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November - December 2013

Inside this issue 2013 Nebraska Angus Tour • Nebraska President Profile 2013 NAA Banquet Information • 2013-2014 Sale Calendar

Published By: Nebraska Angus Association PO Box 150 • Ashby, NE 69333

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Editorial By:

Suzy Hebbert, NAA Secretary


On the Job…

Official Publication of the Nebraska Angus Association

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Suzy Hebbert, Editor ~ 308/577-6700 Jessamyn Voss, Production ~ 308/282-0312

nce in a while, I struggle to come up with an idea on which to base this column. Sometimes I have an idea in mind for weeks, other times it just “hits” me at the last minute. So when someone volunteers to write one for me…I would be crazy to turn them down. That’s what happened this time. Our Southeast Director Trevor Lienemann asked if he could contribute something to this issue, and I gladly accepted. You can find his “column” under Director’s Corner which starts on page 3. Who knows, this may turn into something new where each director is asked to contribute their input once during their tenure on the board. Time will tell…and Thank you Trevor for your contribution to this issue. Until Next time….

Jan/Feb Issue Deadline Dec 1 FOR MORE INFORMATION:

Suzy Hebbert, Sect. 308/577-6700

Jan/Feb Issue ~ Deadline: Dec. 1

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2 • November/December 2013 • Nebraska Angus Association News

the NE Jr Angus Ass’n Winter Angus Show


Inside thi s issue

2013 Nebra ska Angus Tour 2013 Nebra ska State Fair


Photo taken by Suzy Hebbert Ashby, NE

- December

Nebra ska Presid 2013- 2014 Sale ent Profil e Calen dar

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On the Cover: “Time To Wean”


Published By: Nebraska Angus Association PO Box 150 • Ashby, NE 69333

Inside this Issue Director’s Corner ..............................3 President Speaks ..........................4,5 AAA Board Update ............................6 Junior Viewpoint ..............................8 NE Junior Entry Form........................9 NAA President Profile......................10 Sale Calendar ................................15

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Director’s Corner By:

Trevor Lienemann, Southeast Director


Dear Cattle Producers, s you are all aware the Nebraska Angus Association is a member run organization structured to provide programs, services and leadership to enhance the genetics of the Angus breed, expand its influence within the beef industry, and broaden the market for superior tasting, highquality Angus beef worldwide. While I understood this, the past year’s events have made this even more evident. I can’t help but feel privileged to be associated with such an organization, and have the fortune to live in the heart of beef country. We at Lienemann Cattle hope the summer was good to you, your family, and your cattle. It seems as if all areas of the country have made significant strides as it relates to grass, hay and crop production. Cows appear in great condition, and all classifications of cattle are creating all-time highs. This is terrific, and well deserved for you as beef producers. As well, it appears all segments of the beef industry are profitable and will be into the foreseeable future. Keep making those high-quality Angus cattle, and you will reap the rewards. Programs and leadership activities kept us busy much of the summer; our summer was filled with local, state, national, and international excitement. We hosted the Nebraska Junior Angus show at the Gage County Fair Grounds with great success and boasted the largest attendance in years, of excited young beef leaders from across the State. Many of those

same juniors attended the National show in Kansas City with much success and top honors earned. Additionally, our ranch was toured by, and hosted visitors from the state of Sichuan in China in June, and cattle producers and beef processors from Turkey in July. In August we sold a group of our Registered Angus Bred Heifers for delivery to Kazakhstan. Furthermore, we saw many friends and customers at Husker Harvest Days through the Nebraska Angus display pens. Of course there was also the Cattlemen’s Classic, State Fair, Angus Tour, and many sales published through the “NE Angus News” along the way. All made possible through your Nebraska Angus Association. A tremendously proud moment was in July, when Maci competed with collegiate youth from across the nation, and earned the position of American Angus Association Ambassador. In this role, she will travel the nationally in attendance of National Beef Industry events for the promotion and advancement of Angus Cattle. As I reflect upon these events, experiences, honors, and transactions with excitement, I am humbled by all that has been given to our family and cattle operation through our membership in the Nebraska Angus Association and friends therefrom. As directors within the Association, we often ask, “What more can we do to provide service and value to the membership?” While that is always a

goal we need to challenge ourselves with, I encourage you to take advantage of the plethora of opportunities currently available to propel your business and Angus cattle forward. If you become involved and give back to the association, good things will come. Take advantage of the Association and all it has to offer! The annual meeting will be held December 7th in Kearney, NE. This event always provides for quality education, fellowship, and entertainment. Hope to see you there! It is also with much excitement, I look forward to attendance of the American Angus Association annual meeting of the in Louisville, KY, next month. Our Nebraska elected delegates will represent you as Nebraska Angus producers at the national level through policy and leadership elections. As a sneak peak forward to the 2014 Annual Meeting in Kansas City, you can expect the State of Nebraska and its Angus Cattle to be very, very well represented. It will be great to have an event of this magnitude close to home. We are excited about the future of the Angus Business, and wish all of you the best in the upcoming seasons. Sincerely, Trevor L. Lienemann Southeast Director

