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Individual work Instructor: Zhen Wang Site: Yujia Mountain,Wuhan,Hubei Province,China Time: 03.2012 Gross floor area:

317.4 m² Unit I: 24.6m² x8 =196.8 m² Unit II: 20.1m² x6 =120.6 m²

Brief Introduction: This design provides a semi-self service camp for urban backpackers who are eager to return to nature. The site is occupied by single or grouped units and the relationship between buildings and environment is carefully investigated. Also, the disturbance to the fun of climbing is reduced to the least. Also,Optional construction for single building should be taken into consideration.



landscape imagesďźš

¡Fengfei Tai, located on the ridge of the mountain which used to be an observation tower during war period, seems to be the destination for everyone who want to enjoy great sightseeing in the mountain.

Some abandoned old buildings are considered to be tourist landmark.

Vegetation in the ridge is obvious lower than the south side. Road here is unpaved and narrow. Although the scenery is beautiful, most tourists would not come here.

As the highest peak in the urban area of Wuhan, Yujia Mountain is located in the north of the Huzhong University of Science and Technology, with an elevation of 149.5meters and a total area of 1.89 square km. Because of the special location in the university, Yujia Mountain does not exploited much by the government, so it keeps a relatively intact natural appearance and there is not much visitor. It’s nice for the backpackers to stay and enjoy the nature here.

Although the mountain has a small covering area, it has already appeared different characters influenced by the climate and human factor. Thus, the field investigation and site selection are supposed to be intensive part of the work. This page shows some important elements of the mountain abstracted and recomposed by me. The sketching is used to enhance the essential part of the pictures. This area is close to the noisy road. There are three small buildings along the only paved road in the mountain. The unpaved road here is wider. The south side of the mountain is exposed to the sun and also faces the university. Trees here are obviously high and the land conditions are suitable to build.

This is the living area for park rangers, tourists return from here. The south side of the mountain is the residential quarters of retirees who are the main visitors now. University market provides various services and is within half an hour walking distance from the entrance of the mountain. It is part of the safety net for camping.



site diagram: Objective conditions:



Subjective selections:

north slope:

south slope:

obvious superiority in south slope

stream of people

Site plan:

key areas high flow

Conform to the topography, guide the horizontal transportation along the contour line and connect with the vertical transportation. Reduce felling of trees, keep the original state of the mountain forest and at the same time, make use of its convenience of sunshading in summer. Form small units with mutual correlation among single units; pay attention to the rational control of distance between small units. The service center faces forward the main road to the mountain, playing a commanding role.

low flow

noisy area


quiet area

≈55° ≈25°


Angle of the hillside

mian traffic ≈22°

smooth and steady environment to live in & easy to construct

Connection between basic groups

Connection between preserved tree & Units unit I

Some of the possible road (created by user)

preservation selection: Diameter: 20%more than average length

unit II Five minutes' walk distance between groups for security concern

Species: Arbor(mainly) Status: health; no obvious sickness The way leading to the ridge

optional area 5

Time costing to get the safe net--synthetical servece area of the university

The unsurfaced road ringing the mountain

Connection between our site and mountain

Respect original appearance as much as possible. Arrange the buildings according to the location of the main vegetation meanwhile avoid the blocking of the view.

Public building---includes front desk, café, retail, view platform (this is not included in the requirement while I add it after the site analysis)

Section & Plan:


Basic volumes

Turning and crossing part of the volumes according to the topography. Remain a sense of keeping climbing.

Creating the store space and adjusting the shape

Sight diagram:





Sunlight & Shadow: 7


Structure diagram:

I selected the frame construction to make one set of the possible structure and chose local preserving timber as the material. The bottom of the building is lifted away from the ground to avoid decay of the material in damp environment and to better-fit changes of the landform. The load-bearing column should not only bear the vertical force, but also the deflecting force caused to resist the deformation of the whole shape. Tenon-and-mortise work and iron installation fastener are used to keep the whole structure. This kind of joint is easy and flexible to match the design.

Tenon-and-mortise work iron installation fastener

Tenon-and-mortise work stainless steel coat is used to avoid corrosion

iron installation fastener

stone foundation

Steel and wood pull rod are used to enhance the structural strength


I thought it didn’t make sense to build such a camping site in the city at first, but after deep research I changed my mind and devote all my passion. I was really eager to know if it means something to the potential user as we supposed, so I explain the design with my drawing to some of them. Their responds extremely inspired me.

“It would provide us a convenient place to help us improve our camping skills and basic survival skills. We are glad to be your first gue st!”

