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The Jody Bell Collection is the ultimate travel companion 2



A NOTE FROM THE FOUNDER First of all I would like to say a huge, huge thank you to everyone who attended our fabulous magazine launch at the O2 Arena in April, what an amazing showcase it was! The response from the first issue has been overwhelming to say the least, and the feedback from our advertisers is well and truly amazing. For me this journey isn’t about making a quick buck; it’s about bringing us women together and supporting each other. I am so proud of the many conversations I’ve had about how some of the previous articles inspired you on your journey, and I can’t wait to help you further with your dream destinations. So much so, this issue is again set to inspire, motivate and get your entrepreneurial sparks flying again. We have great tips from The Clique founder Dani Watson, who you will remember from our last issue, as well as great brand partnership tips from chloédigital. Of course we have some incredible fashion, where we introduce the hottest emerging designers. You’ll get to meet fashion’s fairy godmother Sarah Price and discover how you can incorporate the latest trends from Spring 2017 Menswear into your wardrobe. Freshen up your beauty look with the biggest styles to emerge from the Cruise ’17 collections, and welcome this new weather with South East Asia’s most summer holiday-worthy locations. Finally, turn to page 63 to find out the next big project for Lipstick Magazine. We have some exciting news to share… We can’t wait for you to get reading! And don’t forget to connect with us on social media and share with other sassy women! @LipstickmediaUK


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Multicoat lenses. Hand-crafted frames. All from £98. Bailey Nelson was founded in 2012 to provide prescription glasses, sunglasses and nonprescription polarised sunglasses at a fair price to the style savvy. We hope to empower individuality and self expression through our beautiful, affordable eyewear. So that’s us. That’s Bailey Nelson. 4



Caroline Matthews, Obi Jacket, €330;



e n i h S n Su LE T T H E

Soak up much-needed rays and be taken to faraway plains in Yosuzi’s South American-inspired accessories


Chika Straw Hat, £260


Musa Straw Hat, £260


Kaikai Straw Hat, £260


Araya Straw Hat, £240


Yosuzi SS16 campaign | Photography: JosĂŠ Carlos Martinez | Model: Natasha Amayar at Duo Management

Yosuzi is a lifestyle brand celebrating the native myths and cultures of South American tribes. Its founder, Yosuzi, combines her childhood, which was surrounded by Venezuelan traditions, and her years spent living in cities across the world to create her eponymous label. Every hat is hand-crafted from Iraka Palm straw and is produced by Guajiro Indian artisans.

Miku Straw Hat, ÂŁ260


FASHION’S FAIRY GODMOTHER Stylist-to-the-stars and founder of Style Tonic, Sarah Price, is the cure-all for your outfit dilemmas and wardrobe woes


genuinely feel like I’m creating something and that I’m building something that didn’t exist before.’ Sarah Price’s soft Irish accent makes this sentiment sound even more inspiring. ‘Whatever happens it doesn’t really matter, because when you’re in it, that feeling of expanding, it gets better and better.’ The Dublin-born, Notting Hillbased stylist is talking about her freshly rebranded image consultancy, Style Tonic. Making over the business in July 2015, Price is the expert in personal styling. She’s the sort of Stella McCartney-clad woman who breezes past you on the street and leaves you with a feeling of awe and a waft of Tom Ford Black Orchid. Now in her thirties, Price has gained almost a decades’ worth of experience in the industry, making her understanding of women’s dressing psychology, infinite, her contacts book, overflowing, and her high profile client list, vast. Remember Princess Eugenie and Beatrice’s muchmemed Royal Wedding hat selections of 2011? Following the worldwide scrutiny of her daughters, the Duchess of York promptly enlisted Price to work her styling magic. The results speak for themselves: The pair have since been topping best dressed, not worst dressed lists. She’s also helped actress and GOOP founder Gwyneth Paltrow streamline her designer-filled wardrobe while at Vault Couture, a luxury wardrobe storage service. Although you won’t catch her blasting selfies across social media and regramming celebrity client posts; she applies a similar doctor-patient confidentiality to her practice. Price is typically recommended by word-of-mouth and her under-the-radar M.O. ensures she offers a super-exclusive, super-private experience. Even when asking about the most extravagant wardrobes she’s been inside – ‘A house closet that was 1,000 sq ft…it looked like a beautiful museum!” Price is hesitant to give a location. It’s likely, though, that you can expect them to be in one of the many cities she regularly jet-sets to: ‘New York, Paris, the Middle East…Miami, San Fran, LA.’ So what does she actually do? ‘There is no such thing as a typical day, but every odd day I’ll workout and I always get 12


in to the office for 9am and spend an hour on emails to make sure I’m caught up on everything.’ Famous for her “closet cleanse,” the stylist describes what this involves: ‘We go to the closet we’ll be editing and see the size of it or how many there are. Then we go through everything… It’s really about cleaning it down to the good classics that we can build on, but that’s still in [the clients’] style and still their fingerprint.’ This is what makes Price special. She’s genuinely got her clients’ best interest at heart and isn’t concerned with how much they buy or pushing her own style onto them. Price’s philosophy that fashion should be inclusive, that it ‘shouldn’t ostracise like it can do at times,’ is precisely how she’s built up an international community of loyal clients. This approach favouring positivity over criticism is how Style Tonic got its name: ‘I wanted something that would feel like a positive solution… A lot of the time time it can be like, “You know what, that velvet’s a little tired, let’s alter it.” Just saying it in a way that it makes [the client] understand it’s not to do with bad taste or their taste or your taste, but just that some things don’t hold hands,’ clarifies Price. ‘A woman can honestly own a thousand items and not have one good outfit, so it’s a question of removing the 20,000 things and replacing them with 30-40 things. Out of these items you have hundreds of outfits, in one palette, and gorgeous quality and in your style. So the edit’s important for two reasons: one is to create a clean slate, and the other is that it allows me to see where women are hiding; to see where a woman feels not great about and figure out how are we going to dress those parts of the body because she’s never going to be in a rush to get them out.’ Price adds, ‘Styling is not as straight-forward as just picking things that look good on someone; there is an entire psychology behind how we as women arm ourselves, how we shop, and how we put [an outfit] together. And I think you really need to acknowledge that if you’re going to help her.’ But are there fail-safe wardrobe staples that every woman should own? ‘Everyone always says the most clichéd things like, “A Mac, a white shirt,” I don’t think that. I think a cape is a wonder, because if you


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Be brutal: Make three piles: Donate, Dry Cleaning/Alteration, Toss. Do not have a Maybe pile; be ruthless and put Toss items straight into black bags. Signs of wear: If you can see any body part impressions (e.g. sagging on the butt) in clothing when no one is wearing it, throw out immediately! Pay attention to collars and shoulders, too. Whites: These must always be box-fresh. If it is in any way discoloured, toss it immediately. Go easy on yourself: Don’t spend the edit hours berating yourself for bad decisions. We are all here to learn and holding onto your mistakes will not refund the money you have spent. Entertain yourself: Whatever’s your guilty pleasure TV show, play it while you are working. Don’t start the task as a chore; set your mind frame to enjoy making this great change in your life.

invest in a really good cape you can wear it with a polo neck and gloves in the winter, or over a shirt and jeans. It says confidence without being shouty; a good hat, whether you want that to be a winter or a spring/summer one. But bad hair days or a root disaster, every woman needs a fail-safe option for their head; really good t-shirts in black, grey and white. Isabel Marant Étoile is amazing. For winter, a high-waisted midi skirt with pockets. In summer for me that equivalent is a silk pyjama pant, again with pockets. And every woman needs a leather jacket that doesn’t have too much hardware.’ Price prefers not to give her pricing for her services, as they’re ‘decided on a case-by-case basis,’ but it’s easy to see why she’s wanted all over the world. And it’s not only private clients she works with: Throughout her career Price has also lent her expertise to brands including Hervé Léger, Burberry, Halston Heritage, Pinterest, and ASOS. ‘Mostly with brands, merchandisers and design teams might say, “We really loved this dress, why did 80% of it come back? Editorial loved it and promoted it to death but it sold nowhere.” Because I’m working with women and I’m observing their buying habits – what they’re into; what they’re willing to spend – I can help [brands] understand from a commercial and retail point of view what works and why,’ Price explains, continuing, ‘I love the job. I think it’s the best job in the world.’ What’s her favourite part? ‘My clients are people who I love being around and who I get to choose. The freedom of choice in who you work with is probably the nicest part about being your own boss.’ 13

and shapes: ‘I started to make them for clients and that was going great – we were doing 90 units a month at one point with a lingerie designer – and then one of my clients’ husbands said his daughter and his wife bicker all the time over it and asked, “Can we mass produce it?” ‘I didn’t want to because I would be obsessed with the tailoring and the quality. And then we spent two years working with an amazing technical designer and textiles designer and we did, in fact, come up with a way to mass produce it. The key was super-high quality fabrics that keep the ethics of the product what it is.’ Evidently Price is onto another recipe for success. Yet she quickly clarifies, ‘There’s no sort of world domination planned. I never want to be impersonal or be a franchise.’ Although she does note downsides, warning, ‘The minutiae to running a business isn’t fun. And the myth that you can do what you want with your time, that’s a lie. When you work for yourself you’re the last one to take a weekend off or go on holiday… I still haven’t been on honeymoon and I got married a year ago!’ To my flabbergasted response, she chuckles, ‘We scheduled it twice and different, amazing things came up. Fortunately I’m with this wonderfully patient man who allows these things to go on.’ He’s an enabler, I suggest. ‘He is! But he has his own business so he understands when it’s like, ‘This is a game changer,’ and you go.’ The mind reels at the thought of just how big these opportunities were. Clearly Price has made an incredible name for herself and has already achieved remakable success. But how did she get here? When Sarah Price was Sarah Hogan, did she always dream of being “stylist to the stars?” ‘[Laughs] No… But I think it was generally creative. I always wanted to have my own thing and my own business, and then as I got older I always loved fashion.’