Nebraska Angus Association News • November/December 2013 • 3

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President Speaks



Clayton Glause, NAA President

Greetings Cattlemen,

’m confident that this fall finds our state’s beef producers in better condition than last year! Most hay crops have faired much better, and as fall harvest is underway, we are gratefully seeing much better crop yields than a year ago. In turn, our feed costs in general have softened some. The late summer and fall moisture has been a blessing and should help conditions going into next season. We are all aware that the lingering drought in the south 2-3 years ago and into our region last year has had a deep impact on dwindling beef numbers and where we thought our beef markets would be. However, conditions have improved, and the most recent information that I have gathered indicates that fed cattle averaged $132.30 last week, the highest cash cattle price on record. Feeder calves are also selling at a record pace this fall. Barring continued drought, and assuming some heifer retention to begin building our cow herd back, our markets are lining up nicely… ..stay tuned! I am pleased to announce that The American Angus Association Board of Directors has accepted Nebraska’s bid to host the 2016 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) to be held in Grand Island Nebraska at the State Fair grounds. Many thanks go out to our member producers and Juniors that have taken a leadership role with the planning activities that go into hosting the NJAS. As time draws closer, please consider taking on a role to assist with any of the planning committees that are formed to help host this great event. What a great honor for our state to be host to the 2016 NJAS! The American Angus Association’s 130th Annual Meeting will be held on Monday, November 18 in Louisville, KY. Thank you to all of our members that serve and those offering to serve our state delegation. A complete listing of

Delegates and Alternates can be accessed on the American Angus Association website at Safe travels to all who plan to attend. Our association events continued in August and September. I would like to congratulate all the exhibitors that participated at the Nebraska State Fair Angus Show on August 29th. September 10-12 was Husker Harvest Days at Grand Island, NE. We had a nice crowd tour through the Nebraska Angus Association booth again this year. Thanks to our member producers who displayed cattle at our booth: Carl Dethlefs & Sons; Dethlefs Angus Ranch; Herbster Angus Farms, Hollman Angus Farm, Lazy Black Diamond Ranch, & Lienemann Cattle Co. We had a beautiful day on September 21st to tour various stops in Northeast Nebraska on the Nebraska State Angus Tour. Thanks to the following for hosting stops on this year’s tour: Northeast Community College – Norfolk NE with cattle displays by Jindra Angus, Pohlman Angus, Sonderup Angus, & Timperley Cattle; Central Valley Ag Coop Agronomy Hub-Royal, NE; Landmark Angus with cattle display by Brookhouser Angus; Bartos Angus; & Foxhoven Angus with cattle display by Leader Angus Farms. It was a great day to view cattle and visit with fellow Angus enthusiasts. Our activities continue on December 7th as I look forward to seeing many of you at our annual meeting and banquet in Kearney, NE at the Holiday Inn. As the year draws to an end… .so does my term as President. I would like to say thank you to our membership for giving me the opportunity to serve. It has truly been an honor and privilege to

4 • November/December 2013 • Nebraska Angus Association News

Continued on next page...

Nebraska Angus Association President Clayton Glause, Fremont 402/721-8122 Vice President Dru Uden, Franklin 402/470-0740

Secretary/Manager Suzy Hebbert, Ashby 308/577-6700

Past President Randy Pettera, McCook 308/345-2516

Commercial Director (Term Expires 12/13)

Chris Fryzek, Madrid 308/353-6317 West Director (Term Expires 12/13)

Vince Bickel, Gordon 308/282-0416 North Director (Term Expires 12/14)

Dave Nichols, Chambers 402/340-3810 Central Director (Term Expires 12/14)

Kory Ostrand, Mason City 308/732-3201 South Director (Term Expires 12/14)

Brandon Meyer, Blue Hill 402/756-2488 Northeast Director (Term Expires 12/13)

Brock Foxhoven, Crofton 402/388-2478 Southeast Director (Term Expires 12/13)

Trevor Lienemann, Princeton 402/560-5385

Material appearing in this issue may be reprinted only with written permission of the Nebraska Angus Association. The Nebraska Angus News and the Nebraska Angus Association is obligated and reserves the right to reject any request for advertising space which would not serve the best interest of our membership. Any rejection is not intended as a reflection upon the subject of the advertisement.

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46th Annual Production Sale

Membership Form


Business or Operation__________________ Address______________________________




State _______________________Zip ______________________________________

Phone ________________________________________________________________ E-mail ________________________________________________________________

Website ($25 charge for including on our website)


Please indicate directions for your farm or ranch and any otherinformation you would like printed in the next breeder’s directory


____________________________________________________________________ Annual dues are $60 plus .50 cents per head for animals registered during the previous year. BASE DUES $60 __________ Plus .50/head __________ Website listed ($25) __________ TOTAL __________ I would like to receive the Nebraska Angus News I already receive the Nebraska Angus News

Please send form and check to: Nebraska Angus Association % Suzy Hebbert, Secretary/Manager, PO Box 150 • Ashby, NE 69333

The Tradition Continues Friday, March 7, 2014 • 1 P.M. CST Sale to be held at the Ranch, Near Rockville

Selling 115 Head of Registered Angus Bulls 95 Quality 2-year-old Bulls & 20 Select Yearling Bulls One of Nebraska’s Best Sources of Quality Two-Year-Old Angus Range Bulls For Sale Book and Additional Information, Contact:

CARL DETHLEFS AND SONS Jerry and Gary Dethlefs, 78119 S. River Rd., Rockville, NE 68871 308-372-3200

serve as President of our Nebraska Angus Association. Also, I am thankful and fortunate to have been able to work with a fantastic board of directors that have been supportive, passionate, and demonstrated great enthusiasm for the Angus breed and our organization. Finally, huge thanks go out to Suzy Hebbert for all of the work and planning that she puts into our Association events and activities. She is greatly appreciated! In closing, I encourage all of our Angus breeders that are not members to consider joining our association and getting involved with our association sponsored events. All of your support is needed to continue our standing as a leading state for breeding Angus genetics. Finally, I offer best wishes and blessings to all during the coming Holiday Season! Clayton Glause NAA President

Neb Angus Association News • November/December 2013 • 5

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American Angus Board Update By:


The Nebraska Angus News is in search of photos from around Nebraska from our fellow Angus Breeders! We would love to see them and publish some in our magazine and maybe on the Cover!

