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Think like a man of action , Act like a man of thought ANever before facility to all members to avail Flats/ Houses in Ongoing Residential & Upcoming Township Project @ 25% cheaper as compared to the market rate viz-a-viz ensuring @ 25% higher quality in terms of strength to withstand earthquake at an intensity of 9-10 Richter scale. AVery soon, KBNOWS House service @ 990/- per night with well furnished rooms equipped with AC and all other basic amenities will be provided in all cities across India to the members. AFirst state of the art KBNOWS House facility already launched on 15th August at Noida at Indira Sadan, near Sapphire School Sector – 70, 5 minutes away from Noida City Center Metro Station. AProviding medical & hospitality services at CGHS rates/ concessional prices to our members facilitated through our network of more than 40 Hospitals & 25 Guest Houses/Hotels empanelled with us across the country. AUpcoming Township Projects of KBNOWS at Najafgarh, Noida Extension, Yamuna Express Way, Gwalior, Jhansi at present and shortly coming across India with proposal of acquiring the land across all over India.

Raj Kumar President

ATo bring smile to each and every member by means of availing essential commodities and services that suits to your changing living style at lowest rates as per the collaborations directly with manufactures. AVery Soon Ambulance Services in each city @50% cheaper than the prevailing price for all its members for their needs in emergency situation. AWe have provision for EWS Flats which will be directly handed over to State Govt. for distribution among EWS people in all the upcoming townships across India. AMedical College/Hospital & Research center with 35% reservation for poor people without any fees along with all the study materials in all KBNOWS Vihar. Arranging marriage ceremonies for poor families. AProviding scholarships to meritorious/EWS students from school level to PG Level. AArranging Medical Camps at all city centers. AArranging competitions among schools/colleges to promote critical knowledge in desired specific area.

Up-Coming Projects

AL-Zone Najafgarh, Delhi to be allotted by D.D.A., just few minutes’ drive from Palam Airport ASec-12, Noida Extension, U.P. to be allotted by GNOIDA. KBNOWS with its foremost vision used to provide Flats to its members at prices 25% lesser than the market price and Quality as well as Strength assured 25% higher so much that it will be Earthquake Resistant at the intensity of 9-10 Richter scale in all our Ongoing & Upcoming Projects

Location Najafgarh, Dwarka Phase –II,Delhi 4 BHK, 3 BHK, 2BHK

Price per Sq.Ft (Rs.)

Registration Amount for Membership (in Rs.)



Vasundhra, Sec- 4 ( 5 mins away from Vaishali Metro Station), MIG, LIG, STUDIO



Sec-12, Noida Extn. (U.P.) 4 BHK, 3 BHK, 2 BHK



Tappal, Yamuna Expressway HIG, MIG, LIG, STUDIO



In the Upcoming KBNOWS Apartments at L-Zone Najafgarh, we will provide Super Area of 1369 sq.ft approx. for 3BHK Flat & 1100 sq.ft approx. for 2BHK Services for members in the Up-Coming Townships of KBNOWS Vihar all over India are as follows: AAll the ‘KBNOWS Vihar’ will be having the unique facility of COLD STORAGE and WARE HOUSES to preserve various seasonal commodities to be sold to members only at “No Profit No Loss”. AA state of the art spacious “Banquet Hall Facility” for marriage/ ceremony purpose for members only on “No Profit No Loss” Basis AEngineering College/ Law College/ Hospital / Medical College alongwith Research Center with Ultra Modern Lab Facilities with latest updates/ techniques. Admissions to Medical/ Law/ Engineering Colleges will be done without any Donation Fees/ Hidden Charges to wards of the members only AState of the art facilities like School, Sports Complex, Clubhouse, Lush Green Gardens, Dedicated Bicycle Track,

Shopping Arcade, Malls and Multiplex and judiciously planned Commercial Office space for other services sectors. We are pleased to offer you the rates mentioned below per sq.ft. on the super area basis of the flat and possession of flats will be handed over after 3 years from date of taking of the possession of the land from DDA & GNOIDA respectively. It is noteworthy to mention here that there will not be any type of hidden charges. Very Soon KBNOWS will provide Affordable Housing Scheme with Flats of 900 Sq.Ft. costing Rs.12,60,000/-@ Rs.1400/- per Sq.Ft in township over 100 acres of land( approx.) in each district all over India.