----- Climbing Club of HUST

“I really want to have a try to live in mountain but it’s hard for me to stay in the rural area for a long time. Living here is a good choice.” ------A retired professor of HUST. “It sounds attractive to live in mountain in the weekend after tired work without driving far away!” ------ Some of the visitors

“Maybe we can extend the period of this design curriculum combined with the Building construction and Material and maybe build a real one.” ------One professor from our school

“We can live here to finish our geological surveying continually and effectively!” ------ a student from China University of Geosciences

Thanks a lot for the kindness above. Maybe someday, I can fulfill this small building and my not small dream.



Individual work Instructor: Lei Peng Site: Tanhualin,Wuhan,Hubei Province,China Time: 04.2013 Site Area: ≈ 2350m² Gross floor Area: ≈ 1950m² Floor area ratio: 0.830 Green rate: ≈ 31%

Brief Introduction: This case aims to design a community library in Tanhuali taking into consideration the investigation and experience of the region’s historical background, the current environmental situation, the cognition of spiritual wealth and the humanistic feelings in its protected area. Tanhuali is situated in the core area of many excellent historic buildings. The design must balance the relation between them with respects to sight, volume and material in hopes that respect to historical architecture can be recalled. ­­




Site plan:

Strem of people: within 5min walk distance

Tanhuali is the epitome of Wuhan’s modern culture. Tanhuali is directly affected by Wuhan’s well being. Around 1960, new China experienced the ideological turmoil. Tanhuali, which stands for national “humiliation,” suffered destruction. Numerous uniquely built structures, which combined both Chinese and Western characteristics, were forced to be demolished, a very regrettable decision. After 2000, the government published a series of protective policies and as a result, many pseudo-classic buildings have been built. Since 2005, due to Tanhualin’s unique cultural atmosphere, citizens have gradually developed it into a cultural business street.

within 10min walk distance

Type of the building:

business street residential

Administrative Bureau

1:1500 abandoned/ locked

Site of historical buildings:




Today' Tanhualin:

④ hidden buildings negetive factor

More consideration about culture business shaows people's appreciation to historical buildings


① abandonment, they are hidden behind the pseudo-classic business street; ② lock up, historic buildings facing the street are simply painted and they are not open to citizens; ③ isolation, they are enclosed by wall. (The only open new café has an invisible wall for its high fees.) ④ terrible conditions.


Valuable historical building were locked by the real or invisible wall Match the environment & Define the space

Although the government has become open-minded, the survived architectures were not treated with appropriate protection.

Create volume

“the Wall�

Provide interaction between and citizens and old buildings

Elevate main space

Although in the short period we have no way to change the policy, creating the sight touch may be the first step to show our request to the architecture and recall citizen’s attention and deeply thinking to them.


"Break the wall"

Create the structure and adjust the whole project

Substract the volume for entrances and roof garden to eliminate the tension to the site.

Site the main space(reading room)

provide the best view place and move away the thick block.

Sight in project Historical building Materials View of project View of site



North Elevation 1:350


Section I-I


Section II-II




Function & Traffic:





roof plan 1:500

second floor plan 1:500

first floor plan 1:500

user staff only


circulation to use


unit to whole

addtion & subtraction repetitive to unique


symmetry and balance

natural light

26 hierarchy

plan to section


Individual work Instructor: Hong Chen Site: Jianghan Road,Wuhan,Hubei Province,China Time: 09.2013 Site Area:

≈ 20000m²

Gross floor Area:

≈ 40696m² ≈ 140m²

Height limitation: Floor area ratio: Green rate:

2.035 ≈ 35%

Brief Introduction: In this design, we were asked to design a highrise office building in the secondary center of Wuhan. This design tackles the terrible congestion in this area and utilizes the climate character to create a sustainable strategy. Adding a ventilation channel in the tower will accelerate the ventilation rate. The entrance of the channel is set in the bottom floor of the tower facing the summer wind and the exit is arranged in the higher floors toward the direction of minimum wind pressure. Cooperating with the special facade and its mobilizable siculation layer, the channle may have a better effect on adjusting temperature of the whole building.



site diagramďźš




Developmentďźš Creat the volume of office tower

the tower should integate the main elevation of the city

Define entrance to the site

Location We are asked to design office tower and define the function of the skirt buildings.

skirt building can continue the from of business street beside the site

the tower can be put in the view focus from the main street

south square has much more oppotunity to obtain sunshine & summer wind in Wuhan


A pedestrian street is next to our site and commercial atmosphere is great. Also 10 min away from some shopping center.

Continue the sense of commercial street

Our site is 10 min away from large scale malls


commercial street

main street JHD rd.

JH rd.

JHD rd. is the main street of Wuhan with heavy traffic flow. QJ rd.


