlines. Really, my experience with 4-H, from the time I was eight years old until about 18, rounded me as a person, and taught me all the necessary skills that I was able to refine when running for Miss Reno Rodeo.” And run she did. First, when she was just 18. “Being involved in 4-H, I had more support than I knew what to do with. Lauren Neil, a fellow 4-Her and past Miss Reno Rodeo, was so unbelievably supportive. She coached me and helped me more than I could have ever asked for.” Eva was the runner-up that year to Ashley Espin, who went on to be Miss Rodeo Nevada. After that, Werschky had a change of course and decided to study abroad in Chile. “I had the most amazing experience ever. I was able to learn Spanish, live with a new family, experience the culture, make new friends, and travel all over South America.” When she came home last January, she had no intentions of running for Miss Reno Rodeo again. “I had been backpacking all


Photographer Fred Cornelius

ABOUT THE RENO RODEO The Reno Rodeo is a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) sanctioned sporting event, and one of the top five rodeos in North America. Reno Rodeo is a non-profit organization made up of over 500 volunteers. Competition includes bareback, team roping, saddle bronc, tie-down roping, steer wrestling, women’s barrel racing and bull riding. “Like” Reno Rodeo on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or for more information on the Reno Rodeo, visit 22

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Extreme Mustang Makeover • Drill Team • TeamRoping

Everyone knows about the nighttime events, but there are some incredible events that happen during the day. I love watching the drill team, and the BFI team roping is amazing. There’s also the Extreme Mustang Makeover, which is relatively new to the rodeo circuit and was a special event at the Reno Rodeo for the first time last year. The competition showcases the reliability and trainability of American Mustangs. Trainers have 100 days to gentle, halter break and saddle train the mustang before the competition. At the Reno Rodeo event there will be a preliminary competition and then the Freestyle Finals where trainers and their Mustangs perform a rehearsed three and a half minute routine integrating music, props and costumes. It culminates with an adoption event, which is really special.

over South America, and preparing for a pageant was the last thing on my mind.” But after her return, she made flag team for the Reno Rodeo and was excited to be back in the rodeo world again. When she was approached to run for Miss Reno Rodeo last year, she couldn’t resist. During her reign, which ends on the last night of 2016 Reno Rodeo, she’s been an official ambassador for the “Wildest, Richest Rodeo in the West,” traveling to rodeos around the country and attending special events throughout the state. She is also the rodeo’s goodwill ambassador to the community and visits schools on her own and as part of the Reno Rodeo Reading Roundup, a program that visits at-risk elementary schools, provides books to first-graders and gives them a lesson in the three R’s: reading, rodeo and responsibility. The rodeo also supports the youngsters in Washoe County’s foster care program, providing clothing to abused and neglected kids through its annual Denim Drive. As the face of the Reno Rodeo, Miss Reno Rodeo is expected to present herself in a certain way, including full hair and make-up. For anything that involves horses, the queen must wear jeans, a long-sleeved button-down shirt, boots, a cowboy hat with the Miss Reno Rodeo crown, belt buckle and sash. “One of the things that this experience has instilled in me is that I care more about my appearance,” reflects Werschky, “and not from a place of vanity. It’s just that when you look nice you feel more confident, and it’s easier to be open and friendly.” Part of that confidence comes from staying fit. Werschky has always been active. Growing up in Reno she has been trail riding, camping and competing with horses since she was eight years old. She’s also an avid skier. “Growing up I often had to choose between riding horses with my mom or skiing with my dad and brothers.” While she still hits the trails and the slopes as much as she can, she also hits the gym. Sponsored by Camie Cragg Fitness, Werschky works out about five times a week. “It’s important to stay fit, not only for the appearance, but for riding,” she explains. “I’m travelling almost every weekend going to different rodeos, sometimes stepping in for the smaller rodeos that don’t have their own queen.” As the end of her reign approaches, Werschky reflects on what the experience has meant to her and what advice she has for the next Miss Reno Rodeo. “I’ve made so many lasting relationships; I think that’s one of the biggest things I’ll take away from this. I have a whole family of people within the Reno Rodeo Association that I can call on for anything.” She continues: “My advice is simple. Ride a lot, always be open and friendly, keep a positive outlook and try not to stress. Enjoy every moment because it flies by. Say yes to everything and experience it all while you can!”


I would encourage folks to get involved with the Reno Rodeo and get a behind the scenes look. You can volunteer to be a wrangler or even sign-up in the Businessman Steer Decorating contest. The event itself consists of 12 teams of two people each, one who will hold the steer (the mugger) and the other who will decorate the steer (the tier) by tying a ribbon on the steer’s tail. The team that decorates their steer the fastest wins the round. It’s a riot!


Hit the food court – and don’t miss the funnel cake. I always attended the Reno Rodeo growing up. The main thing that I remember is the funnel cakes. I was allowed one each year, and I still continue that tradition to this day, by treating myself to a funnel cake one night at the Reno Rodeo.


❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

The Real Women of the BARRACUDA PGA By Andrea Quiruz Northern Nevada certainly has no shortage of beautiful galas and luncheons that benefit a variety of worthy and unique charities. It has become an art form, putting together elegant events in the area that inspire, entertain and ultimately raise money to support a cause near and dear to the hearts of the guests in attendance. The Barracuda Championship’s annual Women’s Day event on June 26, 2016, presents a unique array of activities and experiences throughout the day that aim to pamper and amuse visitors, while introducing them a bit to the fascinating sport of golf. This year’s event, taking place at the beautiful Montrêux Golf & Country Club will be a day filled with interactive demonstrations, shopping, culinary cuisine, and surprise guests that you won’t want to miss! Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s will be flowing throughout and mingling is a must. During lunch, the ladies will truly enjoy the 2nd annual Match Play Dating Game, featuring Northern Nevada’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. Men and women on stage vying for a chance date with one another. Need I say more? At its core, this event is to benefit three charities that directly contribute to the betterment of our amazing Reno-Tahoe community: Each One Tell One, First Tee of Northern Nevada, and The Discovery Museum. Promoting and supporting such commendable organizations while also bringing awareness to their causes and philosophies truly brings this elegant event full circle.

Check out the Barracuda Championship Facebook Women’s Day event page for updates. Visit or call (775) 322-3900 for ticket information.

Patty giving a demonstration 24

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Former, LPGA professional golfer Patty Sheehan, Rebecca Gaston Mayor Hillary Schieve, Be-Be Adams, Sean Gamble

Patty greeting fans


sweet: a heavier luxurious head of hair within a few hours and a gorgeous new look!”


Robert Richard Salon is unique, in that Richard had been doing hair extensions for over 30 years and has access and solid relationships with over 18 different hair extension brokers, globally. Therefore, Richard is able to match ANY type of hair color, texture, and ethnicity, any time, for any event. The problem with most stylists doing hair extensions these days is that, “One size does not fit all. Meaning, most stylists want to put only one type of hair on everybody and that doesn’t work. You must match perfectly or else it will stand out and not blend in. We can get every type of hair from Russian, Persian, Spanish, Scandinavian, or American, and it doesn’t matter where it comes from...Nibia, (Pakistan, Russia)….you name it, we can get it!”


a common accessory for models and celebs. You can bet that almost every red carpet event is literally the MANE EVENT, but only their hair dresser knows! However, it’s not just for the young and famous, according to Richard of Robert Richard Salon. “Most of my clients are middle aged women and a few men wanting to add to their receding or thinning hairline due to aging and change in hormones or cosmetic procedures, such as face or neck lifts. There are a lot of misconceptions when people hear about hair extensions. Everybody thinks that it’s just for young girls wanting to put on a ton of hair, but that’s only 30% of our business. The majority of our business is older women whose hair is nowhere near like it was in their 30’s and 40’s, and what we do is build a head of hair by pixling the color. We blend other hair with their hair and copy the haircut exactly. The only difference is that they are going to literally walk out with a head of hair that has the vibrancy of a 30-year-old with new texture, new color and the body that they had in their 20’s. Short but


Did you ever wonder how and where hair extensions came from? I know I did and I had to ask as Richard was applying extensions to my head. Here’s the story: Richard met a guy, 33 years ago, from South Africa, named Mara. Mara was the first person that we know of that ever did any kind of hair extensions. The problem was that 33 years ago anything that was transported via ship and plane and that said “human” on it…well, the FDA thought you were smuggling human organs, so most of the hair never made it to the U.S. Also, the FDA was not cool with the fact of putting someone else’s DNA on another human being! The only hair available 33 years ago was Persian, but as time progressed, hair extensions increased in popularity and there was more availability for other types of hair.


With the increasing popularity of hair extensions over the years, Richard has been able to meet the needs of almost anyone that walks through his door who desires hair extensions.

Photo by Debbie McCarthy

There are actually five different methods of hair extensions, with two being most popular: 1) The Weft, which lasts 2-3 months and is a minimum of $500 and 2) Individuals, which are keratin based that start at $1100 and can go up to 24 inches long, lasting from nine months to a year! Want to color your hair blue but don’t want the damage and the option to change it back? Richard can do it! Richard can order virgin hair, colored or non-colored. So if you want blue hair, you can add blue. No damage, no bleach and remove it when you’re finished with it to be back to normal in a snap!


Washing: The more hair you have, the more you will absorb body oils, and you don’t have to wash your hair as often. You can literally go almost six days with no washing! Save on shampoo, conditioner and about 30 more extra minutes to get ready every day. There’s less stress and more time to sleep in and do other things. Integrity: The Integrity of your hair over time is great! No bleaching, no overlapping color, and no breakage. Your natural hair will be better when the extensions come off because they were protected like a glove! Self-Improvement! You will feel more vibrant, youthful, and have a whole new aura about you! Some of the comments Richard gets are: “I can’t believe how youthful and sexy I look naked! ” Uh-oh! Naked Selfies? Immediate Results: Hair extensions provide a quick fix to a bad haircut. Got bangs? Yep! Richard can reverse a set of bangs and brighten up a new facelift, or even create that sexy man bun. Yes, ladies, even men are getting in on the hair extension movement! Richard has clients that have been wearing hair extensions for 20 years. It’s addicting. The only problem with hair extensions is when other women will want to follow you in the bathroom and ask: Who does your hair? Only your hair dresser knows!

