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P How To Use This Book…7 Money…9

Send Ca$h  10

Put Me to Work  11

Pygg, Make Bank!  12 Share the Wealth  13 Sell This House  14

Family…15 Plus One  16

Tea Time  17

Spread Your Wings  18

I Honor All My Ancestors  19 The Lines Are Open  20


Privacy Please  22 BFFL 23

Complete Me  24

That Loving Feeling  25 Clean Break  26

Protection…27 Shatter 28

Zip Your Lips  29

Road Guide  30

Return to Sender  31

Rainbow Shield  32

C o nte nt s


Personal Power…45

Bounce Back  34

The Nose Knows  46

Chill Out  36

Bring It  48

Mr. Sandman  35 Fountain of Youth  37 Mirror Mirror  38


Kick It  47 No 49

I’m Worth a King’s Ransom!  50

Spiritual Growth…51

Eureka! 40

Thank You  52

Out of the Way!  42

Put It Down  54

Find My Focus  41

Abracadabra 43

Time Waits for Me  44

Ride the Wave  53 Burn It!  55

Magic and Nature…57 Wax and Wane  58

Wheel of the Year  60 Blessed Be  61

Tree Oracle  62

Awaken the Chakras…63 Strong Roots  64

Creation Is Salvation  65 Cat Confidence  66 Heart L♥ve 67

Good Vibrations  68 Third Eye  69

Crowning Glory  70

The Coloring Pages…71 Resources for Adapting and Enhancing Your Spells…173 About the Author…174 About the Artist…175

•• How To Use This Book

Intention, it’s said, is one of the most important elements of magical work, followed closely by focus. Not

surprisingly, coloring is a marvelous focusing tool, and many adults have rediscovered this gentle art. In

fact, coloring can be downright charming—literally: Infuse a few well-chosen words into a coloring page and add some esoteric correspondences and you have the makings of a personal ritual where the mind can create miracles.

The book you hold in your hands can be both toy and tool. Of course, its pages are meant to be colored,

and that in and of itself can be spellcraft. What colors—and so, intent—will you apply to the images you

find here? Priestess Amy Blackthorn compares color magic to mathematics: add red (passion) to yellow

(action) and you get orange (creativity). Blue (peace) and yellow (action) make green (healing), while blue and red, peace and passion, make purple, a color of spiritual enlightenment. These are traditional meanings (and there are endless combinations), but it’s important to remember that each of us has our own language of color based on culture, path, and personal experience. When you color a picture—any picture—you bring your own brand of magic to it. And you can take it a step further. If you so choose, the following pages, in

addition to being colored, can also be blessed with oil, buried in the earth, rubbed with herbs, or piled with crystals, turning them into (fun!) ritual instruments.

Some of the spells you will see on these pages are familiar phrases—time-tested euphemisms that strike

a chord—or single (powerful!) words to speak aloud or inspire action. You’ll find spells and rituals for money, family, love, protection, health, creativity, personal power, spiritual growth, magic and nature, and even the chakras!

The first part of the book contains the text for each spell along with a vignette from the spell’s coloring

page, which can be found in the second part of the book (look for the

p symbol for the coloring page’s

corresponding page number, which is placed within the perforation so that once the page is removed, there

are no unsightly page numbers to clutter your work of art). The section dividers are also spells: color each one to conjure the perfect mood for making magic!

Each page is an invitation to personalize these formulas with your intentions. Feel free to follow or adapt

each spell to suit your needs—or you can simply color. The choice is yours.


Earning Saving Sharing Burning Cash cannot solve every ill But bless me with plenty to work my will


Share the Wealth An important aspect of any spell work is giving thanks and giving back when our wishes have come to

pass. When you have enough, it’s time to share the wealth. (Emphasis on when, and that’s different for

every person.) Not only does this action benefit others, it’ll make you feel good, too; love multiplies. When you find yourself in a time where you have resources to give, color this ritual incantation. Think about how you’d like to share your wealth. Write your ideas in the hands and then color in each one as opportunities present themselves. Pink is the color of gratitude, but perhaps someone or something

in your life and the colors associated with it define gratitude for you: the green of the forest where

your family camped every summer, the lovely sky blue that was your grandmother’s favorite hue, a

red cardinal on a frost-tipped branch. Add the power of aromatherapy to your work. Each time you

finish coloring a hand, anoint it with a drop each of rose (love), rosemary (creativity), and rosewood

(stability) essential oils to give thanks and encourage future opportunities for generosity. Affirm aloud, “I share the wealth!”