Put the stereo garage inclosed by glass curtain wall in the cornor of our project to paly a advertisement role.

Guide part of heavy traffic flow into our site to avoid crowd

crowd density in JH rd. varies according to different time

4th JH rd.

Provide both stereo garage & underground garage to release the parking pressure

Absence of parking and huge shopping crowd lead to terrible traffic congestion here. minor road

Our site is encircled by three one-way traffic, which were originally aimed to manage traffic wisely. However, random parking makes things go into a worse condition.

Necessary work need to do to tackle this trouble.

Built on stilts partially for creating the inner road inner road / garage

Creat "the Ventilation Channel" in our volume

Shape the body to streamline to enlarge the reception of wind and also lessen the restrict of wind flow

comfort area if enlarge usage of natural ventilation


comfort area Wuhan, located in the middle of China and departed by the Yangzi River, shows a strong feature of Subtropical monsoon climate.


It is extremely hot and wet in summer. However, the strong wind can decrease the uncomfortable feeling efficiently.

ventilation channel According to our experience and analysis of Ecotect, we know the best way to do some passive design is have a sufficient utilize of the natural ventilation.


staff only tower building entrance gallery commercial Podium




Basic function



Entrance stuff only

preparation room resturant office core traffic



charge booth

service counter altolift(to 4~7th floor)

undergrang entrance


Office tower


resting area entrance core traffic





Inner road

front desk duty room

autolift duty room entrance

2nd floor plan

3rd floor plan


offic tower entrance: Commerce

Commerce toilet staircase goods elevator

entrance to 2nd floor shop and its storage

shop shop and its storage


2nd floor cast

gallery cast staircase/ elevator/toilet



staircase toilet


commercial street entrance:

square and main entrance


first floor plan


Section: Ventilation Channel:



Vertical traffic:


23th floor plan (contains exit of wind)

24~25th floor plan (contains exit of wind)

Core wall Office Commerce

frame-core wall structure

26~27th floor plan (contains exit of wind)

antechamber staircase

Entrance&exit of wind Inner road Parking

core wall(shadow area)

locker room office

service area

open-plan office

ventilation channel outdoor public space entrance of wind

8th floor plan (contains entrance of wind)

9th~10th floor plan

manager's office meeting room core wall(shadow area)

Standard Plan


Basement I plan

Basement II Plan

Indoor view:

Main sustainable strategyďźš

Exit o dire f the wi ctio nd pres n of m (towar dt sure in of W imum w he uha i n) nd


Public space:



ent . "V


n Cha

in of w e c ran ce E n t ic spa l u b pa


erti 2.V


ant l Pl

d &


ra teg






a Fac

mobilizable siculating layer

Summer day

Winter day

mobilizable siculating layer


Summer night

Winter night


Individual work Instructor: Hong Chen Site: Enshi,Hubei Province,China Time: 03.2014 Gross floor Area: Unit Area:

Brief Introduction: This design is focused on a residential building for people in Enshi, Hubei. Combining the advantages from both traditional and modern residential buildings, this project strives to provide the client with a comfortable home by considering his or her wishes, the culture elements, the climate, the convention and some substantial strategies. The project can also be spread and applied to the other terrain of this area due to its flexible compound mode and good cooperation with mountainous regions. This design solely shows one possible result decided by both the architect and customer.


≈ 3637.78m² 65.34m² 98.01m² 130.68m²

Background: This site is in a mountain of Enshi where the valuable Chinese culture is protected well. In order to design an effective contemporary building at this site, it is wise to combine the advantages from both traditional and modern building to provide a better atmosphere for the local people.

Traditional elements: for Whole: public space

People here retain the convention to gather to public terrace to share their daily life.

traditional frame

for Units:

built on stilts

outdoor verandah/ gallery

skip-floor residence

built according to terrain

"Paijia" called in Chinese, as one of the basic structure,shows a strong sense of rhythm.

Buildings here usually built on stilts for its wet climate

Some gray space like the gallery are also important space to support people's daily life

Skip-floor residence is in the major of hous type, and it is a symbol of satisfied life.

outdoor verandah

Site plan 1:1000

People here show their wise to build along mountain with great harmony


add public space

match the traffic

add traditional decoration

Development: the stagger rhythm appeared in the frame can be abstructed as method to arrange units according to the terrain

area of units is defined by actural demand

traditional frame

extract the shape of the frame

creat the volume

Whole enlarge the frame

divide and set the frame according to the terrain

protruding pillar

thick stonewall Unit

air grille

Residential Building 41

Custom tailoring:

Our site:


abstruct traditional element


utilize the advantages of frame structure

relatively duplex independent apartment home


"Every home is supposed to have area about 120m² (70m² can be designed for the single person)"


meet the demand of 4 groups



"We are constituted by 4 big family, 4 divided groups are prefered."

