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The 2020 Fringe Festival is presented by

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Virginia and Harvey Kimmel Arts Education Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation

The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation

Virginia Brown Martin Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation

Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation

Thomas T. Phillips, Jr. Foundation, Inc.


Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation


What is a Fringe Festival?

Does it feel as though the world is turning more quickly and more slowly at the same time? Philadelphia’s arts and cultural community is a crucial commons as we collaboratively imagine a more equitable future. While many things have changed, our belief in the value and vitality of collective gatherings around arts and cultural experiences remains constant. While in a period of uncertainty it’s a natural reflex to cling to familiarity, we believe we have a greater imperative to use this time to ask hard questions and support each other, especially those most vulnerable among us. Coming up with creative solutions to bring work to you is inherently a part of our history and the enduring spirit of Fringe. This year we’ve worked hard with our team and community to integrate new platforms and guidelines that foreground care and safety. We’d like to thank our partners in Philadelphia City Government and the Department of Health for their guidance as we work to keep one another safe, particularly when gathering outdoors. All of our artists–both those in our curated slate and the 106 presentations by independent folks– have demonstrated resilience and adaptability as they engage with audiences in new ways. Artists have crafted a range of experiences from

workshops to virtual performances, durational installations, talks, compendiums of material, screenings and more. Our entire team has done a great deal of research and training to ensure that we’re on-hand to help you interact with performances this Fringe Season. That said, we thank you for your flexibility as we work through any changes we need to make to ensure our various platforms are safe and accessible to all. We are so grateful that you’re joining us this year, even while we’re not able to gather in the ways we normally would. The Fringe Festival wouldn’t be the same without you—our audiences, artists, donors, and community. One upside of moving presentations online is that more people can participate, and so if you have a friend across the country or across the world, and you think FringeArts might make their 2020 a little more exciting, please let them know we’re just a few clicks away. This year tickets are significantly reduced or free. To help us offset these costs, we ask that you consider becoming a FringeArts Member today to support our ongoing work. We also hope that you’ll think about supporting independent artists, many of whom are offering free performances. Together we look forward to making this Fringe Festival as vibrant as ever!

All our solidarity, Nick Stuccio President & Producing Director

Zach Blackwood + Katy Dammers Artistic Producers

April Rose Fringe Festival Coordinator

Navigating the Festival The following pages serve as an introduction to all 119 shows in the 2020 Fringe Festival, and the insert includes more information about the shows presented by FringeArts. Please reference FringeArts.com and the FringeArts App for all details about performance dates and times, pricing, and locations (virtual or in-person). To receive the latest festival updates as they happen, we invite audiences to sign up for daily Fringe Festival emails at FringeArts.com, download the latest version of our App (and turn on notifications!), and follow us on social media!

Browse by Show Section: ALWAYS ON shows are available online anytime, anywhere. Some are free, some have a fee to access, and some are available starting on a certain date within the Fringe Festival run. OUT AND ABOUT shows take place out of home. Following health and safety guidelines, these shows invite you to experience something away from all the screens in your life. Please note that all in-person events are subject to change pending local health conditions.


These shows invite audience participation [Free] These shows are free to access, some still require an advance RSVP [Pass the Hat] These shows are free, but we encourage audiences to donate when a link—or “hat”—is provided [PWYC] These shows have opt-in pricing levels you can select at checkout [Paid] These shows are ticketed at a set price, listed on the FringeArts website


TUNE IN shows have live performance dates and times for patrons to attend virtually. Some will be available via recording after the live performance premiere.

Look for the following details:


Experiencing Experi



Some shows are open access, and the link will be available online. Other shows will require an advance ticket for participation. All digital links for ticketed shows will be sent to you via email when you purchase your ticket and in the Know Before You Go email the day of the event—hang on to these emails! They contain your specialized link to the event. At the time of the event, click the link in the email. If you click the link a few minutes before the event starts, you’ll see a countdown screen. Once the event has started, you will be redirected to the site of the performance—Zoom, YouTube, or wherever else. You won’t be able to share the link from your virtual ticket— it is just for you!

Support FringeArts by joining our member community today! In moving most of our annual Fringe Festival to virtual platforms, tickets are significantly reduced in price or FREE. These challenging times have put enormous financial pressures on the arts community, and even with our festival still happening, we are not immune to the economic impact of COVID-19. To help us offset these costs, please consider becoming a FringeArts Member today and help make this year’s festival (and future festivals) as vibrant as ever!

2020 Fringe Festival

Box Office


The in-person box office at FringeArts will NOT be open this year. You can reach Box Office representatives easiest by emailing PatronServices@FringeArts.com. Box Office reps will answer emails and phone calls at 215.413.1318 between 1-8pm daily.

FringeArts members get first access to tickets, announcements of upcoming events, and also enjoy 20% off FringeArts shows over $15. Visit FringeArts.com/membership for more information and to sign up today!

Support Looking for more ways to support FringeArts? Visit our website at FringeArts.com/support to learn more about opportunities to make contemporary performance in Philadelphia possible, including our Producers Circle and sponsorship opportunities.

In order to bring the best contemporary performance to you in the safest way possible, most shows in this year’s Fringe Festival can be accessed via digital streaming platforms. Below are just some of the different platforms artists are using. For more detailed tutorials on each platform, visit FringeArts.com/FAQ. Zoom is a video conferencing platform, and you will need to download the Zoom app for desktop or mobile. There is no need to pay for a broader Zoom membership in order to participate. YouTube is the primary way many folks watch and share videos. YouTube has a streaming service called YouTube Live in which audience members can watch a live-stream of an event. You do not need an account to watch videos, but you do need one to chat or leave comments. Vimeo, another popular video streaming platform, can be accessed through a web browser on desktop or mobile devices. There is no need to download anything or set up an account.