If you have a picture of your place or your Angus herd please send to: Photos must be high resolution (300 dpi or better) and at least 8 inches wide. March/April 2013

Inside this Issu


2012-1 3 Nebras ka Angus Queen 2013 Membe r Bull Sale Calend ar 2013 Sale Report s

Published By: Nebraska Angus Association PO Box 150 • Ashby, NE 69333

Change Service






2013­2014 Directory Angus Nebraska

Box Assn. PO

By: by, NE 693 Published 150, Ash


A ugu

st - S e

Inside this Iss 20 13 ue

Ne bra Ne bra sk a An gu s sk a Na tio To ur na l Jun Sta te Sh ow ior An gu s Sh Re su lts ow Re su lts

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01 3

Arlen Sawyer, AAA Board Member


Dear Angus Friends…

eptember was a very busy Angus month. It was good to see other Nebraskans on the National Angus Tour in New York. That was followed by our September board meeting in St. Joe and the annual Certified Angus Beef Conference. The biggest news in the breed these past two months has been the discovery of another genetic condition. These discoveries always come with the anticipation of the pain. Many breeders have expressed their concern about the economic impact on their respective herds and have searched for someone or something to "blame". Neither the Australians, scientists, or staff at the association are to "blame" for this new discovery. We can all be proud and feel fortunate that we are involved in a breed whose members are dedicated to providing the most up to date and problem-free genetics possible to the beef cattle industry. And, the good news simple way for the industry to not be affected by any of the genetic conditions is to buy a registered Angus bull that has been tested "clean". These conditions are being discovered in our breed due to the identification of superior genetics and line breeding to those genetics, thus allowing those conditions to manifest. I personally am well

Publish Nebras ed By: PO Box ka Angus Ass 150 • Ash oci by, NE ation 69333



e Req uested

6 • November/December 2013 • Nebraska Angus Association News

aware of how painful, costly, and labor intensive it is to collect samples and go through the testing process. But with our continued diligent efforts our commercial customers will not have to be affected by the damage of these respective genetic conditions. I hated to miss the annual Nebraska Angus tour, but was attending the Certified Angus Beef Conference that same weekend. It is an honor for me to serve on the Certified Angus Beef board and the annual conference allows a few of us producers to mingle with meat retailers, distributors, and packers. Certified Angus Beef recorded another record year in sales. It is an honor for me to serve the membership of the American Angus Association and especially Nebraska Angus breeders. Even though we are experiencing all time highs in feeder calf prices, we need to make sure that "your" American Angus association is moving forward on a path to help you and your customers to have a competitive advantage over those who do not use registered Angus bulls. As always I invite your thoughts and input. Hope to see you this fall in Louisville and also at the annual Nebraska Angus Association banquet. Sincerely, Arlen Sawyer

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Junior Viewpoint

A By:

Maci M. Lienemann, NJAA President

Hello Angus Friends!

Nebraska Junior Angus Association 2013-2014 Officers & Directors

President Maci Lienemann Princeton, NE • 402/705-3858 1st Vice President Michaela Clowser Milford, NE • 402/643-9533 2nd Vice President Cheyann Lovett Bladen, NE • 402/756-1011

Secretary/Treasurer Alisha Dethlefs North Platte, NE • 308/368-7660 Historian Kami Nelson Ansley, NE • 308/935-1139

Director Savannah Schafer Nehawka, NE • 402/235-2658 Director Talon Lienemann Princeton, NE • 402/798-0288 Director Justine Nelson Lincoln, NE • 402/796-2686


Craig & Laurie Dethlefs 13947 W Power Rd, North Platte, NE 69101 308/368-7660 Allen & Heather Smith 732 129th Rd., Osceola, NE 68651 402/764-7456

s I was deciding what to write about in this fall letter, I reviewed some past presidents’ letters. I noticed many of them discussed the new facilities in Grand Island and how they could put “Nebraska on the map for hosing national shows” (2010). I am excited to share with all of you, after many years of hopeful planning and anticipation we have been successful. Our bid for the 2016 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) has been accepted by the American Angus Association board of directors. This is incredibly exciting news; however, it also means we have a lot of work ahead. In order for this event to be a success, both the adult and junior members will need to get involved and work together. Even though it seems far away, we need to get started immediately. In particular, we need to get committees established as soon as possible in order to make a plan and set a time line. Anyone (adults and/or juniors) who is interested in being on a committee should contact the chair, Jake and Kami Scott at 308 3603223 (Jake). I am confident in our Nebraska Angus members’ ability to come together and make this show, one to remember. Congratulations to everyone who was successful at the Nebraska State Fair! We had a terrific turn out at our State Fair meeting in September. If you were unable to attend, below are some highlights of the meeting. Members signed up for various committees:

Kevin & Theresa Keyes 13106 S 144th St, Springfield, NE 68059 402/ 253-8360 8 • November/December 2013 • Nebraska Angus Association News

* Annual Fundraiser is Saturday, December 7th * Winter preview show (Kearney) Sunday, December 8th * 2014 NJAS – Backdrop

If anyone is interested in getting involved in one or more of these committees please contact me (information below) and we will get you involved.

