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LINZ CHANGES DANUBE DAYS 2016 Edition The UNESCO City of Media Arts in Austria I

Creative City

Media arts in Linz

Touching music listen to Anton Bruckner

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Media arts at the heart of Europe

Linz in London Spaxels illuminate Tower Bridge: On the occasion of the film Star Trek Into Darkness, Paramount Pictures sent the unique Spaxels, LED drones developed by the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, into the night sky above London’s Tower Bridge. New technologies, a modern mindset and high-calibre cultural highlights distinguish Linz, Upper Austria. The European Capital of Culture 2009 and UNESCO City of Media Arts opens up new perspectives for its visitors. Experience the city by the Danube with its gaze directed towards the future!

Great Bruckner in Great Britain There’s also a genuine piece of the United Kingdom in Linz. After all, the most modern opera house in Europe was designed by a London architect. The International Bruckner Festival, dedicated to the famous Upper Austrian composer Anton Bruckner, also has connections with Great Britain. Bruckner performed his works in the Royal Albert Hall as early as 1871. In addition, the renowned Bruckner Orchester is on tour around Great Britain in 2016, stopping in London, Edinburgh, Middlesbrough and Warwick. Discover cultural delights, media arts, contemporary history and restful relaxation in Austria’s pulsating modernity. Find new perspectives on Europe.


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Photos: © AEC, © Linz Tourismus – kest

Austria is far more than Mozartkugel chocolates and Lipizzaner horses. Did you know that Austria also has a UNESCO City of Media Arts to offer – the city of Linz? This creative centre on the Danube reflects Austria’s modernity. Linz demonstrates technological pioneering combined with visionary media arts by Europe’s second-largest river, as well as a dedication to contemporary history. For centuries, the Danube in Linz was by turns a dividing line and a connecting link between the cultures and regions on its banks. The river stands for highly dramatic, terrible and joyful events. Linz lies at the heart of Europe, and at the centre of the European Region Danube-Vltava. From here, you can reach the Czech Republic and Germany in a very short time. Visit three countries, as well as several national parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Linz lies between the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Hallstatt-Dachstein and the small historical city of Ceský Krumlov in the Czech Republic.

The beautiful Danube in Linz, Upper Austria

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Free information:

We’re there for you 365 days a year! Tourist Information Linz

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Tel. +43 732 7070 2009 Austria National Tourist Office London Tel: 00800 400 200 00 (toll-free*)




“Mural Harbor”

Photo: © Reinhard Winkler

Photo: © Philipp Greindl




Andy Warhol in the Lentos


Photo: © Linz Tourismus - kest

LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz © Vienna 2016

Photo: © Florian Voggeneder


Photo: © Erich Goldmann

Photo: © Brucknerhaus

Photo: © Linz Tourismus - kest


Ars Electronica Center

Lentos Kunstmuseum

Old Town

Opera and theatre

Photo: © A. Sigalov


Ars Electronica Center

Food and culinary Photo: © Johann Steininger


Photo: © A. Sigalov

Photo: © Martin Hieslmair




The Danube River


Musiktheater am Volksgarten

CITY OF diversity

The most modern opera house in Europe opened its doors for the first time in April 2013. The London architect Terry Pawson designed this extraordinary building.

Perfect tr for grou ip ps!

Photo: © Linz Tourismus – Zoe Fotografie

Ars Electronica Center This museum of the future and technology with its interactive adventure world has an illuminated facade. It houses exciting exhibitions on the integration of digital art and technology into our everyday lives. The Ars Electronica Futurelab gave a Spaxels performance for a video clip that was aired during the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

Photo: © AEC – Martin Hieslmair

Hauptplatz and Landstraße With its baroque facades and the Trinity Column, the largest urban square in Europe is the ideal starting point for a city stroll along Landstraße. After Mariahilfer Straße in Vienna, it is the most-frequented shopping street in Austria.

6 Photo: © Linz Tourismus – A. Sigalov


Linzer Torte

Linzer Torte is the sweet ambassador of Linz. The earliest recipe dates from the year 1653, making it the oldest gateau recipe in the world.

