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Linzer Torte © Erich Goldmann

The Danube © R. Eckerstorfer

2 Landstraße © Erich Goldmann

Lentos © R. Eckerstorfer

Klangwolke © A. Röbl

Group experience in 2016 An overview P. 4 – 7

Linz: UNESCO City of Media Arts

P. 8 – 9

Event highlights 2016

P. 10 – 13

By the colourful Danube – Danube boat trips, Danube Cycle Path, Donausteig

P. 14 – 17

The Danube in Upper Austria

P. 18 – 23

The diversity of a cultural capital – city walking tours and guided tours

P. 24 – 29

Museums open up new perspectives

P. 30 – 34

Anton Bruckner, organ virtuoso

P. 35 – 37

Churches and concerts in churches

P. 38 – 44

Concert halls and theatres

P. 45 – 47

Events venues and events

P. 48 – 53

Natural spaces, green oases

P. 54 – 55

Advent in Linz and Upper Austria

P. 56 – 57

General map of Linz

P. 58 – 63

Changing technology and architecture

P. 64 – 67

Contemporary history – a city’s past

P. 68

Public transport

P. 69

Partners of Linz Tourismus

P. 70 – 71

Excursions in the surrounding area

P. 72

Getting to Linz

P. 73

Linz online, Linz Card

P. 74 – 77

Catering for tour groups

Group packages: P. 34

A group experience on the trail of a musical genius

P. 55

Advent magic in Upper Austria

P. 79

Pure Danube pleasure: bike and boat trip Passau–Vienna

P. 80

Experience technologies of the future: voestalpine Stahlwelt and the new Deep Space

GREAT GrO UPPackages

Make use of our insider knowledge The staff of the Group Tours Department are professionals. Because they live here, know all our partners, have designed countless one-day or several-day programmes and have taken part in many themselves. They’re insiders and are happy to pass on their knowledge to you! So you can make your group tour, your offer and your coach trip exciting. With no strings attached – no commission, no costs. Merely as intermediaries between you and the offers in the city. Subscribe now to receive the latest group news here: Tourismusverband Linz Sales Department Adalbert-Stifter-Platz 2, 4020 Linz/Austria Tel. +43 732 7070 2926, 2927, 2928 oder 2929 Fax +43 732 7070 54 2926, 2927, 2928 oder 2929

Linz Tourismus acts solely as an intermediary agent. Any contractual relationship comes into being exclusively between the businesses and the customer. Your group tour professionals from Linz Tourismus, from left to right: Elfriede Ortner, Ingrid Walch, Isabell Glossauer and Martina Huber.


AEC © Linz Tourismus, Zoe Fotografie

Brucknerhaus © Linz Tourismus, kest

AEC © Lois Lammhuber

Lentos © Linz Tourismus, kest

4 AEC © Robert Ba

Schlossmuseum © Linz Tourismus, Zoe Fotografie

Linz is so UNESCO! As a centre of media arts, Linz allows perspectives and innovations in culture, business and society. Being a UNESCO City of Media Arts offers opportunities to create an ambience that makes Linz attractive as a Creative City on a national and international scale from a cultural, business and societal point of view.

5 OÖ Kulturquartier Š Linz Tourismus, Zoe Fotografie

Tabakfabrik © Linz Tourismus, Zoe Fotografie

Linz: UNESCO City of Media Arts By joining the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, Linz commits to creating new impulses for developing the city and establishing its reputation as a centre of creative industries.





As early as 1979, the city of Linz demonstrated with Ars Electronica its recognition that digital culture and media arts can be seen as drivers of technological and societal innovations, and has developed its unique strengths from this premise. Linz’s own perception of this development is reflected in Ars Electronica’s slogan: “Art – Technology – Society” – a slogan that is still relevant today and which puts the social impacts of these digital developments in the limelight.

Ars Electronica is the flagship for this development: Founded as a festival that was strongly characterised by the concept of media arts, Ars Electronica has become a world-famous centre of media arts. In 1987, the internationally renowned computer art competition, the Prix Ars Electronica, was founded, followed by Ars Electronica Center as a museum of the future in 1996 and the Futurelab as a design laboratory. Ars Electronica Solutions, the youngest section of Ars Electronica, transforms artistic approaches into marketable products.

Linz has a range of educational and research facilities active in the sphere of media arts, digital culture and creative industries: The Higher Technical Institute 1 Construction and Design and the Federal Higher Institute for Artistic Design teach the basic competencies. The Johannes Kepler University with its studies in computer science/ mechatronics and web sciences, and Linz University of Arts and Industrial Design with its focus on intermedia provide the knowledge base for young creatives, as does the Anton Bruckner Private University with the branch of electronic music and Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences with its focus on media technology.

AEC © Martin Hieslmair

AEC © Florian Voggeneder

AEC © Martin Hieslmair

The creative region of Linz & Upper Austria was established as a hub for creative industries in 2011 and is housed in Tabakfabrik Linz, a former factory site. A creative industries cluster is being formed here, which promotes the development of start-ups and enables a stronger interplay of research, culture and business. VALIE EXPORT CENTER IN TABAKFABRIK LINZ

It includes the legacy in the collection of LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz and the archive of VALIE EXPORT, the pioneer of media arts from Linz, and is dedicated to the academic study of the archive and to making it accessible. This means that Linz now houses two of the most internationally important media arts archives, since the archive of Ars Electronica is also globally unique in that it documents the development of media arts from the very beginning. Linz is experiencing the history, the present and the future of media arts.

AEC © Martin Hieslmair

The Tabakfabrik is also to house the latest element of Linz’s media arts: The VALIE EXPORT Center, designed as an international research centre for media and performance art.

7 VALIE EXPORT © Herta Hurnaus

© Johann Steininger,

Miles of art & culture on the river Event highlights 2016 T




Urfahr Spring Market

Long Night of Research

04–24 Apr 2016

30 Apr–08 May 2016, Urfahr fairgrounds 22 Apr 2016


New Music Festival

with fashion show 20/21 May 2016

Ufern Festival 24–25 June 2016, Alt-Urfahr

Knights’ Festival 09 July 2016, Linzer Schloss/Hauptplatz

6th Night of the Family 15 July 2016, museums and various institutions

08–09 Apr 2016 21 Apr–25 May 2016

Long Night of Shopping

20/21 May 2016, Linz harbour

Guitar Festival Spring Festival

14–16 May, Danubepark


World Music Festival

14–19 June 2016

Festival for Children © Jack Haijes

Long Night of the Churches 10 June 2016

Long Night of Theatre 18 June 2016

Long Night of the Museums 01 Oct 2016


20–26 June 2016

International Bruckner Festival 2016 18 Sep–07 Oct 2016


Ars Electronica Festival 08–12 Sep 2016


International Pflasterspektakel 21–23 July 2016, city centre

Piano Festival 12–26 Jan 2016

Brass Festival 25–28 Jan 2016

19/20 Aug 2016, city centre

08–12 Sep 2016

Wine & Art


01–09 Sep 2016

Steirisch Anbandeln Urfahr Autumn Market 01–09 Oct 2016, Urfahr fairgrounds


20–25 Apr 2016

CyberArts 16 Prix Ars Electronica exhibition

Linzer Krone-Fest

08–10 Sep 2016

CROSSING EUROPE European film festival

Art and design market © Brucknerhaus

12–13 Mar 2016

Baroque and Passion Festival Fashion Palace

23 Feb–16 Mar 2016

01–03 Apr 2016

Linz AG Bubble Days © flap

THEATRE & CONCERTS Serenade Concerts at the Landhaushof Tuesdays, July & Aug 2016

© A. Röbl

voestalpine Klangwolken presented by Linz AG visualisiert, 10 Sep 2016 Open Classic Night, 17 Sep 2016 Kinderklangwolke, Sep 2016

Krone Fest © Chris Koller

Linz Marathon © Snapdox



Opening 04 Feb 2016

03 Apr 2016

15th Borealis Linz Presentation of the new collection Danube Marathon Ich kenne kein Weekend.

Linz Triathlon

From René Block’s archive and collection 17 Mar–05 June 2016

28 May 2016, Pleschinger See

Generali Ladies Linz 08–16 Oct 2016, TipsArena


25–30 Oct 2016, TipsArena

Click! Linz Photography of the Interwar Period.


15 Apr–11 Sep 2016

100% LINZ. Kaleidoscope of a City


All year

Ich war noch niemals in New York


Karate World Championships

Rad Total in the Danube Valley 17 Apr 2016

Passau im Feuerzauber 14 May 2016

The Danube in Flames in Linz

The musical based on the songs by Udo Jürgens 14 July–14 Aug 2016

27 May 2016


12 Aug 2016

Museum Total 19–21 Feb 2016, Linz museums

LANDESGALERIE LINZ Razor-sharp and with a great love of detail Works of the New Objectivity 10 Mar–05 June 2016

Klemens Brosch “Signs and miracles still happen...” 30 Sep–16 Jan 2017

The Danube in Flames in Aschach/Feldkirchen © Mathias Lauringer

Höhenrausch 2016 21 May–16 Oct 2016

SCHLOSSMUSEUM LINZ 50 Years – 50 Works – 50 Stories Anniversary tour of the Schlossmuseum, 15 Jan 2016–08 Jan 2017

Portraits from the Uffizi Gallery The Splendour of the Medici in Linz 16 Mar–21 Aug 2016

donauFESTWOCHEN in Strudengau 29 July–15 Aug 2016

Legend Hike on the Donausteig with storyteller Helmut Wittmann 18 Sep 2016



© R. Eckerstorfer

© Erich Goldmann

10 © A. Röbl

© R. Eckerstorfer

The Danube shapes Linz Do you know the European Capital of Culture, which will tempt you to the banks of the Danube? A city trip to Linz changes your perspective and refreshes your spirit. It invites you to make a pleasant stopover by the river. Immerse yourself in a varied cultural experience, in stories from the past and the future. The Danube is the second-longest river in Europe: the former route of emperors and kings, and now the route of cyclists and hikers. A creative location for culture and cuisine.

11 Š Linz Tourismus, kest, A. Balon

MS Linzerin © Florian Weichselbaumer

MS Linzerin © Florian Weichselbaumer

© MS Kaiserin Elisabeth

By the colourful Danube Exploring Linz by boat Linz is a little like those deep-hearted people in whom all great emotion is closely linked to water: The European Capital of Culture 2009 lies close to the river – and water that’s markedly rich in colour and variety, at that. So it’s a real pleasure, and well worth the trip, to experience the cultural city on the Danube with the heartbeat of steel.

Additional offers Evening boat cruises with live music, The Danube in Flames, New Year’s boat trip, boat charter on request: e.g. Linz harbour tours Discover the “heartbeat of steel” of the gala ship Regina Danubia or Crystal Ship – exclusively made with Swarovski Upper Austrian capital! crystals. Departure 3 x daily except Monday from 30 Apr–02 Oct 2016 Additional offers 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm The Danube in Flames Duration: 100 min from Linz, Fri 27 May 2016 + Fri 12 Offers and prices: €14.80 p.p., children €7.40 Aug 2016 Price: €37.00 + €15.00 Reduction for groups incl. three-course menu of 21 or more adults: 7.5% Donau im Feuerzauber From Passau, Sat 14 May 2016 Boat trip season 2016 Price €33.00 + €15.00 Passau–Linz incl. three-course menu 9 am depart Passau – 2.10 pm arrive Linz, daily except Mon from 29 Apr–02 Oct and every Sat from 08–22 Oct Linz–Passau 2.20 pm depart Linz – 8.50 pm arrive Passau, daily except Mon and Fri from 30 Apr–02 Oct and every Sat from 08–22 Oct Linz–Wachau–Vienna 9 am depart Linz – 8.30 pm arrive Vienna, every Sat from 30 Apr–01 Oct (on 18 June only to Krems) Contact/Information/Bookings: Wachau–Linz 9 am depart Tulln – 10.20 pm arrive Donauschiffahrt Wurm + Köck Linz, every Sun from 01 May–02 Oct In Germany: (on 08 May & 19 June only to Krems) Höllgasse 26, D-94032 Passau Tel: +49 851 929292 Offers and prices 2016 Fax: +49 851 35518 Harbour tour €14.80 p.p. Linz–Passau €26.00 p.p. In Austria: Passau–Linz €26.00 p.p. Untere Donaulände 1, 4020 Linz Linz–Schlögen €19.50 p.p. Tel: +43 732 783607 Schlögen–Linz €19.50 p.p. Linz–Wachau–Vienna €59.00 p.p. Tulln–Linz €47.00 p.p. Donauschiffahrt Wurm + Köck


MS KAISERIN ELISABETH II Boat trip season 2016 Linz–Passau 7.50 am depart Linz – 1.15 pm arrive Passau, every Thu from 07 July–25 Aug Passau–Linz 1.45 pm depart Passau – 8.50 pm arrive Linz, every Thu from 07 July–25 Aug (Boat trip incl. guided tour of Engelszell Abbey & brass band reception) Vienna–Linz 8.05 am depart Vienna – 1 am arrive Linz, every Wed from 06 July–24 Aug Linz–Vienna 8.30 am depart Linz – 10.30 pm arrive Vienna, every Fri from 08 July–26 Aug (Boat trip incl. concert in Stadthalle Ybbs, and individual sightseeing in Dürnstein) Offers and prices 2016 Programme A: boat trip without overnight stay (boat trip Passau–Linz–Vienna, incl. captain’s buffet and programmes on land) €99.00 p.p. Programme B: package with overnight stay (boat trip Passau–Linz–Vienna, incl. captain’s buffet, 1 overnight stay in ****hotel in Linz, 2 overnight stays in hotel in Vienna) €254.00 p.p. in double room €332.00 in single room

Contact/Information/Bookings: Donau Touristik Lederergasse 4-12, 4010 Linz Tel: +43 732 2080 Fax: +43 732 2080 8

DFS Schönbrunn © A. Röbl

© Johann Steininger,

Ideas for group tours




Bring your group on board the steamship SCHÖNBRUNN, which was built in 1912. The steamship is yours From company parties to weddings, fantastic events for up to 335 guests (below deck) can be held on board. We’re happy to draw up a tailor-made offer. Events and trips:

Cycling packages can be booked at the following cycling tour operators:

Hiking packages can be booked at the following tour operators:

• Austria Radreisen GmbH Joseph-Haydn-Str. 8 4780 Schärding Tel: +43 7712 5511 0 Fax: +43 7712 4811

• Donau Touristik GmbH Lederergasse 4-12, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 2080 Fax: +43 732 2080 8

Contact/Information/Bookings: Österreichische Gesellschaft für Eisenbahngeschichte GmbH Donau-Schifffahrten Bahnhofstraße 29 4843 Ampflwang im Hausruckwald

• Donau Touristik Lederergasse 4-12, 4010 Linz Tel: +43 732 2080 Fax: +43 732 2080 8

• OÖ Touristik GmbH Freistädter Straße 119, 4041 Linz Tel: +43 732 7277 222 ROUTE OF EMPERORS AND KINGS Fax: +43 732 7277 220 The themed route leads from Regensburg, through Vienna, to Budapest. • Rad & Reisen GmbH To travel on the road of emperors and Schickgasse 9, 1220 Vienna kings means experiencing history in comfort, discovering European culture, Tel: +43 1 4053873 0 Fax: +43 1 4053873 17 and enjoying wonderful landscapes. This road takes us back to past times, when emperors and kings processed through the land with their stately retinues. It makes you eager to follow their trail, in monasteries and castles, medieval towns and magnificent royal residences.

• OÖ Touristik GmbH Freistädter Straße 119, 4041 Linz Tel: +43 732 7277 222 Fax: +43 732 7277 220 • Salzkammergut Touristik Götzstraße 12, 4820 Bad Ischl Tel: +43 6132 24000 0 Fax: +43 6132 24000 44

© WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Hochhauser

Contact/Information/Bookings: ARGE Straße der Kaiser and Könige c/o Tourismusverband Linz Adalbert-Stifter-Platz 2, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 7070 2937 Fax: +43 732 7070 542937

DANUBE Manual Tips and useful information for cruise operators

© WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Hochhauser


Grein © WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Erber

The Danube in Upper Austria The Danube – one of Europe’s greatest storytellers – flows slowly and leisurely. It tells of times long ago, of powerful rulers and the local inhabitants’ wealth of legends and myths. The Danube knows so many of the stories that have shaped the land and its people since they came into being. There is much to discover in the Upper Austrian section of the river: The Danube traveller enjoys breathtaking views, walks legendary trails, explores the beautiful riparian landscape on the Danube Cycle Path, experiences the countryside rolling by from a boat and samples culinary delicacies.




The great river connecting Europe was and is used primarily as a transport route, not only for the conveyance of people and goods, but also for the exchange of culture and language. By exploring the Roman sites along the Danube, you get an idea of the significance the Danube had for the Romans as the natural border of the Danube limes. When the church was reorganised after the Roman period, numerous monasteries and abbeys were built by the Danube. With the Habsburg Monarchy, the Danube region enjoyed what was surely its most glorious time of prosperity. Empress Sisi, in particular, indulged her love of travelling by taking frequent trips along the Danube. In addition, her bridal journey by ship led her from Passau to Vienna.

The famous Danube Cycle Path runs along the great river from Germany through Austria and on to Hungary. Cyclists can look forward to a peaceful, romantic and yet varied cycle path from Passau to Grein via Linz along the Upper Austrian section of the Danube.

Over 450 km and 23 stages, the Donausteig hiking trail runs from Passau to Grein via Linz. On both sides of the Danube, the hiking trail awarded the Austrian Hiking Quality Seal provides breathtaking views of and perspectives on the great river and the unique landscape through which it flows.

© WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Steininger


Schlögen © WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Hochhauser

© WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Erber

Engelszell Abbey Visit the only Trappist monastery in Austria. Discover more than 700 years of the monastery’s history and one of Austria’s most beautiful rococo churches. Enjoy Trappist beer, Trappista cheese and monastery liqueurs. Tour of the monastery for 10 to 50 persons: €6.00 per person, duration: 60-90 min Tour of the church for 50 or more persons: €4.00 per person, duration: 30 min

DANUBE BOAT TRIP You can reach the opposite bank in a leisurely manner on board one of the Danube boats. Various stages on the Danube Cycle Path or the Donausteig hiking trail can also be covered by boat.