Looking forward, the savvy businesswoman ruminates, ‘Style Tonic is kind of doing everything I want it to do... I think the client list will get a little bigger, but it will stay people we like working with and whose homes we like being in.’ She’s welcome to ours any day.



A good cape

well-cut leather 3. Ajacket with little hardware


Quality t-shirts in black, white, and grey (Isabel Marant Etoile is perfect)


A hat (summer and winter options) for bad hair days

summer: silk 5. For 6. pyjama trouser with pockets

For winter: high-waisted midi skirt with pockets

The entrepreneur fondly recalls the moment she realised styling was the career for her: ‘This really nice stylist – she wouldn’t like me to say her name because she always wants to be discreet – she wasn’t into ostracising fashion, she was always kind and nice. I did a couple of fashion shows with her assisting and I remember thinking that [styling] was what I wanted to do. I wanted to go to a really good school and get the kind of qualifications that she had and the way of doing it that she had.’ And Price did just that, attending New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology before returning to London. Fast forward a few years and it seems like her time at the progressive college is coming in handy, with Price revealing she’s due to release her first product this summer. July will see the debut of an undergarment item; ‘an option on something that doesn’t exist in kind of a Spanx-y way.’ Old tight-lipped habits die hard. However the modest Price does share the design came about from her years of styling women of all ages 14 @styletonic_sarahprice

Empowering women through fashion. The contemporary luxury fashion and bridalwear label designed with love and made for awesome women. @carolineamatthews

@CarolineAtelier 15



80s Prom



The designer inspo: Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Thom Browne FENDI

High-shine and obnoxious prints and colourways are back, and they’re bolder than ever. Young label Racil has brilliant options that are bang-on and won’t require a second mortgage like Gucci’s do. If you’re hesitant to dabble in 80s prom, dip your toe in with simply the jacket in a satin or jacquard – ASOS and Missguided have plenty. Alternately, wear your current trouser suit with pop bright accessories (bow tie not mandatory) and a loud shirt for an extremely affordable way to Eighties-ify your look.

Zanita Whittington and Sara Donaldson for REISS





The designer inspo: Valentino, Fendi, Coach

Tracksuits, zip-up jackets, adidas Stan Smiths: Spring 2017 menswear is continuing the massive 70s trend we’ve seen in womenswear. To achieve a look that harks back to Starsky & Hutch’s heyday, consider adidas Originals your go-to. For another label reappropriating its classic designs, turn to Juicy Couture, whose velour sweatpants, AKA Paris Hilton’s fail-safe, will ensure you execute this trend with ease.

The designer inspo: Dior Homme, Etro, Astrid Andersen

s e n o T y h t r Ea DIOR HOMME


A slightly subtler trend to emerge, autumnal tones featured prominently in the latest collections. Designers experimented with texture to make the palette of deep greens, khakis, burnt oranges and browns stand out. Work the trend with Mango and Boohoo’s panoply of choices in suede, leather, and denim, or play with prints in earthy hues like Michael Kors.


o y B s e h t m o fr The seven biggest trends to steal from Spring 2017 Menswear By Stephanie King

London, Florence, Milan, and Paris were recently abuzz with the return of the men’s fashion weeks, as Spring 2017 Menswear collections made their grand debut down Europe’s hottest runways. But who says the boys should get all the fun? We’ve pored over the latest collections and have rounded up the key styles dominating Spring 2017 Menswear. From retro 70s sportswear to super-long sleeves and the humble anorak, permission granted to thieve them all and adapt to your wardrobe.



Wide Leg Trousers


Windowpane Checks


The designer inspo: Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Lou Dalton

This season windowpane checks were out in full force, as heavyweights Louis Vuitton and Giorgio Armani incorporated besquared weaves into their lines. Adapt this graphic trend easily into your wardrobe via workwear. Case in point: Chloé and Current/ Elliott. A less expensive alternative is Family Affair, which has v. summer-friendly pieces. One thing to note: While this striking pattern is flattering for men, it can make us appear a tad boxy, so cinch in those waists with a thin belt or high-waisted bottom.

The designer inspo: Balmain, Givenchy, Emporio Armani


We’re still feeling the after-effect of last year’s culottes frenzy, so it is only to be expected that wide leg trousers should reappear for men, making them excellent inspiration for us ladies, too. Give your limbs some breathing room with Pretty Little Thing’s answer to Emporio Armani’s neutral pairs. Or channel Balmain’s cobalt moment through Topshop, which has wide legged choices that are right on the money.



s e v e e s l Anorak S d e t a g n o l E TAISBAEK

The designer inspo: Raf Simons, J.W.Anderson, Jil Sander

To achieve go-go-Gadget arms (this is a good thing), look straight to one of Leandra ‘ManRepeller’ Medine’s favourite designers: Rosie Assoulin. Her elongated sleeves are going to be everywhere in upcoming months, where Derek Lam and The Row also have super-cool tops bearing extra-long arms. Granted these are quite pricey, so, if you’re watching your wallet, buy the Tall equivalent of a shirt if you’re standard size. New Look and TTYA have great basics.


The designer inspo: Prada, MSGM, Lanvin

The old faithful anorak experienced quite the revival for Spring 2017. Inject instant colour into your wardrobe with Marisota’s showerproof jacket, or refer to M&S Collection and 3.1 Philip Lim for anoraks of a more subtle shade. The added bonus? You’ll be looking chic while being prepared for any unexpected showers.


SIREN TIDES Get swept away by MONA’s debut Exousia collection in dark, surreal prints and alluring styles

Chimaera Maillot Swimsuit, £140


MONA is a luxury swimwear label founded by Irish print designer, Carla Johnson, and made in Europe by expert craftsmen and women. Johnson’s alter ego, MONA, is a dark siren borne out of Irish folklore who lives in a mysterious world of icy seas, rough tides, desolate beaches and dramatic, rugged coastlines. The 2016 NCAD Designer of the Year channels this enigmatic inspiration into beachwear and loungewear that will beguile for years to come.

Amitola Twisted Bandeau Bikini Top, £70; Amitola

High-Waisted Briefs, £70


Luna Bustier Bikini Top, £80; Luna Hipster Briefs, £65


Ronnach Marilyn Swimsuit, ÂŁ140


Chimaera Maillot Swimsuit, £140



Kiini, Tasmin Crochet-Trimmed Bikini Top (£140) & Bikini Briefs (£115);


She Made Me, Savarna Crocheted Cotton Triangle Bikini, £175;

Zimmerman, Roza

Embroidered Triangle

PALM Swimwear,

Bikini, £215;

Kai Top (£61) &

Bottom (£46) in Rouge;

PRISM, Praslin Bikini Top (£135) & Boracay Bikini Bottoms (£92);

We Are Handsome, The Hybrid’ Bra Bikini, £141;

Moschino Swim, No Bikinis

Zigilane, Shadey

Allowed Sign

Swimsuit, £157;

Swimsuit, £176;

Mara Hoffman, Fractals Print

Dolce & Gabbana, Carretto Siciliano Printed Bikini, £345;

Swimsuit, £245; Lisa Marie

Hervé Léger, Cruz

Fernandez, Jasmine

Swimsuit, £750;

Swimsuit, £305;

Solid & Striped, The Poppy Checked Bikini Top (£70) & Bikini Bottoms (£70); JETS by Jessika Allen, Illuminate Halterneck Swimsuit,

Onia, Kelly Swimsuit, £200;

£170; harveynichols. com


Newcomers THE

Say hello to fashion’s breakout clothing and accessories designers By Stephanie King

Beginnings are always exciting. There’s an energy; you can feel it. Things are stirring, and there’s a hum that is no longer avoidable. The following seven emerging labels are at this point. They are on the precipice of astronomic success, as their designers’ newborn companies are about to explode. So, without further ado, here are the bright young things who about to become huge.



It’s a brave move transitioning from critic to creator, but this is exactly what former Vogue editors Meredith Melling and Valerie Boster did in April 2016 when starting their fledgling brand, La Ligne. After leaving the magazine in 2013, the pair joined forces with Molly Howard, rag & bone’s ex Head of Business Development, to develop a clothing label with one goal: to champion the humble stripe and produce clothing that would empower women through effortless self expression. Using their years of experience in the industry their vision manifested in two apparel ranges: Essentials (comprising staples available year-round) and Edition, which is two seasonally released collections – the latest SS16 campaign being fronted by supermodels Joan Smalls and Lily Aldridge. For added inspiration La Ligne’s website incorporates In Line, an ongoing blog showcasing influential women, including actresses Alison Williams and Dianna Agron, entrepreneur Leandra ‘ManRepeller’ Medine, and art director Sofía Sanchez de Betak (or Chufy). So with a multimillion dollar investment, and absolutely brilliant products, what’s next for this New York-based juggernaut? Founders Melling, Boster and Howard plan to expand La Ligne to a total lifestyle brand. In the meantime, brb, beelining to Net-A-Porter for their ‘i’m with la bande’ embroidered t-shirt and wrap-effect Cady skirt.




BROTHER VELLIES The contemporary label with a conscience, accessories brand Brother Vellies is carving a name for itself as one of today’s most sustainable fashion companies, thanks to its environmentallyfriendly production techniques and ethically sourced materials. The mastermind behind Brother Vellies? Torontonite Aurora James, whose traditional African inspired footwear and bags earned her 2015’s auspicious CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund prize. Since settling in New York City after a stint in LA, the previous model agent now creates unique, one-of-a-kind pieces hand-made in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Morocco. Kudu skins feature prominently throughout her collection, with her Brother Tyre Sandal, constructed from recycled car tyre, a cool homage to the Masaai Mara tribe of Northern Africa who have worn this style for decades. James’s artisanal approach and special design signature makes Brother Vellies the go-to for urban warriors.




