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A NOTE FROM THE FOUNDER Well what can I say, we have put together yet another amazing issue for you to cast your pretty eyes over. We introduce you to the United Nations of Fashion and the female designers across the globe with some inspiring brands and styles. You’ll find tips from luxury fashion designer Caroline Matthews on wearable confidence as well as Stylist Ollie’s things she wished she knew about starting her own business. We also speak with Cherie Jones, AKA JONES, the incredible singer-songwriter who allows us into her fascinating world and a preview of her forthcoming album, New Skin. Out 7 October, add it to your easy listening collection immediately. Ladies of London cast member Julie Montague delights us with her superfast superfood recipes and we complement this with our stress-less feature, ‘Your Giving Me Anxiety.’ So let’s find our Zen again. Heaven knows how many times I’ve lost mine along my entrepreneurial way! A de-stress at Miraggio Thermal Spa in Halkidiki is just what the doctor ordered, and if you want something a little closer to home, we checked out Chapel House, a beautiful gem in Penzance. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. And of course, our sincerest apologies for the late cancellation of our September event. I stepped on some glass at Notting Hill Carnival and my foot’s still recovering. Nevertheless I dashed some glitter on those crutches and grabbed my lippy to get this issue to you in time for autumn. I promise to make the next event bigger and better than the last, so stay tuned! @LipstickmediaUK



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United Nations of Fashion

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DIY Denim

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Haute Hermit

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HEALTH & BEAUTY Autumn Makeup Essentials

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Sustainable Beauty

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Halloween Makeup How-To

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You’re Giving Me Anxiety

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Recipes: Julie Montagu’s Superfoods Superfast

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BUSINESS Things I Wish I Knew About Starting My Own Business

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Wearable Confidence

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HOME LIFE Independent Schools Show

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Cornish Escape: Chapel House

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Food Review: Detox Kitchen

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Stunning Surprise: Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort

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Stella Jean Resort ’17


Have you met

Miss Jones? Moments before the release of her debut album, we speak with JONES, one of the fastest rising musical talents of 2016



“JONES IS A RECORD LABEL’S DREAM. SHE’S THE FULL PACKAGE, WITH VOLUMINOUS TRESSES AND PIERCING ALMOND EYES” ‘It’s been a really great year.’ Cherie Jones-Mattis reflects on her 2016. We may only be in September but the 25-year-old East London singer-songwriter, who goes by the name of JONES, has enjoyed rapid success in the past 12 months. Despite releasing her first singles only last year, JONES’s acoustic ‘Hoops’ has 4 million plays on Spotify while ‘Melt’ has racked up 3 million. The young Brit’s meteoric rise is no doubt attributable to her ethereal voice and electro-neo-soul sound: she’s a more mellow Izzy Bizu with a vocal quality akin to Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano. In short, JONES is a record label’s dream. She’s the full package, with her voluminous chocolate tresses, piercing almond-shaped eyes, razor-sharp cheekbones, and sheer talent to match. One would never expect such a powerful voice to emanate from her slender frame, yet she mesmerises with songs full of poignant observations and catchy choruses. So far JONES’s career has been like a wave, gaining momentum with each track debut and gathering force with each performance. Now the wave’s about to break. Next month JONES is set to drop her first studio album.

figuring out who I want to be. [New Skin] is about who you choose to be; the forming of yourself and that layer you’ve chosen. I’m not a child anymore so there’s a comingof-age theme to it.’ Well, if her past efforts are anything to go by, this release is going to be huge. In April 2015 JONES’s Indulge EP received overwhelming positive feedback, with British pop sensation Sam Smith giving it one hell of a recommendation: To his 7.2 million Instagram followers he dubbed it, ‘F**king beautiful.’ Couldn’t have said it any better, Sam. The softly spoken JONES modestly recalls, ‘I was very nervous at the time, but it got a great response… I’m a massive perfectionist so I usually wait before putting something out, but everyone in my team said that it was the perfect time to test the waters.’ This ‘testing of the waters’ included hits, ‘Indulge,’ ‘Deep’ and ‘You’ that were produced by XL

‘New Skin is coming out on October 7th, which I’m excited about…The album is, I guess, my introduction to the world; a mixture of the more melancholy songs, which I love, and more upbeat, optimistic things as well.’ She explains, ‘The title came to life from a song, ‘New Skin,’ which is one of the earlier songs I did when I started writing the record. Not long after writing it, it came to me that it was the perfect name for my first album, because I’m becoming an adult and 7

Matthew Lyons


Greg Barnes for David Silis & James Rhodes

Recordings’ Rodaidh McDonald (the xx, Savages, Daughter), Raffertie, A.K. Paul., and Brunelle. The title track, JONES says, is ‘pretty much a love song… ‘Indulge’ is about the feeling you get when you first meet someone and you just want to give into that feeling and drown in it. So, it’s about that infatuation.’ The rising star performed this song last year on BBC Two’s Later…with Jools Holland and drew further attention when she did a cover of Calvin Harris’s ‘How Deep Is Your Love?’, which got the Scottish DJ’s seal of approval. But what’s really earned JONES recognition is her confessional writing style. Instantly relatable and devastatingly beautiful, the old soul’s follow-up tracks are prime examples of her willingness to be vulnerable. In ‘Melt’ JONES croons, ‘Take it from someone, who’s had a tough run,’ revealing her pain in ‘Hoops’ with lines like, ‘Stone cold landing, I’m still where you left me / Crumbled story, circles never ending.’ The latter single was produced by Josh Record and XO its haunting words are the result of ‘a situation where I realised I was doing all the work and making all the effort,’ she shares. ‘It’s not just about pining after someone, but it’s about being self aware and being honest with yourself.’ Does she use her music as therapy? ‘I think sometimes you need those songs to reflect on where you are so that you’re able to move on.’ Think: this seems like a common theme for the introspective singer. What does she do to create new material, how does she pen her poignant verses? ‘I like to write alone

and to co-write as well. If I’m in a studio session I normally start with hearing some chords and getting melodies together first, and then lyrics will come second. But then I’m always writing notes on my phone and I might start off with that. It’s really quite open; there’s no formula to it. Well, I haven’t got one yet…’ On her forthcoming album JONES declares, ‘One of my favourite songs, called ‘Waterloo,’ I wrote with Tourist. It’s got my London influence. And yeah, I dunno, it’s nostalgic optimism.’ Though her music is intricately laced with raw lyrics and dark electronic elements, the rising star asserts, ‘I’m a real optimist and I’m always trying to find the silver lining in everything and find that in other people as well. As cheesy as that is.’ This is the other striking thing about JONES: as much as she is self-assured, there’s the same amount of innocence and idealism to go with it. When reflecting upon her childhood dreams, she muses, ‘[Music’s] always been my first love. Ever since I was young I was singing songs, listening to music. It’s always been the goal.’ This quiet confidence helped to get her where she is today. Although, she got her official start because of her music lawyer: ‘It was through him that I met my record label [37 Adventures]. He knew what I kind of wanted to do, he understood my sound and my goals, and so he made the introduction. And we got on so well. Since then we’ve been working together.’

‘Glastonbury, Latitude, Live at Leeds, Standon Calling, and a few others,’ JONES recalls, continuing, ‘Glastonbury was amazing because I’d never been there before. It’s such a huge festival, I didn’t expect to have that chance so early on.’ No rest for the wicked, apparently, as she’ll soon be headlining a UK tour in October and playing at ‘some festivals in Europe next year and doing another support tour towards the end of the year/early next.’ In the meantime September’s premiere of ‘Wild’ should tide fans over, as should the re-released version of ‘Indulge,’ which will have a new video ‘because we love it so much and updated the production slightly.’ This formidable force is clearly paving her way to greater things. Whether it’s her indescribable ‘It’ factor, hypnotic vocals or entrancing hooks, one song is all it takes to realise there’s something special about Miss Jones.