Richard Poudrier is owner of Robert Richard Salon located at: 11 N Sierra St #101 in the Riverwalk in Downtown Reno. To book an appointment or consultation with Richard contact him at: (775) 826-3344 25

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Lesley’s Organic Skin Care Licensed Esthetician | Owner of Lesley’s Organic Skin Care | 775-313-4489

Lesley Aluffi

There are two types of sunscreens: chemical and physical Oxybenzone and Avobenzone are two of the most commonly used chemical sunscreens. Some people have experienced breakouts when using a chemical facial sunscreen. This is because when using a chemical sunscreen, the temperature of your skin and oil production increases, causing breakouts and irritation. A chemical sunscreen absorbs and disperses the sun’s rays. This can be compared to a car in the sun with the windows up. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are

physical sunscreens. They reflect the sun's rays, much like a disco ball. Since they are natural, and not synthetically created like chemical sunscreens, they are much better for your skin. Physical sunscreens are also the only protection against UVC rays, which are cancer-causing. By law, there is no such thing as a “waterproof” sunscreen. If out in the sun for prolonged periods of time, such as on a beach or by the pool, sunscreen should be reapplied at least every two hours. On a similar

legal issue, the term “sunblock” has also been banned. The only way to truly block the sun is to stay indoors. Sunscreen should be worn daily by everyone. Even if you sit in an office all day, you are exposed through any windows you may have, including while driving in the car. Sunscreen should also be applied to your neck and chest. Remember to check your ingredients to be sure you’re using a physical sunscreen for more effective coverage.

HERE’S A HELPFUL TIP: Perfumes and colognes contain alcohol. When applied to the skin it attracts the sun, thus causing sun spots, or worse. So, put perfume/cologne on your clothes, not your skin.

Bringing Your Best Face Forward Makeup services for - Film, Commercials, Makeup Effects, Photography, Bridal/Weddings, Fashion Shows, Private Lessons, Makeup Parties, Workshops, Just about everything!

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Located in the new Simplique Spa & Salon Suites 800 S. Meadows Pkwy #400 | Reno NV 89521

Proudly using Eminence Organic Skin Care exclusively

Reno’s FIRST

Éminence Certified Green Spa

Mention “Bliss Babe” when scheduling your first service and receive 20% OFF Schedule Your Appointment Today 775-313-4489 tinamakeupar © 2013 - Tina Mokuau - All rights Reserved, Photos by CVP


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Shake It Up This Summer!

By Alyssa Starr/

Nothing screams summer like frosty, frothy, shaken mojitos or crisp, chilled, ripe watermelons. Everyone loves a good libation during the heat wave that we are anticipating, but not everyone loves drinking the calories that come with it. While we have recently had a taste of summer teasing our heart strings, I was just itching to get in the seasonal mode. What could be better than a watermelon mojito? I am going to give you a healthy twist on a classic cocktail favorite. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the Watermelon Mojito Salad. This salad is loaded with fresh fruit, cool cucumbers, tangy lime juice, summer berries and sweet, organic, raw honey. It is perfect as a snack, a side dish, or just eating it out of the chilled bowl with a spoon as you relax outside soaking up the rays. With this salad, you are actually nourishing your cells and body with nutrients and can walk away feeling satisfied and refreshed. Nobody has time for guilt and hangovers!


Preparation: 20 minutes

Photo by Alyssa Starr

½ small watermelon, peeled and cubed ½ English Cucumber, diced 3 Cups fresh pineapple, cored and cubed 15 Strawberries, washed and sliced Zest of 2 limes – 3 Tbsp Lime Juice ½ bunch of fresh mint (approx. 40 leaves) Raw Honey (to taste) Wash and dry all your fruit, vegetables and herbs thoroughly and pat dry. Prepare all ingredients as listed above. Be careful when you are zesting your limes; you only want the green skin and not the white pith, which will make it sour. Add all ingredients to a mixing bowl, drizzle with raw honey andBlissBabe_BF_Reno_042016.pdf fold together. Serve chilled and enjoy! 1 4/15/2016 3:46:28 PM

whole vegan living By Krista Lee

Photo by Krista Lee






BANANA HEMP PANCAKES 1 cup Oats 1 Bananas 1 Tbsp Hemp Seed 3/4 cup Water or Nut Milk




Lightly add coconut oil onto a paper towel and evenly coat cooking surface. (Not necessary with a good quality non-stick skillet.) In a food processor, blend oats to form oat flour. Mix in bananas, hemp seeds, and water or nut milk. Using a large skillet over low heat, pour about 1/4 cup of batter onto the skillet in a circle for each pancake. Cook for 2-3 minutes, then slightly turn up the heat to just below medium and cook until underside is golden brown. With a spatula, flip the pancakes, turn down heat slightly and cook until the other side is lightly golden. 27

❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

The Truth About Hair Color The color industry is constantly changing, and luckily they are listening to us who are finding our reconnection with nature Photo courtesy of Calura

GETTING TO KNOW HAIR COLOR Part 1 by Angela Ramirez -Owner of The Bees Knees Beauty Parlor As we move further into the future, hair color technology and fashion is more alive than ever. Nowadays, anything goes with hair color and there are so many types out there. There is temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and the most popular, permanent hair color. What is the difference? Permanent color has special ingredients that open up the cuticle to allow the color to penetrate deep onto the hair shaft, and therefore permanent-