COVID-19 Precautions for Outdoor Experiences FringeArts continues to work closely and diligently with City of Philadelphia officials on the most up-to-date regulations and recommendations for public gatherings. Several pieces in this year’s Fringe Festival take place outdoors in varying formats, such as an audio walking experience or viewing a work through a storefront. In accordance with CDC and local health guidelines, we recommend all patrons:

►W ear a mask at all times, regardless

of the number of other patrons ►M aintain six feet distance from others outside of your direct household ►W ash your hands thoroughly before leaving the house and upon returning home

Patrons can request American Sign Language interpreters for certain shows by contacting our Box Office two weeks in advance of the performance. Several Independent Artist shows will also feature audio description. This will be noted at FringeArts.com/Accessibility, and on each applicable event page. Please visit our FAQ page at FringeArts.com/FAQ for detailed information about the accessibility accommodations for each digital platform. If you have additional questions about accessibility or would like to request ASL interpretation, please email patronservices@fringearts.com.


All artists are mandated to adhere to Philadelphia ordinances and guidelines to curb the Coronavirus pandemic. For questions or concerns, please reach out to Patron Services at patronservices@fringearts.com.


the Festival tival

Virtual Works



11 Years at the Fringe

154 Revisited

7 Unsolved Sketches

Linda Dubin Garfield GALLERY & INSTALLATIONS Join Linda Dubin Garfield for a retrospective exhibit of her artwork and that of the participants at her 11 years of Fringe shows. This will be a virtual exhibit. More at lindadubingarfield.com. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50192

Revolution Shakespeare THEATER A collection of modern adaptations riffing off of Shakespeare's sonnets. Creatives & performers from all over Philly (and more) have embraced new ways of translating and embodying love in video form. Revisit how we can all find and give love radically. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50466

XY Players COMEDY & IMPROV Sketch comedy mostly on the theme of mystery and the unknown. Sketches include a character entering a surreal world at the art museum; a magician being controlled by his magic; a flapper from the 1920's flirting with the Grim Reaper; and ballet from the future with androids. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50320

Alice Light + Dark

Alice's Adventures in Analog

Baby Whale and the Plastic Ocean

UgLy Duchess MUSIC A concept LP based on the work of Lewis Carroll & Salvador Dalí. Using a minimalist set up of modular synths, drums & Mellotron, the LP brings forward elements of the story that have been commonly overlooked as well as reinterprets part that are all too familiar. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50413

RMayFlowers and Kai's AtHome Theater for Kids and Grown-Ups ART FOR YOUNG AUDIENCES Baby Whale LOVES swimming in the open ocean, but this time they accidentally swam a little too far from Mom. Can you help Baby Whale find their way home? This is an at-home workshop; full production set to premiere in 2021. We welcome feedback and questions to help the story of Baby Whale grow! [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50405

2020 Fringe Festival



Alice Light + Dark FILM A short film featuring the story of one woman's private spiritual journey, a manic experience triggered by the stress of her failing marriage. Does love drive us mad or can we only understand it in a different state of consciousness? [PWYC] ►FringeArts.com/50200

Colors of Hope



Da Vinci Art Alliance GALLERY & INSTALLATIONS In times of uncertainty, it can be easier to look for faults, point fingers, and lose our focus from what matters most, what keeps us going. Colors of Hope celebrates the meaning of hope in our lives today, and the various ways that translates into color and form. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50251

Katy Dammers

Da Vinci Art Alliance GALLERY & INSTALLATIONS Juried by Thora Jacobson, this group exhibition showcases contemporary craft from the region, in all of its varied forms. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50563


IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE Perfect for social-distancing, letter writing combines solitude with good company. Get matched with a pen pal to write and receive letters. Participants will receive a weekly newsletter with prompts for each letter, inspirational epistles of the past, and mail art instructions. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50489



Dancefusion Back to Now Dancefusion DANCE Dancefusion will step "Back" to present a virtual concert of excerpts from the past 10 years including works by Anna Sokolow, Mary Anthony, and Pauline Koner. The virtual concert will also feature "Now," three stunning new video works by Dancefusion's Jannifer Yackel and Omar Frederick Pratt. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50564

Dawn States Company Dawn States Company DANCE A quartet of dancers navigate the intersectionality of dance and disability. They move together in collaboration and exploration as duets, solos or a group. Their movements highlight the group presence and their individuality. Dancers: Dawn States, Dynah Haubert, Embry Owen and Jamie Ray-Leonetti. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50515


TONGUE THEATER With silicon masks and paper mache, TONGUE weaves together anthropological, philosophical and spiritual research to depict a deep history of the impending collapse of financial markets. This lecture will take place in 5 chapters corresponding to the 5 stages of the Kübler-Ross grief cycle. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50491




Do mirrors burn?


Dissident Bodies, BDG and Casa de Duende FILM An international collaboration with Mexico, Colombia, and India, the Dislocada/Dislocated Philadelphia event organized by the Philadelphia based Dissident Bodies collective will showcase a curated platform of performance videos by 38 artists from 14 countries responding to isolation and social distance. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50430

OhOK Performance Group (Whitney Casal, Britt Davis) DANCE When part of yourself is set ablaze and burned to ash, your reflection still exists in its mirror image. Even if nothing physical remains, the essence of what once was is not lost... Adapted from an original stage work, this dance film emerged as a result of physical distancing during Covid-19. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50344

Susan DiPronio & Salomé Cosmique FILM A moving poem filmed while in quarantine - the air we breathe greys, our lives shrink, the point of it all is forgotten, hope struggles to survive on an earth destroyed by our greed. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50245

fun with dick & jane: working title

Healthcare Heroes A Radioplay

How to Shave in Six Easy Steps

Rhonda Moore and Ben Grinberg DANCE We invite audiences to peek in and see what can happen when two apparently disparate colleagues who–for plausible and inexplicable reasons love and esteem one another from afar–come together for the very first time in conversation of every kind. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50481

Marc Hem Lee THEATER Every day I pass by a banner that says, "Heroes Work Here," and I ask myself who are these heroes? Who are the heroes of healthcare? To which health crisis does this banner refer? This radio piece is part self-process, part verbatim theatre exploring the Heroes of Healthcare in various communities. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50319