Photo: © Linz Tourismus – A. Sigalov

Schlossmuseum Linz & Old Town

The Old Town of Linz, with its shops and pubs, is a wonderful place to relax. The most eye-catching feature of the historical centre is Austria’s largest universal museum in the Linzer Schloss, which presents exhibitions on nature and technology, and much more.

Danube and Brucknerhaus

Throughout the year, the banks of the Danube are a hotspot for relaxation, art and culture. The Donaupark becomes a stage in the summer months, time and again. Linz‘s concert hall Brucknerhaus named after the great composer and organist Anton Bruckner.

Photo: © Linz Tourismus – A. Sigalov

Pöstlingberg Adventure World

The striking hill is one of the emblems of the city. The pilgrimage basilica beautifully crowns Linz and is easily accessible via the steepest adhesion railway on the continent. Linz’s zoo, the popular fairy-tale world of the grotto railway, and a magnificent view of Linz await visitors on the hill.

Lentos Kunstmuseum

Lentos is one of Austria’s most important museums of modern and contemporary art. Here you can see works of the 19th century and classical modern art by Egon Schiele or Gustav Klimt to Andy Warhol. The modern architectural design is also unique.

Photo: © Linz Tourismus – A. Kepplinger


Mariendom is the largest church in Austria and, at the same time, a haven of peace at the heart of the city. This neo-Gothic work of art is all the more impressive due to its tower, which stands just a few metres lower than Stephansdom in Vienna.

Photo: © voestalpine Stahlwelt

voestalpine Stahlwelt

voestalpine in Linz is dedicated to steel production in the most contemporary and environmentally friendly way. At the exhibition centre, visitors can immerse themselves in an interactive, multimedia adventure world and discover more about all areas of steelmaking.




The most modern opera house in Europe

Terry Pawson’s basic idea of “an extended living room for the population of Linz”, the integration of the building into city life and its unification with the park in front of it were implemented in the construction with great success. In a construction period of four years, a new cultural landmark was created in the city. The core element is the 32-metre transportable revolving stage. The Musiktheater can accommodate more than 1,800 spectators and is currently the most modern opera house in Europe. The divisions of opera/operetta, ballet,


the newly established musical division, which is unique in Europe, and the Bruckner Orchester Linz have found their new home here. International guest performances, concerts offering classical, world and jazz music, as well as recitals, readings, tours and exhibitions round off the comprehensive programme. New productions of classics can be viewed here, as well as completely new pieces written or composed, staged using multimedia with exciting scenery.

Photos: Muskitheaster © Sigrid Rauchdobler, Brucknerhaus © Reinhard Winkler

Its special architecture and unique acoustics make the Musiktheater am Volksgarten the most modern opera house in Europe. It was designed by the London architect Terry Pawson.

Season highlights 2016/2017

The Harmony of the World

The White Horse Inn

The Other Side

in the opera house

opera in five acts

musical comedy by

musical theatre by

by Paul Hindemith

Ralph Benatzky

Michael Obst

from 8 April 2017

from 10 December 2016

from 20 May 2017

Around the World in Eighty

At Linz’s Musiktheater, you

In the musical comedy specta-

Experience ‘The Other Side’

Days, musical based on the

can experience unique produc-

tors get to know a little piece

at the Musiktheater – emo-

novel by Jules Verne

tions that are only performed

of Upper Austria. In the idyllic

tionally charged music

from 1 October 2016

in a few theatres, such as

landscape around the shores

composed by Michael Obst,

The Little Mermaid, dance

‘The Harmony of the World’,

of Wolfgangsee, this famous

based on the plot of Alfred

theatre by Mei Hong Lin

an opera in five acts by Paul

hotel is a buzz of activity.

Kubin’s fantasy novel. Linz

from 15 October 2016

Hindemith. The prominent as-

When Emperor Franz Joseph I

houses the world’s largest col-

Salome, drama in one act by

tronomer and mathematician

announces his arrival, the ho-

lection by the famous graphic

Richard Strauss

Johannes Kepler, who spent

tel enters a state of emergen-

artist Alfred Kubin, who lived

from 12 November 2016

much of his life in Linz, is the

cy. In a humorous manner, the

in Upper Austria. In his only

Don Giovanni, opera by

protagonist of this opera, and

operetta reveals a great deal

novel, ‘The Other Side’, he

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

the city of Linz also plays a

about German summer visitors

tells an adventure full of

from 21 January 2017

significant role.

and Austrian hosts.

bizarre fantasy.

