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WELCOME TO LONG ISLAND UNIVERSITY your journey starts here

Your Personalized First Semester Schedule


Questions about your schedule? Contact LIU Promise or Enrollment Services! (see back page for contact information)

By: Brooklyn Campus Post Campus
TIME TUES WED THUR FRI MON 7 A.M. 8 A.M. 9 A.M. 10 A.M. 11 A.M. 12 P.M. 1 P.M. 2 P.M. 3 P.M. 4 P.M. 5 P.M. 6 P.M. 7 P.M. 8 P.M. COMMON HOUR

Get Ready for Your First Semester

Become Familiar with your MyLIU Account

Vist my.liu.edu and explore the different resources available to you. Be sure to review the Tasks tile for important updates.

Install MyLIU Email on your Phone

Visit it.liu.edu/email

Make sure that you are consistently checking your MyLIU email for updates and important information.

Submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Visit studentaid.gov and use school code 002751.

If you are a New York resident, you may be eligible for grant money through the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) and/or Enhanced Tuition Assitance (ETA). Visit hesc.ny.gov and use school code 0403 for undergraduates and 5403 for graduates.

Accept Your Financial Aid

Visit my.liu.edu

1. Open the Financial Aid tile

2. Select the upcoming aid year

3. Select “Accept/Decline”

Register for New Student Orientation

Visit liu.edu/orientation

1. Select your campus to register for either First-Year Orientation or Transfer and Graduate Orientation

2. International students are encouraged to register for and attend International Student Orientation in addition to either First-Year Orientation or Transfer and Graduate Orientation

3. Family members are encouraged to register for Parent & Family Orientation

4. Family should subscribe to our Shark Family mailing list at liu.edu/sharkfamily

Submit a Housing Application

Visit my.liu.edu

1. Open the University Housing tile

2. Select “Apply for Housing”

3. Follow the steps to complete your housing application

**Be sure to save a copy of your Housing Agreement for your records. Note that a new housing application is required every year.

Submit a $300 Housing Deposit

Visit my.liu.edu

1. Open the Make an E-Payment tile and login using your MyLIU credentials

2. Select “Deposits” from the top menu and choose the correct term

3. Select “Housing E-Deposit” from the next dropdown menu and follow the steps to submit your deposit

**Note that a new housing deposit is required every year.

Complete the Housing Selection Process

Visit my.liu.edu

1. Open the Profile tile and update your Emergency Contact information

2. Open the University Housing tile and open the “Select a Room” link. If you have an intended roommate, follow the steps on the “Set Roommate Request Pin” to provide them with your pin. If you need assistance finding a roommate, open the appropriate RoomSync link

3. Meal plans are required for all students who live on campus; first-year students are required to select Meal Plan 1. Use the “Select a Meal Plan” tool to select a plan

**Note that you can only select a room if you are registered full-time (at least 12 credits for undergraduate students; 9 credits for graduate students) for the upcoming semester, submitted the $300 housing deposit, and updated emergency contact information. Please allow 24 hours after completing these steps before selecting your room.

Long Island University’s mission is to provide excellence and access in private higher education to those who seek to expand their knowledge and prepare themselves for meaningful, educated lives and for service to their communities and the world.

Complete Required Health Forms and Immunization Records

Visit liu.edu/newstudenthealth

All students must complete and submit these health forms before classes begin through the Student Health Portal:

1. Meningococcal Disease (Meningitis)

2. Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR)

3. Health Assessment Form

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the Health Assessment Form and Medical Consent Form for Minors (if applicable).

Waive Health Insurance (if applicable)

Health insurance is automatically provided for all student athletes, students who reside on campus, international students, and students enrolled in clinical programs. If you already have health insurance but belong to one of these groups, you can waive the LIU insurance.