Office : CS-1, 4th Floor, Ansal Plaza, Vaishali, Ghaziabad, Ph. 9711204061/62/65, 0120-4566042 Website : , , Mail :,

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Qe´ffU»fe IYe WXfdQÊIY Vfb·fIYf¸f³ffEa

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Manage your life through ASTROLOGY & VASTU SHASTRA Specialist in Horoscope Making & Analysing Astral Remedies Gem therapy Colour therapies Siddh Raksha Kavach Remidieal Measures Vastu Consultancy for Residential & Industrial

s e Pandit s s a l C y Rakesh Sharma Astrolog ! ! ! n o o S g n i t Astrologer & Vastu Consultant Star Timings : Monday - Friday 03 PM to 08 PM

Saturday - Sunday 12 PM to 06 PM

K-3/7, DLF Phase-II, Gurgaon. Tel: 9810480655, 0124-4362246 E-mail :, Website: ³fU¸¶fSX 2013 I 41


Àf´f³fûÔ IZY ¨fûSX

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The Power

IYfOÊX ¶f°ffE dIYÀ¸f°f ¸fZ¿f

IYfOÊX ¶f°ff°ff W`X ¸fWXe³fZ IZY AfSaX·f ¸fZÔ Af´fIYe ·ffUbIY°ff, ´fdSXUfSXªf³f, d¸fÂfûÔ A±fUf dSXV°fZQfSXûÔ IYû À´fVfÊ IYSX¦Z fe AüSX Af´f BÀfÀfZ ´fi·ffdU°f WXû¦Ô fZ Qfa´f°¹f ªfeU³f ¸fZÔ d³fIYMX°ff ¶fPÞXZ¦feÜ ¸ffWX IYf Aa°f JbVfWXf»f SXWXZ¦ffÜ »fIYe SX¦Ô f - ÀfRZYQ AüSX dÀf»USX MXS` Xû Àf»ffWX - Uf¯fe ´fSX Àfa¹f¸f SXJZÔ ·ff¦¹fVff»fe AaIY - 2 AüSX 7 King of cups


The Star

IY»f Afªf UÈ¿f·f

Four of Pentacles


IYfOÊX ¹fWX QVffÊ°ff W`X dIY ¹fWX ¸fWXe³ff Af´fIYZ d»fE IYfRYe JbVfWXf»f SXWZX¦ffÜ ½¹ff´ffSX ¸fZÔ IYBÊX ³fBÊX ¹fûªf³ffEa ¶f³fZÔ¦feÜ Af´f EIYQ¸f Af³faQ ¸fZÔ SXWZÔX¦fZÜ BÀf Àf¸f¹f JbQ IYû ´fWX¨ff³f³fZ IYe ªf÷YSX°f W`XÜ »fIYe SX¦Ô f - ·fcSXf, ³ffSaX¦fe MXS` Xû Àf»ffWX - IY¸fÊ AüSX ½ff¯fe IYû »fmIYSX Àf°fIYÊ°ff ¶fSX°fmÔ ·ff¦¹fVff»fe AaIY - 6

IYfOÊX ¶f°ff°ff W`X dIY ¹fWX ¸ffWX Af´fIYZ d»fE d¸fdßf°f RY»f QZ¦ffÜ Af´fIYf ¸fcOX JSXf¶f WXû ÀfIY°ff W`XÜ A±fUf dRYªfc»fJ¨fÊ AüSX ´f`ÀfZ IYf ½¹f¹f Af´fIYû ´fSZXVff³f IYSX ÀfIY°ff W`XÜ »fIYe SX¦Ô f - ³fe»ff AüSX ´fe»ff MXS` Xû Àf»ffWX - ¦fWXSXe Àfû¨f IYû BÀ°fZ¸ff»f ¸fZÔ »ffEa ·ff¦¹fVff»fe AaIY - 5 AüSX 4