Church opening hours: 01 Apr–31 Oct: 8 am–5.30 pm 01 Nov–01 Mar: 8 am–4 pm

© WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Hochhauser



The Schlögener Schlinge is an archetypal meander. Here, the Danube makes two truly spectacular changes in direction. It’s worth stopping and going to the viewpoint on foot. A short walk takes you through the forest, after which you’ll be rewarded with an unobstructed view of this fascinating spectacle of nature.

WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH Lindengasse 9 4040 Linz Tel: +43 732 7277 800 Fax: +43 732 7277 804

Aquarium – look the “giant of the Danube” in the eye The large aquarium with Danube fish measuring up to 2 m is the highlight at the Mini-Danube Water Experience exhibition! Observe, try out, play – here, you can experience the Danube on a mini scale. Group of 10 or more persons Admission: €2.00 per person Allow yourself approx. 2 hours. Tour only with advance booking (including in the morning): €1.00 per person Opening hours: 01 May–30 Sep: 1 pm–5 pm Contact/Information/Bookings: Tourismusverband Engelhartszell Marktplatz 61, 4090 Engelhartszell Tel: +43 7717 805516


© Hotel Donauschlinge

Hotel Donauschlinge The family-run four-star hotel by the natural wonder of the Donauschlinge river bend is situated at the heart of Upper Austria and yet far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and has many extras to offer you: St. Florian © Tourismusverband St. Florian/Franz Reischl

Augustinian Priory of St. Florian Tel. +43 7224 8902, Fax +43 7224 890223, Special exhibitions, concerts and festivals Tours of the priory: Apr–Oct 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm daily Offers for groups of 10 or more persons: all year with advance booking. Bruckner Organ Listening Experience: mid-May to mid-October 2.30 pm daily except Tue and Sat. Information on request

Sumerauerhof Open-air Museum Large, classic farmhouse with four wings set around a quadrangle, cultural and traditional events, barn painting, stable, beautiful rooms, farmhouse furniture, rustic lounge, 500-m² must cellar, pressing house, oven, history of the village of St. Florian, hand-crafted folk art, tractors, machinery. Opening hours: Apr–Oct, 10 am–12 noon and 1 pm–5 pm daily except Monday, tel: +43 7224 8031, Fax 80 3113,

• 100 double rooms, mostly with balcony • Danube terrace with seating for 250 • Panoramic restaurant for 300 persons with a stage and dance floor • Small restaurants and lounges for a further 150 persons • Wellness paradise with an indoor pool, Finnish sauna, herbal sauna, steam bath and infrared cabin • 6 seminar rooms for up to 130 persons • Relaxation lawn by the Danube with beach chairs & hammocks • Pier and bike ferry right in front of the hotel • Starting point for many excursion destinations • Very close to the Danube Cycle Path and the Donausteig hiking trail • Many footpaths, Zille boat hire, water sports, cycle hire • Hotel’s own active programme • Free massage for every coach driver (for a stay of 2 or more nights) • Coach car park with washing facilities Hotel Donauschlinge Schlögen 2, 4083 Haibach / Donau Tel: +43 7279 8212 Fax: +43 7279 8212 520

St. Florian Fire-Brigade Museum With a current exhibition space of around 2,500 m², the Upper Austrian fire-brigade museum is probably the largest, and surely the most interesting of its kind in the world. © Gasthof „Zum Aigner Kreuz“

Opening hours: 01 May–31 Oct, 10 am–12 noon and 2 pm–5 pm daily except Monday. Tours with advance booking: tel: +43 7224 8902 or 4219,

Schloss Hohenbrunn Hunting Museum Hire Hohenbrunn hunting lodge for weddings, family celebrations, conventions, presentations, concerts, company celebrations, etc. Opening hours: 01 Apr–31 Oct 10 am–12 noon and 1 pm–5 pm daily Open on public holidays! (Closed Mondays) Tel: +43 7224 20083, Fax: extension -15, GROUP OFFER Tour of the priory for groups of 20 or more persons: €7.50 p.p. + individual organ concert: €175.00 group rate OR tour of the priory for groups of 20 or more persons + admission to the fire-brigade museum: €10.00 p.p. Contact/Information/Bookings: Tourismusverband St. Florian Stiftstraße 1, 4490 St. Florian Tel: +43 7224 5690 Fax +43 7224 5788


Gasthof “Zum Aigner Kreuz” The family-run restaurant is located directly at the entrance to the Wolfsschlucht gorge, making it the ideal starting point for hikes. The dining room offers plenty of space for one or two coach groups. Guests can look forward to down-to-earth cuisine interpreted in a modern way. Lunch, home-made baked goods and a snack menu are offered: • Directly at the entrance to Wolfsschlucht • Hiking map • Aigner Kreuz pilgrimage chapel • Children’s playground • Regional, freshly cooked dishes • Lunch • Large selection of home-made baked goods • Snack menu • Family business with attentive service Gasthof “Zum Aigner Kreuz” Aichinger Family Neuaigen 1 4362 Bad Kreuzen Tel: +43 7266 6225

© Fischgasthof Aumüller

© Keltendorf Mitterkirchen

The Celtic Village of Mitterkirchen

Fischgasthof Aumüller

Mitterkirchen Celtic certificate Prices: €12.00 per person, duration: approx. 3 hrs Free admission for tour guide (with at least 15 persons) Programme: • Welcome drink (mead) • Tour of the museum village • Celtic exam (making fire, willow-wreath throwing, making copper coils, baking flatbreads, archery, long-distance spear-throwing with an atlatl) Celtic package Prices: €9.50 per person, duration approx. 1.5 hrs Free admission for tour guide (with at least 15 persons) Programme: • Welcome drink (mead) • Tour of the museum village • Sweet refreshments (coffee and a Bauernkrapfen, or farmers’ doughnut) or savoury refreshments (¼ l sparkling must and a sandwich) Keltendorf Mitterkirchen 4343 Mitterkirchen, Lehen 12 Tel: +43 7269 6611 (museum ticket office & gastronomy) Timely reservation is required for both group offers.

The fish restaurant with its own must cellar is situated right next to the Danube, nestled in the beautiful Danube Valley: • Restaurant with fish specialities, self-caught Danube fish and other hot dishes • Seating for 90 in the restaurant • Seating for 140 in the restaurant garden • Coach park In the award-winning Danube Valley must cellar, one of Austria’s best, cellar tours and tasting sessions (must, juice, frizzante, cider) with the qualified must sommelier Erich Aumüller are offered: • Tour incl. tasting: €8.50 p.p. (with advance booking) • Min. number of participants: 12 persons • An excursion train takes guests directly along the Danube from the restaurant to the must cellar • NEW: most recent year’s wine and snacks in the must cellar with space for 60 persons, prizewinning varieties of must at national level Fischgasthof Aumüller Donautaler Mostkellerei Obermühl 13, 4131 Obermühl Tel: +43 7286 7216

© Pension zum Römer

© Wesenufer Hotel & Seminarkultur an der Donau

Hotel Wesenufer

Pension zum Römer

Enjoy yourself at one of the most beautiful places by the Danube: • Divine location in the romantic Upper Austrian Danube Valley, near the Schlögener Schlinge river bend, between Linz (45 km) and Passau (37 km). • Located right by the Danube Cycle Path and the Donausteig hiking trail, many other excursion destinations in the immediate surroundings • 49 rooms, some with balcony/terrace, view of the Danube • Schlossrestaurant with regional and seasonal cuisine, awarded the AMA gastro seal • Danube terrace with a magnificent view of the Danube Valley • Event hall with direct access to the Danube terrace for up to 180 persons • Pier directly in front of the hotel • Zille boat trips possible from the hotel. • Permanent exhibition on Zille boats at the hotel

Hotel Garni *** “Pension zum Römer” is situated right by the Danube-Enns Roman Cycle Trail near the centre of Enns, the oldest town in Austria. Visit the historical town centre and immerse yourself in 2,000 years of cultural history. Our hotel is the ideal starting point for attractive leisure activities: the Romantic Route, the beautiful Mühlviertel, St. Florian with its priory and many other excursion destinations.

Wesenufer Hotel & Seminarkultur an der Donau Wesenufer 1 4085 Waldkirchen am Wesen Tel: +43 7718 200 90


• 21 modern rooms, some with balcony and terrace • Every room has satellite TV and an Internet connection • Extensive breakfast buffet with a juice bar and fresh fruit • Own underground car park and lift Prices: Double room: €68.00 I Single room: €49.00 Half board: €14.00 p.p. (at a partner business a few metres away) Hotel Garni *** Pension zum Römer Mauthausnerstraße 39 4470 Enns Tel: +43 7223 84900 Fax: +43 7223 849003


OÖ Kulturquartier © Alex Davies

Nordico © Erich Goldmann



18 Schlossmuseum © Erich Goldmann

Landesgalerie © Erich Goldmann

The diversity of a cultural capital The Linz event calendar is diverse and wide-ranging. Here, the focus is on having fun with culture and new paths are being pioneered. The projects – no matter whether exhibition, film, concert, theatre or installation art – are designed to offer a general overview and to be accessible to everyone. New perspectives are opened up. You can discover culture, architecture and history not only at the numerous concert halls and event venues, open-air stages, museums and galleries, but also through exploring the city on foot, on Segways, the Linz City Express or on a harbour tour with a Wurm + Köck excursion boat.

19 Tabakfabrik © Linz Tourismus, Zoe Fotografie

City walking tours

The diversity of a cultural capital

Discover Linz and Upper Austria with the Austria Guides! The alleys and squares of the Old Town, Pöstlingberg, the Danube, the different districts of Linz – none know them better than the Austria Guides.

Austria Guides On a guided tour of the city (whether by day or, particularly atmospheric, in the evening) with an Austria Guide of your choice, the history of the city comes alive. Immerse yourself in the history of the townhouses and the life of famous historical figures, and discover sights well worth seeing which you’d never have found on your own. The Austria Guides will lead you to the loveliest places in Upper Austria, introduce you to special cultural features and make you acquainted with old traditions and customs. Our tip: City tours can be undertaken on foot, by boat, with an expert accompanying you on the coach, by bicycle or on Segways. Guided tours are offered in the following languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovakian, Japanese and Chinese.


German Up to 2 hrs Up to 40 persons Every additional person Charge per extra hour Other languages Up to 2 hours Up to 40 persons Every additional person Charge per extra hour

Cancellation policy: From 7 days prior to the agreed start of €105.00 the tour: 50% of the agreed fee is due. €1.50 From 3 days prior to the agreed start €30.00 of the tour: 100% of the agreed fee is due.

€120.00 €1.50 €35.00

The prices stated exclude 20% VAT and are non-binding: Please arrange the specific price by agreement with the Austria Guide of your choice, to be found here: Terms of payment: At the start of the tour (or, by arrangement, immediately following receipt of the invoice) For bank transfers from non-EU countries, there is a surcharge of €15.00.

© Weinhold

Contact/Information/Bookings: Linz Guide Service Tel: +43 650 2009 009

© R. Eckerstorfer

Guided city tours & themed tours Themed tours: • Linz: Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow, the Linz City Walking Tour • Linz Architecture: modern Linz, Tabakfabrik, industrial Linz, cultural buildings • Famous Historical Figures: Anton Bruckner, Adalbert Stifter, the Habsburgs, Johannes Kepler • History & Contemporary History: Linz under the Nazis, air-raid shelter tours • Cuisine: culture & gourmet walking tours, Linzer Torte, Linz restaurants and markets • Evening tours • Linz seen from above: On themed guided tours, the Austria Guides highlight various historical figu- fantastic views of the city res and epochs with a lasting influence • Advent and tours of nativity scenes on the city or, on themed walking tours, • Costume tours: Your Austria Guide or the Linz night watchman show you an unusual way of exploring accompanies the group, dressed Linz. in original costume. • Women of the City: The tour follows the lives of the ordinary and famous women of Linz.

The diversity of a cultural capital

Scientists, literati and artists, such as Johannes Kepler, Anton Bruckner, Waltraud Mitgutsch and Adalbert Stifter, have felt inspired by Linz and created impressive works.

Details of the tours available can be found at

Architecture map 41 buildings and art in the public area


City tours on wheels Linz City Express See and enjoy the city’s main attractions. Listen to the information on culture and history, accompanied by music. Its glass panoramic roof and heating system make the bright yellow train suitable for all weather. It has also received the Golden Pony Award.

Schoolchildren up to the 8th grade €3.00 Schoolchildren up to the 9th grade €4.00 Students €7.00 Group tours occupying the whole train (max. 45 persons) Linz Classic Tour – Best of Linz (approx. 25 min) €210.00 Linz Grand Classic Tour – Best of Linz + guided tour of the New Cathedral (approx. 50 min) €280.00 Linz Blue Danube Tour – Best of Linz + Alt-Urfahr, Linzer Schloss, Römerberg (approx. 50 min) €280.00 Linz Panorama Tour – Best of Linz + panoramic view, Botanical Gardens (approx. 50 min) €280.00 New Linz Tour – Best of Linz + new, modern railway district (approx. 50 min) €280.00 Linz Special Tour – Linz Blue Danube Tour + guided tour of the New Cathedral (approx. 1.5 hrs) €400.00

Prices 2016 (prices include 10% VAT) Linz Classic Tour – Best of Linz (approx. 25 min) Adults / Youth aged 14+ €9.00 Children aged 3+ €4.00 Group rates for 15 or more persons Adults / Youth aged 14+ €8.00 Children aged 3+ €3.00 Group rates for 30 or more persons Adults / Youth aged 14+ €7.00 Children aged 3+ €3.00 Group rates for 45 or more persons Adults / Youth aged 14+ €6.00 Children aged 3+ €3.00 Offered in the following languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish, Group rates: Kindergartens €2.00 Hungarian, Czech, French and Russian.


The diversity of a cultural capital

Collection from hotel/boat/restaurant In the city centre – only in combination with a group tour occupying the whole train: Collection; finish at Hauptplatz: €30.00 Collection; return trip: €60.00 Special tours/transfers: First ½ hour €140.00 Every additional ½ hour €80.00 Opening hours in 2016 Jan, Feb 10 am–4 pm, Mar, Apr, Nov, Dec 10 am–5 pm, May–Oct: 10 am–6 pm Individual tours may occasionally be omitted for technical reasons. However, special tours are possible at any time on request!

Contact/Information/Bookings: Linz City Express Hauptplatz – Kiosk, 4020 Linz Tel/Fax: +43 732 797555 Mobile: +43 664 4238900


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The diversity of a cultural capital

SEGWAY – GLIDE THROUGH LINZ Group offers 2016 (Prices include 20% VAT) Standard tours GLIDE effortlessly past the most beautiful sights and views of Linz on 4 routes: LinzTour (Old Town, Linzer Schloss, Musiktheater, city parks) BergTour (Donaupark, Ars Electronica Center, Alt-Urfahr, Pöstlingberg) NaTour (Freinberg, Zaubertal and defence towers) DanubeTour through Urfahr and the Danube river meadows to Kepler University.

MiniaTours Introductory tours in the Donaupark, up Schlossberg and through the vibrant evening city centre. Duration: 1.25 hrs Price for group of 10 persons €300.00 Individual passengers €33.00

We organise surprise catering on the tour, leisurely meals at the end of the day, and are always happy to meet additional creative challenges. You’ll find all details of the offer and B2B prices under the Events section at

Trekking Tours On off-road Segways, these show you the loveliest nature trails in the countryside surrounding Linz. Duration: up to 3.5 hrs Price for group of 10 persons €660.00 Individual passengers €72.00

Big groups / Events We organise weather-sure obstacle course events with a professional infrastructure (obstacles, audio technology) for up to 300 participants. We GLIDE along individual routes with groups of up to 50, hire additional SegDuration: 2.5 hrs Price for group of 10 persons €480.00 ways from other operators in Austria, Individual passengers €54.00 and look after you with up to 10 guides simultaneously.


Contact/Information/Bookings: LINZerSCHWEBEN Hauptplatz 1, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 7070 2009


AEC © Martin Hieslmair

AEC © Florian Voggeneder

AEC © Lois Lammhuber

AEC © Martin Hieslmair

Museums open up new perspectives

Offers and admission prices 2016 Adultt €8.50 Reduced rate (schoolchildren, trainees, students, senior citizens) €6.50 Groups (12 or more persons) €6.50 Tours (during opening hours) Highlight Tour (1.5 hrs excl. admission) Full price €3.50 Groups (up to 12 persons) €45.00 Admission & tour for school classes €4.00


• TIME OUT • Kids’ Research Laboratory

Situated directly on the Danube and in the centre of Linz, this museum of the future captivates the imagination with its fascinating architecture and impressive exhibitions. Visitors can catch a glimpse of the mysteries of the human body, enter into communication with robots, or become designers of the future. Deep Space 8K draws you into absorbing 2D and 3D visual worlds. The Highlight Tour is perfect for a first visit to Ars Electronica Center, as it offers a unique overview of all the exhibition areas and Ars Electronica Center in general. A visit to Deep Space is also included.

Offers on the theme of UNESCO City of Media Arts 2016 The Elements of Art and Science exhibition is dedicated to projects that fuse scientific research and artistic production, giving rise to impressive aesthetic works. Deep Space 8K with its large-scale wall and floor projections offers a unique infrastructure for media artists. Award-winning animations of Contact/Information/Bookings: the international media arts competition Prix Ars Electronica are shown here in a Ars Electronica Center striking form. Ars-Electronica-Straße 1, 4040 Linz Tel: +43 732 7272 0 Events Deep Space LIVE, every Thu 8 pm Opening hours: Tue, Wed, Fri 9 am–5 pm Restau Cafe.Restaurant.Bar Cubus Thu 9 am–9 pm rant on site Sat, Sun, public holidays (except Mon) On the 3rd floor of Ars Electronica 10 am–6 pm Center, you can dine overlooking the Closed Mon Danube.