â?¤ MAY/JUNE 2016

ly changing your color. Most of these color lines contain ammonia and PPD to get the job done. But why do we still use these primitive chemicals after there have been studies which prove that, when PPD mixed with hydrogen peroxide can cause bladder cancer? Also ammoina can be toxic when inhaled or put on our skin. Luckily, the color industry is changing for the good; more of us care about our health and and are demanding better ingredients. There are many permanent color lines out there now that are ammonia and PPD free. I use “Calura� color line. Their formula uses new technology, creating its own heat to open up the cuticle, which causes a long-lasting, beautiful result. If one is searching for a 100% natural chemical-free color, I recommend Henna, which comes from

the Lawsonia Inermis tree leaf. It should only be used on clients that have little to no grey, and already have dark blond, brown or red hair. Henna tends to have a very warm hue as well, due to it only having one dye molecule. For many of us, including myself, who like to change our color with the season or our mood, using temporary to demi-permanent colors are best. They can usually be easily removed with lightener. Remember: hair color is a complicated thing and not all colors are created equal. Trying to do it yourself, to save time or money, can end in a four hour color correction, costing $200 or more. Leave it to the pros and ask questions, because with color moving into the future, the possibilities are endless.

Make Yourself Forever Young By Gail Krivan


of us have one thing in common: we age. Some of us age more gracefully than others. Fortunately for you and me—the others—there are tremendous solutions. 21st century medical technology has given physicians, like me, the opportunity to help people age gracefully and become, as I say, “forever young.” Forever Young MDSpa offers a full menu of medical and wellness treatments where each service is uniquely individualized for health, beauty, and total well-being. The variety of treatments can include, but are not limited to: detoxification wraps, photorejuvenation, individualized weight loss programs, body contouring and skin tightening, facial vein treatment, and other procedures. As a medical doctor, I completely understand how important aesthetics, well-being, and skin care can be to my patients. I have expanded my practice in Northern Nevada to include cosmetic procedures to improve a person's look, self-confidence, self-image, and overall well-being. Two of the more state-ofthe-art and exciting treatments offered are Exilis and Fractional skin resurfacing. Fractional Skin Resurfacing There is a new, innovative CO2 laser, utilizing the ablative method: removing the epidermis and some of the dermis from skin. Fractional skin treatments deliver light in an array of narrow, focused “microbeams” to create columns of heat within the skin. These microbeams penetrate deep into the dermis for the most effective, long-term results attainable. The heated tissue within the columns will become red like a sunburn afterward, but starts a natural healing process that forms new, young, healthy tissue. This technique has many positive outcomes: it decreases sunspots, fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scarring, as well as providing a fresher, more youthful skin tone and texture. Fractional skin resurfacing can be applied to any area of the body, including the face, chest, arms, stomach, legs, and hands. A topical anesthetic ointment is applied prior to the treatment and a cooling device can be utilized post treatment to provide a more comfortable experience. This treatment causes a change in the collagen and elastin below your skin’s surface, which gradually improves the appearance of your aging and sun-damaged skin. In addition, fractional skin

rejuvenation penetrates to a very precise, controlled depth, making the procedure safe, while reducing the risk of scarring or pigmentation problems. Fractional skin rejuvenation produces a gradual remodeling of collagen within the skin. Improvements in your skin will continue 6 to 12 months or more after the last treatment. Exilis Therapy Aging also causes an accumulation of fat deposits to occur due to heredity, eating habits and hormones. The older we get, the more our hormones shift, causing fat to collect in the belly and other areas of the body. Exilis therapy is an FDA-approved device that provides a non-surgical solution using radio frequency (RF) energy for fat reduction and tissue tightening anywhere on the body. As Exilis is guided over the treatment area, you feel deep heating sensations delivered to the deeper layers of the skin. The procedure is one of the latest advancements in pain free therapy for the reduction of targeted fatty deposits, skin tightening, and any sun damaged or wrinkled skin. The most frequent areas treated with Exilis therapy in men are: the love handles, breasts, abdomen, face, jowls, and neckline. In women they include: face, jowls, neck, décolletage, arms, bra fat, thighs, hips, breast, buttocks, stomach, and knees. Exilis is preferred over other procedures because patients desire: • NO downtime, NO pain due to controlled, gradual heating • NO anesthesia, NO numbing creams • NO after care • Results that last • Quick return to previous level of activities • Scientifically proven procedures The bottom line in achieving health goals is to incorporate a personal wellness plan that may include medical aesthetic procedures along with maintaining a health program utilizing good diet and exercise regimen. This combined wellness plan is committed to helping you win the battle against time. The improvement and enhancement of the skin and physical structures, of both the face and body, are the reflection of health and wellness, internally and externally, to improve and enhance both your inner and outer beauty.

FOREVER YOUNG MDSpa 707 N Minnesota St. Suite A • Carson City • 775-461-0535 •


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heart ofMIDTOWN

find your bliss

5 8



1 4 3




DRAGONFLY BATH & BODY 728 S Virginia St • (775) 470-8505


GREAT FULL GARDENS 555 S Virginia St • (775) 324-2013


MARI CHUY'S MEXICAN KITCHEN 764 S Virginia St • (775) 502-0191


SIERRA BELLE BOUTIQUE 726 S Virginia St • (775) 470-8390


CEOL IRISH PUB 538 S Virginia St • (775) 329-5558


DRESSED LIKE THAT 711 S Virginia St • (775) 742-2931


RENO MIDTOWN MASSAGE 955 S Virginia St, Ste 219 • (775) 772-8325


1864 TAVERN 290 California Ave • (775) 329-1864


HELLO YOGA 732 S Virginia St • 775) 420-5357


MIDTOWN WINEBAR 1527 S Virginia St • (775) 800-1960


CALIBER HAIR & MAKEUP STUDIO 141 E Pueblo St • 775) 284-8620


SEXY WINKS 20 B Hillcrest Dr • (408) 857-4151




mexican kitchen

“Retro Fashion For The Modern Woman”

