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MOHAMMED ROBIN ELALAMI & DR. MAHMOUD ABU ZAINAH Brand Story: Gulf Dental –An Innovative Dental Solutions Facility in Qatar



Connecting more flavours than any other airline.











Brand Story: Gulf Dental –An Innovative Dental Solutions Facility In Qatar

26 Dry Mouth By Dr. Nour Zoarob

58 The World Of Elie Saab Luxury Timepieces



Interview With Mikel Ibrahim, General Manager, Mondrian Doha

A memorable stay awaits you, at Alwadi Doha - MGallery Hotel Collection. Relax, recharge, and get inspired.

Immerse yourself in the essence of Qatari hospitality with an unparalleled level of luxury of five-star service. Located in the heart of Doha, Alwadi Hotel Doha celebrates the city’s progressive spirit with luxurious rooms and suits, sumptuous and exceptional restaurants, a high-end equipped gym, refreshing pool, and a soothing spa. Discover cultured blend of Qatari heritage and contemporary design creating endless Memorable Moments.



2022 ISSUE N’16




The Editor’s Note Changing the Narrative! Being an old-school person, I maintain a datebook (Yes! I still write everything in my day planner, Google calendar, and keep sticky notes) I am prone to travel and visit places to experience everything on my own. And with the notion ‘Travel is back’, I’m more than excited that this three-word phrase has been shifted from a question mark to an exclamation point! After the horrid pandemic effects, everything is now open. I’m talking about personal and professional travel. Though, we all know that it will significantly turn the travel and hospitality industry around –welcome to the new exciting times! So the festivities we’ve truly enjoyed last month are in full swing. People visited Qatar’s travel destinations and had a great time. With the underway vaccine rollout well and the people across the globe are ready to book and take their next Qatari vacation –the demand is real. According to reports, 70% of Europeans and Americans are planning to travel to Qatar this summer, and two-thirds either already planned or booked their summer trip. The enchanting sight of people flocking to the airports, much more than anticipated, is surely good news for the hospitality industry. This uptick in travelers has even surprised the analysts. Qatar’s hospitality and tourism industries are bouncing back strong with this much-needed rebound. Bon Voyage to all! Speaking of excitement, our 1st LLQ Lifestyle Choice Awards got an overwhelming and unexpected onslaught of positive feedback and local love. We’ve decided to introduce the nominees in our upcoming issues and began planning a separate section for this. The beauty (and the curse) of being a creative editor is that my idea machines are never turned off. It’s hard work that is both daunting and intoxicating at the same time. On the busiest days, our editorial team engages and discusses story ideas, and we fill our days thinking about the restaurant reviews, newest-in-town lifestyle updates, travel and tourism discoveries, and what not! In this issue, we celebrate the winning of ‘The Top 15 Companies of Qatar’ “Events by Adam Afara” –the celebrity event designer. This issue also has an exclusive brand story cover. We have covered how Gulf Dental has become a bespoke brand that truly gives Qatar something to smile about! We hope you find this summer issue celebrates Qatar –where we live and why we love it. It’s a joyous roller coaster ride. Hop on!

Leslie 14

Saturday Mediterranean Brunch at Alwadi Doha - MGallery Hotel Collection. "La Côte d’Azur à Doha"

Head to our opulent alfresco poolside venue and enjoy a flavourful Mediterranean brunch alongside with refreshing drinks. O’Glacée is the perfect venue to gather with family and friends to travel through a Mediterranean culinary journey. Every Saturday | 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm Msheireb Downtown Doha | Email: reservations.alwadihotel@accor.com | Tel: +974 4009 9999


The Jacob & Co. Astronomia Maestro Worldtime expands the Astronomia universe with an elaborate and rare minute repeater carillon chiming complication and a new Worldtime complication. It is one of the most complex


versions of the Astronomia iterations ever created.

t its center, as with all versions of the Astronomia, is the unprecedented Astronomia movement with its vertical construction and four perfectly balanced arms, each attached to a novel rotating satellite. The time display has been moved from being one of the four satellites to the center of the movement. The movement platform rotates every 10 minutes inside the 50mm 18k rose gold and sapphire crystal case while floating above an aventurine base with a hand-painted depiction of the Milky Way galaxy with planets. This is the second Maestro timepiece by Jacob & Co. The original introduced a Carillon Minute Repeater. As a first in watchmaking, the three gongs of the repeater are fully visible as they crisscross above the base of the watch with the Milky Way painting. The Maestro Worldtime contains this same groundbreaking chiming complication. Activated on demand, the sound is clear and loud, the chimes are accurate and painstakingly calibrated. This new Maestro also introduces a Worldtime function. It appears as an oversized globe of the earth extended from one of the arms of the Astronomia movement. This globe rotates on an axis every 24 hours, providing an accurate time among time zones throughout the world, while rotating with the platform every 10 minutes inside the dial.



A Triple-Axis Gravitational Tourbillon that turns on one axis every 60 seconds, the second axis every 90 seconds and rotates around the dial in 10 minutes;

A spherical 1-carat diamond features the exclusive 288-facet Jacob Cut. It rotates on its own axis every 90 seconds as the platform performs its 10-minute rotation; and

Unique to the Astronomia Maestro is a hand-painted astronaut made of hand-engraved Maillechort. It rotates every 90 seconds as if it is spinning through space inside the domed sapphire crystal case.

Providing the power for the rotating platform and satellites, the energy draining Carillon Minute Repeater, and the time function is the manufacture JCFM11A caliber, comprising 535 components. Despite driving all these complications, it still manages to have a 50-hour power reserve, making it a true haute horlogerie Maestro. Jacob & Co. introduced the celestial themed Astronomia Tourbillon in 2014 with its groundbreaking exposed four-arm vertical movement. On each arm is a novel satellite that features either a mechanical or artistic innovation that performs its own rotation while the entire platform rotates around a central gear, creating a constantly moving celestial scene. This unprecedented concept and mechanical construction have proven to be an outstanding multidisciplinary engineering accomplishment. It has also proven to be quite versatile as more than 90 iterations of the Astronomia have been created over the following years.


J A C O B 16


C O .




Tip -Top’s launch celebrates

the Tip -Top collection,

MARLI’s emblematic codes,

an exciting addition to the

authentic to its identity with

brand’s existing versatile,

the synthesis of two distinct, yet

contemporary jewelry. The

complementary attitudes. Honoring

Tip - Top collection features

but reimagining conventional styles,

a fresh take on the traditional

the collection has a crisp aesthetic

tennis bracelet among a full

— one that lends itself to a sense

range of earrings, rings and

of ease, designed to be layered,


stacked or styled freely, but above all: unrestricted.


ARLI’s innovation and technique remain paramount, elevated by a colorful, playful spirit on display in the Tip - Top collection. The style creates asymmetry, challenging the silhouette to take a modern shape.


inspired design also takes shape in the form of ear hugging hoops, studs, and half eternity band rings, as well as pendant, tennis-style, and long necklaces, providing the opportunity to mix and match or style a complete MARLI look.

The brand introduces iterations of tennis bracelets with a variety of signature colored, pyramid-shaped gemstones, adorning both sides of the pieces. The

To discover the jewelry from the Tip Top Collection visit MARLI’s worldwide showrooms or online at www.marlinewyork.com to learn more.


The Aladino enchants with its shape and its play of colors. Sculpture ring, slanted, in the purest Vhernier tradition, with its soft and ergonomic curves it exerts a charm that is difficult to escape. Color, then, is pure magic.


n From this spring the collection is enriched with new earclips. Their bias cut harmoniously accompanies the facial features giving movement. The clips provide a comfortable fit, and the light that filters through the stones produces a reflection that beautifully illuminates the face.

The whole Aladino collection is a striking example of Vhernier’s “Trasparenze”. A process by which beautiful cabochons of rock crystal are superimposed on opaque stones, illuminating them in an extraordinary way: seen from above, the color of the main stone shines through in infinite shades that change with every movement, while the profile view reveals the transparency of the rock crystal. In each jewel, the materials blend seamlessly with each other: a further evidence of Vhernier’s great craftsmanship.

Aladino ring in rose gold with rock crystal and turquoise

Aladino earclips in rose gold with rock crystal and lapis-lazuli



Verona is the city of lovers, the stage for literature’s most famous love story, Romeo and Juliet, and home to the “Juliet Club”. The club has been the most romantic in existence since 1930; it manages the thousands of love letters to Juliet that arrive from every corner of the world. Every day, a group of women gets together to read and answer the love letters and then conserve them in a precious archive, all in the name of love and of the city of Verona.


fter dedicating collections to Portofino, Capri, Rome and Venice, Roberto Coin has chosen another Italian city as the inspiration for his jewels –Verona. The creations of Love in Verona collection are part of the thread that connects his jewelry to Italy’s most iconic cities. The collections take us on a tour of Italy, and the jewels become ambassadors of its beauty.


The jewels in the collection are made with three colors of gold, in polished and satin finishes, to wear together for a total-look effect. The design reintroduces the fourpetal diamond flower that has been the center of other of the brand’s collections. The constant repetition of the flower over the entire surface of the jewels is an esthetic evocation of the architectural structure of the Arena of Verona, another one of the city’s emblems. In a collection that is rich in symbols, Roberto Coin has chosen to express his craftsmanship with a strongly contemporary, minimal look. The gold is worked to obtain an ultra-glossy effect and a special alloy is used to make it highly resistant. Every diamond is set by hand with the use of a microscope. The clasp on each bracelet in the collection is designed with a hidden mechanism that guarantees maximum safety without subtracting from the clean lines of the silhouette.




n a move aimed at growing its reach, Qatar’s first and leading talent agency makes the agreement official with the magazine

With over 16 years in Qatar’s market, providing the best talent to support creatives, visionaries, organisations and producers in their projects and endeavours, Trinity Talent Qatar (TTQ) knows well how to recruit, train and match talent to client, always focused in enabling creativity and delivering excellence..