Exhibitions • New Images of Humankind • Deep Space 8K • Spaceship Earth • Elements of Art and Science • Out of Control – What the Web Knows about You


The diversity of a cultural capital

Lentos © A. Sigalov

Lentos © maschekS

Lentos © Engelhardt Sellin

The diversity of a cultural capital

LENTOS KUNSTMUSEUM LINZ LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz responds to every change in the heartbeat of art. It is one of the most important museums of modern and contemporary art in Austria. It stands out thanks not only to its modern architecture but also, above all, to its high-quality art collection and wide variety of special exhibitions. Exhibitions in 2016 MOTHER OF THE YEAR. Between Empowerment and Crisis: Images of Motherhood from 1900 to Today. Until 21 Feb 2016 PRESENTATION OF THE NEW COLLECTION, Opening 04 Feb 2016 ICH KENNE KEIN WEEKEND From René Block’s archive and collection, 18 Mar–05 June 2016 INGEBORG STROBL 24 June–02 Oct 2016 GOTTFRIED BECHTOLD 21 Oct–19 Feb 2016 BERNHARD FUCHS. Forests Until 31 Jan 2016

Group tours: duration: 1 hr, max. 25 persons (with advance booking) €65.00 per group plus admissions Short tour in German, English or Czech, duration: 30 min, Offers and admission prices 2016 Adults €8.00 max. 25 persons (with advance booking) Reduced rates €6.00 / €4.50 €45.00 per group plus admissions Groups of 8 or more persons €6.00 Family ticket €14.50 Lentos Restaurant Cafe Bar Restau rant With terrace overlooking the School classes, on site children up to the age of 7 Free Danube. Audio guide (German/English), Groups are advised to book tours in advance. €2.00 ANYA TITOVA, 18 Mar–29 May 2016 BÉATRICE DREUX 24 June–25 Sep 2016

Contact/Information/Bookings: Public tours: Thu 7 pm and Sun 4 pm, duration: 1 hr Please note the current dates at Tour ticket: €3.00 Public tours in English, Czech & Turkish: Every 1st Saturday of the month: 4 pm, duration: 30 min, tour ticket: €2.00 Subject to change!

LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz Ernst-Koref-Promenade 1, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 7070 3600 Bookings: Teleservice Centre of the City of Linz +43 732 7070 Opening hours: Tue–Sun 10 am–6 pm, Mon closed, Thu 10 am–9 pm, closed on 24–25 Dec 2015 and 01 Jan 2016


Nordico © Erich Goldmann



The diversity of a cultural capital

NORDICO STADTMUSEUM LINZ You can view art of the past and present from Linz and Upper Austria, and also learn about the history of the city, archaeology and photography at NORDICO, Linz’s municipal museum. Exhibitions in 2016 MARTINSKIRCHE, CRUSADERS AND BOTTLED BEER Linz’s Archaeology of 1,200 Years Until 28 Mar 2016 CLICK! LINZ PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE INTERWAR PERIOD 15 Apr–11 Sep 2016 LANDSCAPE AND PHOTOGRAPHY Gerhard Brandl 29 Apr–04 Sep 2016 KLEMENS BROSCH 30 Sep 2016–08 Jan 2017 100% LINZ. Kaleidoscope of a City All year


Offers and admission prices 2016 Adults €6.50 Reduced rates €4.50 / €2.50 Groups of 8 or more persons €4.50 Family ticket €11.00 School classes, children up to the age of 7 Free Public tours: Tue 4 pm, Sun 3 pm Changes are possible! Tour ticket €3.00


Contact/Information/Bookings: Group tours: Duration: 1 hr, max. 25 persons, (with advance booking) €65.00 per group plus admissions Restaurant Orpheus

Restau rant on site

NORDICO Stadtmuseum Linz Dametzstraße 23, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 7070 1912 (ticket office) Bookings: Teleservice Centre of the City of Linz +43 732 7070 Opening hours: Tue–Sun 10 am–6 pm Mon closed, Thu 10 am–9 pm Closed on 24–25 Dec and 01 Jan

© OÖ Kulturquartier

© OÖ Kulturquartier

OÖ Kulturquartier © Matthias Lauringer

The diversity of a cultural capital

NEXTCOMIC Festival 10–20 Mar 2016 CROSSING EUROPE Exhibitions – events – musical events – European film festival festivals – theatre – cinema – children’s 20–25 Apr 2016 programme – international gastronomy Höhenrausch 2016 – the OÖ Kulturquartier at the heart of 21 May–16 Oct 2016 Linz is a space and creative centre for CyberArts 16 art and culture – from regional speciali- Prix Ars Electronica exhibition 08–18 Sep 2016 ties to international art highlights! SUUUPER SUNDAY In addition to overarching large-scale There’s really something going on! projects, the public space – the courtyards, squares, facades and roofs – is The last Sunday of every month Long Thursday also used for art. Whether summer cinema and gardens The last Thursday of every month in the warm seasons or an Advent market in the winter – the OÖ Kulturquartier is a vibrant, pulsating location and a meeting place for the curious – 7 days a week, 365 days a year. OÖ KULTURQUARTIER

Exhibitions 2016 Christina Lucas: The Big Questions 11 Feb–25 Apr 2016 Museum Total 19–21 Feb 2016

Offers and admission prices 2016 Please note the opening hours and prices of the individual partners and cultural institutions on our website: Bar Restaurant Gelbes Krokodil Cafe/bar Solaris, Cafe/bar Stern; Additional restaurants Restau on OK-Platz. rant on site U.Hof essen.trinken

Contact/Information/Bookings: OÖ Kulturquartier OK-Platz 1, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 784178

OÖ Kulturquartier © Otto Saxinger

The OK cultural centre is producing an essential item on the Ars Electronica Festival programme – the CyberArts 2016. The exhibition is a trendsetter for digital art and its development.


© Ernst Grilnberger

Linz Tourismus © A. Sigalov

Schlossmuseum © Johann Steininger,

Linz Tourismus © A. Sigalov

The diversity of a cultural capital


Offers and admission prices 2016 Adults €6.50 Group of 8 or more persons €5.00 Reduced rate €4.50 Senior citizens aged 60+ Free School classes Free After-school care clubs (p.p.) €1.00 Tour tickets: 1 hr €3.00 Tour tickets for children and adults: 1.5 hrs €4.00 Nature/technology/cultural workshop €6.00

The addition of the modern south wing of the Schlossmuseum Linz has made it the biggest universal museum in Austria in a historical location. As the universal museum for Upper Austria, it exhibits all the collections from the Upper Austrian regional museums, as well as the latest special exhibitions and permanent exhibitions on nature, technology and cultural history, ranging Restau Schloss Herberstein Brasserie from the beginnings of life in Upper rant on site Austria approx. 45 million years ago all the way to the 20th century, on an area of over 10,000 m². Contact/Information/Bookings: Exhibitions 2016 50 Years – 50 Works – 50 Stories Anniversary tour of the Schlossmuseum, 15 Jan 2016–08 Jan 2017 Portraits from the Uffizi Gallery The Splendour of the Medici in Linz 16 Mar–21 Aug 2016


Schlossmuseum Linz Schlossberg 1, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 77 20 52 300 Opening hours: Mon closed, Tue, Wed, Fri 9 am–6 pm Thu 9 am–9 pm, Sat, Sun and public holidays 10 am–5 pm

LANDESGALERIE LINZ Landesgalerie Linz holds changing exhibitions on art of different periods, particularly by young artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. A Kubin room, the Kabinett, has been built to accommodate the large collection of works by Alfred Kubin. The Landesgalerie’s own sculpture park also presents contemporary art. Exhibitions 2016 Razor-sharp and with a great love of detail Works of the New Objectivity 10 Mar–05 June 2016 From the collection: A City in Motion 10 Mar–01 May 2016 6x6 Approaches to the Future of Photography 26 May–21 Aug 2016 From the collection: Landscapes 23 June–21 Aug 2016 Linz Art Salon 10–11 Sep 2016

Landesgalerie © Ernst Grilnberger

© Biologiezentrum


The diversity of a cultural capital

Klemens Brosch “Signs and miracles still happen...” 30 Sep 2016–Jan 2017 Klemens Brosch Prize winners 20 Oct 2016–12 Mar 2017 Art Class, 20 Oct 2016–12 Mar 2017

Biologiezentrum Linz

The Linz Biology Centre collects, preserves, researches, documents and conveys knowledge about the animal and plant kingdoms, and about rocks Offers and admission prices 2016 and minerals. The centre possesses Adults €6.50 the largest natural history collection in Group of 8 or more persons €5.00 Upper Austria. Reduced rate €4.50 Senior citizens aged 60+ Free Exhibitions 2016 School classes Free The Woodpecker – who’s that tapping? After-school care clubs (p.p.) €1.00 Until 16 Oct 2016 Tour ticket: 1 hr €3.00 The Colourful World of Lichens Tour ticket for children 04 Nov 2016–Sep 2017 and adults: 1.5 hrs €4.00 Art workshop (for children) €6.00 Offers and admission prices 2016 Adults/children Free Tour ticket: 1 hr, adults €3.00 Tour ticket: 1 hr, children €3.00 Nature workshop (for children) €5.00 Tour ticket: 1.5 hrs €4.00


Linz Tourismus © A. Sigalov

Contact/Information/Bookings: Landesgalerie Linz Museumstraße 14, 4010 Linz Tel: +43 732 7720 52 200 Opening hours: Mon closed, Tue, Wed, Fri 9 am–6 pm, Thu 9 am–9 pm, Sat, Sun and public holidays 10 am–5 pm

Biologiezentrum Linz Johann-Wilhelm-Klein-Str. 73 4040 Linz Tel: +43 732 7720 52 100 Opening hours: Mon–Fri 9 am–5 pm, Sun & public holidays 10 am–5 pm, Sat closed

STIFTER HAUS The StifterHaus umbrella brand unites the Adalbert Stifter Institute, a research facility for the study of literature and linguistics, and also the OÖ Literaturhaus and its programme of events, in the rooms of the former residence of Adalbert Stifter (1805–1868). Programme 2016 Exhibition: Landsturm District Commando Unit Linz 20 August 1914 Robert Musil and the First World War From 21 Oct 2015–26 Mar 2016 Daily except Monday 10 am–3 pm, free admission Events (book presentations/readings): See the current programme at Offers and admission prices 2016 Free admission to the events Individual and group tours of the OÖ Literaturmuseum (must be booked in advance).

Contact/Information/Bookings: The Adalbert Stifter Institute / StifterHaus Literature & Language in Upper Austria Adalbert-Stifter-Platz 1, 4020 Linz Tel: + 43 732 7720 11294 or 11295, Opening hours (exhibition and museum): Tue–Sun 10 am–3 pm (except 24 and 25 Dec and 01 Jan), closed Mon


© Stift St. Florian

© Brucknerhaus

30 © Erich Goldmann

© Bruckner Orchester

Anton Bruckner, organ virtuoso The composer lived in and around Linz and influences the region even today. It’s a very special experience to walk in the great symphonist’s footsteps and to hear the works that have left such a deep impression on the world of music. At the organs of Linz and St. Florian, Anton Bruckner (1824–1896) altered the course of music – irrevocably, irresistibly, and in an unprecedentedly modern way.


Bruckner Orchester © Reinhard Winkler

© Reinhard Winkler

Anton Bruckner, the great symphonist

Anton Bruckner, organ virtuoso

Musical walk through Linz – on this walk, you can see the only original organ of Bruckner’s to have survived, which is in the Ignatiuskirche (Old Cathedral) – once the composer’s place of work, now the site of his memorial. Here you can hear music as Bruckner himself once heard it.

BRUCKNER STAIRWAY IN THE ALTER Bruckner Stairway prices: Groups of 4 persons or less: flat rate DOM of €10.00 plus fee for the Bruckner WWW.BRUCKNERSTIEGE.AT Guide Groups of 5 or more persons: €2.00 The Bruckner Stairway in the Alter Dom or Old Cathedral: a Bruckner me- per person plus fee for the Bruckner Guide morial. Special tours on the theme of “Anton Bruckner and Linz”, illustrated with samples of music and stories from For the Bruckner Organ Listening the life of Anton Bruckner, lead you up Experience and organ tour, see page 36. to the famous Bruckner Organ. Bruckner tour 2016 It is only possible to visit the Bruckner Stairway on guided group tours (max. 20 persons). Specially trained Bruckner Guides allow you to visit this short but sweet Bruckner exhibition as part of their tours. Bruckner walking tour incl. Stairway Duration: up to 2 hrs Reference price Austria Guide: €105.00 German €120.00 foreign language excl. 20% VAT


Contact/Information/Bookings: Names and addresses of all Bruckner Stairway guides at: Agents: Linz Guide Service Tel: +43 650 2009009

LISTENING TO ANTON BRUCKNER IN AND AROUND LINZ International Bruckner Festival Linz 18 Sep–07 Oct 2016 With the theme of encounters, the International Bruckner Festival Linz 2015 took giant steps across the world map of culture. In 2016, these international encounters will be expanded geographically, and top-class artists from all over the world will provide a truly remarkable festival for the audience. Linzer Klangwolken visualisiert 10 Sep 2016 Open Classic Night 17 Sep 2016 Kinderklangwolke Sep 2016 For over 30 years, the Linzer Klangwolken at the beginning of September have been a real magnet for locals from Linz, as well as visitors from Austria and abroad. At, you can find announcements of the latest information and dates.

© A. Röbl

© Stift St. Florian

© Stift St. Florian

Anton Bruckner, organ virtuoso

Bruckner Days at St. Florian 14–20 Aug 2016 The birth of a symphony – Bruckner’s Sixth Additional events at St. Florian’s Priory 2016 Fiori Musicali baroque music festival 23 Apr–07 June 2016 St. Florian Organ Summer 26 June–17 July 2016 St. Florian Organ Autumn 18 Sep–23 Oct 2016 Advent concert of the St. Florian Boys’ Choir, 08 Dec 2016 Organ music to see out the year 31 Dec 2016 Upper Austrian monastery concerts 04 June–24 July 2016 International artists perform in the stately rooms of the monasteries of St. Florian, Kremsmünster and Lambach in Upper Austria.

Offers and prices 2016 Priory tour Duration: 60 min Basilica, Bruckner sarcophagus, library, The Augustinian Priory of St. Florian is marble hall, Altdorfer altarpiece, price €7.50 p.p. a place of fellowship and devotion, and for groups of 20 or more at the same time a cultural focal point for the region. It was in this ecclesiasti- Bruckner Organ Listening Experience cal community that Bruckner immersed Duration: approx. 20 min Live recital on the Bruckner Organ from himself deep in the world of music, 22 May–16 Oct 2016, daily (except first as a choirboy and later as an €4.00 p.p. organist. It was here that he perfected Tue and Sat) at 2.30 pm Combined ticket, tour + Bruckner his organ playing and created his first Organ Listening Experience large-scale compositions. And it was €10.00 p.p. this place, in the vault beneath the organ, which became his final resting Combined ticket, tour + Imperial Room place. Group price €10.00 p.p. Bruckner Organ at St. Florian Short organ recitals for groups can be From 1770 onwards, master organ arranged all year round with advance builder Franz Xaver Kristmann began booking €175.00 all-inclusive price building the Anton Bruckner Organ in the artist’s honour. Over the course of time it was enlarged, and now compri- Church tour for groups (Duration: 30 min) ses 4 manuals, 103 stops and 7,386 Basilica, vault, crypt €5.00 p.p. organ pipes. THE AUGUSTINIAN PRIORY OF ST. FLORIAN

Contact/Information/Bookings: Upper Austrian monastery concerts Concert office in the OÖ Theater und Orchester GmbH Promenade 39, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 7611 600 Ticket office Domgasse 12, 4010 Linz (Mon–Fri 9 am–12 noon) Tel: +43 732 776127

The Bruckner Organ Listening Experience Organ concerts (approx. 30 min) on the world-famous Bruckner Organ from mid-May to mid-October, daily (except Tue and Sat) at 2.30 pm Contact: Tel: +43 7224 890213

Contact/Information/Bookings: Augustiner Chorherrenstift St. Florian Stiftstraße 1, 4490 St. Florian Tel: +43 7224 8902 0 Fax: +43 7224 8902 23

Tours of the Priory 01 May–16 Oct 2016, daily at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm; all year round for groups of 10 or more with advance booking.


A group experience on the trail of a musical genius

© Anton Bruckner Museum

Treat yourself to a short holiday in Linz with Anton Bruckner! This package takes you from Linz, where the composer worked, to the most important places associated with his career.

Anton Bruckner, organ virtuoso

Day 1: Experiencing Anton Bruckner in Linz Enter the world of Anton Bruckner in a stroll around the town. Listen to his works and visit the Bruckner Stairway, with the only original organ played by the musician that still survives, as well as the biggest church in Austria. Day 2: Individual experiences of Bruckner Morning • In the late morning, you’ll ride Europe’s steepest mountain railway up Pöstlingberg to enjoy the view of the city. Then it’s on to the baroque Priory of St. Florian, where Anton Bruckner was laid to rest. Next, an opportunity to have lunch. Afternoon • Bruckner Organ Listening Experience (May–Oct) and visit to St. Florian’s Priory or • Listen to music as heard in Bruckner’s day, at a live recital on the original Bruckner Organ in Linz’s Alter Dom. (Surcharge €2.00 p.p.) Price includes: • 2 nights at the Hotel Park Inn by Radisson Linz • 2 evening meals • 1 city walk In Bruckner’s Footsteps • 1 full day accompanied by a state certified Austria Guide (on day 2) • Admission to the Bruckner Stairway and St. Florian incl. Bruckner Listening Experience. Price per person per package:

€ 199,00 Surcharge for single room: € 63,00 Double room with breakfast:

Information/Bookings: Imperial Connection Beck OG Tel.: +43 2252 25 43 273 Basis of calculation: 25 participants; own coach available for booking; all year round, subject to availability. Information correct as of Oct 2015; prices are subject to change.


Anton-Bruckner-Museum At 4.30 am on 4 September 1824, Anton Bruckner was born in the flat of the schoolmaster in Ansfelden, the first child of Theresia and Anton Bruckner. After extensive renovation work, the Anton Bruckner Museum in the house of Bruckner’s birth in Ansfelden was reopened in 2014. A large project is bringing music into the house in the form of audio stations. It is possible to listen to music in every room – not only by Bruckner himself, but also by his contemporaries or the composers who had a lasting effect on his musical works. In this way, a short acoustic history of Upper Austria’s music in the 19th century is also created. Prices: Adults €2.50 Audio guides available free of charge. Tour ticket €3.00 Groups of 8 or more persons €2.00 Children (aged 6–15) €1.00 School classes Free

Anton Bruckner SYMPHONY TRAIL This 9.2-km walking route leads from Anton Bruckner’s birthplace in Ansfelden through meadows and wooded hills to St. Florian, where the famous composer is buried. Listening to Bruckner’s symphonies (on an MP3 player), you can turn a walk along the trail into an audiovisual experience. MP3 players can be loaned for a deposit from the Anton Bruckner Centrum (€22.00 deposit incl. €2.00 rental fee).