Shape the project according to the terrrain

crganize traffic set gallery every 2 floor and set entrance for every home

arrange vertical traffic well to meet the 4 groups demantion

organize public space and create the new way match the mountain

change the volume for house to public space

Suggestion about natural ventilation:

this kind of group can be considered provide


proper type:

they are a little different because the place of entrance

43 Nice procese of custom-tailoring building

One possible result choosed by our customer

Signle number floor

include public gallery &vertical traffic

Double number floor

include private vertical traffic

vertical traffic public traffic residential unit service/commercial area

8th 7th

9th 6th

10th 5th




section I-I


II-II I-I 13th

3rd 14th

section II-II 15th 2nd


Commerce or Servece Staircase

Type F Type B Type A Type E section III-III

Type C Type D 45

46 First Floor Plan

utilize of sun ray The direct sunlight filters through the PV skylights, which have a 90% opacity and allow diffused light to enter the building

dinning room kitchen

restroom staircase living room

separating wall

outdoor verandah

bedroom restroom staircase restroom

wall bridge floor


rebar inverted T-bridge

bedroom staircase kitchen dinning room study living room

outdoor verandah

Double-skin facades

winter day (just open the bottom ventage to exchange air)

use flower bed & staire to aovid view disturbance


double-skin facades is chosen to increase the ventilation


partial roof can be planned with native plants to help cool the building.

winter night (close ventage to keep heat)

summer (put down the shutter & open all vetage to active the two kinds of cycle)





Architecture Complex Design Individual Work Instructor: Hong chen Site: two block between Yiyuan Rd. & Eryao Rd, Wuhan

Grid Structure

Dec. 2013

We are asked to take advantages of wind blown from Yangtze River with the help from some analys software, and guarantee the natural wind can be utilized as a passive design strategy in a relatively suitable way.


4s sutomobile store Design Individual Work Instructor: Ping Wang Site: Chuangyi Street, Wuhan

Try to combinate different structual system


Coodinate different structure to find the proper way to provide the large-span space. Located at the corner of the two street, this project should not block the regular way between two residential. Thus, a sunken gallery/plaza and a circinate elevated test tack are created.

The type and scale are supposed to be determained after a lot of investigataion of the site. frame structure

Business street remoulding cooperate with Qingrong Peng Instructor: Zhen Wang Site: Hubu Alley, Wuhan Nov. 2012

We try to reform an and old residencial-commerce block, which is in extremely poor condtion and encompassed by the morden store, meanwile address some social problems caused by the terrible construction conditions.

Overhung Exhibition

View of Exhibition Grid structure of partial main body

Spiral Light Band

A very unforgetable experience with rough process and amazing result.

Digital design and construction work Workshop, "Back to Future", HUST &403 Wuhan Tutor: Nancy Yen-wen Cheng.

Many methods like doing digital model, folding the paparboard and doing huge installation(We finally hung it over a large stair) were used, to find our charming relationship between materials and its cast.

Jul. 2014


The "Lifen", kind of traditional Wuhan Residential is protected as future culture museum. and they are focused by part of the complex.


pen drawing practise 01.24 2011

Entrance of old alley pen drawing, Art trip to Wuyuan 2012.08.25


View of Likeng

pen drawing practise

pen drawing, Art trip to Wuyuan



Houseware structure sketching practise 2010.11.07

House behind Yujia Mountain pencil sketch 2011.05.31



watercolor, Art trip to troditional Chinese village, Wuyuan

Aug. 2012

Warehouse pen drawing, Art trip to Wuyuan 2012.08.21


Quiet alley

T-shirt Design For Research and drawing trip of acient Chinese Architecture 2013.07

The main feature, which demonstrate our respect to the traditional architecture, is abstructed from the oldest Chinese timber structure temple, Nanchan Temple. The transformed Chinese characters" 古建出忙 (芒)means we will finish the tasks with all of our enthusiasm and wisdom. Front

The substrate picture is one of the four traditional mythical creatures of China, Qinglong for man and Zhuque for woman. The upper words are the oldest Han Characters repesent same meaning as the trasformed characters.



These characters have been combined with the feature of four classical Chinese roof, and state our identity---Achitecture School of HUST.

Way to Home 54

Lizhe Han, portfolio for UVa M.arch path 2  

Undergraduate design works. From Year 2010~2014.

Lizhe Han, portfolio for UVa M.arch path 2  

Undergraduate design works. From Year 2010~2014.