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LEE LEVY - DUBAI LIFE COACH With Phenomenal, Explosive Energy & Passion Now Transforming Lives in Qatar as Well



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Artisan Chocolate and confectionery pairing European praline tradition with the flavours of Damascene fruits and nuts.

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Discovering Oasis: Maysan Doha Spa - Where Luxury Meets Serenity

34 Unveiling Nabilah Harron: Bridging Beauty, Fashion, And Motherhood With Style

80 Jasmin Abu Naba’a: A Symphony of Elegance and




Embracing Elegance and Performance: Unveiling the Peugeot 2008 GT 2023


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Turning Pages: A Chapter of Gratitude Closes, A New Year Unfolds! As I sit down to pen this editor’s note, I’m reminded of the unique connection that words have the power to forge. In a world inundated with information, each sentence weaves a thread, forming a tapestry that reflects our collective experiences, thoughts, and emotions. It’s a privilege to curate this space, where language transcends mere communication and becomes a medium for shared understanding. In this edition, we’ve endeavored to infuse a personal touch into every page, a touch that goes beyond the ink on paper or the pixels on the screen. It’s an invitation to embark on a journey, not just through articles and stories, but through the essence of the human experience—woven into every phrase, tucked into the corners of anecdotes, and laid bare in the vulnerability of shared narratives. In the realm of words, where every sentence is a carefully crafted creation, my journey as a writer and editor has been more than a profession—it’s been a lesson in gratitude and positivity. The art of stringing together sentences, paragraphs, and narratives has become a practice of appreciation for the beauty that language can convey. In the editing room, where words are shaped and refined, I’ve learned to find joy in the process of polishing ideas and helping them shine. It’s a gratitude for the opportunity to be part of a story, to lend a hand in bringing someone else’s vision to life. Each manuscript is a testament to the countless perspectives that make our world rich and diverse. So, as I continue to navigate the realms of writing and editing, I carry with me the invaluable lessons of gratitude and positivity. They are not just tools of the trade; they are the foundation upon which every word, every story, is built. The Gratitude Chronicles: A Final Entry for 2023, a Prelude to 2024! It’s the most wonderful time of the year as we draw the curtains on another year, we find ourselves reflecting on the journey we’ve collectively traversed. In moments of gratitude, we extend our sincerest thanks to Allah for guiding us through the challenges and blessings that have shaped the past months. Each trial has been an opportunity for growth, and every triumph a reason for gratitude. Stepping into year 2024, let us carry forward the positive vibes that have sustained us. In the fabric of life, each thread contributes to the beauty of the whole. Let our hearts be filled with appreciation for the moments of joy, the lessons learned in adversity, and the connections forged with one another. Gratitude in Every Thread, Positivity in Every Verse — Embracing the Journey from 2023 to 2024. Entering in 2024, I and LLQ Lifestyle team extend our heartfelt promise to our cherished readers. In the coming months, LLQ lifestyle magazine is dedicated to weaving an enchanting illustration of fascination and inspiration, showcasing the very essence of Qatar’s vibrant lifestyle, travel, and hospitality industry. Anticipate immersive narratives that transport you to the heart of cultural richness, travel features that awaken the wanderlust within, and a spotlight on the pinnacle of hospitality experiences. We pledge to curate content that not only reflects the pulse of Qatar’s dynamic lifestyle but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for our diverse readership. Wishing you all the best in the coming year—may it be filled with love, prosperity, and moments that take your breath away. With gratitude and anticipation, Elias Haddad.




In the vibrant blogosphere of lifestyle, my encounters with Lee Levy, the stellar life coach, have become cherished moments etched in my heart. Lee’s positivity, energy, and motivational prowess are not just tools of his trade; they are the very essence of the man himself. Each meeting is a masterclass in the transformative power of a positive mindset. Lee’s contagious positivity creates an atmosphere that transcends the boundaries of our professional discussions. It’s a warmth that lingers, reminding me that amidst the challenges of our daily pursuits, maintaining a positive outlook is the key to unlocking doors of success. His boundless energy is a force that renews my spirit, infusing our interactions with a vitality that is both invigorating and inspiring. However, it’s Lee’s unwavering motivation that leaves an indelible mark on my admiration for him. His words are not just motivational clichés but genuine beacons that urge me to surpass my own expectations. In a world where ambition knows no bounds, Lee’s motivation is a guiding light, encouraging me to push forward in my own endeavors. As I delve into the intricacies of Lee’s journey in the upcoming pages, it’s with a deep sense of admiration for the impact he has had on me personally. This is more than an interview; it’s a celebration of the positivity, energy, and motivation that make Lee Levy not just a stellar life coach but a true inspiration in the ever-evolving lifestyle landscape. Elias Haddad - Chief Editor


hat is a life coach? Thank you for asking, allow me to share my informed opinion in a simplified manner. Life coaching is a process of understanding the discomforts of an individual and gradually initiate mechanisms, skills and guidance that encourages healing and balancing of the journey at life.

Please Share your Journey as a accredited and renowned number 1 Life Coach in Dubai: Thank you for your interest at my high vibrational and deep meaning and purposeful life as Dubai Life Coach. For purpose of simplicity, I arrived in Dubai in 2006 and whilst having a substantial profile of business interests in South Africa as well as London to expand my spiritual journey. At the time of arriving in Dubai, Life Coaching was not even a topic to be spoken about so the industry was at its infancy stage. (Pretty much like Qatar today). Back then it was unthinkable for any Arab National to be speaking about their life discomforts with a total stranger, let alone pay for such a service.


Alhamdulillah I am extremely blessed that my initial clients back then, were 70% Emirati Royal Family members who instantly took to my energy, the passion I have for what I do and the direct approach infusing spirituality with my religious beliefs as a Muslim. Immediately opened a company that over a short period expanded into corporate training and development facility as well. We would do staff assessments and offer clients solutions to the weaknesses we find within their companies. Naturally speaking, whilst doing the one-on-one assessments, I create a connection with the staff, a connection of the highest integrity with them trusting me with speaking about their discomforts and or life traumas. Majority of these beautiful souls would sign up for personal coaching and when they find their Joy, they tell others. So my name and reputation spread extremely fast and wide over the shortest period. We developed Dubai real estate training and development program that today 17 years later are still the leading Dubai real estate training , development and recruitment company in Dubai - UAE.

In addition, I regularly conduct seminars on various topics ranging as below: »







Career Development


Employee Assist Programs


Dubai Real Estate Masters’ Program


Sales & Marketing


Social Media Training & Development



Hospitality - Hotel Training Programs


Food & Beverage (Restaurants Cafes )


Addictive Behavioural workshops


Health & Wellness Seminars to Health & Fitness Coaches


Parenting | Single Parenting | Joint Parenting


Management Training & Development Programs

This year of 2023, we have accepted much more international interest for my presence in various parts of the world for either guest speaking at events and or seminars on selected topics above which has escalated to 120 seminars since we started in February 2023.

What is your opinion of Life Coach industry as a whole? Thank you for the opportunity to finally express myself on this topic in a manner that should create clarity to those who ‘Practicing’ or thinking of becoming a Life Coach. We live in a society that being a Life Coach is the go to place when you don’t know what else do as a ‘job’. It’s also a great topic of discussion at parties and events when someone has just started in the industry. The challenge is that you can now buy a ‘Life Coach’ certification online for $20 and you only require 5 hours of training. There is also an illusional belief that you can be a life coach after you survive a marriage, heavy break up, lost a loved one to death and or have had a tough life and have survived.

There are more fake life coaches in the industry worldwide than you could actually imagine. Social media doesn’t make it any easier, especially when you a woman, pretty face with a strong body. Doesn’t matter what you say, people will like it, follow you and create an environment that someone who really requires deep counselling, chooses the incorrect life coach. Recently here in Qatar on a prestigious online digital platform, one of Qatar ‘better known Life Coaches” gave career and personal advice as below

souls in Dubai over the years of various nationalities, religions, faiths and beliefs and Alhamdulillah we have achieved 100% at every level.

She Said: “When you want to know your strength and weaknesses, you must ask all your friends”

What changes would you like to see and or

I actually regurgitated in my mouth as I heard this that I had to go back to listen to this a few more times. I am not sure what is worst, the fact that she said it or the fact that this very popular platform actually published it on their Instagram and other platforms. What happens when your friends have their own traumas, their own challenges how they going to be able to offer you a healthy opinion?

What further motivated us to expand into Qatar, is that Life Coaching industry is relatively fresh and we believe we can offer the industry a substantial amount of guidance, advice and further train and develop those who wish to enter into coaching the proper path forward with the highest integrity, standard and quality.

implement with your presence in Qatar?

Thank you for your interest in our objectives moving forward here in Qatar.

They will project their traumas through their opinion of you.

RULE ONE OF LIFE COACHING: To find your worth, you have to enter the self for answers. There is a process for this and it’s not an overnight process, it takes time though the results are worthy.