ace of cups

the fool



¹fWX ¸ffWX ³fBÊX dþ¸¸fZQfdSX¹fûÔ IYû ÀUeIYfSX IYSX³fZ IYf W`Ü Af´fIYû ¹fû¦¹f dQVff ¸fZÔ ´fi¹ffÀf AüSX ÀffWÀf IYSXfE¦ffÜ Àfa´fIÊY AüSX ÀfaUfQ ¹fWX Qû ¶ff°fZÔ BÀf ¸ffWX IYf ¸fWX°U SXJZ¦feÜ ¹fWX ¸ffWX ¸fZÔ Af´fIYû Äff³f IYf dUIYfÀf dQ»ffE¦ffÜ »fIYe SXÔ¦f - Àfb³fWXSXf AüSX »ff»f MX`SXû Àf»ffW - ªf»Q¶ffªfe ¸fZÔ d³f¯fʹf ³f »fZ ·ff¦¹fVff»fe AaIY - 1 the wheel of feature °fbÕXf

¸fWXe³fZ IZY AfSaX·f ¸fZÔ ¶füdðIY ¨f¨ffÊ ÀfZ QcSX SXWX³fZ IYe Àf»ffW W`XÜ dUôfd±fʹfûÔ IZY d»fE ±fûOÞXf IYdNX³f Àf¸f¹f W`XÜ IYBÊX »fû¦fûÔ ÀfZ Af´fIYû ±fûOÞXe ´ffgdªfdMXU E³fªfeÊ d¸f»fZ¦feÜ ½¹ff´ffdSX¹fûÔ IZY d»fE Àf¸f¹f A³fbIYc »f W`XÜ »fIYe SXÔ¦f - BadOX¦fû MX`SXû Àf»ffW - ³ffIYfSXf°¸fIY dU¨ffSXûÔX ÀfZ QcSX SXWZÔ ·ff¦¹fVff»fe AaIY - 3

¸fWXe³fZ IZY AfSaX·f ¸fZÔ Af´fIYû ÀffU²ff³fe´fc¯fÊ IYQ¸f ¶fPÞXf³fZ W`XaÜ Af´fIYe Uf¯fe ¸fZÔ IYMbX°ff ³f »ffEaÜ Af´fIYû I`YdSX¹fSX AüSX ´ffdSXUfdSXIY Àfa¶fa²fûÔ ¸fZÔ ¸fbdVIY»fûÔ IYf Àff¸f³ff IYSX³ff ´fOÞX ÀfIY°ff W`XÜ Afd±fÊIY »ff·f ¸fZÔ IYBÊX AUÀfSX d¸f»fZÔ¦fZÜ »fIYe SX¦Ô f - IYf»ff AüSX ·fcSXf MXS` Xû Àf»ffWX - A¨LXf AüSX IY¸f ¶fû»faZ ·ff¦¹fVff»fe AaIY - 4

¹fWX ¸ffWX Af´fIZY d»fE ´fid°fIcY»f°ffAûa AüSX A³fbIcY»f°ffAûa IZY RY»f QZ³fZ Uf»ff W`XÜ Àfa°ff³f IYe AûSX ÀfZ A¨LXf Àf¸f¹f SXWZX¦ffÜ A²fcSZX IYf¸fûÔ IYû ´fcSXf IYSX ´ffEa¦fZÜ QbV¸f³f AüSX dUSXû²fe A´f³fe ¨ff»f ¸fZÔ ³ffIYf¸f¹ff¶f SWZXa¦fZÜ »fIYe SX¦Ô f - ´fe»ff AüSX IiYe¸f MXS` Xû AOX½ffBÀf - dIYÀfe IYû ³fe¨ff ³f dQJfE ·ff¦¹fVff»fe AaIY - 3 IbY¸·f THE MAGICIAN