Celebrate Nevada



❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

B E N Z L E Y ’ S




3.8” wide x 2.47” high

3.8” wide x 2.47” high



3.8” wide x 2.47” high

3.8” wide x 2.47” high



3.8” wide x 2.47” high

3.8” wide x 2.47” high

❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

TIFFANY AUSTIN - Model Interview by Leslie McCarroll Photographs by Michael R. Erwine BB: Who is your role model, and why? TA: My mom. She expresses a degree of selflessness in a way I don’t see too often in other people. She also instilled good, solid values within myself and my siblings that will guide us throughout adulthood. BB: Do you have a favorite book and what do you love about it? TA: I have a Kindle that I keep close to me at all times! I read often, so I have a favorite book from almost every genre, depending on my mood or state of mind. However, I frequently do recommend any book written by Stephen King. BB: What is your fitness and health regime like? TA: I really enjoy anything and everything outdoors. A lot of my exercise consists of hiking, jogging, swimming, winter sports, or anything that gets the blood pumping. Gyms are hard for me because they feel very much like an exercise prison. I prefer to be outside where I have the world at my feet! In terms of diet, I eat healthy. I love the taste of many different vegetables and I make sure to drink plenty of water. BB: What did you dream about being when you were little? TA: I dreamed about being best friends with my siblings, forever! I feared growing up because I thought it would mean drifting apart from them, but fortunately, we are all still very close and still the best of friends. BB: Do you have a charity that you would love to help someday? TA: I contribute to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. They fight to end poaching for elephants; you can also “adopt” an elephant and get monthly updates along with pictures on how your elephant is doing. I would also like to contribute to a charity to help the environment and conservation. We definitely need people spreading awareness about the animals that need our help protecting their homes. 32

❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

BB: Are you going to school? If you are, what are you studying and what is your goal after you finish your education? TA: I went to school directly after high school and received two degrees: one is a General Studies degree and the other an arts degree in Communications. I’d like to continue going to school for a business or accounting degree, which will hopefully be in the near future! BB: Can you describe yourself in three words? TA: Friendly, adventurous, and happy. BB: If you could be granted any wish what would it be? TA: I would wish for people to be kinder to each other, to other animals, and to our planet. It breaks my heart to know that we are the most intelligent animals on Earth and most of us use that knowledge to make more money, rather than focusing on saving the environment for future generations. BB: What act of kindness have you done in the last month? TA: I really jumped on the band wagon of RAK, or Random Acts of Kindness. They even have a website where you can get small but meaningful ideas to help spread the word. I’ve been known to regularly compliment strangers, pay for coffees, help pick up dropped items, send care packages to soldiers, or buy lemonade from my neighbor’s kids! I’ve found that even smiling at strangers can help brighten the world, and at the end of the day, everyone can contribute something… and everyone should! BB: What is your biggest fear? TA: I fear losing a loved one. I have a very small family and we all play a vital part in each other’s lives. The thought of losing one of them is unbearable. BB: What is your greatest accomplishment? TA: My greatest accomplishment would be my two degrees. Going to college directly out of high school with a minimum wage job and not a lot of help was a struggle, but I paid for school little by little and eventually graduated. Now I have a steady income and a brand new car! 33

❤ MAY/JUNE 2016


team-effort non-commercial local modeling talent promotional project centered in the Reno/Sparks, NV area. The core photographer team of GMS, assisted by the model admin team, helps those interested in starting a modeling portfolio and career, in a safe and fun environment, and promotes member models through promotional partners such as local magazines, talent agencies, etc. GMS is a "no-strings-attached" project dedicated to the promotion of individuals in Northern Nevada and Northern California.

about town deb

Downtown Reno is your playground for fun



ey there, busy mom of four. You deserve a little fun. You, too, working wife training for a triathlon, because cheat days are okay. And don’t you think, independent bachelorette, that it’s time to get the girls together? Here’s where we’re all going: The playground! And no, not the one filled with twisty slides and sand castle-building toddlers. We’re talking about the grownup’s playground, located right in the heart of the Biggest Little City. Let’s head to Downtown Reno! Gone are the days where playgrounds are just for kids. It is, after all the 21st century, and at the Eldorado, Silver Legacy and Circus Circus Reno, there’s excitement at every corner: roam around in the fields of slot machines, shimmy on down at the dance clubs, and splash around in the builtin Jacuzzi bath tubs. Whether you’re grabbing the girls for a pre-wedding fiesta or simply need a solo date night, there’s a jungle gym of excitement that awaits you. The adventure starts with a visit reminiscent of post-playground trips to your local Baskin Robbins, but instead of 31 flavors, there’s over 102 of Reno’s best martinis to choose from at Roxy, inside the Eldorado. Enjoy $5 martinis during Happy Hour, held seven days a week from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., and enjoy live piano and vocals nightly. Next, make your way over to Sterling’s Seafood Steakhouse at Silver Legacy, where being an adult has never tasted so good. Dine on an exquisite New York Strip Steak enhanced with creamy shiitake mushrooms, sundried tomato and fresh basil sauce, then sip on Ferrari-Carano wines which leave no doubt in your mind why Wine Spectator has selected the restaurant sixteen times for their Award of Excellence. Be sure