Gül Hürgel’s eponymous clothing label was borne from a childhood spent in the Swiss mountains and along the Mediterranean coast. The Instanbul-based designer takes this inspiration and stitches the sun into her cloth, imbuing her playful garments with summer’s optimism and a delightful, carefree quality. Hürgel honed her unique perspective at New York’s esteemed Parsons School of Art and Design and refined her romantic aesthetic, which manifested in feminine silhouettes that highlight the LOOK 23, £490 elegance in their wearer. It’s no surprise that such a dreamy debut collection would garner attention from fashion’s elite, with Hürgel’s fans now including ex i-D/Vogue stylist and RSPV store owner Pippa Vosper, and Sunday Times Style’s Fashion Editor, Pandora Sykes (pictured). Let’s just say you can add us to the list.


LOOK 6, £490



This jewellery brand is one of those discoveries that makes you annoyed at yourself for not knowing about earlier. It’s okay, because now you do. Enter: R.Y.M. Jewelry, the Dubai brand from London-born designer Reem Mobassaleh. This Columbia Business School MBA graduate used her technology smarts to invent what is nothing short of the Swiss army knife of jewellery. Creating stackable, fully convertible pieces set in 18-carat gold, Mobassaleh adorns her multi-purpose accessories with precious stones – most of which she’s found while travelling. (Think: sapphires from Sri Lanka, emeralds from Colombia.) Collections are based on how she wishes she could wear and stack her own pieces: ‘I wanted to find a way to make the experience of bespoke fine jewellery with personal meaning more accessible.’ Just how accessible? R.Y.M. Jewelry’s exquisitely-made modular elements retail from £150, and its ecommerce platform is set to launch in coming months, making it even easier to get your hands on her two upcoming lines: ‘one incorporating concepts from different astrological traditions and another that takes an elevated approach to personalisation.’ Diamond Digit collection personalised necklace

@rymjewelry 25


Ecommerce fashion giant Revolve premiered its new label, RAYE, in Spring/Summer ’15 and has since grown exponentially. From this wildly successful entrée into the market, RAYE has been the shoe of choice by fashion bloggers Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad, Always Judging’s Courtney Trop and Jules Sariñana, AKA Sincerely Jules. Celebrity endorsements aside, the sole reason for RAYE’s success is simple: shoes that are just so damn wearable. Then again, would you expect any less from a Spanish-owned brand and Italian design team? At its core, RAYE’s shapes are minimal, sleek, and livened with flourishes such as leopard pony hair, PVC inserts or studded fringing. Its winning combination of comfortable styles made from quality materials and affordable price points means that RAYE is, unequivocally, a compulsory wardrobe item. @rayethelabel


You know those women in your life who are pretty much the hardest people to buy presents for? Well, the solution has arrived. Alemdara is the jewellery brand that is per-fect for gifts (for others and for yourself), with its range of 18-carat rose and yellow gold pieces encrusted in precious and semi precious stones. Its founder Mariella Tandy, who also moonlights as Tatler’s Executive Fashion & Retail Editor, uses Turkish symbology as the main inspiration for her collection after her mother-in-law gave her an Evil Eye for the birth of her first child. The result? Adorable and elegant accessories extending from Evil Eye bracelets to Hand of Hamsa necklaces. Her dainty creations, all handmade by Turkish artisans, are unfussy, simple, and best of all, timeless. Tandy may have only set up Alemdara in 2014, but she’s already received great support, with TANK’s Fashion Director, Caroline Issa, and Ladies of London star Marissa Hermer counting themselves as fans. The good news is that Alemdara’s soon to release a children’s line as well as reveal a new website and new stockists. We couldn’t be more thrilled. 26


6. If Miu Miu and Tata Naka had a lovechild Violetta would be it. Owned by Francesca Salvalaggio, the young designer’s custom readyto-wear is a fantastical assemblage of quirky prints and whimsical silhouettes. From patterns of watercolour busts of women who inspire her, to playful shift dresses embellished with ruffles and pleating details, Salvalaggio tailor-makes her designs in her Notting Hill atelier. Up close it’s clear that every garment bears the mark of skilled hands – hands which experienced years of textiles training at the esteemed Central Saint Martins and Chelsea College of Art and Design – and Violetta is the product of Salvalaggio’s years spent honing her aesthetic at labels Céline, J.W.Anderson, Tata Naka, Mark Fast and Felder Felder. Though she only launched this year, Salvalaggio’s received glowing feedback after her Spring/Summer ’16 presentation in February, and her line will soon be stocked at Kensington Park Road’s Nellie Atelier. Word of advice: Don’t walk; run. @violetta_london_ltd

NATURAL WONDER Organic lines, golden constellations, and bejewelled anatomy: Da Vinci’s discoveries just got wearable MANIAMANIA, Shanipriya Necklace in Brass with Clear Quartz, £176; themaniamania.

Delfina Delettrez, Lips Piercing Ring, £218;

Christie Nicolaides, The Miro

Crown in Gold, £272; christie-

Holly Ryan, Gold Active Galaxy Bangle, £187;

Animulas, Gold Moon Necklace, £175;

Sophie Bille Brahe, Dauphine Étoile Earring, £5,360; Lara Bohinc, Planetaria Asymmetric Studs, Rhodium on Sterling Silver, £220;

Brilliant Inc, Fabulous Anissa Kermiche SS16

Blue Diamond & Sapphire Tear Drop Earrings, £495;

V Jewellery, Royal Opal Ring, £135;

Anissa Kermiche, Rubies Boobies Doré, £390; Elkin, Topaz & Moon Mystic Stone Necklace, £70;

Kenzo, Eye Ring, £87;


• Celebrity extensionist Ayanda Soares

• Specialist in short-long hair transformation

• 10 different application methods

suitable for both European and Afro hair textures

• Only salon in London to offer such tel: 020 3137 8994



a wide variety of extensions methods for fine, thick, short, long, silky and course textures of hair

• A leading salon in Brazilian knot extensions

• Lipstick clients can enjoy a FREE welcome glass of wine and a FREE hair extensions brush • Heart of Ealing, 1 minute from shopping mall


Karma Athletics, Roxie Jacket, £115;



look r u o y p en u


Lipstick Queen,



rodu p y t u a e tb these cul Benefit, They’re

Eve Lom, Eye Cream,

Real! Mascara,

20mL, £48;


Sinner Lipstick in Bare Nude, £16.50;

Powder, Powder Beauty Drawer, Season 2, £35;

Kérastase, Elixir

Ultime Original, 100mL, £27.75;

beautyblender, Lucas’ Pawpaw

beautyblender Original

Ointment, £4.95;

Sponge, £15;

Evolve Organic Beauty, Daily Renew Facial Cream, 60mL, £24;

Byredo, Rose of No

Man’s Land, 100mL, £135; Frank Body, Original Coffee Scrub, £11.95;

Grown Alchemist, Age Repair Hand Cream: Phyto-Peptide, Sweet Almond & Sage, 40ml, £24; grown

R+Co, Atlantis Moisturising Shampoo, 241mL, £19.50;

Liz Earle, Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser, from £15.50;

WAH London, Mom’s Army Nail Polish, 6.5mL, £6;


RESORT REPORT Holiday Hair The biggest beauty looks from the Cruise 2017 collections

Chanel in Cuba, Louis Vuitton in Rio de Janeiro, Gucci and Dior in London: Also up this Resort ’17 was a heavy dose of wanderlust. Radiate beachy vibes à la Louis with fresh-from-theocean tresses. Or feel the Havana heat in a straw hat or headband like Karl’s sequinned chicas. Though Gucci’s geeky collegiates were vacationing in Ol’ Blighty, that didn’t mean a metallic turban was unwelcome on the Westminster Abbey runway. Give your hair a hug like the Italian fashion giant suggests, and enrobe it in some eye-catching fabric. Alternatively, let those locks flow freely if you really can’t even. A quick spritz with sea salt spray will provide an effortless texture boost. Pair with dewy, golden brown skin. Obviously.

NARS, Sheer Glow Foundation, £31;


By Stephanie King

Topshop, Eyeshadow Mono

in Spaceport, £7;

The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder, The Edgiest Kohl Shadowstick Liner, £17;

Fashion loves a good pop culture reference. And lo, here we have it in full, crazy-over-the-top glory. The 80s eye is back, and it’s brighter and bolder than ever. Marc Jacobs’ pop punks gave a reverential nod to 80s superstar Siouxsie Sioux, as did Dior, with make-up artist Peter Philips finishing the neo-1940s high society women with an exaggerated smoky top lid. Meanwhile Louis Vuitton’s cobalt cat eye went down the club kids trajectory. Hello, Boy George. Add a little New Romantics to your beauty regime by experimenting with bright shades and kohl-lined lashes. The good thing is, if you make a mistake, blame it on the era: ‘It’s not me, it’s the 80s look!’ John Frieda, Frizz Ease 100% Shine Glossing Mist, £5;

Original & Mineral, Surf Bomb Sea Salt Spray, £19;

80s Eyes

DIOR Clearasil, Ultra Rapid Action Gel Wash £6.29;


Gucci’s influence this year has been prolific, as Alessandro Michele’s geek-chic trend for his SS16 debut continued its reverberation in Cruise ’17. Case in point: Aussie labels Bec & Bridge, Karla Spetic, and Macgaw. Models sported glowing complexions and minimal make-ups, while in London, Creatures of the Wind’s barely-there base and clear gloss eyelids were equally classroom-friendly. This followed Spring 2017 Menswear’s controversial catwalk show by Moto Guo, whose beauty look was what most of us care to forget: splotchy, acne-ridden skin. Assuming you’d want the former, rely on trusty Clearasil to firstly detox your dermis and then opt for a cream or pigmented foundation to gain instant luminescence. Rituel De Fille, Inner Glow Cream Blush, £19;


Organic Cold Pressed Juices, Salads, Snacks and Cleanses

CPRESS • Organic Cold Pressed Juices • Smoothies & Bowls • Coffees & Snacks • Salads & Cleanses Fulham Road 285 Fulham Road London, SW1 09PZ

Canary Wharf 7 Crossrail Walk London, E14 5FU @cpressjuice


Mount Street Deli 100 Mount Street London, W1K 2TG

FITNESS FIRSTS The latest fitness crazes, hot gym openings, and popular PTs: the ‘best of’ in fitness right now By Natalie Browning


Forget Equinox, forget Psycle; blok is what it’s all about when getting your sweat on. Part art gallery, part gym, Clapton-based blok is the newest kid on the fitness scene, and is currently wowing visitors with its kick-ass classes done in two incredible studios. The refurbished Victorian tram depot offers the full range of fitness training: from strength and conditioning and HIIT, to toning and flexibility via yoga, pilates and meditation. Try blok’s own signature classes under vaulted ceilings, and rehydrate in its cool industrial café with a cold press. You’ll feel fitter by the minute.