MZXÔ´fSZXÔÀf ¸fWXe³fZ IZY ´fifSaX·f ¸fZÔ ÀÂfe ´ffÂfûÔ ÀfZ Àfa·f»fIYSX IYf¸f »fZÜÔ ÀÂfe ÀfQÀ¹f IYf ÀUfÀ±×¹f Af´fIYû °f³ffU QZ ÀfIY°ff W`XÜ ¸ff³f ´fid°f¿NXf ¸fZÔ WXfd³f WXû ÀfIY°fe W`XÜ Af´fIZY ÀU·ffU ¸fZÔ ·ffUbIY°ff ¶fPÞXZ¦fe AüSX IY»´f³ffVfd¢°f AüSX ÀfȪf³f Vfd¢°f d³fJSZX¦feÜ »fIYe SXÔ¦f - ÀfRZYQ AüSX dÀf»US MX`SXû Àf»ffWX - ÀÂfe ´fÃf ¸fZÔ Àfû¨f Àf¸fÓfIYSX ¶ff°f IYSZÔX ·ff¦¹fVff»fe AaIY - 2, 7

IYfOÊ ¶f°ff°ff W`X dIY Af´f BÊXVUSX ·fd¢°f ´fcªff ´ffNX ¸fZÔ SXWZÔX¦fZÜ Af´fIZY Àfû¨fZ IYf¹fÊ Af´fIZY A³fbÀffSX WXûÔ¦fZÜ CX³fÀfZ A´fZ dÃf°f »ff·f ·fe WXû¦ffÜ ÀUfÀ±¹f A¨LXf SXWZX¦ffÜ »fIYe SXÔ¦f - »ff»f AüSX Àfa°fSXf MX`SXû Àf»ffW - Àfû¨f Àf¸fÓfIYSX J¨fÊ IYSZÔX ·ff¦¹fVff»fe AaIY - 9

¸ffWX Af´fIZY d»fE Vfb·f RY»f Qf¹fIY W`XÜ IYf¹fÊ dÀfdð AüSX ÀfRY»f°ff IYf ¹fû¦f W`XÜ °f³f,¸f³f, ²f³f ÀfZ ¸f³f ÀUÀ±f SXWXZ¦ffÜ BÀfed»fE WXSX IYf¹fÊ ¸fZÔ Af´fIYf CX°ÀffWX ¶f³ff SXWXZ¦ffÜ »fIYe SXÔ¦f - ´fe»ff AüSX ³ffSaX¦fe MXS` Xû Àf»ffW - ¨feªfûÔ IYû ¦fifaMZXOX ¸f°f »fedþE¦ff ·ff¦¹fVff»fe AaIY - 6



¸fWXe³fZ IZY ´fifSaX·f ¸fZÔ d¨fa°ffAûa ÀfZ d§fSZX SXWXÔZ¦fZÜ VffSXedSXIY ¶f`¨fZ³fe SXWXZ¦feÜ ´fdSXßf¸f IYf ´fcSXf RY»f ³fWXeÔ d¸f»fZ¦ffÜ Af²¹ffd°¸fIY ¸ff¸f»fZ ¸fZÔ ¸f³f Vffa°f SXW¦Z ffÜ dUôfd±fʹfûÔ IYû EIYf¦fi°ff SXJ³fe ´fOÞXZ¦feÜ »fIYe SXÔ¦f - ´fe»ff MX`SXû Àf»ffW - ÀffWXÀf AüSX ²f`¹fÊ ÀfZ IYf¸f »fmÔ ·ff¦¹fVff»fe AaIY - 3 72 I ³fU¸¶fSX 2013