As Qatar gets ready to welcome an influx of new companies, visitors, and tourists as part of the greatest worldwide sports event hosted in the country this year, as well as other unique ones happening through 2022 and 2023, TTQ is focusing on developing powerful partnerships with different companies, in order to continue growing and nurturing influential relationships that can support the different market needs. What started as a strategic partnership with Dubai-based Entertainment company Dan Bolton Dubai, which is now Trinity Talent Qatar’s official entertainment partner in Qatar, is now reaching new heights as the company signed an official agreement with LLQ Lifestyle Magazine. The deal, which makes LLQ Lifestyle the official Media partner for Trinity Talent Qatar, will allow both companies to develop great ideas for Qatar’s market. From creating curated packages for Hostesses and Entertainment for LLQ’s clients, to offering TTQ’s incredible talent for content creation to LLQ, the possibilities for expansion and growth are great. As part of its vision of becoming a hub where creatives come together to expand and grow their reach, TTQ has also developed a partnership with THA Staffing to expand their international reach in recruiting and selecting the best talent possible to support different organisations in their efforts to bring the best professionals to the various major events happening in the country. Moreover, as collaboration is a paramount value for Trinity Talent Qatar, the company has signed an official agreement with Q-Live to offer great value to clients, partners, and connections on the official merchandise for sports related products that this company offers. With this, TTQ aims at offering its clients more than only talent, 360 solutions to make any event unforgettable, becoming the solution to their events driven needs. Moving forward, you will be able to find more about the incredible staffing solutions TTQ offers, as well as more details about its tips and tricks to develop great content in all issues of LLQ Lifestyle, as well as in our digital issues.





Event Staffing | Entertainment | Fashion | Film & VO

Enabling Creativity to Realise Your Vision.

contact@trinityqatar.com +974 7759 1819


Providing the right talent for all your Projects


DRY MO U T H By Dr. Nour Zoarob

Symptoms: •

Dryness or a feeling of stickiness in your mouth.

saliva that seems thick and stringy.

bad breath.

difficulty chewing, swallowing.

Dry or sore throat and hoarseness.

A charged sense of taste.

Problems wearing dentures.



Complications: It’s a condition known as Xerostomia & it refers to a condition


in which the salivary glands in your mouth don’t make enough


saliva to keep your mouth wet.


ry mouth is often due to the side effect of certain medications or aging issues, or as a result of radiation therapy for cancer.

If you do not have enough saliva and develop dry mouth, this can lead to:

Mouth sore.

Increased plaque, tooth decay and gum disease.

Sores or split skin at the corners of your mouth, or cracked lips.

Yeast infection in your mouth.

Poor nutrition from having problems with chewing and swallowing.

Treatment: •

Change medication that cause dry mouth.

Recommend products to moisturizer your mouth.







THE NEW “MAGIC MANDALA” BAGS is excited to unveil the new ‘Magic Mandala’ Capsule - a new handbag line-up characterized by exclusive motifs and a kaleidoscope of colors.

The brand’s iconic Globetrotter style is reimagined with a creative twist of a new mandala pattern inspired by Eastern symbolism, rendered in the fresh and natural tones of emerald green, cherry blossom and sky blue.


The new tote bags come with matching pouches and are both crafted from printed cotton canvas with contrasting leather trim and the signature tag embossed with the ETRO lettering and the winged Pegasus.

Workinton, managed by Alfardan Properties, continues to play an integral role in Qatar’s startup ecosystem by opening its fourth coworking and social space for creative and tech entrepreneurs on the top floor of M7 in the heart of Msheireb Downtown Doha First-of-its-kind life-sized MINI Cooper converted into an art installation, painted by artist Sheikh Mubarak bin Nasser Al Thani, is unveiled during the opening event




Guests enjoyed the warmly lit space where entrepreneurs can find an array of working environments

Doha, March 25 2022: Inaugurated by Her Excellency Sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the launch of Workinton M7 marks a brandnew concept that will be home to talents in the creative and technology fields.

Workinton M7, a creative and tech startup hub opened its fourth coworking space in the heart of Msheireb Downtown Doha on March 25th in the presence of His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive and Secretary General of Qatar Tourism, alongside several prominent guests.


Her Excellency Sheikha Al-Mayassa, Chairperson of Qatar Museums, said, “When Qatar Museums created M7, our vision was to support and encourage the growth of the creative industries in Qatar by providing a hub for our talents in fashion, design, tech development, and more. M7 combines culture and entrepreneurship, and so we warmly welcome the Alfardan Group and its Workinton Qatar concept. At Workinton M7, our emerging creative leaders will find first-class resources, a dynamic community, and an inspiring environment, including the remarkable art installation by Sheikh Mubarak bin Nasser Al Thani that distinguishes this space.” Commenting on the opening, Mr. Omar Alfardan, President and CEO of Alfardan Group, said: “Workinton M7 adds to the many spaces that have enhanced Doha’s cultural and historic downtown. Through this innovative coworking space, we are committed to supporting the young Qatari community and Qatar’s diversification efforts by providing a platform and resources to arts and tech entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses.” Driven by innovation, the M7 branch is Workinton’s fourth in four years. Similar to its other community-centric workspaces – which total over 8000 square meters – Workinton, managed by Alfardan Properties, aims to provide custom-

designed, flexible, and dedicated coworking and office solutions to support Qatar’s entrepreneurs and businesses. In line with the art-filled conference rooms and collaborative setting, the opening event welcomed the unveiling of a stunning life-sized MINI Cooper installation. The car was mounted onto a wall and was converted into a breathtaking piece of art, painted by reputed artist Sheikh Mubarak bin Nasser Al Thani, who works with dimensions, colours, geometrics, abstraction, and literal expressionism to capture the likes of cities, skylines, history and culture. Guests traversed the warmly lit, dynamic and relaxing corners of the space that offers an array of working environments including flexible and private offices, “focus zones”, a gaming zone, as well as a fully-equipped multimedia studio for photo and video shoots, recording podcasts, and more. Floorto-ceiling windows see natural light pouring in to flood the space whilst a terrace overlooking Msheireb’s Barahat Square offers respite and rest. Creating a more holistic approach, Workinton M7 will be further supported by educational workshops and events, daily wellbeing activities and gatherings to bring the community together in an atmosphere where collaboration is encouraged. This unique concept will cater to entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, and corporate entities who want to be part of Workinton M7’s community and grow their business endeavors.

M7 is located in the heart of Msheireb Downtown Doha and has fast become the new place to be for design, innovation, and entrepreneurship, dedicated to empowering creative talents to explore, collaborate, and to grow into successful entrepreneurs.



Abu Is sa Ho ldi ng & We l l a P r o fe s s i o n a l s l au nch es ‘ System P r o fe s s i o n a l ’, A M i x o f C u tt ing-Edge Beau ty & Sc i e n c e

Abu Issa Holding & the global brand Wella, recently launched the highly anticipated product “System Professional”, delivering high end transformative

hair care. System Professional is not just any hair product, it is a product built

by scientist, targeting solutions that addresses the specific needs of the hair that

feels healthier and more replenished.

‘System Professional’ showcases Wella’s commitment to the professional beauty community at the time when it needs it most. Abu Issa Holding group is proud to feature Wella and its line of products under the group’s umbrella. As the industry has been battered throughout the pandemic that was occurring in the world, still Abu Issa Holding again managed to launch another successful event and a new product line, where Mr. Ashraf Abu Issa, the chairman of Abu Issa Holding expressed how happy he was seeing all these faces after what was going on in the world.


The event was hosted under the patronage of Mr. Ashraf Abu Issa, the Chairman and CEO of Abu Issa Holding, followed by the general manager of Wella Qatar Mr. Dory Roustom, and the global artist of Wella Professionals Mr. Hisham

Beaini were he showcased the art of hair styling with Wella stunning models, and talked about the launched products, and how it is different in terms of benefits and how it is the best solution that could be found in the market right now.

The event was sponsored by Floward, one of the leading flowers delivery services in the middle east. Hosted one of the biggest influencers and media people of the country, who attended the event, supporting Abu Issa group and Wella Qatar.

System Professional strives for performance which has been the guiding light of their research. The company is constantly evolving their process using Bioengineering to solve for everyday hair care concerns, uncover new formulas, and boost them to optimal efficacy. In other words, modification takes place and naturally derived ingredients that are being used in the lab to enhance the performance, and ensuring superior quality. The hair-identical lipids in the Lipid Code™ Complex are consciously sourced and naturally derived – because you deserve to know what’s in your hair care, and feel good about where it comes from.

leading innovation and inspiration. The Wella Family in Qatar united one of the largest communities of hairdressers in the market, single-mindedly focused on the success of its partners and the industry, especially in these trying times as Dory Roustom, the general manager of Wella Qatar stated.

What’s great for your hair should also be great for the environment. Eco-conscious packaging is the packaging that is being used for System Professional products, where it is proudly recyclable. Going sustainable is a never-ending process, Wella professionals said. It is a joy to know that every beautiful Wella product will now be more sustainable for the planet. The new Wella Company is a global, diverse industry leader, present in over 100 countries, with a 140-year heritage of





ana Al Fardan, Qatar’s first female composer and singer-songwriter, announces the release of ‘Solstice’, a drama-packed song that becomes ever-more epic as it swells to its beats-cloaked climax. Released on March 24th, arranged by the Syrian violinist and composer MAias Al Yamani, principal violist Giovanni Passini and Sally Herbert (Florence & The Machine, Ellie Goulding), produced by SINK (Nico Dalla Vecchia) and featuring the Qatari Philharmonic Orchestra, ‘Solstice’ is the second single from the internationally acclaimed symphonic artist’s forthcoming album Indigo, due for release in May 2022.


