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Madeline Delp: The View from Down Here

A Paraplegic Finds Opportunity in Adversity

Burning Man

At Home in Black Rock Desert

Oscar de la Renta & League to Save the Lake 50 Years of Keeping Tahoe Blue

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A NOTE FROM TEAM BLISS At Bliss Life Media we believe that people are generally good and they like to do good things. We also believe in the Law of Attraction; positive thoughts, actions, and energy bring positive experiences into one’s life.

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Even still, it never ceases to amaze us how many wonderful organizations are out there creating bliss in so many different ways...or how many volunteers give so freely of their time, their kindness, and their financial support to pay it forward and make a difference in the world. Our Bliss Life fall theme is “Making a Difference.” Inspired by our cover model, Madeline Delp @liveboundless girl (look her up on Instagram - she’s amazing!), we set out to tell the stories behind people and businesses who are making a difference and doing extraordinary things. The past few months have been a truly blissful exploration of giving hearts and charitable contributions but the task of narrowing down which stories to feature in print was nearly impossible. In fact, we ended up extending our print deadline (twice!) because we kept meeting more amazing people and learning of more inspiring stories that we simply could not stop. But, we had to draw the line somewhere so we’ve given you a sampling here in print and have decided to dedicate September on BlissLifeMag.com to our Making a Difference theme. The great thing about taking these stories online is that at any given moment you are only a click away from an inspirational story that can change the direction of your day...and perhaps the course of your life. We want more! Please share your stories of goodwill, gratitude, and greatness by emailing Editor@BlissLifeMag.com. Let’s flood the internet with Bliss!

Lindsay Rohlfsen Creative Director lindsay@blisslifemag.com

Sincere thanks go out to all of our do-gooders, storytellers, and sponsors for sharing their bliss - your smiles and positive energy prove that the key to living a blissful life is sharing your bliss with others. Now, go out there and be be bold. be brave. be remembered. and be #BlissAF

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20 Nevada Cheer Gears Up for 2019 Season

Fall Favorites from Sephora

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10 MOB Beauty

22 Burning Man: At Home in Black Rock


 Local Mom Creates Feel Good Makeup Line


Fallin’ For You

Friends of Black Rock-High Rock

Fall Fashion Trends

26 Clint Wells


UP Syndrome: Reno Fashion Show

Leading with Cowboy Clout and a Servant Heart

 Designer Maria Segura Empowers a Runway Model with Down Syndrome


30 Summer Concert Series

Buckcherry, Miranda Lambert, and Lady Antebellum

Keep Tahoe Blue

 Oscar de la Renta Fashion Show

Table of Contents FALL 2019: MAKING A DIFFERENCE ISSUE Inspired by our Fall 2019 cover model, Madeline Delp, and her seemingly limitless positivity and drive to make a difference in the world, Bliss Life Magazine honors the good in humanity by telling the stories of people and businesses who are making a difference in their communities. It’s amazing what happens when people join forces in support of a common cause.

WELLNESS 34 The Tahoe Pyramid Trail A Dream to Build a Trail Along the Truckee River Takes Shape

36 Reiki Healing


B LISS LIFE | Fall 2019

Raising your vibration to get results

SPOTLIGHT 38  The View from Down Here Madeline Delp: A Paraplegic Finds Opportunity in Adversity

ON THE COVER Madeline Delp Photo by Martin Gollery




51 Crystal Basin Cellars

54 A Unique Journey

58 What’s New

 The Community Impacts of Great Wine

52 New West Distributing Serving Up Good Times and Supporting Great Causes

53  The New “Feel-Good Burger” in Midtown  Fat Cat Bar & Grill

Igniting Your Purpose in Africa

Big Hearts Make Big Checks

60 Project Discovery

Learning the Ropes

62 Blue Moon Dreams

Making Dreams Come True

64 Skiing is Believing The Smallest Ski Hill Making the Biggest Impact

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BEAUTÉ BLISS Picks FALL BEAUTY - SEPHORA All of these products can be found at Sephora.com

LA MER Crème de la Mer JO MALONE LONDON Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne

TATA HARPER Elixir Vitae Serum Wrinkle Solution JILLIAN DEMPSEY Gold Sculpting Bar

PAT McGRATH LABS LUST: Mini MatteTrance™ Lipstick Trio KEVYN AUCOIN Foundation Balm



By Shannon Bonetti | Photos by Jered Lehman Productions

For most of us, applying our “face” is part of our daily routine, but have you ever really stopped to think about what’s in your makeup? Research shows the average woman absorbs roughly five pounds of toxic chemicals a year using beauty products, with more than one-hundred different chemicals slathered all over our face and body every single day. From cosmetics and perfumes, to personal care, feminine hygiene products and everything in between. Local mom and hairstylist Honorine Nevin came up with a safe solution, MOB Beauty. “I wanted something that would not only make you look good, but a product that’s also good for you.” She created her own beauty line that’s paraben free, hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance free and cruelty free. She named her company MOB, “Mom Of Boys,” in honor of her 3 sons. “I began researching how to make my own makeup about a year ago, and I started working with a developer who listed every ingredient on their website. That way I could pick and choose what I wanted in my makeup.” 10

BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019

She’d order different products and try them out for months at a time. “After having kids, my skin just wasn’t the same. My hormones have changed; I was breaking out. I needed something that didn’t contain a bunch of toxins, just simple straight-forward products.” “Obviously, I want to make money, but my goal is really just to make people happy. I have a lot of customers who aren’t super into makeup that truly love my products, they feel safe using them and that makes me feel good.” Not only are her products thoughtfully made, they’re also budget friendly. “You could spend a fortune creating a makeup line, but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted it to be affordable for everyone out there.” Several of Honorine’s products are also dual purpose, meaning they do double duty for a quick streamlined look. “My highlighters and eyeshadows are interchangeable. I also have a high definition pigment product that can be added to lip-gloss, hair gel, lotions, nail polish, whatever ... for a little touch of color.”

BLISS style


Available online at MOBBeautyCosmetics.com and in select stores, Honorine has a huge selection of products. “I’m always researching new stuff. Every day I have something to look forward to. Right now, I’ve got foundation, lip-gloss, lipstick, eyeliner, lipliner, mascaras, bronzers, highlighters, eyeshadows and eyebrow wax – I also have an eyebrow line coming out soon.” Honorine hopes to partner with local stores as her company continues to grow. “I’m not in a rush to push it out there. I think that’s what makes it fun. If this could eventually turn into my full-time job that’d be great, but for now I’m just taking it day by day. And I love it.” m 20% DISCOUNT CODE: blisslife20 – MOBBeautyCosmetics.com

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BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019

Photo courtesy of Coach

Photo courtesy of Khaite

Photo courtesy of Sally LaPointe

FALLIN’for You:

BLISS style

Fall is the biggest season for fashion! Changing shades of clothes mimic the changing color of the leaves. The unpredictable weather patterns call for layers and there’s just something about layers that makes fall so fun to style. Since the styles that hit the runway are often much louder and wilder than many of us dress in our daily lives, the following fall trends keep it simple and truly anyone can incorporate them into their fall wardrobe with ease.


SHADES OF GREEN Better yet, head-to-toe green is the color you should start stocking up on this fall! Maroon, lavender, and green stole the show as the hottest colors on the runway…but green was undoubtedly the frontrunner in any shade, on any fabric, and in every style; satin, trench coats, plaid, fur and more.

RUFFLES AND PUFFY SLEEVES Puffy sleeves and ruffles aren’t going anywhere and they’re going to be bigger and bolder this season! From puffy-sleeve dresses to ruffle collared tops, keep your eyes peeled for this Renaissance inspired trend.

PATCHWORK Patchwork or quilt, take your pick! Whatever you’d like to call the look, it has stood the test of time and made runway appearances on many evening gowns, coats, and trousers.

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Rowley

Photo courtesy of Michael Kors

BELT IT A trend we’re all familiar with! Circa early 2000’s we wore a thick belt around our waist with every dress, tunic, long t-shirt, etc. This season however, layering a skinny belt over bulky blazers or oversized trench coats made multiple appearances on the runway. Bliss predicts it’ll be a popular style because it’s relatively easy for anyone to pull off!