the high priest


¹fWX ¸ffWX Af´fIYZ d»fE A¨LXf SXWZX¦ffÜ ´fSX ªf»Q¶ffQe IYf A³fb·fU ·fe IYSXfE¦ffÜ Af´f A´f³fZ dU¨ffSX, ´fif±fd¸fIY°ffAûa AüSX ¹fûªf³ffAûa IYû ¶ffSXeIYe ÀfZ QZÔJZÜ Afd±fÊIY J¨fÊ ´fSX ²¹ff³f QZÔÜ IYûBÊX ·fe ´fiUÈd°f IYSX³fZ ÀfZ ´fWX»fZ A¨LXeX °fSXWX ÀfZ Àfû¨fZÔZÜ »fIYe SX¦Ô f - »ff»f AüSX ¶f`Ô¦f³fe MXS` Xû Àf»ffW - ¦fWXSXe Àfû¨f ÀfZ Àf¶f IYf¹fÊ IYSZÔX ·ff¦¹fVff»fe AaIY - 9, 4 temperence ²f³fb

seven of cups


AüSX IY»f ªfû °ffSXeJ 1, 10, 19 ¹ff 28 IYû ªf³¸fm WX`Ô


BÀf ¸ffWX »fÔ¶fe ýcSXe IYe ¹ffÂff IYf ´fi¶f»f ¹fû¦f WX`Ü ½¹f½fÀffd¹fIY ½f¦fÊ d¶f³ff Àfû¨fm-Àf¸fÓfm ªf»ý¶ffªfe ¸fmÔ IYûBÊ R`YÀf»ff ³f IYSXmÜ ´fim¸fe A´f³fe ´fimd¸fIYf IYû C´fWXfSX ¸fmÔ ´fSXµ¹fc¸f ýmÔ, ýcdSX¹ffÔ ³fªfýedIY¹fûÔ ¸fmÔ °f¶ýe»f WXûÔ¦feÜ BÀf ¸ffWX IYe 3, 12 ½f 21 °ffSXeJ d½fVfm¿f »ff·fIYfSXe SXWXm¦feÜ ³füIYSXe WXm°fb ¶ff¹fûOXfMXf ·fmªfmÔÜ BÀf ¸ffWX dIYÀ¸f°f ýSX½ffªff JMXJMXfE¦feÜ Vfb·f AÔIY : 102 dMX´Àf : ³füIYSXe ¸fmÔ ´fýû³³fd°f WXm°fb 11 ÷Y¸ff»ff ÀffdWX¶f ²ff͸fIY À±ff³f ´fSX ¨fPXÞfEÔ Ü

°ffSXeJ 2, 11, 20 ¹ff 29 IYû ªf³¸fm W`ÔX


¹fWX ¸ffWX Af´fIZY d»fE ´fi¦fd°fVfe»f SXWX¦m ffÜ ªfû ½¹fdöY ÀfÔ¹fböY ½¹f½fÀff¹f ¸fmÔ WX,Ô` C³fIZY d»fE Àf¸f¹f A°¹fÔ°f »ff·fIYfSXe WXÜ` ¸f²¹f-¸ffWX ¸fmÔ ³fE ´fi¸m f ÀfÔ¶fÔ²f ¶f³fm¦Ô fmÜ ¸fc»ffÔIY 6, 15 ½f 24 ½ff»fm ½¹fdöY Af´fIZY d»fE d½fVfm¿f »ff·fIYfSXe SXWX¦Ôm fmÜ ½feªff Af½fmý³f WX°m fb ¸ffWX Vfb·f WXÜ` ¸ffWX AÔ°f ¸fmÔ »ff·fIYfSXe Àfüýf °f¹f WXû¦ffÜ Vfb·f AÔIY : 333 dMX´Àf : AfͱfIY »ff·f WXm°fb ´fi°¹fmIY ¶fÈWXÀ´fd°f½ffSX ¨f³fm IYe ýf»f ýf³f IYSXmÔÜ