Falstaff, opera by Giuseppe Verdi

Photos: Muskitheaster © Sigrid Rauchdobler, Muskitheaster © Reinhard Winkler

from 16 September 2016




Brucknerhaus Premium-class acoustics

Dedicated to the famous composer Anton Bruckner, Brucknerhaus Linz, in its classic, timeless form, hosts 180,000 visitors every year. About 250 productions are staged, including concerts by the world’s foremost orchestras, evenings of vocal artistry, and music especially for young people. The repertoire includes something from every kind of music. Grand events such as balls and receptions round off the programme. The major events of the year are the International Bruckner Festival, the Linzer Klangwolken or clouds of sounds, open-air events next to


the Danube and many other festivals. Throughout the concert season, Brucknerhaus Linz guarantees musical excellence and makes a key contribution to the enhancement of the cultural landscape in Upper Austria. The Brucknerhaus was designed by the Finnish architects Kaija and Heikki Sirén with particular attention to excellent acoustics and a timelessly modern design. They started their work in 1961. At the inaugural concert of the Brucknerhaus on 23 March 1974 the Vienna Philharmonic, conducted by Herbert von Karajan, who said: “An experience of pure magnificence!”

Photos: Brucknerhaus © A. Röbl

Imagine a world full of fantastic music, experience the foremost international orchestras, extraordinary vocalists, up-and-coming young artists and established stars at a venue offering impeccable acoustics that is the most beautiful concert hall by the Danube: Welcome to Brucknerhaus Linz!

The International Bruckner Festival with an annual attend-

In 2017, at the International Bruckner Festival in Linz, the

ance of over 20,000, is the largest musical event in the entire

Brucknerhaus will once again have the pleasure of hosting some

region and one of Austria’s most important festivals. Artistic

of the world’s most celebrated musicians:

quality, major international orchestras, outstanding soloists

1. T  he Munich Philharmonic Orchestra and Valery Gergiev

Photos: Brucknerhaus © Reinhard Winkler, Cameron Carpenter © Thomas Grube

and world-renowned conductors make it unique and diverse.

Anton Bruckner:

With the theme of “near and far”, the International Bruckner

25 September: Symphony No. 1 and Symphony No. 4

Festival Linz 2016 builds new bridges between Linz and

26 September: Symphony No. 2 and Symphony No. 3

South Korea and moves through all musical genres!

2. Bruckner Orchester Linz and Markus Poschner

When Klaus Maria Brandauer, world-famous actor and master of the spoken word, performs his own A Midsummer Night’s

6 October in St. Florian: Symphony No. 8 – A. Bruckner 3. T  he Cleveland Orchestra and Franz Welser-Möst

Dream, when the master of the piano, Rudolf Buchbinder, cel-

12 October: Ludwig van Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 15

ebrates his 70th birthday with the Vienna Philharmonic and

in A minor, Op. 132, Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring

punk organist Cameron Carpenter rocks the main auditorium,

(Le Sacre du Printemps)

you know it’s time for the Bruckner Festival! This year, 13 September, to 15 October, 1016 great international orchestras and artists will meet again at the concert hall. Programme and tickets:

13 October: Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 6 in A minor 4. O  pening Concert of the 2017 International Bruckner Festival 17 September: Bruckner Orchester Linz and Markus Poschner – Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 2




Symphonies for the world The famous composer Anton Bruckner lived in and around Linz and still influences the whole region today. Listen, look around and hike in the footsteps of the great composer of symphonies, who changed the world of music.

On the trail of Anton Bruckner The performances of Anton Bruckner (1824–1896) on the organs of Linz and St. Florian changed the course of music – they were irrevocably, irresistibly and outrageously modern. Come to the city by the Danube to meet a genius. At every turn, you’ll encounter the composer and the person Anton Bruckner, who has remained very much alive here. The Bruckner Orchester, the Brucknerhaus and the Anton Bruckner Private University – the first university in the world that is currently being rebuilt as an ecological passive house – and the lively music scene not only foster his work – they also continue and develop it.