SATIN Make it shine! Rock this fabric in just about any shade this season. From trench coats to cocktail dresses, satin adds just enough sass to make a statement without taking it too far. Satin is silky, sleek, soft, and sexy – have fun playing around with this fun fall trend. m

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Carly on the Runway | Photo by Eugene Gyhmn | Fashion Designer: Maria Segura

BLISS style

UP SYNDROME: The Art & Fashion of Maria Segura RENO FASHION SHOW’S NEWEST DESIGNER EMPOWERS A RUNWAY MODEL WITH DOWN SYNDROME By Craig Nielson | Styling and Apparel by Maria Segura | Location: Harrah’s Convention Center

The Reno Fashion Show 2019 featured a new designer, Maria Segura and a new model, Carly Beeg, with a special quality never before seen on the RFS runway. Carly’s special quality….she has Down Syndrome. Maria shared with me the very painful, personal story that inspired her work as an artist and led to her relationship with Carly: Maria was on vacation, newly pregnant with her third child, when she got a call from the doctor advising her the results of her bloodwork revealed something abnormal and that she should come to the office for further explanation. Maria spent the remainder of her vacation in a state of great concern and worry about the well-being of her unborn child. What could be wrong? Immediately upon her return, Maria went to see the doctor who told her she should have an amniocentesis done to determine if there was something wrong with her baby. This exacerbated her concern and she was very scared. When she got the results, she was presented the news in this way:


BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019

“I’m sorry, but there’s a high probability that your baby has Down Syndrome.” Maria was then given all the options of terminating her pregnancy, giving her child up for adoption, or keeping her baby. She was scared. She didn’t know what to do. She was afraid she wouldn’t love a child with Down Syndrome. She also dreaded the thought of terminating the life of her child. Maria was deeply conflicted. She did her research. Terminating the pregnancy would involve taking medication that would end the life of her child. Her child would die inside her and then be surgically removed from her…in pieces. This was something she did not want to live with. For days she cried in misery trying to make the decision to terminate or not, give her child up for adoption, or keep him. She felt very much alone. Then, from deep inside, her intuition told her to “forget what society says, forget what the doctors say and forget what everyone else says…this decision is mine.” Then the voice inside her said...”keep him.” As soon as she came to that conclusion, she felt as if a tremendous weight had been lifted; she felt relieved. All of the worry and fear that had plagued her for days vanished in an instant. Her newborn son Benjamin, now 9 months old (at time of print), has filled her heart with more love and joy than she could’ve ever imagined. Now she can’t imagine life without him. For, she knows she made the right decision. Benjamin was, in fact, born with Trisomy 21, more commonly known as Down Syndrome. People with Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome which Maria now affectionately calls the extra “special” chromosome.

Photos courtesy of Maria Segura

At the core of Maria’s work, she wants to convey that everyone

is beautiful and though people with Down Syndrome may have differences, they are just like everyone else. They are people too. Maria’s new mission is to consult with other mothers just after the find out their child may have Down Syndrome, to help them see that their child will be beautiful in every way. This is the subject of a documentary film she is currently creating called, “A Life Worth Living.” Maria’s Reno Fashion Show model, Carly Beeg, is also be featured in the film. Meet Carly Beeg: Reno Fashion Show’s First Model with Down Syndrome Maria met her model, Carly Beeg, and her mom, Gina, through the Down Syndrome Network. Carly is quite similar to any other young women her age. She is on the high school dance team and she plans to attend college at the University of Nevada, Reno. When I met with Carly, I asked if she was nervous about modeling on the runway. She responded with a smile and an unequivocal “No!” She was very excited. When Carly made her way down the runway, she was all smiles. Unlike the other models, she excitedly waved to the audience, much to their delight. When she got to the end of the runway, she struck a pose like a consummate professional and the audience cheered with pride, mirroring Carly’s enthusiasm, as she made her way back down the runway. As I watched Carly strut her stuff on the runway, I had this thought: They should call it “UP Syndrome.” How can you not feel “up” in Carly’s presence? She exudes joy, she has a delightful smile, she is confident and fearless. Those are qualities we could all use. Perhaps it’s her “extra special chromosome” that brings out Carly’s most radiant qualities. For more on Maria Segura’s work as an artist visit ArtofMariaSeguraFashion.com. For more on her upcoming documentary film visit ALifeWorthLivingDocumentary.com. m

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SAKS FIFTH AVENUE & League to Save the Lake KEEPING TAHOE BLUE FOR 50 YEARS By Saks Fifth Avenue | Photos by Drew Altizer Photography

On Saturday, August 3, Saks Fifth Avenue and the League to Save Lake Tahoe welcomed 620 people to Lake Tahoe to celebrate their 50th anniversary with a luncheon and fashion show featuring Oscar de la Renta. The event raised a record-breaking $1.1 million. Over the last 50 years, the partnership between Saks Fifth Avenue and the League to Save Lake Tahoe has raised nearly $20 million to keep Tahoe blue. Oscar de la Renta Co-Creative Directors Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia introduced the Pre-Spring 2020 collection with CEO Alex Bolen and his wife Eliza Bolen, Executive Vice President for the brand. The show included 59 looks featuring military influences, unique patchwork techniques, shocking pink and ocher yellow pleated jersey and crinkle chiffon dresses, and classic Oscar silhouettes with embroidery. Fernando noted, “Laura and I were initially inspired by the Meiji period in Japan during the 19th century when Japan really began to interact with the West. From here we added botanical and light military references for an overall collection that is quite eclectic and very Oscar.” Notable attendees included Fashion Show Chairs Barbara Brown, J. Riccardo Benavides, Jessica Hickingbotham, and Krista Giovara; in addition to San Francisco social scene regulars Dr. Carolyn Chang, Mary Beth & David Shimmon, Farah Makras, Carol Jeske and Linda Coates plus Jeffrey Alan Marks. The elegant luncheon hosted by AT&T was held at the Schumacher Family estate on a beautiful stretch of Lake Tahoe shoreline. The day began with a cocktail reception hosted by Oliver Luxury Real Estate, a live auction presented by Robbie Gordy of Christie’s during the luncheon, and ended with a backstage shopping opportunity, which was the most successful Oscar de la Renta backstage trunk


BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019

show in the event’s history, doubling last year which held the previous record! The fashion show featured makeup by Clé de Peau Beauté, available at Saks Fifth Avenue. “Saks is always looking to connect with the consumer in an intimate way, and this has been an exciting way to do that. That’s where it all began… As Saks is modernizing, we are creating more intimate connections with our customers — all our customers. Some of the things that are part of our legacy and our heritage have become even more important.” said Marc Metrick, Saks Fifth Avenue President, who attended the event for the first time. The tradition dates back to 1969 when designer Bill Blass began showing his collection on a plywood runway with barefoot models to the event’s first 100 guests as they enjoyed their box lunches, seated on picnic benches. In 1999, Bill Blass handed the baton to the legendary Oscar de la Renta. Now in its 50th year, it has evolved into a widely anticipated fundraiser for both Saks and the League to Save Lake Tahoe, resulting in nearly $20 million to preserve Lake Tahoe. Another highlight of the event was the paddle raise, which raised $65,000 to support special projects tied to climate change. “The dedication of Saks Fifth Avenue, Oscar de la Renta and our steadfast patrons have helped us reach this extraordinary 50-year milestone which yielded record results. The League will dedicate the funds raised to address the challenges we are facing related to climate change, transportation, and protections for a clear, blue lake.” said Kristin Keane, League to Save Lake Tahoe Development Consultant. m

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BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019

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WOLF PACK SPIRIT TEAM GEARS UP FOR 2019 SEASON By Shannon Moore | Photo by Kim Anastassatos Sponsored by Audi Reno Tahoe

It may not seem all that exciting to report back to the sidelines after a summer of fun in the sun, but for the members of the Nevada Spirit Program, it’s a moment they truly look forward to. “I’m definitely excited. The start of a new season is always a great time. We not only practice together, but we actually hang out,” 3rd-year pom girl, Destini Cooper said. “We eat together, we go out together, when we’re sick, we pull up on each other. We’re not just teammates, we’re friends.” As with every new season, the coaches have their work cut out for them, not only preparing the team physically through practice and conditioning, but mentally as well. They organize mandatory bonding activities like pool parties, sleepovers and movie nights to integrate the new members and encourage connections off the field. “For a lot of them, it’s their first time away at college,” head coach Kim Anastassatos said. “It’s learning and establishing a routine that’s going to be their new norm. They need to be able to trust one another and get along, because a team that really gets along always performs better.”

have the additional task of balancing academics which can be very challenging for some of them.” For returning members, the new year is a new opportunity to lead by example and shape their future program. “I think it’s super important to remember we were all once newbies,” Destini said. “We all come in being the best, you know, in high school or whatever, so it can be tough to join the team and sort of take a back seat, but you have to respect the hierarchy and just trust that the older girls will show you the ropes.” She says she has full confidence in the new members and the skills they bring to the team. “Everybody plays their part. Everyone contributes something. The new members make us all better.” Their dedication to the squad proves cheerleading isn’t all just fun and games, but hard work, sweat and many hours of time spent together long before the season even starts. “Every year I say we have the best group,” coach Samantha said. “But really, this year’s team has come together so quickly and has already shown themselves to be a very capable group material-wise, so that’s huge.”


