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Welcome to Handshake at LIU Handshake is the place for students and recent graduates to find internships and jobs. As a current LIU student, you already have a free account!

Why Handshake is better than other job websites Employers on Handshake are only looking for college students and recent graduates. Are you tired of seeing jobs that require 5-8 years’ experience? On Handshake, employers know that you’re just starting your career.

Every employer on our Handshake portal wants to meet LIU students and alumni. They contacted us and requested permission to recruit at LIU. That’s not automatic, and it’s not random. They want to hire someone from our school.

LIU reviews all employers and job posts before you see them. We do our best to ensure that the jobs and internships posted on Handshake are suitable for our students and graduates. If we don’t think it’s a good fit for our community, it doesn’t get posted.

The biggest companies in America are connected to LIU on Handshake (along with thousands of amazing local businesses). Apple, AT&T, Google, Verizon, the U.S. Department of State—they’re all connected to LIU on Handshake. Over 10,000 organizations from around the country are approved to recruit at LIU.

We post hundreds of new jobs and internships each week. On an average week, we review and approve approximately 50 new employers and over 500 new job posts. These are all current openings that are ready to be filled. What are you waiting for? Your next great opportunity is on Handshake!

Quick Start Guide Want to dive right in and start searching for jobs? It’s easy. o Log in to Handshake. Go to Enter your MyLIU username and password (include in your username). o Upload a document. Start by uploading your resume. Follow the prompts on Handshake, or check out this quick guide to uploading documents. o Fill out your profile. Some information is already imported to your Handshake profile from your student records. Confirm that the pre-loaded information is correct, and add other education, employment, and volunteer experience. o Set your profile to public. Once your profile is complete, go to Settings & Privacy and choose “Community” so employers can see you. o Take Handshake for a spin. Handshake is really easy to use! From any screen, click on the Jobs menu at the top, and start searching. Use the search bar and filters to find opportunities that interest you.


Step-by-Step Guide Step 1: Log in to Handshake As an LIU student, you already have a free Handshake account! 1. Go to 2. Click Student Log In 3. Enter your MyLIU credentials IMPORTANT: Make sure to include in your username. Do not attempt to create a new account. Your MyLIU password will connect you to an existing account that has already been made for you in the system.


Step 2: Update your profile 1.

If this is your first time logging in to Handshake, you may be prompted to answer some preliminary questions about yourself and your career goals. This step is optional, but it will help Handshake improve your search results and pre-load some basic information into your profile. We recommend that you spend a few minutes on this step.



Next, in the top right corner, click on your initials (or photo)


Click My Profile


Some information is already imported from your school records. Click the pencil next to your name to confirm your basic information (see next screen).



Make sure that Handshake is displaying the correct school year. You can also modify your preferred name on this screen.

“Should I add a photo?”: Photos are not required. If you choose to add a photo, make sure you are wearing professional attire (the same type of outfit you would wear on an interview) and have an appropriate background (a blank wall is perfect). The lighting should be bright and you should be centered in the frame. Don’t just pick your favorite photo from social media. Have a friend take a suitable headshot for future employers to see.



Upload your resume and other application documents

For now, you can upload your generic resume. Later, you will probably want to customize your resume and cover letter for specific applications. You can always add more documents later, or replace older versions as you gain new experience. As you add additional documents and versions of your resume, make sure to label them clearly so you always submit the right one!

TIP: Want someone to review your resume before you upload it on Handshake? Connect with your Promise Coach or Enrollment Advisor! They are here to help you prepare application materials and set up your profile!


Click the pencil in the education section to modify some details about your educational history.


8. In the Education section, choose whether to display your GPA. Some jobs prefer (or require) to see this. We recommend that you show your GPA if it is 3.0 or higher. 9. If you have other college or graduate degrees, add them to your education section by clicking Add School.


10. Add your experiences, including work, volunteer, and extracurricular activities.

TIP: Most of this information can be copied or paraphrased from your resume. You can also upload your resume file and Handshake will import details directly into your profile (don’t worry, you can correct and make edits before publishing). Spend time on this step, it is the most important section of your profile! “Should I add courses and projects?” Handshake allows you to display relevant college and graduate courses. You don’t need to input your entire transcript, but it can be helpful to highlight certain classes—especially if they showcase specific skills or if you don’t have a lot of work experience yet. Projects also show your practical experience, leadership skills, and ability to work with a team.


11. Complete the “Your Interests” section. Even though this section is only visible to you, it is very important. It helps Handshake’s algorithm learn more about you, so you see the most relevant job opportunities. Tell Handshake what types of jobs you are looking for!

12. Add your skills. This section helps employers understand why you are qualified for the job!


13. Consider adding a personal statement. Keep it brief. Express your goals, purpose, and the value you will bring to an organization. You can also choose to leave this area blank for now.