Seems like it’s a dynamite pairing, as JONES has ‘just come off a North American tour supporting the band called HONNE.’ She’s also already played at music festivals





d e m a t n U y t u a e B Adopt a ‘let it be’ attitude to dressing this autumn

Top, €410; Skirt, €310; Shoes by Inga for L72, €230


A-Line Coat, €2,400


Coat, €1,500; Top, €270; Skirt, €480; Shoes by Inga for L72, €230


Dress, €580; Evening Parka, €1,100, Shoes by Inga for L72, €230; Leather Gloves, €520


English-born Lee Wood started L72 in February 2015 after working alongside Donatella Versace for 16 years at fashion house Versace. For this Milan Fashion Week debut, his womenswear line won the Who Is On Next competition, where his following collections were received to similar acclaim. Here, in Wood’s AW16 ‘Vellamo’ collection, storms, seas and mythological sirens form the creative impetus for this luxurious line inspired by the Finnish goddess of water. As a wearable ref lection of her control over the natural resource, peplums mimic waves, blue and grey tones capture water’s vast depth, and different fabric textures are blended to represent its altering temperament. L72 ‘Vellamo’ AW16 Collection: Styling: Lee Wood Photography: Oskar Cecere Model: Inga Savits at Trump Models @l72official

Top, €450


United Nations

n o i h s a F


Meet some of today’s greatest female designers and the countries that shaped their global fashion brands

MELODIE CARMICHAEL Everyone has a history, a heritage. Today’s accessibility to technology, thus fashion, means that cultures can be shared readily and easily. Welcome to modern multiculturalism. Fashion designers integrate elements from foreign communities, consciously or subconsciously celebrating their heritage and cities they’ve spent (or want to spend) time in. The global fashion market is now a place for patriotism and a home for shoppable exploration. These are the women who are proudly bringing cultural discovery to your door and into to your wardrobe.


Ditte Reffstrup is to Ganni what Ganni is to cult label status: inextricable. The Ganni woman is basically an extension of Reffrstrup’s aesthetic sensibility, which resembles bright colours, statement…everything, flirty separates, and an all-round ease. Ganni’s incredible wearability is chiefly down to Reffstrup: she puts the ‘fun’ in ‘function.’ Since 2009 the Danish creative director has been tempering her flamboyance and injecting Ganni collections with flourishes of British cheek because of her love for the country. Reffstrup adores contrast and combining binaries to produce cool, laidback lines that are a reflection of her Danish eye for design.

Lithuanean-born Laura Theiss is one of the UK’s best emerging knitwear designers. Her last collection, Autumn/Winter ’16, saw sci-fi amazons in woven sweaters bearing plaited DNA patterns and textural skirts adorned in crocheted, threedimensional flowers. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins Theiss refined this bold style in London and started her eponymous brand in 2010. The unconventional designer’s recent trips to Germany now also define her brand signature, as the Germans’ renowned prowess at innovating is evident in Theiss’s invention of new knitting techniques. Through her synthesis of her traditional Lithuanian background and London and Germany’s proclivity for modernity, she’s able to produce experimental knitwear; knitwear for the future.

Casper Sejersen





ALICE ARCHER A former Dries van Noten embroidery designer, it’s clear Alice Archer’s time at the Belgian brand’s Antwerp atelier informs her current work. Producing exquisitely embroidered pieces, her cool designs are anything but twee. Nature – and flowers especially – feature prominently as a nod to Archer’s youth spent in countryside Surrey. The cousin of Bella Freud then studied design at Central Saint Martins and followed this up with an MA in Textiles at Royal College of Art. Whlie there she worked with vanguard artist Tracey Emin, making her first steps as her own fashion brand in 2014 with an exclusive capsule collection for luxury retailer, Browns. Archer, a veritable overachiever, takes inspiration from her childhood home and views it through a foreign lens, employing novel techniques to achieve her vision. Perhaps this is the new kind of ‘heritage’ brand.

Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs are the dream team behind CUSHNIE ET OCHS, the New York brand that is the physical manifestation of the modern woman. Their clothes embody strength, sensuality, confidence – much like them. CUSHNIE ET OCHS is the perfect fusion of their diverse lives: Cushie, the polo-attending London transplant; Ochs, the Maryland-born American raised in a military family. Since joining forces while studying at Parsons School of Design, the BA Fashion Design graduates used their respective backgrounds in 2008 to found a label that blends Ochs’ military precision and Cushnie’s London edge. This winning combination earned them a Finalist position in 2011’s revered CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund, where they’ve been worn by powerhouses First Lady Michelle Obama through to Rihanna. Sounds about right; the CUSHNIE ET OCHS wearer is one badass chick. Homogenisation is anathema to Stella Jean. That’s why the Italian designer embraces her heritage by relying on African and Haitian artisans to supply her eponymous label with materials. This mode of countercolonisation emerges as collections boasting impeccable Italian tailoring that illuminates the vivid textiles and garment details. Rome-based Jean’s dedication to supporting local communities and their craft earned her a win in 2011 at the prestigious Who Is On Next competition, as well as a 2014 nomination by the Business of Fashion in its annual BOF 500: People Shaping the Global Fashion Industry list. It’s no wonder why superstars Rihanna and Beyoncé have worn her elegant, socially responsible pieces.Their message alone is a testament to Jean’s pride for her personal history.


DIY Denim


Boohoo Blue, Suzie Denim Hotpants with Badges, £12;

Bliss & Mischief, Light Wash Denim Shadow Flower Embroidered Shorts, £262;

New Look, Blue Patchwork Badge Fray Hem Denim Jacket, £12;

MSGM, Frayed Hem Jeans, £170;,

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, Star Appliqué Cut-Off Denim Shorts, £110;

House of Holland x Lee, Skinny Jeans, £163;

Topshop, Destroyed Mom Jeans With Sequin Rainbow Patches by Kuccia, £55;

River Island, Blue Wash Lori High Rise Ripped Skinny Jeans, £38;

H&M, Boyfriend Patchwork Jeans, £39.99;

Dolce & Gabbana, Embellished Jeans, £1,300;

Dorothy Perkins, Bleach Denim Badge Jacket, £32;


Desigual, Ethnic Deluxe Jacket, £94;

Tu Es Mon Tresor, Pearl Embellished Boyfriend Jeans, £941;

ONE OF A KIND Pop art painter Boyarde Messenger is just as rare as her custom work on luxury fashion accessories and the female body ANOUSHKA SINCLAIR


ainting on ‘everything but paper,’ artist Boyarde Messenger has made a name for herself by adorning designer accessories with sassy Pop Art designs and composing literally cheeky body art pieces. The London-based creative is the queen of customising, and today’s lifestyle influencers are queuing to get Boyarde’s bespoke stamp on their luxury goods. And why wouldn’t they? Especially when there’s ‘You want a piece of me?!’ watermelon beach totes and Freida Kahlo carry-alls to be had. When Boyarde’s involved, ‘It’ fashion accessories become the frames for Lichtenstein-like representations of icons, where wallets and jewellery boxes are branded with their owners’ initials in high contrast colours. Want Coco Chanel on your Chanel bag? You got it. Fancy Audrey Hepburn on your Birkin? No problem! Boyarde takes ‘limited edition’ to a whole new level. Commissioned by her clients who want that extra special something, Boyarde is not unused to niche requests. Like that time when she produced a thug Pug on a cigar box, or when she designed a pop representation of 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, for a Goyard handbag. Multi-talented Boyarde’s remit also extends beyond her favoured Pop Art genre: even Hermès bags aren’t safe from a Mondrian gridding.