Inspired by JW Goethe’s The Theory Of Colour (1810) - a study on the physiological effects of colour – INDIGO is an exploration of sound and colours with each piece composed in a colour scheme to capture a mood and a state of being, something that is carried into the multi-sensory experience of the live shows. All the songs, including the already released single ‘Indigo’, will be accompanied by corresponding conceptual, abstract videos, allowing the listener the space for their own interpretation.

Speaking about the single Dana said “‘Solstice’ represents the space we find within that allows our light to shine through. It’s the light that liberates the infinite glow we all hold, “the light that freed the sun”.

Sonically Dana has created a world that blends contemporary, western and neo-classical influences with the rich musical heritage and soundscape of the Middle East, utilising traditional instruments like the rababa (Arabic bowed string instrument) and the ney (wind instrument). “I tend to stay away from the word ‘fusion’ as it sometimes implies a ‘watering down’ of one style or another. So the idea is to preserve the authenticity of one style of sound and build it into another in a way that fits without one having to accommodate the other by deconstructing itself.” Proud of her Qatari heritage, Dana is the Cultural Ambassador of the Qatari Philharmonic Orchestra and, since 2018, her songs have been the onboarding music for Qatar Airways. A widely accomplished composer Dana has soundtracked the prize-winning film Orca, composed the music for the United Nations’ UN Day Concert, performed with the London Metropolitan Orchestra at the Theatre Royal Haymarket and composed the music for the humanitarian “Bring Hope for Gaza” campaign. When Joss Stone visited Qatar on her Total World Tour she performed on the beach with Dana.

Dana is also exploring the world of theatre, collaborating with Nadim Naaman to write and produce musicals, with an aim to “bring universal, liberal and transcendental figures and thoughts from the Middle East to a global Western audience and West End stage”. The breakout show Broken Wings, a musical centring on the life of LebaneseAmerican writer Khalil Gibran, premiered in 2018 with sell-out shows at the Haymarket Theatre in London, the Beiteddine Festival in Lebanon, Katara Opera House in Qatar and The Dubai Opera before a 6 week run at London’s Charing Cross Theatre in 2022 with Dana’s score described by the Sunday Mirror as having “moments of real beauty”. In 2021, Rumi The Musical debuted and was praised for its portrayal of the legendary poet Rumi. Though unique, both musicals are defined by a common goal to introduce important figures of Arab origin to a new audience, continuing Dana’s guiding objective of spotlighting her culture through her art. www.danaalfardan.com



Adam Afara is officially awarded for being one of the top luxury event companies in Qatar.

Events by Adam Afara received the prestigious award from the QBLT congress. It is recognized as one of the top 15 companies in Qatar. It is certainly a proud moment for the company.

Events by Adam Afara is happy to announce that they have been awarded by the QBLT congress as they are recognized as one of the top 15 companies in Qatar”. The Qatar Business and Luxury Travel Congress QBLT Awards are certainly one of the most raecognized and respected awards brand in the luxury market.


The company was founded by Adam Afara, the renowned celebrity event designer. In his career, he designed events for some of the most high-profile brands and popstars, worked with corporate clients, and world-famous artists.

Events by Adam Afara, Event Planning and Management Solutions Adam Afara specializes in wedding and events planning and organizing. He is the man behind the creation of several luxurious events bringing together extraordinary styles and innovative décor. Best known for his innovation and creativity, Adam Afara has no competition when it is something related to his interior concepts, unique themes or even floral designs.

Events that are organized by the company are exquisite, innovative, and the talk of the town. The name Adam Afara is synonymous with excellence and unmatched creativity. Companies that look forward to extraordinary event designs and ultimate client satisfaction look forward to designing their events by the boutique company. It’s the endeavor of the company to offer management solutions and event designs as per the requirements of the clients!

About Qatar B usiness and Luxury Travel Congress QBLT Awards:

One of the most prestigious and fair awards, the winners are declared after the completion of an extensive research process. The jury is known to have a tough time selecting the winner as they receive a staggering amount of entries. The winners are selected keeping in mind different factors that include strategy execution and clarity.


DYNASTY MEDIA Let’s tell your story! By Dynasty Team

In today’s marketing world, content-based marketing has become an essential tool. It helps the end-user understand more about any given product or a service in a way that is personal and engaging. And videos are an essential part of any content-based marketing strategy.



Audio-visual content is an aesthetic celebration of the human spirit, made out of passion and creativity. That’s why companies are always trying to create the best video content to help them communicate their message and bond with their audiences. A successful marketing strategy will help companies and individuals to grow.

Dynasty Media was created out of a passion for filmmaking and digital marketing. It is working to assist companies and people to achieve their goals. Our journey started out of a desire to tell stories and to develop their ability to express themselves. This is why we choose the tagline: let’s tell your story. Our story is the story of our partners. We are grateful for having the opportunity to join the creative space in Qatar, where we are already working closely with a great community and with amazing partners, clients and brands to produce valuable projects for them. Our main ingredient for success is a great team. What started as a small family run company, but now we are an international team. Founded by two brothers, this passion has seen us grow over the last few months. Together with our clients, who helped us pave successful marketing roads in Denmark and the Middle East.

Our company is a one-stop creative destination that takes your brand together with us to newer heights of recognition and success.

We have a multinational team of creatively charged minds. Our team spans different continents and countries ranging from Qatar, Lebanon, Denmark, the UK, Palestine, Kashmir, India, and Pakistan. That’s why our videos and content reflect ideas, emotions, themes, and narratives with a global yet personal appeal. We think globally and act locally. Our stories are interwoven with a diverse culture and offer a fresh perspective to understand the world around us. Our understanding of brands inspires us to think out of the box and go beyond the traditional storyboard, telling immersive and unique stories. We provide first class customer service and competitive prices. We are serving companies and brands as well as individuals in Qatar, Denmark, Turkey and the GCC. Our marketing and advertising services include Video Production, product photography, social media management, full branding, mobile apps, websites, documentaries, media consultancy, and more. We like to think of ourselves as growth developers working alongside our partners.

We make engaging and inspiring videos for social media, longer documentary-style films, and corporate films. We aim to deliver films and create content that starts conversations around important issues and evokes emotions. Our high-quality services made us the top choice for great brands and partners to take their company to the next level. Most recently, we have been honoured by being nominated as one of the nominees for the Creative of the year: Videography category for the LLQ Lifestyle Choice Awards. Here we would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who have supported us on our way. We are working to deliver creative content for our partners and that’s what will always make us go the extra mile.

We’re looking forward to the best future full of more and more success to our local Qatar community and our clients worldwide.




AT T H E D OH A J EW E L RY & WAT C H E S E X H I B I T I O N Blue Salon has been at the forefront of the Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition for 18 years, successfully maintaining its status as a high-profile forum for jewelers, global brands, and aspiring designers, presenting exclusive timepieces, precious diamonds, and a dedication for delivering luxury for more than 40 years.


n the latest version of the Doha watches & jewelry exhibition, Blue Salon will be having a pavilion that will be displaying the latest selection on jewelry brands, who are participating for the first time in Doha, limited edition watches and other luxury products. The Blue Salon pavilion having a number of boutiques, each with rich collection of world-class exclusive timepieces and jewelry.


The Blue Salon pavilion is a priceless voyage into the heart of glitz and glam. Beauty, art, legacy, and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship all work together at DJWE exclusivity to tell the memorable tale of each jewel, yet presenting special timepieces that act as instruments of professionals.

Blue Salon showcase their top notch brands ZENITH / AIKON / BREITLING / LUIS ERARD / BOVET / MB&F / Pierre De Roche / Maurice Lacroix / Pierre De Roche / Rudis Sylva Watch and much more highly anticipated jewelry brands from over the world. This undoubtedly demonstrates the increasing interest among international exhibitors towards the event which has already cemented a reputation as one of the most important luxury Jewellery and watches exhibitions in the Middle East. We did our best to create an experience for every wanderer which will be attending the Blue Salon pavilion. Wandering through the timepieces displayed by our global and most luxurious brands will strike the sense of elegance, fashion, style, and class. The journey will follow the jewelry brands, timeless diamonds, and exquisite pieces exclusively found in the pavilion. DJWE unfolds at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, where more than four hundred international luxury brands display their finest work, special editions and unique pieces, alongside the most talented emerging local Jewellery designers.

Blue Salon will be looking forward to showcase the Unique designs from the world’s most celebrated jewelry watches and jewelry brands, complementing unique, and the present luxury taste. Enjoy the beauty of rare colored diamonds, the exclusive Blue Salon timepieces that are dedicated to Doha and Blue Salon as well. The anticipation is coming to an end, and we are thrilled to see you at our pavilion.





The Tonda PF collection launched in September 2021 has redrawn the lines of watchmaking purism. At Watches and Wonders 2022, it is enriched by a timepiece equipped with a complication offered as a world premiere: the Tonda PF GMT Rattrapante. In keeping with the minimalist character of the collection, it features an innovative yet simple-to-use mechanism that preserves its understated nature.


This complication features two superimposed hour hands: one in rhodium-plated gold and the other in rose gold. Pressing the pusher at 8 o’clock causes the upper rhodium-plated gold hand dedicated to local time to jump one hour forward, thereby revealing the rose gold hand which displays time in the wearer’s place of residence, known as “home time”.

Once the second time zone information is no longer required, pressing the crown-integrated rose gold pushbutton repositions the rhodium-plated hand on top of the rose gold hand in the same manner as a split-seconds chronograph hand. This makes it an extremely user-friendly complication entirely in keeping with the brand spirit. The Tonda PF GMT Rattrapante, a watch for globetrotters who travel between time zones, and an instrument for connecting people across distances.