© OÖ Tourismus

Contact/Information/Bookings: Contact/ Information/Bookings: Anton Bruckner Museum Augustinerstraße 3, 4052 Ansfelden Tel: +43 676 7775370 +43 7229 8712812 (Pfarre Ansfelden) Opening hours: April to end of Oct Fri 9 am–12 noon, Sat, Sun & public holidays 10 am–5 pm Groups with advance booking

Anton Bruckner Centrum Ansfelden Carlonestraße 2, 4052 Ansfelden Tel: +43 7229 78333 Opening hours: Tue 8 am–12 noon and Thu 2 pm–6 pm

© Musica Sacra

© Musica Sacra

© Musica Sacra

Churches and concerts in churches Dance to Gloria 15 Apr 2016, 7.30 pm Minoritenkirche Johann Sebastian Bach Balduin Sulzer, Martina Fender For 28 years, Linz’s musica sacra series of concerts in churches has deligh- Ensemble Con Spirito, Vera Kral, ted the music lovers among its visitors, Sandra Milla with around 20 concerts through the Das Wiener Barockoratorium liturgical year: Silent, Carol, Passion, 09 May 2016, 7.30 pm and Final. Ursulinenkirche Arias from oratorios by Joseph Fux Concerts 2016 and Antonio Caldara Calamus Consort PASSION Desire & Renunciation The Flute Music from 06 Mar 2016, 5 pm the Pen of J. S. Bach Minoritenkirche 13 May 2016, 7.30 pm An unusual evening dedicated to the Martinskirche topic of the Passion Charles Brink, Bernhard Prammer Die letzten Dinge 12 Mar 2016, 7.30 pm Friedenskirche Louis Spohr, Die letzten Dinge (WoO 61) Oratorio for soloists, choir and orchestra, Collegium Vocale Linz MUSICA SACRA MUSIC IN LINZ’S CHURCHES WWW.MUSICASACRA.AT

St John Passion 20 Mar 2016, 5 pm Martin-Luther-Kirche Johann Sebastian Bach: St John Passion BWV 245, Concerto Luterano Evangelische Kantorei FINAL Heaven & Earth 10 Apr 2016, 5 pm Minoritenkirche Fair is the Heaven Sacred choral music from England and Scandinavia, Linzer Jeunesse Chor

© Musica Sacra

LANDESKONZERTE WWW.LANDESKONZERTE.AT Classical music away from the mainstream at places that are not normally available for concerts. The four series of concerts from the province of Upper Austria offer delights for music lovers: • • • •

Old Music at Linzer Schloss vocalises Sunday Music in the Salon Organ Music in the Minoritenkirche

Prices Ticket price €12.00 Reduced ticket price €6.00 (senior citizens, schoolchildren and students, persons with disabilities)

Contact/Information/Bookings: Kartenservice Landeskonzerte Maria Lehner Tel. +43 732 7720 15063 Mon–Fri 8 am–12 noon Tickets can be reserved by telephone or email; reserved tickets are held at the box office.

Contact/Information/Bookings: musica sacra linz musik in linzer kirchen Promenade 39, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 7611 600 Box office: Tel. +43 800 218000


Information for church choirs If you’re travelling as a group, Linz Tourismus can help you find suitable opportunities for performances or can put together a programme of cultural visits. Further information: Linz Tourismus Tel: +43 732 7070 2926 to 2929

Alter Dom © Erich Goldmann

Bruckner Organ

Churches and concerts in churches

Bruckner Organ Listening Experience in the Alter Dom (Groups of about 35 or more) • Short recital (30 min) Administered by the Jesuits, the Ignati- • Recital (50 min) uskirche or Alter Dom is famous for its historic Bruckner Organ. It was here at Organ tours the Old Cathedral that Bruckner obtai- (Groups of about 35 or more) ned his second post as full-time profes- • Explanation of the organ and short sional organist. Modified in Bruckner’s concert (30 min) • Explanation of the organ and organ time according to his own wishes, today the instrument still sounds as it recital (60 min) did in his day – which is what makes Prices: from €150.00 it so unique. The Bruckner Stairway (Price list on request) leading up to the organ is an enchanting memorial to the great musician. Cancellation policy Its showcases offer a well-presented introduction to Anton Bruckner. Music 7 or more days before the event: 0% played on the Linz Bruckner Organ can Up to 6 days before the event: 25% Up to 24 hours before the event: 50% be heard on headphones. Thereafter cancellation cost of 100% is due. Organ tours Special organ tours and short concerts Due to the restoration of the Bruckner are offered. For visits to the organ, the Organ in Linz’s Alter Dom, no organ concerts as part of Linz Organ Summer maximum group size is 35 persons. will take place in the summer season 2016. Restoration from around July to LINZ’S IGNATIUSKIRCHE – OLD CATHEDRAL WWW.IGNATIUSKIRCHE.AT


September. It will be possible to use the Bruckner Stairway during this period, but the organ will be inaccessible for three months. Events 2016 Traditional organ meditation: The Power of Silence 07, 14 and 21 Dec 2016 Begins 6 pm, duration: 30 min Bruckner Birthday Concert 04 Sep 2016, begins 8 pm Bruckner’s Symphony No. 7 in the version for piano played by four hands Piano duo Dino Sequi Prices: €10.00, reduced rate €5.00 (no advance sales, box office on the night only)

Contact/Information/Bookings: Booking of organ tours Mag. Bernhard Prammer Tel: +43 699 17321809

Marien Dom

Marien Dom © Andreas Krenn

Churches and concerts in churches

LINZ’S MARIENDOM – NEW CATHEDRAL WWW.MARIENDOM.AT The neo-Gothic Mariendom or New Cathedral can hold up to 20,000 people, making it the biggest church in Austria. On exciting tours, you can experience the cathedral at first hand, explore rooms and galleries not normally open to the public and enjoy a wonderful view of Linz from the spire. Offers/Prices/Tours 2016 Standard (1 hr) This compact tour offers you a guided trip through the history of Mariendom’s architecture and construction. With the aid of the accurately detailed images on the many stained-glass windows, connections with the history of the diocese, the city and the province are explained.

Adults Reduced rate (children) Group rate: 15–25 persons Reduced rate

€4.00 Organ recital on the €3.00 Rudigier Organ (25 min) €60.00 Group rates on request. €45.00

Themed tours Combinations of several tour modules are also possible! (1 to 3 hrs; max. participants per tour 15–25 persons – depending on tour) Prices on request (group and individual rates depend on tour module chosen and tour duration). Stained-glass Windows Tour, incl. gallery (1 hr) As well as explanations of how the stained-glass windows were created, you can also view individual stainedglass windows in detail. The highlight of the tour is the visit to the approx. 14-metre-high inner gallery.

Torchlight Tour (1 hr) Standard Tour (1 hr) The mystique of the cathedral can be (max. 25 participants per tour) Adults €6.00 sensed in a very special way in the Reduced rate (children) €4.00 evening hours. Exploring it with a torch Group rate: 15–25 persons €90.00 is as exciting an experience for adults Reduced rate €60.00 as it is for children. High Walkway Tour (1 hr) Short Tour (30 min) This tour allows you a glimpse into (max. 25 participants per tour) Adults €3.50 otherwise inaccessible parts of the Reduced rate (children) €2.00 cathedral (inner and outer gallery). Group rate: 15–25 persons €52.50 Reduced rate €30.00 Organ incl. short recital (1 hr) An introduction to the Rudigier Organ, one of the biggest and best in the Tower and Bells Tour (45 min) world. Explanations are given by orga(max. 25 participants per tour) Guided ascent of the tower right up to nists, who also play samples of music. the 65-metre-high platform with pano- (Price on request) ramic views over Linz.

TIP: Experience the music of the liturgy in the services at Mariendom: 10 am on Sundays and public holidays – you can find further dates and details in the programme folder: Tours in sign language and for the visually impaired (up to 1.5 hours; max. 15 participants) Prices on request. Special educational tours for school students, children, families, the visually impaired. In German and English

Contact/Information/Bookings: DomCenter Linz Herrenstraße 36, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 946100


Brucknerhaus © LIVA, kswfoto

Concert halls and theatres BRUCKNERHAUS

performance with Thomas Hampson at Festival Vocale; the “rock star of the violin”: Midori; Dmitri Hvorostovsky; the opera diva Elina Garanca; Youssou Immerse yourself in the world of the stars, and experience the moment when N’Dour, the star from Africa, giving a guest performance in Europe again for top-class orchestras perform in the the first time in years; Denis Matsuev, largest concert hall outside Vienna, be astounded by spectacular acoustics that Julian Rachlin and many more together really get under your skin, and discover with large orchestras. Here, young classics meet the greats of the music scene; a piece of musical history that began here, people dance, jam, orchestrate, with the international star Herbert von Karajan. The architectural jewel of Linz and try out new music, and singers with powerful voices are offered a unique marks the start of the Culture Mile stage. In addition, there’s a packed by the Danube. The Brucknerhaus is festival calendar, ranging from bass, to built on four pillars: tradition, idenpiano and new music. tity, innovation and internationality. This is reflected in events such as the ADVENT & CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL International Bruckner Festival Linz, 24 Nov–20 Dec 2015 from September to October, and the PIANO FESTIVAL Klangwolken – popular large-scale 12–26 Jan 2016 events for up to a hundred thousand BRASS FESTIVAL people in the Donaupark. In addition, during the current 2015/2016 season, 25–28 Jan 2016 BAROQUE & PASSION FESTIVAL the Brucknerhaus is showcasing the following stars: Angelika Kirchschlager; 23 Feb–16 Mar 2016 Edita Gruberová with her perfect colora- WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL turas; Klaus Florian Vogt, giving a guest 04–24 Apr 2016


GUITAR FESTIVAL 08–09 Apr 2016 SPRING FESTIVAL 21 Apr–25 May 2016 NEW MUSIC FESTIVAL 14–19 June 2016 FESTIVAL FOR CHILDREN 20–26 June 2016 2015/2016 CONCERT SEASON: WWW.BRUCKNERHAUS.AT Tours of the Brucknerhaus Let yourself be inspired by the timelessly and uniquely beautiful architecture of Finnish architect Heikki Siren’s masterpiece. We open doors to you that normally remain closed and our staff tell you about their work and the exciting encounters with musical greats from all over the world. Group tours by arrangement Duration: approx. 50 min Guided tour in German (up to 30 persons): Free Guided tour in English

© posthof LIVA

© posthof LIVA

TanzTage 2016 (dance festival) (Mar/Apr) Last Minute – Festival for contemporary theatre (October) Ahoi! Pop Festival Linz’s cultural centre Posthof stages around 250 individual events annually (End of Oct/beginning of Nov) 33rd Linz Cabaret Festival from music, dance, theatre, cabaret (November) and literature and is a hub for (inter) national greats as well as a platform for Austrian Theatre Sports Championship presenting the (home-grown) young ta- (Beginning of Dec) lent scene. Originally built as a branch Posthofbeisl of Linz’s postal service (from 1750), Restau rant Only open on event days! the historical area in Linz’s harbour on site district was adapted in 1984 and 1990, and today, it’s one of the largest and most active event spaces for Contact/Information/Bookings: contemporary culture in Austria. The programmes offered at the Posthof arts Posthof – Contemporary Art centre cover the entire broad spectrum at the Harbour of today’s contemporary culture. Posthofstr. 43, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 770548 0 There are intensive, in-depth series of events with the character of a festival, Advance sales: Tue to Fri, 3 pm–7 pm in order to present individual areas in Tel: +43 732 781800 more detail: POSTHOF – CONTEMPORARY ART AT THE HARBOUR WWW.POSTHOF.AT

(up to 30 persons): €120.00 Bookings: Tel: +43 732 7612 0 Restau -

rant Restaurant Anklang on site in the Brucknerhaus Welcome to Restaurant Anklang! Open from 5.30 pm until after the performance on concert days. Outstanding cuisine in an elegant ambience. Table reservations: Tel. +43 732 78 44 96 (Fax -14) or

Contact/Information/Bookings: Linzer Veranstaltungsgesellschaft mbH Untere Donaulände 7, 4010 Linz LIVA Service Center Tel: +43 732 7752 30 Telephone lines open at the following times: Sep–June: Mon to Fri 10 am–6.30 pm, Sat 10 am–1 pm July–Aug: Mon to Sat 10 am–1 pm


Musiktheater © Sigrid Rauchdobler

Landestheater Linz Bruckner orchester Linz The Bruckner Orchester Linz can look back on a history spanning over 200 years. In recent decades it has become one of Central Europe’s leading ensembles, not least thanks to its successful recordings of Philip Glass and Anton Bruckner.

© Reinhard Winkler

THE Musiktheater am Volksgarten In 2013, the Landestheater opened a new performance venue: Musiktheater am Volksgarten, Europe’s most modern opera house. High comfort for the audience, outstanding acoustics, an optimal view of the stage and state-ofthe-art stage technology make a visit to the theatre an unforgettable experience. The repertory theatre with seating for up to 1,200 people in the main auditorium places a particular emphasis on opera, operetta, ballet and musicals. The theatre was opened with the premiere of Philip Glass’ opera Spuren der Verirrten (The Lost), conducted by the General Music Director of the Bruckner Orchester, Dennis Russell Davies. From an artistic point of view, it is possible to play the entire opera repertoire with a full orchestra. Behind-the-scene tours Get a glimpse behind the scenes and


Concert halls and theatres

take an inspiring tour of the most modern opera house in Europe. Open doors with us that normally remain closed to the public and discover what happens backstage at the Musiktheater. Group tours: Mon–Fri 2 pm–6 pm Duration: approx. 90 min Group price (max. 25 persons): €85.00 Group price in combination with a performance on the same day €60.00 Booking for groups: Tel: +43 732 7611 823 “das Anton” Restaurant Restau rant on site Gastronomic professionals Spitz Catering, Donhauser and Mörwald offer you a premium-class dining experience. Daily 11 am–midnight Daily 9 am–11 pm

Landestheater © Norbert Artner

© Reinhard Winkler

Concert halls and theatres

Grand Hotel Musical by Luther Davis / Robert Wright / George Forrest Schauspielhaus an der Promenade, not Into the Woods Musical by Stephen Sondheim / far from Linz’s Hauptplatz, remains a James Lapine top location for theatre, and focuses not only on the classics but also on BALLET young authors. Between September Swan Lake and July, the Landestheater Linz with the venues Musiktheater am Volksgar- Dort, wo wir nicht sind Music by Peter I. Tchaikovsky, ten and Schauspielhaus Promenade offers up to 800 performances and 40 new ballet by Mei Hong Lin The Nutcracker productions for spectators of any age. Music by Peter I. Tchaikovsky Orfeo ed Euridice Promenadenhof Dance theatre by Mei Hong Lin, At the Landestheater in the Restau rant music by Christoph Willibald Gluck Old Town of Linz on site Carmina Burana Dance theatre by Mei Hong Lin, music by Carl Orff Repertoire January to August 2016 at the Landestheater Linz DRAMA Mein Kühlraum OPERA Theatre by Joël Pommerat La traviata Der Talisman Opera by Giuseppe Verdi Farce with songs by Johann Hänsel und Gretel Nepomuk Nestroy Fairy-tale play for children and adults Heute Abend: Lola Blau by Engelbert Humperdinck Musical for an actress by Georg Kreisler McTeague: A Story of San Francisco Opera by William Bolcom based on the An Ideal Husband Comedy by Oscar Wilde novel by Frank Norris Chapters of a Fall: The Saga of Lehman Pelléas et Mélisande Brothers Lyrical drama by Claude Debussy Play by Stefano Massini Der Operndirektor Tartuffe Opera buffa by Domenico Cimarosa Comedy by Molière TERRA NOVA oder Das weiße Leben My Best Friend Opera by Moritz Eggert Play by Tamsin Oglesby Das Wasser im Meer OPERETTA Play by Christoph Nußbaumeder Die lustige Witwe Sechs Personen suchen einen Autor Operetta by Franz Lehár Comedy in progress by Luigi Pirandello MUSICALS SPECIAL EVENT Singin’ in the Rain Ich war noch niemals in New York Musical by Betty Comden / Adolph The musical based on the Green / Nacio Herb Brown / Arthur songs by Udo Jürgens, Freed 14 July–14 Aug 2016 Hedwig and the Angry Inch Musical by John Cameron Mitchell / DETAILED PROGRAMME: Stephen Trask WWW.LANDESTHEATER-LINZ.AT The Who’s Tommy Musical by Pete Townshend / Des McAnuff Schauspielhaus & Kammerspiele

U\HOF: FINE ART FOR YOUNG AUDIENCES For years, the Kinder- und Jugendtheater, a children’s and young people’s theatre, has time and again attracted thousands of visitors, both young and old. Here too, the programme offers a mixture of ancient, archetypal themes and contemporary stories. Plays which hit the mark, which astound – usually interspersed with playful humour and lots of music – and excite young theatre fans. Franz Stories: Family play adapted from the stories by Christine Nöstlinger U.Hof essen.trinken

Restau rant on site

Prices 2016 Vary depending on the performance/ date/venue Group discount: For 10 or more persons there are group discounts (excluding premieres, guest performances, fairy tales, children’s performances and performances determined separately by management).

For 10 or more p. -10% For 20 or more p. -15% + 1 free ticket For 30 or more p. -20% + 1 free ticket For 40 or more p. -20% + 2 free tickets For every additional 20 p. -20% + 1 additional free ticket Contact/Information/Bookings: Landestheater Linz Promenade 39, 4020 Linz Tel. +43 732 7611 824 Ticket Service opening hours Mon–Fri 9 am–6 pm, Sat 9 am–12.30 pm, closed Sundays and public holidays, also Christmas Eve and Good Friday Evening box offices – opening hours: Musiktheater, Schauspielhaus and Kammerspiele: 1.5 hrs before curtainup, u\hof: 1 hr before curtain-up. Contact Ticket Service: Tel. 0800 218 000 Tel. international +43 732 7611 400


© Phönix

© Phönix

Concert halls and theatres

THEATER PHÖNIX Top entertainment in a sociopolitical, critical spirit: Its committed range of drama, interesting directors and outstanding ensemble of actors have given the Theater Phönix an important place in the Austrian theatre landscape. The primary focus is on contemporary drama. In long-term collaboration with dramatists like Susanne Lietzow, Thomas Baum and Thomas Arzt, commissioned pieces become world premieres. But world premieres by internationally famous authors can also be seen here. In addition, powerful interpretations of theatre classics are on the programme several times a year.