to save room for a sweet ending and prepare to play a game of “Demolish the Dome,” a signature white chocolate shell dessert with coffee chocolate mousse, vanilla chiffon, raspberries, hot raspberry caramel sauce and Crème Anglaise. From there, the games really begin. At the Blender Bar, pick your favorite Photo by fruity, frozen concoction, turn to your gal pal and ask her, Michael “What color is my tongue?” Then, hopscotch your way to Artemis Circus Circus Reno and challenge each other in a friendly camel race competition after profiting from a game of skee ball, which earns you just enough tickets for some Tootsie Rolls. We won’t tell the kids. Now that you’ve roamed the “park” to get the feel of the land, it’s time to master the slides. And by slides, we mean all the levels of entertainment you can choose from. You can try the straight and narrow journey down the Laugh Factory Comedy Club slide, which is anything but straight and narrow, or you can climb up to the next platform and glide your way through Broadway with a fantastic stage show at the Eldorado. Or, you can “Go Big” on the tallest, longest and craziest slide of them all to check out headlining entertainment on any given weekend, like Josh Turner, 3 Doors Down, and Foreigner, at the Silver Legacy.

Sara Robbins is the Publicist for Silver Legacy and the Eldorado. She is a marathon runner, dog mom, and huge fan of New Found Glory.


❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

Photo courtesy of Silver Legacy

Since this is the “adult” playground, bedtime is something that no one here knows about nor enforces. So, get ready for the slumber party of your dreams. After you’ve rocked out to a great concert, get ready to dance like there’s no tomorrow at a few of the hottest nightclubs in town. Yet again, the options are endless. For your “Little Black Dress” nights, head over to Aura Ultra Lounge or slap on your cowboy boots for line dancing and country hits at NoVi. Or, if your picture-perfect sleepover as a kid involved singing along to teenage heartthrobs, warm up those vocals and check out the rockin’ cover bands at Rum Bullions Island Bar and The Brew Brothers. When your feet just can’t take anymore, wind down with a late night, guilty pleasure, like a grilled cheese sandwich or chicken fingers and fries at Millies24. The perfect ending. Don’t worry, you definitely danced your heart out and earned those calories.

Photo courtesy of Circus Circus

Josh Turner will be playing at Silver Legacy Resort Casino May 27

Photo by Michael Artemis

Midway of Fun 35

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Hair and makeup by Lizette Solano stylist at Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio. Clothes courtesy of Kim Surratt.

Brings PLAY Back to Fitness By Morgan Dawn

If you haven’t heard about GROOVE, the idea is deceptively simple: Move your body to a diverse playlist of music, and move it your way. There’s no expectation of ability, no form to follow, no routine to memorize. I’m on my back on the floor of the dim studio, eyes closed, and fidgeting. I’m thinking about children. It’s the last five minutes of an hour-long dance session and time for deep stillness, for focusing on nothing but relaxing into myself and reflecting on everything I’ve just done with my body. But here’s the problem: For the last hour I’ve been dancing—freely and without reservation or rules—like kids do. And now I feel like a kindergartener at nap-time, trying to keep my eyes squeezed shut and my hands pressed to the floor so no one will notice that I’m buzzing with energy. I’m getting better at it. It’s my sixteenth GROOVE session (or maybe twentieth, I’ve lost count) with our certified facilitators Isabel and Sabrina, and by now I’ve managed to work out most of the kinks that plagued my stillness time when I first started. I don’t shift my legs constantly anymore, and I don’t tense my face thinking about work halfway through. I can mostly keep my eyes closed. But there’s something about moving in this

unstructured, unabashed way that sends me straight back to childhood, with all of its requisite restless energy. I’m working on it. If you haven’t heard about GROOVE, the idea is deceptively simple: Move your body to a diverse playlist of music, and move it your way. There’s no expectation of ability, no form to follow, no routine to memorize. It’s a suggested base move inspired by the rhythm of the music, like clapping or stomping, and then simply…dancing. But don’t let that fool you: GROOVE is a powerful workout, and a critical tool not just for physical fitness, but for the mental benefits that come from letting go of pretense and judgment and simply going with a flow. In other words, playing. I admit, it was hard at first to allow myself to be silly and unstructured. We’re wired to follow leads, and to worry about how we’re doing in comparison to others, but this is exactly the thinking GROOVE wants to dismantle. Tonight and most nights, Sabrina and Isabel are the only ones in the room with formal

dance training. The rest of us come to it from a wild array of different backgrounds and circumstances in the united desire to move. And move we do. In any given hour session, the half-dozen or so bodies of all shapes and sizes and ages will flail, stomp, kick, twirl, shake, shimmy, and even, when the moment calls for it, whoop. By the third or fourth session, most of us start noticing that our movements are more confident. They were wider, deeper, bigger, and more elaborate. A shy slide might evolve into a daring leap. A self-conscious hip-shake might turn into a bold twerk. Our hair gets into it. Then a funny thing happens: We start going home and feeling bolder and more daring in other parts of our lives. We care less about what others think, or even who’s watching. And the moving? It becomes an addiction, and we find we’re dancing and moving more every day. Before we know it, we’re feeling a little bit more amazing and capable overall. It’s all pretty sneaky. Now, if I can just learn to be still.