Our next event will be the winter preview show, December 7-8th, in Kearney, Nebraska. After checkin, Saturday we will have a short meeting and then have the opportunity to participate in workshops conducted by National Junior Angus Association board members, as part of the “Green Coats – Coast to Coast” program. Furthermore, Saturday evening will be our annual junior fundraiser in conjunction with the Nebraska Angus’s annual banquet and at the same time a pizza social for younger members. The show will be Sunday morning at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds. Be on the lookout for more information and entry forms that will be coming in the mail and/or available on the Nebraska Junior Angus website. This is a fantastic event for new members to gain experience and for tenured members to be able to show their calves for the first time of the upcoming show season. I hope to see many of you in Kearney! Yours truly, Maci M. Lienemann 1020 Angus Blvd Princeton, NE 68404 (402) 705-3858

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NAA Presidential Profile By:

Suzy Hebbert, NAA Secretary

Clayton Glause

Angus Roots Sown Early for Clayton Glause Outgoing Nebraska Angus Association President Clayton Glause grew up around Angus cattle, being “born into” the business. His Father, Loy, started breeding Angus cattle in 1951, and the program is known as Lazy Black Diamond Ranch (LBDR). Clayton received his first Angus heifer when he turned 13, selecting the female from a long line of productive momma cows. She turned out to follow that productive trend, allowing him a nice start in the business. He later purchased two additional heifer calves from his Dad. From there, he built his herd through inherd selection and a few other purchases along the way. Currently, the family operation at Palmer is managed by his brother Kevin, with help from two other brothers (Galen & Brian) and his nephew (Morgan). Collectively, the operation consists of about 300 registered cows. The bloodlines at Lazy Black Diamond Ranch consist of several home raised herd sires and purchased sires. The home raised sires trace back to Traveler, Dividend, Grid Maker, Forefront, & Freedom, to name a few. Current herd sires include: Diamond 6011 Forefront LBDR, LBDR 9008 Pioneer, LBDR 1113 In Focus, Vin-Mar Suh (Sitz Upward son). A.I. sire: SAV Brilliance. The Glause family currently markets their breeding program by offering bulls and heifers for sale at private treaty at the farm. They also consign a few bulls each year to the Nebraska Bull Test. As an employee of Cargill-Provimi, Clayton is an Account Manager/Beef Consultant where he enjoys interacting with numerous livestock producers in Nebraska & Iowa. He is a member of Cargill’s U.S. Beef Team, which places an emphasis on beef nutrition and consulting.

Clayton and his wife Amy (whom he met while attending college at University Nebraska-Lincoln), have a young family. Their four children Mitchell (12), Dawson (10), Sydney (7) and Cody (2), keep them active in their community of Fremont, where they focus on their children’s activities which include: Fremont Nighthawks baseball, Jaycees Youth Football, & Trinity Basketball, where Clayton basically helps coach anything that their kids are involved in. Mitchell has developed an interest in the Angus business himself, and makes certain their family makes every effort to attend Angus sales & association events, especially the Angus Tour. For Clayton, the most rewarding part about being a member of the Nebraska Association Board is the relationships & friendships that he has grown. It has also been a great mode for gathering additional information about the livestock industry from fellow members and industry partners. Serving as President has been an honor, privilege and great experience for Clayton and he is thankful to the membership for that opportunity. He entered the Board of Directors with an open mind and one of his goals has always been to serve the membership by listening to suggestions and ideas that may potentially enhance membership offerings and service. As a board, the directors have had discussions and addressed ways to benefit members (e.g. changing printers and thus being able to reduce advertising rates). He has always welcomed discussion topics that could potentially add to membership offerings, and hopes those ideas continue to be presented and considered in the future. He is certain that the board will continue to evaluate options that may enhance membership offerings. Clayton also envisions that the board will continue to enthusiastically support the Nebraska Junior Angus Association members as they are the future leaders

10 • November/December 2013 • Nebraska Angus Association News

of our industry and its successes. Now that his year as President is coming to an end, Clayton is already involved with many activities to fill the “void” of his Presidential responsibilities. He will continue to spend time coaching and attending his kid’s youth sporting events, taking them fishing, taking an occasional family vacation, and he will continue to be active in his church where he and Amy chair the school’s annual benefit auction. Being one of thirteen children (he has 6 brothers and 6 sisters) he also enjoys catching up with his siblings at family gatherings, and spending time with the kids at the family farm near Palmer and Amy’s family farm near West Point. Clayton feels that all breeders can learn from one another about their breeding programs, and that all producers can use that information as a tool to move forward with their individual breeding program goals and objectives. He advises all of the state Angus breeders to consider membership in the Nebraska Angus Association and to take an active role in participating in the current events and activities it sponsors. Involved membership presents an opportunity to meet fellow members, develop lasting relationships, and begin to cultivate a great network of knowledge that will serve everyone well into the future of the beef industry.

Glause Family: Back row (L to R): Amy, Cody, Clayton and Mitchell; Front Row (L to R): Dawson and Sydney.

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Nebraska Angus News:

s I was deciding what to wriNorfolk, Nebraska served as the headquarters for the 2013 Nebraska Angus Tour held September 21st. The one day event attracted a good crowd which viewed cattle on this year’s annual event. The first stop of the day was held at the Charles Pohlman Ag Complex on Chuck Pohlman introduces his family and welcomes the tour the Northeast to Norfolk

Roger Timperley explains the history behind his start in the Angus business.

the college. Members who had cattle on display included Jindra Angus of Clarkson, Pohlman Angus Farms of Norfolk, Sonderup Angus of Genoa and

Community College Campus in Norfolk. Here tour goers viewed cattle displays from four Nebraska members and enjoyed a delicious breakfast meal served by students from

Northeast Nebraska Hosts 2013 Angus Tour

NAA North Director Dave Nichols views Brookhouser cattle on display

Tour goers enjoy a wonderful breakfast at the Northeast Community College Pohlman Ag Complex

Brunswick and Royal, where the next stop was at the newly opened Central Valley Agronomy hub. Here Manager Jeff Krebs, explained to the group in detail how the facility will service

Lori Wagner of Sonderup Angus explains her operation.

Corn storage silos at Central Valley Agronomy Hub

Nick Jindra describes the cattle he has on display.