What motivated you to establish a branch office of Dubai Life Coach in Doha | Qatar? Thank you for your interest in what motivated me to open a branch of Dubai Life Coach in Qatar called DOHA LIFE COACH LLC considering we have had a substantial amount of requests from other GCC countries. We are not a liberty to disclose who invited us though we are grateful that there are beautiful Qatari souls who have observed my team and I over a period of time. Alhamdulilah we have been coaching a substantial amount of Qatari Nationals as well as advised on a few real estate developers and real estate agencies here in Qatar who reached out for assistance. What we are introducing to Qatar certainly is 17 years of uncompromising quality, integrity and experience to further solidify the success of the country. Unlike many other starter coaches, we have coached in excess of 20 000 beautiful

We believe that of the most important changes are to start at streamlining the quality of life coaches available in Qatar. This would assist any person who requires a life coach, the comfort of selecting a coach that has been approved by an independent establishment. We aim to ensure that the life coach industry standards are improved, quality of coaches are enhanced and to assist Qatar government to streamline a process for the above to successfully be implemented. We have seen life coaches who are also nail technicians, mechanical engineers, fitness instructors and we can go on and on all day on this particular topic. You don’t find a Heart Surgeon who also does pedicures. Specialization and managing the quality the Qatar demands of everyone who visits or lives here is imperative and we are all able and willing to contribute to the path of perfection. As for Corporate wellness, we have not seen any coaching structures with successful programs that would allow international brands to feel comfortable enough to engage with them. What we have seen is an error in selecting a ‘Coach’ to do staff motivation presentations where the tone of the speaker is monotone. Coaches have to learn to be honest and only accept requests based on their authentic ability. Going into a motivational workshop and people are yawning on the videos, looking at their mobiles are all contributing factors that does not enhance our industry.



On a more serious note, punctuality and returning calls seems to be a taboo topic that nobody is addressing the elephant in the room. There are zero awareness programs and or development programs for coaches and or Managers, Directors and or HR Managers to important contributing factors like this. Recently at one of the top hotel brands we encouraged by the staff to do event at their venue and on the last minute we will to change to this particular venue. At the meeting the Marketing Staff member took my card and said she’ll email the approval in a few minutes. Two hours 13 minutes later, we were still waiting only to discover she had gone home while entire production team, make-up artists etc were waiting till way after 10pm. Being in Dubai for 17 years certainly does spoil a person that you are assured of the highest levels of services and standards from hotels, restaurants etc so yes, we are certainly open to meet with restaurants, cafes and especially hotels to increase the quality of their levels of services. The competition in these industries are extremely strong in Dubai so one could say their hand is forced to deliver the highest quality of consistent services though that is no excuse for any hotel worldwide to not follow this.

How to tell when someone needs a life coach? Thank you for your one of the most important questions of this interview on understanding when a life coach is required. Based on my informed opinion and substantial experience as the Top Dubai Life Coach, when the capacity of an individual to take informed decisions are reducing over a period of time, they are less like able to sustain their inner peace and loving themselves. When your coping mechanisms have failed, you can’t choose a meal off a menu, you can’t even choose which movie to watch let alone be able to do clothing shopping at the malls on your own. Further to this, when you are not sleeping well because your head is in a constant state of overthinking, over analysing and over assessing, you are creating anxiety, tension and stress in your life. In addiction also when you are constantly

searching for others to agree with you, searching for approvals, acceptance, validations and others meet your needy requirements.

How to select a Life Coach? Thank you for your expressed concern at requirements for selecting a life coach. When selecting a life coach, it’s easier today than a few years ago. All you have to do is read the social media, website of the coaches that you are considering. About 90% of coaches copy and paste content from other Platforms onto theirs and write their name as though they created this. Yes this is plagiarism and I have actually discovered a substantial amount of coaches in Dubai and now Qatar doing the same. Another red flag are these coaches creating videos with a thousands of pop ups of notes in different colours all over the screen. Life coaching is a serious industry that details the well-being of beautiful souls and individuals are treating life coaching like a marketing game. More red flags are coaches who are exposing their bodies either in gym, beach and or while buying new clothes. I am not sure who and where these individuals’ found information that approves this kind of behavior. When someone is going through difficulty, they don’t want know about your dog, cat, your holidays, your beautiful cars, your Gucci bags, your dinners etc.


Further you find a substantial amount of coaches lack authenticity at their journey so before selecting a coach, have a look at their websites, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and in general, Google their names and see what pops up.

What would be the highlight of your career as a Life Coach thus far be? Thank you for your interest in my highest point of success. I can comfortably say that there is no one particularly moment though a collective of continued moments. Every single person whom I have coached and they turn their lives around, these are highlights for me. Every single moment when I assist another healing their traumas and see how well they do at life thereafter, that’s more highlights. And when I work with couples and they find their own higher self in the process regardless of whether they remain together or not, those are highlights too When I receive calls at 3am in the morning and on the other side of the call is someone who is ready to take their life and called me (Alhamdulilah by GODS will) and we manage to recreate their journey. There are way too many of these to even count and yes these are highlights too. I am approached in public by individuals saying they were referred by a friend and they having been waiting patiently to meet me in person so they can work with me, those are highlights too.

And another beautiful highlight is the amount of calls I get daily with the following words: ‘Coach good morning..how are you? Me: I’m Phhhhheeenomenaaaal!!(with my high energy voice) Them: ‘ Ok thank you, just wanted to hear your voice now I can go to work”

From a Corporate perspective when CEOs of Top Real Estate Agencies in Dubai as well as Chairmen of large groups of companies turn to me for my opinion on removing


a Director from the Board, retrenching HR Managers and or asking for strategic guidance on decision to opening additional offices or investing abroad, those are extreme highlights as well. Walking into Nike store in Dubai Mall and searching for staff to assist me and finding 14 of them at the checkout counter listening to one of my Motivational Videos on Instagram, another highlight that brought tears to my eyes and soul. Recently at Qatar City Scape Property exhibition on a few occasions while introducing myself to Qatar Government officials and even Sales Managers of Qatar Real Estate companies and before I can mention my name, they tell me who I am. (Alhamdulillah) These are precious to me as well. So my highlights are all the above and so much more with the 20 000 plus souls I have been blessed to cross paths with.


Dubai Real Estate Masters Program


How to become a Life Coach


Dubai Life Coach Training Academy – Life Coaching Masters Programs


How to manage Tension & stress

For more information on the above seminars, please email hayley@dubailifecoach.com

And finally Coach Lee, how do you manage to maintain that high energy and share a typical day for you please? Thank you for your interest in the management of my energy. My day normally starts at waking at 04:00am of which the first thing is a cold shower. I follow this with my Fajr prayer and immediately after, take my Gratitude Journal and journalize ten of blessings. By doing this, you setting your intentions for a day filled with joy. Thereafter, I normally cycle for about 45 minutes to return to another cold shower. I take my diary write 3-5 important tasks for the day. Breakfast normally is freshly squeezed carrot and ginger juice and then I attack my day with the highest level of gratitude and enthusiasm for my life.

I have one important motivating factor that keeps my energies optimal and that is my belief that my life and blessings are gifts from ALLAH (GOD) Alhamdulillah and how I live my life is a token of my gratitude to ALLAH. (GOD)

We thank you for taking the time to explore Dubai Life Coach Lee Levy journey through LLQ Lifestyle Magazine. FOR YOUR REFERENCE, YOU MAY CONTACT COACH LEE AS BELOW: Dubai Life Coach Lee Levy: 

+974 6688 5282


 @dubailifecoach_



interview by: Mr. Lee Levy Doha Life Coach



2. Briefly tell us about your professional career in modelling in the last 10 years? Modelling since 17, which was my stepping stone into the industry whilst my background is Graphic & Communication design, working at design studios for advertising agencies. For the past few years being selected for the face of leading Health & wellness international sporting brands, appearing on billboards in Croatia as well as marketing videos on TV and inside largest shopping mall. Working with all these brands on photographic modelling, ramp modelling, editorial photoshoots In Croatia, modelling integrated into my career as a social media beauty, fashion, and lifestyle ambassador for various fashion, beauty, skincare, and lifestyle campaigns.

1. Who is Nabilah Harron?


abilah is a luxury bridal makeup artist, beauty lifestyle consultant and fashion content creator from Cape Town, South Africa. She has been living in Zagreb, Croatia with her Croatian husband and son since 2012 whilst being a student of fashion, makeup and trends. Nabilah says she was always fascinated by being on set, working hands on with creatives to create magical and beautiful stories, whether it be for television commercials, or magazine editorials. 34

As a result, being the subject of makeup artists preparing me for shoots, would fascinate me by their colors, textures, and pure artistry was truly exhilarating.

3. At what stage did your interest in make-up start and why? The reality is I always had an interest in makeup though it was 2 years after my son’s birth that I dived into my passion for Beauty and Bridal Makeup. Training at one of the most prestigious makeup academies in Zagreb, and received further training with Mario Dedivanovic, at his makeup masterclasses. After my training I started doing short makeup tutorials and Makeup and skincare product reviews on Instagram on various brands which essentially led to my presence being absorbed by a popular Croatian online lifestyle portal. As a partnership, we do weekly short YouTube makeup tutorials, mostly looks and pro-makeup tips and tricks. Remaining authentic, I only recommended products, and worked with brands that I truly believe in and worked not only on myself, for the various faces and skin types I’ve worked on over the years. This escalated in creating my way into the luxury makeup, skincare and lifestyle market, which was a natural progression as those were the products I used on myself and my clients.

4. What sets you apart from other Make-up artists? Relentless passion and being beauty obsessed, so I invest a substantial amount of time to research, always keeping up to date with trends worldwide and not recommending products based on my financial compensation. Following worthy trends and always updating my techniques allows me to create uniqueness to every client without necessary following preset looks. My clientele who naturally gravitate to my style are searching for sophistication , polished, elegant, fresh, classic with a modern twist. I love creating women feeling beautiful, enhancing an environment where they celebrate themselves.

5. How do you balance your career with being a mom and wife at the same time while taking care of you personally at the same time? Time management, journaling, and waking up earlier also helps a lot! I’ve reserved weekends for family, so 1 day on the weekend for the entire day we will do a fun family day. As a woman, it is important to create time for ourselves as we are most of the time caring for others needs over our own. Health and family comes first. So essentially,

Healthy nutrition, daily structured physical training and exercise, drinking plenty of water and being filled with self love are a few important contributors to a healthy balance.