Follow GROOVE Reno/Tahoe on social media for details about upcoming dance sessions and other events: FACEBOOK: • INSTAGRAM: Or you can learn more about the World GROOVE Movement at 36

❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

Photo by Susan Koppel


Vegas Live Auction announced by these two adorable Frenchies owned by Naniece at Scraps Dog Co.

County Commissioner Bob Lucey Strutting the runway with an adoptable fur baby

Nevada Humane Society Board President Tierra Bonaldi looking beautiful

Photo by Jeramie Lu


Leslie McCarroll, Emilio Parga, Stacie Mathewson, Debbie McCarthy

Silver Legacy

Sean Cary, Anton Novak, Elizabeth Lesnett, Michael Culp

Photo coustesy of Debbie McCarthy


Doug Hunter, Trina Watkins, Tim Watkins. Earl Montgomery Debbie McCarthy, police chief, Jason Soto, Maddie Watkins and Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve


❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

Event Chairpersons and Family Friends Of Maddie, Doug Hunter and Debbie McCarthy

Doug Hunter, Trina Watkins Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve Rick Murdock Maddie Watkins and Debbie McCarthy

Why we love



hen looking for an anti-aging face cream that does it all, look no further than an all-natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid

(AHA) cream. Thousands of years ago, beautiful women knew a secret that modern women are only recently rediscovering: Acids derived from natural food sources have the power to reduce wrinkles and scaring, ease dryness, erase age spots, and give your skin a younger, brighter and finer appearance. Natural AHAs are derived from a variety of food-based ingredients, including citric acid from oranges and lemons, glycolic acid from sugarcane, lactic acid from milk, malic acid from apples, pyruvic acid from papayas, and tartaric acid from grapes. Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids, such as Dragonfly Bath and Body’s Fruit Acid Complex, are a gentle way to maintain your skin’s health and beauty. AHAs work by gently dissolving the “glue” that makes old, dead skin cells stick to your skin. The result: Your skin looks brighter, finer, and younger. AHA is also a skin smoother that stimulates the production of skin-supporting collagen and elastin, and enhances your skin’s ability to stay hydrated, so it maintains its soft, padded firmness, giving you an overall younger appearance.

When purchasing AHA products, there are couple to things to look for: • Look for products where the AHA content is at least 10%. (There are many products out there using only trace amounts of AHA.) • Ensure that the AHA is from a natural source, like Fruit Acid Complex. • Finally, check that the product contains no petroleum products, such as mineral oil. The AHA needs to soak deep into the epidermis for maximum results, and petroleum products are unable to penetrate all but the outmost layers of your skin. Whether you are 25 and looking to slow down your skin’s aging process, or 75 and looking to reduce the visual effects of aging, Alpha Hydroxy Acid is your answer.


❤ MAY/JUNE 2016


A portion of the proceeds from the event will benefit the Solace Tree, a nonprofit organization that provides peer support groups and education to children, teens, and their family members who are coping with the loss of a loved one.

BRITTON DOUGLAS - Vice President of Operations of Reno Engineering Corporation “We have the ability to acquire and sustain large international companies, and we have the ability to train and create a talent base through our University. I have no doubt that Reno is on the cusp of unprecedented growth and change and I hope that we can maintain all of our small town qualities that make us who we are as a community” JOE HART - KRNV News 4 “I think Northern Nevada luring Tesla to come here to build its Gigafactory has been a huge story that will impact our region for generations to come. It is a great reminder of all that we have to offer here. It will mean a lot of growth and economic development. While that development is positive, I hope it doesn’t change our community too much. Reno is a wonderful place to live and I think most people who live here enjoy it for what it is today!” MARK ESTEE - Chef and Restaurateur / The Reno Local Food Group “The 'knowing where your food comes from' has finally caught on in Northern Nevada with almost all the restaurants and people are paying attention to local, seasonal, simple and fresh. The local hotels are buying local, and they are helping small farmers and producers with logistics of moving product to and from the customers and farms. SHELBY SHEEHAN - KRNV News 4 “I love the saying: 'Charity begins at home!' Working and stay-at-home moms, both “working” in my opinion, don’t have a lot of extra time. When I can volunteer or make a difference in some way I always look at the places that I visit frequently and that are near and dear to my heart. There are always opportunities at my children’s school, their baseball fields, parks and in our neighborhoods. You would be surprised at how grateful any organization is, however big or small, when someone says, 'How can I help?'" STACIE MATHEWSON - founder of Doors to Recovery “The barrier has been a lack of research, communication about the disease of addiction, and a lack of resources to develop programs, but most of all the lack of love and compassion. We educate the local community by bringing in speakers to our monthly volunteer meetings to educate the public about the community resources that are available in Reno.” JENNIFER CUNNINGHAM - Interim Managing Director of Reno Tahoe USA RSCVA “By diversifying Northern Nevada, we have strengthened our resilience and we appeal to a much broader audience. The adventure and outdoor positioning generally appeals to a younger audience which supplements the traditional gaming visitor that has been coming to Northern Nevada for years. It has also been a selling point to businesses thinking of relocating to our area; it’s an appealing destination to raise a family.” 39

❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

Consider a nurse practitioner for primary care By Leslie Peek, APRN, and Alicia Roney, APRN


you are searching for a medical professional to provide primary care, be sure to consider a family nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners are especially well qualified to treat the whole person and to foster wellness. As nurse practitioners, we will act as your partner in helping you take a more active role in your health and wellness. We can provide sensitive, personalized care for men, women and children at all life stages in a safe, nurturing environment.