Instinctive Reading This flyback function that is unique within the profession is achieved through the integration of a sophisticated mechanism. Operating this intuitive complication enables purists to free the dial surface from an additional time display when it is not necessary. This action reduces the amount of information down to the essentials, encourages instinctive reading and helps reveal the quality and care lavished on each and every detail. The eye can then glide over the fine barleycorn guilloché pattern of the dial, featuring a subtle “Milano Blue” shade. It can be carried away by the refined visual effect of the guilloché work surrounded by the sandblasted minutes track. The angle taken by the light draws the gaze out from the centre towards the rim. Such light effects serve to highlight the interaction between the shiny and matt surfaces of the finely knurled single-piece platinum bezel.

“In watchmaking there is a permanent tension between aesthetic and technique, as if there are two separate worlds that must coexist. This is even reflected in the word used to describe the components conveying the design of a timepiece, the watch exterior elements collectively referred to in French as “habillage”, meaning “that which attires the movement”. To me, the way you develop a complication has incredible implications on the mood of the watch and hence on its design. The worldfirst Tonda PF GMT Rattrapante pushes the boundaries of watchmaking, reinventing one of the most coveted and useful functions and embodying Parmigiani Fleurier’s discreet, unostentatious spirit through uncompromising technical choices.” Guido Terreni, CEO Parmigiani Fleurier




Pe r f e c ti o n In E v e r y Deta i l

Crafted using the highest standard of renowned Swiss watchmaking standards, ELIE SAAB Timepieces are the epitome of precision, functionality and innovation. All ELIE SAAB Timepieces feature top quality sapphire crystal, a fine material celebrated in the watchmaking industry for its strong resistance against scratches and cracks, guaranteeing a robust design and an everlasting protection.


Filled with emotion, ELIE SAAB Timepieces are a form of expression for all those who wear them. Designed to lift the spirit and exude unrivalled charm, they represent the house’s extremely feminine and graceful persona, and continue its legacy of fine craftsmanship, unparalleled luxury and a never-ending quest for pure elegance.

Timeless Elegance The line of 7 watch families inspired by the feminine yet forward style of ELIE SAAB’s haute couture collections and combine to encapsulate a beautifully bold spirit.

The line is spearheaded by EAYAN collection With the unique eye-shaped dial that gives it a streamlined appeal, the Eayan watch is dedicated to the visionary trend setter who appreciates the true meaning of looking beyond what meet the “eye”.

In addition to its technical prowess, this perfectly proportioned design features five spiked embellishments on one side, and a total of 86 glittering diamonds on the bezel and dial, making it one of the brand’s most opulent timepieces. This Swiss-movement watch is a style statement that capture the essence of excellence. The 23x40 eye-shaped case comes in 7 different sapphire dial colors surrounded by 86 diamonds on the bezel and dial.

IDYLLE Inspired by the classic Idyllic poetry rooted in romance and beauty, the iconic Idylle is a timeless watch that will elegantly stand the test of time season after season. Idylle seamlessly combines pure and elegant design features with the precision of watchmaking, bringing to life a true masterpiece that elevates each and every look. Its true splendor lies in its unique touches from the mother of pearl dial to the sensual curves on the expertly crafted strap, giving it infinite flair.


Idylle Diamond Refinement and harmony underpin the Idylle Diamond collection. With its classic, minimalist design and thoughtful details, the Idylle Diamond is the ultimate choice for those who seeks a timeless and meticulously conceived watch. This Swiss-made beauty features

exceptional elements such as the iridescent mother-of-pearl dial and the shimmering diamonds that gracefully encircle it. At its heart, the Idylle Diamond watch is an ode to pure opulence and a celebration of nature’s most illustrious gemstone: The Diamond.

Idylle Perle The Idylle Perle story is one filled with unrivalled beauty inspired by one of nature’s most iconic gems: the stunning pearl! The unique beaded design of the band allows the watch to cradle the writs comfortably without compromising on the feminine shape. The Idylle Pearl timepieces come in charming mother of pearl hues ranging from subtle rose gold to hints of black, purple and green. Each elegant watch is equipped with a robust Swiss-made movement and shimmering diamonds on the indexes. 46

Mystère D’elie The unique design of the MYSTÈRE D’ELIE marries art with innovation. With hints of inspiration from East Asian motifs and contemporary abstract art, the 32mm dial is a deliberate nod towards creative liberty and ingenuity– a dark, romantic mystery stuck in a moment of precious time. Playing on Mother Nature’s favourite symbol, the emblematic flower, this glamourous timepiece features 11 diamonds on the index and lends itself to infinite metaphors on timeless beauty, delicacy, romance and passion.

Mystère D’elie Elegance True to its name, the MYSTÈRE D’ELIE ELEGANCE is a nod to pure taste and understated charm. The minimal yet sophisticated design is a celebration of exquisite details and mastery of watchmaking. The pursuit of excellence is conveyed in the harmonious details, from the oval shaped 28mm dial to the impeccably joined links on the band. Evoking a sense of purity and simplicity, the MYSTÈRE D’ELIE ELEGANCE watch offers a modern take on assertive Swiss-made timepieces characterized by luxurious finishes.

Mystère D’elie Fleur The MYSTÈRE D’ELIE FLEUR offers an enchanting portrayal of Mother Nature’s most adored motif – the flower. Paving way for multiple poetic interpretations, the budding flower is a symbol of hope, youth, romance, optimism, and eternal beauty. Associated with femininity and delicacy, the blooming flower which adorns the dial has been carved with the utmost attention, paying tribute to the excellence of watchmaking. The striking design is further enriched by the 55 diamonds illuminating the dark hued dial and indexes, producing an alluring iridescent effect akin to a starry galaxy gently wrapped around a woman’s wrist. 47


L 48

a Grande Maison of Le Sentier enriches an icon of modern Swiss horology, the Master Control collection, by introducing new interpretations of the two models. Distinguished by deep-blue dials with a sunray-brushed finish, the Master Control Date and Master Control Calendar represent the essence of contemporary elegant watchmaking — subtle, powerful and resolutely high-performance — at Jaeger-LeCoultre.

2022 marks the 30 years of the Master Control, launched in 1992 as a demonstration of the Maison’s commitment to the very highest levels of watchmaking excellence. The Master Control marked the beginning of the 1000 Hours Control system of internal quality standards at Jaeger-LeCoultre, a system subsequently incorporated throughout the full range of watches and which is now emblematic of the Maison’s fine watchmaking promise to its customers. In full alignment with this unceasing commitment to timeless quality that maintains Jaeger-LeCoultre at the forefront of 21stcentury horological craft, the Master Control collection has been enriched with two stainless steel models with sunray-finished dials in a refined shade of blue. All the essential codes of the Master Collection can be found in the Master Control Date and the Master Control Calendar.

These include features such as the combination




numerals with faceted dart markers for the hours, faceted dauphine hour and minute hands, and bevelled case lugs that curve towards the strap attachment point. The slim case bezels bring an open feel to the 40mm cases, symbolic of the inherent versatility in this case diameter.

Legibility and readability are emphasised, using minute scales in a subtly contrasting lighter blue, with distinct minute divisions intercut with dot markers in Super-LumiNova® for an intuitive and precise indication of the time. With the Master Control Calendar, the jumping date indication makes a welcome reappearance. A slender date hand extends outwards from the centre of the dial, ending in a redlacquered JaegerLeCoultre logograph that points towards the date on the outer periphery of the dial. For optimal reading of the dual-display moon phase and small seconds subdial, the date hand makes a 90° jump between the 15th and 16th day of each month. This ensures that the moon phase and small General Information seconds subdial is never bisected by the date hand; a small yet effective detail that increases the design clarity of the Master Control Calendar. To complete the overall harmonious aspect of these two new models, the date ring of the Master Control Date is also in blue, with white transferred Arabic numerals. The white-on-blue day and month indications of the Master Control Calendar provide similar aesthetic integration with the rest of the watch, with additional visual refinement found in the snailed finish of the small seconds subdial. The upper half of the subdial reveals the moonphase disc decorated with a star-studded background.

Within these new models beats two Jaeger-LeCoultre in-house automatic movements. The calibre 899 of the Master Control Date and the calibre 866 of the Master Control Calendar have 70 hours of power reserve, bringing close to three days of running autonomy even when they are not being worn. Each model is limited to 800 pieces.

Both the Master Control Date and the Master Control Calendar come with matching blue straps in calf leather. The straps are trimmed in complementary blue stitching that continues across the strap attachment point for a touch of vintage allure. These straps have been fitted with a quick-change mechanism, allowing the wearer to easily switch between a range of straps for a completely different look.





Your oral health is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. In this fast-paced era of tech advancement –dental treatments have also evolved. Gulf Dental is a healthcare brand that has created a milestone in advance dental treatments in Qatar, and therefore is our today’s brand story.


Ho w it S tart ed? Gulf Dental is a brainchild of Mr. Mohammed Robin ElAlami and Dr. Mahmoud, a winning team that does the best and work smart to achieve the right solution. It all started back in April 2004 with a small capital when Mr. Mohammed Robin ElAlami and Dr. Mahmoud worked on their idea. By doing a thorough market research, they launched Gulf Dental Center al Hilal with 3 dental clinics and a staff of 7. After 18 years of consistent hard work and dignity, the brand now owns 5 branches of dental centers and 2 branches of family medical Polyclinics under the umbrella of Gulf Dental. The Gulf Dental has grown into a huge brand with a total of 52 dental clinics and 40 medical clinics of OB, Derma, and much more. Located at 5 different vicinities in Qatar including Al Hilal, Duhail, Wakra, Old airport, Alabeb – Gulf Dental is making a mark by providing a range of dental service with upskill expertise and high-end system. The idea is to offer choices and treatments with trust.