Perhaps the most memorable of Boyarde’s oeuvre, however, is her collaboration with cult shoe designer Charlotte Olympia and American retailer Neiman Marcus for Art Basel 2012. For it she painted 100 pairs of Charlotte Olympias with designs inspired by prominent 20th Century artists such as Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh. Other mega brands took notice, and she soon completed projects with Hyatt hotel group, department stores Selfridges and Liberty London, beauty brands Kiehl’s and benefit Cosmetics, and fashion labels LK Bennett and Smythson. Evidently Boyarde’s career now is blossoming. But how did she begin? The highly sought-after artist first gained recognition with her series of body art pieces, where she took advantage of the subconscious scopophillic response in humans to hold people’s attention. In so doing, also drew attention to the female form and showcased her mischievous, painterly style. So, while she may have started out painting female bodies to ‘bring out the inner goddess,’ it now seems as though the artist has become the subject. Boyarde, clearly, has released her inner goddess and the work she’s producing speaks for itself: it says, ‘Priceless.’







of Es Dev

In her new tome, Fashion + Music, Katie Baron explores fashion and music’s inextricable relationship, shining a light on the off-stage talent responsible for shaping pop history ANOUSHKA SINCLAIR

‘As twin agents of creative expression, [fashion and music] have long had a powerful mutual attraction.’ Fashion features editor Katie Baron dissects the seductive and spellbinding relationship between these two creative fields in her new tome, Fashion + Music: Fashion Creatives Shaping Pop Culture. With a foreword penned by the esteemed Professor Frances Corner OBE, Baron’s book is ‘a celebratory exploration of fashion and music.’ It accepts the hefty challenge of analysing pop culture’s greatest “Chicken or Egg” debate, presenting the ‘untold history of pop’ in a beautiful book ideal for any coffee table. Stylus Media Group’s Global Head of Retail bravely delves into the topic of fashion + music and focuses on fashion ‘as a make-or-break tool within the music industry’s creative process.’ The trend forecaster explains, ‘While the relationship has been in play for some time, it has never been more significant than it is now. In the digital era, with pop videos, album art, stage looks and street-style shots distributed, devoured and dissected across the globe in nanoseconds, image means everything. Music may be the foundation, but fashion and the larger-than-life personae it creates have become the glue that binds sound, style and attitude.’ A follow-up to her 2012 tome, Stylists: New Fashion Visionaries, this new title from Baron is just as skimmable with its technicolor images and captivating chapters on the creatives behind some of pop culture’s most iconic moments. The British author observes, ‘From the Sex Pistols to Madonna, Kylie Minogue to Lady Gaga, fashion has consistently amplified our understanding of the band (and in many cases, the brand), fuelling the fantasy, giving context to the sound and adding depth to artists’ wider agendas.’ Fashion + Music is an investigation into the awe-inspiring stage sets and oft-copied musicians’ costumes. It is a bible of today’s most impressive creative minds and an anthology of their greatest work.

in showcasing the innovative individuals who are off-stage. You know; the image makers, the song producers, the creative directors, the stylists, the set designers. Baron says, ‘We’ve read about the stars, the managers, the hangers-on. But the people who shape the style, imagery and look of the likes of Bowie, Gaga, Madonna, Beyonce et al have been underrepresented. This is their story, and it’s genuinely fascinating.’ The London-based journalist’s latest release is an homage to the relatively unknown lives of those responsible for producing pop history. Baron knows it’s their turn to be recognised, and Fashion + Music gives them this spotlight: ‘From music videos to editorial shoots, and from ad campaigns to stage shows, via the evolution of some of the industry’s most significant, often era-defining collaborations, this book focuses on the power of the fashion–music synthesis, as an agent for reflection but also for change. [It is] a socio-pop-cultural journey through territories including identity, feminism, gender, sexuality (and sexual politics), cultural appropriation, and the impact of Internet culture on the way we communicate, concoct, perceive and represent our ideas.’ Above all else, at its core Fashion + Music: Fashion Creatives Shaping Pop Culture is really about how the two concepts operate in tandem. Baron sums it up nicely: ‘Fashion and music are formidable forces: entrancing, bewildering, identity-affirming, panic- inducing, tribe-forming, arguably life-saving and indisputably two of the finest playgrounds for indulging creative vision. As such, it rarely gets more exciting than when the two collide.’

In addition to the highly talented solo artists and bands, Baron’s recent book is highly centred on those behind-the-scenes. She’s more interested



Fashion + Music: Fashion Creatives Shaping Pop Culture by Katie

Baron, published by Lawrence King Publishing, available for £20.40 from



HAUTE HERMIT When the temperature drops, why go out when it’s so much cooler to stay in



THIS PAGE Athena Paisley Robe, £250; Paisley Eye Mask, £40 PREVIOUS Delphine Jumbo Moon Lounge Suit, £295


Pia Wave Tile Lounge Set, £395; Wave Tile House Shoe, £375


Delphine Jumbo Tartan Lounge Suit, £295


Mirella Dusty Lilac Cami Dress, £195; Athena Dusty Lilac Robe, £250; Paisley House Shoe, £375

Bringing high glamour to the home, SUNDAYS is the new luxury loungewear label founded by Naomi Richards in 2014. The London-based ex trend consultant turned her hand to textiles, creating nightwear and lounge pieces that are ahead of the curve. Crafted in elegant fabrics, the bold prints and cool cuts of SUNDAYS are inspired by the jet-set lifestyle of the 60s and 70s. While SUNDAYS may be originally intended to wear indoors, its designs are chic enough to wear outside. SUNDAYS ‘Ava by Moonlight’ Collection: Art Direction: Miranda Sinclair Photography: Anna Stathaki Casting: Lindsay May Model: Ola Kędrzynska at Next Hair & Makeup: Alice Howlett




London’s Finest Blow Dry Bar High quality yet affordable, Duck & Dry is the fast way to update your look with 16 signature hairstyles in a space you’ll love. Now you can discover our natural, fuss-free products for your blow dry at home. #jointheflock 335-337 King’s Road, London, SW3 5ES 020 3489 9370





ESSENTIALS Freckles & Frocks blogger Carys Jones shares her ultimate beauty buys

5.FOR A KILLER CONTOUR Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit


The powders in this highlighter palette have a subtle colour pay-off: they can be built up to give a stronger, more impactful look. Each powder is finely milled and while Iridescent Strobe Light (the pearlescent soft pink hue) has the strongest highlighting shimmer, the powders all have a soft sheen to catch the light and emphasise the architecture of your face.



Benefit Erase Paste

This concealer has a creamy consistency with a large pay off for a small amount of product. It blends smoothly and seamlessly with a sponge or buffing brush, and, by using a small amount of powder after application, you can improve the longevity and stop creasing. It also brightens and can be layered to camouflage the blackest of under-eye bags without a heavy feeling. Although the Erase Paste’s colour scope is limited, if I only have two minutes to put on some makeup, it’s the first thing I reach for!