We can function as primary care providers, providing care and services that include:

• Diagnosing and treating acute and chronic conditions • Managing the overall care of patients from head to toe • Prescribing medications and therapies • Ordering, performing and interpreting lab tests, X-rays and other diagnostic tests • Counseling patients on health and wellness • Vaccinations and preventative health screening measures When deciding whether to choose a nurse practitioner for your primary care, it helps to understand the differences between a physician and a nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners require a fouryear undergraduate nursing degree and a master’s degree in nursing before they can see patients. In many states, including Nevada, Nurse Practitioners are able to practice independently and provide a similar level of care as physicians. In their overall approach to caring for

her story of living year after olic. With excerpts from her ever wanted was to be loved o, but she had no idea how

Harmony Rose

eir lives forever. She tells the p her understand and heal,

g alcoholics and with other


armony Rose searched he didn’t want to feel crazy hame and blame that came

It shows how forgiveness nal prison and how loving n losing yourself.

vada with her husband of U.S. $20.99

Find Online At: Amazon Barnes and Noble Google In Stores At: Buy Nevada First Sundance Book Store Grass Roots

Local Author 40

❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

patients, physicians have a deeper science background and tend to be more disease oriented. Nurse practitioners have a greater focus on wellness education and on treating the whole patient. In addition to routine annual health exams and preventive screening services, we also offer well-child checks, sports physicals, sick visits and chronic disease management.

We also offer care specifically for women including: • Pelvic and Pap tests • Breast exams including referrals for mammograms • HPV screening and vaccine (Gardasil®) • Family planning and contraception • Sexually transmitted infection screening and treatment • Vaginal and urinary tract infection treatment • Referrals for bone density screening

To see one of our nurse practitioners, visit Northern Nevada Medical Group in south Reno, at 5575 Kietzke Lane, south of the Neil Road roundabout. To make an appointment, call 775- 851-1505. Leslie Peek, MSN, APRN, NP-C, and Alicia Roney, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, are boardcertified family nurse practitioners seeing patients at the Northern Nevada Medical Group’s South Reno location. Peek and Roney are accepting new patients and are on most of the area’s health plans, including Medicare.

Presents the


Nevada State

Open to all US residents

Theresa Summers Women’ s Physique

National Qualifier

Cha mpionships

June 11, 2016

Kelly Hanson Figure

Classes Open Men Bodybuilding Men’s Physique Women’s Physique Teen Men Physique Teen Men Bodybuilding Master Men Over 40 Master Men Over 50 Master Men Over 60 Master Figure Over 35 Master Figure Over 45 Open Figure Bikini Master’s Bikini Teen Bikini Novice Bikini New This Year: Mens’ Classic Physique

❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

Anthony Altamirano Charlene Ruttenberg Bikini Bodybuilding

Michael Lopez Men’s Physique

Emcee: Jack Long

Tickets 407 N. Virginia Street Reno, Nevada

For more information: Randy or Julie Green (775) 843-6605 or e-mail

Like us on Facebook NPC Nevada State Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Championships


Sanction #14103

Special Addition

Prejudging 10:00am $20.00 Night Show 6:30pm $30.00 Tickets available at

895 E Patriot Blvd #108 Reno, NV

(775) 827-1995 or

Honoring and celebrating breast cancer survivors, whose road to recovery leads them to the competitive stage.

Randy or Julie Green (775) 843-6605

We’re Proud to Be Locally Owned and Managed ESTATE PLANNING


this far.

Providing Full Service Banking

Heritage Bank of Nevada

Your Premier Community Bank

Now what?

RENO | 775.636.8200 LAS VEGAS | 702.318.7095


Celebrating 20 Years!

Locally Owned and Managed Serving Northern Nevada with Seven Locations.





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❤ MAY/JUNE 2016


Not the Same Old Mammogram The Diagnostic Breast Care Center at NNMC Unlike traditional film mammograms, the images created through digital mammography are recorded into a computer. This allows the radiologists at Northern Nevada Medical Center (NNMC) to zoom in and out when viewing the images, making it easier to get a closer look. Digital mammography may produce better images in patients with dense breasts. NNMC’s computer-aided detection system may also improve the detection of cancer in the breast by acting as a second set of eyes to find abnormal areas on a mammogram.

Jungle Vino

Why Digital Mammography? There are several benefits to digital mammography, including: • Sharper, clearer images • A lower dose of radiation than with traditional film imaging • Images can be easily shared with your physicians

Nationally Recognized The Diagnostic Breast Care Center at NNMC is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) for meeting strict mammography interpretation guidelines.

To schedule a mammogram, call 775-356-5800.

The Diagnostic Breast Care Center 2385 E. Prater Way, Suite 107, Sparks, NV 89434 | 44

❤ MAY/JUNE 2016

Physicians are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of Northern Nevada Medical Center. The hospital shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians. 161172

Bliss Babe Magazine May/June 2016  
Bliss Babe Magazine May/June 2016