LATEST GYM CRAZE: S e e n o n S c r e e n

BEST NEW MALE TRAINER: Lonan O’Herlihy Lonan O’Herlihy, AKA The Posh PT, is the especially dishy personal trainer you might recognise from Made in Chelsea. Cast members James Dunmore and Tiffany Watson get ‘tonan’ with Lonan, taking full advantage of his speciality in variation and bodyweight training. He also conducts client training sessions across the globe – even over Skype to accommodate busy schedules. Sample O’Herlihy’s skillz by purchasing his individually-designed 90-day diet and fitness blitz program. Or simply try his weekly bootcamp in Chelsea’s The Budokwai for £15. Either way, it’s @theposhpt high time you #getleanwithlonan.


To quote Hilary Duff, Zumba is so yesterday. Its cooler sibling, Seen on Screen, is the ultra-fun dance workout that is spreading like wildfire. Started by Bonnie Parsons in 2011, this is the perfect, no-judgement way to shake what your mama gave you to just-released music tracks. SOS’s high energy classes are Available at eight London locations and one in Manchester, SOS’s enthusiastic instructors teach their high-energy routines to dancers of all abilities. Build muscle while popping your booty to Iggy Azalea, tone up as you groove to Justin Timberlake, or let loose while werking out to Rihanna.

BEST NEW HEALTH PRODUCT: M i n d f u l C h e f Healthy meal boxes are a dime a dozen these days, but the guys (three of them, to be precise) at Mindful Chef are really standing out from the crowd. With gluten-free dishes such as Tofu Pad Thai and Baked Salmon with Crispy Seaweed, Poached Egg & Asparagus, the Mindful Chef mates are on a mission to make healthy eating efforttless. In little over a year the three friends have turned their start-up into a shopping list essential, thanks to beautiful produce from the UK’s best organic and free range suppliers. Boxes come with easy-to-follow recipes, the dish’s caloric value, and work out to costing £4.50/meal. Sorry, Deliveroo, you’ve been replaced.

The photo says it all: Varley is so. damn. cool. To thank for said awesomeness? London natives Ben and Laura Mead, who founded the Californian brand with the aim of combining West Coast beachcool with London’s edgy elegance. The contemporary lifestyle label designs activewear from £45, which spans cute sweats and vests, crop tops in superflattering cuts, and durable tights – some featuring mesh inserts. We’re obsessed with this Iceberg print (left). Although everything on varley. com will do very nicely…


Em Furey

With abs like Em Furey’s there’s only so much you can blame on genetics. This mega-babe has worked hard for her bangin’ bod*, and is proof that you could be well on your way to abs of steel after attending her Core Collective classes. But, if you can’t make her Resistance and Velocity CC studio sessions, the fitness blogger/instructor is now offering 20% off her We Heart Living 12-week #MoveEatSmile plan, on sale for £24.99. Expect Furey-fied workouts and an eating plan from We Heart Living’s nutritionist and food experts. Bikini body, here we come! *Hotness rating confirmed by her 45,000 Instagram followers

@emfurey 33

with a

Dani Tucker immortalises her mother Shally’s recipes as a tribute to her passing, with all proceeds donated to Dermatrust Dani says: ‘Our mother’s kitchen was and still is the soul of our home. This cookbook honours her energy, effervescence and joie de vivre. It is designed to encapsulate my mother’s philosophy: to encourage people to cook, to enjoy life, to give back, and to have fun. It’s her book of wisdom, humour and quirky ideologies. A flawless wife, mother and daughter, this book features recipes, table decorations, flower arrangements and even some of her crafty ideas. We grew up in a Jewish-South African “madhouse” in London where my parents entertained family and friends constantly. The number of guests would range anywhere from two to a casual 50. Our friends would turn up at all hours of the day with the understanding that there was always something to eat...and there always was. Despite suffering from several illnesses, she was always busy making. But, my mother never did anything alone. If friends intended to visit for a quick cup of tea, they would inevitably stay all day to help roll out the dough or chop the vegetables. My mother had the ability to include, create, empathise and listen. Our kitchen table bears the tears and joys of all of our friends and family that were quietly revealed to my mother while she was preparing something delicious for everyone to enjoy. Our extraordinary mum sadly passed a way two years ago. She was one of the most incredible chefs and an inspiring woman. This cookbook honours her life.’

The Social Kitchen Cookbook is available for £25 from

@the_social_kitchen 34

1 lemon

Olive oil

50g unsalted butter

150g breadcrumbs (made from stale bread)

Small bunch of parsley

Crispy Baked Cod

For the salad –

For the dressing –

2 large butternut squash

65mL sunflower oil

2 tbsp runny honey

20mL safari brown vinegar (or other brown vinegar)

2 tbsp sunflower oil 1 tbsp sunflower seeds 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds (or the seeds from your squash) 25g unsalted peanuts

1⁄4 tsp table salt

Giant corn

Small bunch of chives, roughly snipped Salt and black pepper

4 tbsp mayonnaise 4 tbsp plain yoghurt 2 tsp peanut butter


2. Meanwhile, toast the

seeds and nuts in a dry frying pan for a couple of minutes. When they begin Preheat the oven to to colour, add the remaining 200°C/Fan 180°C/Gas tablespoon of honey and a 6. Peel the squash and cut good pinch of salt. Let the them into wedges. Put the nuts and seeds caramelise wedges in a big bowl and for 30 seconds, then toss them with a tabletake the pan off the spoon of the honey and the heat and leave sunflower oil, then season the nuts and with salt and pepper. Tip seeds to the wedges on to a baking cool. tray and bake them for 45 minutes until soft and slightly caramelised. Leave them to cool slightly.


1. Preheat the oven to 200°C/ 2. Dip each

Fan 180°C/Gas 6. Melt the butter piece of fish in in a small saucepan, season it the melted butter, with salt and pepper and take the place it in a baking pan off the heat. Finely chop the tray, then top parsley and mix it with the breadit with lemony crumbs in a bowl, then grate in the breadcrumbs. zest of the lemon. Season well.

3. Finely slice the lemon and place the slices around the pieces of fish. Drizzle with olive oil and bake the fish for about 15 minutes until golden brown and just cooked.

1⁄2 tsp black pepper 1⁄2 tsp garlic salt

2 tbsp roasted salted


1 tbsp sugar

25g pecan nuts 100g baby spinach

6 generous pieces of white fish fillet, such as cod or haddock

Salt and black pepper

3. Mix all the dressing

ingredients together in a jug. Roughly chop the seeds and nuts, leaving the smaller ones whole. Spread the spinach on a serving dish, top with the squash, then scatter the nuts, seeds and giant corn on top. Drizzle the thick creamy dressing over the salad and scatter it with chives.



SUCCESS Build a life you don't need a vacation from: Natasha Mason tells us how becoming a Forever Living Products representative changed her life forever By Natasha Mason The symbol for my team is a hummingbird due to its meaning: It is said that those who have the hummingbird as a totem experience the sweetness of life, can banish negativity whenever it creeps in, and express love and kindness more fully in their daily life. Despite their small size, hummingbirds can accomplish amazing feats – whether it’s travelling great distances or being able to fly backwards. Those embracing the symbol of the hummingbird are encouraged to develop their adaptability and resilience, while upholding a playful and optimistic mentality. For me, the hummingbird represents being more present, independent, and free of selflimiting beliefs. It’s hard to believe in only a year-anda-half how my life has turned around. No one, myself included, recognises the person I am today compared with two years ago. I sometimes truly have to pinch myself. I never thought I would be a business owner, with such positivity and vision about the future, but it’s exactly what I am. I know I have Forever Living to thank for that. Self development is a welcome aside to developing your business and lifestyle. Now I am strong, confident, and ridiculously excited about the future. There is such peace of mind knowing that this is all I will ever want to do, my business is solid and my finances booming. Getting to this point has not been easy, but it’s all been worth it. This is how my hummingbird transformation began:


I have suffered from depression and anxiety my whole life. I used to be in a constant state of panic and hopelessness, with no idea of what path to take, and with a huge fear of regret and failure. What I have learnt is that doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. We are here for a good time but not a long time, so you’ve got

to make your time count. It’s the age old saying that you have to change your actions to change your results. I changed mine after being a travel professional for nine years, as sitting behind a desk in a room without windows, the fierce competitive nature of the job and the tireless hours was simply suffocating. So I started chasing the lifestyle I daydreamed about and worked on super yachts for a few years. But, although I was travelling the world on the ocean waves, I worked harder than I ever had done in my life, tirelessly busting a gut to make other people happy. I spent four months in the Caribbean and only got to dip my toe in the azure waters once. It looked glamorous from the outside but the reality was so very different. It was when I was back and working any dead-end job, Forever finally found me and my side hustle began. My pension wasn’t worth the paper it was written on and like many others, I wanted to find another way. I took a leap of faith by deciding that if nothing else, recommending Forever’s