Collin Spangler THEATER Step 1) Remove the safety from your razor. Step 2) Apply shaving Cream. Step 3) Explore one queer kid's struggles with grief, gender identity, and the delicate art of shaving. Many other grooming tips and tricks await you in How to Shave in Six Easy Steps! Maybe we'll all learn something—who knows? [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50467

2020 Fringe Festival



I <3 SNOOTY: a manatee rhapsody on life and death Raychel Ceciro & Logan Gabriel Schulman THEATER A work of bad multimedia plushie-puppet theater. This brief virtual performance journeys into the imagination of Snooty, the oldest manatee ever held in captivity, in his final moments. With some of his (imaginary) manatee friends, he ruminates on love, isolation, and what comes next. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50424

JADA Dance presents ... Be The Rhythm Jaye Allison’s JADA Dance DANCE An evening length experimental work-in-progress. Allison intimately shares her artistic creative processes, dancing through storytelling, song, percussive tap and urban street rhythms with her non-traditional company members’ skills being stretched. Take a journey with uniqueness. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50593

Legal Tender Kyle Dacuyan + Antigravity Performance Project MULTIMEDIA An assemblage of multi-media performance, video, and text material drawing across a yearlong collaborative devising practice, its marginalia, and postscript. Featuring two live Digital Salons with poems, meditations, and movement oriented around pleasure, flux, and connection. Made in collaboration with artists Andalyn Young and Kate Liebman. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50756


Looks Like Sounds Like

Michele Haines Storytelling Michele Haines & Annabelle Buck GALLERY & INSTALLATIONS Artist Annabelle Buck will paint a portrait using foods prepared by Chef Michele Haines. All ingredients used will be locally sourced, and proceeds from the performance will be donated to a city garden program. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/49788

The Orlando Project Penn Theatre Ensemble FILM Five theatre students were stranded across the United States, their work on the play Orlando (by Sarah Ruhl) at a standstill. With original music, freewheeling footage, and material from Virginia Woolf's novel, they created a short film that is humorous and heartfelt, melancholic and philosophical. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50386


stb x at DANCE An evening-length improvisation by dance/percussion duo stb x at. Looks Like Sounds Like features drums, flower pots, pans, and cymbals alongside jumps, twists, turns, and inversions. A fully online experience - join us for gongs and grooves, kicks and rattles, jingles and angles. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50519


One Rain Full of Grace


The Highland Lakes Players THEATER When one late-summer Phillies baseball game is delayed by rain in Philadelphia at Connie Mack Stadium, 12-year-old Diane DeMarco dashes to the center field pole to lower the flag. Featuring The Highland Lakes Players - Sebastian Garcia, Samantha Levine and Raymond V. Whelan. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50499

The Other Side of the Window Screen JCWK Dance Lab DANCE In this multidisciplinary look at home, viewers direct their own experience through contemporary dance, music, written work, and visual art. Explore home as structure, as physical body, as geographical place from which we leave and return and home as states of rejection and acceptance. Performance includes JCWK Dance Lab's HOMEbody. [PWYC] ►FringeArts.com/50437

Philadelphia Fabulist Da Vinci Art Alliance GALLERY & INSTALLATIONS Fables can be true or false, history or mythology, sagas or fantasies...or a provocative blurring of both. John James Pron examines Philadelphia's past, present and future, rendering its diverse peoples and iconic settings, its unsavory horrors and its lush beauties. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50250


2020 Fringe Festival

The Philadelphia Matter - 1972/2020


David Gordon DANCE Celebrated choreographer/ director/writer David Gordon premieres his first new screen work in two decades with a “virtual” performance company of 30+ Philadelphia artists working remotely to record video material on everything from iPhones to professional cameras. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50748

Piano for Pets


Barbara Browne MUSIC Your pets have been there for you all during lockdown. Now give them the culture they’ve been craving with a personalized recording of J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations for pets and their people to enjoy together. This is music to soothe and to savor with your companion animal by your side. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50487

Sewer Rats Productions THEATER Denny is an unattached, freelance writer with a past he doesn't like to talk about. When a stranger he met in a bar a while back enlists his help with a problem he can't quite explain, he travels to the surreal small town of Chillsberg, Ohio. There, he learns the true gravity of grief. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50218

Project Management for Producers

Puppet-Delphia Fringe Slam

Liz Zimmerman, Producer WORKSHOPS & CLASSES Discover how concepts from the project management field can help you minimize stress and increase space for creativity and joy in your productions. Your host is a certified Project Management Professional and producer of various theatrical and performance event types since 2006. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50160

Pantea productions THEATER Watch puppets and their humans get risky and frisky at this variety puppet show. Presenting a wide range of short puppet acts, from silly to bawdy to sublime, this ADULTS ONLY show will unleash the world of puppetry! [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50501

Reclamation Da Vinci Art Alliance GALLERY & INSTALLATIONS An exhibition of work by Rebecca Schultz and Dana Scott that examines the relationship between humans and the natural world through the lens of geology. A collaborative installation layering photographic imagery with drawings will be on view, as well as individual works by the artists. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50252



A Sign Of The Times

Ellen Duong

Gabrielle Revlock INTERACTIVE DANCE In a touch-deprived era, SEX TAPE’s tension between friendship and erotic love (with detailed reenactments from Revlock’s private life) dares the audience to imagine alternate possibilities for love, care, nurturing, and touch. This virtual performance includes interactive experiences. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50471

Da Vinci Art Alliance GALLERY & INSTALLATIONS What message do you have for the world? Send us words of hope, a rallying cry, a relevant poem, inspirational quotes, or anything you need to get off your chest. Participate online or see this community art installation on the side of 704 Catharine Street, 9am - 9pm daily. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50254


IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE Information is widely consumed and distributed. News and social media offer in-depth analyses and opinions. Better communication and clarity is needed for change. Send News, an unconventional news feed, presents a spread of subjective tones. Recognize the content you consume. Widen your perspective. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50521