MAC Prep + Prime Beauty Balm

My personal preference is for a lighter, dewy foundation, and this BB cream meets all my requirements. Firstly, it’s pale enough, which in and of itself is uncommon, but the colour range of 11 shades makes it suitable for a large number of skin tones. It easily blends onto skin to give a natural, even complexion. The SPF 35 is an important factor, and the coverage is light but easily buildable and fresh-looking without having too much of a sheen.


Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara

3. FOR A KILLER POUT Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Nude Beige No. 01

Hunting down the perfect nude is a quest every makeup wearer goes on, and I found mine in Burberry’s Kisses Lipstick. The formulation is hydrating, and it has a soft satin finish, which can be built up. It’s warm, pink-beige tones suit most fair complexions and is part of a 27-shade range that has something for everyone. The Burberry patterned lipstick glides on lips easily, and with the magnetic lock mechanism, it’s part of a lipstick collection that leaves you feeling a bit smug when you’ve got it on.


One of the things that drew me to this mascara is that it breaks down with just warm water. Meaning it’s heaven for sore or swollen hayfever eyes. While this mascara can flake if you’re a regular eye rubber, it doesn’t give the usual undereye smudge. The bristle wand applies the mascara smoothly and leaves your lashes covered from root to tip. For best results, zig-zagging the wand gently from side to side ensures you have a consistent application on all sides.


y t u a e B Sustainable

Flynn & King, Revive Oil-Based Cleanser with Argan & Rosehip Seed Oil, £34; flynn

maria nila, Colour Refresh in Autumn Red 6.60, £22;

The coolest eco luxury products with a conscience

rahua by Amazon Beauty, Voluminous Conditioner, £29;

RAAW, Algae Hand & Body Wash, £32;


Beautycounter, Charcoal Cleansing Bar, £18;

Laline USA, Ocean Body Soufflé, £26; cocovit, Coconut Charcoal Face Mask, £28.50;

Björk & Berries, Never Spring Shampoo, £21; bjorkand

APTO, Surface Renewal Exfoliant, £28;

NUORI, Vital Eye Cream, £50; contentbeauty

SODA & Co, Sugar Scrub in Mint Burst, £13.50;

JUARA, Sweet Black Tea & Rice Facial Moisturiser, £41;


HALLOWEEN MAKEUP HOW-TO Your step-by-step guide to mastering the holiday’s most iconic beauty looks

The Dia de Los Muertos Sugar Skull 1

Use white illuminating powder like Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder to highlight T-zone and chin, then blush cheeks with a light pink powder. Wipe black eyeshadow around eyes (Illamasqua’s Shimmering Charcoal does the trick) to form a circle and decorate 3INA, The Cream circumference with ‘petals’ Eyeshadow in 303, made with a turquoise £8.95; cream shadow. Mattify lips with a burnt rose hue – NYX’s Istanbul shade is perfect – and draw upsidedown heart on forehead. Illamasqua, Pure Pigment Outline eyes and eye in Android in Shimmering ‘petals’ with liquid liner, Charcoal, £17; illasmasqua. com then draw vertical lines on lips and use liner to extend mouth crease by an inch on either side. Turn the upside-down NYX, Soft Matte heart into an Ace of Laura Mercier, Secret Lip Cream in Brightening Powder, Spaces with liquid liner, and Istanbul, £5.50; £19.50; colour in tip of nose. Finish with a big, bright flower headband.

Eylure, Volume 107 Lashes, £5.35;

Smashbox, Step-


Rock ‘N’ Rose, Beatrice Red Rose

Eyeliner, £15;

4 5



Kit, £35.50;



eyeko, Sport

by-Step Contour

1 2 3

Contour your face easily with an all-in-one contour kit. Comb eyebrows upwards and emphasise with a pencil – benefit Cosmetics’ Instant Brow Pencil never fails. Use a waterproof eyeliner like eyeko’s to outline eyes and exaggerate with an upward flick on the outward corners and a downward flick in the inner corners. Highlight the latter with white eye pencil. Apply false eyelashes and draw on whiskers with waterproof liner, also colouring in tip of Rimmel London, nose and top lip if you fancy it. Scandal’Eyes Eye Shadow Adorn with cat ears of the crystal, velvet or Stick in Witness White, £3.37; fur variety.

The Harley Quinn

1 23

Ben Nye, Clown


benefit Cosmetics, Instant Brow Pencil, £16.50;

Models Own, Myshadow

Powder Matte Eyeshadow Cover entire face with Ben Nye White Makeup, £7.99; in Dolly Mix, £4.99; Clown White Makeup. Draw love heart beauty mark on cheek with liquid liner. Apply bright pink eyeshadow around corner of right eye and smudge downwards slightly. Repeat process for left eye with blue eyeshadow. (Model’s Own and Illamasqua have great, bold eyeshadow palettes for this.) Colour lips with a burgundy red lipstick Put hair up into two pigtails and dip-dye ends of one pigtail with wash-out hair dye (Bleach’s Super Cool Bleach, Super Cool Colours Colours have the perfect Harley Quinn shades: ‘I Saw Red’ Non-Permanent Hair Colour in I Saw Red, £5; and ‘Out of the Blue’) for the final touch.


Baroque Crown, £48;

The SexyCat

Too Faced, Sketch Marker Eyeliner, £17;

Topshop, Lips Lipstick in Temptation, £8;


ANXIETY Easy and effective ways to keep calm and carry on



‘You are what you eat’ never rang more true than when it comes to keeping a positive mindset. Here to assist with your anxiety-reducing endeavours, superfood boxes are a brilliant, no-think way of keeping energy levels balanced and sustained throughout the day while nourishing your body. Nutrient-rich and most, gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free, they’re simple serotonin boosters. Our favourites include Lifebox Food Co. and Superfoodio.

ow often have you heard one of the Real Housewives or Kardashians say, ‘Omg stop. You’re literally giving me anxiety?’ This knee-jerk response describing a situation that minutely veers off smooth sailing is helping to trivialise what is a rather serious disorder.

With women twice as likely to suffer from anxiety, according to Cambridge University’s Institute of Public Health 2016 findings, this means there’s a whole lotta angst floating around inside of us. Aside from seeking professional help, what’s a girl to do? No matter the extent of our stress, we can all benefit from regular small acts of self-care. Here are a couple of ways to reclaim the Zen in your life.

ENJOY YOURSELF Who doesn’t love a bit of pampering? Stressed or not, spa treatments are wonderfully indulgent, restorative solutions to anxiety-related problems. It can be as small as a manicure or pedi, or a full-blown full body workup. Savour the ‘treat’ in ‘treatment’ and reward yourself with a trip to your nearest spa or salon. Akasha at Café Royal offers a host of spa therapies and holistic treatments, as does South Kensington Club and Grace Belgravia if you’re feeling like splurging. Then again, you deserve it.

EXERCISE Ever the obvious suggestion, exercise is a clichéd stress-reducing technique for a reason: it works. Whether you fancy high intensity cardio sessions or lower intensity activities, releasing unwanted emotions via positive physical activity is a guaranteed remedy for anxiety. Perhaps you’re not big on the whole exercise ‘thing.’ Merely getting up off your butt and taking 10-15minutes to walk around / jog on the spot is enough. For hardcore Pilates and hot yoga, we love Fierce Grace and Fat Buddha, where Frame is the fail-safe for group class workouts. 34

ENGAGE YOUR BRAIN Get The Gloss’s e-library of resources is an endless source of health and wellness information. This online hub is overflowing with useful guides and interesting reads to engage your grey matter. There’s even the super-popular Headspace mindfulness platform available via its e-store. So, distract yourself from negative or anxious thoughts by learning something new, or brush up on your favourite subject. Just remember: Move it or lose it.