Make a Great Profile: Tips from the Pros

The same qualities that make a great resume also make a great Handshake profile. Talk to your Promise Coach or Enrollment Advisor and get your resume in shape before completing your Handshake Profile.  Work Experience, Organizations, Extracurriculars: Focus on work, internship, and research experiences. Write in complete sentences and provide an overview of your role. Be clear, concise, and use a consistent tense (past or present). Use “action verbs” and avoid passive voice.  Courses: If you choose to list any courses, also try to also describe specific projects or research that you worked on.  Personal Statement: Your personal statement should be about 500 characters. Focus on your accomplishments and ambitions. Describe your personal “brand”. Don’t just repeat your resume; highlight your qualities, such as leadership, passion for collaboration, and creativity.

If you’re stuck, confused, or unsure what to say, your Promise Coach or Enrollment Advisor is ready to help. Make an appointment and make a plan! 12

14. Now it’s time to carefully proofread your profile. Even tiny spelling or grammatical errors can impact an employer’s impression of you. Ask a friend or your Coach to review it with you.


15. Check your profile completion rate. Your profile should be at least 80% complete before you allow employers to see it.

TIP: Users with complete profiles are 5x more likely to be viewed by employers! 16. OK, it’s time to show the world how great you are! Go Settings & Privacy.


17. In the Privacy menu, select Community. This will unlock Handshake’s full networking potential. Your profile is now visible on Handshake! Now, not only can you search for jobs, but employers can find you too.

Congratulations! You did it! You’ve got a Handshake profile. You are ready to explore thousands of internships and jobs. What’s Next? Learn how to search for jobs and internships, research your favorite employers, and submit applications. Got stuck? Something went wrong? Reach out to your Promise Coach or Enrollment Advisor for guidance and troubleshooting. LIU Promise Post and Long Island Campuses (516) 299-3737

LIU Promise Brooklyn (718) 488-1042

Enrollment Services Post and Long Island Campuses (516) 299-2323

Enrollment Services Brooklyn (718) 488-1037


Searching and Applying: Step-by-Step Guide Step 1: Searching for Internships and Jobs 1. From any screen, go to the top menu and click Jobs.

2. The quickest way to begin a search is by entering keywords into the search bar. Words like “finance” “nurse” or “intern” will search for relevant positions. You can combine multiple keywords, just like a Google search.


3. Filters allow you to make your search more precise. For example, the Location filter allows you to limit your search to a particular city or state. Other quick filters like Full-time job or Internship help you narrow your search further.

4. Click on All Filters to unlock the really powerful search tools on Handshake.


5. The All Filters menu allows you to search for jobs within your preferred industry, or with a particular employer. It even allows you expand your search, by finding jobs associated with your major.

Use a combination of filters and keywords to find opportunities that interest you. Experiment and spend some time using the search tools. TIP: Using too many filters or keywords at the same time will make your search too narrow. Instead, try finding a few different search combinations that you like.


6. You can save a search to make it easier to repeat in the future and receive notifications when new jobs are posted. Click on save your search in the top left area of the search results.

Note: When you save a search, you are not saving your search results. You are saving your search criteria (the filters and keywords). 7. Now, you will be notified whenever employers post a new job that fits your search. If you want to run the search again, your search is saved in the Notifications area. Click on your initials (or photo) in the top right corner, and select Notifications.


8. Click Edit Notification Preferences

9. On the Notification Preferences screen, your saved searches are listed in the left corner under Job Alerts. Click on the name of the search to run it again, with new results. You can save multiple different searches here.

TIP: You can also update your general Handshake notification preferences on this page.


Step 2: Researching and Applying 1. When you find a job that interests you, it’s time to do some research. Start by reading the job description and see if you fit the qualifications. Research the organization to see if you really want to work there. Handshake will include some basic information about the organization at the bottom of the post. Do some additional research yourself: Visit their webpage, check out their social media and YouTube presence. The more that you know about the organization and its values, the more prepared you will be to submit a great application. 2. If you’re not ready to apply, you can bookmark the job to return to it later. View your bookmarked jobs under the Saved menu at the top of the page.


3. Prepare your application materials. Get your resume and cover letter ready. Handshake makes it easy to apply, but that doesn’t mean you put any less effort into your application materials. You always want make a great impression. Customize your resume, cover letter, and other items based on the particular job requirements. Have all of your documents ready to submit. 4. When you’re ready, click Apply. Some positions will allow you to apply directly through Handshake. Others will send you to an external site or require additional steps. Follow the directions, and pay close attention to the specific requirements of the position.

Note that Handshake will warn you if it appears that you don’t meet some of the job qualifications. That’s why it’s always important to keep your profile updated. Even with a warning, Handshake will still allow you to apply.

Alright! You applied for a job on Handshake! Let’s hope you get that interview. Check Handshake often. New opportunities are posted almost every day! 22

Handshake Mobile App Now that you’re a Handshake pro, did you know that Handshake has a mobile app? You can scroll through jobs anytime on your phone. The Handshake mobile app is just like the website, including the search bar and filter functions.

Tip: You can access all of Handshake’s features on the mobile app. However, we suggest that you submit your actual job applications from a computer. If you find a great opportunity while scrolling, bookmark it so you can easily find it again and apply later.


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