Send News


States of Desire: Tom of Finland in the Queer Imagination


Taiko and Dance

Talk Show

Casual Fifth Taiko and Dance DANCE A small showcase of solo dance works and Japanese Drumming Ensemble pieces. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50197

LG Productions, with Eric Singel and Harry Watermeier COMEDY & IMPROV Seasoned talk show host Eric Singel attempts to sabotage his new, producer mandated co-host, Harry Watermeier with combative celebrity interviews, an ever-changing script, and a potentially deadly cup of coffee. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50511

Temporary Occupancy



Trashbot (Aysha Hamouda, Sarah Finn + Garvis-Giovanni Deval) THEATER /We finally found her, in the darkness of a dirt road. We almost hit her/. The journey to a cyborg deity via randomly accessed memories, #trash, and a techno-spiritual shed hunting. Trashbot is a new video work that contemplates storage, obsolescence and the algorithms of our cross-temporal bodies. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50363

Untitled Bizzarro Bill Project

Casa de Duende FILM An international video showcase of artists responding to the impact and importance of the work of the Finnish artist Tom of Finland on the queer imagination in celebration of the centennial of his birth (1920-2020). [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50407


2020 Fringe Festival



IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE Have you been feeling isolated? Craving human experiences beyond the walls of your home? Reserve a night in our very special hotel. We have several rooms available for you to occupy, but only temporarily. Die-Cast brings you another inventive and physically dynamic new work to unravel. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50470

Bizzarro Bill COMEDY & IMPROV Bizzarro Bill brings his surreal brand of humor to an epic live stage show. With the goal of Kiddushe HaShem and bringing Simcha (Joy) to the people, Bizzarro Bill sets forth in what cannot be properly described with words. You will likely react to this performance in some way. But how will you react? [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50203

Vandershtok: a (web) site-specific journey Dylan Seders Hoffman INTERACTIVE

IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE A flower grows through a crack in your floor. A hidden CD, nestled in dirt, circles the stem. Find a dusty desktop. Load the CD. Blank screen. Nothing. Close your eyes. A whirring jolts you awake. The screen reads “Upload Complete.” Green light seeps under your door. Reach for the knob. Turn. Enter. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50425

Wicked Gay Ways

You Listen To Me, Earth!

Wicked Gay Ways LITERATURE An online arts journal seeking to create connections across the many dimensions of queer sexual desire as embodied in art and the creative process. Wicked Gay Ways publishes work from both new, emerging and established artists. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50265

LG Productions, with Eric Singel and Harry Watermeier THEATER Disgraced filmmaker Leonard Greenfield hires struggling actor Harry Watermeier to shoot an interview with which Greenfield hopes to clear his name, secure his position as a master of cinema, and rage against critics of his never-aired television pilot You Listen to Me, Earth! [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50516


FringeArts 13


2020 Fringe Festival



Blood Evalina "Wally" Carbonell and Weiwei Ma, with Ajibola Rivers DANCE Dancers and creators, Evalina "Wally" Carbonell and WeiWei Ma are joined on stage by composer and musician, Ajibola Rivers, in this sublime contemplation of the very blood that fuels our humanity. "The fragile scarlet tree we carry within us," blood and its flowing viscosity inform the dance. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50404

Expansions Presents : Connecting the Distance Expansions Contemporary Dance Ensemble LLC DANCE An exciting interactive dance video walking tour. Audience members will follow a map with destinations in both Mt. Airy and North Philly, where QR Codes are placed. Complete the journey, while experiencing the moving choreography of Expansions Contemporary Dance Ensemble. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50262

A Ceremony of Tangling and Untangling

An Encounter Irina Varina INTERACTIVE

Them Heavy Sabbat INTERDISCIPLINARY An interdisciplinary work using dance, poetry, theory, video, ropes and boats to draw our attention to how vulnerability and loss converge to bind us to each other, tear us from ourselves, transport us, undo us and implicates us in lives that are not our own. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50235

IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE Walk with Death for 30 minutes, each of you on opposite sides of the street. Death is sorry she (he/they) doesn't have more time. She's kinda busy these days... Exact meeting location and short instructions will be emailed to you. For one audience member. Outside. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50503

Field Calls

Illimitable Dominion

Lupine Performance Cooperative

Forgotten Lore Theatre THEATER 1859. Poe was dead to begin with. The dominion of the Red Death grows, infecting the streets of Charles Dickens's London. Blending and bending the legacies of two literary icons, Illimitable Dominion explores the emergence from isolation into a world reimagined by Poe's most lethal creation. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50290


IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE Alex and Rhodes haven't spoken in over a year - not since dragons, gnomes, pixies, and giants have emerged, with humans baffled at their arrival. Go on a walk through Alex and Rhodes' old neighborhood Powelton Village and listen to a twisting, fantastical alternate future of Philadelphia. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50379

Liminal Qualia Experiential Light & Sound Liminal Qualia MUSIC An ongoing collaborative art and noise project focusing on found art and raw organic light and sound. We use noise, color and form to create an experience of synthesis, allowing viewers to experience the threshold of sensory perception. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50495

New World Rising!