G u l f D e n t a l - A Be s p o ke Se rv ic e t h a t t ru ly g ive s Qata r s om et h i n g t o Sm i l e A b out ! Patients at Gulf Dental experience a full range of modern dental treatments including same day crowns, aesthetical oral treatment, regular oral care checkups, cosmetic surgeries, OB, Derma, and much more. The brand offers a comfortable and pleasant environment with state-of-theart dental treatment equipment, latest techniques, and patient support from start to finish. 52

The clinics working under the Gulf Dental umbrella are carefully selected and proven for academically based, latest dental care practiced by highly qualified doctors.

At Gulf Dental, the owners make sure their patients get the most distinctive experience in dentistry. They incorporate strict hygiene and sterilization protocol using innovative techniques.

Ab o ut t h e O ut s t an din g S t rat e g ic Poli cy of th e Founder Mr. Moh a m m ed R o bin El A l ami

Being a seasoned business management personnel, Mr. Mohammed discovered that the dental services niche was a virgin market in Qatar and holds a very good potential for




technology offers.

Having a sound knowledge about medical facility management Mohammed Robin collaborated with Dr. Mahmoud, his work colleague. The duo decided to start their own business together from the scratch. Mohammed Robin revealed his successful management secrets to us that are simple and effective.

“My strategic policy is to just stick to basics and from there we come up slowly and consistently. The brand adheres to international dental practice standards and MOPH regulation.” Mohammed Robin told us.

And that’s exactly what people have experienced. At the Gulf Dental, safe treatment and quality services are obligatory. The doctors, paramedics, management, and support staff are trained and highly qualified in their respective domains. 53

T h e Cel eb rit y D e n t is t an d Co - Founder G ul f D e n t a l an d D r . Mahmo u d Abu Za i na h

Having a kind heart that always wanted to help people and a born artist with a talent in sketching and painting – Dr. Mahmoud always wanted to do something that requires hand expertise. That’s why he chose to be a dentist.

medical expertise that’s evolving every day. The success path was not as easy for Dr. Mahmoud as he graduated from Iraq during the war. That means, he needed to get hands on practice and expertise all by himself.

Dentistry is a tough profession that needs continuous learning. One needs to stay updated and attain latest

Dr. Mahmoud is a believer in constant learning and upgrading his dentistry skills.

While the brand is well-known for providing the latest dentist treatments, Dr. Mahmoud believes that your dentist should be someone who genuinely cares about you and is someone you trust. To him, good dentistry is all about knowing your patients, their history, experiences, and issues better than others.

He surely has the talent and rapport with his patients but his success trait is attending each case with indepth understanding before diagnosis and provide proper consultation to get the right treatment plan.


The way Gulf Dental is providing dental care to their patients is absolutely elevated quality than others. According to Dr. Mahmoud, this is his opportunity to level the dentistry industry in Qatar –the way he have always wanted.

Wh a t m a k e s Gu lf

Dr. Mahmoud gave a detailed answer.

D e n t a l d if f e re n t

When we started Gulf Dental, the vision was to become the leaders of the industry. The team got the best setup to cater the patients with high-end equipment, highly-skilled dentists with multiple specialties, and the best arrangement offered in affordable price.

fro m ot h er s ?

The professional team of Mr. Mohammed Robin ElAlami and Dr. Mahmoud is surely an inspiration for the Qatari youth who want to pursue their medical career and entrepreneurship. LLQ Lifestyle revels the successful entrepreneurship of this talented duo. 55




espresso is pleased to launch four exciting espressos as part of its World Explorations range, a collection that celebrates coffee culture around the world. The launches include four new additions – World Explorations Paris Espresso, World Explorations Istanbul Espresso, World Explorations Miami Espresso (limited edition) and World Explorations Rio de Janeiro Espresso - our popular Cafezinho do Brasil, which is usually offered as a limited edition, but will now be available permanently as the World Explorations Rio de Janeiro Espresso.

The World Explorations range is a set of Nespresso coffees made for Original, inspired by the diversity of local coffee cultures and rituals from famous cities across the globe, including Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul and Miami. The range comprises of six Lungos and four new Espressos.


2 0 2 2

The new cities we’ve brought into the range all have strong coffee heritage - from the first coffee merchants and coffeehouses of Istanbul, to Paris’ rich coffee shops culture which boasts more than 35,000 cafés and coffee-serving restaurants. Coffee drinking in Miami is deeply ingrained into local culture and has a heavy Hispanic influence, whilst Rio de Janeiro serves as the land for the world’s largest coffeeproducing country, Brazil.

The four new espressos are available in

Boutiques and online.

Shaped by many cultural influences, Miami is a melting pot of traditions, where drinking coffee is a social affair – a way to celebrate life. This coffee embraces the boldness and vibrancy of Hispanic coffee’s influence. The intense roasting of Latin American and Caribbean coffees unveils a dark crema that crowns the cereal, peppery and tobacco leaf aromas.

World Explorations Istanbul Espresso

Taking you back to traditional Turkish coffeehouses, this intense ambrosial brew bursts with boldness, wild ripe fruits, and a delicate almond touch. Like traditional Turkish coffee, Ethiopian Arabica and Indian Robusta bring a thick and velvety style, reminding us of the city once at a crossroads on the ancient coffee trade routes.

World Explorations Paris Espresso

With its rich café culture where locals enjoy philosophising over a coffee, Paris Espresso transports you straight to the Parisian terraces with its balanced blend of lightly roasted Latin American Arabicas, emboldened by Vietnamese Robusta. Delicately bitter with cereal and citrus notes, this is a cup that lives up to the Parisian café experience.

World Explorations Espresso



World Explorations Miami Espresso

We recommend serving the World Explorations coffees as an espresso. The World Explorations Istanbul, Miami and Rio de Janeiro Espresso blends can also be served as a ristretto. we have developed new recipes specific to each of the World Explorations coffees. You can find these online at www.nespresso.com/recipes.


Embodying the spirit of this lively, colourful city, Rio de Janeiro Espresso reflects the country’s deeprooted heritage of coffee growing and drinking. This is an intense, exotic and velvety espresso, crafted exclusively with Brazilian Arabicas, boasting a unique touch of sandalwood, along with herbal notes.

All coffees from the World Explorations range contain coffees sourced through the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program.




How does Mondrian Doha continue to position itself as one of the key luxury destinations despite the fluctuations in guests’ demands and hospitality sector perceptions?

y innovating continuously, capitalizing on our eccentric identity, and reinforcing the experiential side of the guests’ journey! At Mondrian Doha, we strive to offer our guests an extraordinary experience, combined with world-class service, and a personalized approach. We continue to innovate and evolve to provide the most unique exceptional stay! We achieve this by bringing new concepts to Qatar and the region, diversifying our F&B and entertainment options, and first and foremost, by putting our guests’ expectations above everything else. Mondrian Doha is created with a mission to evoke the emotions and stimulate the senses, filled with passion, to grant guests their most exciting dreams to come true.

Art and design are part of our bold identity. Designed in collaboration with world-renowned Dutch designer, Marcel Wanders, Mondrian Doha takes its design inspiration from One Thousand and One Nights, a collection of Middle Eastern folk tales and stories, in a mixture of signature designer features along with influences from the local culture and landscape. Mondrian Doha is keen to position itself as ‘The place to see and to be seen,’ through regularly bringing the hottest names of world’s show business and cinema, expanding the hotel’s radiance to global audiences and fans. Since its opening, the hotel hosted an array of A-list celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Omarion, Fat Joe, Sean Paul, Maluma, Katy Perry, Shay Mitchell, and idolized Indian actors Shah Rukh Khan.


Tell us more about the latest F&B openings at

With its newly opened terrace, what distinguishes

Mondrian? Any upcoming new launches?

Walima from other Middle Eastern contemporary

Our latest F&B opening was 12 Chairs, our luxurious Caviar bar. At 12 Chairs, we are pushing the boundaries on Caviar and fine dining. Our guests have a chance to live a truly interactive experience, synonymous with the omakase style. It is very much one on one, a very personalized and intimate experience. Our techniques are very modern and innovative in preparing our dishes. We use the best ingredients from the top suppliers. Everything at 12 Chairs is made in house including the pastry. Being at the epitome of luxury, our main aim at 12 Chairs is to create a unique experience that was never seen before in Doha, and to elevate the thriving local food scene.

restaurants? Walima is unique for its authentic middle eastern flavors that echo our nation’s spirit while embracing influences from the world. Guests at Walima are welcomed in true Qatari fashion with abundant generosity reflecting Qatar’s Modern hospitality and service. With its newly opened terrace, Walima’s outdoor beautiful terrace is home to traditional Arabic tents, offering a casual warm dining ambiance boasting panoramic views of the Lusail skyline and The Pearl- Qatar as the sun sets over West Bay Lagoon. Walima brings together magical elements from Alice in Wonderland and Arabian Nights. With east meets west, Walima’s menu includes a wide selection of Cold & Hot starters combined with a selection of Mains from the BBQ grill and seafood dishes including their Grilled Seafood mix, Persian Style Lamb Shank, Chicken Majboos & Lamb Majboos.

With the business and leisure visitation set to rise with summer season, any prominent offerings/ packages that Mondrian Doha will offer? With the summer season coming up witnessing the rise of staycations, we are lining it with a set of offers and packages for business and leisure visitation that puts everything the city has to offer at the doorstep of our guests. We have an array of exclusive planned experiences to enlighten our guests’ journey and personalize their stay. From unique culinary offerings to entertainment spaces to unforgettable wellness and Spa treatments to exciting wedding and big events packages. At Mondrian Doha, we seek to elevate our guests’ experience so that they can leave with unforgettable memories, offering them a selection of the cream of the crop facilities. The hotel offers 270 distinctive rooms; including the Penthouse and Deluxe Terrace Suites spread over twenty-four floors. All rooms feature bespoke miniature artworks, luxurious custom-made furniture, and Swarovski crystal chandeliers, and are complete with 24-hour room service and concierge service.