6. What are the changes you wish to see in the industry? It’s all about adapting to the industry without sacrificing one’s authenticity. To create change one must adapt, educate, and work on challenging perceptions. More personal beauty advised by a trained professional to suit the clients’ personal needs. In addition, I would also love to see a cleaner beauty (makeup) and more women experimenting with clean makeup brands. This is expected to rise in upcoming years and a clean beauty / makeup market does exist in Qatar, only more luxury niche clean makeup infused with skincare brands to be available in store to test before purchasing.

7. What value are you proposing to bring to Qatar? I place a huge emphasis on healthy skin and the skincare treatments necessary to achieve your best skin result before your wedding day or special events. By advising on which of the best at home skincare products and which skin care treatments would be best for your individual skincare needs leading up to your wedding day. Great skin is the foundation for great, long-lasting makeup. Additionally, I have a great interest in women’s Wellness, and the synergy that exists between inner health and how it influences external beauty.

For any additional information to Nabilah, please see details below: Email: nabilah@nabilahharron.com Instagram: @nabilahhmakeup


e Types :

There are two types of space


maintainer for children:



f a child has lost a baby tooth too early, a space maintainer can help keep the gap open until the adult tooth comes through.

Wh at i s i t?

A small, stainless steel band and loop device is attached to one of the teeth next to the space.it holds the gap open and prevent the neighboring teeth from shifting until the permanent tooth erupts and comes into place.

How long will the child wear the space maintainer? Kids space maintainer can be there for a long time, but they are never permanent. They are typically removed when the new, permanent tooth begins to erupt or nearby abutment teeth become loose.




By Dr. Nour Zourob



Removable: they are similar to orthodontic appliances and are usually made of acrylic.


Fixed: there are four different kinds of fixed space maintainers: unilateral, crown and loop, distal shoe and lingual.

Contraindications of using a space maintainer for children? Poor oral hygiene High Carie’s risk Uncooperative Irregular attendance, as the gingival tissue may grow over the space maintainer, necessitating surgical removal of the appliance.

e Celebrate Together Make this festive season memorable with friends and family at The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa. Indulge in the warmth of the season's finest flavors together.

For more information and bookings, please contact: +974 3359 8514 dining.doha@westin.com

THE WESTIN DOHA HOTEL & SPA Salwa Road, Fereej Bin Mahmoud, Zone 23, Po Box 39474, Doha, Qatar















By Dr. Mahmoud Abu Zainah

If the tooth is just chipped, you should make an appointment to see a dentist to fill the tooth or smooth it down. This isn’t an emergency and can wait until the dental surgery is open.

A knocked-out tooth

splint it to the teeth either side to hold it in position for 2 weeks. Splinting is a technique that temporarily attaches the tooth to keep it in place. If you’ve put your tooth in milk and gone straight to the dentist, the dentist will numb the affected area and reposition the tooth. They’ll check that it’s in the correct position by taking an X-ray before splinting it to the teeth either side for 2 weeks.


If you knock out a tooth, you should:

If you can’t put an adult tooth back into position, place it in milk and contact your usual dental practice. You may be able to see a dentist straight away or you may be directed to an urgent care dental service.

Lick the tooth clean if it’s dirty, or rinse it in water

Put it back into position (adult teeth only, never try to re-insert a baby tooth)

Denture – a removable false tooth that you have to take out to clean

Bite on a handkerchief to hold the tooth in place

Go to see a dentist as an emergency

Bridge – where a false tooth is glued to the teeth either side using a special cement

Implant – where a titanium screw is placed in the jaw bone, and after a few months a mould is taken so that a false tooth can be made.

f an adult tooth is knocked out, try putting it back in place and go to a dentist immediately. Don’t try to re-insert a baby tooth – take your child to a dentist immediately.

Find the tooth

Hold it by the crown (the white bit that sticks out of the gum)

If you can’t put the tooth back in position, put it in milk and see a dentist straight away. The sooner a knocked-out tooth is re-implanted, the more likely it is to embed itself back into the gum. If your child knocks out a baby tooth, you shouldn’t try to re-implant it because you may damage the adult tooth growing underneath. Take your child to see a dentist immediately.


A lost tooth If you can’t find your tooth, the space can be filled with one of the following:

Protecting your teeth during sports

At the dentist

If you play a sport, such as rugby or hockey, where there’s a risk of being hit in the mouth, you may want to consider getting a mouthguard made by a dentist to protect your teeth.

If you’ve put your tooth back in yourself, the dentist will check that it’s in the correct position by having a look and taking an X-ray. They’ll

This involves taking a mould of your teeth, which will be used to make the mouthguard – this will fit well and protect your mouth.

ELEVATE YOUR FITNESS JOURNEY WITH OUR CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER Enjoy personalized training sessions tailored to your needs. Don’t miss these unbeatable deals to reach your fitness goals!

Daily | 6:00 am - 23:00 pm Scan to view our Fitness Schedule

*Terms and Conditions apply



By Dr. Moises


BUTTOCK’S PROCEDURE, RESULTS, RISKS, AND BENEFITS Procedure: 1. Vaser Liposuction: Vaser liposuction is a minimally invasive surgical technique that uses ultrasound energy to break down and liquefy fat cells, making them easier to remove. 2. Fat Transfer to Buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift): After the Vaser liposuction, the extracted fat is carefully processed and purified before being re-injected into the buttocks.

PLASTIC SURGEON FROM SPAIN Marble Medical Center Introduction: Vaser liposuction, also known as VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) liposuction, is a popular cosmetic surgery technique that removes excess fat from various areas of the body. One of the common applications of Vaser liposuction is the extraction of fat for subsequent transfer to the buttocks, a procedure commonly referred to as Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). This combination of procedures has gained popularity for those seeking to enhance the size and shape of their buttocks while achieving a more contoured body silhouette. In this overview, we will describe the Vaser liposuction and fat transfer to the buttocks procedure, the results it can achieve, as well as the associated risks and benefits. 40

3. Results: The Vaser liposuction and fat transfer to buttocks procedure can provide significant cosmetic improvements, including: 1. Enhanced buttock volume and shape 2. Improved body contour 3. Natural look and feel 4. Reduced scarring: The incisions made for Vaser liposuction are minimal, reducing visible scarring. Risks: While Vaser liposuction and fat transfer to the buttocks can yield outstanding results, it’s essential to consider potential risks and complications, which may include: 1. Infection: Any surgical procedure carries a risk of infection, although it’s relatively rare with proper postoperative care. 2. Fat absorption: Not all transferred fat cells survive 3. Asymmetry: Achieving perfectly symmetrical results can be challenging 4. Seroma: Fluid accumulation at the surgical site may lead to seromas

5. Scarring: While Vaser incisions are small


6. Complications from anesthesia: General anesthesia carries its own set of risks Benefits: The Vaser liposuction and fat transfer to buttocks procedure offers various benefits, including: 1. Natural-looking results: Using the patient’s own fat for enhancement results 2. Dual benefits: Patients not only achieve a more shapely buttocks but also experience improved body contour through fat removal. 3. Minimally invasive: Vaser liposuction is a minimally invasive technique, leading to reduced scarring and shorter recovery times compared to traditional liposuction. 4. Customization: The procedure allows for a high level of customization to address individual patient goals and preferences. 5. Long-lasting results: Conclusion: Vaser liposuction and fat transfer to the buttocks have become a popular choice for individuals seeking enhanced buttock size and improved body contour. While the procedure offers numerous benefits, it’s crucial to be aware of potential risks and carefully consider the decision with a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon. Patients can expect natural-looking results that can boost their self-confidence and provide long-lasting enhancements to their overall appearance.






+974 4429 2389

WHY A SERVCORP VIRTUAL OFFICE IS THE BEST: A Servcorp Virtual Office gives you more than just a powerful address & a local phone number, it gives you “everything but the office”. -Powerful CBD Address -Mail Forwarding -Local Phone Number -Phone Handling -Dedicated Receptionist -Secretarial Support -Coworking spaces -Private Day-offices -Meeting Rooms -Fast & Secure Wi-Fi -Free Coffee & Tea -In-house IT Support


THE REDEFINED PHARMACY EXPERIENCE AT TURKISH The Newly revitalized pharmacy, a sanctuary of care and convenience


he unveiling of the enhanced pharmacy experience at Turkish Hospital, reinforcing the commitment to community well-being. Embodying the brand personality of care and warmth, the pharmacy is now open 24/7, staffed with a team of dedicated professionals trained to provide not just a service but

HOSPITAL an experience. Step into a space designed to cater to your health needs with efficiency and excellence. Our well-trained staff is not just here to dispense medications, they are here to provide a caring touch, ensuring you receive the attention and support you deserve. Whether it’s a late-night prescription, expert advice, or a comforting smile, our pharmacy team is ready around the clock. At Turkish Hospital, we believe in more than just healthcare, we believe in creating connections that matter. The relaunch of our pharmacy is a testament to our ongoing mission to serve the community better.

Reservations and Opening Times


Open 27/7 Phone: +974 44 992 308 / 309



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and Health




By Dina Alsabbagh

n the realm of fitness and health, personal experiences can be truly inspiring and motivating. My journey was no exception, and it all began with the remarkable Eman Abu Nakad, who granted me the opportunity to join the prestigious Arab Crown of Fitness in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where I joined 13 other participants from various Arab countries. This unique experience was a turning point in my life, offering me a wealth of knowledge and the chance to hone essential skills, both in terms of physical fitness and public speaking. It provided me with profound insights into the significance of leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a balanced diet. As part of my transformation, I became acquainted with Bioskinspa and embarked on a transformative journey through the Shape Shift program, which spanned three and a half months. This program incorporated a diverse array of highly effective techniques and sessions, including Brazilian massages to break down fat, thermosan sessions, and the utilization of the revolutionary X-GENIA RESHAPE device.