Nothing to Show

Linnea Bond

Alexandra Tatarsky GALLERY & INSTALLATIONS Alexandra Tatarsky was to premiere the latest episode of their ongoing SIGN FELT project this spring as part of High Pressure Fire Service, postponed due to COVID-19. In its place, they share collected and ongoing notes on nothing, collaging narratives of art-making and despair into a deranged meditation on derangement, situated in a public window display. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50755


IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE It is 2021. Corporate corruption and political posturing threaten to destroy the planet. Tired of half measures, you have joined an "eco-terrorist" cell with sights on a local target. Audio and puzzles guide you on an immersive journey through the city, where you decide how far you'll go. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50492


Megan Mazarick DANCE A post-modern dance cabaret that grapples with pandemic experiences through movement, text, and video projection. Performed as a series of small interwoven solos in a gallery window while viewers watch from the outside. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50509

Swim Pony, Pennsylvania Environmental Council, Toasterlab, and Michael Kiley INTERACTIVE

IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE This immersive augmented reality audio performance presents ten original audio narratives, each connected to paths within the Philadelphia region’s expansive Circuit Trail network. Accessed via a mobile app, listeners will hear original dramas by local authors while walking each route. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50754

Walk Around Philadelphia - a perimeter pilgrimage



IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE A true “fringe” experience, Walk Around Philadelphia invites you to explore the perimeter of Philadelphia on foot with friends, and then gather with fellow pilgrims in a special online reportback experience. Discover the city that you thought you knew by walking its edges! [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50475


portal perspective




2020 Fringe Festival



Walking with Charles: stand-up en-route Charles Blyzniuk COMEDY & IMPROV Take a walking tour with comedian Charles Blyzniuk through various neighborhoods in the city. Topics include stuff the group walks by, as well as what Charles has been thinking and writing that day. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50323

The Way Out Tangle Movement Arts CIRCUS & DANCE Wheels spin, worlds turn, and the past loops into the present. The curving paths of Laurel Hill’s historic cemetery unspool an immersive drama built for an audience in cars. Drive into pockets of night and spark, old stones, new growth, and Philly’s aerial storytellers dancing at dizzying heights. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50259

4 AM/The Magic Hour

A/B Machines


MyVision Theater Ensemble THEATER What's it like to be awake when the rest of the world is asleep? It's 4am, the "magic hour," and for a group of teens, it's time to wrestle with the changes in their lives. Join them on their journey as they collectively wonder...is anyone ready for what comes next? Is there anybody out there? [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50233

Philip Wesley Gates INTERACTIVE THEATER Three queer performers broadcast live from home, confronting (and avoiding) questions of publicity, authenticity, and mortality. A contemporary riff on Andy Warhol's life and work, A/B Machines explores how we manufacture our own image - and the vulnerability of the bodies that those images show. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50472

Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Collective THEATER Living in a nightmare best describes how many African Americans feel about living in the United States. #AllLivesDontMatter explores the conditions that many Blacks face as they try to navigate in a society that views them as expendable. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50364



Alternative Theatre Festival 2020

Ants on a Log Virtual Concert

iNtuitons Experimental Theatre INTERACTIVE THEATER An annual event that highlights non-traditional stories in the dramatic arts. All plays are written, directed, and produced by students and celebrate the creativity of unconventional theater. This year's experiments include puppets, vampires, and hand sanitizer. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50230

Ants on a Log ART FOR YOUNG AUDIENCES Ants on a Log performs music for children and other childlike people, songfully advocating for positivity, social justice, and silliness. Join the Ants for a special interactive virtual show full of songs of justice, silly songs, and riddles to help you guess what's in the Mystery Box! [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50462


Britt Fishel and Artists DANCE This digital dance performance examines the normalized animalization of women, through literature, everyday dialog, and the preconceptions that follow. While asking questions about choice, survival, and rebellion, we investigate how women avert misogyny and internalized sexism, while surveying personal protest. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50180



Aquifer of the Ducts

Being/With: Home

James Allister Sprang MUSIC Join multidisciplinary artist James Allister Sprang in the radical action of deep listening—40 minutes of an evolving soundscape will allow us to slow down, turn inward, and heal. Meant to be experienced with headphones in the comfort and safety of your home. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50747

Nichole Canuso Dance Company

BlueBeard: A Socially Distant Talegate

The Bodice Ripper Project

Manayunk Theatre Company THEATER Witness a modern adaptation of Bluebeard, the French folklore of a rich man with a dark secret and the woman who uncovers it. Written by Rachel O’hanlonRodriguez and directed by CJ Miller, this topsy-turvey fairytale is sure to entertain and delight you from the safety of your own computer screen. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50166

Maren Montalbano INTERACTIVE THEATER An exploration of sexuality, feminism & one woman's journey to self-confidence through the lens of opera & romance novels. Virtually join Maren backstage at the opera as she shares intimate secrets & tells bawdy stories... and where YOU get to decide how hot you want it! [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/49599


IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE Embark on a poetic encounter with a stranger, accompanied by a tender and mysterious audio guide. A guided performance experience that connects two solo audience members via Zoom, Being/With: Home is an embodied exploration of separation, connection, and the power of listening. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50749

The Bikes Live in the Basement Ed Roth CIRCUS A show about how we are products of our environment until we open our mind and build ourselves. In this 40-minute production, you'll see a monster be shaped, only to learn for themselves their own true nature and way in the world through circus and dance. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50428

2020 Fringe Festival



"Bon Appétit!" By Julia Child and Lee Hoiby (During a Pandemic!) Aurora Classical of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia MUSIC A comic culinary extravaganza that taps the wit and antics of one of America's best-loved television personalities, Julia Child, the mother-of-all-foodies! Imagine what would happen if SHE had to do her show during the Pandemic! That's this show, a one woman opera by Lee Hoiby. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50201

The Making of BOY PROJECT Nell Bang-Jensen THEATER What does it mean to be a man in 2020? Philadelphia teens aged 12-15 imagine their futures in an era where gender is fluid and masculinity is being re-examined in this participatory discussion about the development of the new theater work The Making of BOY PROJECT. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50745

Business As Usual brain-head MUSIC Why can't white people listen to black people? Three prominent black women researchers joyfully find an answer to this centuries-old question through a misinformed research subject. As the researchers forge a bond around their success, they also contemplate what it means to make a real, lasting change. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50298

The Celebrity Guide to Mental Health and Wellness The Antidote THEATER Prone to panic? Anxious about everything? Heal yourself the Hollywood way! Join us for this one-of-a-kind "seminar" and discover all the self-help secrets you wish you knew. We promise you'll never look at mental health the same way again. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50448