• p see coloring page 79 – – 13 – –




Kinfolk Ancestors Clan

Bless those with whom we share our challenges, celebrations, cares, and all of life’s passages


– – 15 – –

I Honor All My Ancestors There are passages in the Prose and Poetic Eddas of Nordic culture that speak of cairns of stones

called hörgr—altars to honor gods, spirits of the land, and ancestors. Color this page to create a hörgr to honor your family. Label each “stone” with the name of an ancestor (include blood ancestors as well

as chosen family and pets), then fill it in with patterns you associate with that particular person or

being. If you wish, cut the stones out and glue magnets to the backs of them. Burn sandalwood incense

when you do this work; it’s protective and enhances clairvoyance, which is good for communicating with those who have passed. The kitchen is often considered the hearth of the home. Place the stones

on your refrigerator (the “source” of food, and so important to family) as a rearrangeable altar. Encircle

a magnet that symbolizes you with your ancestor stones to invoke their support and protection. Alternatively, stack them up in chronological order with your symbolic magnet at the top to express

pride in your lineage and connection. Each time you place or rearrange the stones, speak the names of your ancestors aloud and thank them for their presence in your life.

p see coloring page 89 – – 19 – –

Partners Lovers Friends Mates Love comes to me in many guises Through feelings, fate, and sweet surprises

– – 21 – –

That Loving Feeling That loving feeling at romance’s first blossom—there’s nothing quite like it. True love mellows over

time but is kept warm by that initial spark. Sometimes, though, that flame burns low and may even threaten to go out. Often it’s because the relationship doesn’t get the same kind of time and attention that it used to. In colonial-era America the courting candle was employed to monitor the alone time a

suitor had with his sweetheart. Before coloring this spell—with your sweetheart, if possible—anoint a red candle with rose (love) and cinnamon (heat) oils to spark it up. If you’re working on the page with

your partner, agree to keep engaged for as long as the candle is burning. Use ardent reds to reignite passion and verdant greens for nurturing and growth. A yellow and orange flame keeps things active with some—ahem—creativity. In the rays that shine out from the candle’s light, write out things you love about your partner. When you’re finished, bless the page with the rose and cinnamon oils and tuck it between your mattress and box spring or under the sheets to rekindle romance.

p see coloring page 99 – – 25 – –

Shelter Safeguard Protect Defend Keep me safe and guard me well Far abroad or where I dwell

– – 27 – –

Shatter Bottles are magical secret keepers in which messages, spells, and even curses can be kept safe, active, or confined. If it seems that many things are going wrong in your life, it’s very easy to feel that you’ve

been earmarked for trouble. This isn’t always the case, but real or imagined, you have the power to

master a hex. Write about the events and happenings that have been troubling you and the feelings associated with them in the bottle. Color the bottle in a deep, healing blue, making sure to cover all the words with a heavy hand. Cut out the bottle, and then cut it into small pieces. Every time you

make a cut, say the spell: “Shatter!” and picture all of the negativity you’ve been experiencing breaking into pieces. Place the scraps in a jar with a cup of vinegar and seal it. Every day give the jar at least

one shake, saying the spell as you do so: “Shatter!” When the paper is completely dissolved, flush the remnants down the toilet and let the water wash whatever is left away.

p – – 28 – –

see coloring page 103

~ Soothing Balm Comforting Calm When I’m vulnerable and in need Send swift healing in word and deed