The life of the genius Born in Ansfelden, not far from Linz, the person and the musician remain mysterious and fascinating: a maverick with some rather bizarre habits and an inventor beyond comparison. The exceptionally gifted and famous organist and church musician embedded the instrument’s sonority into his massive symphonies. He was the first to ever anticipate montage techniques in film practice – the cut, the fade-out and the dissolve. Nobody knows how he got this idea. Regarding the history of music, Bruckner seems to be a meteor that fell directly from the sky: And he landed in Linz. Discover a unique collection of information about his life and work.

Photos: Linz Tourismus © Erich Goldmann

The famous Bruckner Organ in Linz

Memorial sites around/in Linz MAUTHAUSEN MEMORIAL

Photos: © Linz Tourismus – Zoe Fotografie, voestalpine © Team Eder, © Schlossmuseum Linz, © Nordico Stadtmuseum Linz

Focal point: contemporary history Linz’s involvement in the Civil War of 1934 and the Nazi period (1938–1945) has left its stamp on the city. Following the Anschluss (annexation) of Austria, which Adolf Hitler announced here, Linz was, as the protégé city of the Führer, the favoured object of Nazi urban and economic planning measures.

The rapid expansion of the city was driven by the incorporation of smaller municipalities into bigger ones, and by the forced labour of thousands of foreign workers. This was what made possible the construction of large industrial sites

Mauthausen Memorial (15 km east of Linz) is a harrowing testimony to the Nazi period. Between 1938 and 1945, over 200,000 people from all over Europe were incarcerated at this concentration camp; about half of them were murdered here.


like Reichswerke Hermann Göring (today: voestalpine), which primarily served the purpose of armament for war. In and around Linz, educational and memorial sites are reminders of those dark times. With the permanent Contemporary History exhibition 1938–1945, the voestalpine global steel group faces up to its past, and remembers the forced labourers at Reichswerke Hermann Göring in Linz during the Nazi period.

The region is intensively concerned with the process of examining and coming to terms with the past. Scientific publications, memorials, symposia and cultural projects like Friedensstadt Linz – Linz, City of Peace – represent an injunction to not forget and to try to learn from the past.

SCHLOSS HARTHEIM One of six Nazi euthanasia institutes was located at Alkoven (approx. 20 km from Linz), where about 30,000 people were murdered between 1940 and 1944. Today, you’ll find an educational and memorial site here, as well as the exhibition Value of Life.




Museum of the future The Ars Electronica Center captivates the imagination with its extraordinary architecture and impressive exhibitions at the interface between art, technology and society. Visitors can catch a glimpse of the mysteries of the human body, enter into communication with robots or become designers of the future. Deep Space 8K draws you into absorbing 2D and 3D visual worlds with fantastic image quality. A museum where you can be interactive, experiment and try out new things – unique in Europe.


Experience industry Linz is also an industrial location and stands for the latest technology and environmental protection in this context. The steel producer voestalpine invites you to take a multimedia journey of discovery on the theme of steel at its exhibition centre voestalpine Stahlwelt. With the “RealSteel” multimedia guides, visitors can also experience the world of steel in an interactive way. “Augmented Reality” is the magic word: RealSteel conjures up additional information on the hired tablet. Immerse yourself and be amazed!

Photo: voestalpine Stahlwelt © Team Eder

Linz was the European Capital of Culture in 2009 and is a UNESCO City of Media Arts. This shows that Linz, together with for example Tel Aviv, Sapporo and Lyon, is one of the world’s most future-orientated locations. Linz is a pulsating centre full of ideas and creativity.

Perfec t for con place gresses

Photos: © JKU, Design Center © Linz Tourismus – Zoe Fotografie, Tabakfabrik © Archipicture, Höhenrausch © Matthias Lauringer

Brain station Linz is a business location, where a top education plays an essential role. The city is home to four universities as well as universities of applied sciences with the highest reputation. Johannes Kepler University Linz mainly offers business and technical subjects. The University of Arts and Industrial Design and the newly erected Anton Bruckner Private University are also highly renowned.