American Chameleon: The Living Installments

Philadelphia School of Circus Arts INTERACTIVE CIRCUS. ART FOR YOUNG AUDIENCES Join the circus from the comfort of your home with free live classes and workshops via Zoom. Learn the art of juggling, clowning, dance, acrobatics, hula hoop, and circus games using everyday items found around the house. Accessible for all ages and abilities. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50752

Class of One: A Comedy Show about Homeschooling Christine Ann Olivas, Paul E. Reese, Tina Marie, Steve Bickel, Will Gardiner, Kayleigh Liggitt COMEDY & IMPROV Homeschooling is quite the trending topic. Siblings as classmates, parents as teachers, and lots of free time to fill. But the real question: do homeschooled kids turn out ok? Find out as 6 talented comedians share their first-hand experiences with home education via sketch, standup & storytelling! [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/49592


Jaamil Olawale Kosoko DANCE Nigerian-American artist Jaamil Olawale Kosoko and collaborators lead audiences through a digital archive of video performance, conversation, and meditation in this hybrid multimedia living artwork that explores how digitality intersects with the fugitive realities and shapeshifting principles that Black queer people employ to survive and heal.” [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50753

Circus Midway



Coffee and a Play Presents: DigiREP!

Crossover: A New Pop Musical

Coffee and a Play THEATER A digital new work repertory festival, featuring three Philadelphia BIPOC playwrights, focused around representation, development, and networking. Plays include: Discovering Blackness; a short film by Briana Gause; Young Money by Erlina Ortiz; and Lawrence's Law of Pawn Shops by Jaedto Israel. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50352

Green Light Group Productions (Producers: Chelsea Cylinder and Danielle Moore) THEATER Meet CROSSOVER, the singing competition where contestants write and perform across all genres. When four women tie in the regionals, they reluctantly opt to compete in the nationals as a group. Featuring an all-new megamix score, Crossover shows that love between women is something to sing about [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50358

duende at home

Elephant Room: Dust from the Stars

Dis/Jointed Kalila Kingsford Smith INTERACTIVE DANCE Tiny boxes, shadows of self, disconnected, yet communicating. Embracing the limitations of digital communication, Dis/Jointed seeks to disrupt the twodimensionality of the screen by presenting a series of short improvised dances from multiple angles. [PWYC] ►FringeArts.com/50476

2020 Fringe Festival



duende DANCE A series of videos made remotely over three months. Each video began as a single musical or physical idea passed from one artist to another in a virtual game of telephone, creating work that expresses the time lived by the artists at home compressed into isolated vignettes. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50432

Trey Lyford, Geoff Sobelle, Steve Cuiffo INTERACTIVE THEATER Catch lost transmissions from the Elephant Room as magicians turned astro-nots Daryl Hannah, Dennis Diamond, and Louie Magic float on through bent time and collapsed space in an interactive sci-fi adventure. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50750

Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl Allens Lane Theater THEATER Inspired by the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, Sarah Ruhl reimagines this magical tale of love and loss with a modern day twist. This poignant tale about the enduring beauty of life and the cost of love will make you laugh and break your heart. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50204

First Person Arts StorySlam

The Fred Show: Magic from Home

First Person Arts STORYTELLING First Person Arts and Da Vinci Art Alliance are collaborating to produce the Virtual StorySlam: Mother of Invention. In this new “virtual” normal, we will push the boundaries and create an interactive storytelling event utilizing both the spoken word and the visual arts. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50255

Fred Siegel/Fred’s Magic World MAGIC Magician and memoirist Fred Siegel shares magical stories of his life and produces the beautiful feeling of wonder. This intimate magic show will be filled with tricks and tales. Fred invites you to join him on this journey, from his home and heart, into your home and heart. Photo by Dave Jadico. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50442

I Hear a Distant Song Steve Pacek THEATER Who would have thought that isolation would lead to greater connection? But the will of artists is great and the hearts of artists are strong. This beautifully nostalgic mini-musical will leave you believing in the possibility of love against all odds. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50497


Into the Absurd: A Virtually Existential Dinner Conversation

INCREDIBLE DREAMZ COMEDY & IMPROV Grab a sleeping bag, perverts! Incredible Dreamz invites you to Friendship Movie Club, an exclusive pajama party movie night. Guests will gather in our digital living room, build a pillow fort, and watch “rented” VHS movies written, directed, and starring the cast of Incredible Dreamz. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50206

The Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium INTERACTIVE

IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE The IRC dinner bell rings at 5pm Saturdays this fall as we set the table for a virtual conversation with creators and colleagues in Philadelphia and around the country. The dish on creating art, living life, and the Existential challenges and necessary changes we are all making in 2020 and beyond. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/49617

Kangaroo Zulu Dancers Kangaroo Zulu Dancers DANCE The Zulu tribe is the largest in South Africa and known for their mighty fighting spirit. This is displayed through their dance. Their dance is a sign of happiness celebrated in various occasions. Their attire is traditional. They also tell stories through their dance. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50339


Incredible Dreamz Presents: Friendship Movie Club


KCBC: an·ec·dote


Klassic Contemporary Ballet Company DANCE The Klassic Contemporary Ballet Company's (KCBC) fourth annual Fringe Festival performance. Under the direction of Kimberly D. Landle, KCBC will present short personal stories about the lead company member digitally. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50324

KCBC x Collective Consciousness KCBC x Collective Consciousness DANCE The Klassic Contemporary Ballet Company (KCBC) and KCBCII present their fourth annual Fringe Festival performance premiering a brand new work entitled SHADE. Under the direction of Kimberly D. Landle, KCBC x Collective Consciousness will work together to create an immersive experience. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50181

Late Night Snacks The Bearded Ladies Cabaret CABARET The Bearded Ladies are delivering queer cabaret hot and fresh to your computer. Hosted by John Jarboe with some nears and dears and far-flung friends, they’re serving up locallysourced and internationally delicious performances from Old City to New Zealand. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50751