– – 33 – –

Chill Out When stress makes your blood boil, it’s time to chill out. Color this meditation tool to help you

focus your energies and cool down your raging emotions. Color the icicle in soothing shades of silver

and blue. Use glue to add glitter and quartz crystal chips to add light and aid focus. Next, color the wheel. Each slice represents aspects of our lives that bring stressful thoughts or emotions and the

uncomfortable heat that goes with them. What colors do you associate with each one? Color them

in appropriately. Cut out the icicle and, using a metal fastener, attach it to the wheel. The next time you feel stressed out, take this page to a quiet spot and place it in front of you. Anoint your temples

with cooling, calming eucalyptus oil. Find your stressor on the wheel and turn the icicle to it. Breathe in the scent of the oil and say the words of the spell: “Chill out!” Visualize frost inching out from the icicle, covering your issue with ice crystals. Feel the situation cooling off. Use this tool anytime you’re stressed or before meditation, grounding, and other spell work to clear your mind and chill.

p – – 36 – –

see coloring page 117

Make up Shake up Look up

Wake up

Solving problems, making art

I create with mind and hand and heart

– – 39 – –

Find My Focus Unlike mazes, which are filled with dead ends and tricks, labyrinths have only one path to a central goal. They twist and turn but always remain steady and true; no wonder they are used for grounding

and meditation. We live in an age of information overload—one where it’s very easy to get distracted. Navigating a labyrinth can help you focus on a goal you want to accomplish or just allow your mind

to wander and clear. Classical labyrinths are often called “seed labyrinths,” as a seed design guides the layout of the pattern. Take a moment to ground and center, then think of an issue for which you need focus; what color would you associate with it? Money issues may manifest themselves in gold or silver; starting a new job or school or trying to complete an assignment may be green. Love expresses

itself in reds and pinks, but you may see your situation in completely different colors. Choose hues that hold meaning for you. If possible, color the labyrinth in a quiet, peaceful place. Visualize your

situation in your heart and mind, then speak the incantation, “Find my focus.” (You may want to say a word or two about what you’re trying to focus on, too.) Hold the image in your mind, then trace the

labyrinth with your finger or a quartz point that has been blessed with a dab of frankincense oil; both promote clarity.

p see coloring page 125 – – 41 – –

Strength Confidence Courage Faith It’s time to let the whole world see That I truly believe in me

– – 45 – –

The Nose Knows Dogs are experts at flushing—sniffing and digging out what needs to be revealed, be it prey or problem. We humans may not be blessed with a nose for knowing, but we do have the same kind of

instincts. Color the dog to tap into his energy and focus on trusting your instincts. (The only way to

make them sharper is to use them!) Use earthy, well-grounded colors. As you work, visualize yourself

aware and alert; imagine what it’s like to feel those senses heighten. When you’re finished, name your dog and then bless him with a drop of peppermint oil (alertness), orange oil (confidence), and these words:

I trust my gut The nose knows Whatever is lurking I can expose! Keep this picture with you. You now have a guardian guard dog, a spiritual trainer for your instincts. For extra power, color this image under the auspices of Sirius, the Dog Star. Ask for his blessing and support as you strengthen your instincts.

p – – 46 – –

see coloring page 133




Mastery Allegory Mystery

I am a part of the Divine


In god and goddess, my soul enshrined

– – 51 – –

Put It Down Have you been unwilling to forgive? It’s not easy, but an act of forgiveness will do wonders for you. We’ve been conditioned to think forgiving is about the person who did the hurting, but really it’s

the other way around. Forgiveness is about putting down the often heavy and cumbersome baggage

that comes from being damaged. It’s wearying work to carry anger, frustration, and injustice, not to mention the potential toll it can take on your health. Forgiveness does not excuse or condone the behavior and actions of another. It allows the hurt person to carry on—literally—without being

weighed down. Color this ritual to help you forgive and put down the burden of any anger or grudges

that you’ve been carrying. Fill in the bags with colors that express your despair. You can also write out how you’re feeling or even a narrative of what happened. Get it all out. Color the words of the spell in healing shades of blue and growth-oriented shades of green; a new life awaits you once

you’ve set your burdens aside. When the work is complete, tear out the page and set it on a patch of

earth where you won’t be littering. Weigh it down with stones: rose quartz

for love (love conquers all), smoky quartz to ease anxiety, and clear quartz or a Herkimer diamond for clarity. Say, “To lighten my

load, I put this down.” And then…let it be. Don’t check on it. Trust that the universe, through rain and wind and sun and earth, will dissolve the negativity and clear the energy. In the meantime, you are free.