°ffSXeJ 4, 13, 22 ¹ff 31 IYû ªf³¸fm W`ÔX ªfû d½f´fSXe°f d½f¨ffSX²ffSXf IZY »fû¦f WX`Ô, C³fÀfm ýcSXe ¶f³ffE SXJmÔÜ ÀfmWX°f ÀfÔ¶fÔ²fe ´fSXmVff³fe Af ÀfIY°fe WX`Ü ÀffÓfmýfSXe ¸fmÔ ½¹f½fÀff¹f IZY d»fE ¸fc»ffÔIY 2, 11 ½f 20 ½ff»fm ½¹fdöY »ff·fIYfSXe SXWXmÔ¦fmÜ ½f °ffSXeJ 5 ½f 14 Vfb·f SXWXm¦feÜ ¸f²¹f ¸ffWX ¸fmÔ »fÔ¶fe ýcSXe IYe ¹ffÂff IZY ¹fû¦f WX`ÔÜ IYûBÊ ´fbSXf³fe ¹fûªf³ff A²fcSXe SXWX ¦fBÊ WXû, °fû BÀf ¸ffWX A½fV¹f ´fcSXe WXû¦feÜ ³f¹ff ½ffWX³f JSXeý³fm IYf d½f¨ffSX ¶f³fm¦ffÜ ¦fÈWXd¯f¹ffÔ À½f¹fÔ IYf SXûªf¦ffSX IYSX ÀfIY°fe WX`ÔÜ Vfb·f AÔIY : 237 dMX´Àf : - ¦fSXe¶f ¶f¨¨fûÔ IYû dIY°ff¶f C´fWXfSX ¸fmÔ ýmÔÜ


BÀf ¸ffWX ´fdSX½ffSX ¸fmÔ JbdVf¹ffÔ AfEÔ¦feÜ A¦fSX ÀffÓfmýfSXe IYe Àfû¨f SXWXmÔ WX`Ô °fû ¸ffWX A°¹fÔ°f Vfb·f WX`Ü ªfû d½fýmVf ªff³fm IZY B¨LXbIY WX`Ô, C³WXmÔ ÀfRY»f°ff A½fV¹f d¸f»fm¦feÜ ¹fb½fd°f¹fûÔ IZY ªfe½f³f ¸fmÔ ´fcSXm ¸ffWX ·ff¦fýüOÞX SXWXm¦fe ¸f¦fSX AfͱfIY »ff·f ·fe WXû¦ffÜ ³f½fd½f½ffdWX°f ýÔ´fd°°f ÀfÔ°ff³f IYe ¹fûªf³ff ¶f³ff ÀfIY°fm WX`ÔÜ ¶fmOX ýdÃf¯f dýVff ¸fmÔ SXJmÔÜ ³fBÊ ´fifg´fMXeÊ JSXeý³fm-¶fm¨f³fm IZY d»fE ¸ffWX A°¹fÔ°f Vfb·f WX`Ü ¸ffWX AÔ°f ¸fmÔ Vfb·f Àf¸ff¨ffSX IYe ´fifd~ WXû¦feÜ Vfb·f AÔIY : 140 dMX´Àf: - Vfd³f½ffSX IYû °ffÔ¶fm IYf dÀfæYf ªf»f ¸fmÔ ´fi½ffdWX°f IYSXÜÔm


BÀf ¸ffWX d½fSXû²fe ´fÃf Àfm Àff½f²ff³f SXWXÜÔm JfÀfIYSX ¸fc»ffÔIY 3, 12 ½f 21 ½ff»fm ½¹fdöY¹fûÔ Àfm ´fSXWXªm f SXJÜÔm A´f³ff ½¹f½fÀff¹f IYSX³ff Vfb·f SXWX¦m ffÜ d½fôfͱf¹fûÔ IYf ·fd½f¿¹f ²feSX-m ²feSXm DYÔ¨ffB¹fûÔ IYe AûSX ¶fPX¦ZÞ ffÜ ¸fdWX»ffAûÔ IYû Vfb·f Àf¸ff¨ffSX IYe ´fifd~ WXû¦feÜ ÀfSXIYfSXe IY¸fʨffSXe IYf¹ffÊ»f¹f IYe ¶ff°fûÔ IYû A³fýmJf ³f IYSXÜÔm ³fE »fû¦fûÔ Àfm d¸fÂf°ff ·fd½f¿¹f ¸fmÔ »ff·fIYfSXe SXWX¦m feÜ Vfb·f AÔIY : 107 dMX´Àf : A³ff±ff»f¹f ¸fmÔ Jf³fm-´fe³fm IYf Àff¸ff³f ýmÜÔ