ESPA is one of the world’s finest, with distinct and standout design features, along with a team of the world’s top experts offering an unrivalled choice of spa, complimentary alternative therapies, fitness, beauty treatments as well as a hair and nail salon. Mondrian has a variety of meeting rooms to cater to all needs, a 95 sqm boardroom, and offers the possibility to privatize any of our F&B venues. Our versatile events and meeting spaces can fit up to 300 guests and is one of the biggest ballrooms in the country – with the possibility to accommodate up to 1,500 guests. With an access to a diversity of our emporium of culinary offers as well as complimentary Wi-Fi, in room desks, and a business centre, Mondrian has everything covered even for the most discerning business traveller.

How does Mondrian’s bespoke interior design and architecture contribute to offering a truly holistic, and memorable experience for its guests? The hotel was designed by world-acclaimed Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, who was inspired by the traditional Middle Eastern folk tales and stories and influenced by the essence of One Thousand and One Nights. Mondrian Doha’s ethos is built around experience – bespoke magical interiors and a setting that is designed to immerse our guests in a wonderland of eccentricity and luxury. The fantasy and whimsy of the space is articulated across every corner and across each touchpoint, without ever comprising on its five-star opulence.

What would differentiate Mondrian’s nightlife & dining experience from other luxury hotels? Nightlife and food & beverage are the most exciting part of Mondrian’s exquisite experience-focused journey. Mondrian’s nightlife offering is truly eccentric and vibrant. Surrounded by gold-framed mirrors, two bars and an oversized DJ booth, Black Orchid is the place to be seen and see Doha from a perfect perspective. With Doha’s hottest cigar lounge, ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ boasts a selection of the world’s finest cigars. For those looking to indulge in Shishas as the sun sets over West Bay Lagoon, the outside terrace at Walima is their perfect choice. Sports lovers - can also indulge in watching a game in Hudson Tavern sports bar while enjoying the vibrant nightlight vibes. Mondrian’s culinary offerings brings world-renowned restaurants to Doha for the very first time: Morimoto, a Japanese restaurant by celebrity Chef, Masaharu Morimoto with stunning design and artwork by artist Hiroshi Senju, and Chef Morimoto’s acclaimed menu; a recently revamped CUT by celebrity chef for the stars, Wolfgang Puck highlighting his signature international and steak dishes. Mondrian also pays tribute to the Middle Eastern and Qatari heritage with Walima, while Hudson Tavern features the finest New York-style burgers, in addition to EllaMia, a coffee brand that transcends the ordinary with its exclusive blends. With its most recent addition, 12 Chairs, an ultra-luxurious caviar and champagne bar is set to take guests on the finest gastronomy experience.

The beginning of the fantasy and surprise starts at the lobby and the atrium and continues to the distinctive rooms, dining outlets, and entertainment spaces. Each space possesses its own unique identity, with a story unfolding as guests travel from one to another indulging them in a holistic experience that cannot be forgotten once they leave.




The world’s most extensive Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine offering, Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som officially opened to the world today in a grand celebration of health and wellness


ulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, the region’s largest holistic wellness resort and the world’s first contemporary showcase of Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine (TAIM) welcomed dignitaries, celebrities, media, and special guests to the official opening of the award-winning holistic place of healing with a grand celebration.

The official ceremony comprised keynote speeches by Eng. Nasser Matar AlKawari, CEO of Msheireb Properties and Mr. Krip Rojanastien, Chairman and CEO of Chiva-Som, followed by an official unveiling


ceremony. With a backdrop of oriental oud percussions and Arabic flute notes, Zulal Wellness Resort commemorated the occasion with a special moment marking the beginning of the wellness journey.

Mr. Daniele Vastolo, General Manager of Zulal Wellness Resort escorted guests on an introductory tour of the resort while explaining the concept behind the Resort and principles of TAIM. During the tour, Karen Campbell, Chiva-Som’s business development director talked to guests about the resort’s sustainability initiatives.

The grand opening received great acclaim among visitors including celebrities and special guests such as Qatari media personality and influencer Hassan Al Sai, American singer Pia Mia, Australian actor Sam Corlett, British model Yovanna Venture, American celebrity personal trainer Kirk Myers, and Kuwaiti travel blogger Fatima AlMatar. The grand opening received great acclaim among visitors including celebrities and special guests such as Qatari media personality and influencer Hassan Al Sai, American singer Pia Mia, Australian actor Sam Corlett, British model Yovanna Venture, American celebrity personal trainer Kirk Myers, and Kuwaiti travel blogger Fatima AlMatar.

Eng. Nasser Matar AlKawari, CEO of Msheireb Properties, says, “We are very happy to open Zulal Wellness Resort in partnership with the internationally renowned Chiva-Som. The resort is aligned with our mission at Msheireb Properties to develop modern projects that are environmentally sustainable. We are excited to offer wellness treatments that are deeply rooted in the Qatari and wider Arab culture, presented in exceptional world class wellness facilities. While adopting a new approach to Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine, the resort is set to significantly contribute to boosting the national tourism sector and support Qatar’s strategic plans in achieving economic diversification and its National Vision.”


Mr. Krip Rojanastien, Chairman and CEO of Chiva-Som, says, “We are proud to unveil our resplendent new resort in Qatar in partnership with Msheireb Properties to deliver Chiva-Som’s holistic approach to wellness that draw on the indigenous traditions here in Qatar. Zulal Wellness Resort is a continuation of this approach and our path toward sustainable development. We are honoured to welcome guests, offering them our contemporary take on ancient wellness practices incorporated into over four hundred wellness treatments to encourage healthy choices and transform their lives and well-being.”


Mr. Daniele Vastolo, General Manager of Zulal Wellness Resort, adds, “After months of preparation, we are excited to have officially launched Zulal and we look forward to welcoming guests seeking support in their wellness journey. Our expert consultants are poised to cater to their needs in a serene and natural setting. Our retreats are aimed to be transformative beginnings and a starting point for a mindful and sustainable healthy lifestyle.”

The Zulal wellness experience is built upon six pillars of wellness: Nutrition, Fitness, Spa, Physiotherapy, Holistic Health, and Aesthetics. TAIM will be infused throughout each, together restoring body, mind, and spirit to optimum health in a sustainable manner.

The Zulal wellness experience is built upon six pillars of wellness: Nutrition, Fitness, Spa, Physiotherapy, Holistic Health, and Aesthetics. TAIM will be infused throughout each, together restoring body, mind, and spirit to optimum health in a sustainable manner. Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine is derived from the Canon of Medicine written by physician-philosopher Ibn Sina (also known as Avicenna), in 1025. In its contemporary form, TAIM is distilled from over a millennium of evidence-based wellness practices into a range of treatments and programmes aimed at supporting health in the 21st century, with an emphasis on restoring life balance through herbal medicines, spiritual therapies, dietary and mind-body practices. Zulal Wellness Resort is committed to the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Qatar’s National Vision 2030’s interconnected pillars – particularly

environmental development. Committed to achieving a sustainable environment in Qatar, Zulal believes that personal wellness goes hand-in-hand with sustainability. The resort is managed by Chiva-Som, a globally acclaimed pioneer in wellness and lifestyle transformation with 26 years’ experience honed at its flagship resort in Hua Hin, Thailand. Zulal, the first full-immersion wellness resort in Qatar, and the largest in the Middle East, has been brought to life by Qatar’s premier master developers, Msheireb Properties.


Tu rk is h Ai rl i nes a n d G OL A n n o u nce C od es ha re a n d F re q uen t Fl yer Par tners h i p A g re emen t Through the codeshare partnership, passengers will be able to purchase tickets to destinations in Brazil from flights departing from Istanbul and many other airports in Asia, the Middle East, Far East and Africa.


Linking of two carriers’ frequent flyer programs (FFP), will enable members of the Miles&Smiles and Smiles loyalty schemes to earn and redeem miles when flying on either carrier. a global aviation giant with almost 90 years in operation, and GOL Linhas Aéreas, the leading company in the Brazilian market, today announce a Codeshare and FFP (Frequent Flyer Partnership) Agreement. The codeshare agreement provides that Turkish Airlines passengers from Africa, Asia, Far East and Middle East, can acquire connections with the entire network operated by GOL in the Brazilian territory and to Asuncion, Santiago, Montevideo, Lima destinations in the region. Currently, Turkish Airlines operates 7 daily flights to GRU Airport, São Paulo’s international airport in Guarulhos (GRU).

With the codeshare agreement, passengers of Turkish Airlines will be able to purchase directly through the airline’s sales channels, tickets for flights operated by GOL in Brazil.


Besides this codeshare, Turkish Airlines and GOL have reached consensus on launching FFP cooperation as well. TK’s Miles&Smiles and GOL’s SMILES members will gain access to accrual and redemption benefits on both airlines. FFP partnership will initially start with redemption soon, and accrual benefits will be provided afterward. Commenting on the agreement Bilal Ekşi, Turkish Airlines CEO said; “As Turkish Airlines, we are pleased to launch codeshare and FFP cooperation with GOL in Sao Paulo that will allow passengers unique travel alternatives via İstanbul to Brazilian domestic routes. They will enjoy FFP benefits with the new flight options along with a more convenient travel experience. By this opportunity, we also hope to make contribution to the commercial relations between our respective countries.” “As two of the main airlines in Brazil and Turkey, GOL and Turkish Airlines offer the best experience to their passengers. Enabling Turkish Airlines passengers to reach the largest number of flights and destinations in Brazil with this agreement is a pleasure for us.” says Paulo Kakinoff, President from GOL. “This will be another opportunity for the world to get to know

the beauties of Brazil through the various Turkish Airlines’ connections to the GOL flights across the country.” added the CEO.