From double days of practice, to community service and outreach events, it’s two intense weeks of all out Nevada Cheer. “These girls are going to spend nearly every waking second with each other during the year,” coach Samantha Reviglio said. “These bonding days before school starts are crucial. It helps them get dialed in and grow together. They learn everyone’s personalities and how to deal with certain situations, which is very important, especially because soon, they’ll

The University of Nevada Wolf Pack kicks off their season against Purdue on Friday, August 30th at Mackay Stadium. “We are so talented, I’m so proud,” said coach Kim. “The diversity and different backgrounds that make up our program this year is so awesome! Talent, size, ethnicity, you name it, there’s just a little bit of everything. We can’t wait to entertain our fans and cheer on the Wolf Pack.”


BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019

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BURNING MAN: At Home in Black Rock Desert FRIENDS OF BLACK ROCK-HIGH ROCK – THE PROTECTORS OF SACRED LAND By Stacey Wittek | Photos Courtesy of Friends of Black Rock-High Rock

Each year, more than 70,000 “burners” flock to Black Rock Desert to spend a week off the grid, seeking to live for a week in a pure, carefree, communal, and uninhibited way. But, year-round, members of the non-profit organization Friends of Black Rock-High Rock work tirelessly to protect the sacred land that Burning Man calls home. Bliss Life met with the Executive Director of Friends of Black RockHigh Rock, Stacey Wittek, to learn more about the organization and its mission. BL: Tell us a little about Friends of Black Rock-High Rock. What are the primary goals of your organization? SW: Friends of Black  Rock-High Rock provides vital information and support to visitors around the world fascinated by the vastness and desolate beauty of the 1.2 million acre National Conservation Area. Our members and volunteers are environmental scientists, kite-boarding enthusiasts, campers, star-gazers, conservationists, historians and burners. We work closely with the Burning Man Project, Bureau of Land Management and other partners to promote land stewardship and Leave No Trace principals. Our mission is to connect, protect and inspire. BL: What is your connection with Burning Man? When/How did it all begin? SW: We are celebrating our 20th anniversary this year! Our origins are deeply entwined with Burning Man. From our start in 1999, our board and members saw that the interest and use in the Black Rock area was growing at a phenomenal rate and that the protection and support of this national treasure was extraordinarily important. Burning Man came to the playa in 1990. Friends of Black  Rock-High Rock started in 1999 and the Black  RockHigh Rock Canyon Emigrant Trail Conservation Area (1.2 million acres!) was created in 2000.

B l i ssL i feM ag.com 23

Recently, in 2017 we began working with Burning Man Project to provide a 3-hour guided nature walks of Fly RanchFly Geyser. Our walks explore a portion of the stunning 3,800 acre property and give participants an immersive experience with the vast and dynamic environment that includes Fly Geyser, a stunning geothermal geyser. BL: What makes Black Rock Desert special and what is Burning Man’s impact on the Black Rock-High Rock area?  SW: A lot of people who go out there think it’s a tough place, indestructible. But actually the desert is far more complicated. There are little ecosystems that are really unique--from the dace fish that live in the hot springs, to the fairy shrimp that requires the perfect conditions to emerge. Here you will find the Applegate Emigrant Trail that, because of its remoteness, is virtually the same as it was a 180 years ago. A lot of our core mission is to make people aware of both the durable and the sublime aspects of place. We have over 4000 people visit our center where we hope we can pass on good tips on how to be a responsible user of resources. Every year Burning Man Project has the

opportunity to reach over 70,000 with that same message. I think Burning Man is the most extraordinary experiment in Public Land use in history. It is fascinating what this multi-decade event can do and has to say about long term sustainability and civic engagement. BL: What do you love about Burning Man? SW: Wow, that is not easy to condense into words. Despite its critics and criticisms deserve or undeserved there is real magic in the event. Not the fairy dust kind but the kind that might have some truths that will help us create a better, more beautiful and just world. Sometimes you gotta separate the wheat from the chaff. Just go. A couple of times.  BL: What is the lifespan of Burning Man? Has BM found its forever home in a Black Rock Desert? SW: I have yet to meet anyone within Burning Man leadership that has shown anything but passion and respect for this landscape and a real desire to make this little experiment in the big desert work forever.

BL: Tell us more about the town of Gerlach, it’s culture, it’s people, etc. SW: Gerlach is WAY more than a little blip on your way to the desert. A lot of the people in Gerlach have been stewards of Black Rock long before we became an organization, and long before Burning Man came around. Tough, self-reliant, and the best kind of strange.

We hold a number of events in Reno too. Last weekend we worked with Common Cider for the Black Rock Bike Auction at the Eddy which featured bikes decorated by local groups and donated by Kiwanis and Reno Bike Project. Common Cider’s special labeled Black Rock Apple Saison is available at Reno and Sparks Costco locations. Please ask for it at BevMo, Raley’s and Total Wine. A percent of proceeds will help Friends of Black Rock-High Rock in our mission.

BL: What are some of the key philanthropic, ecofriendly, and charitable giving initiatives that Friends of Black Rock-High Rock are doing to make a difference?

BL: Anything else interesting, unconventional, surprising, exciting, or little known facts that you’d like to share that we may not be aware of?

SW: Friends of Black Rock-High Rock run about 20 events each year that give people the opportunity to lend a hand with conservation initiatives, learn about the environment and connect with the landscape. This includes Hwy 447 clean up, Guru Rd Restoration, Father’s Day Trego Hotsprings Restoration Campout and the Black Rock Rendezvous. In August each year we hold the Perseids Meteor Shower Campout--this year we had high powered telescopes and astronomers from Fleishmann Planetarium spend the evening with us. That, and a fabulous paella dinner for all.

SW: If you are passing through Gerlach on your way to Burning Man please stop by and visit our Last Chance Outpost and let Judi Morales, aka “Running with Scissors,” connect you to your glamorous guerrilla self (wait, we have an actual gorilla costume as well). She will have her own awesome assemblage of outfits but also any last minute needs from aspirin to organic lubricant. Sign up for our newsletter to get to know our events. Better yet, become a member. blackrockdesert.org. m

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At first glance, he’s as cowboy as they come; blue jeans and weathered boots, hat, wild rag, Reno Rodeo 100th Anniversary commemorative belt buckle and a plaid shirt embroidered with the Reno Rodeo logo. Next to his family, the Reno Rodeo is about the nearest and dearest thing to his heart. But, somehow, he makes room for more and is constantly giving back and serving his community. As we tour Clint’s 2.5 acre ranch in Fernley, Nevada, he explains all of the ways that he has built his ranch from the ground up. He can board up to 8 horses and 79-year old Wells feeds and cares for the horses and the property himself. Inside the Wells home, vintage photos, Rodeo memorabilia, and various awards of merit and service recognition have been hung with care in testament to time well served in the building of a community. A fervent patriot, Clint speaks highly of his 8 years of service in the Army National Guard, and is proud to share his family’s history of military service, including the fun fact that his grandfather’s brother was Ike Eisenhower’s roommate at West Point! One after another, Clint tells the stories that are the fabric of his life...and explains how these stories are woven into Nevada history. From road construction, mining, and ranching, to their Wells Cargo


BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019

BLISS culture

trucking business and more, the Wells family has greatly contributed to the growth of both southern and northern Nevada and beyond. Following his run in the Wells family business, Clint went on to dedicate the remaining 30 years of his career to another legendary family business, Reno Vulcanizing, a leader in Auto Care and Tire Service in Reno since 1922. Clint Wells is a rugged self-made man with a twinkle in his eye, a servant heart, and an undying passion for western culture. He speaks fondly of his wife, Gretchen, their 48-year marriage, and three children. He all but melts when he mentions his grandchildren, especially his granddaughter, Sophia, “the apple of his eye.” A devout Christian, Clint has served in various church groups and literally helped shaped youth sports in Reno-Tahoe – he’s coached youth basketball, baseball, Mt. Rose Junior Ski Program, and he was one of the first volunteer coaches for AYSO Soccer in Northern Nevada. Clint was raised in Reno and attended UNR where he competed on Ski Team and rode bulls and bareback horses in the Intercollegiate Rodeo. He went on to make a name for himself on the NCA and PRCA

rodeo circuits and while he was a hard-working, get the job done kind of guy, he was always chasing his next big adventure. Like any true cowboy should, Clint has had his share of bar fights and blunders, but none of that has stopped him from rising to the top of the ranks in all he does. Clint has served as President of Reno Mt. Rose Kiwanis, President of Nevada Waterfowl Association, and, of course, he was President of the Reno Rodeo Association in 1981. Many of his proudest moments have been during his 52 years of service as a volunteer of the Reno Rodeo Association and his passion for Reno Rodeo is as strong today as it was in his youth. If you dare allude to Clint’s age or how his vigor and drive is uncharacteristic of an 80-year old man, he graciously redirects the conversation in a way that makes you realize that, for Clint Wells, there is no end in sight. There ain’t no riding off into the sunset for this wild stallion, he will be fighting the good fight, spreading kindness, goodwill, and a zest for life ‘til the cows come home. m


Your path to discovery starts here. A new academic landscape where the Bible intersects with the world of human discovery. B l i ssL i feM ag.com 27



SJTA provides charitable and educational programs to promote the development of junior tennis as a means of healthful recreation and physical fitness in Northern Nevada.