These services were thoughtfully tailored to meet my specific body’s needs. The inclusion of healthy meals in the ShapeShift program, thoughtfully provided by Zen Cuisine, served as a powerful source of motivation for me. These meals were not only delicious but also diverse and packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that aided me in achieving my weight loss goals in a healthy and sustainable manner. This transformative journey proved to be an incredible opportunity, leading me to embrace a fresh and invigorating challenge in my life as I began my journey towards adopting a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. From this experience, I have come to understand that unwavering determination can reshape one’s life in myriad ways, ultimately leading to a brighter and more promising future.




n the world of fragrances and social media influence, few names stand out quite like Essa Al Kuwari. As the owner of the Areej Perfumes brand and a prominent social media influencer known as ESSASWORLD, Essa has left an indelible mark in both these domains. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Essa Al Kuwari, exploring his passion for perfumes and his journey as a social media influencer.

The Aromatic Mastermind: Essa Al Kuwari’s journey into the world of perfumery is nothing short of remarkable. Areej Perfumes, his brainchild, is a testament to his dedication and unwavering commitment to creating exquisite fragrances. The story begins with Areej 1, a perfume that took nine years of continuous work to perfect. This meticulous dedication is a reflection of Essa’s unyielding pursuit of excellence. Areej 1 is followed by Areej 2, a fragrance that stands as a testament to the research and development put into each perfume in the Areej collection. The result is a symphony of scents that captures Essa’s vision and his deep-rooted passion for creating unique and captivating fragrances.

Torres Perfume - A Limited Gem: In the world of perfumery, limited quantity fragrances are often coveted for their exclusivity and uniqueness. Essa Al Kuwari understands this, and that’s why he introduced Torres Perfume, a fragrance that is available in limited quantities. This exclusive scent is a testament to Essa’s ability to craft fragrances that resonate with a select audience, making them feel truly special.



Decoding the Aromatic Pyramid: One of the most challenging aspects of owning a perfume brand is unraveling the aromatic pyramid for each perfume. This process involves understanding the layers of scents that make up a fragrance, from the top notes that you initially smell to the base notes that linger long after the initial application. It’s a skill that demands both expertise and creativity, and Essa has mastered it. Understanding the aromatic pyramid is key to creating or selecting the perfect perfume, and it’s a task that Essa Al Kuwari embraces with enthusiasm.

From Passion to Profession: For Essa Al Kuwari, creating and curating fragrances has been a lifelong passion. From an early age, he was drawn to the world of scents, and this passion has transformed into a thriving career. The Areej Perfumes brand is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the art of perfumery. It’s this passion that infuses each fragrance with a unique character, making Areej Perfumes a beloved brand among fragrance connoisseurs.

ESSASWORLD: The Social Media Influence: In addition to his achievements in the world of perfumery, Essa Al Kuwari also wears another hat—that of a social media influencer known as ESSASWORLD. With a substantial online presence, he has leveraged his platform to share his passion for perfumes and offer insights into the world of fragrances. His engaging content has garnered a loyal following of fragrance enthusiasts who look to him for inspiration and recommendations.

Essa Al Kuwari is a multifaceted personality, a visionary perfumer, and a social media influencer. His journey from a passionate perfume enthusiast to a successful perfumer and influencer is a testament to his dedication and commitment. As the owner of Areej Perfumes, he has crafted scents that are nothing short of olfactory masterpieces. Simultaneously, as ESSASWORLD, he has captivated an audience with his insights into the world of perfumes. Essa Al Kuwari’s story is a testament to the power of passion and dedication, inspiring others to follow their dreams and make their mark in the world.





A Symphony of Elegance and Versatility Jasmin Abu Naba’a is not merely a ready-to-wear brand; it is a celebration of life, love, and the simple joys that grace our everyday existence. This brand, conceived from a lighthearted desire to revel in life’s moments, embodies a perfect fusion of versatility and timeless simplicity. At its core, Jasmin Abu Naba’a holds the values of femininity and practicality as paramount to its vision. Imbued with soft-hued colors and classical silhouettes, each piece from this collection is designed to transform any occasion into a special moment and elevate wardrobe essentials to new heights. The brand introduces a spark of romance and a fresh sense of optimism, echoing a subtle elegance that resonates with every piece's ultimate intention – to offer key wardrobe staples alongside diligent and statement ensembles.



Constantly fueled by a deep appreciation for art, diverse cultures, and the transformative power of motherhood, Jasmin Abu Naba’a uses prints as a vibrant and fresh expression, commemorating both beauty and wisdom. Each piece is a reflection of the designer’s profound connection to life, encapsulating the brand’s ethos in a tapestry of colors, cuts, and cultural influences.

In essence, Jasmin Abu Naba’a is more than a fashion brand; it is an artful journey through life’s inspirations, weaving together the elements of love, heritage, and the beauty found in the everyday.

The brand’s objective is clear: to make women feel not just stylish but also comfortably confident through the use of ultra-flattering cuts. The designs, including a permanent Mommy & Me collection, draw inspiration from various facets of the designer’s life – her daughters, heritage, travel, and the natural world, with a particular emphasis on flowers, which serve as the brand’s symbolic insignia.


MOTRAFA Motrafa Abayas, a Qatari company, commenced its journey in the year 2020 through electronic marketing before officially launching its operations. The company’s reputation and customer satisfaction have been pivotal in propelling its growth.

Photography: Shadira Photography Model: Iurcu Tinara Special thanks to: Park Hyatt Doha Hotel


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What sets Motrafa Abayas apart is its commitment to unique and innovative designs. The company places a strong emphasis on continuous production and evolution, enlisting the expertise of top-tier designers who cater to emotions and refined tastes. Since its inception, Motrafa Abayas has achieved notable success, positioning itself among the leading companies in the Gulf region. This success has further instilled confidence in its clientele, and the company is poised to expand into new areas in accordance with its upcoming plans.




Motrafa Abayas’ overarching goals revolve around a series of ambitious projects aimed at satisfying customers and meeting their diverse desires and tastes. Achieving this is no small feat; it requires meticulous effort, the right tools, and a considerable amount of patience to ensure enduring success. The company remains dedicated to these objectives as it looks toward a promising future.


Photography: Shadira Photography Model: Alexandras Special thanks to: Abesq Doha Hotel & Residences An IHG Hotel


Hasty Ready-to-Wear Dresses, focused on importing exquisite garments at affordable prices without compromising on quality. We are well aware of the discerning taste for fashion in Qatar & it is our mission to cater to the high fashion demands of this esteemed market.



We work diligently to select and import dresses of exceptional quality, ensuring that they meet the highest standards.

While our prices may be budget-friendly, we never compromise on the materials and craftsmanship of our products.

Our commitment to providing only the finest attire is unwavering & we constantly strive to exceed customer expectation.








TORONTO EVENTS is the sister company of TORONTO PROJECTS & SERVICES is an exclusive business enterprise enables businesses to produce engaging, branded, and tailored events to a global audience. Our strong entrepreneurial capabilities are supported by an experienced team in the fields of Events Support Services, Media and Marketing.

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TORONTO EVENTS evolved into a truly diverse enterprise with outstanding capabilities, we are now committed to catering to the contemporary, creative and effective needs of our valued clients. Among our other modern solutions, Toronto Events offers excellent solutions of support service for events, exhibitions, and conferences in the state of Qatar. TORONTO EVENTS can help any type of events and exhibition in terms of planning, managing, and providing support services such as media production, PR, Digital marketing, Hospitality Services, Fitouts, Equipment Rentals, Interactive Display Systems, and General Workforce.


O EVENTS O EVENTS Our highly skilled and experienced professionals in the field of media and events are committed to providing the best service to achieve the goals which they promise to succeed and take to the next level.

MEGA PARK CARNIVAL We had a fantastic success with the Mega Park Carnival event at Al Bidda Park during Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr 2023, where we had the opportunity to witness enthusiastic participation from various people and organizations. Families from all over Doha and beyond gathered en masse for the event, making it a truly inclusive gathering. In addition, local businesses and institutions actively participated by setting up stalls and displaying their products and services, creating a vibrant market within the carnival. This event witnessed the participation of more than 150 exhibitors and the attendance of more than 40,000 visitors, and was covered by many Qatari television and radio stations. After the resounding success of the first edition of this event, a second edition will be programmed in the same place at the end of the month of Ramadan and throughout the days of Eid al-Fitr 2024, with the addition of some different and new entertainment shows.

QIRAN2024 We are preparing for the most luxurious fashion and wedding exhibition, for the first time in the State of Qatar, at the beginning of next year. The exhibition will be in one of the luxury hotels in Doha JW Marriott Marquis city center. The exhibition will also witness the participation of the most famous designers and fashion experts in the Arab world, in addition to workshops and live shows of the latest trends. Fashion, makeup, hairstyles, and other services of interest to Arab women. The opening show will also witness a concert by a famous Arab artist, in addition to Qatari and Gulf musical performances. This exhibition will represent a great opportunity for fashion, wedding and beauty services industry to learn about the latest products and tools and share ideas among them.





ILKIN IMANOV In an exclusive interview with Lifestyle magazine, Ilkin Imanov, the General Manager of Westin Doha Hotel & SPA, shares insights into the hotel’s commitment to prioritizing guest well-being through the integration of Westin Six Well-being Pillars.


Can you tell us about the inspiration behind Westin Doha’s emphasis on guest well-being?