Contact/Information/Bookings: Theater Phönix Wiener Straße 25, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 662641 or +43 732 6665000 Ticket reservations By telephone on +43 732 666500 2015/2016 Programme Mon–Fri 9 am–4 pm (except public Leonce und Lena holidays) and on performance evenings Georg Büchner 4 pm–7 pm. Reservations are possifrom 10 Sep 2015 ble outside of these service times via Er ist wieder da answering machine, online form or By Harald Gebhartl, based on the novel email. by Timur Vermes From 26 Nov 2015 Theatre box office opening hours: Die Lüge For evening events: from 4 pm until 30 Florian Zeller minutes before curtain-up. See “ProFrom 04 Feb 2016 gramme” for performance dates. Am Beispiel der Butter, Ferdinand Schmalz From 03 Mar 2016 Werthers große Liebe. Oder schick mir die Pistole, Baby. Thomas Arzt, from 12 May 2016 © Phönix

Tribüne Linz © Bernhard Mayer

Tribüne Linz © Bernhard Mayer

Tribüne Linz © Bernhard Mayer

Concert halls and theatres

TRIBÜNE LINZ – THEATER AM SÜDBAHNHOFMARKT Since it opened in 2013, TRIBÜNE LINZ has breathed new life into theatre in the cultural city of Linz. Within a very short time, the committed ensemble managed to take root and thrive on the theatre scene, and attract a large, enthusiastic audience from all directions. In Linz’s Eisenhandstraße, the group has specialised on a substantial and high-quality repertoire, which also promises great entertainment. REPERTOIRE Woyzeck Play by Georg Büchner Schlafmohn I 13+ Anti-drugs play by Jana Voosen Besuchszeit Four one-act plays by Felix Mitterer Name: Sophie Scholl I 14+ Monologue by Rike Reiniger on the topic of moral courage Fräulein Else

Play adapted from the novella by Arthur Schnitzler Out! – Gefangen im Netz I 13+ Youth play by Knut Winkmann on the topic of cyberbullying EXACT PERFORMANCE DATES: WWW.TRIBUENE-LINZ.AT (with direct online reservation) Special performances for groups and schoolchildren in the mornings and afternoons on request. Admission prices for the Tribüne’s own productions Adult’s plays standard €18.00 reduced rate €16.00 to €8.00 Youth plays standard €16.00 reduced rate €14.00 to €8.00 Reductions for groups of 10 or more persons. Special conditions and extensive educational theatre service package for school classes.

The theatre can accommodate approx. 120 persons and is equipped with modern tiered seating. A cafe is connected with the theatre. Ticket reservations and booking enquiries are possible at any time by telephone or email. You can choose your seats yourself via our direct online reservation system. There are numbered seat reservations. Admission is 10 minutes before curtain-up. The reserved tickets can be collected directly from the box office in the foyer from one hour before curtain-up.

Contact/Information/Bookings: TRIBÜNE LINZ Theater am Südbahnhofmarkt Eisenhandstraße 43, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 699 11399844 Tickets Tel: +43 699 11399844


© Kuddelmuddel

© Theater in der Innenstadt

© Kellertheater

© Kuddelmuddel

© Theater in der Innenstadt

© Kellertheater

Concert halls and theatres


Theater in der Innenstadt


A house bursting with culture for children. Plays, the adventures of Kasperl and Seppy, musical performances, dance displays and puppet theatre. In the workshops, the children are actively creative themselves. The Kinderklangwolke, the Old Town fairy-tale time series and collaborations are played to the public.

Entertainment in an informal atmosphere – the private theatre at the heart of Linz. The theatre has 100 seats, which are grouped around 22 tables. Here, you can enjoy the performances in a relaxed ambience. In summer, the lovely garden awaits you in front of the theatre, where you can get in the mood for the performance with cool drinks among palm trees and colourful flowers. For birthdays, company celebrations and Christmas parties, as well as private events, you can hire the rooms of the Theater in der Innenstadt.

The Linzer Kellertheater has been opening its doors on Hauptplatz for over six decades. It has established itself as an enduring theatrical venue for successful popular comedies.

Ticket reservations By telephone, at the Brucknerhaus Service Centre: +43 732 775230, or via Events are described in detail on the website and can be booked online easily. Tickets must be collected half an hour before the performance begins. Prices Between €4.00 and €7.90

Contact/Information/Bookings: Kinderkulturzentrum Kuddelmuddel Langgasse 13, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 600444


Prices 2016 Seat at a table Seat

At the same time, it also offers audiences other productions – such as classic fairy tales for children. With 94 seats, it is possible to book the theatre exclusively for groups, and also for performances of any kind. Performances in 2016 Das (perfekte) Desaster Dinner Comedy, until June 2016

€26.00 Contact/Information/Bookings: €25.00 Linzer Kellertheater Hauptplatz 21, 4020 Linz Contact/Information/Bookings: Tel: +43 732 784120 Theater in der Innenstadt Museumstraße 7a, 4020 Linz Tel. +43 732 918091 Office opening hours: Tue–Fri 4 pm–8 pm, ticket reservations are possible by telephone or email.

© Casino Linz

© Casino Linz

Events venues and events Restau

rant Casino Restaurant on site Delight your taste buds with our delicacies and have an unforgettabWelcome to Linz’s modern city casino. le time in a unique ambience. Look Here, it’s all about luck. Casino Linz is forward to warm hospitality! We would your competent partner for a successful be happy to put together a tailor-made event in Casineum, our event and con- range of culinary delights for your event. ference room. The international range PACKAGES of games for entertainment will make Dinner & Casino your event a spectacular highlight. Excitement is guaranteed with roulette, Enjoy a glass of frizzante*, a fourblackjack, poker and at over two hund- course menu, welcome tokens worth €25.00, and 4 lucky tokens with the red gaming machines. Enjoy a very chance of winning €7,777.00, for just special evening at the gaming tables, €59.00. in our restaurant or at the casino bar. We look forward to your visit! Birthday & Casino Celebrate your birthday with 5 friends Casineum at the casino: welcome tokens worth Casineum, our 200-m2 event hall, is €30.00 for the birthday boy/girl, a equipped with modern event technobottle of frizzante*, a birthday cake logy and accommodates up to 350 and entertaining game instructions for persons. just €59.00. With over 200 events a year, Casino Linz is a reliable partner if you want to Bring your friends Group package for 6 or more persons: create a truly unforgettable event. welcome tokens worth €30.00, a glass of frizzante*, sandwiches, and game instructions with personal support for just €30.00


Events 2016 Exciting Tournament Offer Casinos Austria poker tour, blackjack, roulette and gaming machine tournaments guarantee exciting and varied entertainment. Cabaret & Casino Laughing makes you happy: All the greats of the Austrian cabaret scene play for you at Casino Linz. Culinary Delights At Casino Linz, taste regional specialities and be the guests of Austria’s best winemakers and brewers.

Contact/Information/Bookings: Casino Linz Rainerstraße 2-4, 4020 Linz, Tel. Casino +43 732 654487 17112 Tel. Casino Restaurant +43 1 53440 17500 Opening hours: Jackpot Casino from 11 am daily, Casino from 3 pm daily, Casino Restaurant from 5.30 pm to 11.30 pm daily. Closed 24 December

*or mineral water/orange juice if you wish


Design Center © Peter Provaznik

© Palais

Tabakfabrik Linz © Michael Oscar Wlaschitz

Events venues and events




The Design Center Linz is a timelessly modern, multifunctional venue, whose glass roof creates a natural daylight atmosphere. Its versatility is the significant feature of this event venue.

Palais Kaufmännischer Verein, or Palace of the Commercial Association, is the top location in Linz for sophisticated events – whether seminars, conferences, fairs and conventions or gala evenings and private parties. What is surely the most stylish conference and event centre in the city combines a baroque ambience with the latest conference infrastructure. Thanks to the extension, another modern hall is now available in addition to the seven traditional halls.

Tabakfabrik Linz is the heart of a vibrant, newly designed urban district. The listed architectural jewel from the 1930s offers 80,000 m2 of space for creativity, education, social initiatives and work. More than 320 pioneers work in the area. In addition, there is a varied and high-quality events programme.

Events 2016 Linz Wedding World, 09 + 10 Jan 2016 Wilderer Gschnas – Die Nacht in Tracht (Austrian trad. costume), 08 Feb 16 TUKUO – The United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra, 06 Mar 2016 Career Forum 2016, 15 Mar 2016 Linz Wine Spring, 15 Apr 2016 Linz Wine Autumn, 25 Nov 2016 Lex van Someren – concert, 05 Dec 2016

Offer On a tour, learn more about the history and the future of Tabakfabrik Linz.


Tabakfabrik Linz Entwicklungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft mbH Peter-Behrens-Platz 15, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 772272

Events 2016 Motorbike Fair 2016 05–07 Feb 2016 Autofrühling (car fair) 11–13 Mar 2016 Wine and Delicacies Fair 20–21 May 2016 Photo+Adventure Fair 12–13 Nov 2016 Home & Living 18–20 Nov 2016 Krone Sport Gala 26 Nov 2016 Offer Tour for groups of 10 or more persons possible with advance booking!

Contact/Information/Bookings: Design Center Linz BetriebsgesmbH Europaplatz 1, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 6966 110

Prices 2016 (all prices include VAT) Flat rate for a group of 1–14 persons €120.00 For a group of 15 or more persons €8.00 p.p. Flat rate for school classes €150.00 Surcharge for a foreign language Offer: Tour of the palace for 10 or more (ENG, IT, FR, RU) €15.00 people possible with advance booking! Max. participants: 30 persons Duration: 1.5 hrs Timely reservation required! “JOSEF”, Restau rant on site In-house catering Contact/Information/Bookings:

Palais Kaufmännischer Verein Landstraße 49/Bismarckstraße 1-3 4020 Linz, Tel: +43 732 773159 31


Events 2016 Art and design market, 12–13 Mar 2016 Fashion Palace, 01–03 Apr 2016

Tips Arena © LIVA

© Stadt Linz

Events venues and events

Semino Rossi 11 Mar 2016 Mario Barth 12 Mar 2016 The best features of the TipsArena Hansi Hinterseer include its central location, outstan22 Mar 2016 ding technology and flexible stage. Practically any kind of sport is possible Marathon Fair in the attractive indoor sports hall. The 01 & 02 Apr 2016 arena also frequently hosts extravagant Cindy aus Marzahn 08 Apr 2016 company events, impressive musiKaya Yanar cals, spectacular shows and rock or 09 Apr 2016 pop concerts with audiences of up to Peter Kraus 9,000. Linz Stadium is likewise used for sporting events (football and athle- 14 Apr 2016 tics) and for large-scale cultural events Best of Austria 02 May 2016 (open-air concerts with international Carmen Nebel Show stars from the music scene). 15 Apr 2016 Sarah Connor Events 2016 17 Apr 2016 Imagine Dragons Generali Ladies Linz 18 Jan 2016 08–16 Oct 2016 Karate World Championships 25–30 Oct 2016 Beatrice Egli 17 Nov 2016 Steffen Henssler 19 Nov 2016 TIPSARENA AND STADIUM

Contact/Information/Bookings: Night of the Jumps 23 & 24 Jan 2016 Gugl Indoor Meeting 12 Feb 2016 40 Years of the Watzmann 27 Feb 2016 Austrian Team Open Artistic Gymnastics 05 Mar 2016

LIVA Linzer Veranstaltungsgesellschaft mbH LIVA Sport & Event (Linzer Stadion/TipsArena Linz) Ziegeleistraße 76-78, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 657311 0 or

WISSENSTURM: VOLKSHOCHSCHULE CITY LIBRARY WWW.WISSENSTURM.AT With the opening of its Tower of Knowledge in the district around Linz Central Station, the city of Linz is opening up new dimensions and opportunities in the area of education. A modern home for the adult education centre Volkshochschule Linz, the city library, and the media centre Medienwerkstatt has been created in this 63-metre-high elliptical tower structure. Event rooms with the latest media technology can be hired. Event highlights 2016 Beziehungsfallen 11 Jan–08 Feb 2016 Children’s and Youth Book Days 13–15 Oct 2016 Various events, courses, etc. on current topics; various exhibitions Group tours Duration: approx. 2 hrs Price: Adults: €3.00 children: Free Timely reservation required.

Contact/Information/Bookings: Volkshochschule Linz Stadtbibliothek Linz Kärntnerstraße 26, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 7070 0


© A. Kepplinger

© Eric Goldmann

Landesgalerie © Linz Tourismus A. Sigalov

48 © Johann Steininger,

Natural spaces, green oases The city on the Danube shows that industry and quality of life are not contradictory elements. Almost half of the municipal area of Linz is green space. Three impressive nature reserves are not only refuges for endangered species, but also recreation areas. Here, you’ll find long walks into the countryside, bathing pleasure, and rare plants and animals. In the Traun-Donau-Auen nature reserve alone, a European Natura 2000 area, there are more than 100 species of birds. It seems as though Linz, the former European Capital of Culture, is a small Garden of Eden. Come to Linz and take a deep, relaxing breath – in the midst of green nature, at the Botanical Gardens, on Linz’s Pöstlingberg, or in other oases at the heart of the city!


© R. Eckerstorfer

© A. Sigalov

Experience nature in Linz

EXPERIENCING NATURE FROM PÖSTLINGBERG TO THE CITY CENTRE On Europe’s steepest mountain railway, you can ride directly from Linz’s Hauptplatz to the zoo and on to the sparkling Zwergenreich, or realm of dwarves, hidden away in the grotto railway. At the highest point of the city, the pilgrimage basilica and the lookout platform invite you to pause a while. From up there, you can enjoy a fantastic view of Linz! Some natural treasures of the city that often go unmentioned are the TraunDanube river meadows and the Botanical Gardens. Both are best explored with guides, who can often open one’s eyes to hidden natural treasures. Tours of the Traun-Donau-Auen nature reserve and the Botanical Gardens are offered by nature and landscape guides and by biologists within the framework of Naturschauspiel. NATURE AT THE SCHLOSSMUSEUM WWW.SCHLOSSMUSEUM.AT Nature comes alive at the 1,450m2 permanent exhibition “Nature in Upper Austria” at the Schlossmuseum Linz, Austria’s largest universal museum.


LINZ MARKETS Rummaging, sampling and shopping at the Linz markets to one’s heart’s content. Linz currently has eleven food and fruit & vegetable markets, a weekly flea market, the Urfahranermarkt (currently held in spring and autumn every year), as well as several Christmas markets. In addition, there are numerous All Souls markets and Christmas-tree markets, as well as New Year’s Eve stands.

• Markthalle Altstadt Mon–Fri 6.30 am–6.15 pm Sat 8 am–4 pm Sun 9.30 am–6 pm • Urfahr fruit & vegetable market Mon to Fri 6 am–6 pm Sat 6 am–1 pm Additional market stands: Fri+Sat 7 am–12 noon • Linz City Market on Hauptplatz Fri 9 am–2 pm

• Curio flea market The flea market is held on Hauptplatz on Saturdays from 7 am–2 pm, and from 10 Nov to the end of Feb at the New City Hall in Urfahr. • Südbahnhofmarkt Mon to Fri 6 am–6 pm, Sat 6 am–1 pm Market days: Tue, Fri and Sat This traditional Linz market is particularly popular. Thanks to the ORF programme Arcimboldo – Live vom Markt, which is broadcast every Saturday, the market has also become a popular meeting place. The broadcasting pavilion designed in the shape of an apple is an original emblem of the market. Chefs and top restaurateurs are regularly invited to the new cooking studio.

• Urfahranermarkt The Urfahranermarkt takes place twice a year – in spring, from 30 Apr–08 May 2016, and in autumn, from 01– 09 Oct 2016 – and boasts a tradition that dates back more than 190 years. Over a million visitors enjoy themselves each year at Austria’s largest fair on the left bank of the Danube.

© Thomas Reibnegger

Experience nature in Linz

EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE OF NATURE WITH NATURSCHAUSPIEL.AT WWW.NATURSCHAUSPIEL.AT NATURSCHAUSPIEL.AT, the awardwinning educational project on nature, offers exclusive experiences of nature in the most beautiful and interesting nature reserves of Upper Austria. With an expert team, you can discover unknown worlds, rare animals and impressive plants. You can go for walks, research, collect, taste and be astounded at Linz’s natural treasures. In addition: NATURSCHAUSPIEL.AT offers a multifaceted and diverse choice of themed tours, especially for groups: • The Wild City Bees • In the Linz Jungle • The Giants of the City • Harry and the Primordial Tethys Ocean • GOETHE Groove

Contact/Information/Bookings: IFAU – Institut für Angewandte Umweltbildung Mag. Marlis Hilber Wieserfeldplatz 22, 4400 Steyr Tel: +43 7252 8119912 or +43 699 113 282 12

LINZ BOTANICAL GARDENS WWW.LINZ.AT/BOTANISCHERGARTEN Linz Botanical Gardens, with about 10,000 different species of plants growing on 4.2 hectares, are among the most beautiful gardens in Europe. The combination of nature and culture with a wide range of events, concerts and exhibitions, is truly unique.


For events and exhibitions in 2016, see: BotanischerGartenLinz

Botanischer Garten Roseggerstraße 20, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 7070 0 Fax: +43 732 7070 1874 Offers and admission prices 2016 Opening hours: Adults: €3.00 Nov to Feb: 8 am–5 pm, Mar and Oct: Reduced rates for: children/teens aged 8 am–6 pm, Apr and Sep: 8 am–7 over 6 and under 18, schoolchildren pm, May to Aug: 7.30 am–7.30 pm and students, senior citizens, persons Greenhouses: 8 am–5 pm daily doing national military/civilian service, The gardens will be closed on 24, 25 disabled persons and 31 Dec and on 01 Jan. (identification required): €2.00 Group rate for 15 or more persons: €2.00 p.p. Guided tours for max. 30 persons (advance booking only): General garden tours €52.00 at weekends €75.00 Lectures and practical guidance on gardening (incl. admission): €5.00 Word & Sound concerts €9.00 or special rates Benetseder’s Café Orchidee

Restau rant on site


Pöstlingberg © A. Sigalov

Pöstlingbergbahn © A. Sigalov

Pöstlingberg Adventure World PÖSTLINGBERGBAHN For over a century, the Pöstlingbergbahn, the steepest adhesion railway in Europe, has been making an unforgettable impression on guests from all over the world, thanks to its extraordinary and idyllic route. The start-up of the new railway created a direct connection between Linz Hauptplatz and Pöstlingberg. On a stretch of track of 4.14 km, it surmounts a difference in altitude of 255 metres in 20 minutes. Rides in the renovated original carriages are offered for nostalgic railway enthusiasts, depending on availability.