2020 Fringe Festival



Lilith and Her Demons

A Month of Sundays

Apartment 20 MUSIC A concept album that uses source material from a collection of poems by the same name. This piece explores how Lilith manifests in folks of all kinds today. It is set whenever you are, but also when the world began. Music and lyrics by Sarah Hough. Developed by Apartment 20. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50210

Take It Away Dance DANCE Quarantine can feel longer than a month of Sundays. Take It Away Dance has the fix for a real month of Sundays: jazz music and tap dance live streamed to you, every Sunday afternoon, during the Fringe. Each week: a brand-new show. Sit back and tune in for "the time of your life" (Broad Street Review). [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50182

Mosaic of Modern Opera Alter Ego Chamber Opera MUSIC Featuring five new micro operas, AECO presents the winning compositions of their 2020 Call for Scores Competition. Unifying an otherwise eclectic mosaic of idioms is the scoring of AECO's leadership: two sopranos, violin, and piano. A dramatic, emotional, contemplative evening of music will ensue. [PWYC] ►FringeArts.com/50416

MUSICALS WITH FRIENDS Juniper Productions in association with Manayunk Theatre Company INTERACTIVE

IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE Let's play some fun theatrical games together! Three performers have prepared songs from musicals, but with a twist. Each new song is a mad-libbedstyle monologue, created live by you, our audience. Set the chat on fire with your word substitutions, or simply sit back and enjoy. Fun for ages 9+. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50331


Packing and Cracking

Amber Kusching THEATER Logins and cyphers and software, oh my! Kansas-raised Dorothee is unexplainably sent a package containing a laptop and a cryptic note signed "LFB". When she unlocks the computer, she is suddenly transported into Oz.org. Can you help Dorothee reach the Wizard, save Oz, and find her way home? [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50362

Rachel Gita Karp and Joseph Amodei INTERACTIVE

IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE An interactive mapmaking event about gerrymandering: the practice of politicians choosing their voters instead of voters choosing their politicians. Digital drawing games, hidden history, and original interviews investigate gerrymandering in PA and ask what, if anything, we should do about it. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50493


A Patchwork of Stories for GrownUps Patchwork: A Storytelling Guild STORYTELLING Enjoy a variety of tales spun by members of Patchwork: A Storytelling Guild. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50447


PhillyAV MULTIMEDIA A multimedia audio-visual extravaganza! An evening-length collaborative performance by members of Philly|AV, an arts collective that specializes in digitally-based audio-visual performance practices. Join us for a live-streamed performance with a virtual talk-back after the show. [PWYC] ►FringeArts.com/50296

It Gets Worse But Then.... Theatre Company THEATER Party game meets improv, Play/ Paint/Pass is a collaboration between improvisers, playwrights, and artists. In one long game of telephone, improv will inspire art which will inspire playwrights who will present their work as a reading. Come be a part of the process with Play/ Paint/Pass. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50420






Schmaltz Lightning


ARTIST HOUSE / Asya Zlatina + Dancers DANCE Pulled into the world of quarantine, companion to anxiety and loneliness. In the dark we remain resilient through art, booming behind closed doors and in communal solitude. ARTIST HOUSE / Asya Zlatina + Dancers capture 2020. Photo by Rob Li. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50332

Tribe 12 COMEDY & IMPROV A Jewish spoof on the musical Grease. The show takes place at summer camp Camp Dreidel, where the counselors act out teen hijinks and love stories. In the end, the counselors will face their biggest challenge yet: cooking potato latkas for guest judge Guy Fieri! [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50196

Tongue & Groove Spontaneous Theater THEATER Tell us your secret! Inspired by your anonymous submission of a true secret that you are keeping, the actors create a montage of improvised scenes and monologues exploring human relationships, hilarious and heartbreaking. "Improv or not, this is great theater: go see this!" (Broad Street Review). [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50359

Series of 2-Week Love Stories Cabaret

Sevillana Get Togethers 2020

Silk Choke Ripple Pyre

Daisy Royce THEATER Singer-Songwriter Daisy Royce explores beauty found in disappointment in a cabaret show comprised of stories and songs written from age 17 to age 29. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50305

Pasion y Arte

2020 Fringe Festival



INTERACTIVE DANCE An interactive project that aims to keep us connected while also celebrating humanity, Sevillana Get Togethers 2020 is a combination of virtual learning and digital content, culminating in a final virtual gathering where participants can dance or watch alongside others from their homes. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50446

Jamison Edgar DANCE Three black queer color guard performers march through the streets of Atlanta, entangling the vocabularies of parade and protest as they twirl. Filmed in rhythmic cadence, the work moves across choreographies of violence, celebration and collective action towards a future-horizon spectacular. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50520

Stories Aplenty with Denise McCormack

Study Hall: Comedy Inspired By Lectures

Denise McCormack STORYTELLING Denise McCormack tells Stories Aplenty for the whole family. So grab some tea and biscuits, get cozy, and indulge in this vibrant and age-old pastime. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50507

Study Hall COMEDY & IMPROV For nearly seven years Study Hall has been educating and entertaining audiences on stage and now they are doing it online! Join Drexel University Professor Michael Yudell as he leads this virtual classroom where lectures and current events inspire comedy created on the spot! [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50530

The Telelibrary Yannick Trapman-O’Brien INTERACTIVE

IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE An interactive, literary telephone performance for an audience the size of the other end of a phone call - access adventure, entertainment and edification from the comfort and social distance of your own home. Part theater, part game, part self-care and all just a phone call away. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50409


#txtshow (on the internet) Brian Feldman Projects INTERACTIVE

Vonzy Hall

The Void THEATER With multiple cameras, live streaming equipment, and a group of cautious artists, Villager is a multimedia live stage musical. Through this earnest and whimsical journey, the Villager attempts to rebuild a better world, while facing the mistakes they’ve already made. [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50422

Evelyn Swift Shuker INTERACTIVE

IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE Get ready for bed, turn on this live stream, and go to sleep. I read to you for the whole night. In your dreams, a journey through writer Renee Gladman’s fictional, surreal city of Ravicka (readings from Event Factory and The Ravickians). Deep in REM, you will meet your fellow dreamers at Vonzy Hall. [Pass the Hat] ►FringeArts.com/50483


IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE The best show you’ll write all year, this completely immersive multiscreen performance features a script written anonymously in real-time by a live audience (on the internet). Created and performed by Brian Feldman (24 Minute Embrace, Dishwasher, Wawa® Shabbawa). [PWYC] ►FringeArts.com/50176





Watershed Collective INTERACTIVE DANCE A dance film exploring “watershed” as both ecological phenomenon and turning point. Choreography: A.T. Moffett, Anna Gjertsen, Eisa Jackson, Marcie Mamura, Dr. Jamē McCray. Dramaturgy: Dr. Jamē McCray. Music: Mike Wall. Text: Tiffany Jackson & Diana Hartel’s Watershed Redemption. Video: Mandy Haslam & Tom Davis. Book-ended by live audience interaction. [PWYC] ►FringeArts.com/50498

We’re Here Because You Are

Welcome to the Shiva House

Anastassia Vertjanova

Benjamin Behrend and Logan Gabriel Schulman INTERACTIVE THEATER An interactive virtual play. Shiva is the seven-day Jewish mourning period following the death of a loved one. On the last day of Shiva, you are invited to memorialize and celebrate the larger-than-life Sam Bloom. Join us for some tears, laughter, and good memories. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50220


IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE Be pen-pals with the monster under your bed and wish on stars in this storybook gallery, filled with performance vignettes and a grown-up Mother Goose-style labyrinth. Explore at your leisure, or log on during performance times to speak directly with characters and peek through live stream keyholes! [Paid] ►FringeArts.com/50418


2020 Fringe Festival

The Wig Wag Workshop: Exploring Voice


Emily Bate WORKSHOPS & CLASSES Emily Bate leads an interactive virtual workshop that explores the anatomy of the voice through communal singing practices. No singing experience required. Expect singing mad-libs, vocal warm-ups, simple rounds, free improvisation, group discussion, and experiential anatomy lessons. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50744

Zoom Reality TV Suso Phizer INTERACTIVE

IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE Hating Zoom...constant Zoom... world burning...no words? This event explores COVID era frustration and loneliness through a Nordic-style LARP, using Gestalt therapy and Psychodrama tools. Part one is a recorded interactive event, and part two is a public screening and discussion. [Free] ►FringeArts.com/50502

Acknowledgements Fringe Festival Acknowledgements

Special thanks to

FringeArts would like to thank our Producers Circle, our members, and our audiences for their support. We would like to give a special thanks to Chris Perkin with Eventotron, Masters Group Design, EMPAC - CURTIS R. PRIEM EXPERIMENTAL MEDIA AND PERFORMING ARTS CENTER, Brett Mapp with Old City District, and Cheryl Bettigole with the Philadelphia Department of Health.

Mike Brairton Ange Branca Robert Carachilo Jezabel Careaga Sabrina Carter Nicole Cashman Kelly Clark Audrey Claire Taichman Mark Dichter Nicholas Elmi Ben Filleccia Mia Fioravanti Danielle Gartnemayer Devon Kelly Jeremy Kucholtz Joncarl Lachman Michele Lamm David Lipson Gabriel Machado Susannah Mauro Tricia Maloney Joanne Marder Elijah Milligan Mike O’Brien Jake Reardon Mike Solomonov Stephen Starr Nick Stuccio Dave Todaro Richard Vague Adrienne Walls Townsend Wentz Diana Widjojo Stephanie Willis

FEASTIVAL Acknowledgements

FEASTIVAL 2020 is presented by San Pellegrino.

2020 Fringe Festival

Additional support provided by One Digital and Sarah & Kevin Kleinschmidt.


Peter Woolsey and the Staff at FringeArts & La Peg

Staff + Board + Interns FringeArts Board

FringeArts Staff

Richard Vague, Chair Jennifer Bohnenberger, Vice Chair/Secretary Lisa P. Young, Treasurer Juliana B. Carter Mark Dichter Denise DiSimone Tony P. Forte David Hoffman Kevin Kleinschmidt Kathy Lentini David Lipson Tom Lussenhop Clement D. Pappas Jake Reardon Vaughn Ross Salem Shuchman Michael Solomonov Stephen Starr Nick Stuccio Audrey Claire Taichman Max Tuttleman Paul Wright

Nick Stuccio, President & Producing Director Melissa E. Bridge, Director of Finance Amy Kurzban, General Manager Zach Blackwood, Artistic Producer Katherine Borden, Finance Associate Tenara Calem, Community Engagement Manager Sabrina Carter, Marketing Manager, Governor’s Woods Foundation Katy Dammers, Artistic Producer Claire Frisbie, Marketing and Communications Director Taylor Jedlinski, Head of Audio Joanne Marder, Senior Director of Development, Governor’s Woods Foundation Keighty McLallen, Director of Production Mary Menchel, Client Services Manager Porsche Murray, Office Manager & HR Assistant Nicholas Rahn, Head of Audio April Rose, Fringe Festival Coordinator Carolyn Schlecker, Senior Adviser Operations Raina Searles, Marketing Manager Jennifer Shorstein, Individual Giving Manager Evelyn Swift Shuker, Master Electrician

FringeArts Interns Miriam Bernstein, Patron Services Intern Timothy Brabston, Financial Arts Management Intern Alex Boyd, Development Intern Aly Castle, Graphic Design Intern Jacob Colker, Podcast Production Intern Hilda Delgado, Guide Information Management Intern Luca Fontes, Programming Intern Devon Kelly, FEASTIVAL Special Events Intern Messapotamia Lefae, Fringe Festival Intern Amanda Ortner, Development Intern Mariah Rose, Communications Intern Camryn Sheaseley, Graphic Design Intern Eleanor Sicko, Marketing Intern FringeArts 29

140 N. Columbus Blvd. (at Race St.) Philadelphia, PA 19106 FringeArts.com #PhillyFringe2020


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