REGISTER ONLINE FOR FALL PROGRAMS: Junior Tournament September 14 Reno Tennis Center

Tennis Buddies! Starts September 16

Saturday, October 26, 2019 Lake Tahoe’s Largest Halloween Bash Over $10,000 in Cash & Prizes


FREE, fun, interactive, supportive environment for individuals with Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities. Ages 8 & Up. 6 Week Program: September 16 - October 28, 2019 Every Monday 4:00 - 5:30pm at Reno Tennis Center

FREE 10 & Under Learning Camps September 14, 10:00 - 11:00 am October 12, 10:00 - 11:00 am Caughlin Athletic Club SJTA partners with USTA, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Boys & Girls Club to offer free and low-cost tennis programs to kids of all ages!

Follow @SierraJuniorTennis for Updates

Growing Junior Tennis in Northern Nevada/Lake Tahoe

MORE FUN. MORE VALUE. MORE VARIETY. 1-800-BE-LUCKY | MONTBLEURESORT.COM 55 HIGHWAY 50, STATELINE, NV 89449 Must be 21 or older to gamble. MontBleu reserves all rights.


BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019

SierraJuniorTennis.org | @sierrajuniortennis

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The Reno-Tahoe concert series was in full swing this summer and Bliss Life was right there in the action covering shows from hard rock to country at some of our favorite venues: Miranda Lambert at Harveys Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena, Hinder at MontBleu, Night in the Country in Yerington, Lady Antebellum at the Nugget Event Center, a brand new outdoor amphitheater in Sparks, and Buckcherry at Virginia Street Brewhouse in downtown Reno. We had the pleasure of interviewing Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd and respect how he is making a difference as a role model for sobriety. BL: What’s new and cooking with Buckcherry? JT: We have a new album out call Warpaint and the highlight of this album has been making it and putting it together. We wrote about 30 songs for an 11-song record. It has been about 3 years since we put out anything new. It marks 20 years in the game for us and is probably our best. BL: Boxers or Briefs? JT: haha! I do both actually! If I’m lounging around the house, it’s definitely boxers but tonight it will be briefs. BL: We are launching a new podcast and social media video series called #BlissAF. Tell me why your life is #BlissAF. JT: I’m just in a really great place in my life spiritually with my band and my family. The synergy that is going on right now is great and it took a long time to get here. A lot of peaks and valleys. BL: One word your wife would describe you? JT: Passionate! I’m either an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10, or I’m asleep. BL: What lesson have you learned from your kids? JT: Be patient. Allow them to be who they are and going to be. Not micromanaging them. BL: Pepperoni or Canadian Bacon? JT: Bacon...and Pineapple BL: We’re always on the lookout for people making a difference. I know you have been sober for quite some time now. How has that changed your career and your life? JT: Sobriety…Drugs and alcohol addiction is an interesting thing…Addiction is just a symptom of the problem. It’s a spiritual problem…a spiritual malady and once you abstain from drugs and alcohol that’s where you see people that are deep into their addiction and it’s not attractive..so we’re around it a lot and I’m reminded of the guy I used to be and so it’s a good reminder and keeps me on track. BL: Thank you for being here again and we look forward to a great show from Buckcherry! m


BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019

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Nevada Center for Reproductive Medicine

IVF | Egg Freezing | Intrauterine Insemination | Egg Donation Gestational Carrier | Preimplantation Genetic Screening Sperm Donation | Reproductive Surgery | LGBTQ Welcome

#HAVEAHEART Russell A. Foulk M.D. & Scott J. Whitten M.D. 645 Sierra Rose Dr., Ste. 205 Reno, NV 89511 (775) 828-1200 neva d afe r ti li ty.c o m 32

BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019


Reno 5051 S McCarran Blvd Reno, NV 89502 (775) 827-5151 NothingBundtCakes.com 12/31/19

Hair Extensions. Bridal Makeup. Bridal Hair. Photoshoots.

I T S W E N D A LY N N . C O M 702.808.2922






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Anne Macquarie of Carson City enjoying the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail


BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019


The Tahoe-Pyramid Trail has a remarkable 17-year history that began with founder Janet Phillips and her dream to share the glorious Truckee River with people who enjoy the outdoors. Since 2003, grants, donations and the work of many dedicated volunteers have successfully funded construction to curate and join together a series of short unlinked bike trail segments to create the Tahoe Pyramid Trail; an awe-inspiring recreational trail that spans the Truckee Meadows, connecting Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake through the Truckee River Canyon. The trail begins at the mouth of the Truckee River in Lake Tahoe. When complete, travelers will take in the sights and enjoy the smell of pine before descending 2000 feet in elevation over a length of 114 miles of winding river bends and rolling hillsides. The trail eventually ends amongst the desert sage and serene shores of Pyramid Lake. Many parts are paved while others are dirt roads or trails only. Each section is labeled with symbols to express level of difficulty, and there are options for all different levels of experience. One of the most popular rides is one way from Hirschdale to Verdi. If you don’t have your own car shuttle, Dirt Gypsy Adventures of Truckee has a shuttle service. Cell reception and services are limited along the trail, and though the entire trail is near completion, there are still active construction zones that are unsafe for passage. Please check online for the latest trail updates and map your route prior to heading out on the trail. Be prepared with water and supplies, and avoid any work areas you may encounter to ensure your safety and the swift completion of this award-winning project that will be enjoyed by Reno-Tahoe locals and visitors for generations to come. Thank you, Janet Phillips and team, for your perseverance to go after your dream so others may find their bliss along the Truckee River. Visit tahoepyramidtrail.org to learn more about the Trail history, find trail conditions, updates, and opportunities to donate, volunteer, and support the project. m

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REIKI HEALING: RAISING YOUR VIBRATION TO GET RESULTS By Jessica Hudson | Photo by David Marshall Fleming

I was a top performer in the corporate industry for ten plus years and was no stranger to working 10-12 hour days, sometimes six to seven days a week. No matter how hard I worked and how many hours I put in, I never seemed to have enough. I went to college, I got my degree, I had great internships and references, so why was I stuck on this rat wheel that never led to the joy and abundance that was always promised? One of the biggest problems I see is that people are unhappy. We let our work lives bleed into our home lives and our home lives bleed into our work lives. We are unhappy with our looks, our health, our addictions, our stress. We find ourselves wondering, is this it? Is this the life we came here to live? Since, attending my first Reiki course four years ago, I became awakened to the truth, a way of living I never thought was possible. I was not a victim of circumstance. I had control and I was finally given the glue that put my entire life together. The puzzle pieces aligned. I knew exactly why I’d been through the hardships of my past and exactly why I was here.

Reiki is “spiritually guided” Universal Life Force Energy scientifically proven to accelerate the healing process of virtually every known illness. It is used for stress reduction, relaxation and promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself. I am grateful to say I have transitioned out of corporate, coming into my Divine Feminine Power as a Spiritual Entrepreneur. It is now my mission to share Rieki healing with my clients to help them align with their soul purpose. Reiki healing has helped many business owners and corporate leaders in Reno attract the right clients, recruit the best staff, run operations more smoothly, remove blockages to abundance, and more effectively balance work and family life. m To learn how Reiki healing can make a difference in your life, contact Jessica to schedule a session! 775-342-5556; jlynnreiki@gmail.com; jlynnreiki.com To read this story in its entirety and learn more about Reiki, go to BlissLifeMag.com and Search #JLynnReiki

es t a e r C

From left, Dillon, Dorinda, and Dustin Vance

Our Story LiveKAYA is a family-founded-and-operated company based in Reno, Nevada. Led by classically-trained, award-winning chocolatiers, LiveKAYA delivers superior quality products. Dorinda Vance’s entrepreneurial spirit was inspired by a lifelong fascination with chocolate. After completing formal training as a chocolatier, she founded Dorinda’s Chocolates in 2009, allowing her to share what she loved most with the world and to create an enduring family legacy. LiveKAYA was founded to help you create your own enduring legacy of prosperity and wellness with the people you love.


Welcome to this sweet adventure!