Summer timetable from 01 Apr up to and including 31 Oct, Sat, Sun and public holidays (from Hauptplatz) between 10 am and 5 pm at 15-minute intervals. Special trips Depending on the availability of the vehicles, special trips up to Pöstlingberg are also offered. Prices for a special trip are available on request, tel: +43 732 3400 7000 (Mon to Thu 8 am–4 pm, Fri 8 am–12 noon) or by email to:

Rates and prices Ascent or descent Full price/Adults €3.70 Reduced rate/Children €1.90 Ascent and descent Timetable Full price/Adults €6.10 Mon to Sat (from Hauptplatz): from 6 Reduced rate/Children €3.10 am at 30-minute intervals, Sun and Adventure Ticket (ascent & descent public holidays (from Hauptplatz): €9.00 from 7.30 am to 10 pm (last ascent) or incl. city network 24 hrs) Reduced rate €4.50 10.30 pm (last descent) Subject to price increases! On request, voucher payment for groups!


Contact/Information/Bookings: LINZ AG LINIEN Wiener Straße 151, 4021 Linz Tel: +43 732 3400 7000

Pöstlingbergbahn–Museum The lovingly designed information centre at the Pöstlingberg valley station is a must for lovers of historical railways. It offers an interactive overview of the past and present of this historical railway. Opening hours: 01 Mar to 01 Nov, Sat, Sun and public holidays 10 am to 4 pm, weekdays must be booked in advance. (for groups of 10 or more persons).

© Linz AG

© Zoo Linz



The grotto railway on Linz’s Pöstlingberg is a must for young and old alike. Here, you can give your imagination free rein! The realm of dwarves and fairy tales casts a spell over visitors. Duration of the visit to the grotto railway: approx. 45 min.

Open 365 days a year! Halfway up the Pöstlingberg, bordering the Urfahrwänd nature protection area, and with a fabulous view of the city, Zoo Linz invites you to an unforgettable experience of animals and nature. Around 600 exotic and native animals from approx. 110 different species fascinate and enchant the visitor on the almost 4-ha grounds. While meerkats, zebras, red pandas, antelopes, kangaroos, parrots and many other animals romp about in the beautifully designed and well-maintained outdoor areas, caimans, boa constrictors and little monkeys enjoy their modern home in the warm tropical house.

Events 2016 Opening 01 Mar 2016 Spring Festival 19 Mar 2016 Easter Holidays with Sebastian 21–28 Mar 2016 Mother’s Day 08 May 2016 Father’s Day 12 June 2016 Night of the Family 15 July 2016 Fairy-tale Advent 27 Nov, 04/08/11/18 Dec 2016 Christmas Eve on the Grotto Railway 24 Dec 2016 (10 am–3 pm)

© Hartlauer Fotogalerie

Contact/Information/Bookings: Zoo Linz Windflachweg 1 – Pöstlingberg 4040 Linz Tel: +43 732 737180 Opening hours: Summer: admission from 9 am–6 pm (closing time 7 pm), winter: admission from 9 am–4 pm (closing time 5 pm)


At the highest point in Linz, situated at number 12 on Pöstlingberg, this gallery dedicated to the art of photography overlooks the capital of the province. Hartlauer photo gallery presents natioOur tip: On an exciting guided tour of nal and international photographic art the new zoo school, it’s also often pos- from the beginning of April until the end sible to experience some of the animals of November. The existing building has Tickets and prices at close quarters. Tours with advance been given a new lease of life and is Adults €5.00 booking only – tel: +43 732 737180. now state of the art. The art of photograChildren €3.00 phy has also taken over the open square Reduced rates on request! Group tour in front of the gallery. Each of the exhiSubject to price increases! Duration: approx. 60-75 min bitions that take place four times a year Price: €2.50 per person (minimum can also be experienced with weathernumber of 10 persons or flat rate Contact/Information/Bookings: resistant exhibits outdoors. of €25.00 for fewer persons), plus admission Grottenbahn Prices Night-time Safari Am Pöstlingberg 16 Admission price €3.00 (possible July and Aug) 4040 Linz Reduced rate €1.50 Duration: approx. 60-75 min Tel: +43 732 3400 7506 Children & youth up to the age of 14 Free Price: Adults €5.50, children up to the Free admission with a age of 13: €2.50 (or minimum flat rate Pöstlingbergbahn ticket Opening hours: 01 Mar–31 May, 01 of €55.00) Sep–01 Nov, Advent Sundays and 08 Dec 10 am–5 pm; 01 Jun–31 Aug 10 Tickets and prices 2016 Contact/Information/Bookings: Adult €5.50 am–6 pm; 24 Dec 10 am–3 pm. Child (aged 6–13) €2.50 Hartlauer Fotogalerie Last Dragon Ride 30 min before Child (up to the age of 5) Free Am Pöstlingberg 12, 4040 Linz closing time. Group rate for 15 or more persons: Tel. +43 732 710859 Adult €4.50 Child (aged 6–13) €2.00 Opening hours: Fri–Sun and Subject to price increases! public holidays, 11 am–7 pm or by individual arrangement


A different kind of Christmas. “Stillness, Steel and Stars”: That’s how to describe how Linz celebrates Advent in its own very special way. This includes Christmas markets without soul-destroying music, a nativity scene created from steel and journeys of discovery into the winter heavens from the observatory. Visitors to Ars Electronica Center experience a truly magical moment when they go on a journey into the universe in the new Deep Space, the unique 8K projection room.

Landstraße © Zoe Fotografie


AEC © A. Röbl

Hauptplatz © A. Sigalov

GRou offerp

© Zoe Fotografie

Advent magic in Upper Austria Linz and St. Florian Arrival: daily, 19 Nov to 22 Dec 2016 Minimum participants: 20 persons, free place for 21st person Linz’s baroque Hauptplatz with the Christkindlmarkt is ablaze with festive lights and entices you with traditional handicrafts and the aromas of Bratwurst, punch and Lebkuchen. Browse and taste, buy beautiful gifts for your nearest and dearest: A visit to one of Linz’s many Advent and Christmas markets really fills you with delightful anticipation for Christmas! The baroque Priory of St. Florian shines in seasonal splendour before the gates of the city of Linz. Carols resound from the mighty Bruckner Organ, and the St. Florian Boys’ Choir have also put together a wonderful Christmas repertoire. 1st day: Advent in Linz Take a guided tour through the festively decorated city of Linz and then allow yourself to be spirited away by the wonderful ambience at the Christkindlmarkt on Hauptplatz or the Christmas market in the Volksgarten. With the voucher booklets for these markets, you can benefit from many discounts and offers.

© Peter Provaznik

2nd day: Advent in St. Florian First you travel to St. Florian, where you will be received in the priory courtyard with hot spiced cider and Advent Stollen. Then go on a tour of the library, the marble hall, the priory basilica and the vault. OUR TIP: Don’t miss the Christmas concert of the St. Florian Boys’ Choir on 8 December. An exclusive short recital on the Bruckner Organ is an unforgettable experience (timely reservation required). SERVICES INCLUDED – 2-DAY PROGRAMME • 1 x night and breakfast buffet in a good middle-class hotel in Linz • Festive city walking tour • Voucher booklet for the Christmas markets with discounts • Admission to and guided tour of St. Florian’s Priory incl. reception with hot spiced cider and Advent Stollen

€69.00 in a double room with breakfast €84.00 in a single room with breakfast €20.00 half-board surcharge Price per person and night

Information/Booking: OÖ Touristik GmbH Freistädter Straße 119 4041 Linz Tel. +43 732 7277 270 Fax +43 732 7277 210

55 55

Pöstlingberg Grottenbahn

54 Lentia City


58 36 Aussichtsplattform


Hartlauer Fotogalerie

Bischöfliches Gymnasium Petrinum

Pöstlingbergbahn Museum

Blütenstraße Reindlstraße


Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität



ße ra st en ag H

Zoo Linz 35 am Pöstlingberg


60 Urfahr


Neues Rathaus



Dona u Dona radweg W uradw ie eg Pa n ssau

Urf Gel

Ars Electronica Center


Ottensheimer Str. Alt-Urfahr-West

Lento Kunst







Atelierhaus Salzamt


19 Martinskirche






Dreifaltigkeitssäule Altes Rathaus




56 27



4 70


44 Kulturquartier

asse Hopfeng

Botanischer Garten


Casino Linz


Wurmstraß e

Stadion Linz



72 Palais Kaufmännischer 53 Verein Bismarckstraße Bürgerstraße SchillerBürgerstraße park










ße tra ggs lde Wa



lk Vo




o St


r st


Power Tower


Schillerstraße Goethekreuzung








M. Kir






er ien W

Hauptbahnhof Haltestelle Westbus






Museums and exhibitions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Ars Electronica Center Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz Schlossmuseum Linz OÖ. Kulturquartier voestalpine Stahlwelt Nordico Stadtmuseum Linz Dentistry Museum Landesgalerie Linz Linz Biology Centre StifterHaus Pöstlingbergbahn–Museum Atelierhaus Salzamt Forum Metall

Places of interest 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27





57 City






26 kirche



O.K. Offe Kulturha O.K. Platz



24 Kapuzinerstraße






Graben 69



raße erst uzin Kap


Jesuiten- T kirche In Alter Dom M




Neuer Dom Mariendom

16 kirche










ANFAHRT: 15 Autominuten über B139



Arkade blue danube airport Linz/Hörsching

10 StifterHau



tadt Alts



14 18





Markt 62 Altstadt 20

se Theatergas Landestheater Linz


berg Hof

lände gerber Röm el tunn

Franz-JosefsWarte 38


gPöstlin n bergbah


Straße der Kaiser und Könige

Old City Hall Keplerhaus Stadtpfarrkirche Jesuitenkirche (Old Cathedral) Hauptplatz & Trinity Column Martinskirche Kremsmünstererhaus Mozarthaus Minoritenkirche Landhaus Mariendom (New Cathedral) Martin Luther Kirche Karmelitenkirche Ursulinenkirche

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Tabakfabrik Linz Architekturforum OÖ Volksküche New City Hall Wissensturm: Volkshochschule Linz – Linz city library

Pöstlingberg Adventure World 32 33 34 35 36

Pöstlingberg railway Pöstlingberg pilgrimage basilica Grotto railway Zoo Linz Pöstlingberg viewing platform


Erholungspark DonauländePleschingersee

Biologiezentrum Linz


Johannes Kepler Universität Science Park




fahrmarktlände Keine Sorgen Eisarena

39 Fitnessoase Parkbad

Donaupark Forum Metall


HerbertBayerr- Donau Platz Touristik

Ind ustr



ds ße


um Center















rstra ße

Landesgalerie Linz

Gru be

rg Ledere


Nordico Stadtmuseum Bethle hemstra ße

enes aus


















Mural Harbour „Galerie mit 50 FassadenGemälden“



51 lgas

rgasse Kaise


Tabakfabrik Linz

n bah auto



de Donaulän

is lkre Müh



Theater i. d. nnenstadt 49 Museumstr .

traße Holzs

os tmuseum


Hafenwerft ÖSWAG






w Weißen

LutherMozartstraße rche

Haribo Shop






































Hessenplatz Lustenauerstraße






52 Theater Tribüne Linz



Design Center Linz voestalpine Zeitgeschichteausstellung 1938 – 1945




Grün - Straße

voestalpine Stahlwelt


Nature 37 38 39 40 41

Botanical Gardens Franz-Josefs-Warte Donaupark Volksgarten Observatory

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Musiktheater Linz Schauspielhaus + Kammerspiele u\hof: Theater für junges Publikum Brucknerhaus Posthof Kuddelmuddel Kinderkulturzentrum

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Theater Phönix Theater in der Innenstadt Linzer Kellertheater Kulturzentrum Hof Tribüne Linz Theater Maestro Puppenkistlbühne

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Arkade Passage Atrium shopping centre LentiaCity Südbahnhofmarkt Urfahr fruit & vegetable market

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Hauptstraße Urfahr Old Town Pfarrplatz Eisenhandstraße

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Stadium and TipsArena Linz Design Center Linz Regional Library of Upper Austria Casino Linz City Kino Moviemento Cineplexx

Palais Kaufmännischer Verein

57 57

© OÖ Kulturquarier

Tabakfabrik © Erich Goldmann

Tabakfabrik © Erich Goldmann

© voestalpine Stahlwelt

58 Design Center © Peter Provaznik

Science Park JKU © Herta Hurnaus

Changing technology and architecture Linz is an economically successful city and, due to its geographical position and infrastructure, an attractive location for companies. Linz is home to over 6,400 business enterprises and there are more jobs than inhabitants here. Banks, steel and industrial plants and mechanical engineering companies have settled in the city on the Danube. The universities and the Fachhochschule stimulate development through powerful innovative ideas. Lovers of architecture appreciate the way in which the past, present and future combine to create something new in Linz. The sense of ongoing change is palpable here.

59 Š voestalpine Stahlwelt

© voestalpine Stahlwelt

© voestalpine Stahlwelt

Experience technology personally mix various steel grades, VOESTALPINE STAHLWELT observe the multilayered structure of a blast furnace wall, view the casing of a rocket engine, the fender of a car or We all come into contact with steel every day, but where does steel actually a piece of a natural gas pipeline, and much more. come from? How is it manufactured? In which products do you find voestal- voestalpine Stahlwelt combines the pine steel? These questions and many experience of steel with a sound educational element in spectacular others are answered at voestalpine architectural surroundings. Bright, Stahlwelt. shining items not to be missed on your adventure journey through the crucible Get a glimpse behind the scenes of are the 80 large, chrome-plated spheAustria’s largest industrial site. Even res with their exciting insights into the the architecture of voestalpine Stahlwelt shows how much steel is capable world of steel. of. The building is reminiscent of a An experienced guide leads you periscope and opens up new perspectives. Over five floors, the architecture through the adventure world and makes your excursion something really will particularly astound you with the alternation between various spatial im- special. The voestalpine Stahlwelt pressions, and opens up a multifaceted guides are experts, specially trained for the task of imparting knowledge in a adventure world. fascinating and memorable way. Immerse yourself in the captivating Literally get to grips with steel, get to know the voestalpine group and listen world of voestalpine. to stories of success large and small from voestalpine specialists. You can


Tour of the plant On the impressive plant tour, you can experience some of the world’s most modern production facilities at first hand, enabling you to learn about the manufacture and processing on site. All of this in great comfort on a tour bus, which takes you to the individual stations on your journey of discovery. Admission prices Stahlwelt 2016 Adults €8.00 Reduced rate* €6.00 Groups of 15 or more persons €6.00 School classes €2.00 Children aged 6 and above €6.00 Children under the age of 6 Free Plant tour per person €8.00 School classes €2.00 *Reduced rate: groups of 15 or more persons, schoolchildren, students up to the age of 26, persons doing national military or civilian service, senior citizens, people with disabilities

© voestalpine Stahlwelt

© voestalpine Stahlwelt

Small groups and individual visitors From Mon to Sat you have the possibility of joining a group tour, provided that there are still free places available on tours that have already been booked. Otherwise, you can participate in a tour for individual visitors every Sat at 11.30 am. Excursion combinations for groups Would you like to organise a group excursion? Then voestalpine Stahlwelt is the destination you’re looking for. The Visitors’ Service will take care of the planning and support you with the organisation. Excursion combinations can be booked from Mon to Sat. Combination 1: Mühlviertel path of delights (Groups of 15 or more persons) Option 1: Tour of voestalpine Stahlwelt and Kastner’s Lebzeltarium, Bad Leonfelden €11.50 p.p. Option 2: Tour of voestalpine Stahlwelt and experience tour with beer tasting in the brewery in Freistadt €14.00 p.p.

© voestalpine Stahlwelt

Combination 2: Mostviertel baking experience (Groups of 20 or more persons) Tour of Haubiversum in Petzenkirchen and tour of voestalpine Stahlwelt €14.50 p.p.


rant Gastro Panorama-Café on site on the sixth floor The cafe is open during the exhibition opening hours – even without admission to the exhibition. Registered groups can also order lunch in advance! Information on this is available from the Visitors’ Service – tel: +43 50304 15-8900.

Combination 3: Linz steel ship tour (Groups of 15 or more persons) Tour of voestalpine Stahlwelt and Linz harbour €17.50 p.p. Contact/Information/Bookings: Combination 4: Steel tractors Tour of Case IH & Steyr plant, St. Valentin, and tour of voestalpine Stahlwelt Case IH: €350.00 flat rate (Groups of 5-50 persons) for a group of 50 persons: €7.00 p.p. and Stahlwelt €6.00 p.p.

voestalpine Stahlwelt GmbH voestalpine-Straße 4, 4020 Linz Visitors’ Service: Mon–Fri 8 am–1 pm Opening hours: Mon–Sat 9 am–5 pm Reservations online at or by telephone on +43 50304 15-8900. Multimedia guides are available free of charge at the ticket desk.


© blue danube airport

Hauptbahnhof © Stadt Linz

Experience technology

BLUE DANUBE AIRPORT LINZ Welcome to the magic world of flying! A guided tour of the airport gives you a chance to have a look behind the scenes of international travel and to learn fascinating facts about the technology. Tours Book by telephone Tour days: Mon, Tue and Wed (except on public holidays) Meeting point: information desk Time period: May to Sep Time: 10 am or 2 pm Duration: approx. 1.5 hrs Number of persons: max. 40 persons per group Tours are offered for groups only, not for individuals. Price per group: €40.00 Tour behind the scenes of a regional airport. The route takes you from the check-in area to security control, the Panther and the hangar. In additi-


on, you are provided with plenty of background information and of course, there are also a great number of planes to watch. Book by phone at the Marketing Department (Ms Kräutl or Ms Springer) Tel: +43 7221 600 1504 or 1503


Linz Central Station was built in the most architecturally modern district of Linz and has already been awarded the title “Austria’s most attractive railway station” several times. The newly conRoof terrace ceived building has a perfect design, You can enjoy the best view from the both architecturally and also with roof terrace, which is accessible free of regard to travel service, thus offering a charge during the summer months from model for other European destinations. 6 am to 11 pm daily. Restau rant -

on site Sky Gourmet

Contact/Information/Bookings: Flughafen Linz GesmbH Flughafenstraße 1, 4063 Hörsching Tel: +43 7221 600 0 Fax: +43 7221 600 100

Contact/Information/Bookings: Linz Hauptbahnhof Bahnhofplatz 3- 6, 4020 Linz

Solar City © Pertlwieser

voestalpine © Horny

© Solar City


Experience technology



Tour of the station on the trail of the Taurus locomotive The Taurus model constitutes the ÖBB’s most important fleet of locomotives. The locomotive can manage up to 9,500 horsepower and is one of the most powerful locomotives in the world. 500 pieces came off the assembly line in Linz and are still being serviced in the Linz ÖBB workshops today.