1. Visit my.liu.edu

2. Open the Financial Account tile

3. Expand the “Student Financial Links” folder in the menu and select “Student Health Insurance”

4. Log-in using your MyLIU credentials and follow the steps to waive the LIU insurance

Ensure Your Academic Progress & Success

Submit All Final Official Transcripts

If you are a first-year student you must submit a final official high school transcript with proof of graduation to the Student Success Team at student-success@liu.edu

If you have earned college credits at another institution before coming to LIU, please contact each college’s registrar’s office to request an official transcript to be sent to the Student Success Team at student-success@liu.edu.

If you have earned college credits through exams such as Advanced Placement (AP) tests, please contact CollegeBoard to request an official transcript to be sent to the Student Success Team at student-success@liu.edu. Use school code 2070

Request Accommodations

Visit liu.edu/student-success/learning-center

Reach out to the Learning Center’s Disability Support Services Team if you need accommodations, academic adjustments, auxiliary aid, or other services related to ability.

Discover other academic support services offered via the Learning Center such as the Peer Tutoring Program and the Writing Center

Complete your Resume

Visit liu.edu/career-success

Review LIU’s Career Success platforms Big Interview for resume and interview tips and Handshake for off-campus employment.

Secure an On-Campus Job

Visit jobs.liu.edu

Explore on-campus employment opportunities. If you are eligible for Federal Work-Study (FWS) funds, you can filter positions using the Job Category feature.

Sign-Up for Emergency Alerts

Visit webapps3.liu.edu/emergencycontact

Log-in using your MyLIU credentials and update your cell phone number to begin receiving emergency alert text messages and emails.

Review University Policies and the Student Handbook

Visit liu.edu/policy and liu.edu/student-handbooks

Familiarize yourself with all University Policies and the Student Handbook for helpful resources.

Order your Textbooks

Visit my.liu.edu

1. Open the Manage Classes tile

2. Select the upcoming semester on the “View My Classes” screen

3. Select “View Books at LIU Bookstore”

Get to Know your Success Coach

Visit my.liu.edu

1. Open the Academic Progress tile and select “Advisors” in the menu

2. Reach out to your Sucess Coach

Immerse Yourself in a Full Campus Experience

Connect with us on Social Media

Follow us on Instagram @LIUStudentLife and @LIU_EnrollServ

Access your LIUmobileID

Visit it.liu.edu/liumobileid

1. Install the Duo Mobile app on your device to set-up two-factor authentication using your MyLIU credentials

2. Install the Transact eAccounts app on your device to create your LIUmobileID using your MyLIU credentials

3. Upload your photo at photoid.liu.edu

Engage with the Campus Community

Visit liu.edu/campus-life

Check out the Experience Shark Nation platform to access all student organizations and campus events.

Download the Digital ID by Presence app on your device.

Apple Devices: Android Devices:

Enhance your Academics through Experiential Learning Opportunities

Visit liu.edu/campus-life

Cultivate real-world business skills well before graduation at one of LIU’s studentrun businesses across all campuses. Be sure to support these businesses throughout the year—50% of all proceeds support student scholarship.

Give Back through LIU Cares

Visit liu.edu/campus-life

Our LIU Cares initiative highlights the caring and altruistic nature of our community. Discover all service and philanthropy opportunities on the Experience Shark Nation platform. FirstYear students can kick-start their involvement with the First-Year Service Experience (FYSE).

Become an Ally through LIU Together

Visit liu.edu/campus-life

Long Island University is committed to creating a welcoming community in which all individuals are respected and have a sense of belonging. Explore all of our diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion programs on the Experience Shark Nation platform.

Let’s Go Sharks!

Visit liuathletics.com

Sign-Up for Fraternity & Sorority Recruitment

Visit liu.edu/campus-life

Long Island University has several national fraternities and sororities on the Brooklyn and Post campuses. Full-time undergraduate students are eligible to join a fraternity or sorority as early as their first semester.

With 38 Division I programs and 3 spirit teams, there’s plenty of opportunities to support Shark Nation.

Check out the above website for a full schedule of events.

Co-Curricular Learning Outcomes

Co-Curricular Learning Outcomes provide a roadmap of experiences and outcomes that will be gained through participation in the university experience.