CHOCOLATE THAT CHANGES LIVES! Get LiveKAYA Hemp-Infused Chocolates delivered to your door For details, visit


Livekaya.com B l i ssL i feM ag.com 37

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The View from Down Here A PARAPLEGIC FINDS OPPORTUNITY IN ADVERSITY By Kristy McLean | Photos by Martin Gollery Hair and Makeup by Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio: Lead hair by Tres Benzley Assistant hair by Joselin Gonzalez Makeup by Carla Rodriguez Styling and Apparel by Gabi Madraso, Buckin Cactus Boutique Nails by Kimberley Peña, Artistry Nails Location: Squaw Valley High Camp, Lake Tahoe

WHAT’S ON YOUR BUCKET LIST? When asked this question, there are several ways one might respond: Swim with sharks, see Niagara Falls, climb Mount Rushmore, go boating in the Ozarks, try base jumping and paragliding, skydive over the Golden Gate Bridge, learn to surf, sail, and snow ski, star in a music video, graduate from college, ride a wild horse in a cattle drive, win a MISS USA beauty pageant, travel in Europe, live in Germany, road trip across the United States, become fluent in 3 languages, be a motivational speaker, start a non-profit organization, sing “Ain’t No Sunshine” inside the world’s longest cave... Well, that last one might not be on your bucket list, but like everything else on the list above, Madeline Delp has done it. Yes, ALL of it. And, she’s only 25 years old and has been wheelchair bound since age 10. “It has been 15 years since that fateful day when a truck ran a red light and crashed full speed ahead into the side of our car. The accident should’ve killed me but, rather, it left me paralyzed and in a coma at age 10. This unfortunate circumstance may have broken my body, my family, my home, and at times, my spirit, but I can look back and say that it has forced me to become stronger than I could have ever imagined. And for that, I will forever be grateful.” – Madeline Delp, @LiveBoundLessGirl In hopes of inspiring others to live boundless; face fears, chase dreams, and refuse to be defined by undesirable circumstances, Madeline shares her story and all of her bold, boundless adventures through social media as @LiveBoundlessGirl Look her up and prepare to be inspired. No social media? No problem. Instagram.com/LiveBoundlessGirl


BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019

BLISS spotlight

February 27, 2004 – The Day When Everything Changed A firefighter who was on the scene and witnessed the aftermath of Madeline’s near fatal accident recalls: “The girl looked lifeless when the firefighters pulled her out of the car. She was fading in and out of consciousness, barely breathing when they loaded her into the ambulance. The driver of the truck that hit them was unharmed, Madeline’s mother sustained only a cut on the back of her head.” Madeline’s voice is somehow sweetly soft-spoken and simultaneously thick with bold conviction as she tells the story of the last day of her carefree, preparalysis childhood: When I was 10 years old, I was in a car accident with my mom and I sustained a spinal cord injury. Thankfully, my mom only had a few bumps and bruises, but I was told by the doctors that I would never walk again. I would have to use a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Lying in my hospital bed, unable to feel a thing from the waist down, unable to control my legs, unable to control my bladder…I tried to piece it all together – life was moving along normally, hardly a care in the world, mom and I had a great day together and then went to church where we practiced a duet that we were to sing together in an upcoming performance for the church choir. My mom has a beautiful voice and did some professional work as a singer. I really loved to sing as well and wanted to follow in her footsteps…and then it was as if someone snapped and, in an instant, everything changed. I have no memory of the accident. Isn’t it amazing how our brains protect us from holding on to those terrible memories by just deleting them?! The only thing that I

remember about the accident is getting into the car that night. I would normally sit in the back seat, far left but for whatever reason, that night, something compelled me to sit in the middle seat this time…to mix it up a bit. And, that was a decision that probably saved my life because when we were hit, we were hit on the left side and I would’ve been completely crushed…but I wasn’t. Ironically, the lap belt in the middle is what caused the spinal cord injury because the force of the crash threw me forward so much that the pressure went straight to my spine and resulted in a contusion on my spine. There were many days early in my recovery when I wished I had been crushed, when I cursed God for making me live, for making me deal with, what seemed to me at the time, the worst thing that could possibly happen to someone. We were driving home from church, for God’s sake! Why had God forsaken me? “Mommy, I’m not Madeline anymore.” Madeline’s mom, Diana, recounts the days after the tragic accident that changed their lives forever: Madeline was in the intensive care unit for 3 days and when she came out of the coma the first words that she said were, “Mommy, I’m not Madeline anymore.” She knew something was different she just didn’t know what it was. I said, “Yes, yes you are, you’re Madeline!” She said, “No, Mommy, something’s wrong.” I said, “Well, Sweetheart…right now you’re not going to be able to use your legs, but it’s temporary. You’ll get through this.” And that was my first conversation with my 10-year old daughter after she was injured.

A New “Normal” Madeline put up a façade that she was happy and everything was going to be ok, but she was really struggling to adapt to her new injury. After spending months in a rehabilitation hospital, Madeline was finally released to go home… Home…to a house that she couldn’t get into because there were too many stairs. Home…to a school that said they would make no adaptations to make the school accessible to a student in a wheelchair. Home…to a church that said the car accident had been a punishment from a fault of her own. Home…to the people who she thought were her friends and loved ones but they suddenly turned their backs. While the injury itself was really difficult to go through, Madeline had a lot of personal and emotional battles going on inside of her as well; many that do not take a wheelchair to be able to relate to. She harbored resentment for her dad who had left her mom and started a new family with another woman when Madeline was just a toddler. After her accident, when Madeline would go for custody visits with her dad and stepmom, they would take her to watch all of her young siblings run around in soccer and basketball tournaments, receiving awards and accolades. Athletics had been a very important part of her dad’s life and she felt like an outcast always sitting on the sidelines. She felt guilty that her mom had to quit her job to take care of her and they were financially on the verge of losing everything.

It has been 15 years since that fateful

She dealt with embarrassment and fear of judgment by her peers because she was still learning new ways to control her bladder, had frequent accidents, and a much greater struggle than most young women as she navigated the challenges of puberty.

day when a truck ran a red light and

“While the numerous physical challenges I was facing were certainly difficult, it was the emotional pain that was breaking me down. I would smile to the world all day long but would never let anyone see the demons I was fighting on the inside. I was ashamed of myself and ashamed of the chair. I felt like I had become a burden on others and I was constantly afraid of how they would react to me, to the point that fear began to control my life. I withdrew from trying new things, from pursuing new interactions even from simply speaking too loud. I was afraid of making others uncomfortable from the mere mention of my situation. My disability wasn’t that I used a wheelchair, my disability came from my paralyzing fear.”

paralyzed and in a coma at age 10.

crashed full speed ahead into the side of our car. The accident should’ve killed me but, rather, it left me This unfortunate circumstance may have broken my body, my family, my home, and at times, my spirit, but I can look back and say that it has forced me to become stronger than I could have ever imagined. And for that, I will forever be grateful.

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Kayaking in Tahoe North with Achieve Tahoe

Picking up the Pieces After years of being held back, Madeline knew that there had to be something more. When she was 15, she went to a spinal cord injury recovery center in Detroit. For the first time, she interacted with other people in wheelchairs who she could relate to, and share her story with, and she didn’t feel so alone. After returning home, she began the journey of finding her voice, of building confidence in herself, and seeing the amazing potential of a life that she could live beyond the fear and shame, a life that wasn’t bound to the scars of her past. With this new sense of strength and confidence, Madeline began to thrive. She now lives independently and drives her own car with hand controls. She graduated from college and actually walked to get her diploma with the help of leg braces. She started doing beauty pageants as a way to get out of her comfort zone, build confidence, and find her voice and define her purpose. She competed for Ms. Wheelchair North Carolina and went on to win not only that title, but also the national title of Ms. Wheelchair USA. She was inspired by the experience and began to realize that her story and the lessons she was forced to learn through her disability were not only applicable to wheelchair users, but to everyone! Then, it occurred to her, if she could be Ms. Wheelchair USA then there’s no reason why she can’t be Miss USA! She entered the Miss Asheville, North Carolina pageant and won! Now, as she competes for Miss North


BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019

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Carolina in November 2019, Madeline will be the first person in a wheelchair to compete in a Miss USA competition. Now, it seems the sky is the limit for Madeline. Her sense of adventure and affinity for a good adrenaline rush are back in full force. Swimming with sharks, skydiving, base jumping…these aren’t exactly things you expect to see on the recreational resume of a person who uses a wheelchair. But, nothing can stop her now. She’s worked at an orphanage for kids with disabilities in Mexico and has started her own non-profit organization, LiveBoundless.org, that will deliver wheelchairs to under-resourced communities. Having experienced such intense growth through her own challenges, Madeline is on a mission to encourage people to live a boundless life. Through social media, motivational speaking engagements, and world travel, Madeline shows wheelchair users how they can adapt back to living a normal life but, more importantly, she shows ALL people from all kinds of different backgrounds that you are not bound by circumstance. Your response to your circumstances and your ability to embrace an unstoppable mentality in all situations you encounter throughout life will be the deciding factor in whether you let your circumstances define you or you make the most of whatever you have been given in this life.

So, Madeline asks, “Are you ready to Live Boundless?” It is entirely up to you. What’s next for Madeline Delp? Madeline will continue to live boundless and seek bold adventures. She is touring Europe for the month of September to see what adrenaline pumping experiences she can find on an international scale. When she returns from spreading her Live Boundless spirit abroad, she’ll be hyper focused on the Miss North Carolina crown and prepping for her pageant. If she wins, it’ll be onto Miss USA! Madeline has a short term goal of doing a TED Talk and her long term goals include writing a book, recording an album, and being the first Disney princess with a disability…and, all the while, spreading hope and empowering people to live boundless and chase their big dreams. Bliss Life Media would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of the sponsors and partners who made Madeline’s Reno-Tahoe Tour possible. Please visit BlissLifeMag.com, Search #MadelineRenoTahoe, for a complete list of credits and for an overview of her Reno-Tahoe itinerary so you can use it to plan your next visit to Reno and Limitless Lake Tahoe.

Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive | Photos by Julian DelGaudio/Nevada Sports Net

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Madeline’s Guide to Finding Opportunity in Adversity “My mindset about what I could and could not do was becoming more of a disability than my injury ever was.” Wheelchair user or not, we all have some sort of disability in our lives, something that literally disables us from reaching our fullest potential. No injury, no lack of money, no lack of family support, or any other past hurt can stop you from reaching your fullest potential and living an amazing life. Follow these step to break away from the mental and emotional bounds that are holding you back. Fears, doubts, and self-destructive thoughts will be replaced by a positive attitude, gratitude for your life, and the courage to pursue your dreams and goals. Step 1 –Acknowledge and Overcome the Pain from Your Past Whether we want to admit it or not, one of our biggest bounds is past experience. It can be very easy to hide from the pain of the past and not deal with it. It is so crucial to acknowledge the pain that you’re going through and get it out! First, write down everything you’re feeling. You may not even realize the emotional scars and resulting blocks they have created in your life until you sit down to write. Write whatever comes to mind. If that’s pain, betrayal, sadness… write it down on paper. This helps you acknowledge that it’s ok to feel that way, it’s normal. Then, when you have flushed out some of this pain and resentment on paper – talk about it with someone you trust. A friend or loved one is great if you feel safe and uninhibited with them, but don’t be afraid to go to therapy. I highly recommend everyone see a psychologist periodically for optimum mental health. Once you get these emotions off your chest, a weight lifted from your soul and you will be ready to begin the healing process. Step 2 - Let Go of Your Regrets Now, Being the humans that we are, we make mistakes on a daily basis. We also harbor guilt and regret for things that weren.t even our own fault. It would be really easy for me to sit and wallow in the what ifs. But, you simply cannot let yourself stay in that mindset because it will just eat you alive.

If you focus on the lack of something in your life, then that’s all you will continue to feel. Instead, focus on the good that you want to attract in your life, identify your goals, and make a plan for tackling them one at a time. But, first, you have to give yourself permission to let all of the regret, all of the negativity, all of the past transgressions go. Just let them go. The fact is you can’t do anything about the past. It’s over. It’s done. All you have is the present. Right now…today. TODAY is your chance to fix those, to change your life. TODAY is your chance to stop the cycle. Step 3 - Forgive Those Who Have Harmed You Now, this is the hard one. You have to actually forgive the people who have hurt you in your past. Let’s be honest, people can do some pretty hideous, atrocious things to each other. And to protect ourselves we build up these walls; anger, hatred, vengeance toward these people. We think that if we forgive them then we accept it, that somehow what they did was ok. But it’s not that at all. You can acknowledge that what they did was very wrong but then try saying this: “I’m going to let go of these negative emotions I have toward them and instead of wishing them any ill will, I’m going to wish them good and hope that they can change for the better. If they do or don’t that’s none of my business but I’m going to forgive and forget.” Remember, forgiveness doesn’t need to make you a doormat. I’ve had several people in my life, who I was very close to, who did some pretty horrible things to me. While I was able to find the strength to forgive them, I still had to keep boundaries with that person to make sure that their toxic spirit couldn’t continue to hurt me in my life. It’s absolutely ok to do that – everyone needs boundaries and you have to make a conscious decision to not let negativity into your life.

Step 4 - GRATITUDE! Draw Your Awareness to the Good in Your Life Gratitude is so essential to overcoming pain from your past. Gratitude basically says, “I’m going to focus on the good of the present instead of the pain from my past.” Gratitude helps you see that your past doesn’t have the power to curse your happiness in the present. My mom and I used to play this little game right after our car accident, during the time when we were just really, really struggling. We would challenge each other, for X amount of minutes, we had to list off everything that we could think of that we were grateful for – ranging from serious to silly, from the fact that we had companionship in each other to toilet paper and tortillas. It didn’t matter how hard our day had been or what we were going through, we would always manage to end up laughing and feeling better. This taught me that while what I was going through was very difficult, I still had to look at everything in my life that I was thankful for and realize that I am still blessed...I deserve to experience joy. Play this game with your loved ones, or at the very least, start a note 46

BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019

in your smartphone or keep a notebook and label it “I am grateful for…” then every day write down at least 3 things that you are thankful for. You will have an overall attitude of gratitude in no time, and you will be on your way to attracting positivity and manifesting opportunity. Manifesting Opportunity - Letting Go of the Past Clears the Path I don’t want to mislead you, this process will not happen overnight. It takes time. However, as you go through these steps, put in the hard work, and truly begin to heal, you’ll inevitably develop a sense of gratitude for the very thing that once weighed you down. Imagine what it would feel like to take that pit in your stomach and just fill it with gratitude, joy and happy thoughts, new friendships, and love. Or how about that lump in your throat? Just melt it away the with the warmth of forgiveness and the realization that you really can draw a line in the sand and start fresh today. Your new attitude of gratitude begins NOW! m




Legendary Foothill Hospitality in El Dorado County


Camino = Just a 2 Hour Drive!

Photo by Charleton Churchill Photography

Open 7 days a week – 11am to 5pm 3550 Carson Road • Camino, CA 5 miles east of Placerville on Highway 50 530.647.1767 • crystalbasin.com • sales@crystalbasin.com

775.348.0868 • renotahoelimo.com Serving Northern Nevada & Northern California

weddings • conferences • airport transfers wine tours • charters • and more!

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CPCN 1101 • MC 609296 • TCP 37913-B

tahoeengaged.com | 530.563.6392 | info@tahoeengaged.com


BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019

The bubbly girls enjoying Passport!

BLISS flavour

THE COMMUNITY IMPACTS of Great Wine By Mike Owen | Photo by Karen Zuschlag

“Excellent wine generates enthusiasm. And whatever you do with enthusiasm is generally successful.” – Baron Phillipe de Rothschild Wine is the ultimate social lubricant. At Crystal Basin Cellars, we have long felt that the best thing that can be done with wine is to share it with others. Believe us, we make FAR too much wine to drink ourselves! We’ll always need your help… Since we founded the winery ‘way back when’ in 2000 our mantra has been ‘Share the Wine’. Via the magic of grapes and yeast, we’ve found an amazing platform to give back to our community in a myriad of ways. As we reflect on the twentieth anniversary of our winery approaching in March 2020, we’ve fondly recounted all of the giving we’ve been able to provide to our local and regional communities. We were shocked when the total value of our contributions exceeded a Quarter of a Million Dollars! While there are certainly days when we wish we had that amount of cash actually in our pockets, we can see the impacts of our giving all around us. Our policy is to give a donation to any community-minded organization who requests one and will visit the winery to pick it up. Usually, we’ll donate a private barrel tasting certificate and a bottle of wine to create a win-win-win situation. Often, we’ll

show up and share our wines at key fundraising events - such as the Bliss Life Reno Rodeo Launch Party! It’s amazing to see people come together for a good cause. We have hosted huge events at our facility that have raised tens of thousands for fire relief, or for scholarship funds honoring an employee we lost in 2016. We see these donations used by service clubs, chambers of commerce, neighborhood organizations, animal charities, organizations for the developmentally disabled, community health organizations and education-based charities. Another way that Crystal Basin Cellars gives back to the community is by providing stable employment at fair and living wages so our employees can afford to live in our rural area and make their own contributions. One of the kindest compliments that can be paid to us is the continuity of our employees. Our customers love that and it shows. As a classic version of a mom-and-pop business that has endured a few ups and downs and is not just standing, but thriving after 20 years, we want to issue a challenge to all small businesses: Donate, Contribute and Participate in your Community. You will be all the better for the effort. PS – we think that community giving pairs perfectly with a tasty Cabernet Franc. Cheers! m B l i ssL i feM ag.com 51