Ilkin Imanov: Absolutely. At Westin Doha, we believe that hospitality goes beyond providing a place to stay. It’s about creating an environment that nurtures the well-being of our guests in every aspect of their experience. The Six Well-being Pillars—Sleep Well, Eat Well, Move Well, Feel Well, Work Well, and Play Well—are the foundation of this philosophy.


Let’s delve into the pillars. Starting with ‘Sleep Well,’ how does Westin Doha ensure a restful experience for guests?

Ilkin Imanov: In our thoughtfully designed rooms, we’ve implemented the Westin signature Heavenly Beds, complemented by an exclusive calming lavender balm and the premium Westin white tea Bath & Body set. We aim to provide a sanctuary where guests can unwind and enjoy a truly rejuvenating sleep. Additionally, our Sleep Well menu offers a selection of carefully crafted, sleep-inducing options, ensuring our guests have the most peaceful night possible


‘Eat Well’ is another pillar. How does Westin Doha promote culinary excellence while prioritizing health? Culinary excellence is paramount to our commitment to well-being. Our dining establishments offer a range of nutritious and delicious options. We’ve curated a Westin Eat Well menu, designed to promote healthy eating without compromising on flavor. Families can also indulge in our Eat Well Kids Menu, ensuring a well-rounded dining experience for all


Interviewer: ‘Move Well’ focuses on staying active. How does Westin Doha facilitate this for guests?

Ilkin Imanov: We’ve invested in state-of-the-art fitness facilities and offer a range of recreational activities. Guests can choose from various fitness classes, engage in outdoor sports, or take advantage of our well-equipped Westin Workout Studio to maintain their fitness routines while traveling. Our Gear lending service provides them with the tools they need to stay active and explore Doha. 5.

‘Feel well’ is about wellness activities. What services does Westin Doha provide for guests?

Ilkin Imanov: A variety of wellness activities await our guests, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether it’s a spa treatment or experiencing the ultimate in relaxation with our signature Heavenly bath, we ensure guests prioritize self-care and well-being during their stay.


Let’s talk about ‘Work Well.’ What does this pillar entail?

Ilkin Imanov: ‘Work Well’ is designed to cater to the needs of our guests who are balancing work and travel. We provide an environment that supports productivity, whether through wellequipped business facilities, comfortable workspaces within rooms, or access to essential business services. 7.

Lastly, how does Westin Doha’s commitment to the Six Well-being Pillars align with Qatar’s local tourism strategy?

Ilkin Imanov: Our dedication aligns seamlessly with Qatar’s vision of providing world-class hospitality experiences. By prioritizing guest well-being, we contribute to the country’s reputation as a destination that cares for the holistic well-being of its visitors. In conclusion, Imanov stated, “Our dedication to wellbeing is not just about meeting the needs of our guests; it’s about exceeding their expectations and creating memorable experiences that resonate long after they leave. We are proud to be a part of Qatar’s tourism journey, contributing to the country’s reputation as a destination that values the well-being of its guests.”




ING OASIS a bustling metropolis like Doha, where life often moves at breakneck speed, finding a place of tranquility is akin to discovering an oasis in the desert. Maysan Doha Spa, with its unassuming exterior, promises just that—a respite from the chaos, a sanctuary of calm. From the moment you step through the spa’s elegant doors, a transformation unfolds. The ambient lighting casts a soft, inviting glow, as the scent of soothing essential oils fills the air. The hushed whispers and calming melodies serve as a gentle reminder that you’ve entered a realm of pure relaxation. So, put your feet up, sip on your favorite herbal tea, and let me guide you through the unparalleled luxury and rejuvenation that await at Maysan Doha Spa. Your passport to relaxation begins right here.


The Maysan Doha Spa isn’t just a destination; it’s an experience. Join me as we delve into the world of their signature treatments, including the enchanting Hirodhara Head Massage, the invigorating Heated Bamboo Massage, and the transformative Hydration of the Bisses Facial. I promise you, dear readers, that the stories you’re about to explore will transport you to a place of serenity, where every worry dissipates, and all that remains is pure bliss.

Hirodhara Head Massage - A Gateway to Serene Mind and Blissful Soul I’ll begin with a disclaimer: the Hirodhara Head Massage is not just a head massage; it’s an otherworldly experience. The gentle pouring of warm aromatic oil over my forehead was nothing short of magical. As I lay on a comfortably cushioned table, a soothing voice guided me through a meditation session, setting the mood perfectly. The combination of the rhythmic oil flow and the calming meditation left me in a state of deep relaxation, where my mind drifted away to a peaceful paradise. It was only 45 minutes, but it felt like an eternity of bliss.


Heated Bamboo Massage –Unwind, Recharge, and Renew! Next up was the Heated Bamboo Massage, a treatment that’s as unique as it is invigorating. I had never experienced anything quite like it. The therapist used heated bamboo sticks to knead away tension in my muscles. The gentle warmth and the firm pressure from the bamboo sticks created a sensation that was both soothing and revitalizing. It was like a warm hug for my body, and I left feeling lighter and more flexible than ever.


Hydration of the Bisses Facial –Nourish, Illuminate, and Elevate Your Skin to Perfection! Last but not least, I treated myself to the Hydration of the Bisses Facial. The name might sound fancy, but the results were even fancier! The facial was tailored to my specific skin needs, and the skilled esthetician used top-of-theline products to restore my skin’s natural glow. It was a pampering session I truly deserved, and the results were immediate. I left the spa with radiant, dewy skin that made me feel like I had found the Fountain of Youth.

Besides the fantastic treatments, the spa’s ambiance deserves a special mention. The Maysan Doha Spa exudes a tranquil, elegant vibe, with its soft lighting, soothing music, and an overall atmosphere of serenity. The attention to detail was evident in every corner, from the plush robes to the calming tea they offered after each treatment.

My Verdict! To sum it up, my experience at Maysan Doha Spa was nothing short of spectacular. The Hirodhara Head Massage, Heated Bamboo Massage, and Hydration of the Bisses Facial left me feeling like I was walking on clouds. If you’re in Doha and in dire need of a spa day that will take you to a state of blissful relaxation, I wholeheartedly recommend the Maysan Doha Spa. The services may be on the higher side in terms of price, but the experience is worth every Qatari Riyal. This place has definitely snagged its spot on LLQ Lifestyle’s highlyrecommended list! It’s basically a VIP pass to the realm of awesomeness in the world of wellness and pampering. So, if you’re in the mood for some serious self-care and indulgence, this place is the real deal, no doubt about it! I’ve got a feeling I’ll be revisiting this oasis of tranquility very soon, and you should too. Until next time, stay relaxed and pampered, my fellow spa aficionados!


Ever dreamt of a weekend where every moment feels like a page ripped from a fairytale? Welcome to my staycation escapade at Raffles Doha, a rendezvous with luxury that transcended the ordinary. From the grandeur of check-in to the culinary crescendo of Alba by Enrico Crippa, and the rejuvenating embrace of Raffles Spa, this is a chronicle of a weekend where opulence met indulgence.



oin me on this lavish journey as we navigate through the corridors of one of Qatar’s finest establishments, making every second count in a world where luxury isn’t just a word but an experience waiting to unfold.


MY RENDEZVOUS WITH LUXURY AT R A F F L E S D O H A Discovering Raffles Doha: A Gem in the Heart of Luxury Nestled in the heart of Qatar’s capital, Raffles Doha stands as a beacon of luxury and sophistication. As we crossed the threshold into its opulent lobby, we were greeted by an atmosphere of timeless elegance and unparalleled service. The all-suite experience promised not just accommodation but a retreat into a world where every detail exuded grandeur. Raffles Doha seamlessly blended striking interiors with flawless hospitality, setting the stage for an unforgettable family staycation. From the world-famous Alba, showcasing the culinary brilliance of Michelin Three-Star chef Enrico Crippa, to the rejuvenating oasis of Raffles Spa, every facet of our stay was a testament to Raffles Doha’s commitment to delivering a truly exceptional experience. The weekend staycation was not just a getaway; it was an immersion into the epitome of luxury that Raffles Doha effortlessly embodies.


Day 1: Friday, 3rd November 2023

Checking into Paradise: Raffles Doha Style So, there we were, my loved ones, and me, walking into the lap of luxury at Raffles Doha. The lobby exuded opulence, and the suite promised a weekend of pure indulgence. The excitement was palpable as we kicked off our family staycation. My anticipation reached new heights as I stepped into the Gulf Signature Suite – a haven adorned in a palette of white, blue, and gold. The interior design was a symphony of regality, an exquisite blend of modernity and traditional Qatari influences that left an indelible mark on my senses. The living area unfolded in a sea of white and gold accents, with touches of serene blue adding a refreshing vibrancy. Plush furnishings draped in pristine white were complemented by golden embellishments, creating an ambiance that was not only luxurious but also inviting. The careful curation of artwork in subtle blue hues added a touch of local charm, providing a visual feast for the eyes. As I stepped into the bedroom, I was embraced by a tranquil sanctuary adorned in calming shades of blue. The crisp white linens on the bed radiated sophistication, while subtle gold accents continued to weave a thread of opulence throughout the space. The private terrace, overlooking Doha’s skyline, became my personal oasis, where the interplay of white, blue, and gold mirrored the city’s enchanting blend of tradition and modernity.

