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‘Heinz Talent Leaders become Inspirational Leaders’ Our client H J Heinz is a global food company with a world-class portfolio of powerful brands, holding number 1 and 2 market positions in more than 50 countries. The Heinz brand is a $2.5 billion global icon, with Heinz's top 15 power brands accounting for two thirds of annual sales. HJ Heinz Company is today an enterprise with over 110 major locations worldwide, with leading brands on six continents. Heinz Europe makes up 35% of the total global sales and has grown steadily over the years, predominantly through acquisition. Heinz currently employs 10,000 people across Europe in 31 locations. Amazing facts about Heinz… • • • •

Heinz makes 1.5 million cans of baked beans each day and the same number of soups Each year Heinz sells 650 million bottles of Tomato Ketchup Recent converts to Heinz baked beans include the Russians and the Chinese First coined by Henry J Heinz, ‘57 Varieties’ is one of the few advertising slogans that has lasted more than 100 years!

What was the client brief? As part of a UK&I company wide Game Changing Leadership programme, the Sales Function required the specific development of a Talent Leadership Academy.

The objective set by Heinz was… ‘To extend and personalise the Leadership Journey of a group of selected high potential sales people with the view to unlocking and developing their potential to become exceptional leaders within the Heinz Sales Function.’

The challenge for prospective suppliers was to come up with a fresh and innovative approach to Leadership. The programme had to be aspirational to encourage people to apply, and also memorable for the delegates who were ultimately selected. What was the Pti solution?

The Talent Leadership Academy was launched – a fast track 12 month programme incorporating a range of ‘The Inspirational Leader’ programme modules. The programme was a transformational experience delivered through a blended learning solution including: A launch event held at the Institute of Directors in London attended by all the Talent Leaders, Heinz Executive team and the delegates’ managers 3 x 2 day residential modules following the above framework Between modules, pre & post work was set including: 360° feedback centred on developing Leadership brand propositions, case studies, podcasts, audio books, fortnightly e-zines and DVDs 5 minute presentations at the start of each module focused on what delegates had individually applied since the last module and the impact on their Leadership style, their teams and business performance A game changing accelerator project. In groups the Talent Leaders had to identify a project that would create a step change in the Heinz business. Having created a strong business case, the project had to be presented to board for sign off, and then driven from concept to implementation to integration and business as usual.

After 6 months of the Talent Leadership Academy, each Talent Leader was appointed a Coach to work with them on a one to one basis for a 3 month period. With 3 specific goals and objectives for the coaching interventions, the sessions were focused, value adding and a key component of the overall Academy experience. The culmination of the Talent Leadership Academy was a presentation by each Talent Leader to the Heinz UK Exec Leadership team, summarising the end-to-end Academy experience, and the personal & professional benefits experienced through ‘The Inspirational Leader’ programme. What is the feedback? The programme has been measured through 4 key objectives: 1. Retention of the Talent Leaders within the Heinz business 2. Changes in Leadership behaviours evidenced through; 360º feedback, Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) and line manager & key stakeholder feedback 3. Increased business and commercial success evidenced through role specific objectives and measures, and accelerator project creation and implementation 4. Internal promotions – within 9 months of the launch of the Academy, 90% of the Talent Leaders had been promoted!

“HJ Heinz began working with Pti Worldwide about 18 months ago. We selected Pti because they truly understand the fundamentals of leadership, balanced with commercial reality. The Talent Leadership Academy has focused on ten of our top talent employees who we believe have next generation global potential. The return on investment as a result of incorporating ‘The Inspirational Leader’ within the Academy is already becoming apparent, with a number of key promotions for individuals on the programme, and a range of commercial concepts being launched across the UK business.” Louise Jones, HR Business Partner – H J Heinz Following the success of the Talent Leadership Academy within the Sales function (as part of the company wide Game Changing Leadership programme), Pti have now been asked to roll out 2 more Talent Leadership Academies; one to a cross functional team launching in November, and the other within the Supply Chain team in 2013.

Below is just a selection of the outstanding comments received from the Talent Leaders who attended the Sales Talent Leadership Academy:

“This programme has opened my mind to see Heinz in it’s global setting rather than just focusing on the UK and my area of control. It brought home the importance of a company’s mission statement and aligning the values throughout the company. On a personal level it provoked the idea of seeing myself as a ‘brand’ and understanding what I stand for and where I best add value. A great programme that I know will benefit my day to day life.” National Account Manager

“Pti’s delivery is inspiring, challenging and sprinkled with practical examples that bring theory to life. ‘The Inspirational Leader’ has been thought provoking on a personal, as well as professional level, and offers opportunities for all participants to grow. The only thing the delegates need to bring along is an open mind. The programme has been well designed and well executed and is an investment in the future of Heinz through it's employees.” National Account Controller

“The Talent Leadership Academy enabled me to think ‘from’ my personal goals and has driven me to higher levels of performance and aspiration. Having now gained an understanding of my personal leadership brand, it has helped me to hone and refine my approach in the workplace. The programme inspired me to set up an audio book club, and listen to at least one leading edge business book per month. This learning has enabled me to approach business challenges in a different way and learn from people that do it right (the fast way) rather than through mistakes (the slow way). The Academy has also brought the delegates together as a group and built strong and long lasting relationships that I believe will persist over the years.” National Account Controller

“The Talent Leadership Academy has been a fantastic programme. It has helped me to understand how to fulfill my leadership potential, what is required to build high performing teams and how success is endured. Changed my life.”

National Account Manager

If you'd like to grow, develop and retain the talent within your business, and see the results that Heinz have seen with their Talent Leaders, simply call us on +44 (0)870 850 8931 or email to discuss your requirements in more detail.

The Inspirational Leader - Heinz case study  

The Inspirational Leader - Heinz case study

The Inspirational Leader - Heinz case study  

The Inspirational Leader - Heinz case study