Corrine Morris welcomes the tour to Northeast Community College Campus

Timperley Cattle from Tekamah. A great thanks to Northeast Community College for serving as the first host of the day for the tour. The tour then headed North out of Norfolk towards

agronomy customers in the area through the different crop growing phases of the season. Tour goers were walked through the dry fertilizer storage area, the fertilizer load out areas

Jeff Krebs, CVA Manager welcomes the tour to the Royal, NE agronomy hub and gives the history of the facility.

and the corn storage facilities. The sheer scope and size of the structures as well as the description of the building of the corn silos was fascinating. This was one of the highlights of the tour because of the unique capacity and services the coop will now offer to area farmers. Landmark Angus and Brookhouser T-Bone Angus were next up on the day’s schedule. Here the tour was treated to a wonderful meal and great cattle all under the new confinement building recently constructed at Landmark Angus. Greg & Janet Todd, Jack Todd; Mark and Colleen and Alex and Mary Brookhouser Greg Todd of Landmark Angus were wonder- welcomes the tour to this year’s lunch stop. ful hosts to this

Alex Brookhouser of T-Bone Angus describes his families operation

Cody Glause burns off a little excess energy at Landmark Angus stop

Landmark Angus fall pairs and bull on display

12 • November/December 2013 • Nebraska Angus Association News

Tour goers greet Jack Todd

2013 NovDec Master_Layout 1 11/1/13 8:54 AM Page 13

oming two year old Angus bulls from Leader Angus on display

Nebraska Angus News:

Jemi and Brent Frederick welcome the tour this their stop and describe their operation.

year’s tour. Once back on the road, the contingent of tour goers found their way to Bartos Angus near Verdigre. Brent and Jemi Frederick were generous hosts for the group as they had both registered and commercial cattle on

2013 Angus Tour & Husker Harvest Days

Linda Pohlman visits with NAA Vice President Dru Uden, Lowell Minert and Chuck Pohlman at the Chief Standing Bear Bridge overlook

display, as well as treats and door prizes for the group. From Bartos Angus, the tour headed towards Niobrara, Nebraska and a trip across the Chief Standing Bear Memorial Bridge, to the South Dakota side of the Missouri River, near the bridge overlook. Tour goers learned about the building of the bridge and imagined the scope of the flood waters that kept vehicle traffic from accessing the bridge from the Nebraska side of the crossing during the flooding that occurred in 2011. From the Chief Standing Bear

bridge, the tour headed towards the supper stop of the day and our last cattle stop for 2013. Here the Galen Foxhoven family proved to be gracious hosts for this year’s tour and Gordon Leader of Leader they also welAngus Farms describes their comed Leader breeding program and Carolyn Leader looks on. Angus of Crofton and their display of coming two year old bulls. After a day full of superb food, excellent cattle displays and warm hospitality, the tour group headed back to Norfolk for the final stop the at tour headquarters, the Holiday Inn Express. Many tour goers commented on a wonderful day and said they were looking forward to the 2014 tour, which will be in South Central Nebraska.

Cattle on display at Bartos Angus


Coming two year old Angus bulls from Leader Angus on display

Chief Standing Bear bridge from the South Dakota side of the Missouri River

Galen Foxhoven introduces his sons Brock and Justin Foxhoven. Regional Mgr Matt Printz looks on.

usker Harvest Days 2013. This year’s 3 day show encompassed large crowds, great cattle and a variety of weather. Setup took place on Monday, Sept 10th on one of the hottest days of late summer. Wednesday during the show we enjoyed cooler temperatures and rain… several rain showers occurred throughout the day. Thursday was a beautiful day for people who attended the show because we had little dust, cooler temperatures and a good crowd through the tent. Members who displayed cattle at this year’s show included: Carl Dethlefs and Sons of Rockville, Dethlefs Angus Ranch of Ravenna, Herbster Angus Farms of Falls City, Lazy Black Diamond Ranch of Palmer and Lienemann Cattle Co. of Princeton. Maci Lienemann, the current Nebraska

Angus Queen and American Angus Ambassador also was present during the week to visit with those who checked out our cattle display. Next year’s event will be held September 911, 2014.

Youngsters taking a lemonade break at Foxhoven Angus stop

THE END (credit Amy Glause) Exhibitors at this year’s show: (Left to Right) Charles Herbster, Amanda Raithel, Trevor Lienemann, Kevin Glause, Vickie Hollman, Ray Hollman, Ken “Dutch” Dethlefs, & Gary Dethlefs. Nebraska Angus Association News • November/December 2013 • 13

2013 NovDec Master_Layout 1 11/1/13 8:54 AM Page 14


Annual Meeting and Banquet December 7th, 2013 KEARNEY, NE - HOLIDAY INN

12:30 p.m. - Registration 1:00 p.m. - DR. TONYA AMEN - American Angus Association Genetic Service Director “Breeding Angus Cattle in the Genomics Age” 2:15 p.m. - Break 2:30 p.m. - ABRAM MERTZ - Livestock (Nebraska Angus Association Marketing Partner) “Marketing Made Easy - Targeting New Customers in Print & Online” 3:45 p.m. - Break 4:00 p.m. - ANNUAL MEETING 6:00 p.m. - SOCIAL HOUR 7:00 p.m. - BANQUET (Prime Rib Meal - $35/person) Presentation of Nebraska Angus Pioneer Award Winners Presentation of Nebraska Angus Producer of the Year - NAA Year End Highlights




$35 a person

Name (s)____________________________________________________ Address_________________________________State______Zip_______ Number Attending ____________Amount Enclosed___________________ Please return payment form & payment by November 26th to: Nebraska Angus Association PO BOX 150 Ashby, NE 69333

Advertisers Index

~A~ Angus Hall of Fame....................................16 Ag & Industrial Equipement ......................20 ~B~ Behlen Manufacturing ..............................17

~C~ Carlson Cattle Co. ......................................11

~D~ Daigger Angus..............................................6 Carl Dethlef & Sons......................................5 ~E~ E.D. Angus ..................................................15

~F~ Forever Feeders/Foxhoven Angus ..........BC

~G~ Green Valley Cattle ..................................IBC

~N~ Nebraska Angus Tour ................................14 ~R~ RayMar Ranches ..........................................1 ~S~ Schurrtop Ranch ..........................................5 ~V~ Vitalix ........................................................IFC

From our mailbox. . .

future. Thank you again for your generous contribution.