BÀf ¸ffWX IYfSXû¶ffSXe ·ff¦fýüOÞX ¶f³fe SXWX¦m feÜ ¹fb½fIY/d½fôf±feÊ IYdSX¹fSX ÀfÔ¶fÔ²fe d³f¯fʹf Àfû¨fd½f¨ffSX IYSX »fmÜÔ °ffSXeJ 6 ½f 15 Af´fIZY d»fE d½fVfm¿f Vfb·f RY»fýf¹fe SXWX¦m feÜ ½fÀÂff·fc¿f¯f JSXeý³fm IZY d»fE ¸ffWX A°¹fÔ°f Vfb·f WXÜ` d½fýmVf Àfm ªfbOXÞe Àf¸fÀ¹ff ýcSX WXû¦feÜ ¶fbªfb¦fûÊÔ IYf ÀfÔ´fc¯fÊ ÀfWX¹fû¦f d¸f»fm¦ff ªfû ·fd½f¿¹f ¸fmÔ »ff·f ým¦Ô fmÜ ÀfSXIYfSXe IY¸fʨffdSX¹fûÔ IYe ´fýû³³fd°f IYf ¹fû¦f ¶f³ff WXbAf WXÜ` Vfb·f AÔIY : 222 dMX´Àf : ´fi°¹fmIY Vfd³f½ffSX §fSX ¸fmÔ ³f¸fIY IYf dLXOXÞIYf½f IYSXÔm ½f ´fif°f: À½f¹fÔ ÀffRY IYSXÜÔm



¸ffWX IYe Vfb÷YAf°f JbdVf¹fûÔ ·fSXe WXû¦feÜ Af´fIYû ´fi°¹fmIY IYf¹fûÊÔ ¸fmÔ ÀfRY»f°ff d¸f»fm¦feÜ ÀfSXIYfSXe IY¸fʨffdSX¹fûÔ IYû ´fýû³³fd°f IZY Àff±f À±ff³ff³°fSX¯f IZY ·fe ¹fû¦f WX`ÔÜ ¹fb½fIYûÔ IZY J¨fÊ IYe Ad²fIY°ff SXWXm¦fe ½f Af¹f Àff¸ff³¹f SXWXm¦feÜ d¸fÂfûÔ IZY ÀfWX¹fû¦f Àfm ÷YIZY WXbE IYf¹fÊ ¶f³fmÔ¦fmÜ d½fVfm¿fIYSX ¸fc»ffÔIY 8, 17 ½f 26 ½ff»fm ¸fýý¦ffSX SXWXmÔ¦fmÜ

Vfb·f AÔIY : 121 dMX´Àf: - Àfc¹fÊ IYû ªf»f ýmÔ, dÀfaýcSX/¦fbOÞX A½fV¹f OXf»fmÔ, ÷YIZY WXbE IYf¹fûÊÔ ¸fmÔ ´fi¦fd°f WXû¦feÜ ªfû °ffSXeJ 6, 15 ¹ff 24 IYû ªf³¸fm WX`Ô Af´fIYe J¨fÊ IYSX³fm IYe Afý°fX AüSX ¶fPXÞZ¦feÜ ¢¹fûÔdIY Af´fIYe Af¸fý³fe ·fe ýû¦fb³fe WXû¦feÜ ¹fb½fd°f¹ffÔ Aªf³fd¶f¹fûÔ ´fSX ·fSXûÀff d¶f»IbY»f ³f IYSXmÔÜ §fc¸f³fm ªff³fm ¹ff IYf¸f Àfm AfSXf¸f IZY d»fE ¸ffWX IYf ¸f²¹f ·ff¦f Vfb·f WX`Ü d¸fÂfûÔ E½fÔ Vfb·fd¨fa°fIYûÔ IYe SXf¹f Àfm IYf¹fÊ IYSX³ff »ff·fIYfSXe SXWXm¦ffÜ dIYÀfe Àf¸ffSXûWX ¸fmÔ AfIY¿fʯf IYf IZÔYýi ¶f³f ÀfIY°fm WX`ÔÜ ¸ffWX AÔ°f ¸fmÔ Af´fIYf ¸f³fû¶f»f AüSX ¶fPXÞZ¦ffÜ ¸fc»ffÔIY 1, 10 ½f 19 ½ff»fm ½¹fdöY d½fVfm¿f »ff·f ýmÔ¦fmÜ Vfb·f AÔIY : 606 dMX´Àf : ÀfÔ¶fÔ²fûÔ ¸fmÔ Àfb²ffSX WX°m fb dVf½fd»fa¦f ´fSX ýc²f-¶ffýf¸f ¨fPXfÞ EaÜ