A Culinary Bliss: ALBA Brunch with Chef Enrico Crippa Our taste buds were in for a treat as we headed to ALBA, the brainchild of the multicolored master of veggies, Chef Enrico Crippa. The brunch was a symphony of flavors, and we couldn’t help but marvel at the brilliance of this Michelin Three-Star maestro. My brunch at Alba, nestled within the luxurious confines of Raffles Doha, was a culinary voyage that unfolded as a masterpiece of fine dining and sophistication. The ambiance at Alba was a seamless blend of opulence and intimacy. Soft lighting, complemented by the golden


accents and contemporary design, created an inviting space that exuded warmth. The panoramic views of Doha’s skyline served as a breathtaking backdrop, setting the stage for an unforgettable dinner. The menu at Alba was a culinary odyssey through Italian flavors, curated with precision and creativity. To commence, the menu showcased a delightful array of flavors, from the delicate prosciutto to the robust flavors of artisanal cheeses. The attention to detail was evident in every bite, promising an evening of culinary delight.

Chillin’ in Style With the afternoon stretching out before us, we explored the stunning architecture and indulged in some pampering. The kids were ecstatic, and so were we – a perfect start to our Raffles experience.

Under the Stars: BBQ Dinner by AQUA Pool My evening at Raffles Doha took a flavorful turn as I embraced the inviting glow of the setting sun by the AQUA Pool, where a BBQ dinner unfolded into a delightful al fresco experience. The ambiance was nothing short of magical, with the poolside setting illuminated by a warm palette of

Day 2: Saturday, 4th November 2023

A Morning Symphony: Suite Dining Fit for Royalty The next morning, we opted for breakfast in the suite – a spread fit for kings and queens. The sun streaming through the curtains set the stage for another day in paradise. From the moment the sun gently kissed the Doha skyline, I knew this would be a morning to remember. The dining experience unfolded with an elegant display of culinary artistry. The suite’s living area was transformed into a private dining sanctuary, with a meticulously set table adorned with delicate gold-rimmed tableware and fresh flowers, creating an atmosphere of refined opulence.

lights, creating an enchanting atmosphere. The culinary journey began with the tantalizing aroma of the BBQ grill wafting through the air. The AQUA Pool area was transformed into a haven of relaxation, with elegantly set tables surrounded by plush seating, beckoning guests to unwind and savor the upcoming feast. The BBQ dinner menu was a celebration of flavors, featuring a diverse selection of meats, seafood, and fresh produce. Grilled to perfection, each dish showcased the culinary expertise of the chefs at Raffles Doha. The crackling sounds of the barbecue mingled with the ambient poolside melodies, creating a symphony for the senses. The assortment of marinades and sauces elevated the dining experience, offering a personalized touch to every plate. From succulent skewers of marinated meats to perfectly grilled vegetables, the menu catered to both carnivores and vegetarians alike, ensuring a feast for every palate. The poolside setting, with its gentle breeze and the soft murmur of water, added a touch of serenity to the dining experience. As I savored each bite, the twinkling lights reflecting off the pool’s surface created a serene backdrop, making the evening an immersive sensory experience.

The breakfast menu, a gourmet masterpiece, offered a symphony of choices. The continental spread featured an array of freshly baked pastries, artisanal cheeses, and exotic fruits, each bite a testament to the commitment to quality and taste. The a la carte options, ranging from traditional Qatari breakfast delicacies to international favorites, catered to every palate. The Gulf Signature Suite’s private terrace became my personal haven as I sipped on freshly brewed coffee and savored the panoramic views of Doha waking up. The seamless service, with attention to every detail, made the experience feel like a curated journey through the world of breakfast delights. The star of the morning was the personalized touch from the chef, who crafted a bespoke breakfast experience. From intricately prepared omelets to a selection of local specialties, each dish was a testament to the chef’s dedication to culinary excellence. As I indulged in this breakfast in-suite experience, the intimate setting, delectable cuisine, and impeccable service created a harmonious start to the day. Raffles Doha’s commitment to delivering not just accommodation but a personalized, luxurious lifestyle experience was evident in every nuance of this unforgettable morning ritual. Breakfast in suite at the Gulf Signature Suite was not just a meal; it was a celebration of the art of living well in the heart of Doha.


Family Rejuvenation at Raffles Spa The day continued with a trip to Raffles Spa. While the kids enjoyed the suite, my wife and I indulged in a rejuvenating experience. Customized massages and age-defying facials had us feeling like a million bucks. My journey to relaxation and rejuvenation began as I explored the offerings of this haven within Raffles. The spa’s interior, a seamless continuation of the hotel’s commitment to elegance, enveloped me in a palette of soothing tones. Soft blues and whites adorned the space, creating a tranquil atmosphere that immediately set the stage for a blissful escape. The attention to detail in the decor, from the gentle lighting to the calming artwork, contributed to an environment that was both luxurious and inviting.

The highlight of my spa experience was the use of locally inspired ingredients, adding a touch of Qatari essence to the treatments. The scents of indigenous oils and herbs transported me to a place of cultural richness, creating a connection between the spa experience and the destination itself. Post-treatment, the relaxation lounge provided a serene space to unwind, offering herbal teas and refreshing infusions. The attention to detail extended to the smallest elements, ensuring that my time in the spa was not just a treatment but a holistic experience. In retrospect, my spa experience at Raffles Doha was nothing short of transformative. The combination of luxurious surroundings, skilled therapists, and a commitment to cultural authenticity made it a rejuvenation paradise. Raffles Doha’s spa isn’t just a retreat; it’s a sanctuary where the art of relaxation is elevated to a true form of indulgence.

Lunching in Style: L’Artisan Experience Lunch unfolded at L’Artisan, a chic yet relaxed spot for modern dining. The culinary team wowed us with their creativity, making it a meal to remember. The ambiance at L’Artisan was a perfect marriage of sophistication and warmth. The chic interior, adorned with subtle gold accents and artistic flourishes, created an inviting atmosphere. The panoramic views of Doha’s skyline added a touch of grandeur to the dining experience, setting the stage for what would be an extraordinary lunch.

I opted for the signature treatment, and from the first touch of the therapist’s skilled hands, I felt the stress of everyday life begin to melt away. The treatment room, bathed in soft light, was a sanctuary of comfort, enhancing the overall sense of relaxation. The spa’s extensive menu offered a variety of therapies, each promising a unique journey towards physical and mental well-being.


The menu, a testament to culinary ingenuity, unfolded like a symphony of flavors. The chef’s commitment to using the freshest local ingredients was evident in every dish. The starters, such as the crab salad with avocado and citrus vinaigrette, were a harmonious blend of textures and tastes, leaving my palate eagerly anticipating what was to come.

The main course was a culinary masterpiece. The roasted lamb, perfectly seasoned and succulent, was a testament to the chef’s skill. Paired with truffle-infused mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables, each bite was a journey through a symphony of flavors that danced on my taste buds. Dessert at L’Artisan was the grand finale, and it did not disappoint. The chocolate fondant, oozing with richness, was a decadent conclusion to an exceptional meal. The presentation, adorned with edible gold leaf, showcased the attention to detail that permeated every aspect of the dining experience. The service at L’Artisan was impeccable, with the staff’s knowledge of the menu and genuine enthusiasm enhancing the overall experience. The sommelier’s recommendations for wine pairings added an extra layer of sophistication to the meal. L’Artisan Lunch Experience at Raffles Doha was a culinary journey that surpassed expectations. It wasn’t just a meal; it was an orchestrated symphony of flavors, textures, and impeccable service. Raffles Doha continues to raise the bar, offering a dining experience that transcends the ordinary and transforms lunch into a memorable celebration of culinary artistry.

A Free Afternoon: Because Luxury is All about Choices The afternoon was ours to explore or just soak up the luxury. The kids were in their element, and so were we, basking in the freedom of a staycation designed just for us.

A Night of Elegance: Alba by Enrico Crippa As the day wound down, we found ourselves at Alba, once again indulging in Chef Enrico Crippa’s culinary magic. The main course elevated the dining experience to new heights. The handmade pasta, a signature at Alba, was a revelation. Cooked to perfection and paired with rich, flavorful sauces, each dish reflected the authenticity of Italian cuisine. The seafood options were equally impressive, showcasing the freshness of the ingredients and the skill of the culinary team. Dessert at Alba was a grand finale that left a lasting impression. The tiramisu, a classic Italian delight, was a harmonious blend of coffee-infused layers, each spoonful a decadent journey through sweetness and texture.

Throughout the evening, the service at Alba was impeccable. The staff’s knowledge of the menu and their genuine passion for creating a memorable dining experience added a personal touch to the evening. The sommelier’s recommendations of wine pairings complemented each course, enhancing the overall indulgence. Overall, the dinner experience at Alba at Raffles Doha was a celebration of culinary excellence and refined elegance. It wasn’t just a meal; it was a journey through the heart of Italian gastronomy, curated with precision and served with a touch of warmth and sophistication. Raffles Doha continues to define itself as a destination where every dining experience becomes a memorable event.

Day 3: Sunday, 5th November 2023

Lazy Mornings: Breakfast in Bed, Because Why Not? Our last morning was a lazy one, with breakfast served in the suite. It was the perfect way to savor the final moments of our luxurious family getaway.

Raffles Doha: A Perfect Family Staycation As we handed back the suite keys and prepared to step out of the opulent embrace of Raffles Doha, the realization struck – our family staycation had been nothing short of perfect. From the moment we checked in to the last bites of culinary brilliance at Alba, every second was a testament to the luxury and hospitality that defines Raffles. The smiles on our faces mirrored the joy in our hearts as we bid adieu to the impeccable service, the exquisite cuisine, and the rejuvenating experiences. Raffles Doha had crafted a weekend tailor-made for families, and it felt like the perfect escape from the ordinary. As we drove away, I couldn’t help but reflect on the memories we had created – laughter by the AQUA pool, the kids exploring the wonders of the suite, the indulgent spa moments with my wife, and the culinary adventures that left our taste buds dancing. In the end, it wasn’t just a staycation; it was a symphony of experiences that painted our weekend with the brushstrokes of perfection. Our family staycation had been a perfect blend of luxury, incredible food, and rejuvenation. We’ll surely be going there quite often!