Dear Nebraska Angus Ass’n,

Jud Hoffschneider

Thank you for sponsoring the FFA Champion Angus Female award at the Nebraska State Fair. This was my last year to show FFA and I had a great last fair!! I appreciate your support of the FFA show and making this opportunity possible for FFA students. Sincerely,

Jud Hoffschneider Dear Nebraska Junior Angus Association, Thank you for your generous support of my collegiate experience. Without your support, my experience here at the University of NebraskaLincoln would not be possible. I look forward to serving the agriculture industry in the financial sector in the

14 • November/December 2013 • Nebraska Angus Association News


Dear FFA Friends,

On behalf of the 143 FFA chapters and 6500+ FFA members of Nebraska, I would like to sincerely thank you for supporitng FFA members for the 2013 Nebraska State Fair. FFA had a very successful Nebraska State Fair with 909 exhibitors showing 2,495 exhibits from 115 FFA chapters across Nebraska. Thank you for partnering with the FFA! Sincerely,

Ryan Hassebrook FFA Supt Nebraska State Fair Kent Zeller Ass’t FFA Supt Nebraska State Fair

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2013-2014 Sale & Event Calendar

November 9 – McConnell Angus Spring Herd Female Dispersal - Dix November 11 – Hansen Angus Dispersal – Sale @ Ogallala November 16 – Krebs Ranch Fall Roundup – Rushville November 22 – Schurrtop Angus & Charolais Bull Sale – Sale @ McCook November 23 – Green Valley Cattle Co. Female Sale – Atkinson November 25 - 2014 Nebraska Cattlmen’s Classic Entries DUE November 26 – Neb Angus Ass’n Annual Banquet Reservations DUE November 30 – Daigger-Orr Angus Black & Red Angus Herd Reduction Sale – North Platte


December 1 – Jan/Feb 2014 Nebraska Angus News Ads DUE December 1 – 2014 Membership Renewal Begins December 7 – Annual Meeting and Banquet – Kearney December 9-10 – RayMar Ranches (Angus Sale – Ogallala December 22 – Sisco Bros “Winter Layaway” Sale - Syracuse


Thursday,January 23 – Marcy Cattle Co. Bull Sale – Sale @ Gordon Friday, January 24 – Mill Bar Angus Bull Sale – Sale @ McCook Saturday, January 25 – Baldridge Bros Bull Sale – North Platte Saturday, January 25 – Sandage Angus Bulls Sale – Sale @ Rushville – 5 pm (MDT) Monday, January 26 – Martin Angus Ranch Bull Sale - Ogallala

February 24 – Arrow One Angus Bull Sale – North Platte New Sale Date February 24 – Foxhoven Bull Sale – Crofton February 26 – TC Ranch Bull Sale - Franklin February 27 – Bear Mtn Bull Sale – Palisade


March 1 – Green Valley Cattle Co Bull Sale Atkinson March 1 – S Diamond Angus Private Treaty Bull Sale – Henderson March 2 – Carlson Cattle Co. Bull Sale Fullerton March 3 – Vision Angus Bull Sale – Sale @ North Platte Fairgrounds March 4 – Jindra Angus Bull Sale – Sale @ Creighton Livestock Market March 5 – Hall Ranch Bull Sale – Bassett March 5 – Lonesome River Ranch Bull Sale Milburn March 7 – Carl Dethlefs & Sons Bull Sale – Rockville March 8 – Smith Farms Angus Bull Sale – Hay Springs March 8 – Snyder Bros. Bull Sale – Sale @ Ogallala Livestock March 9 – 4 M Angus Bull Sale – Blue Hill March 9 – Lienemann Cattle Co Bull Sale – Sale @ Beatrice 77 Livestock March 10 – Barstow Ranch Bull Sale – Springview New Sale Date March 12 – Vin-Mar Angus Bull Sale – Sale @ Rushville

March 14 – Brookhouser T-Bone Angus Bull Sale – Brunswick March 14 – Southwest Nebraska Angus Ass’n Bull Sale – McCook March 15 – Gardel’s Angus Bull Sale – Sale @ Kearney March 17 – Kasselder-Freouf Bull Sale – Ericson March 19 – Wagonhammer Angus Bull Sale – Sale @ O’Neill March 20 – Benoit Bull Sale – Esbon, KS March 22 – Connealy Angus Bull Sale – Whitman March 22 – Herbster Angus Sale – Sale @ Marysville, KS March 23 - E.D. Angus Bull Sale – Ashby March 23 – TK Angus Bull Sale – Valentine March 24 – Rishel Angus Bull Sale – North Platte March 25 – Frenzen Angus Bull Sale – Fullerton March 26 – Nebraska Bull Test Sale – Sale @ Broken Bow March 28 – Poss Angus Bull Sale – Sale @ Ericson Livestock March 28 – Schurrtop Angus & Charolais Bull Sale – Sale @ McCook


Thursday, April 3 – A & B Cattle Bull Sale – Bassett Friday, April 4 – Dethlefs Angus Ranch/Treffer Angus Bull Sale – Loup City Saturday, April 5 – Kraye Angus Bull Sale – Mullen Friday, April 11 – Hollman Angus Bull Sale Hallam