simply amazing products that worked and that I was instantly passionate about would give me more lifestyle cash to enjoy. However with the companies outstanding support my business grew quickly and soon overtook my salary and continues to grow to heady heights. I had my lightbulb moment after only a matter of weeks and I saw what opportunity I had my hands on. Now I feel like I have the biggest office window in the world, as I can choose the scenery I work to – be that in my garden, on a beach, at the gym or out with friends. As long as I have my phone or laptop and WiFi I now work anywhere I choose. How insane is that? I can combine work and play everyday. Promoting Forever’s products and helping others do the same, has given me all I hoped for and then some. I live to my schedule and firstly that means no alarm clock. I have time to look after myself and exercise regularly. I lead a healthy but very balanced lifestyle and use a number of Forever products daily and I have seen a huge impact in my overall wellness. Only eight months working under this generous company I was jetted off to sunny Cancun for an all-expenses-paid week of 5-star luxury. I got to make so many more lifelong friends while sipping cocktails in the pool. I am eagerly anticipating September, when I will be taking one of my team to experience our Eagle Managers Retreat, this year in Costa Navarino for themselves. Qualifying for these trips, cars, chairmans cheques are all on offer just as a thank you for building a business you are proud of. This recognition and reward is a huge part of the Forever culture. It’s an entirely flexible way to work so you can go at your own pace with no pressure at all. I coach and mentor so many wonderful people to achieve the same quick success I have, and beyond. We have a proven model that works as long as you do. It’s a simple business, recommending the natural products and recommending this life changing business. I have developed and coached a network of people globally and its always growing. This means income streams from multiple countries that I still haven’t visited since joining. (Well, not yet…) I’m so proud to say that as an unmarried woman I support myself entirely through my sole income from Forever. A home owner, an avid traveller and a social butterfly, I rely on no one. My life is entirely set up for when I have children so that I can be that stay-at-home mum, never missing a first, a sports day, a school play, and never have to pay for child care. My business is also willable meaning that my income will still be alive long after I am, taking care of the people I love. I want to help as many people as I can enjoy their day-to-day and rid themselves of self limiting beliefs. We can all do so much more than we may think we’re capable of if we are just willing to try. This is where you come in. Do you want to live a life that

exceeds your expectations, that opens countless doors and that provides peace of mind? If so, I would love to work with you. I’m looking for open minded people who are ready to go for it! Along with my personal hand holding and full support their are lots of free company training, often from the comfort of your sofa. As well as a number of fun and uplifting social events and get togethers with like minded people. Forever living has been an ethical business for 38 years and is here to stay. I love working in the health, wellness and beauty industry, helping people healthier and indeed wealthier. To start an international uncapped business it’s a unbelievable initial outlay of just £199, but for that you get over £260 worth of products and lots of free literature. In addition to multiple added extras there are also several options for how much you would like to work and how much you could earn: Retailers: looking to earn £200-500 a month Team Leaders: looking to earn £500-£2500 a month Business builders like myself - £2500-£20,000+ a month My biggest joy comes from helping others to create a life they desire just like I did. Any doubts you have, we can overcome; any goals you have, we can work to make them a reality. My team is a diverse bunch of wonderful individuals who I am overjoyed to be working with. Seeing them succeed and smile makes me smile even wider. Forever was the best decision I have ever made for myself and my future. If I can do it anyone can, so what are you waiting for? For more information regarding how you can change your life, get in touch with Natasha at or 07512904504 Natasha would like to offer Lipstick magazine readers an exclusive registration offer, please contact her for details.

READERS C9 DISCOUNT Quote ‘Lipstick’ on contacting Natasha for an exclusive discount on the best-selling clean9 programme. Natasha says: ‘Scientifically put together and nutritionally balanced, customers have outstanding results, where most go on it to lose some unwanted kilos, re-learn good habits and gain a healthy mindset. So many also experience renewed energy, better skin, improved sleep, a clearer mind, and so much more. It’s a kick-start in a box and a decision not a diet.


CBS COUNSELLING “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within� Christine Samuel MBACP Registered Counsellor/ Psychotherapist Helping people with the following: Relationships Family crisis Bereavement and loss Confidence Self esteem Stress Panic attacks Depression Addiction Anger Adolescent issues Work issues Abuse Self Harm Trauma Counselling is confidential and you can talk about anything in these sessions. I offer long, short and time-limited counselling, face-toface counselling and telephone counselling.


CONTACT E: M: 07957 118 951




1-0-1 The Clique’s founder Dani Watson shares her wisdom in this two-part advice series

Dani Watson is a business strategist who coaches female entrepreneurs while running The Clique, a hub for aspiring girl bosses. The Clique Academy is opening its doors for enrolment this September. The 12-week program will take you through the steps of creating your own successful business, including advice and guidance from a team of experts and established entrepreneurs. For more details on coaching and to register your interest in The Clique Academy, please visit

By Dani Watson

KNOWING WHAT TO CHARGE AS AN ENTREPRENEUR One of the things that I find myself disagreeing on with clients is how they should be pricing themselves. With a recent client, she sent across some suggestions for price points for her packages. I got back to her and told her to double it. Uhuh, double it. My reasoning behind this is two-fold:

1: It’s about knowing your worth We shouldn’t undermine our talents, skills, and the work it has taken just to get to the starting line of our business. The protest: ‘But how can I charge this when I’ve only just started?’ Chances are, you’ve not ‘just started.’ This is something you’ve probably been working on for a large chunk of your life. People don’t magically decide to create a business overnight. More often than not, this is a long process: years of self-reflection and personal development; years of research and planning. While it may feel like you are new to the game, my guess is that the business you have created has been something that you have been working towards for a lot longer than you realise. Before I launched The Clique, I had been blogging on a personal blog. I’d also been a keen writer and would dip in and out of creative writing. I also read A LOT of self development books; I’d been in roles which involved client interaction; I had overcome many failures (jobs I didn’t get, projects I started that I didn’t see through, relationships that were destructive); I’d travelled a lot and had a lot of time thinking about life up the top of a mountain. When I started The Clique, all of these experiences came with me, and are just as important as the business knowledge. Everything you have done in your life has led you to this point. You are not ‘new to the game,’ you are simply starting the next chapter in it. What is important when you set your prices is not how long you’ve been doing it, but how much value you can give. You may not be the most expert person in the room, but perhaps you deliver information in a way that resonates with someone more than the person who has been in the industry for years. Don’t let the ‘I’m new to the game’ mentality sway your choices; back yourself and the value of what people will get from working with you


2: It’s about thinking ‘bigger picture’ The ‘go big or go home’ part of me says if we are looking to create something BIG for ourselves and a business that exceeds our expectations, we can’t expect this to happen if we only charge the bottom line. Many new entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking they have to go in low to start out. When you do this you will feel like you are working in your business rather than on your business. You will have to take on a lot of work and a lot of clients in order to make the money needed to not only live off but also to reinvest. Many people forget about the latter. Reinvesting back into your business is critical if you want it to grow. While your initial goal may be to earn enough to quit your job and to take your business full time, my guess is that you want your business to bring you big financial gains long term and earn more than what you do currently. To get to this point, you need not only the money to grow your business but the time. You won’t have this if you are constantly booked up with clients in order to make money.

An added value of charging what you are worth:

Since raising my prices I’ve also realised that I’m attracting the clients that I really, really want to work with. When I first started, I was pretty much grabbing onto any opportunity because I needed a lot of clients in order to earn the money I needed. Now, however, I can pick and choose who I work with, meaning that work is totally enjoyable. I only work on projects that I think will be interesting and that excite me, and with clients who I can see myself getting along with. I’ve also found that raising my prices means I work with people who really give a shit about their business and their future. If they have invested in me, it means they really want to make things work and they are driven and motivated to make things happen. That’s exactly the kind of client I bounce off. And the kind of client I expect to see big results from.

I’VE BUILT AN EMAIL LIST, NOW WHAT? Any digital marketer will tell you how important building your email list is: You need your list because we can’t be guaranteed that our audience will see our content on social media alone; they may miss a post if they are not on the platform at the right time. Email, on the other hand, they most likely check every day. You need your list because it signals to you who are your most loyal and engaged followers. If they’ve signed up to receive something from you, they are interested in what you offer and what you have to say. You, therefore, want to nurture your relationship with this list as these are the people who will ultimately buy from you. List building is something many people ask me about. Here is my list of Do’s and Don’ts once people sign up.

DON’T WAIT FOR A CERTAIN NUMBER OF PEOPLE UNTIL YOU START EMAILING THEM. Just because your list doesn’t have many people on it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start emailing straight away. Those three people on your list won’t know they are the only three people, and will therefore be expecting some form of engagement from you if they’ve signed up. Your efforts should not fluctuate depending on list size. If anything, you need to work harder with a smaller list, as you’ve got fewer potential customers/clients.

Think about what your subscribers’ core pain point is. What is the underlying issue they really need help with? If you know your target audience, you know what they need help with. Out of all of those things, what is the main thing? Sure, your expertise might be about fitness, healthy eating, business strategy and building a social media following, but think about why this is important to them. Why do they want to get fit? Why do they want to eat healthy? Why do they want to build a business?

Story, sell, story, sell… Ultimately, you are missing a trick if you don’t use email as an opportunity to sell to your audience. Don’t want to feel spammy? You don’t need to. If you’ve started off your email with something of value, you’ve earned your right to then try and convert them into a customer/client. Deliver value with your story, engage them, then, once they are hooked, share with them an irresistible offer to connect with you/your brand more. What this offer is will be dependent entirely on what you sell, but this is your opportunity to remind your audience how mind-blowing your product/ service is. I like to remind my clients that just because they’re starting out, that doesn’t mean what they offer is second-rate. This is your opportunity to BIG YOURSELF UP. Remind your audience of your expertise by driving them back to blog posts on your site. Your blog/website is the main hub for demonstrating your expertise and knowledge. Link to this amazing content within your emails. Start with something engaging, get your audience hooked into your story and your brand, and use this as an opportunity to sell.

Email is the place to tap into these underlying reasons. Your blog shows you know your stuff; your emails show you care. They show you know exactly what your subscribers are going through, and this is the thing that will set you apart from anyone else who offers the same product/service. So, rather than email tips, strategies, or advice, think about what you’ve experienced that will resonate with them. What are your clients’ experiences and struggles? What is something that will motivate and inspire them? That’s the thing that make people buy.

Ask your audience what they want. You should, in theory, know what your audience wants to know, but sometimes, you may still be struggling to figure this out. If this is the case, use email to ask them. Ask them what it is they struggle with the most and then, set about tackling that issue first. By doing this, you demonstrate that you actually listen and care.