Feel-good fuel Ladies of London star Julie Montagu, AKA The Flexi Foodie, shares recipes from her third cookbook, Superfoods Superfast

Everything in Julie Montagu’s life is centred on food and wellness. Hailing from Sugar Grove, Illinois, the American transplant moved across the pond to London and met (then married) her husband who is heir to the Earl of Sandwich.

Julie Montagu’s Superfoods Superfast: 100 energizing recipes to make in 20 minutes or less, published by Quadrille, is available for £15.99 from Read more health tips and recipes on and wellness advice on @juliemontagu

The yoga instructor balances many plates in between sell-out yoga classes: she’s also a health coach; the founder of JUB (Julie’s Unbelievable Balls) and Truly Julie, a wellness community; wife and mum of four; as well as cast member on Bravo’s hit television show, Ladies of London.

Oh, and she’s also the author of three books. Montagu’s latest release is perfect for the timepoor, with the title, Superfoods Superfast: 100 energizing recipes to make in 20 minutes or less, an enticing guarantee. The nutrition expert’s healthy meal suggestions and menu plans promise to keep you energised and require very little effort on your part. (The dream scenario, right?) Montagu’s even included sections with snack and dessert ideas. Now there’s no excuses for eating unhealthily.



2 good-sized beetroot (beets), peeled and spiralized Olive or coconut oil, melted, for drizzling 2 clementines, peeled and segmented 50g (heaping 1⁄3 cup) pistachios 2 tablespoons honey 2 large handfuls of fresh spinach Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

For the Dressing:

1 tablespoon olive oil 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon wholegrain mustard Juice of 1 clementine Juice of 1⁄2 lemon Spiralizer


Beetroot Noodle Salad with Clementine and Pistachios I know the latest craze is all about spiralized courgettes (zucchini) and trust me, I love them, too. But I wanted to experiment with other veggies that can give you the same lovely noodle shape, taste good and still deliver that nutritional punch. And so this is where the beetroot became my new courgette. But again, if you don’t have beetroot to hand, please use a courgette instead!

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/gas 4

and line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper. Place the beet noodles on one sheet and drizzle with olive or coconut oil. Season with salt and pepper and roast for 15 minutes.

2. Spread the clementine segments and

pistachios over the second sheet and drizzle with the honey. Bake for 5 minutes alongside the beet noodles.


Meanwhile, whisk all the dressing ingredients in a small bowl and put to one side.

4. Once cooked, remove the baking sheets

from the oven and combine the noodles, spinach, clementines and pistachios in a large bowl. Toss with the dressing and enjoy your simple but super-yummy salad!


SUPER FAST Recipes from Julie Montagu


Peach and Rosemary Crumble I love this sweet dish, especially when peaches are in season. This is a truly delicious summer pudding, but any leftovers can be eaten for breakfast. No joke! Just add some almond milk and you have not only a super after-dinner sweet but a super sunrise, too!

1. Preheat the oven to 220°C/425°F/gas 7.

2. In a large bowl,

mix all the ingredients together until well combined and crumbly.

3. Spoon into the baking dish and bake for 15 minutes. The crumble will come out hot and bubbly and absolutely delicious!

6 large ripe peaches, stoned and cut into small chunks or thinly sliced 90g (3⁄4 cup) oats 60g (1⁄2 cup) buckwheat flour 5 rosemary sprigs, leaves separated 75ml (5 tablespoons) coconut oil, melted 55g (3 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons) coconut palm sugar

2 tablespoons honey or maple syrup 2 tablespoons arrowroot powder 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1⁄2 teaspoon sea salt baking dish, roughly 24 x 16cm (91⁄2 x 6in)

SERVES 6-8 37

The Clique Academy is opening its doors for enrolment this September. The 12-week program will take you through the steps of creating your own successful business, including advice and guidance from a team of experts and established entrepreneurs. With The Clique Academy you will learn how to: l l l l l l

Create a business doing something you are passionate about Develop a seriously kick-ass brand and smokin’ hot website Earn more than you thought possible Become the woman you need to be in order to get to where you want to go Overcome limiting beliefs Become insanely good at goal getting and working towards your bigger vision

For more details on coaching and to register your interest in The Clique Academy, please visit:



kikki.K Pause Collection



y M g n i t r a St Stylist Ollie Taiwo imparts her key pieces of wisdom after going solo


I fell upon my line of work through my career journey. After finishing university, I hit the commercial world with a thud working for several reputable fashion labels including TSE Cashmere, Tommy Hilfiger and Liberty of London. Being constantly told, ‘Develop your department like your own business,’ I took this seriously and some people might have felt that this was my downfall or my success. I found it hard to completely switch off or not triple check my


work and results. Thinking and thinking of innovative ideas to improve my division’s trade, there was one thing I couldn’t change: the world and its ideas. This was left to a very large board of directors and other senior level management. I was just supposed to convey my ideas of improvement to the table and make sure my department achieved target. But I wanted more than promotions and increased responsibility. I wanted to change the game and make a noticeable difference to the industry. So…

BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO TAKE THE JUMP I started off as an editorial fashion stylist, working on spreads for the Daily Mail, You and producing an eight-page feature for Pride’s ‘Revolution’ issue. I felt there was a gap in the market where I could merge my retail experience and creative flair. Have you ever heard of a fashion stylist creating a collaboration for a brand while working out a sales strategy to interest potential customers? I sure hadn’t, but what I saw was an opportunity. Confusing to some, I envisioned a complete start-to-finish service that has one person who learns your entity, creates a campaign, and decides on the promotion and wholesale strategy. After a lot of hard work reaching out to people, I landed my first big deal as Creative & Business Development for creating and nurturing fashion collaborations for their selfie mobile phone cases. My first project was with luxury shoe designer Sophia Webster, which was exclusive to Selfridges and opened up never-ending opportunities for Gooey. All because I was brave enough to take the leap.


s s e n i s u B n w O



It’s important to be someone who can make connections easily and foster relationships that convert into commercially viable opportunities. Setting off on your own, the public need to buy into you and your serviceability. As entrepreneurs, sometimes we leave out the day-to-day things like presentation. But would this be the case if you were working for a large blue-chip company? Remember that you are your brand, so it’s very important when you go it alone to wake up in the morning and think through your outfit before making enquiries about prospects.


LISTEN TO LESSONS FROM FEMALE INFLUENCERS One of the most influential mentors I have been lucky to encounter was Tamara Salman, the previous Creative Director of Liberty, who now has a thriving luxury handbag label. I didn’t expect that most of my career wisdom would be imparted from such a talented creative. The reality of a internationally recognised designer can be hard on two levels: you have to deliver fresh new designs that the world falls in love with, while making ranges that turnover a profit. The most critical skill I gained from her is to carry out a qualified examination of each situation. You need to make sure you do your research before jumping into a decision – and yes, it’s okay to say no. Doing this doesn’t always create a negative reputation, but breed an admired profile.



Shimmy is a revolutionary garment that provides women with the option of a sleeve irrespective of age or dress size. Created to bring freedom to your wardrobe, Shimmy’s stylish, luxury sleeves are crafted from soft Italian jersey and Chantilly lace that complement your arms, your outfit, and your style.