A district with energy In solarCity, funded by the EU and the Province of Upper Austria and planned by internationally recognised architects, the Upper Austrian capital Linz has realised a widely admired urban development project. The three key supports of sustainability – here, economy, ecology and social stability, have been accorded equal consideration.

Times: Tue 9.30 am–11.30 am and Thu 12.30 pm–2.30 pm Tours any time with advance booking Available for groups of 10 or more persons

Expert guided tours (on request) Duration: 1.5 hrs Maximum group size: 50 persons Language: German, or for other languages price on request

Tabakfabrik © Stadt Linz

Contact/Information/Bookings: Contact/Information/Bookings: ÖBB-Technische Services GmbH Gerhard Caravias Unionstraße 24, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 93000 4396 Fax: +43 1 93000 8387 4279

Direktion Planung, Technik und Umwelt Tel: +43 732 7070 3000 Fax: + 43 732 7070 54 3000

63 Science Park JKU © Herta Hurnaus

Limoni tunnels

Contemporary history exhibition © voestalpine

Contemporary history A city’s past Linz presents itself as a city that is consciously getting to grips with its history. Two turning points of contemporary Austrian history are inextricably bound up with the city: In 1934, the civil war between the conservative government and parts of the Social-Democrat party began here. In March 1938, the Anschluss, the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany, was put into effect in Linz by Adolf Hitler, who went to school here.


dedicated to these people. The focus CONTEMPORARY HISTORY is on them and their often very precaEXHIBITION 1938-1945 rious living and working conditions. The forced labourers worked against Specially trained Austria Guides offer contemporary historical guided tours of With the Contemporary History exhibi- their will, under inhumane conditions, part of Linz’s air-raid shelters. tion 1938-1945, voestalpine remem- to create the foundation for what is now an internationally successful bers the forced labourers at ReichsDuration: 1.5 hrs; possible to combine werke Hermann Göring in Linz during group. with a city tour the Nazi period. Never before had so Recommended age: 14+ many foreigners worked in Upper Aus- Being “One step ahead” is Reference prices: €150.00 (not incl. tria as during the Nazi regime: forced voestalpine’s mission and philosophy. However, with this exhibition, the VAT) per guide (max. 20 persons per civilian workers, concentration camp group looks back – into its own past, guide, several groups possible at the detainees and prisoners of war. and makes a careful and extensive same time) In Linz, an iron and steelworks was reappraisal of the dark chapter of its built from 1938, which was graduearly years. voestalpine does this in ally put into operation from 1941. Contact/Information/Bookings: recognition of its responsibility for its The plant was not only an oversized building celebrating Nazi prestige, but own recent history and with the awareLinz Guide Service ness that it is only by facing up to the also an essential component of the Tel: +43 650 2009 009 past that one can look to the future. Nazi arms industry. Thousands of foreign forced labourers worked in the development and operation of Reichswerke Hermann Göring in Linz: men and women, young people and children from more than thirty countries. The permanent exhibition is


Booked tours for groups of 15 or more persons You can book a group tour of the exhibition from Monday to Saturday. A trained guide accompanies you through the Contemporary History

Zeitgeschichteausstellung © voestalpine

History of Linz A free map

The contemporary history map highlights the historical events in Linz between 1934 and 1955.

Contemporary history exhibition © voestalpine

Admission prices Admission per person €8.00 Reduced rate per person* €6.00 School classes per person €2.00 Individual visitors and small groups Combined ticket voestalpine Stahlwelt of 15 or fewer persons The Contemporary History exhibition is & Contemporary history exhibition p.p. €12.00 open for individual visitors on Fridays from 1 pm–5 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am–5 pm. You can explore the *Reduced rate: groups of 15 or more persons, schoolchildren, students up to exhibition independently, but staff are available and happy to answer any the age of 26, persons doing national military or civilian service, senior citiquestions or provide information at zens, people with disabilities any time. No booking is required. If you would like to visit the permanent Themed tours exhibition from Monday to Thursday, Contemporary History we request that you contact the Visitors’ Service. You can participate in a exhibition 1938-1945 On the first Wednesday of every month booked group tour, subject to avaifrom 6 pm to 7.30 pm, themed tours lability. The Visitors’ Service is open take place at regular intervals. During Mondays to Fridays from 8 am to 1 pm and on tel. +43 50304 15-8900. this history tour, you learn interesting details on significant events, human stories and about the system of forced labour of Reichswerke Hermann Göring AG Berlin in Linz. For admission prices, see above. Guided tour free of charge! exhibition. Allow approx. 1.5 to 2 hrs for the tour.

You can find further dates for 2016 on the website

Contact/Information/Bookings: voestalpine Stahlwelt GmbH voestalpine-Straße 1, 4020 Linz Visitors’ Service: Mon to Fri 8 am–1 pm Tel. +43 50304 15-8900


© Schloss Hartheim

© Zoe Fotografie

Contemporary history A city’s past

Cafe Lebenswert Restau rant An integration cafe run by on site the Hartheim Institute. Schloss Hartheim is the location of the Tel: +43 7274 6536 542 memorial for the victims of the Nazi euthanasia programme and the exhibi- Contact/Information/Booking: tion Value of Life. Lern- und Gedenkort Schloss Hartheim Expert guided tours Schloßstraße 1, 4072 Alkoven Guided tours and educational program- Tel: +43 7274 6536 546 mes are only possible with advance Fax: +43 7274 6536 548 booking. Must be booked at least two weeks in advance. Opening hours: Mon and Fri 9 am–3 pm, Offers and admission prices 2016 Tue to Thu 9 am–4 pm, Admission to the memorial Free Sundays and public holidays Admission to the exhibition Value of Life 10 am–5 pm, closed Sat Adults €3.00 Children and young people €2.00 Admission with adult supervision or educational programme Adults €5.00 Children and young people €3.00 Guided tours outside opening hours: Flat rate €50.00 SCHLOSS HARTHEIM MEMORIAL WWW.SCHLOSS-HARTHEIM.AT

MAUTHAUSEN MEMORIAL Between 1938 and 1945, more than 200,000 people from all over Europe were imprisoned at the Nazi concentration camp Mauthausen and its over 40 subsidiary camps; around 100,000 people were murdered there. A few years after the end of the War, a memorial was erected on the site of the former concentration camp. You can visit the preserved historical buildings and constructions, the Wiener Graben quarry with the stairs of death, more than 20 national monuments, two new permanent exhibitions and a memorial room, the “Room of Names”. Through the confrontation with the historical site, the tours of the memorial open up the question of how it was possible to deport hundreds of thousands of people, and to torture and murder them in the middle of society. The exhibitions “The Mauthausen Concentration Camp 1938-1945” and


© KZ-Gedenkstätte Mauthausen

KZ-Gedenkstätte Mauthausen © Andreas Buchberger

Contemporary history A city’s past

“The Crime Scene of Mauthausen – A Search for Traces” show more than 100 original objects, collected from all over the world. Using the histories of concrete objects, the development of the Mauthausen Concentration Camp and the history of the detainees are told. In the “Room of Names”, the names of almost 81,000 dead are listed, which were traced within the framework of a six-year research project. Offers and admission prices 2016 Guided walking tours For groups all year by arrangement and with advance booking. Minimum number of participants: 15 persons Duration: approx. 2 hrs Age: from the age of 14 Contribution to costs: €5.00 (reduced rate €3.00) Walking tour with discussions before and after This form of mediation combines a tour with a preliminary and follow-up discussion to enhance the interaction. Duration: 3.5 hrs Group size: min. 15 persons; max. 3 groups at the same time Contribution to costs: €7.00 (reduced rate €5.00) Please note that a visit to Mauthausen Memorial with children under the age of 14 is not recommended.

Tour of Gusen I (on the site of the former concentration camp Gusen I) KZ-Gedenkstätte Mauthausen / €5.00 (reduced rate €3.00) Mauthausen Memorial Erinnerungsstraße 1, 4310 Mauthausen Duration: 2 hrs Information: Mon to Fri, 8 am–4 pm Tour of Gusen I and II Tel: +43 7238 2269 (on the site of the former concentration camps Gusen I and II) Booking: Any time at €7.00 (reduced rate €5.00) Duration: 3.5 hrs Tue–Fri, 9 am–12 noon Tel: +43 7238 2269 35 GUSEN AUDIO TRAIL


GUSEN MEMORIAL WWW.GUSEN-MEMORIAL.AT On 5 May 1945, soldiers of the US Army liberated over 20,000 concentration camp prisoners in Gusen. At that time, more people were detained in this concentration camp than in the main camp at Mauthausen. The former crematorium and the exhibition “The Gusen Concentration Camp 19391945. Traces – fragments –reconstructions” can be visited. Offers and prices 2016 Guided walking tours all year by arrangement and with advance booking. Minimum number of participants: 15 persons Max. 4 groups at the same time Age: from the age of 14

© Audioweg Gusen

Gusen audio trail is an art project on engaging with memories and life on the site of the former concentration camps Gusen I and II. On the audio trail, visitors search for the vanished memory of a historically burdened residential area. Starting point and issue of the audio players: Visitors’ Centre at Gusen Memorial. Free of charge by prior arrangement and with advance booking.

Contact/Information/Bookings: Memorial Gusen Georgestraße 6, 4222 Langenstein Tel: +43 7238 2269 35


Public transport LINZ COACH COMPANIES Adelheid Leitner GmbH Coach travel – travel agency – regular services Freistädter Straße 52, 4040 Linz Tel: +43 732 700 447 Fax: +43 732 700 447 23 Reiselibelle Klaus Schobesberger Individual – fast – reliable Klausenbachstraße 61, 4040 Linz Tel: +43 680 3131516 Offers day trips and transfers for up to 50 persons on request. Sabtours Touristik GmbH – Coach hire Stelzhamerstraße 2, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 307215 Fax: +43 732 307215 Naderer Bustouristik GmbH & Allerstorfer Reisen GesmbH & Co KG Hauptstr. 1-5, 4040 Linz Tel: +43 732 660303 16 Fax: +43 732 660303 14

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Number of train ticket machines: 9 Services at Linz Central Station: ÖBB Travel Agency, lounge, lockers, disability-adapted station facilities, park & ride scheme, taxi company, lost & found office, police and security service, large restaurant and shopping area.


ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG Information at the ÖBB Customer Service, tel: +43 05 17 17 Timetable & price information and Night lines ticket orders at With the 4 night lines of LINZ AG Ticket sales/Opening hours LINIEN, you can easily get to anywhere Staffed ticket office: in the city using public transport – du- Mon to Sun 6 am–9 pm ring the night from Friday to Saturday, Saturday to Sunday and before public holidays. LOKALBAHNHOF LINZ – LOCAL TRAINS Tram line 1 becomes N1: WWW.LINZER-LOKALBAHN.AT Universität – Auwiesen Bus line N2: Simonystraße – solarCity Route Bus line N3: voestalpine – Neue Linz – Leonding – Alkoven – Eferding Heimat – Prambachkirchen – Weizenkirchen – Bus line N4: Pummererstraße – StaPeuerbach – Neumarkt-Kallham dion

Tickets can be bought at the ticket machines. You can buy tickets in advance at the LINZ AG Customer Centre and at selected tobacconists. It is also posReiseparadies Kastler GmbH sible to conveniently purchase tickets Coach hire/group travel Kepplinger Straße 3, 4100 Ottensheim from home at the LINZ AG online shop at Tel: +43 7234 82323 0 Fax: +43 7234 82323 23 Contact/Information/Bookings: LINZ AG LINIEN ÖBB-Postbus GmbH LINZ AG Customer Centre Verkehrsleitung OÖ Ost Hauptplatz 34, 4020 Linz Bahnhofplatz 2a, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 3400 7000 Wolfgang Weissengruber Fax: +43 732 3400 7009 Tel: +43 732 616161 Fax: +43 732 616161 20 Opening hours: Mon–Thu 9 am–6 pm, Fri 9 am–2 pm



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WESTBAHN WWW.WESTBAHN.AT Traffic connections between Vienna and Salzburg. Comfortably furnished trains, personal service and modern IT infrastructure on board. WESTBUS WWW.WESTBUS.AT Daily bus connections Linz–Graz via St. Michael, Linz–Prague via Ceské Budojovice, Linz–Klagenfurt via St. Michael

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Excursions in the surrounding area DEUTSCHLAND


Linz lies not only at the centre of Europe, but also at the heart of Upper Austria, surrounded by the partner areas Salzkammergut, Pyhrn-Priel and Donau-Region. Many excursion destinations can therefore be easily reached in a very short time. In addition, there are 4 UNESCO World

Passau, the city on three rivers (120 km) Travel there via the Upper Austrian Danube Valley, with the Schlögener Schlinge. Boat trip Linz–Passau, returning by bus or railway.

NÜRNBERG Heritage Sites within a radius of 200 km. Regensburg

Nationalpark Sumava

Straubing U NA DO




Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald

Thermenwelt Oberösterreich


In the spa world of Upper Austria, the curative springs are oases of calm and relaxation. Linz– Geinberg (102 km), Linz–Bad Schallerbach (47 km), Linz–Bad Ischl (112 km), Linz–Bad Zell (36 km), Linz–Bad Hall (40 km)







Schärding Europaschutzgebiet Oberes Donau- und Aschachtal Bad Füssing Therme Geinberg

Bad Schallerbach Ried

Welios OÖ Science Center Wels (40 km)




Historical Old Town on Roman foundations. Guided tours of the Old Town with Austria Guides (state-certified tourist guides) WELIOS®.Energie.Erlebnis.Haus – interactive exhibition on 3,000 m2 focused on the theme of renewable energy.




29. April bis 6. November 2016

Stadl-Paura // Lambach

Gmunden Mondsee Pfahlbauten um die Alpen


St. Wolfgang Salzburg Nationalpark Berchtesgaden

Bad Ischl

SALZBURG Hallstatt

City of Salzburg (135 km) With a visit to the house where the composer W. A. Mozart was born.

Upper Austrian exhibition 2016 – People and Horses/A Cult and a Passion

Ausflüge in die Europaregio

Locations include the Stadl-Paura Horse Centre, Lambach’s Benedictine abbey and the so-called “Rossstall”, or stables, in the municipality of Lambach.



29. April bis 6. November 2016

Stadl-Paura // Lambach

UNESCO World Heritage Site Hallstatt (130 km) Impressive landscape of mountains and lakes, Salzwelten Adventure in the salt mines. Route: Linz–Traunsee–Bad Ischl–Hallstatt and back



Pilgrimage Church of St John of Nepomuk at Zelená Hora


MOLDAU UNESCO World Heritage Site Ceský Krumlov (75 km)

Tugendhat Villa in Brno

Jewish Quarter and St Procopius‘ Basilica in Třebíč

Enns (26 km) The motto of Austria’s oldest town and first Città Slow town is time for relaxed living. On the trail of the Roman legionaries, visit the Museum Lauriacum, where you’ll find one of the most important Roman collections in Austria.

Picturesque Old Town, castle and cultural programme. Historic Centre of Telč Route: Linz–Freistadt–Bad Leonfelden–Ceský Krumlov

Ceske Budejovice

Holašovice Historical Village Reservation DA MOL U

Cesky Krumlov

NIEDERÖSTERREICH Romantic Steyr (47 km)

ach Bad Leonfelden


Krems Bad Zell

LINZ Eferding




Experience the atmosphere of old townhouses of the Gothic, Renaissance, baroque and rococo periods. TIP: Steyrtal Museum Railway, Museum DONAU of the Working World






Enns St. Florian

Wels Steyr Bad Hall

Kirchdorf an der Krems

SemmeringUNESCO World Heritage Site eisenbahn of the Wachau (160 km)

Weyer Markt

Nationalpark Kalkalpen Windischgarsten

Sail past romantic Danube towns into the famous winegrowing region, with Melk’s Benedictine abbey. Route: Linz–Grein– Melk–river cruise to Krems


Kalkalpen National Park (75 km)

on Donau-Moldau

Forest, water, rock and Alpine pastures dominate the natural landscape of the limestone Alps. With a visit to the romantic town of Steyr and a jaw-harp-maker in Molln. Route: Linz–Steyr–Molln

Panoramic tour of the Salzkammergut (130 km) With Gmunden pottery, the Imperial town of Bad Ischl, Hotel Weißes Rössl am Wolfgangsee. Route: Linz–Regau–Gmunden–Bad Ischl–St. Wolfgang–St. Gilgen–Mondsee


Hauptbahnhof © Stadt Linz

Getting to Linz Located at the intersection of east-west and north-south links, Linz is excellently positioned for transport connections and can be reached quickly and safely by car, train and plane. This means shorter travelling times – and being free to concentrate more on the essential.

Arriving by bus


VERÄ BUSGUIDE NDERT, DIE LInzEr Informat ParkPlät IonSBroS ze, wc-anlag chürE en, services für BUSfahrEr. www.linz und mehr. .at/touris mus i www.linz tourismu

You can find information for bus/coach groups and places to park in Linz online under Brochure download at: © blue danube airport Linz

Train connections

Flight connections

Trains from/to Linz Tickets available at

Flights from/to Linz Information at

ÖBB – Austrian Federal Railways Tel: +43 5 1717

Düsseldorf: 2 x daily Frankfurt: 4 x daily London: 3 x weekly Palma de Mallorca: 6 x weekly (summer) Vienna: 1 x daily

WESTbahn rail service Tel: +43 1 899 00 Deutsche Bahn – German Railways Südostbayernbahn rail service


Austrian Airlines, Ryanair, Lufthansa, Niki,

Design Center © Peter Provaznik

Free info on Linz at:



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Linz Card 2016



• Free admission to the Linz museums • Free use of all public transport run by LINZ AG LINIEN • Restaurant voucher + free use of the Pöstlingberg railway (only with the 3-Day-Card) • €10.00 Danube Culture Voucher: boats, theatre and concerts 1-Day-Card Normal price: €18.00 Reduced rate: €15.00

3-Day-Card Normal price: €30.00 Reduced rate: €25.00

You can find information on eligibility for reductions in the Linz Card Folder and at


Catering for tour groups

Alte Welt – Restaurant


Cafe Restaurant U.Hof

• Austrian delicacies and vegetarian specialities • Garden that can be covered, in the Renaissance arcade courtyard • Medieval vault with a small theatre stage • Right on Hauptplatz • Coaches can stop in front of the restaurant for the passengers to get on or off. • Coach park approx. 5 minutes’ walk away • Max. group capacity: total of 150 persons • Groups also possible outside of opening hours, by arrangement • Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Russian and Swedish

• Austrian or Mediterranean cuisine • Tour groups of up to 150 persons, garden for up to 120 persons • Lunch menus from €10.90, payment by voucher, credit/debit card, cash • Free of charge for drivers and guides • NON-STOP food and open DAILY from 11 am to 9 pm, Sundays from 11 am to 8 pm • Very fast service, 2-course menu in 1 hour!