February 1 - Mar/Apr 2014 Nebraska Angus News Ads DUE February 1 – Bartos Bull Sale – Verdigre February 3 – Mike Sitz Angus Ranch Bull Sale – Burwell February 3 – Windmill Angus Ranch Bull Sale – Haigler February 7 – McConnell Angus Bull Sale – Dix February 7 – Spring Valley Angus Bull Sale Bassett February 10 – Carter Family Angus Bull Sale Arthur February 11 – Kuck Ranch Bull Sale – Sale @ Lexington Livestock February 12 – Sandpoint Cattle Co. – Sale @ Chappell February 15 – Leader Angus Bull Sale - Crofton February 15 – Minert-Simonson Bull Sale – Dunning February 18 – Cedar Top Ranch Bull Sale – Sale @ Burwell February 19 – Ostrand Angus Bull Sale – Sale @ Slagle Angus Ranch New Sale Date February 20 – Krebs Ranch Bull Sale - Gordon February 20 – Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic Show & Sale – Kearney Nebraska Angus Association News • November/December 2013 • 15

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WORLD ANGUS HEADQUARTERS America’s #1 Sale Management Firm as acclaimed by Angus breeders from coast to coast and border to border.

Schedule your sale today!

Tom Burke 816/853-2697

Kurt Schaff 816/520-6447

Jeremy Haag 816/516-1309



2 - Decades of Excellence Volume XIV Angus Sale, at Fancy Free Farms, Unionville, TN 3 - Kramer Farms Online Show Heifer Sale, hosted by Angus Live (Farina, IL) 3 - Sherman Jones, Gala Rose Angus Complete & Total Dispersal Sale, Lyons, NY 4 - Brooking Angus Ranch Online Angus Show Heifer Sale, hosted by Angus Live (Radville SK, Canada) 5 - Buchanan Cattle Enterprises Online Show Heifer and Steer Sale, hosted by Angus Live (Aldie, VA) 6 - Riverside Angus Ranch Online Female Sale, hosted by Angus Live (Las Animas, CO) 7 - Newman Angus Elite Embryo Online Sale, hosted by Angus Live (Carmel, IN) 9 - Pitts Angus Sale, Hermitage, MO 10 - SF Farms Angus Sale, Princeton, KS 14 - Double R Bar Ranch Online Embryo Sale, hosted by Angus Live (Plymouth,IN) 15 - GMA Angus Ranch Brands of Excellence Online Show Heifer Sale, hosted by Angus Live (Merced, CA) 15 - ZWT Ranch Angus Bull and Female Sale, Crossville, TN 15 - Legacy at Pine Hill & Harvester Farm Joint Angus Production Sale, Rockingham County Fairgrounds, Harrisonburg, VA 16 - Performance Legends Angus Female Sale, at Shuffler Farm, Union Grove, NC 18 - Fort Angus Online Show Heifer Sale, hosted by Angus Live (Knightstown, IN) 21 - Siebring Angus Online Female Sale, hosted by Angus Live (Gilman, IL) 22 - RX Angus Online Heifer Sale, hosted by Angus Live (Blountville, TN) 23 - Ginger Hill Angus Sale, Culpeper, VA 23 - MM Cattle Co. Angus Bull and Commercial Female Sale, Bowdon, GA 24 - Hedgewood Prairie Angus & Friends Production Sale, Enterprise, KS

16 • November/December 2013 • Nebraska Angus Association News

24 - Pearls of the Prairie Angus Female Sale, Mandan, ND 30 - Back Creek Angus Black Saturday Angus Sale, Mount Ulla, NC, sale at Iredell Livestock Market, Turnersburg, NC 30 - Dameron Angus Production Sale, Lexington, IL


1 - BC II Show Cattle Online Show Heifer Sale, hosted by Angus Live (Sheridan, IN) 2 - Stevenson's Diamond Dot Angus Sale, Hobson, MT 5 - Newman Angus Elite Embryo Online Sale, hosted by Angus Live (Carmel, IN) 7 - Bramblett Angus Bull & Commercial Female Sale, Elberton, GA 7 - Hoosier Beef Congress Angus Sale, Indianapolis, IN 7 - Ontario Angus Futurity, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada 8 - Sullivan SJS Angus 55th Anniversary Sale, Lucas, IA 14 - Complete Dispersal of the Finley Brothers Angus Herd & Equipment, Wyandotte, OK, sale at Joplin Regional Stockyards, Carthage, MO.

WORLD ANGUS HEADQUARTERS Box 660, Smithville, MO 64089-0660 Phone: 816.532.0811 - Fax: 816-532-8851


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Prime rib Club - $1,000 & over D v Auction – Dusty markham representative / u S A ● Forever Feeders, Fordyce New York StriP Club - $500 - $999 biozyme, inc/vitaFerm/Pete’s Feed, Plainview ● Farm Credit, Norfolk ● midwest bank, Pierce ● Plains equipment Group, o’Neill ● Progressive Nutrition, Norfolk ● Zoetis ribeYe Club - $250 - $499 Accelerated Genetics/Nebraska bull Service ● Accu-Steel, templeton, iA ● Central Confinement Services, ltD, Columbus ● Certified Angus beef, wooster, oH ● eagle Communications/kZ 100, Columbus ● Genex ● krvN-lexington/ktiC-west Point ● midwest messenger ● wNAX, Yankton t-boNe Club - $100 - $249 AbS ● ClS veterinary Service, Stanton ● Crofton elevator ● Farm Credit, Yankton, SD ● Frontier mills, Yankton, SD ● Green valley veterinary Services, Crofton ● Preferred Genetics for bovine, PC, Columbus ● Producers livestock marketing Ass’n, omaha ● Suther Feeds, Frankfort, kS ● Yankton livestock market, Yankton, SD SirloiN Club – uP to $99 C.J. brown Studios, lindenwood, il ● Nebraska vet Services, west Point

When “thats the way we’ve always done it” just isn’t good enough anymore...