CONFIDENCE Luxury fashion designer Caroline Matthews on dressing to celebrate your uniqueness and her new empowerment concept, The Luxe Collective

CAROLINE MATTHEWS ‘How you do one thing is how you do everything.’ I heard this quote somewhere and it completely rings true. I have had a successful fashion brand for a few years now and our whole ethos is to empower women through fashion. Our brand is created to empower women to be unapologetically themselves; to notice their amazing uniqueness and embrace their little flaws (and they are little). When you own your uniqueness, you ooze confidence. You become magnetic; you become the leader of your life and those around you will want nothing more than to be with you and soak up your energy and soul. When I dreamt of starting our label it came at a time when I wasn’t full of self confidence, I had tested my limits in both personal and business relationships and really felt that I didn’t know where I was going. But I knew that my dream was to create fashion to help women, as I knew that by designing clothing that made women feel strong and powerful, then they would become an insane girlboss, ready to take over the world. In turn, this I found empowered me. It gave me more confidence to show up even more in my business and life. Seeing women all over the world wearing our pieces and getting industry recognition for our label, it was all a great transition for me personally, too. When you are wearing that killer leather pencil skirt with that shirt you love, you know it just screams, ‘DAMN girl you are looking good!’ From this you are only going to succeed because you have that inner warrior going on and it shows on the outside. I think so many women are creating and living their lives in a way that I wholeheartedly consider artistic, so to me all women are creative. We help them to see that awesomeness through luxury fashion created for a woman, by a woman.

The Luxe Collective

It was almost a natural progression to start The Luxe Collective. We began to receive messages and emails from women asking for advice about starting their own business and creating a kickass lifestyle. From product-based to service-based businesses, we know what it can take to get a business off the ground, but also how rewarding it can be. So I created TLC to offer this service to women: To mentor women both in their own lives and in business. Or taking their current product and getting them closer to their dreams of seeing their product in the marketplace. For me, one of the most important points is your mindset. Your mindset is everything. You have to have that belief in you and what you do before any success will truly come in business. TLC is a guide to getting the lifestyle you want, too. Business is 80% mindset and 20% strategy. Once you can own it, love it, live it, create it and BELIEVE it, awesome things can happen both within your life and your business. We at TLC love to see these transformations in women and feel privileged that women choose TLC to help take them to the next level. If any of this resonates with you ladies, feel free to head over to our website at: and check us out. 43

WEDDINGS | EVENTS | DESIGN Flower delivery based in East London

020 8986 7718



Armelle Habib



WE GIVE YOUR CHILD THE CORE SKILLS, CONFIDENCE AND THE PRACTICE THEY NEED TO ACHIEVE THEIR VERY BEST! Examberry are specialists in 11+ exams with centres in Ealing, Hounslow, Kingston, Teddington, New Malden, and Surbiton



All Examberry tutors are CRB-checked


We have a proven formula that works

Our small class size of no more than 8 students

ensures your child gets the attention they deserve

A few of our testimonials:

“Your tutors are brilliant and I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of 11+ exams. They give individual attention to each child and bring out the best in them.” “My son passed his first choice of school so thank you Examberry! I will always sing your praises to everyone I know!” “My daughter is so happy because she got a offer from her first preference of school. It has only been possible with Examberry!”

Spaces are limited so contact us now on 07733 554 447 or email us at

y t i l a n o s r e P h t i w n i a l Porce

Because who said plates have to be boring?



Janet Milner

From his famed, masked ‘Sandwich Defender’ bear, to bicycle-riding squirrels and otters holding up Y-fronts exclaiming, ‘I am not wearing these,’ Jimbobart is the irreverent homeware label founded by illustrator James Ward in 2009. His cheeky drawings featuring animals with attitude have appeared on campaigns for Lacoste, UNIQLO and Harper Collins, to name a few. We prefer them on our shelves.

Janet Milner is a seasoned veteran when it comes to design. She’s been in ‘the biz’ for over 20 years, bringing her experience to her deadpan ceramics. Milner blends a Pop Art aesthetic with the darker side of life to create mugs featuring Native American chiefs saying ‘How’ and crocodiles to smile about. Someone had to.

Mira Santo

Mira Santo adopts a more subtle approach to its ceramics-making, but that doesn’t make it any less lovely. With collections titled Tropique and Clerkenwell Blue, you can expect fine line illustrations of whimsical flamingos and lazy leopards. Erring more cute than quirky, this brand is for those wanting to dip their toe into eccentric home interiors.

Melody Rose

Classic British design mixed with hand painted illustrations: that’s what you’ll get with Melody Rose. These charming pieces are made in Stoke-on-Trent and have designs possessing a vintage quality, like they were from a 1920s storybook or anatomical textbook (crowned skull drawings, we’re looking at you). Tableware with a twist? Excellent.

Kim Sera

There’s no other way to put it: Sera Kim’s home accessories are elegant and it is essential you purchase them now. Her plain white, fine bone china plates are embellished with bejewelled creatures such as diamond doves and ruby lobsters. Meanwhile her silk jacquard cushions are embroidered with solar systems and golden insects. While they make for brilliant gifts, it’s probably best to keep them for yourself. 50

CAKES | WEDDING CAKES | CANAPÉS Order online or visit the bakery, open Sunday 8:30am-4:30pm 6 The Courtyard, Ezra Street, London, E2 7RH



Catwalk & Exhibition with a 3-Course Dinner WHEN: 24 September 2016 from 5:30pm-12:00am WHERE: 5 More London Place, Tooley Street, London, SE1 2BY TICKETS: £55; free entry for exhibition-only from 2pm-5pm


Instant Inject an immediate hit of luxury with plush velvet pieces for the home

west elm, Metal Frame Upholstered Chair in Celestial Blue, £699;

Next, Crushed Velvet Easy Fit Shade in Plum, £22;

Irving & Morrison, Blue Velvet Mirror, £1,860; Symphony Damask, Plush Flocked Wallpaper in Gold Leaf/Teal Velvet, £208;

Swoon Editions, Winston Three-Seater Sofa in Bordeaux, £1,399;

Zara Home, Linen Edge Velvet Quilt and Cushion Cover, £199;

Harlequin, Arkona Velvet Cushion in Linden, £30;

Caltonberry, Velvet Ribbon, £6; notonthehighstreet. com/squeak

Ralph Lauren Home, Velvet Cushion Cover 50x50cm in Light Grey, £99;

Just Artificial, Velvet Rose Single Stem, £11.40;

Marks & Spencer, Floral Velvet Eyelet Curtains in Grey Mix, From £99;


Did you know that ‘lime/liming’ in the Caribbean means ‘to hang-out; to chill, relax/relax somewhere with others’? Now you can come and lime with us. Experience a taste sensation of Caribbean flavours with a British twist at LIME Brixton. Enjoy a jerk feast or chill with a cup of our world famous Marley coffee; as soon as you do, you’ll never want to leave our social oasis in the hustle and bustle of London.

Receive 20% off your next visit to LIME Brixton when you quote ‘Lipstick@LIME.’ Please note, offer only valid while Lipstick Magazine’s Autumn issue is available.

Detox Kitchen



ESCAPE Run away to Penzance with Great Western Railway and find sanctuary in the ever-serene Chapel House

TANYA SAMUEL THE SCENE There’s something in the Cornish air that has an instantly therapeutic effect on weary psyches. It’s unexplainable. Whenever you need to escape the stressors of daily life, Cornwall is the answer. If ever you need a refuge or a place to restore sapped energy levels, Cornwall is always the answer. And Chapel House, Penzance is the rejuvenating haven you need to stay in. Stress does not exist here in the furthermost point of SouthWest England, much too far. What this untainted landscape does breed, however, is astounding natural splendour. Visually, everything is amplified: grass literally seems greener, the sky is bluer, and the Celtic Sea is as crisp and clean as can be. Penzance is perched at the gateway to Penwith, Land’s End peninsula, and it’s in the majestic arc of Mount’s Bay you’ll find the boutique hotel, Chapel House.