Centre for events and congresses Networking is essential in a city like Linz. The Design Center is a forwardlooking event location in all areas with special architecture and an incomparable atmosphere. Conferences, meetings, fairs, galas, product presentations and incentives take place on a flexible area of convertible 10,000 square metres. The glass roof of the building is unique and provides natural daylight.

Creative factory The Tabakfabrik, a former industrial building covering 80,000 square metres, has become a creative centre for the city in recent years. Planned by architect Peter Behrens, who also designed buildings in England, the complex is among the most innovative constructions of international modernism in Austria. The Tabakfabrik is becoming an artistic hub, with events, design shops, galleries, media laboratories and start-ups. Art on the roofs Art at lofty heights: That’s what distinguishes Höhenrausch in the OÖ Kulturquartier. Visitors not only enjoy a wonderful view of the city, but can also experience exciting approaches to contemporary art. In 2016, the focus of the exhibition above the rooftops of the city is “Other Angels”. This theme has inspired artwork on the beings as messengers between two realms.




OBERPFALZ Photo: © OÖ Tourismus


From Linz to the Danube-Vltava Region NÜRNBERG





Linz lies at the centre of Europe in the heart of Upper Austria, close toRegensburg the Altstadt von mit Stadtamhof Alps, the Salzkammergut and by the Danube. Many destinations can be easily reached in a very short time. In addition, there are four UNESCO World Heritage Sites within a radius of 200 km and four national parks.


Kalkalpen National Park (75 km) Thick forests, crystal-clear water, gentle Alpine pastures and rugged mountains shape the natural landscape of the Kalkalpen National Park. The region is ideal for hiking and for enjoying complete relaxation and tranquillity.

Regensbu (235 km)


Panoramic tour of the Salzkammergut (130 km) The unique cultural landscape of the Salzkammergut awaits you with 76 lakes both large and small, as München well as stunning mountain scenery. Locations such as the imperial town of Bad Ischl or Gmunden invite you to take a leisurely stroll.

Hallstatt – UNESCO World Heritage Site (130 km) The unique location of the Hallstatt World Heritage Site, right on the shores of the lake, is so captivating that a copy of the town was even made in China. In Hallstatt, you can also discover the 7000-year history of the region.


Munich (275 km)




PRAHA historischer Stadtkern von Prag


Ceský Krumlov – UNESCO World Heritage Site (75 km)

Wachau – UNESCO World Heritage Site (160 km)

historical old town tempts you to wander and explore. One of the main attractions is the castle, the second-largest building in the Czech Republic.

The Wachau also has a connection with England: King Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned for several months in the dungeons of Burg Dürnstein. The Wachau lies Jewish Quarter and right next to the Danube, and boasts a St Procopius‘ Basilica in Třebíč spectacular natural landscape with slopes full of wine terraces.


Passau, the city on three rivers (120 km)


TSCHECHISCHEThe Ceský KrumlovMOLDAU World Heritage Site is situated in the Czech Republic, not far REPUBLIK from Linz. Right by the Vltava River, the MOLDAU

You can set off on a fantastic day trip by boat from Linz to Passau, the city on three rivers. You will pass the Schlögener Schlinge, a natural bend in the Danube, one oft he river’s most majestic parts. Then your journey takes you into the baroque border city in Bavaria.

Pilgrimage Church of St John of Nepomuk at Zelená Hora

Historic Centre of Telč

České Budějovice VA



Prag (245 km)

Holašovice Historical Village Reservation



Český Krumlov







Dürnstein Krems

Linz Wachau E






Vienna (185 km)

Salzkammergut Gmunden Mondsee


Prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps

St. Wolfgang

Kalkalpen National Park Windischgarsten

Bad Ischl


STYRIA Hallstatt

Danube Route of Emperors and Kings The Danube is the connecting link between the regions, and can look back on an eventful history. A journey along the Route of Emperors and Kings is always an unforgettable experience.




Terry Stevens

Nick Treadwell

British broadcaster and journalist

Art collector and gallery owner from the UK

“Great cities always offer interesting, innovative and

“Linz lies on the beautiful Danube and is quite a

memorable experiences. Linz is one of the best on all of these dimensions. A city that lives long in the memory – for all the right reasons.”

young city. There is a really good cultural scene here which is useful, intense and developing very fast. There is a large and ambitious cultural community. So I have great expectations for the cultural future of the city.”