The Division of Student Affairs, and its units, provide opportunities for students to develop co-curricular learning in these areas through an intentional, diverse, and robust student experience. The Student Success Milestones also provide a blueprint for students to participate in these meaningful opportunities. Annual assessment reports are developed and submitted as part of the annual university assessment process.

Visit liu.edu/student-success/liu-promise/co-curricular-learning-outcomes for more information.

Academic Progress & Success

Students will cultivate skills such as time management, study habits, and self-care that promote academic success through multifaceted curricular and co-curricular programs. Students will build a knowledge base to self-register each semester based on advising guidance from Success Coaches. Students will know and understand how to access all resources available to them on campus for Academic and personal support.

Career Readiness

Through consultation with their Success Coach, students will be able to decipher their personal interests, strengths, values, and skills to inform their academic and career paths. Students will know how to access all resources available to them on campus for career support and exploration. Students will develop a personal professional development plan. Students will be able to communicate their curricular and co-curricular experiences and transferrable skills gained in ways that will distinguish them in their application process. Students will be able to communicate their curricular and co-curricular experiences and transferrable skills gained in ways that will distinguish them in their application process.

Civic Responsibility and Service

Students will be able identify how service experiences have developed their skills and interests and align with their academic and career goals. Students will be able to identify and apply principles of ethical service and philanthropy. Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of how social issues and sustainable solutions are interconnected. Students will develop a local and global perspective of civic responsibility and articulate how their individual passions and public service efforts contribute to promoting equitable and inclusive communities for all.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Students will demonstrate an understanding of their own identity, culture, and heritage. Students will examine how their perspectives have been shaped by their privileges and systemic oppressions. Students will analyze historical, economic, social, and cultural events that shape local and global experiences for historically marginalized identities. Students will be able to utilize strategies to dismantle barriers and create positive change.

Sense of Belonging

Students will develop meaningful relationships with members of the LIU community. Students will engage with the University community such as in clubs, organizations, and athletics. Students will engage in large-scale campus traditions and programming. Students will develop a sense of connectedness to the LIU community.


Students will develop an understanding of their overall well-being. Students will apply strategies to enhance their own personal well-being. Students will be able to identify how healthy behaviors can contribute to academic and personal success.

Milestones for Student Success

As an LIU student, your success coach will serve as a mentor and resource for every aspect of your college experience. Whether it is creating an academic success plan, exploring financial aid opportunities, getting involved on campus or preparing for your career, your Success Coach has you covered.

Guided by the Student Success Milestones, you will work closely with your success coach during your LIU journey to excel academically, professionally, and socially.

Visit liu.edu/liu-promise for more information.

Personal Development

• Participate in the First-Year Service Experience

• Attend New Student Orientation

• Develop a success plan including academic and engagement goals

• Engage in learning communities

• Join a student organization or a fraternity/sorority

• Engage in campus events & programs

• Attend leadership workshops

• Develop resume & Handshake profile

Becoming an Engaged Citizen

• Define your major

• Establish a faculty mentor and cultivate a connection with your department

• Become a student leader in a club or organization

• Attend a conference

• Participate in community service or service learning through LIU Cares

• Build your network by joining a professional organization in your field of study

• Prepare for undergraduate research

• Develop your LinkedIn profile

Becoming a Global Citizen

• Engage in study abroad opportunities

• Participate in mock interviews & career workshops

• Attend networking events

• Participate in alternative spring break

• Explore career-related externships

• Establish a “job agent” and view internships or co-op experiences through Handshake

• Complete personal statement or graduate/professional school

Fulfilling the Promise and Beyond

• Engage in career readiness workshop series

• Present undergraduate research at the LIU Research Symposium

• Apply to graduate school and commence your career search

• Participate in senior week events including Senior Week and the Graduate Fair

• Celebrate your accomplishments at commencement

• Enroll in class giving and alumni engagement by donating to the Legacy Campaign

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