A SEASONALLY INSPIRED WELLNESS BOX Aevi [ĂŚ-vi] comes from an Old Norse language meaning life. As two Scandinavian girls who have travelled much in our lives, we adore all things simple, beautiful and wellbeing-focused. We hope to share our message of love and light through our seasonal wellness boxes filled with the most radiant and pure products sourced from around the world. As the seasons change, we hope our Aevi wellness boxes help you to be mindful of the changes occurring within yourself, while taking care of your heart, mind and skin.

@aevibox 42



WITH CHLOÉDIGITAL Chloé Watts, founder of chloédigital, a strategy-led tech support service for style publishers, clarifies how to use Google Analytics to secure better brand partnerships By Chloé Watts Chloé Watts is the founder and managing director of fashion tech start-up, chloédigital. Based in London, the skilled Watts and her highly trained team offers advice to style publishers from across the world. Chloédigital membership program clients – including the bloggers behind Gal Meets Glam, Coco’s Tea Party, and Prosecco & Plaid – receive continued tech support, comprehensive site analysis (including editorial, social and branding content), and strategic planning suggestions. Her website contains ample resources for both members and non-members, as Watts’ is a ardent supporter of sharing knowledge, so if you think you’re the next big digital influencer, head straight to to find out more. Influencer marketing, once the best-kept industry secret, is now an art that needs to be mastered. Both brands and bloggers get behind this steady, non-sleazy way to effectively grow brand awareness and generate income. But how do you get chosen as a brand ambassador? What do marketing executives look for in an online publisher? Does your social following matter, or is it more than that? Read on for the details of top stats from Google Analytics you should track, analyse, and present to a potential sponsor.

Additionally, most brands take your social following and newsletter subscribers into account when asking about your blog reach, so it’s always worth mentioning those. Don’t feel discouraged if you are still far from hitting thousands of users per month, as you have some other data to win over those sponsors. More particularly…

Engagement This criterion is often just as important for brands, as it shows how interested and loyal your readers are. If you still have a growing blog, but have a highly engaged audience according to your Google Analytics, you can play that card to secure lucrative partnerships. You can also showcase featured testimonials from your readers, e.g. comments or email screenshots showing how they appreciate your advice or made purchase decisions based on your recommendations.

NUMBERS TO JOT DOWN: Average session duration:

The longer, the better. Returning visitors:

You may still be a bit intimidated with your Google Analytics data, so when a brand approaches you, you start feeling a bit anxious about the numbers to send out. Do you send pageviews, unique visitors, or something else? The answer: All of your data can be roughly grouped into the following categories that most brands will be interested in.

Reach AKA how many people visit your blog over a certain time period. Tap In your Google Analytics account click on Audience > Overview and choose the requested time frame – for instance, three months. Copy this and send your figures on users and pageviews to your potential partners. @chloedigital

Outline these numbers with comments like, ‘My audience is highly engaged, as the average time on page is just under three minutes and new users tend to view 2-3 pages per session, demonstrating their interest in a variety of content when they discover my site.’

Average time on page:

The same applies here, as it gives brands the impression that your readers actually read your content and not just scan it and bounce off.


Higher figures mean that your readers tend to hop from one page from another within your site, which is a potentially good sign for long-term partnerships.

Demographic Stats Most brands are eager to pursue a very particular consumer segment – e.g. 19-25 year old females from the UK who are interested in organic skin care products – yet very few paid digital advertising channels allow them to set up such specific targeting. For brands, finding and securing a partnership with a blogger who connects with their target audience can bring them razor-sharp results. Prove you are the best match by highlighting the following stats from the Google Analytics Audience tab > Demographics > Age and Gender, and also the Geo (AKA the location of the majority of your users). In general terms, an Australia-based brand will be interested in a blogger with the same kind of audience, who can easily access the brand being promoted. Gathering and presenting this data in your reply to a potential sponsor (or when approaching one yourself) can drastically improve your chances of being chosen for a campaign!


We’re experts in comfy, with showrooms in London, Bath and Edinburgh. 44



0345 400 2222

Featured: The Holly Corner Sofa in Prussian Blue, From ÂŁ2,190



Micromacro, Geometry Made Easy Lights, £125 each;


The Flower Appreciation Society;

FOR EVERY ROOM No matter your personal taste, we’ve found the florists for every aesthetic That Flower Shop;

By Stephanie King Appleyard Flowers, Pomegranate Rose & Peony Bouquet, From £34.99;


MAXIMALIST More is more, bigger is always better: that’s the mantra of this breed of aesthetes. So, if you’re partial to bold design, are fearless with your colour choices, and don’t shy away from accessorising, you’d best turn to Hattie Fox’s That Flower Shop, Fjura and Appleyard Flowers. Their unapologetic blooms will have no problem blending in to your daring décor.

Niccolò Valcavi, Fucina #3, £185;

Fjura, Luxe Flowers, £175;

THE MINIMALIST If your sofa speaks Swedish and your dining table, Dansk, then consider yourself a member of The Minimalist club. Pour your Scandiphile tendencies over McQueens’ Phaleanopsis orchid, or refer to The Garden Edit’s range of unfussy flowers and pared-back vases. Meanwhile Urban Outfitters’ copper planter will have design purists swooning. 46

McQueens, Phaleanopsis Orchid, From £65;

Urban Outfitters, Assembly Home Eos Hanging Planter, £27.50;

Rebel Rebel, Best of British Bouquet, From £40;

THE BOHEMIAN Abigail Ahern, Lavenham Bouquet, £50;

For those who like their homes to reflect their perpetual state of wanderlust, said free spirits would do well to adorn their exotic surfaces with arrangements by Abigail Ahern, Rebel Rebel and The Flower Appreciation Society. The wild, unforced quality of these bouquets will be irresistible to Bohemians and not to mention, stunning centrepieces.


Paul Thomas, Orlando Bouquet, £75;

Grace & Thorn, Dino Air Plant, £15;


Weird is wonderful and ‘unusual’ is your middle name; anything not left-of-centre, and you’re not interested. Behold, The Eccentric’s M.O. If you find yourself of this alternative variety, look to Grace & Thorn, Rebel Rebel and Paul Thomas, who will have no trouble fashioning you a quirky bunch of blossoms. Just the thing your eclectic heart (and home) craves. Rebel Rebel, Hot Tramp

FLOWERBX, Hydrangea

Bouquet, From £75;

Bouquet in Light Blue,



SOPHISTICAT Wild at Heart, Blush Peony Bloom, From £75;

Coco Chanel coffee table books, artwork of Audrey Hepburn, and a decided palette of monochrome marks Sophisticat territory. Thus, with this classic style influence comes flowers of an equally timeless trajectory: roses, peonies, hydrangeas. Sound like music to your ears? You’d better make Wild at Heart, FLOWERBX and Bloom & Wild your go-to florists. Bloom & Wild, The Lizzie Bouquet, From £29;


MIAMI FIESTA Bring South Beach to your sitting room and get ready to party with these 60s-luxe pieces

Dave Buonaguidi, ‘I Am Always Happy Here’ Print, £180; Oliver Bonas, Luxe Round Bamboo Drinks Trolley, £395;

Mr Lyan, Diamond Rickey Pre-Mixed Cocktail 50cl, £26.95;

Salvage Audio, Willow Powered Speakers in Heirloom & Redwood, From £240;

Sweetpea & Willow, Hatfield 3-Seater Sofa in Azure, £2,615;

Laguna B, Berlingot Blue Striped Jug, £255;

Jonathan Adler, Nixon Coasters - Set of 4, £68;

John Lewis, Grayson Coffee Table, £275;


Silken Favours, Nature’s Candy Silk Cushion 45 x 45cm, £95;

Tom Dixon, Plum Martini Glass Set, £75;

Unit 12 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street, London, E17 9HQ

Open to the public Friday - 11am - 9pm Saturday - 11am - 9pm Sunday - 11am - 6pm Sales and enquiries: 020 8521 8066



Did you know that ‘lime/liming’ in the Caribbean means ‘to hang-out; to chill, relax/relax somewhere with others’? Now you can come and lime with us. Experience a taste sensation of Caribbean flavours with a British twist at LIME Brixton. Enjoy a jerk feast or chill with a cup of our world famous Marley coffee; as soon as you do, you’ll never want to leave our social oasis in the hustle and bustle of London.

Receive 20% off your next visit to LIME Brixton when you quote ‘Lipstick@LIME.’ Please note, offer only valid while Lipstick Magazine’s Summer issue is available.





When day-to-day stresses seem too much the answer is always the beach. A spontaneous trip to realign and reclaim some of that elusive Zen calls for East Sussex coastal shores of Rye. Run away to Camber, where the beach is windswept and the water, crisper than Granny Smith apple. It’s the instantly refreshing effect this underrated pocket of England has on the soul than can revive even the weariest of travellers. And a few days at the Gallivant is all you’ll need to kick off this complete body renewal.

The converted 1960s motel has recently been revamped, where it is now an even better reflection of its seaside location. Fronted by Camber Sands, the Gallivant is the beach shack you always wished for: With its dune views, rugged shrubbery and upcycled furnishings, this eco-friendly hotel’s ‘Gone surfing’ joie de vivre never fails to charm.