Codeshare and FFP Partnership will bring benefits to the Passengers

After being approved by the Brazilian authorities, the codeshare agreement between the airlines will allow passengers to enjoy GOL’s 60 domestic destinations from São Paulo (GRU). In the future, the companies will work to expand the agreement to other international destinations operated by GOL. For Brazilians, the Company will offer connections with Turkish Airlines in Istanbul and many other airports around the world. Soon, the segments will also be able to be computed for accumulation and discharge in Smiles, GOL’s loyalty program. Once the system integration is completed, the FFP agreement will bring accrual and redemption advantages to Miles&Smiles and Smiles members.


FERRARI PORTOFINO M: a voyage of rediscovery Latest evolution of Prancing Horse 2+ GT spider unveiled Notable new features include a 620 cv V8 turbo, 5-position Manettino with Race mode and a new 8-speed gearbox

The Portofino M bursts with innovations that enhance its superb versatility and the pleasure of en plein air driving


There is no shortage of technical innovation in the stunning new evolution of the Ferrari Portofino, the most notable being its redesigned powertrain, a brand-new eight-speed gearbox and the five-position Manettino that includes a Race mode, an absolute first for a

Maranello GT spider. As a consequence of these and many other new features, the Portofino M guarantees an unprecedented combination of authentic GT performance, driving pleasure, agility and exceptional versatility in everyday driving contexts.


his latest design and engineering masterpiece from the Prancing Horse is the perfect evolution of the Ferrari Portofino. Sportier in character than its predecessor, it also delivers superior handling whilst not only maintaining POWERTRAIN but enhancing on-board comfort, courtesy of specific new optional The Ferrari Portofino M’s 3855cc engine belongs to the V8 turbo family voted features, such as ADAS, and ventilated “International Engine of the Year” on four consecutive occasions (2016-2019). and heated seats. The Ferrari Portofino The power unit can punch out 620 cv at 7,500 rpm, 20 cv more than the Ferrari M thus retains the Ferrari Portofino’s twin Portofino. To achieve these performance levels, the Ferrari engineers used new soul and is the only car on the market cam profiles to increase valve lift and optimise combustion chamber filling. that can rightfully be described as an A speed sensor was also added to the turbocharger assembly to measure the authentic coupé with its top closed and turbine revolutions. This in turn allowed the maximum revolutions per minute of a genuine spider when it is open. This the turbine to be increased by 5,000 rpm. is thanks, of course, to the Retractable Hard Top (RHT), the signature feature of Lastly, to comply with the strictest pollution emissions standards, a Gasoline all the Prancing Horse’s convertibles. Particulate Filter has been included in the exhaust system. The GPF allows the car The Portofino M’s compact dimensions also make it ideal for all occasions. In fact, its unparalleled versatility and on-board comfort turn every trip into a voyage of (re)discovery.

to comply with the strictest European anti-pollution standards (Euro-6D) without compromising driving pleasure. This result comes thanks to a control logic that continuously regenerates the filter, limiting the amount of accumulated particulate matter. This is achieved by using two dedicated sensors per cylinder bank to accurately measure differential pressure deltas up- and down-stream of the GPF. The 8-speed gearbox is a completely new unit compared to the previous 7-speed version and is based on a dual-clutch oil bath architecture. It differs from the SF90 Stradale’s 8-speed transmission in its longer gear ratios and the introduction of a mechanical reverse gear. The new layout and integration of its components have also optimised the gearbox’s size and its installation in the car.


Like all the other turbo cars in the range and in line with the “zero turbo lag” concept, the Ferrari Portofino M delivers instantaneous throttle response throughout the rev range. The car boasts Variable Boost Management, a control software developed by Ferrari that adjusts torque delivery to suit the gear selected. The result is increasingly powerful pick-up as revs rise, whilst optimising fuel consumption. As the car goes up through the gears (from 3rd to 8th), the amount of torque delivered by the engine increases all the way up to 760 Nm in 7th and 8th gear. On the one hand, this has allowed Ferrari to use longer gear ratios in the higher gears, which helps keep fuel consumption and emissions down, while on the other, adopting a steeper torque curve through the rev range in the lower gears for a feeling of smooth and powerful pick-up.

silencers have been eliminated (which in addition to boosting sound also significantly reduces backpressure in the tailpipes) and the by-pass valves are now oval in shape to enhance the exhaust sound. Both solutions significantly reduce exhaust backpressure and improve sound quality. The last notable modification is “proportional” by-pass valve control, which is continuous and progressive depending on the driving situation.

The introduction of the eighth gear and the improvement in transmission efficiency have resulted in a significant reduction in fuel consumption in urban and motorway contexts in addition to noticeably improving performance even under sportier, more press-on driving.

EXTERIOR The fact that the Portofino M’s performance is more powerful than the Portofino resulted in the Ferrari Styling Centre’s designers making very precise, targeted adjustments to highlight the model’s characteristics and underscore its sportiness.

The new clutch module is 20% smaller but delivers 35% more torque, with up to a maximum 1,200 Nm of dynamic torque transmitted when gear shifting. The transmission software strategy has also been evolved with a more powerful ECU. Lastly, particular attention was focused on gear change strategies aimed at improving the power unit’s fuel consumption and emissions levels. Due to more efficient clutch torque control, the car is now also easier to drive in urban contexts during Start&Stop cycles. This guarantees that the car is smoother to drive at low speeds in traffic, as well as delivering a more intuitive experience and improved responsiveness. By tradition, every single Ferrari engine has its own particular soundtrack that makes it unique. The Ferrari Portofino M is no exception. In addition to the flatplane crankshaft, the geometry of the entire exhaust line is new. The two rear


The wraparound front bumpers incorporate imposing, sculptural air intakes that lend a decisive, aggressive look to the front of the car. They also feature a new air vent at wheelarch height, added because of the need to reduce the car’s overall drag. Part of the air flow coming off the front radiating masses is directed towards the new vents and then accelerated up as it exits, boosting its extraction power. The resulting improvement in aerodynamic performance is underscored by a slash on the front bumper that flows into the design of the flanks, adding visual harmony to the side view of the car. Thus, the signature Portofino side scallop finds its visual counterpart on the Ferrari Portofino M’s front bumper, which has been sculpted to accentuate the car’s dynamic profile. The grille features new aluminium slats with contrasting faceted tips that highlight this noble material. At the rear, the new exhaust system has allowed the removal of the silencer assembly, making the Ferrari Portofino M’s tail more compact. The result is that the rear

bumpers are now more streamlined and sculptural. Visually, their forms are lighter too and their styling more in harmony with the front bumpers, creating a much more coherent overall aesthetic.

the upper section. The other control functions are located in the scooped section below, with a 10.25” touchscreen at the centre. This type of layout hints at flawless ergonomics and highlights the construction quality of every single detail through its seamless marriage of ultra-high-tech elements and materials with handcrafted assemblies and trims.

The rear diffuser has been completely redesigned and is now separate to the bumpers. This allows clients to be able to specify it in carbon-fibre, which further underscores the car’s sporty character.

Seen in plan view, the cockpit’s symmetrical arrangement and the ample rear seat space are clear. From a construction perspective, the interior - and the dashboard architecture in particular - feature two shells incorporating all of the technical components and a bridge that visually connects the instrument panel area with the central tunnel.

Specific diamond-finish wheel rims were designed for the Ferrari Portofino M. Their styling references that of the car’s flanks, a perfect marriage of elegance and sportiness. The unusually sculptural design of the spokes and their chiaroscuro look visually lightens the rim.

This layout is designed to involve the passenger and is underscored in the styling of the door panels, handles and various controls and devices available, including the central and passenger touchscreens.

INTERIOR With the top down the Portofino M reveals its stylish GT soul and occupants will appreciate how compact and organic the whole car feels. There is exceptional design coherency in the development of the cabin, in fact. The Styling Centre team began by pinpointing certain specific prerequisites essential to the success of the design, the foremost of these being formal and functional coherency between the car’s exterior and its interior, weight reduction and more occupant space. The crafting of the interior began with a multi-level dashboard structure comprising an upper half and then an intermediate gap designed to lighten the perceived mass of the lower half. Obtained by subtracting rather than adding volumes, this breaking up of the dash into different levels allowed the designers to organise the technical elements and incar devices to very rational effect while simultaneously defining its signature fullwidth architecture. A central horizontal aluminium blade divides the instrument panel, air conditioning vents and passenger display into separate areas in

The seats are the product of a special research project and have an innovative magnesium structure. Different density padding and an ultra-compact seatback profile have freed up space for rear occupants too. Also available is three-level ventilation for the seat and backrest, and the very popular neck warmer for use in winter months. The latter offers a choice of three heat levels and the system constantly adapts the speed of the warm air flow from the headrest to ensure it is proportional to the car’s speed, outside temperature and the position of the retractable top.



Maserati is breaking the rules and fulfilling an order from Mars. Grecale Mission from Mars is the result that goes beyond the boundaries of the Earth.

special Maserati for a special customer. Innovative by nature, Maserati has chosen the Fuoriserie Programme to create a unique model. Maserati Fuoriserie is a blank slate and the brand is offering a wide range of designs and colours for it. The rest falls to the inspiration of individual customers (Martians too!), who are given the opportunity to take on the


stance of a trendsetter and to express their personal creativity. The Mission from Mars has begun and the options to customise Grecale are pushed to their absolute limit. The red dust of the planet Mars and its oxidised rocks cross-fertilise Grecale Mission from Mars: a special textured metallic is paint inspired by mineral dust and metal erosion is used on components inside and out.