BLISS flavour


New West is a leading beverage distributor in Northern Nevada specializing in the distribution of beer; import, domestic, and craft, along with a variety of new-age beverages such as Tiki Sangria, a refreshing newcomer to the Northern Nevada scene. When owners John and Donna Beal acquired New West in 1987, they set out to be the number one distributor in Northern Nevada. The Beal family still owns New West, and they have indeed received many local accolades as the “Best Beer and Beverage Distributor in Northern Nevada,” won multiple awards from major retailers for Service Excellence, and, from MillerCoors, they have received seven Presidents Awards for top sales and distribution performance, and the coveted MillerCoors Founders Award, the highest honor among distributors in the industry. In addition to excellence in the distribution industry, New West Distributing goes above and beyond in their support of many local charities including Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation, The First Tee of Northern Nevada, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows, and Step 2 Women’s Substance Use Recovery Program. And, how about all of those exciting, local events that give Reno-Tahoe character and a reputation for summer fun?! Events like Reno Aces and 1868s Soccer, Reno Rodeo, Night in the Country, Hot August Nights, Street Vibrations, Barracuda Championship Golf Tournament, Hot Air Balloon Races, Harveys Concert Series, and Virginia City Events like the International Camel & Ostrich Races and the World Championship Outhouse Races, to name a few, simply would not be the same without the generous support of New West Distributing. The extent to which New West cares for and supports its community is actually pretty remarkable. They have undoubtedly made their mark on Reno-Tahoe and all of Northern Nevada. So, now, a final toast to our friends at New West…may they continue to bring beverage bliss to Northern Nevadans for years to come! Learn more about New West Distributing at nwdreno.com and follow @newwestdist on social media to see where they’ll be next! m


BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019

THE NEW “Feel-Good Burger” in Midtown FAT CAT BAR & GRILL By Leslie McCarroll | Photos Courtesy of Fat Cat Bar & Grill

Fat Cat Bar & Grill has been serving North Lake Tahoe since 2008 in their flagship location in Tahoe City, California. Fat Cat Bar & Grill recently brought its locally sourced menu and cool cocktails concept to its newest location in the Midtown District of Reno, Nevada on April 4, 2019. Now, there’s a new Fat Cat in town! As of April 2019, you can now enjoy Fat Cat Bar & Grill’s locally sourced menu and cool cocktails at their new location in the Midtown District of Reno, Nevada. They carefully source 100% grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and seasonal produce from local farms and ranches in the region to craft their menu. “Connecting food with a good cause is something very important to our team,” said Rachael Peetz, co-owner of Fat Cat Bar & Grill. “Not only are we passionate about food, but we also care about food awareness and knowing where our food comes from.”

Fat Cat loves giving back! One of our favorite menu items is the “Feel-Good Burger.” It varies each month and is made with only the freshest locally sourced ingredients and unique, mouthwatering flavors. Plus, 15% of proceeds from the “Feel-Good Burger” are donated to a local charity. “We currently do a ‘burger of the month’ promotion at both restaurants, and we wanted to add a community aspect to it by supporting a local charity,” said Clint Peetz, co-owner of Fat Cat Bar & Grill. Many thanks to Clint and his team for helping us feel good that we’re making a difference as we dive into that juicy burger! Please visit FatCatRestaurants.com for more information. The new location in midtown is at 1401 S. Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502. m B l i ssL i feM ag.com 53

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A UNIQUE Journey IGNITING YOUR PURPOSE IN AFRICA By Danell Perlman | Photos Courtesy of Amplify Journeys

Many immigrants have left their home countries to follow the paths to foreign lands: Do you forget where you came from and adopt your new country wholeheartedly, or do you have that calling to return once in a while and share it with others? My mom told me this— that I’m like a tree; my roots are in Africa, and my branches are in America. To stay grounded, I feel that my soul needs to be fed by the rising and setting of the African sun to reconnect with my culture and native language once in a while. My situation is unique because tourism and travel have been a part since a very young age, so it’s natural to want to bring others to the land of my birthplace. I do so in a program called Amplify Journeys. This is not your typical tour, this is a cultural immersion exchange experience for women who truly want to make an impact in this world and who believe in the ongoing learning from others. The platform is an exchange of women entrepreneurs and leaders in the USA with women entrepreneurs in Southern Africa. Women empowerment is near and dear to my heart. We need to pay it forward and give a voice to those who have never had one. In this day and age, we embark on journeys not just to see new places; we do so to grow and expand our horizons, to add richness to our lives, and to seek out our purpose and passion. We don’t want to merely exist anymore; we want to explore and discover on a whole new level—a level of deeper meaning, of reaching out to others where we know we can make a difference, but in return, we will be rewarded with life lessons that no textbook will ever be able to teach us, not to mention the new lifelong powerful friendships. I do not know at this moment the impact each Amplify journey will have on the participants in the long run and the people it touches

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BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019

inadvertently; all I know is that it’s a magical path and the ones who choose to be part of any or all of it will be forever changed most positively. I did not embark on this specific journey. This path; it was decided for me by a much bigger force—I answered the universe’s call and cannot wait to see what the future holds. The next Amplify journey will take place from October 17th through the 28th in South Africa. This year, we decided on hosting two women summits because the opportunities showed up, and we want to impact, share stories, learn, and collaborate with our fellow women entrepreneurs and a few enlightened men. The first summit of this year’s journey will take place at Sibani Lodge in the Cradle of Humankind (where humankind originated). I know it’s a place I cannot put into words. It captivates you, and it is also the location where the humans first used fire. A pre-summit immersion weekend is part of the itinerary. Imagine the collaborations that will happen in this space. The summit’s theme is “Soaring to Your Next Level.” The second summit will happen at the Dalubuhle School outside of Franschhoek in the heart of wine country with the theme “Share your Story,” shining a light on mentorship. We are encouraging entrepreneurial moms to bring their daughters along for the day because there will be a special session during the day just for them. There is so much more about this year’s journey to share, but start by visiting amplifyjourneys.com to learn more. m

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WHAT’S NEW | Society BIG HEARTS MAKE BIG CHECKS Community Partners Making a Difference Across Northern Nevada… In the Society section on BlissLifeMag.com, we tell the stories behind extraordinary people, businesses, and charitable organizations that are making the world a better place. In Fall 2019, our Society section theme is “The Power of One.” It starts with one idea, one tragic turn of events, one great achievement, one powerful invention, one person connecting with another person until there are some. Some becomes many, many becomes most, and before you know it, you have achieved a common goal for the greater good that is beyond your wildest dreams.

ONE BOWL AT A TIME Empty Bowls: The Community Food Pantry’s Annual Fundraiser Helps Feed Over 20,000 People Every Year When: September 25, 2019 | 6pm – 8pm Where: Grand Sierra Resort Ticket Price: $40 Tickets: EmptyBowlsRenoSparks.com #EmptyBowlsReno

ONE MILE AT A TIME Junior League of Reno and Girls on the Run: Women Working Together to Build a Better Community #JuniorLeagueMiles


BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019

WHAT’S NEW ON BLISSLIFEMAG.COM Go to BlissLifeMag.com, Click “Search Site” on Top Right Enter the Hashtag on each photo to read the full story about each of these generous community partners.

ONE COLLEGE STUDENT AT A TIME MontBleu Resort Casino & Hotel Turns Gaming into Giving by Awarding Scholarships to Children of their Team Members #MontBleuGives One Piece of Trash at a Time – MontBleu Team Members Work Together to Keep Tahoe Blue #MontBleuGives

ONE BRICK AT A TIME Reno Buick GMC Cadillac Donates $59,400 to Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza in Sparks #CommunityDriven

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LEARNING THE ROPES with Project Discovery By Kristy McLean and Kelly McLean | Photos courtesy of Project Discovery

Dis-cov-er-y [dih-skuhv-uh-ree] n. 1. the act or process of discovering; making known or visible, exploring. 2. to find truth proceeding from awareness. Just 20 minutes outside of Reno and 15 minutes from Lake Tahoe, nestled into the aspen and fir forest of Mount Rose, is the most amazing escape for outdoor adventure, selfdiscovery, leadership training, team building, and communication; The Project Discovery Ropes Challenge Course. It is one of the largest challenge courses in the United States, accommodates all ages and abilities, including adaptive programs and specialized camps for those with special needs, and incorporates a fun, learn by doing approach that helps participants connect their ropes course experience to their own life challenges. From tabletop meeting activities to zip lines and ropes course elements up to 60 feet in the trees, Project Discovery has something to challenge every participant and every group. Project Discovery is operated by Michael Selby, Ed.D., a thirty-year veteran in the training and adventure field. He has worked with local, state, national and international organizations. Dr. Selby’s satisfied clients include Merrill-Lynch, Dunn & Bradstreet, Wells Fargo, the U.S. Navy and thousands of business, government and non-profit organizations.