A weekend getaway demands Rye’s breezy boutique hotel, the Gallivant By Stephanie King

THE SLEEPING SITUATION The overall aesthetic here is ‘England does the Hamptons.’ The classic blue-and-white and cool neutrals is very much the go, and is easily a contributing factor to the Gallivant’s inherent calming atmosphere. There’s an elegance, but without the side of pretension, so rooms look fabulously cosy and inviting thanks to their 300-count linen sheets, Hypnos beds, and leather accents. All the mod cons are modern iterations of retro designs – from pendant lamps to DAB radios and dial telephones – where the slick, white marble bathrooms are light and fresh. Boutique to a tee, choose from 20 rooms to suit your style: Baby Hampton, Luxury Garden, Deck, and Snug Cabin. The latter is ideal for romantic getaways in cooler months, as the exposed dark wood panelling, plush sheepskin rugs and overall darker palette is perfect for snuggling on chilly days. While it’s warm however, the Deck and Luxury Garden are wonderful for sunning Vitamin D-hungry skin on their respective decks’ teak furniture. The Luxury Garden room looks onto the Gallivant’s landscaped coastal garden, where the Deck room is slightly larger and comes with a bath as well as its ability to interconnect with other Deck rooms and welcome four-legged friends. All rooms come with a TV, DVD player, complimentary WiFi, a mini library, extra fluffy bathrobes, and, most importantly, a Larder of Guilty Pleasures stocked full of goodies, which makes it all too easy to stay holed up inside. Although the Gallivant’s food offerings make emerging from your private beach haven all the more worthwhile…


THE SPREAD What would an intermission from your life be without food, glorious food. And here at the Gallivant, that means seafood. But not just any seafood, some of the freshest, purest seafood you’ll ever get to savour. Plucked straight from the ocean, head chef of the Gallivant’s Scandi themed Beach Bistro, Oliver Joyce, takes the Rye fishermen’s daily haul and creates a menu honouring this locally sourced produce. With sous chef Kevin Bennett by his side, the pair use their years at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, Chapter One and Buckingham Palace to create seasonally inspired dishes whose ingredients are collected from within 10 miles of the hotel. For mains the Catch of the Day (served with pappardelle pasta, roasted hazelnuts and rainbow chard) is a beautifully honest plate, and is a spectacularly respectful treatment of its components. Another highlight is the Romney Salt Marsh lamb rump. Its rich, melt-in-your-mouth texture and spiced couscous, harissa, and caramelised yoghurt accompaniments are flavour hits in every mouthful. Pudding options range from heartier chocolate pave to the Gallivant’s take on the Eton Mess. At the bar you’ll find a selection of wines from across the world, but the real hero of this list is those from English vineyards. The Gallivant has gone to great lengths, metaphorically speaking, to locate sparkling, red, white and rosé varieties from Kent and Sussex-based wineries. The emphasis is showcasing interesting wines from small, independent owners, and the outdoor terrace or indoor fire are excellent places to ‘research’ these rare finds. After a heavy night’s worth of ‘testing,’ Hair of the Dog may be required. Thankfully a Bloody Mary, Alka-Seltzer, and Berocca ‘recovery station’ forms part of breakfast’s decadent spread. All bread, granola, wheat free muesli, jams, and pastries are prepared on-site, as it the cured bacon, which explains why the French toast and The Full Gallivant taste nothing short of incredible. Definitely the right way to start the day.

THE SCORE Nightly stay in the: Baby Hampton room from £95 (£165 with dinner); Luxury Garden room from £115 (£185 with dinner); Deck room from £125 (£195 with dinner); Snug Cabin from £135 (£205 with dinner). All rates are inclusive of breakfast and are subject to change.

New Lydd Road, Camber, Rye, East Sussex TN31 7RB 01797 225 057


Clearly the beach is a big draw. And you can have picnics packed for day-long jaunts on the sand. Organise a massage in the coastal garden to unwind from swim sessions in the ocean and strolls down the miles of shoreline. Or try your hand at kitesurfing, horse riding or fishing; it can all be arranged. A 5-10 minute drive will see you in Rye, where cobbled streets, antiques shops, art galleries and boutiques will have you won-over with their quintessential English charm. Check out 13th Century Rye Castle for a little history, and venture to Dungeness Nature Reserve if your appetite for coastal flora and fauna is still unsated. Ultimately, whatever activities you do (or don’t do), you’ll checkout of the Gallivant as a reinvigorated version of the You that arrived. 53

SOUTH EAST ASIA’S JEWELS Thailand, Indonesia, the Maldives: discover the trifecta of idyllic island escapes By Anoushka Sinclair

THE NAI HARN Where: Phuket, Thailand Who should go: Honeymooners or couples wishing to revel in each others’ company in pure paradise.

What to expect:

Having only reopened in January, this former Royal Phuket Yacht Club is nestled right on the hill side of Phuket’s Rawai Beach. Each of the 130 guest rooms and suites enjoy direct views of the Andaman Sea, which will mesmerise any traveller from their four-poster terrace daybed. THE NAI HARN’s total redevelopment has produced a truly spectacular complex that celebrates Thailand’s inimitable culture, cuisine, and flora and fauna. Accommodation here is all about symbiosis: symbiosis between inside and outside; between nature and modern innovations. Rooms are open plan and are sumptuously furnished in an organic palette of neutrals. Each boasts sleek mod cons and benefits from floor-ceiling windows that beautifully frame the sweeping bayside vista. With surroundings like this it’s easy to understand why Phuket’s first five star hotel has welcomed royals, dignitaries, and celebrities. Film buffs will be impressed to learn they can stay in the suite Roger Moore occupied during shooting of the iconic 1974 production, The Man with the Golden Gun. Top off their visit with a luxury speedboat ride to James Bond Island, or simply go island-hopping; either will be an unforgettable experience. For more breathtaking sights, THE NAI HARN’s rooftop deck space, Reflections, is the perfect vantage point to gaze out at Cape Promthep’s crystal blue waters. Sunrise to sunset, its seating ‘pods’ encircled by a sprawling pool are ideal for soaking in the magnificent backdrop. All day fine dining restaurant Cosmo is THE NAI HARN’s main meeting spots to savour an extensive range of Thai and international cuisine. Meanwhile the adjacent Cosmo bar serves as a wonderful venue to relax at after the essential scuba diving or snorkelling sessions. Day’s spent by the beach, replete with butler service thank you very much, are best accompanied by a meal at Rock Salt. Perched right on the water’s edge, it is THE NAI HARN’s casual offering, plating dishes inspired by the Mediterranean and North Africa. For guests wanting to squeeze in a workout, there’s ample state-of-the-art equipment to do so with, where the reward of THE NAI HARN Spa treatments is added incentive. Overall there truly is something for everyone at THE NAI HARN. Still not convinced? Well, just know that its membership in the Leading Hotels of the World group means that it’s going to be good. Really good.

What you’ll pay: Rooms nightly from £112; Suites nightly from £245. All rates are subject to change at the prevailing exchange rate, and government tax and service charge.

Want more?

+ 66 76 380 200 54


The Maldives

Who should go: Families or empty nesters wanting to forget the world exists in sheer, unadulterated luxury.

What to expect:

There aren’t enough adjectives to describe just how sublime Velaa Private Island is. ‘Perfect’ springs to mind. As does ‘heaven.’ This passion project of Czech billionaire Jirí Smejc has seen a $200 million investment to create the resort of his and, well, anyone’s dreams. Luxury is only the beginning. Turtle Island, as it’s known to locals, redefines the category of über high-end and is up there with one of the most picturesque and impressive landmarks in the world. Situated on the Noonu Atoll amongst the Maldives’ constellation of islands, the boutique hideaway takes exclusivity to the next level. Guests arrive by seaplane from Malé and get a bird’s eye view of the hotel’s 18 over-water villas that are constructed to resemble the head of a turtle, with the island forming the body, as homage to the hoards of turtles that flock each year to Velaa Island to nest. Its total 47 villas, houses and residences embrace Maldivian culture and have been sympathetically designed by award-winning Czech architect Petr Kolar. Velaa Private Island’s super-elegant décor merely enhances the infinite blue ocean views. Velaa Private Island is all about exclusivity: from its romantic pool residence, which can only be reached by boat, to having a private submarine, the most extensive wine collection in the region, and being the only resort in Asia with a My Blend by Clarins spa. It even has a snow room. The resort’s ethos is ‘beyond luxury,’ and its facilities and services truly go beyond that. Each villa comes with a personal butler, where the fantasyland that is the kids’ club will keep young members of the family entertained for hours. That is, when they’re not snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, wakeboarding, or testing out a host of other water sports. Meal times are wonderful opportunities for the whole family to share their day, and are experiences unto themselves when there’s waterside Aragu, the hotel’s modern European restaurant that turns globallysourced organic food into culinary art. Keep up the healthy lifestyle at Velaa Private Island’s yoga pavilion or world-class gym. While some may find nirvana on fishing expeditions or at two-time Masters champion Jose Maria Olazabalthe’s Troon Short Game Golf Academy, others’ idea of bliss may involve sunset cruises aboard luxury yachts or in couples’ in-villa spa sessions. Either way, it’s all here, and it can all be arranged. That’s the great thing about Velaa Private Island: the answer is usually ‘yes.’

What you’ll pay: Villas nightly from £1,200; Houses nightly from £3,469. All rates are subject to change at the prevailing exchange rate, and government tax and service charge.

Want more?

+96 06 565 000


MANDAPA, A RITZ CARLTON RESERVE Where: Bali, Indonesia Who should go: Anyone desiring an escape from the daily

grind and a private sanctuary in which to unwind.

What to expect: The Balinese retreat fantasy starts and stops at Mandapa, A Ritz Carlton Reserve. Hours wiled away at office desks daydreaming about yoga classes, spiritual and detox programs, and views of working rice paddy fields are fulfilled when staying at this lush jungle sanctuary. Getting its name from the Sanskrit term for ‘temple,’ Mandapa is a tranquil refuge for weary bodies to rest, recuperate, and return to their usual lives feeling completely restored. Although, its painfully beautiful setting and luxurious accommodation won’t make doing so any easier. Propped up along the grand Ayung River the 35 suites and 25 private pool villas of this intimate retreat come with a butler on call 24 hours a day. This intimate retreat is a place to discover what it truly means to ‘switch off,’ and there’s plenty of activities to help you achieve this. Relax your mind with the help of the in-house yoga swami, who tailors his signature Pranawayu style – a blend of Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga – to suit all abilities; soothe your body in decadent Spa at Mandapa therapies, and experience traditional Balinese spa practices with ESPA and local products; and nourish the soul with organic dishes celebrating Indonesian cuisine. Guests can even try their hand at planting, harvesting and tending to the Reserve’s rice fields for an unmistakably authentic Balinese experience. As part of a district renowned for its arts and crafts, Jeffrey Wilkes of acclaimed DESIGNWILKES intentionally designed every inch of Mandapa, A Ritz Carlton Reserve to seamlessly weave in Ubud’s extraordinary culture and tropical landscape. Everything is naturally inspired and sustainably sourced, and there’s even a Green Camp for children with educational activities sure to broaden young minds. So whether it’s reading in the library, bicycling through nearby villages, swimming in the heated pool, or discovering hidden temples, a trip to this secluded safe-haven will leave its visitors with a total sense of calm and equilibrium.