GOOD QUALITY at fair prices, served in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere – that’s the philosophy at U.Hof.

Alte Welt – Restaurant Hauptplatz 4, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 770053, Fax: +43 732 770053 4, Mon–Fri 11.30 am–2.30 pm; Sat 12 noon–2.30 pm; Mon–Sun 5.30 pm–2 am

Cafe Restaurant U.Hof Landstraße 31, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 770605 Fax: +43 732 770605 10 Mon–Sun 9 am–1 am

Cafe Robkins Cafe&Cocktail

Casino Linz Casino Restaurant


The gastro tip for coffee connoisseurs, in the middle of the Old Town. With an extraordinary choice of coffee and tea specialities, over 50 cocktails and light, Mediterranean cuisine, the Cafe offers enjoyable relaxation. In good weather, the spacious garden with a unique atmosphere invites you to linger, and inside, you’ll find Austrian coffeehouse culture interpreted in a contemporary way.

In an attractively furnished restaurant with a view of the gaming room, we treat you to not only a special atmosphere, but also culinary delicacies from the regional, modern and Mediterranean cuisines. Our special restaurant tip for you: “Dinner & Casino”: 4-course menu, welcome tokens worth €25.00, a glass of frizzante* and 4 lucky tokens with the chance of winning €7,777.00. *or mineral water/orange juice if you wish

dasRESTAURANT right by the Danube and at the heart of Linz stands for newly interpreted dishes from the Austrian and international cuisines – in all their seasonal variations. The focus is on the best quality dishes and service, as well as regional products. Particularly during the summer months, the wonderful Danube terrace is really attractive with its maritime, holiday atmosphere surrounded by green space.

Cafe Robkins – Robiczek GmbH Alter Markt 1 4020 Linz Tel: +43 676 848811230 Tue–Sat 9 am–11 pm or midnight Sun 10 am–10 pm


ARKADENHOF restaurant *lounge *bar Landstraße 12, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 795353, Fax: +43 664 1019007 Mon–Sun 10 am–midnight

• Located at the heart of Linz, Austrian cuisine • refined with international classics is served in a modern and yet cosy atmosphere. • Separate area for 50 to 150 persons • Bus stop right in front of the restaurant • 3-course menus from €19.00 • Breakfast every day from 9 am • Non-stop hot food • Flexible group offers • A great choice of wines for every wallet

Casino Linz – Casinorestaurant Linz Rainerstraße 2-4, 4020 Linz Tel. +43 1 53440 22103 Fax +43 1 53440 17222 Mon–Sun 5.30 pm–11 pm

dasRESTAURANT im ARCOTEL Nike Linz Untere Donaulände 9, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 7626 1416 Fax: +43 732 7626 2 Half board: from €16.50 per person Breakfast daily 6.30 am–10 am Sun–Fri 11.30–2 pm and 6 pm–11 pm Sat 5.30 pm–11.30 pm

Das Schloss – Herberstein Brasserie The restaurant with a large panorama terrace and a view of the city, and the interplay of historical and modern architecture guarantee not only an impressive atmosphere – first-class dishes and a selection of drinks and wines make the Schloss – Herberstein Brasserie a new place for culinary encounters. Das Schloss – Herberstein Brasserie Schlossberg 1a, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 302315 Tue–Fri 9 am–midnight Sat/Sun 10 am–midnight

die lederfabrik

FESCH Restaurant Lounge

Our kitchen team combines the art of cooking with regional quality, and therefore uses highquality products from the region. Decoration and taste combine in exquisite dishes. For events and celebrations of all sorts and sizes:

FESCH Restaurant seating for max. 170, and seating on the terrace in summer for 70 persons. Exquisite, imaginative and varied – on our menus, there’s one delicacy after another to delight your taste buds! Tip: free coach park in front of the hotel

Linzer Gewölbe – 20 to 40 persons Hofsalon – 30 to 70 persons Mayrhofgewölbe – 50 to 100 persons Rosenhof – 100 to 400 persons Coach park right in front of the restaurant! die lederfabrik Leonfeldner Straße 328 4040 Linz/Urfahr Tel: +43 732 750 500 Fax: +43 732 750 500 20


Gasthof Rothmayr

We are a typical Upper Austrian family-run business, right by the Pöstlingberg, Linz’s local mountain, and primarily offer delicacies from the region. Our traditional restaurant has seating for over 200 persons, and a large car park right on the doorstep.

In our traditional business, you can let yourself be treated to the regional and seasonal Austrian cuisine. We offer you the restaurant’s own free car park, and in summer, a covered garden right by the Danube. Tip: regional and seasonal offers. Seats 50.

Freisederwirt Pöstlingberg, Freisederweg 2, 4040 Linz Tel: +43 732 731560, Fax: +43 732 736065, Wed–Sat 11 am–11 pm Sun 10 am–9 pm, closed Mon+Tue

Gasthof Rothmayr St. Margarethen 17, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 774849 Fax: +43 732 774849 70 Mon–Fri 11 am–11 pm, Sat closed, Sun and public holidays: from May to Nov 11 am–8 pm, from Nov–May 11 am–3 pm

FESCH Restaurant Lounge Courtyard by Marriott Linz Europaplatz 2 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 6959 10 Fax: +43 732 606090 Mon–Sun 6.30 am–10 am, 12 noon–2.30 pm and 6 pm–10 pm.

Gasthaus “Zum schiefen Apfelbaum” • Traditional Austrian cuisine • Tour groups of up to 100 persons, garden for up to 200 persons • Lunch menus from €9.90, payment by voucher, credit/debit card, cash • Free of charge for drivers and guides • NON-STOP food and open DAILY from 11 am to 10 pm • Sundays from 11 am to 8 pm • Very fast service, 2-course menu in 1 hour! Gasthaus “Zum schiefen Apfelbaum” Hanuschstraße 16, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 660380, Fax: +43 732 660380 Mon–Sun 10 am–2 am


Catering for tour groups

Herberstein Linz Herberstein Linz presents its guests with an extensive à la carte menu and a “more than steaks” approach. A particular highlight and the ideal complement to the restaurant is the premium-class sushi bar. The Herberstein bar is one of only a few exclusive partners of Grey Goose vodka in Austria and one of the few locations that serve Heineken on tap. The lounges are perfect for groups of various sizes. Herberstein Linz Altstadt 10, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 786161 Fax: +43 732 78616111 Mon–Sat from 4 pm

“JOSEF” No other restaurant attracts so many visitors to Linz as the Josef! The new Josef in Linz’s city centre offers truly diverse gastronomy. The master chef Andreas Atzelsberger treats you to Austrian pub tapas. Wine connoisseurs appreciate the restaurant’s own Vinothek with other 600 top Austrian wines. In the Sudhausbar is the only pub brewery in the city, and in the new “kaufmann’s” coffeehouse, the best coffee in the city! Beautifully designed event rooms for 12 to 400 guests; a large chestnuttree garden and direct access to the congress centre Palais Kaufmännischer Verein and the Hotel Park Inn. Underground car park with access to the Josef. “JOSEF” Landstraße 49, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 773165 Fax: +43 732 785122 6 Mon–Sat 10 am–4 am Sun 9 am–2 pm


ibis Styles Linz Jindrak Konditorei Restaurant & Bar “5 senses” • • • • • •

In a fashionably designed restaurant with regional and international cuisine Max. group capacity 250 persons Lunch stops, packed lunch, full and half board, barbecue evenings in summer Spacious garden terrace right by the pool Free coach park right by the hotel Sundays and public holidays – breakfast until 12 noon

ibis Styles Linz Wankmüllerhofstraße 37, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 34 72 81 103 Fax: +43 732 349335 Groups possible at any time, on request! General restaurant opening hours: Mon–Fri 12 noon–2 pm and 6 pm–9.30 pm Weekends and public holidays on request

Keintzel Wirtshaus-Bar im Alten Rathaus • Cosy bar in vaults from the 14th century, and in the arcade courtyard, a beautiful, peaceful garden • We offer regional delicacies – every Saturday lunchtime, there is freshly prepared roast pork. • Our bar has seating for over 100 persons and an attractive bar area, plus seating for 120 in the garden. Keintzel Wirtshaus-Bar im Alten Rathaus Rathausgasse 8, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 777550 Fax: +43 732 777550 Mon–Sat 10 am–1 am

We live up to our slogan “Jindrak makes life sweeter” by creating products using traditional recipes for our customers, which are a delight for the taste buds every day. Meinl coffee, fine cakes, home-made chocolate specialities. In October 2013, we received the AMA seal of craftsmanship. We welcome groups of up to 50 persons in our confectionary shop on Herrenstraße. Tip: At Jindrak’s, the Original Linzer Torte has been produced with great care and craftsmanship for more than 85 years. In our show bakery, you can make the sweet delicacy yourself. Jindrak Konditorei Herrenstraße 22, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 779258 Fax: +43 732 779258 5 Mon–Sat 8 am–6 pm; Sun and public holidays: 8.30 am–6 pm

Kirchenwirt The oldest restaurant on the Pöstlingberg, right next to the pilgrimage basilica, offers: • a shady garden under lime trees for 200 persons • a lounge for 30 persons • a function room for up to 100 persons for coach and tour groups, weddings, company and Christmas parties and other occasions • catering for private and company parties We serve meals from the Austrian cuisine and seasonal delicacies. All dishes are home-made! Kirchenwirt am Pöstlingberg Haudum & Ruetz Am Pöstlingberg 6 4040 Linz End station of the Pöstlingbergbahn Tel: +43 732 731071 Open daily!

Land.Gast.Haus Oberwirt


Enjoy the Land.Gast.Haus Oberwirt above the roofs of Linz, the meeting place in St. Magdalena for... • comfort and friendly hospitality • fine cuisine with a difference • wonderful views of Linz and a sunny panorama terrace • celebrations in an charming, stylish atmosphere • fun and entertainment with cabaret and theatre • space for 200–300 persons

A playground for young and old. Enter a different world and relax in a pleasant atmosphere. Strengthen yourself with regional and international delicacies or light, healthy food. We want you to be not just satisfied, but delighted. See you soon! The Promenadenhof team.

Land.Gast.Haus Oberwirt Magdalenastraße 50, 4040 Linz Tel: +43 732 248191 Fax: +43 732 248191 81 Wed–Sat 11 am–11 pm Sun 9 am–10 pm, closed Mon and Tue

Culinary delights in the Linz Musiktheater Das Anton A premium-class culinary pleasure awaits you in the Café Volksgarten and “das Anton” restaurant, in the recently opened Linz Musiktheater. • • • • •

Austrian brasserie with a show kitchen, Josper grill and EssBar Terrace with a glorious view of Linz Breakfast in the Café Volksgarten on the sun terrace Special offers for groups before and after a theatre visit Room for 20 to 1,000 persons

Spitz Catering Am Volksgarten 1, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 7611950 Opening hours: das Anton Restaurant daily from Mon–Sun 11 am–midnight Café Volksgarten daily from Mon–Sun 9 am–11 pm Tel. +43 732 7611959

Promenadenhof – SEEBER Gastro GmbH Promenade 39, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 777661 Fax: +43 732 777661 22 Mon–Sat 10 am–1 am Non-stop hot food from 11 am–11 pm, closed Sun and public holidays

Restaurant SQUARE in the Park Inn by Radisson Linz Culinary delights at Restaurant SQUARE. Enjoy the diverse, creative dishes from head chef Dieter Thalhammer and his team, who treat the guests to a selection of local and international specialities – everyone will find something to their taste. Seats 190 TIP: Free coach park in front of the hotel, terrace in summer, top central location, wheelchair accessible. Restaurant SQUARE @Park Inn by Radisson Linz Hessenplatz 16-18, 4020 Linz Mon–Sun 6.30 am–10.30 pm

Steigenberger Hotel Linz

Stieglbräu zum Klosterhof

Real pleasure in a relaxed atmosphere by the Danube, a large menu or buffet selection, free bike hire, own coach park right in front of the hotel. We’re happy to take your personal and individual wishes into account!

Seating in the restaurant: 650, seating in the garden: 1,500 – Upper Austria’s largest beer garden! Extra rooms for 16 to 110 persons. Specialises in groups of all sizes (with group menus or coach menu). Typically, regional, Austrian food is served. Located in the middle of the pedestrian zone – five minutes’ walk along Landstraße to Linz Hauptplatz (coach park on the Donaulände).

Steigenberger Hotel Linz Am Winterhafen 13, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 7899 900 Fax: +43 732 7899 99 Breakfast: Mon–Fri 6.30 am–10 am Sat, Sun and public holidays: 7 am–11 am Restaurant: 12 noon–10.30 pm

Stieglbräu zum Klosterhof Landstraße 30, 4020 Linz Tel: +43 732 773373 Fax: +43 732 773373 21 Daily (not closed on any day) from 9 am–midnight


© Johann Steininger,

Musiktheater © Sigrid Rauchdobler

© Erich Goldmann

Schlossmuseum © Erich Goldmann

Lentos © A. Sigalov

78 © R. Eckerstorfer

© R. Eckerstorfer

Pure Danube pleasure! Experience the Danube by bike or by boat – a successful combination of active cycling and relaxed boat trips on the MS Kaiserin Elisabeth make this trip a true Danube experience! Dates 2016:

Arrival every Wednesday from 06 July to 24 Aug 2016 (= last arrival)

Programme Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: Monday:

Arrival in Passau. Issuing of bikes, and overnight stay. Schlögen/Linz, 43 km by bike, 3-hr boat trip Via Kasten and Engelhartszell to Schlögen. On the MS Kaiserin Elisabeth to Obermühl (sailors’ reception with gun salute, unsalted bread and cider) and on to Linz. 4-course evening meal on board Spitz, approx. 49 km by bike, approx. 3.5-hr boat trip Boat trip to Ybbs (classical concert) and onwards on the Danube Cycle Path to Spitz via Melk. Traismauer, approx. 30 km by bike Via Weissenkirchen and Dürnstein to Krems, onwards to Traismauer. Today there is plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful places in the Wachau. Vienna, approx. 57 km by bike The cycling tour continues through the fertile Tullner Basin to Vienna. Journey home or possibility of booking extra nights

© Mariene Wagenhofer

Accommodation Good middle-class hotels, in Linz and Vienna 4-star hotels. Daily breakfast buffet; half board 4 x incl. 3-course evening meal

Services included • • • • • • • • •

5 x overnight stay and breakfast buffet in double room with shower and WC Luggage service from Passau to Vienna incl. liability of up to €700.00/person Boat trip from Schlögen (or Engelhartszell) to Linz incl. bike, and incl. 4-course evening menu on board Transfer from the boat to the hotel in Linz Boat trip from Linz to Ybbs incl. bike Classic Hits Concert in Ybbs Saddle bag hire – also for customers’ own bikes + 1.5 l mineral water when bikes are hired Detailed tour descriptions incl. touring map 7-day service telephone

€379.00 p.p. in double room with breakfast €115.00 surcharge in single room €75.00 half-board surcharge €75.00 bike hire and accommodation Gross prices (group prices for 14 or more persons)

© Mariene Wagenhofer

Contact/Information/Bookings: Donau Touristik Lederergasse 4-12, 4010 Linz Tel. +43 732 2080 Fax +43 732 2080 8


Linz tri from p

€ 99,–

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Experience technologies of the future: voestalpine Stahlwelt and the new Deep Space Arrival: Monday to Saturday Minimum participants: 20 persons, free place for 21st person Linz is a UNESCO City of Media Arts – one of seven future-oriented cities worldwide! The city has been a pioneer of media arts for many decades. It all began in 1979 with the Ars Electronica Festival. Ars Electronica Center – the museum of the future – now captivates thousands of people every year. So Linz is on the right track to establishing a reputation for itself as an international centre for culture and business. PROGRAMME 1st day: Ars Electronica Center and voestalpine Stahlwelt The modern architecture of Ars Electronica Center already reveals where the journey will take you: into the future of both the real and digital world. The highlight of a tour is the visit to Deep Space, with sensational visual worlds in 8K resolution, projected onto an area of 9x16 m on the walls and the floor. This is followed by a visit to voestalpine Stahlwelt and a tour of the plant on the voestalpine site. The globally unique exhibition will fascinate you with its focus on the manufacturing, processing and production of steel. Evening meal in a Linz restaurant. 2nd day: Linz is inspiring The tour with an Austria Guide through the Old Town sheds a completely different light on Linz: secretive – interesting – innovative. OUR TIP: Visit the Ars Electronica Festival from 08 to 12 September 2016. SERVICES INCLUDED – 2-DAY PROGRAMME 1 x overnight stay and breakfast buffet in a good middle-class hotel in Linz Admission to and guided tour in Ars Electronica Center – the museum of the future Experience voestalpine Stahlwelt: tour of the plant and a visit to the exhibition 2-course evening meal in a Linz restaurant City tour with an Austrian Guide Prices per person and per night:

€ 99.00 €124.00

in double room with shower and WC in single room with shower and WC

Information and Booking: OÖ Touristik GmbH Freistädter Straße 119 4041 Linz Tel. +43 732 7277 270

LEGAL NOTICE: Tourismusverband Linz (Adalbert-Stifter-Platz 2, 4020 Linz, Austria). Images: cover page – Linz Tourismus Zoe Fotografie, unless otherwise stated: archive of Tourismusverband Linz, photos of businesses and partners. Illustration plan: Bianca Fels. Design: Lukas Eckerstorfer. Contents/text: Ingrid Walch, Elfriede Ortner, Georg Steiner. Translation: translingua; Although meticulously compiled, no guarantee can be given as to the correctness of the information in this brochure. Prices are subject to change. Information correct as of October 2015.



Group experiences in the UNESCO City of Media Arts!

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