Chapter 1: Roots of a Culinary Maestro Editor: Let's start at the beginning. Can you share a bit about your journey as an Executive Chef? Chef Mert Duran's story unfolds in 1999, where his kitchen odyssey began as a trainee in Turkey. After graduating from Tourism Occupation High School in 2000, he further honed his skills with an Associate Degree in Professional Food Technique at Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University. The plot thickened in 2005 when he embarked on an international escapade in Dubai, collaborating with over 100 chefs, including Michelin luminaries.

Chapter 2: Culinary Genesis

Editor: What sparked your initial passion for becoming a chef? The genesis of Chef Duran's culinary passion lies in his father's influence. However, it was the vibrant and dynamic world of cooking revealed during his time at Tourism Occupation High School that truly ignited the flames of his culinary love affair.

Chapter 3: The Palette of Inspiration

Editor: What fuels your passion for crafting innovative dishes? Chef Duran's culinary canvas is painted with a desire to surpass guest expectations. He draws inspiration from local cultures, infusing them into his creations. His creativity, much like a mosaic, blends the flavors of Turkey, Levant, Mediterranean, and Europe. Editor: How do you breathe life into your culinary creations? Duran's creativity is an alchemical process, experimenting with flavors from various countries. His nationality serves as a muse, allowing him to compose distinctive tastes from familiar ingredients.


Chapter 4: The Alchemy of Flavors

Editor: Share with us your culinary philosophy when crafting a new dish. Chef Duran unfolds his culinary philosophy, placing a spotlight on the paramount importance of high-quality and fresh ingredients. The delicate balance between tradition and innovation is found in his immersive experiences, exploring local markets, trying traditional dishes, and soaking in the cultural tapestry.

Chapter 5: Symphony of Inspiration

Editor: Where do you find inspiration for your dishes? Duran's culinary symphony is composed of notes from travel, culture, ingredients, and diverse experiences. His creative mind is a perpetual melody, always ready to compose, much like a maestro with a timeless score. Editor: Can you recount a moment that significantly shaped your culinary journey? In this chapter, Duran reflects on his father's influence and the motivating force of a close friend from Tourism Occupation High School.

Chapter 6: Culinary Masterpieces

Editor: Do you have a signature dish that holds a special place in your heart? Chef Duran takes pride in the joy of his guests, crafting dishes that leave a lasting impression. The pear salad marinated with grape & pomegranate molasses emerges as a star, a delightful dance of fresh greens, goat cheese, and a symphony of sweet and sour notes with hazelnut. Editor: Is there a story behind a particular dish that captivates your culinary journey? The slow-cooked lamb shoulder with smoky eggplant puree is a culinary tale inspired by Ottoman Cuisine, a testament to Duran's commitment to weaving tradition into his innovative creations. As Chef Mert Duran takes center stage at Sharq Village & Spa, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Qatar anticipates a new chapter in its culinary story. An evocative blend of tradition, innovation, and an unwavering passion for creating culinary masterpieces awaits discerning diners. Bon appétit!

Thank you, Chef Duran, for sharing the chapters of your culinary tale. Congratulations on this exciting new chapter at Sharq Village & Spa!




ark Hyatt Doha announces the appointment of Louise Butler Byrne as the new Spa Manager. With over 18 years of professional experience in the wellness and Beauty industry, her aim is to build a foundation for success among her team and to elevate the wellbeing experience of her guests. Before joining Park Hyatt Doha, Louise held several managerial positions at renowned salons in Dublin. She was doing what she loves the most, leading her teams to be the best they can, motivating them and developing their talents. She moved to Qatar 5 years ago and worked in one of the best Spa and Salon here. She unlocked a new drive and passion, when she joined the hospitality industry few years back, and started her hospitality career with one of Marriott International property In Qatar.

wonderful journey of tranquility and rejuvenation for our guests, we are working on crafting tailor-made memberships and spa packages, yoga workshops and much more for moments of pure relaxation and transformation for our guests.

The Spa at Park Hyatt Doha, is located at the 4th floor and offers recreation facilities including a pool, two-story spa, and a fitness center. Spa services such as a massage memberships, facials services using the refined Valmont products.

With a fine understanding of wellness and beauty, Louise now brings her expertise to Park Hyatt Doha, a luxury hotel brand known for its meticulous attention to detail and curated wellness experiences. Commenting on her appointment, Louise Butler Byrne said: “I am very excited to join the wonderful team at Park Hyatt Doha and start this wonderful wellness journey in one of the best brands around the world.” She added: “I will take this fantastic opportunity to ensure creating a





JW Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Proudly Welcomes Bianca Budai as Director of Food and Beverage


e are thrilled to introduce Bianca Budai as our newly appointed Director of Food and Beverage, an extraordinary addition to our team. In this influential role, Bianca will lead the management of our upscale establishment’s exquisite restaurants and lounges. With her extensive background and expertise in the hospitality industry, we are supremely confident that Bianca will introduce fresh, innovative culinary concepts, enrich our brand’s identity, and elevate the guest experience within all our dining venues. Originating from Romania, Bianca brings an impressive 11year career in the Qatari hospitality sector to our esteemed establishment. Her vast experience profoundly enriches our Food and Beverage team’s capabilities, reinforcing our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional culinary experiences. Bianca’s illustrious journey encompasses esteemed positions with renowned international hotel chains, including Grand Hyatt, Intercontinental, and, most recently, Waldorf Astoria Lusail, where she played a pivotal role in their pre-opening team. Her diverse career has finely honed her exceptional abilities in crafting inventive dining concepts and orchestrating successful events. Remarkably, Bianca has earned prestigious accolades, having been honored with the Fact Dining Awards in both 2015 and 2022. These awards serve as a resounding testament to her unwavering dedication and excellence in the industry. She enjoys a sterling reputation in the market, supported by an extensive client database and a loyal customer following.


At JW Marriott Marquis City Center Doha, Bianca will spearhead efforts to enhance the dining experiences for our cherished guests. Her arrival marks the beginning of an exhilarating new chapter in the hotel’s culinary journey, promising fresh and captivating gastronomic adventures for our loyal patrons. Orhun Denizoglu, General Manager of JW Marriott Marquis City Center Doha, expressed his profound excitement, stating, “I have complete confidence in Bianca’s ability to introduce novel and innovative approaches that will elevate our culinary offerings, firmly establishing her as a valuable addition to our esteemed team.” JW Marriott Marquis City Center Doha was the first JW branded hotel in Qatar launched in 2019. This luxury Hotel is five minutes from the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center and connected to the City Center Mall. Six dining venues offer a variety of dining, from Cantonese cuisine to Latin American flavors. Luxuriously furnished rooms and suites provide stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and Doha City’s skyline. Quan Spa and wellness facilities offer the ultimate in relaxation and well-being. For those planning an event in downtown Doha, the hotel offers an 840 square meter ballroom with 500 square meters of pre-function area with a separate entrance.


We are delighted to introduce Ms. Anna Petrenco as our newly appointed Director of Spa and Recreation at Quan Spa, a distinguished sanctuary for relaxation and wellness. In her pivotal role, Ms. Petrenco will spearhead the management of our spa and recreation facilities, setting new standards of excellence in our luxurious establishment. Originally from Moldova, Anna brings over 13 years of luxury hospitality experience, spanning Europe and the Middle East, with a strong focus on Doha and Dubai. With a rich background in fitness coaching and personal training, coupled with extensive experience in the hospitality industry. Anna’s journey in hospitality and wellness began with a strong foundation in sports, diving, and community activities. Her love for sports led her to earn certifications as a Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer, setting the stage for her professional journey as she embarked on her first role as a fitness trainer at the renowned Grand Hyatt Sharm el Sheikh. Her most recent role was as the Head of Wellness at The NED Doha Hotel, and she has previously contributed to esteemed properties, including luxury brands such as Kempinski, Hilton Hotels and Resorts in Doha, and Emaar Hospitality Group in Dubai. Anna firmly believes in “Do what you love, Love what you do” and “Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.” She has applied these mottos to every facet of her life, understanding that success in hospitality hinges on taking care of both customers and the dedicated team that supports her. “I am truly honored to

join JW Marriott Marquis City Center Doha as the Director of Spa and Recreation for Quan Spa. I look forward to bringing exciting new elements to our guests’ experiences and enhancing our spa’s reputation.”

“We look forward to Anna’s contributions to enhancing the spa and recreation experiences for our valued guests at JW Marriott Marquis City Center Doha; with her expertise and background, I do not doubt that she will make a significant and valuable contribution to our team.” said - Orhun Denizoglu, General Manager of JW Marriott Marquis City Center Doha.



These accolades reflect the relentless dedication of the Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas’ team, who consistently go above and beyond to exceed guests’ expectations.

Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas is delighted to announce its remarkable success at the first edition of Qatar Tourism Awards for 2023. The resort, known for its unparalleled luxury, exceptional dining experiences, and world-class hospitality, has been recognized with two prestigious accolades for outstanding service excellence. These awards affirm Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas’ commitment to excellence and position it as a leading destination in the hospitality industry.


t the highly anticipated Qatar Tourism Awards, Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas emerged victorious in two distinct categories. Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas, received the prestigious “5-Star Hotel” award, while the resort’s luxury eforea Spa, was honored with the “Spa Outstanding Service Excellence” award, solidifying its reputation as a premier spa & wellness destination in the region.