What you’ll pay: Suites nightly from USD 570; Villas nightly from USD 850. All rates are subject to change at the prevailing exchange rate, and government tax and service charge.

Want more?

+62 361 479 2777


Join the Round Revolution



Located in London, our identity is glitter but our mission is much bigger! We bring a new form of spirit and excitement to any occasion. We travel around the world working at festivals, corporate events and parties, adding a little sparkle everywhere we go.

Tag your Go Get Glitter body art with #GoGetGlitter to be featured on 58





Glastonbury? Yawn. Coachella? Sigh. Burning Man? Bor-ing. Summer has arrived and that means, so have the best music festivals. But they’re not the typical ones you might think. No, summer’s coolest music festivals aren’t those you’re thrilled to make the waiting list for or will gladly sell and arm and a leg to be able to afford. We’ve scoured the globe and have uncovered the unsung heroes only locals know about. So book your tickets, pack your festival fashion, beeline to these lesser known, yet arguably better music festivals and have the greatest summer ever. Don’t forget your tie-dye.


Secret Garden Party

Where: Abbots Ripton, UK When: 21-24 July Who: Caribou, Air, Maribou State, AnneMarie, Izzy Bizu Why go: SGP is an adult fantasy land in the woods, replete with a lake, late night parties, fascinating side shows and crazy art installations.

WHAT: P o p a g a n d a

Where: Stockholm, Sweden When: 26 & 27 August Who: Belle & Sebastian, Years & Years, Shura, Frances, Susanne Sundfør Why go: Amazing acts, awesome artisanal food and drink, and an unpretentious crowd of the coolest Swedes you’ll ever encounter – all smack-bang.

WHAT: S z i g e t Where: Budapest, Hungary When: 10-17 August Who: Rihanna, Muse, The Chemical Brothers, Tinie Tempah, Sigur Ros Why go: This Hungarian festival brings new meaning to 24/7 fun, with non-stop concerts and shows taking place on Budapest’s Old Buda Island.

WHAT: R o s k i l d e F e s t i v a l Where: Roskilde, Denmark When: 25 June - 2 July Who: LCD Soundsystem, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, MØ, Red Hot Chili Peppers, PJ Harvey Why go: Despite being one of Europe’s largest music events, Roskilde doesn’t feel like it, where the Danes’ super-positive attitude permeates the whole festival.

WHAT: S p l e n d o u r in the Grass

Where: Byron Bay, NSW, Australia When: 22-24 July Who: The Strokes, The Cure, Flume, The Avalanches, James Blake Why go: Australia’s answer to Glastonbury, ‘Splendour’ is irrefutably Down Under’s best music and arts festival.

WHAT: S k r a l F e s t i v a l Where: Grimstad, Norway When: 12 & 13 July Who: FKA Twigs, Mark Ronson, Of Monsters and Men, José González, Astrid S Why go: It may be small, but its acts’ names are huge. This truly is ‘the little festival with the big heart,’ set right on the water’s edge.

WHAT: K A A B O O Where: Del Mar, San Diego, USA When: 16-18 September Who: Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz, OneRepublic, The Chainsmokers, Steve Aoki, Flo Rida Why go: KAABOO’s slightly more grown-up vibe means that in addition to music greats, it also boasts a high-end food plaza, a contemporary art fair, comedy acts, and even an indoor spa and relaxation zone.

WHAT: E x i t F e s t i v a l Where: Novi Sad, Serbia When: 7-10 July 2016 Who: Ellie Goulding, David Guetta, Bastille, The Prodigy, Wiz Khalifa Why go: Exit’s eclectic acts on stages sprawled throughout the Instafriendly Petrovaradin Fortress makes it the festival for all of your friends.

WHAT: W a y Out West

Where: Gothenburg, Sweden When: 11-13 August Who: Haim, James Bay, Skepta, AlunaGeorge, Dua Lipa Why go: Vegetarian-only and environmentally-friendly, Way Out West is the festival with a conscience. It doesn’t hurt that it also hosts some of the world’s hottest emerging and established musicians.


NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK Sink your teeth into guilt-free fare at these just-opened healthy eateries


By Stephanie King

FARMACY Taking inspiration from Hippocrates’ philosophy to, ‘Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food,’ Notting Hill’s Farmacy has adopted this belief to its menu, which is brimming with comfort foods made using healthier alternatives to the original ingredients. Plant-based ice-cream sundaes and vegan/vegetarian burgers with superfood condiments and sides are all in a day’s eating here.

3. NATIVE Okay, so technically Native’s a restaurant, but it’s too good to omit from this list. As Native’s namesake suggests, everything served at this Neal’s Yard haven showcases the UK’s best wild food. Founders Ivan and Imogen take nature’s finest produce and present it so honestly, so purely on the plate, you’ll know exactly what you’re eating with every bite. Glorious taste aside, Native’s offerings are double taps waiting to happen.



LLS CAFÉ ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil… eat no evil?’ The Zaame sisters behind this Hampstead healthy café have been using the latter mantra to inspire their saintly creations after their mum was diagnosed with diabetes. Hayet and Sonia have created meals and treats sans chemicals and refined sugars, renowned for their layered mason jar salads and signature CappuChia. But be warned: extreme focus is required when ordering, because LLS Café’s counter full of vegan goodies are impossibly distracting. Not to mention, completely irresistible.


Maybe you visit the mae deli to see whether Sainsbury’s heiress and food blogger Ella Mills née Woodward really can cook; or maybe you visit the mae deli to try out its range of nourishing plantbased dishes dreamed up by Deliciously Ella herself. Irrespective of your motive, the beautiful Seymour Place café will have you instantly charmed. Go for breakfast, go for lunch – even an afternoon snack – just know that whatever you choose will be packed full of flavour.

5. TOMBO POKÉ South Kensington’s Tombo Café has taken its matcha tea-making prowess and fused it with a little Hawaiian influence to create Soho’s first poké bar. What the poké is poké? It’s fish, and the guys at Tombo Poké make incredible sushi bowls out of it. While you’re sipping awardwinning matcha and nibbling on your perfect raw salad (thanks to the Build Your Own system), it’ll feel like you’ve discovered your own exotic paradise on Tottenham Court Road.

7. BEL-AIR It truly is sunny every day at Shoreditch’s Bel-Air, the LA-inspired hole-in-the-wall responsible for changing the very definition of fast food. Founder Andrew Bredon wondered why ‘fast food’ couldn’t mean ‘healthy food’, considering most of London’s takeaway options are calorie-laden. So, he brought a little West Coast cuisine to Ol’ Blighty, and has since been the lunchtime saviour of many an office worker thanks to the incredible pick-n-mix salad bar. Now, the East London outpost is spreading its rays across the city, with King’s Cross the next postcode to receive a jolt of Cali cheer. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

6. WHO LOVES YOU Boasting menu items including The Ultimate Avocado on Toast (smashed avocado on toasted sourdough with beetroot hummus, crumbled feta and micro herb) and Top of the World (açai bowl of gluten-free quinola, seasonal berries and banana), Who Loves You is Chelsea’s latest healthy pitstop. Organic salads and light meals, fresh pressed juices, and scrumptious, nutritious snacks are also on the cards. Who Loves You’s mission is to, ‘Love through nourishing every mind and every body, one juice, meal, treat, and giggle at a time.’ Meet you there in twenty.


‘Spoil yourself without spoiling yourself.’ Possibly London’s most puritanical of eateries, this new restaurant is ambitiously attempting to coax its diners to go alcohol-free, also boasting a zero waste policy. After nestling its vegan roots in Shoreditch and Notting Hill, Redemption is bringing a colourful array of sugar- and wheat-free fare to tables, delectable enough to convince meatophiles to give it a try. We say: If this is our penitence, I guess we’ll have to keep sinning… 61

TEDDY BEAR’S PICNIC Fun in the sun with family and friends is never easier thanks to these ready-made picnic hampers Selfridges Selection, Rebalance Collection Hamper, £95;

Marks & Spencer, Indulgent Gift Hamper, £100;

John Lewis, Seaspray Hamper, £75;

Little Picnic

Company, The Champagne Afternoon Tea Picnic, £85;


Harvey Nichols, Al-Fresco Feasting Hamper, £110;

The Mount Street Deli, The Mount Street Deli Picnic Lunch for Two, £45; themountstreetdeli.

Fortnum & Mason, The Blenheim Hamper, £85;

Harrods, New Home Hamper, £;150 Chapters, Luxury Hamper, £45;

Carluccio’s, Classic Picnic, £45;


YOUR EXCLUSIVE INVITE LIPSTICK MAGAZINE’S NETWORKING NIGHT AT ALL BAR ONE Join Lipstick Magazine’s founder Tanya Samuel on Thursday, 15 September 2016 for an elegant evening of complimentary cocktails and canapés. From 6pm meet savvy entrepreneurs in All Bar One’s VIP Lounge and be inspired by their career journeys. Get valuable insights from industry experts and make connections with like-minded boss women at this elite networking event. This night is sure to be a game-changer, we can’t wait to see you there!


WHEN: 6pm-10pm, Thursday 15 September 2016 WHERE: All Bar One VIP Lounge, The O2, Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX Find out more and RSVP at @LipstickmediaUK @lipstick_mediauk


A MODERN BRITISH CLASSIC The King George VI Weekend celebrates the best of the British summer, and is one of Ascot’s most prestigious race meetings outside of the Royal Meeting. Enjoy a competitive six-race card, including the John Guest Brown Jack Stakes and feature race, The King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Stakes. Off-track a wonderful array of bars and sublime entertainment are available for you to spend King George VI Weekend in the height of summer style and sophistication.


@ascotracecourse Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd July


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