BLISS LIFE | Fall 2019

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In Summer 2019, Dr. Selby launched the Project Discovery Leadership Academy to help young people, ages 13-17, develop their outdoor leadership potential. Kelly McLean, a 14-year-old from Spanish Springs, NV attended the 5 day, 4 night sleep away camp that accepts no more than 12 participants to ensure campers get the maximum benefits from their experience. Both Kelly and her parents can attest to the incredible growth that took place during this camp. Not only did it prepare Kelly for work as a future camp counselor, but it got her off her phone and into nature! Kelly shares her personal experience below. BL: You recently attended the very first Project Discovery Leadership Academy. What were some of the highlights? KM: Project Discovery Leadership Academy was so incredible that it’s tough to narrow it down, but my highlights were meeting some amazing new friends, learning new skills, and doing things I never imagined I would be doing. It’s hard to believe that we did so much in only 5 days. We learned how to set up, take down, and safely lead participants through the ropes course. We also went rock climbing, backpacking to the top of a Slide Mountain where we slept under the stars, and prepared all of our own meals. BL: Did you overcome any fears while you were at camp? KM: Definitely! I came into the camp with a pretty extreme fear of heights and couldn’t even make it to the top of the ladder before the real climb began. But, by the end of the week I was rock climbing and leading kids though the highest elements of the ropes course! I will always be grateful for the way Project Discovery helped me to get out of my comfort zone and face my fears. BL: What did you learn? How did you grow through the experience? KM: I learned how to push myself out of my comfort zone,

how to be a good leader, and I improved my communication skills. I grew through this experience in almost every way possible and by the end of the week I felt so much better than when the week started. BL: Now you’re working as a Project Discovery Junior Counselor. What is your favorite thing about being a camp counselor? KM: I love seeing the kids’ faces light up with pride when they overcome their fears and tackle new challenges. Knowing that we’re making a difference in the kids’ lives is, honestly, one of the best feelings ever. BL: Do you wish you were able to attend Project Discovery day camp when you were younger? KM: Definitely, as a young kid I would have loved this camp and may not have ever developed a fear of heights if I had attended when I was younger. It’s a great summer activity especially if your child is adventurous, creative, and has a big imagination. But even if that doesn’t describe your child, Project Discovery really brings out the best in kids and I highly recommend it – it is so so worth it. BL: Would you recommend the Project Discovery ropes course to adults and how does the ropes course promote team building and other valuable skills that apply to our daily lives? KM: I think the Project Discovery ropes course is great for adults too! It’s great for team building and other valuable skills because it forces you to work together and trust each other, and who doesn’t need a little extra boost when it comes to teamwork?! To learn more, please follow @projectdiscovery on Instagram and visit ProjectDiscovery.com. m

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BLUE MOON Dreams MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE By Leslie McCarroll | Photos courtesy of SWAG Blue

Everyone knows that the key to a successful event, camp, or fundraiser is the swag! Branded water bottles, t-shirts, umbrellas, pens, stress balls, earbuds…who doesn’t love a good tchotchke?! Dave Sutherland, owner of SWAG Blue, undoubtedly appreciates the value of quality promotional items and apparel and will design and brand nearly anything you can possibly think of. Bliss Life Publisher Leslie McCarroll had a chat with Dave to learn more about Blue Moon Dreams, SWAG Blue’s way of supporting the local community and making dreams come true. Check it out… BL: Tell me about the history of SWAG Blue: DS: SWAG Blue has seen many rebirths over the years – all with the goal of providing better service, quality product offerings and becoming a more beneficial community partner. We recently rebranded from SWAG Blue Moon to SWAG Blue. SWAG Blue consists of three companies that are now operating as one; Intraform Inc., Advertising Specialties (AD SPEC), and Blue Moon. The combined business experience between the three companies is over 100 years, and includes graphic design, print, promotional product sales, and e-commerce websites for some of the most prominent businesses locally and nationally. As a testament to how diverse our company has become, we now are listed as the 44th largest Print and Promotional company in the United States based on total sales as of 2018. BL: That is impressive! Congratulations! What’s even more impressive is how you pay that success forward with Blue Moon Dreams. How did Blue Moon Dreams come about? DS: The Blue Moon Dreams platform was created to streamline our efforts to assist charities and non-profits in our area. We realized that having a website dedicated to charitable involvement would allow us to efficiently determine where our resources would be spent. We review each request that comes in through the website and determine if and how much assistance we are able provide. We donate between $75,000 to $100,000 per year through both monetary donations and in-kind donations such as backpacks, tote bags, coats, and other apparel related items.

BL: What type of charities does Blue Moon Dreams support? DS: We typically support charities where we see the money and donations stay local. The Boys & Girls Club, The Solace Tree, Step 2, The First Tee of Northern Nevada are just a few of the many charities we support. Overall, I would estimate that we donate to about 30 different charities in one way or another. While we are unable to fulfill every request received through our Blue Moon Dreams site, giving back to this community is a key tenant of our company philosophy, and we strive to contribute in any way we can. BL: How has Blue Moon Dreams transformed someone’s life? DS: I can’t speak to transforming anyone’s life – we leave that to the non-profits that we support. However, we hope that our contributions and in-kind donations help to mitigate their costs so they can utilize their budget to achieve their objectives. The anecdotal evidence we receive from the charities we support is a nice bonus, though! Oftentimes, we’re tagged on social media in photos of children wearing our shirts, carrying our backpacks, or having fun with our promo items – those photos are priceless. BL: How does a charity get involved with Blue Moon Dreams? DS: The website is BlueMoonDreams.com, there is an application form to fill out. It requires the requester to provide proof of a 501(C)3 status or a non-profit certificate. We have a team of employees that review the requests and collaborate on the decision as to what extent we are able to grant the dream request. We love being presented with new opportunities to give back and we encourage qualified organizations to apply anytime! SWAG Blue’s home base is at 1375 Greg Parkway, Suite 105, Sparks, Nevada, 89431 but their product catalogs and Blue Moon Dreams application are only a click away at SwagBlue.com. m

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SKIING IS Believing THE SMALLEST SKI HILL MAKING THE BIGGEST IMPACT By Dallas Melum | Photos courtesy of Skiing is Believing

Imagine yourself wearing shorts and a t-shirt, the warm September sun glistening on the tips of your skis as you carve out turns on an endless slope in downtown Reno…wait…what?! Downtown Reno? September Sun? Snow Skiing? What’s wrong with this picture? Absolutely nothing. It’s brilliant. It’s innovative…It’s The Biggest Little Ski Hill! The Biggest Little Ski Hill is a portable ski simulator that folds out to 31 feet long by 15 feet wide, has a sloped surface with revolving turf specially designed to give skiers and snowboarders the closest feeling you can get to sliding on the snow – no mountain, snow, or lift pass required! Meghan Ochs, Founder and CEO of Skiing is Believing, and visionary behind the Biggest Little Ski Hill, is a competitive skier, fitness coach, entrepreneur, and community activist. She was recently recognized as a 2018 Top 20 under 40 Young Professional by the Young 64

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Professionals Network of Reno. Meghan strongly believes that active, healthy, and engaged children develop into thriving, well intended, strong adults. She offers youth camps that expose children to a wide variety of sports and activities, build confidence and self-esteem, encourage perseverance and teamwork, and inspire volunteerism and community service. In her effort to eliminate barriers to entry faced by underprivileged communities and people with adaptive needs, Meghan partners with organizations such as Veteran’s Guest House and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to offer scholarships and financial assistance to children who may not be able to attend camp otherwise. To learn more about Meghan’s charitable outreach and how Skiing is Believing is making a difference, please read this article in its entirety on BlissLifeMag. com, Search #SkiingIsBelieving SkiingisBelieving.org | Instagram: @skiing_is_believing

The only West Coast venue to offer a new look at this iconic artist through her art, fashion, and style.

GEORGIA O’KEEFFE LIVING MODERN O n Vie w July 20 – Oct o be r 2 0, 2 019

Wayne and Rachelle Prim M A JO R S P O N S O RS Nancy and Harvey Fennell | Dickson Realty LEAD SPONSOR

Donald W. Reynolds Center for the Visual Arts E. L. Wiegand Gallery 160 West Liberty Street in downtown Reno, Nevada

Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern is organized by the Brooklyn Museum and curated by Wanda M. Corn, Robert and Ruth Halperin Professor Emerita in Art History, Stanford University and made possible by the National Endowment of the Arts. IMAGE Alfred Stieglitz (American, 1864–1946). Georgia O’Keeffe, (detail) circa 1920–22. Gelatin silver print, 4½ x 3½ in. Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Gift of The Georgia O’Keeffe Foundation, 2003.01.006

Dress accordingly.

T W O FA N TA S T I C L O C AT I O N S T O S H O P ! (South Reno Location) South Creek Center • 55 Foothill Rd #2 • Reno, NV • 775.376.1115 (Downtown Reno Location) 135 N Sierra St # C • Reno, NV • 775.682.3800 HomeMeansNevada.com

Low-calorie Fruit-sweet not sugary Gluten-free



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Classic Red Sangria (Orange, cherry, grape & apple) and Tropical White Sangria (pineapple & mango). Available on tap at restaurants from Tahoe to Sparks.


Draft Wine Brand in America

Distributed by: For more details: check out our website or call us at (585) 343-3007 • info@TikiSangria.com






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Madeline Delp: The View from Down Here A Paraplegic Finds Opportunity in Adversity Burning Man At Home in Black Rock Desert Oscar de la Re...

Bliss Life Magazine Fall 2019  

Madeline Delp: The View from Down Here A Paraplegic Finds Opportunity in Adversity Burning Man At Home in Black Rock Desert Oscar de la Re...