Adam Gibbard

At the lower end of famed Chapel Street, the elegant Chapel House sits on its windswept crest overlooking Penzance Harbour. On the outside this three-storey Georgian building introduces you to its past; on the inside, it welcomes you to its present. The interior of Chapel House is unexpected, with fabulously high ceilings, white walls and floorboards, and bright artwork showcasing Newlyn School of Art students’ work. This modern décor is the product of a two-year renovation. Time very well spent, it would seem, because the contemporary design also seamlessly integrates the house’s 18th Century bones.

WHAT TO DO The great thing about staying at Chapel House is that you can do as little or as much as you wish. For those who manage to tear themselves away from its oh-socomfortable surrounds, the in-room iPad is packed full of sightseeing suggestions and activities, such as Britain’s largest Art Deco lido, Jubilee Pool; nearby fishing port-turned-artist colony Newlyn, which

houses boutique cinema Newlyn Film House; Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens; the Eden Project; and Polgoon Winery. If you feel like being a little more active, there’s also plenty of water sports you can try. Alternatively, stay dry while out on the water by walking a few hundred metres from Chapel House to Scillonian ferry. On this delightful boat trip you’ll be taken around the picturesque archipelago of Isles of Scilly. Or, simply stick to hilly Penzance and explore its charming cobbled streets; for some, the independent shops, galleries and eateries are just as good the natural sights!

brunch involves an even bigger array of choices and is open to the public, as is the essential Sunday roast. Outside of meal times, peckish guests can pop down to the kitchen and help themselves to complimentary tea/coffee and cake. When dining out it’d be a travesty if you Nick Hook

Built in 1790 Chapel House has been home to several noted historic figures, including Admiral Samuel Hood Linzee of HMS Temeraire, the ship featured in JMW Turner’s painting, ‘The Fighting Temeraire’. Fast forward and it’s now the home you wish you had, all impeccably furnished and full of character. Six bright, spacious double bedrooms await upstairs, each with sea views, handmade oak beds, and sleek, slate tile bathrooms fitted with deep tubs and waterfall shower heads. Families who come to stay can use the three top floor bedrooms as a combined space. But the best part about this floor is that one of the rooms even has its own retractable glass roof, meaning you can bathe al fresco, in full privacy. Incredible. 

THE LOCAL FARE Chapel House champions local produce – so much so the hotel’s main suppliers from the area are listed on its website. The inviting communal dining room is the site of all meals, but can easily be migrated to the garden on lovely weather days. For breakfast it’s a dizzying spread of fruit salad, locally sourced yoghurt, homemade granola, freshly baked breads and pastries, and an entire menu of restaurant-quality dishes. Sunday 57

didn’t make a reservation at The Shore. This fine dining restaurant headed by Chef Bruce Rennie is simple cooking done perfectly. It’s a place where ‘land and sea meet,’ where plates have a sense of pride, as Rennie lets the ingredients speak for themselves. Offering a slightly more relaxed approach, The Cornish Barn is the place you wile away hours in, drinking in the garden before moving inside to savour Head Chef Gareth Spencer’s smoked lobster or sirloin steak with chilli, garlic or rosemary butter. After you’ve polished off a side of cheesy chips or squid with lime and chilli salt, don’t miss the Chocolate Brownie Sundae. There’s salted caramel sauce, molten chocolate brownie, a dollop of cream, and ice cream. Over at The Turk’s Head, things get even livelier, as the dining room of Penzance’s oldest pub fills with locals refuelling on generous servings of Seafood Pie or the Catch of the Day. The pie is bursting with Cornish-caught seafood in a crab velouté and sealed with an indulgent mashed potato and Davidstow cheddar cover. Meanwhile the quintessentially Cornish latter option is Newlyn-landed fish in ale batter with minted petit pois, skin-on chips and homemade tartare sauce. A mere stroll down the street will have you back at your Penzance pied-à-terre. As you settle down onto the plush mattress, not a sound to disturb or a light to annoy, the calm you feel is akin to a religious experience. Spiritual or not, the moment you leave Chapel House you’ll only want to worship at the altar of this heavenly Cornish respite.

GETTING THERE Those arriving at Chapel House by car will be relieved to know car passes can be arranged in a nearby gated parking facility. By train, Chapel House is five minutes’ walk from Penzance Railway Station. If you’re travelling from London it’s a fivehour train ride from Paddington, which you can take using the ever-trusty Great Western Railway. Trains depart almost hourly, so whenever the mood takes you, simply hop on board one of Great Western Railway’s super-clean carriages and unwind knowing you’ve got free Wi-Fi access and a smart on-board restaurant to relax in. Ride in style with a First Class ticket and treat yourself to plush leather seats and complimentary snacks throughout your journey.




Chapel House, Chapel Street, Penzance Cornwall, England, TR18 4AQ


Rooms nightly from £150. All rates are subject to change at the prevailing exchange rates, and government tax and service charge.

( +44 7810 020 617 or +44 17 3636 2024



SATE Greed is good at Detox Kitchen, where the food’s all-natural and free from nutritional naughties

STEPHANIE KING After a café bursts onto the scene with roaring success, what happens when the hype dies down? Do the crowds move on to a hipper, seemingly spanglier newcomers, or do they remain loyal? For Detox Kitchen it’s most definitely the latter. Yes, thankfully when venturing to its Mortimer Street branch, the London-based health brand was receiving as much clean eating custom as it was when Lily Simpson and her nutritionist hubby Rob Hobson opened their first Detox Kitchen Deli on Kingly Street in 2014. As one of the city’s first cafés to champion this kaleabundant food trend, Detox Kitchen brought terms like ‘vegan’ and ‘dairy-free’ to our plates and solidified them in our lexicons. From then on, we were hooked. I sampled Detox Kitchen’s fare what feels like aeons ago, and my memory of it was glowing. But would the Fitzroy Place Deli’s array of guilt-free salads, smoothies, and even desserts still cut the proverbial mustard? The short answer? It sure did. Stepping into the Fitzrovia location, all abuzz with throwback hits – ‘Mambo No. 5’, anyone? – and Top 40 tracks, the healthy hangout is clearly the setting of choice for fashion bloggers, freelancers and health conscious office workers. Entrepreneurs sit in banquette seats conducting brainstorming sessions, as architects meet with their interior designers. There’s even a high profile magazine editor pitching to a would-be advertiser. Ah, that’s right: at Detox Kitchen, big business deals are agreed upon over baked aubergine and Green Machine juices.

Table service isn’t really de rigeur here, but the ceilings are high, it’s light and airy, and the neutral colour scheme with sea green accents reflects Detox Kitchen’s all-natural USP. The part canteen, part yourfriend’s-dining-room set-up makes for a relaxed, inviting atmosphere. Mounds of #cleanliving fodder are generously spooned onto Small, Medium or Large plates, as beetroot brownies and protein balls tempt you (very convincingly, I might add) at the cash register. My feast today includes an array of salads: a very umami-centric miso aubergine and kale with apricot, tahini, coriander; a crisp Pad Thai salad of grated cabbage, ginger, black sesame and ohso-nutty edamame, sprouts, and cashews; and a satisfying curry and fennel sweet potato option abundantly flavoured with cumin, turmeric, coriander and coconut yoghurt.