The exteriors are painted in Galactic Orange, a Fuoriserie interpretation of the bodywork in a multi-layered colour. Its highly liquid base is reminiscent of molten metal, on top of an intense, futuristic and almost frosted orangered resin. To complete the exterior, Grecale Mission from Mars features special Vortex Wheels. Not a mere customisation of the wheel rim from a chromatic perspective, but a genuine retelling of the mechanical processing of the material itself; its removal leaves behind a vortex design, recalling the displacement of air caused by start-up and travelling at speed. The raw surface is protected by a transparent topcoat of black ink. Conversely, the grey of the tyres is made from a special blend dedicated to the planet Mars. The badges are specific and the trident on the C-pillar merges into the bodywork, giving it a 2D aspect, in larger proportions than usual. The design of the Trident logo has been revisited with a glitch effect, both symbolising the rhythm of the waves and information incoming from outer space, and bringing to mind the feeling of movement at very high speed. The mirror effect is similar to a solar lens, here embedded in the dark orange of the bodywork.

E.T. may have phoned home with his finger, but all it takes in the Grecale Mission from Mars is a tap on the 12.3” screen, the largest ever seen in a Maserati, for an all-encompassing experience inside the car and out, all the way to another planet. “Connectivity with outer space” is not the only feature to assist with a journey beyond the boundaries of the Earth: intergalactic motorists can find a special “star chart” right on the ceiling. Just look up to see a projection of the main constellations, ideal to transport yourself into spaces left out from most standard atlases. After setting up your route, all you need to do is enjoy the journey, courtesy of Grecale’s best-in-class versatility and its interior: the seats act as the perfect pairing of a design inspired by the electric currents on Mars with astronauts’ spacesuits and the latest trends in fashion, bringing together craftsmanship and innovation. The design elements are reinterpreted with an innovative flair. Not only mere graphics, but also know-how, transformed through curiosity and openness to stimuli from the beauty of the future with the details lying in the colours and materials, filtered through the characteristic style of Maserati. Technology reigns in the cabin in terms of the upholstery too: the car’s interior uses transverse lasering with a contrasting multi-coloured welded backing, taping, silicone coatings, embossing and debossing on leather, and leverages automotive materials such as Alcantara and leather. The boldest journey through outer space takes off from Mars and lands in Milan, where the special one-off Maserati will be unveiled at an exclusive evening event, the epitome of the everyday exceptional. Grecale Mission from Mars is projecting Maserati forward into the future, as a bold synthesis of avantgarde, passion and unbounded customisation, made possible by Fuoriserie.


Ford Mid d le Ea s t

for outstandi ng performance i n

rec ogni z e s d istribu to r

i mprovi ng the cust o me r

partn er s

and servi ce operat io n s


ord Middle East recently announced the winners of its annual Henry Ford Excellence and President’s Awards – a programme designed to recognize its distributor partners for delivering outstanding customer experience and operations in 2021. The awards ceremony and handover of the trophies occurred during the Ford Middle East Distributors’ Council at the Dubai Expo 2020.

ex peri ence i n sal e s

“At Ford, these are the most prestigious awards we, as a company, give to our distributor partners annually,” said Ravi Ravichandran, Executive Director, Middle East. “They are our way of recognizing the most outstanding initiatives and performances of the prior year and thanking our key partners across the Middle East for their continued efforts to ensure our customers are treated like family, and remain satisfied, loyal, long-term advocates for our Ford and Lincoln brands.”

Introduced in 2016 regionally, the annual awards programme evaluates distributors primarily on their highest level of overall customer satisfaction and:


Highest level sales customer satisfaction

Highest level service customer satisfaction

Best sales performance

Best parts performance

A total of six distributor partners won the President’s Awards accolades across Ford’s Middle East business unit, hailing from Al Mana Motors - Qatar, Al Moayyed Motors - Bahrain, Alghanim Auto - Kuwait, ANB Motors - Lebanon, Al Jazirah Vehicle Agencies - Saudi Arabia and Al Tayer Motors - United Arab Emirates.

Distributors across the Middle East have displayed outstanding commitment and contribution to the Ford and Lincoln businesses, and together, Ford and its distributor partners continue to create must-have products and services and treat customers like family


AVA I L A B L E AT A U T O C L A S S C A R S M G H S T H E S P O R T I E S T S U V I N Q ATA R WITH ELEGANT SPORTY DESIGN, CLASSY INTERIOR AND POWERFUL ENGINE - State-of-the-art technology features with 12.3-inch virtual instrument panel - the largest in the segment - interacts with the 10.1-inch color touchscreen 76


EXTERIOR From the iconic MG badge found front with the star rider grille, right the way through to the rear combination tail lights, every inch of the new MG HS is as eye-catching and impressive as can be. This is a muscular and athletic SUV in every sense of the word, with the slick craftsmanship and impressive proportions ensuring you are driving a model that has been carefully designed and lovingly detailed.

he MG HS is a stylish, capable SUV that embraces the manufacturer’s ethos of ‘Explore your senses’. Derived from MG’s hugely impressive concept X-Motion, the MG HS sets the adrenaline racing, with its intuitive arrangement tailored to provide a truly rewarding drive. The MG HS and wide range of MG vehicles are available at Auto Class Cars showroom at Salwa road in Doha.

It comes equipped with two-tone LED headlights - embedded with nine crystal LEDs - for exceptional visibility, LED Daytime Running Light and sequential tail lights, 18 inch alloy wheels, red sports brake disc calipers, electric folding door mirrors, power tailgate and much more. The Rear Spoiler and Chrome Roof Rails along with Chrome Door Handles adds elegancy to the sporty design. The result is an attractive but capable model that conveys a sense of constant motion and reassurance out on the road.


INTERIOR An area that is as contemporary and compelling as they come, the cabin of the all-new MG HS features a plethora of curves that add to its inviting nature. With up to 85% of the interior also covered with leather - available in Red, Beige and Black, racing-class integrated MG sports bucket seats, paddle-shift, flat-bottom designed steering wheel and sports pedal enhancing the sense of sportiness on offer, the MG HS doesn’t compromise on quality on the inside. The MG HS comes fitted with 6 Way Powered Driver Seat, Driver Lumbar Support and a 4 Way Powered Passenger Seat to manage your seating position before you start your journey. What’s more, a best in class panoramic sunroof to enjoy the skyline and soundproofing materials with noise insulation pads


providing a quiet, serene environment, each journey is one of complete luxury. There’s even interactive ambient cabin lighting inspired by the aurora integrated with the infotainment system to match your mood of the day. The MG HS cooler to its style quotient is equipped with a Dual Zone Climate Control AC and rear AC vent tested for the region making the cabin temperature pleasant for you and passengers during the drive. Standard features also include Smart Key, Keyless Entry and Push Button Start.

PERFORMANCE The sporty looks and luxurious comfort aren’t the only appealing measures to be found in the new MG HS. Powered by a responsive 2.0L High Efficiency Turbo Engine, the MG HS is capable of producing a thrilling 231PS and maximum torque of 360 Nm. Available in Front Wheel Drive on the comfort trim and an Intelligent All Wheel Drive (AWD) system on the luxury trim, the model provides a top speed of 210km/h and combines with a six-speed dual clutch transmission gearbox for seamless transitions through the gears. The result is a level of performance that will set the heart racing and get the adrenaline flowing. The MG HS is equipped with Eco, Normal, Comfort and Sports mode for your convenient driving style. To add an extra punch, the MG HS luxury trim is equipped with a super sport response system that releases maximum torque for best acceleration.

air of the vehicle in just three minutes, further adding to the comfortable environment.

SAFETY When it comes to safety, you can be assured of MG HS with a 5 Star CNCAP safety standards. Comparing to its aggressive and dynamic styling the MG HS is built with a high tensile grade steel cage body. Safety measures such Side and Curtain Airbags, Cruise Control, Engine Start-Stop, Auto Hold, Hill-Start Assist Control and an Electric Parking Brake, Blind Spot Detection, Rear parking sensors and RearView Camera are all fitted, enabling you to take the road effortless and with confidence. With plenty of reassurance guaranteed, you can rest assured that the new MG HS has you covered with a 6 Years/200,000 KM’s Manufacturer’s warranty

TECHNOLOGY Featuring a 12.3-inch virtual instrument panel - the largest in the segment - you will be able to access key performance data in a contemporary presentation. Not only that, but this instrument panel interacts with the 10.1-inch color touchscreen that is the hub of activity. Featuring with a highperformance dual-core processor, this fast and responsive system connects effortlessly to your smartphone with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, GPS, Navigation and much more to provide access to all the necessary infotainment measures you demand. Further technology features include a premium Audio system and an innovative MG Trophy Dream Air Quality Management System which purifies the


M U L T I M E T E R 0 3 - 9 4 B R 80



ell & Ross creates instrument watches inspired by aeronautical tools and aimed at professionals. With this unique model, Bell & Ross wanted to show the high potential of the chronograph complication and its involvement in sport. Its name Multimeter evokes a time measuring instrument used for various sports competitions. The BR 03-94 Multimeter is aimed at all athletes involved in racing. It is designed to give as much information as possible concerning their physical activity.

The BR 03-94 Multimeter is a chronograph. These sports watches are designed to measure short times. They are equipped with a large independent central hand that can be started, stopped and then reset. Chronographs also measure speed using a tachymeter scale. Initially, these watches were used in: - aviation. They allowed pilots to prepare their flight plan. They are also used to define the position of airborne aircraft. - the navy to calculate the position of ships while out at sea. - medicine. Some models are specifically developed for doctors. They allow you to take the pulse accurately. - motorsport, in particular to determine the speed of a racing car. The chronograph function therefore allows multiple measurements; the BR 03-94 Multimeter brings them all together on its dial. This exceptional model notably allows the measurement of speed, the number of breaths or even heartbeats. It is a type of “Swiss army knife” for athletes. The new BR 03-94 Multimeter takes up the iconic “circle within a square” shape of the emblematic cockpit clock. Created in 2005, this watch features a very graphic case, which has become a reference in terms of design. The 42 mm diameter of the BR 03-94 Multimeter makes it perfectly suitable for everyday use. The multicoloured dial of this sophisticated chronograph captivates the eye.



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