p – – 54 – –

see coloring page 147


Conjuring Watching


Earth, Sky, and Spirit

Tell your secrets to me I promise to keep them So mote it be!

– – 57 – –

Wax and Wane The moon changes every day, and her phases are good for various types of magical work: New: beginnings Waxing: growth

• Waxing Crescent: optimal period for starting things • Waxing Quarter: optimal period to draw power to you • Waxing Gibbous: optimal period to build strength

Full: tap into the power! Waning: reduction

• Waning Gibbous: optimal period for cleansing • Waning Quarter: optimal period to knock down roadblocks • Waning Crescent: optimal period for initiating endings

p – – 58 – –

see coloring page 151

Lunar calendars will show the dates of the moon’s new, full, and quarter points, but you can keep track

of the moon’s daily changes by making a moon wheel. Color the moon phases and covering circles. Cut them out and glue them to a piece of cardboard to make them sturdier. Insert a brass fastener in

the center to turn the covering wheel. When you use this tool to enhance your work with other spells, recite an incantation for a little extra power:

As she waxes and wanes Luna explains The appropriate phase For my magical ways. You can use chalk to write an intention on the wheel or cover the window in different colors of

cellophane to shade the moon in different colors: pink for the strawberry moon, blue for blue moons, gold for the harvest moon.

Note that our wheel depicts the moon as it appears in the Northern Hemisphere. The appearance of the moon is opposite in the Southern Hemisphere.

Infuse this t or char ool by creat in gi moon’s ng it on the g day, M onday!

– – 59 – –

– – THE – –

– – 71 – –









•• Resources for Adapting and Enhancing Your Spells Color Magic for Beginners

by Richard Webster (Llewellyn Publications, 2006) Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Color Says About You by Michelle Berhardt (Quirk Books, 2005)

Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham (Llewellyn Publications, 2003) Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

by Scott Cunningham (Llewellyn Publications, 1985) Encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints and Sages:

A Guide to Asking for Protection, Health, Happiness and Everything Else by Judika Illes (Harper One, 2011)

Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals—

A Reference Book Describing the Metaphysical Properties of the Mineral Kingdom by Melody (Earth Love Publishing, updated 3rd edition, 1995) Moonology: Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles by Yasmin Boland (Hay House, 2016)

Pure Magic: A Complete Course in Spellcasting by Judika Illes (Weiser Books, 2007)

– – 173 – –

About the Author Natalie Zaman (New Jersey) is the author of

Magical Destinations of the Northeast (Llewellyn), coauthor of Graven Images Oracle (Galde Press) and the YA novels Sirenz and Sirenz Back in

Fashion (Flux) and Blonde Ops. Her work has

appeared in FATE, SageWoman, and newWitch

magazines, and she writes the feature “Wandering Witch” for Witches & Pagans magazine.

p – – 174 – –

About the Artist Wendy Martin (Missouri) has written spells, rituals, and meditations for various publications

as well as toured much of the country giving

workshops on how to create ritual and live a

spiritual life in an increasingly disconnected world. She has written and illustrated An Ordinary Girl, A Magical Child, and five other children’s books.

p – – 175 – –

• • •

Color and Conjure, by Natalie Zaman and Wendy Martin  

Discover the Magic of Coloring with Intention More than a coloring book and more than a collection of spells, Color and Conjure is all abou...

Color and Conjure, by Natalie Zaman and Wendy Martin  

Discover the Magic of Coloring with Intention More than a coloring book and more than a collection of spells, Color and Conjure is all abou...