ªfû °ffSXeJ 8, 17 ¹ff 26 IYû ªf³¸fm WX`Ô


Af¨ff¹fÊ ´fe. £fbSXf³ff

ªfû °ffSXeJ 3, 12, 21 ¹ff 30 IYû ªf³¸fm WX`Ô

ªfû 5, 14 ¹ff 23 IYû ªf³¸fm WX`Ô

ªfû °ffSXeJ 7, 16 ¹ff 25 IYû ªf³¸fm WX`Ô


ªff³fZÔ SXfdVf¹fûa IYf WXf»f

ªfû °ffSXeJ 9, 18 ¹ff 27 IYû ªf³¸fm WX`Ô BÀf ¸ffWX IYûBÊ ·fe IYf¹fÊ ªf»ý¶ffªfe ¸fmÔ ³f IYSXmÔÜ IYûMXÊ-IY¨fWXSXe ¸fmÔ d½fªf¹f WXm°fb ¸fc»ffÔIY 3, 12 ½f 21 ½ff»fm ¸fýý¦ffSX SXWXmÔ¦fmÜ ¶fmSXûªf¦ffSXûÔ IYû ³füIYSXe d¸f»f³fm IZY ´fi¶f»f ¹fû¦f WX`ÔÜ ²f³f ½f IYdSX¹fSX IYû »fmIYSX dÔ¨f°ff Àf¸ff~ WXû¦feÜ A´f³fm ´ffMXʳfSX IYû »ff»f SXÔ¦f IYe ½fÀ°fb C´fWXfSX ¸fmÔ ýmÔ, ¸f³f¸fbMXf½f ýcSX WXû¦ffÜ R`Y¢MÑXe ¸ffd»fIY EIY »ff·fIYfSXe Àfüýf °f¹f IYSX³fm ¸fmÔ ÀfRY»f WXûÔ¦fmÜ d½f´fSXe°f d»fa¦f IZY »fû¦f Af´fIYe °fSXRY AfIYd¿fÊ°f WXûÔ¦fmÜ Vfb·f AÔIY : 606 dMX´Àf : ¨ffSX WXµ°fZ WXSX ¶fb²f½ffSX ¦ff¹f IYû WXSXf ¨ffSXf dJ»ffEÔÜ


³fU¸¶fS 2013 I 73

RZYÀf AfgRY Q ¸fa±f

dSXIYfgOXÊ IZY dVfJSX ´fSX JOÞXZ Àfd¨f³f °fZQa »b fIYSX ³fZ A´f³fZ ´f`OX ·f»fZ WXe CX°ffSX dQE WXû,Ô »fZdIY³f ªf¶f-ªf¶f dIiYIZYMX IYe ¨f¨ffÊ WXû¦fe, °f¶f-°f¶f ¶f»»fZ IZY BÀf ªffQc¦fSX IYû ¹ffQ dIY¹ff ªffE¦ffÜ

Qe´fIY Àfc¹fÊUaVfe

74 I ³fU¸¶fSX 2013

RNI No. MAHHIN2013/47600 PNCW/M-240/2013-2015

Postal Date: 9th of every month

Posting Office: Deccan Gymkhana

November e magazine  
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