“We are immensely proud to have received this recognition during the Qatar Tourism Awards,” said Rishab Sahney, Resort Commercial Director at Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas. “This remarkable achievement is a testament to the hard work, passion, and unwavering commitment of our entire team to provide extraordinary experiences and craft unforgettable memories. We would like to congratulate the team behind Qatar Tourism awards for an excellent ceremony and we are truly grateful to the great efforts made by Qatar Tourism to develop the sector and create this competition among all tourism facilities, which reflects positively on the quality of the tourism product.” Nestled in the Arabian Peninsula and offering unparalleled luxury and amenities, Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas invites guests from around the world to experience its offering firsthand. With its picturesque beachfront location, unmatched amenities, and a team dedicated to creating unforgettable memories, the resort promises the ideal getaway for discerning travelers seeking an extraordinary experience like nowhere else.

LPM LPM Restaurant & Bar Doha, the captivating oasis of French Mediterranean splendour nestled along the picturesque Al Maha Island Lusail Marina promenade, is thrilled to celebrate its inaugural year. This remarkable milestone signifies a year brimming with culinary artistry and warm hospitality, as LPM Restaurant & Bar Doha welcomes residents and visitors to savour the essence of the French Riviera. In commemoration of this achievement, guests are cordially invited to celebrate the first anniversary on November 8th with a spectacular evening of fine dining and live entertainment.

R E S TAU R A N T & BA R D O H A C E L E B R AT E S O N E Y E A R O F FRENCH MEDITERRANEAN DELIGHTS Escargots, cooked with butter, garlic, and parsley, the Burrata with Cherry Tomatoes and Basil, Marinated Lamb Cutlets with Olive, Aubergine Caviar and Pine Nuts, and much more.


ver the past year, LPM Restaurant & Bar Doha has reimagined the dining experience, offering a gastronomic journey where the flavours of the Mediterranean meet Qatar’s warm embrace. From the moment you step into the restaurant, you are transported into an inviting ambiance that captures the spirit, passion, and joie de vivre of the French Mediterranean. LPM’s one-year anniversary is more than just a milestone; it’s a celebration of togetherness over a shared love of good food, heartfelt hospitality, and an enduring commitment to creating memorable moments for Qatar’s culinary enthusiasts. On November 8th, LPM Restaurant & Bar Doha extends a warm welcome to all to join in this significant occasion. As the sun sets and the stars come to life, diners will embark on a culinary adventure serenaded by the Troubadours, a spirited South of Franceinspired band. With their lively and captivating style, the Troubadours bring a touch of the French Riviera to Doha, adding an extra layer of magic to the evening. Their music creates a harmonious backdrop, enhancing the overall ambiance and transporting guests to the heart of the Mediterranean.

Alexandra Audon Filali, LPM Restaurant & Bar Middle East Director of Operations, shares her gratitude and reflections on this milestone. “This year has been a whirlwind of exciting milestones for LPM Restaurant & Bar Doha. Our remarkable journey began just in time for the FIFA World Cup 2022, and since then, we’ve had the privilege of welcoming and serving the vibrant community of Qatar. Our patrons have been our guiding stars, choosing LPM as their preferred dining destination, and they’ve been instrumental in shaping our memorable first year. We’re excited to continue this journey and eagerly anticipate crafting more special moments for years to come.” As LPM Restaurant & Bar Doha enters its second year, the restaurant remains committed to listening to valued patrons and embracing their ever-evolving preferences. The journey ahead is filled with fresh experiences, including the recent launch of Le Menu Signature and Business Lunch menus, featuring seasonal ingredients in culinary creations. Guests are encouraged to prepare for a calendar filled with holiday delights, promising another year of enchanting experiences.

Guests can indulge in their favourite signature LPM dishes, meticulously prepared by Head Chef Allan Esterhuizen and his team. These culinary delights include the infamous


Elegance ce

Photography: Shadira Photography




mbarking on a journey with the Peugeot 2008 GT 2023 was nothing short of exhilarating— an experience that seamlessly combined power, sophistication, and cutting-edge technology. Behind the wheel of the GT model, powered by a spirited 1.2-litre turbocharged 3-cylinder engine, the road came alive with each press of the accelerator. Paired with an agile 8-speed automatic transmission, the engine delivered a responsive and dynamic performance that catered to the thrill-seeking driver.




One of the standout features of the Peugeot 2008 GT was its stunning 18-inch dual-tone alloy wheels, adding a touch of sportiness and elegance to the exterior. As I cruised down the road, the striking design and commanding presence of the GT were impossible to ignore.


Inside, the GT model showcased a commitment to both luxury and safety. The active parking system proved to be a game-changer, effortlessly maneuvering into tight spaces with precision. The lane-keep assist and blind-spot monitor provided an extra layer of safety, ensuring a secure driving experience. The driver attention alert feature, coupled with automatic emergency braking, demonstrated Peugeot’s dedication


to prioritizing safety. High beam assist added to the convenience, enhancing visibility during nighttime drives. As I explored the interior, the GT model didn’t compromise on comfort or technology. The half-leather and halffabric seats struck a perfect balance, offering a luxurious feel without sacrificing practicality. The 10-inch HD color touchscreen took center stage, providing an immersive interface to control various functions.

In terms of performance and handling, the Peugeot 2008 GT lived up to its reputation. The turbocharged engine delivered a spirited ride, while the precision of the steering and responsive suspension made each turn a joy to navigate.

In conclusion, the Peugeot 2008 GT 2023 is more than just a crossover—it’s a statement of elegance and performance. From the powerful engine and advanced safety features to the luxurious interior and eye-catching design, the GT model stands out as a true embodiment of Peugeot’s commitment to driving excellence. Choosing the Peugeot 2008 GT isn’t just about getting from point A to B; it’s about embracing a driving experience that reflects a passion for performance and a love for the road.




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Review by:

Qutaiba Asaad The 2024 Kia Seltos stands out as a compelling choice in the small SUV category, boasting a refreshed exterior and interior design that exudes

Photos by: Horse Power

youthful energy and modern sophistication.

Exterior Enhancements The 2024 Kia Seltos showcases a distinctive front fascia featuring a bold tiger-nose grille, embodying Kia’s new design identity. LED headlights with an updated design, DLR daytime running lights, and sleek LED vertical fog lights contribute to its dynamic aesthetic. The front bumper’s redesigned openings and electrically folding side mirrors with integrated LED turn signals enhance both form and function. Smart entry, allowing keyless access to the doors, complements the new aluminum wheel design, available in 17 and 18 inches for the premium SX category.

Rear Fascia Transformation The rear fascia has undergone a stylish overhaul, incorporating a redesigned tailgate with a seamlessly connected backlight. The rear bumper also receives a fresh design, completing the cohesive and updated look of the 2024 Seltos.


Inviting Interior Inside, the Kia Seltos captivates with a comfortable and sporty interior accommodating up to five passengers across two rows of seats. Technical updates include a dual-screen setup with a digital 10.25-inch driver display and a touchscreen entertainment screen of the same size. The entertainment system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, ensuring seamless connectivity. Standard USB ports, both front and rear, cater to diverse charging needs. The front features a dual-zone automatic temperature control system, while rear passengers benefit from dedicated air conditioning. Additional comfort elements include cooling for the front seats, a wireless mobile charger, LED ambient interior lighting, and a panoramic sunroof.

Safety Features Safety takes center stage with enhanced driver assistance systems, including: »

Lane-keeping system


Forward collision alert system with pedestrian and cyclist detection


Blind spot collision warning system


Smart and interactive cruise control


The 2024 Kia Seltos combines style, performance, and safety, making it a standout option in the competitive small SUV market.

Seltos Grades and Engine Options The Kia Seltos offers versatility with five grades: LX, S, EX, X Line, and SX. Under the hood, the 2024 Seltos is powered by a 1.4-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, delivering 140 horsepower and 242 Nm of torque through a seven-speed DCT transmission.







By: Mr. Mohamed Robin Rashed Elalami



Economic growth refers to the enhancement

in per capita income or purchasing power and this process of

development. The main feature of economic

growth is that continues

To indicate the importance of economic growth and logistics performance, this study investigates the mediator role of starting new business in the relationship between logistics performance and gross domestic product per capita. The aim of the research is to analyze the progress of the business in the state based on the data of year 2010 to present and according to the data available at the Trade Ministry.


progress by emergence

Recent research shows that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita is accepted as one of the main indicators of growth. Logistics Performance Index (LPI) which has a direct and indirect impact on economic growth, business here in Qatar indicate that examines a state nor country’s logistics performance in sub-dimensions.

of new source of growth when necessary. In

addition to changes in

the sources of economic growth, the indicators

that explain economic growth are also changing.


conomic growth refers to the enhancement in per capita income or purchasing power and this process of development. The main feature of economic growth is that continues progress by emergence of new source of growth when necessary. In addition to changes in the sources of economic growth, the indicators that explain economic growth are also changing


As a result of analyses, the mediation effect of starting new business on the relationship between logistics performance was not established. Even if no starting new business, the improvement in logistics investments directly affects economic growth. Even with existing logistics investments, it contributes to economic growth by increasing efficiency, increasing the capacity and cost of existing companies. In this case, starting new business does not have a mediator role.

g 89



Make memories with the entire family with our special winter offer. Enjoy 50% off the second room booking, wake up to a mouthwatering breakfast spread at Vaya, treat the kids to an array of activities and finish your stay with a special movie night at our Private Cinema. Offer valid from 31st of October to 30th of December 2023 Free cancellation (up to 24 hours from booking) Guests under 12 years enjoy a complimentary stay and dining

For bookings, please call +974 4030 7200 or email reservations.doha@fairmont.com

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