CALL ME! Steve Dorran -Auctioneer 5703 Red Bridge Dr Timnath, CO 80547 403-540-9498 Nebraska Angus Association News • November/December 2013 • 17

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Since 1950

“Dutch” & Marian Dethlefs

“Where Quality Counts”

31310 Imperial Rd • Ravenna, NE 68869 Ph. 308/452-4147

Craig & Laurie Dethlefs 13947 W. Power Rd • North Platte, NE 69101 308/368-7660

Lazy Black Diamond Ranch Registered Angus Since 1951

Purebred & Commercial Angus Office 308/483-5100 John & Laurie Widdowson Lodgepole, NE 69149 15175 U.S. Hwy. 30 John’s E-mail: Cell 308/390-5697

Bred for fertility, calving ease, maternal, disposition, growth, carcass, and conformation.

Select bulls at Private Treaty anytime. For details contact Kevin at (308) 894-8735 or (308) 750-9055 Glause Family 379 Hwy. 92 • Palmer, NE 68864

FRENZEN ANGUS “More Pounds - More Profit”

Annual Production Sale - March 25, 2014 Females & Club Calves for Sale Private Treaty

Galen Frenzen • (308) 536-2069 Cell: (308)550-0237 50802 N. Edgewood Rd. Fullerton, NE 68638 Eric's Cell: (308) 550-0238

“The Magazine for Cowboys and Kids”


P.O. Box 581 • Sutherland, NE 69165 Phone (308) 386-4857 • Mobile (308-539-6195 ce Tested Performan valuated & Carcass ECattle Angus

Mick Cox & Family

73786 Ave. 356 • Hayes Center, NE Phone (308) 286-3416 • Cell (308) 340-4332 E-Mail: 18 • November/December 2013 • Nebraska Angus Association News

Jerry & Gary Dethlefs Annual Production Sale 1st Friday in March 78009 S. River Rd. - Rockville, NE 68871 - 308/372-3200

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Tim & Kim Marlatt

Tim & Kim Marlatt 40204 7070 130 US TrailHwy 20 Wood Lake, NE 69221. Gordon, NE 69343 (308) Phone:282-1726 402-967-3423 Cell: 308-360-1601

Twin Mills Angus Ranch Registered and Commercial Angus Cattle Richard and Randy Nelson 1 3/4 miles West and 3/4 mile South of Ansley, NE 68814

Canyon, SAF Connealy Strategy, SydGenContractor, Bullet, SydGen SydGen Mandate, Herd – Connealy HerdSires Sires: SAVDeep Prosperity, Connealy Concrete, San Dan Triple Threat (Dark Red Charolais) Mandate, SAV Platinum, SAV Republic, Connealy Deep A.I. Sires – Net Worth, CAR Threat Duke, Final(Dark Answer, Red Sitz Upward 307R Bull) Canyon, Triple Charolais

~ Visitors Always Welcome ~ ~ Private Treaty Cattle For Sale ~

Phone: (308) 935-1139

Â˜Â˜Ă•>Â?ĂŠ->Â?iʹÊ>Â˜Ă•>ÀÞÊ£Ç]ÊÓ䣣ÊUĂŠ-iÂ?Â?ˆ˜}\ĂŠÂŁĂˆĂ¤ĂŠ Ă•Â?Â?ĂƒĂŠÂąĂŠxäÊ Ă€i`ĂŠiˆviĂ€Ăƒ Bull Sale Sunday, March 23, 2014 (at the ranch) “Breeding for the Performance Minded Cattlemanâ€?


Jay Wolf Family, Owners

402/395-2178 Box 548 • Albion, NE 68620

The Total Performance Brand Email: Myron Benes, Sales 402/395-6962 • Cell: 402/649-2719

Benoit Angus


“Third Thursday in Marchâ€? Everett & Bonnie Benoit 621 Hwy 61 • Esbon, KS 66941 (785) 725-3231 • (888) 870-2855 Chad Benoit • (785) 725-3005 Doug & Michelle Benoit • (785) 725-6211

Sonderup Angus

Bulls, Heifers, and Embryos for Sale Private Treaty

31155 State Highway 22 • Genoa, Nebraska 68640

Lori Wagner 308/536-2975 cell308/550-0349

Fort Worth, TX 1-800-422-2117 Lemoyne Dailey PO Box 152 Thedford, NE 69166

Home: 308-645-2712 Cell: 402-760-2727

Nebraska Angus Association News • November/December 2013 • 19

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Consider the value of every calf crop.... Obviously, if you save just ONE CALF, a quality Val6 radiant space heater literally costs you next to nothing, and the same Val6 that is so valuable in the calving barn can then be moved to your machine shed and any number of uses for clean, quiet heat. Contact us at 800 846 5157 for the closest Val6 sales associate, or the opportunity to become an associate, or go to for more info, as well as our full product line and online specials!

16782566 Connealy Final Product x Sitz Tradition Reliable consistency with remarkable performance

Musgrave Pilgrim

15937040 TC Gridiron 258 x Boyd New Day 8005 Reliable excellence and maternal strength

GVC Miss Gridiron 778T

16804536 SAV Pioneer x GBS New Frontier Reliable calving ease and impressive type

GVC Settler


In our 24th year we are more committed than ever to supplying our fellow ranchers with practical, high-output seed stock and no-nonsense customer service. We want your business!


November 23 - The GVC Big Picture Female Sale March 1 - The 24th GVC Big Picture Bull Sale

Visit Us Anytime On the Ranch and Be Sure to Attend These Events:

46974 866 Road • Atkinson, NE 68713 (402) 925-2970 - (402) 340-4788


R E L I A B L E - - P R A C T I C A L - - P R O F I TA B L E - - P O W E R F U L

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Nebraska Angus News - November/December 2013  
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