Hans-Joachim Frey

Dennis Russell Davies

Artistic director of Brucknerhaus Linz and former director of the Semperoper in Dresden

Chief conductor of the Bruckner Orchester

“The innovative spirit that Linz has displayed in recent

2017, after 15 wonderful seasons as chief conductor and music director of the Bruckner Orchester Linz and the Landestheater Linz, I will continue to live in this lovely city with its fine cultural institutions, wonderful educational opportunities and nearness to nature. It is a great city to raise a family and a stimulating place to visit.”

years has brought forth a unique image that truly sets this city apart. An indie scene that conjures up creativity and the established high culture that makes greatness happen – this is the Linz that I know, and a great reason to visit and experience Linz for yourself.”


“Since 2001, I have called Linz an der Donau home. In

Photos: Dennis Russell Davies © Andreas Bitenich, Nick Treadewell © Marco Prenninger, © Terry Stevens, © Hans-Joachim Frey

Famous fans of Linz

Beautiful landscape in the Salzkammergut

“This is paradise!”

Photo: © A. Röbl, © Geoff Tompkinson

The chances are high for people to meet you in the Salzkammergut, and particularly around Hallstattsee. Why does a Brit decide to move to Upper Austria and what do you like the most? Twenty or so years ago, I was travelling the world producing images for corporate annual reports. When I was in Vienna to photograph, I met my wife Liz, whose parents lived on the shores of Hallstattsee. Since then we have been regularly visiting Austria. Now we decided to invest in refurbishing and extending the property in Upper Austria. Now we truly live more in Austria. I love living in the Salzkammergut. The environment is so beautiful and changes so much with the seasons. Every time I go out the same scenes are painted in a different way and for me, as a photographer, this is paradise. What are your favourite spots? Why should British citizens come to Upper Austria? Well, I like all of it really, but if I have to pick some noteworthy locations I would choose the following: Hallstatt, St. Wolfgang, Bad Aussee. All of the mountain tracks you can explore either walking or by mountain bike. Dachstein-

Krippenstein with the glacier is always great too. English visitors are amazed at how you can walk the streets of the town at night with no thought of any risk. It’s a bit like England used to be around thirty years ago. The Bruckner Orchester is touring through England and represents Upper Austria in an acoustic way. Would you also see yourself as an ambassador with your work? Well, I have been travelling the world as a photographer for over thirty-five years now and during all that time, I didn’t think of myself in that way at all. However, now I have immersed myself in the beauty and tradition of Upper Austria I have naturally been reflecting that in my work. My recent HyperZoom innovation was showcased in my video about Hallstatt and has caused quite a stir around the world. Many thousands of people who would not normally watch a video about Hallstatt have watched it because of the unique technique and, as a by-product, been introduced to the beauty of Hallstatt. So perhaps through my ongoing work in the Salzkammergut I will become a kind of ambassador for the region. It’s a nice thought.

Geoff Tompkinson, an artist of moving imagery, has travelled the world and captured amazing places through his lens. He started out as a photojournalist for global magazines and lately his unique style of videos has put him in the international spotlight again. HyperZoom, his most recent invention, enables people to discover the world in a yet unseen way. UNESCO World Heritage Site Hallstatt is among the first locations to be presented in this way. In the near future, he might zoom from Hallstatt to Linz, to capture the spirit of the Unesco City of Media Arts.


Photo: blue danube airport © Design Center Linz

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London – LINZ Well connected! Ryanair flights on Tuesdays and Saturdays between London and Linz. In addition, there are connections between Linz and the hubs of Frankfurt, Vienna and Düsseldorf up to 8 times a day. Linz can be reached in this way with Lufthansa or Austrian Airlines. You can also travel in comfort by train from Vienna to Linz in one and a half hours.

Manchester Birmingham Cardiff Bristol


Berlin Düsseldorf Prague

Paris Strasbourg FR







Vienna Budapest HU

Milan I

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Discover the UNESCO City of Media Arts in Austria


Discover the UNESCO City of Media Arts in Austria