And let’s not forget the hearty veggie burger patty (comprising chickpeas, corn, grated carrot and coriander) adorned with a dollop of broad bean hummus and a creamy mint yoghurt sauce. Healthy food nut heaven. Extra protein hits are available via tofu and salmon fillets, where smoothies are the perfect way to squeeze in as much gluten-free Meanwhile celebrities such as Suki Waterhouse flock goodness as you can. Forget the ice cream; these are thickened with to the gym downstairs and treat their toned bodies to beetroot and carrot fritters with lemon yoghurt and mango ingredients including avocado, wheatgrass powder, and spinach. salsa. Or if they’re feeling *naughty*, rye bread with As I’m hesitantly finishing the last mouthful of my salad, not wanting cashew nut butter, banana and blueberries. For the rest it to be over, I’m rejoicing in how easy it is to order their healthy of us, we simply ‘indulge’ (I say this ironically, of course, meal packages and have them delivered straight to my door. Then because everything at Detox Kitchen is free from refined sugar, wheat and dairy) with delicious roast veg mixes and again, on the frequent occasions I can’t be bothered to cook, it’s also comforting to know one can pop in and grab some health to-go. chicken burgers.


g n i n n u t S e s i r p r u S Venture to the lesser-known Hellenic isle of Halkidiki and stay in Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, where there’s only luxury and not a Greek stereotype in sight


There aren’t enough superlatives to describe just how sensational Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort is. Truly, it is that breath-taking. As the label suggests it is a beach-front thermae resort – the world’s largest and very first – located on the South-West coast of Kassandra-Halkidiki, Greece. Health and wellness is endemic to the Aegean hotel, which only opened in late May 2016. Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort is perched right at the tip of the isle, situated amongst ancient olive groves, hilly peninsula views, and smack-bang on top of a natural spring. Passing through the neighbouring seaside towns, Pefkohori and Kalithea, you cruise down a winding driveway dotted with illuminated palm trees, to be greeted by the grand resort entrance with fountain’d front and sweeping azure blue background. And this is just the beginning. The impeccably designed lobby in a luxe white, black and gold palette is fantastically modern, with high ceilings that lead out onto a viewing patio with plush loungers and chairs. Sure, there is marble – it wouldn’t be Greece without it – but the classic material is used so elegantly there’s not a hint of cliché. In fact the entire resort is like this: a refreshing surprise, free from any stereotypes. No garish statues or tacky furniture, just pure seaside sophistication. Looking out you see the 300 garden-roof’d guest rooms arced around the resort’s private beach. Combine that with the magnificent pool in between, suddenly it hits you: you’ve just discovered paradise. 60

YOUR PRIVATE SANCTUARY Perhaps the most striking thing about Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort – aside from its sheer beauty – is how quiet it is. The silence is almost deafening until the gentle flow of water and ocean breeze softens the tension. You’d have no idea how many guests were staying there – it’s only at meal times you realise how thriving it really is. Everyone’s got their own little pocket, their own nook in this exquisite complex that celebrates the natural resources of the area. The eco-friendly hotel’s sandstone and dark stained wood is augmented by a neutral colour scheme of guest rooms. Meanwhile sea green accents and marbled bathrooms reinforce the subtle opulence they do so well at Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort. Rooms range from a Standard Double Room through to a kingly Deluxe Duplex Suite with Private Pool, although all are incredibly spacious and fitted out with tasteful soft furnishings and top-of-the-range mod cons. Sleeping well is one thing you’ll have no trouble doing, as plush mattresses and a pillow menu ensures your preference is catered for. Here, every minute detail is addressed – even tiny things such as joining the WiFi once and remaining connected the entire time, or the balcony door’s high-tech spring system, which avoids the inelegant squeak other roller doors have. Using the lift doesn’t involve hurried bag searches for room keys to gain access to floors; there’s no need for that because the entire complex is under 24-hour surveillance. At Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort there’s no faffing around, only enjoyment. The way it should be. 


The jewel in the resort’s crown is, undoubtedly, the thermal spa. At Wellness Central, AKA Myrthia Thermal Spa, seven modern treatment rooms offer a variety of rejuvenating therapies, including facials, detoxifying massages, and custom spa journeys, while the deeply hydrating thermal pools, herbal saunas, steam rooms, and showers offer just the restorative hydrotherapy you came here for. This philosophy that ‘water is life’ helps you to reconnect with nature and regain a sense of ‘centredness.’ Key highlights in the spa’s menu are the Valmont facials, which use this Swiss skin care brand’s advanced anti-ageing products. Your highly skilled therapist’s butterfly movements gently work these into your skin to eliminate toxins and leave you with an immensely hydrated, glowing complexion. For pure relaxation, the Thalasso bath tub is a super high-tech, natural way to detox your body because it relies on intense hydrotherapy jets. Myrthia’s range of body scrubs make you feel instantly reinvigorated thanks to the Algoane algae and sea water-based products, where any remaining stress can be sweated out in the huge, state-of-the-art gym. Replenishing Vitamin D levels is best done in the resort’s sweeping pool or on the adjacent beach in one of the many cabanas dotted along the shore. Amp up the tempo with sailing, water sports or scuba diving expeditions. On dry land there’s also plenty of things to do – including mountain biking, tennis, board games, and beach volleyball – where kids will be entertained for hours in the Kids Planet, where they can take part in a whole host of activities designed purely for them. The whole family can come together for trips to nearby coastal towns, where you can shop and dine amongst the locals and the few other tourists who’ve also been fortunate enough to discover this part of the world. 61

ON THE MENU If you don’t fancy making the 20-minute cab ride off-campus, not to worry, there’s a host of dining options on-site. Firstly, Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort has its amazing main restaurant, Kritamo, where you enjoy breakfast or lunch on an expansive, sun-lit terrace that looks out onto the Toroneos Gulf. Now, everyone has that one criterion they judge a hotel by. For me, it’s the breakfast spread. There is nothing better than waltzing in somewhere and seeing a million choices, both healthy and, erm, not so healthy, that you can stuff your face with repeatedly and not feel guilty for being a little piggy. At Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, you can do just that. One simply selects a table and scurries off to dig in to the abundant, delicious food available. There’s no annoying waiting to give someone your room number (because breakfast is included in every room rate) and staff are at the ready to prepare your urgent espresso request.

from the sea and brought to your table. There’s even an exclusive wine bar, Sommelier’s 8, that houses a generous selection of Greek and international wines.

When it comes to lunch the Oasis Pool Bar or Brasserie are two no-think options that serve local and more Western dishes to suit every taste. For an à la carte dinner, Portofino is the Italian restaurant you want to try. Its Italian dishes made from Italian ingredients give a truly authentic experience. As does Toroneo, but of the Grecian variety, as this cosy seafood restaurant serves meals prepared straight

But the best part about going out at Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort? They have a Dine-Around program whereby you can pay for half-board or full-board packages and sample the different restaurants at no extra cost. That’s the thing about Miraggio: they’ve covered it all. And this is the best way to summarise any trip to this Halkidiki hideaway: the reality is better than the fantasy.


The closest airport to Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort is Thessaloniki (SKG) Airport. It is a 1.5-hr car drive to Miraggio, where airport transfers can easily be organised when you book. Or, if you want to be especially fancy, it is a 20-minute helicopter ride. There is also a marina for boats/yachts to moor on the hotel’s doorstep.


Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort Kanistro, Paliouri Halkidiki 63085 Greece


Rooms nightly from £110; Suites nightly from £169. All rates are subject to change at the prevailing exchange rate, and government tax and service charge.

( +30 2374 440 000



The Jody Bell Collection is the ultimate travel companion 63



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